Power Of The Kingdom, 6-12-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-12-62

We are speaking upon this subject ‘the Power of the Gospel of the Kingdom’---the great and essential understanding today for those who constitute the children of God’s Kingdom, and HIS Household, and the understanding of what that Kingdom consists of. What is the secret of it----THERE IS NO OTHER GOSPEL. This is strange for we were listening to one clergyman over the air, and he said, ‘I am happy, for there is only one Gospel for me to preach, and this is the Gospel of Salvation.’ Then he started right in trying to frighten everyone he was talking to as to what would happen to them if they did not heed what he had to say about this Gospel of Salvation. And in so talking about their ultimate destiny, then the only thing for them to do was to agree with him and repeat after him what he had to say and then you were a saved person. And this Gospel of Salvation to him was the most important thing to proclaim. Then as he was very happy that he could preach the Gospel of Healing, and that this was probably the most important thing which could be proclaimed today because so many people were ill, so he was here to preach the Gospel of Healing. Then after many dire pronouncements concerning what was wrong with everybody, and where they were ultimately going to go, he held out the bond of healing and said if they would accept what he said, and recognized Christ as their Savior, that they could have HIS Gospel of Healing.

Last night I heard a preacher saying that he was praying the most powerful prayer that had even been prayed. And he told you what to do in order to make it effective. This was to write back to him RIGHT AWAY. And then I heard that this was the ‘new gospel’ of the 20th century conformation. So every once in a while I hear about another gospel. But there is only one Gospel and that is the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus walking among men---God incarnate in human form preached only one Gospel. This Book tells me in the book of Matthew, in the writings of Mark and in those of Luke, the Jesus went about all Galilee preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and healing all manners of disease. But---HE preached the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

I think when it fully dawns on us as to what that Gospel of the Kingdom consists of, and we see how it is brought into relationship to everything we think, for salvation is an element in the process of God’s Kingdom---inside of it---not outside. It is the process of putting everyone back in proper adjustment with the MOST HIGH GOD. Oh, you say, ‘But that does not fit into my idea of salvation. My idea of salvation is to keep someone from going to hell.’ Where is hell? Tell me about it. They way, ‘well, the Bible tells me that is where I will go if I do not meet certain requirements.’ Why would anyone tell you anything like that? Salvation is the work of God to adjust men to Himself. To put them on a course of light and stability. Salvation is to reach men and give them what they must have to be in proper balance with God. Salvation is not a design that God has prepared to save people from Himself. Can you imagine God coming to earth and dying to save you from Himself because HE had too much wrath and violence in HIS nature that HE had to die to save you from Himself?

Oh, you say, ‘But, Dr. Swift, that is not fundamental.’ But it IS just as fundamental as the doctrine of some clergy. There is a difference in their fundamental, built on another foundation. I am not interested today in the errors of theology. I am interested in the Truth of God which sets men free. This concept that God came to set men free from punishment which HE was going to give them forever and forever after they died, is no where taught in any place in the original text of the scripture. But it was taught that HE had Salvation and this Salvation was to save them from all the conditions and errors which effect men where they live and where they were having problems. Because the Laws of God are immutable. The Laws of God are the construction of everything and every phase of or possibility of existence. And because the Laws of God are as this, then when men violate them, they reap the results of them, not because God is trying to do something or get a revenge upon them, but it is because of the way the Laws of God are made. And when you challenge them, you fall into this judgement. You are judging yourself by the law that you violate. The mind of God is in everything that you put together. The very energy, the power and the determination of HIS mind is in every atom, in every sidereal system in space. It is in every pulsing cell of life and it is in every thing that exists. HIS mind holds together everything in electorial balance everything that exists, that moves or does not move----everything that exists. Everything has its existence in HIM, but HIS person is apart from the presence of the energy of HIS mind. That is why all things are made by HIM. And the Apostle Paul in spiritual concept, declared that ‘all things were made by HIM and without HIM, nothing was made that exists. All things consist because HE exists.’

Now, in the instance of this, HE has put everything together and the law of creation, the law of existence, the law which is just as precise as the human mind is capable of perceiving. There are mathematical laws, there are chemical laws, there are laws of the progressiveness, and of the increase, and of physics. There are laws that take in the full mathematical values whether it be in the crops of the fields or whether it be in the exchange force which men call money. There are laws so mathematically and so divinely perfect, that they will not permit within them for a purpose, the concept of greed and a concept of individual selfishness. That so taking out an undo portion of the economy, they set up depressions and recessions out of the usury which has been created. The laws of God do not say that ‘I sent you a depression because you disobeyed me.’ The depression came because you permitted something to happen. When men start to realize that there was only one thing that came forth from God, as directed toward you and HIS Household, and that is GOOD---there is only one element of God’s nature that ever came forth toward HIS people and that is LOVE. And even when HE chastises under the law, which exists, HE is only permitting it for good. Every once in a while, God steps in with HIS own intervention and changes the protection patterning from the holding purposes of the law.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your ability to become aware in your existence--to life--in the events which have been surrounding you, your ability to record in it your own individual acts, your ability to record those acts is just the development of your soul. Thus, deep inside of all of our men are all of their experiences and all of their responses and their reactions to the things which are in the environment round about and over all their conscious approach to what God has ordained and to what HE has stated. There is only one set of rules which operate the Universe and there is only one set of knowledge relative to it and that is the Law of God.

