Power Of The Resurrection, 4-2-55



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 4-2-55

You of this race have a very marked pattern which marks you different from anyone else. And there is probably more effect coming out on the world from your Faith than the world has any idea of. You remember that there is nothing more important than your identity with your Faith, as White men, as descendants of the Adamic household, with ONE GOD and ONE FAITH, which you have always held. We have just passed the important part of the history of the church, which takes place every year, which is considered as essential to the Christian faith. One of the most important is of course, the Birth of Christ. And then there is this time---Resurrection time. And we think about the power of His Resurrection, His atonement, and His Crucifixion. But remember, that this marks the distinction between your race and all the other people of the world. Did you know that nobody but Christians believe in the Resurrection? Remember that four-fifths of the world believes in Reincarnation, and one-fifth of it believes in Resurrection. Remember that your race has always believed in--Resurrection. This belief did not start with the Resurrection of Christ. It started with the anticipation of the Resurrection of Christ. In the days when the Adamic house was given Eternal life, and lost it by mongrelization, they anticipated the day when Immortality would be given back to your race. Remember that in the days when Seth was writing, he talked about the climax of the age in which you and I are living in.

Now, there is one thing which is important about Biblical prophecy. And this is that the destiny of Divine purpose, which is in blueprint from the prophets, will always take place WHEN THE DAY ARRIVES. When the time comes for the thing to happen. In fact, in the oldest schools in history, that go back to the Masons, ‘the Master Builders’, the original defenders of the faith, and the original Templers of the Household and the oldest Knight Templers of that order, and all of their leaders, recognized way back in the tome of Solomon, and on down, that one of the most important symbols that they commemorated was THE COMING DAY OF RESURRECTION. Remember that Resurrection Day was a basic thought and that Enoch, in the day when he built that great tower of Mystery, with its seven rooms of documents and storage of knowledge, and science above ground, and its seven rooms of wisdom and knowledge below the ground, it contained the great testimony of the Faith of Resurrection. In the writings of Enoch he wrote of the Decart of the Millennium. And in this he refers to the great companies of Divine Hosts. In fact, in the Mysteries which Enoch wrote, he said that the Armies of God numbered thousands times thousands times ten thousands times the thousands. So he talked about the units of God’s armies in the ten thousands, with the ancient word the Decart which means the square of the ten thousands time then thousands. But in the English translation of the writings of Enoch, which says that God would come with ten thousand of His hosts, then the meaning is much greater. For it is the square of ten thousand times thousands.

So when Enoch talked about the coming of the LORD, he talks about the One who squares the four corners of the Universe and multiplies the number of His decan by what is called the Decart or the multitude of ten thousands times ten thousands. This would just be the echelons of the LORD’S Army.

Now, Enoch who wrote that record over 3,600 years before the Birth of Christ, and Job the great Master Builder under the guidance of God, one of the two ‘Pillars of wisdom’ of your race, a Patriarch, a wise man of your race,--remember that he was fully aware of this basic document. Turn over to the book of Job and this is what Job writes--almost 4000 B.C. In which he says that--Oh, that all of my words could be printed in a book.

Now, if you want to know something about your race then, your race believed in printed books some 3600 years or 4000 years before the birth of Christ. ---’Oh, that my words were printed in a book.’---Now, listen to what he said:--’Oh, that they were graven with an iron pen, and imbedded in the rock forever.’ Which would tell you of the embedding of wisdom and truth inside of some structure. And you know that the great Pyramid is one of the greatest buildings that is laid in casement stones. One of a very few which has its measures and its markings set in the Rock. And remember that Enoch and Job were these Master Builders, the two ‘pillars of Wisdom’ connected to this building, and the city of Heliopolis. And now remember that the city of Heliopolis was --’The city of the sun.’ The sun of Righteousness who rises with healing in his wings. Remember these words now. It says here---therefore, oh, that my words were graven in the Rock forever. For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and He shall stand in the latter day upon the earth. And tho the worms shall destroy my body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. What I shall see for myself with my eyes,---I shall see none other, altho my reins shall be consumed within me, yet with these eyes and in this flesh, tho the worms have consumed this body, will I be able to stand up and see my Redeemer in the latter days.

