Preface, Introduction And Gale Tape List


Rev. Willliam P. Gale

The Ministry Of Christ Church

Mariposa, California



I would like to take this time to say “Hello” to all of you and to sincerely hope that you will enjoy this collection of the early Magazines that were published by the Ministry of Christ Church. After receiving requests for copies of some of the Magazines it was decided that all of them needed to be redone. I have enjoyed putting this collection together - and at the same time I have been fascinated by looking back and seeing what Rev. Gale actually predicted in his writings. He stated in an article written in 1970 that U.S. troops would be used in the middle east to protect the False State of Israel. Surprise! Surprise! Just what was the Gulf War?

Now to the point of this Preface - I have tried to be as accurate as possible in reproducing these Magazines, however, not all of the announcements have been reproduced. Most of them were about things happening at that time and did not really have any need to be in this book. The address on the cover sheet of each of the Magazines has been changed to the current address. I saw no reason to have the old addresses on the cover sheets since they no longer apply to the church. Also, please keep in mind that these Magazines were written quite awhile ago - the addresses that are given in the articles may no longer be valid addresses. If you would like to send away for the information that is mentioned you might want to write a letter of inquiry to that address first.

Again - I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading these Magazines.




by Roxanne Gale

In the 1960’s, the early years of the Ministry of Christ Church a few members of the church met with Rev, W.P. Gale to discuss the details of publishing a church magazine. It was decided to name the magazine IDENTITY because our denomination of the Christian faith teaches the identity of Our Father, our race, our own identity, the identity of the enemies of Christianity, why we are here and where we are going.

The magazine became very popular and in time people began referring to themselves as “Identity People” Rev, Gale wrote most of the articles that appear in the magazines, however he did not enjoy just writing. His greatest joy was getting out all across this great nation and starting in home Ministry Of Christ Churches (or Identity Groups) and then send them tape sermons for their churches. In 1972 we opened the Ministry of Christ National Headquarters where the members of these many small churches could meet at seminars. These seminars were such a support for the groups. They could fellowship and help each other with improving their churches. However with so much traveling Rev. Gale did not have time to write the Identity Magazine, so he stopped the publication and devoted his entire time to the Identity Groups. This is what the government later labeled “The Identity Movement”.

In the past few years numerous people have wanted copies of the original Identity Magazines. To try to photocopy these at home is not practical. We have now combined all the magazines that we have into a volume binder.

Many people now use the name Identity in reference to their organization. It is very simple to know if in fact they are teaching the people their Identity. If they DO NOT teach the two seedlines as the Bible teaches – they are not Identity. If they do not teach that Jesus Christ is the Father, Jesus Christ is the Son, Jesus Christ is the Holy Sprit all three entities in one person, this organization is not Identity. “O Israel thy God is one God, thy shall have no other God before me.” “The Father and I are one.” The same applies to you. You are body, soul and spirit all one person. Also see I Timothy 3:16 and John 14:8-9.

Interesting note: In my research I was reading the works of Yale Professor C.A.L. Totten. He published a series of books called Our Race Series. He also published IDENTITY LITERATURE during all of the 1890’s teaching the same as our Identity Magazine!! That was one hundred years ago. Makes one wonder what happen to the people that knew the truth. Obviously they were not prudent about teaching their children.

May our Holy Father guide you as you search for the truth.

11 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Below is the tape list produced by William Gale's church.  It is provided here for reference.  Unfortunately we have been able to obtain very few titles of Rev. Gale's sermons in audio format for presentation on the internet.  If more are obtained in the future, we will publish them as they become available.

Tape no. Sermon title

70-02a T Whose Peace?

70-02b T Liberty or Death

70-03a T God’s Elect

70-03B to Elijah is Coming

70-04a T Born Again

70-04b T Mysteries of Christ

70-05a T Thanksgiving

70-05b T Peace with the Devil?

70-06a T Do We Obey God?

70-06b T Strangers in Our Land I

70-07a T Yhvh in the Flesh

70-07b T The Right vs. The Left


71-01a T Take Up Thy Sword

71-01B to U.S.A. in the Bible

71-02a T Jacob’s Trouble

71-03a T Personal Salvation?

