Prophetic Voices And Warnings From Celestial Planes, 11-12-61


Prophetic Voices and Warnings from Celestial Plains

by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-12-61

As we speak to you on the subject of voices that are coming out of the dimensions of spirit, and out of the energies which have just been released, we tell you that there has never been a period in human history when there are more voices speaking to gather the attention of people than now. Never have more powers, unseen, been at work to guide and influence men, than in the present period in which we are living. We recognize that it is hard in a period of sophistication which we now see, to bring some of the great factors and fantasies to dawn upon the consciousness of people who have set aside everything they cannot behold of cannot see, as not important---not significant, or maybe non-existent.

There are a great number of people who in their thinking have been conscious only of their physical existence, because they have been so blinded with the propaganda of gross materialism of our time, that even a great number of the household of God--Children

of spirit --have been shall we say--put to sleep concerning their spiritual reality. Now the moment one talks about the planes of spirit, and things people cannot see, some are prone to say:--superstition. And then there are others because in combating the areas in which their church did not participate in, or in opposition to theology which they oppose, came forth to try to say that there are no dimensions of spirit which surround us, and that therefore no voices which could come out of it. In fact the moment someone talks about the planes of spirit and Celestial voices, and inspiration some one says:--Spiritualism. And someone else says:--spiritism and another name was classified.

I want to make it very plain to you that we do not intend to expound to you the doctrine which might be taught to you by a Spiritualist church. We are not acquainted with all the things they do or do not believe. We are not condemning or agreeing with the positions of Sectarianism, or of Theology. But I want you to know that it is a very foolish thing for you or anyone else to say --that there are no Celestial planes, and no Spiritual beings around you, and that even if they were around you they could not contact or make themselves known to you, or could not influence anyone. That is just a superstitious fallacy which came out of the dogma of a lot of Denominations did not want to admit to a fact that there are forces round about altho they do not see them. And many many names have been given to the people. If they were from the realm of an Orthodox Denomination, and felt such guidance and influence they were referred to as spiritually attuned. But if they were in some other area of a movement they might call them a Medium. I am not at this time denying or admitting that there are or are not mediums. There is no doubt that there are people alive in the world today who do contact Celestial or spiritual beings, in dimensions round about. A lot of time they don't get good ones, they get bad ones, and a lot of times evil voices come forth to direct them wrongly, and many times people are taken in because of a sudden grief which come upon them because they have lost a loved one, and they are assured that contact can be made with that loved one, and they will spend their money and their time, to try to make that contact.

Someone said:--Is contact every made by anyone at this time? Well that is another question that no one can say with dogma or a flat no--because there isn't any doubt that the Witch of En-dor (I Sam:28) raised up and brought back the spirit of Samuel the Prophet, to talk to Saul. She may have been surprised but she got his just the same. She mighty have figured to get someone else, and was very frightened when she got him but she got him just the same. But do not impute evil unto all people who may have investigated in this area of physic phenomena, or might be involved within it.

Someone said: --Dr. Swift, we don't have to pay any attention to the mutterings and the chirping of the spirit world because we are alive and therefore we don't pay any attention to these things. We don't worry about any message which comes from a person supposedly contacted by any Medium, nor are we interested in anything they write on a slate, or on the bottom of the table, to show that they are there. You say--we shouldn't take this attitude, but if I pass thru the plain of spirit, I don't want to have to come back here and knock on tables, or write on slates, or to be at the beck and call of everyone, who just wants to see if I am still around.

Well, I don't think that God bothers you with anything like that either. If you have to prove to someone that you are around, then there isn't any point in coming to talk to them. But on the other hand, someone said:--they you think that the Celestial realm has something to do with us? --I certainly believe that every last one of the Celestial children of God, the offspring begotten in the spirit, and who have ever dwelt in this earth as he sent them into bodies of flesh, and they live here, that they volunteered to come, that they are interested in the program of the kingdom--irrespective to what happened to them while in this environment. I believe that they are till a part of the great program of God to bring in His kingdom, and to put the earth in proper relationship with HIM. And if they are no longer capable of remaining alive with in this physical world, because of physical disability, or disintegration of the body, then those spirits go back into the Celestial plain, or dimension of spirit. There isn't anything such as a disintegrating spirit stuck away in a grave. There isn't anything such as a dead spirit, for spirits have life, and they never die, and death never envelopes them. More than that, they can return to the plane of spirit from which they came and have full access to all God's Universe. But do not think for one moment that stops them from carrying out certain responsibilities, that there is not affinity with their kinsmen in earth as well as the entire family of which they are a part. All this is due here to the major product of God's Kingdom.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven. That Kingdom shall surely triumph. And let me tell you this. Every intelligent spirit which has come forth thru the Adamic race, and I am not talking of Africa or Asia,--I am talking about the spirit of life,--the children of the Eternal ---for they are still interested directly in things of earth. You little realize the crowd of witnesses that surround you tonight. Now, you here in this auditorium, your natural lives have only a video range within the frequency to which it is accustomed. And you can see in this room only those physical bodies around you. There may be some of you, whether you are aware of the affinity, and with particular perception, who may be able to see an Aura around some spiritual realm. I think that there is that border line of vision that passes into the eyes of all the children of the Eternal, where sometimes they do see such phenomena. Or where the phenomena becomes apparent to them.

You have been told by the Apostle Paul that there is a physical body and a Celestial body. The Celestial body is made of light and whereas at this moment it is not visible to the real eye, it is none the less, real. Nothing which can happen to the physical body can take it apart. And that is why the Apostle Paul said:--'If this house in which we dwell should be taken apart, we have a house made eternally in the heavens.' Immediately lots of the Clergy began to think about Mansions and Palaces built in the Celestial realms and on distant planets. But the house was not made with hands. It wasn't the work of the architect, it was a begotten house like this body which wasn't made with hands, but was begotten of the Adamic Race. Your Celestial body, or spirit being, was begotten of the Father with the same exactitude as your physical body was begotten of the Adamic Race and from your own parents. You are the children of Adam after the flesh and the children of the Eternal Father after the spirit. Therefore, there are some things we need to know concerning 'Spiritual Law.' You are spiritual being. And just as the physical body is provided for and cared for, the Apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians and other places, that we are to take care of the physical body. We see that it is fed and its other needs are met. But people don't take as much time to make sure that they are as well fed Celestially as they do physically. But let me tell you this. That as far as existence is concerned, it is there. More than that, it is one thing your race possesses that puts you in tune with the throne of the Most High. It makes you capable of receiving the vision and the knowledge moving upon your race. And gives it the capability of technology and development.

