Prophecy - Russia, Red China, And The Western World, 7-22-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-22-63

As American citizens, each of us are interested in anything which effects our civilization and effects the very life of our nation itself. Nor can we escape the impact of events which transpire around the world because we are living within it. There is an inner linkage of all nations tonight, because we have been foolish enough to become entangled and entrapped in a world conspiracy to rule all of the earth. This program is not designed to share this administrative rule with the United States, but it is designed to influence these United States and to rule all of the world with the anti-Christ and evil influence. We point out tonight, that we are in a doublely endangered entrapment . . . one of which is our membership inside of the United Nations. And the other is in having leadership which is advised by those who are friendly to our enemies, and the strange and peculiar process by which we are negating our strength and our power, all which, fulfills the enemies design and strategy. It is important for us to realize that diplomatic developments in the last few weeks, have added to the administrations pressure to the development of better relations with the Soviet Union. Within such a setting, they are talking a dim view of anyone presenting an anti-Communist program, or following thru on anti-Communism. They want a soft line out of America. They want Americans to start eliminating out of their thinking of anti-Communism. And as such, the most deadly enemy of people in high strategy within your nation is what they call 'right wingism.’ I think you have been able to pick this up over radio and T.V., in the newspapers, and thru the air waves as you have listened to the attack constantly upon everything referred to as the 'Right Wing.’ This is upon organizations, and institutions opposed to Communism. Thus you say what constitutes a 'right winger?’ Well, a 'right winger' is one who today who loves his nation, his religion, his God and his race. A 'right winger' is one who wants to see the preservation of his race and his nation; and does not wish to see them mongrelized or taken over by the powers of evil. A ‘right winger’ is one who is opposed to Communism. And let’s make this clear.---We are ultimately opposed to Communism tonight---with no desire to make Peace with, or accept an agreement with Communism which you cannot trust.

Now we are not speaking for Mr. Kennedy, for he seems to be enamored with the desire to make Peace with Communism and trust the Peace with the Bear. Perhaps he does not remember any of the writings of Roger Kipling. Or possibly, he did not read any of Roger Kipling’s writings as a youth, or someone did not tell him about them. But we have been long since warned by this writer not to trust the Bear. Strangely in this hour, we are watching a strategy which in utter perfidity has never been equaled in all history. First we have cited that it would be helpful if our enemy would write books and put a blueprint out concerning what he intended to do. Job said, “Oh, if my enemies would just write a book.” Well, this is one thing about the Soviet Union, they have written a book. And they not only wrote a book, but they call this book "Soviet Military Strategy."

Now I do not think you should have much trouble with this. They have written a book and the strategy outlined is that they are teaching this in their Military Academies and their Air Academies. And it is a study of the world situations. For they assessed W.W.I and W.W.II, and talk of this coming W.W.III. This is an evaluation of strength as it relates to the entire Soviet world. It stretches from Asia to Africa, and takes in the concept of global war. It sees only one blueprint. And that is the conquest of all the world with global war. It sees only one outcome . . . the inevitable conquest of all the world by the Socialistic Communistic Republics of the world. It justifies its strategy of annihilation upon the continued grounds as it instructs its own military of the perfidity and treachery of Imperialistic countries like the United States, Britain and Germany, who they charge tonight, with trying to destroy the Soviet Union. And they base this operation upon the pattern of surprise attack. The Soviet Union claims that having unlimited resources in their hands, they must gear all of their strategy to a realization that irrespective of what overtures and designs by the Western World, that we are in a program that is to liquidate them and exterminate them and wipe out completely their society. So therefore, on this premise, they excuse you, and then they have a plan to use upon you.

Now I think this is rather significantly that our enemy writes a book. This is a book by Socolosky, and it is a book about Soviet Military Strategy. This copy has been translated and publish first by Lamb Corporation of Santa Monica and has been published, and in its arrangement with the United States Government and the areas of Military strategy. This is volume one on Soviet Military Strategy. It has become now an important guide to Military strategy of the Soviet Union for the Armed Forces of the United States and to our military and foreign service experts. There is a dual volume that goes with this. It is ‘Soviet Psychological Warfare.’

Now the importance of these volumes lies in the frankness by which they discuss these things. Of course, they did not give a copy of this to the Pentagon. But somewhere in the process of the Secret Service, they were able to secure copies in the original Russian and in the texts that were being used. They secured full copies of these documents and then copied them themselves. There was a briefing put out which was because they wanted the world to understand and it was called 'Soviet Military Strategy,’ the same author, and this appeared about a year ago. But this book did not contain the full content. It contained a declaration of Soviet strength. It contained a declaration of Soviet Military power and of its intent to protect itself all over the world. And within this discussion of military strength and power, they warn that any action against the Soviet Union, that retaliatory blows would be destructive. So they warn the world of their military strength and then predicate their attitude of their defense and their retaliatory response upon their nuclear strength, their IBM missiles and their new use of satellites. This volume was available and they permitted it to fall into allied hands in the West. But it was not long before the whole document comes out and passes into the hands of the West and we find out that the first pattern was rather a limited one. But this one is complete. This is a rather significant document because it deals with the whole range of Socialistic power involving its satellites and involving the Soviet Union proper and all of that union that they dominated, like in Hungary, and all of the vast areas they have taken over inside of Asia and the spreading Empire of Red China. So this can only be supplemented with other volumes that give complete information which proves the accuracy or inaccuracy of this volume. For instance, the book by Mao Tse Tung, ‘The Emperor of the Blue Land,’ is now an important text on Red China and clearly delineates Red China's power, its man power, the possibilities of the extension of its war making powers the ruthless brutality involved in this soulless revolution, and its ultimate desire for gains thru out the world. So we would be foolish tonight, if we were not interested, for we are watching a strange byplay which we can understand tonight. There is nothing happening tonight between Soviet Russia and Red China that is not planned. There is nothing tonight between Red China and Russia that breaks up the over all plan of the conquest of the world by Soviet troops and the regrouping in the hours of strategy which it calls for. There is tonight, evidence of great perfidity upon the part of those who are in responsible positions to lead our government. I don't trust tonight the Schlessingers or the Rostovs. I do not trust anyone who has more need of mental hospitals than people in an area of time when the struggle for the world is on, and they are trying to disarm their own nation. Nor is there anything more foolish than a long and protracted program of military expenditures, while at the other end of the construction line, they are working as fast as they can to destroy the things we are paying for. What could be more foolish, than when spending billions for defense, we are spending billions on trying to destroy things that we are making. If there is anything more fallacious than this, I would like to know what it is, unless it is the rest of the Kennedy foreign policy.

