Power Behind The Red Revolution, 6-18-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-18-62

Tonight as we talk about the power behind the Red Revolution, we are talking about things which bring this to you, very close to home. Many people are asking questions about world markets, world finance, and what is going on. And it is all tied into this one thing, this one picture. Never before have we seen so clearly this total picture and as to the climax of what the enemy has designed to do. When we think about the Red Revolution, it seems strange and far off from us. But it is a strange and peculiar phenomena that happened to the Russians as the establishment of the Soviet Union took place and the Czar and his family were assassinated. And Christianity ceases to rule in Soviet Russia.

I want you to know that the Red Revolution occurred in Russia, but it was not designed by Russians. That revolution is far more deep rooted than the days of the 20th Century, when kings and rulers were in Russia. We discover some strange things. Suppose I tell you that in February 1776, the World Red Revolution was in the process of being formed. Before the book ‘Das Kapital’ was written by Karl Marx, before the doctrine of the Red Revolution and Socialism would have a platform on which to run, Amschel Meyer called together on the 4th of February, 1776, a diverse group. Two weeks before that, a conference had been called together by Adam Rothchild. And the organization which was formed was called the ‘Illuminati.’ And this organization was made up in the leadership positions out of all of the Jewish Kaheliaships thru out the world. There were in the ‘Illuminati,’ some non-Jews, but they were a scurvy lot. They had two weeks of meetings in the home of Amschel Meyer who was at that time, one of the most powerful Jew Bankers in the world. To this meeting came powerful Jew bankers from Venice. They came from Italy and they came from France. They gathered in England of this special conference at which time, Amschel Meyer announced, ‘Gentlemen, we aim to throw all of the nations of the world into a revolution. We propose before we are thru to take a position which is more acceptable to our strategy and especially are we looking to be close to Asia where we can find sufficient man power at our disposal, so that we can hurl this against the Christian population so as to make it subservient to our greater manpower, so that we can accomplish our major objectives which we shall now outline.

Amschel Meyer said, ‘We have agreed that to get control of the world, we must get control of the substance of the world which is called money. The administration of is all that easier,’ said Amschel Meyer, ‘if you can control all of the money.’ At this time then the leadership in those countries were affiliated with the ‘Illuminate.’ Just remember that the ‘Illuminati’ had been formed just two weeks before this assembling of the financial heads of certain countries. That day, Amschel Meyer said, ‘Give us the power to coin and distribute the money in any country, and we do not care who makes its laws.’ Then he said, ‘I can personally assure you by the processes which we have in progress, we will be able to take over and control all Christian nations and control their minds and reduce them to slavery.’ Little did people recognize that the ‘Illuminati’ was to do this. But when this organization was established, its purposes and intent was to take over the control of the Western Christian nations by controlling their money system, to repudiate the belief in Christ, and to eventually compel the world to enter into one religion. A world religion especially with multiple deities, and a specially prepared priesthood dominated and controlled by Jewry, of the Satan image. This was required to stop the Christian nations from carrying out their own destiny using their own background.

As this conference was held, only a few recognized just how far their purpose was to reach in the affairs of the world. As you know, the American Revolution was begun so that the colonies could get out from under the control of England which was at that time taxing us without representation. But the history behind this taxation is also interesting. And you will discover that it was Amschel Meyer who founded the House of Rothchild, and who at that time was trying to take over the Bank of England and who went to King George (and that was in 1775 and again in 1776), and he said, ‘If these Colonies continue to resist your programs of taxation, then I will provide the extra substance for you to use to put down the insurrection of the Colonies and this will add to the income of the Empire. And for this, I require only one thing. That I shall be given the monetary exchange of those Colonies, of the United States or of India, and to serve in this position as the system of proper revenue under the crown. But if you are not able, or if the Colonies should win, then by this agreement, I would be given direct control from now on of the Bank of England to operate it and handle all of the Crowns projects, financing the Empire and controlling all of its economic affairs.’

Thus, King George was caught in the middle. His army was in Egypt and he was told that this army would be brought home and the finances for this project would be met. And it was by this process that things then began to take place starting with the ‘Boston Tea Party.’ Then on the 4th of July, 1776, we declared ourselves a New Nation, dedicated to the purpose that we were not going to be taxed without representation and we were to know the freedom of our decision.

Remember, that John Adams had been carrying on a letter writing campaign, together with other leaders of the Colonies. And it was determined that if they could not have proper representation, then they would declare that these Colonies were free and independent from England. And that they would join themselves together under Articles of Confederation. And this took place, followed later by the Constitution. And the events which followed, which gave birth to this nation.

Now, the thing which was significant was of course, that England lost the war. And immediately, Amschel Meyer called for the fulfillment of his contract. Amschel Meyer, out of the house of Rothchild, the most powerful banking system in the world, took over the Bank of England. And from that day to this, had control of the British money system thru out the Empire. They handled all of the financial affairs and the affairs of the Crown. Thus, all of the financial affairs of the British Empire then came under the control of this powerful Jewish house.