As we have said before, all the atomic developments, all the concepts of a nuclear universe and how it has been put together, moved first out of the inspiration field of the minds of your race. Now, where do you think that white men---scientists, technicians, and others get their ideas, that they start to work upon until they have created the instruments to establish them and to measure the things they can't see??? You say--Oh, it is vision. Or I got it out of a clear sky.'-- Well--my friends, it came by the medium of the inspired process of the spirit and simulates spiritual consciousness which is capable of receiving it. Everything which you get which is for development and progress in your society, has moved out of the realm of the spirit, and the spirit within you has had cognition of it.

It is because of this therefore, that we see the application of spiritual guidance and technology. And the scripture says that 'without a vision, the people perish' (Proverbs 29:18). And without a vision, without something more than just physical perception, your race would never have attained what it has attained above all the flesh upon the face of the earth.

Now, there is not question about the fact that there are Celestial realms, that men cannot see all within those realms. The prophets of the Old Testament proved this. In fact, they were the ones at times who were able to perceive the mighty cloud of witnesses, the spiritual forces which surrounded them. In fact, we are told by the Apostle Paul, that we are surrounded by a great company of witnesses. I think it significant to know, that they are a tangible and real possibility in their dimension, as you are in yours. And that your Celestial body is just as tangible in a Celestial plane, as you are now. If people understood this, their fear of death would pass away quickly because there is no ceasing of existence in the consciousness of the Celestial realm. For it is as actively aware of what it is doing as it is here. And it doesn't know too much about the fact that there is a great difference other than it has greater freedom. You say---'why is that?---Because the Apostle Paul was carried into the dimensions of the heavens and he said:--'whether in the spirit or in the body, I cannot tell.'

Now, if residence in the spirit is so much like that in the body that you couldn't tell which one you were in as you traveled in spheres, and you talked and participated, then, my friends, the Celestial realm is quite tangible and equal to the physical realm. For you are told that the physical body is the image of the invisible,---that the body of the man Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God. You are likewise told in the book of Revelation, that John said:--' That as he was meditating and he was in the spirit on the Lord's day---(and by this, he meant that his mind was thinking things which had been ordained by God--things which had moved out of the spiritual inspiration and vision--things that were spoken by Jesus or words that had been established as the authority of the word of the Eternal.)---So John was meditating, and suddenly he heard a voice. And it was as tho it has been shouted thru a megaphone. And it is called the voice out of a Trumpet. Lots of people have thought it was a strange thing for John to talk about a voice out of a trumpet. They thought it was like the voice a Medium would use to prophecy. But this was not what John was talking about. John said this voice to him, was as tho it came out of a megaphone. Altho they didn't have such electronic things in his day to increase the sound, they did have and did use megaphones in the Coliseum and they called them trumpets. They shouted across the Coliseum to call the entires both in Rome and also at the Games prepared by Pilate and other rulers in Palestine. So John was acquainted with this sound. And suddenly a great cry came. And where did it come from? It came out of the air right around him and he said:--'I looked and I beheld one standing before me, radiant as the sun and in Glory and Majesty.' And He was now visible to John's eyes in the physical world where he lived. And John said:--'I fell down before Him as He said--"I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA." I am YAHWEH, the Almighty One. The A to the Z---The Beginning to the End.

As John fell down, he heard these words:--'Come on John. This is the same YAHSHUA JESUS whom you walked with when in physical realm. You don't have to be afraid of Me now that I have come back out of this dimension clothed in Spirit. For the very body I had when I walked with you, I took into the dimension of Spirit.' This was another phenomena of a trance-migration of substance. This was transportation of elements changed from one dimension to another. And this did transpire. Although the other factors which were involved are within the possibility of more phenomena. For when Christ entered into the cloud, there was without a doubt something in the cloud. Because two men stepped out of the cloud and talked to the disciples. These men said:--this same Jesus whom you saw leave, will also return as you saw Him go.' --He will step out of a cloud on a hill like this.' But what was in the cloud?---because the men went into the cloud and then the cloud went away? It is my opinion, that the great super dreadnoughts of space often are obscured from men's views in clouds. And that there are many planes of dimensions besides the existence of whole areas throughout the Universe where of course, in this physical realm the transports of the Most High go.

We operate, sometimes, out of phenomena in our theology. We think that people whisk themselves here and there just as a pattern of thought. That has been the general theological concept. But there is no evidence that they do not transport other substances, beings, bodies, and other factors across time and space with implements and instruments. The great wheels that came down in the days of Ezekiel's experience were great flights of circular objects and ships with port holes, with people in them. And of it, came the throne of God. He was to speak to Ezekiel, and Ezekiel was to see HIM, and Ezekiel traveled on one of the ships and they flew over, and they took a look down on to the plains of Babylon , and heard the things said to the Chaldeans. And then he was brought back and set down so that he could become a prophet of these things to his people. And he described with accuracy these flying objects which in your time you call flying saucers. And they were in a physical dimension in which his physical body traveled on them. They also moved out into other dimensions or some other one. The ability of anything animated by the absolute spirit of the Eternal, or directed by it seems to be merely a matter of Master designer, the Master Alchemist, Master Chemist of the Universe.

However we turn to thing that are in the book and we find it is very essential that we do not become so materialistic in our thinking or so sophisticated with our generation, with the science of our technology which we have been able to rally, because in our use of the phenomena and the wisdom of science and the harnessing of the electricities, and of the heavens and the wave lengths of light, and the wave length of sound, with our T.V. and our radio, and all we have put together, our semantics have waved out on to a wire, and in substance from which we have molded transistors, and element from which we have made vacuum tubes ---all is there. We with spiritual vision have translated energies of law and restricted them within the elements of substance, which we have harnessed on vibratory fields to do our work. And if you stand back with the smugness that comes to this society and behold these things, if you have accomplished these things, with the elements which have been put together out of the energies themselves---remolded them and changed them, and then bent them to your work, discovered the limitations and the pressures, and the scopes and the vibratory field in which you can utilize and harness the substances of earth---how much more can your Father in the dimension of spirit, unhindered by any of the evidence of human compensation, and measure---have accomplished far beyond what you have----thus assembled all the necessary implements and instruments for anything essential in the Universe from transportation to communication. From Transition from one plain to another and thus it is that we should not say-----'This cannot be ' merely because we are trying to put a perimeter which has been established by a group of ecclesiastical leaders around any particular experience of phenomena.

There are those who say:--Dr Swift do you think it is good to listen to voices? It all depends whose voice they are listening to. I am assuming that the children of Light, the children of the Most High are so astute that by spiritual capacity of the spirit within them, that they know the Father's voice, and a stranger they will not follow. Someone said:--'How do I know the Father's voice? Well he has already told you a lot of things He is going to do. He has laid out blueprints, He has spoken to the Prophets. He has inspired them and they stood before Him. He has wrestled with them, he has been in contact with them, and they met the body of God. they have had the voice of God, they have ben told many things. Then you have what is called the Bible with its 66 books, and altho 2 of them are spurious, still 64 of them are true. And within these 64 books are the testimony, the purpose and the plan that refers to your race, you have not come to the end of time, but you have come very, very close to the end of tyranny and evil, and the rule of the earth, and the intervention to the kingdom by the power of Darkness. You are right up to the edge when the great crucible of testing is coming. And there has already been outlined by voices and by revelations the content of this book. One preacher said to me once:--Dr. Swift I don't believe in voices or revelation. I don't believe in the ability of one dimension to contact another. I said:---what do you preach out of? Where did this bible come from? Either men were inspired, or heard voices, or moved upon by God to write it, or they made it up. If they made it up then you haven't anything to preach about. If they were inspired or moved as we are sure they were, and if evidence and time, and prophecy prove they were, then we would be very foolish to say it could happen once, but never again.