Strangely, we are in this hour of unusual upheaval. We are being told of the tremendous risks involved. We have authors telling us of the dangers of nuclear warfare which would be so terrific that no one would win such a war; that there would be no victory to this area of it, and therefore, this great technological on your part would be utterly wiped out because they say, “We ---would be better off Red than dead.” This seems to be the strategy that they are pushing at every opportunity. It is a rather significant thing that this psychological warfare with trained psychiatrists . . . Moscow trained . . . and trained thru out various parts of Europe, are very, very important to Russian strategy. A great many of these people have come into our country, and many of them are trained professors now in our universities and in our colleges. A great number of these have been named as working closely with the Soviet Union and have been named and mentioned.

I think it is rather interesting and I am reading from the B’nai B’rith Messenger from last Friday. And it talks about how Israel is among the top ten as suppliers of faculty members in the United States colleges. Listen to this.--- ‘Israel is among the top ten in the suppliers of faculty members in United States Colleges.’ And then it tells of how we have received into the United States, 5,830 professors in the last year, who have come from all over the world. A great number have come from behind the iron curtain. And almost all of these men are from an anti-Christian atmosphere. And significantly the B’nai B’rith boasts of how a great number of these come out of the Soviet Union and out of the areas of her influence, not out of Israeli herself. I think it is time we revised our whole educational program and utterly repudiated as a race, the people who are the enemies of our Faith from coming into our Colleges to instruct our youth. Within the pattern of this, the psychological pattern of this has been geared to the fact that they have been working on this plan for 18 years. Especially as it relates to the final phases of it in the hands of these trained psychiatrists. And these psychiatrists claim--fully understanding all of the psychological warfare, have become theological students enrolled in our seminaries, now graduated, and are now in the pulpits of all of the denominations of the Christian Faith.

Now do not go out of here and say that I said all ministers were agents of the Soviet Union. This is about the way the ‘left wing’ would report this. I say that there is an overwhelming number of Communists in the pulpits of America at the present time. I also point out that this is a very cunning strategy, and I do not blame the devil for acting like one. The only thing we question today is when intelligent Christians allow this thing to transpire in the name of Christianity. People should withdraw from these kind of places and let them dry up on the bush and support something that they could depend upon. So the Soviet Union has been developing and expanding its empire. It pays no respect to the principals of self-determination, or the areas of racial identity or lines. It is not determined as to how many people it eliminates as long as it accomplishes its objectives. We have watched the expansion of the Soviet Union since W.W.II, and we have noticed how much they have doubled their territory. For tonight, the Soviet Union has four times as much territory as they had before World II started.

I also point out something which I think that you should understand. The Soviet Union identifies itself with precipitating areas of W.W.II. The Soviet Union has very carefully evaluated all of the productive lives of its allies. One of the most important subjects your enemy studies is called geopolitics. They try to rule that out because the term of Geo-Politics was the term applied to Germany. But the relation of Geo-Politics is the studying of the earth and its relationship to people thru its areas and its terrains, and to their capacity of production. This is a very vital pattern. In fact, today every student should be trained in the study of geography. And they ought to call it Geography, and not Social Studies. You used to go to Grammar School and they gave you a thick Geography book. It had maps in it, and it told you all about the countries and showed you if the people had a different color. It told you all about their background. It told you all about these people, what they did and what they produced, and so forth. Today when you go down to see the substitute for this, you get a map all right, of Social Studies. But everybody is scattered every where and they do not delineate today as to who lives where. Well, the plot today is within the same strategy. And we see the development of a unique pattern. Because the Soviet Union has been developing and expanding its power, and it intends to do two things. First it intends to gather all of Africa and all of Asia and use Africa and Asia in accomplishing the utter suppression of the nations of the White Western world. It is willing to exterminate, if it has to, any opposition that cannot be put down with military ease, or internal revolution. So in military strategy, the psychological warfare is geared to their missile program as is the capture of German scientists, or the development of advanced air craft. Also, it is wise for us in the west to always consider what the Soviets say and then just evaluate it in reverse, because that is what they are doing. For instance, the Soviet Military came out to say that they no longer have any value placed upon land-based air craft or even naval-based air craft. That now, land-based craft were of no value. In fact, man directed air craft are of no value. Thus, now only missiles and rockets were significant. But all the while they are talking about this, the Soviets are making high speed bombers as fast as they can assemble them, while they are telling you that they are no longer of any value. At the same time, you in this country, have held up the building of such bombers. This program of your has been sabotaged time after time by Soviet agents inside of your nation. You are in production at last and you may make two or three per year from then on out. But your enemy already has a lead on you.

I point these things out because they boast of accomplishing these objectives. I also point out to you that in this course of this warfare, they planned an infiltration deep inside of the church, and deep inside of the educational systems of America. And here they evaluated some points which I bring to your attention now, because we are going to deal with this thing for it is Biblical, it is prophetical, and it is historic. And we should understand where we are at this time. We are not a prophet of ‘Doomsday.’ We are not telling you that the White people are going to be thrown off the earth. We are talking about a strategy of the enemy when our leadership is at its lowest ebb. We are talking about a great developing danger at the hands of our enemies. And we are most naive as a nation. But I want you to know that God is going to electrify this nation. HE is going to bring it out of its sleep and we are going to lead this nation to an overwhelming victory against the very powers tonight, arrayed against us. Soviet Russia with its influence over the Polish Government to a great extent, because of the number of Polish Jews at the head of it, and were talking their orders from a Soviet block. Thus, they helped to create the conditions that induced W.W.II without any approbation or criticism of any of the military areas of the war in its handling; without opposition, criticism or support, remaining utterly neutral as far as Soviet Russia was concerned and Germany in W.W.II. I only now point out what they admit, that they had spurned a non-aggression pact between Molotov and Von Ribenthaw on the basis that they knew that war would soon develop having precipitated this by their influence over areas of the Polish Government.

