Power Of The Eternal Priesthood, 7-17-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-17-61

We are turning this afternoon in our discussions of the power of the Eternal Priesthood, and the responsible relationship you have with God which belongs alone to your race, belongs to the offspring of the MOST HIGH. When we talk about this Priesthood, we want you to recognize that you are out of a race and are a part of a nation that makes up God’s Kingdom. That you are a part of a nation of Priests and Kings in the process of development of a full understanding of the responsibilities of those high orders. If you would turn to the book of Revelation, you would note in the 6th chapter of Revelation, that one of the great declarations concerning you and the people of God’s household, generally is that the earth and those on it, all of those who enter in it, are singing a song of praise unto the Incarnate revelation of the man Christ Jesus as the High Priest of our race. Saying, ‘Thou are worthy to take the book, thou art worthy to break the seal, thou wast slain and has redeemed us unto God by thy blood OUT OF EVERY KINDRED AND TONGUE AND PEOPLE, AND NATION. And thou hast made us unto our God, Kings and Priests, and WE SHALL REIGN ON EARTH.’

The declaration in translation is not as clear as it might be. But it is that He has taken us out of the kindred, and that word is relatives. The word used here for kindred means, out of all of the relatives, the families, and wherever in earth that this kindred is found, the people of God---to restore them to what they possess---is assured. The great climactic time here in Revelation is that HE (Jesus the Christ), has made us unto our God, Kings and Priests. And the administration of such priesthood and such kingship is not far off removed in distance and space, but is going to take place here in the earth. For we have been made a nation of Kings and Priests and we shall reign upon the earth.

One of the great significant facts as you reside here in a physical body is that this body has become your residence. But it is more than just a body surrounding a living ‘Being.’ For you are told over here as St. Peter writes in the 2nd chapter of I Peter, (he is here talking about your race) and he says, ‘Ye are lively stones, and you are built up into a lively house, a Holy Priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices to thru His incarnate revelation as Jesus the Christ.’ Therefore it is also contained in the scriptures, ‘I reign in Zion, a chief cornerstone, elect and precious.’ And this is the part identifying this ‘Living Stone’--the man Christ Jesus.

The Apostle Paul, by his writings, has also thrown light on this symbolism and this meaning is carefully contained here. The Apostle Paul speaks concerning you who are a part of the Church, the living organism of His Kingdom, and you who constitutes the same race he is addressing in his Epistles. For he wrote those Epistle and addressed them to the twelve tribes which were scattered abroad. And he was writing to the Children of Israel. When the Apostle Paul wrote, he told the people of Corinth, the Corinthians, that they were all a part of the same household, the same race. Had all taken of the same spiritual food and had all taken of the same water which came out of the ROCK. And they were all a part of the same history, the same migration of the children of God’s Kingdom. And the Apostle Paul knew that these people, the Corinthians, were a part of the people of God’s family. He knew that they were a part of God’s Covenant people, and also the people of this Book.

Peter, when he wrote to these twelve tribes which were scattered abroad, knew that his Epistles would eventually reach them and their process of development was the program of God. Thus he speaks again to you as the people unto whom he addressed this Epistle and he also said that ‘Ye are Living Stones.’ The Apostle Paul said that you know this, ‘THAT YOURS IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.’ It is translated as the Holy Ghost, and this phrase is used somewhat interchangeably. But the pattern is sometimes marked by only a change of words. And the intelligent meaning just identifies your relationship and makes it identifiable with God. This is clearly understood when we realize that we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD and we say, ‘Our Father who are in heaven, hallowed by Thy name.’ We recognize that this is the prayer that Jesus the Christ taught us to pray, and we also realize as we study the scriptures, concerning what God has to say, concerning these prophecies for us, that we are His Kingdom. And because of this, once again we turn back to the evidence supported by Paul in the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, that God, Himself, knew that we were his kinsmen, and since the kinsmen of God, all the children of God were in bodies of flesh, He took on Himself the same body out of the same race, so that He might be just like His brothers, His kinsmen, and His relatives.

There is thus a significant factor here which is contained here in what Paul said. And what is said here by Peter, mainly that you are the children of God and that He is your Father, and He is a God of Spirit altho He has been embodied in flesh. Still He begot you IN SPIRIT BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FRAMED. You are the children of His Spirit from the very beginning of His purpose and plan. And He begat each one of you as the Apostle Paul told us in Ephesians, and in the testimony of other Epistles,---of the existence of the spirit, and God’s purposes for you, that you have been blessed with ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS IN HEAVENLY PLACES, WITH THE FATHER BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FRAMED.

