Proclaiming Liberty Throughout The Land, 7-9-61



By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT -  7-9-61

We recognize very well that we are in one of the great turning points in all human history. But behind it is the panorama of events which has its foundations in the eternities and reaches out into the endless tomorrows.

In the book of Isaiah, we read:-----"The Spirit of YAHWEH--God is upon me, because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound."

Here he is not literally talking to people in prison, he is not literally talking about people who have been held captive in some far off dungeon. He is talking about the strategy of the enemy of God's kingdom. The forces of evil that try to bind men where they think, to hold them in dungeons of darkness, of oppression and to hold them by the process of fear. So the proclamation that Isaiah is talking of is the liberty that comes with knowledge. That is why we repeat ---"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." This statement by Christ was inferring that the knowledge of truth that proceeds out of the mind of God illuminating the individual will set him free ---free from fears, from errors, from brainwashing, and all of the things that capture and destroy men. Therefore Isaiah said:---I have been sent to proclaim liberty.

Never before have we been in a period of time when the enemies of our civilization are relentlessly waging war against us, by trying to hold our minds captive. Their design is to get us to give our assent to all the patterns of philosophy that they introduce. At the same time to cast over us the fear concerning our security and our destiny in the earth, and the dangers which they tell us surround the world and will encompass us unless we accept their interpretations of the things they are trying to tell us. We are faced today with an assault against the nations of God's kingdom. This is basically directed against the people who have understanding of who they are. People who have knowledge concerning God's plan for this hour. One of the most difficult periods of all times --to speak --from the standpoint of having a fully understanding group of people to speak to is now, because we have faced a propaganda warfare that has been taking place, in the schools, in the churches, and throughout every institution thru out these United States. this is true through out every great Christian nation in the world. The radio, the T.V. and the Newspapers have been added as the media for transference of ideas, and the ideas which are being transferred do not belong to you, to your background, or to your origin, rather they are definitely a part of your enemy to change and alter your destiny.

There is one thing that I can assure you of, and I want you to capture this background picture, for I want you to see everything going on, both in the background and on the whole face of the earth. I want you to see the Eternal Background of ---YOUR FATHER ---where in the book of Colossians ---'Everything is made by HIM and without HIM nothing is made. He holds everything together.' He is the Mighty Eternal God. All the Universe is held together by the laws and the energies and the powers that emanate from the center of his consciousness. I want you to catch this picture, that nothing has transpired except the exact things he declared from the beginning would come to pass. He knew the exact limits that he would put upon the enemy, and how far that enemy could go seeking in his evil ways to destroy the kingdom of God.

When we recognize that we are in a tremendous struggle and that it requires an intense understanding---it is as complicated situation that has ever been faced by those individuals who want to know and understand what is going on. That is why the scriptures refers to these days as a period of chaos, it can confuse and divide members of a family until they can't think clearly, because something is muddling the center of their thoughts or supplying them with the wrong information.

One of the processes we are faced with today is that enemies of the kingdom have moved into our nation and they are binding men where they think, by filling them with error, and giving them an inferiority complex. Today one of the strategies of Lucifer is to exalt himself above all individuals as the dispenser of all knowledge. Then these pseudo-intellectuals because the knowledge of Lucifer is in error, become in error as they do his work. He transforms himself as an angel of light, but his work and his end both bear testimony that he is not an angel of light.

We have been celebrating the fourth of July and it is well to remember that we are the great nation of Manasseh, and we came into being as a nation in our appointed time and place at the end of the 2520 years of captivity. Also the word Manasseh, come out of other Hebrew words such as Massher and Manasse and they come together and they mean ---the eagle. You are a very important nation, people called together by God, a part of his household carrying the heraldry of the Eagle. There is no question about the fact that the enemies of God's kingdom know that this nation is the strongest seat of resistance in the world against the forces of Evil. We are to understand that there are many processes of evil that are organized behind the scenes by the same Luciferians, and they may not be carried out by the some groupings of people, and under the same labels, such as Communism, socialism, liberalism, but their plans all come from the same source.

