Political Leaders Of A New Age, 2-20-66


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift -  2-20-66

There is no question in the eyes of Bible students that we are in a very turbulent time. We are in the edge of great transition. And as an American citizen, we have been in all the background of our heritage, identified by certain symbols and certain emblems which are of great significance to Bible students. This is the great nation which God said was to have the outstretched wings of the Eagle. The nation which is to carry on a great responsibility before God in the world today. That responsibility was to be the instrument for gathering together peoples of our race form every nation of God’s Kingdom. Predominately, this nation would be under the Anglo-Saxon culture, or under that facet of our background in which our language would be the one in which we would be identified. We find that the English language contains some of the oldest phrases and words to be found in the background of our race. There is much to be said about the English language and in association with the ancient Coptic (Aramaic), and the true tongue of our race associated in our Semitics. In the tracing of our Semitics, there are many words that come out of all the Household of God. We see words that have an affinity with words of the Germanic people, the Scandinavian people, and the people of the Anglo-Saxon race, because they are one and the same people---one race. And again, thru the tracing of our Semitics, there is much that identifies us as the ancient people of the Household of God.

Then as we look upon the seal of our nation, once again, we see our identity with the great Household of God. This identity was understood by those leaders of our nation in the days of the forming of our independence. And in the framing of our Constitution, they were guided by this identity. In fact, one of the wisest things our leaders did was to dedicate themselves to a day of prayer as they started the formation of the Constitution, so that they might have harmony and Spiritual guidance. It would be well today if the nation would have a day of prayer as we face our problems, and if we pray that our legislatures would emerge in great harmony. We would learn very quickly that the structure of guidance that God would produce for HIS people would turn their face against the enemy and cause them to stand united for righteousness. Every Congressmen, whether Representative or Senator, who would not stand for this position could probably be identified as those against the Christ. And we could do nicely without them.

We as a nation are in trouble. And all the great nations of the world are in trouble. But we are in trouble because of the influence inside our nation that is against all we stand for. And because of this, we are a part of a great developing order in our society. We are faced with the fact that we must see that this order as it spreads and develops must conform to HE who created it. And thus, we must make it compatible to the Laws of God, and to the word of God. In the days of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and those who helped at that time, we find that America was deferring to its own destiny as the symbols of the great seal were selected. ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’----The New Order of the Ages.’ Today, as people hear the words ‘New Order of the Ages,’ they don’t like it. Do you wonder why? They have been taught that they must not like those words. And those who don’t like those words ‘New Order of the Ages,’ are those who especially are enemies of the Christ. Because the Christ represented in the world an overthrow of Luciferian symbolism and force. And Christ and HIS Kingdom represented a New Order of the Ages. Actually this symbol ‘the New Order of the Age’ is a part of the antiquity of the purposes of the Eternal God, revealed in glowing splendor and magnitude as it brought into the world this ‘New Order’ under the administration of God’s Kingdom. In the reading of the book of Isaiah in the 45th chapter the scripture says, ‘I have sworn by myself, My Word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness and shall not return to me. And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear.’ The Kingdom of YAHWEH-God, stands for this. And the New Order of the Age is bringing this into completion.

Our American nation in the days of its dedication, and in the minds of these dedicated men who helped produce it, were as instruments of God. They say this nation gathered from many nation, but with one nation emerging out of the many. They saw this so clearly, as they said, ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM---One out of many.’ When they said this, they meant---One nation out of all the nations of God’s Kingdom. For when our forefathers drew up the concept of the Constitution, they knew that this Constitution was for none other than for a Christian Nation that had its compatibility to assimilate with none other then people who represented White Christian nations, who had this assimilatable capability because they were one--in background and in thinking and in these basic factors of Faith and Religion. When we adopted the Seal of these United States, and placed upon it the emblem of the Messianic building, the Pyramid, we had upon it these words on the reverse side-- ‘ANNUIT COEPTIS’--He prospers our undertakings or he prospers our being taken out---he selected---he called. This pyramid was God’s building, HIS workmanship, and HE brought men to this nation of ours who had inspiration, courage, and faith, from the days of the first colonies to the days of the Declaration of Independence. This inspiration, faith and courage helped to produce the things that God intended should be done.

