Prophecy In The News, 4-21-69


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-21-69

Tonight we see again, an attack upon our nation as we hear of the attack upon our aircraft in the Japanese sea and we see some strange conditions around this. First, we blame North Korea, for she claimed she shot down this unarmed reconnaissance plane and she claims a great victory and calls America a ‘Paper Tiger.’ And well she may be, under our present leadership.

In this situation you will note several things. Several newspapers in the Mid-West and one in Canada, and even the television, came on with the first news and said this:-- ‘the first of our aircraft into that area found Russian Destroyers in that area trying to find wreckage of our plane.’ Now, supposedly, helping us. However, these first reports said that the Russians had taken seven living crew members from the wreckage and two dead ones and had them on board those Destroyers---three Destroyers. That one of the wings of the plane showed that it had been hit by shrapnel from below.

Now, the idea that we were hit by Migs could well be true as North Korea has Migs. But these first items said Russian Destroyers had shelled our craft and seven crew members were taken alive. That story was pulled back and buried. And the next morning, the Russians were taken to Japan and turned over to our authorities and nothing was ever said again about the seven survivors. If there were survivors, of course, they could tell us what happened so we will hear nothing more from these men.

We have been getting these kinds of attacks out of Red countries ever since World War II and each attack just makes the Navy, Army and Marine Corps more angry, to say nothing of the Air Force. They are ready to strike and retaliate with a blow at any field or place from which this attack has come. American honor has been challenged, but not a word came to retaliate. The Secretary of Defense came out and said that he would let the President make his decision, but they had ordered the Battleship New Jersey to turn around and go back to those waters as well as other air craft and carriers.

Then President Nixon said this is an attack from North Korea and they had no right to do this, so America would surely protest. Now this isn’t the sound of the man who, when he wanted to be President, had said if a situation like the Pueblo affair came up he would order an immediate retaliation strike and go from there. This is the difference in Mr. Nixon before and after he became President. As we listen to the news, we see interviews with hand picked citizens and we listen to Mr. Sirhan the Jewish attorney and they all say of course, they regret the loss of 31 men, but---we couldn’t risk thousands of lives because of 31 men.

So America once again drags her tail and hangs her head and walks away from the Reds. And yet, if we at the first instance, had retaliated, it would be a different world by now. In fact, if we had followed the instructions of General Douglas MacArthur, or General LeMay, they would have given North Korea about 24 hours to stop the war. And if they didn’t, then North Korea would have been turned into a parking lot with Atomic bombs.

It is a silly situation in this war we are not engaged in, that we cannot stop the flow of material and supplies that are coming from the areas of Red China and the Soviet Union that are being used against our men. One third of the 34,500 casualties in the past few months, have been because we do not stop these supplies.

Mr. Nixon has secured some very poor advisors and now he talks about how we must get along with both the Bear and the Dragon. This does not sound like the Mr. Nixon of earlier days.

As a result of the bringing down of our unarmed plane, you will see a sad reaction in the rest of the world. Some of the Senators have spoken and said we should drop an atomic bomb on North Korea or Russia or China to stop this kind of thing. (Well, I think the Senators were talking out of both sides of their mouths.)

Our passivist President, with his Quaker background, is hoping so much for peace, that he is not a realist anymore. To be a realist, we think you have to recognize what the Bible says about your eventual confrontation with world Communism and what it says will happen to the cities and nations of Asia. For it says they are to be turned to power and dust if they persist in attacking the nations of God’s Kingdom. That is the assurance we have in the book of Esdras as to what will happen when the hosts of God come in to help us for we are surely not getting the necessary defense from any earthly source which America really needs.

(Now, Dr. Swift was like all Israelites who understand the danger. They want to jump and do something. But when the time comes for our side to succeed, then YAHWEH will pull the string and someone will stand up as a leader and then we will move. To me, the time was not yet for Richard Nixon in the first of the 70's. However, I still think he did a lot of good, even tho he disappointed the Right Wing. If the United States jumps without Divine help, I think we will get clobbered good, for we are already in the Babylonian trap. The door of the trap is still open, but if we move to go out that door, we will get hurt more than we are being hurt now.)

