Quickening Of Our Divine Spirit, 12-10-57



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 12-10-57

In the book of Ezekiel, these words:--’The blind leads the blind and they all fall into the ditch’---never have we had a more opportune time to see this. For except the concept and purpose be of God and except it be the Word of God, and from His ministry, which is sent forth from the pulpit, it has no purpose or lot in our midst. And those that are supposed to be the delivering of God’s Oracle, and are His ministry should not be sending forth from the pulpit, or any platform wherein they have an responsible position---any statement, or any words they are putting in God’s mouth that is not God’s words.

Now I am going to tell you that we are in the midst of a great religious upheaval. And great religious activity is also taking place. But don’t think that mass religious activity is necessarily a sign of great spirituality. It is not. Mass religious activity, where lots of good people go--- or where lots of good people of the children of God sing, and talk because they get emotionally stirred up---do not think that this has God’s blessing upon it. Nobody was more religious than the devils crowd that ran the synagogue in the days of Jesus. Probably no one is more religious than devil worshipers are. Religion is not necessarily the sign that this thing has the blessing of God. In fact, the most dangerous enemies that Jesus ever had were in the religious field, even tho they were worshiping something.

We tell you at this moment, that there are a great number of people who are being hoodwinked and bilked from words that come from ministers of Israel who are not preaching the word of the LORD. This is why the scriptures said that their own mothers and fathers are going to say that our preacher sons are no preachers, and the words that they preach is an abomination to Israel. We are ashamed of them, and we want you to fire them. And eventually, they will. And you will be surprised at who will go.

Now some times we find that to tell the truth is not popular with people who just like to be carried along and leave the thinking to some one else. Because when something is going on and there is great expectancy, we find we have had that. For instance, in Madison Square Garden, we had Billy Graham. And there in Yankee Stadium, was held one of the largest religious activities that we have had in these United States for a long time. So important, that even Vice President Nixon came down and stood on the platform, altho he was a Quaker, to call upon the world for World Peace, and to support the tranquility he saw emerging. So you see this was not all for the awakening of a nation, but to pacify the people.

Now listen. Billy Graham went to the United Nations, and he could not speak in the General Assembly. But they had an auditorium that they opened up to him. The delegates went to hear. And he held a press conference there in which he said:--’I want to warn this organization that if it wishes to continue doing the ‘Will of God’, and to accomplish mighty purposes for world peace, then it must conform to the Light. For it has made a grave mistake in partitioning Palestine and giving half of it to the Jews. It is important that it must give all of it to the Jews, and do everything in its power in implementing the giving of all that territory from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers all the way to Egypt, all encompassing in that land including the Suez and all the perimeters of the Gulf of Akaba to the Northern perimeters of Old Palestine. Unless you do this then the wrath of God will come on every man associated with this.’ Then he said:--’Do not worry about whether the Arabs like it or not. It is not necessary to please them. You must please God. The Arabs are Ishmalites and the children of Edom.’ And he said:--’They will move with Soviet Russia which is Magog, and it is Russia which is going to seize the oil and minerals of Palestine. But the truth of the matter is, that this organization and these United States should see that the Jews are given all this territory. I have made this known to President Eisenhower and to many Senators in the Congress. And I have made it known to them that this is the only course for this institution of the United Nations to take and survive.’

Now let’s think on this for a moment. He had been to Washington D.C. and there he had talked of the same thing. There is in the United States 243,000 churches. So supposing saying roughly, that 60% of these churches are Orthodox. And 60% of these churches believe that Peter’s right arm is riding on the stallion of God’s conquest with Billy Graham, because he has been given ‘an eye for an eye’ of publicity campaign for his time. He has played upon more peoples emotions than any Evangelist of this era. And now they will parrot what he has said in their churches for the next few weeks. It will appear in all the major news papers. I took a copy out of the JDA which is the Jewish press release, in which they were happy about Billy Graham’s statement saying that he is the best friend we have among Christendom in all times.

