Putting Hooks In Their Jaws, 3-5-61



By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-5-61

We are turning to consider a passage of Scripture which was in the prerogative of God to implement. In which you can be assured that every word which He has unveiled in the mind and consciousness of His Prophets, and which they have given to us in the Scriptures will be fulfilled with that assurance with which we have watched events, fulfilled throughout the thousands of years of our historic existence in earth, from the day of the inception of our race. When we survey the background of that race we have now come thru, some 7400 years of history. And during that period of time, from the very first advent of the Adamic race, and their being placed in a world of tribulation and turmoil, with racial struggles of Satanic and false philosophy and theologies, the leadership of Lucifer and other Angels with him in the hours of his rebellion...the design of those who fell with him, in their drive to control the earth, the design was the same as it was before you came. The history of men and races clearly show that these things went on for millenniums before we arrived. And from the time of the Adamic race, a very careful strategy was established to suppress our race, to absorb us, and to mongrelize us, to cut off our ability to serve God with the vision with which we had ben placed here.

As we have said before:...we are the Children of His Spirit, we existed with Him before the worlds were framed. In the furthermost reaches of space, and in the vastness of His creations in the mighty halls and Celestial corridors of the House of our Father, we had witnessed the events which had effected the earth. We saw, as did the eyes of God, the results of the attempt to violate Divine Law. The attempt to take over the Universe by one who could never hope to be as great as the Master who created it. And then in that strange-bent of twisted ideas comes the revolution and the catastrophe which brings the violation of law, and the little ugly word which is part of our recognition as to false conduct...called sin.

Within its course the world was gripped, and the world became the concentration of it all. And the Grace of God reached out farther and greater than man had anticipated. For those of earth and those among it had long since lost their fear, and concepts of God, and they worshipped the error and they were subordinated to superstition and darkness. Their strange and false religions pacify the demons and doctrines they served plunged them deeper and deeper into superstition. Their idol temples ranged from across the Steppes of Asia down into the jungles of Africa, and over large parts of the earth, until the people of earth were under the control of Satanic religions, and evil powers. Strange and unassimilatable people sown out of the violation of Divine Law, and Angelic creatures who had kept not their first estate had put out an unassimalatable progeny. And these individuals dominated the Temples of Earth, and the philosophies of men were ever twisted into darkness.

And God looked down with graciousness of heart and the mighty pattern of His Love, and He the author of the Universe said:...I will do something about this, for I am God and I must bring all things back unto proper relationship with Me. This is the word that now comes from the theater of the Universe, and the spot wherein I shall undertake this accomplishment. Knowing full well that HE is God, and that He can do all this. That He controls the Orbit of every Atom, and the vastness of every orbit, and the largest Universal movement, He knew well also what He would pour into this situation. Probably there can be no greater spectacle to the eye of the creator than an area of His creation distorted and upset, and twisted in the seat of their consciousness, now being plunged into ever greater and greater depth of superstition and darkness, and mental slavery.

And as the children of the Most High God are fed into this physical situation, even over them comes this same disaster. You the children of His Spirit, as children of the Most High, resident in Celestial planes with all the Universe open to your occupancy, yet you volunteered to go into this situation of darkness, and straighten it out. Yes, each and every one of you volunteered to come. Then there came over you that kind of compassion that can fill the soul of the children of God who think with His Spirit concerning the necessity of the welfare of people, and of the conditions which effect them.

So God implemented His plan which He had discussed with you from before the foundation of the world. Thus He sent the Adamic race into the world. He started them out to populate, to multiply and increase and thus become the vehicles for children of His Spirit, with the greater vision, greater knowledge, greater understanding of any on earth. Because His Spirit pulsed through them and they are to harness the earth. They were to harness its secrets, and do anything to it they needed to do to make it liveable in the way they wanted to live in it. And as they went they would teach and guide and instruct and lift, all those who existed in the earth from the strata which they had fallen from back to the standards of recognition of Divine Law. The policies of God's Kingdom were rather clear, and that was given to them out of the instruction of His Word. They were not to help the earth, or lift the world by mongrelizing or marrying with earth, or intermingling with its people. They were not to produce for the world the program of God's Kingdom by entering into co-existence with evil. The standards for your race from the beginning were to be high standards, Divine standards with knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Divine Law, not darkness or superstition. Nor could there be any Peace by mingling some darkness with truth in order to get along. We were here for the vehicles of God's missionary work, and never for the earths. But it was also not something which had the possibility for defeat. There was no requisite for defeat, for this was the Kingdom of the Most High.

Therefore we have watched His race come into earth, we have watched this panorama of history. As we have said before, as this Racial Stream of Life came into earth there has been no period in time but what God has been Blessing your society, and continuing to increase its numbers, continuing to send forth the Spirits of His children to occupy the bodies of the Adamic Race. Yes, you are far older in Spirit then you are in earth experience, but even within the scope of these events you have become a very fulfilled pattern of prophecies. We can stand at this moment and look back over the panorama of the history of our race, and we discover that throughout the periods in which the forces of darkness and superstition thrives then evil powers dominate with their desire to stifle the things you stand for, and are attempting to wipe out your race. We have watched the natural forces of earth, and the very powers of the heavens above seeming to fight for your behalf. We have watched the catastrophe of swollen streams and floods, and earthquakes shattering the very floor of subterranean oceans until their waters gushed upward to drown our enemies. These are things that are not coincidences, they were 'timed' and patterned interventions, for your behalf. And with it was a greater Grace than many could understand, for you were the vehicles by which the Kingdom of God was to rise and grow.

For God had a plan and it was a good one, for every plan of God was a good one, there is no question of the vastness of that. His plan to transfer the children of His Spirit from heaven to earth to build His Kingdom is a good plan. And that plan is a functioning plan, a working plan, and His plan also in the hours of their errors and mistakes, called for the process to redeem them, and that was a good plan. To set them free where they thought and where they lived in their soul consciousness was to free them from fear, to free also from the errors they had made, and the judgments that would be required of them. The place where men reap is where they sow. The pattern of God's Word not only illustrates this, but the history and experience of men and races proves this as well. The place where catastrophe is visited upon them who sow's to the wind, is in the earth...the field. The Word that God has declared even in the hours of the revelation of the mysteries, that the Apostle Paul later was to confirm, when ushered into the heavens...'Whether in the body or in the spirit', he could not tell. One thing the Apostle Paul was told was that men do not sow in one field and reap in another. Men do not sow in the world and reap in some other dimension of spirit, or in some other far off period of punishment long after they die. This strange and peculiar superstition must have come out of Medievalism, and out of some superstition we must have gleaned and learned from those round about as we associated with them, or passed thru. The program which God made clear is that men reap where they sow. And the Grace of God sometimes sets aside the reaping if their energies of their spirits and hearts work for good, and their desire is to serve, and their repentance is genuine enough to let the flow of light and love so fill their beings that their energies and their activities are constructive so that they cast aside with greater power, and greater spirit sown...than the whirl-wind they had sown to previously. Yes, the Grace of God is great enough for this.

