Power Of God, 4-13-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-13-69

As we open our Bibles this week after Easter, and think about the power of HIS Resurrection, we would recall to your thoughts that tho YAHSHUA the Messiah died on the Cross, the Power of HIS Resurrection was Spirit. And also, YAHWEH is Spirit. And those who worship HIM must worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth. Remember, that the spirit is not only the Father of matter, but that YAHWEH never died. The body prepared for HIM knew death. And as far as it being a Divine body, yes--it was a Divine body.---In fact, we are told in the book of Colossians, that it pleased YAHWEH that the fullness of HIM could dwell in the man Christ Jesus. And tho that body hung on the Cross, carried all the transgressions for HIS race and all the transgressions of the whole world, and as it died, was committed unto the hands of the Father---the soul consciousness passed in to its contest with Beelzebub in the Netherworld. The power that raised Christ from the grave was the power of a Living and vital YAHWEH, for God never died.

If God had died the Universe would have been wiped out. But God did not die, for God is Spirit. And they who worship HIM, just worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth. Thus, it is as God is Spirit and the essence of this is brought to pass, we understand that God is Light, and the Life of men.

We turn to Colossians again, and catch a concept of the Spirit for we are told concerning these things, by the Apostle Paul, who is very happy and very significantly aware that we are strengthened with all might, according to HIS glorious power unto all patience and long suffering with joyfulness--giving thanks unto the Father which hath made us meet to be partakers of this great inheritance of HIS breathing offspring in light. That we might be therefore inheritants of HIS glorious power and that we are joint partakers with all the other breathing offspring of God in Light.

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and translates us into the Kingdom. And now talking about the Christ, Paul tells us this. Who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of HIS creation. HE is talking about the embodiment of God, the man YAHSHUA, the Messiah, Christ Jesus. For by HIM were all things created whether they be in the heaven or in the earth. Whether they be visible or invisible. Whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities or powers. All things were created by HIM and for HIM. HE is before all things and by HIM all things exist.

Therefore, as talks about the magnitude of the Greatness of God, who understands---tho God dwelt in the flesh, tho God died in a body of flesh, yet, God never knew extinction. Never died in the areas of Spirit which fills the heavens and the earth. So the power of God lies in the Spirit. The power of God lies in the power that created all the heavens and all the earth and all the Universe. For it tells us that HE created all the powers and all principalities, every plain and every dimension in all the patterns of the Universe. The electronic field, the light planes in all areas in which the Spirit exists.

For actually, in the light planes and dimensions of light, we find the spiritual realm and that is why HE dwells in the Light, for HE is the Light tat is the light of men. For the Spirit is the real light of men. You have a spiritual body, a body composed of light. And you have a body, a physical body. The physical body may contain more elements, yet the physical body can know death. But the Spiritual body cannot die. It is begotten of incorruptible seed and it lives and abides forever. Thus, it is that Jesus said, ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life, he that lives and believes in ME----.’ And here what did HE say?-- ‘Ye shall never die.’

Therefore, God points out because you are the Household of YAHWEH, the offspring of YAHWEH, then you are the incorruptible seed and you live and abide forever. And in this Faith, and in this understanding of this Faith, you possess your soul.

Now, under this instance of this, YAHWEH talks about power in the physical world. YAHWEH designs to produce in a physical world, everything in the image of the Spirit, from the Spiritual plane HE has possessed in dominion.

HE not only has promised this, but HE promises to envelope the physical world with Spiritual power and enclose it with Light. HE promises to do this with HIS Household and HE also promises that the day will come when the physical world and the spiritual world will be as one.

So under these circumstances, Paul says, ‘All these things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made that was made.’

Then HE talks about power. In the instance of this, we want to point out that after the resurrection and shortly after, the Disciples had been with HIM. Then they went out to the hill, where shortly, HE was to depart from them. Now they didn’t realize this, but as they came out toward the hill, they saw a cloud sitting on that hill and as they came toward that cloud, Jesus said to them, ‘I want you to return to Jerusalem and wait there to be endowed with power from on high. For you shall have power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you.’

The translation in it fullness is:----You shall have power after the fullness of MY Spirit, after the fullness of MY presence, for I will come unto you.

Christ declared this in the 14th chapter of John. Altho the Disciples did not always understand this. Jesus said that HE would pray the Father that HE would send on them, the power of the spirit, for they were children of the spirit, and the power of HIS Spirit could be understood and used in a physical world, and HE said, ‘I will come unto you.’

Therefore, Christ is the Father. HE is the fullness of the Spirit. HE is the embodiment of YAHWEH and HE says, ‘I will come unto you.’