Now let’s just take a look at this. FRIENDSHIP WITH THE ENEMY IS ENMITY WITH GOD. There is no question about this. When a man says that he speaks for God, whose program is a delivered message for God, goes to the house of the Anti-Christ and tells them to give the Kingdom and the territory which belongs to Israel to the Jews, who are the enemies of God--and says that God said this,--then my friends, he is one of those God said is preaching in My name---but---as YAHSHUA says:--’I DON’T KNOW YOU.’ Oh, you say, but Billy Graham is one of the greatest Evangelists of this hour. But when he arises and says--by the spirit of God,---and says God said this and God said that, when god does not say it----then influences the nations of God’s Kingdom to turn over a part of your heritage to God’s enemies,---there is no excuse for this behavior. NEVER. Oh, you say---he speaks with ignorance. But God did not set a man for a Clergyman to speak with ignorance. He may be as a man permitted this ignorance, and you may be permitted this ignorance, saying this is what I believe---but God does not permit a man to use His WORD as his oracle in this way and then call him a Clergyman. There is no excuse for that. In otherwords, God has said that the Abomination of the Desolator is standing in that place. He has made this very clear.

Now there is no design on his part to see justice. He says it doesn’t matter what happens to the Arabs. Let them push them all out of the way. We are going to have to fight with Russia for this land anyway.

Now,--in the first place, Billy Graham knows that the Anglo-Saxon people are Israel. Billy Graham’s campaign manager went to college with my secretary. And whenever he comes to Los Angeles, they have lunch together. And some of my tapes have been played before Billy’s campaign manager. And in the last year, he has listened to some of my tapes. And they have debated and argued about this in his office. More than that, he knew this for he had originally stated to his campaign manager that there is no doubt of the truth in all this but it would be so unpopular that it would destroy the vastness of his enterprises.

Now, when you know the truth, then you weigh it for value, for popularity and fame, and move ahead in a field like this,--then this is why you read that the PREACHERS OF ISRAEL ARE LIKE DUMB DOGS CRYING IN THE DESERT AND BLIND IS LEADING THE BLIND AND THEY ALL FALL IN THE DITCH. If the United Nations and the United States listen to this, they will fall into one of the greatest ditches---of Armageddon---they have ever seen and land in one of the greatest disasters which we have ever faced. We can lose many of our sons if we move into the wrong position.

Let me tell you. This whole program is the work of Jewry, the enemies of Jesus Christ. And it does not fulfill the prophetic policy of scriptures.

So, Billy Graham was given the opportunity to speak. And this he has done. And there is no question that this is a sign of the hour that we are living in. ---’Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Unto them it is not given.’ ---Thus there is no question of this hour in which we are living. For there is a famine on the part of the living for the word of God. On the other hand, each one of these situations are going to be victoriously handled by the sons of God who know. And there is not one little thing that goes down to defeat. Because I know my FATHER and we declared unto you just last week, that the Scripture cannot be broken.

Now, the Kingdom of God is not so small, even tho it started out here in earth as one man’s family and we increased until we were one-sixth of the world population. But we are still quite a mighty host in the earth. And are the technological masters of most of these situations.

Now the all Eternal Master has still kept His word for He says:--’Fear not little flock. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ And the Administration of that Kingdom is what is being referred to. And while the program of God is to restore and to empower all of His sons. Unto you who know shall the power and the leadership of the Administration be given. The other day, the enemy, as it continually does in its attack upon Christianity,---in China,---and a reporter reported it----saying this was the propaganda they were using against the church which existed in China---and they said:--’Christianity is not as beneficial to the masses as the economy. They were using this quote:--’To him that hath, more will be given. And to him that hath not, all will be taken away.’ So they then say that Christianity is just for the rich, because the poor will lose what little they have. But this quote is not talking about the world’s substance. It is talking about the will and the mind of God. To him that hath, more will be given---it is God’s purpose to give the administration of the Kingdom to the children of God. To give it to those that know--not to those who do not know. After all God is not a fool. God is not going to turn over the administration of the Kingdom to those who do not know how to run it. He is going to climax this situation with those who do know. You would even do that in your own life. God is not even disturbed with what is going on tonight. God is not worried about the Negro taking over America. He is not worried about all of you being mongrelized into one group. Remember that God knows and has the last word.