There is nothing you can know this afternoon concerning your race and its responsibilities in the earth, the development of God’s Kingdom, and the responsibilities resting upon it, and the antiquity of God’s plan and purpose----the days in pre-Adamic pattern, this spiritual pattern which dates back into the antiquity of yesterday, which goes before the creation of the earth, and the rolling forth of this solar system. You are the children of God from the hour that you were begotten of the Father in the Eternities of Yesterday. And the essence of His life and His spirit was also incorporated into the offspring of the MOST HIGH, and this was the essence of God’s spirit, with spiritual capacity. Everyone of God’s children begotten by His spirit, has in the wavelength of their Celestial existence a capacity to think the thoughts of God and to receive the wavelengths of the vibratory field of God’s thoughts, and have erected in the seat of their consciousness the same image or picture of God’s purpose and plan out of his mind so that it can be reflected in yours. Because those of a different origin and who do not have this essence of God’s spirit as a begotten issue in them and have not emerged as Celestial children of God, cannot and will not think or receive the same image pattern as you do by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is because of this that God Himself marks this difference, in His disciples and promised to pour out His Holy Spirit, this spirit which He said that they could receive but the world could not receive it.

Now, it is then a very foolish thing to try to go out into the pagan nations of the world, to the other people of different races and tell they that you can bestow upon them the revelations of God’s mind by some process where they will receive it direct from God, when God said that by the wavelength of inspiration, they do not have the capacity to receive it. It can only be by the instruction and the light and the continuation of a New Work that they can understand the things of God and receive it, by His Spirit.

I think it is most significant then that since you know that inside of you, in essence and being, that you are one with God. That you are a personality spiritually as well as physically. You have come forth out of God and you are alike unto Him. And deep inside of you is light and energy, and specific knowledge which belongs to your Father, and belongs to you because you are a child of your Father, which does not exist in the nations round about, which did not receive them. It does not exist in natural men, which do not possess this spiritual capacity. At no time and under no circumstances should a child of God’s Kingdom be classified as natural men of men without spirit. There is no time when your race was without the essence inside of your Celestial nature of God’s spirit, even before it is quickened to do His work, and even before they have answered the call of cognition as to their Father. There may be even one in ignorance throughout the nation, and throughout the world. But they are still children of the Father, and none of them are outside of the capacity of His Holy Spirit to gather them.

There are many people inside of your nation of God’s Kingdom, and there are many people who come and go who are not acceptable to the call of God’s Spirit, nor are they responsible to come to it, nor would they hear it if He would call. This is also evident in the days when the Apostle Paul who in the process his name was changed from Saul to Paul, and tho he was an Israelite and of the tribe of Benjamin, and was trained in the contemporary knowledge and science of his day, had been misguided by the power of the false Jewish priesthood, who assumed they could use him to destroy and wage war against the Christians because he desired to serve God. But he had not come to a full interpretation by revelation of what this all consisted of. But deep down in the Apostle Paul, was the essence of Christ, was the very element of the Holy Seed. And because of this, when he was on the road to persecute more disciples, when he was about this, suddenly, on this road, God spoke out of the heavens and a light shown down around this company with Saul and those who were with him.

Now, who did he have with him? He had a whole company of Jewish soldiers with him going out to persecute Christians. But Saul was not a Jew. He was a Benjaminite of the Kingdom of Judah. He was of the race of the Kingdom of God, a begotten offspring of the spirit. And tho he did not know these things, and even went out to wage war against the principals of God, but when God spoke to him, he stopped and was thrown virtually from his horse by the shock of what he heard. And he looked into the heavens and he heard the voice and he beheld Christ. And the Christ said, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’

Remember he heard, but not one single Jew with him heard the voice. They just thought it thundered. And this is evident in what Jesus said to the Jews, when He was identifying them with their father. He said that they had a different background and origin than He had. He said, ‘I am of God and ye are of the devil.’ More than that He said, ‘You cannot understand my speech because you cannot understand my words.’

Thus if the word comes forth from the spirit, and is on a spiritual wavelength, of audible frequency to one possessing the spirit, then he who does not have this spirit within him, is not the begotten offspring of the Spirit of God. And the Jews of that day did not have it either.

