Prehistoric America, 1-26-65



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift- 1-26-65

As we turn tonight to the second message as to the antiquity of our continent, and to the things which have taken place in this our homeland in this part of the earth we will talk to you again about Prehistoric America, and some of the things which are essential for us to know. Never has there been a period in history when men have been so blessed with the results of research. The strange inquisitiveness God has placed in us has caused us to search out, and to know, out of which has produced the great areas of our modern science and archaeology. In its probing study of man, and the origin of Races in its basic concepts and patterns we have been searching, seeking knowledge. We have watched the emerging concepts of anthropology having added to replace theory. And out of the Ethnic studies of the peoples of earth we find again that the leading areas of such an investigation reposes upon your race. There is more known about the earth today than has ever been known about it in any age of human history. There is more known tonight about the pattern of events that even preceded our own Race upon the earth than has ever been known before. But today how few are discussing, how few are researching these factors for their own knowledge outside of the research scientists themselves. How much is being done today to confuse in the mind of the student inside of our colleges the true knowledge of things which have gone before. Strange substitutes are established in the earth to replace the areas of truth which the LORD willed, and delivered unto HIS people.

So as we turn to the subject tonight of Pre-historic America we would go back...way way back, even back to the positions which follow the first and second verses of Genesis. For we are told:....

'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth became without form, and was void. And darkness came upon the face of the deep.' Of course that famous fourth chapter of the Book of Jeremiah explains all that transpired in this particular point of History. It is brought back to the remembrance of Jeremiah because Jeremiah, like you, was there. But you do not have it brought to your remembrance except thru the words of the Scripture, and thru the background of records now made known until these things form an image, a picture in your mind. But I point out to you that Jeremiah, because he was a child of the Eternal Father like those who make up the household of God, had for his purpose of his ministry the unveiling, as a Prophet, and was able to record what was brought back to his remembrance. And thus he tells about the great catastrophe which shook the earth in this period of time, between the first and second verses of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis.

In the Book of Jeremiah you read these words:...4:23;

'I beheld the earth, and lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, they had no light. I beheld mountains and they trembled, and the hills also moved. I beheld, and lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens had fled. I beheld, and lo, the fruitful places were a wilderness, the cities were broken down, and swallowed up because of the Presence of YAHWEH and his anger. For thus saith YAHWEH:...the whole land shall be desolate, yet I will not make a full end.'...For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens become black....and Jeremiah saw these things and he realized YAHWEH would not turn back from what he had purposed. He would not turn back from his purpose, or from what He had done as he brought this judgment upon those who had become spoiled. Isaiah tells us as does the Psalmist of a situation similar to this, but in this enveloping picture here being described by Jeremiah he tells about how the earth had been populated, how it had great cities with great civilizations before the beginning of the record of what we call our Bible history recorded by Moses starting with the Book of Genesis. He tells of how the earth existed with its civilizations in the ages before, and this is well understood by him.

Someone far back was it to this period of time that Jeremiah talks about? Well, we would not want to limit the time but the closest margin of events which you could come to relative to this is beyond 600,000 years ago. The reason we know this is because the creation which followed this catastrophe is described in the Book of Genesis. And in the last of this creation people were placed upon areas of this earth to repopulate it again, and man and woman was made. These people...these men and women were the Tungus people of the original Asiatic stock which covered so much of the earth. And their travels and their migrations, and their history is marked by radio carbon as the time element of their fossils. And the carbon patterns of their furniture, and the boring replacements which result from this test proves that we have 600,000 years of the wandering of these people. Again we can quote Ivor Lissner and his writings as well as many other Anthropologists and field researchers who have done such excellent work in this matter, and prove that the Tungus men of that creation moved across the face of the earth. They came down out of the High Steppes, and it is known that they moved down into Mesopotamia, and on into Africa, and then back to their beginning. They moved out over the great areas which are now covered by the Pacific Ocean into which a continent disappeared. Even portions of them had moved over this portion of the earth, and they had traveled down across Central America, and into South America. The Tungus man of that creation existed after this catastrophe described here in the writings of Jeremiah.

Now:...I point out then that when we deal with antiquity it is supported, and we have brought this out in other messages as well. We have demonstrated that there are evidences of human society, of artifacts, ceramics and weapons which were upon the earth over 1 1/2 million years ago. And if we are to accept some of the evaluations of some who want to put the pre-Cambrian Seas 1 1/2 million years ago, then we can say that there was still man on the earth who painted, who made weapons, who had a culture even before the catastrophe of that time of Genesis 1:1. And without a doubt the pre-Cambrian seas were catastrophe enough, but the uplifts which followed almost exterminated, if not completely, the peoples of earth which we have in the record between the first and second verse of Genesis.

Thus as we talk about pre-history we must be talking about it as recorded in the expanse of our own Race, or shall we say...pre-history of the last 7 or 8 thousand years. That which precedes the history of what we have as recorded documents, scrolls, manuscripts is referred to as pre-historic. But it is not pre-historic to the people who were dwelling in these periods of time, because they have their history, and they have their records, and it is important for us to understand some of these things. I have been noting as we have been co-relating and comparing the Ancient traditions of the records, of the oldest most Ancient of the doctrines of Ancient India; as to its history and its background. The Antiquity of the Ancient patterns of history out of the Ancient 'Chin' people of China, and also the bordering Chinese nations along the Pacific Ocean. It is rather interesting to note also the background history of the peoples in Japan, and of Samoa, and also the history that accompanies an island such as Easter Island, and its strange background that ties into the Ancient past. When all these patterns are co-related their images, their symbols, and their worship, and tradition are told then you get one tremendous story of events that runs in a continuity of several thousand years. But...comes as we move closer to our own time, to more complete, and more exactness within the patterns of its history. As we mentioned to you last Sunday evening we have now established that the civilizations for instance just 21 miles from Mexico City...altho they covered many hundreds of square miles, still we have here in that area great well shafts which go down 26 feet, or 83 feet, or 145 feet to civilizations. And these civilizations respectively are 11,500 years...60,000....200,000 years old. Thus 200,00 years ago there were cities there, and cultures, and writings, and they had architecture as well. As we point these things out we are talking now about pre-historic America. We are talking about things which transpired before your time, and have been inter-dispersed with an ice age and catastrophes, but still my friends; the remnant of all this still exists.

