To Preserve Our Freedom, 2-6-66



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-6-66

In this great nation of God's Kingdom there can be no question in the mind of the Bible student, nor to the student of History, that this is one of the great nations of God's Kingdom. That this is a land which in the foreknowledge of God has been promised to us as a race, a people to whom God had not only promised to guide and protect as well as bless, but also a people whom he had called to carry out the standards and to lift up his programs for His Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven. A land where he told his race, of their responsibilities, and had spoken to us before our entry into this physical world, and then had recorded the things which he had said to bring back to remembrance, by His Spirit.

I want you to clearly understand tonight that when we talk about your race, when we talk about the Adamic household, we are talking about the white race in its special relationship to the purposes of God, and to its origin, and to its destiny, and to the things which have developed. And these purposes and plans, and things which God shall bring to pass, shall be brought to pass because of his ability to stimulate you as a people. To keep before you a vision, and to challenge you, and to awaken you out of your sleep, less you surrender to the policies and philosophies of destruction that swept this world into innumerable chaos'es before the arrival of your own society, civilization, culture, and race.

Thus we point out that if there is anything necessary for you to preserve it is this destiny decreed by God, thru you. And that you should not only preserve this destiny and this inheritance, but you should keep the image of its instructions, and you should not permit it to be mutated, and then destroyed. When people obtain something and then permit it to be taken from them, they are making a grave error, or mistake, especially when they are being promised the same thing they have already obtained.

Today as a race, we have watched ourselves arrive----from one man's family, to the great nation and a company of nations, in the world of today. The MOST HIGH GOD spoke especially concerning your own nation through the prophet Isaiah, and thru the Prophet Jeremiah. Then David stood by the coronation stone of HIS PILLAR, and God made great promises unto to him. That another land would be given to HIS race, another land different than the place he now stood. Another land far beyond where David stood as he was crowned King, and this would be a land where HIS people would never have to move---never again. The fact remains that there were many covenants made with your race pertaining to a great nation, and a company of nations. God spoke to Jeremiah about this land, and he said he was going to prepare this land especially as this was to be one of the nations of His Kingdom which would have a great responsibility. The land would have unusual identification marks, and these marks would be identified as a place where the trees would grow as it then grew only as a briar in Palestine. But this was not the land of Palestine because David was standing in that land when he received this promise, and also Isaiah was standing in Palestine when God made this known in those prophecies. (Isaiah 55:13) Then to Jeremiah was also in Palestine at the time of his prophecies, as this should be a sign of a people whom had been sent for a purpose---"that they might be unto ME for a people, and for a name, and for a praise."

This was to be a new land, a land carved out of the wilderness and prepared for the children of God's Kingdom. (Revelation 12-14) This was a land covered by forests, and divided by rivers, a land of the fir tree and the box tree, a land where there would be an ample of all provisions for the supply of good. A land where we would see the great orchards which would be developed for the food supply, and where we would see Gods blessing upon the grain, and upon the cattle, and upon the development of your civilization. Where you would develop metallurgy, and mining, and other things that are related for the building of a great technology for our growth. And God said:---I reserve this land for you. Now--others may dwell upon this land, but they shall not exploit it, and neither shall they understand it, but for you I have preserved this land.---Why?--because you are one of the great nations that was to arise, a nation of the Kingdom of God which in this great hour of the testing time, will be very vital for the survival of all the nations of your race, and for the structure of Gods Kingdom.

We are told that this land was to start out in its national identity as a nation whose governors would be of themselves, and therefore their Judges would be as afore time, which was virtually the procedures of the Supreme Court, like the Judges of Israel. And by this declaration, then God talking about such a great nation, and in the book of Isaiah it says:----that under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, this great nation (House) of God would be established. (Isaiah 2:2 and Isaiah chapter 14). This was to be a powerful nation of tall and clean shaven men, a nation that would be able to handle her enemies. A nation that would be measured out and trodden down---and you were the first nation to be surveyed, North, East, South, and West. (Isaiah 18:7) In the alignment of your survey--you have what was called by your national legislation, a meets and bounds acts, for all property was thus surveyed. In fact this was prophetic destiny of this great nation of the MOST HIGH GOD. We were to lift up the standards of God among the nations.

There is no doubt but that your race had the ever present desire to build a perfect society. God Almighty not only prophesied that His Kingdom would rise and grown, but that it was to fill the earth, and it was to be a Kingdom of special capacities. A Kingdom of spiritually possessed people---a people who were spirit of His Spirit, as well as flesh of HIS flesh. As a race you were to possess a capacity which belonged to no other people on the face of the earth, because you could receive the guidance of the intellect of God. You could receive the communion that came from His spirit as Jesus spoke of in the 14th., chapter of John. This was an area of communion that the world (order) could not receive.

