Promised Before The World Began, 1-15-66


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-15-66

(Current events ---About our getting out of the United Nations) (Adam Clayton Powell--put out of congress) (a trouble with the colleges in California, and Mr. Reagan’s stand for correction in the schools) (the rising of the right wing) Promised before the world began ---1-15-66------Dr. Swift.

We turn in the book of Titus today, and the Apostle Paul begins with a great declaration and moves into a great area of truth.

"Paul a servant of YAHWEH AND AN APOSTLE OF Jesus Christ according to the faith of God's elect, and the acknowledgment of truth, which is after godliness. In hope of Eternal life, which God who cannot lie promised before the world began.” Promised to whom?---The Elect. Hear this now. The Apostle Paul who is writing to the Elect of God, writing to the children of the Kingdom, to the house of Israel. And he has already proven that they are the elect of God in the world, sites that therefore in hopes of Eternal life, from a God which cannot lie. And in fact this is an understatement for God is true and he cannot lie, not at all. But God has promised us something, and He promised it before the world began. He promised His kingdom that he would restore to Eternal Life. And he had promised that we would have Eternal life before the foundation of the world. He promised that this would be brought forth, and he would fulfill it in his redemption. Therefore He as Yahweh-God, as redeemer promised to the Household of Israel, the children of His elect--this promise of Eternal Life. And promised this Eternal life, before the world began.

We are to note also in the writings of II Peter:--'The LORD is not slack concerning HIS promise I as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us --ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.' ---'But the LORD shall come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the earth also, and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of person ought you to be in all manner of conversation and godliness. Looking for the day when the World order shall be destroyed.' And we see that the LORD is not slack according to his promises.

And then the Apostle Paul said and here written by Peter, that The Eternal God cannot lie, made these promises before the world began. The most unique thing in this area is how much did we know and how much did we understand in the time before the world began. The scriptures stress that the children of God were begotten in the spirit before the world was framed. And we also know that millions of years have gone by. And as we look out over this congregation and consider those reaching the three score years and ten, or to the period of old age, and we now realize that we are living lots longer today than most any other age in human history. And now we are staying active longer than most areas of human history. But what a little thing is the life span of a man today, considering the antiquity of back in the days when God told us all of these things. Long before he ever started the order of the world, or ever started the Adamic race. In that hour God told us in the heavens before the world began that we were going to have Eternal life. That we would dwell in the flesh, and be overcome by Lucifer and then we would triumph again as God poured out his power and his inspiration upon his sons and daughters, as he placed himself in the earth in a body of flesh, and redeemed His people.

Now; we are called to the attention of this conversation, we well know that we are made of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. As we move thru the heavens above and God's creation, we find that God had communications with his sons and his daughters. Having been begotten of incorruptible seed the thought patterns of the children of the kingdom are one with God. It is almost as tho the minds of the children of spirit, are filled with the mind of God. At that time we traveled thru out the Universe, and were overseers of God's kingdom. Before the days of the Lucifer rebellion the Father had declared that he was going to acknowledge us as his sons and his daughters. And this was the cause of the Luciferian rebellion for Lucifer declared that he would never establish this or never lose any power of administration, over the people whom he was to rule. It was however not necessary that he lose it, for it was only necessary that he as an Archangel, and the hosts under his command serve the Universe, and serve God, and acknowledge God's family. And as we understand this we also understand that the thoughts of God and the thoughts of our minds became the thought of God in the planes of spirit. For God made it very clear the things that were purposed. He told us as Michael was battling against Lucifer and cast him into this solar system. And brought his ships crashing down into earth. He told us then that the powers of earth would be shaken. He told us that Lucifer would capture the nations that had been created in the earth. He told us that lucifer would use every pattern of mutation. That this would become the theater of the Universe. And in this theater of the universe then God had ordained that his sons and his daughters would live in bodies of flesh, would triumph over the enemy, and be victorious. But he said: --you are going to fall and then you will rise again because of the Satanic nature of this battle that is to be fought in the earth.