Strange as that might seem, here in the United States, at that same time, the house of Amschel Meyer, now called ‘the House of Rothchild,’ or the ‘Bank of the Red Shield,’ had established in these United States, certain agencies to handle their program. And this program actually called for the subjection of every nation of the world into a rulership of the nations of the world by international Jews.

Well, the fact was that in New York, they set up a New Amsterdam Mercantile establishment under this man whom Amschel Meyer appointed and his name was Hyman Solomon. The unique thing about this is that Peter Stydavent (?), the first governor of New York Colony, would not let a Jew stay all night in New York City. He would not permit any of them to settle there. He had a firm belief in this for he said these are the enemies of Jesus Christ. And they deny the purpose of Christ and as long as I am Governor, then no anti-Christ shall reside here after the sun goes down. So if we had retained this picture that this Governor had then today, we would be a free nation, and would never have had to worry about depressions or military warfare or conspiracies. But we were not this smart as the first Governor of New York Colony was, so we have problems tonight.

The fact of the matter is that Hyman Solomon set up this Mercantile establishment. And when we declared our Independence, Hyman Solomon had a powerful Mercantile Exchange in New York. And there was associated with him a treasonable type by the name of Samuel Marz. You have heard about what a wonderful fellow he was. But this was one of the first conspiratorial economic traps in the history of these United States.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the Congressmen faced with some of the financial problems of the Colonies, had gone to Europe to obtain the necessary finance to fight the Revolution. But while he was over there, Hyman Solomon and Samuel Marz made plans with ship captains to delay the return of Benjamin Franklin who had secured sufficient money to buy arms for the Revolution and so forth. But since the delay of Ben Franklin, then Samuel Marz made three appearances before the Senate and declared that they would loan the colonies the money for the Revolution. This would carry a 6% interest, but also they would demand an over-ride of 4% of all of the growth of revenues of the country apart from this loan until this loan was repaid or until twenty years after it had expired. More than that, it also called for an additional levy for any of these amounts that may be used by buying arms on sight where some companies might not accept the money from their banking house. And with no appearance of Ben Franklin, then Samuel Meyers put this fraudulent operation over-----that owners, or the holders of this currency could in any given year---would have the right to accept either the principal or the payments on the principal or the interest, or in any given year, they so decided could reduce both interest and principal. That is all that was in this agreement. But the Congress did not know what was in the minds of these Jews. Didn’t know they were taking on a conspiracy which one of these days they would learn more about. And they made the deal. The next day, Ben Franklin walked in with the enough money to finance the Revolution and found out that they had already made the deal. He said, ‘Gentlemen, you have been taken. You have been exploited.’ And if you want the record of what he said, then go to the Library of Congress, and it is a matte of record. He said, ‘Gentlemen, all Asiatics should not have part nor lot in our Western civilization and should not have a part in our colonies. They have made you a crooked deal, and I have the money without any interest agreement whatsoever. And there is no telling what this deal will run into.

I thought you might be interested in this because it is a part of the story of many Revolutions. But actually, it was designed to take over the world. Did you know that those bankers---were from a powerful banking family who came out of Germany and moved some of them here in to the United States. Thus, Jacob Schiff and his family established their family in New York in 1863. But prior to that time, his family had operated in Germany and France before coming over here. The house of Rothchild had expanded thru marriage with another powerful family named Warburg. And because of this, since one of the Warburgs had married one of the Schiffs. Then an offspring married into the Hyman Solomon division of this house and in the end, the Warburgs inherited this agreement with the Colonies. And sixteen times, they refused to take interest of a payment. And tonight, Mr. Paul Warburg, of the Warburg family, is the holder of the indebtedness back from the American Revolution. Oh, you say, ‘This cannot be.’ But let me tell you this tonight. The debt we owe the Warburgs from the Revolution, is greater than the money we got from them in the beginning. Because for many years, they refused to take the payment of principal and part of the interest, until it built up over the years. And we still owe these Jews to this day.

I have here an intelligence digest of significance and because it deals with the exact numbers of investors who indirectly financed the Red Revolution in Europe, the taking over of Das Kapital as the Socialist Bible, as a foundation for revolution was also discussed. I want you to understand this. The ‘Illuminati’ as well as the ‘Kehellah’ and the United World Bankers under the house of Rothchild, and now the Warburgs, over here in America, were more powerful than the Rothchilds themselves. They said we are not interested in the philosophies of any revolution. We are only interested in getting such a revolution going. That thru this revolution, we can find people to work for us so that we can gain power over those people and to harness that power for conquest over other parts of the world. With the ultimate object of turning all governments and their finance over to us.

Now, we have talked about this before. But the theoretical Communists who believe in the doctrine of Karl Marx, in this Das Kapital, as a sufficient program or one that they can use, also think they can use it to take over the world. But those behind the scene do not believe in this doctrine, but only hold him up to gather a group of sponsors all over the world, using empty phrases of philosophy to fool people while only one philosophy is used at the center of the operation to control the revolution. More than that, there is only a few phrases out of the doctrine of Karl Marx that is supported by Lenin. And this is only the policy for destruction which is followed today by the Communist Party. And one of them is this method of taxation, with the gradual income tax with the ability to continue to raise this until they can tax away as much as necessary of an individual until they can scatter and disperse it, not with the intent to help the world but to make it easier to pick it up on the outside of the country rather than on the inside.