Round about you were races of various origins, there were races created by the MOST HIGH. We find the Tungest Man or the ancient Asiatics who migrated across the earth, and the vestiges of their civilization can still be found in the earth. These were a people brought to catastrophe in the defeat of Lucifer in the heavens, and when he was cast to earth, he made his dwelling place in earth. He brought in people of other species, and kinds as he came in, such as the Negroid, who make their History in the fall of Lucifer, and in the ancient pattern, and text. But you were a specific people who were sent in by the Grace of God, and not only would you transcend all who had gone before, but because of your heavenly origin and spiritual vision, you were to build a Kingdom of civilization, and set free the people who were in bondage. You were to conquer darkness, and throw down evil, and lift up standards and do a mighty work---for this was ordained.

It was also prophesied that your fall wold come about, as disobedient children, through the seduction of Eve, and thru the violation of Divine Law, as Lucifer put his plan in action, to stop this Kingdom of God in its very beginning. But this brought about the intervention of YAHWEH, by his stepping into earth, to cleanse by His own Priestly assumption of authority---as Melchizedek Kingdom--Father--Priest. "Without Father, Mother, without beginning or end--abiding a Priest continually"---His race, his household. so that in the fall of Adam, the greatest transgression which could have been imparted to a race with the loss of immortality, with the things that followed their violation of law---were all taken care of as YAHWEH stepped in as YAHSHUA, making a sacrifice of himself---thru the greatest transgression, bringing the first catastrophe of transgression on your race---WAS PUT ASIDE BY THE ACTION OF OUR FATHER. HE fulfilled atonement for our race, and identified Himself with our race and said:---You are my sons and daughters--I am your God, I am your Father. He established the pattern of His laws, with the Wisdom of His spirit. He called for a separation, for no intermingling, no intermarrying with other races, no integration, and called for a rising standard built on the Divine law. Unto You--HE gave his covenant, and unto YOU he gave HIS Law. Out of it would come the law of wisdom, righteousness, technology and civilization. He gave Laws that were to govern the proper conduct of man. Laws that governed his proper relationship to earth, to his relation to agriculture, and to its economy, and to the morality of the nations. These were the laws of God given to a race, who were called to be apart, so that they might bring these things into reality.

With each and every one of these patterns of Divine law, you were not placed in bondage, but rather you were set free from ignorance and superstition. I want you to understand tonight, that the increase of knowledge sets men free, and the lack of knowledge holds men in bondage, in superstition, and error. Thus it is that we ascribe to the necessity of knowledge--we seek after it--we have been assured by Our Father: "Seek and ye shall find,----Knock and it shall be opened unto you". Every secret thing shall be made known unto thee if you desire to seek it in the Household of God. Of course we are well aware of the different characterization of Gods Kingdom and its process, but it is all open unto you---a people, Spirit, soul, and body, in the image of Their FATHER, even as YAHWEH--YAHSHUA was able to move into any plane of creation.

Let me point out to you that God calls on your race to be the keeper of His law, and the Oracle of His truth. He gave the law to you, because you had the capacity to receive it, and to understand it, and you could administer it. The host of the earth of Asia and Africa, and of the outposts of civilization, and that land that plunged beneath the waters, were all under violation of law, so it could not be given to them. In this declaration you could not give the law to a people already bemused in their minds with Luciferianism. To a people who were already worshiping idols and pagan gods and superstitions. Thus it could only be given to a people sent from spirit to earth, to a people embodied in the very issue that God had already brought forth with destiny decreed. So that they might build such a Kingdom, and that their technology would bring liberty and freedom.

I want you to know that no other people had the insight, the vision, and the knowledge of your race. From the very beginning, your race understood the principal that a man should be free before God. That when such governments were established that they were to be under the process of Divine law. And that this government would not only guarantee that every man should be free before YAHWEH-God, but that such a government built in any of its stages, and by His people, was to recognize the right of people to own property, and their right to pass it on to their posterity. Recognizing that it was not the right of the state to so infringe by confiscating their property, for thus they would take away their heritage and their birthright.

We note in the structure of the rise of this race, that thru out history, from the time of the Patriarchs, and the Magi to their Kings, that there has always been the striving to form nationhood. And from that striving we have watched come forth, the Angle-Saxons, the Nordic, Basque, Lombardic and Scandinavian peoples, fighting their way out of the captivities of history. We see them arriving in Europe, and the Isles were they settled and rested, and then some still struggling onward, building what we call today--Western Christian Civilization. Through these long struggles we have never lost any part of the white race, in spite of the talk of the lost ten tribes of Israel. There are no lost tribes as they can be identified---physically, historically, and by their culture and background. Then you remember that our Father said: "My spirit that is upon thee, My word shall not depart out of thy mouth nor out of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed from henceforth, and forever."

(Isaiah 59-21) In another place in our scripture it says:---My word shall not depart out of thy mouth for 1000 generations. We may take hope from that because its only 7400 years back to Adam and if we deal with the house of Abraham to our time then we have used about 3,5000 years of this time of 30,000 years, if you are talking of a literal translation of these passages, so you see they are not about to wipe out Our Faith---God help those who try it. If there is any thing that God has ordained---it is that this people shall move: thru every surge of problems and rise--and rise again, because you cannot stifle the Sons and Daughters of YAHWEH.