Now we are not anti-Polish. Nor we anti-German or anti-British. We are not against the people just because they have a name or a type or a nation. But here are the facts, the irritation, that the Soviet Union played heavily or anticipated, that it would bring about World War II as they wanted, just as completely as they are planning the strategy of your conquest, was the refusal of granting the free city of Versailles or the city of Danzig in the Polish corridor, as to whether they wanted to vote as to whether they wanted to return to Germany, or not, which was to the be climax of the Versailles treaty. So the resulting irritation, and the refusing of Poland under the advice of their stooges who controlled areas of government to participate in this process, but deny Germany, plus an assassinate program led by Red agitators, to destroy and kill German personnel. And then when Germany threatened retaliation, when it did not come, they used their influence on Poland to send that historic telegram back to Germany . . . and it said she would do nothing about Germany's demand for better treatment for the Germans and that corridor for the northern city. And then said, attack and be damned.

Now that was the historic telegram that was sent to Germany. And out of this then came the lightening war the Blitzkrieg. The fast-moving action of ground forces with a coordinated air force that was greater and stronger than had been anticipated by Poland who was on the perimeter of Germany. There were those that talked about the speed and development of this great air power. You remember that Col. Lindberg came back and reported to his own nation, that Germany was very strong and ready. And if war came, she would land terrific blows. At the same this was not a pro or con evaluation. This was the evaluation of a great American, making a military report to his country which he thought was for its good. But because this man was a German and they had awarded this man awards for his brilliance and his heroism and foresight, he would be condemned and persecuted in his own country by organized Jewry.

I point out, that the war, when it started, had been anticipated by the Russians to be a much shorter war than this. But they had designed areas where they hoped to bring America into its precipitation. They hoped to prolong this battle between Russia and Western Europe and America until the areas of Western Civilization would be exhausted. And then in their weakened and exhausted state, the Soviets planned in coming in with a coupe de grace if they were able to get from us sufficient weapons to do it with.

I think it a rather significant thing. And I bring this out as the situation requires this. Before the ink was dry on that non-aggression pack, Russia violated it by invading little Finland. She had preciously invaded Poland during the height of the German and Polish war, and there had been no design that Russia should enter in. This non-aggression pact said that Russia would have to stay out of Europe. She violated the pact and was actually responsible as time has shown, for that deadly Katyn massacre. And without any attempt to spare them, the ‘War Crimes Trials’ sentenced the German officers for something which they had no part nor lot in. And when the Secret Service discovered this before the killing of these German officers, Mr. Eisenhower did nothing to interfere. He let these German officers be killed for a Russian crime. He did this rather than to disturb the good relations between the Soviet Union and America. I ask you tonight. Who gained by these good relations between America and the Soviet Union?---Only Russia.

I point out to you that Russia has nothing that we need. And she has everything that is dangerous to us. She has a driving desire to destroy our way of life and subordinate us by a mass pattern of complete fallacy. I point out to you that Russia evaluates the fact that the seed of Communism and the affinity of Communism to the non-Christian country makes its idealogy more acceptable to all Asiatic and Negro countries. They say that in Christian countries, our Christian faith is a basic dynamics and supports capitalism, and stands as a barrier against Soviet doctrines. Well, I am glad that someone realizes that the Christian church is good for something. It is the realization that the Christian church is the barrier against anti-Christ, and that the Soviet Union therefore, has lent a bevy of their own specially trained students who are astute at the conception of versions, and try to get inside and accomplish Soviet objectives. At the psychiatric conference held in Bucharest a year ago, we reported to you from this pulpit, the material that leaked out and became available to the western world that they boasted in their editorial staff meeting of the inroads they were making among the areas of education and among women's clubs. Do you know what the major thrust of this was?---End Nuclear warfare, mass peace programs, mass pacifism. And then they started to educate the Christians as to how Christ wanted Peace, wanted them to turn the other cheek. Let me tell you something. When you turn your other cheek to a nuclear punch in the jaw, you do not have any head anymore. And if you think tonight, that Jesus Christ ever advocated anything like that, you are wrong. Because when Christ steps into this Peace bit, HE comes in leading the armies of heaven, and HE slings a blow at your enemy that causes the blood to flow unto the horses bit. That is the kind of Peace that Christ offers the enemy.

The Peace that passes all understanding is Peace which is in the souls of men when they are on the right side. It is not God making Peace with the enemy like the Kennedys are trying. I point out something else to you. When the world knows peace and it stretches out over the millenniums to come that Peace comes from having achieved victory over evil. It is the defeat of darkness and the smashing defeat of World Communism. The Bible is very explicit on this as we shall show you very quickly. It tells you the nations involved, the mighty judgments that descend, and it tells you of the victory. But warns you of these areas thru which we are passing. So ban the bomb, Peace at any price, nuclear destruction, and fear complexes sold to us by schools, or churches, or left wing professors.

I am rather interested in these 5,000 and some, professors who come from outside of the United States, from non-Christian countries not associated with our thinking, who come to teach in our Colleges and our schools. I would just like to know who is hiring these fellows.

