Power And The Glory, 11-27-60



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-27-60

We are speaking of the power and the Glory and we would like to center your attention for a few minutes on the important processes of life. We have discussed with you before the necessity of Spiritual food, in that there is no way for the Celestial consciousness, the Spiritual knowledge,--which is possessed by the Spirit,--to be commuted by the process of understanding and cannot be brought to the soul consciousness of man unless the Spiritual contact point has been set by Spiritual food.

We are sure that you understand the necessity of physical food, and appreciate the necessity of it but you overlook the necessity of spiritual food, and spiritual bread and you

overlook that Christ said:---I am the bread of life ---and as he was saying that he was speaking of spiritual bread. And he told us that man could not live by bread alone, but by every word out of the mouth of God. We spoke to you a few weeks ago about the necessity of communication, and that spiritual communication brings to you the things God would have you to know. So there is probably nothing more important than for you to have the knowledge of God and know how to attain that knowledge. Thus it is that knowledge form the mind of God gives you mastery and will provide two other factors for you as well. One factor is power for the accomplishments and the other is a field of energy and glory that will immunize and protect you so that no power on the face of the earth will be able to destroy or overthrow the children of the Kingdom.

When we talk about the essentialness of Spiritual food, and about Communication, we again point out that men must understand God's plan. The majority of you who know the Gospel of the Kingdom and the origin of the race have come to realize that you were placed here in earth to build God's kingdom and to establish his Covenants with the seed of Adam, Seth, Shem, Abraham, and this household down thru Isaac, and Jacob on down to our time. You have started to accomplish His purposes--the building of that kingdom and the occupying of that kingdom here in earth. You happen to be a part of that occupying force. You are the children of the most High God --transplanted from heaven to flesh. From spirit to flesh, and thru this transaction you have lost nothing.

Some seem to think that this is a fallen race, and it is true that it fell, as far as its human capacities were concerned. But the spirit that dwells in you is a Holy Seed--the Spirit of the Eternal, and it can never be destroyed. One thing we are sure of concerning this is that the spirit possesses Eternal Life. Thus the important thing for us to obtain thru our soul consciousness is every thought which is in God's mind.

You possess the mind of Christ, there is within your spirit an inheritant reception of every thought of God, every possible concept of God, vibrating to the same wave length of existence and made out of the same essence of being. Therefore we can say:---"Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name."--- Therefore every word out of the mouth of God catalyzes spiritual energy in you and in turn upon all the worshiping congregations that worship together and meditate upon the things of God. Therefore the food for the Celestial consciousness does not necessarily have to feed the spirit, but it does have to feed the contact point between the body and the spirit so that the physical consciousness can , thru the soul receive the guidance of spirit.

W have been assured and we mention this passage so as again to renew it in our thinking. We who are the children of His spirit are not merely governed as are the earthlings around us by merely the law of the flesh. The laws of the flesh are the laws which are known by the errors and its existence of the process of disintegration or breaks

down. The law of the spirit is an irresistible power and it is one that is an everlasting power, it is one of a constant and continuing strength.

We the children of the spirit possess a Spiritual consciousness and if that Celestial consciousness becomes master of our soul consciousness, which is reasoning and thinking ---if therefore we subject our physical brain to those spiritual laws then we are living by the law of the Spirit of Christ.

The Spirit of the law of Christ makes us free, as we are told in the book of Romans--free from the law of sin and death. Sin is a violation of divine law. It is the throwing out of adjustment the things which God by creation has made, and by Will hath ordained, --Social, political and moral from the standpoint of its relationship to a race of people and their conduct also related to every process of life and of knowledge.

Now; the law of god is good, there is nothing wrong with the laws of God. There are those who have stated that the law of God was imperfect---there is nothing imperfect about the law of God. The only thing about the law of God which is surpassed is that the Grace of God reaches out of the divine nature of His own being, and will by this Grace bestow upon his own children that which they have not earned, because at times they have not kept the laws of God perfectly.

