Plot To Destroy America, 8-26-66


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-26-66

We talk tonight on the subject of ‘The Plot to Destroy America.’ We want you to know that the hoards of World Communism have never wavered in their plan to destroy America and then conquer the world. Neither do they run out of false Politicians under the Communist control who help their cause along, and who seem to think in their minds that all these things will be to no avail, and time will go on as it did in the days of yesterday.

We are engaged, even now, in a vicious war against hoards of Communism, but we don’t act like it. For instance General Duval brought out some very interesting material in which he has called on many citizens to react. He says that many ships are passing through our Panama Canal without being inspected. Marine’s no longer board the U.S.S.R. Flag Ships, although they boast openly that they are helping our enemies the Viet Cong. 25 Ships went through the Canal during October, November, and December in 1965. Security Guards go on the ships of Polish and Cuban’s and they are not authorized to inspect the cargo, although that inspection used to be routine. Now according to reliable information in Dec. 1965., all the Cuban ships are carrying war material to the North Viet Nam, but they are going through our Canal without any inspection, and the excuse is that we are not worrying about what any of the Satellites of Russia are doing because we only have a war with the Viet Cong. There is no security in the Canal. Our Canal built and maintained by American dollars is being used without hinderence to carry war materials to our enemies to kill our boys. Some of these ships are so called ‘allies,’ but some are our deadly enemies. This is a situation of a most tragic character.

Decisions are made by those high in Government, and the International Control Commission, which includes Poland whose leaders are Russia-Gromeka, and Poland-Rempke, they have been lately consulted by our roving Ambassador Avarell Herriman, and this only means that certain powerful Internationalist’s controlling the policies of their country and ours are making a good profit at the expense of American lives. We could have said that International Jewry is making a good profit at the expense of American lives. Their influence can be seen in the lame excuse our Government gives for not closing the Port of HyPhong, in North Viet Nam, through which all this material is flowing.

There is a remarkable pattern, but it has continued through all times. Instead of building up the areas of our weaponry and talking of victory, we are having a most fantastic area of an enemy operating even now in this Nation. For instance, we are having conferences held at Detroit, just outside of Detroit, where last year they started them and they are now continued and these conferences are on the areas of disarmament. We are sending committees and crews to Geneva, always working on a massive program of disarmament.

Under the area of disarmament, committees are also working with the U.N. Committees, and they are saying that the quickest way to reach these goals is to take away the weapons from all Nations. And of course we are trying to work out a method of disarming our armies, even down to the citizens of our Nation. The areas of Arms that will be allowed are as a National Police Force to be operated out of the U.N., and of course other nations do not trust us so we are to lay ours down first. Of course the Rothschild’s and others who were a part of these meetings are themselves about as Pink as you can get.

For instance, in the areas of these policies we have the Military of our Armed Forces, who train at West Point, and at other academies, and we train them in the art of warfare and in the use of material. We train them in the logistics of material, and in the areas of these preparatory conferences that were held at Monterey and Fort Ord., then we arrive at the policies that our Government has supposedly selected and chosen. In fact one man before he was appointed to his high position in our Defense Department, Mr. Nitzy, was one of the officials speaking at the Preparatory Conference. This Preparatory Conference told our Army and Military officials and leaders of the United States, that it was totally impossible for anyone to win a war now because we have Atom Bombs. Well.....our enemies also have Atom Bombs. So they said...the most important thing to do is to take the Atom Bombs away from every Nation and go to any length to accomplish that. But first recognize this.....we realize the futility of not winning a war, but after a careful study we know you cannot win, you can only lose because the hoards of Red China and Russia are so many that we cannot win a war with someone where we are so totally outnumbered. So they said.....the best thing we can do is sue for some king of Peace, and get the best terms, we can get out of it. If we get involved in a war with these enemies, we are whipped before we start.

THIS IS HIGH TREASON! But it was being advocated before the General’s and Government officials by this Preparatory Conference.

In this Conference they said.....we will prepare for brush fire wars, not for big ones, but prepare to rush in troops and bring every conflict to a halt or stalemate, because we understand that this is necessary. We are also going to lay plans that instead of allowing attacks upon our cities, we are going to sue for Peace, and make the best deal we can make, and make a good showing at holding up the enemies plans. Apart from this there is no reason for any one in the Military of the United States to anticipate any victory.