No catastrophe has befallen the earth since the catastrophe which enveloped it before the second verse of the Book of Genesis which has wiped out all time...everybody on the earth was drowned at that time, but those in the Ark? No...everyone in that country or that place, the Hebrew word is ...eret. Everyone in that place drowned but not everyone on the face of the earth. The Upper Tarim basin high up in the Asiatic mountains, in the Steppes is where your race had the largest part of your early population. And from whence it had migrated. But in the design to destroy this population the enemies of your Race committing violations of Divine Law, integrating, absorbing and taking by violence were led by Satanic and Luciferian forces. We are told there were even monsters and giants in those days because of the intermingling of these fallen Nephilin (Angels), and the sons of they are described in the Book of Genesis. Therefore to preserve the last of this Family purity then Noah had been instructed to prepare the Ark. It seemed so preposterous to do this way up in the High Steppes land where there were no great seas, where the waters were subterranean, and where event the seas which would be there later, were also subterranean. And in this instance Noah did not know that he was over vast seas, for only small streams crossed that plane until the hour of the flood.

I want to point out to you something about that flood, for the flood was in that place else. That is one of the reasons why the catastrophe to take place required that Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives were to be preserved, and thus they would start out again from that of the purest strains of the White race. And the Shemite line from which every person in this room has descended and is offspring of Noah.

However, we had tall strong white men who at the very time of that flood were not living in that area, but were living in other parts of the earth. We can point this out because it is quite historic, for sons of Seth and people of that household of Seth had already..many of them, migrated and had not been touched by the impact of the events which brought on the flood. For instance down in the land that was so vital to the history of your Race...the land of Egypt where the great city of ON, and the great and mighty Pyramid was built, Job and Enoch were already residents in that land. In fact had built long before the flood the great city of ON, and the flood did not effect Egypt at any time. The people of Egypt were still there when Abraham went down into Egypt, and still there when later Joseph would also go into Egypt. This proving once again that the flood did not touch the Egyptians.

Now; there were great catastrophes which effected the continents which surrounded this present continent which long ago disappeared beneath the waters of the seas. But among the oldest patterns of history were the peoples who had built the Temples of the Yucatan. We have some 2000 years of very minute Mayan history, but we have history which precedes this, and Temples of Antiquity which go far back beyond that. So far back goes some of these Temples of Antiquity of these Mayans, and the Pre-Incas, that 15,000 years ago the Pre-Incan Temples were built, and later the Incas would inhabit them. But I point out to you that the Mayas have no record of any flood covering North America. No record of any flood covering Central American lands, or South America as a flood that wiped out all civilization, society and so forth. So the oldest records of the Mayan calendar show no such flood. Also something interesting about the Ancient Mayas is that they had all the planets, and all the stars. They were great mathematicians, and they had tremendous measures of the sky, but they didn't have the planet Venus in their solar system at the time they made their original calendars. I think this is rather significant because they put the entrance of Venus in their calendar somewhere around 1470 or 1450 B.C. It all depends on how we measure the decay to find the exactness of the measuring point of the Mayan calendar. In other words they show Venus coming into our Solar system about that time and they show that as it came in there was accompanying catastrophe, but the catastrophes did not effect them, and they did not know of these catastrophes at that time. They only knew that the sky above them became filled with dust and debris. That the sky became red, and that the sun became massive and red, and they thought that the Mighty Gods of the sun were about to be angry and would bring another catastrophe upon their ancient land which had been swept away...a whole continent, and swallowed up with fire, in the past. It was not until White men arrived in ships and went into the Yucatan and were received as the sons of Quetzal... the 'Queeche', the Great God of Light from the sky. And when the sons of the God of Light arrived then these sons were hailed as the children of the 'God of Light', and they hoped that the hour had come which would turn the Serpent from the catastrophes which had passed. Thus it was that these White men arrived on this continent, but who were they? These were of the children of Manasseh who according to the Scriptures had gone to sea in ships. And the ships were...Phoenician ships, and on these ships they had sailed across the ocean and into the Caribbean, and they had landed. And they had brought with them the whole story of every Biblical account from the records of Moses, and the thinking of Job up until the time of the exodus which they had made about 800 B.C. In fact they brought to these people of the Mayas the story of the flood, but in the Mayan records the flood was not in their land, it was way far distant to the north and to the east but not here. Thus they didn't have any record of the flood in their history, but the flood which happened in some other place in the earth is recorded.

More than this they have the whole story of the sons of Quetzal called... 'Queeche'...tall white men who were the children of the Eternal God. The God whose battles had been fought in the skies, and which had effected the background of their history. Thus it was the tradition among the people of the Mayas who had all these records, and it was not many years before the Administration over these ancient Mayan cities was that of the White Israelites...none other than Manasseh, or rather a portion of the children of the tribe of Manasseh. Of course a porion of the tribe of Manasseh was not in this migration, for the majority of the tribe was in the migration and the captivity which took place when the Assyrians took the ten northern tribes into captivity. This is why the great tribal houses of Joseph.... Ephraim and Manasseh finally found themselves settled in the Isles of Britain, and in that area of Europe. Out of them has come the Anglo-Saxon peoples of which your heritage and your language has so much affinity. However a part of your race, a portion of them had already sailed across the ocean, and were already established in this country. How far back was this? My friends they were here 2,700 years ago. This is however not pre- history, it is only pre-history to the entrance of the white man into this continent. When we talk about the things which are pre-history, I might turn to the National Geographic edition of 'Indian Life in America'. It points out that 39,000 years ago Indians were settling in this country. These called Indians were of course Asiatics and peoples of the Steppes, and Mongols who were coming across the land bridge, but they said that these people followed what they called the dispersion of the glaciers which were now melting. And they say that the end of the last Glacier age was about 40,000 years ago. As the receding ice backed up it was then possible to cross the land bridges which had not as yet broken down between Alaska, and Siberia at that Strait. However there had been a sinking of a continent, and that had taken place, the major portion of it, after that glacier age.

Now; we point out that some of these people therefore didn't follow this scientific declaration made today by those who are bringing these people all across the land bridge, for some of them had been people who came out of that continent which had submerged. The history of that is probably the best prepared history that the world possesses of antediluvian record. Because from India, from China, from Japan, from the areas of tradition here in this continent, and the relationship to it, to the antiquity of its most ancient Temples we have a sunken continent from which people fled, on to this one. We point out that they came before that land collapsed, for some of them survived altho masses of them were lost. And the number of those lost with the sinking of that continent was about 65 million people. So you have an idea of the size of that catastrophe as the number factor spread, and was a part of the records of the ancients in these other surrounding areas.