Now, the importance of this is that at least 3600 years before Christ, this Patriarchal leader which God had blessed said:--’THE RESURRECTION IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE THE DAY MY GOD WALKS ON THE EARTH. AND WITH THESE EYES I AM GOING TO SEE HIM, AND THIS BODY, ALTHO IT FALLS APART WILL BE PUT TOGETHER THEN, AND I WILL SEE MY REDEEMER. And that was the faith of Job.

Now, do you know what the Egyptians called you?---Sons of Osiris. Children of Light. Children of the city of the Sun. Children of the Resurrection. Yes, you were called the ‘Children of the Resurrection’ by the Egyptians. I can show you in the ‘Book of the Dead’ where they called you the children of the Resurrection. I can show you in the ‘Life of the Priests of Karnak’ where they called you the children of the Resurrection, but they did not believer in the Resurrection. But they called you the ‘Children of the Resurrection’. Your race has always taught it. Always believed it. This is one of the most important single markings of your society.

Now, you say what has that to do with us? I am going to show you that there is not a person in this room who will not accept that the most important thing connected with our race, is this belief in the Resurrection. Do you realize that every Christian church of any denomination, from the days of Christ’s ascension, to this time, has been committing to the earth the bodies of those that died, committing them by any process of internment whether on land or at sea, unto the ground until that resurrection. And looking for that Resurrection, on that last day when the trumpet shall sound and even the sea shall give up its dead.

Now, it does not make any difference whether the preacher is a modernist all year around. Doesn’t make any difference. But I am citing this from the standpoint of what I am going to tell you. When the time comes for a funeral, and he goes out to that cemetery, he commits that body to the ground UNTIL THE RESURRECTION. Why is he doing this? Oh, you say it is just a ritual. But he is afraid to break that ritual because there is one set of people on the earth who believes in the Resurrection and he know this.

Now, every single Chaplin in the United States Navy, under times of stress and battle commits the body of our killed to the sea. Commits them to the sea UNTIL THE SEA GIVES UP ITS DEAD AT THE RESURRECTION.

Now, remember that the U.S. Government has never had a Chaplin lay any soldier’s body to the ground, or this body to the sea, that he did not commit it until the Resurrection, and Christ returns to raise the dead.

Now, when every Chaplain connected with your government commits the body to the ground until the Resurrection, then they submit the general testimony that they should believe in it. So we are not very foolish if we describe this great general factor as a positive. Therefore remember that every single internment from the days of Christ until this time, in all Christendom, has been a committal of a body unto a Resurrection. A theologian, if he is a little loose in his thinking of theology, might want to get up and argue about it. But the fact remains that he gives lip service to this belief anyhow. And that is one great fundamental belief of this race.

Now, did you know that the Egyptians did not embalm anyone until your race came into Egypt? Do you know that the one who taught this process to the Egyptians was one of the Masters of that household who came in ---in the days of Enoch---and was a master of the process of preserving the body? The reason why your race sought to embalm the body was not because they thought that there was any sacredness of the body other than that God was committed to raising it from the dead. So they were going to keep it intact as best they could showing their faith in the Resurrection. This is the very words of Job that altho he knew that fire had consumed the body, and the ashes scattered to the wind, tho it had buried, and the worms had destroyed it, still every atom of substance was still there which God had put together, and could be gathered at the selected time. So this is a great fundamental belief. And the children of Egypt then called you the Children of the Resurrection. And you taught them, according to their own history, art of embalming. They had buried their people in the caves and sealed them up with stone. But they did not know how to embalm until your people came along and taught them this art. In fact your race is the major race which had been embalming up to this hour. And we as a people continue to do this altho we realize that it is only a testimony to a faith in the Resurrection. Any faith that does not do this does not believer in Immortality, especially the Immortality of Resurrection.