Now if you call this an exchange culture, let’s keep ours at home, for this is a bad trade. You ship them something good and you get back a revolution and a stab in the back. I point out something significant now in the strategy of the enemy. They cited that therefore, they are convinced that the actual industrialists, the American imperialist, the bourgeoisie, the North American who goes out and makes for himself wealth . . . do you know that the most terrible thing that you can do is go out and go to work and accumulate? You see, that puts you so far outside of the Communist world that you must be destroyed if you have had a little creative vision and a little energy or a little thrift. Anyway you do not have a right to own anything in the Soviet world. And the idea is that if you own something, it just seems to drive these Communists into a frenzy. Therefore, there must be no attempt on your part in trying to survive because all of you are designing in blowing the Soviet Union off the face of the earth with trickery, and treachery. But it does not look like that, for Mr. Kennedy is trying to give them everything we have. I received by messenger this morning, a report of a closed conference held in Washington, D.C. by one of the Senators---Strom Thurman. He said for me to get this out to as many as I can reach. He said, “I have the facts that the Kennedy Administration is willing to surrender everything we have in the areas of defense. Is willing to capitulate and make any deal necessary to forestall a nuclear war and to assure the world that there will be no further use for nuclear weapons in any war, and that there will be no further testing in this strategy, and to get this promise from the Soviet Union, the Kennedy Administration, its branches and assistance.” And they are offering this . . . every defense that we have possible. So Strom Thurman says get this out to everyone possible, for unless the Senate reverses this situation, for unless we can wake America up now, then we are going to be the victim of a defeat, and we will pass into the Soviet World to an unknown dark tomorrow. I can just add something to what Strom Thurman said. Unless, my friends, unless the Senate saves the Peace, we will have to save ourselves. And in the midst of the darkness and our saving ourselves, you are going to see the strongest mightiest air fleet you have ever seen coming in on your behalf.

Now let me tell you this. The United States under its present leadership, is not planning on destroying the Soviet Union in a surprise attack. In the first place, I do not believe that the war is coming. I believe that the war is already on. We have been engaged in fighting Soviet Russia ever since the end of W.W. II. We have been fighting them in the areas of Korea, and we have been fighting them in the jungles of Asia. And the White man and the French, since Dien Bien Phu, as they lost that area, all over the areas of China, the withdrawal of the Kai-shek forces the battles of Formosa . . . all of these areas from Greece to other parts of the world is a battle against Communist . . . Moscow directed and Moscow oriented. And I point out to you that you still have about 1000 Americans who have been held captive inside of Red Chinese camps that have never been given back to you. And you have never had enough Statesmanship in America to get them back, or to make it very clear to the Soviet Union that these Americans must be released or returned or we will blow Peking off the face of the earth. You say, “Do you believe that we should attack the Soviet Union?” We should have attacked it yesterday. I do not evaluate all of Moscow and all of Stalingrad worth one American life.

Now I point out that, what I think about my enemy is largely what my enemy has formulated by his own words. So in this instance, the major strategy was to create the necessity of the abandonment of one thing that the Soviet Union needed most. The Soviet Union said that at the present time that the Soviet Union and Red China had almost one half of the world's manpower inside of the Communist front. That the Red Chinese are capable of supplying the Soviet Union with 30 million men under arms right now.

Let me point this out. A war that would last within a few years, a war on the counting of manpower would be won by the Soviet Union in all mathematical evaluations. I am not talking about what one man can do with God. For if we just had one Sampson and one David, we could probably whip the Soviet Union. But this would not be David Eisenhower. Thank God, we did not have two of them or we would have lost. In the instance of this situation and under the banner of this crisis, the Soviet Union said that at the present time the White nations of the Western world are only tonight one seventh of the earth.

Now we previously had said that we were one sixth, and we were. But perhaps we overlooked the fact of how fast the enemy is breeding up in Africa and all over. Now under this strategy, they say that you are only one seventh of the worlds people. And basically they count on all of the other six sevenths being in their orbit before they get thru the next 12 months. The impute to you the impossibility of fighting a normal war on the basis of manpower with standard weapons and even mobile units. Thus it would be impossible for you to win against this massive manpower, this encircling power, this employment of people like ants continually until every area of the western world had been conquered. But they have something else in mind. They say that America can only hold out in the world because of their technical know-how. The use of technological weapons, the ability to manufacture them and the strange affinity that America has for producing all that she wants with such great speed. But this means tonight, that you and all of the nations of the western world are only one seventh of the worlds power. But you may be stronger in the basis of your technological power. They say that America has 40,000 nuclear warheads and is completely capable of devastating any part of the earth she wants to. All right. But since Mr. Kennedy has been in there, I do not know if we have any heads for these 40,000 or not. I do not know how many each week they have been taking off to please the Soviet Union. Anyhow the fact remains that they said, “Here we are faced with this fact that if we are to win a war then let’s evaluate the last one.” So in this situation, they tell about the productive strength of nations. In fact, the British Empire in the last war finally got up to the release of the harness with 40% of the war industry. They could not put out any more than that and live and survive. Twenty percent of the output of the Soviet Union went into war supplies and it has reached the ability of the British Empire to produce war equipment under economic and world situations. The Germans, altho they had a lightning war in the ability to prepare equipment, were using about 12% of their productive strength when the war began. At the end of the war when they were fighting most of the World, they had about 50% of their total production devoted to it. But this was having a terrific toll upon their economy and their ability to supply sufficient food to their people. So as it relates to the rest of the world, France even counts here, never getting beyond six to 8% and was counting on that long line of defense and the marginal line to protect them. Which it did not do, because they did not fight for themselves. Someone said, “What lost for France the war?” I will tell you. They had been swimming in wine so long and drinking so much of it, that their alcohol minds were robbed of the stamina of it, until the French could not defend themselves. They had a few men like Retan, and a few others. But they could not fight it alone. And when they tried to save their country, they were charged with being in cooperation with the enemy. I point out to you that they turned to the United States and the United States produced 83% of everything used by the allies in W.W.II, including much of the weapons of the Soviet Union. You know, the Soviet Union was talking big. It had manpower and lots of blades and small arms. But they were almost licked by little Finland.