You say, ‘What has this to do with this Eternal Priesthood?’ Remember that there is an Eternal Priesthood that belongs to every one of the children of God, because they are God’s children. This follows thru with something that can never be put away and never be destroyed. And you have the total revelation in the completion of God’s plan for each one of His children. If you go back into the whole structure of the Old Testament, you will discover that there was a certain Patriarchial rule that the man, the husband, was the Priest of his family as long as he lived. And the father of the household had enough of the intellect of God until he could understand and know what he was supposed to do. Thus we see the evidence of this in all of the Patriarchal age.

Even in the days of Adam, when God continued to commune with Adam, to contact Adam, and as he did with Seth. Then going back to the early Patriarchs of Enoch and Job, these two men were not only spoken to by God, administered to by Angels, but each one of them had a High Priesthood. They were not only Priests unto their own families, as we see in the conditions of Job, you go back and read the book of Job, one of the oldest periods, and you will discover that Job offered sacrifices for the transgressions of his sons, even for some they might have committed, but he guessed that they might have, and for everything which he thought that he might need adjustment with God. Job was the High Priest unto his family.

Now, we know that this Patriarchal Priesthood existed among your race and it continues down in all generations and has been their responsibility. And it rested there whether they understood it or not, for this to pass from one generation to another. That is why in the early days of your nation, and back down thru the history of your own nation, the father, the grandfather, if alive, and even the great grandfather became almost a spiritual measure in a man’s family, continually relating and pointing out their relationship with God. Generally the older they became, the more wise they became and the more spiritual impact they had. The younger they were they were being instructed in the patterns of life and living and being instructed by their father, or grandfather, or even their great grandfather. In fact, as men became more wise and adjusted to the things in their environment, there was a quickening process also which adjusted them with this structure of what we call the Patriarchal Priesthood. This has continued to exist and can be proved with every one of the basic leaders of Israel. With Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob, each one in his lifetime, as he obtained the position of Elder of the family, was responsible for spiritual contact, instructions and guidance. Of course, this has been enlarged upon since the days of the atonement. Because it has been classified here as to the former work of the High Priest that this is not longer essential.

What do I mean by that? Come over here to the book of Hebrews and to the work of the High Priest, and you are told that High Priests are taken among men. In the first thing, a Priest is ordained for men in things which pertain to God. This is that which pertains to God, to his to His work as a High Priest, pertains to His family, and the upholding of His Kingdom. That is what a Priest is for. A Priest, a minister, one who is supposed to be serving before the MOST HIGH, is supposed to be responsible to inform and who has recognized this authority in the things which pertain to God.

Now, in the instance of the High Priest such as we had in the Old Testament, not only did he instruct in the things which pertained to God, but he made sacrifices for sin. I want to tell you today that there is no Priest that is responsible before God, to offer up his sacrifices for sin, because that has been taken care of once and for all times. Thus Christ in His one Atonement as Christ the Incarnate One of God, became the High Priest, the Patriarchal for your race, became also the atoning Lam by His own decision and put aside for all times, the guilt complex from your society.

More people are sick today from hypertension and nervous disorders and mental disturbances because of the overlaying of guilt complexes which is a realization that some how would swing from their subconscious mind into their materialistic views. And they get a guilt complex. They start to feel the pressures upon them. It upsets their whole pattern of life and thinking, and it gives them trouble in their body. It turns loose toxic forces and you have the resulting processes in their bodies and their nervous systems and there is nothing today which can re-balance minds, and tear away this toxic condition for any part of the body which breaks down, or the glands to stop being actively patterned, all of this is probably activated more by not recognizing and not being balanced in relationship to God as to His Grace, as to the consummation of His atonement, as to the fulfillment of His priesthood, and as to the things which are born by natural heritage because of who you are.

We have told you that every last child of Adam and then from Abraham down to your time, and from the days of Christ to your time, and into the tomorrows, that their transgressions have consummated, and the supreme sacrifice has been finished. And the atonement has been made, for the principal of their violating law under the guidance of Lucifer in this continuing warfare. Practically everything done wrong by your race is done in a mental warfare which operates out of the patterns of suggestion and out of the panoramas of communication in some fields. That is one of the reasons why he can place in your mind the actual thinking of the world order, and permit you in the process of your own dwelling in your own body to be more enveloped in your thinking with the way the world thinks than to direct your course of destiny by the superior law of the Household of God. And therefore, captivates them. He even gives them defeat complexes. He suppresses their spirit and by this process, he seems to have accomplished a partial victory over the earth.