We are undoubtedly in one of the greatest hours of your history. For we are about to see things done. It is my belief that we have watched the binding of many of these situations. And when the Sons of God start to bind, they can confuse the enemy. They have to be confused. For everything they have planned and put together in the past few weeks has fallen apart. It is bound to confuse them. Just remember that you can do anything that you want. This is your country. And when you do it by the spirit and the power, your victory is absolutely assured.

Now, there are some things which are according to divine purpose which are in this book. Great is the mystery within this book. But unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, unto them it is not given.’ Among these I would call your attention to what relates to all the sons of God. You say--what about Billy Graham?---Well, there is no doubt of the fact that some day God will put him back into His own image. And he will think and speak as he is supposed to. But he will not be the High Priest of the Kingdom. Don’t worry about that. He will not be a leader in the Administration of the Kingdom. In fact, he will be happy to be a doorkeeper in the Kingdom, because --the first shall be last, and the last first. And unless they say ‘Thus saith the LORD’, and back it up with the kind of decisions that come out of the scripture, they are not speaking with the spirit of God. Remember that God does not have to get a lot of sermons ready. And does not have to map out a different strategy for the preachers. All that the preacher has to do to be the voice of God is to speak the truth. But it better be the truth. For when it is not with the spirit of God, which he is speaking, then judgement lies at the door of the preacher. But all of the Clergy of America, have been blinded. And they shall be chastened for the way they have not fed My people.

Now, what is the important thing for this hour to know what God is about to do? We have been telling you more and more of the things that God is going to do. There will be an increase in Spiritual law as it relates to the Kingdom along with the realization that we are the children of God. Before we go on in this subject, I want you to turn with me to the book of Acts. I want you to remember as we said last week, the words of Jesus reiterates the words of the 82nd Psalm that we are the children of God. And then Jesus said that all of you are God’s and did not I give you the Law and that the scripture cannot be broken?

Now let’s go a little further. Let’s go to the 17th chapter of Acts and listen to the Apostle Paul talking to all your Sythian brothers in Israel and this is what he said:--’For in HIM we live and move and have our being. For we are also His offspring. For as much then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold or silver, or stone graven by art and man’s device.’ And we ought not to worry about this because the Godhead is in you and we are His offspring and all of you are the offspring of God.

Now, there is no way to tear that passage up. Just stop and think a bit. The Apostle Paul said:--’In HIM we live and have our being.’ In HIM we have our life and His life is in us. And this has been in the book of Acts all the time. In HIM we live, we move, we even have the sense of His being in us, in His existence, in His creative power, and in His spirit. And we are HIS offspring. More than that, we are not to be carried away by all the things which are falsely erected as the image of God, because you are His image. And you are the power of His Godhead in the world today. Why is that? Because the Godhead is invested in His sons, deity and Administration. It says:--’Ye are Gods’ so God has included you.

Now, let me cite to you this. We all know that there was not anything not right in the plan of God, even the expectancy of a man’s conduct resting in a physical body and put in the environmental of Lucifer. Remember, that Lucifer had taken over the world before your race ever came here. Remember the whole catastrophe of evil had taken over before you came here. And when God said we are going to put man in Adam, then Adam was the name, the spirit resident in that body. Wherever God talks about this in the Old Testament, the word is Adam and is talking about your race, but translated man. But at first it was Adam.

Now, remember that first man then was Adam and resident in him was the spirit of the living God. He was BEGOTTEN of GOD and was GOD’S offspring, thus the ISSUE of GOD.

Now let me cite this to you showing it is true. Let me take you over here to a statement made in the book of Corinthians concerning Jesus Christ and this is the way things were. ‘For the first man Adam, was made a living soul, and the second Adam was made a quickening spirit.’