This nation then from its beginning, belonged to YAHWEH-God. And the emblem of God’s building was placed on the Great Seal of this nation by our founding fathers. Thus, we see the development as God said to Abraham seventy-two times, ‘I have a covenant with you, with thy race, and thy people.’ And HIS covenant with you is for HIS Kingdom and its development. And on this great emblem which is on the Seal of the United States is the Pyramid---God’s building as planted by Enoch and Job so long ago. Also on that seal is the fact that HE prospers our beginnings, or HE blesses our being taken out. For the establishment of the New Order of the Ages--NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. This is God’s building. This is God’s work.

As Peter was talking, he said, ‘Ye are all living stones we pray will grow together into a Holy temple unto God, in which HE is the Chief corner stone.’ This is the Chief corner stone in Zion. And behold it is elect and precious. Also on the seal of your nation, you will note the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’ and it is set inside and to the top of the Pyramid emblem. We today, are under a double pronged attack in the areas of information, and are under this attack because of a symbol selected by our forefathers. And that attack is led by ignorance. There are those that tell us that all of these emblems are Masonic, and that Masonry is a part of a Jewish control by the Illuminati, and that anyone who recognized these emblems must be under control by the Illuminati. In fact, the propagandist of your enemy has tried to frighten you away from great areas of your heritage. We have those who think they know what they are doing, and that they are fighting Socialism and Communism, and anti-Christ. And then they come out with all of these wild ideas that help the very forces that they are fighting. They say that those who preach or teach identity are also tied in with the Illuminati. Well, we don’t belong to any Anglo-Saxon federation or any of these organizations that are identified as those we would call the Anglo-Saxon Movement, or Israel Movement as such. But it is utterly and absolutely foolish for any Christian to say that any of such movements are a part of a Jew plot. I know nothing that the Jews hate more than to see the White people, the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Lombardic, and others of Israel, find out that they are ‘the ISRAEL OF THE BIBLE.’

There are some authors who do a great work of identity. And I am thinking of one woman who did a great work on identifying the enemy of God’s Kingdom. She wrote of the ‘Red Record’ of the Roosevelt Administration. But somewhere along the line, this person has been twisted in her thinking. And today, she says that anyone who knows of the history of the Great Seal of this nation must be an enemy of our country. That tells you that the enemies of our country are trying to cut out and seal any areas of truth and fool every son and daughter of God, so that they will not try to liberate this country. I may disagree with some of the tactics of Masonry today, and some of the foolishness that has developed inside that organization because of the Jewish infiltration of it and the Jewish invasion of it. But that ancient order of the Master Builders which had its origin in the days of Job, and in the time of Enoch, has continued on down thru the days of Solomon, and then down to the beginning of our country when our President George Washington, was also the Supreme Master of the Masons in our country. So that organization is not the instrument of the anti-Christ. There are Satanic forces that have invaded Masonry just as they have invaded the denominations. And these forces should be purged quickly out of American life. This invasion which has been going on, since coming into our nation of these unassimilatable people, has seen them gain control of the power of the purse and the power to a great degree over our system of communications, and saw them use these institutions that are ancient to our race in their drive to capture the areas of influence in these institutions and use them against us. They have been able to capture them, even tho they have no part of them.

The Apostle Paul was a Mason. And this all wise Master Builder said, ‘No other foundation can any man lay, than that which has been laid in Christ.’ That statement automatically kicks every Jew out of Masonry for all times. This infiltration of these institutions is a rather significant thing. But they have also penetrated American in most walks of life. And we are not about to fold America up and discard her. Instead, we are going to clean up America.

These valuable symbols kept alive by the Wisdom Schools in our race, and preserved also by mystical teachings inside of the Church, do not find themselves inside one branch of the Church and not another. I do not care whether you have a King James Version of the Book or another version, you will find in the Dutch and German races and others of Israel, that this ‘all seeing eye’ and its capstone is significant and found in every translation of their Book.