And thus as man among men, having come into the world even as you did, by birth..HE.. in one single stroke, upon Calvary's Cross paid for an Atonement consummate enough and great enough because He alone could assume it. Being who HE was, to set you free..so that no man of your race may need to be ever again crushed down by the errors of his past. Now you never need fear the eventual judgments that shall come in areas and dimensions beyond the perimeters of earth life, as to what is to transpire. For with that simple Faith...the Father has given to us an assurance..'I give you Eternal Life, and you will never perish.'

Do not fear to meet tomorrow, and do not fear to even resist the enemy because you are worried about what recompense may come to you for errors you have committed...for I have assumed these for you.

Were it not for this there might be some great questions in the minds of some as to whether or not men might die for ideals, or stand firm in the face of evil in order to accomplish right. Or they would fear that there rested upon them some chastising judgment, or some excruciating torture or some other imagined concept that has come forth out of the patterns of superstition. God wanted men to be free from this, not be afraid to live for Him, or even to die for Him and thus buy even life. Because they had nothing to fear...HIS Atonement was consummated, it reached back past Adam, and it reaches forward into the tomorrow of your posterity, for there is nothing to fear. There is nothing in God's purposes which is not constructive, and the evil will be destroyed, the individuals who comprise it may discover that they face their destruction of their earth existence in the hours of their resistance to God's Kingdom, but their spirits and their souls never will transfer farther in the perimeters of existence than God's Grace will sometime reach. Thus you the children of His Spirit are the children of a victorious God. No wonder we can say that the Gospel of the Kingdom is the Gospel of Glad Tidings of Great Joy. And it is Glad Tidings to all people as well, because the Gospel of the Kingdom is the ultimate triumph of the mighty victory of the Kingdom of God in the earth, and throughout the Universe. Thus, it is that we must find a method for its process. The method is that which God introduced, confirmed with His covenants, produced and established so clearly his purpose. As we have cited to you the very race which God brought forth out of Adam, continued through Seth, on down thru the House of Noah, and thru Shem ...unaffected with the races round about which sought to destroy it, continued a mighty purpose which God introduced to establish His Kingdom. His covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and with their posterity, the mightiest strain of this Adamic race now rises in its tribal existence, its cities, and its states until eventually it emerges a Kingdom. Divided, chastised because it has not always obeyed Divine Law, because it permitted infiltration into its society. It watched itself placed in captivity, but a greater purpose was demonstrated, for out of the dispersion, after the death of Shalamaneser and these other forces that held the northern 10 tribes captive, there entered into Europe the greatest migration of civilization the Western world had ever known. Out of this migration came Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, and the first of the Germanic people of Benjamin and especially Judah, entered into Germany. Then later after the release of those left of Benjamin and Judah in the land of Palestine in the days of Titus, the Roman, the second wave of these people were seated in Europe. Who were these white people, and from when had they come, and from which tribal background?

These were the seed of an Eternal Covenant, they were the children who would respond quickly to the recognition of Messiah when He came. They would accept the visitation of God. The name of Christian would fall upon them, the word meaning:...the representatives, the identified ones with the embodied Messiah. He came unto His own, and this was the people who were to receive Him, not just the land of His inheritance where those who occupied that land would reject Him. Here were a people of Destiny, there can be no doubt when we look over the background of history that as we watch the rise of nations that we can trace the background of each of the nations by their culture back to this great stream of the Adamic race. The great stream of the covenant, the household of the Most High God. If one questions this all they would have to do would be to look at the accomplishments, and the achievements of these people. For this people under God would have the great stimulation of the spiritual vision which would adapt them to the earth.

We have said before that your race looks at a problem and then finds a way to solve it. As we look out over the earth we see evidence of that, for we have lightened our burdens with the implements we have made. When we wanted a way across the river we designed a bridge. Then having built a bridge we found other methods of spanning the river, for now we fly over it. But everything that you see, the work of your hands, all of them still perhaps in a material world, but they came out of ideas that moved like a chain of visions across a people. These, a people, who had learned the substances of earth, and learned to identify the substances as atoms, and the order of the atoms, had learned also by this chemical analysis to define the conditions and the substances of earth. Had learned by their knowledge of these things to produce a metallurgy to surpass anything the earth had ever seen before. Learned to harness the energies of the Universe, to probe its secrets, and become the master of physics, to probe the realms of astronomy, and ever open to new truths, were expanding and harnessing the earth.

I tell you that when we survey these factors, it is a very definable separation between you and all the peoples of the world. For as the great preponderant factor which marks you...it is that your Faith is one of Freedom. You are a people set free without fear, to approach God, to lift up your face, and look Him in the face. You don't have to run and hide when you hear the announcement of the presence of God. You wouldn't have to run and hide if God walked into this city tomorrow. For even tho you do not measure up to His Righteousness, and you can look Him in the face and say: ...By your word Father, I am justified. By your work I am not ashamed to meet you. In fact it is that kind of Faith that delights the heart of your Father. It is that thing of Faith which leaves men free, it doesn't leave them dead with superstition, it doesn't leave them so afraid that by some act of error which they might commit, that they are afraid to move within the realms of His Grace. The religious areas around you...their religions are bound by superstitions and they worship doctrines of Devils. Strange philosophers and unknown prophets are arising out of oblivion of their background to become pretenders of great power. We have watched some of them rise until today some of them occupy the largest space on the face of the earth among the pagans, who know not the Truth of God, and are following after voices of earth...human voices. But there is one thing they lack, somehow between their centers of consciousness and their perception, there is not that affinity which makes them able to discern the environment in which they live and to conquer their problems. They still move in the same ignorance, and in the same superstitions as they did of old. They still live in the same unsanitary, underdeveloped situations as of old, in the causes of sickness and disease. Or they lack that strange initiative which causes them to fail to correct error, or to improve the situations of their conditions.

There exists and lives on the earth people who do not know the Love of God, and the Power of God. There is among the peoples of earth who do not know the Love of God, the Spirit of God, a certain self-pity. Do you know that this pattern of self-pity is the most destructive thing in the world? Because that self-pity caused them to look, and to live looking downward. And that element of downgraded thinking is one of the most important factors to create a continual descending environment. That is one of the reasons why in these areas in which people consider themselves as down and out, and what we might consider a depressed area, or what we would call the slums, we find people with that kind of outlook, and thinking. Even in our own great civilization we have those areas, and they are very depressing to us. We don't like to go down into them, and when we do go down there and then come out....then that element what makes you feel that environment is so oppressive is element of self-pity, without the initiative to do anything to help yourself, that downgrades them, and lowers them. It has no pattern of Faith, no active ingredient, no stimuli. You couldn't put many of your people there because they just wouldn't go there. If something happened, and you were put there you would soon be getting out of there, yet these people are held there by the very pattern of association. The fact remains that the world outside of the Kingdom lives in one mighty slum of ecclesiastical depression, and mental stupidity. The fact is quite evident in this instance. They had ancient civilizations at one time, some of them in their distant remembrances can reach back to Ancient days of Ancient cultures in which there are some remnants of their arts, or their ceramics, or some remnant of their abilities in architectural fields. Gradually we discover from the lowest primitive, to the highest status of civilization, men have learned how to build places for themselves to reside in, thus providing shelter from the rudest of huts to the masses of the dense groves of trees, to the caves round about, to the gradual building of homes and the edifices in which they dwell.