Even tho the children of God started from one man’s family, and today are one-sixth of the worlds population, if the children of God were to exercise their spiritual power and Glory, they would flood the earth with Majesty and would reel back every evil and bind every devil and force Lucifer to surrender and go out of business. He knows that thus he wages a war against you in the seat of your consciousness. He wages a war against the world, but the world order was not established with Celestial seed, it lacks the capacities that you have. The reason God sent you, His children into the world from outer space, from the creations of God, is because He knew the elements and the quality of this spiritual nature which He placed in you. He knew that you were spiritual children before you came. And He knew that embodied in earth bodies, that ultimately that indestructible spirit was going to accomplish its purpose.

You look back over the history of the race and you say there have been hundreds and hundreds of thousands, and millions who have died and they did not accomplish the fullness of their Priesthood. But they accomplished some purpose in God’s plan for the multiplication of race, for the spreading forth the element of faith. And eventually even they will be resurrected to finish the work they were sent here to do, because I am going to tell you that every son and daughter of God, is going to finish, in the world, the work he was sent here to do if God has to raise him up and make him do it in the millennium. There is not defeat in God’s Kingdom. And you need to understand now that it is important for us to bring to you the fact that there is a responsibility that rests on every father and every mother to carry forth the instructions which pertains to race and to culture, and to God’s relationship to them, their responsibility in earth and what they are here for and to pass it on to every generation.

If there is a break down today in Patriotism and Nationalism, and racial self-respect, until it ends up in socialism and degeneration, the responsibility lies first that the parents must sow permanently into the minds of their children these cultural and basic facts concerning who they are and what they are. These then will bear fruit in the face of every other catastrophe that might be leveled against your nature. Someone said, ‘What about sin offerings?’ You cannot make any sin offering today. They are all atoned for. Someone said, ‘What about spiritual sacrifices?’ We have accepted ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME THE SPIRITUAL SACRIFICE OF THE CHRIST. And there is nothing to be added to it or taken from it as far as the CONSUMMATED ATONEMENT FOR TRANSGRESSION. But there are many spiritual services and many spiritual activities, and Divine operations which your spiritual Celestial is acquainted with, and which your spirit knows more about than your physical brain. Did you know that the spirit prays while you sleep? And it prays for things that the physical body does not even know about. The Apostle Paul tells us this.

Now, listen. Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit is the essence of God’s spirit. But the occupier who lived in this Holy Temple is you. Therefore, each one of you are inside a moving element, a unit of God’s Temple. Therefore, this Temple is the Temple of God’s Holy Spirit and you are the occupier. So you preach in that temple all the time, every day. And some priests have not done a single thing of Divine service, conscious of their knowledge in their lifetime as yet. So you see that the mighty elements must be activated and the only ones who can activate it are those who possess God’s spirit, under the direction of God’s Spirit itself. Some say that there is a lot of hope for some who look incorrigible. But some people in some denominaitons have already confined them to some type of religious torture. But my God does not stop there. For my God will activate that spirit, will awaken, and bring him out and make him perfore. For if anyone was performing in the wrong direction it was Saul, altho he did ot know it. But God stopped him right there and transformed Saul to Paul in the fulfillment of his ministry and you cannot say that it was Saul that chose the Father, for it was the FATHER who chose the son, and extracated him out of the Jewish influence he was in and established him in the position of the great Apostle which he was destined for from the beginnning.