Someone said, ‘don’t you believe in Grace?’ Well, when God gave you the Law, that was a great act of Grace. HE saved you from trying by trial and error many things in your society, until you can understand and participate now with the acceptance that God gave it. When God appeared on Mount Sinai, in all of the majesty and Glory of that hour of the handing and giving unto Moses of the Law, with a great company of HIS Celestial Saints from the household of the heavens with HIM, the great and mighty spectacle of it,----and we have the story of it over in the book of Deuteronomy. But people never read that in the book of Deuteronomy and realized that the Eternal was not alone that day when He approached the mountain and gave them the Law. It was a tremendous spectacle. We know that Glory radiated round the mountain, and all that was involved in it was the Eternal Father handing to Moses, and to HIS children, the might knowledge of HIS Law. And to this people who were of the purest strain of HIS race, were now given the commission to establish in the earth a Kingdom with full authority and full power, to enforce this Law, and to live by this Law, and to establish the dynasty of this rule that we could follow. The Covenants with your race were built around the Covenants of a Kingdom.

We have been told many, many times, that the Kingdom is not in this world or of it. But if you think that God does not intend to establish a Kingdom in this world, then you tell me why HE sent you down here to begin with. If the main purpose of God was to get the Celestial sons and daughters into the Plains of Heaven,----well, that is where they were in the beginning----therefore, HE did not have to send them down at all. There was not one process that the Father instituted to get you into heaven. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, do you believe in Heaven?’ Yes, I believe in Celestial realms. I believe in the vastness of God’s creation. I believe we have all of the evidence and the records of what God has spoken unto the Patriarchs and to our fathers since the world began; and all the experiences of men like Enoch and Elijah and John and others saw. For they went somewhere, and they came back from somewhere. And they saw a lot of things while they were there. And I accept their report until someone can explain better than they did as to where they went. The Apostle Paul tells us where he went, whether in the spirit of in the body, he said that he could not tell.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is all of the things that HE has unveiled according to HIS purposes for the earth. HE calls it the Gospel of the Kingdom. There is one major project that the Father discusses and HE talks of this over in the 2nd chapter of Philippians. And that is---that the name of YAHSHUA (Jesus) that every knee is going to bow of the things in the earth and under the earth. And we are told here that every tongue is going to confess that Jesus the Christ is LORD, unto the Eternal glory of God forever. That is the main project.

Someone then says, ‘what then is the main project that the Old Testament does profess?’ They had all of the instructions God gave leading up to such an event. In fact, the most important event for the Adamic race the people of Israel was the coming of God to dwell among them in human form. They anticipated it. They knew that this was Messiah. Isaiah said, ‘Unto us a Child is given, unto us a Son is born.’ And then he tells about it. ‘HIS name shall be called Wonderful, the Mighty God.’ They knew that was what they were waiting for. And that was what was going to dwell in the earth. And HE was coming to them for a purpose. Someone said, ‘Well, the Adamic race had fallen. They had transgressed. They were under sin. They were doomed to death. They were waiting to be saved.’ Yes, they were waiting for Salvation. But that Salvation was coming thru HIS visit with them and that Atonement HE had promised on earth. And that is the only thing HE ever taught you to pray for--- ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth.’ And who did HE tell you to pray to? ‘Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.’ No other people on the face of the earth can do that. Did you know that?

Do you know that we have tried to teach that prayer to the Chinaman and to the Hottentots, but they cannot pray that prayer? The only people who can pray that prayer ‘Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,’----the only people who can pray that prayer are the children of our Father, who have come out of the spirit and are now born in the earth from the seed of Adam. You can say ‘Our God,’ but not your ‘Father’.

Someone said, ‘but Dr. Swift, look at all of these people we have saved in Africa.’ An Evangelist introduced one to me the other day, saying, ‘this is one of my converts.’ I talked to him for a little while and I can understand that. But we are not interested in anyone’s opinions, we are interested in every word that comes out of the mouth of God. I want you to know today, that God kept HIS covenants and HIS promises. And HE made a consummate Atonement. But when Christ was the embodiment of YAHWEH, walking the earth, when HE was here, what did HE preach? HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. And HE talked about the coming Kingdom to be set up. HE talked about how the Kingdom was going to rule over the earth. HE talked about how HE was going to gather HIS Elect from the fore corners of the heavens. HE talked about how HE was going to gather all the evil out of the earth. HE talked about that day when that Kingdom would be triumphant. And then HE said that HE would give you power over all things. HE said, ‘I am going to give you power over all of the devils.’ We are in the sophisticated age when we do not believe in devils. If you had been watching what was going on around here last week, you would have known that there were lots of devils. I am going to tell you that devils walk around your country with clothes on. They may not all have horns, but they are here.