Now; we point out to you...'Ice Ages', and let us turn for a moment over to the Book of Job. Here in the Book of Job we find God speaking to Job and he has been telling Job:...look you are a lot older than you think for you were with me when a lot of these things transpired. Now...Job you are a man (Adamite) so tighten your belt and give me some answers. You can answer because I will bring this back to your remembrance. Where were you when the hoary frost came out of the heavens, and the very ocean's surface, and the face of the deep were frozen? Where were you when the very ice ages took place? Tell me Job where were you then....tell ME! O, you don't remember but you were up here, and you observed it all.

Now; the ice age did take place, and they took place my friends on the same kind of incident as is recorded for catastrophe by the Mayas. And they are recorded as about 1450 to 1460 B.C. You say:...what was the ice age? It was the coming of a great Astronomical body like a mighty comet out of the sky, and it was called...THE SWORD OF THE LORD. It swept down and picked up masses of water and material, and its attractive tail even rocked the earth in that period of time, and took great masses of it into the sky. And out in the cold of outer space the water and the masses turned to ice, and fell back to earth to inundate the earth with an Ice Age which covered the north half of the North American continent all the way to the Arctic. It entrapped as you know mammals which were grazing there on the tundra. One moment they were eating the grass, and the next moment they were buried in ice and snow as the falling masses lifted by the comets tail brought a scourge of judgement upon the earth. This catastrophe had effected whole portions of various parts of earth, and the record of the coming of 'this sword' is part of the ancient story which the Toltecs and Mayan people have as well as the people of India, and also the ancient Chin people for they describe this catastrophe, and thus we have this pattern established. Did you know that in the time of 1450 to 1460 B.C., and on back to the approximate measure, possibly the decay calendar can measure the difference to change this, but they talk about the wanderer which came into our sky. The wanderers are planets. They are the only stars who change or move, all the rest of the stars move in their progression. The Mayan Wanderer was a planet, as was an Indian or a Chinese wanderer, and now they had another planet which they added to their sidereal system, and that was the planet VENUS. Someone said:...but this isn't possible, but certainly is possible, and it is one of the things which did transpire. Do you know what happened when this planet came in? It was at this time that the judgements of catastrophe hit Egypt at the time of the Exodus. And the debris which filled the sky, and the conditions of dust and particles in the stratosphere...wherein it was neither light nor described in the Scriptures and supported by the accounts of the ancient Mayas. They described it as the time when the Sun God was angry, when the sky was red, and that it stayed a blazing red all day long because of the anger of the Sun God whom they feared.

Now;...let me point out to you that within the scope of this measure, no sooner had these ancient people the Biblical background of your race... then they added that record to their background and their traditions, but they separated it from what had gone on before. So you see the ancient people had no flood in their lands, nothing had bothered them because the flood period of Noah's time was bracketed between greater catastrophes for them than had occurred...15,000 years before...or 11,500 years before as they had great records of these great catastrophes.

One of the most amazing things I find in the tradition of pre-historic America, and found in the tradition of its people, are the great legends of things which had gone on before. All these are tied into the background of their religion, and tied into the tremendous artifacts which as we have told you are to be found far up at Tiahuanaco 13,600 feet above sea level. Here the great Temple and the Great walls of Tiahuanaco built 15,000 years ago was later occupied by the Incas and they tell their story. And this story which they tell is of great upheavals, in fact my friends there were no Andes mountains at that time, and no high Sierras in their present position. Their uplift came at the time of the sinking of great land masses which were to the westward. And with this sinking of these great land masses they said that the earth rocked to and fro, and that mountains and hills jumped up and down, and great mountains arose, and lifted their city to the sky. And if you go down to the Matagrosi you will find that the great masses of black basalt rock fit so together...20 some tons, and up to 80 tons apiece, until you can't put a piece of paper between them. That great masonry which you find upon that high mountain has ONE relationship to the masonry on the bottom of the mountain for it came from the same place, and one time was connected together. The uplift had lifted the whole city...a vast plateau...and all that was on it...high up into the sky. As we have told you in the past..the finding of the cities of the northern end of the Andes which were lifted up about 11,500 years ago, in their final lifting, had sheered off half the city below the basalt cliff, and lifted the other half up, and now it is on top of the mountain. And radio carbon used on the furniture in the debris which was buried underneath the rocks and the limes prove that it happened 11, 500 years ago.

No longer is there room for ignorant Clergy or ignorant people who want to start everyone out with Adam. Who want to say that no one lived on the face of the earth before 6,000 years ago, when they do not even know that there was an error even in chronology, purposely placed there, when the enemy wanted to throw off the 'Date' of MESSIAH. And yet we find Adams exodus was actually some 7400 years ago, or actually 5400 years before the birth of Christ. Your race with a special destiny had before it a tremendous purpose which God will still bring to pass, but its background history still goes back approximately 7400 years, and that is all. But as to the earth with all its peoples, they have been here thousands and thousands of years. There have been catastrophes and upheavals, but they are all tied together in one great common story. What happens to a planet like earth? What creates the vast catastrophes? What makes the great shifts? What forces were set in motion? What causes these things to happen? Out of a God of Graciousness, and goodness with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and creative power, of whom not even a sparrow falls who does not come within the substance of the conscious pattern of this Eternal Omniscience. How could then these great catastrophes effect great continents, and wipe out 65 million people at a single sweep? How could this happen???

Because my friends, this was the theater of the Universe. The situations and what was transpiring here was the focal point for a vast panorama of tremendous impact. For there had been a war in the heavens, and the earth had become the theatre of this War in the heavens; and the scene of its vast pattern of events.

For instance I am always interested in the great Matavara that the peoples of India talk about. They talk about the areas of origin of some of their people, about the knowledge and tradition, and how some of their people had come from a land beneath the waters, the land of Ra-mu. We have mentioned this before because among some of the Hindu early kingdoms of India they refer to the fact of a Maya kingdom. You remember that there was a Maya kingdom in India as well, and their ruler was called Ra Mu, or Ra which is king or ruler of Mu, or king of the Sun land. For you see that ancient land was known as the land of the Sun. That didn't just mean that the peoples themselves worshiped the sun, but it was the 'land of the Sun', and an Emperor was a son of the Empire of the Sun. In this instance then at one time, they worshiped one mighty God of LIGHT. And he had a multitude of names, for he was a White God, and they talk about Him. And QUETZAL was the word among both Inca as well as Maya for ...White God. It even came down later into Aztec history, and then they changed the name to QUETZACOATL. Thus they changed it from the Great God symbolized as the flying Eagle, the Great Bird of the sky...naturally he is only the symbol of a White man, or a White God, for Quetzal means...White God. Some had thought that there was a white king who had ruled 39,000 years before because they have the history both in Aztecs as well as among the Queeche, but actually the Queeche were Manassehites, and this was the name given unto the Manassehites as they came, because the Queeche were supposed to be the sons of Quetzal. Coatl is the Serpent and the transference of the Serpent to a flying Serpent ruling in the sky is what transpired as the Luciferian attack came upon the declaration of the ONE AND TRUE LIVING GOD. If you go down into those great Temples found inside of Mexico...of that time, you will find that in these great Pyramid Temples which were built, that around their lintels is now a flying Serpent...a winged Serpent. And this winged Serpent has now replaced that which was older...the Great Deity of LIGHT, the great bird coming out of the sky bearing the Light. This is also of the Phoenix bird, and the symbol of Life and Resurrection. The bird of the spirit, of the indestructible ONE. Of the God of the Sky whose children of Light were the sons of Light, or the Queeche, or the children of QUETZAL. So when some of the tribe of Manasseh arrived in that land then automatically the people are the sons of Quetzal...the Queeche.