71-03b T The Coming of Jesus

71-04a T What Say the Prophets

71-04b T The Passover

71-05a T Israel in the Book of Revelation

71-05b T The Parable of the Fig Tree

1. T Adam & Eve

2. T The Holy Trinity

71-09a T Jesus or Satan?

71-09b T Jesus Conquered Death

71-10a T Your Redemption is Nigh

71-10b T Keep the Faith

71-11b Strangers in Our Land I

71-12a T The Gospel of the Truth

71-12b T Resurrection

71-13a T God’s Prophets

71-13b The Light is Christ

71-14a July 4th, 1976

71-14b T Old Testament Christianity

71-15a Children of God vs. Children of Satan

71-15b Do We Serve Jesus?

71-16a T The God of Israel

71-16b The False Prophets

71-17a Your Rewards

71-17b Faith is Victory

1. Seedline of Cain

71-19 losing Our Birthright

71-20a The Blind Leading the Blind

71-20b The Signs of Christ’s Coming


72-01a What Isaiah and Jeremiah Say

72-01b Christmas 1971 – Old Testament

72-02a T Name of Jesus in Old Testament

72-02b Your Watchmen Have Failed

72-03 Victory by Action

72-04a Responsibilities of Israelites

72-04b T Who are God’s Children?

72-05a The Last Days for Satan

72-05b Whom Do You Fear?

72-06 The Lions of Israel

72-07a Scofield the Baptist

72-07b Your Redeemer Has Come

72-08a Our Passover

72-08b Laws of Conduct for Christians

72-09a Israel, Prepare!

72-09b Something Different Today

72-10 We Will Be Rewarded

72-11a Who Are God’s Ministers?

72-11b The Birth of Our Republic

72-12a Receive Your Inheritance

72-12b Everlasting Life

72-13a The Sound Doctrine of Christ

72-14a Wolves in Our Midst

72-14b Blind Israel in New Jerusalem

72-15 Take Thy Sword

72-16 Your Faith Works

72-17a t God’s Chosen Race

72-17b Today’s Remnant in Israel

72-18 The U.N. in Scripture

72-19 The Power of Jesus

72-20 The Time is at Hand

72-21 Take Your Stand

72-23a t Thy Kingdom Come

72-23b The Time has Come

72-24a Days of Separation

72-24b Your Shield Against Evil

72-25a Traitors to the Faith

72-25b The Time is Near

72-26a The Mystery of Elijah


73-01a Christmas 1972

73-01b A Message for 1973

73-02a Prepare for the Cleanup

73-03a Take Up The Cross

73-03b Peace! Peace!

73-04a For God & Country

73-04b Mystery of the Vineyard

73-05a Israel, Obey Thy God

73-05b Hold the Faith

73-06a t Basic Bible Understanding

73-06b T Israel Became Christians

73-07a t The Holy Ghost

73-08a Jesus Conquered Death

73-08b God Declared War!

73-09 T Israel, Know Thy God!

73-10a Victory is Ours

73-10b The Mark of the Beast

73-11a Gen. George Patton Reports

73-11b Christ’s Warnings

73-12a Arise & Fight

73-12b The Day Is At Hand

73-13a Win With Identity

73-13b Today’s Bible Message

73-14 Elijah’s Ministry of Christ Church

73-15a t Prophecy of the Psalms

73-15b t Key to the Bible

73-16a Keep Liberty, Give Them Death

73-16b By Their Fruits

73-17a Redeem Your Inheritance

73-17b Why Were You Born

73-18 The Laws of the Jury

73-19 T The God of Israel

73-20 What Famine?

73-21 Message to the Elect

73-25 Meat, Not Milk

73-26 T Who Are the Semites?


74-01a t The Arrival of God

74-01b Listen to Moses

74-02a t Bible Prophecy

74-02b Christ’s Discipline

74-03a t Chariots of the Gods

74-03b Daniel’s Prophecy

74-04 The Rock of Israel

74-05a Christ’s Examples

74-05b t Where the USA Is In The Bible

74-06 Ecclesiastes Says!