Someone said, ‘Are you against devils?’ Well, academically, I am against their interference with God’s Kingdom. I am against all of the processes that they stand for. But there is something else about the Gospel of the Kingdom that makes it so big. The Gospel of the Kingdom not only teaches us about God on earth, but to the farthermost star. It not only teaches the Kingdom of God on earth, but also teaches us the authority of God to bring it to pass. And HE said, ‘I will give you the power to deal with the devils.’ One time Michael swept them out of the heavens. They are fallen Angels, unassimilatable offspring, catastrophes. Most of them are the residue of the people here on earth after the upsetting of the law in ancient times.

When God sent your race here to earth, HE sent you here to build HIS Kingdom, and Adam was to have dominion over it. There was another creation. There were the Enosh, the men and women of other races. Then there was another begatting of another creation when the issue of God, the children of Adam, the race of which you are a part. You did not come into earth with a Utopian destiny without error, for you made errors. You were involved in error as your race fell. It did not fall outside of God’s destiny. HE has determined that you will have returned to you everything that you have lost. And HE is going to see that you finish the course that HE sent you here to finish. That is why the sovereignty of God’s Kingdom is not only absolute, but it contains every ingredient that shall bring it to pass. And when I tell you that it is an absolute Gospel, then anything lacking when you preach that does not contain the Gospel of the Kingdom, is not a full Gospel. It reaches out to even these devils cast out into the earth and now creating this catastrophe here. Thus, God is establishing HIS Kingdom in the earth until these devils bow the knee and acknowledge that you are the children of God, that you are the pleasure of God, and they will worship at your feet.

Yes, I believe that. And I also believe that there is not a devil in the earth who is not a follower of Lucifer. But one of these days he will get down on his knees and acknowledge Christ. He is going to acknowledge the Christ in you and he is going to acknowledge the fullness of Christ in YAHWEH and in all history. He is going to acknowledge that the Eternal is Master of the Universe. And he is going to ask for his job back. He is going to admit that he was not a successful devil, and it would be better to be an Angel.

Someone said, ‘But that is not right. I want to torture that old boy forever and forever.’ What would you want to do that for? Let me tell you something. The enemy has no power to create any misery for you if you are within the wall of Truth. You cannot create any trouble for the keeper of HIS Law. God says, ‘Any man who keeps MY Laws andabides in it has My protection.’ Nothing can happen to him. Oh, but you say, ‘Dr. Swift, nobody kept that law.’ That is right. But the Grace of God comes along and says ‘I kept it perfectly for you.’ So where you have failed, you have ‘MY Law which is still perfect to build you up and protect you.

I listened to a preacher who came on the air the other day, and he said, ‘I am so glad that I am a ‘saved’ man. I do not have to keep the Law. I can do anything I want to. I can do that and do this.’ Well, what a silly testimony for a preacher on the air. You say, ‘What is the matter?’ Well, he is not saved by any law. The law contains its own form and its own results. Eternal Life is a Divine gift. He has just discovered how Gracious God is. And you don’t have to get up and testify for the Graciousness of God when you don’t understand HIS Law. This man said, ‘I am sure that I am not going to Hell, but everyone who does not accept the truth will.’

I am going to tell you something else about this word Hell. About 75% of the time where it is translated as ‘Hell’ it comes from the word Sheol or the grave. And that is the ‘wages of sin is death.’ The gift of God is Eternal Life. And Jesus said, ‘I come so that you might have it more abundantly.’ We often cited to you from the Apostle Paul that you do not ‘sow in one field and reap in another.’ The thing which God came to save men from was darkness, fear, and superstition, guilt complexes which were poured down upon them, and the transgressions which came from having your minds out of adjustment with the strategy of God. Do you know how to save a man’s soul? Get him to think ‘right.’ And let the mind of God pulse within him and soon you will have that man back in adjustment with God, and out of fear. And he will start to live.

Do you know that as long as your theology embraces all of the fears, the judgements, and mythology and paganism, you are afraid of God. Oh, you say, ‘I love HIM. I accept HIM.’ But you are only doing it for lip service, because you are afraid that if you don’t say the right words, you will land in that judgement. Men can never fully love God until they get out of their minds the things which they impute to HIM that HE does not possess---that being a tyrant, a fool, and a master of torture.