The New Order of the Ages.---What constitutes a New Order for the Age? It would be a government inspired by the Word of God, by the Laws of God and would be developed inside HIS Kingdom to bring itself to truition. To what YAHWEH has ordained. A New Order of the Age----America has that on its seal. And the founding fathers ordered it placed there. This is a Christian order in which YAHWEH is the Chief Administrator, and the Spiritual Ruler. And this New Order looks forward to a day when Christ as King of Kings, and LORD of Lords, will rule the earth.

On the other side of Seal of the United States, we find the out-stretched wings of the Eagle, and we are well acquainted with the identity of the Eagle, because it is from the standard carried by the tribe of Manasseh.

Today, we are watching and studying the happenings of the preceding centuries, and we see this one man’s family expand from Adam until it is 1/6 of the world’s population. And we discover there is a world order arising and it is not the order of God’s Kingdom, but rather it is the old, old order of Luciferianism, the darkness of paganism. This order is dying, so that there may be the New Order, or the world would be destroyed. We cannot have the New Order and the old order existing together. And we cannot have them unite as our world theorists would have us think today. This old order has risen to once more move strongly against God’s Kingdom people with their ‘5th Column.’ And they have used areas of communications which were already blinded as well as bringing forth the United Nations. And as a consequence, our nation has been bound and blinded, and led into all kinds of foreign entanglements. We now find ourselves joined with nations which our God has forbidden us to be joined with. So it is very evident that we have broken great areas of Divine Law. But we have not quite been cast aside form the great destiny which is in front of the Household of God. Our forefathers understood this destiny would be fulfilled. And they moved to establish the symbols so that later you would understand your destiny.

YAHSHUA (Jesus) told the Apostles some of the great troubles that would occur at the end of this age. HE said that one of the things that we would see was the Abomination of the Desolator standing in the Holy place. ‘When you see the abomination of the desolator standing in the Holy place, as told in Daniel,’---Then you will understand this.’ Jesus was talking about something that would occur at the end of the age. And HE said, ‘Unto all the nations then shall the end come.’ But before that time, would also come ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the world as a witness.’ This prophecy could not have been fulfilled entirely at the time of Jesus because at that time, this was just getting started as Jesus preached ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ At the end of this age then would come the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world as a witness, and then unto all nations shall the end come. Only here at the end of the age can this be fulfilled. We are---with your tithes and offerings sending this tape message of the Gospel of the Kingdom, out to the world. We are sending this tape message everywhere that the White man lives. And it will have a great impact, for this is the end of the age, and the Gospel of the Kingdom is being preached all over the world.

Now, the ‘Abomination of the Desolator’ are those who descended out of the Luciferian household. They are the Serpent people. And Jesus identified the Jews of Jerusalem as the children of Lucifer and the children of the generations of the Serpent and the Viper. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus warned about the hatred of these people, and their plans to destroy everything that was good, even their designs to kill HIM. And they accomplished that, as it was written. Then Jesus also told us that one of the signs in the end of the age and in the hour that would usher in a New Age, would be that these forces of darkness ‘would be IN PALESTINE,’ in the old spot. And when they got back there, they would be the desolator standing in that old Holy spot. Now look at all the people running around trying to tell us that the Jews are the ‘chosen people’ and that is why they are running back to Palestine. They are the ‘chosen’ alright. But not chosen by God Almighty.

There is also another interesting thing that Jesus said, ‘Every plant that MY Father did not plant is going to be plucked up by the roots.’ (Matt. 15:13). Then Jesus also said, ‘I am from God and you are of the Devil.’ So don’t try to tell me that these people who hate Christ and who said, ‘Let HIS blood be upon us, and upon our children,’ are from the Household of God. All over the world, there are voices speaking out today, who are identifying the enemy of YAHWEH---lest the people be deceived longer. Even this very week, the B’nai B’rith messenger is crying out because a minister in Central Europe is speaking forth and is saying that it is the children of the anti-Christ who are down in Jerusalem. He is saying for the Christian patriots not to go down to Jerusalem and spend their money because these Jews who are there are the Khazars, the Amalakites, the Hittites, and the Cainanites. These Jews here in Los Angeles are jumping up and down because that minister is speaking out. They said, ‘We have just brought about an Ecumenical Council decision to lift the guilt of the death of Christ off the heads of the Jews, and we have been assured by the head of the Catholic Church that he will oppose this, and that belief will be outlawed.’ Well, here this week, one of the leading Catholics in West Germany came out and makes this attack against Jewry. And therefore, the Jews are up in arms.