We have watched the process of Divine Law being disobeyed, and with each area of disobedience comes depressions and loss of freedoms, loss of property, and then comes the movement into your nation of people who are lower than you by stasis and capacity, and they end by ruling over you be cunning and by agility of Satanism. They sell you a bill of goods, and it would be impossible to enslave your race, if you recognized the trickery and cunning that are involved. We tell you that at this time in the period of one of the greatest challenges in all our history, that if you let trickery and cunning rule over you,---it is your own fault.

As we survey what transpired in these migrations of Israel, and watched this part of the great house of Joseph establish this great nation, we watched these colonies filled with white men from every branch of the Western World. Then we watched as the strangers of cunning, these sons of Lucifer, seek by oppression and by influence around kings, and treasuries, place this race in economic bondage, and then extract from us a tax without representation. We watched as this nation which God had designed, exploded with a cry of freedom, and torch of freedom was raised high in America and we the children of the Kingdom arose, even against our own kinsmen, and declared we would be independent, and would determine our own destiny----under God. Then on July 4, 1776 we find we signed our declaration of Independence. This year of July 4, 1966 we find the planets in the heavens, in the astronomical measure that they were in on July 4, 1776, we hope that this is a message in the sky which will bring forth another big explosion as we stand for Liberty.

We point out to you that these areas of freedom for which we contested and for which we fought a revolution for, as we---a young lion spanked the mother, and brought into being---a new nation under God to fulfill this great purpose of the Most High, on this vista of the last days. On that day that we became a nation we protected ourselves, as we established the right of property, and we established the right of the individual to vote according to the stasis, and the rights of the states for their requirements, and by the approval of those states and federations. It was not provided by our forbearers or by our constitution, by the founders of our country, by the likes of men such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson, that the Negroes by allowed to vote. Anytime you hear someone start to talk about the great father of Democracy, and how it was founded by men like Thomas Jefferson, just remember that he owned more slaves than anyone, but they were also better off under Jefferson's ownership than they had been in Africa. All that we are asking today is that God give us men--tall men--strong men--men big enough to live above the storm. Men big enough to challenge the political system, and take back their party.

Your Politicians have been giving us away, they have been betraying us, they have been selling us out, and selling us into a dictatorship, but I have a promise for you. We are going to take our country back---I would like to see those who are in control of our country challenge our right to take back our constitutional rights. If they say we can't have our constitutional rights back, then they will be admitting that they took them away from us. I would like to point out that one of the greatest mistakes of history was letting them sell us on the fact that this great Republic should become a democracy.

Democracies become decayed demonstrations of mob rule that end in the loss of liberty, loss of property, with violence and overthrow and turbulence. You have a twisted ideal prepared for you by the battle of semantics--that democracy means freedom--but it always ends in mass mob rule. This Great country is a Republic, and to no other procedure of government. The only thing we will trade this Republic for is the Great Theocracy of God's Kingdom when YAHSHUA, Himself, takes His throne, and we his sons and daughters share in that tremendous sovereign Kingdom, which shall reign from one end of this earth to the other.

Apart from the situations of past history, we are at one of the greatest turning points of all times, which means that to preserve our freedom, we must take a definite stand upon the structure of government by which we can preserve that freedom. We must demand that our constitution be upheld, and we must make it stronger, not weaker. We must restore as much liberty to the individual as it is possible for him to administer, and then delegate such authority by the constitution, to those few that can represent the individual, and carry out those functions that he personally is unable to carry out for himself. But if we do not limit federal power then the power of dictatorship, the power of executives, the power of courts gone mad, then this freedom will be swept away, and we also will become the peasants of a tyrannical dictatorship. I would as soon fight here to keep this from coming to pass, as to see our sons and grandsons fighting anywhere in the world to preserve the stasis of liberty.

It is most interesting that when we divided up the areas of our legislature that those who constituted our house of representatives were elected by the people according to the number of their districts and population. We have provided representation of the people by their elected representatives, and to protect the provinces of our nation whether they be large or small in their territory. The Senators were elected by the legislators of their states, elected by the people who were to go there and select their representatives for the people. And therefore the state selected the senators, and the people elected their representatives, thus no state big or small needed to worry that their representation would be curtailed by the masses. God help America if the mob masses of New York, or Los Angeles or any other mob mass moves to take over the government of America, by the route of one man, one vote. Then you would have mob violence, and mob power. What we have witnessed is the attempt to Gerrymander our legislatures in our local states, which will be followed by the same thing in Washington on a national scale, if at all possible.

