Perfect Vision, 5-26-63



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-26-63

As we turn to talk about the 'Perfect vision,' it is most important that we understand the areas of the mechanics of God's Kingdom. That we understand what we are here for and how God intends to bring things to pass. The perfect vision would be the coordination of the mind of the individual with the mind of God and the things which relate to HIS environment and HIS impact upon it. To know exactly what God plans to do and then to coordinate our activities with this is to draw the highest areas of operational strength in which a person would have the capacity to deliver the most for God. Today we have many people who love God in an abstract way. They love HIM in a more simple way within the structure of their theology that they have been taught concerning HIM. They would like to do HIS will, but they have no concept of what that will is. Because of this, we have a problem, which exists today in a great area of Christianity. We have churches by the dozen divided by the names of individual leaders or processes of their operations, or some outstanding point in their theology until we can talk about the many brands and types of Christianity. All of them feel that they are a part of the church. And if they recognize Christ, and are of your race, and do worship HIM, they are a part of the church. Altho the problem we have is how much of that church is asleep or misinformed, because they do not have the vision.

Now when we talk about the vision, we are not talking about some type of developed ideas that comes from some theologian that is a part of or away from the purpose of God. We are not talking about dreams or hallucinations. Altho HE does talk to people in dreams. But when HE does, it is always compatible with HIS purpose and plan. So we are not talking about strange and unusual twists in theology. The words of the wise man of Proverbs in this particular instance, is apparently Solomon. And it says, 'Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ And HE coordinated the vision with an understanding also that within the keeping of God's Law the individual is happy. But where there is no vision a people perish. Not because of any anger on the part of God. But the laws of God and the knowledge and wisdom that God unveils is the course which provides the best environment and provides the only digestible environment for the individual, because you cannot be over adapted to your environment. For you as a people, are the offspring of God, with the life of God, and the breath of God. And your spirit of God which is within you assures you of a relationship to God anywhere, but requires a complete and continued adjustment to the purposes and plan of God to bring out the most that can be accomplished with the individual or his work. Thus, it is that the laws of God are essential to understand and the blueprint of God’s purposes to understand. This is why we do not find ourselves overcrowded in history, altho we have the Old Testament records of our race, or we have the records of the Acts of the Apostles, or the ministry of Christ, in order to understand and to catch the pattern of Divine developments. All of these facets are important to it. The purpose and knowledge of God is unveiled as knowledge expands and is vital and important. Because to know what God intends to do, and to know how and why the thinking of God is coordinated with HIS purposes and HIS plan, are the real secret of spiritual wisdom and understanding.

There are many mysteries. And a mystery is something which you do not understand for it is partly hidden. But the scriptures tell us that these mysteries are not hidden from the children of God. They are only hidden from the enemy of God. And this is so that they are not aware of how God's plan functions. In this instance, Jesus talked in mysteries, and they wrote of it in the book. HE said, ‘It is given unto you to know the mysteries of God, it is not given unto them.’ Some will say that this is rather a strange counter intelligence program, for you to tell a person that you are talking to them in mysteries, and then you tell them what you are talking about, and then tell them that they cannot understand it. But that is because there is a lack of spiritual capacity in the enemies of God's Kingdom, because of their origin and their background and the experiences thru which they pass. For the progeny of your opposition has no capacity to catch or to think in the same terms in which God expresses Himself to HIS people, or explains this pattern. Thus, this mystery remains rather an opaque pattern for the enemy. We point out that Jesus stood there talking to a great crowd of people, and the Jews stood by. And Jesus turned to them and said, ‘The reason why you cannot understand my speech is because you, altho right in this crowd, do not hear me.’ They would probably have argued that they hear what HE said, but it did not make any pattern or influence upon them. And especially was this made a calling of the Sheep. For here was the Shepherd. And unveiled in the majesty and the beauty of this individual who was Christ, Himself---what they were witnessing or hearing had no impact upon those who were not drawn to HIM. There is a mystery of spiritual law in which Christ refers to Himself as being author, Creator of the Universe, and also being the Father of HIS Household, and Shepherd of HIS Sheep. In which there is an attraction of spirit to spirit and life to life, even referring to the Household of God's Kingdom as the Apostle Paul did; that they were flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone. And HE said, 'If I be lifted up, I will draw all men--all of these MY Offspring, all of MY Household, unto ME.’ Of course some tried to classify this as that all people everywhere were going to be drawn unto Christ. But this is obviously not so because there were those who were not drawn to HIM. In fact, they thought and plotted to kill HIM. It is also obvious that altho the Gospel of Christ has been preached for two thousand years, it has not drawn all people to HIM. It has not drawn Africa and it has not drawn Asia. And where there has been influences, it has been places where there has been areas of occupation and the dwelling of your race. Remove that element out of those areas, and they revert back to paganism.