Do you remember what they said about your race as they first came down into Egypt? The cry of the priests of Egypt because they had the ancient records of Horus as to how they as a people had crossed the land of Africa after the sinking of the continent on which they dwelt. How they went eastward after their ancient land went down, but also how they looked forward to the coming of the sons of YAHWEH-Putah...the God of Light. And so they called you the children of Osiris the soul of Light or of Ra which is also the word for the Sun. So your race was always known as the children of Osiris, the LORD of Light and Resurrection..the race of Diety in the earth.

I point out to you therefore the tremendous spectacle which we find.. even a part of the great flowing picture pattern of the solid monoliths thousands of years ago. We have its story even hidden in the traditions of ancient Japan concerning what happened when the land sank, and the Sumari were the surviving Royalty of that Island. And out of that record we find the great saga which the Aryan society brought back of the tradition story of ancient India. They said in that record of ancient India. They said in that record of ancient India that there came hurdling out of the sky like meteors...moving stars...great fleets of Melachaos, the Serpent feathered Peacock, or the peacock feathered Serpent. And in this story they said:... behold, his ships came hurtling out of the sky before the ships of LIGHT. For Indra had come out of his place in the heavens, he had pursued this Serpent one, and this Serpent one made his have in the earth. And behold! the ships of LIGHT did pass over the ships of Melachaos, and the great battle had been fought in the sky. Many ships had been crippled and wounded as they were driven into earth. This is from ancient Indian records. Do you know what they were talking about? They are talking about a battle between Lucifer and the Eternal YAHWEH, and the difference is that Indra was... the God of LIGHT...the God of the outer Universe. And the feathered Serpent Melachaos was none other than the name they had bestowed upon Lucifer who with his ships had taken the earth for his haven. (Lucifer ...the chaos monster)

Listen:...I read over here in the writings of the Psalmist (David) some rather interesting things. (II Samuel 22:11)..It talks about:...'Behold, in my distress I call upon the LORD'...the Psalmist wanted to know what this great vision was...'For the sorrow of death seemed to be encompassing him with pressure. He beheld, how the earth shook and trembled in its foundations, and the hills were moved, and mountains rose up and down, and there was great smoke'. He saw here that a devouring fire came forth from one of the beings involved here in this catastrophe. And it says here:... 'YAHWEH bowed the heavens and came down, and the darkness was under his feet. And one did ride upon the symbol of a Cherub, and he did fly with the wings of the wind'. 'And he made darkness his secret dwelling place, and his pavilion round about was dark waters and thick clouds'.....We discover here that YAHWEH thundered out of the heavens, and with his voice came hailstones and tongues of fire...a shaking earth..a disappearing land. You say what was this all about? If you have been reading Kon-Tiki, or others you will discover that out there on Easter Island is the remnant of an ancient and old civilization whose monoliths stick up out of the sea. And there you see the images of great Gods, and find the background of things past. Great walls disappeared off that Island and went down into the sea. And since that time there has been a lot of investigation of the bottom of the oceans, and these walls like the walls of China go out to sunken cities beneath the waters of the Pacific. And you will note that the sands have strange green substances called trinitite. We gave it that name after we did the same thing down at Alamogordo, as we were experimenting and trying to create our first nuclear explosion, and the sands were fused together like volcanic glass..turned green, and were radio active. Thus they gave this the name of trinitite, and out on the Island of Easter Island you find trinitite, remnants of radio active material. Isotopes were formed, not because they were natural carriers of uranium for they didn't have uranium 235 or 238, and they were not pitch-blend, they were not any other known ore of radium. They were just fused radio active particles, substances which had been fused together by terrific atomic explosions which had taken place sometime in the past over that great continent which sank beneath the waters, and only left a few of the high spots above water. Then you turn over here to the Psalmist and with vision and inspiration he was given the story of what had transpired, what had happened to areas of the earth in ancient yesterdays.

You say:...How did this war take place?...Well, in the rebellion against the MOST HIGH GOD, and against your family, and against the administration of the Universe, then all the forces of cunning, wisdom and darkness were turned to perversion and judgment. And Lucifer fought a war against the forces led by Michael the Archangel and what a spectacle...our Aryan forbearers describe...out of the traditions of India, and out of the background of Asia, as they talk about these great ships which came hurtling out of the sky like meteors, and behind them came the Great ships of LIGHT in fast pursuit, until the darkness makes earth its hiding place. The Great ships of Light do not pursue it into earth, but fly over it to see that it stays here. In otherwords Lucifer was bottled up in earth. No wonder then...when Michael was railing out against Lucifer...after he had followed him to earth...then YAHWEH said:...Stay, don't destroy him, let him stay here. This is where we will finish our history of Lucifer. And thus in the Antiquity of yesterday something transpired, and anthropologists are now trying to discern just exactly what happened. When Columbus arrived in the Western Hemisphere he called the inhabitants ...Indians, and of course this was a misnomer which has stuck unto this day. There were in evidence as we have told you before, two types of people, in the measure of distinction in this continent. In fact when our race arrived in its final colonization and settlement, from the days of Christopher Columbus to John Cabot, and to the colonization of this great nation we are told that these were red men. But they were really not red men, in fact the only time they even looked red was when they painted their faces with Ochre. They were prone before they went into wars to color themselves and to make their skin appear a reddish color, and they streaked themselves with this color. But actually the 'Indians' of America were a tan race, and there was also white ones. Thus they fell into two categories, some were sun tanned but not white under any clothing that they wore, and others were tan all over all the time. Then there is a strange and peculiar mongrelization among which is some of the dullest and thickest, and least bright of all peoples called Indians, and they have been mixed with Negro blood. And this Negro blood has also had its impact upon people out there in the Islands of the Sea. We point out that in the Islands of the Pacific are people who are very light in color. Then we have these people who are light tan, and then we have the Negro types which were induced thru violation of Divine law. But from where did they come? Well... we are told that in this battle of the 'Land of the Sun' that the people of the land of the sun turned from the worship of the Great God Quetzal, and began to worship this Serpent god. And that this Serpent god had brought with him these dark ones, and they served before this Serpent god. And they told these people;...never mind the laws of the God of the Sun, turn to the laws of pleasure, and the laws of love. And thus he (the serpent god) started the system of mongrelization, and integration of these Negroes with earth people.