How long have I heard people say that? There was that great dynamic phenomena that came on the day of Pentecost when Christ having moved into Celestial realms, sent Celestial force and power upon his disciples, for the great empowering of the Christian era. Never had a phenomena like this happened before, as the sheer energy of spirit sounding like the rushing of the wind and the roar of a great waterfall came. So great was this accompanying sound, the energy crack-line and smashing, and the strange phenomena like static electricity playing like fire, upon the building and upon the men. Until those round about, even the Romans who had nothing in common at that moment except observing, wrote about it, and the power and the impact of Pentecost which opened mens minds to vision, and they went forth with great vision, and spake with no fear, and their power was a duplication of spiritual energies, and the light power which came forth from Christ. In fact they healed the sick, and even raised the dead during that period of time. They did things with great power, and great force and great spirit, and it started with the happening of the phenomena on the day of Pentecost.

I have had Clergymen say to me:--Dr. Swift that is all over, it is all done, it happened only that one time, and it could not happen again. Do you know that because people limit the dimensions of spirit, they shut their ears to the source of guidance and great spiritual power. It is because people have created barriers against their own inheritance, and have shut their eyes to the great power which surround them that they have permitted themselves sometimes to pass into the conditions they are in. We today under the Great Oracle of God, the great guidance of His spirit, the motivation forces that surround us, that are working for the interests of his kingdom would never today be in the position of having strange forces ruling over us in our nations capital, we would never be under the burden of taxation to support pagans who deny our God, and our way of life, we would never be in this position if we had been listening to the voices of spirit instead of the contemporary 'Pseudo' intellectualism whose false philosophies and sciences are far from the truth, but have bound mens minds to keep a veil over them, so they do not understand the great potential of God's Kingdom.

I am going to tell you that the minister who is ashamed of the existing spiritual phenomena and denies it, is denying the only source which gives him the right to preach. If a man does not have the vision, if God does not give him spiritual perception, if he does not unveil to him his law, I can't care how professionally he has dedicated himself to service, he is in the wrong place. We are moving into a period of time when there is going to be a speedy selection from among the people of God, and the nations of God concerning those who are inspired and moved by God's spirit, to believe, and see, and to understand, and to know, and who will say:---"thus saith the LORD". They will stand against all these individuals whose stand around, who are derivatives or Carl Marx's philosophies and try to substitute this for the realities of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Always men have been eager to grab these fantastic superstitions and attach them to the people and to theology and call it Orthodox or Hexateuh. Whether you agree to accept it or not. The perimeters are persecution and the tremendous and terrible punishments that they always push down to another realm. It was always easy for a theologian to promise that if you disobeyed the principals of divine law, and the guidance and warnings which come out of the spirit and have been written in the book which lays the foundation of your Faith, then if you disobey this, then when you die---look out. Then this is when troubles descend and the fire, the flames, the torture which reached out.---Well, they didn't dare to say this would happen to you now. Because they can't prove it as to happening now. But they did not see that the troubles which envelop mankind now with its catastrophes, its pressures which wrestle with human nature,--with the forces set in violation of divine principles to bring upon people, burdens and taxation. To bring upon them not only those burdens, but slavery as well. And human misery and catastrophes which sweep society, that these factors are violations of divine law taking their natural courses in that area which God gave you the intelligence and inspiration to avoid. Let me assure you that we are altogether too prone not to listen to the voices which have come out of the plane of spirit.

There isn't any question but that I could go thru a great number of experiences men had in Old Testament times such as the experiences of Joshua, Gideon; even as too, did they hear voices out of the planes of spirit. They even had apparitions that stood before them. And before they were thru, God Himself, stood as captain of His own Hosts and the armies of Israel and led them successfully in the battle. Don't misunderstand me. He wasn't leading Jews. He was leading Israelites. The people in Palestine today who call themselves Israelites, are just Jews. There is a difference. There is no vision or inspiration for them. They have no capacity to receive it. Jesus said:--'You cannot understand My words because you cannot hear My speech.'

Now, there are some things I would call to your attention, because they relate to your time. Here in the book of Joel, it speaks of 'The latter days.' We spoke to you a week ago about the 'Day of the Lord' and when the Lord uttered His voice before His armies and His camp, was great. And He was proceeding to bring forth the administration of the Kingdom with Judgement on His enemies. We told you that within this period of time, a period when you have already been taken over by the parasites, insects, God calls them, and He names all kinds of bugs which have come in against you. He calls them bugs because of the various ways they go to work on your society. Some bore into destroy and ruin the heart of the tree. And some bore into the roots. And some just eat the green leaves. And you have met these for they are all over. And those that bore into the roots or foundation, are doing this to attack your Faith. Well, the parasites are everywhere. And they have something in common with you. God talks about the climax of an age and about your destiny. And when the parasites come in then comes the great flit-gun and the parasites are removed from off your land and blessings come upon you. But the enemy knows his time is short and is about ready to launch great holocausts against you. God said this is the time when the pillar of fire and smoke goes up into the clouds. And this, my friends, is when this comes to pass that you know that you are in the nuclear age. Now, what does God say then?---In this climax of time and afterward, I am going to pour out the cognition of My spirit, the wavelength, by the flow of its force. I am going to pour out upon all flesh of the Kingdom upon all you sons and daughters. More than this, they are not only going to prophecy, but you older men are going to dream the great dreams of destiny which God wants you to see. They will then lay out the course and the blueprints for the Kingdom. And the young men are going to see visions which they can translate into reality, into force and into power in divine purpose in the earth.

That is the thing for your generation. So it is a good thing for your generation to know that God is already stirring people. Because all your men and all your women and all your young men and young women can be stimulated. And in a moment and in a twinkling of an eye this thing can start. Quicker than you can imagine in this---God's hour--it will awaken your society, and they will see the purpose of your society and the purpose of God. Already God is raising up principal men, and giving them vision and causing them to speak out. Some men may not know what a great surge is moving thru your society or what is moving upon them. I imagine if you were to ask some of these men like Robert Welch, and others of the John Birch Society leaders and others, why they do these things, they would reply:--'we just felt there should be a great rebirth of Patriotism and we were disgusted with what we saw. And we felt that we must stir something up.' And they don't know what they are doing. But God can so stir up a man who has His seed within him until he will do this. I hope God stirs up a lot more men like General Walker and like Senator McCarthy whom they hounded to death for his patriotism. We need leaders like Mr. (Arthur ?) and we need patriotism in America. And we need more voices in America like Dan Smoots and Gerald Smith and Dean Manion. These are voices in your time. But whether they are aware of the or not, it is the stimulation of God to reconstruct solidarity of a nation of God, and take them out of their sleep and start this great move for the waking up of your nation. And one-fifth of your nation is waking up already.