Thus we find that when Christ talked about drawing all men to HIM, as when HE said, 'If I be lifted up, I draw all men unto me'--that again, HE was identifying HIS own Household, HIS own Offspring, and the peculiar structure which was HIS Kingdom in the earth. And to the enemy, they considered that this was always a peculiar thing. That there were a people who were not of the world order, altho they dwelt in the structure of earth. We point out then, that in the organic processes of the Kingdom, there was a very vital program of the High God, and this the preservation of HIS Household as a race and a specific specie in the earth apart from all other people, to carry out the objectives of God.

Someone said, ‘I do not like this, for we are in the enlightened hour where we are trying to bring everything together.’ But this is the vision which God has projected down thru the ages with prophets to you in your time. That the preservation of the family of God on the organic level on the racial level is a very vital thing. That the preservation of the receptacle where the spirit dwells is important. And this is why the Apostle Paul makes it so clear that your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That this Holy Spirit dwells in your body, because you are HIS offspring, HIS Household. This is why he says that there are temples round about of idols. And these are people walking about whose background goes back into the worship of idols and superstitions; and who have been storing for years in their memories and in their activities a whole wave of cultural ideas that pass from generation to generation in the service of idols. There are those today who have been following witch doctors and those strange little totem pole gods who have been worshiped thru out ages. Thereby they are the worshipers of idols. The spirit within them is the spirit of an idol worshiper. It is not the spirit of one of God's House.

Now in the program of God, there is a vision in the completion of all things, the adjustment of all people and the eventual bringing of all things into its proper order by the magnitude and the Grace and the authority of the God who is ENOUGH. But in these instances, the relationship of God to HIS Household and the instruments which HE has established, is very important. We have thru out the course of God's establishment of HIS Household from heaven to earth, in whom of course, in the name of the Father, the whole family in heaven and earth is named, God specifically identifies these visions. And in Philippians and in other places, this is the people. For you are the Family of God. And this specifically makes up your race. This makes up today the structure of God's plan for the earth. And this is the Kingdom by inheritance and by descent which was spiritually energized and spiritually inspired. And will accomplish God's objectives in the earth.

Now apart from any errors on the part of our forefathers, and the fall which effected our race, we are still the Offspring of God. And HE is very zealous for HIS Posterity. And HE has determined that it shall complete the task; that it shall do. More than that, it shall bring honor to the family name and to the name of the Father. It shall demonstrate with majesty, power and Glory before it is finished with its occupation of earth, that God has placed a triumphant and spiritual force in the earth to accomplish HIS purpose.

Now the church which starts with the ministry of Christ, and with HIS purpose in founding it, and of course, with HIS Ascension, the disciples take over. This individual instrument is an organism. It is a vital living organism. And as such, is a very practical organization. For it was the designed strategy of the father, that this instrument, this church, (the Hebrew word is Kehilla), this is the nucleus, the Ecclesia of the Greek. This is the nucleus of the working organization of God's sons, enlightened. And now also liberated from their guilt complex’s spreading out thru their people, among their nations, to challenge them with the purpose. The church has only one path. And this the oracle of God to proclaim. The Revelation of God's purposes and thru its ministry, the worship of God be directed to its congregations and to its people, that they might follow out the path proclaiming the Will of God. That they might know the Will of God. And that they might know the mysteries of God and the things which HE purposes to do. God says, ‘I do nothing except I speak thru MY ministers and MY prophets.’

Now of course, that does not classify that every man who stands behind the pulpit or the sacred desk of a church or stands before a congregation is either a minister or a prophet. It means that he has qualified himself in the eyes of his people. He may not have been called of God, has no channel of vision or inspiration which has necessarily passed thru him. And he may not have been subjected to the real Truth of the scripture. There are various men who have felt this call to God and they have gone thru various theological seminaries and have emerged as clergy into the various churches of Christendom. And as Clergy and as Priests and supposed servants of God, they have had little help from the organizations which they joined. Because of adjusting these men to the areas that they serve, and adjusting them to literally things, which have pertained to God, they have been set up in the areas of what other men have said down thru the years. And some of these opinions have become very musty and have never been established. I also point out to you that the higher you go in ecclesiastical organizations and institutions, the quicker we see a break down in the principals of God's purpose. Until today, some in the higher echelons of religion have actually thought to take over the direction of God's Kingdom. And far from having a vision, they have ambitions which is different and apart from that of God. And they have had a desire to become popular and affluent with the forces of the world order rather than to overthrow the world order for the Kingdom. As such, then they have sought the power of socialistic forces thru out the world. They have acquired in their own mind that if you could get along with everybody, then friendship would be a good thing, and thus have created a semantics all their own. They are citing:--- ‘Isn't it good to be friendly, isn't it good to get along, isn't it good to have Peace and not be involved in War? Wouldn't it be good to see that everybody had everything that they wanted? Wouldn't it be good to redistribute everything into the world?’ And before they are thru, they are talking the Marxist line.