This is a fantastic phony policy. They are not only talking of dispensing with our heavy Bombers, and the best of our Military equipment, but they are talking of replacing them with small fast moving forces. But that just means that they are talking about disarmament. Actually, they are saying that the U.S. must show that we trust the whole world and to show that we disarm first. Now these are not necessarily the policies of the Military of the U.S., but they are the policies of the men who control the Military.

The acute areas of the Military conduct are little understood by the average citizen as they, the Military, has been well trained and are professional soldiers. They are dedicated with their lives, if necessary, to serve the United States Army.

Well the conferences moved from the Preparatory Conferences back to the divisions of their United Nations offices, and as they went into the U.N. offices, they then moved back into the civilian offices of the United States, and to the various branch offices which they had established, all the way ack to Pontiac Michigan, and there they were designing how they would disarm the United States.....first.

They discussed at this Conference how there were more firearms held by American Citizens than any of the citizens of any other country. They said that there is probably 50 or 60 million firearms held by the American people and there is millions and millions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of the people of this country. Before this country would accept the decisions of the U.N. then they have to find some way, some pretext, to get these guns. For the American is too proud and he is always talking about his Liberty and the Sovereignty of his society. So unless he is disarmed we could not place a U.N. program of absolute U.N. sovereignty over this country because too many people would revolt. Well, I think they decided on a very factual pattern. I think that the American citizens would revolt at the U.N. taking over the Destiny of the United States.

They talked about this matter of disarmament and about how they would move in to gain registration of all firearms, first....and then after they were all registered they could pick them up very easily. We then point out to you that during the patterns of revolution then this is a point you do take seriously. Lenin is only after we have disarmed the people that the leaders can even lay down the areas of historic mission of maintaining strong and powerful Armed Forces. When we have convinced the people that they must disarm, then we can reduce armament. However, this can only be accomplished by the Registration of all fire arms.

Now; we want to point out to you that in World War II that France was suddenly calling on the Christian World to give her firearms, because they had registered all the peoples firearms, and as Hitler’s underground moved in they confiscated all the peoples guns. They knew right where they were. When Britain was in World War II, they called on the U.S. sportsmen to send them their hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols because they had been foolish enough to disarm their people.

Well under these strange policies the U.N. seems to have its sights drawn on the citizens of the U.S. They can well remember when this country was a vast wilderness, and as the settlers moved west then they needed arms against the beasts that roamed the earth, and the savages that attacked their villages. So the need of arms was a recognized need throughout the first century of the History of the U.S. They used these arms skillfully and they protected their herds, their lives, and their crops against savages and beasts.

Of course the Most High Yahweh does say something about that also. In Deuteronomy He talks about how His people will Colonize and move out, and how these pagan nations will move against them. But He talks about how He will put these heathen nations out before you so that ‘thou may consume the land,’ but He will not put these beasts of the field out too fast so that they will not rise up too quickly against you. But as you reduce the beasts of the field then He will also reduce the nations before you so that you can occupy that land. So you see that Yahweh is a realist in this business.

So as we watched the eventual settling of our Nation from coast to coast, we find that the American citizen’s retained their fire arms. They were very, very useful in the American Revolutionary War, and in the History of our Nation, and they were a very vital pattern, and the American citizen pointed with pride to his ownership of firearms. Now we point out to you that it is a very significant thing that much has lately been said about this matter. For instance, today a free man must have restricted rights to use weapons to protect himself, his family, and his home against that marauder, whether it be a soldier of an invading army, an agent of an internal conspiracy, or a common criminal. And George Washington supported that.

Now I point out that Dan Smoose comes along and he advocates that a free citizens right to bear arms is so essential to freedom that if that right is taken away then Tyranny would follow. That is a very excellent statement because it is true. If a man lost his right to bear arms then he loses his identity as a free agent in a civilized country. He becomes totally dependent upon centralized police authority, and thus any Political hack that controls them.

We want to point out to you that under these areas of denying the American citizen to bear arms then they come out with these foolish statements that we don’t have the beasts now that we used to need guns to protect ourselves with, and we don’t have the savages roaming our country who used to move in and burn down houses. Well, this is a foolish argument for we may not have as many beasts but we have as many savages. When a man from a minority group out of the 22 million, as their leader says......well, I have 5 million guns under my control alone, and when news paper reporters ask Stokley Carmical how he thought he was going to get anywhere when he was from a minority which was only 11 percent of the population, then he said.....’I want you to know that this countries Army’s are scattered all over the world, and mine are right here, and we are going to push and burn until we get what we want.’

