Power Of Shekinah Glory, 12-7-69


by Wesley A. Swift - 12-7-69

As we consider this subject then we think upon the words---"Thine is the Glory and the Power"--there is no question about the fact that the eternal God who is the Power and the Glory is the author of all things. He is the one in Colossians where it says that all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made. They were made for HIM and By Him, and thus we have the attributes of God. Here we have the power of God manifested first in Omniscience, and then in Omnipotence. Knowing how to do everything for Omniscience is all knowledge. And Omnipotence is all power. This is all power to do any thing, to accomplish anything, to bring anything to reality. So if you know everything and can do everything, then you cannot have a total and complete victory in the universe---this would be very anti-God.

Thus, my friends, HE cannot deny himself. This Eternal God who is your Father is the master of this situation. Therefore he looks down over the course of ages, and over the periods of time and says that 'this is what I am going to do'. And you can depend upon the surety of this. The power and the Glory, and as we look upon this area of glory then we have some area of understanding. Of course as we go back into the background of the origin of this our own race, the Adamic race. And we discover that as we go into the background of this race, that you were begotten of the Father in the plains of spirit before this world began, in the heavens above, in the ages of yesterday. Long before you were in earth in this flesh body, you existed with the Father, as it tells you in the book of Ephesians, before this world was framed. And it was these people that he foreknew that he invested in the kingdom. This was his household that he invested----"Thine is the kingdom and the power,' and the transference of this race that he eventually brought into earth was so they with his help would overthrow the powers of darkness, and overthrow the powers of Lucifer. To win back the races which he had created in the midst of the earth, who have fallen into this trap of Lucifer. And altho ages have gone by, still it was just over 7000 years ago that God instituted a new thing in earth. He placed his own race, his own people, the Adamic people in the earth. These were his sons and daughters, HIS ISRAEL. His issue ruling with HIM. Thus, God had begotten a new thing as far as the earth was concerned. Thus begotten, this was children of His spirit, now resident in physical bodies. This a spiritual entity as well as a physical embodiment. Thus, they were dwellers on two plains, the plains of spirit as well as the physical plains.

When we say--'Thine is the power and the Glory' the dimension of spirit, is talking about the dimensions of Glory and Light. And in this dimension there is just as much form and reality, as their is in this dimension of the atom, and of substance that we touch and we handle. We think of light as having no form or does not exist but in the plains of spirit, the forms of light are just as fast and as solid as they are today in this substance of this atomic plain in which we live. So when we say 'Thine is the power and the glory' then remember that the reflected light of God, this Shekinah Glory is permitted at times to show forth.

Thus, as this shine forth, this Shekinah Glory, we find that it affects this physical creation. In the time that the Children of Israel were being taken out of the land of Egypt under the leadership of Moses. Remember that their God was looking over them. There was a great Light above them. And by night it was as tho a fire like light that went by night. In the day time this was a cloud of brilliant radiance. And this was surrounding them. This the great Flagship of the Most High God. This was their Father, who went with his people, was hovering over them for 40 days and 40 nights--over this household of Israel.---This was Shekinah Glory, a type of radiation which descended down upon his people to fill them with vision and spirit. And thus we see the emblem of Shekinah Glory at that time.

Moses, was of course thrilled with the power that God had bestowed upon him. He was only a man but he understood this. He understood that the power of God was unlimited. He realized this as he took the rod in his hands and smote the sea and it divided, and his people crossed this sea on dry land. And Moses realized that this was power. He understood as miracles were performed thru him, and he understood that the Shekinah Glory of God was an abiding presence. Then one day Moses said to YAHWEH---'Oh, YAHWEH if I could only behold thee, I have met you on the mountain when I went up to receive the law, but I have never been able to see thee. If I could just look on your face, and see your Glory.' Well, YAHWEH knew that Moses, a man could not stand to behold his Glory. But to satisfy Moses he put him in the rock and as he would pass by then he knew that Moses could see his outline from the back. And then Moses would know that he had form he had legs, had a body. Thus he would realize that in symbolism the physical body is in the exact image of the spiritual body. This then YAHWEH would let Moses see, and maybe that would satisfy him. So Moses climbed into the crest of the rock and as YAHWEH was coming by then Moses was peeking out for he wanted to see the face of YAHWEH. But YAHWEH STRETCHED OUT HIS HAND AND COVERED THE HOLE THRU WHICH Moses was looking and then when he had passed by, HE REMOVED HIS HAND AND MOSES SAW THE BACK OF YAHWEH. And he saw the radiation of divine glory.

Sennacherib the Syrian conqueror recognized Divine Glory as he sought to conquer Israel many times. But there is one thing which you will find in the British Museum, about the time of Sennacherib, and that was that he warned his soldiers not to attack Israel in the night time. For he said, “the Shekinah Glory of their God will shine forth, and it will make a tremendous vacuum of light, and as your soldiers come at night then your soldiers will stand out more brilliantly than in the day light. And they will become easy victims. So do not attack Israel at night, because of the Glory of their defending God.” This is just a part of the definition and explanation of the kind of Glory and Majesty that comes out of the plain of Spirit, and is called Shekinah Glory.

As we go into the book of Isaiah, then remember that Isaiah is a young man at the time that King Josiah died. And Isaiah then went to the temple of the Most High God and he had the experience of witnessing---'high and lifted up---the throne---and he who sat upon the throne was the Eternal God. The Seraphim were on either side and fanning with their wings as they sang--Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty. And the Glory, which came from the image of God, was so thick, so brilliant, and so radiant, that it came out of the doors of the temple. It was so thick like almost smoke from a fire. But so brilliant was this Glory of God which came from this effulgent pattern. And how it affected Isaiah, who said:-- “Oh, my, I am a man of unclean lips and I cannot hardly stand in all of this glory.” But YAHWEH said to Isaiah:---“Ye shall stand. For I have anointed your lips so that you might go forth as a prophet, and preach the word.” The Glory of YAHWEH God is tangible and it is also reality.