Now someone said, ‘But does the church not stand for plenty? Doesn’t the church stand for the era in which all of the world will have all that they need, in which there are no problems in the areas of supply and demand? Does not the church stand for an era of Peace?’ Yes. But not, my friends, by the policies by which the world order is trying to secure the subscription of the individual Christian. We point out to you that the church is God's ‘John Birch Society’ in the world. It is not supposed to have the approval of the enemy no more than the 'Right Wing' has the approval of the 'Left Wing' today. It is not supposed to be outlining its blueprint of operations to find a way to make peace with the powers that are opposed to God. For they have never changed their blueprint for the subordination of those who possess vision.

I think this is more clear as this relationship is coming closer to our own time. The events of the last week can demonstrate that this can be a large organization inside of the Christian church and can classify itself as Christian, as thousands and thousands of people belong to its churches, but in no way can speak for the program of God or the vision which HE has extended.

When we talk about the vision in picture form that can flash thru all men, especially as this relates to God's Household and HIS plan, there are many things being developed today which are not in the picture which God has projected. They are, however, quite developed in the signs which the Apostle Paul talks about for the end of the age, when he said that there would be . . . 'a falling away first.' In speaking of this falling away first, we have had in the past week a picture of just how far this could go. In Iowa, the Presbyterian Church, with all of the Presbyterian churches represented, as they joined for their national conferences. A long way they have come, since their acceptance of the teaching of Calvin and the leadership of Knox. As they met, they said they were taking on the responsibilities not of the 60's but from the position of the 2Oth Century. So apparently the message of the church has changed from the 16th Century to the 20th Century. And thus, they would have to modify a lot of their ideas to meet the liberal trend. So at one time the most important things the church should do was to inspire a knowledge of God, to stand for the use of the scriptures and the worship of God in building in the areas of the youth a responsibility toward morality and ethics and toward God and the service of society. Way back when these founding fathers were developing our society in all of the colonies of the eastern states, where they had either private schools in Vermont, or wherever they had forms of education, every form of education had to be opened with prayer and every session had to have an admonition from the scripture for moral and ethical conduct read from God's Holy Word. And all of our major universities . . . Yale, Harvard, Princeton, which were great names in colonial times, supported that the knowledge of God and the responsibility toward the moral and ethical laws of God were the first foundation in building good citizenship and a good sound character. This was a practice in those days. And it was not as far back as the 16th Century. This was in the 18th century and even into the 19th century that these things were important.

Well within the scope of this, we found that we were building a strong nation. And we were building character. And at least, we had the prospective of man's behavior before him.

Now we have a force which has come into these United States that is Non-Christian. It has an unprecedented horror of righteousness on a divine standard. They are waging war against our Faith and against our assemblies. And make no mistake about it, they discuss this openly and we can show you this from the files of their own records. They also want to delete the name of God, the worship of God, and prayer to God out of every area of our public life, and out of our national activities, and out of all of the school rooms of the nation. They want to delete the very name of God, the prayer to God, in public schools or in areas of public education. But when the Presbyterian Church thinks it must make peace with the world and appease the Jews whom they do not want to insult, so they say, or in any way antagonize in the areas of education, they said, therefore, they would support the Supreme Court and call for the abolishing of all prayer in schools and of all scripture reading in schools, or any instruction that relates to God, morality, or ethics, based upon any religious idea whatsoever.

Well, I think that when any church takes a position like that then it might just as well resign from the Church, for the church was to promote the worship of God, the recognition of God, and the standards of God at any time when it gets the opportunity.

Now this is only one of those instances. In seventeen states in the United States, the major program of a group of Jewish psychiatrists is being put over. This program is in part a drive to negate our society. Altho they may say they were not intending to do this. The design they said in this age when we no longer have the old-fashioned practice of chaperones, wherein the young people can have the car, and the high school children go out together, then it is obvious that we should no longer accept the old superstitions and we should make some changes. Thus Dr. Guttermeyer was here in L.A. the past week and he held a forum in the University Synagogue in West Los Angeles. He also spoke in the Beverly Hilton at a news conference. So what are they trying to accomplish and what are they trying to do to education? They said that they wanted to introduce different policies and make the youth acquainted with knowledge they say, that they do not have but should have, and will arrive at anyhow. They said, ‘We want massive 'Sex Education' and we want this mandatory in all schools; and teach them the processes of and the privileges of Sex Education, with the use of contraceptives and how to use these contraceptives so there would be no unwanted children from their areas of experimentation.’ I am reading this right here in the ‘L.A. Times.’