The purpose which God has for you and this race to which you belong is not limited by your conduct, that is a most blessed knowledge. You in your ultimate destiny are not limited by your conduct--but your conduct is going to develop in the fullness of its operation--in likeness unto HIM. And your appearance as the Glory and the Power is also to be like His own--during the hour of his greatest revelations. So when we say this we see individuals who have received it.---It has been ordained that you shall conform to his image. And there is nothing in God's plan or purpose that assumes or accepts that there shall be defeat to the Father or the destruction of his offspring, his household, by any process---anywhere in His Universe.

There are many experiences thru which your race passes and thru which you as an individual pass, in which you find yourself at your low point---cast down in your consciousness, but not in your spirit. This is because of our violation of law or the ignorance of it, which is our own fault as we did not seek to find divine law. You see in all these instances that there was no limitation on what you could obtain unless you had refused to seek it. You have been told --'Seek and ye shall fine, knock and it shall be opened unto you."

Regardless of what operation you shall undertake or what business you enter into, then you should enter --aspiring to be as near perfect as possible in that undertaking. And you should strive for complete knowledge that is available to you in that field. If you are a farmer then you should strive to conduct the operation of that farm in the best possible coordination with the forces of nature that you can acquire. You need to know all about the soil an the nature of the product that you strive to produce on that soil. And you need to remember that God has promised you any knowledge that you want in that field because these are good purposes under heaven. The farmer should recognize the fact that the father will give unto him if he so seeks it, the kind of knowledge which will cause Him to select the right planting, and to have the right supply and the kind of product that will reward his work. There is a partnership between God and everyone of his sons who will call upon the spirit for the inspiration and he guidance thereof.

This is a part of the secret that makes men masters of their environment, instead of the environment being master of them. It is because as the children of spirit that there is not any good thing that the Father has withheld from you, because of this therefor e --occupation of the earth, and the carrying forth of the objectives of heaven's laws is one of the reasons you are placed here.

We can well understand when we say:--'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done '---that the kingdom of God will one day come in with great power. This has been anticipated by the church rather collectively all over the world--they think that the day will come when all the nations of this world will have to accept and recognize the true and living god. That the powers of darkness must be cast down, and righteousness must rise---for this is destiny. But they have overlooked how the instrumentation of this is to be brought about. Almighty God has selected you and sent you into earth to bring this about. The Things you want God to do--He is going to accomplish but You are going to do most of them. Yes, you are going to do them and He is going to bring this about by quickening your consciousness and by installing with in you Spiritual power and by giving unto you the Glory that protects and prolongs and preserves you--as individuals.

There isn't any question about the fact that by feeding the point of contact of the soul consciousness--by spiritual exercises and Spiritual food --this is a most important function. There isn't any question about the fact that people who take time out to think about the things of God--become strong in their relationship to these events, until they are living in a field of prophecy and of history. Thus they become aware of things going on around them. You can see why the Bible student who can understand the word of God thru prophecy--can understand what is going on in their own midst. That person knows what is going on in the strategy of the enemy. He knows what is going on in the racial conflict. He knows what is going on in the religious conflict which seeks to attack the great fundamentals of God's word. He is prepared because he has been adjusting his mind by the Word's and by the knowledge of God. He has been feeding that point of inspiration which is essential to his understanding. So we site to you that these people are doers. All the resistance to evil that arises in your nation comes from the doers who are activated in their sense of values and perception by the word of God and by his law. These words and laws become such a part of you that you operate with in that field of expectation and a field of law with out meditation on an individual act. Thus you have been told to take every thought and bring it captive before the mind of Christ that is in you, and it becomes an automatic act with you.

Alright now why must you do this?--Because the very mind of the Christ is with in you and that mind is Perfection.