But when it comes to harnessing every necessary need for creature comfort, and every necessary need which we have met, there is no problem that has faced you as a race which requires engineering which required building, which requires protection, for the need of the individual, and the things which he needs. There is nothing which you have put your hands to do that you have not accomplished. Why then is it that among the races in the world that they...round about you...have not applied themselves to meet the needs of their people, as you have met the needs of yours? As you meet your own needs, as you improvise the things which you need as you invent, and create ...why not they?

Today we have a great struggle for the earth. Lucifer is struggling for control of the earth, and is inciting masses of people to take it over. This incitation is not as effective upon the people of your race as it is upon the enemies of your Western civilization of today. Those who are the enemies of Christ have been continually trying to take over the world, and to reduce God's Kingdom people to slavery by a victorious assault against them. Or they seek to take over from the inside, by manipulation, a functioning civilization they could not produce, but would like to capture. Strangely the forces of world revolution have come into being, and in the last 40 years we have watched them implementing their power much greater than in the first 20 years which proceeded it, and in which they were formed. From 1907 to 1967 the steady advance of revolution, the steady forces of evil seeking to overthrow all order of society, have been capturing great areas of the earth and are expanding. We know today the reality of Sovietism and its spread. We look out on the earth and I think you are aware that most of the area of the earth that is falling before the marching advance of communism are areas where the thinking of the people in the past have not been charged with the power of the Spirit of Truth. In fact Asia fell very quickly into the pattern, for they had placed their trust in idols, and devil gods, and was swiftly and gradually defeated. More than that we look at Africa today which is easy prey for the spread of communism. Superstition, Witchdoctors, savagery and cannibalism...no great stirring force of spirit moves among these people. The wavelengths of their intelligence will not absorb the vastness of the teaching of God's Kingdom unless a miracle of spiritual power were imparted to them. And if it did it would have to come forth from you to them, and it would have to be a special miracle for a special time.

I want you to know that these people lack the capacities of becoming a partner with you, or any other people of the world in building a kind of civilization which is any where equal to yours. They must look to your civilization for guidance and for leadership. But in this hour we are to discover that the forces of darkness have wrested out of the hands of the leadership of Christian nations, great administrative power, and part of the administrative future, apparently on the grounds that everybody must be free. Everybody must be free to go to the devil if they want...this is about what the general measure of freedom amounts to today. But...do you know that freedom as we se it within the Scripture is freedom within the perimeter of Divine Law...Divine Will. God never set men free outside of that. Some people do not seem to realize that. We say that he who the son set free is free indeed...but the reason why you are free is that you are free from FEAR, from DARKNESS, from SUPERSTITION,....YOU ARE NOT FREE FROM TRUTH, YOU ARE JUST FREE TO UNDERSTAND IT. And because you understand truth then you are free because superstition just rolls off your shoulders. You can't tell me that the naked savage going thru the jungle is a free man. He is one of the most bound...by superstition, darkness, and ignorance of all men. The man who is ignorant is himself bound. There is no man who is free except the man who has the knowledge and understands.

For the man who has that understanding is possessor of understanding, and he is free from fear. The man who has not that knowledge and understanding is not free from fear, and he cannot live or survive in the complicated world round about him. Men who are free from fear meet every problem head on, they are not held back by fear.

Now:..such nations as have moved out of your race, the great Anglo-Saxon household of the House of Joseph, which has spread now to two continents, has produced this great nation of ours, and into this nation as it was to be in the House of Joseph, has flowed peoples of all the nations of God's Kingdom. Coming in as Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Lombards, Basque, Germanic people, and here you are in these United States, and in Canada, and this Western Hemisphere. Thus we find ourselves a great, free society from the standpoint that we each had to develop his capacities, and each to contribute to the growth of the Kingdom.

We can look at Western Europe and we can be thankful for the technological genius, and engineering skills of Germany, for their steadfast dogged determination to hold and maintain their firmness, that we find inside of Britain of yesterdays. The colonialism which stretched their truth out to the ends of the earth. Yes, we can thank God for colonialism, and whenever an American isn't smart enough to thank God for colonialism, he is ashamed of his origin. For we are the children of our fathers, and our forefathers. We are the children of our culture and of a continuing race. We were colonies, and in the destiny of pen and time, we had to be colonies before we ever came to the hour of our freedom. In that hour my friends...we probably have not been separated from our past, but we have been more united with it than ever before. If you were to go back over the last 20 years and evaluate your part in the history of your race, and your relationship in this nation to the civilizations of Western Europe, I think you will be aware that you have become more hinged, and more a part, more of a contributing factor to the continuing society and welfare of your race, than any colony which was ever in the British Empire, or any nation ever involved in it. I think if you were to go back into the background of time and history you would discover that the most valuable asset of the British Empire, or that the Western world ever had, has been this great new nation organized in this Western hemisphere.

This nation is not the strongest and most positive contributor to the Western world and to the survival of its nations. And the world knows that and the world knows that anything that effects you, effects the world, and shakes the world as well. Your political life, and your thinking shakes the world. Your election of a new President, the possibilities of the ideas of a new administration causes every capital of Western Europe to look and to wonder, and to wish to talk with the new leaders immediately to see what way they go. Why?? Because you have become a great pulsing heart of energy and God has set this within this great land. Around the perimeters of the Western world there still exists the spreading terrors which come by night. The great destruction which might come with suddenness from power hungry dictators who would like to rule the world.

We are well aware that nothing takes place until it is made known to you, through His prophets, and those who read His Word, and have been assured by it of what shall come to pass. I want you to know today that the statesman, the political leader, the business executive, the worker, the citizen, that use tomorrow and plans to use tomorrow upon what the word of God has to say about tomorrow is not...my friends, superstitious, but he is wise. Because we do not turn to the darkness but we turn to the light. The light which is the life of men, whose every prophecy concerning conflict, and who ever discusses concerning struggle, and who's every destruction even as it relates to evil is for liberation, for freedom, for liberty, and for truth.

When we say that men were set free we say their freedom was, unto the perimeter of God's Will, for wise men know that no men can walk beyond it. And no one can get outside the circle of the destiny which he has proposed. There is no question of the fact that in this hour we are in a very grave position, because the program of God's Kingdom which was to be established thru you, was to build in your race, a resistance to evil. One which you couldn't turn your back on, or shirk. One that you can't fool yourself by accepting empty philosophies of the world, that you had met your responsibility because you assumed it.