Now he cites that they want to put this over in all of the schools. And he said, ‘We no longer have the idea of past ages, a sort of Victorian idea of sex and its relationship to youth; and that every school should teach at high school age, mandatory Sex Education. And the resounding relationships will lift the hesitation from youth and make them natural and normal rather than restrict them and create all kinds of hypertension and fear tactics which are old fashioned and outmoded. Oh, you say, ‘Surely this will not happen.’ But 17 states are going this route as they are here, now trying to put it in California schools.

The reason why this is significant is because in this instruction which makes no moral value or instruction concerning patterns of law. These programs were being brought before several of our religious bodies who have not only come out against this but they are saying that they will bring pressure on several Boards of Education to see that this kind of thing is repudiated in the areas of education. Then---now comes a rather interesting group of Presbyterians who say, ‘Well, now we should take a stand on this, against this kind of instructions in the schools. After all, we took a stand against prayer in schools.’

So what are they going to replace it with? A Jewish philosophy. Then the Clergy said that altho this was distasteful for them to think about, and that this was also jumping to conclusions about what would be the benefits or the dangers of the actual life of the students . . . so they said, ‘We must learn to trust our educators who are working to develop a course of education for this highly modern age.’ So their clergy would do nothing about teaching promiscuous ways to our young people. But would take a firm stand on the worshiping of God in all areas of education.

No wonder that Solomon said that without a vision, people perish. And with a vision that is produced in Moscow and Israeli, instead of in heaven, and then transferred to a people from the word of God . . . what do you get, but degeneration and deterioration.

Now this same church called on the abolishing of all exemptions for ministries or parochial instructions. They want complete taxation for all of this area.

Now whenever you hear of a church calling for taxation of all religious activities or buildings, then you know they have a hook with the enemy, and I will prove this to you. The average religious activity has to operate on the giving of its people; and this is carried out as a service, both in its community and to the world . . . missionary activities at home and abroad. Educational processes are always at the expense of the parishioners. Their gifts would make it possible . . . they who have already paid the taxes on their money, and they who have already supported the government before they made these contributions. On the other hand, the service, as it relates to the moral and the structure of a nation that is provided by the church, is not to be estimated. It has been recognized from the earliest times of our national history that there should be no tax at any time upon churches. Of course taxes were not considered as effecting us very far until we stepped into the trap of the New Deal . . . and everything has gone down hill from that day to this. We point out as to what would happen in your own congregation. For there is $1,500 a week just in missionary activities to give away tapes. You don't sell anything. If you stopped to realize what would happen if your church operations could be taxed the government would got away with 56% of the money, and you would not be able to reach 1/5 of what you are doing now. In other words, the strategy of the enemy is to stop all operations of the church. This was designed in the American Jewish Conference, and they planned this strategy in New York City. I have the minutes of their meetings and the discussions of their attorneys. ‘Take away tax exemption status of all of the Christian churches and we will pay our taxes with their money.’

Therefore I tell you that any church which advocates this strategy along with the strategy to remove the worship of God and respect for the creator, and at the same time will take no position against immorality being taught at the school level by Jewish professors, is no longer a church. I think it has resigned from the Christian faith. I think that thru out the length and breadth of this land that any people who subscribe to these policies should resign from these churches and join with Christians. Then of course, Dr. Blake, who presides over this conference, closed this conference with their desegregation, and now that church supports intermarriage, and degeneration at all levels, and calls Dr. Martin Luther King, with 10 Communist with him, and said, ‘we will march our clergy and our laymen with you to help.’ To help what? The vision of God? No . . . To help the mongrelized lie which is offered in substitute for the vision of God's Kingdom. I was very much interested in Dr. Guttermaster’s talk as he talked to the synagogue, saying that there is one church that has always been opposed to the teaching of these things and that is the Catholic church, which does not want to teach the use of contraceptives in high schools and does not want anything of this nature. And he said, ‘We have to find some way to get around this inhibiting force.’ Then he made this statement, ‘Fortunately the higher we go in the organizations of the churches, the less resistance we meet. We have complete coordination with the Cardinal Cushing of Boston. And as we reach the heads of conference in Protestant movements, we find that the higher we go the lest resistance and the more cooperative they become. It is only with the smaller Clergy and the isolated communities who are not so well informed that give us trouble.’