This week, we were in Northern California and papers were handed to us that tell of a Revolution that is started and the main force will be from this June of 1969, to 1973, when it will be all over. The Leftist lifted the lid of their plan and it gives details and names and facts. It was one of the most alarming reports to come out thru the Chronicle. Then two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal came out with a story, that said that the wealthy of organized Jewry was setting up a situation well financed to bring trouble and revolution in this country and to end up with One World society.

Strangely enough, these newspapers from San Francisco and Wall Street, carried practically the same story. Students in Stanford University and Berkeley to lead the way and they claimed that 1/5 of the students were already in what was called ‘the Red Guard.’ Now a Red Guard is a Communist organization designed to overthrow the U.S. Government militarily. It is well organized and there are teachers and professors in the colleges that are leading the students. They are of course, Jews or sympathizers. These teachers and professors are the agitators who are stirring and bringing this to pass. Fifty-eight colleges are now in the Revolution. They hit Harvard last week and this week it was Cornell University. And thus it expands. They state that the purpose of this revolution is to influence as many students as possible and to challenge all areas of educational authority and create and stretch the generation gap.

Now, this generation gap was an asinine thing. For I cannot remember any time when the parents were not older than their children. But the President even talked about the generation gap. In fact, when his daughter came on TV, and talked about the hippies, she sounded brighter than her father. When they talk about this generation gap, they want to overthrow and liquidate the status quo.

In San Francisco, certain officers of the Police Department infiltrated the meeting and listened as the teachers were teaching these young people what they were to do. One of their instructions was to stop fighting the draft and go into the Army and go to Vietnam and there, wait until they were notified of a certain day and time-then rise up and shoot their officers in the back. They were to understand that this was necessary because these officers were men who have served their country all their lives and were dedicated to the defense of their country even to giving their lives for their country. So these officers must be gotten rid of as they are of the old establishment. These young people were told to control the world, you must get rid of all who believe in Patriotism or Nationalism, all the old programs that set up separate nations. Now, these teachers not only instructed the young guard to shoot their officers in the back, but taught them that here in this country, they were to set fires in a remote part of the cities, and when the police and firemen come, then go to the police departments and take over the police and firemen’s offices and use those headquarters against the people of the city. They said that even tho some policemen were in sympathy with them and were Liberal policemen, still shoot all police as they did not have time to sort out those who were for them and they could afford to lose the few who would be loyal because the majority would be against them.

This is a revolution, started in the colleges and financed by Jewish rich men. But it was to spread to the power sources of the cities as they plan to take over the machinery of the establishment. They called for the liquidation of all political Right Wing leaders and all who are opposed to the Leftist plan.

This was and is a plan to destroy your educational system. First, then take over all authority in this country. They spoke of the amount of drugs being brought in from Israeli and how they are working to help spread the hippie situation to influence and tear down the youth of the country.

This plan to tear down the youth of the country was to include the use of music from the music of the Beatles to all those who followed them. And as the moral resistance of youth is accomplished, they are assured by their Jewish psychiatrists that this music helps and then will come the sexually promiscuousness of people and that will help break down the defenses of our society such as church and government.

Now, the strangeness of the situation is that organized Jewry is financing Communist to destroy nationalism and patriotism because these are two of the most important things that must be removed from our society and if they are, then Jewry won’t like it either.

These teachers at Berkeley were telling the youth that they must bring forth men capable of being world leaders and they cite for this Senator Edward Kennedy. They say that Senator is acceptable for world leader but then we have heard this said about Robert Kennedy as when he was in South America you remember, he said he wanted to be President of the World. Remember? Last week Senator Kennedy moved to take Red China into the U.N. and put our friend Chang Kai Shek out.