Probably no man had a greater experience than this man. For he was taken into the heavens, and he walked into the presence of the MOST HIGH, was educated and developed, as God developed him to become the Apostle to the churches and the nations of His Kingdom. I tink it most significant as to some of th efacets which surround some of this Priesthood, that as you recognize that you are the Adamic household, the Adamic seed. (Must remember that Audaum means White man.) We have told you this before. But we will tell you again, Audaum or Adam means White man and Enosh means beings. And they also walk around but were created and they live in houses, but most of the things they have gotten for this living in the world they have gotten from your race in the last 7400 years. But the fact remains that Adam means White man. And these Adamic children have a responsibility in the earth. For you were sent here to do certain things. Therefore, when we say to you that these bodies of White men are temples of the Living God, that is exactly what we mean. Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, what about the Negroes? What about the Chinamen?’ There are no Negroes or Chinamen on the face of the earth whose bodies are the Temple of the Living God.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘but what about all the Evangelization, what about all the development that takes place when they see religion, or accept Christ?’ Anytime you can convey to the Negro or to the Chinaman who the right God is, then make him recognize the majesty of God’s purpose, the atoning work of Christ. Then you find that this was to redeem His children so they could finish the task from which they fell, and then finish the task set before them until they complete it. They were to gather the nations of the world and bring them back to the Right God, so that they will recognize the Right God instead of Lucifer and all of their idol worship. When you save a Negro from his devil ways and a Chinaman from worshiping his devil gods, you have brought him the salvation which God ordained you were to bring him. And eventually when the world is brought into place and is in perfect orbit with your God, you are going to bring in the greatest era of development that the world has ever seen. But you are not going to make them your brothers, you cannot organically do that. You cannot make someone who is no my Father’s son, your brother, one of your own household. Your Priesthood does not extend in this particular creation in this time in which you live. Your Priesthood does not extend to the point of transforming a man of another race into the household of the MOST HIGH GOD. Nor does it extend to you a process by which you are going to turn certain individuals from earth to heaven, or into such a dimension in which you once existed. This is why Christ said that no man could ascend into the Celestial heaven unless they came down out of it. Therefore, the fact remains that when things are good, then these other people are in the place God created for them to be, in perfect balance with Him.

SALVATION is the matter of saving men from error and from transgression, from the way they operate when in error, for when not in conjunction with God, they are in error and violating Divine Law. We have an ugly little word ‘sin.’ You cannot take it out of your vocabulary. It is there.

Now, it then becomes important for us to know that the one great and redeeming work of God, was not only to take away our guilt complexes, and our fears, but it was to establish a victory for us over sin. That is what God came into the world to do, to save himself from sin, not from himself. We have too many people today who think that God is trying to save people from His own wrath, their own judgement and their peculiar thinking as to what God is like. They have been trying to translate that kind of thinking into theology and even translate it into the scriptures. They have no business in trying to make God as narrow minded and as superstitious as the pagen thought they have gathered up around them, and still incorporate in some of the phases of their religion. When we tell you today that you in this body, are a Priest of th eLiving God, spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life, and dwelling in this physical body, then the Apostle Paul has given us other clarifications on this. While we have discussed this under other subjects it becomes important that we consider this again. Since your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, then it is for this reason that in the 6th chapter of Corinthians, that the scripture says, ‘BE YE NOT UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER WITHE UNBELIEVERS.’ You are not to be joined with them for WHAT FELLOWSHIP HATH LIGHT WITH DARKNESS, and what communion hath light with darkness.


Now since your body is the temple of the Living God, and you are the walking temple of God, then those who come frm other cultures and backgrounds and races, from followers of devils or witchdoctors, or totem poles, you have no communion toward that. You are not to be joined in with them, you are not to marry among them, you are not to be socially absorping them. You have nothing in common, and you cannot fulfill your destiny, or carry out your Divine responsibility as one of God’s family unless you are separated with a complete hued line, simple from the races and people of other cultures and background in the earth.

Now we will support this. What agreement hath the Temple of God with idols, for you are the temple of the Living God.---and God has said, ‘I WILL DWELL IN THEM AND I WILL WALK IN THEM, AND I SHALL CONTINUE TO BE THEIR GOD, AND THEY SHALL CONTINUE TO BE MY PEOPLE. Therefore, come out and be ye segregated, or be ye separate, and touch not the unclean things, so that I can receive you. You cannot move into the Holy of Holies carrying the world order with its philosophies of error. You have to come in with faith, and with vision before the MOST HIGH GOD, until you have learned to throw out superstition and be enlightned.

Now, then the Father says, I can be a Father unto you---and yo9u can act as my sons and my daughters, says YAHWEH the Almighty. Again, you are the temple and they are not the temple. They are of the temple of Belial.