I want to explain this in a few minutes, for this is one of the most deadly factors of the revolution. This is to get the income of a people outside of the nation where it is more easily picked up. I think you should know what is going on.

Now, I think it is a fact of the Red Revolution that in this Red Revolution, they even used some patriots to do the job for them. And they did not realize how they were taken in and indoctrinated by the ‘Illuminati.’ This was much like the end of the 19th Century, when one of the most powerful leaders decided to set up an endowment as a drawing power to gather from all of the world---diplomats and students of international affairs to form a reservoir of students of distinction for their service. Thus, this program was set in place for a special group of scholarships, for what was considered exceptionally bright and intelligent young men. Thus, all of the top honor students among men were offered a Rhodes Scholarship, and sent to various schools where they would be under the political rule of International Jewish teachers. From that day to this, there has been over 2600 Rhodes Scholars trained and developed, who by this type of scholarship, were educated, and no longer given concepts of personal liberty, but were taught that they super intellectuals and were to become a part of one of the most beneficial and strong world programs of management. Then they were told that the masters of the program lacked the capacity to decide for themselves, how to prepare for the population explosion, and the troubles it would produce. They were told that they had been schooled to lead and provide the intelligence for the guidance of the world. Then they were told that the concept of representative government in which major decisions would be made by electors selected by the people, would not have the knowledge to make these decisions but these who had been selected as Rhodes Scholars would move in to make those decisions for them. Thus, that was the reason why the Rhodes Scholars were being trained---so that they could help the development of the world and provide the thought powers of the Masters who did not possess it. For the world would end in catastrophe if it were not for their ability.

Now, I tell you what this does. Over half of these first Rhodes Scholars, or over 1400 of them, were from Christian families. And they were taken into this situation, and were being guided day by day. Two things were being driven into them. First was pride in their intellectual mental superiority. Then they were being told that they were superior men. And then they were told that they held the destiny of the world in their hands, because they had more brains than all of the rest of the people of the world. That they would work a master program and there would be those who would work with them and guide them so as to work out the problems of the world. And after two terms of this, a Rhodes Scholar was a conceited instrument of International World Jewry. They set these plans from 1776 when they met, and they did not bring part of them to fruition until 1917, when they started the Red Revolution. And they did not consummate some of them until they got a man in the White House. That is just how long and how far reaching their plan was and is.

How long is your plan? Well, fortunately, the household of the MOST HIGH has been here for a little over 5700 years. This is the program for the Kingdom of God which has developed into the great nations of God’s Kingdom and has produced these United States and Great Britain for us as the Great Nation and the Company of Nations out of the House of Joseph. These are the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombard, Basque, and Germanic people and all of their kindred all over the earth. And the Great Nations of the Kingdom of God are the White Christian nations of the earth. They are going to be triumphant. And Jewish power is going to be broken for all times.

I wish you could get a copy of this weeks ‘Common Sense.’ If not, you can get one. It is saying that in Washington, today only 3% of the appointees are non-Jews. Every office in Washington is also full of Jews. So if anything is wrong, you know who did it. So let’s take a good look at this, and by the way, you might be interested in knowing that I have out of the Archives of the U.S., over 6300 documents that prove that 100% of the worlds revolutions, all conflicts throughout the world, are run and financed by International Jewry. And I can prove that in all periods, going back to 1905, that the United States government was and is aware that this is true. And that political leaders have succumbed to this tyrannical pattern of evil, and are serving it for personal gains.

Someone says, ‘Well, what is going to happen?’ Well, one of these days only Christians will be in power in these United States. We have prepared for this hour, and we have multiply copies of these documents. And we have micro films of some of these things which transpired in our government as to how it has effected our sons. Let me tell you--one of these days these documents will blossom like roses across this nation. And they will never stop irrespective of how they try to stop it, or how they try to fix it so it will stay in place.

Now, listen. I want to bring several things to you which are important. In 1917, Mr. Trotsky, speaking in New York City, to three hundred trained Revolutionists, in the Synagogue of Rabbi Ben Samuels, in Brooklyn, they had come from Philadelphia and other places. And this is where these revolutionaries were able to get their guns so that they could finally get into the Czars palace in Russia. They were supposedly taken in at the time of a massive concert, but once inside of the palace, they used their guns to capture the Czar and his family. But this all started in a synagogue in New York City and financed by Jacob Schiff and Kuhn Loeb and Co. And behind them, was a whole group of Jewish merchants and bankers.

I want to go back to March 1917, and I am reading what Mr. Trotsky said, ‘I think it is time for American labor to know that this revolution starting in Russia is not going to be dependent upon the nickels and dimes of the American working class. For behind us stands the most powerful financial institutions of the world. But when we have accomplished our objective in Russia, then we shall liberate you, the American working class, thru these who become the illuminaries of the Revolution.’