Therefore one of the situations in which the Disciples found themselves as Jesus walked into and disappeared into this cloud, was that two men came out of this cloud--two messengers--and they said, ‘Ye men of Galilee, don’t stand there looking into this cloud. This same ONE, this mighty Christ that you saw go, is going to return just as you have seen HIM go.’ That mighty Flag Ship which was hidden in the clouds took off and it carried HIM into the heavens and the two messengers returned the same way.

This great sight of the ascension and the power of the ascension left the disciples musing. They pondered all this power of this super dreadnaught in which Christ swept out into space.

So the Disciples went back to Jerusalem and they stayed there until they were empowered with power from on high. Thus, it is that the Apostle Paul tells us that we can receive, for we are the inheritors of HIS Glorious power.

What is this Glorious power? My friends, it is the Power of God. It is as much power as you have perception, light, vitality, and individual Spiritual perception to receive. That is how much power you have. There is no limit on the power of YAHWEH. There is no limit on the power of YAHWEH to protect HIS Kingdom. There is no limit on the power of YAHWEH to provide for HIS Kingdom. This power was shown to you in the Old Testament as HE provided for HIS Household. HE did this again in the New Testament. And so it is that we see this strange operation of mighty power.

We take a look at the whole earth and round about it and some people say it is just like it was thru out all ages. Don’t you believe it. This world was made every bit by the hand of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. HE has made everything that exists within ti. And every pattern of the Universe, HE has made. And it is still a world subject unto HIM. HE has the power, so don’t forget that.

Now, we go back into the Old Testament period and we think of how the powers of darkness and the forces of evil designed to try to move in on the Adamic race. They are still trying it today. Make no mistake about that.

In the book of Revelation, it tells us concerning this in one of the signs of the latter days. (Rev. 9) An Angel sounds his trumpet and John sees a star falling as it is out of the heavens and it has a key to the bottomless pit. And he opens up the bottomless pit----and out of that pit comes smoke, a great smoke. And the air is darkened by this smoke and this smoke contains thousands and thousands of locusts, and they come buzzing out of the pit. In reality, they are evil demons or evil spirits with satanic power and they come out of the pit to try to take over all the world. They are trying to gather up the hosts of Luciferian nations and all those who have succumbed to Lucifer’s design and plan and they want to hurl all those powers of Satan against the Kingdom of God. This, my friends, is their final pattern of assault.

And John saw here this darkened cloud as the power of Lucifer emerges. And it says here in Revelation, chapter 9, and the 11th verse, that these evil powers that came out of the pit had a king over them who is the Angel out of the bottomless pit. And the name of this Angel in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon and in the Greek tongue it is Appollyon. And as we see all this power, we remember that it tells us more about this power of Lucifer in the 12th chapter of Revelation. There is tells us that the power of Lucifer which has always been against the people of YAHWEH and HIS Kingdom, is now in the final assault on the Kingdom. This time, all the Satanic forces are concentrated on the Kingdom.

We go back into the Old Testament and we see that the Luciferian force always designs evil. They pattern evil. In the instance of what happened in the Upper Tarim Basin, is a good example. For there where Noah lived, the powers of Satan had sought to mongrelize, to integrate the White race in all ways. And the people of tat basin had become degenerated into a deplorable condition as they followed the rules of Satan for the earth. Here had come the fallen Angels and they mixed with people of earth and they had degenerated until even their evil Baal priests were flesh eaters---cannibals. That is where you get the world Cain-Baal. Or priests of Baal. So in that day, YAHWEH looked down and HE saw this great catastrophe and HE warned Noah. And HE said to Noah, ‘It is time for these people to shape up or I will wipe them out.’ So HE chose Noah to build the boat. And I imagine they thought Noah was a funny old man to be building a boat out on the plains of that High Plateau, where the only water was some artesian springs. For they didn’t know that their land was over a vast area of an underground ocean. So the people laughed at Noah as he preached and built for 120 years. He warned the people about their patterns of corruption and he told them what would happen to them as YAHWEH would all at once not put up with their Satanic design. Thus, the warning before time.

The scripture tells us that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Coming of the Son of Man. Well, Noah warned these people and they laughed.

I was thinking as I listened the other day to Mayor Allioto of San Francisco, as he said on the 18th of April, San Francisco would hold an Earthquake Ball. They would dance in the streets, for all these silly prophets to see who are predicting that there will be another earthquake in San Francisco. So on this anniversary of the great Quake, we in San Francisco will take to the streets and we will laugh and enjoy ourselves. All right, laugh. But will the day come when they get their comeuppance?