When the Soviet Union attacked little Finland, the Finnish air force and the accurate fire of the guns given to them by the Germans, knocked air craft after air craft out of the Finnish skies. When Finland was attacked by the Soviets aircraft, the sky was filled with Red Aircraft. It looked as tho the very sun was being darkened with them. I have a documentary film that I can show here some night that I have owned since that period of time, a documentary film of the attack on little Finland. And it shows wave after wave of air craft coming in to attack what they thought was a defenseless city. A country which had paid its war debts and honored all of its responsibilities, and who President Roosevelt had promised on the night of that Soviet attack that the Leopard cannot change its spots and the hideous Red strike. And he said, “We will help little Finland the most honorable among nations.” Then the Jews said, “No--you can't.” And Mr. Morguanthal wouldn't let him. And he never did. And then we sent home their foreign service personnel and ambassadors when Germany made a pact with them and began to help little Finland. Since the Soviet Union was now entering Europe, Germany saw that it was necessary to stop Russia. And so she tried. She rushed aircraft equipment to little Finland and she supplied them with small arms. And then under the leadership of a great man of your race, Count Mannerhime, who said, “Men of Issachar, nothing but scorched earth cursed by God shall fall into Russian hands.” I tell you tonight, that little Issachar is one of the nations of Israel, a true White seed nation. And like prophecy outlines Zebulon, Issachar and Judah were to be in the eastern front and that was where they were encamped. The Germanic people are the Judah Israel people of the scriptures and historically is linked with your nation. They constitute God's household, HIS race and HIS family in earth. And if the White men do not stand together, then he will be wiped out and destroyed. But God has a plan and HE is going to stir every White man up, and HE will be stirred up. For if you do not look up, these Mau Mau's in America will finish it for you. There is nothing awakening the White man quite like this integration route, which is all a Red strategy. . . for they boast that it is their strategy.

I might bring out something at this point. I have in my hands a rather interesting piece out of the B’nai B’rith Messenger for this week. And what makes it so important is that here in this meeting which involves Martin Luther King and the Zionist New York order in the U.S., a large Jewish organization. They said at this meeting that they had produced more finance from coast to coast to the Negroes because they did not want them persecuted like they had been. So the Jews said that they had supplied the Negroes with all of this propaganda leadership, finance, and attorneys. And this action was hailed by Martin Luther King, president of the Southern Leadership Council, with deep appreciation. And Dr. King said without this moral support and financial assistance, the Negroes would have been defeated, caught in the dungeon of despair. After what we told you last week from the Dow Jones Reporter, that all the left wing Negro trouble is a part of the left wing Jewish conspiracy, and to take your eyes off of the world situation, at a time when you should have your eyes on it. After all one Senator had a rather strange answer last week. He is a liberal, but he came from the South. And he said he was so tired of harping about Negro trouble and he said, “I guess we will all have to be niggers.” And when you get on a bus, the bus driver will just say, “You black niggers, go to the back and you White niggers stay in the front” and the trouble is all over. Never have we had a time which has stirred White men up. And this Southern Senator is a real ‘left winger.’ But when you get down to the color of his skin and his granddaughter, and what he hopes will be his great granddaughter, then something changes.

Listen. In this massive pattern of strategy, the Soviet Union clearly outlines that the Soviet Union produces 80% of the goods of a long war of nutrition. They stood back and expected that a Germany which crumbled would be forgotten. And that the Morguanthal Plan would make it nothing but a pastorale community while their goods and their factories were shipped to Russia and their men and their families with them. Oh, you say, “But the agreement is over 100 years old.” But we fought with this idea. We bought this country. And if God changes the course of the river, then we follow that; but we built up the country, we built houses, buildings, stock yards and mighty buildings. And we have spent billions in building up our nation. And now the Red World has distracted you. The Red World is also behind the demand of Mexico for the return of El Paso. You say, “What is that strategy?” Well, under the world court, where Mexico was pushed to take the case, the decision of that court is that we should give it to Mexico even tho it belongs to the United States.

Now you see that the Russians want to get Alaska back. And they wanted to make a big noise out of Seward’s Folly, the purchase of Alaska. Remember how everybody thought it was folly to buy Alaska? But it was the best buy we ever made. And now the Soviet Union says that the Czar had no right to sell it. But the Czar was the ruler in those days, and he did have a right to sell it. And the important thing is that we got it.

Now the world court would give that back to Russia because there is always two so-called friends on the world court which we would not call friends. But now we point out that as long as this was a territory, as long as Alaska was a territory, they might have dealt part of it away. But the moment that we made a state of Alaska, then you cannot give away a State or a part of a State. You can deal with a territory, but not with a State.

Now if we were to give away a part of Texas, then they could reopen this situation about Alaska. And I only mention this because it shows the perfidity of it and the strangeness of this situation. This also says you should never trust a Kennedy who said, “I didn't do it,” but he did do it. The story comes out, that he made this promise when he was down in Mexico seven or eight months ago. We also point out to you . . . and I hope the Texas Legislature remembers this for the Legislature is suppose to ratify this . . . that Texas was a sovereign nation and became a member of the United States by a Treaty and reserved the right to withdraw at any time. And the State of Texas would have to ratify giving this piece of Texas back to Mexico. But I am going to tell you tonight, that I do not think that the legislature of Texas could approve this and then ever go back to their office. In fact, Dallas, Fort Worth Newspapers and others are talking about the fact that --maybe we ought to secede for a little while because it would benefit Texas and would cost us less than what they are taking out of us for taxes. But let’s just keep Texas.