I want you to know that the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom is the Power of Restoration, the power of Divine Administration, the power of Life. The people were waiting for the Messiah and the Messiah came. The thing which gave great power to everything that HE did was who HE was. HE was incarnate Deity. And HE was conscious of it. HE knew that in this body HE possessed all of the Light, and all of the power and all of the energy that was HIS from before the foundation of the world. Because, HE as the fullness of God dwelling bodily. AND HE USED THAT POWER. HE directed it to restore a withered hand. HE could lay that hand upon a person and they instantly knew life. And the power and glory that went out of HIM went at HIS command. It was the very life of Divine authority and power of the fullness of god at HIS command. Thus, was the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom. And I tell you today, that one of the secrets to the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom, is that God is in it and it is HIS Plan. That Gospel is nothing else than the plan of God. That is not only what HE has planned, but what HE has set in operation for you. Thus, God dwelt among men. And you now know that the price of transgression is death. I now know that Satan holds the minds of men in the prison chambers of those events, but with HIS Atonement, by HIS assumption of all of the error that a man could possibly have committed, and God alone could do this---but being God, HE could do anything HE wants to. HE assumed every guilt complex of time when men have the understanding to receive it. HE had HIS enemies crucify HIM. And they thought they had a supreme victory. And they thought that the death of Christ would eliminate any possibility that they would not have the victory. Lucifer knew who HE was, and he said, ‘I have stirred up my ancient people.’ Turn to the gospel of Nicodemus and read that Lucifer said that he had stirred up his ancient people, the Jews against HIM. He called the prince of the Netherworld and he said, ‘We are going to kill this man and we will get HIS soul down here in this prison chamber which we have.’ The Netherworld was another world created by the errors of Lucifer’s thinking and possibility. All of the powers subject to him could only enter the Netherworld because of the affinity of his politics, and because God had permitted him to have that area of it, for it was because it was in the heart of the earth. This was not a torture chamber. It was just that men were held in the bondage of their thinking and could not get out of there except they were set free. No man with a guilt complex could get out. They could have broken that circle if they had a mind to.

When Christ hung on Calvary’s Cross, the magnitude of it was the magnitude of HIS person. Millions of men had died on earth before that and the death of a man is not bigger in one man than another. Men died without principal. Men die in their belief and men die in the normal process of their living. And men die from sickness and disease. But the death of one man-----would not be the transcendence of any importance if that man was not the FULLNESS OF GOD---possessing life and power and whose Universe this was. For HE had absolute power in that body and could retain it. For it was the God of the Heavens and the earth now in a physical body which HE had taken because now HIS children were in such a body. It was that which made the magnitude of that event.

If you think that the human consciousness is capable of being tortured by error, then think of the man with a human consciousness but with God dwelling in it and could think of everything that was abhorred by HIS nature and then you can see the value of the Cross. That is what Christ assumed in the Garden when HE took the Cup. There HE consummated that Atonement. And when HE was dead, that body had paid the price----THE ONLY PRICE WHICH CAN BE PAID FOR TRANSGRESSION. The final and complete one is death. When HE AROSE FROM THE DEAD BY THE POWER OF HIS SPIRIT---as the power of God raised that body into that great Resurrection Glory, from that moment on, there was no more power of death over the Celestial children of God who were dwelling in the earth, if they understood it. And it was not only promising a New Age---but I think that you should be a very jubilant people in the face of where you are today. You entered into the midnight hour at the beginning of this week. And you are in the alignment of this hour. And in earth time, you entered into this hour the 13th or 14th. But the astronomical hour it is the 14th and 15th of June 1962.---And now, you are in the Midnight Hour. You are on the way to a new day. You are on the way to the Sunrise.

Someone said, ‘But look at all of the troubles in the world.’ Sure, there are troubles. But it is always darkest just before the dawn. The new day is going to come in with a mighty victory. You have passed the midnight striking point. And God’s hour is not one of defeat, it is not one of fear, it is not one of darkness, but one of victory. Knowing that we are carrying out the plan of the Eternal, we cannot fail. I get disgusted with people who get set back on every inning. It would not make any difference if we got set back for 8 innings. We now know the 9th one is coming out. And Nine is also the number of Judgement.

Let me tell you this. We have the blueprint here which came right out of the mouth of God. Men do not live by bread alone. They live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. You can be cast down in the spirit and it will eat away until you die, if you do not have a goal and set your eyes on that goal for life and living. If you do not have the assurance of God for victory, you better carry out HIS objective. The Gospel of the Kingdom is a sufficient Gospel for everyone. HE healed the sick. HE raised the dead, and revealed Himself in Glory. This majesty of God walking among men has never been equaled. But men who were not of the Household could not understand it. Those who were not of the Kingdom, and did not make the immediate contact, could not know that Glory. And it was only Peter, James and John who ever saw it on the mountain. And then there were a few after the Resurrection who witnesses that envelopment. One of these days the world is going to see Christ in all of HIS Glory.