There are many people who do not know what voices they are listening to and what they are guided by. There is no doubt but that today you are faced with one of the greatest tests of force in all times. This means that all the pagan powers of Asia and all the man power of Asia are to be brought together in some affinity for an assault against your civilization in a test of strength and power. The whole 'Red' world is involved in this. And a great number of Asiatic minds may not know what they are being involved in, still they are lending their strength and their influence to this. The Scripture tells you that the cities of Asia will rule their hour with the spirit of Anti-Christ that moves thru the world and has its headquarters in world communism. Khreuschev might be the 'titular' head of that force today. But behind him are all the powers that lent their influence and their money to create this system of which he is but a part, and with him is a great scope. And I am interested in the scope of their idea. For it is quite obvious as you pick up the communist articles and magazines and instruments of their design, that they feel that it is their patriotic necessity to gather all the dark skinned people of the world. To gather Africa and Asia and then move against the white race and produce either by submission or surrender, or conquest of power for your destruction. Now this very admission upon the part of the communist organizers, the strategy of the Kremlin, and those who pursue the strategy of trying to capture and subordinate white nations thru the program of integration and mongrelization or the reduction of your religion into a general hodge-podge. This process is an admission that they know that all the races outside the white race are against the white race because of something that race has.

Now, I want you to know that the white race are the children of God in the physical bodies. And they possess something that no one else on the face of the earth has. That is Spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life. And you are His offspring not a created society. Because of that, they know that your vision and your inspiration and your abilities and your adaptation to your environment which your Father created---is unlimited.

Therefore, your absorption or your conquest becomes necessary. And today--they gather Africa and Asia. And they separate into their ranks to come against you and to prove the utter providity to think that you could integrate all these together and produce one society.

You know the lines of demarcation are not just around the philosophy. They are around the gathering within a philosophy of all races of people and they move against you and God's Kingdom.

Now, I am also rather interested in the fact that as we have seen all thru the scriptures, the evidence of Celestial planes and dimensions that as we have all around us which we cannot see, that it is very possible that an avenue of the plane of spirit could come right thru a room. And it wouldn't effect the existence of the room in this plane or effect the movement of a great mass of beings in another dimension.

In fact, you know that the difference between spirit and the body is so great the spirit is master of the body, and has the ability when the consciousness is great enough, to move both in either plane. God proved this even before the crucifixion as he moved right thru the wall down in the treasury building. He came up outside and kept on talking to the people. They couldn't figure how he got out, but with the knowledge and science that belongs to the Master Creator of the Universe, He had synchronized His physical body for that moment, with the wavelength of spirit and passed right out thru that very nuclear field which the wall was held together with. It didn't hurt the wall and it didn't hurt Him. And His body returned to its normal position on the outside. And these Jews were looking all over.--These of the early B'nai B'rith who were going to stone Jesus just to show their brotherhood. They had carried the stones down into the treasury and then since they had the stones down there, they said:--'Now we will kill Him down here where the people can't see.' But when they picked up the stones to stone Him to death---the Master who knew their every thought, passed right out thru the wall. They--couldn't believe that. So they looked under the table, behind the doors, but He was gone. Then one of the guards came in and said:--'What are you looking for?' And they said:--'We are looking for Jesus for He is down here some place.' But the guard said:--'Oh, no, He is outside. I just saw Him on the steps talking to the people.'

You say---but that was Jesus. That is not for me.' Well, my friends, as long as you say it is not for you, then you can't do it. But let me tell you something. Everything He did, you can do when you understand how. Everything He did, you are going to do and do it greater, because you are going to do it everywhere. For there is no dimensional limits on you. But at the present time, the minds of our people have become restricted, because of the thoughts which come out of the darkness and from our enemy. We are not suggesting that you start practicing going thru the wall, for there are a lot of other things you better learn first. But there are a lot of forces in America who if they could understand the destiny and the Glory of God, and what He is about to reveal on you,--they would try to walk right thru the wall to get out of here.

Now, there is no doubt that we have demonstrations of great operations. When Jesus stood in the garden, and the Jewish soldiers were about to take Him and bring Him before their judgement hall, then Peter had lifted his sword in Christ's defense, and his swordsmanship was not equal to the day,--because instead of just cutting the Jews neck off, he just cut off his ear. You say:--'Jesus put it back on.'--Yes. He could have put either the head or the ear on. But the fact remains that Peter thought they were alone out there. But Jesus said:--'Now Peter, if I said just one word, I could summon whole legions of Angels and we could run every one of these fellow's into the sea, for we are not alone.'

I tell you that you are equally today not alone. For around you are guardian Angels. For everyone of you who has come into this world, there is an administering Angel. Everyone of you has a guardian Angel. And He said:--'I will give My Angels charge over thee.'--You know some people wonder how they get by with some of these close squeaks they have in this fast moving world of ours. Well, sometimes your guardian Angel works overtime. I sometimes wonder if they ever get any rest. For surrounding you are guardian Angels. And surrounding them who are around you, are the great hosts of the Most High God. Also surrounding you in a physical dimension are ships which belong to the great and tremendous fleets that are under the command of the Archangels. These are all around you too. They are traveling thru space and moving in orbits. There is one object that has circled the earth for some time and it has gone around the world. And it has been located and identified by instruments which we have which measure everything we have in the sky above.

In fact your scientists in looking for an Asteroid suitable for certain scientific research, discovered that there was an object going around the earth at the equator. And it is of quite large size. The only thing disturbing about it was that it didn't always stay there. It sometimes moved over cities and hovered over certain areas. One time it hovered over Sidney, Australia, and they looked up and thought something was up there bigger than two city blocks. They thought the Russians had did this. And they notified their allies. This was back in the period when Mr. Dulles was in the government. He jumped in a plane and went down to Australia to see this thing in the sky and determine what the allies were going to do about it. Well!--The Russians didn't put it together either. But the object was missing from its location at the equator. And when it left Australia, it went back into its place. One time it came up and was seen from New York about forty miles out to sea. And it was visible in the sky. A tremendous island floating out in space. And you sent up air fleets to see what it was but they couldn't even get close to it. At the same time, it was reported that it was missing down along the equator. They had picked it up with their bounding electronic radar beams before and now it was missing. Then it came back to its regular place along the equator. Strange things effect it sometimes. For at times it is detected and at other times it is not. But there is no doubt in the minds of science that there is something which has been going around the earth--at the equator--for a long time. And right over here in the scripture of Isaiah, he says:--'Behold, I sit upon the object circling the earth. I hold some of their plans in derision--and these your enemies--I look at them as grasshoppers here in the earth.' (Isaiah 40:22). There isn't any doubt that with all of your technology that we haven't begun to scrap the perimeter of divine force and power which is operating in your solar system at this minute.