The great conflict you are engaged in today is one of survival--one of preservation of God's kingdom--one of definite victory that must come. But you are being bombarded all the time by cunning and stealth from the workers of Satan who are the tares in the field. Now Christ made it quite clear when he said:--'The field was His and that he had planted the good seed"--who were the children of the Kingdom--in that field. And the field is still his irrespective of the fact that the Satanic powers moved into it. But He said:--the tares are of the children of the evil one, they are progeny of the Evil one. --

Now; that does not mean that the races which were in earth before your race arrived were children of the evil one, even tho they are the goat Nations. He made the distinction between the sheep and the goat nations very clear----as the sheep nations were of his household, his seed, and the goat nations were the created races that were here and between them was a great difference. Then we come to the discussion of the tares which were the offspring of this progeny of the Evil One. When you understand that the tares are a destructive force and that they are here, then you will understand that they are a separate and distinct ---different from all other seed, and from the seed that He planted.

There is no question of the outcome for he said;--I will come to take out the tares, but get this clear in your thinking that the tares are here to destroy. The tares are planted here in America, a great part of God's field, and they are planted to destroy. They are planted here to choke out the truth and to destroy the crop. But God says:--I am going to gather out the tares.---So the tares are going to go--for that is the word of God.

However we are definitely in a conflict to survive. The design to choke and destroy and attack your Faith and your philosophy is on. It attacks everything whose foundation comes out of the inspiration of God. That is one of the reasons why here today we find this constant attacking process at work.

I was listening to a radio preacher who was saying: --Lets not be anti-social and I though--now that's a good subject -- what is he going to do with this subject? He said:--'We must remember that age old customs and religions and philosophies have been on this earth much longer and are older than we have today, so we must accept all the values out of these races and cultures, and people, and throw them together, and since America is a melting pot then all these ancient things must be thrown into our civilization and we must have a mutual respect for every one of these situations that exist.' He was talking about the vital work of the ancient Witch Doctors, who operated by magic and how it was vital that all these customs went into the melting pot. How we must not over look anything from the culture of the Eskimos to the ancient Pygmies.

Now; one has to admit that if you have a cunning artist and he has the power to produce, then you may get something very colorful. There is no question tho that it is produced by pagan and evil forces, still the pagan customs have been mighty colorful. You can travel thru India and see the friezes on the temples and see that the patterns of sculpture is most evil and corrupt. You can go thru out the world and see the errors that were in the world when you were placed here.

There are two ways that you must think today.--You must think ahead and think concerning what God's plan for the earth is, an then you must think backward an think concerning these things around about you and how they originated. When this person made his plan for all of us to not be anti-social, and for us to make our contribution as a developing and mature society, he was saying we must accept all these ancient things and blend them into our society. That might be friendship with the world but it would not be in line with God's plan, an it would be the end of the white race. It would start you on the road to decay. God did not send you into the world to adopt all the pagan beliefs sowed by the evil one.

God did not say for you to build a kingdom which you would share with Satan and all of his evil philosophy. I want you to remember that all these pagan systems have been in a constant living death. They have been dying all the time. They can't even reach back to the greatness that they once possessed. You instead have been in a rising civilization in the last 7000 years. You have extended your importance to the world. Your Christian civilization does not build on the foundations of error, but rather on the Oracles handed down by the Father and starting with Adam.

We want you to recognize that your Anglo-Saxon culture was built on the foundation of descending history that started with the Covenants that God made with Abraham, and promises that he made clear back to Seth and to the hours of Adam. Therefore what we are does not require an absorption of that which has failed--that which is corrupt and that which is evil.

Rather it requires that we feed on truth, and thought and words that come out of the mouth of God, every Oracle and every revelation that he bestows upon his people. And this is something you are going to discover, the world does not like you because you are white, the world will not like you if you do not absorb its policies but you have been assured that friendship with the world is enmity with God. You have already in your life time had the opportunity to watch the fallacy of trying to bestow your blessings on every one on the face of the earth. We poured out our blessings on Africa and India and places in Asia, and all this bounty that has been poured out on them, costing into the billions of dollars has not contained communism and you have not civilized India or Africa. What steps in that direction that were taken were cancelled when the United Nations forced the end of the white man's colonization of those countries. You have not purchased anything in Africa or in India with your bounty and gifts for now they blackmail you and threaten that if you stop this practice of bounty and gifts then they will go right over to the enemy.