It was back in 1913 that the great catastrophe first enveloped our nation, and then instead of sending our senators to Washington from our states elected by the legislatures of those states, they got this crazy democracy idea, saying you have to elect the senators just like you elect your representatives, by the people of those districts. So now you are bring represented by the masses of the people. Now they are preparing a design in which they plan to eventually have all the elected representatives elected by all the people, but this is again the break up of the plan of one man one vote. It doesn't matter whether they can read or write, just let them vote, whether they belong to the sub-human society or the superior intellect. Do you know that for the preservation of freedom and liberty, no one should be able to vote on anything that effects the tax stasis of the nation or the election of anyone who could influence that stasis--but the property owner.

Now;---some will say why?---Because this is where the levies finally find their resting place, and people then would have the initiative to become property owners, and when they become property owners, they would take a vital interest in their freedoms, and their liberties. Because when they take away your property they take away your liberty, and you become a slave.

So they gerrymandered around the position of our legislatures to take away the power of our states, and to pass that power back to areas and positions where they thought they could use more influence. And the design today is to so change the stasis of our entire legislature, that is one of the policies just ahead. I want to tell you this----that socialism, and the communist state, and their societies are the politics of hell, designed by Jews, and financed by Jews, and put over in the world to destroy Christian nations. When Das Kapital was written by Karl Marx, in that and in the other volumes which he wrote, were the outline of the conquest of all non-socialists states. The procedure by which Communism was to raise, and socialism was to come in was ordained by certain political operations. Thus it is that I call your attention to these basic principals---In Karl Marx's writings, first was the order to put over the socialistic system which promises great utopian advantages, such as the redistribution of all the wealth in the world. The leveling of all economies and the sharing of all abundant production--WITH EVERYONE. this is the lying promise of the devil, for you remember that the devil is a liar, and was from the beginning.

You must remember that you are dealing with one who is of the house of the stringer, one who hates your God, and hates your Faith, and is in the political field of Lucifer, working to take over your government. Once you learn who your enemy is, then get them out of your government, and the best thing to do is get them out of your country, and the faster the better. If we could only get across tonight to the people of the United states, the things we know concerning this situation, they would seethe, and seethe, and God knows how they would seethe, and In My Bible it tells how they would all run from your country.

Now;---of course one of the first principals of the Communist World state which promises you so much, is to abolish private property. But this private property is not only the house you own, but everything you own. Eventually totalitarianism can take every thing from you except what it pleases the state for you to have. But the abolition of private property, and the ability to do this thru federal or world powers is the first step in the overthrowing of a free society, you must move for the abolition of private property as that is the first step for taking over the country. The second thing that must be abolished is inheritance, so that no family will have the ability to produce wealth, and pass it on for the fiscal security of your family thru the generations. So the abolishment of inheritance is step two, of the 7 points for the take over of a country by the communist program. Always you will notice that the attack upon a people to take them over, and make them a Communist state, relates to their property. The third step as well as the fourth is the state ownership of communications and transportation. With state ownership of transportation you can stop people from traveling from one part of the country to another, and the communications control can keep a people in bondage.

Number 5--is the Income tax, for this is one of the chief weapons of the socialist state, and before the end of W.W.II, and in the 5 years thereafter the percentage taken jumped, and jumped and now 30% of the wealth of the nations is taken in Income tax. This enriches the power of Satans people to take you over. No part of the welfare system is for the welfare of the people, rather it is to reduce them to a situation where they are controlled.

Number 6--To transfer the instruments of production to the hands of the state, this includes sources of fuel--war material, and finally control of all sources of necessity. To gain control over everything that people need in order to live is a part of the design of the Socialist state.

Number 7--To gain control over the education of your children, by compulsory education in Public schools, directed by the state. Now this is not the local province, this is the federal government.

Every single one of these things we are in total opposition to are the outlines of the Marx program, as the way to overthrow a people, and their society. And each of these steps are the principals employed today, from the New Deal, thru the Great Society. All these steps are being taken to give you---give you---more?????? It is not intended except to rule you from the cradle to the grave. The only excuse for it is to weaken the Kingdom and make it possible to take over your nation---this is the program of Anti-Christ.

We have a great number of dupes in this country, and they have been sold a bill of goods, and they go down the line with it because they think it is intellectual. And they are unable to separate themselves from this design of world control, and world power. Then looking out tonite---I think of such men as Justice Douglas, and Justice Black, and Chief Justice Earl Warren, who are drawing up this world design of World government which has a World court in the future, and it does away with your constitution, and they are doing this in their attempt to build a world order, which also will take away your freedom. They tell you that men don't know enough to be free, that because of the technology of today, that it takes a lot more control than we ever had before, and that it must be controlled by super minds, and master brains.

But I want you to know that if we remove from the United States places of authority, all the non-Christian, and non-White, we would remove all the rascals who are trying to enslave us.

There is no question of this design, and the way to be free is for the people to wake up and say:--"This is our nation".

Then if you want to talk democracy, remember that 149 or 150 million people in this country are white, so lets stir them on this basis if necessary and take back America. If they want the procedures of the Constitution of the Republic, there isn't any way for the majority to lose of you fulfill your responsibility in regaining your control of your beloved country.