Today because you have become strong and because you have become mighty nations, the Ancient Amalakites, the Ancient Hittites, the Ancient Summerian Empire, the Ancient Mongol from the Steppes, and the hoards of the jungle who gather now to the beck and call of world communism are financed, aided, abetted, and directed by the very house of Lucifer which Christ identified. Strangely as they look at you they realize that they have been unable to destroy you because of the strange circumstances which surrounded your survival. They know that you claim it was by Divine hands, some realize that it could have been, others deny the very existence of the deity which you respect.

But there is one thing tonight which the whole world knows. It doesn't question, it doesn't doubt, that somehow inside your race, stretched from one end of the world to the other, there is a peculiar adaptive know how. Tho they may trace their history and their origin in earth many, many centuries and millenniums older than you, they have never learned as much about the earth as you have been able to develop for them, even in the past few centuries. Nor can they say that there has not been any fairness in the abilities and the opportunities in the environment, for all the raw material of the earth, all the facts of existence, and all the laws of science, physics, and astronomy surrounded their environment as well as it did yours. If they were unable to tune in and draw the vital vision which was necessary for its adjustment, it is because they were not in tune with the Master of the Universe. Because they couldn't tune in upon His heart and soul because today out in the black fields, in the hearts of your enemies, they have no wavelength for the Light of God. They have no concept of His love, and no concept of love fills their heart and soul. There exists no compassion, there exists within them no desire at any time to show any mercy. There is within them the ruthlessness of the materialistic world in which they live. They have no emotion within their own society that would be comparable to animals which live without the error they live in. They would immediately liquidate and exterminate the old people within their society because they are no longer able to contribute what they want from them, or they can no longer serve in their armies, or their labor masses, or produce in any way for them. They then become a responsibility for their care and all emotion is gone. With spiritual values arrested, the communist world, would liquidate and destroy. You might call it mercy killings to save food for others, and whether it be China or the Steppes of the areas of Siberia then still these things are a fact. Even the animal world has more Grace than this.

Strangely enough as we look out on our enemies of today we are to discover that many of our enemies are trapped in this peculiar error of Satanic policy. There are many people who would like to say that there exists no force of evil, that there exists no Luciferian leadership, that there exists no Satanic power, and the very process of evil and sin do not exist. But I think you must be reasonable and recognize tonight that where as these powers are not the controlling powers in the seat of your consciousness because you are children of the spirit, that you are free from this. That the world today however is in mighty bondage. A bondage as great as it was when you looked down upon it and stood in the Father's House in the Antiquities of yesterday, and you said:...I will go. Thus into this world your kingdom has come, and its first responsibility is to the created forces, that were here first. Its first responsibility today is to rise to the greatness of power God has ordained for this Kingdom. And at the same time it is also time to continue to do service to the cause of His Kingdom. As you look out over the world today and discover the enemies looking upon you, they say...oh, we discover that these have nations of the world with their strange patterns of economy...we must destroy. Everywhere thru out the Red world with their publications, and various means of communication...everywhere they are continually attacking you and your way of life. The strange powers that manipulate your economy are taking it thru depressions, and recessions and so forth, and they also direct..run, and financed the Great Red Revolution. Operating as its masters as they tell one people..you are deprived of what you should have because you have worked so hard to defend yourselves from these Christian nations. On the other hand they move in with you who they protest as being the destroyers of the world, while they are moving as the leadership of that side..they begin to live off you as the parasites that they are...and they start to manipulate your economy to help finance the revolution with which they wish to enslave or destroy you. What a strange Paradox?

At this moment we can understand what it means, and as we have said in the past that these are the doctrines of the spirits of the doctrines of the moving out from the unclean forces of the Anti-Christ, and the false prophet..with his economic program of the Beast System against the program of the Kingdom of God.

The Book of Ezekiel gives us a very direct perspective about where we might look for the great struggle of the military opposition in the struggle for the world. It tells us where it will come from and how it will come. It tells us that as they now talk about us as..the have nations.. that they will stir up their people, and tell them that they are have not nations because of something that we have done, even tho we are far removed from the area in which they dwell. But when they are talking to us, they boast over their T.V. and their radio networks, that they surpass us. That they can do it better than we can. As they boast, their dictators come to our nation and travel around, and boast of the efficiency of their agriculture, the efficiency of their industry. They boast of the efficiency of their armies, and their weapons, and how they are gaining leadership in the world, and will surpass us, and the world will soon be theirs..inevitably.. as they are so far ahead.

If that is true then why do they need our assistance, and our guidance? And they wouldn't need to steal our military secrets, and they wouldn't even have to find out how we grow corn so tall in Iowa.

But the fact remains that they don't have, what we have, and they haven't got it, and they don't possess this factor from the standpoint of drawing it from themselves.

Today the great masses of the forces of your enemy have to draw their technological know how from stolen secrets, and from the generosity of your race. We have poured out our generosity to the ends of the earth, and we have tried to give them our 'know how' and we have tried to show them how to make the world produce all the food it can produce, and how to accomplish these things. Some of us have had the strange idea in the background of our history, that if everyone was well fed, then they would be very complacent and satisfied and that they wouldn't go out and make trouble. That the best way to keep them happy is to keep them well fed. So if the world had enough food and everything it needed, then there wouldn't be anything for them to be troubled about, and they wouldn't be disturbed and they wouldn't start any wars. That my friends...is wishful thinking, because your enemies would like to gain a little more food, and if they could get their people a little better fed, they would march against you. The idea in their minds is to acquire food, then hold the distribution of it, and then march with it...against you. Strangely enough we have looked out over one of the most unusual periods of history. We have seen the steady expansion of communism all over the world.

Now:..some people say that we must not be against anything, you must direct every positive vibration of goodness toward everything, but there is some things you can direct where it cannot be received. No question of that fact that our nation has tried in many ways to accept, and to give the communists every opportunity to be peaceful in the world. They haven't responded to this because they don't want to live with you, they want to rule over you. In fact it is the same old story...you can't lay down with a bear and stay outside of the bear for very long. That my friends is the great problem of our times. Oh yes, the bear says...we will come live with you but then secretly tell the other bears and soon they will move in on you. Now:..I can tell you something that might shock in some ways your thinking concerning your responsibility. I want you to know that God does not intend for this nation or any other nation of His Kingdom which can apply the standards of the Cross, and the emblems of His Kingdom, at the staves of their national standards..He does not intend that you find a way to get along with communism. He does not intend that you find a way in this world to leave a static condition in the millenniums ahead where you will live within a smug circumference which will protect by isolation, or by the idea of doing business in the inner exchange of commerce that you permit whole areas of the earth to move under and stay under the bondage of error. That you will permit communism and the Satanic orbit of its force to continue to control the earth. I want you to know that God didn't put you in the earth to begin with to let the devil hold it. He put you in here to occupy the earth. And you are going to grow and to increase whether you know it or not. Someone said:..but I am worried, they tell us that now there are 160 million people in America, and they tell us that in 10 years there will be 260 million people, to live in America, and if that be the case I am worried. Well if most of that 260 million are you, I am glad to see that figure. Someone said:..we are crowded, we won't have room to stand up. I listened to some silly congressman and I have to say that he is silly because he said:..the way we are multiplying, within 15 years there will be standing room only. Well that man has never gotten out of the perimeter of New York, or New Jersey, except when he went down to Washington D.C., because I could take him up thru Idaho, Nevada, or Montana and thru out the great mid-west, and west, and North West states and if we started multiplying thru the next hundred years and built towns 10 miles apart and filled all the rest with agriculture, we couldn't begin to do it in the next century. Not if we closed the doors to immigration, and didn't let every one into our society that we cannot absorb. So if someone has been worrying you with that idea, that we are going to be pushed off the ends of the earth, then don't worry about it. I can't think of any better way for your race to survive than to increase in the earth. Of course we are out numbered, but we have been increasing since our beginning. Today we have reached the milestone of one-sixth of the world's population. You say there won't be enough room, but one of these days there will be lots more room because some of these others may leave..one of these days because there are a lot of people going to leave here pretty soon.