The first man, Adam was made a living soul. And inside this vessel called Adam was a spirit of God who had been with him before the world was framed. But his first physical impact was made thru the veil of a flesh body, and thru the senses of all the things which were happening round about him. And the soul of Adam was a complete record of all that he saw and experienced in this physical body. Your soul is all you know, for the word in the New Testament is___________or mind. And some of this word is related to the mind and some to the spirit. But everywhere the word soul is used, the word is______, for the first Adam was made a living, recording mind--for he recorded all things and held them in his memory. And these are nasson electrons piled layer upon layer in the mind.

We know that Adam had spiritual power because he was given dominion. But he surrendered it by violation of Divine Law. It is important that we note something here. The first Adam was a begotten son of the MOST HIGH GOD, His offspring, His Issue as we read in the book of Luke that Adam was the son of God.

Now, Jesus Christ was by the preparation of His own spirit the exact Issue of Deity. That the physical body was begotten by the elements of spirit and that the fullness of God resided in this body, the scripture tells us.

Now, what does it say?--It says here that the first Adam was a Living Soul, a complete recorded memory of everything which had occurred. And the second Adam was a quickening spirit.

Now, the spirit of God walking among men, so that He might be like His brethren, is called a second Adam in the book of Corinthians in the 15th chapter and the 45th verse. Thus the first Adam was divine, but the Second Adam was Divine with a full spiritual knowledge and consciousness.

Now, listen. That is important because that is your family. That means that the spirit inside of you has the same capacity as did Adam and also did Christ. You are a quickening spirit. There resides in you a quickening spirit. And there lies within you also a living soul.

Now, what does this word Quickening mean? Strange as it may seem, we have two words meaning quickening. There is one in Hebrew and one in the Greek. And the one in the Hebrew means a life giving spirit, but it is a peculiar word, for it says----A RULING LIFE GIVING SPIRIT, or a CIRCLING LIFE GIVING SPIRIT. And the word in the Greek is a complete adjective even in translation, because it says again, that the word quickening in the Greek is to impart a circular motion. So you see the Hebrew word and the Greek word have the same basic function and this is a circular motion, a ruling motion or rotating motion. And this motion is involved with Light. So the word quickening means a rotating, or ruling motion filled with light. And many people thought this referred to the living instead of the dead. But you turn over here into the book of Timothy, and also in the book of Peter, and it talks about the fact that the LORD shall judge between the Quick and the Dead. Oh, you say---that is just between those who are alive and those who are dead. There are a lot of people who are dead and are walking around here today. But the people who are QUICK are those whose spirits have ben accelerated and they are accelerated by the process of the accelerating of God’s Spirit. And that hour when Christ comes to judge His Kingdom, then everyone of you will have immortality. All that you have to do is to ‘quicken’ the process inside of your physical body. Now, the rotation of the electrons around the nucleus has to be speeded up and you would have immortality.

You go back into creation and re-creation, and it tells you that God created the heavens and the earth after He had made one null and void. Then you go back here and you read:--’The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water, and the word is imparted motion. But the strange thing is that this is a circling imparted motion. So the MOST HIGH INCREASED OR SPED UP ACTIVITY UPON THE CREATION THAT HE HAD MADE.

Now, remember that the Apostle Paul tells us that things are not made of what they do appear. Here you are in a physical body, and what is it composed of? We turn for one moment over here to the book of john and we listen to the words of Jesus. And He tells you some very important things that you are to understand which are concerning your life and your condition and destiny. And He tells us in the 6th chapter of John, verse 63:--’It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak unto you they are spirit. And they are life.’ And the flesh profiteth nothing. So what does He mean? Jesus had just gotten thru expressing to them and telling them about a law of life. Here you are a living spirit of God, a living son. And you are down here in a body of flesh. So what is it made of? You know one of the most fantastic things is the way some would translate things. Some tell you that God came down and gathered up a ball of mud and made man out of it and breathed into it and out walked a man. And a lot of people believe that. They don’t understand anything else. And lots of things are made out of mud. So there it is. So it was translated that God made man out of the dust of the earth.