I am going to tell you how you are going to do that:---You are going to bear witness to the truth, and to stir people until they seethe like a pot sitting on a hot stove. That is what the Bible says will happen in these last days. My people are going to seethe like water boiling in a pot ---because they are going to find that behind every one of these situations is a Cainanite. You used to say that every time you rolled over a stone you found a sow bug. Well every time you get down as low as a snakes belly, you find a Cainanite. I tell you that if you can stimulate in America, a spiritual awakening and say:---these people must go, then back up that by your numbers, and then you have won.

Someone said, but what if we can't vote them out by our numbers:---Well! you have the numbers unless there is a voting fraud. But when you have a wave of Spiritual reaction sweeping America and still haven't voted them out, then its time to call for a new Paul Revere, and hunt up another George Washington, and go to Washington and talk to your representatives, and they will hear the people.

George Washington said:--Don't ever let this nation cease to be a revolution, when that revolution is for property rights, and that Constitution, and that flag. We have to many revolutions running around free tonite, trying to take down our flag, and put up in its place a dirty old spider web. The time is here when every American should call for every United Nations Flag to be torn down, to spit on it, and grind it underfoot, and call for the Stars and Stripes---alone---to fly over this country. To take away the independence of our nations was never provided for, by our constitution, or our legislative procedures. No man was ever sent to Washington D.C. to sell out America or give it away.

I even find some people that say:---But we have no right to take suck a position. But I tell you that we have every right to take this position because the Cainanites are trying to reduce this Christian nation to a Pagan, evil society, and Every Christian Minister should be standing up and challenging this situation, and trying to use all his influence to set his people on fire for God. I am not unaware of the significance of this, for I know we are living in the day of the Anti-Christ. They talked to me about this when I was a little boy, and I heard it from the mouths of Evangelists, and from my Fathers mouth in the Pulpit, and I heard them say: ---the day will come when---far off in the future---the Anti-Christ will come. But when I learned the times and the measures, and knew what time it is, then I know that there were many anti-Christs in the world already, and I knew it was already far to late. In fact the time was here when we should be rising and dedicating ourselves to fighting the enemy. I have watched weak kneed and cowardly people say:---we dare not denounce these things because if we do we will be persecuted, or maybe there is already enough power to move against us.

Then I remember the words of the Scriptures, that Anti-Christ shall rise.

Alright:---now at that time what is the responsibility of the Christian? What is the responsibility of the Pulpit? Are you to bow to Anti-Christ or are you to speak out and let come--what may, and denounce the evil and trust to the power of the Hosts of God to protect the people who voice a protest in that day? I know not how some men may live---but as for me---as long as this evil threatens a nation of God's Kingdom, my race, and My Faith, I would find it gnawing at my heart, and I would rather live one year denouncing this evil than to let it go unchallenged.

Never has there been quite such a time as this, to stir the hearts of men. We are not alone in the problems however, for the program of Anti-Christ wants to take away the freedom of men from under the leadership where it properly belongs.

We can't help the fact that there are far more people of the sub-races on the face of the earth than there are people of our race, but we will expand our race as fast as possible, and we will extend the areas of its authority as fast as possible. The world expands under the civilization of the Christian world, and under--the leadership of the white race, and under the law enforced by his armies and his fleet.

The Anti-Christ program is trying at this time to bring down the white government of Rhodesia, and my heart is warmed by the resistance of Ian Smith, and by the declarations of white men whom YAHWEH has raised up for this hour, in this country and in other countries such as South Africa, or anywhere the white man is challenged, to either fight or give up their liberty. I pray for the judgments of God and the curses of judgment to fall on those who would take away white civilization, white leadership of the Kingdom of God, which He placed. I have little respect for so called patriots who while they attack white supremacy also try to find the middle of the road, and deal with our enemies. There is no middle of the road, no other ground---no color of mongrelization that you can substitute for the identification of God's Kingdom people. Either your race must rise--high and free--and supreme, and especially here in these United States where you are in the majority---or else My Friends:---YOU BETRAY YOUR FAITH, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR GOD. If this disturbs you, then be disturbed.

l "The Chicago Tribune" is a publication which has more courage than most Senators, and in the days when McCormick was in charge of that paper, it was a great publication, and it still carries on some areas of courage, but in that publication I read these words:----As for the local government of the United States, the end of it is at hand. Your communities, your cities are to make way for the dictatorship, headed by the Weaver Man. They call it the department of Urban Affairs.----

The Presidents vast new program is to rebuild and reorganize all of your cities into areas of cities and their satellites, as governments far more powerful than your local states, counties, and local communities, and all will be under a federalism, and under an Internationalism.------