You say that you didn't know that. Yes, the Scripture tells us that they are going to send great vehicles of transportation, and take a whole lot of them out of the world. Who? Everything which will hurt or destroy My Kingdom, and every evil force which has been the foundation of all this error...it will be removed. Suddenly reinforcements in the hour of your need will come and take them away to another planet, to start on...where they can live on one another. I think the greatest retribution of all times would be for the parasites to be taken out some place and give them another planet to start on, and let them learn to live on one another. I think the greatest retribution of all times would be for the parasites to get out somewhere and produce, and have to live on one another. I think that would be one of the great advantages of the training and the experiment. Someone said:..do you think you can ever teach them a lesson? I don't know how many millenniums God has in His plan but the day is going to come when every parasite in His Kingdom, and every enemy of His Kingdom, every one today who will not bow the knee will be so happy after the experiences they had, to know the Grace of God has been pouring purifying elements into their environment, and has been dedicating a better tomorrow for them. Suddenly they will get a release from the dimension of their own narrowness and their own evil, and the mutations of which they are a part until their spirits are balanced back under the purposes of God from when they come. And they will be glad to sing hymns in the background in the day when the acknowledgement of you as the children of God comes. You don't have to apologize for your race, or our greatness, and don't let anyone give you a guilt complex because you are a successful people. Everytime you feel to exhaulted or someone tries to give you a guilt complex because of all the thing you have produced, you just say:...the area where we have a guilt complex is that we haven't learned to distribute it. We haven't learned how to harness our intelligence until it serves us instead of enslaves us. And one of the greatest problems of our times is how to harvest our ingenuity to see that not just a few, but that all our people benefit by it. Don't let anyone fool you by terms, or by political philosophy, or by trying to put a name on progress...saying that it is wrong. I sometimes think that even patriots are at times trapped by taking places the enemy coins to keep us from progressing, to break their control over us. For he has learned to control your way, he has learned how to move in where private enterprises flourishes, where capitalistic society has proved how to produce more by the competitive system of placing men upon their metal, and comparatively seeking to find a better way to do it. Here where initiative, private enterprise thrives, it is because of the very foundation of constitutional greatness.

We have not learned to keep the enemy off our backs, because the more wealth you produce the more he takes a percentage out of something which he never contributed to in the beginning. So it is your time and mine to learn how to eliminate that situation, to set America free from the bondage of the parasite. Let me tell you that in this hour the enemy is aware of several things, first his design to destroy you has not been successful, and at this present time he still considers you his greatest menace. True... after the great devastation of the last war, the vibration that disintegrates the solidarity of a society, or shakes the foundations of a race... like a battle between brother and brother. Between white men and white men and Christian nations against Christian nations. No more destructive factor is found then when the craftsmen hold the know how, the intellectual and social capital in the fingertips, and their minds are harnessed by the manipulators, and the forces of false prophets, and anti-Christ to hurl their destruction at one another. Would that all had stood and listened, and would that all would have learned that out of Africa, out of Asia, out of the hoards of darkness came our enemies. Would that we had taken all the achievements, and all the industrialization, and all the organizational achievements and stood shoulder to shoulder and pledged that we would rid the earth of the threat to our civilization, and to our culture. The enemy learned that at the end of the war it had its enemies in the heart of Europe. It learned that it had even tricked great nations like ours under forces who shouldn't have had the power, and paper which should have not been honored, and we betrayed whole areas of the earth into the hands of the enemy of our Faith, our civilization, and our mutual heritage. From that time on the enemy learned that it could plunge us into wars in Korea, or Indo-China, or anywhere else on earth, and our great desire for Peace was so great that we would always meet them on their schedule, and at their Peace-table, and surrender just a little more, of the earth. Now:..I am going to tell you that there isn't anything more to surrender. Oh, you might lose all of Southeast Asia, and you might find the defense of the outposts of the Pacific untenable. You might see a perimeter of war sweep across South Korea and see Japan fall after they no longer have allies in South Korea. You could see the Philippines fall, and you could see free China back up. Wars may be fought today by pressing a button and loosing the missiles, and atomic warheads, but it still takes the infantry to come in and mop up the territory, and occupy it, and enforce the law. Inevitably that is why the Scripture tells us that tho the great battles which come out of our day are to be great flying swords, and projectiles, going into the sky, still when Ezra the prophet like other wrote of these things, he wrote with great prophetic vision that demonstrates how the spirit was able to let him have a picture of the battles of tomorrow. He did not just talk about the mass of manpower which moves across a battlefield, he talks first about the flying swords, about the giant projectiles flying thru the skies belching their great explosive power, lighting up the heavens like a star. Throwing up their pillars of smoke and their flame and fire, and underneath...cities turning to powder and dust. Don't tell me that the vision of the spirit hadn't given to men like Joel a knowledge of the nuclear age into which you have come, and the things that are involved. He also had a knowledge as did Ezekiel concerning the heart of your enemy. For the heart of your enemy was completely untouched by the patterns of emotion. An actor who knew that you were soft because there was within you a spirit of light and of love. Because of this pattern you would like to do something for the unfortunate, and you would like to think...well, even of your enemies, and there is not that strange desire in your heart to obliterate your enemies. You don't just want to go over and wipe them out, you just want to give them another chance to turn out to be just human. You will even extend to them the perimeter of operation which makes for great danger for your society if it were not for Divine Destiny. And one of the weakest operations facing you today is that the enemy has been able to brainwash a great number of your people, and these people are in places of leadership in your nation.

I want you to know that these things have come and gone, but the rudiments of the error sown in our midst are here. An enemy tonight is trying to outflank us, he is building up all the strength of munitions that are possible. He talks warily of disarmament and pledges to the world that he is a peaceful fellow. But actually he is baring his claws and he is preparing the weapons for your destruction. Now:..there are those who are predicting their hopes for tomorrow on the idea that maybe we can mollify this fellow, and somehow get him to talk Peace. Maybe we can get him to talk Peace for 10 or 15 years. Maybe the people will like Peace so well that they can't get them to go to war anymore. Now listen:...don't put your hopes in anything today that talks Peace, when your enemy is getting ready and is spreading and moving on every corner.