Now, your race left its imprint on Egypt and that is one thing that you left there---especially, this Faith in Resurrection. And tho they did not know how to weave it into their theology, there in Egypt, as they tried to mix it up with their belief in Set and Soth, they still realized that you believed that you were going to rise up in Resurrection some day and rule the earth. You say--what has this to do with us? Just this. Remember that your enemies do not believe in the Resurrection. Remember that they have accepted a faith, and they operate behind you as a fraud. And they try to tell the world that they believe the content of this Bible. But in the days of Christ, when His ministry was being conducted, He who was the LORD of Life and Resurrection, you will note that they did not believe in the Resurrection and they wanted to argue with HIM. Remember the Temple in Jesus’s time, was in the hands of the Sadducees and the false Pharisees. They did not believe in the Resurrection and they fought with Jesus. And Jesus turned to them and He said:--’The children of God are the children of Resurrection.’ I am reading here from the 20th chapter of Luke, and He says:--’being the children of the Resurrection, (vs. 36--now verse 37)--even Moses showed this, for when at the bush he called the LORD the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,’---meaning that he knew that their spirits were still alive and would be raised at the Resurrection.

Now, you say--but I don’t know what the logic of Jesus was when He said that.’ Well, I will tell you. Because our God is the God of Israel, the God of the living not the dead. That is an old, old statement---back to Job. The LORD is one LORD behold ‘Oh, Israel’ for God is the God of the living, not the dead. Therefore the god of the people in darkness are dead, while they live. And those who walk in the light, while they live are alive, but being of the God of the Living, are those who have the Light as does Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.---Altho their bodies are in the ground, their spirits are alive. And the Resurrection was the hope of which even Moses spoke. So Jesus then said:--’The Children of God are the children of the Resurrection.’ No wonder that they hated HIM.

Now, I want you to see something else very relative to this. The Apostle Paul who was one of the most brilliant of the theologians of Biblical records, and whose Epistles contain some of the most unique and hidden mysteries of this book,---remember that the Apostle Paul called to his discipleship by the authority of Christ was a great authority on the subject as any single man. For the Almighty God had carried his concept and intellect into the plain of spirit. And the Apostle Paul said:--’whether in the Spirit or in the body, I can’t tell. God knows but this is what I saw. I was carried into areas of dimensions, and I saw and experienced certain things.’ And he said:--’The Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith is the Resurrection.’ And because he bore this testimony of Resurrection, the Temple after the Ascension of Christ, ---remember how they tried to bribe the soldiers after the Resurrection to say that He was not dead because they were afraid of the power of the Resurrection. And when the Apostle Paul preached, then he said:--’IF CHRIST BE NOT RAISED FROM THE DEAD, THEN WE OF ALL PEOPLE ARE MOST MISERABLE.’ More than that he said--how can anyone say that there is not going to be a Resurrection when Christ is raised from the dead? And by His very being raised from the dead, He proved that there was going to be a Resurrection of the dead because it was a part of His own time and purpose of Revelation.

Paul preached and he traveled to Rome and back. And he was speaking with emphasis in Palestine, and the Almighty spoke to Paul and said---now you get out of here and go to Rome. But he dilly-dallied around and he looked after this and after that, and he waited too long. And they arrested him. When the LORD tells you to get out of some place, it is a good thing to go unless you want to go to court. And the Apostle Paul finally left and you know why and how he left.

Remember this that after the false Trial of Jesus, there never was a great Sanhedrin that could legally meet. There were no true Pharisees who would attend the Sanhedrin after that violation of all Sanhedren law and the Crucifixion of Christ, without proper arrangement and without the summoning of the true Pharisees. Only the false house of Shamah the false Pharisee was there anyhow. And he was truly a Sadducee anyhow, and they were Asiatics all the time.

Now, in this instance, then the Apostle Paul being arrested, was taken before the Lesser Sanhedrin--the Civil Court. And the High Priest came down there because he disliked Paul so greatly. And the scriptures tell us of how Paul appeared before this Sanhedrin. And it says that Paul perceived in this Lesser Sanhedrin that there were Sadducees and just a few Pharisees there in that council. So Paul knew that he was being arrested for being the disciple of Christ. And what everybody knew was that the reason why they had arrested Christ at night, and railroaded this thing thru as fast as they could and then blamed Rome, was because they were afraid of the multitude of the people of God. And the Apostle Paul makes this statement. Now remember this, this is in the book of Acts, and Paul said this:--’I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee, of the hope of the Resurrection from death, and that is where I am being called in question.’ The one great theologian of your race had faith in the Resurrection as, and he said that is the reason they have me here before this court. And when he had said this, there arose a dissenting among the Pharisees and the Sadducees. But as long as they would fight among themselves, then they wouldn’t do too much about Paul. The Sadducees say there is no Resurrection, no Angels, no spirit. And the true Pharisees confessed them both.