When we talk about this Eternal Priesthood, it involves certain things which develop the moment your consciousness develops concerning these purposes as they develop. Suppose I tell you that here are great mysteries inside the scriptures and probably none more important than the life and the mystery of the seed which is inside of this temple which you are a part of. When the scripture is being used the Apostle Paul tells us in the 4th chapter of II Corinthans, that God who commands the Light to shine out of the darkness, the Creator and Author of all things,---also has shined, stirred, vibrated, in your heart to turn loose in the seat of your Celestial consciousness of the light of the knowledge, of the glory of YAHWEH---that shown in the face of Jesus the Christ. Wherefore you in this body, like Christ in His body,---God hath shinned in your heart, to charge that light battery of your Celestial being, with the light element of His creation, the great vibratory forces of energy which move thru spirit, and illuminated the face of Christ, and covered Him on the Mount of Transfiguration, this power which was revealed in His Resurrection and shown by His contenance that this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘He just came into my heart when I spoke some words, when I heard some evangelists.’ But this is a wavelength of some activity given to you that is like a radio wave to your television set and locks into your channel. This is Divine light, set by electricity with the essence of God’s own being.

Now turn to this next verse, for this is for the Priesthood of the MOST HIGH.----YE HAVE THIS TREASURE IN EARTHEN VESSELS inside of this body right now, that excellency which is of the power of God---already resident in you, for we have it in these earthen vessels, because God sent it to us. This is what we want to save. This Melchesidic Priesthood which is without beginning or end, is the Eternal Priesthood of God. We are told over in the book of Hebrews, how the ministry of Christ was this ministry of this endless Priesthood because he was one whose spirit was without beginning or end of days. And He had met Abraham, we are told, in the 7th chapter of Hebrews. Melchesidic, this King Priest, Incarnate MOST HIGH GOD---He met Abraham returning from the slaughter of kings and blessed him, to whom Abraham gave a tenth part of all. First being by interpretation being King of Righteousness, and after that, being King of Salem---KING OF PEACE.

Now, we are told that this King of Salem, this Priesthood, was without father, mother, without descent. Neither the beginning of days or the end of life, but was the Incarnate Being, the Son--Issue of God and abideth a Priest King continually.

Now, consider who this Melchesidic, this King of Salem, was because this patriarchal Abraham, whom God had selected was to not carry forth the responsibility of the highest plain of the White race. But Abraham that day, paid his tithe to Melchesidic,---that day as he gathered up his spoils from this battle of Chedorlamer, and of all the loot, the gold and everything else, he paid a tenth to Melchesidic, the King of Salem, who met him in this revelation upon this field. We are told that this Priest was greater than Abraham because Abraham gave him the tithe. He was ahead of Levi, who would be turned loose for the Priesthood for Israel. But Levi not yet born, was in the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thus Abraham and Levi who was to come---was written in the heavens as tithe to Melchesidic thru Abraham, his great grandfather.

Now, as you recognize this, the fact remains that this was a Divine Priesthood which belongs only to the Deity and to the Incarnate sons of God. And this Priesthood was to be passed down on to each one of God’s children, when they became aware of their sonship. And when they served as sons of God, they are saviors among men. You say, ‘Oh, I cannot accept that, Dr. Swift, for there is only one Savior.’ Well, if there is only one Savior, then, my friends, I am going to tell you that the scripture has been very much misunderstood, because the book of Isaiah says that He is going to send and they will be savior. And they are going out to the ends of the earth and they are going to set the captives free. Every time you get yourself into a problem and you need to get your self extracated from this trouble, and God raises up one of His mighty sons to save you, think again. You have had them in your mighty Generals, and had them in the form of great leaders. And you are the race that God used to remove the problems. And they save people from compete destruction in the earth. God, Himself, visited you as the Greatest Savior of all Saviors. And He took upon Himself thru the things that He suffered in His humanity, the right to assume the highest of all Priesthoods. This Priesthod which belonged to Him in the spirit WAS NOT PUT ON THE FLESH, and from that time on, upon a man in the flesh and a physical body, born of woman, this heaven born without descent, this Priesthood. I want you to know that with perfect justification, that the moment that took place on Calvary, at the sixth hour, that mighty Priesthood of God---thru the Holy Spirit---descended upon each and every one of His sons living in this physical body---doing the acts and works of God---bringing them closer each day to the time when they are going to think as He thinks and know as He knows, and act as He acts. And you are going to find out that you are Kings and Priests.

Often some people try to make Christ a division between the spiritual rule and the physical rule of men in the earth. And they are greatly disturbed. For instance, David was a man after God’s own heart. But he was also a great and mighty warrior. And because he was involved in great and mighty battles, he could not build the temple for the MOST HIGH. And this was left for a following King to build who was a great man of Peace, and known for his great spiritual wisdom, and his longing for the building of a house for God.