All right, we realize that this is all in the area of political jockeying. But I just point out to you that if the Reds could engineer slicing off a bit of Texas by their ingenuity, then if Mr. Kennedy is not smart enough to know this, then he is not smart enough to be President of the United States or even a dog catcher in a good sized town. Someone said, “What do you think would happen if we made a dog catcher out of him?” We would just go up and gather up all of the dachshunds and let the wolf hounds run. Among the pattern of this measure then the Soviet Union says that, “It is important that we keep our enemies guessing at all times. It is also important that we stir up racial upheaval in the nations of our enemies while approaching them as friends. We shall create division in the Soviet Union verbally and even make heresy and brutal statements against our Allys. And when our enemies is assured that communist are fighting among themselves, it is far easier for them to accept us as a part of a European community, while we continue to heckle the Soviet Alleys. Then when we have entered into disarmament pacts, and entered into a program of Peace and banning weapons, and the Western world and the United States has destroyed its weapons, and destroyed their warheads, and when they have made a pact that would never permit them to be used against us, and we against them, suddenly they will discover something. Yes, Red China has the bomb. They have a lot of them which we have given to them.” Not us, but the Soviet Union has put a stockpile of nuclear weapons in China. And China is not affected by our agreement. A nuclear bomb is going to be unloaded in China in a few days and already this is being down-graded by those who want to brainwash you saying they are so many years behind you that we do not have to worry about them catching up. But they do not have to catch up. They already have a stockpile to use against you. The Soviet Union feels that if Red China attacks you by missies . . . and don't you get any idea that she does not want to, then just read Mao Tse Tung and his story of his Empire and his blue ranch, and you will discover one thing. That on all of the posters in China, in all of the party magazines and newspapers, they are telling the people of Red China that their great contribution is going to be the conquest of North America and the crushing of the United States as the only obstacle for a Soviet world. They are telling Red China that North America shall be a place of Chinese occupation, to help alleviate the areas of population explosion; and that they will be able to carry home, divide up, and take all of the possessions that you have in your homes and in your possession. I have looked at a picture taken by a merchant who had been in Singapore, on a small camera taken in Red China, of Red Chinese with lots of White women being brought home with strings round their necks. And here goes a Chinaman carrying them all home on a rope. These pictures are put up in all of the work areas and among the military as a spoil they can have . . . White women by the droves, brought back as their captives. So they incite the patterns of lust and of greed, of the age old confiscatory policy of dividing up the goods of your nation. So this is a Red design. And Russia knows that Red China wants to invade. Knows that Red China asked for a corridor across the Bering Straits so as to attack Alaska across the ice in the winter time. We know that it is a part of the pattern in the thinking of our military that Red China will cross the ice of the Bering Straits to attack Alaska. I know men in the military that have served in Alaska. I know young men who served in Alaska and then were glad to get back home, for they were told that they were expendable. That on any night the warning may come. And that on 20 nights the warning came. And the warnings always came at night. And when it came, it was always that Red troops were moving out on the ice. This meant that in the midst of the darkness, they might be attacked. The program was to get the American citizens out of Alaska, but the soldiers were expendable. They could surrender or fight or disappear into the white wilderness. But this was the pattern. Russia says that she has a corridor thru which Red China could march, but she would have to protect herself from the Red Chinese as they went thru. So of course this is all within the course of her own strategy.

Now the Russian design calls for a precipitated war against you, but with a Red Satellite like Red China, while she in turn is neutral and allied with a non-aggression pact, or with a Peace pact with you. Then when you retaliate with those bombs that are always in the air---and I would like to see if those bombs really work that are in the air---I trust the Air Force, but I do not trust these people who have been working with the bombs. I trust America and I trust their Air Force, but I do not trust any foolish administration that would destroy one third of our Do line; cut down our defenses and cut down our surprise attack by 30% in a deal with the enemy. When last week the Administration eliminated 30% of our Do line that is treason.

Now let me point this out to you tonight, that Russia’s strategy is called for. Since America was the country that produced 80% of all the war goods, and the only country which could keep a long war going, America must be utterly destroyed. She (Russia) says, “We would like to take it, but it is more important that we destroy all the great manufacturing cities. It is more important that we destroy the great ports of her shipping. It is more important that we complete negate by high nuclear explosion a 30-mile perimeter around all of the great cities, around all of the manufacturing cities, so that even the creators, the inventors, the artists, the inventors, the employees and the technicians will go; that all of the major port cities on the east and the west coast of the United States industrialized must go.”---Just like that, after America has dropped her first attack on China. But China will not be hurt too badly for they have so many people and are scattered out over such a big areas. We have already diversified the weapons by scattering them all over China so you cannot destroy her war powers, you would only get one or two of them. And after we have shot our great retaliatory loads, then Soviet Russia could hit us with almost no loss. Nice fellows, these friends. Oh, how it thrills Mr. Harriman, and how it is reported back to the President, and when he arrives, Mr. Khrushev smiles.

Isn't that amazing?--Mr. Khrushev smiles---reassuring to the Western world---the devil smiled. You say, “But he is just a boy at heart.” Remember what kind of a boy he was? He came home one day when just a boy, and he was covered with blood. He came home to tell his parents that he had joined with other Jewish youth in killing Christians. Nice boy at heart, and the man is no better. Don't worry about someone replacing him that is more evil, because they don't come that way. I tell you that a smiling devil is more dangerous to the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic front than a cold faced one. For just look at those cold little pig eyes when he gets angry.

Listen. The design is racial trouble, America troubled. America is being told that the world is going to get scorched. Our Administration is running over and joining the troops of the Bear. And now making it a design to surrender our defenses turned over to the Russians which is Soviet dominated.

Now they say that they will not worry too much about America because she could not carry on an effective war after this first attack they will make. Isolated areas could be moped up later, but there is mass manpower at their disposal, and they believe that then Britain and the rest of the world will collapse. Germany is now up to 30% of her production, and the kind of production that could be used in war production, is that she could get up to 50% production easily.

But you would have to destroy Germany, possibly. But with America out of the way, they might capitulate. They also boast about their strategy in making the Germans happy with them. They let them have their commanders and let them have their snappy uniforms. The Germans operate with the goose step and the drills of military efficiency for which this race is known.