74-07a Days of Separation

74-07b t Questions & Answers

74-08a Ezekiel Says

74-08b The Wiles of the Devil

74-09a t The Serpent Seed

74-09b t Lost Books of the Bible

74-10 Intelligence Summary

74-11a Take Your Part

74-11b Thus Saith Thy God

74-12 Christian Ethics

74-13a Christ Has Spoken

74-13b The Hate Mongers

74-14a Peace On Them Too!

74-14b Blind Leadership

74-15 The Ungodly

74-16 T Guardian Angels

74-17 Today in the Bible

74-18 KGB in the USA

74-19 Listen to Isaiah

74-20 Christ’s Church

74-21a What Do You Seek?

74-21b Men of War

74-22b Israel Resurrected

74-23 God’s Promises

74-24a Victory by Faith

74-24b T God’s Prophecy of the USA

74-25 Days of Division

74-26a Faith is Courage

74-26b The Lost Sheep


75-01a t Why Christmas?

75-01b t Brotherhood!

75-03a Blindness of Israel

75-03b Mid-East Prophecy

75-04a Alpha & Omega

75-04b Light the Cross

75-05 the Mid-East Crisis

75-06 The Watchman

75-07a Sell Your Garment

75-07b Christ is Our Passover

75-08 Strangers in Your Land

75-09 Redeem the Republic

75-10 t Trial of the Church (Property Tax)

75-11a War for Independence

75-11b The Prophet’s Call

75-12a We Cast Pearls

75-12b Know Thyself

75-13a No Compromise

75-13b Inheritance of Your Race

75-14 You Have Been Saved

75-15 Deliver Our Nation

75-19a Different Subjects

75-19b Time of The End

75-20a T Biblical Seas & Waters

75-20b Preachers, Hear This!

75-21a Speaking in Tongues

75-21b Christ vs. Anti-Christ

75-22 Extemporaneous

75-23a Old Testament Christianity

75-23b Do You Believe?

75-24a Bible Prophecy for Today

75-24b The Called of Christ

75-25a The Internal Enemy

75-25b T Israel in Symbols

75-26a T Fundamentals of Our Faith

75-26b Christ’s Coming


76-04 Special Report 1976

76-06 Signs of the Times

76-07a Trying the Spirits

76-07b The Falling Away

76-08 Are You Alone?

76-09 Easter 1976

76-10 Perfect Law

76-11 Visions of the Prophets

76-12a Resurrection

76-12b Everlasting Life

76-13 Your Redeemer

76-14 Glory is Heaven

76-15 When Were You Saved?

76-16 Thy Kingdom Come

76-18 T Moses the Christian

76-19 Bear Your Burden

76-20 The Bread


77-01 Jesus is Eternal

77-03 t Law & Government #1

77-04 t Law & Government #2

77-07 t Law & Government #3

77-12 t Government Background I

77-13a Christ’s Coming

77-13b t Law & Government #4

77-14 t Government Background II

77-15a t Government Background III

77-15b Extemporaneous

77-18 T For Whom Did Christ Come?

77-19 The Last Days

77-21 Jesus is Glory I

77-23a t Our Great and Precious Promises

(1/2 Rev. Gale – Income Tax ---

½ Rev. Parrino – Bible)

77-23b t Law & Government #5

77-28 Jesus is Glory II

77-29a t Law & Government #6

77-29b Egypt in Prophecy II

77-31 Wake Up America


78-001 What’s New?

78-002 Satan’s Kids

78-005 t Problems of the Apostles

78-006 All Power in Jesus

78-007 t The Original Sin

78-023 Born Again

78-027 Dedication

78-028 Sheep Scatterers

78-030 Tithes & Offerings

78-032 Reply to Pastor Emery

78-042 Peace with Jesus

78-043 Proselytes

78-045 Losing Our Birthright

78-048 2nd Reply to Pastor Emery

78-050 The World Order

78-051 3rd Reply to Pastor Emery

78-055 The day of Peace

78-057 T The Constitution and The Church

78-060 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

78-062 Sodohm & Gomorrahs

78-065 t The Five & ½ Days


79-003 t The Little Book

79-005 Patience of the Saints

79-012 The Ishmaelites

79-013 Arabs vs. Jews

79-014 Things Killing you

79-019 Carter’s Dilemma

79-032 Signs of Armageddon

79-035 T True Ish-ra-el

79-044 T The Sons of God

79-064 The Captains

79-067 Dear John

79-068 Friend or Foe

79-069 The Deceivers

79-074 U.S. Constitution (CDPI Meeting)

79-075 Racial & National Identity (CDPI Mtg)

79-078 Why Bondage?