Do you think for one minute that the Eternal who created the vastness of all the Universe--then permitted in the hour of Lucifer's rebellion, the circumstances to run as far as they did, and then sent Michael out with the fleets of space, and then corralled all the powers of the Luciferian forces, and projected them into this solar system and held Lucifer in bondage on the earth.---Do you suppose with all of the revolutionary beckoning of Lucifer's voice and concept--with all the animosity directed at the Kingdom of God and the household of His children with everything we call evil, now isolated and put down here in this solar system, and especially here upon the earth--and then God sent His own children--His own race--His own household--into the physical world to cope with this thing because He is the Eternal God and wants to put everything in order----Do you suppose that He has left anything undone?---Not only to guarantee the security of His children while they were here, but to direct, guide, and influence them. And to send out all the forces of spirit and all the energies necessary into their environment to stimulate conscious awakening and to bring about all that He wants done.

We will have more to say on this subject later. But I just want you to know what He said:--'I call My sheep by name and I lead them out.' There is no individual whom God wants to reach or talk to that He doesn't reach him at that given time.

Someone says:--'But that doesn't leave anything to chance.' Well, who is talking about chance? You surely don't think that God built this Universe on chance? If you have a 'chance' theology, you have a baby's concept of Deity. Because God is an Eternal Absolute. He is Omniscient. He is Finality. He is all powerful. He is all wisdom. So give Him the intelligence for using it. Not for gambling with His children's lives. You wouldn't gamble with your children's lives. And yet you would impute to God that He would gamble with the Celestial spirits of His Eternal children, merely because He sent them into the world in bodies of flesh to build His Kingdom, and that Kingdom is going to be built. Would you say that now that He has put them in physical perimeters and their consciousness does not remember all the Celestial experiences they had before the world was framed, except His Holy Spirit brings it back to them as He did with Job or Isaiah, or Jeremiah, even to the reformation of the earth, and to the things that happened. Do not for one moment think that He is not able to make a cognition, to make recognition, to speak out so His people hear it as John did on Patmos and as Paul called Saul, did while riding at the head of a Jewish command? Here Saul was separated from his true kinsmen and was riding in this army whose hatred and vindictiveness against Christ, was rampant. And he was out to kill and persecute Christians. Blinded, he was but well educated. But do you think that man was beyond the ability of God to use him? When god had actually guided his own training so He could use him, then God just suddenly spake out of the sky and a voice out of an illuminated cloud in which the apparition of God looked down, and then HE called suddenly:--'Saul, Saul, why doeth thou persecute me?' A voice came out of the heavens and stopped Saul. Stopped those with him also. And they looked at Saul and Saul was looking up into the sky. And they said:--'what is the matter with you?' He said:--'I just heard a voice.' But they said that it was just lightening and thunder. Yes--there are lots of people who don't know the difference between lightening and thunder and a voice.

It tells me in the book of Revelation that in this hour when we are faced with this tremendous struggle, as the powers of darkness gather their hoards, that there shall be voices and lightnings and thunder. And the world around about will know it thunders but you will know the voice.

God Almighty is not only speaking out of the heavens, but He is guiding and moving, and directing His people to accomplish the things which are in this blue-print.

Now, someone came to me the other day. And he said:--'I just had a tremendous experience. I just heard a medium and this medium explained that the spacemen were so concerned with what was going on here on earth, that they got right up over the buildings and sent wavelengths of writing right down into the house. And they picked it up on special instruments the spacemen had left there.' I said:--'I am not going to say --no---to anything until I hear what they say. You can call them space men if you want to, but if any one came in with a message for you then they were under command of Michael who is in command of this corner of the Universe right now, and all its military defense.' He said:--'How do you know that?' Well, I said:--'He has been in charge of it ever since he ran Lucifer out and down here. In fact one day Daniel, the prophet of God, who has had more vision, more messages, and more inspiration than any of you or your associates wanted to get a direct message from God, so as to interpret what was shown to him, but was unable to get this so as to understand this mystery.'

Now, Daniel was used to getting messages direct from God and he asked for an explanation, but nothing happened. And Daniel was thus very disturbed. But eventually the message came thru and this was what the messenger said:---'Don't be disturbed Daniel, or upset. Fear not. For from the first day that you set your lot to understand this, then this speedy communication between the Celestial consciousness as you are here in this Temple, as the Priest of the Eternal God, when you in this physical temple want to approach the Most High God for his purpose, when you call for that affinity, and you want to know something, then God will send the information. You will receive it either in the seat of your cognition, or you will receive it from your minister. For God will make it know unto you. Because if you are serious with God then God will be equally serious with you.

A lot of people tell me that they want to be used of God. But they really don't want to break up their own program or inconvenience themselves. They just think that is a good thing to say in front of the church. They will be glad one of these days to be used full time when they see the difference in the plan of God that he has for this world, and the plan the enemy has for it. In this instance, Daniel said:--'I wanted the message, and I didn't get it, and I waited, and I wondered why I didn't get it.' Then suddenly he heard these words:---'I want you to know that YAHWEH heard thy voice, Daniel, and I came forth to explain them to you. But the Prince of the power of the air, of the kingdom of Persia prevented me.

Now, I think you ought to know that the world is divided up into segments by the Luciferian forces. You know that the Communist party divides the earth up into 13 districts. You happen to be living in district 13 of the Communist party plan. And here in this western headquarters is the headquarters for this 13th district --in Denver, Colorado. Strange as it may seem to you the whole world is divided up into a United Nations map. And this is strange also, because they have the whole world divided up. But you are divided up also. You are no longer a nation under their master plan, for you are just a part of the world in their plan, a mongrelized, mixed force which in their plan they hope to put in force this division of America into about 6 different divisions. And they have their map, and they are setting up committees, and little Commissars, and directives to handle these divisions. If anyone tells you that this isn't so, then they lie, or from ignorance they tell you this. We have seen the master plan for the redivision of the earth and I have it on United Nations documents, in my file.

Now, Lucifer has been in charge of this earth ever since he rebelled and perverted it and took it over. He was called 'The Prince of the Powers of the air.' He was referred to as this in the scriptures and there is whole dominions of Angelic hosts. Some consigned to dimensions you cannot see, and others are embodied. And may of them are capable of embodiment. And there is the Netherworld, and he rules over that. And it is not, my friends,--some flaming perdition either. And out of this Netherworld there are some who come and go, and some who have been bottled up there under a strange and divine plan. And strange as it may seem there are forces which surround you, and in the stratosphere who seek to interfere with any revelation which would come to you as a wave length of message. They would like to distort spiritual revelation, but they cannot do that. Since Pentecost, it has been totally impossible for them to be successful. But in the days of Daniel prior to the climax of the new field which God sent forth, the messenger came to Daniel and said:---'Now don't you fear. The moment your request came thru, I was sent to bring the answer and to explain this to you.'