So here was the High Priest--of the Jews and he attacked the Apostle Paul. And Anani demanded that they smite him on the mouth. And then Paul called him everything he could without dirtying his mouth. You say---how do you know? It says here that--their throat is an open sepulcher with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of the asp is upon their lips. (Romans 3:13) And when he finished speaking, they said---’you have violated the High Priest.’ And Paul said--he is not God’s High Priest, he is a dirty Sadducee. That is what he called him. He called him a whited sepulcher. He called him the grave of the dead. And he called him to account for all that was vile and evil for that was what the Apostle Paul said that he was. Paul wanted it all written down about the record of the Sadducees.

Now, you say why did he do this? Because he had said--’I am a Pharisee, the son of a true Pharisee. I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee and that is the reason why the Jews had me arrested.’ Well, that is all he had to do because the Sadducees and the false Pharisees then started fighting right away. And there arose a great cry. And the true Pharisees arouse and said---’we find no evil in this man for by the spirit of the Angels he has spoken. So let us not fight against God.’ There then arose so great a dissension that the chief captain was fearful that the Apostle Paul would be torn to pieces between them so he ordered the soldiers to go down and bring the Apostle Paul to the Captain.

You say what is so important about this? Well, just this. They have said for a long time that the children of the Resurrection were the House of Israel, not these Sadducees these Reincarnationists,---that the great deciding factor was that the Sadducees did not believe in the great deciding spirit. They did not believe in Angelic hosts. That they did not believe in the Kingdom of God but they did believe in their own perpetuation and in reincarnation. While all the children of God from the days of Enoch and Job on down, believed in the Resurrection. Believed that there was no secession of life and that they passed into the dimension of spirit until the Resurrection takes place. Therefore that is a fundamental marking of your Faith.---For He said that THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE RESURRECTION.

I tell you that just like everything else. It just rolls around to the time, and altho all the prophets talked about the Resurrection, there is nothing going to have more impact on world affairs in Washington, in London, in Berlin, and in Moscow, and Peking, than the Resurrection. You say what do you mean?--Well, it does not made any difference whether it is going to be now or not. But all of Christendom had believed in the Resurrection since the days of Adam. And they believed that Messiah would come first, being the first one raised, being the first born of may brothers and the first fruits of the Resurrection.

Now, that has happened and you don’t have to wait for the first fruits. All you are waiting for is the ‘Wave offering’, the feet is going down and the head is coming up.

Now, listen. You say--what has this to do with world affairs?--Well, I don’t think you are going to pass more rotations of the sun and the moon until you will see what has been expected, and prophesied by your race from its beginning. This Resurrection is going to be one of the most historic events in all time and history. And it is just as accurate for an appointment for the nations of the world as any appointment they ever had. In fact, my friends, you are told that Resurrection has a purpose. And then someone will say--but Christ came a second time---He came at Pentecost and the spirit moved upon the people. And this is true and His presence is in you and with you. But that has nothing to do with the Revelation of the body of God descending upon the earth with all the powers of heaven behind HIM. That is going to take place. That is true---you do not have to doubt the Apostle Paul for he knew more about Pentecost than any man alive today. He knew about the holy spirit having moved down upon men. He knew all about the restoration of the sons of God which was to take place in your age. But there was still one thing he did not quite comprehend --knowing that the presence of God, the holy spirit was with him, knowing that it descended at Pentecost, knowing that it descended upon the Romans as well, this then is what he said:--I would not have you ignorant brethren, concerning those whose bodies are in the grave, or who sleep, even for them they are not without hope, for we believe that Jesus who died and rose again, even so those who are dead in their bodies, still their spirits which are with Christ --God will bring with him back to earth.