Now, I want to point out to you that in the U.S. Printing Office, under the heading of Foreign Relations, in a Volume 1, on Russia, it says in this report that the bank in Germany and the Bolshevik Revolutionaries who thru their authorized agencies are controlling this bank, that they introduced documents to the Revolutionaries which we now have here on file. ‘(Quote and unquote) Get in touch with the bank of Germany thru Rubenstein and Max Warburg and Parvus who will open the door.’ Parvus’s real name is Israel_________(Leisurvitch Heptcap).

Now, from Rapheal Schonobaugham in Sweden, came this word:-- ‘Dear Comrades, the additional finance will be introduced from New York City from Mr. Warburg and Joseph Schiff and Company. And we have already, from America, the right to purchase order for the weapons from Epson and Sons, and for their transportation thru Poland into Russia, for the revolution.’ I want to point out one more factor, and this I am going to read to you again out of this government document. Remember that M. F. Warburg and Company was being directed by two Warburg boys who came here in 1900. There were Paul and Felix. And Felix married Edith Loeb of Kuhn Loeb and Co., and Paul married Freda Schiff of Jacob Schiff and Co. And the other Warburg had married Baron Rothchilds daughter. Thus the company of Schiff, Kuhn and Co., and Rothchild, was now formed of one leadership and business connection at the height of International World Jewry here in the United States.

Now, I am going to pause and tell you this. It is out of the Jewish Encyclopedia that one of the striking features now is that the Warburgs were not located in twenty-eight countries, directing all of the Rothchild banking interests. And Paul Warburg was given the credit for forming one of the most powerful banking syndicates and had been sent here to make America a debtor nation. In fact, this Jewish Encyclopedia says that Paul Warburg was sent here to America to make it a Banker controlled nation, and to develop the system that he and his relatives had been working on known as National Reserve Systems under which Jewish banking houses would control the money of all nations. In the book ‘The Federal Reserve System,’ the author, Paul Warburg, wrote, ‘I do not claim to have originated any new banking principals, on my arrival in America, but I was compelled to adopt the banking principals which are underlined forms of my banking relatives and ancestors, whose practices were successful in every country except----and every successful country in the world, but the United States, is already moving under this banking system. I was appointed by the August Committee to help formulate the plan. And thus, I have created the Central Reserve Association with its regional branches.’ Thus, Paul Warburg became head of the Federal Reserve Board, while his brother Max became the head of the German equivalent while the United States and Germany were at war in W.W. I, which these International Bankers had helped to set in place.

Now, it tells us here that these banking companies, the Schiffs and the Warburgs, and the powerful Rothchild family, became the controlling influence for the direction of finance for all of these others such as Lehman Brothers, Morganthal Brothers, and Frankfort, London Schiff Banks, Kuhn Loeb and Co., Morgan Brothers, and many, many more. And by their pressure, they froze out the National Bank and the World Bank assembly. And they took over the Harriman Bank and added that to their list. And they took over the Rockerfeller Bank and thus gained control of CitaBank. And they refused to let Morgan and Co. supply the money to France for weapons in W.W. I. And Morgan and Co. had a heavy commitment and then Mr. Wilson would not permit Morgan and Co. to send money to France. Why? Because Col. House who was the Jew ‘5th Column’ in the White House, was running interference for Kuhn Loeb and Co. and the Warburgs. (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was the daughter of Paul Warburg.)

So the Schiffs went to the President and said, ‘Now will you permit, as we make the arrangements for Kuhn Loeb and Co., to make the money available for them to have the weapons that we want them to have?’ But to make the deal, Morgan and Co. had to accept the management of Jacob Schiff. So they forced the Morgan Company into the orbit of the Jew Bankers. And right now, there is only about 5% here in the U.S. and only 2% of the money in Europe, that is not now in the hands of this Jewish Syndicate. I have copies of U.S. documents and I know where to put my hands on any amount of them. And it all backs up what I am telling you tonight.

Now listen. I will cite to you something significant. In this country while Max Warburg in Germany, provided 1/2 of the finance of the Red Revolution, then Paul Warburg in this country, provided the other half on which the Red Revolution operated, for the first five years of the Revolution. Do you want to know where Communism came from? The Jews gave it to you. You say, ‘But what has that to do with the Red Revolution?’ I am going to show you now. From the day it was formed,---and I have sealed documents and I have now made thousands of copies,---they came from the top of the Intelligence Division of the U.S. Government, now de-classified, which shows that the American Government knew that the American Jews were directing the Red Revolution. And every position had Jews selected to fulfill those positions, or the Jews selected the man to fulfill it, then directed his activities. And eight years later, a report by the U.S. Government said that the Jews planned and perpetrated the Red Revolution. And the other day, a Los Angeles newspaper said, ‘Now there is no cause for alarm, for there is no persecution of the Jews going on inside of the Soviet Union. We have the Department of Agriculture and we have the Department of Finance, and the political areas of appointment are in the hands of our people---the majority of important jobs are in the hands of Jews. So do not fear, there is no persecution going on.’ So---all of these stories of persecution is just for you.