Now, we understand the pressure being put upon the Nixon Administration for peace with the Vietcong. The State Department is saying we must accept a unification of that country both North and South becoming one. This sounds like the days when General Joe Stillwell, the little general, who was an admirer of Lenin and Communism. And he along with the State Department, persuaded Chiang Kai Shek and others to form a government in partnership, and said they could all get along in China and live in peace because Mao’s wife and Chiang Kai Shek’s wife were sisters. They would be one happy family. Two months after this was accomplished, Chiang Kai Shek was forced out of China to the island of Formosa and most all of China fell in to Red hands. So here and now, we hear this same thing coming as advice from the State Department and this time for the solution to Vietnam. We can well say that we have not handled this war well. For we should never send our men to battle without going forward to win.

Now as you know, there are lots of committees in Washington. They form a new one every few minutes to solve our problems. But also a lot of them were left over from the Johnson administration. And they have to be busy so they come up with a lot of rules and regulations. And some of these rules are creating reactions all over the country to set up training schools for Negroes and there train them for your jobs and to replace White men. Now businessmen are up in arms and Senator Dirkson, when prodded by his people, stood up in Congress and said, ‘Now, this process has got to stop. This is free America and businessmen can hire and fire whom they please.’ Well, that brought out Mr. Strauss and the pressure was put on the Nixon Administration from every angle. The ADL joined in the pressure and then came all the Negro organizations and then the Liberal Democrats of the Left Wing rose up and cried, ‘Mr. Nixon is dropping all of our wonderful programs to end poverty in this country. So only the poor and sick and blind people and those on social security will be made to suffer so big business can make great big profits.

What happened? Mr. Nixon and Mr. Dirkson talked over the situation and two weeks lager, most of those programs they had thrown out were back in place. For now Mr. Dirkson and President Nixon knew the power of organized Jewry as they moved to tear this country apart. They proved their power to organize the Negroes for their riots and the strange brainwashed youth to do their dirty work.

Then Washington started a new program called ‘guaranteed wage.’ Eight hundred families were picked to start this pilot program and they will live under a scrutinized watch of bureaucrats to see how this will work and if it pans out, they hope to put everyone in the U.S. on this plan. This is discrimination as they hand picked these families. But this is a socialist plan and if they can, they will use it to reduce every one of you to the status of a Mexican peon.

Now back to this plan of World Government, uncovered here in San Francisco. It was learned that Senator Edward Kennedy was acceptable of a world socialist president and that their plan said that they were ready for a propaganda program so that it could be used to take over the educational system. But also, it would be put inside the churches in the U.S. and thus the Catholic and Protestant owned newspapers and especially the publications of the World Council of Churches, would stress and press for ‘human responsibility, toward every other human being on the face of the earth. There would be no more patriotism or nationalism. Just the fact that we have only this one world and we all together have to make it work.

Now, of course, the White Christian nations produce 87% of the food supplies of the world and the great majority of the technological devices that the world possesses.

Yet, the program is being studied in Washington is for economic distribution and it is a plan for the dispersement of authority, part of this plan is to divide America up into thirteen districts and at the maximum with our outside territories as well as Alaska and Hawaii into nineteen states. It would abolish the Congress of the United States and each representative of this world organization would represent so many people and the Senate would be moved to a World Parliament body which would be established. And this World Parliament would cement all religions and all races together. The economic measures now being studied in Washington are also the outline for world conditions. It guarantees equal housing and equal production, equal amounts of food for everyone on the face of the earth. Of course, I suppose that the ‘higher-ups’ in the planners circles will receive more just as they now do in Moscow and in Israeli at Tel Aviv. They also cite how the Congo needs thousands of homes. And the first years plans call the building of 400,000 homes and the giving of those homes to the Negroes. I presume so they would have the fun of tearing them down. The Negroes would pay nothing for these houses and they would also need food, so this plan calls for world boards to handle all food. These world boards would take all food production and then issue everyone a food card based on the production of the world. And your input into this system and their part, would be the figuring of the amount of calories you need for your work. And thus, determine the amount of food you would receive.