Now, if you are going to accept the words of a theologian then you just as well accept the words of the Apostle whom God called, and took into the plain of spirit and showed him what the program was. So the Apostle Paul said --this is the thing that is going to happen. Christ is going to return to the earth and He is going to do this. There he told me, and I am an authority on this---THAT WE WHO ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN ARE NOT GOING TO HINDER THOSE WHOSE BODIES HAVE BEEN BURIED IN THE GROUND UNTIL THAT DAY. And then this is what the Apostle then said:---The LORD himself is going to come with a great shout, with the voice of an Archangel, and the trumpet of God, and all the dead bodies of those that died, every Christian of the Household is going to rise first.

Now, remember that is not all of the armies of heaven, because all of the armies of redemption out of Abraham he is going to bring with him. Now listen to what it says.---’Then we who are alive and remain shall be transformed, in the elements of our being, and we shall be joined to them in the word of --atmos --it is translated as clouds---but joined to them in the atmosphere in our bodies made in earth, our air

breathing bodies, just as we have now. In otherwords, that is what Paul is saying here, and translation is the only things which causes this to be disturbed. But that Resurrection is going to take place and we who are alive are going to see a transformation --to immortality of these bodies. Not one of spiritual being but just one like now air breathing bodies. Remember that Jesus said to Thomas come and touch me for this is flesh and bone.

Thus the Apostle Paul said:--’Brethren I do not want you to be ignorant of the time and the seasons, you do not have a need for me to write to you because you know full well that the DAY OF THE LORD comes as far as the world is concerned as a thief in the night.’--But when they say peace and safety and we are hearing that now.---Mr. Eisenhower

said that a Rabbi down in the Caribbean told him that we are just about to have a great era of Peace --have faith in it. But I tell you don’t put your faith in it for you are not going to have Peace--and between Mr. Eisenhower and Jesus Christ you better take the word of Jesus Christ who said their would be no Peace until the end of the age.

The fact remains that they want to flood you with the flood of the immigration of unassimilateable. You are now involved in a plan of charges and counter charges, and we see that Mr. Eisenhower is down in the Caribbean today. And I wish they would all go down to the Caribbean and then get a leak in that boat for we would all be better off.

The fact remains that you are in the hour when the world is in turmoil. You are in an hour when the enemies of God’s Kingdom is working his final work. This is the hour of Revelation and God says people are going to awaken. He says He is going to awaken them with a short work of righteousness in the nation, while the enemy in this hour is saying--Peace and Safety. And when they are saying this then comes destruction.

Now, where is this destruction to come? Not on you.--But ye brethren are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are the Children of Light. The children of the day. An we are not a part of the darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as do others. But let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep in the night are drunken in the night. Let us of the day therefore, be sober. For God has not appointed us to His wrath, but hath appointed us to His salvation thru our LORD Jesus the Christ.

Now, you turn over here to the book of Revelation and you find that all of the Martyrs and all who died in Christ shall be Resurrected. And it says that the rest of the dead, all the pagans and the hoards of the enemies in such an hour, will not be resurrected for 1000 years. But it sites here that everyone of the children of the Kingdom will be Resurrected, and they shall be Princes and Kings for our God and shall reign for 1000 years. So there is a period, Paul and John talked about it, and it is one of the fundamental facts of your faith. That is, that such an hour is coming in world affairs when the armies of Anti-Christ are gathered against you. When the hoards of pagans are about to descend on the outside, and everything is enveloped in trouble. And then the LORD says--’I am going to step in--now it is My day.