When you look at these situations you see that those who thought this was the way for our country to go--were wrong. These plans attacked the very structure of your society, but stirring a deep fear inside of you. Thus we understand what Isaiah was talking about in the 24th chapter when he was speaking to Israel and he said: ---'Our leanness---our leanness --the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously with us.

What had they done? They had dispersed the blessings which God bestowed upon you, those blessings which the knowledge of God which you possess--had started to produce in you --fruitfully in every field of your undertaking, and they have taken those blessings and dispersed them among the heathen. The scripture says:--'They ran from fear and fell into the pit, and while trying to avoid fear they were taken by the snare.

So it is an easy thing to see today--you can see how these treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously with us. You can transpose this scripture to the New Deal the Fair deal, and the New Frontier, and the Great society and you can see that its the same old deal. That deal being to take the unlimited blessings of God --given to his people ,and pour out those blessings upon the people who do not want to go God's way. It means the blessings that God has bestowed upon you were taken from you and placed into the hands of those who say --we are more mature than you are--we know better how to spend your money --we will straighten out the world, there are many people so we must organize the people of the world and you will be better off. If this is not done then in later years you might not have the security or proper medical protection and so forth.

So they use the threat of fear--of poverty, or fear of the ability to take care of ones self and then having thrown fear on people making them think that they can't operate under God's laws and succeed, then they pass the power of administration over the lives of God's children --thru this big government --into the hands of those who do not believe in the laws of your God. And in most of the instances where this happens you find that Satan's children are in there directing the transfer.

So big government swallows you up and you have passed into a Socialist design where your wealth is redistributed all over the world. Then you can cry out---'My leanness----- my leanness. So we ran from fear and fell it no the pit. We ran from fear and fell into the snare.

That is exactly what has happened to this nation and to other nations of God's Kingdom, this situation will exist until and awakening comes upon the part of the children of God to where they will begin to see that their relationship to thee situations has been brought upon them by their acceptance of a World Philosophy, and of a Co-responsibility with the powers of darkness and the nations which are evil and those who do not wish to serve your God.

So we upset the divine law in the process of trying to get what we thought was security, probably nothing has been so foolish, as the path this great nation which produces and creates more than any other nation on the face of the earth, than to suddenly have thrust into our thinking in the last 30 or 40 years an insecurity that we cannot take care of ourselves. And now find that we gave away our liberty in the belief that we were securing a place to eat and sleep until we die.

The whole program of God's Kingdom has been based on something better than that. It has been based on the promise when God said: -I will build up your strength --I will supply your needs.'

The center of the society in the Kingdom of God is built around the children of the household of the Father, and therefore the responsibility of families feeding families is placed upon them. And therefore the strongest unity of God in the kingdom is the family. That is far stronger than any promise which is given by a Socialistic state that has not personal interest in you.

The responsibility of divine law turns the thinking of the children to the Father. It gives them an obligation to their parents, as also the parents have an obligation to teach their children--thrift, vision, a place in industry, and the assurance of God's blessings as they relate to them.

When you view the teaching that a child gets in the schools today you find that it includes none of the great inspiring principals of America which are national in origin--and which include the teaching of thrift, and initiative and enterprise, and also the assurance that the child can obtain and acquire as much as he has the energy and drive and capacity to go after.

Instead the child is told today that the things of his parents such as values are changing--striving for such is to competitive--instead all the child has to do is fall into a niche and the state will take care of him until he dies. All he has to do is to obey the state. He finds that he is being taught that the State has taken over the role of parent.

All of these factors are a part of the world order--in direct opposition to a triumphant company of the sons of God. A divine race, transplanted into earth, whose culture, power and life does not require dependence upon any one. That is why you can lend to all but borrow from none. You do not have to go outside of your nation for anything, if there is something that you need, then create it or make it.