I turn over to the Book of Ezekiel in the 38th., chapter and God says: 'Son of man, I am against this Prince of the land of Russia (Magog), against the chief leaders of Moscow, and Tubal, and I want you to prophecy against him. Thus saith YAHWEH...I am against thee oh, chief Prince of Moscow, and Tubal, and I will turn thee back.' Now He makes a very strange statement:...'I will put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth with all thine army, horses, and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor, even a great company with bucklers and swords, and shields and all of them handling their swords.' The actual translation is:..coming out with all sorts of new weapons. And as they come they will find that Persia, Ethiopia, the Mid-east, and Africa will all fall before them. The tribes are on the borders, Gomer and Togarmah, these are the border lands where the people of the white Western Europe area are and where the Slavic nations are...all on the northern quarters, reaching out even unto north Lapland. All of these areas, and all these people are now in their hands, behind the iron curtain.

And now it says:..prepare thyself and all the company which is assembled. Here are the enemies of God and His kingdom spread out with a 'creeping war'. Then as they attack God says:..I am going to turn you back. Did you ever stop to realize that Russia was working and planning for a great major World War...and Russia was under Bolshevik leadership since 1917...then when W.W.II broke out their ideas of preparedness of Western Europe were of course very inadequate. The Soviet Secret spy system had been able to bring back information that told them however that Finland would be a speedy victim, that they had no weapons and could not fight. That Poland could be a speedy victory, that only a horse drawn cannon and their Calvary would be their defense. That Germany was still restrained within the limits of the Versailles treaty, that its military army and its military organization was very small compared to their own striking power and the vastness of their man power.

Did you know that the Soviet Union was given the facts and figures that their own Secret Service wanted, thru their revolution, and with their 5th., column which was all over the world. In every country of the world where there are any great number of Jewish citizens who have migrated to these countries, the Soviets have their listening posts. We have been able to establish with documents brought back from Washington, that communism was organized and controlled...its original commissars were Jews, and Jews have dominated the Bolshevik Red Revolution thru out all its formulated years. They have contributed in every country into which they have gone, by becoming the 5th., column for Communism. They have been the thieving, stealing organization that gave the atom bomb, and missile secrets into the hands of the power which...they hope to use to thrash the world. Frankly the hands of Anti-Christ have worked at this steadily.

Now:..in this manner therefore great numbers of people flee from the so called tyranny of the Soviet Union. They hammer at the gates for the free world, they say that they are refugees coming to us for freedom. And in order to do that they say there is anti-Semitism in Russia, and they are fleeing from a purge. And then when they get into our nation, and other western nations they say:...we are professors, we teach mathematics, and languages, we are masters of social science. Then soon they are in our schools as professors and then the refugees are soon talking about the doctrines of Karl Marx, and the philosophy of Socialism. Suddenly they have forgotten from where they fled, and they constantly inject this poison into the thinking mind of our society, and into our school systems. This my friends...is a Trojan Horse of the 1960-61. This is the way they try to get inside to change the thinking of a nation. But their strategy is the same, for back in those periods before W.W.II., the Soviet Union did not realize the strength lying dormant in Western Europe, nor did they have any idea of the speed with which America could put on the sinews of war, when once the money was released which...was held by the money changers. Nor did they know that a world locked in depression would still not fall easy prey to marching men. What they did not know was that out of the Steppes of Asia, the military sciences, and the preciseness necessary for great victories had not been organized. What they did not know was that it would take more than ordinary men, and masses of them, to bring a victory. It takes understanding, it takes military science, it takes logistics, it takes weapons, it takes the sinews of industrial manufacturing ability, and they did not realize this. When that non-aggression pact was signed, it was signed as a probing measure, it was signed as a restraining measure by Germany, knowing that soon the war would be shaking the may of Europe. And Poland who was a participant in that time, in that struggle, little did she realize the strength of the country she was badgering when she refused the corridor, and when she continued her acts and atrocities around Warsaw, and the free city of Danzig. The fact remains that in this instance the war was in the making. Suddenly there came that great conflagration of the war, and the Soviet Union suddenly learned that there were things they had not prepared for as they had thought. They invaded little Finland, and yet little Finland with German arms rolled them back time after time...rolled back these long lines of marching men, their lumbering planes, and the crude machinery of Magog which was trying to conquer the world. But the communist philosophy created more damage than its military might, for little Poland almost stopped mighty Russia.

Then the ingenuity of the enemy saw this and thru their policies of Babylon, they started to build and to finance, and to transfer as much as they could of industry. Then strangely enough the break came and Russia became...our ally...as we become involved in this struggle. Note that she did not enter into the conflict or participate in the Asiatic field until, we had won the victory. She hurled hr men as she had long desired Europe, but now the masses of equipment and machinery were coming out of the arsenals of the Western world and the western world was now supplying...the enemy...of our race, and our culture with the weapons which someday would be turned against us.

No wonder that prophetic voices within our nation warned..look out.. this is Magog, the Scriptures have warned as from whence our enemy comes. There came voices from America and some from Germany which said:..look out, for now Russia is a part of the Anti-Christ. There is nothing in the background of Russia that is in oneness with our culture, and with our Faith, or with our life. Even there came an hour when an emissary from high up in the command of Germany flew to England, under a promised flag of truce, in order to discuss the fact that there is nothing as foolish as the hostilities of white nation against white nation, who must now turn and stand against the gathering forces which threaten the world. Red China's man power soon to be harnessed, the great marching dragon is to move across the earth. But no, there were those how were bent by the same forces who would not listen. Someone said what was it that kept us from stopping carnage when we could have stopped it? Where then were all the pacifists who said no unnecessary warfare? Why not stop it when there was time to arbitrate? Where were then the appeasers? None of them were around then...why? Because the master designers of that kind of propaganda were bent on the destruction of any area where in the western world could resist the forces of darkness. And so the voices that cry for appeasement, now, for recognition of the enemy now, at that time were as the enemy..moving in and among your own household. So they wanted you destroyed as well. Did you ever stop to realize then, that by withdrawal, by subtlety, by the assignations behind the scenes, of the MORGANTHAUL plan, and all that was involved, we permitted, the occupation of one-half of Europe. And that is when one-third of Israel..of the white race..came under the bondage of Magog. But when they came out of war the enemy was better armed than ever before. Oh, you say...but what of the terrible battles that reached almost to the Steppes of Leningrad? Yes, but they came out of that situation of the long supply lines, and the long winters, that made invasion impractical, under the attention of a world-wide ring which protected that country. The fact remains that Germany couldn't carry that attack into Russia, and pulled all of her defense lines at the same time, and the war soon came to an end, but not all phases of it.