Someone always says--but that is some day way out in the future.’ It is nice to think about. But no. It was a way out there for your grandfather, and a long way out there for the Apostle Paul, but it is not a long way out there for you. In otherwords, my friends, time has a way of rolling around. We are just about there. We are at the end of the age, the beginning of an era. And this era is going to be the most climactic and important era that the world has ever witnessed. Just think what would happen in Washington D.C. if the dead walked the streets again? Imagine George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Jefferson walking down in the capital city. Let me tell you. This is the first place they would head for, because this is the place they served and spent their lives in. This is where they put some things in place. Let me tell you this. There would be some pretty big changes in Washington D.C. in a hurry. Let me tell you.---I would rather depend on George Washington being in Washington D.C. than on President Eisenhower, especially since he has had this Celestial experience. Just remember, that the kingdoms of this world are going to be the Kingdom of our LORD and Christ, because this is the great nation of His Kingdom. And He is going to place leadership which knows what He is talking about. It says that the first is going to be last and the last is going to be first. And I can assure you that there will be lots of changes made. Just stop and think what it would mean if the Christians of all ages should be resurrected. It will be fantastic. Here they are in flesh and bone. This will be an important hour. But it will also be the most unusual thing that ever transpired in human history. And the scripture sites that this is the way that the dragon hoards, the powers of Lucifer, and all of these forces are going to be defeated. They may be using atomic bombs and all the fire and smoke, but the masses of the hoards of Lucifer are going to be defeated. They will be toppled by the hosts of God.

Oh, you say--there will not be room for all these people. Where will they live?’--They aren’t going to resurrect everybody at that time, just the children of Adam. ---’Where would you put them?’--Don’t worry about that, there will be plenty of room. In fact, I traveled over the great waste spaces of Nevada the other day, and the eastern portion of California, and I know that with the technology and wisdom of heaven which will descend on your race, this land will blossom like a rose. You could start giving those areas to your society. And the development which you could bring would make it bloom. I talked to a man, 73 years old, the other day, and he has lived in this area, and he said when he was a boy, right here--he used to fish in a river. And there was a great lake over there. But today no sign of it. And as I was looking over the land where some of the water had been, I took out pieces of wood and of plants that still had their grains. It was petrified, but still wood and substance. Still some which was not crystallized, showing that moisture was still there. Probably a hundred and fifty years of history lies in that place. Let me tell you that a God who can raise the dead can make it all tenantable. It is not important where He is going to put them, the important thing is that they will be here at the proper time.

Now, I am not giving you something that God is not going to do. Anyone who could stop a funeral procession and raise a boy, anyone who could walk up to the tomb of Lazarus and say--’come forth’,--and then bring Moses and Elijah down in front of the disciples to talk with them, --anyone who could come out of His own grave and then have the dead walk the streets of Jerusalem for several days there after,---who says:--I am going to come back when the hoards of Russia and China and those with them, are about to outnumber you---at the time when the Jews are running over your land with this kind of a conspiracy, and everything that is going on, I am going to come back and raise all the dead and defeat the enemy.

That is what it says. But someone says--that is 100 years from now. ---But no. Remember the LORD said:--’I will have to shorten the time or there will not be any flesh left on the earth.’ There is no doubt about that. If they were allowed to do all that they planned then the air would not be fit to breath. Two weeks ago as we crossed the northern desert, we noticed that after the atomic bomb test, that some clouds were fuchsia colored and others were turquoise. And some were Nile green;--strange colors--two weeks later. Those clouds up over the desert were still the colors of the rainbow. The scientists tell us that these are tiny particles from the explosion still in the clouds. We got the Cobalt from that one explosion.

Now, there is not doubt that there are things going to happen. The MOST HIGH has sited that there is. Do you know what you have in laboratories right now in Denver, Colorado? You have developed for an attack, which released on the wind, will kill when it comes in contact with any living tissue. The skin will dry up all within a few minutes. You have perfected that gas. Why? Because the word has come that your enemy may try gas when the warfare comes.

Do you know what it says over here in Zachariah? It says that the day is going to come when these hoards are going to come against the mountains (nations) of Israel. And God says ‘I am going to fight for you on that day just like I fought for your fathers.’ And in that day the eyes of the enemies will be dried up in their sockets. What day is that going to be? The Day of the LORD. The day of Resurrection. Do you know that is why they can throw their weight against the Kingdom of STONE and it will never be destroyed.