Now;--listen---the president unveils his plan--a year ago he ask congress to expand the old program of Urban renewal, and he introduced several new ideas, such as rent subsidies, satellite towns outside cities, various grants contingent upon area wide planning, and then asked for a cabinet creation for organization of Urban Affairs. Congress reluctantly gave him the new office and that's where they put the Weaver Man. And they call it the department of 'housing and urban development.' Harry Byrd warned that this new office would cost 225 million dollars in the next 13 years. He probably wasn't far off because in the Presidents message to congress, he asked for spending on an unprecedented scale to revamp the face of America, though this Urban renewal department. The Communist part and the conspiracy of these programs of Communist Democracy in which men such as Justice Douglas have so much control have already set up a plan to instruct and train city managers under the Communist Socialist system, and the city managers organization it tied into a plan for this great Urban city central control. A program of Anti-Christ has already been organized under the United Nations institution, Under a proposed World Government Institution, also under the United Nations World Government Institution. At the present time all free cities who have a city manager under this free city system are members of a Communist Conspiracy. The city of Glendale is one of these cities, also the city of Palmdale, whose people did not know what they were getting into.

It was only a short time ago that Mr. Tito came over here and visited the United States, and he came also to the city of Glendale--did you know that? He was flown into the city of Glendale and then flown out again---why?---Because the head administrator for this Urban program of the cities, the top administrator for this program, under the United Nations, if Marshall Tito---The Communist Dictator of Yugoslavia. Yes---Marshall Tito has the final authority over Glendale, and Palmdale, and there are many more cities of the United States, which walked into this trap. These cities thought they were smart to get their city managers from the world City Manager distribution service.---But they are trained and picked to be the ones to bring the eventual suppression of the rights and privileges of these people, and eventually the plan is for the revamping of these cities.

Now;--why do they want to do this?--One of the reasons the enemies of freedom and private property want to destroy cities like Glendale is because that city, is a city, where no Negroes are living, where the private property is owned by the white man.

(this is no longer true)

When the Watts riots occurred, the plan than was to burn Glendale to the ground. Then came the complaints of the Negroes and the demands for property in Glendale, and then came the city managers plans as a compromise to save the town from burning.

Well! Mr. Tito may snap his fingers and city managers may hop, but n the end it will be what the people decide to do. The only reason I point out this area is that it relates to this vast Urban idea of super cities, filled with concrete and steel, and parks and areas of synthetic beauty, for there may be a certain area of beauty in their freeways, and monorails, and helicopter services, and complete entertainment, and of course Mass Education. But this also calls for the complete educational system to be directed in these cities by a program meeting the requirements of the Federal government. And states that these areas must be developed by the Federal government, and then after development by the federal government, then the government can direct its program and its curriculum. I point out that any thing the Federal Government can subsidize under the created patterns of misinterpreted law, then it can also control the same. Anytime you think you can get something from the government for free, all you lose is your freedom, and you become the slave of that government. The authority of Government comes from the governed, and this is true of a Great Republic. Therefore under our constitution we delegated the areas of authority and power. And as we delegated this area of authority and power we restricted it with other branches of government.

But;---Our enemy was cunning and he moved in like the snake, and the parasite vine, and attacked all these branches of government at once. He so degenerated the areas of the court, and then the Executive body to such an extent that one was not much of a balance against the other. And now he had made politicians out of statesmen, until today we don't have much legislative protection. Having destroyed the checks and balances of these branches of government--thus today--safely now resides only in the power of the people.

Lets go back to this article in the "Chicago Tribune"---Here is some of what it says----Federal taxes pay two-thirds of the cost of the Urban Renewal land as it is acquired. It is cleared and developed for private and public uses. Its condemned and then Federal aide takes on two forms:---a complete array of Federal grants for Urban aide in the field of housing, welfare, education and transportation---and economic opportunity, and related programs.

Now:---80% of this was to be supposedly non-federal costs, but here comes the plan for the Satellite cities again, and it reached out from these cities, to the counties, and then comes a new subsidy scheme. This new scheme has been modified by congress somewhat in the past year, but it is taking millions of dollars to put this scheme into operation, and the President has asked in his State of the Union address, for legislation to bar racial discrimination in the rental and sale of housing. This would also effect private housing rental and sales as well, as the federal program for that area, because of the guarantee of a loan. To carry out such a plan the constitution would have to be warped, and it would have to replace every housing transaction and put it under interstate commerce, and then it could be controlled by congress. But when you have lost your control of private property you have lost your freedom, and the ability to preserve a culture that YAHWEH told you--to come out from among them and be ye separate---so that you could preserve it. What would you get out of these controlled cities after they have freed the masses?---Take a look at Washington D.C. for it is a good example of that, as it is no longer safe to walk the streets. This is the results of turning all of that over to---freedom of expression within the status of this Anti-Christ design. Never have we had any more evidence of the completion of this Marxist policy than we see in Washington D.C. our nations capital.

Let's turn back to the scriptures, for we find that we have been told as a people:---"Return ye back sliding children, and I will heal your backsliding," (Jeremiah 3:22)---and the answer from His children:---"Behold! we come unto Thee, for Thou art YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA".