As these situations begin to dawn upon the children of God an awakening is bound to transpire. If you were to turn to the scriptures you would find many promises of this awakening. Micah the prophet says:---'Truly I am full of the power of the LORD. This is for judgment an for might, and Micah was to declare unto Jacob --his transgression and to Israel his sin and his errors.

For what purpose?---For the cleansing and awakening of that people---Turn to the book of Habakkuk and we read concerning the purpose of God. 'Art thou not from everlasting --Oh, YAHWEH MY GOD MY HOLY ONE, we shall not die. Oh LORD thou has ordained them for judgment --Oh Almighty YAHWEH thou hast established them for correction.

But as far as the kingdom of God is concerned--there is linked to this knowledge of the everlasting --that the knowledge of God and the power which belongs to God is also an assurance of an endless eternity and of a desolate existence. In the book of Habakkuk God also declares that he is the one who can preserve, and that he can add to thy days and can multiply thy life. But it is all tied into a relationship with divine law, divine knowledge, divine understanding, then operating in this field without fear, as concerning the plans of the enemy or the people who are against God's Kingdom. God cites that they who feed upon his words shall be made strong in power and their power shall triumph over all of God's enemies.

When we talk about Celestial food and Spiritual food we are talking about a very complete reality. We are talking about how much a person who meditates upon God's word and upon His plan becomes so interwoven in his own affairs with the things of God. Then as you watch the T.V. telecasts and hear the radio broadcasts or read the newspapers, then you find yourself looking for the fulfilling of prophecy as history unfolds itself into every day life.

The more you know of the things of God, the more you think with the mind of God. And thus the more you watch for the fulfilling of prophecy to try to decipher where we stand in that field today.

We think of the words in the book of Matthew. One of the last things Christ said to His own disciples was:--'All power is given unto Me.

Here was "Incarnate Deity" visiting His own sons. And it says in the book of Hebrews, that He came to --'Bring all His sons unto Glory'--because they were His kinsmen and they were dwelling in earth. He said:--'All power is given unto Me in heaven and earth.'--In His humanity, inherit power, because HE was embodied--incarnate--Deity--God in the flesh.

So it was that He imparted to His sons these words, that they were also the children of the Most High in the flesh. We have told you before, that Christ in you as told in scriptures, is the hope of Glory. Christ in you the hope of Glory, is the mystery which has been hidden from all nations, but which now Paul says is made known for revelations. Christ in you is the embodiment of God's Spirit thru His family incarnated in earth and thru the church which is the body of Christ in the world today. Because the church is a Spiritually alert people who supposedly can be activated by the mind of Christ and will do the occupying work of God in the world.

Now there are those who look upon all the human developments of our times as failures. But I want you to know that the Spiritual attainment that god has promised to each and everyone of His children is not going to end in failure. His covenants with the nations has not ended with failure. All during the time of the fulfilling of prophecy, you have watched the rise of nations and you have watched the rise of the British Empire. You watched also this child of the British Empire as it grew and expanded and became these United States. The great heraldry of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, a great nation of God's Kingdom. You have watched the house of Judah and their associates thru out the pages of history of Central Europe. You watched the Germanic power and the Austrian power as they rose. And you have become aware that Christianity has become the great seat and foundation or basis of all their vision and initiative. But they are still children of the covenant. there are nations today in Western Europe --including the Germanic, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic and Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian people who are all part of God's Israel. These are the people who are maintaining the life of God in the world today. Inside these nations the Christian Church is the Spiritual center of that Kingdom and the guiding influence when activated fully by the power of God's Spirit will do a great and mighty work.

You are told that you are being changed from Glory unto Glory until we conform to His own image. Now one of the things that food does for the body is give it nourishment so it can carry on your physical work. Spiritual food does something else for the point of contact between your spirit and your soul consciousness. It produces Spiritual power.