God told us at that time, told it to every child of God altho they do not remember him telling them. But that they would in time remember as the word of truth is spoken once again, by men such as Enoch, or by the Apostle Paul who was ushered into the plain of God. And as they tell us then some kind of assurance tells us that this is the truth which we are to receive. Tells us that these are things brought back to our remembrance from times immortal. So we have these patterns, for God told us who are of his household and his children, that we would become the masters of the earth because HE had ordained and Willed it. God told the man Paul who was taken into the heavens, as to how he was to write some of these things in a book. And in the Apocrypha of Paul, great were the mysteries of what God told him. And told him how we had the curtain pulled down over our eyes so that we would be willing to stay in earth, and do the job which he was going to develop with this kingdom of God. The man Enoch wrote of tremendous things I want to stress clearly that he outlined the overseeing of the earth from the view of God himself. When Enoch was writing 5000 B.C. then God told him of things that he was bringing back to his remembrance. This was things that he had know before when he was with HIM in the heavens. God told him that he would not be slack concerning his promises.

The Apostle Paul makes the same statement, that God is not slack concerning his promises. He told Enoch and it was pronounced Israel then and it meant sons and daughters of the kingdom. And he told Enoch that this Adamic race was Israel and that they were now dwelling in earth. He told him that the sons and daughters of Seth were His Israel. And that the sons and daughters who followed Enoch in the days of his greatness were Israel. That they were God's issue ruling with HIM in the earth. And as he talked about the powers of Darkness he said that it was as tho a flood of darkness moves out over my people in my land. And he talked about the Saints of the Most High God. And Enoch returned to write these things in "The pillars of Enoch,” and in “The Secrets of Enoch.” And He told Enoch how the powers of darkness was to try to wipe out and engulf this household that HE was going to develop from one man's family. He brings to Enoch's attention that there were now giants in the land. And this is why Enoch talked about giants in the land that came from Luciferian entrance into other races, and how these races then produced a spiritual force that was never assimilatable. And how these giants were now seeking to engulf the white race. He also told Enoch that the forces of Darkness and of evil in some parts of the world would consolidate. He told Enoch of how there would be a great flood. He said this flood would not be all over the earth but in that land this flood would boil up and cover the lower mountains, and it would destroy those pagans who had come in to destroy 'My people.' And he told of how the area would then crack open and the water would run down and be depleted. Thus, he told him all about the flood. And Enoch altho he lived 5000 years before tells about this flood that is to come for God said that he would save his people. And Enoch also talks about the patterns of Egypt for Egypt was a real nations in the days of Enoch

And he tells about how Egypt had come from the lands before. Note this, for Enoch was told how Egypt came from the lands before. And their priest had brought forth much testimony as to how these people were torn between serving the true God --YAHWEH-PUTAH --and the pagan gods that Lucifer had set up.

But when God speaks to Enoch he tells him, this I am going to do. I am going to redeem my people, I am going to protect my people, but there also come a time when even Egypt shall hold my people in bondage. Then God spoke again saying: I will take my people out of the land of Egypt and I shall go before them. And Enoch records that there will be a migration out of an area of bondage in Egypt. And in speaking to Enoch about this HE says that He will feed them on the bread of heaven and give them of heavens life. Thus in the period of the wilderness journey we were fed with Manna and with quail. And God had not only brought these things to Enoch's attention but the age of deliverance, he said also would come.

Of course Enoch lived long before these conditions would occur. But Enoch was told to write these things in a book and place them in the rock of iron, even as Job also had been told this. So we see these areas of mystery.

God was not slack concerning His promises. Just go back a few thousand years and you find that God did come on time, and he did back his people. We see that he took Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas and his descendants did grown and increase. And he tells of how the rise of pharaohs would come and some would then be led by the Satanic forces of evil, and fallen Angels. And God then thru Enoch tells of how he would guided his people out of Egypt. And we see that he raised up Moses who Enoch of course would not know. But he raised up Moses to guide his people out of Egyptian bondage. And How he fed us with the manna and the quail. And he talks about the areas of battle for the earth. And he tells Enoch as to how the areas of his people would be captured and how his people would be weakened by their leadership, until they would embrace and take into their midst people who were not Gods.