Israeli remember, drove Christian Arabs and others out of areas of Palestine. And this was also financed from this country. But the arms for that Revolution came from Czechoslovakia and from factories in the Soviet Union. And Russian submarines carried the men who stormed that mainland in the Eastern Mediterranean to the Palestine shoreline night after night. And the Soviets were in full partnership with the Jewish revolution for the establishment of Israeli. I do not want to talk about that subject tonight, for I could talk all night about the facts of that atrocity and that form of revolution.

Now I want to tell you something significant---these Rhodes Scholars to begin with. A couple of hundred of them were American citizens. First came in to their power from the days of Wilson on down. And especially in their enhanced power after they had selected their high powered dummies to work for them. They had one qualification which they demanded. From the days that they selected FDR to work for them, it was that he take their picked personnel to work for him in Washington. And this he did. And they now had in this country, a great number of Rhodes Scholars. Maybe as many as 1000. And they started to bring these men out and put them into certain positions and secretly indoctrinate them into the Communist Party. Thus, the Jews behind the scenes, formed the Communist Party here in the U.S. Altho, they used the Freeburgs and others out in front. The chief Rabbi, then in America, was Stephen F. Wise. And he said, ‘Some call it Communism, but I call it Judiaism.’ I have the magazine in which he makes that statement, in my files.

Remember, my friends, that Algers Hiss was a Communist Party member and then Felix Frankfurter who became a Supreme Court Justice. And he fathered Algers Hiss being moved in to his position as Secretary of State, and virtually, the first Secretary of State of the United Nations. For he was the man who helped draw up the agreement for us and virtually every other nation, fixing ti so that there would always be a Soviet Russian leader at the head of the armies of the United Nations and Police forces. So if you want the story of treason, and this also involves Mr. White in the Treasure Department, and in the echelons of International Finance---and then remember, Forrestal who jumped out of window after they learned that he had gotten the facts straight and was going to push it,---the fact remains, that Mr. Morganthal helped put Communist in key positions in Washington, D.C. And when they dug up the Communist records on the banks of Lake Michigan, then Mr. Morganthal was listed at the top of the list. But the top attorney for all of their work was Mr. Frankfurter. And now you had him on the Supreme Court. But let me point this out to you. These Rhodes Scholars---almost all of them---have been appointed to heads of committees and different branches of the government from our foreign service to the different branches which regulate small businesses and corporate matters, and many other places like in the Internal Revenue and any position which their background training prepared them for.

I mentioned this last night. Dr. ________(Oliver) is the Political Science Instructor of the University of Illinois. He is one of the best know, best informed political science teachers in the world, and constantly called on by Washington experts. He was making a speech the other day and he told of his different experience in which a man in the Small Business Administration had suddenly been called into some type of Military Service, and then suddenly he is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. And this occurred in just a few months. And now he is a rather influential officer, and strangely, on activity in Washington. Dr. Oliver went to a dinner and this man was there. But this man did not realize who Dr. Oliver was. His sources had not, undoubtedly, prepared him for that. And this man made the statement that he was operating in this Small Business Administration and that here in Washington, they would move in on the Small Businesses.---That as an official of the American Labor Relations Board, that they would move in on the small businesses, and if this business was not cooperating as they wanted it to do, or it was not in the hands of their friends, they would immediately call for all of their records and would investigate, and then do that for many months until that business and this business would be crippled financially.

Mr. Oliver said, ‘But is this not against what the Constitution of the United States says?’ And this is the reply from this officer now in the U. S. Army, ‘What do you mean? There are no Constitutional Rights for these people. We are going to stand them up against the wall and shoot them in the belly for this is our day.’ An officer of the U.S. Army and one here in the New Frontier days, saying they will persecute the small business men, just because they think they have the power. The same kind of Red ruffians that they had in the Red Revolution, now in the U.S. Army, saying they will shoot them in the belly, for it takes them longer to die. It is needless to say that we have some unhappy and disturbed Congressmen and Senators right now.

But let me go a little further in this explanation as to what this is all about. Thus, the Red Revolution was financed by the Jews. And this conspiracy was not to set anyone free, not to help the people in Russia, but to gain control of all of the world and control all gold and silver and precious jewels of the world. That this was to force Communism on every nation of the world. And these banking houses with their economic control were able to set in progress the Red Revolution.

Now, I want to point this out to you. For this is only a small part of their Master Strategy. A short time back they set up a council called ‘Council of Foreign Relations’ (CFR). This is not a government institution. But since then, the CFR has gained an evil hold on the U.S. Government. And it sets up the foreign policy of the U.S. six months to a year ahead. A lot of members of this are representatives of these Jewish Bankers, except the Rhodes Scholars, who have their commission as to their role to play in the conspiracy. The New York Times came out and made this statement:-- ‘there were nine more names on the applications to the CFR, but they were informed that they could not be approved for membership until after the month of June was over because the CFR was working on America’s foreign policy for the next six months.’ Did you ever hear of anything like that? This anti-Christ institution wanting to tear down the American Flag and run up the Spider Web---as anti-Christ as Christ said it was.

But I think it is time for us to clean house in America and go back to our basics. Someone said, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, you should not talk that way.’ But why not?