I heard a preacher say the other night that you will never see any body, only the resurrection of the church. Let me tell you this. They are not only going to see Christ in the earth, but every knee is going to bow. And with these eyes, they will see HIM. You say, ‘Well, I have another opinion.’ Well, you can keep your opinion. But I am going to tell you what the Bible says. This Kingdom and this Gospel of the Kingdom is going to continue its operation until in the fullness of what it declares, every kingdom, every nation, every power, and every individual on the face of the earth has been brought down before the Throne of Christ and HIS Kingdom, and they are going to worship HIM and they will start to obey HIM. And the world is going to become Heaven on Earth. If you do not believe that, it is to become heaven on earth, then why do you pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, in earth as it is in Heaven?’ Someone said, ‘Well, can’t we just sit back and not resist and just wait for it?’ The person who thinks like that is just out on cloud nine and does not know anything about the program of God’s Kingdom. If you want to know what ascended living is, he is one who could send a soldier to the front lines and while he is fighting in this mundane pattern of ours, he could see the glory of the Kingdom and live with joy. That is ascended living.

Do you know that the Gospel of the Kingdom gives you an understanding of everything that is happening, because it is the mind of God in operation and function? Someone said, ‘but don’t we believe in Salvation? A lot of Christians need salvation.’ Oh, you thought that if a man accepted Christ, then he was a Christian and he does not need salvation? Well, there are a lot of Christians who are still under superstition. A lot of them do not know where they are going. There are a lot of men right now who let other men control them by their threats and by their fears. The Kingdom of God is not to be ruled by fear, but by righteousness.

I want you to know that this Gospel of the Kingdom is a victorious Gospel. You say, ‘Why is that?’ Well, it will eventually make even a devil understand. It will destroy this devilish nature, wrap it up in so much glory that it is purged out. Let me tell you this. The spirit that dwells in your body, begotten of the Father in the heavens, that spirit is a child of God. That spirit is Eternal. And that spirit can know nothing but the perfection of God. The soul consciousness within it can understand that fact as I speak to you. And when it does, it starts to draw on that spirit which was begotten of the Father, from the life that is there. And it will start to draw on the life and the victory placed there so as to carry on the objectives of why you are here. And you who dwell in this physical body will carry out the work of the Kingdom to the best of your ability. You say, ‘But there are a lot of things here that oppose.’ Then bind them by the same power that can come out of your consciousness, thru the spirit into your mind that all of the working of the enemy to carry out his objectives. Do you know that you can call on the mighty resurrection power that called HIS body from the Grave, and you can direct that to sick bodies, or to your own body, and you can command it to obey? Someone said, ‘Well, I never tried that.’ Well, then that is just the trouble. Start trying. Start command God. Start asking. You say, ‘Well, I did, but I got just what I expected.’ Then stop expecting and start thinking in terms of righteousness.

The other day, someone said, ‘Look at all of the things that we think will save America and they keep failing.’ Let me tell you something. If it had not been for that wave of Patriots who held that wave against the darkness, the darkness would have enveloped the country without a doubt. We never failed. We kept the light burning. One of these days, that light is going to crystallize into a mighty Glory. And it will so blind the enemy that he will not be able to find the pier to leave. One of the great developments which God is going to do for you is to be one of the greatest evacuations out of Christian nations of those who do not belong here. It is going to be one of the most demonstrative of a new immigration policy than you ever heard of or saw.

THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE.’ Let’s simplify what that Kingdom is. The Administration of that Kingdom, and that kingdom is Government. So what kind of a Kingdom is it? It is a Royal Family, a Divine Household. It is the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. For their knowledge that they are going to rule in the Universe with the MOST HIGH GOD. And when they elect people, they may elect them but the only Empire that they acknowledge is the Throne of the Eternal. They can’t hardly wait for that Throne of become Universal in the earth as it shall. And when it does, you will rule with HIM. I want you to know that you are the race which God sent into the earth to rule it from one end to the other, for HIS Glory, for the best administration the world has ever known, and for the solving of every problem man has ever known. But you do not do this with co-existence of evil. You do it with the abolishing of evil. I want you to know that the race of people, the Adamic race, is known as Is-ra-el. And I broke it down that way on purpose because the word was in a Universal language ages ago. And the Egyptians even understood. Ra was the ruler and Ish was the issue of the Ruler. And Elohim and YAHWEH EL was the Divine God of the heavens. Thus, this was the issue, ruling with God in translation. This is why the Egyptians said that you are the children of Osiris, the God of Life and Resurrection, the Ka of Ra, or the ruler. And they called the sun the Ruler for it was by day. But they meant much more than that. The people that you know today as Israel, are the people of God’s covenant and so well marked, and so well established that no man can question. They are the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD. They are the Santest. The Psalmist tells you that Israel is ---All of MY Saints. That is from the Old Testament. And when people start talking about the Saints, that is who they are dealing with.