We look out over this design, and we see these words. ‘We are in the end of this age, and the time must be shortened for the elects sake, or there wouldn’t be anyone left on earth.’ The present Satanic design is to crush your civilization, but God has planted inside of you a determination to survive. And HE also has built up inside of your race, the intellectual qualifications and the technological ability to produce the sharp threshing instrument for HIS use. So today, America could break the power of the enemy and turn their cities to powder and dust, while they threaten to blow us off the face of the earth.

I think that the Secretary of State clarified things quite well when he said, ‘We have exhausted every way and every avenue trying to find a road to peace that does not call for the surrender of independence of other people.

There is also other information we should bring forth. And that is the fact that we are in the world as the Kingdom of God, and that the Communist are the enemies of God’s Kingdom. They want to overthrow it and wipe out the truth. And they have sent into the Kingdom, false prophets and evil guides who are trying to destroy the belief in Christ and HIS identity, and HIS name. There is no peace that the Church of Jesus Christ or a Christian nation can make with the anti-Christ while they are carrying out a program of Armageddon. You will say, ‘Are we doomed to no peace?’ No. We are doomed to peace that comes from victory of a New Order. And one of the things to be manifest even before other events at the end of the age will be the identity of the Sons of God. Your race constitutes the sons and daughters of God, and they will be brought forth---identified. As the Apostle Paul, writing the Christians, said, ‘ HIS Spirit bears witness to our spirit that we are children of God, and that we are the offspring and heirs of God, and joint heirs with God in HIS embodiment which is Christ.’ (Romans 8:16-17). Thus this civilization of God’s plan is to be a civilization eventually to cover the whole world and ruled over by your race. Now, I realize that there are a lot of pagans and all Jewry that say they will never recognize YAHSHUA, the Christ. But--either they bow the knee or they will be taken out of the way. But there will be bowing going on. As far as the world is concerned, God has a Master Plan in HIS State Department. And that plan calls for a Government over the earth. And the politician, if that be an acceptable word,--will be of God’s selection. There is nothing wrong with politics. The wrong is when some people do not carry out God’s plan as they work in politics. The Kingdom of God is not only Spiritual, but also it is Political. And it is an Administration over territory, over goods and possessions of a race. And it will eventually be an Administration over the ends of the earth--to completion.

When this great nation under God and after Prayer, drew up a Constitution and separated the portions of Government so that by this division its spheres being divided were better able to protect our liberty, we see that those that did this work were divinely inspired. They selected Judges to set upon the Supreme Court of our nation. And these were as judges in aforetime, back in the early days, the judges for Israel were selected by God. And they used the laws of God to make judgements for the people so that justice would reign among the people. And those judges were raised up from among the people. They did not come from wealthy or prominent families. For some were from the lower scales of wealth or popularity. In fact, in the Scoffield Bible it says that when God called the judges, no one of these judges came from a family which had demonstrated great glory. Rather these men picked for judges, were those who were aghast at violations of God’s Laws. This great nation was set in plan as but an emblem of a New Order. And what makes this emblem so interesting to the whole world, is that this nation is made up of all the House of Israel. Thus, we have the least common denominator in our race, and the great common denominator in Christ. We are Christian. And we are White. And the world hates that fact. In the Vietnam war, Mr. Blake of the World Council of Churches says we do not dare win over the Viet Cong because that would be a race victory, where a White Christian country is forcing its will over Asia. I think it would be a good thing if the White race would force the rule of righteousness all over the world.

In the book of Jeremiah, God said, ‘Out of this race shall proceed the voices of Thanksgiving. And out of them shall come voices that are merry, and I am going to multiply them and they shall not be a small nation as before. The Congregation shall be assembled before ME and their nobles shall be from their own ranks.’ Also the Governors should be appointed from among the people until that great day, when in Great Glory HE comes in HIS re-entry into the world.

In the purpose of the New Order, we see that it is to be HIS Household and those called by HIS name who HE says shall inherit the Kingdom. Today in our nation we see that in the area of our economy, that we have violated some Divine Laws and permitted to come into this area, some unassimilatable forces. Then we see that these forces work the works of the anti-Christ, their father. And they have taken over the economy of our nation. And thru their international banks, have established Socialism all over the world.