You say: what do you mean by a backsliding people?----Under Divine patterns of law, and under Divine guidance, you became a Great Republic, and you have liberty and freedom, and blessings, more than any people on the face of the earth. Then you got lax and turned from the Law of YAHWEH, and you broke down the immigration law, and let the strangers come in, and then in the process of trying to fuse in these unassimalatable people of the sub-social level you let the money changers, and the internationalists move to integrate, and mongrelize your society, and even applaud as they plant them in your home, in the process of their design---TO END YOUR RACE.

I have material from various United Nations organizations, and Democratic planning programs that call for the ending of your race, by mongrelization and integration. The design now is to bring into these new cities, and state providence---such people from all over the world, that you can mix them into these cities until the status of those cities will be so mixed that they will no longer be the ration of white supremacy as before. There goes the vote of the white man. Some of these designs such as now in use in Dade County, Florida are an actual area separated from the control of the congress of the United States so that they cannot enact laws or use Federal Judges to enforce the law except for the appeal court. They are already---set free-under Internationalism. This is a part of the program of the Anti-Christ, this is a part of the strategy of evil.

The Most High YAHWEH says:---(Jeremiah 3:23) "Listen, My Children, I will heal your backsliding, when you come unto me---But truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains. Truly in YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA is salvation of Israel." Truly in vain is salvation to be hoped for from the little nations, or the multitude of nations. Truly in the Almighty YAHWEH is the salvation of our people. We must return unto His laws, and His ways, and correct the errors, and fill up the gaps.

Do you know what filling up the gaps means?---It is stopping this flood that is coming into our nation. It is not the dike in which you put your thumb, but rather its putting the masonry back in the hole, tempered with the Spirit of YAHWEH. Its you the white people, determining that they shall not put our nation outside THAT LAW----that they shall not overthrow the majority of the peoples of this nation from the inside.

Now;---your scriptures say:---"Because you permitted these strangers to come in---For shame hath devoured the labor of our Fathers from our youth, their flocks and their herds---and now they would take your sons and daughters".

Your wealth is being confiscated, and the Income tax is a product of Karl Marx, and now has become a graduated tax as they confiscate your wealth, but that is but a part of their design. They way we will send 200 million over seas as foreign aide, and that much or more somewhere else, and then on and on, and you don't have any representation as to how your money is spent. Even your representatives don't represent you anymore, for they tell us that we will give away 104 Billion dollars, and you can't do anything about it. Now;---it takes a thousand million to make a billion, and there are only 200 million people in the whole United States, so what they are going to do just this year is spend $500.00 at least for every single person in the nation, whether it be a baby or an adult. Why?--give it away--all over the world--to help get rid of poverty, so they say.

In the state of California we are already broke because the parasites ran away with all the Gold and Silver, and they took it to Tel Aviv and locked it up. They con your representatives and they let them take your gold and silver over there and lock it up.---Now;---you will say that they did it with an act of congress, but they did it by perfidy, by violation of the principals supplied by our constitutional convention for the control of our economy, by the representatives of the people.

The design in education has so reached the point that by utilization of new instruments under the government control of such programs as for mental health--that they want an I.B.M. card on every student, and also one on the attitude of that students parents, so then eventually to separate the children from the parents whose anti-social policies do not support this program of the Great Social Welfare State---Before a family permits that to happen, they should have Bunker Hill at the front door.

Yes--My friends to preserve our freedom, the things we must do is to familiarize ourselves with their programs, and don't take just one little passing look at the paper, and say:--oh they are talking about money or education in Congress today. Make it your business to know what they are talking about for there are two things you have to do:-----

First you have to make a cry against this evil, you have to tell it until America is rippling like a wheat field, and then you have to charge it with fire until it burns like a field under control of the wind. First you build up the voice of the people, and you must do this by word of mouth, you point out the evil as the program of Anti-Christ. You must make a Nation hear the Majority voice instead of only hearing the voice of the minority all the time, as they march and protest.

It is about time the Kingdom of God came alive.---Then you must as people determine that you shall be heard. That you shall make the Constitution work, or you shall send men to Washington, and you shall see that they get there----men who will fulfill their obligation under that Constitution. Then if all else fails, and law enforcement breaks down, then you the people must re-instate government, even by your force of arms, and by your blood.

When you reach that point, you have only one thing to do, you take a stand for truth. Then you hurl into the face of evil the challenge of liberty. And at that time then YAHWEH says;---I will send in the Hosts of heaven and I will back your play.

I really think there are really to many people who are hesitating because they are afraid to see if Yahweh has been telling the truth.---If YAHWEH hadn't made covenants and told the truth His people would have been devoured a long time ago. He tells you in the book of Isaiah that the strangers have devoured your land, not only have they devoured it in your presence, but they have made your land desolate. they are actually overthrowing your land with strangers.---Don't you thing it is about time that we run the strangers out.???