This year as we celebrated our 4th., of July we heard a lot about interdependence. the Chief Justice came to LA and spoke to the Jews, he became one of them after he studied with them and donned his little scull cap. He talked of interdependence--but this is the program of anti-Christ with their dream of a One World government and One world society. All the speakers of the government stressed the same theme, no longer could men be free to pursue their own course, their own destiny. They could not live like our pioneer forefathers did and be self sufficient in providing food and clothing for ourselves. So no longer can we be independent, we must depend upon other people. And now we must embrace Interdependence. No longer can we be loosely governed, we must have specialists in government to work out our problems, in economics, and other facets of our life style. Thus instead of independence --we celebrate a new Interdependence. If you want to be free of all the problems of a complex society then just turn it all over to the experts and they will do it all for you. Then you just be willing to surrender a little of your independence so that the experts can make it all work for you.

Now, they did not say that we will stop this at the boundaries of your shores. They said it must be expanded until it takes in all the world, with world experts to make it work. All you have to do is stay in your own nitch---pay the taxes and assume all the burdens. Then they said:--'We have had men working on this great dream for years and years, and they have spent billions of dollars trying to find out how it will work.' Yes they have spent billions ---trying to enslave you.

Someone said:--Dr. Swift this is true--we no longer make everything we wear or raise all we eat. It is true that we have become specialized in this field and that, but that does not mean that we in this great nation cannot provide for ourselves and our families and must become slaves, or that we must not have any say in the affairs of our government, or that we have to support all the pagans in the world in order to survive, or that we have to appease the powers of anti-Christ or he will come suddenly and destroy us.

Pseudo-intellectualism is false intellectualism. It is a declaration of great understanding with intellectual capacities that actually is not there. Because if you learn something that is in error, no mater how well you master it still it is still error, and unless in your equation of the intricate world in which you live is the complete and absolute understanding --that the Universe is held together by our father, that He has a plan and it is a master plan, and He is working it all out, and he is going to destroy evil and elevate righteousness, unless this is the great backdrop of your thinking you will never understand what is going on, and you will live in fear. If there is anything in the world for you as a child of God to know it is that you have nothing to fear.

I also want you to know that there is also a lot of things for you to do, and it is not possible for you to just sit down and rest and let everything come to pass and not do anything about it. The most complete way to find yourself involved in troubles and mental problems with what is going on is for you to sit down and do nothing about the program of God's kingdom.

The enemy today is quite subtle. for every speaker praising our country and heritage there are 100 telling how fearful men are, how they need to come together for protection, how men can't go to sleep because they are trembling, for the world can blow up tomorrow, and people do not know where to turn. Then they say:--'We have to find some way so that men can live without fear. I looked at the LA Examiner this morning and the headline reads:---'America is to young to die'. Then when I stop to think I realize that this is reported to plant the symposium that America is not going to be able to stand up to her enemies, because we have not paid enough attention to what is going on. But you and I know that God promised ---and we know what He promised, and if someone doesn't know this then they are probably shaking in their boots.

The people who are not awake to these promises are willing to go out and dig bomb shelters so to try to stay alive through this great holocaust of Atomic warfare. they are also telling us Americans that the shells we have produced will not fit most of the NATO guns. There is sabotage somewhere so we better give up before we are attacked. The Winchester and Remington plants in this country have the contracts for the change over to ammunition that will fit all the guns of NATO and they tell us that they are behind schedule because when they get going then the government comes along and changes specifications and then they have to start all over again. If you knew the strategy of an enemy which works from the inside you would know that the appeasers are making mountains out of molehills. They say the only thing to do is agree with the enemy and live. What we really need is 50 senators like McCarthy who passed away under persecution. It is true that we have something to clear up, but I tell you that if you deported out of your country all your enemies who hate --the Christ --and your way of life then your problems would be over in a hurry. And you would find you were on your way to a solid defense and security. The master design of your enemy is still the same;---not only to sabotage you but also to belittle you and your great country and the destiny of both. Here in 1961 our so called leaders say that by 1962 it will be all over, because Russia will have the superiority to destroy you. But that is not what Douglas Mc Arthur said:----Men in high positions of power sabotages your nation and let Red China become a world power, but still we will fight on.

Why do we fight, because an enemy has moved into our society, who hates our Christ, these are the one who are carrying out this sabotage. We will understand who that enemy is, almost all are the enemies of our faith, and they deny that Jesus is the Christ. they work to destroy every thing that is American, everything that is good. Then the Pseudo-intellectuals are hypnotised, and they fill them with praise, until they puff up with their own concept of greatness which does not exist, until they look down on their race as peasants, irrespective of background or education. In this strategy of today they have set us up for the kill. Now you say, but isn't this something to worry about? Well Jesus said that men are going to worry, you remember what he said:---men's hearts are going to fail them for fear, just looking at all the things that are coming upon the earth. One man committed suicide the other day because --his note said he was fearful of what was coming upon the earth. That just shows you that he was insane, because what would happen in this world that would do anymore than kill him? --But we are in that time period.