Well, you may say it is not right to use arms against these savages because they are citizens of this country. They don’t have to keep the law, they have been deprived of so much down through the years. Well, I remind you that a nation is established by law and this great nation has come a long way in achieving much for its law. When Yahweh gave the Law to Israel, the Law was enforced and Israel was great as they abided by His Law. A nation has to be founded on a basic pattern of laws. If it is a good law then it is a good nation, and if it is a bad law then it is a nation of Tyranny.

This nation was built on the Law that God gave to Israel out of the Word of God and out of the background of your Heritage. So in this instance the Law is no longer enforced. The Negro doesn’t have to obey the Law as they go about smashing windows and setting fire to houses and using arson against businesses. All of this is to be excused because they don’t want to keep the Law.

I tell you that we are in a very strange situation when the police department tells us that they don’t dare enforce the law because they don’t have enough strength, we therefore have to depend on the Army. But actually the Army is extended all over the world so they don’t have much strength here at home. Well, I want to tell you that the Army is too busy and the Police Department doesn’t have enough strength to stop this burning and looting, therefore, as Washington and others said....”At that point the citizens should rise up in strength and back up the police and enforce the law, and that at the point of a weapon.”

The State of California has a law on Posse’s. This law says that this group of men is formed to defend the rights of the people. So here in California they could form a posse to defend the rights of the people under any necessity. Now the Posse doesn’t have to be organized under the Police Department. The Posse could be organized by the people and I point out to you that the Posse law exists in most States.

Of course on the Eastern Sea board they become so used to the Administration by Law, and Law Enforcement Officers, and during that period of time when their citizens possessed arms and no one knew who had them and where they were, then the criminal thought twice about invading a home, for he might get shot. But of course in such states like New York then they had a Sullivan Law and everybody suddenly had to turn over their guns, and so the criminals in this State now know they can move into any house and not have to worry about anyone having a pistol or gun to defend that household. So the criminal who has the gun can move in with ease because he doesn’t care about the law anyhow. I want you to know that since the Sullivan Law was passed, crime has gone up 400%.

Now we point out the News Papers which are filled with their editorials about guns and firearms of all crimes and they are screaming that this is the reason crime in America is increasing. Yes, crime is increasing in America, but it is because of the irresponsibility of Government officials to uphold the laws. Under this pattern we can see the design to take control. Now then....the Communists were behind these things and they were behind the Preparatory Conferences, and behind the talk of the withdrawing of our troops, and behind Senator Javits in his talk to the American Legion yesterday. Do you know that this Jew named Javits told the American Legion yesterday? He said.....I want you to know that you are going to have to stop talking about victory. Now he said this to the American Legion.....We don’t want or need a victory over the Viet Cong, we don’t want one for it would be most dangerous. It would be the worst trouble we could have with these Viet Cong. Now the American Legion sat there like saps and listened to this Jew....because he was a Congressman. He also said... we don’t want to defeat Communism, we just want the Viet Cong to keep their hands off South Viet Nam. We don’t want a victory for that would spoil everything. We want to end this conflict with a stalemate...that will hold. End quote.

Well, that was the kind of policy they were talking about in those Preparatory Conferences. You just hold out until we make peace at their terms. Appeasement. Then the President said.....we are looking on the Soviet world with friendship and we will do anything to increase this friendship. We are not at war with Communism, we are just against the Viet Cong and we will just have to keep fighting until we can get them to leave the South alone. It might take 5 or 10 years, but we have no war with China or Russia. This man acts like a fool because these Communist Countries are putting their weapons into the hands of the Viet Cong soldiers and are supplying them with Mig’s and Tanks, and even manpower from Red China. Well, we are at war with Red China, even though the Demagogues that have been raised to power by the Pink-o’s behind the scenes are saying we have no war with Communism.

I want you to know that its Church of Jesus Christ has a war with Communism and the Anti-Christ of Communism, and it will continue to have war with Communism until He comes.

Now in the U.S. throughout the years we have had organizations that have upheld the areas of rifle shooting. The American Riffle Association was an organization open to all the citizens of the U.S. where they could acquire the weapons no longer used by the Military, and then practice the art of target shooting, and it was a worthy practice for as long as these boys learned to use these weapons then they became good, and as they went into the Army then they became a well equipped and professional soldier. One thing the National Riffle Association believed was the same as Switzerland proclaimed and that is if every citizen knew how to use their riffles then anyone would think twice about trying to invade their country.