79-080 Humility

79-082 To the Disciples

79-085 Isra-lie

79-090 The Prophet’s Call

79-093 The One World Pope

79-096 T A Holy Seed

79-102 A Stolen Inheritance

79-104 Abomination of the Desolator

79-106 Mystery of Godliness

79-107 T God is Jesus


80-002 t The Feast Days

80-003 Alert No. 1 (Identity)

80-006 Victory With Jesus

80-012 Let’s Honk It On

80-014 Contend for the Faith

80-016 God’s Battle-axe

80-019 Arise & Walk

80-022 t Jesus Christ Our Passover

80-025 God’s Vineyard

80-032 t The Mother of God

80-034 Paul’s Awakening

80-038 Eternal Life

80-039 T Creation

80-051 Examples

80-057 The Kingdom

80-059 God’s People

80-062 America Today

80-078 Babylon’s Fall

80-085 What’s Up Doc?

80-087 Seminar – Dr. Marvin Miller

80-089 Posse Comitatus

80-090 Gen. George Keegan, USAF Intelligence

80-091 Are Ye Gods?

80-093 Scriptures to Jerry Falwell

80-101 God Help Rhodesia


81-002 Familiar Spirits

81-004 Who is God?

81-007 The Last Reply to Pastor Emery

81-009 Christian Liberty

81-013 t Law of Posse Comitatus I

81-014 t Law of Posse Comitatus II

81-015 t Law of Posse Comitatus III

81-018 Wisdom

81-020 t Esther & Purim

81-022 t Bible Mis-Translations

81-023 Palm Sunday

81-036 Resurrection Day 1981

81-037 Why Not Now?

81-047 God the Father

81-050 t Bible Study

81-052 The Good Shepherd

81-052 The Law

81-058 The Preacher Problem

81-066 Johnnie Reb

81-067 Mid-East 1981

81-070 What is the Church?

81-072 The New Land

81-087 Our Nation Today

81-088 Holy Communion


82-003 Did You Know?

1. The Planets Say

82-011 It Is “D”-Day

82-017 Identity Alert No. 2

82-018 Banishment

82-023 T Easter is Not Pagan

82-026 Days of Famine

82-029 t The Common Law

82-032 t The Common Law II

82-034 t The Common Law III

82-042 There is a Satan

82-045 Who Dunnit?

82-048 t The Common Law IV

82-049 Committee of the States

82-050 The P.L.O.

82-053 t The Common Law V

82-056 The Enemy Within

82-059 t The Common Law VI

82-062 t Woe Unto You Lawyers

82-064 Why Poverty?


83-001 National Cleansing

83-003 MidEast – USA 1983

83-006 Holy War Declared

83-007 Holy War II

83-010 God’s Law

83-011 A Criminal Government?

83-014 Resurrection Day 1983

83-016 Government-National or Federal?

83-024 Chaos U.S.A.

83-025 Armstrong’s Error

83-027 Why Jesus?

83-029 t At Law vs Equity – Gale & Elvick

83-032 A Sinful Nation

83-033 To The Spotlight

83-039 Get Down to Earth

83-041 Formation of the Union

83-044 t Angel Messengers

83-046 Knowledge is Power

83-048 Where Is The Law?

83-050 The Latter Days

83-053 Herbert Armstrong Analysis

83-054 The Lamb of God


84-001 1984

84-003 The U.S.A. Today

84-005 God’s Enemies

84-007 Which Way America?

84-009 A New Book of Esther

84-010 Wake Up America

84-011 Where Are You?