Lets take another look at this situation.--God has Lucifer on a leach--he has only so much power, he can go only so far, all the powers of darkness, all the forces of evil can only go within permissible realms. When they planned this destruction --God not only knew all about it, but he also told you what nations would be involved. He told you that the hoards would come out of the Russians, that they would come out of the north. In the papers today we read of all the aircraft plants in America, and where our leaders thing that Russia will hit--across the northern parts of Americas industrial centers, such a Detroit, Seattle, Chicago and so forth.

Alright the scriptures do say that this will come to pass, and this is where they will strike, but I want to tell you something.--this Bible warns that all these things shall come about if we let people come into this country who deny that Jesus is the Christ. It warns us about this conspiracy if we join ourselves o nations who are non-Christian. It told us not to be unequally yoked together, It warned us against this invasion of the parasites which God calls insects.

Turn to the book of Joel. It tells us about the Palmer worm, the locust, the canker worm, the caterpillar, which are nothing but insects, and they have come against the Kingdom of God. They work on the political body of the Kingdom. They have moved into the religious body of the Kingdom. And they have moved into the economical body of the Kingdom with its creative and manufacturing body which is the very life and foundation of this nation. You take one worm. It eats at the very heart of the plant. Another worm eats the leaves. Another bores into the bark and lets the sap run out. And then another goes into the roots and seeks to destroy the roots of the Plant (the Kingdom). Palmer worms, locust, canker worms, and caterpillars play their part. And each of these insects carry out their part in their design against you.

But what does God say?----'You are My people upon whom I poured out My Spirit in the former rain.'

Now, here today, these enemies have moved in. They are parasites. They do not produce. They only live on you. And they are seeking to destroy your foundation by going right to the roots of your foundation--YOUR FAITH. They are trying to take Christ out of your national life and out of your body politics--your schools. Their evil strategies have moved deep into tour society.

But I want to tell you something. This is all a part of the problems of this hour. This is what we mean when we read:--'Proclaim liberty throughout the land.' When it says:--'Start to set the captives free.' We are going to win this war against every facet of this evil strategy. Even today we find they are waging a war against Baccalaureate services of your schools. The Jews said that schools could not have such a service because of the constitutional ruling of separation of Church and State. But there is nothing in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that talks of separation of Church and State. I want to tell you something. This constant talk about separation of Church and State is nothing but propaganda. Because there is nothing at all American about the separation of Church and State.

A great American, Thomas Jefferson, made a statement:--'In order to retain our political, economic and social freedom, it is wise that we retain a principal of separating the effectiveness of any single church from becoming a State Church. And we should support the separation of Church and State.'

Now, when he said this, he pointed out that in England, the Church of England was the official church and had special political privileges above any other church. And in Rome, the Catholic Church was above every other church and had special political privileges and social privileges above any other church. Thomas Jefferson was not waging a war against the Church in any of its ramifications. He just said:--I think we should separate the political body from the influence or control of any one segment of the ecclesiastical order. And from that great speech has come forth the great bugaboo of the separation of church and state. We have never permitted any one church to be a national church. But we have always maintained that this is a Christian nation. The Jews have been trying to make this a part of the Constitution, but it is in no part of the Constitution.

Those who are back of this declaration of last week to stop the Baccalaureate services are 'The National Community Relations Advisory Council.' To many people, this is some great state coordinated council of all communities. And then when it speaks, it is speaking for a National Council. Here is the report out of Washington as to the makeup of this council:--'This is a coordinate body of Jewish community councils, and major Jewish National organizations.'

So these are the people who are trying to wipe Christ out of your schools and make you so enmeshed in materialistic values and make you as pagan as possible so that you will stop trying to protect the values for your youth and their spiritual guidance.

So we had told you who these were behind this scheme and now comes this report out of Washington and confirms it.