Now they say that they can count on the fact that the best equipped, and mobile machine, the fighting machine, is in East Germany, and this will overthrow West Germany because East Germany is better prepared. I will tell you something. They have put in every German regiment, a spy. Suppose I told you tonight, that for a long way back, every German military man, in all of the patterns of their codes, knows how to communicate with one another. More than that, they know how to identify every man in the army so there is not a spy in the East German army that they do not know about. And I am going to tell you something else, that they are counting on that they do not understand. That is that one of these nights in the proper timing, the East German Army and the West German Army will join together and every Soviet Agent will be dead. You say, “how do you know?” --It does not say anything in my Bible about dividing the real house of Judah. It tells about their coming together in strength, in one great and mighty stick, and with all of the house of the Anglo-Saxon house of Joseph, the whole Nordic household of God standing as one mighty army against the enemy. Then let me point out that they plan to envelope the earth with their Asiatic and Negro hordes and the enslavement of all Christian nations, the enslavement of every last vestige of the Christian Faith which stands as the basic object to the acceptance of the world to Communism. You see the Buddhist capitulated and agreed for their people to accept Communism. Remember this was also true among every Pagan priesthood. Remember tonight, that Africa is fast going communist. Remember Ghana in which you just spent 37 million dollars, has become a part of the Socialistic Communist world.

Now let us turn for one moment to the scriptures. The United States of America, the great land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, is portrayed in the 12th chapter of Revelation; is portrayed as being the opposition to the powers of evil and the forces of Lucifer. And you are told that Lucifer, cast out of heaven by Michael, with his inassimilable offspring with Satanic power ruled over the Dragon kingdoms. And in ancient times, the Dragon kingdoms became marked as the areas that Lucifer ruled over. And it tells that he is continually planning to make war with your race. But his final design is to gather all of the Serpent Dragon people in Africa and in Asia and to attack the White race, to go to make war with your race. You are told this in the book of Revelation. This is the race from which the Christ came; the race which made the civilization out of which the Adamic race is carried. But to this woman of Revelation 12, has been given a great nation. And to this great nation has been given the outstretched wings of the American Eagle. Let me warn you tonight, that if there is anything that the Eagle has the capacity to do it is to fight serpents and snakes. The Eagle is the snake killer. And Jesus identified these serpents walking around. And HE said, “Ye are of the generation of the viper, ye are the children of the serpent.” And I want you to know tonight, that we will never know Peace until we have eliminated the vipers and the serpents. This is Eagles work. And it was not intended for the weak and the fearful. Let me point again to you that there will come against you all of the hordes of the Dragon. It says that the Dragon will cast out of his mouth water as a flood, seeking to swallow you up. If you go back into the book of Isaiah, you will discover just what this means as it says he would cast out water as a flood. It tells us in that day:-- “woe unto the multitudes of many people which make a noise like the noise of the seas, like the rushing of Nations. They mark themselves as the rushing forces, like mighty waters, as these nations rush against you.” Sounds like Russia doesn't it? But it says:--- “God will rebuke them and they shall be moved afar off and they shall be chased like chaff upon the mountains. Like the tumble weed rolling before the whirl wind. Behold, at the even tide they come. (This means in the fall and winter) and at the even tide they come, but by the spring they shall not be.” This portion that comes to steal from us and to rob us will be a distinction for extermination. And you say, “How do you know?”---God has declared this. In another passage, we read these words as God refers to the Assyrians saying, “behold, they come like mighty waters rushing like a great stream, like water out of the Dragons mouth.”

Let me show you something here. The forces of darkness, the powers of evil, the whole world Communist hordes now in their Communist design, seek to swallow up your great civilization of this outstretched wings of the Eagle. But the very earth is going to help you. The very forces of nature will be on your side. You say, “What is the solution to this?” My friends, it is not pacifism. It is victory. And this flood shall be swallowed up by the very earth itself.

Let’s turn to the 38th chapter of Ezekiel. This 38th chapter of Ezekiel does not tell us that we are going to lose. It says:--- “The word of the LORD says, son of man, set thy face against the chief prince of the land of Russia, the chief prince of Mechech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. Prophesy against them.” And then it tells about how they are going to come against you, against your great civilization, and against your race with their crystals flying in the sky like in the book of Esdras at the hand of God. Our peculiar technological ability is going to intercept and destroy. Great miracle powers come to your assistance and your army stands up. And as these armies come against your race, it says that you are going to crush and break them in the mountains (nations) of Israel. And when you get thru, it will take earthmovers of your race and seven months to just bury the dead of their first attack. So don't set back and think it is going to be done by surrender and acquiescence. For it says that wrath will rise up in your countenance as you find out what has been and is being done unto you. And woe unto these people who betrayed us. And there will not be a Canaanite left in the house of God. This is not surrender, it is deliverance. We do not have time to read the whole book of Ezekiel. But this book tells you that these hordes come out of Asia and out of Africa. And they come led by the Russians and their cunning guidance is Satan's own family, his own household. And you will know them everywhere you see them.

Someone said the other night on a broadcast that he had just made a trip down among the Arabs and the Israeli, and someone said, “Did you see any anti-Semitism down there?” He said, “I saw a lot of it.” He said, “I saw a lot of that.” And they said, “Isn't that terrible?” And he said, “Well, it doesn't mean a lot of peace.” And then someone said, “Just what is anti-Semitism?” And he replied, “Well, this is the Jews fighting against the Arabs for they each claim to be Semites.” The other day, Mr. Kennedy promised that we would fight for them, we would protect them, we would preserve them. And I think every Christian should refuse to serve as a conscious objector. Not a conscious objector in fighting for his country in fighting communism, but in defending a people who are the spreaders of Communism and are responsible for their own Arab troubles. I would follow the current line and lend and lease to the Arabs. I think we would have a better behaved Israeli if we lend lease to the Arabs. After all, every one of these Israeli's want to change the color of your great grand children. Just remember that.

All right, here is the blueprint. Russia says, “We will join ranks again, and the white devils must die before the Red Armies of the Red Chinese Republic. The most hateful of all of the White nations is this Imperialistic America. The United States has been carrying a war against us from the days of our fight to get rid of despotic rulers. Only the defeat of the white nations will be acceptable to the Chinese people.”