In this great system of government in this Christian nation, as we again establish our nation before God, we will establish a Just System of Weights and Measures; a system of Righteous Economy, a United States Bank with no international money changers in control. And there will be a dollar to buy every dollars worth of goods produced. Before you have gone out of this age, one of the signs of this hour is what Paul called the manifestation of the sons of God. And YAHWEH is going to raise up the people of the Kingdom and you will see a great resurgence of the people back to the truth, as this is beginning now. When we have consummated our destiny, when White men of God’s Kingdom all over the world, especially in these United States, are charged with God’s Spirit, the repression placed upon them will be thrown off. Then this design to take you over by a Communist, Socialist dictatorship will be repudiated by the people. And if then, they attempt this take over by an invasion, they will be saved by God Himself. If they try it by overthrowing from within, then the sons of God will rise up and strike down the enemy. If they attempt it by a race revolution, and attempt to use the Negroes, and other minority races in their stirring them up as has been done in the past few years, then when they war against us, God says, ‘Righteousness shall rise up and break down these strangers and destroy them from within our midst.’

Now, this may sound strange to some, but do you know who will be the judges in the New Order, or did you know that this Supreme Court is going to be the only area of power Administration under the Throne of YAHWEH, inside the great countries of Christian civilization in HIS Kingdom? I will tell you who these Supreme Court officials will be that are to sit on this final Supreme Court. But first, I can assure you that no man now on our Supreme Court bench will be one of those Supreme Court officials. Some of you may not realize that YAHWEH has already told us who would be on this Supreme court in the New Order. You may not realize that the New Order is going to be a Theocracy. And the Chief Administrator is going to be YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA. And HE is going to take over and rule in the earth in a body just like you have, but enveloped in light and glory just as your body is going to be. HE is going to sit in earth, and HE is going to Rule. And the armies of YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA will be all over the earth and the Law will be enforced with inflexibility.

Now, let us turn to the book of Matthew. Here I will find, some say, ‘I have heard this so many times before.’ Which is good, for this is the purpose of the MOST HIGH. For as you hear it enough, you will quote it night and day. The declaration then is this:--- ‘Therefore as lightening cometh out of the East and shineth unto the West, shall come this embodiment of YAHWEH--this KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.’ The scripture tells us that this is the Supreme potentate, YAHSHUA, whom we call Jesus the Christ. (Matt. 24:27). One of the things that faces our world, is the re-entry of Christ with all the hosts of heaven. And when HE re-enters in the midst of the battle, in which you are engaged, then the scriptures promise that HE is going to give Victory to your arms, and then HE is going to divide the nations of the world. At that time, when you see the Son of Man coming in Great Glory and with HIS Holy Angels, HE is going to sit on the Throne of HIS Glory. And where is the Throne of HIS Glory? Right now it is symbolized as the Throne of David, and is located in West Minster Abbey in England. And this is the Coronation Throne. The one who sits on that throne, that Rock, sits in symbolism until the Christ comes to take it. As you trace this throne line back, you find it goes right back to David, with whom YAHWEH made a covenant which said, ‘There will never be a lack of a man to sit on that throne.’ Oh, now you say, ‘But what about the United States?’ Well, we are also the children of YAHWEH’S Kingdom, and we are the forerunner of a New Order, a mighty Theocracy. And we will recognize the sovereignty of no man except YAHSHUA--Jesus the Christ, Himself. And until such time that HE comes, we are going to select our Nobles and select our Governors, and hopefully, select our Judges from better selections than we have in the past.

Now listen. In Matt. 25:33, Jesus said that at HIS entry, or rather HIS re-entry, ‘I am going to separate the nations, the sheep nations from the goat nations. And I am going to say to these (White Christian nations), these sheep nations, MY sheep nations of which I am the Shepherd, receive this Kingdom that I have prepared for you from before the foundations of the world.’ Yes, I believe in White Supremacy under YAHWEH the Almighty God. And I believe that under this administration that the world will have the most righteous administration it has ever known. Under the Kingdom of YAHWEH, the throne is going to be occupied by YAHSHUA, the CHRIST. And if anyone has any objections to that, they will loose their heads. What does the scripture have to say about this? ‘Bring them hither--mine enemies--that would not that I should reign over them, and slay them before me.’ There is no room for darkness. And therefore, no room for those who will not recognize the Christ in this coming Kingdom. Therefore, there will not be any around who do not accept HIS reign. That is what Jesus the Christ had to say about this situation. Quote and Unquote.