(The sound was of the screech of the tape recorder)---Dr. Swift then said, ‘You do not need to run, for that was not an air raid signal. Even if Mr. Khrushchev did say that America was ready any day now tp pull down the American flag and run up the ‘spider web.’ He has a lot of American’s stirred up. For I want to tell you the first one I see pulling down the American flag and running up the ‘spider web’ is going to die. I know of a million and one-half Legionnaires that will take care of a million and one-half more. This is not saying anything about the John Birch Society.

One powerful business man, one of the most important business men in the state of Georgia, communicated with me the other day. He said, ‘Do you know that we have three KKK in this state and we have twenty-nine of them scattered across other states? And the Attorney General said they are all outlawed, but that does not effect my business.’ So he said, ‘Just let them start this revolution, but we are going to finish it.’ You say, ‘I don’t like the KKK?’ But I don’t care if you like it or not. I am glad it is down there. You might not like the John Birch Society, or like the Christian Nationalists, but if they had their way, there would not be any American War Veterans, only Jewish war veterans. We are stronger tonight, than we have ever been before.

I am going to pause for a moment and tell you something you might not know. There were 11,000 male votes out of 55% of the precincts in San Francisco. What happened to the other 45 precincts? And why no more male votes? L.A. County got a total of 30,000 votes, and in San Diego and Riverside County, it was from 24 to 37 thousand votes. And we have both figures. We have a total by going from county to county, from election boards and we discover that there was something over 84,000 male votes. But we got nothing out of San Bernardino County up above Sacramento, and up in that area no male votes. We talked to hundreds of people and they said here is our voting chips, and we voted. And here is our affidavit, but there was no count on the precinct boards. Of course there was a lot of confusion after that. And one day, there would be so many votes and then another day they would give another figure. And then we began to learn that the Jews had come and the B’nai B’rith. And they said, ‘there is man running here and we do not want him to have any recognition, so no male votes will be counted. Thus there would be no votes counted for males so that no write-in candidate could win. They had not heard from Orange County, except that they had not reported. But one of these days they will discover their fraud and will come over to the Nixon Camp. When they tell you that no deal was made, I would not believe it if they told me on a stack of Bibles. There will still be a great write-in come November because there was one camp that never capitulated. We ended up with about 37,000 Shell votes of people who said we are with you to the end. That is just one race in California. But let me tell you this. There will be leadership when the hour comes.

Now, let me point this out to you. We said they wanted to make America a Central Bank. But do you know what a Central Bank is? A Central Bank is a bank which holds the currency that they loan to any bank that needs assistance. This is a Bankers Bank. And it can determine how to meet the needs of any nation as to whether they can extend money or withdraw. They can make a depression, or they can make inflation. Thus, they can control the country if they can control the payrolls of any country. You got into this mess when the Federal Reserve System was set up by Paul Warburg, the International head of Jewry for that time. And now this Federal Reserve System is Jew Bank and also the head of a World Banking System. And tonight, the man who heads this World Banking system and is head of a World monetary system and its exchange, is Herb Jacobson.

I want to tell you something. Two weeks ago there was a big meeting of World Bankers in Rome, Italy. 120 of them came from the Western nations, the United States included. And among them was the Secretary of the Treasury of this nation, who is a Jew, by the way. And along with him, were two others of the World Banking System that they had sent into the United States. Where is was bad enough to have a Central Bank from which to give you a depression by withdrawing money. And if there was any country they wanted to destroy, they had the power. Or if there was any country they wanted to build up, they could do it within a few hours. Don’t forget that with this set up, they can start prosperity rolling or bring it down within a few hours.

Now, do not forget this. This group of Internationalists have been designing the final falling and subjection of this nation, if they could accomplish it, to forcefully and completely get you to surrender to a World Government program, using this World Government control, and put this nation with all of the other Western world nations that are resisting in the Christian world.

In the first place, this group of advisors who are made up of the New Frontiersmen who are 100% Socialist in their I-Q’s, as you talk about Academic Socialism, for they want to take everything you have and divide it up with the ‘have nots.’ And then with ‘crocodile tears’ they try to make you think that you owe this to everyone in Africa and Asia. They want to put your money over there and build them houses in the tree tops like you have on the ground. They want you to give them everything you have---divide up with them. That is the story. They want to take the money out of the U.S. and then give it to Castro. Did you ever wonder about that? They want to take the money from you and give it away. Why is that? Because it is easier to pick it up on the outside than it is to take it away from you. But you give away ‘Greenbacks.’ You do not give away paper and notes. You give away dollars packaged, sealed and delivered. Oh, you say, ‘They will go to the bank and get paper and notes.’ No, not this time. You will put out dollars. And it is picked up outside. International Jewish Bankers have control on the outside. And they have now picked up and control most of the 18 billion dollars that this administration has given away. (Look what they have picked up since 1992. And here in 1995, they picked up the money for the so-called Mexican bail-out.) This is only small potatoes. For the last four Administrations of your country have given away 18 billion dollars of your currency. Now, every foreigner in the world can take your dollars and exchange them for gold. But you cannot own gold in this country. They devalued your dollar by taking you off the gold standard and devaluated 40% of the savings of everyone in the United States. Thus, it takes more money to meet the economic responsibility of this country. But that is the work of Jew Bankers.