Now; again God is speaking and he says: "ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God." Ye are Elohim and you are mine, but the pagans are different and you are not to join yourselves with them. And inside of your nation they are not to gain any sign of authority. The mysteries of Enoch talks about how we as a people get into trouble when we bend our ears to strangers outside of our society. And it tells us that they will gain control over our society and over the things which we have wrought. In fact we have at times some interpretation of a biblical quotation that says most of the promises that God made to Israel in the Old Testament are Temple promises. They are promises made to restore to them things that had already taken place, and he promise them the land, and the food of the everlasting hills, and he promises them that he will send the sun and the rain, and will bless them with all things that they will need. And now under the New Testament theme they say our promises are all spiritual, The things that God is going to give us sometimes do not come until you die and go to heaven.

Now; I want to point out that this is operating under ecclesiastical ignorance. Because it is a very important thing for the children of God who were begotten into this world, who emerged out of the Adamic race and who were to produce a great kingdom. Thus, their dwelling in the flesh was important. And it was important that which he told you before the foundation of the world, would come true, that he would come out of your race and redeem you that were in the world and who had gone before. He was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world and He made this known unto you. The mystery which Even Enoch could not anticipate was that HE would redeem his people and the price would be blood. For he did not conceive how God could die. But the body of God knew death and it died. And the body of God knew power and life by resurrection, because God came in the flesh. He did in the flesh, and His spirit raised the body in the flesh and he took this flesh into the heavens. And it was the same body which he had before the foundation of the world.

The promises of God were quite extensive. For as Enoch wrote of the final things which God had ordained he wrote that in the final accomplishment that in the fullness of time that God was going to join his kingdom in earth. That he would bring in the vast space craft of heaven, those chariots that came and went. That from the four corners of heaven he was going to gather his Angelic hosts And with his Saints he would move into earth with thousands and thousands of these his people and would break down the powers of darkness. Therefore the book of Jude says that YAHWEH would come with 10,000 of His Saints in a pattern of judgment. But remember that 5000 B.C., the second coming of Christ and the gathering of his family was made known to Enoch who recorded it.

And the promises of God are sure, and he talks about how in the latter days a great sleepiness would fall over his people and how in the institutions which were to be oracles for his people, would see the rise of these people who would be against his teaching and against God. And he institution which he was speaking of that would see people rise against the teaching of God was the church.

Now; Enoch does not know that it is to be called a church, but he did know that a great institution would arise that would be for an oracle to the people, inside of their lands, and this would be called the church. Enoch knew that these would be people from other lands, but they would not be of God, but they will join this organization and therein testify until they change it from being an oracle of God. But God said concerning my faith, my household and my nations: They shall come out of their sleep and they shall take a stand, and they will stand with Michael against the hosts of Lucifer.

Again we point out to you that these things have come to pass. There is not one single facet of prophecy, so intricate, or so far out in the future that God is not fulfilling for God spake and said this is what I am going to do. I cannot lie, but I promise you this. Turn to the scriptures and you talk about the precious promises, and many just pass over them saying, oh, they are just promises. But they are promises of prosperity of the earth, they are promises of wealth of all kinds, of food, and of mastery. They are promises of the defeat of the hosts of the enemy.

Someone says, but these are all in the flesh. Well, also--the Body of God was in the flesh, and you are in the flesh. But you are also spirit, soul and body, and in the image of God. The final program of God calls for a triumphant kingdom. And this is referred to by the prophets of old, by Enoch and by the Apostle Paul. And this will be a final victory. And every unit of flesh shall put on Immortality, and all of the household of God shall rise and rule and reign. They shall be indestructible and they shall be victorious and they shall do this in the name of their God. This will be a political kingdom and will extend from one end of the earth to the other.