Well then, my friends, the higher up the ladder we go in this theology, the closer we get to this 'falling away' and this abomination. Then we discover that this higher authority must make its friendship with the world order, and has reached an area of attainment wherein it is not interested in service of the church and in the Kingdom of God, but only in the power of its contact. I tell you that this is just a sign of the times. So the head of the conference says, ‘we will march with the Negroes and we will marry our children with them.’ And I guess they are. I noticed in the Herald Examiner this morning, that there is a group of marriages coming up and they are a number of our Peace Corps in Ghana who are marrying Negro girls. And they think this is wonderful, for it has brought all people together across all racial barriers. And the newspapers think it is a wonderful sign of the spirit of this age. But it is the spirit of hell. And they will be brought back into this country, and there will be a celebration and reception. This is a part of the design of sending our youth out into the world in this Peace Corps anyhow. They are forbidden to testify as to their faith. They can work and serve, but they cannot lift up the standard of God. These are the orders of this organization.

I point out to you. This is just another instance where a vision is most important. We are living in a day when the vision of God's Kingdom is being transformed into a vision of the world order by those who should be proclaiming 'Thus saith the LORD.’ There is no doubt about the fact that every area of the scripture when it is surveyed in this area of the great plan of God in time and history, supports the exact opposite of what we see today. You would be frustrated if you picked up the first four pages of the Times or the Herald Examiner. And as you looked, you would not have found one piece of constructive news. You would not find one thing in the Newspaper which was not derogatory, and you would not find anything which was being paraded as acceptable. The attempted agreement with Kennedy and McMillen to sign a nuclear test band agreement with Mr. Khrushev would not be acceptable to any Bible student who knows that you cannot make any agreement with the anti-Christ; that you are only disarming the Kingdom. The suggestion that we have financed and contributed to a great Negro conference in Ethiopia and another conference which is being held over in Kenya for the uniting of all of the African tribes into a United Africa to be run by the tribesman Kenyatta. Maybe you saw in the ‘News Week’ this week where Kenyatta says, ‘Look at me. I am exactly like the man who went to Palestine and was followed by so many over a thousand years ago. I am that man in 1963 in Africa.’ Well of all of the blaspheme that I ever heard. This cannibal who ate his mother-in-law, now professes that he is the Christ of Africa.

Well this is a different kind of vision from a different source. But what did they say in that conference yesterday which shows that our confidence pays off? They said, ‘we are going to rule Africa and we want to drive every White man out. We will immediately open up and economic war against South Africa and Rhodesia, and any area which opposes this policy.’ As I looked at this, it did not spell any advance. It is a fallacy. If you start moving the Kingdom of God out of a country, you start losing the vision. And as this pertains to Africa, you are moving out of Africa technology and education, in health and in sanitation, as well as the knowledge of the worship of the Right God. Out go the leaders of education thru out the world and the light goes out and the shade is pulled down on a cannibal Africa. This is a retreat from progress. And when one beholds this, then one recognizes what Jesus said, ‘You are the light of the world'---'You are the salt of the earth.' ---Put the light out and it is dark. Mix the salt with earth and it loses its savor. Move the Savior out and you have the same catastrophe which the Bible numerates. So we are watching. God is not only identifying those who have the different capacities who are thinking HIS thoughts an carrying out HIS operation, but HE is comparing their civilization as light against darkness and the capacities becoming weakened as it becomes mingled with earth.

Now I have noticed that every newspaper and every communication are praising the riots and the violations of law . . . and the Negro not to obey the law as he tries to secure equality. And more than this, he seeks a superiority over you. One would say, that we believe in White superiority. And, yes, we do on the basis of facts not on the basis of a bunch of cannibals who want it.

We are faced with the facts today that these demagogues are led by communism and also led by churches and other organizations which have already accepted the derogatory course. They are acting not on the percentage of the percentage of their people, but they want half of the job. They talk about the day when they are going to eliminate your race. They are going to massacre you. And this is termed heroic resistance. This past week, Malcum X, one of the top Muslim leaders that Mr. Kennedy thinks is so wonderful, said, ‘Eventually we will drive the White man from the United States.’ Well they want to drive us out of Africa and now the United States. So they ask him, ‘How do you do that?’ And he replied, ‘Just like the Indians were driven out of the United States.’

In this instance, one of the reporters said you are dealing now with a technological society, who is not attacking you or hurting you. And you say you are going to drive them out. How is a race like yours going to drive out a superior, technical people of greater numbers and firmly entrenched?’ He said, ‘We are going to shoot them.’ Well I am against that. And if you are against that you are liable to be classified as a 'hate monger.' Do you see what I mean when I say that the church should be teaching 'Thus saith the LORD?’ A more clear vision would not even have countenanced, this for one moment, that there was any necessity of integrating these people into our social life, or into any immediate contact with your society. It is one thing to subject them with truth and to assist them as they have been assisted. They have made greater advances here than anywhere else in the world. But under Divine Law, the degeneration of your society which would be immediately involved by intermarriage, approved now by five denominations, would produce the same condition as in the days of Ezra the prophet, when he poured out a judgment upon them and such a feeling of guilt upon the prophet as well, that in fear, and in great feeling of emotion, and they went into grief and their countenance fell. And the people cried out as they were under condemnation of the conviction of spirit. When the prophet got thru, they sent the mongrels away and they obeyed and went back to ‘Thus saith the LORD.’