Now listen. The people who have sought to crush the people of earth, and to enslave them, then YAHWEH--thy YAHSHUA, says, we just get rid of them. Now, I would say that will be a pretty strong and firm government. Then remember, that this is what Elijah did. And God said to Elijah, ‘Here is a man after My own heart.’ If HE liked it when Elijah destroyed the enemy, HE will sure like it even as much, as HE, Himself, does the necessary thing. And me? I’m going to like it also. Now I will hear some people say, ‘Oh, but there isn’t any love in this method.’ But I tell you that there is. Because for a symbolic period of 1000 years you won’t have any trouble caused by the Jews. And now I will tell you why this is true. The Jews are an unassimilatable people. They are the sons of Lucifer and are mutants. And they do not belong here. They belong in the dimensions from which they came from, or back with their father. And in this way, God get rid of them if they refuse to accept YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA--Jesus the Christ.

I am talking about the New Order of the Ages. And Jesus is going to appoint the Judges of the New Order, not a President of the United States. Alright then, who is to be the Judges of this New Order? They will be very proficient men in understanding the mysteries of HIS Kingdom, because HE taught them Himself. And they have been serving with HIM in Celestial realms ever since HIS Ascension and their Martyrdom, with the exception of John, who will be waiting for HIM when HE comes. (Luke 19) We find Peter asking this question. ‘Behold, we have forsaken all to follow thee.’ So what is to happen to us in the days to come?’

Peter was being practical at this point. For he had left his trade and moved in to the greatest opportunity a man could have, as he walked with the Christ. And he then also knew that this embodied man was YAHWEH. The Spirit revealed this to Peter and he said, ‘Thou art the Christ.’ The embodied living YAHWEH (God). Then Peter said, there are followers of the Christ that come and go, but what is going to happen to us Apostles for we have forsaken all to follow THEE?’ This is the answer that YAHSHUA, Jesus, gave these men as HE talked to them.-- ‘Verily I want you to know that ye who have followed ME in the building of this New Kingdom and this New Order, when MY embodiment---the Son of Man---My incarnate Being, shall take the Throne of My Glory---then you Apostles shall sit on the Judgement Seat as Judges, and you will judge over the 12 tribes of Israel.

Now, after that, I hope there is no one who is still waiting to hear that the Supreme Court will consist of the 12 Apostles.

When this happens, we won’t have to look up their ancestry and see if they are Goldbergs, for when Jesus makes the appointments, there won’t be a Goldberg, or a Warburg, or some others we could name on that Supreme Court bench. If we had our way, there wouldn’t even be any in the United Nations, because if the children of God and the children of the Kingdom realized their responsibility, their position and power, then there wouldn’t even be a United Nations.

Now, let us again consider this. The Apostles are to be on the Supreme Bench. However to begin with, there was one who was a phony and that was Judas Iscariot. So he won’t be on the bench in this New Age, and he won’t be even in the Treasury Department as he was before. In his place will be Matthias. Also, I don’t think you have to worry about experience, for this brings to mind my experience as I stood one time before a Congressional Committee and was asking that a selection to the Chief Justice position on the Supreme Court not be confirmed. Senator Langor listened to my committee. Then Senator Watkins of Utah, in trying to be smart, said, ‘Dr. Swift, you base your objections partly to Governor Warrens confirmation, on the basis that he has had no previous experience, and I mean Judicial experience. So you have just ruled out on the same grounds, the right of the Apostles to preach the Gospel because they had no previous experience.’ I replied, ‘Senator, if you can prove to me that Justice Warren and any of his associates have been walking with Christ the last three years, then I will withdraw my objections.’