Now:...some earth people shunned this custom, and were proud of their race and their heritage, and some even proud of the ancient kingdoms of which they were a part, and thus would not partake in this integration. But out of this program came great dark masses of mingled people, and out of this came wild orgies, out of it came the most evil of processes in the mutations of race even the attempt to mutate that race through orgies with animals and animal life. And this bestiality is even condemned in the Book of Exodus when God gave Moses his laws, and the pagan policies out of Asia still continued until this was even one of the transgressions of Esay, as he followed the pagan wife he bought and married, followed her to the 'Hill of the Satyr', into the mongrelization and the worship of the half man, half goat god which was a part of Baal worship.

It is rather an interesting thing that we note that over these ancient civilizations..this Satanic process held sway. We have pointed out to you that one of these civilizations which is 60,000 years old, or a little over that, had been occupied by Chinamen. And these people lived in that part of Asia which was not at that time called China, but they came out of areas north of Peking and had translucent and jade ornaments, and jewelry which could be found no place else on earth. There is all kinds of Jade, green Jade, but this particular type of the artifacts which were on the arms of these buried Chinese down under volcanic capped cities of 60,000 years ago, establishes a time, and the second civilization came from only one place, and that was also China. But the images they had were all of Chinese faces and features exactly, even tho there are other kinds of Mongols with high cheek bones, these were very definitely not only Chinese, but they showed this pattern of ancient China.

Now; in the instances of this we find that the traditions which related to the land of the Aztecs in Mexico, these cities there were not built by the later Aztecs, they were built by a people more profound than the Aztecs, and the same holds true elsewhere. But in the history of Mexico we find that these ancient cities were built by the children of Quetzal. So probably the best of the architecture of Mexico had come from the Manasseh people, in their growth and spread of civilization which had touched Aztecs, Toltec and other civilizations. But I point out to you that in the story which they tell, in the story I find born testimony to from all parts of the earth was that in the Luciferian design was Mongrelization and struggles which emerges with violence and trouble. And actually there were such violations of law that again...THE SHIPS OF THE SUN came into the situations of earth. And we are told that out of the Sun came the great SHIPS OF LIGHT, and that the earth rocked, and great pillars of fire arose into the sky. Whole portions of the earth disappeared, and we are told that following this the earth went into a condition of great shuddering. Following this came the swallowing up of great masses of land which went down in what was described as a lake of fire. The most intelligent pattern of what transpired was that there had been a nuclear war. There had been war by great fleets which had come in from the outside, came in against the evil of Lucifer's power, because he was causing the earth to transgress, including this great continent. Because of this great catastrophe there was not only great earthquakes, but water rushed into volcanic areas, and great fires came forth, and whole volcanic activities started, and masses of land disappeared in flaming fire and steam, and then the fire was drowned out as the waters came in as the mass submerged.

These submerged volcanoes still work upon the floor of the Pacific, and every once in a while they help to build up a new island to help reconstruct a continent which had gone down so long ago. Even the Hawaiian Islands are a part of this type of activity. And other islands are still a part of the basalt of the land which sank beneath the waters, and now they are only high peaks as islands inside the sea.

We point out then that the catastrophes which swept the Pre-Adamic ancient world, and swept even Pre-historic America came from the violations of Divine Law. From the war of Lucifer against God, and the resulting catastrophe for any place he curse. And this violation, the intermingling of the people with the Negroes which he brought with him out of the Milky Way, were a part of his rebellion. Altho they (Negroes) could probably not help it because they were under his control and power of that part of the Universe in which he rebelled, but anyway whether they could help themselves or not, still this is a fact of what happened even tho there may have been some areas of resistance. There may be many of them still back in continents and planets from whence they came who did not rebel, but this bunch fell. And with that fall they degenerated intensely even as to their own ability, and as to their own knowledge. As we said to you before, a great student of Anthropology and Archeology who has made a study all over the earth said:...I am convinced that no part of the earth has savages emerging, growing and developing. All of these savages have degenerated and fallen from great civilizations. They have turned from great catastrophes which enveloped their cities and lands, but them off from technology, or in their forced nomadic conditions, the ones who have survived have gone into a wild state and degenerated. He said that evidences of civilizations that are extinct in South America prove that their forbearers were much smarter than any of the remnants we now find in its jungles. And of course the Negroes have gone down into South and Central America and degenerated until bestiality became a part of their life style until some of them almost became a part of 'Missing Links', because of their violation of Divine Law. This also happened out in the Philippines because they found some of those people with tails. This does not mean that all of the peoples of the Philippines are like this, but there are some crude tribes who violate Divine Law, and this evidence was found not only during the war but it is a matter of medical record. So I point out that thru out the world there are a lot of strange things, and always it relates back to the same story. Always it fits in to the same tradition...into the tradition of the Indians, and into the tradition of the ancient civilizations, and even into some of their backgrounds which clearly supports this great story. It also supports another great pattern of knowledge, which is that no part of the history of the peoples who constitute the ancient civilizations which had those civilizations exterminated by the ice ages, that does not fit this story.

Now;...let me point out again that we have evidence of the violation of Divine Law by these various groups, but we also have areas once covered by ice which is now gone, and there...since the melting, we find artifacts of people who lived and dwelt in cities, which were there before the ice inundated and destroyed them. And there is evidence by the symbols that we find in the artifacts that in this pre-glacier period, the impact of Satanic processes is shown. That would be correct because we have Negroes buried in Kilimanjaro 73,000 years ago, and the receding ice 40,000 years ago, and this Satanic catastrophe could well have come in that interval. One of the factors which have shown us the pattern of the ice ages, both in Europe and America now becomes quite clear. It was not as some said...a gradual increasing cold which swept over the earth. It was an Astronomical phenomena and catastrophe which lifted masses of water and ice into the air, and then having froze this water, dropped back these masses of snow and ice until whole areas and continents were underneath it. Thus the Arctic as well as the Antarctic regions, and even some of the temperate zones had been covered by catastrophe.