Now, this is not the way He did it. There is not anything in this Universe which exists that God did not make. It does not exist which is not the creation of God. And you can read this in several places. And several tell us as does Peter, that everything which exists, everything in the Universe has been quickened by the existence of God. Everything IN THE UNIVERSE. It tells us IS QUICKENED BY THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. And you might say, how can this be? But in the 6th chapter of Timothy, verse 13:--’I give thee charge in the sight of god who quickeneth all things.’

Now, go backwards and we find that God holds all things together by the revolution of the energies of these things. There is not a student in all the world that does not know those things---one electron and one proton, one electron going around the proton going round and round and round. What makes it go that way? Out of the mind of God, out of the ages past, there moves out of that Great Mind, the greatest of all Minds, the Spirit above all spirits, and the Light and energy moves out. And those electrons and protons move across billions of miles of space and they are going somewhere. You say what do you do, gather them up? No. They know where they are going and when they will come together. They go all those miles and when they come to the right place, they are ready for God’s next creation. God is always thinking. He is always putting together. And all that energy for the putting together of the Universe comes from HIM.

Now, remember, that every atom from every substance, in this Universe, where it is close to you or in the furthermost sun, is composed of the same thing which you have here of the electrons going around the protons. Everything is your world, every element of substance is held together by the light energies that came out of HIM for HE is before all things and by HIM all things consist. By this same line of thinking, the Apostle Paul who knew more about this than anyone, said:--’I didn’t know whether I was in the spirit or in the flesh. God knows, but I was there. Some things I can’t tell you, for you would not understand them now.’ But things are made of things that they do not appear to be made out of. However since things are not made of those things of which they appear to be made out of, they are of substances. You see masses of molecular mass and some are solid, and you classify them by their appearance and by their reactions, and from the smallest atom to the largest piece of Uranium with all of the 238 electrons moving around it---all of this is by law. All by the process of thought out of the mind of God. All is held together by the circular quickening of God’s spirit.

Now, the word quickening means---energy which causes it to move,--like the Universe going around,---everything is in order, even the programs of God are in order. And even you will eventually get back to the starting point. He can manipulate it as He wants. And today even the powers of darkness are out of order. But as fast as the program of God’s Universe, everything is moving in order. But the MOST HIGH GOD in a burst of energy, can put everything in form and order. There is nothing more important than for you to know than the fact that the force which holds together every atom, everything, is HIS creative spirit out of the energy of HIS MIND.

Now listen. The first Adam was made of the elements of the earth, and the word is Elohim. Thus then, God begat man in His own image in a body of His own making of the elements of the earth, and holds it together in the same way that the Universe was made. Thus you have in your body all the elements of the Universe. You are not therefore made of dust. You are made of the elements. You were not made of small particles of dust. You were begotten, not molded out of dust. The fact then remains that the first Adam was then a living soul. But he also had something else. He had spiritual capacity able to think the thoughts of God. He was thus the son of God. And had all capacity to do all these things from the beginning, including the capacity to build a Kingdom and to bring that Kingdom out of nations. He made a covenant with those nations thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and on down to your time with all the White Christian nations of the world. Because you are the descending sons of the MOST HIGH GOD. But under this policy of the violation of Divine Law, they lost the Aura of Divine Spirit. Something happened. But inside of Adam when the spirit of God begat a body, in which the life of the sons would dwell in, that body had an acceleration of energy around it later than the present seed of the elements without it. And because of it then, Adam in the beginning, had an element of radiation, an aura. And that radiation was a stepped up rotation of the elements. Thus it was that without that rotation of elements coming to that immunization point things disintegrated under normal processes. And eventually disintegration and judgement would take place, but under the condition of your original begetting and creation, and under the condition that God had purposed for you. And every prophet understood this. God by a thrusting impute of His Spirit is going to accelerate every atom of your body, until once more it glows with radiance and with the Aura returning round it makes that body absolutely indestructible.

Now, let me cite this to you that the spirit of God says that you have the spirit. The same as is in Him. And He says I am going to quicken it. I am going to make that spirit a carrier for every atom of that body and it will give you immortality.