When we deal with these Saints, and this Great Nation, then there they are in the world today and you can find them---great nations--the great Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard people of the earth, this great White race which God has established here as Christians. They are Christian by identity with Christ. Their civilizations and their cultures are listed and you bind them in as listing the great spiritual center of God’s Congregation. In the Old Testament, the spiritual center of the congregation was Kehilla. They met for worship and for instruction. They had the tabernacle and then they had the temple where they worshiped. And later they had many tabernacles as well as temples. Today, the nations of God’s Kingdom make up the people of HIS Kingdom. But the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom we say is HIS Church. And this word ‘church’ is a good old Anglo-Saxon word. Because we read in the scriptures in the King James Version, which is the Anglo-Saxon version, except for some Jewish meddling----that UPON THIS ROCK,---upon Peter’s great confession of Faith, will ‘I build My Church, and the depth of the grave shall not prevail against it.’ Oh, someone said, ‘It reads ‘hell.’ But that is just the very depth of the grave which will not prevail against this Church. Someone said, ‘Did not Jesus say Church?’ No, HE said, ‘upon this rock will I build the great Kehilla.’ And when they put it in Greek they said Ecclesia.

Now, we have a lot of people in the world who think that Ecclesia is way up on cloud 14. They think there are people above people. And people above that---or an elect within an elect. But God’s Elect are the people whom HE foreknew and HE foreknew every last one of you. HE knew you when you dwelt as spirits in the heavens. And HE has already blessed you with all heavenly blessings in heavenly places. And HE is going to bless you in the earth for the greatest day of your existence.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that we have what we call ‘spiritual Israel.’ And that is the people of your race who are on fire for God. They are not a bunch of Gentiles who became Christian. They are a people of your race who are on fire for God and they know who they are. A lot of them do not know who they are and are in what we might call spiritual Israel. They are in the Church working for the service of God. For the Ecclesia had its own center and it had its own order for the direction of it. It had clergy and it had missionaries. And it had those who do the work of the church. And we use the Anglo-Saxon word ‘the church’ to convey the identity of this massive institution of this spiritual center of the Kingdom. There are many people who are not active in the church, and there are thousands inside of what we call the church and they do not know anything about the Ecclesia or what or who they are.

You hear so much talk the church. And I think you should understand that the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom is HIS Church. It is the Ecclesia and actually, it is the awakened people out of Israel. Oh, you say, ‘But we have a lot of other people in the church.’ But you can’t get them into this church--into Christ’s Church. You can get them to worship the Right God, but not in this institution. Someone wrote in and said, ‘In my Bible, it says there is no difference in Jew or Greek.’ That is right. But I am glad that I have another Bible. You say, ‘What do you mean by that?’ I mean they did not translate that word right. The correct said, ‘there is no difference between a man of Judah and the other tribes.’ Anyone who looks a person in the face can tell the difference between a Jew and a Greek. Oh, I have been fooled by a couple of Greeks. But generally speaking, there is no difference between a man of Judah and one of the other tribes. There is no difference between the Judahites and the Israelites, for the covenant was to the great nation and the company of nations. A lot of people are fooled by the Semantics that are used. But the Gospel of the Kingdom has no error in it. The Gospel of the Kingdom not only teaches that the power of God is not only working for you, and it will not refuse to work until Christ’s Atonement is working in every one of HIS children. The power of the Gospel of the Kingdom can give you life and it can give you vitality and roll back all fear and depression until it sets you free. And the Gospel of the Kingdom sets you to work to transform the world until the world is in submission to HIM.

Your big problem is sovereignty, for Kingdom means sovereignty, administration and rule. And that is what God intends for us to do. And the spiritual center of that Kingdom is the Church---a great animation. And it animates most of the people within your nation do to all of the high and good things that they do. Thus, the spiritual center of this Kingdom is the Church. And the Church is the spiritual center of this ‘body of Christ in the world today.’

Why are you called the ‘body of Christ in the world today?’ This is because you have Christ as the awareness and the thinking function of Christ’s mind is to a degree working in their consciousness. And they are dwelling in physical bodies. They are the hands, the feet, the flesh of Christ in the world today. And you have an awareness of this. God said, ‘I am married to Israel.---they bring forth MY children., this is the race of My Household.’ Then we have systematic symbols of religion and we talk about Israel as the Bride of Christ. And God, Himself is united with it. The ‘body of Christ’ means that the nation and the church are married. This is a great spiritual light within a nation of awakened people.

I am going to tell you something. The day is going to come when you are not going to be able to tell who is or is not in the church because every single one of Israel is going to be saved. I can turn over here to the book of Isaiah and the scripture is making this pronouncement. And it says, ‘All Israel will be saved as it is written.’ This means that God Almighty intends to adjust every last one of HIS children with perfect knowledge. We do not have the time to tell you how that will be done, but I can tell you this. that with one electronic flash, God can readjust every consciousness of every individual. HE can blot out every error from all that they have done.