This was only significant in the great understanding and the responsibilities theser men assumed as they moved in their destinies, but has nothing to do with climactic events of your time. For God has placed this responsibility of Priests and Kings upon your race. Some are being developed for Kingship, others are being developed for Priests, for the essence of portraying the things which belong to God, to men. Some say, ‘But if they cannot make something which pertains to God by offering, then how can the Priest serve?’ Of coursc, there has been, all over Christendom, a constant Celestial offering brought before God’s people to lift this complex from them. Any time a minister can get across to someone in the congregation that he is not under condemnation, that he is not carrying on his back, all the transgressions and errors that he has committed, and that this atonement was consummated by Christ at the Cross, and that he absolutely believes now and for all time, that person has accepted a spiritual sacrifice which took place years ago. A one time Spiritual Sacrifice was offered. But the important thing of our time, is the conveyance of LIVE GIVING POWER. You see the spirit of God is the spirit of Life. And when God visited the earth and was born of this race of which you are a part, and took upon Himself the full responsibility of His Priesthood, remember what the Apostle Paul said. The Second Adam was A LIFE GIVING SPIRIT. Therefore, out of the Spirit that dwelt in the man Christ Jesus, went Life. It went to those who contacted it. And it went to those who came near it. Even those who touched the hem of His garment drew life out of it.

I want you to know that since you have passed the atonement, as you have moved into the hour when you are justified by His Spirit, when He, Himself, was fully Immaculate in His Righteousness,---as far as God is concerned, you stand justified before Him with not one charge against you. He has moved those transgressions against you as far as the East is from the West. And they are remembered against you no more. For this cause, there is nothing a man can say or do to stop what Jesus said as a Father speaking to you as a Shepherd, ‘ALL THAT THOU (spirit) HATH GIVEN ME SHALL COME, AND I WILL IN NO WISE CAST THEM OUT.’ There is not cause for which God will cast out a son. When this is understood, ALL THAT THE FATHER (spirit) HATH GIVEN ME SHALL COME. This it the mighty work of God’s spirit combing His Universe and developing His purpose as He consummates His plan.

Now, as your responsibility as Priest in your Temple becomes a life giving spirit because of the energy of Life in the face of Christ, the power that dominated Him is also resident in you. Someone said, ‘Well, there is not much light in me.’ But that is just because it is doemant for lack of use. The only thing today which stops your White race and Christian civilization from just stepping in and putting everything back in order like it belongs, is this lock on the brain placed there by listening to what the ‘world order’ has to say. Do you know that brain blockage rolled away and you started to think like former citizens of heaven, as you should, then you would immediately start every spiritual process working in your body. Do you know that there are a lot of people academically sick who are facing this New Age when the New Mortality is here for them, and the price has already been paid. They have already accepted the fact tha twhen Christ comes, then immortality will descend upon all of your race. And they have already been promised that all this is given to them now. But they say, ‘But I don’t think I am good enough. I think that I have fallen short here.’ But everybody has fallen short of the Glory of God. But everybody of the race has been reinstated to an equality with God, by His own Spirit. And His Spirit justifies you.

I am going to tell you something. If you believe God, tonight, you would be more praised than if you held back on this point. Some will say, ‘I am not satisfied that I am justified by His Spirit to stand before HIM, and I do not need to be justified again.’ Let me tell you something. If you believe God, it is counted for righteousness. If you don’t believe HIM, you do not get even what is imputed. I want you to recognize that if you will stop taking this brain block,---you know there is trouble in America today---and the reason for this trouble is that we have too many people in America who are of the temple of Belial. This the scripture tells us---they are Satan’s offspring. They are activated by one great war against God’s Kingdom. And their promises are all materialistic. And none of htem have spiritual life. Some are evaluated by emotion, and none by spiritual response in a physical body. They have come into your nation, and you should have never let them in. But they have now moved into positions of authority. They use the mighty power of their purse. And they surround the Presidtn, and today, there are more non-Christians around the President. And that is why we are in trouble. You find this out and yet most of this nation is against Communism, most in this nation are against double dealing. Most of this nation wants to get along and yet resist Communism. Most of the nation is against high taxation, and donot want to use your money on the pagans all over the world and want to stop it. So why do they not rise and stop it?