You know we are surrounded by a group of people that I consider complete hypocrites, altho they are in the hands and somewhat effected by being surrounded by non-Christians. It is a matter of interest that while integration is so completely being advocated, and I now will give you the facts. As he talks about segregation, Bobby Kennedy, who talks about segregation, lives in McLean, Virginia, in a subdivision where property cannot be lawfully sold to Negroes or Jews. I think that is rather interesting, for the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Eisenhowers and the Nixons, who were for integration, and at no time did they permit integration of their families. And when Robert Kennedy sends his children to school, he sends them north across Virginia out into Maryland to a segregated private school every day. This includes the treading of the Kennedy school bus thru heavy traffic thru northern Virginia and thru the District of Columbia, and six miles into Maryland, on a crowded highway in order to keep them segregated. It is rather interesting that while the Eisenhowers were in Washington that none of their children went to the integrated Army schools. And while in the White House, President Eisenhower sent his grandchildren in the White House limousine to a private school in Virginia. And it is true that Mr. Nixon’s children were sent to the Friend's School where they were not even allowed to rub shoulders with children of African descent.

'Without a Vision, people perish.’ This past few weeks I have watched some Christian women who went up to the Board of Education, and they said to Mr. Raffarty, ‘We understand that under the opinion expressed when Mr. Brown was Attorney General, that we could not pray or have any worship service, or any recognition of this in the schools of California?’ Of course, Governor Brown, who could never eliminate the vice rackets and the dope rings out of California, did manage to drive God out of California schools. These women now spoke and they said, ‘If we cannot worship God in our schools, because this will insult someone who does not believe in God, if the Atheists do not want the worship of God, and the enemies of our Christian Faith do not want the reading of the Bible or prayer, then we assume we have the right also to have our children not offended and to protect our Faith and belief by not having evolution, atheism or anything which is a violation of our Faith taught in schools either.’ How about that? Should we not now have a ban on the teaching of Atheism which is abhorrent to Christian children, if the teaching of God is abhorrent to Atheism? There must be rhyme and reason somewhere down the line. So what was the reaction? So finally they said they would ask an opinion of the Attorney General. But I do not like Mr. Motts opinion. I think this is utter foolishness. I think it is time the militant church of Jesus Christ became a marching army. It is time, if they want to talk about democracy and they want to take away our Republic, that we count noses. And when we come up with 145 million White Christians, we will remove a hundred politicians that we will not miss, and then let the majority have their way. And those who do not like it, then there is a boat leaving every day for the New Africa and the new Russia.

I think it is a rather significant thing that you know what the new Africa is like. They are pushing for elections in Kenya, and they had one the other day. It is rather interesting, for here on this page is a monkey clothed tribal chief who just came from the election. And we are told that there was 1500 Somali tribesmen with their spears and clubs, and sling shots, and there were hundreds of different tribesmen. And they all came to this great booth in Kenya’s frontier. Then the 1500 Somali tribesmen attacked one of the other tribesmen, and they were having quite a slaughter. The police came in . . . and six policemen were killed. We have sponsored freedom and free elections. Mr. Kennedy said, ‘We point with pride at the developments being made in Africa, to justify the outlay.’ Algeria then notifies the Africans that she is ready to join any group of Africans for an invasion against any of the colonies of Portugal in South Africa. It was in todays paper. Someone says, ‘What does this mean?’ --It just means that you have reached the borders of the time of Armageddon. That the powers of darkness are gathering the hoards against Christianity.

And inside the great Christian nations, the strongholds of God's Kingdom where the very challenge to the people should be the very Oracles of the Church of God, here we find the doctrines of appeasement and surrender to the world's forces. This is not helping the world. This is not helping darkest Africa or Asia. This is just putting the light out for the devil.