Now, I am going to tell you something else. Every great man in your nation believes this story of Resurrection. Every theology of your nation accepts the fundamental of this foundation. Throughout the course of time, this is something that has marked your race from the days of Adam. The Resurrection. Not a resurrection that never comes, but a day in which it is marked as THE DAY OF THE LORD. There is a program which you are about to step into and that is the hope of the church. That is the hope of the Kingdom of God. And the hope of the Kingdom of God is in our army and in our technology. All of them are additives of God’s Kingdom. All are weapons which God has given you,---weapons to construct.

But I am going to tell you this. As the power of your enemy moves out against the power of God,---in the hands of your race, then He is going to demonstrate things to you. And I have no doubt that this is something which is moving and stirring across your nation. More people are thinking about it and more people are activated in it. In one service last Sunday, thousands upon thousands of Knight Templers were told that the day of Resurrection is at hand. There was no elaboration of this, except this was their fundamental faith. The fact remains, that every Mystery School of your faith has been resurrected. And if you want to tell the truth between truth and error, just see where they stand on this fundamental issue. This is the thing which Jesus marked ‘the Children of the Kingdom are the Children of the Resurrection.

Now, there are some people who will never be resurrected, for they will be transformed instantly in their bodies. Now, we are approaching that hour and maybe the majority of you seated here will never see death. You are going to walk into the Kingdom. You are going to see a testimony of Faith that has only been given lip service. Do you know that it is easy to accept words of theology and just keep them as ideas of something which is to happen in the future? You are now standing on the doorstep of all the things the prophets anticipated, and all the things that the Almighty said He was going to consummate for HIS GLORY,--and the defeat of your enemy.

Do you know that even the politicians are worried? They do not know how to save the world and they try this move and that. But it is in just this kind of an hour that God starts to work. There is not very many of your scientists and your leaders who know what to do. But the hour of Faith is again dawning for your nation. 170 million, took Communion last Sunday. That is more Christians taking Communion than any time in history of this world. So you realize that there is over 450 million of you in the world. That is one-fifth of the world’s population. But 170 million adults took Communion last Sunday in the churches of the world. This is a sign that Christianity is not dead. It is a sign that they are expecting something, and were only holding this memorial of the Passover until Jesus comes. The instruction was that you remember this. And when you take this cup and break this bread, you show forth the LORD’S death until HE comes. Therefore, these who took Communion, took it in memorial of what HE has done, and joined themselves unto Calvary until Christ comes.

That is a date. That is a promise God made. And if anyone keeps a date it is God. And that date is a political and historical hour. The reason why it is a coming political thing is because He comes to take over the kingdoms of this world. He comes to take over the government. That will be the day when the election is determined by God Himself. The ballots are going to be cast by the Children of God. Do you know that we stand for everything in the Constitution until Christ revises it? Do you know that there will be a lot of these people disfranchised that day? None of these standing here who don’t believe in Christ are going to be voting in America. They are not going to determine America’s destiny because this whole thing is going to pass into the hands of our LORD and His Christ. He says that on this day, you shall be given the seat of leadership and authority. You will be the judges. You are going to be Kings.

Someone says that is the Judgement day.’----But not for you. For every Christian whose name if written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, from Adam on down to Christ, has been judged and paid the price on Calvary. But the books are opened and they start the judging of those who do not recognize the Christ. So even the enemy cannot stop the raising of the dead for He is not even going to let the devil win one single victory. There is not going to be one element of death. There is not going to be one body African, Asian of anyone in the world that He will not show that He has the power of life over death. There is not a mind in the world that will not change. There is not a knee that is not going to bow. So I tell you that you are the ones with life and vitality in the earth. You haven’t any thing to worry about. That is why the disciples could move out with power. They knew that life was constant. And after the experiences of Paul and John, they all knew that the dimensions of spirit which the Sadducees did not believe in were people with the people of the Kingdom of God.

You know the person who doesn’t have anything to lose in this situation is the poor soul just riding along and not believing in Christ. Let me tell you that nobody fights like Christians. The most powerful, potent force the world has ever witnessed are Christians charged with Faith, who are not afraid of death because they know it is not a factor as far as their consciousness is concerned. And they move with the spirit of He who saved them, in this hour. And now they have to demon-impact the enemy to face this. But remember this. The Kingdom of God fights to set men free. This is the difference, as you fight to set men free they fight to enslave. (End of message)