The other day the Supreme Court went outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution which says that they must reserve to the States any procedures not specifically delegated to the Federal Government in the Constitution. And they overrode in their own election laws to say that a man must believe in God to be elected to a high office in our state. There are about seventeen states which have that in their code and it probably hasn't been challenged as often as it should be, but when an achiest and an agnostic wanted to run for office, they challenged this state code and they carried the case all the way to the Supreme Court.---The ruling came that the State code must be set aside. No longer must a man be required to believe in God--before he can run for high office. Nor can the government force a man into a position of having to recognize or profess a belief in God, or in anything that relates to God. So this Supreme Court full of intellectual numbskulls, has come out with a pagan Anti-Christ decision to reverse the whole tradition of our society. Do you know what they are so disturbed about in Washington after this Supreme Court ruling??----If there is no legal value to a directive government activity that is done in the name of God, or thru the process which requires the recognition of God,----if everything that is done which requires the recognition of God--is illegal--then in 1955 when Congress passed an edict that on every piece of American money coined, minted, or printed,--must be the words:--'In God we trust'--, then that means that 31 billion dollars of currency put into circulation since that time is not valid. If anything done by Government which requires the recognition of God is now illegal---then my friends, all this money which says:--'In God we trust', as it passes from one hand to another is illegal. Then also any man who takes the oath of allegiance and assumes a high office, even the Presidency of the United States,--then his oath is illegal, because he not only took this oath with his hand on the Bible, but he also said:--'So help me God.' This is required. Yet now the Supreme Court says this isn't legal. Isn't it about time that we begin to question the legality of the Court???

Back in 1951, the Supreme Court stated:--'We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.'---That was not this court--rather that was 10 years ago. Then in 1892, the Supreme Court said:--'This is a religious nation, with deep belief in God--in Christ.' But you are now moving thru an era of time when you are in a tight spot. Your enemies have moved into your courts as well as other parts of your society and they try to remove principals and Christ and God out of that society. Now you know what the 'canker worm' and the 'Palmer worm' are like as they go into the heart of a nation and a Christian society to try to destroy the heart of the tree---and the life --inside the seed.

When I look at all these other enemies who come out of the same bunch of parasites, I see that they even want to eat all the leaves off the tree as well. Everything that is green --they want. They tax, more and more to spread it farther and farther away, and the principle of independence and the consciousness of God's kingdom is being destroyed more and more by this kind of an insect.

What is our defense against this invasion of insects?----"I am going to pour out MY spirit upon My sons and MY daughters". What is that spirit?---it is a wave length of divine energy--life and knowledge--understanding, and just sheer gold is coming down from THE MOST HIGH GOD, UPON HIS CHILDREN. It will not only illuminate for them the whole picture, but they will come out of their sleep as this great vibration, this cosmic perception for understanding of God's own consciousness and omniscience descends upon his people. And He said there will be a deliverance in the land, when My people have this wave length of spiritual power descend upon them. Then they are going to eliminate these insects, the Palmer worm, the Cankerworm, the Locust and the Caterpillar are going to go. I take great hope in that. I see here that every parasite that hates your God, your race, your Faith, and your nation, is going to have to leave these United States or be stepped on right here. --Then God says: --'I am going to restore unto you everything these insects are taking from you.

I am not cast down as I see all these things taking place in our nation. I am opposed to it, but I also realize that this is the process by which you and I are being stirred in this hour, by this wave length of divine energy, making way for this proclamation of Liberty to be again proclaimed. That is why people are talking and speaking and the word goes out. People are reaching out for truth, they are taking it wherever they can get it, some here, some there--Christian nationalism, patriotism, the John Birch Society or wherever. I may not agree with everything that Robert Welch says , but at least he is stirring people. Then also the tapes are going out over all God's kingdom, and people are beginning to think and they are writing back and they are calling for more truth. There is a stimuli, a spiritual flow of ideas that God is turning loose on this nation, and His people are coming out of this with the proclamation of liberty and the people are going to start doing something about it. --Oh, I know that people say:--'Dr. Swift we can't do much about any of these things, that our enemy is doing.' ---Let me tell you something.---Almighty God can stimulate and you will do things you never did before. God said:---'I told you that they would come against you an I told you where they would come from, but I also told you that I am in control. I have controlled the forward movement of this, and they did not come with my blessing to destroy you. Remember that you are my children and those who come against you, are going to fall.