Russia who didn't come into the Asiatic war until we had defeated Japan came into demand by seizure, a division of territory Japan then held. And they wanted, and did grab off other areas that were inside of Asia, and they were moving troops down inside China against your ally..Nationalists China. Now strangely enough you discover that your ally is now fighting your ally, and your ally inside of China..Nationalist China..is fighting Communism, while voices inside your own nation were saying:...force this leader of nationalist China to form an alliance with Communism, make them get along. That is just like saying the best was to solve a race question here is to force every white in America to marry a black, as long as they last. You don't marry, or join what God told you not to unite with. You didn't marry China, but the Nationalist Patriots fought, and they resisted under treachery of the Communists until they ended up on Formosa. When we look out over the problems right now which face us, in our society, the technicians in our society have watched the betrayal of the secrets developed, they have watched the developments until Magog stands with his philosophy of evil and with his animosity to Christianity and the church...stands with the spreading man-power of Red China, and with all the Satanic legions that are involved, we have watched him capture all the brains of the Anti-Christian world, and harness them together while he captures all of the masses in stupidity who in their superstitions follow this course. Tonight Africa and Asia and the ends of the earth...face you. These areas stand in opposition to you, but what does God say:...Know this, therefore, in the hour when they were going to advance against you, when it was in their blue-print, when they first laid their first seven year plan, when they were going to move with great equipment..it was already obsolete. When Stalin said:..I am going to blanket Europe with Soviet air craft, and he did put so many air craft over little Finland, he was able to pretty well fill the air with those planes, and yet they were already obsolete. I have sound motion pictures of the invasion of little Finland, and you just see...as you look into the sky...endless masses of planes. They are antiquated now, they are obsolete according to standards now, but they were also obsolete according to fighter planes America developed in that war, or that Germany had in that war. But the fact is that Russia didn't know they were antiquated then, and she was going to sweep them across the whole map of Europe. I am going to tell you one thing that happened in that war. When you were told that the struggle was on, and that Russia and Germany were fighting and German legions were pushing deep into the Steppes of Russia, and Russian troops were driven back. And down in the southern part of the Ukraine, burning, cutting, moving...marched the armies of Europe into Asia until the armies of Soviet Russia were pushed all the way to lake McCauly. And the very norther cities along their supply line were fighting the armies of Europe. When that happened...many people didn't know it but God had said in His prophecies:...I am going to turn you back, you armies of Magog, and I will push you far back, and then IN MY TIME I am going to put hooks in your jaws and I am going to bring you out.

Whether you know it or not, one part of this prophetic fulfillment came in W.W.II, as the Russian armies were pushed way back, and it took them years to regroup, and then they were preparing for a different kind of a day, in a different kind of a world, in which they would have to cope. In fact in the last 15 years we have watched the expanse and development of world communism, and we see the very nations which God here set in the great circle of the Red Army gathering in their place.

You remember back in the days of the captivity, as we had problems getting our freedom, as we were dwelling in the land of Goshen. We had not yet moved out into the great tribal developments which were ahead, never having obtained the status yet of a Kingdom. Never have been split and taken into captivity, and never having been dispersed as we were to be and built into nations. But back in that land, and living under a ruler, who knew not Joseph, but whose society had survived because of the greatness and the intellect, and the vision of one of our race, this Pharaoh who knew not Joseph came to power. And he was not going to let freedom come to your race. But God lifted up great leadership, and when this man of God came before Pharaoh, he said:...YAHWEH says: Let my people go. Let them leave the land deeded to them. Let them go out across the waters and into the land where I would have them go. Let them have their freedom. Then after he had witnessed the sign performed in the midst of them Pharaoh said: I will let them go. But then there was a hardening of his heart, but God said of this hardening of his heart...I will let him perceive the value of this test. Yes, the Ancient Zohar text said:...I permitted him to see the value of this people.

And as the Pharaoh saw them getting ready to leave, then Pharaoh said: I will not let them go, I will enslave them. Then all kinds of catastrophes fell upon the enemies of your race, and these people with their superstitions background, and their false priesthood of darkness, were under judgment, and these judgments came out of the very cosmos round about until the conditions of the forces of nature swept against them, and they let your race go.

You went out of that land of Goshen in Liberty and Freedom, but the very earth had surrounded the enemy and worked in your behalf. Even tho this tyrant said:...I will not let you go, then pursued you with his horses and his men. The strange forces, the dividing winds, the great rolled up waters of the sea thru which you had passed, did not stay apart for him. Scripture and records of history produce the facts of this. Among the great records which confirm the accuracy of the Scriptures are the records of what happened to this king. This Pharaoh who had moved out to follow you..today... the body of this king has been unearthed out of his tomb, and upon his Sarcophagus is printed:...'Here is the Emperor of all Egypt who died pursuing a people that he desired to return unto slavery.' Do you know what happened to him? He was drowned in the Red Sea. If you want to go down into his Temple tomb there written upon a great slab in the hieroglyphics of his language is the story of how he was drowned in the waters of the Great Sea, and there he drowned. how the gods were angry and how his body was taken out of the waters of the Great Sea, and with it a great number of his army for they had pursued your race. For the very earth, and the very Sea fought for you. And Moses sang a song, and it was a song of Moses and the Lamb:.. 'The horse and his rider was cast into the sea.'

Let me assure you that the Song of Moses is going to be sung again, and is going to be sung by you. For the forces of the world today who are arrayed against you, think they are going to move in against, for your enslavement. And those who think they have you in partial economic slavery think they are going to deliver you into the hands of the enemy. They think they are going to stop the wheels of industry. That they are going to close up your shipping, that they are going to tie up your whole program of defense and leave you in an economic backwash of depression, unable to defend yourself. Nothing turning, nothing moving, and suddenly falling upon you comes the enemy. Then strange forces are telling your statesmen, that you must appease them at any price.

I have no confidence in any Statesman who tells you one week..when talking to a Senate Committee...I don't believe what I said one week before. Then after they are confirmed says:..this is the way we have to go, and he returned to the position he held two weeks earlier. That we have intellectual dishonesty at the head of the nation is a fact, God Liberate us from liars.

This Great Nation however is not going to be sacrificed upon this false standard, and God is going to wake you up to the realization that there is not going to be any feast. And even the enemy with strange ideas filling his mind is going to upset the strategies that many men plan on. Remember that in the Book of Ezekiel it says that in the turmoil of ideas is the battle for mens minds, and they would seek to turn every man against his brother. That is the strategy of the enemy. To leave no one knowing which direction they are going in. That is why there is more important directions that you can turn your Statesman in, as you tell him:...the enemy tells you every day that he plans and works for world conquest, but God says:...Alright, I am going to put hooks in his jaws, and bring him out prematurely, altho he doesn't know it.

You say...how do you bring them out? Red China was planning on moving against you backed by great crops. Her armies backed by food, by her missile plants, and her new weapons that she was developing, and then God just wiped them out. As there came a sudden explosion, and a great green flash in the sky. By some type of explosion Red China's missile factory and atomic plant exploded. For the past 8 month's God's judgments have been falling on Red China, her rice crops were flooding out, and her wheat crops were dried up. A drought in one area while a few miles away inundations of unprecedented cloudbursts counteracted. The insects ate up crops after they had liquidated the birds, and they received a natural judgment. Strangely enough your enemies armies have always required masses of food with which to move. Now there is another alternative your military sees. Since most of Red China's food has been destroyed then Red China must rise and move on the food belt of areas of south-east Asia, with swift conquest of those areas and this is in their plans.