Now Scripture says that no human element ever conquers Spirit power. But Spirit power subdues all things. I want you to know that as a child of the Spirit, living in a physical body, that the Spirit is capable of imparting life to every element of the body. Therefore the Spirit of the law of Christ is able to do for you what no physical application of human reasoning can do. Because its essence of divine energy is your when it envelopes that Glory which belongs to it. As the power begins to move in the physical operation, so also does the expanse of life, illumination and glory.

What is Glory???? Glory is just the engulfing eminence of the energy of light and power that comes out of the activated Spirit in conscious control.

You will remember that the Glory of Christ, is referred to all thru the scriptures. From one end to the other, you see the Glory of God surrounding one nation after another, and around His chariot and His throne, His presence and His person, and the engulfing aura Shekinah emanation that moves out of His very person.

There isn't a single one of you today who doesn't have a wave length of light that emanates from you which is called an Aura. Now in most instances the wave length of that light is below the video frequency which the human eye can behold. In many instances therefore, you do not behold the emanation that comes from around you, that come from everyone that constitutes the children of God's Kingdom. However there are times when the video range is accelerated by the individuals thinking and meditating in terms of the things of God and they have guilt up an acute awareness of things that are just beyond the edge of what would be the normal pattern of life. At such times, you may see the aura as it rests upon other individuals. That Aura is stronger and it possesses greater impact and power upon those who have been feeding that point of contact with Spiritual food. It is a catalyst of energy and power as Christians get together and worship. The aura reaches out to form a complete shield of light over an entire congregation until there is moving into their seat of consciousness, the very vibratory oracle of God. That is another reason they were told not to leave off the assembling of themselves together. That Glory can build up in stages of development until the hour shall suddenly radiate into video ranges of light. And every element of its light and energy will have its impact. Those looking at you at that time shall be able to see the Glory of God. The light shall shine forth brighter than the sun. The essence, the light, and the glory is that which descends upon you as the Spiritual energies of God develop and activate your Celestial being.

It says in the book of Matthew:--'Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the Glory.'--Then Christ turns around and says:--'I give you My power and My glory because you are My children, My household. You are life of My life. You are seed of My seed.'

Now we have some evidence of how far that goes. In the book of Luke, Christ speaks to His disciples about the overthrowing of the words of darkness. He says:--'Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents, over scorpions, and I give you power over all the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you.'

By this word, you have power over all the enemy. Now that power is there and if people don't use it, then it is because they don't know that it is there. When you start talking about power and about the Glory of God, and the utilizing of such power, some people aren't interested. Because they would have to reach for it. They have to search for it and to seek it and to want it.

As time goes by, people are interested in the events, but they aren't interested in what they have to do to help accomplish God's purpose. "The only way you are going to change the world is to occupy it with power as sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God." And for this purpose, He came into the world to give you this power. He didn't come just because you were born into the world by the route of flesh, but because you were born of the Spirit,--by the Will of God. You were born of the Spirit of God before the world was formed. You are here to wake-up, to occupy and to accomplish a very distinct purpose.

So it is that we resent the darkness when we feed on truth and knowledge, when we bring every thought captive before us and compare it with truth, when we direct every action, every function of life and living into those areas of your greatest benefit. Now there are those who think as we ask them to capture every thought, that this method will take away all the laughter and the merriment. That is takes away all the good fellowship they have. And that every utterance must come right out of the Scripture. And following that course, they will acquire strange ways. Now God put you down here to live. He didn't put you off in some corner. He put you down here to occupy. He wants you to have all the good things of earth that your energy can provide you. And He wants you to be happy. There are no riches He would withhold from you. He just said:--'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.'