Let me point out to you, glaciers don't come down from the north and then recede back to the north. As the glacier warms up it melts, and then the ice is gone, but when you have much ice then are in a deep freeze. Thus as the ice melted the water went down hill. If this was on top of high mountains then the water went down hill into the valley and then traveled down the valleys. But it traveled north just as it traveled south, but it always sought a lower level as water and mud produced a slick surface for the glaciers to move on with its weight thru the path of resistance. Today we have seen almost all the glaciers melted. In fact in my lifetime I have watched the glaciers of the High Sierras get smaller and smaller. And this proves also that there is a difference in the ice pack, even tho replenished by rains and snows. Far up in the Arctic there is a receding line of ice, and a gradual melting back, and a breaking back close to all the ice pack as the ice recedes. Of course if all the ice of the ice packs melted it wouldn't raise the oceans around the earth even one inch. So don't let anyone tell you that could unbalance the earth and start any floods, because there is not enough water in all that ice to do this. But it did produce these catastrophes, and it does show how several times God intervened to bring great judgments on Lucifer's attempt to destroy the people by mongrelizing and mutating everything by filling it with filth, with violence, with immorality and depravity. Lucifer's battle, his call for throwing aside the laws of God, and turning the people to pleasure, and what he calls love is nothing but the turning into all the depravity, immorality, and degeneration which reduces men to his level. And not satisfied with that he wants to reduce them with degeneration...into bestiality.

Let me point out that the great cities of Light which have been built in the past were but symbols to the worship of the ONE True God, and we note now that these are mutated by Luciferianism. If you were to go into the record of your own race you will note that you who are the sons and daughters of the Eternal, the children of Adam, who came upon the land to find the remnants of land beneath the waters, and their king Tidal, and his people dwelling everywhere as you find in the Old Testament. From the plains of Shinar all the way down thru Sumeria and even into North America, and you find these people have no part, nor lot, with anyone who descended from Adam, that they came from people...pre-Adamic. You turn to the 31 chapter of Ezekiel and you discover how the streams of their races were great, and that is why some of them had such tremendous Kingdoms. How the Sumerians came from the Tungus man with some 600,000 years of history. No wonder then that there has been a lot of people on this earth. After all they had the Assyrian Empire all over the earth, and most of these people were the Asiatics, according to this chapter of Ezekiel, but these people WERE in the earth when Adam was put here. And the Egyptian Empire existed way back there along with the Assyrian Empire and you also find the record of this in the 31 chapter of Ezekiel.

The reason why people are ignorant of these things is because they never study to find out what is true. A lot of preachers don't pay any attention to what is in the Old Testament, and don't even pay to much attention to what is in the new. The resulting circumstance is that they buy some bedtime story they have been told about how everything started with one man back in the period when Adam came, and this is the beginning of all these things. But my friends, this is not true.

We point out that where there has been degeneration as some fell, there was also other areas which resisted, and their areas of society were untouched by the Satanic program. Even since your race has been in earth, it has been moving out, occupying, developing, establishing civilizations, and this is why as you go down thru the lineage to Adam, you come down to the sons of Seth, and you see how they went out over the face of the earth. Great Patriarchs like Enoch and Job, and others who came down out of the High Steppes, and moved out of the Persian sea area, and into Mesopotamia and down into the land of Palestine, and even on down into Egypt is all a pattern of your migrant history. And the record is both Biblical and Historical, and we find them even in secular history with their impact upon the world. In fact we can remember the background of history, and what it has to say about some of these Empires. Probably the greatest of the rising Empires as far as glory and fame is concerned was Ancient Babylon. Altho the great city of UR of the Chaldeas was great, and it was ruled over by Nimrod the descendent of Ham. And his Prime Minister was Terah the father of Abraham, and it was out of this great city that God called Abraham to come out. He called him to come out of this city..UR of Chaldeas, to preserve his race line, and carry out the destiny of the Kingdom which is your destiny as well. Thus for this purpose then God called for Abraham to come out. But UR of the Chaldeas was a great and tremendous city, one of the great wonders of the ancient world. And Babylon was another one of these great cities, and the size of ancient Babylon with its walls, was 15 miles by 15 miles, and it was considered to be of tremendous strength and power with its inner walls and its outer walls. We hear much about Babylon, but Babylon was a Luciferian controlled city. Satanic power had taken over the city, and the evil offspring of Lucifer such as you and I know who run hock shops...Jews...had actually taken over with their evil priesthood, there in ancient Babylon.

When those of Judah and Benjamin were held there as captives, the place of their captivity was one of the most powerful places in the ancient world. But I want to point out something about it...when Satan and his children had taken over and amalgamated the pagan religions, they now worshiped Baal, as the embodiment of the Sun. And Baal Temples were set on high hills. And they built Pyramid like Temples inside of Babylon exactly like were built inside of Mexico when they turned to the perversion of the truth. More than that they had inside of the Temples of Baal over 12,000 Vestal virgins to Baal. These were the daughters of the sun, daughters of Baal, daughters of prostitution to the Temple who in their service before Baal were the Vestal virgins to Baal. Their high pontiffs ruled under Baal influence, and their great symbols of power manifested control of even the government of Babylon.

As we have pointed this out, we turn now to the great Aztec Temples which having been built upon even greater civilizations before had the worship of Quetzalcoatl who was now the Serpent, and in this instance now note that he is given this title god of the Sun in usurpation of the theology of that ancient land. And do you know what they did then? They took 30 to 40 thousand.....and you can find verification of this in the Smithsonian Inst., research, or the National Geographic records of these Priests of the Aztec, and find that they took 30 to 40 thousand youths, and even women were used, and they sacrificed that many every year upon the altars of these Baal gods. So you had the same devil gods in ancient Babylon as you had down in the Americas, all fighting against patterns of ancient truths.

Of course in the history of your race Manasseh had already arrived and influenced the civilization in the land where the Aztec settled, then the Aztec had aborted that civilization with the same old evil, and Baalism was raised up. The pictures of the tremendous splendor of all the savagery of the radiant gold and shimmering symbols of these Aztec gods were betrayed by their Priests, and they took captives almost always white men as their ancient pictures show as well as some of their natives, and carried them to their altars. There they slashed upon their abdomens and reached in and took out their bleeding heart as a sacrifice to the pagan gods of Baal existing now in this continent. May be it had existed ages before even Babylon had considered it, but it was the same symbol and the same battle. It is a rather significant thing that when we look over the antiquities of these areas that pre-historic America has been occupied, lived in, and surging forces of the dark and the Light have been battling for this continent and the sub continent, and also the areas in between for a period of some thousands of years.