Let me tell you this. The enemy here in the earth has also established kingdom. He set his kingdom up over all of the dark faces of the world. He has sown his people into all of the temples of the world as priests, and they rule the temples of darkness. He has set his money masters among some of the most cunning evil of his children so as to rule the economy of the world. He has set up the false religions for the false imputes in his false society. And then he even seeks to create the front for an institution of his false religion. And today, he not only joined the Church, but he sets them up.

Now, there are many things we must talk to you about the power of the Kingdom, because it is important. For that power is unlimited. So never forget it. There are certain events that will come into place, working and coming from the children of God’s Kingdom. Do you know that you are going thru certain experiences which will bring the children of God together as they have never been together before? And the events thru which you are going to pass will educate your whole nation in just a short time as to all of the dangers, and not just some of them.

The Democratic Convention was controlled and run by dark and unseen forces. We talked with Senator Eastland, with Southern delegates and others in congress while we were at that convention. We also talked with Governors thru out the convention, and we were well received and treated well also. And we talked with the citizens on the councils, the head of the Southern newspapers organization, and some of the newspapers of the South. We talked to these people at 12 o’clock at night. Let me tell you something. By the way, of all of the preachers at this city, no preacher went down to that convention to talk to the delegates to let them know what was going on down there. Nobody but the Gospel of the Kingdom. One man said, ‘outside of you and Colonel Gale, no body from the Patriots has come to see us.’ Here there were out here in California just as tho they were in a foreign country with this ‘left wing’ platform committee, and there was a ‘left wing’ delegate from our State, and all of the powers of darkness were at that convention with their Jew money and their whiskey money. Organized Labor was reaching out to make this the most important platform in history. And the candidates were being taken down the road to Internationalism. They want us to join the world and no longer be a great Christian nation. And they want your population to be a mongrelized mass so that you could not tell that we were ever a White Christian nation at all. That platform calls for the destruction of all immigration laws. They would flood America without a quota, with anyone who wants to come here. And you won’t last six months if that becomes law which is in that platform.

The thing that I want to point out to you, and we will discuss it as time goes on in Washington, D.C., the only ministers who go and talk to these Congressmen and Senators know the Gospel of the Kingdom. Oh, I am not counting men like Billy Graham, who runs down there to save everybody. But when they talk to men, they talk to men who are already Christians. I think that the church wastes so much time trying to save Christians that are already saved and instead of trying to tell them how to bring on National salvation on a great scale, and individual salvation by getting right with the Laws of God, they try to save them. As we talked to these men, they said, ‘We are all alone. We are going to have to fight it out right here on our own shores. And the citizens are even against us.’ But we told them that the citizens are not against them, for we have talked to a great many of them and they understand this situation. So we talked to them about the false Sadducees and what the Bible says and they were hungry for ‘thus saith the LORD.’

I am going to tell you this. You are emerging in this hour, into one great and mighty church of Christ. And when that Church has accomplished its purpose, it will not be known as Methodist, or Baptist. All of those names are going to go and it will emerge into one great and mighty Christian church. And if you do not think you are on the road to something, then let me tell you---the Elijah Ministry goes straight to headquarters and it talks to HIM and it talks to all of the members of HIS government. I tell you that when the Church stops putting its influence into the powers which are setting up destiny, then its communicants has nothing to say about what happens. We do fundamentally ascribe to the fact that no single denomination of the nation can control the Church. That is the separation of Church and State. And while it is true that the Church and the State can be welded together, if we are talking about a denomination, it should never be.

The greatest combat in United States history is now on. When we came to the Republican Convention, it was to be more evident. It is not a matter of a political party, but every free Christian in these United States is going to have to see that the Vatican never gets power over the White House.

We not only talked to these men and visited with them, and talked about some of these things, but we got their opinions. And Senator Eastland said the Communist Party drew up the platform for the Democrat Party. With the ADL, the NAACP, and the MEA, they drew up the platform. Then a lot of these people are following a cheerleader. But they never know how to follow anything thru. They do not have that ability.

Now, listen. I want to make this very clear lest some of you go out apprehensive. We are not fighting any battle against the Catholic Church as a church. If a man wants to worship at Satan’s cross, and if a man wants to accept the authority of a bunch of men who claim they have more authority than God has ever given to any man, if he wants to believe and most of them do believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and if he wants to believe in the blood atonement and the sacraments inside of the Catholic Church, that is his business. But for me, I want liberty and freedom. Do you know what keeps them in the Catholic Church? If they were told that it was the only church with authority and power and if they disobey, they can land in Hell, or a limbo condition--and the church reserves the right to correct them in the affairs of their lives. That church reserves the right to hold them from direct communication. Because of disobedience, ex-communication is to be thrown into eternal fires. And if you die in that institution, you have to trust on your legacy or trust your relatives to keep you from that condition. I know lots of Catholic priests and I know lots of fine men in that church. And I have lots of friends that are in that church. But I want you to know that compared to the mighty truths that the Christian church possesses, they are in utter bondage. There is not a priest, Cardinal, or any Pope who can take a man into Hell or take him out. So a great mass of the theology of that church is founded on an Ecclesiastical lie. And before Protestantism gets a swell head, about 30% of their theology is based on the same kind of a lie, only they don’t charge to take you out.