I point out to you that the plan has not changed. You turn over to the book of Isaiah, and God makes this plain. HE says, ‘You ask me of things concerning my sons, you command me.’ You catch a vision of what God has in store for you as a race. HE says, ‘I am going to pour out my spirit upon them and I am going to challenge them, and they are going to finish building their civilization. They are going to turn the light on for the world and subordinate the darkness. The people of the world are going to acknowledge my sons. They are going to set the captives free they are going to overthrow the tyrannical rulers; they are going to lift up my standards.’ This is what God said talking about your race. There is no doubt about HIS plan. He has never changed that plan. And the book of Daniel says that the Saints of the Most High God are going to take the Kingdom---in a time of trouble, when things are against you on the inside and on the outside. Then suddenly the Saints of the Most High God, the believing offspring, --the Santest,--awaken and it says that they shall TAKE THE KINGDOM AND THEY SHALL PRESERVE AND KEEP THE KINGDOM FOREVER AND FOREVER. The Saints of the Kingdom shall possess the Kingdom. They take the Kingdom. So HE says, ‘Occupy until I come. And if you need help, then I will be there.’ And do we need help.

I am going to point out to you that God's plan is unswerving. It cannot be changed. Suddenly you will discover that the people of God's Household will awaken out of their sleep. They suddenly discover what is going on around about them and they react about this. And this will be demonstrated in great Christian nations like this one where leadership has followed the course of this strange path of error. The people have been hoodwinked to follow this path. But when they awaken, they retake their own land. They repossess it. And judgment begins in the house of God. I told you about judgments, that the reaping of what has been sowed is the reaping of inevitable law in the dimensions in which their violations are committed. So also, judgment moves against those areas which sought to destroy great nations of God's Kingdom. Before you complete this decade, I predict that only White Christians are going to direct the affairs of this great nation in every avenue of its civic life.

I talked to a Clergyman the other day, and he said, ‘I go home and I research it and I find out that it is true.’ And then he said something. ‘There is an area which disturbs me. Do you think the church is an area where you carry out the voice of God, where the people are who make up the Kingdom? And if this is true, then the church does not belong to everybody on the face of the earth.’ I said, ‘No, the church does not belong to everybody, that is true.’ He said, ‘Can you prove that God does not encourage everyone to join the church?’ --I said, ‘I can.’--We have taken too many Jews into the church already. We have even pushed them up in the pulpit. It tells me in the book of Acts, in the 2nd chapter, that they continued preaching every day in the temple and in the homes and they were breaking bread and had dynamic discussions. And now the great dynamic charge of the Kingdom moved upon the people. And it says that they were praising God, and that they were finding favor with all of the people. And as the disciples proclaimed the message, then the LORD added to the church daily such as should be saved. --THE LORD ADDED TO THE CHURCH DAILY SUCH AS SHOULD BE SAVED. Someone said, ‘What do they mean by that?’ Well, some texts are rather clear. And in those places, it says that God called those who should be a part of HIS church. That is rather clear.

I turn back into the book of John, and I point out that --except a man have a capacity to receive and descended out of the heavens as a child of the Most High, thru birth into this physical area, he will never understand the calling of the Father. In the 6th chapter of John, Jesus here is discussing the various areas of HIS ministry, --and HE said, ‘All that the spirit giveth me’--- and in HIS humanity as a man, in HIS desire HE refers to the majesty of HIS deity. And HE refers to it as filling heaven and earth. Agrapneumas---the father of all things. And HE says, ‘If you want to see the Father here in the physical world, you have to look at me, for I and the Father (Spirit) are one. Who hath seen me hath seen the Father.’

Now Jesus said that the spirit had given him, and all that the spirit hath given unto him, SHALL COME UNTO ME, and he that cometh, I will in no wise cast out. This is the will of the spirit. This is the will of God over matter---that all that HE (spirt) hath given me in my Messiahship, that I should nothing, and shall raise it up in the last days. Do you suppose that of all of the sheep which are in the calling voice of Christ were to come, and HE was not to lose one of them---do you suppose that God failed? Do you suppose that God does not have what HE wants? Do you suppose that God, in any way is being defeated? Jesus said, ‘Of all that are given unto me, I should lose nothing.’ It tells me over here that I shall do all of my Will. I shall do all of my pleasure, none shall stay it and none shall hinder it. ----I WILL LOSE NOTHING.’ And I believe Jesus, for in the l7th chapter of John, as we were talking about the Man of Sin, Jesus said, ‘All that thou (spirit) hath given me, none of them are lost but the son of perdition so that the scriptures, the word of God, might be fulfilled. Thus, Lucifer’s son had no part nor lot in this matter. I want to point out to you that the church is the most powerful organization that God or Christ set in operation in the earth among the nations of HIS Kingdom. It is not only to proclaim the Oracles of God, it is a unit to unify the sons and daughters of God in spiritual worship, in recognition, and in occupation. It is the idea, the force. And this is why we were warned that in the latter days there would be a ‘falling away first.’ That pernicious doctrines would be brought into the church to destroy ‘thus saith the LORD’ and to try to change the pattern. And God here, points out that no one can come to me. Accept then, this Father (Spirit) which has sent this embodiment, conceived it, and I will raise him up in the last day. Accept the supreme sovereign God calls an individual to enter into the institution (the true Church), then no one can become a part of this working program of the family of God, nor the True Church.