Now, I want you to understand what this message said:---"The prince of the Powers of the air of Persia has withstood me for 21 days, or 3 weeks." A heavenly messenger was held up by a minion of Lucifer. So you see, that this man had a field of tremendous power. I don't intend to explain the forces which were used which held up the heavenly messenger. But it wasn't without a complete communication system in the Celestial realm because then Michael the Archangel who commands the LORD'S Hosts and his fleets came immediately to rescue the heavenly messenger of God, and he defeated this power in Persia and released this man so he could get on thru with his message to Daniel.

You say:--'how do you know that?'-- I just read it one more time, and you have it here----"I was held up for 21 days until Michael, one of the Chief Princes, came to help me. And I remained there with the King of Persia." (Daniel 10:13) Then the messenger said:--"Now, I have come to make thee to understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days, for yet the vision is for many days."

Now, there is no doubt that they of the spirit are interested in your welfare. There isn't any doubt of the fact that the scriptures tell us that Michael the Great Prince of Space fought for the people of God in the heavens, and is now going to fight for you again in earth. That whole heavenly fleet of forces are involved in this period, and in this time.

Then someone said:--'But Dr. Swift'-----and I said:--'I will tell you about the message that came down.' This messenger came down and said:--'We want you people of earth--Urantia --(here this is rather interesting because in the ancient books of Enoch the word we translate as world was Urantia, but there is a phoney bunch of stuff they put out today in a document called 'Urantia' which is a theology which has nothing to do with the original truth. It is just a bunch of stuff they recopied to sell to people down their way.) But in the original use of the word "Urantia" when this person said this is the word which came down-----they said:--'You people who are down here on Urantia, we are very much worried. For there was another planet here in your solar system, and the people got quite conceited, and they had many battles and wars. And they got to fooling around with nuclear energy, and they finally blew up their planet. And the nuclear debris like asteroids is floating all around this solar system. And they said:---'This earth is on the same track, and if it doesn't stop its present actions it is going to blow up the earth with its actions. And we are just warning you so you better stop all this nuclear playing around or you will blow the earth up.'

This is so and so --speaking from some sphere or block in the solar system speaking to the people of Urantia,---now hear it--now hear it---so---you see what they were saying at this meeting. And the man said:--'Dr. Swift, it was just wonderful.' I said:--'It was?'--And he said:--'But don't you think it happened?'-- I said:--'If it happened, then the messenger did not belong to the LORD'S hosts, because the LORD is not worried about you blowing the earth up. He says there is going to be a struggle on it, there is going to be a fight on it, but why didn't this man go over to the Soviet Union and tell them about it? Someone named Ashtar spoke down with a Temporal Ray, but no one knows what a Temporal Ray is, but it is space followers. We could call it anything I guess.' And someone said:--'Don't you believe in Ashtar?' Well, that is an old world word in the Universe, but he said that the people of this world were putting up a wave of vibrations which was very disturbing to the nervous system of the space people, and they wanted it stopped or they would have to take steps to stop it. And they wanted the people of Russia and America to get together and create a lot of harmony, as they worked together, or they were going to create a lot of judgment on the earth because they didn't want this thing to bother them up there.

Voices out of the Universe---Voices out of the heavens and you say:--'Oh, this was just some old lady who told you about this.'---No, it was a business man who attended that meeting as an officer of your city, and he was well educated, in fact University graduated. You say--how did the message get thru?---Voices---voices, everywhere. But voices of confusion sometimes.

Now,-- in the first place don't tell me that this came out of the Oracle of God, and is synchronized with His Kingdom. God doesn't want you and Russia to make up. You say:--but why not? Because the powers and forces of darkness that control your world have no affinity with you. He does not want you to fuse together the forces of darkness and the Kingdom of God, and lose your light. He, my friends, never sent an Angelic leader out of the forces of space to tell you that the vibrations of your nuclear explosions bothered them up there, because if it did then the cosmic rays of the sun would make it impossible to live out there. If you want to know where the nuclear explosions are going on. Let me tell you something. Your sun is nothing but one big hydrogen bomb, going off all the time. And if the radiation of your little bitsy bomb down here on earth, even if it is so big to you, is bothering anybody out in space then they would have to turn the sun off. ---There is then nothing to this.

Someone said:--'But what is going on?' --- Lucifer is sending voices out. And he is trying to capitalize on the confusion of people and stop the weapons which your enemy doesn't want you to have and to keep testing. They want to disarm you, to mongrelize you and integrate you and to put over Satanic programs of which the United Nations World Government is but a part of. And if they can't get the mind of the people to be sold out to this fantastic pattern, they will try something else.

Someone said:--'Dr. Swift, you don't believe then that anyone from outside can make a contact or that ships could come in? Or don't you believe that there are any?'---I believe that there are all kinds of ships. I believe there are multi-millions of vessels going forth in the skies. That there are all modes of transportation on the face of the earth and that there are more modes of this transportation going on in the skies. And I believe everybody out there running them are a lot smarter than those here not running one of them. And I believe that the whole co-ordinance of the whole Universe has only one thing in mind which is---the defeat of evil, the rising of the Kingdom, the re-establishment of righteousness and justice on the earth, and they are not going to see you hurt. Someone said:--'then why don't you believe in complete and total disarmament?' I don't believe in that because I believe you do have a responsibility in earth in carrying out your opposition against the darkness. And you have heavens guarantee because I believe that you shall see that guarantee that will see that you survive to see that is accomplished as He wishes.

Yes, there are voices. But they don't all come from the center of the spirit. Anytime a message comes out of the plane of spirit, it is going to coordinate with the 'Plan of God' which He has for victories in the earth. I don't care how it comes thru.---just so it comes.

Someone said:--'Don't you think that most of the information coming thru is when people sit around in a circle, and Mary tries to get a hold of Jack, and Jack talks to Mary and says he is alright?'---No. I don't think that is the way we have the information flow thru.

You know something which is quite true, but which most people are not quite aware of is that everyone of your race is baptised by the spirit of God. Every member of the church --everyone who is aware that Jesus is the Christ has been baptised by the spirit of the body of Christ. He has had spiritual searching force identifying his consciousness to these vital truths. And everyone of your race was spiritually begotten of the spirit before it existed in the earth. And the power of God to communicate with the consciousness of His sons, and break thru into their consciousness is something that no one can stay or limit.