I will have more to say about this tonight. But I think that the candidate which the Democrats chose is a very brilliant and courageous young man. I think he is a smarter political figurehead that they have ever used in their party. And I have heard FDR speak and I have talked with those who were with FDR. And I think he has more wealth and power behind them than any candidate that ever ran for office in these United States. And I think that he believes he is the best man for America and that makes this more dangerous because he believes in himself. And I think he served his country in W.W. II and conducted himself as a hero as did a lot of other young men. But you know, that first allegiance of every good man is to God, then 100% to his nation. And a man interprets his responsibility to God according to the Ecclesiastical understanding in the framework of the church he is raised in. So this man has been raised in a church which tells him that his relationship to God depends upon the structure of his church and its authority. It is not so much a matter of that church and that church was just a church in another country, but it is a Temple State. Since May 28, 1928, when we entered the times of the solstice by measure of the Latin Treaty between the Pope of Rome and Zion, then the Vatican became a State. And now it has ambassadors and has an Embassy. And it received Ambassadors from all over the world. This little political State now has greater political power than many nations in the world today. I can tell you about a thousand and one times in history when it had many more powers than any nation in Europe. And the Emperors shivered in their boots when they disobeyed the church because the State and the Nation operated together in the same court. And the Ambassadors were their target. No man used more influence than France, for better or worse, because of this issue of the Papal Embassy and also its Ambassador in France.

I want you to know that this great Western World, with the United States of America, this last great nation of God’s Kingdom, has never been dominated by the authority and the voice of that State. But the President of the United States, a Roman Catholic,---his church can tell him what to do. And if he did not do it, they could make him believe that they would throw him into perdition. And the power that would direct that would be the State outside of the United States. Let’s not put any other man in that spot and let’s protect ourselves and see that it never happens.

More than that, it did not make any more sense when they ran Lyndon Johnson for Vice President, and thus cut back on losing the Protestant South. But by putting Lyndon Johnson on the ticket, they had sowed the regional disputes all up. But do you know why they put Lyndon Johnson on that ticket? I happened to get close enough to some caucus discussions to know why they did it. The reason they put Lyndon Johnson on the ticket, was so that they could get the leader of the Senate into the Vice Presidency, but they wanted to fill that majority position in the Senate with someone else. And do you remember who the next man was who had seniority? He was a Knights of Columbus member and a Roman Catholic. It was Mike Mansfield. Then you had the President of the United States a Roman Catholic and the Majority leader of the Senate a Roman Catholic. That means the Senate Foreign Affairs Society would be on their side.

Now, my friends, I am going to tell you where this is not going to be and where God says ‘I will make evil to praise me.’ I happen to know that America is going to sweep from one organization to the other, and they are not going to just deal with this alone, but with the power of organized Jewry which is behind it. They are going to deal with this program of integration and everything which goes along with it, and America across all the States is going to learn the whole story. There should not exist a battle between Catholics and Protestants as Christians. It is not as a church we oppose it. If people want to be ignorant, let them be ignorant still. But never let us surrender this nation a part of God’s Kingdom to the Papal hierarchy which has a political government and manipulates that political government all over the world.

I want you to know that we are not leading out of weakness, but out of power. That these events which we see do not cast us down but challenges us. One of these days everyone of these great structures of society are going to be brought together. Every White Catholic Christian in these United States would think just like you think in the twinkling of an eye. Do you know that they might not have a Vatical soon? There is a reason for that. For right now the Communist hoards are pouring into Italy. They are upsetting things from the inside and bringing in troops from Albania. And you might see the burning and the sacking of the Vatican. For there is more gold in that treasury right now than any treasury in Europe and they say they have it for security. But it is gold bullion---tremendous spoil.

We are 100% behind all Christendom which fights Communism. And we do not think that the Pope himself is a bad man. But get this clear. He was raised in this. He was a peasant. And he has a great heart. And no doubt, that he thinks his decisions are the best for the world. But 100% is the sum of a system of which he is a part. But these events of time and destiny are not on hold. You have moved into the midnight hour and every event in Revelation is to be fulfilled before you get out of this hour. I want you to know that as we talk tonight about how the rockets fall, that you will understand that there is a plan and a purpose for you. I want you to go out of here realizing the body of Christ---when HIS body was resurrected, all of the life and vitality and the transformation of HIS Resurrection is also inside of you for the Resurrection of this body, constantly and continually.

(End of message)