Anyway, the people laughed in the days of Noah. And then one day Noah and his family and all things that were to be in the ark, were in place. And God closed the door. And the Bible tells me that a little cloud came over and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and a great earthquake came and opened up the fountains of the deep and this subterranean ocean was discovered and the water came up to that great rim of this inland sea and then the water ran down the great Wang Ho River into China, and down the rivers which passed the Ur of the Chaldeas, the great basin between these two rivers--the Euphrates and the Tigris. And that flood wiped out all these smartalecks who thought they knew more than the man that YAHWEH had called.

So here again, in this hour, the forces of Satan have only one thought and that is to destroy the race of the sons of YAHWEH. This was a Luciferian plot from the beginning, to mongrelize and integrate this race of the sons of YAHWEH. But the power of God--remember--was sufficient to bring the rain and drop the earth and drown those who had defied all the awakening HE had sent them.

Now, as I listened, even the TV is talking about an earthquake which will come. Now it may not happen this April, and it may not happen this year or the next. But this I know. God Almighty does not give visions to ministers and visions to HIS people and give warnings of judgment without a reason. These people who have been mocking and mocking reminds me that the Scriptures say that they will be mocking the Kingdom of God in the last days. And that they will be wining and dining and dancing in the streets and catastrophe comes upon them. In this hour this is a strange and unique situation that we see here.

But there is power in God and HE moves out to protect HIS people. HE moves out to utilize the earth. And in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, it demonstrates how far the power of God goes in this matter. It tells you here how there was a great war in the heavens and how Michael the Great Prince drove Lucifer from the heavens and drove him to earth. Then it tells how Lucifer went to make war with Israel--the woman--who produced the Man Child---the woman who produces God’s scriptures and God’s culture. Then you read how the Serpent was to cast out of his mouth the flood which will swallow up the woman but how the earth is to help the woman and the earth swallowed up the flood which came out of the Dragon. Now the Dragon was angry because he went to make war with the woman who has the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ, the Israel of God, the Issue of God. So the Dragon is at war with you.

In the fullness of God as Jesus walked here in earth, do you know what HE said HE came here to do? HE came to overthrow all the work of the devil. That’s what the Kingdom was built here for--to overthrow the work of the Kingdom of the devil. And now much power is there for you? There is all power sent forth from God to accomplish this for HIS Household of this day.

So as we look again at this situation,---the flood thought to swallow the woman but the earth helped her. Then remember in the days when Moses was leading out of captivity, the Children of Israel, and God dried up the Red Sea and Israel walked thru on dry land, and then how HE fed and cared for HIS people. Still at that time, even there were evil men and they moved in among the Levi and they stirred up trouble and then they began to say, ‘why listen to Moses, why follow his leadership?’ So God said, ‘Get back, Moses, and let Me at them.’ But Moses said, ‘O please LORD there may be some Israelites among them. But God said, ‘Don’t worry, Moses, I’m not going to destroy Israel. But you go tell these people that I have given you a vision and in that vision you saw that I am going to suddenly open up the ground and swallow up all these people around Israel. And they when the people of Israel see these that will die peculiar deaths, then they will know that I have chosen you.’

So we understand the power of God. And in that day the earth opened up and swallowed Korah and the men who followed him and they and all their goods perished from the midst of the congregation. All Israel that was round about them fled because they were afraid. Then fire from the Lord came out and burned 250 men who had sought to offer incense before Korah.

Listen, my friends. There is more damage in a tremor than in an atom bomb. And God can just wiggle a finger and the earth shifts and moves. This is an example of how God protects HIS leadership and HE did this in the days of Noah and Moses and also Abraham. For I think of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and what the power of God did to the people of those cities.

As it as in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it is to be in this latter day, with this Luciferian household, and this Luciferian kingdom and these Luciferian children.

Now, turn to the book of Peter and we see what it says about their ways to deceive. God didn’t spare the Angelic hosts that transgressed. But delivered them unto chains of darkness until the end. HE didn’t spare the old world of Noah when in that day their design was to destroy the Kingdom of God. HE did not spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Instead, He made an example of them who live ungodly. But HE delivered just Lot, because he was vexed by their wickedness. And here today, these people are the descendants of these same Luciferian forces. And they are at work and their design is to wipe out the Kingdom, just like they have tried to do since the days of Adam. Look around today. See these anti-Christians as they push sex education and all their filth in the schools and churches of our nation.