No wonder then that as we look back over this history that we find the traditions which are here in records, the mass sacrifice, the blood sacrifice, the wild orgies, all of this is Luciferianism. Always the worship of the devil, always the Deified devil, always is to be found the MIGHTY GOD OF THE SKY. But there is a prophecy which existed among the Queeche, that existed among the Toltecs, and among the Mayas that.... the day would come when Quetzal of Light would return and HE would rejoin his Queeche (children) in the earth. HE would bring the mighty hosts of the sky, and again the sky would be filled with the hurtling ships of the serpent god, and the ships of the Great God of the sky, and there would be a great victory. But in all this...the earth would shake, and land masses would rise, and mountains would go down. You say, but I don't believe that. Well...whether we believe it or not this is the record, this is the story. I was reading the other night an account of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and just as lately as that expedition which an account of was published in 1812....there was a great earthquake, and a mountain all the way from the Great Lakes to Oklahoma City was just completely swallowed up in the earth. The Indians were frightened, and there was a great disturbance. Today you can fly over this area where the earth suddenly swallowed up this mountain and see. How high a mountain was this? Apparently it was about 4500 feet in the sky, because it was a real high mountain in some places. In the record and the traditions told by the Indians, and by the records known by the southern people there was a mountain which is no longer there. But there is also a map of the Great Plains area of North Central America which is carved on the walls of one of the great sky scraper cities of the western cliff dwellers, and on that wall is a map with that mountain range, that was not so far from their land ...but which is now gone. So you see the mountains do go up, and they do go down, and the Scriptures do tell these things.

One of the strange things the Scripture does tell us is that a lot of the water is going to disappear, and a lot of the land mass is going to come up again, and also in the judgments to fall, in the great earthquake ahead, some of the coasts of the earth are going to drop down into the water, until one third of the people dwelling along the coasts of the earth...who are the enemies of the MOST HIGH GOD will find themselves swallowed up in judgment. The stories and the records go hand in hand with a picture found in the documents and manuscripts of ancient history, and even on the border land of your history. And thus we discover that the Bible contains this record, and the whole inter-dispersing record tells us of this great chain of events.

We point out that pre-historic America therefore was occupied before your Race was ever upon the earth, but it had impact with your race.. especially with the household of your own family since 800 B.C. Of course we have been told about the Norsemen who came over about the 8th., Century, and how they settled along the Great Lakes. There they built their forges around the iron ore, and started to make their great blades. We are told of how the Asiatic Indians made war against them until finally they were forced to go tribal. Altho we have two centuries after that with more Norsemen coming over, still the story of Scandinavia tells us about the stories and the records being brought back by the Norsemen telling of this great land of powerful savages, some of whom were tan, and some of them painted. How some of them were very dark as well. Also the story of some of them like unto their own kind who had languages similar unto theirs, who were light skinned and fair of hair. Those who had come over several hundred years before still had some of the same records, some of the same words in their language even tho they had gone into tribal life. Eventually the attack came again, upon the second wave of Norsemen, and sent them tribal and thus the Delaware, the Mohican and other great white tribes of Indians were found in our northeastern states, as well as spread thru the continent. There were the Senecas, and the five nations until we find them eventually even down in the southern parts of the United States, and far out to the west we find the white tribes of the Sioux just as in the south we found the white Cherokee.

Of course the story is quite understandable, but some always says:... but where did the white Indians go, why don't we find them today in the west? When you go out and take a look at what is on the Reservation today, they don't look very white? No, because the white ones have been absorbed, because the valiant, not only artisans, but they were creators as well. Yes, they were warriors but they have been absorbed back into the white race.

Someone said:...this is terrible..but no, this is not terrible because in this instance they were re-joined back into their own people. Because there is only one white race on the face of the earth, and it had one stock thru the Adamic race. And even 'Israel' which means...ruling with God, it was perfectly acceptable to Jacob-Israel that Joseph should marry Asenath the daughter of Potipherah the Priest of ON, and that Ephraim and Manasseh be counted with the rest of the stock of Israel, because he (Joseph) had married into the pure strain of the Sethite race. This separation of centuries had not stopped the background pattern of this people. I point out to you that we find in some areas of earth that the tracing of history is not as easy to find as it is in the artifact record of even this continent, as now it opens and expands. So we discover that here was a land we were sent into as sons of God from the beginning. We were sent in with a message and with a destiny. And when God told none other than David standing by his pillar about this great land which he was going to give his people...a land beyond the waters where his people would move no more, remember that David was standing in Jerusalem at that time when God talked to him about this land. The Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah also knew and wrote about this land of the Myrtle wood, and the great Redwood trees. The land of rivers, and the land of blessings. Here the great kingdom of God was to emerge in power, in these great and climactic days. 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' What a story!

The story in this pattern shows the great battle in the sky, and the war on earth. It shows nuclear warfare and warfare of dissolving atoms both from Celestial ships, and from the earth itself. No wonder then that the sinking continent which went down in the Pacific left upon the seashores, left upon the continent to which it was once joined, the radio active Isotopes from the great catastrophes of yesterday. And thus we know that nuclear war is not something new because there has been nuclear war before. How great it was we do not know, but we do know that the lands around the remnants, and its artifacts disappeared beneath the floors of the ocean. No wonder we can say:...a 'pillar of fire, and an umbrella of smoke'. We identify this again as we are moving into the days of the...Last days at the end of the age. When we turn to this book (the bible), this book specifically doesn't deal with patterns of pre-history because it is the history of our Race,...from Adam to our time. And to the days whose events are just ahead which we must still complete. In the course of these events we have been told about geophysical changes, about struggles and about battles. In fact I can tell you right now that you are on the edge of another great manifestation of power. You are going to see the powers of darkness not only fighting you on earth as they are already doing thru communism and their conspiracy, and thru Lucifer's design of Baalism, by getting you to worship pagan gods, or all philosophies...or roll them all together and get you to mongrelize your Race, and mongrelize the seed. This is all of the same Satanic design, and with it would come catastrophe and judgment. Only this time ETERNAL YAHWEH says:...we have reached the end of the measure, the judgment is going to fall on those who purposed this. It is going to fall on the enemy who had dwelt carelessly among my people. It is going to fall with judgment upon the household of my enemies. I am going to send in my administering spirits...your relatives.. of my family, and we are going to gather out a lot of these rascals, and just taken them away like 'tares' being plucked out of a field. I am going to tell you that one of the great spectacles which seemed to be such a great spectacle was that of the last of the warriors of the ancient Pan race saw. For ancient Ya-Pan had fallen into darkness worshiping the god Pan, and worshiping the violations of Divine Law. But those high races of MU, the last of them SUMURA, the ruling sons of MU in that land called Sumara today have ancient records of the great battle. They tell about the battles in the sky, and the same word.....MATABARA... the great warfare in the heavens.