I want you to know---and this is a very important thing---that from the days of Roosevelt, until not, that every time you wanted to do something form building some small project to great electrical projects, and you say ‘how did we build those?’--Well, you were going to appropriate the money. But that would make the taxes go high. But don’t start the problem right now.---So the International Bankers, with their Rhodes Scholars and Jew Bankers, as they get involved, say, ‘We still have to borrow this money and we will finance it by the sale of bonds. We have the funds, you guarantee it, and we get the interest and you get the money.’ Thus, the U.S. Government prints the money, certifies it, and turns it over to them. And they distribute it and we borrow the money and then build the dam. And the bonds are guaranteed by the U.S. and the Treasury retires the bonds, and the Jews get the interest on money they did not work to produce. And we keep paying interest on compounding interest, on money that you produced in the beginning and gave to them. Thus, you owe 1 1/4 trillion dollars tonight. Do you want to know how much that is? Well, tonight, it is more than all of the capital wealth in the United States Banks tonight.

Now the other day, the President asked Congress to raise the debt limit. There is one thing to say about our Government, and some silly asses say that it must be alright, for we did not raise the debt limit. But now they want to even raise the debt limit and put us deeper in the hole.

I am going to tell you that one of these days we are going to get wise and establish an American Bank. But the discussion now is what are they planning to do with the American dollar. And men are worried.

Alright, this debt limit was once much, much smaller. And when we raised the debt limit, they said, ‘Oh, don’t worry about that, this is nothing to worry about. You owe this to yourselves.’ But, my friends, we do not owe this to ourselves. We owe it to Jew Bankers. And they did nothing for it. They just tricked you into printing it for them. And the way we loose is in our factories, our shops and our other work.

I am going to point out something to you. When this administration came in, we already had so much debt. But they said, ‘Oh, that is nothing. We need to help the world.’ But as they said that, they were thinking of the United States as the helper. And they went into the churches and they said, ‘It is Christian to help the world and we must do this.’ They formed the Peace Corp and started to sell our young people on this Peace Corp as a way to help the world. And we started to finance all of those projects around the world. They want to subsidize these programs around the world, but they do not want any criticism.

Now, this 1 1/4 trillion dollars is important to you, for you see the U.S. Government does all of its business thru the bank. And you do your business thru the bank. You put your savings in the bank and your checks are cashed from labor and you put it in the bank and then you write checks against it. And most of this is paid for by moving checks around. But it does not necessarily require any extra cash when you just move these checks around. But the amount of money the Congress prints for the currency we use is supposed to hold in reserve so much gold. But you were taken off the Gold Standard, so what backed this money up? For all of the gold you have today is 15 billion dollars. If that is still there. And I don’t know if they have checked to see if that is still there. So do you know how much money the prior and the administration has given away? And you are supposed to keep so much to make your money good, and you do not have that much in the ground vault.

Now, let’s go back to the Red Revolution. They have been trying to put this Red Revolution over on the United States as well, and they think they can put it over by a bunch of boys in striped pants and a bunch of boys behind bank windows who have been indoctrinated in Communist philosophy, who have sold their soul for power, being told that they would rule the world with this international anti-Christ program of a World Bank power.

Thus, I point out to you that one of the things which happened that has great significance. You know DeGaul has been wanting equality and atom bombs. And we did not give it to him. He wanted to have more control of what was to happen in Europe and your Military leaders did not want to give it to him. For they said that any man who would start a battle against Frenchmen, against his own people, would not hesitate to shoot anyone who got in his way. That is about the way I would size up DeGaul, because do you know who is running DeGaul? There is almost as many Jews running DeGaul as we have around this poor President of ours. I say poor, for he is the poorest one we have ever had. And he might be broke one of these days too, for he has his money in the poorest thing in America.

Now, let me tell you this. These Jew Bankers got behind DeGaul and they said (you go down to the United States and you turn to the Washington page of the newspaper and it is the most powerful piece of news that you will ever read.) Mr. DeGaul notified the U.S., if he does not get his way, that for all the weapons that he needs, and he also wants nuclear weapons,-- it will take all of the gold that he has to purchase them. And this is out of the Wall Street Journal. And it said that these Jew Bankers had put 12 billion dollars in Mr. DeGaul’s account. So next week if he does not get his way, to get 12 billion dollars out of the hands of the United States, and we do not have enough to back up our own currency---so if you run short on money, the Jew Bankers set you up and take what you have.

Someone said, ‘What would you do?’ I would just announce to the world that we would have such an exchange---for taking gold from the world for American dollars, recognizing its equivalent purchasing power. And we will set the evaluation on silver and goods. You say, ‘Oh, the world would not like this.’ But they don’t like it anyhow. And you would save a billion dollars and you don’t want to cut the program?

Let me tell you this. Babylon is about to fall. They got around the President of the United States and they whispered in his ear. So he sold all the shares he had in everything and he bought their bonds. And now he has millions of dollars of his own---he and his family, in their holdings in the banks all over reaching into the billions.