Don't be under any illusion. They are not going to be having a quiet tea party with you and everybody is going to settle down. Red China tonight, with nuclear weapons . . . they are as happy as a bee with two stingers. If you think there is any reticence among these people . . . they do not have any emotion about it. They just look forward to this. Some people do not think that anything is going to happen. But I can tell you this. The moment they start to pour millions of Red Chinese across Bering Straits over that ice which is 20 foot thick, a few nuclear bombs would make that ice look like the greatest holocaust that ever was. And you will see it devour people greater than any other attack in history. Someone said, “Yes, but it will all freeze over the next day.” But there will not be the same bunch on the ice either. Russia said, “Radiation off the ice would kill everyone in Alaska, and we couldn't afford to do that.” But let me tell you, my friends, that in the days ahead, there are lots of crying developments. But the Gospel has unveiled that your opposition will be turned to powder and dust. You do not have to make a deal with the enemy. If you tell him anything, tell him to drop to his knees while he still has time. You don't have to lead out of weakness. Your experience does arrive out of numbers. You are the minority in the earth. Your strength lies in your Father and who you are and the great wisdom God pours out on a people who serve HIM in righteousness and truth. We do not want to destroy the world, we want to bring it the greatest hour of Peace, knowledge and wisdom that it has never known. We want to see it able to produce all that it needs for itself. We want to see the nations harness their energy into constructive programs. And we do not want to see them under the yoke of slavery and the powers of anti-Christ, nor under the tyrants of their own leaders.

Let me tell you this tonight. The most evil thing which could happen to the Negroes in these United States, would be for them to have to live under the rule of Negroes. There is no demagogue more cruel, more impatient than a Negro ruling over Negroes. What would a red Negro be like? I think you do not have to look far. Go down into Afghanistan . . . in one disagreement a few months ago, with Ghana, 23 Negro Chieftains were killed on the orders of Ncuma. That is Democracy in Ghana.

Someone said, “Is Christianity motivated by hatred?” No, it is motivated by a great destiny. A Destiny to suffice, to grow, and to lift the standards of righteousness and rule the earth for God. This is your destiny. And I point out to you tonight, that we have offered to the world tonight, guidance, assistance, and the binding up of wounds, rushing to the injured in the time of earthquakes, famines and storms. But with all of that, you are not gathering friendship, for the powers of darkness are gathering all of the non-White world to come against you, to be your enemy. But God said, “Listen, my children, I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance and the further most parts of the earth for thy possession.”

I just want to warn some of the silly Christians around today, that we are not about to evacuated. We are not going to run out of the world and turn it over to the devil. That is not God's program. We are going to stay here. We are going to beat the enemy. We are going to conquer the enemy. And we are going to rule the earth forever and forever. We aren't going anywhere. Frankly, if all the people who want to go somewhere would do that, we could clear the deck for action and get on with our job faster.

I think ever ‘Right’ thinking America should realize that if they are anti-communist, then you are 'Right Wing'. If you are 'Left Wing’ speaking out in the Republican Party, you should be purged. If you are a member of the 'Right Wing,' they do not want you in the Democrat Party unless you are in the South. Then the Democrats are worried about losing the South, because they cannot win an election without the South. But I am going to tell you, that the silly Republican Party can never win an election without the Right Wing. But what America needs tonight, is a great Christian Party that will stand together; one mighty coalition made up of all of the best that is these parties in the United States, with a firm determination to clear Communism out of America and give us back our private enterprise and independence and freedom to the American people. And to fight communism to the death wherever they find that challenge. And in the midst of this conflict, the greatest personage whoever walked on the earth, is going to walk back in it. The most powerful of all rulers will step back in “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” HE is going to stiffen us for this fight and we will get on with it quickly.

Now when my enemy says that he is going to get me lulled to sleep, he is going to take my silly President and his foolish advisors and make a deal with them, and just when we talk of this peace, his alleys will attack us . . . and as we leave him immune from the blow, he plans on destroying us. That war is already on. They are very angry because one of his advisors has advised that we just destroy the Soviet Union since this war is already on and they plan treachery. So they put this in the book also. But it is a good idea.

I point on tonight, that you do have a war on. Do you know that the Korean War is still on? Oh, you say, “But we have a truce.” Yes, my friends, but you have never had a final settlement of the Korean War. You have never had a final armistice. You have never had an end. Every day you have crews going in and sitting down on one side of the table and crews from North Korea sitting down on the other side; and you are arguing all day long. And on the hill tops, the watchers are watching the build up of Soviet equipment in North Korea, watching air fields being prepared. And high flying planes are photographing all they can get from high perimeters. And I tell you tonight, that this is another one of those areas where they can turn it on or off whenever they want to. If they want to hold your attention to that part of the world, they warm that up. If they want to keep your eyes off what they are doing, they start eternal trouble. And while you have your eye on that, then you have Chinese troubles. And while you are focusing on Chinese troubles, they try to gobble up Europe. But just remember this tonight. The “KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD SHALL BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD AND HIS CHRIST.” Pagans, atheists, enemies of Christian civilization, they do not have the possibility of victory irrespective of what they think. And they claim they enjoy the fact that they are the majority in the earth. But my family and my Father’s family reaches out to the far corners of heaven and the Most High God says that HE will gather HIS Elect from the four corners of heaven. And when that day is climaxed, they are going to bow the knee whether they like it or not.

Yes,--there is no peace with Russia. Every Christian should work to put pressure on his government to see that this thing does not take place. Every Christian should repudiate Mr. Kennedy and his associates as long as they are selling us out to our enemies in this fashion.

We do not have the time to go into the patterns of religion today which are in on this thing. But there is not a denomination in Christendom which belongs to the National and World Council of Churches, even Rome itself, which has not been taken into this world conspiracy to further Communist causes. But again I say “LIFT UP YOUR HEADS FROM WHENCE COMETH YOUR STRENGTH.”


End of message.