To show you the this was not something that we thought up in 1957, God gave us sources for something to think about. This was just His time for truth to be brought out. So I turn over to the 71st Psalm, and this is what I read:---’O God, thou which hath shown me great and sole troubles, shalt quicken me again and shalt bring me up again, right out of the earth.’ What did he say? He said ‘O God, you have shown me great tribulations, but you are going to gather every atom of my body. He is going to bring my body right up out of the earth and put me in it. That is what David believed and said it back there in the 71st Psalm.

Now, I want to draw your attention again back to the book of Romans in which we talked to you about these things, and we said that Jesus made the declaration and Paul said that the spirit which raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you---that He shall quicken your mortal body by the spirit the dwells in you.

Now I am going to upset a few theological misrepresentations. A lot of people have been taught that this meant that when men die God is going to resurrect them. And this is true for it is taught in the scriptures, but He is not talking here about dead men. Because the spirit does not dwell in a dead man. The moment a body dies, the spirit goes back to God who gave it. The body goes in the grave, and the spirit goes back to God. There are no dead men in the Kingdom of God. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. This body is just waiting for resurrection, but the people are not dead.

Now what does it say here. If the spirit which raised up Jesus--and we have already read that Adam was the son of God--- he has the spirit of God in him, meaning this whole race. And if the Spirit of God dwells in you then, that spirit which raised up Jesus will quicken your mortal body, using the spirit that dwells in you. In otherwords, that spirit---you can command it. You have authority to call on that spirit that dwells in you and command that it accelerate your body. You have the authority to call on it and claim life. You do not have to live by the law of death. You can live by the law of life. I died almost 2000 years ago. How? I died with HIM on the Cross. And when you die you are free from sin. If I had not died with HIM on His Cross, I would not be here speaking with you. I have His word and the scripture cannot be broken. I died on the Cross with HIM and I am absolutely free. And I have a right to live as free. And I know I am not going to lay around in a graveyard. For is the spirit takes command it has a lot of things to do. And it is not going to plan on leaving. It will plan on staying.

Now, listen. We turn over here to these words of Jesus and He said that you do not stay alive by anything that you do in the flesh, for the flesh can’t take care of itself. Oh, you say--you keep all of the laws of God and keep all of the balances in order. But let me tell you something. You may do everything in the world, but only the spirit can keep life in the body. The best doctor in the world cannot keep you alive if there is no desire of spirit of life there. People slip away when we say that they should not die, whereas others can be torn up by many actions. And yet, they have a will to live and they outlast all circumstances even when the doctors think they will die. Life, my friends, is in realization. Life is in constant protection, and life gives the soul the only remembrance of what it has been through. But only the spirit can sustain the life therein.

Now, it is a good thing that He saves the soul because, it says:--’He that saves the soul is wise, for it covereth a multitude of sins.’ How do you save the soul?--According to all its experiences, living by the law of the spirit while inhabiting the flesh. And when living according to the law of the spirit, instead of letting the body take on everything that they throw at us, then live by the spirit, not somehow, but triumphantly. For He has called us unto victory thru Jesus Christ.

There is no place in these scriptures which states that you and I should be put down and tromped on, or in anyway defeated by the powers of darkness.

Now, all thru the scriptures, we are told these words, for instance over here in the 5th chapter of John, it says:--’For as the Father hath live in Himself, so had He given unto the son to have life in himself.’ You are a son and we have life in ourselves. We are told in this same passage that the spirit quickens us, but the flesh profiteth nothing. But we are also told here concerning this same thing, that His life which dwells in HIM would not leave His body in the grave, but the spirit in this body quickens the body. Who? The Man--Christ Jesus. The spirit quickened that body, and He walked in that body with immortality.

Now, we reach the climax hour of the last days and the quick and the dead are mentioned. The dead are those who do not have life in them. This is the world. You have heard a lot about people who are dead but who are walking around, and yet there are also millions who will never die. Why? Because they are quickened. And they are being quickened. And the spirit within is doing the quickening for it is the spirit which is of God. And Jesus said:--’The words that I speak, they are spirit and they are life, and they will quicken this body.’ And he that will accept this claim, can keep this body alive for ever more. This power of the spirit is one of the most powerful forces that you can claim.