The scriptures say that these people are natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. They receive the reward of their unrighteousness. They count it a pleasure to riot in the day time. Well, look at our colleges, and how they are rioting in the day time. Some of them are taking pleasure from this rioting because they have been taken by the Satanic prophets and a degenerate society.

Now it says, ‘They are blasphemers, sporting themselves among their own deceivers, while they feed upon you. Having eyes full of adultery that cannot see truth, unstable people--cursed children is what God calls them. This is the scum that has come out of the pits of hell and that seeks to destroy our children and our nation. Thus, it is that all the Luciferian forces with all their evil power are out to destroy your nation. Remember that the United States of America and all the Christian nations are under attack by these Luciferian forces and this is an all-out attack and don’t you forget it.

So God speaks and HE says that HE is about thru with this situation. But there is power for anything HE seeks to do even to the shaking of the earth any time HE wants to.

Power, like the former rain, which came in the great age when the Disciples went back to Jerusalem to wait for their power from God. And we are told that all at once came a force as tho a mighty wind---the force such as holds the Universe together. Power came to the Disciples and they were illuminated as with neon fire and they sat with cloven tongues of it upon their heads and then they started to speak and the people of that city and those Israelites that had come to Jerusalem for this climactic time, all stood to listen to these Disciples speak. And then they marveled for these men spoke in their languages so they could understand them. They were speaking in the language of Britain and of Germany and of Spain, and all the Mediterranean area where the Israelites had scattered to. The power of God was present there.

Then you remember Peter. He who was so frightened that he denied his LORD. He as so downhearted when he followed the crowd and then so discouraged when he heard Jesus say, ‘It is finished.’ Then came the Resurrection and Peter came to life. But here at Pentecost, the power of the Spirit hit that fishermen and he was galvanized to speak. He told this gathering, of the Resurrection and he told them that the power of God was present here at that hour. And he accused the Jews of the Crucifixion of Christ. And he preached the Gospel to those of Judah and Benjamin gathered there.

Well, what happened? Over 3000 were baptized and the Spirit of God moved out on that church and that was the ‘former rain.’ The former rain or first outpouring of God’s Spirit was here at Pentecost.

In the book of Joel, it says ‘I send the former rain and then I’ll send the latter rain without measure.’ The former rain would be moderate, but the latter rain will come without measure.

Now the LORD talks about a short work of righteousness. HE says, ‘I will do a short work of righteousness and it shall last a short time.’ The Greek word is_____(entracks?) And that is about 7 days to 2 weeks. That is how short it is.

So the short work of righteousness an dafter this will I COME. I will pour out MY Spirit upon MY sons and daughters in a ‘latter rain’ of spiritual power.

You know Peter and John came walking into the Temple to speak again and the Jews were going to challenge them. And this beggar began to cry out to them. Peter said, ‘I don’t have silver and gold, but in the NAME OF JESUS THE CHRIST, RISE UP AND WALK.’ The man leaped up and shouted and ran down the steps. This man had known the power of God and the whole country was talking about this. And then the miracles came and the sick were healed. This was that happened in the former rain. I want you to know that this was the former rain and this was just moderate power.

Now, you are told that there will be a ‘latter rain’ and in this latter rain, a short work of righteousness. That in just a few weeks of spiritual power the church is going to have the dynamic power of God that will move thru out the structure of the church and move out TO THE PEOPLE. That this power moves to seek, and there will be Miracle power. There will be help. There will be vitality and it is going to come with suddenness. And it will be a short work of righteousness.

I want you to know that all of these conditions that you are beginning to see are the measure of this and the hope of this. By your Faith, ‘so be it unto you.’ You are going to see a victory over the powers of darkness. You are going to see a victory over the Soviet Union and over Red China. You are going to see the hand of God step in, for you are people protected by the power of God. How much Power? All power. For without HIM, was not anything made.

It makes no difference whether it is the shaking earth or whether it is a meteorite shower as God sent it out of the heavens back in the days when Joshua was called to lead and God stopped the Canaanites and the Mongolians one mile away and stopped them cold and with a meteor shower.

We turn over here now and we see that the Apostle Paul says, ‘Therefore HE hath strengthened us with HIS glorious power.’ HIS Glorious Power. What is that? A Faith that you will perceive and recognize and understand. God says, ‘Upon My sons and daughters, the children of the incorruptible seed whom I have predestined to conform to MY own Image, I have power for them, and power according to their Faith and their understanding.

I think we are going to understand and know more about the power of God as we see the power of the enemy rise. And we see the area of his corruption, as we see the design to demoralize our society. Then we will see the anger rise up in the continence of MY people, and THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A CANAANITE LEFT IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.

(End of sermon)