84-012 t Law Enforcement

84-014 Questions, Questions

84-016 Resurrection Day 1984

84-025 Jacob’s Troubles

84-027 1984 Is Now?!

84-032 Combat Ready

84-034 Redeem the Republic

84-036 Thus Sayeth Yhvh

84-039 The Time of Fulfillment

84-040 t Magna Charta (R. Elvick)

84-042 Now Or Never

84-044 National Sin

84-046 Religion, Religion

84-048 The Deceivers

84-051 t Christ’s Mass


85-001 The Culprit

85-004 Hands Off

85-006 God Is Love

85-009 Ministering Spirits

85-011 t St. Pat Where Art Thou?

85-013 Every Knee Shall Bow

85-022 t Easter Service

85-024 Why Tribulation?

85-028 Blow the Whistle

85-030 Extracting the Truth

85-032 Jesus is Glory

85-038 Why Not Now?

85-039 God’s Punishment

85-040 Perfect Hatred

85-042 The Rock

85-045 The Signs Are Here

85-046 Are We Doomed?

85-051 The Law of the Land

85-052 Persecution

85-053 What is Love?

85-055 t Key to the book

85-056 t Common Law Actions – R. VanHazel


86-021 Riot in the Daytime – Gale & Boggs

86-032 The Song of Moses

86-035 What’s Next

86-036 God’s Chosen People

86-040* The Suffering of the Anointed

86-041* An American Holiday

86-042* The Trouble with Jews

86-043* Who’s Who

86-044* Christmas 1986


87-001* Where’s the Truth?

87-002* What’s to Come?

87-003* Transgression

87-004* Jesus, Our Rock

  1. The Law, Blessing and Cursing

  2. Deception & Deceivers

  3. Time

  4. Heirs According to the Promise

  5. Sound Doctrine

  6. Resurrection Day ’87

  7. Israelites are Christian

  8. The Message

  9. Seas, Rivers & Waters

  10. The Vineyard & Fig Tree

  11. History & Current Events

  12. Adam & Eve Again

  13. A Simple Message

  14. Wolves & Shepherds

  15. Preparation of Israel

  16. Blind Israel in U.S.A.

  17. Liberty & the Spirit of Christ

  18. Inquisition in America

  19. Confusion & Trouble

  20. The USA in the Bible

  21. Christian Code of Conduct

  22. Satan’s Race

  23. If’s & But’s

  24. The Called Out of Christ

  1. The Power of Jesus

  2. God’s Law

  3. Latter Day Troubles

  4. Why Are We Here?

  5. Our Reward

88-001* Perpetual Sleep in the Middle East

88-002* Palm Sunday

88-003* Resurrection Day 1988

88-004* The Time Is At Hand

88-005* Our Time Has Come

88-006* Jesus and The World Order

88-007* Christianity, Yesterday/Today

88-008* Buy a Sword

88-009* Those Not Of Your Race

88-010* The Enemy Within

88-011* Paul (Rev. Bogg’s Rebuttal)

88-012* Everlasting God, Life

88-013* Creations and Sons of God

88-014* What Jesus Said

88-015* Israel’s Blindness

88-016* Disciples of Christ

88-017* Race of Inheritance

88-018* Digging Out The Truth

88-019* Thanksgiving – 1988

88-020* Prophets of Israel

88-021* Patience

88-022* Why Celebrate Christmas?

  1. U.N. and U.S.

  2. The U.S. Today

  3. Of Gods, Devils

  4. Lack of Knowledge

  5. Stand Up and Fight

  6. A Couple of Keys

  7. Foundation of Faith

  8. Today’s Pastors

  9. Lock and Load

  10. In the Beginning

  11. The Spirit of Liberty

  12. Rich Meat

  13. The Wise

89-014* T The Law of the Republic

  1. The Giving of Rights

  2. Thou Shall Not

89-017* T Documents of Gov. (A.N.C.-1)

89-018* T Race of God (A.N.C. – 2)

  1. Law of the Kings

  2. One God, Faith, People

  3. Supremacy?


Booklets by rev. william p. gale

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