This idea that to be a Christian and live up to devout standards which provide power and energy, requires one to have a long face, and no merriment or enjoyment, or that you can't be a Christian and have fun, is totally false. Let me tell you this. If all the world outside, with all that is going on, is enjoying themselves, then we in America must be having the happiest time on earth. God is not looking for a people who are cast down or broken up in spirit. That idea that you have to be worn down with a great and heavy burden,---where did that come from???? You, the sons and daughters of God, did you forget that God Himself came into the world and took away every heavy burden from you at CALVARY'S CROSS???? There He said:--Now I clear up the whole situation.'--So you have to recognize that He paid the price and took every burden away and put all burdens on His shoulders. And now you have only to build for posterity, for inheritance and for construction.

We, the children of God, must now seek to occupy the earth with power and joy and appreciation. I want you to know that God is not looking for a group of Christians who are cast down in their Spirits or who project a defeat complex. I see too much of a defeat complex around now as they admit the devil is winning the world. You are never going to win a victory if you go around saying---'the devil is going to win.'--As long as you do that, then the devil will move in as you retreat. When you stop to realize that you, the children of God, have all the infinite power of the Universe committed to you and also all the power that Christ manifested, committed to you as He said--'greater things than these shall you do',--Then you are going to start binding the devil. HE has already said:--'I have given you all power over all the works of the devil.'

Now you are going to say:--Oh-Dr. Swift, look what is happening in our nation.'--Well you have the power to bind every politician in Washington and all the works of the devil done there. You have enough power, when you start asserting yourself, to reverse every trend. Whether in education, or whether in the loss of your Liberty. You the people of the Household of god, when you start to think and talk and act in coordination with the facts of your origin and your destiny, you will be amazed at what will happen.

There isn't anything that will alert a white Christian more quickly than these truths of God-- re-applied to life and living. You will find that almost every white man agrees with you. Even the brainwashed would secretly like to admit that they are even on your side.

Did you know that you can release everyone who is bound? Everyone of your race, throughout the world today who has been bound and brainwashed by the spirit of lies that have come from evil and been fed around them,--you can release these people,--by placing around these people the releasing force of Spirit. You can release their minds from the darkness of fear and superstition and restore them as sons and daughters of God with victory. That is a part of your operation. And the power is absolutely unlimited.

For examples of this Spirit power---go back to feats of super-human strength which were accomplished by --Samson. As you see him in that great temple of darkness and all those people there among the great pillars--and you see him. Not by physical strength by itself, but because the Spirit descended upon this scene and you see him by this power suddenly able to collapse the structure and bring defeat to the enemies of His people. Thus Samson, in one moment did a super-human act of strength that has not been equaled by the strong men of earth. And he did this not by flesh power, but by the power of Spirit.

Then think of David, who was able to hold off a whole army of Philistines as he stood there with only two armor bearers. This normal feat to strength was not a natural pattern of battle. For one warrior could not hold off an army. One warrior could not accomplish it. But Spirit is strength---real power.

After all, when the world was created by our Father with power and we know He holds the whole sidereal systems in the hollows of His hands. But the vastness of it is beyond your comprehension and also mine. And yet we see that the Universe operates like clock work at His will. There is no greater demonstration of power that the fact that all things are held together by HIM. And that all things were made for HIM. And that HE says I will concentrate as much of this power as you need, and flow it thru you, to defeat any object out there which is against My Kingdom, My Law and its purpose.

Alright.--You can't be defeated by concept like that. When you realize that it is your and can be applied, you will be on the edge of a great and a new day. I am going to tell you that the light of God is going to be greater than it has ever been in human history. I am going to tell you that the Glory and light of God is going to come upon you. Auras are going to become stronger than at any time in human history. The light of God--Glory--upon the sons of God are going to become greater than they have been since the days of Adam's fall. This is a part of the Restoration that God has promised your race. That light will catalyze energy and everyone you meet who is like unto you and has a Celestial Spirit, which is the same light source of energy. Your Spirit is composed of light and energy. Your Spirit is composed of the light and energy of God's own being. That is why He is the light that lighteth every Adamite that comes into the world.

I tell you that there is no greater power than the power and the Glory which belongs to God, and which He bestows upon His children and which is also the law of Spirit. Thus all you need to know is how to release that law of light and as you release that law of light, you will see the process of death reversed.