No wonder the Wall Street Journal was disturbed. Most of their readers are getting more of everything than this plan would allow. Most of them have already made their fortunes and are ready for the enjoyment of their years of labor and technological know how. And so they are now taking a look at this plan that would dissolve all they have worked for. They are not discussing this planned revolution that is supposed to break up the police departments and corrupt and destroy the colleges and churches and bring on world revolution by using the Negroes in riots of all kinds. The San Francisco paper is also naming some of these Jewish professors and teachers who are teaching and training the youth to advance this program. Along with all these patterns there comes again the idea from Israeli, to destroy the Mosque of Omar, and to build on that site, a temple of all faiths and to set the seat of world government there under the banner of world religion and finance.

You know that the program of God’s Kingdom is not of that design, for it tells you to come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean things. This tells you to not enter into an alliance with the Hittites, the Hivites, and on down thru the list of all the ‘ites’ of the earth. Not to be joined with them in any way, for they will turn you to idolatry, to paganism. The only think I do not see in that temple to be built is ‘CHRIST.’

So you see that this is a well designed plan and the Wall Street Journal says that behind this plan is the power of organized Jewry, with their great finances. Well, the church is embracing this program and the Pope is embracing this program. The Pope wants to make more Negro Cardinals and Asiatic Cardinals. And he is saying that Buddhism is basically much the same as Catholicism. And thus, the Papacy would be able to extend and bring into that body, Buddhism and such into a common fold with Christianity. This, my friends, must come from a Jewish mind.

So we see outlined this entire design for world government. The assassinations of generals even down to the rank of Lieutenants and the setting aside of others of the Armed Forces, also the liquidation of Presidential timber is all for the purpose of the implementation of this design and most of it is basically here.

Mr. Nixon did not owe the Negro voters anything as he came into the Presidency. And so he is trying to cut back on the Negro influence in government and thus the pressure is brought to bare from all sides. One of the powerful men behind this is Louis Strauss. Remember that Louis Strauss was the Chief Procurement Officer of the U.S. Navy when a young Lieutenant by the name of Nixon served in the Navy. Then there was a breach between them after the war. But now, we find Mr. Strauss in power as now President Nixon came into office. Louis Strauss, Barnard Baruch, Kuhn Loeb and Company, Frankfurter, and so forth, have controlled and dominated the U.S. ever since the days of Wilson with a few exceptions which were mentioned. But ever since the days when they instigated and put in practice the Federal Reserve system, down to today, they have had a great control over the Presidents of the U.S., with the exceptions of Harding and Coolidge. Now, they put up the money to elect Mr. Hoover because they thought they could manage Mr. Hoover as he had worked with them in the World Food Program at the end of the war. But remember, that food was a free gift. They told Mr. Hoover how to run this country and how to turn it into a socialized machine. But Mr. Hoover refused to do this. So organized Jewry cut him loose and then smeared him and destroyed him politically and blamed all the catastrophe they had created on Mr. Hoover. Then they got behind Mr. Roosevelt and capitalized on his ‘God given’ speaking voice and they wrote his speeches and set out to change this country in that administration. They brought forth their plan of the ‘brain trust.’ Then Dr. Webb of Indiana, who was a Liberal, but not a Socialist, or a Communist, spoke out and said he did not want to see American turned over to the Jews, so he named the men behind this scheme and they were Frankfurter, Morganthal, Wiseberger, and others. And he told how all these positions in the ‘brain trust’ were to be filled by these Jews. Well, in spite of that, within six months, all those positions were filled by Jews. Mr. Roosevelt did not realize the full extent of all this until he was deeply involved.

So Jews controlled and dominated to a large extent all Presidents from Roosevelt’s day on. So Barnard Baruch who was the uncrowned king, sat in control and told Mr. Truman that they would run Mr. Stevenson on the Democrat ticket and Eisenhower on the Republican ticket and thus, they could not lose for winning.

We understand that Kuhn Loeb and Co. put up a lot of money to back Mr. Nixon and he did not know about it until after the election. And then they moved in to inform Mr. Nixon that unless he cooperated with them they would do the same thing to him as they did to Herbert Hoover.

Mr. Nixon fired 183 Negroes and Jews and he put White Anglo-Saxon men in his cabinet. Then the fireworks started and the pressure came from all sides. And now he has put 28 Negroes back into places of influence and power.