Listen to this.---No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue which shall rise in judgment against you --thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servant of the LORD, and their righteousness is of ME, saith the LORD. I tell you that you do not have to fear, you don't have a guilt complex or if you do its your own fault. Your father took your transgressions from you and remembers them no more. He nailed them to His Cross. He said:---I set you free, you have nothing to fear as far as the spiritual dimensions are concerned. If an enemy destroys your body, he still cannot destroy your spirit. and he cannot go farther than the promise of your Father, that He is going to raise every body, and balance every soul consciousness that exists. And spirit, soul and body is going to be perfect before your Father, He has promised all the spiritual power that you can take. He promised all the spiritual power you will receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. He has given you an outline in the scriptures of what is going to happen, and He has promised to awaken every white nation of Christendom. And that you the Anglo-Saxon people --with the Germanic people and all the other white Adamic people of the world that you are going to stand together, and He is going to give you the greatest victory the world has ever seen. We have used this passage many times:---'The Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take and possess the kingdom.' Then you turn to the book of Jeremiah, and it says:---'YAHWEH shall be king over the earth in that day and there shall be one Eternal LORD, and his name shall be ONE, for He is your Father, and He is here delighting to bless thee and to make the Universe and the earth secure.

Lets take a look at that picture.------You were the children of the MOST HIGH GOD who were blessed by HIM in spiritual places--in Christ, before the world was framed. Accordingly as he chose you in HIM before the world was framed, and he sent you down here to build his kingdom. He positioned the time of your birth, predestinated every one of you to exist as his children in earth, ordained through his own incarnate embodiment that he was going to redeem you according to his own will. Bounded toward you with all wisdom and all knowledge, and in the dispensation of the fullness of time--right here in earth --all things into One. All things in one under one administration in Christ---all things which are in heaven and in earth, even in HIM. We have this heritage because we were predestinated according to His purpose, by Him who works all things according to the council of His Will. That at the name of YAHSHUA-Jesus every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, and in earth, and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is the ETERNAL YAHWEH.

I told you last week of the New Order of the Age:---"I saw a new order in the heavens and in the earth. I make all things new and I delight to put my blessings upon My children who I have ordained are going to conform to my own image, and it is the Christ in you which is the hope of all nations.' I am going to save your nation with great power. Your Father says:---'I am going to bring in power from space I am going to bring in heavenly armies, I am going to call in thy kinsmen. I am going to gather out the rascals, I will remove them from the earth. All these things, Your Father says He will do.

Now, you are not in a strange place which is not known to the Father, for if you walked into an unknown historical period when nothing was according to prophecy, you would have something to worry about. But everything which is surrounding you now in this time, thru which we are passing, has been prophetically stated as the strategy of the enemy, and the backdrop is the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH --God who is going to bring in a great victory, and the greater and the bigger the enemy looks, the bigger the victory will be. Do you know what is already moving? --You can't see it, but you can feel it. There is a wave length of cosmic energy out of God's own life and nature, and the very essence of the tremendous power of His Holy Spirit sets up the whole vision of his plan and purpose that is automatically received by everyone of your race, because you are his Children. And it is starting to move and it will spread out--first to every one of his sons who are awakened and expecting it, then to every one of his children until they will stand on their feet with vision, and knowledge and understanding. When he shall appear they shall be like him, they shall know even as he knows. at this moment --for his alerted sons he is doing a short work of righteousness ---and with it comes spiritual power, and great patriotic determination to do something for the Kingdom.

The other day someone said to me:---Dr. Swift, I am so happy that we are on the edge of so many wonderful things and that God is going to do all these thing for us. I just can't wait for God to get here and do all these things. I said:---'well that is the problem?'--Yes God is going to do a lot of great things. But you are supposed to be doing a lot of things getting things accomplished in preparation for His work. Many people say, we are against Communism, we are against this trying to do away with Christ---well O.K. then start standing up for HIM. Start talking, start doing something for the Kingdom. Then they say:--but that takes energy. Well the most tired people I know are t hose who are doing nothing. They hardly have enough strength to move around. They wonder if they should move to Colorado, and get away from this real?--Well by the way,---Colorado is the headquarters of the Communist party--the 13th district. So if you run to the center you are right in the middle. I want you to know that it is time for you to bear witness to the truth, and to start binding the darkness, exposing that which is evil and doing it with hope not fear. What we need today is people to go into every city, every community, and start proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, and your power over the enemy will grow as you start exposing the enemy, by showing what he is and who he is, and then when the enemy starts something people will know who to get. Now you say:--surely you don't mean that? --I think we should look up--tie up--and imprison every enemy, every communist, every time we have a national emergency. I think if our government was wise it would pick them up now.