We think to a climax, we know there is no defeatism in God's plan. We know He will resurrect every one of his children to finish the task to which they were assigned and that death cut short their finishing. You can talk to me of these people whom you think did not finish their tasks or measure up to what you think was the standards that they could have measured up to, but I tell you this.-- They are going to measure up and they are going to finish their task--they were sent here to do,--and they are going to operate victoriously here in the middle of the earth--all this when the tares are gone. Then they will participate in God's purposes in the earth. That's why one of the greatest cornerstones of the Christian faith is --the Resurrection. The Light and the power and energy of spirit which cannot be destroyed, can gather and synthesize every atom of the human body.

I want to say that inside of you is that mighty energy and power, the light of God's life. That it is your spirit substance and it is charged with Light, an it has the capacity to draw an unlimited amount of energy out of the cosmos round about of the ominous energy of God. It can translate it into great spiritual force. It can direct it into any place your soul consciousness directs, to accomplish God's purpose. You can draw on it and become the vehicle by which this power flows thru. Even as God standing on earth was drawing of the fullness of the spirit and the energies that were essential until a woman touched the hem of his garment and he could know. He turned and said:--someone touched me, but His followers said:--Now how could you tell that in a mob such as are around us? But He still said:--I perceived this energy of life --this virtue that went out from me into this one.

God Almighty has this light--this life and you also possess it. You can be the vehicle by which it is poured out. You can be the instrument thru which it reaches the civilization round about you. I am mightily concerned in seeing the children of God wake up to the possibility of spiritual power and the knowledge of how to obtain it. I think we are going to need lots of Gideon's bands of 300, who will walk not in fear but who will walk by Faith and have the strength of Samson, and who will fight like David and who will have vision of unlimited spiritual power as the Apostles after they witnesses and heard those things that king and prophets had not heard before. So we tell you that this is a new age, an age of Immortal power, and it is within our making---co-creator with God. We stand on the era of the greatest stage in history. I see this tremendous challenge that surges thru the minds of our young men. I see it as it moves into our scientists and into our military. I see them as their vision reaches out into endless space. I see that strange fearlessness of men as they enter into machines traveling at such tremendous speeds, that even one error or mistake can cause a mechanical failure, and can mean instant death for them, but they move --not by fear but with assurance that they are a part of a certain destiny. For this whole thing is a part of a pattern of stepping into a new age. We are standing on the end of an old age and at the beginning of a new one.

You are the children of that age--you are the household of your father, and you will assume your responsibilities. Now; some people think that America is going down the drain, and also the British Empire, and Germany as well a the Norwegian powers but let me tell you that out of the nucleus of 1/6 of the world's population is going to come a light as blinding --a Glory, so great and a spirit so profound that the world will be molded to the form of that LIGHT. It will be melted to its glory like an element in a crucible, and a new day is going to be declared by the sons and daughters of God. And out of their light and their power will come victory. We are not on the edge of defeat, but on the edge of victory. All we need to do is wake up. Sometimes it takes a little stabbing, and a little prodding to awake. The things you are going thru are to wake you up.

We will have a renewing in the thought and in the minds of the sons and daughters when God activates them to think his thoughts and then they will start to talk. There would be no concept of truth if those who thought the thoughts of truth did not spread it. When that starts then Satan will not put it down. Someday you ar e going to realize that those whom the world reviled and attacked because they stood for truth were the Oracle by which God kept that truth alive. When these manner of things descend upon you an the world speaks evil of you then remember that they did this to the Prophets and to the Christ, and thus they do it unto you. But by the medium of keeping truth alive --there is no greater power than that--among the people of God's kingdom. That truth comes from the VERY MIND OF GOD, AND OUT OF THAT TRUTH COMES THE VITALITY THAT REJUVENATES A NATION AND GIVES IT POWER AND RESTORES TO IT ----ITS GLORY.