Now, listen. The President was told that the only way to handle this crisis---because of the Communist worry about the Common Market in Europe---and they have designed that their bankers hold these currencies if possible. They wanted to break up the Commonwealth Market, so this would force New Zealand and Australia and other areas of the Commonwealth into their hands. And they wanted us to go with the Common Market so that this would force American labor and American production into the same route.

Now, what kind of a President do we have when he is wrong on every one of these things? He says we are going in to the Common Market because they can make things cheaper over there and they don’t have any tariffs. You know that if they can make things cheaper over there that this will shut down our industries and men will be out of work. But he says everything is taken care of. Well, where is he going to get the money, and how is he going to do this just on his own say so--things work differently in this nation, and he will find that out. So we are going to increase production and pull down our tariffs, thus, he says. But if we do that we are done.

Now, if our President will go along in some areas and use some common sense, that is here. If labor raises the cost of production, then production tends to add on to the const of the product. Thus, the price goes up so industry can keep going and can pay dividends. Do you know who owns most of the industry of South America? American citizens of average income. And you do not own a part of company unless you expect to get a dividend in return for the use of your finance. You put your money to work to do good and you expect to profit by that process. This is what happened to the steel companies of America. The President says they have to cut the costs and people said then we will not invest if we cannot make a profit. That is what happened to the Steel industry. The other day, the President had 260 Labor Union officials and Congressmen in the White House. And he said, ‘We are not coming here as Republicans or Democrats, or Conservatives or Liberals, but we are coming here as sophisticated gentlemen.’ He said, ‘I want you to give me a sophisticated answer to a technological problem, for this is a sophisticated area and this is what I want to ask---for a sophisticated answer to our problem.’ (Sophisticated meant that someone reads something that you cannot read, at least the same way.)

Now, go to the dictionary and see what the definition of this word sophisticated means. In Websters, you find out that sophisticated is a fraudulent attitude, meaning someone experience in worldy affairs who is not sincere. Actually sophistication is a fraudulent line of communication. In other dictionaries, it is a position that is unreal, a fraudulent position, or one that is not valid. So the President today, is in this position and trying to convince Congressmen and Labor Unions to join him in such a position. I have a copy of his whole address to these people, by the way. And it is most interesting in trying to understand this matter that is being addressed. The President then told them that business was going to have to forgo profit and he would devaluate the dollar. I want you to think this over. You have to denounce profits and devaluate the dollar. If you denounce profits, there will be no income for industry. And who is talking about devaluating the dollar? It is the World Bank, the Jew banks, Kuhn Loeb and Co., as the next step in this ‘Class Revolution.’ Yes, the Jew bankers control this resolution. They still control the CFR, still are behind the Administration and all of its fallacious policies. So the Stock Market goes down and people get scared, and funds of different sorts start falling, just because they have talked about devaluating the dollar. And the Jew banks in Switzerland, came in and bought some stock and then it falls some more and they come and buy some more as people are bailing out of the Stock Market at a loss. Let me tell you this. They can drop the market down so very much and yet you see just as much food in the stores. So you know that someone is manipulating. And I know that the Jew bankers have programed this stock market drop to hit a certain figure before they bail it out.

Now, I want to point this out to you. They want to devaluate the money, so the Jews pull their money out of certain unsafe areas and hold it where it is safe and then come back in when they can reap a profit. I just wanted to point that out to you. But this is one of the strategies that they live for. You knew that there would be a fall of American gold which would upset the American market. And then when America was willing to renounce their fiscally sound market, then Jacobson announced the other day in Italy, that we now have a liquidation of world debt. And now that the U.S. owed over one trillion dollars, then this was America’s debt and it would be paid off by the citizens until all of this debt was liquidated. In the meantime, the interest would have a sliding scale. So they feel that you do not own even your own homes, for you are now in debt to the Jew banker. And the design is to get a clearing house so as to take over the property here in the U.S. So this is what the program of the President is all about. For they have a battle on their hands. No Jew bank of the United Nations is going to take the property of the citizens in this country or we will have a new revolution right here. So this idea to move the property of the United States outside of the United States so as to take it over more easily, will not work. Even if this becomes the program of the Administration of the United States Government. We will uphold the Constitution of these United States, for we do not recognize this Jew conspiracy as having any rights in these United States of America. This is a part of the Conspiracy and this is what the Bible talks about when it mentions the anti-Christ. And I tell you tonight, that if you want to know who promoted and led the Red Revolution, then look at organized World Jewry and see their pattern behind that Red Revolution. Yes, they even have officers in the U.S. Army who plan to place some of us up against the wall. But their problem is a lot of other officers in that same Army. Our biggest trouble comes from these super-intellectuals who think they know more than anyone else, but they have been taught a Jew lie.

Remember this is an important time--that you have your Bible. And you know the final victory is with you. And they are not going to be able to bring down these United States. So just remember that. Look for the prophecy in the book of Zachariah. Since 1955, they have been developing their program for the control of America and now they see they think a way to achieve that goal. But I am telling you that we are going to be preaching the Word. And they are not going to reach their goal. For this is God’s Nation and HE is still in control.

(End of sermon)