Now; as we move into this latter day, we are discovering that this oracle that was the church, which had such a vital mission to the kingdom has had an invasion into different areas of its teaching, of men who came into this society who do not believe in the deity of the Christ. And we tell you that if you do not believe in the deity of Christ then you are Antichrist. And if you do not believe in the deity of Christ then you are against the fatherhood of God, if you do not believe in his embodiment. Therefore, this is the program of the Antichrist. As these speakers come out to embrace this theory they are trying to make you One Worlders’ and God says that this is not going to be One World under Lucifer. That my World is going to rule over earth until the world order under Lucifer is destroyed. And out of this program will emerge salvation for all flesh for they shall hear the truth, and they will respond to the truth, for it shall be enforced upon them with a rod of iron. (Perfect justice).

The scriptures of Luke and of Matthew have again the story of the return of The Christ. And this is the same story as told to Enoch back 5000 years before Christ. And this story was that---I shall take the children of my kingdom and I shall empower them an they shall rise and rule over the enemy with a rod of iron, with the flexibility of the laws of God which are righteous.

These are promises that do not fail. God thus is not slack concerning his promises. In fact we go again into the book of Titus and it says:--And therefore in hopes of Eternal life, in God who cannot lie --promised before the world began. And if he spoke these to those in the past and who have now passed into the spirit, then their soul consciousness is still alive, their spirits are still alive and they have never known death. They may be in the spirit working out the plans of the kingdom. They may be working out of the kingdom of heaven which surrounds you, as well as you being a participant in it, but they are working for the administration of God's kingdom in the earth. But this is one last thing---every last child who has passed over into the dominion of the kingdom, and who has known death in the earth, is still going to rise in his flesh body, and like that of Job he is going to behold his redeemer. So we have the whole passage of truth and the whole doctrine of Resurrection as part of the Christian faith.

These people who stand up as vandals in the church and denounce all the scriptures may not have a resurrection in their thinking but they also will know what this is all about. But the One great truth is that the people of God have had the word of God. They have had the Saints of God unveiling His word down thru the course of the years.

Someone said, but how do we know that we have this hope of Eternal Life? How do you know that a God that cannot lie promised you Eternal Life? Because you have this Eternal life, and it shall even come in the flesh, and besides you are still here. Oh, you say where did we come from? You came out of the ages of the past. The entity which dwells in you, this entity that has God's spirit has called back the remembrance of the ages of the past. The ability to believe that the entity in you is spiritually oriented tells you this. And now as we face these crisis periods we are still here. We have been with God in the past thru out the ages. So where did this consciousness of spirit, ever come from? No where, but out of the patterns of the heavens as God had begotten it.

Therefore, we the children of the kingdom are on a spiritual venture. We are on the venture of the conquest of the earth again, for the capturing of the darkness and their destruction and again the appearance of the Light. This is the one rebellious stronghold in God's universe and you have been selected and chosen to cast it down.

There can be no question about this God who cannot lie and who promised us Eternal life. And we are not afraid. The Apostle Paul who said whether in the body or the spirit I cannot tell. And then he said, whether to leave this world or go to be with Christ, what is most important I do not know, but either way I know that I live on and on my person is of the spirit my life is of the spirit, and I have one great plan and that is to bring in the kingdom. To fulfill the oracle of God.

So as we survey these things we can say that we have a great God, a great Father, a mighty potentate, above all in the Universe. And we can say:---Our Father, hallowed be his name. And we do not worry about Eternal Life, for we have it already in a regenerated spirit. And you had to have had something to begin with to have a regeneration. The holy spirit hath given us Eternal life in the spiritual realm, and has assured us of Eternal life in the physical realm and we know that these things are true.

We know this because His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of the Most High God. There may be a few people who find it quite impossible to confirm that these things are true. They may be sick and have a human vacuum but the sons and daughters of the Living God will lift up their voices in praise for their Father and shall carry forward with living vitality the program of the kingdom in the earth. I tell you that the program of the kingdom is emerging and it will continue to emerge, for a God who cannot lie has promised us the conquest of the darkness, and the risings of the rays of light, and the rule of the earth.

End of message.