That is why a sudden cognition and force comes over people,--a wave of inspiration. There is no doubt that Pentecost was a great and unusual phenomena. Back in the days when Moses was on the Mount receiving the Law for your race, that will always stand out in the Biblical records, for me, as a great Biblical phenomena. I read in Deut:33, that YAHWEH flew over from Si'-nai and rose up from Se'-ir and He shined down from the craft over Mount Par'-an. And with Him came 10,000 of His believing offspring. And from His right hand, went the fiery law to Moses which He wrote upon the mountain.

You say:--'Where is that?' I am reading it to you out of the 33rd chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. Some people seem to think that when God came down to give him (Moses) the law for his race, that he came alone, but he came to give the law to start his kingdom, and he came with a vast fleet out of space, and he came over Sinai, and over Se'ir and shined lights down over Pa'ran, and he communicated with force, the declaration of his law, and he had 10,000 of his believing offspring with Him--10,000 of His Celestial Children with HIM, that is written right here in Deuteronomy for you to read.

Now of course we know that before He was thru he stepped on the mountain, and he talked to Moses. But Moses said:--'Now, I have heard you, and I just want to see you. I have felt the power and everyone around here saw the whole mountain illuminated, and heard the thundering, and knew the mighty force, and the impact of all the energies of He who held the whole Universe together, being on one point of his Universe.' The Glory was there, the illumination was there, but Moses still said:--'I want to see you.' God said:---you can not look upon my face, but after I walk by you can look. So Moses--you get down there in the rocks and look out thru the hole in the rocks.' Then as God walked by he put his hand over the hole, so that Moses couldn't look at his countenance. But as He walked on by, God removed His hand and Moses said:--'I looked out and I saw the back of God as he walked away. --I saw the back of God.'

Then I listened to some of you say--but God is just idea, he doesn't have any shape or form, and spirit does not have any shape. But how would you know that you looked at the back of it, when it walked by? You know --voices came out of the sky on the cold and not to fruitful plains of Palestine. As the elements of fall were anticipated, and shepherds were then surprised as a space fleet flew over their heads. Well suddenly from above them came voices of a heavenly choir, and they were singing:--"Peace on earth, Good will toward men"---and "Joy to the world." You can go back there and read in the New Testament of how the heavenly hosts came down and hovered over the field. They did not walk, they hadn't left their instruments at home, they had not trudged across the Universe ---no they just came. They moved in and heavenly fleets were there. And we know there were heavenly fleets to guide the wisemen with a light which went before them in the clouds. You say--oh, that was a star. But do you think stars came down and ran around close to the earth? There is not a star in the sky that isn't bigger than the earth, and which isn't a flaming sun. The signs in the sky had given the measure, and the movements in the solar system had born testimony. But the factor of guidance out of the heavens in the form of that star which went before those wisemen was a light from heavenly hosts, and it led them from Jerusalem down to over that small distance, to the exact point of measure where Christ lay. And that other night other fleets were singing their anthems, and carols over those shepherds in the hills, and telling them not to worry about their flocks. You just go down there and tend to this matter and we will look after the flocks.

Yes, there are records all thru the scriptures of voices intervening in human affairs, and in the presence of the Most High. I think you should become adjusted to this because you are going to hear a whole lot more about this before time goes a lot further. You are going to see a lot of things which are a reality, as they transpire all around you, and the mighty phenomena which is about to take place.

I have talked to aircraft pilots, and I have talked to scientists. And I have talked to those working on your missiles, and I have talked to those down in Almagordo, New Mexico, in the rocket ranges. And I have talked to men who have photographed from military bases and from ships that were flying missions. I have talked with men from Edwards Air Base, who have chased saucers on command. I want you to know that the sky and air is filled with flying objects, coming from outer space, which fly around, but don't hurt you, and they go back out, and man has no control over them. Someone said---superstition. --Not a bit of it.

Lucifer still has some ships left, but he hasn't anything like the father has. I am not worrying about anything which is outside of my responsibility. Any power or super craft which moves at Lucifers command are already outdone by the hosts of heaven, which outnumber them anyhow. And for anything I am not responsible for, my Father has put an Archangel in charge of it to take care of it. I wouldn't waste one nights sleep worrying about anything in space which is not on my side. And I would think a person was peculiarly and intentionally blind who did not think there was anything around, in the face of all the evidence. I have often wondered at the strange duplicity of men in Washington who deny reality, and cover up facts when they know some of them are true.

I can tell you that the Satanic forces and manifestations have been talking place around the areas of the Kremlin from the days of Stalin down to this time. I can tell you that some of your Ambassadors and men from our foreign service were in Russia, and some of them were down by the Black Sea coast, and the Caspian Sea resort where Stalin was, and they know that he was contacted by strange beings, and unusual forces. I know that while he lived he was dabbling in the most evil and Satanic areas of the Occult. I know that there is a close affinity between Satanic power and the power of the Red Revolution. I know that the enemies of Christianity spread it in America, and I know that they have tied every pagan religion into it.

I am not impressed with Mr. Krisnah Mennen, or by Mr. Nehru. I am not impressed at all. Someone said:--'But why?' He is here and we had a great celebration, he is head of a pagan state. This is a great power of Asia. --Alright, so he came, but his voice should not guide America. A voice which can't guide his own people so that they can raise enough food to feed their own people, and who wouldn't know how to apply any of the technological abilities to build a sound civilization, who has to get all the guidance and assistance he can get from you, would never be able to tell you anything. A man who worships idols, and puts the cast mark on his face should not come over here and try to teach us Democracy. He shouldn't be allowed to tell us how to integrate and tell us how to treat our sub levels of society, when he runs round with the cast mark on. We should tell these people that we treat all our society better than they treat any levels of their own in India.

Do you know what that voice wants us to do? It wants us to suspend all the developments, and to surrender and give in to the masses of Asia, and so called neutrals. And it admits that while they have been denouncing us for our resistance to all this, that they haven't been denouncing Russia for her responsibility in starting all of this. See how inconsistent the world is? They find fault with America because we are having a little test for our training, but say very little about the big ones. In fact that is the way they work in the United Nations. As the other day they blackmailed Chang Kai Shek, and they said: ---'If you veto in the U.N. the entrance of this red country, Mongolia from coming in then we are going to help bring Red China in and help throw you out.' What kind of an organization is this, if it blackmails the very vehicles created in it, and blackmails the nations in it, and uses pressures and forces of malice not in its manuscript, to get their results under the degeneration of leadership. We in America found our government temporizing with this situation, and putting the pressure on Kai Shek not to rock the boat, to go along with it.

Now, why didn't these nations say to Russia don't you threaten what you are going to do if you get the veto, you are responsible for these situations, and this aggression. But no. They threaten the right side and demand that the right side surrender, and we ---even America goes along with it.

I can tell you this. God still unveils to his ministers, his purposes and plans. I am going to tell you that this might be rather uncomfortable to you, but you are going into a war in which you are going to be victorious against World Communism, and her forces. But you are not going to escape it. And therefore you should be lending your plans towards the accomplishment of victory and not appeasing an enemy while he grows stronger, and tries to weaken you.