Why don’t you move? Why do you not tell your Congressman what to do? Why do you not let them know that 140 million of you want them to run this nation right? You say, ‘I want to do this, but I am waiting for some one to start it.’ This is a brain block. For you have been told that you cannot have it. They have told you that you better look out, there will be government forces. There will be the army, the air force, and the marines to contend with. But these forces are made up of your sons. When you start to release the power of God’s spirit, when you start to proclaim truth, it is going to sweep from one end of this nation to the other and it will become current. One of these days you are going to stand up and say---’you are not going to run us any more.’ And we will have Presidents that will open their thinking for the day with a request for the guidance of God. And there will not be any Communists that will talk up to us because we no longer are going to take that kind of thing. We are going to occupy the earth, and we are going to rule for our Father and we will be Kings and Priests in the earth.

Someone said, ‘But we will have to fight.’ That is right, but then we have always had to fight to even exist in the earth. Before we are thru we are going to fight evil to a standstill. We are going to banish it from the earth. We are going to see that the laws of God are enforced, and the world will see its greatest day.

Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, I am just praying for a great revival. For Soviet Russia is going to sweep China and it is going to sweep Africa. So I am praying for this Revival which shall come any minute now.’ I said, ‘Who told you that?’ He said, ‘Well, I heard it on this broadcast and I have heard it on that broadcast. And I have heard this preacher and that one telling us this, saying that a great revival is going to sweep the world and then all are going to be Christians and we will all live happily ever after.’ I said, ‘Well, they must have a different Bible than I have. Mine tells me that you can preach day after day and year after year, and you have bben doing this for almost 2000 years. And you can say, yes, we White Christians are one sixth of the worlds population, and that is right. But there is more of them than there was before, because that population is also building back up again to where it was before the Ante-diluvian catastrophe. And you are not making much headway.

A few years ago, the United Churches of Christ were joining with other movements to form a denomination. But the United Churches of Christ does not need to be a denomination. The great and mighty Christian Church is an institution and does not have to conform to any Ecclesiastical hierarchy in the world. And we sure do not need a new one. What we are waiting for is the day of One Faith, one Baptism, one LORD, when all the children, Priests in their Holy Temple, serve before the world. Let me tell you this. The Churches of Christ have been falling for this ‘brotherhood’ program of Jewry. And like the Pentacostal group which went down to the big conference which they held down in Jerusalem, and the Jews paid the bills, and then they paid to have a conference set in America. And they had about three or four Ambassadors before they were thru. Having treated them well, and paid for all their spaces while they Evangelized, all these churches thought this was wonderful. For it had been paid for by Jewry. And everything related to it ever since. But they got a lot of press agents for a little bit of money.

But I want to tell you something which is very interesting. This is that you do not make any headway when you deal with Satan’s children. If these Churches of Christ which have spent quite a few million dollars for Evangelization----they have been gathering up a lot of money and pouring it into missions down in Jerusalem. And now this is the result. The Church of Christ has ceased having missions in Jerusalem because the Jews have been hurling stones at them. This has been brought to question and an extraordinary meeting has been called for tomorrow. The commissioner of Jerusalem called the meeting. The minister of this Church of Christ in Israel, had asked for police protection. And alto theey have been engaged there for six years, they only have thirty more people coming after all those years, to join with the minister and his wife and six children, for services, after all the time and the money spent in Israeli. And I will wager that all those outside of the minister, his wife and their six children, are Arabs. I will wager that those who come to church are Lebanese and not Israeli’s. Last Sunday night, there was great blast and it broke up the congregation, and the minister said that there would be no more services there unless they have police protection. Can you imagine any Christian service getting police protection down in Israeli?

So the paper said that all of the animosity of the Jew against Christians was because of all the advertised publicity of this trial. But they should not be mad at the Christians, for after all, it is a Jew on the stand. I do not know about the original Eichman, but the fellow down there now on the stand, is a Jew. They have brought him back to Israeli and they say they will hang him if he does not take up Judaism. But I think he is a phoney from the word go. And if he is not a phoney, he is someone who has been given a lobotamy. For anyone who would turn Jew in any circumstances, is utterly touched in the head. Whether they are movie stars or anything else. I even think that Sammy Davis Jr. went down hill after he became a Jew.

I think it is significant for us to recognize that the Priesthood is a family affair, that the kingship in God’s Universe in every sphere of it is a family affair. I think that you should recognize that this is a family affair. We say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.’ We have no time to finish this subject, but when we say, the children of the Heavenly Father, those nations are most loved. And your responsibility is greater because of who you are. (End of message)