If there is any area of or for, Spiritual instruction and development, then how could it come from a higher source than that which would be bestowed by God upon those HE was teaching? Oh, yes, I know that sometimes we meet sophisticated people who think that men like fishermen could not qualify for positions of judges, and Chief Justices. I listened to a clergyman the other day who didn’t think God had things all straightened out. But I think the Christians of that church have not straightened things out or they would remove the clergyman who is out of step with the Almighty. I’m not worried about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For one was a Doctor, one was a tax collector, and then what is even wrong with being a fisherman? I tell you that when God got thru with Peter, he had become a fisher of men, a mighty bulwark of theology with greater spiritual understanding given to him by the Holy Spirit than all the areas of Ecclesiasticism the Temple had produced for 100 years. I think it is more important that men are taught of God than have the acclaim of Academic foundations that are going the way of Liberalism and folding their own testimony into the dust.

I have jumped on the Episcopal church for the Pikes, and on the Presbyterians for the Blakes, and on the Methodist church for the late Optoms. And now the Lutherans have joined this group. A group from their church went to Russia to study Communism and they met with the church men of Russia. Well, the ministers of many churches in Russia are former members of the (OGPU ?--KGB?)--the Soviet Secret Society or Service, and they have a form of religion. People come to the churches for the old Faith, but the men who are leaders merely do lip service to the symbol and the sacraments, as they are dedicated Communist servants. However, this group of Lutherans who went to Russia, tell us something different. They tell us they enjoyed the hospitality of these men of Russia, some of whom I have long lists on. But the Lutherans sat at dinner with them and brought the propaganda back with them as they said that Christians shouldn’t fight Communism for we can get along with Communism. They said all this in the struggle for peace and the values of that will bring all people into the successful building of Communism and all people with religious conviction, to the point where they can join with the Communist for mutual aspirations. They said that there was a good working relationship and intent with the church of Russia and the Communist Party. They went even further and said that they were convinced that the Socialist and economic objectives of the Communist Party coincide with the thinking of Christians everywhere and would support the bases of the New Testament.

In otherwords, the publication of the Lutheran church and the officials of the Communist, partly join in saying that the objectives of the Communist Party and the objectives of Christians everywhere, under the New Testament, are one and the same--------------. LORD have mercy on this church, for one of these days, it will be hunting for people, and true ministers will be repudiating it and getting out of it.

In our colleges of today, they are teaching Communism and saying we are one and the same with them, even tho the Communist have killed Christians by the millions. God have mercy on HIS blinded people.

Now, the New Order:---

On the benches of the legal administration where the legal decisions are made under the laws of YAHWEH God, we find the 12 Apostles. Under that administration, we will find that there is---1 Church, 1 LORD, 1 Baptism. And the Church will be the Christian Church, the great Church of Jesus the Christ. For this Church is HIS body. And this Church will teach ALL TRUTH.

Do you people here in this church know that you believe about 12 doctrines more than other churches, and whole areas of truth more than any individual denomination? You believe not only in great Truths, they still believe in, but you go back in to whole areas that they have never heard of, and much less understand. You look forward to tomorrow, and back into yesterday. And you know that you are the sons of God, the nation of God’s Kingdom, and that you are Flesh of HIS Flesh, and blood of HIS Blood, and that you are the House of God, the spirit of HIS Spirit, from the ages of yesterday. There are a lot more things that you will know. But you do know more now than most of Israel round about. Some of these things they will even fight you on now, but some day, they are going to have to accept. For a time will come when they will even know, as you know---in the twinkling of an eye.

Now, your responsibility, and especially, will this be true with sons made manifest, those fighting the enemy---and many of your race who have already been martyred, because they would not quit fighting the darkness---you have a responsibility to see that we don’t join with the forces of darkness that martyred Christians. It tells me in the book of Revelation, chapter 5:-- ‘Thou hast made a new song to sing, and this song says that God Almighty hath been found worthy to open the book, and HE has redeemed HIS people---all of HIS kinsmen, and made us unto our YAHWEH-God, Kings and Priests. And we shall reign upon the face of the earth.’ Then at that time, all the subordinate forces on the earth from the corners of Africa across the Steppes of Asia and across the length of China, will be ruled over by White men---and in righteousness.