Do you know how it is all going to end????? Turn to the 12th., chapter of Revelation and you learn of some of this. It tells you here in this Bible about how Michael had fought for your Father-YAHWEH and how YAHWEH sent you into this earth to build a kingdom, how in your struggle for the earth the hoards again rise, in the sky, not the earth, and seem to come from every direction. And then again there shall be that great spectacle of the MAJESTIC flight of the Light. The Mighty Glory of the God of the sun, the God of LIGHT, the ETERNAL YAHWEH-PUTAH....the Queztal of all the ancient Universe, and as he comes riding in, bringing your relatives, your ancient family and joins with you saying: ...these are my sons...this will mean Victory!

I am going to tell you that the last MANAVARA...judgment will be greater than anything which has preceded it. Again we look at a continent bathed with blessings, smitten over the periods of time, dashed by the sky with the resulting ice ages both here and in the European continent, carrying the patterns of antediluvian history...wiped out in scourges, but never a full end.

No wonder then that we can turn to read in the Book of Jeremiah:..... wilderness swallowing up ancient cities, horsemen gone, civilizations wiped out...I beheld all these things...even before 600,000 years ago. And then the history of the records of the replanting. Now the sending forth of a household for the building of a Kingdom. Then came the seduction of a race, the fall of man, the raising of this man, the elevating of your race until today your white Christian civilization marks you as the sons of the ETERNAL GOD OF LIGHT. HE who lights every man (Adamite) who comes into the world. And:...'Thine they were in the heavens (spirit), mine they are in earth (embodied)'...then Jesus said:...they who can ascend back into the heavens are only those who came down out of it. I think it is a significant thing that we understand this great pattern of our destiny. Yes we found our way back, our forbearers were moved to settle in this great land. They had a spiritual drive, and they had designs of freedom, but they were motivated by the destiny of purpose which brought them here. And these United States which emerged out of those colonies have risen as the great land of the Eagle..once again. This the great symbol of God who said:...'I bare you on Eagles wings, and brought you unto myself'. (Exodus 19:4) Truly you are the outstretched wings of the Eagle land of the 18th., chapter of Isaiah. A part of the household of God.

We spoke to a reporter this afternoon, and he admitted that all the white nations were Christian, that they were the Have nations of the world, the superior nations of the world. But we now tell you that this is your destiny, you are to fight the darkness, to lift up the standards of Light. To remember that the great attempt to overwhelm God's Kingdom is to envelope absorb you in a world government, to integrate your society, to break down your immigration laws which are born of Divine Inspiration. And then to get you to accept the processes of the darkness. We haven't the time tonight to discuss this area further, but we are pointing out that the panorama of the ancient past ties in with the present. And its background ties in with upheavals, with catastrophe, with movements in the sky, with progressions and measures which have taken place and the evidence is obvious.

It is a rather interesting thing then to note that the prophecy which was given unto Enoch concerning the number, and the signs of the measure of the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the sky proved the absolute inspiration which he had, for his sky had been exactly like that of the Mayan sky until we arrive at the day of...The sign of the Son of Man in the heavens which was exactly like your sky is today. Showing again the inspiration behind that prophecy, and the keen observation that your race had sowed the patterns of their experiences into this ancient central American civilization. Yes, across the Steppes of our country raced two types of tribes... white tribes who worshiped Mannato the Great Spirit, and who looked for the embodiment again of Manato as the Great Spirit. They did not have any tradition of hells or destructions. They only worshiped a great spirit whose embodiment they recognized, in that they were his household, his children.

There were also pagan tribes with a multitude of Gods. There are 16 kinds of Asiatic religions found in the tribal life of Asiatic Indians found in this country. And there is all the doctrines of the traditions of your Race that came out of Israelitish background and the origin of your experiences, to be found among the white Indian nations of their time...among the Delawares, the Mohicans, and the original basic Mohawks, and the Senecas, and the Cherokee's, and these are quite clear.

Thus we point out in this instance again, that in the testimony of tradition, in the measurements of time, this great moving pattern of inspiration has born testimony that the household of God not only will survive, but will out survive whole civilizations and cultures which have disappeared because of violations of Divine Law. The Grace of your God is sufficient. Altho continents sank because of catastrophe and judgment, and because they wouldn't migrate when they were given warning by the Celestial sons of God who came to their Temples, then these sons of God were lifted from the earth before the catastrophe came. We are told in the ancient records of Horus, found in Egypt that some of them did migrate from that land before it sank into the waters, but others stayed to enjoy the pleasures of the violations of Divine Law, and the laws of their new god. So wrapped up in their pleasures, their vices, their immorality, and their transgression that they stayed to long and were swallowed up in the judgment. They went down in the catastrophe which enveloped an ancient continent, that catastrophe rocked the earth and lifted mountain chains, and marked a new era from whence new creations were to find their place. Thus we stand tonight in this great continent...we are the household of God and can say:.....

'Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy NAME'. If you want to talk to me of my relatives then they better be the children of my relatives, and members of the white race.

I point out that this you must not let the Jacksons or the Dorey Sherrys take away from you because now he has been appointed one of the administrators. This ex-pro-commie of Hollywood is now one of the administrators of the fulfillment of civil rights and race laws of suppression. My friends they follow a proper course, they go as far as the dregs of the socialist revolution, to make the leaders to harass the people of Gods Kingdom.

But let me tell you is about over...So lift up your eyes from whence does your help and strength come from? You the children of Light of the household of the sun, you....are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. We do not live with pagan sacrifice, we do not sacrifice our children upon the altars of pagan gods. But they have tried to arrive at a new procedure in which they want to sacrifice all your race to the violations of Divine Law. And then your sons on the field of warfare in which you have no victory...but your Father my sons shall come immortality, and upon the earth the fulfillment of that Kingdom of which there shall be no end. Even tho we do not have time to go any further with this discussion, remember that your tomorrows are a part of your yesterdays. And God who set you in the earth said:...I will that you shall rise, and like the symbol of the Phoenix bird itself, like the very emblem of the Living Eagle, you shall ascent into the sunlight of the endless Glory of THE MOST HIGH GOD. For you shall rule the earth, and this shall be its symbol. There is no doubt that this destiny shall be fulfilled. May YAHWEH Bless....from Ella Rose Mast