So thus, they still move and plan and talk of a great world society where they will divide up your food and industrial output and thus, there would be no more wars, only peace.

So turn again into the book of Deuteronomy, and see what the MOST HIGH GOD had to say, as HE speaks thru Moses. HE said that the Israelites are not to join with the Hittites, the Amorites, the Hivites, and thru the list of all the other ‘ites’ of the world. For if these people of the world are in control, then the White Christians would be a tiny minority. And it would make no difference that you possess the technological advantage or the food of the world, for never again could you gain control of the things that you possess. The private property you possess would be divided up among the people of the world.

Turn back again to the San Francisco newspaper, and we discover that their immigration program is already worked out. Under this program you could go anywhere in the world and live anywhere they wanted you to live. And passports would be validated by the transportation commission of the U.N. You could travel on the ships of the world without paying your way. In other words, under this program the have not nations of the world would fill up your country and you would be over run as they crowded into this land to get on your welfare system. A small example is what happened to California in that welfare mess. The Supreme Court moved and said that you can no longer get out of your welfare commitments and they don’t even have to live in a state of community for a while to be eligible for welfare. So thru this part of the plan, the White race would no longer be the masters of their society. Instead, they would be the slaves of the world society. This is the reason your burden grows and grows, for you are following a path that tries to support those that work not for what they get and the more they get the more they want and they produce less and less. Thus, the world planners hope to integrate and mongrelize the world and produce a race of mixed, promiscuous people who will go for their one world scheme that will in the end make them slaves to their Jewish masters.

The planners know that the opposition to this plan will come from the White Christian nations. So they moved thru the colleges and thru the Christian churches to propagandize and brainwash the people who they have to reduce and thus lead them into their trap. The National Council of Churches puts out a lot of this propaganda and ministers get this literature. I get it and lots of ministers I know get it and also some preachers I know preach direct from this material saying giving everything you own to someone else is brotherly love and the Christian way.

Turn to the book of Ezekiel and God says these kind of preachers are not ministers and prophets. They speak lies and they see vanity. These silly prophets speak from their own spirits. O, Israel, these prophets are like foxes in the desert. They haven’t gone up to build gaps or fences. They tell you that all these things are from the LORD, but the LORD tells you that this is not so. In fact, HE says, ‘My hand is against all these people who have spoken vanity in the assembly of MY people.’ HE says they have seduced My people with their cry of peace, peace, when there is no peace.’

This world plan is not from God. And God says, ‘I am going to destroy it.’ And HE also says that these ministers will not even be known as ministers and prophets in the House of God.

We see many things of these Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians and other churches saying, ‘My, this is a wonderful program for housing for the world, for food distribution for the world and so forth down thru every step of this evil program and they do not stop to think that if this program goes into effect, they will not have their churches, their homes, and not even their paychecks. And if they finally resist, most of these people will be taken out and shot.

So we see that the plan says that the revolution is to start in May 1969, and be all over June 1973. Now these revolutionaries talk about disarming the people, then tell the students to gather arms. Then Black Panthers are a part of this as well as the Students for Democratic Action, and the resistance movement and the Maoist groups and others.

Well, God said HE is going to stir you and wake you up. And when that happens there will not be a Canaanite in the House of God when he gets thru. When the White man wakes up, the enemy is going to get out fast, because they are going to clean house.

You say, ‘Oh, we couldn’t do that.’ Well, you can advocate the defense of your society and the church can guarantee that it can survive. You must remember that these revolutionaries aren’t just kids. These students are from twenty-one to twenty-three years old and their leaders are older than that. They are setting fire to churches and administration buildings and you better realize that this revolution is here now, and not off in the distant ten years or more.

Now, God knoweth how to deliver the Godly out of temptation, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment. And chiefly those who walk after the lust of uncleanliness and the flesh and despise government. They walk around you and look at you as tho you will soon be out of your land and they will be the possessor of your land. But God says you are not to bow to this kind of plan.

(End of sermon)