Will those people like that? I remember that God said, according to HIS plan, that HE would divide the nations and put the sheep nations over the other nations. And here in Revelation, HE says that HE will put HIS rulers over the nations. That we---the White Christian people, are HIS people, and every religious instruction will be under the leadership of the children of God, teaching about God, and about HIS plan, and about HIS purposes. And we shall be Kings and Priests and Preachers to the ends of the earth.

Now, what about administration? Well, the Laws of God will be the foundation of administration. God tells us that the administration shall be in the hands of HIS people. And the Laws shall go out of Zion, HIS great Kingdom. And every knee is going to bow and every tongue will proclaim that Jesus is Christ the King. Again, some people will say that sounds like totalitarianism. But I tell you that it is total God authoritarian. It is not democracy, and I thank God for that. But it is Theocracy, meaning the rule of God and HIS family. God says we are Elohim. And by this, HE is acknowledging you as HIS Household, and HIS sons and daughters. And then assures you that the world will know that HE has loved you.

Let’s go to the book of Isaiah and see what it says about that, especially in chapter 11. We know that the political leaders of the New Order shall be from the sons of God, this Household of God, the White race, and from the Christian nations. Under God, these are great and mighty nations of HIS Kingdom, grown into Holy Mountains (nations) unto God. So I think that every White Christian nation will become one Kingdom under the leadership and reign of Jesus the Christ,. And under HIM then the sons of God shall rule the world with righteousness. This may look as to a long way off, because of appearances. But it is a short way off by God’s time table. Because HE is going to intervene. And thus, we stand today in a great and crucial hour. And it is only a matter of time until the movement of your enemies will bring out of Israel the move that will turn the cities of the enemies of God’s Kingdom to powder and dust. There are some things that God says and which people don’t like, or they don’t like the preacher that says them. But that is not important. However, when I make this prophecy that you are very close to seeing the great threshing instruments that God has put into your hands to destroy your enemies, I know what I am talking about. I am not only quoting God, but I have an inside track. By this, I mean that we are on the edge of what your leadership in this nation cannot help but fulfill. The moment that the first bomb drops, then it will be too late to retreat.

I listened to a weeping prophet on T.V. who said, ‘We must stop. We must surrender. We must quit fighting people. And we must pray that the catastrophe of a nuclear bomb must never fall again, for it will wipe out civilization, and all the light in the world for all times.’ Well, do you know that the most dangerous thing right now, is the enemy in your midst. It is the uncertainty in which they live and think in the captivity of mens minds. But the very moment the bombs fall, the judgement starts and there will be no middle ground. It will be the Kingdom of God against the Kingdom of anti-Christ. And the best thing for America right now, would be to cut out the middle ground and have a line of demarcation. You are on the edge of a rejection of any area of leadership that will not take a stand against the enemies of God. I think there will be lots of changes made, and I am not talking about an eventual New Order. I am talking about this New Order emerging into the New Order of God’s great plan. We are living in the greatest time in all human history. And I challenge every White man to rise up and be counted with our Father who acknowledges us as HIS children.

The political leaders of this New Order, not only in the land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, but all those children of God throughout the world, will be those who fought the enemy, and those in opposition, those who sit in meditation and planning how to extend God’s Kingdom, and how to resist the evil. Those are the ones that YAHWEH says, ‘I am going to put these people who are considered the last---I am going to put them first.’ Those who have fought Communism and every law of Satan, will be first. For when you are fighting Communism, you are very unpopular and unsocial. Every major candidate for political office today does not want your support if you are fighting the enemies of God’s Kingdom. Even the Conservatives don’t even want you if you are against the Jews. How about that? They say they do not want any anti-Semitism. However, that is okay. Because God says HE will put you first. So it’s better to be first in God’s plan than first in any of the plans of men of this earth. God is going to raise up leadership in this great country, and raise up Generals and Preachers in Israel in this decade. So we work and we pray. And you better start infiltrating the political parties, and see if you can take over both major parties. I would like to see true Christians take over both major parties, as it would rock the whole political machine. And I am for that. And besides, it would be something to do until Jesus comes.

Whenever you say New Order, remember, your nation started out NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM and it is going to climax----NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM---on a grand scale of God’s great purpose.

(End of sermon)