The National Riffle Association has therefore furthered this area of riffle and pistol shooting, and has become one of the finest organizations in the United States. They have sought to keep alive before the American Citizens the necessity of maintaining their independence by maintaining their Armament.

We have noted that there are other organizations that have been becoming aware of the great danger of a Communist conspiracy. Now it is alright for J. Edgar Hoover to think that there is a Communist conspiracy, and to think that here are only about 7 or 8 thousand card carrying Communists in this country, but we know this is not true. There are better than 50,000 Communist card holders, and there are 3 or 4 million Communist sympathizers in this country who are working to destroy us. In fact, we have more than this for we have the Asiatic Communist coming in as exchange students and carrying on their work of sabotage.

We know that the Red Chinese are pouring into Mexico and they are training the Mexicans for Communist upheavals in Mexico and as an invasion force into the United States. We know that they have told such men as the black man named Williams who met with Mao of China, and then recently with Castro of Cuba, and if we didn’t now about it we would have when we read the book by Williams about the overthrow of the United States. That book just came out recently and Martin Luther King wrote the prelude to that book.

Yes, Communists are here and they are behind all the race wars and they are pushing them into escalation, so this is a very serious thing. It becomes a complex with some as they say that we do not have a Communist threat. Well, I can tell you that it is very real. When someone tells you different then they are just trying to put you to sleep. At this time the Communists are building up in every State and in certain areas. They will move when the time is right so you’d better wake up to that fact.

Now; of course we have had Patriotic Organizations to cope with other threats. We h ad the Minute Men led by DePugh who was a veteran and we find that this organization was made up of men that this organization was made up of men dedicated to protect this Country from a Communist uprising when it comes. They were trained by astute management in the use of fire arms, and by men that knew how to use them. They were encouraged to practice and they were trained in what to do if a Communist Revolution came to the U.S. So no wonder the International Conspirators wanted to snuff out the Minute Men. One of the best ways to disarm America must have been considered in their conferences, and that way was to take away the arms of the Minute Men. So they have designs that would accomplish this. In this area they moved to pass bills, then the assassination of President Kennedy played right into their hands. We had heard that he might have died anyway from a serious ailment, but the assassination by Oswald accomplished that. Oswald was a know Communist and he had defected to the Communists at one time, and if he was a part of any area of the U.S. Government then it was because that area of Government had also defected. Anyhow, he shot President Kennedy and immediately again we heard the cry....’We must have control of all fire arms.’ ‘We must have the Dodd Bill.’ Well of course the Dodd Bill of 1963 was an infamous Bill, it was almost as bad as the International Fire Arms Bill of 1934. This 1934 Law said....’it was to restrict the possession and transportation of certain types of firearms such as Sub-machine guns and sawed-off Shotguns, or guns with silencers, and all those were illegal to own. This was of course the first of the Federal Firearms Acts in 1934 and then here comes the Dodd Bill and it was going along with this Bill, but then the Dodd Bill didn’t even provide for a penalty for a gun in the hands of a criminal, but it legislated against the guns of American citizens. This Dodd Bill came out after the death of Kennedy and it had only one purpose and that was to restrict the use of firearms by American citizens.

Now; the Second Amendment to the Constitution says this:.....A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, necessitates the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and that right shall not be infringed on. This is absolute prohibition, against any kind of Federal Firearms Legislation.

You can say that men don’t need shotguns and the like but they are more effective in defending their homes. So if they want them they can have them and if they don’t want them then fine, but the Law says that free men should never have a law that can be applied that says they cannot have them.

Well; the Dodd Bill was coming out again and the cry was raised that a Mail Order gun was what shot the President, and thus we should stop and confiscate all these type guns and bring about a National Program of registering all firearms, and thus avoid any such happening in the future. Well it wouldn’t make any difference if every law abiding citizen in the U.S. would have had his gun taken away from because the criminal can always get guns. The Communists will supply them to him for the Assassination of a President, and it would be under that plan easier and easier to do it. Then of course after the Speck killing of those 8 nurses had been trained in the use of firearms, and would have had one available, he wouldn’t h ave moved into their room and had them lay down on the floor and then killed them one at a time in some other room if they would have had a gun. They would have delivered either a dead criminal or an insane criminal captive.