Again, we turn into the scriptures, and we find that this is a part of the proof that God had provided for his household. That they should be associated with HIM in their congregation. It was called the Kahella in the Old Testament. For here they were gathered together to worship the Most High God. And here as they worshiped HIM and carried out his ordinances also the assembling of themselves together would carry a catalysts of Spirit. And they would then be nourished and would grow spiritually. For every last one of the sons and daughters are descendants of the Most High, they also have an aura. You cannot see this for it is in not in the video plain. But there is an aura and it expands and contracts. And as the people worship together and they think upon the things of God, together, whether they realize it or not, the expansion of light and Glory that feeds the contact of the spiritual mind with the physical mind of men.

In the New Testament we have the church which is the Ecclesia which is the same congregation as the Kahelah in the Old Testament, which is the place of spiritual food. Jesus said, 'I am the bread of life.' And this you were to understand was spiritual bread. And the impact upon the consciousness of the Shekinah Glory down upon the children of that church. In fact the disciples would behold the Shekinah Glory in the time in the life of Christ when he took Peter, James, and John upon the mountain. And HE was transfigured before them, and the Glory of God shown from the heavens down upon The Christ. And they beheld this eminence, and the radiation, and the mighty glory of that moment. In fact these three disciples also saw Moses and Elijah come out and talk with Jesus, and they wanted to just stay there. But the eminence and glory and light was upon Jesus. And Jesus told them that when they went down from the mountain that they were to say nothing about what they had beheld, this was for their own good.

Next we think of the conditions at the time of the crucifixion of the Christ. They took Jesus out and they crucified HIM. And there the eternal spirit of the Most High had taken this experience. Then in the hour of resurrection that spirit and power of that resurrection came down on the guards who were guarding the tomb. In fact Marcus the Centurion who was guarding that tomb talked about that tremendous light of life. They say that he was brighter than Jupiter, and they fell to the ground as they saw this figure, clothed in light and radiation who came forth out of that tomb. The stone was rolled away, and He emerged from inside the tomb. This they told to Pontius Pilate as they said they could not hold the Christ.

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb looking for the body of the Christ. And she said to the gardener, “Master you have taken away my LORD and I do not know where you have laid HIM.” And the Christ said, “Mary.” And she turned and said Master, and she saw the tremendous Glory that emerged from the face of Christ. And Jesus told her not to touch him for his spirit had not yet ascended back into the heavens. For she could not have stood the radiation to touch Him at that time. And so it is again that the Shekinah Glory, normal, invisible, had become visible at this point.

When Christ ascended into the heavens, he went out to a small hill outside of Jerusalem. And he had taken his disciples with him. And of course there was a cloud of Glory sitting on that hill. Inside that glory was a flagship of the Most High but the disciples could not see it. And as the Christ walked over to the cloud he disappeared into the cloud. And two men then came out of the cloud and talked with the disciples then went back into the cloud and it soared away into the heavens. This was again the emanation of the Shekinah Glory, the glory and majesty which was descending upon the Christ.

The Apostle Paul talks about such glory. He recognized that he was born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. He recognized that he had a spiritual body. And he recognized that this was a byproduct of spiritual birth. And he said that he had a house in the heavens not made with hands. He was again speaking of his inheritance in this matter. He did not know whether he wanted to die or to live but he did know that he wanted to put on his heavenly house. Thus it is a house of Light and of Glory. And we find out again that this whole process of victory, and of a house of light and glory is promised to the children of the kingdom. Thus it is that in the book of Isaiah that it says:-- “Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH hath risen upon thee.” Without question this is the sign of God's Majesty and Glory, that will descend upon his kingdom and upon his race---you as a race. As you worship the most High you receive more of the impact of the power of his spirit. You receive more of the aura that is now invisible around you. But one of these days it is going to break from the factors that hold it and the whole kingdom of God is going to shine forth like the sun. This shall be the reflection of God's Glory. And when it shall appear, you shall be 'like him.'

This is the glory which the God who predestinated you to conform to HIS own image. Those he hath justified he hath already glorified by promise and by promise. Glorification for all Israelite---'for all Israelite shall be saved' as it is written. And the scripture bears out this account. So as we recognize this then we recognize the power that maintains culture and civilization. It keeps people in the realm of sanity in the hours of peril such as we see sweeping the nation today. And it moves upon you, upon your consciousness for the understanding of the mystery of God's kingdom, according to your understanding and to your knowledge of God. And according to the things of God. As your mind comes to the level with that of God, it must be remembered that it was God who is your Father, in the spirit as well as in the flesh. Therefore, every thought in the mind of God you are going to be capable of thinking. Every concept in the mind of God you are capable of thinking. This is the reason God said, "I will lead you to the knowledge of all truth. I will bring all things to your remembrance." Thine is the power and thine is the Glory. There is no question about the need of great spiritual power, and no question about the need of the Glory of God in our land today. But if people will recognize the majesty of God, if they will worship our God with the realization that God has the power to transform his people, and the power to make them an invincible force. And has promised to do this. Remember he is going to accomplish this and indeed is working toward that end at this time. Remember this is the God who cannot be denied. This is not the god you can go to and say and, this, and that, but---. Know this that there are no ifs, ands, or buts with our God. Know that He hath ordained it because He is the immutable, unchangeable God.

Thus, we can look upon him and say "Our Father which art in heaven."

End of message.