Now in this instance, the church is a very vital part of God's household and family. And God identifies Himself with it as the LIVING ORGANISM and the process of the spiritual awakening of HIS many children. We believe in the ministry of the church. And we believe in the nations of God's Kingdom. And we believe in the family of God of which we are a part. And we point out that in the progress of this program, we are to proclaim the True God of the Universe and this fight against Lucifer. We are to call on everyone from one end of the earth to the other, to bow down before the proper God, to turn from worshiping darkness and superstition, and to accept the laws of progress and to be instructed and guided by HIS Household and HIS family. This is God's purpose. And HE did not say that you were to take them into your Christian church; that you marry them unto your sons and daughters; that you absorb them. This is a violation of God. And of all of the laws violated, God says this transgression is the most deadly. The most deadly sin, the most dangerous of all of the violations of law is this intermarriage with other races. For this violation of law is visited upon the children to the third, the fourth, the fifth, and sixth generation. You can forgive anything else, but what are you going to do with a mulatto down here? You can have grace and mercy on any individual, but how are you going to change the incapacity of the interracial child, this half Asiatic, half White man. And if you permit this pattern of seed to grow, you cause a degeneracy. The Hawaiian Islands are no model State even tho I have the praise of this state by Mr. Eisenhower and others. On a recent trip to India, Mr. Eisenhower said that ‘Hawaii is a model society for here we find all races of people mixing together, and they are happy living together, and I hope the whole world will soon be like this.’ Mr. Eisenhower . . . who carefully wanted to see that his descendants did not get involved in this.

The thing which I point out is that this is not the vision of America. This is not the truth. In fact, one of the Hawaiian princes was very much worried that his people would lose all of their identity and cease to be a people. I point out that in this instance, there is a great stirring force of racial spiritual force, that God says that HE is going to put back in the hearts of every one of your race; and you are going to remember your fathers and you are going to be concerned about your children. I think it is time that Christians wrote their assemblyman saying we want prayer in schools and we want atheism out of schools. We want teaching which supports good and ethical conduct of the teaching of school children and not the teaching of depravity or the teaching of how to violate moral code. I think it is time we made this rather clear. And I think it is time we overhauled that assembly. Chief Parker, our Chief of Police, was before the Assembly last week, and he wanted a law dealing with the moral laws, dealing with perversion which moves thru our streets. There are 29,661 of them on the docket which are virtual moral lepers and a danger to our society. They are moving around on our streets. And there are no laws to cope with them anymore, since we have had changes by the assembly in the patterns of these laws. So when he came before the assembly last week, Chief Parker laid down these facts and told them of the danger of these crimes and of the vice and the violence. And the chairman of this assembly stood and said, ‘You sit down. We will have no flag waving here, or we will have the Marshall throw you out.’ Then an attorney got up who represents all of the homos and the perverts and stated that their rights were being violated. This-- after their promiscuous conduct in the streets.

What a day this is when the civil rights of pervasion and all of the rights of the minority groups are protected, while the majority rights are being invaded and they are being denied the right to their own culture and Faith. This is the perishing part ---FOR WITHOUT A VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH.

They say, ‘We do not want book burning.’ But I think we should do a little of that. Just go look at the news stand. Look at the filth being sold on the book stands around our high schools, and see who is publishing this filth. Most of them are Hollywood Jews in this area. In fact, every time there is a vice raid, it is Hollywood Jews who are tied up in this. Someone said that this is an area which we do not normally explore as we talk about the Kingdom. But this is something we should explore right now. It is time that the Christian society cleanses its own environment. But this is not popular stuff. But I want you to know that before us is a different type of society, operating on a much higher plain and basis than these conditions thrust into our environment. And there is one clear-cut pattern to accomplish this, and that, my friends, is to preserve this society and to deport every unassimilatable force in it. And there are lots of processes by which this can be done. Salvation? Yes, this is salvation. This is salvation for your youth. This is salvation for your society and for your posterity. For the program of God calls for the preservation and the cleansing of a people, the liberation of a society. And HE is going to awaken them out of their sleep in this great hour of challenge, this hour of the 'falling away', this hour of the darkness. Then comes the DAWN. I want you to know that Christians must go militant all over the nation. Militant in hearing of the WORD, militant in challenging one another. That we are the advocates of God's Kingdom and of HIS program for righteousness and for leadership, and in the area of material things, and its stewardship.

End of message.