Of course the demagoguery of the President showed up rather quickly after the pattern of another maniac who came from Florida and then went to the University of Texas, and there from the top of the guard rail he used his riffle and killed 15 people and injured 30 more. This man was of the strangest mental types, but I want to point out to you that the police who were shooting at this man from the ground could have saved most of these people if they had been armed. They had to call on students who had riffles with telescopes on them, and the students with these riffles pinned the man down while the police went up on the outside of the building then went in and secured the criminal. If they had used this method first they could have saved a lot of lives. But they were trying to save the criminal first. So we don’t win wars and we don’t save people first.

But this was nothing, for remember my friends that you are a Nation of 200 million people and just because a maniac cuts loose and kill’s a few people is no reason to disarm the citizens of the United States. Do you know that when you look up the facts that of the killings in the United States, guns contributed to less than 10% of them? So this is another false pattern. You should not deprive the citizens of the U.S. of the right to protect themselves and uphold the government of the United States, just because a few maniac’s exist. I think that in the area of the killing of citizens by automobiles then the number killed in this manner is far greater than in any other area. In fact we have killed more people in the last 6 years by automobiles than in all the wars in the history of this country. So don’t you think we ought to take the automobiles away from the citizens of this country?

Now I want to point out the fallacy of this when they wanted to provide the push to put the Dodd Bill through. They gathered together all kinds of false material, and we discovered that an all out policy went ahead against patriot’s and against those active in Christian leadership and conservatives. They were called extremist’s. In fact when President Kennedy was killed then they announced that extremist’s had murdered the President, extremist’s on the Right Wing. He said they were guilty of that murder and the leader of that attack was none other than Chief Justice Warren. In fact they were moving in and knocking on doors and even one of my employee’s was high up in the Sierra Mountains at a mine, and here they were up there, the next morning, in the snow, wanting to know where he was the day before, even though they already had captured Oswald.

I also want to point out to you that during a pattern of irresponsibility that Mosque (?) Started it and then this man Lynch carried it forward. But they wanted to build up a tremendous story about a great armed force trying to overthrow the government. For instance, the Christian Defense League, as you well know was formed to educate and prepare the American people with an understanding of the constant harassment supplied by the A.D.L. and other sinister forces against Americans. It was to advise them and defend them, it was to win a victory but it was never a military institution, and it never had anything to do with fire arms. Individual members might have had arms, as they might have in any good institution, but fire arms had nothing to do with its purpose.

The California Rangers has been an organization of Civilian Defense under the Law’s of California that was organized as an area of civilian defense to aide in an area of disaster or an invasion. It was duly authorized and charted as an organization out of your State Capital. This organization was just getting started when Civilian Defense totally folded up and all civilian defense activities were supposedly laid on the shelf. But the strange thing was that during this time when they were raising hysteria and trying to get a tremendous case going and of course the foolish Politician’s like Brown and Lynch, were all crying out and all the Left Wing Pink-o’s who owned and controlled T.V. stations, came out with the false testimony of a lying rascal whose name is Chester Warmen, and he said...Yes, he was a Secret Agent and he had invaded the Secret Headquarters of the Christian Defense League, and they were a military organization, and that they were a rising power that was going to crush all the Negroes and the Jew’s. Well....that was his picture of the C.D.L.

Then they came on the Radio under this program of the Apostles of Hate, and their hate broadcast said that the Christian Defense League was a prepared military group and had vast armies in training. They came on and said.....that a ranch which we owned up in Kern County had 5,000 men there being trained and armed, and they said we had 5,000 machine guns buried on that place. We never owned an illegal weapon in our life and we were not training anyone and no one was on the ranch....period. But this is the length they will go to make a false record, on the radio. Then the Attorney General helped along their cause, and they said we also had the California Rangers working with us. Well, we didn’t, but the Rangers were operating under their rights and under the Constitution. So this was another area of their falsehoods. They said that the Minute Men were tied in with the C.D.L., but here again was a falsehood, as the Minute Men were not tied in with any organization. I am not a Minute Man, but I am highly sympathetic with the reason why it was organized and the necessity for it so that a citizen could be prepared to defend this country from a Communist Revolution.

Although the Attorney General of California went to Washington D.C., to appear before a committee, he perjured himself before that committee. He said.....there are ministers who are at the head of these Secret Organizations, and Secret Armies, and this includes the Christian Defense League. He also said.....these organizations have a terrific Army, and the worst of the organizations is the Christian Defense League. Now, this is the folly of the people across the nation, for they can be fooled so easy. They think some terrible underground operations are being started and using this kind of a report is the way they were influencing Senator’s and Congressmen. We want these Senator’s and Congressmen to now that if they were influenced in any way by the testimony of Attorney General Lynch,...that his testimony was a perjured testimony, and they better look into it.