I think we have moved into a time when the spiritual flow out of God can be received by his children, can be felt, and when God pours out his spirit upon His people He is about ready to do something. I am convinced there is nothing as powerful as ideas moving out of God's mind through yours. For this purpose, he set up His church, He set up His Oracles He set up His ministry, He set up the spirit of His prophecy, He set up His scriptures and now He speaks through His Holy people. I want you to know that God is activating people, and a lot of people enmeshed in their own affairs don't know why they have been so stirred by the political situation, the patriotic urge in themselves. This is the work of ALMIGHTY GOD.

I have one atheist who comes here each week, he is a Communist and each week he writes me a silly letter. He wastes his own typewriter ribbon and his own paper most of the time, and I don't read it unless I just want some kicks. He denies everything in the bible, and he seems to think that just because he has pointed out all the lies that he believes, that I will be convinced, and then I will believe as he does, but I would like for him to know that the more he talks the happier I am in what I believe and I'm convinced that it is a great thing to have My Faith instead of being a boob like he is. The more he curses and the more he cries out against our God, the more he proves that we have a god, and the thing he is cursing is the progress of God's kingdom. He says:---look out now for one of these days you will be dead and that is that. ---Well I even know some other silly people who don't know any better than that.

Suppose I tell you that the children of God's kingdom never die--even when they put this body into the grave you never die, because that which God begat by his spirit never dies, no one can kill it, and you can't put it to sleep. Your spirit prays while you sleep, the Bible tells me that. I am glad my spirit prays while I sleep because it knows what I have need of better than I do. But I want you to know that the powers of darkness cannot destroy it, the spirit does not die, and the consciousness is still there. How do I know?---We get an extra sensory perception out of the Spiritual realm that the senses can't give us, and we know it is coming from somewhere and there is something here to receive it. A man came to me and he said:---'Prove to me that there is such a thing as a spiritual realm, prove that there is such a thing as a God, prove that there is Eternal Life.' ----But you cannot prove it to an Idiot. But I can tell you what we can prove:---we can prove that God gives vision, and knowledge and it can be received, and we can catch the picture, and we do not get it thru the senses. We can then add to that-- what we get thru the senses, and then we know the distinction. We know today that the only thing that the world is waiting for today, is the great wave of power which will prove the manifestation of the sons of God --in the flesh,--this is the coordination of the spirit and the mind, to do the work, --in the body--that God put you here to do. Yes, we will see one of these days--that all the world is One. We are going to see one great and mighty kingdom, and all the nations of the world are going to come under the administration of that kingdom. They won't all be brothers, they won't all be of the same family, and we are not going to marry them, but we will give them --justice, and righteousness and fairness of administration and we are going to hear every voice sing the praises of our Father.

Now, some one says:---O but that is an authoritarian world, everyone should do what they please. Well your enemy does not have any principal that says that everyone can do as they please. There are laws in this country that say you can't do everything you please if you seek to do evil. There are lots of divine laws that say that you can't do as you please if you seek to do evil. When we say Proclaim Liberty thru out the land, this is the setting of the people free--inside the vastness of God's Grace and His program. The Liberty which is our Liberty is the Liberty of the spirit of God, no binding, no condemnation, no unknown tomorrows. When people talk about moving out into the great beyond across the river into the unknown tomorrows or moving out into the shadows, I want you to know that there isn't such a land. My spirit and your spirit goes back where it came from, and that is not an unknown land. There are no shadows there. When one talks about the unknown future of the earth, remember there is nothing unknown about the future. Just because 5/6 of the earth is pagan and Anti-Christian, there is still nothing unknown because the Children of God are going to take the kingdom and rule. If all the Christian Americans who love the United states, who love the flag, and all it stands for, who love its origin and its destiny, who love Jesus Christ--if those American spoke out with their cry of Praise, and Hosannas, with their cry of patriotism, then their voice would move like the waves of the ocean until those who hate her would hardly be heard. The only problem is that we have let the enemy make the cry, and he has amplified it over the communication system. When the children of God speak out it is going to be like the call of the trumpet, it will be a mighty cry of:---'Awake out of thy sleep'. So I tell you that when we proclaim Liberty thru out the land it is liberty from fear--superstitions and doubt. Then lets talk about the coming in of the Kingdom, the age is upon you, according to your Faith be it unto you--life--power and immortality is yours. This is God's hour and God's day.


end of message.