Those voices are trying to mix us all together. But God's voice says:---'Come out of her oh my people, and be ye separate.' He said:--'I put you in the earth as a Light, but how can you be a light if you shovel all the dirt on top of it. I put you here as the salt of the earth, and how can you be the Salt if you mix everything with it?' He said:--'I put you above everyone but how are you going to stay there if you try to bring in everything up here, and then try to mix it all together?' No, No, all these are voices of the strange phenomena, they have put in some of your Universities, in trying to explain why we are here.

With Materialism they have tried to say we are nothing but the product of friction, adaptation, and evolution, so there is no Elect, no morality, and no Ethics, nothing to get turbulent about, just flow with all and evolve.

We didn't come that way, and there is something worth resisting and there is a reason for fighting evil. I am going to tell you today that when the voices of those who are closest to the point of spirit, that are related to you as kinsmen, and they speak out they say--resist. Many fields have voices coming thru, and God's voice is speaking out, and everyone of those voices are talking about the victory over the enemy, by these people whose perseverance is opposing and resisting, and has nothing in common with Communism, and the people who created it. You say:--'Oh that is a ruthless picture, well resist the best way you can--resist is the best way to handle evil, and then destroy it is the best way to handle evil, destroy it here and take care of it in another dimension.

God is going to do just that, and you are instruments in his hand for just that purpose. I am going to tell you about one of the greatest climactic factors and I quote:---I heard the voice of a great trumpet. Almost like a megaphone, a mighty voice out of the heavens. The world is going to hear this, and so are you.

Greater than the greatest war trumpets of the Pharaohs of Egypt, which they used to hear from one end of Egypt to the other. The voice that said unto John:--"Come hither"

is going to join you as King of Kings, with full forces, not, my friends, for Peace but for Victory.

Then you are going to know the Grace of God which puts everything in order, and works for you for that accomplishment. But there are voices--voices --which say:--'Come out into the desert, here is a special messenger coming down--come out and hear him---- but don't go.' The other day I heard that God was already here and was meeting people. I said that is a lie. And the man said--'why do you say that?'--I said:---'Because God says when they say he is here, no he is there--don't go out because I am not there. But when I get here you will know it.

Isn't it strange that when you say:--there is a remnant that has not bowed the knee to Baal, then someone always says:--how do you know that remnant? Well, the way to tell that remnant is that those who have not bowed the knee to Baal, are those who are not afraid of Jewry. That is the number one reason, the reason they have not bowed is because Jewry is the enemy of God.

Now, when you want to find God's people who haven't bowed the knee to Baal, the awakened Children among the nations of people --they are those who are to awaken first, and they are not going to bow the knee to Jewry. Second they are not confused as to the purposes of God, which he has outlined, and therefore these people are alert, and their congregations are alert and they are in the forefront of this awakening of America to Patriotism, and to the protection of our society, and to the freedoms of liberty. And these things are what these people are dedicated to, and thus they have not bowed the knee to Baal.

Now, if God is not going to send a messenger in, if voices are going to come --does it not seem strange to you that instead of coming to devout people waiting for his advice and guidance, instead of coming down on great generals like General Walker, and as he spake personally to General Washington --isn't it strange that the messages are coming to some Medium off in a corner of some self styled sorceress contact, and these people have fellowship with a handful of people who don't have any thing to do with God's plan.

No --when God speaks in this end of the age, He is going to speak to those he has placed in the front lines. He is going to speak to those whom He has placed in responsible positions of responsibility and command.

Some one came to me and showed me a book which came out of the sky by Revelations to a space man, and He is down here trying to save us, an is selling the book for $5.00. Who is getting the money?--He does.--but what does He do with it? He is raising this money so he can carry his campaign all over the earth. I said---Do you mean to tell me that God Almighty has sent a messenger down here from Celestial realms with a space craft, and he has to sell books to get your attention? Don't let me insult you, but if you bought one of those books then just put it away as a keepsake. All he would have had to do to get your attention would be to demonstrate his ship a little. He wouldn't have had to worry then about the word getting around.

Now, we earthlings are earth bound, and we operate in this realm where we are controlled with costs, and production, and promotion, in getting something around to the people. But don't tell me an Archangel comes in here, and has to worry about our dollar system, because if he does there is not hope.

We aren't against the fact that there have been things seen, and things witnessed by scientists in our time. There has been things witnessed that are very significant in our time. I just want you to know that it is important that you get the right voice. We are not attempting to say that Phenomena cannot come out of every dimension. I am going to tell you that you in this room have walked thru plains and dimensions, and planets and space which is not any longer in your capacity of remembrance. But with the quickening of your consciousness, you will remember just as Isaiah knew it, as Jeremiah and Job knew it, as well as others who knew it. Someday you will remember. But until that time this voice (the Bible) sounds pretty good to me. And the voice that wrote it can reach me. I am not worried, I am not disturbed. I don't think they are going to blow us up, or shatter the earth. We are going to win, and whole cities of the darkness may be renovated by the fire of the thing that they have created, but the kingdom will survive.

We may have more to say on the phases of this subject later, for God can speak to you, as he spoke to any of his children. He continues to speak for he had not changed --He is the same--today, yesterday and forever. Nor is it beyond his ability to appear unto you. I had a very lovely letter from a person the other day who had a unique experience. This person had suddenly seen all the Glory and Majesty of the Christ stand within a room. And in sheer amazement saw the Majesty and beauty then leave the room. And she wrote:---I was a little troubled about this, for these people had lately come into our congregation and were not strictly orthodox, and it sometimes disturbs people, and they wonder are they off the track. Then she said:--I knew after this that I wanted to share it.

The other day there was a similar experience in Switzerland, and a group of people were assembled, and the figure of The Christ came into the room and then walked out. ---Only a few months ago, armies of tremendous size, of men strangely equipped with armor and equipment walked over the hills of Sweden, early in the twilight mist. Farmers saw the apparition, saw their size. And they told what they saw. Then in Scotland as well as in Belgium, similar things were seen, within a 24 hour period, great masses of Celestial armies were marching. When people told the police about it, and told their neighbors about it, there were so many that saw it that the story was scattered all over Europe. I want you to know that out of another dimension are moving mighty Celestial forces and they are coming on time.

Someone said:--'What were the best days to have lived in?' It is always good to be here, and what you are about to see I wouldn't trade for all the patterns of history, for I believe most of you will see it here. You are not only going to see the defeat of Communism and its evil, and the cleansing of this Great Christian nation, and the deportation of masses of unassimilatable aliens, and of the moving out of your country those who would hate and destroy, and I believe that you are going to see Christ walking among men, establishing His kingdom with justice and righteousness, and with these eyes and in this body--this is our day.

End of message.