God says:--we will put the vine tree back in the fire.--Yes, and in this they have become your shame. Instead of My prophets denouncing evil they say:----we just go along with this to show that we are good fellows, and we let everyone express themselves. Well, the enemy by his control over money, and communications seems to be the only one doing any expressing. For shame---It says they have devoured the labor of our Fathers from our youth. Family savings have been swept away by their manipulations in the areas of economy, and have captured our fortunes. They have come in with a deferral decree and told the farmer that they can't plant, and then we have a food shortage, because we didn't let them produce. They killed the cattle, and then they taxed you to buy beef outside your country, and to pay higher prices than they would have had to, if they would have given the cattlemen the assistance to raise it, and they turn right around and give everything away to foreign countries.

Just this week we are giving millions of dollars of wheat to India. I utterly oppose giving one pound of wheat to India---she?---because its a pagan idolatry country. When President Eisenhower went over there he let them put a cast mark on his forehead, and they took him inside a pagan temple and he let them do that. We should have impeached him the moment he let that cast--mark--that idol mark be put on his forehead. He said he did it out of respect for their old culture, and ancient ways. Well! I don't have any respect for any pagan culture or its ancient ways.

Someone said:--Oh, but these people are starving, alright then let them get into those ancient coffers of emeralds, diamonds and jewels held today by their Pagan temples. There are all these treasures taken from the people, and held today inside their governments by use of these pagan temples. If you want to sell wheat--then sell it for some of those jewels, and some of their gold and silver, then we will put it into our treasury, but don't give the wheat away to a country that has all those so called treasures stored up. Then when you sell it be sure that we keep the cotton picking hand of every Jew off of it.

Someone will say:---but it is just wealth and you can't eat it---well then why are they hanging on to it. Oh, they say:--but they will pay you after they have eaten the wheat. But that is a bill that is hard to collect. Its just about as much good as a dead horse. If the ends of the world wants to come and to buy, then we should sell, but never subsidize one nation that moves its hour with the Anti-Christ. That belongs to the sovereignty of the Soviet Union or the Red Chinese. Then the President says we will be called on to feed the world. But with this program they are following, of this idea for the new cities, and everyone on welfare, in the social welfare state, then the whole world will be sitting down, and no one growing anything. There won't be enough grown to feed us, let alone the world. This is simply a lie of the Anti-Christ.

To be free you must teach your children the laws of YAHWEH, teach them the advantages of His ways. He promises then, that by these endeavors the prosperity of your fields, that you will have homes, and property, and inheritance, and estates, and that if you fulfill the laws of the Almighty that you are soon to see no more loss of your heritage, no more immorality in your society. Then I hear someone say:--Oh, we can't have that, for we will have so many people there won't be room for them all upon the face of the earth. Let me tell you this, there will be a lot more room than you think because some of these people won't be around here.

Then---The sons and daughters of YAHWEH will finish this 1000 years of development as they come and go all over the Universe, and remember its a big Universe, and there is no worry about room. But for the people who stand tall as the sons and daughters of YAHWEH--you must be free. I tell you that anything which destroys our freedom, takes away our property or denies us the right to protect ourselves, and forces the absorption upon us of races whom we are told not to have anything to do with, or let take over the teaching of our children, is a violation of God's law, and you are bound to oppose it.

You don't have any alternative as a good Christian but to stand for freedom. A Good Christian will lay his life down if necessary to preserve that freedom. He would destroy those who threaten it, and would Praise YAHWEH---as he passed the ammunition.

Let me get this across to you tonight----They are planning now in the name of the fuise of opposing the tax program, to set up centers of central government in underground communication centers where they can cut off all power, and all communications, and direct this with a national police operation, and they plan to put this all into operation----not after an attack from without, but before it.

The voice they are worried about--the attack they are worried about--comes from the voice of the people who oppose this operation. Remember the President wants an integrated Police system, and all Highway operation controlled, and areas of this to take care of all transportation, and thus reduce you to a protective ward of the state.

The Kingdom of God operates by showing the values of vision and creative ability. He says:---I have given you creative ability, and I will bless your hands. I will bless your increase, and I will bless the things you strive to do.-----Following HIM we gain unlimited tomorrows, and our homes are filled with appliances, and things for our ease, and our amusement. Our carriages are better than most of the world because we made them with our hands that He blessed. He gave us the inspiration to make all these things, and the world that touches our civilization is better because they can gain, and they can have, as we teach them how t work and how to produce.

Don't let your government take all this from you, for contrary to what is told to you--the government gives you nothing. You hire it to do your work, and you must limit its power before it becomes your master, and takes over your life.

I ISSUE THIS CHALLENGE OVER THE EARTH TO WHITE MEN EVERYWHERE:-------- Make sure your government does not become your master, for you are to rule and reign with your father in the Great Kingdom of YAHWEH--Thy YAHSHUA. You are to be free men, and you are to live free until the Kingdom comes, then HE who is set free by The Christ---IS FREE INDEED.----Yes----"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free".