Now; let me point out to you that Mr. DePugh who organized the Minute Men has a well organized group but it was formed not to over throw the Government of the United States, but to defend it, in that kind of a Revolution that can start up...tomorrow morning.

The other night Mr. DePugh and his secretary were coming back from a meeting and suddenly Federal Officer’s stopped their car. They ordered DePugh out of the car saying they were charging him with possession of illegal weapons. We doubt whether he had any, but we believe he had guns that were deactivated, and they were being used for training. Anyway, they arrested DePugh for conspiracy to the Federal Arms Act, and then conspiracy to discuss or advocate the violation of the act. Then they wanted to search the car and Cindra Melville, DePugh’s secretary said....this is my car and if you don’t have a warrant then you aren’t going to search. Immediately a Federal Officer slugged her to the ground then 3 Federal Officer’s kicked her in the head until she bled out of both her ears. They also hurt her shoulder and then they hustled her off to a prison ward....for they said she attacked a F.B.I. Official. Later she was gotten out of prison on $5,000 bail and taken to a hospital. She has been in some what of a stupor every since she was kicked by those Federal Officers. This is the kind of odd-ball’s the degenerates are in areas of power, and they want to remove the Arm’s of America and leave you wide open to the kind of Communist Revolution that they are a part of.

Now; I want to point this out. There was a man this morning on the Radio and T.V. and he talks about indicting Troy Housing, who is one of the Minute Men from California, and then they talked about how they had also done the same to DePugh, and how the Grand Jury in Missouri was coming up with those hearings, and all the grand patterns to follow. They had indicted this man Houston for conspiracy against this Federal Firearms Law, in fact, they said he had discussed how to make a silencer. Well, this is the most foolish thing because you can buy a book after book on this subject. So they said that there is another one and they have not indicted him, and this one is Ray F. Houston, but then he disappeared. Then they brought out new information and moved with their indictments’s against the others using a sworn testimony of Ray Houston.

Well; Ray Houston showed up after they had payed a fine and gotten DePugh released on bond, and Houston came out to the house and they would have turned him away but he said.....Listen, I have been captive of the F.B.I., and then Houston told how they had kidnaped him and how they had tried to get him to perjure himself and sign affidavit’s. He couldn’t remember signing anything but they had kicked him and beat him and used dope on him, and he still said he couldn’t remember anything that he signed. But he said he would be willing to testify as to what was done to him. So, they call his Attorney and took his testimony and then they said that they wanted him to appear before the Grand Jury, and he said he would. They went to where the Grand Jury was meeting and in came 3 Federal Officers and they kidnaped Ray Houston at the point of a gun, and we hear that he is now in a Mental Hospital. I think it is high time that we find out what is going on, for this is the kind of an operation that you get out of a Russian Policeman.

It reminds us that some of this harassment that some of this congregation received last winter, was uncalled for. When they thought we were concealing a fugitive of whom we knew nothing, nor of his whereabouts. But in this hour of that operation there were officers and their men that came and pushed us in the dirt and held sawed-off shotguns to our backs. At that time we couldn’t believe it was America, but now we know and understand. For we are in the hands of a group of demogog’s, manipulated and used by Communist Agents, and if America is to remain free then it must remain armed, and it must let no one inject any restrictions on the use of Arm’s by American Citizens. I think it is high time that the harassment of the Minute Men Organization is stopped. The best way to lose your Freedom is stay silent....say nothing.

You know; Jesus told you there would be times like this, and when He sent His disciples out like Lamb’s before Wolves, He said....sell your coat and buy a if they needed them for defense then,....let me tell you that you need them now. Crime in these United States increased 200% last year (1965).

Under these infamous patterns of Political Tyranny, they are doing all kinds of unconstitutional things. We point out to you that in the Book of Joel when the armies were to gather again and start moving in on you, then gather for Armageddon, then you better beat your plowshares back again into swords, and stand off this Northern Army. One of these days you are going to see them coming in by parachute, and submarines, and across your borders, and it is going to be the House of God that will turn them back....and the Host’s of the Most High are going to join you on that find some way to stay armed until that time.

The Plot to Disarm America is a Communist plot, so don’t ever forget that. We have a very serious distrust of all Federal Officers and they have a long way back to gain the honor of the people. They are fighting Americans as much or more than they are fighting criminal’s.

So we pray tonight that Yahweh will protect this great Nation of ours, and His Household who owns it.

(End of this message)