Do you know that some of our strange advisors we have in Washington said: we must take some of our surplus food and take it over to them right away. Let me tell you something:...any time God suddenly dries up the crops of His enemies, and your enemies, and it is for your welfare...DON'T YOU GO OVER AND TRY TO UNLOAD YOUR BLESSINGS ON THEM...don't go over and try to unload on them something God has cut off.

But you say:...they may march...well I would rather have them march on an empty belly then a full one. I am going to tell you this, March they will. But God says:...I will put hooks in their jaws, and then I will bring them out. Now where they will come with all their army, and all their equipment? Against MY people, Israel now dwelling safely in un-walled villages. Do you know where you dwell safely in un-walled villages, right here in North America. Where you travel all over your land, across state lines, and no one stops you. No body bothers you as you come and go, nobody throws up great ramparts around you or around your cities, because there is no problem there, and on either side of you there is no great threat for an invasion. And on the north of you are warm friends of a mutual racial background. To the south of you a friendly nation if given a chance and communism is stamped out within it. Yes, this is the great have nation of all nations according to your enemy.

Now:..don't say..oh, this is not true, we have a recession. My friends this recession is not a product of a nations ability to produce, it is a product of the rascals taking from you. We are going to throw this recession out, and we will throw the cause of it out one of these days, and that isn't going to be very far removed.

Someone said:..I can't think this comes out of this administration. It doesn't matter what administration is in place, they are going to have to operate on laws of intelligence, on scientific laws, on the laws of God, and correct this error, or we the people are going to see that this is done. But as we talk about this situation remember this is a 'have nation' and there is more spoil here than anywhere in the world. There is more here to take than almost anywhere, altho even the nations of Europe are literally un-walled villages. Oh, you say...I see the shiny points of Niki's upon the hillsides....yes you do. You can say, it may be un-walled villages but there is some strange looking cannons going by on the railroad cars...yes there are. You may say:..I see great aircraft on field, after field standing 'at ready', I see them patrolling thru the skies. Yes...for like 'birds flying over Israel' will I protect it and preserve it. This is the NEW Jerusalem. You may not see the great ramparts thrown up on the land, and you are in the place where you are dwelling safely here is where God has blessed you. But then the Scripture says:...in that day there are going to be great things...they are going to see that you the people of God are dwelling safely and in such an hour they are going to come against you. Down out of the north parts, riding on all their mechanized forces, their air power, their assault from out of the skies will come. And then they also have those great and mighty Calvary of the Cossacks and these are the mighty mounted horsemen which Russia has more of than all the rest of the people of the world, including the riding stables, and all the farm horses you could put riders on. Russia is still forced to use these masses of Calvary across her Steppes and they have the Cossacks to man them. There is something else they have discovered also, and that even in this modern warfare...when moving over the mountains and thru the terrain and forests, that one thing can get you thru these areas and that is a horse. Today the Scriptures are literally fulfilled, tho they ride thru the air, tho the missiles spearhead the attack, tho all these functions are a part of the struggle, but remember that the Scriptures says that altho they come against you, that God...has put hooks in their jaws.

I am going to tell you that in such an hour there will be as tho a wall of fire is around you, screening you. I have more confidence in Archangels than I have in Presidents. It isn't often however that we have Cardinals pray in Washington and smoke comes up out of the rostrum...but it happened. Now:...when prayer comes and a great shimmering light comes over the congregation and I see whole top of the capital suddenly shimmering in the Shekinah Glory of God, I would say that now we have a sign of Great Leadership. The smoke didn't convince me at all. This is not an attack upon a Presidents religion, or upon the anchoring of it. But it is just that the enemy thinks the best men selected for their benefit have been chosen by this President. You say:...how do you know? Well, the Russians said that the selection of Mr. Kennedy and his cabinet, the broad scope of vision of these men of good will..promise there will be better relations ahead. You know, when the old Leopard licks his lips like that, and talks Peace, I just remembered how his spots flashed a few weeks ago as he was talking to his commissars, and he said:...while we are sitting down to dinner and talking Peace, they don't know they are going to be the meal. We will move suddenly, and then I remember we will smash them with out mailed fists. Do you know that some of these evil thoughts which sweep thru their minds...that prophecy says these are some of the things that leads them out. The things you possess, the blessings you have, the creative ability which you have demonstrated are Hooks in their Jaws, to bring them out. They have an idea that if they can crush you, than all of Europe will fall swiftly into their hands. Let me tell you something:...the Scripture says: ...the hour when they talk Peace, then they move suddenly. 1961 is a very Prophetic year...a very heavy prophetic year. In fact from the 15th., of this month you have an eclipse of the sun. And within three and one-half days you have a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the most important conjunction for 20 years. The measures of the things which are before you are measures which if you read the background of the past... the prophetic measurement are indicatively that you stand before a great crisis. And all these fortents, these strange movements, this surge forward of your enemy, your strange and apparent weakness, the turbulence of the hour, may just be a part of the hooks in their jaws.

Someone said to me:..explain to me how anyone could make so many poor selections? The only way I can explain it is that this is some of the hooks in their jaws. It didn't come from the sagacity of decision, but it may turn out to be one of the baits to bring them out. You say what an hour to have leadership like this? Do you know what God can do for a nation he wants to serve? He can give them new leadership just like......that. The Lord says:.....

I will make evil to praise me, and sometimes the devil becomes the instrument of deliverance and doesn't know it.

I know of one military official who was being questioned by Congressmen and they asked this man.....Do you think that we are in danger of a Russian bombing attack? The reply was...I might have thought so a few years ago, but not now. Do you think they would upset and destroy...all this confusion?

But as to an ambitious old Tyrant this might be a symbol of victory. I want you to know that you are hanging in the balance scales of destiny, but don't let one fear of the thunder of bombs, or of the promise of destruction, of the roar which comes out of your enemy effect your determination, to remain strong, to resist.

I listened to another approach the other night as one made a radio approach to this question. He said:...we must stop anti-communist broadcasts, and attacks against Russia, for it stirs up the Peace of men. We have to get rid of any resistance, and disturbance, or violence because we are breeding a whole generation of people who are expecting violence, watching violence, and there can be no Peace this way.

Do you realize that now they are worried that people will even say:.. anti-communism?

I want to say this in closing:..........

You do not have to be ashamed of being against the enemies of God. They say...so great a hatred... but it is not a hatred of men it is a hatred of evil. I want you to know that you are in the cycle, and the hour, in which the enemy is going to make the next move. But you are to look forward with Faith, and lift up your head from whence cometh your strength, for deliverance draweth nigh.


(End of this Message)