Remember that everyone of the prophets talked about the day when this was going to happen. We are told that it will be the Day of the LORD. It would be the end of the age. It was the hour when struggle and trouble would come. It would be the hour of Armageddon which was yet to come.

Now, listen. We have reached a point when the conditions of prophecy are all here. Dr. Comparet and I were talking before the meeting started, and we were talking about the Jubilee Year. And these things were shaping up from September of this year and on. Everyone of these signs seems to be here and the measures are here for the LORD to wind this whole thing up on His time table.

Now, we have every sign on the outside, but not in the pulpit. So the blind leads the blind. And the people hunger for the word of God. And yet they say:--’Thus saith the LORD.’ Jesus talked about the sun, moon and stars. They are here. He talked about the sign of the ‘son of man in the heavens’ and it is here. Just last week, we had a mystery,--a space ship. It undoubtedly had some kind of problem. It poured out some kind of metal and it fell to the ground over in Arizona. People saw it. But the government does not want you to know about it because this was a ship from outer space. But here is something. You are living in the time when a ship out of space, came and poured out something and people saw it. But now you are told that this was not true, nothing occurred. But it did. God is starting to break open the minds of this seed to the facts of the powers of immortality.

Now, I know this is true, because now the devil is beside himself. Do you want me to tell you how the Devil works? I have taken three clippings out of the newspapers which are trying to tell you how you must avoid certain things to live. The American Medical Association and the devil which are probably the same thing, is getting ready to try to sell you on accepting sudden death and pagan diseases, unless you take their shots. And the shots will give you a tiny bit of the disease so that they can try to see the effects on you and how they can profit by finding something to try to help you get over the effects of the shots. Remember they are telling you all these things so they will have a mass acceptance for all this. Do you know what the scripture said? ‘If you will keep My commandments and live by them, none of these sicknesses will effect you.’ So do you want to live by the law of the spirit, or do you want to be sick and take the shot? It is just that simple. Just that simple. You say--but I don’t keep all that law--I can’t. But yes, you can. It is your faith in Jesus Christ. Get this in your mind tonight. It is the Christ spirit in you which counts. Not what you have done in the flesh. Remember this is what I am claiming tonight, because HE finished that and set me free. Live by the law of the spirit and you do not have to accept all these things.

Now, what do you do? Remember, ‘Rise and shine thy light has come.’ How does He do it? He quickens. The spirit accelerates the electrons in your body. I tell you that the atoms in your body will have the electrons in your body rotating faster than an atom out here in a showcase. There is life in this spirit. And this life is throwing out an aura and it is giving a pattern of substance to it. And it creates a wave length of feeling in your life. Let me tell you something. We often tell you not to leave off this assembling of yourselves together. For there is a quickening law concerning the spirit, concerning the pattern of energy. Two people come together, and they think of the words of God. It is their life. And if two people think it, then it becomes four times as strong because it squares itself. And if four people think it then it is sixteen times as strong as it would be if one person thinks it by himself. And if one thousand people think it, then the wave length of energy that puts the life of God upon you is much more. That is the reason why the more people who think it, the more impact upon the nation. It is easier to talk to one thousand people than it is to just one. It is easier to talk to five thousand people than it is to one thousand.

Let me tell you this. There never was a greater impact than the life giving spirit of Christ. Thus there is a quickening power, and HE can warm up or cool every atom in the atmosphere. When the disciples came and the sea kicked up, you know what He had to do don’t you? He had to change the atmosphere and the way the wind was blowing. He had to balance the weather. And this was being done by the energy out of His own being. He said ’be still’ and the wind and the waves obeyed Him. Do you know that you can do this?

We say that sometimes our greatest mistakes lie in the fact that we do not recognize the power that abides in us. Just like when Peter walked on the water. It was important to look down, and when he did he was distracted. Jesus said ‘come’ and it was not important that Peter use the power that he had, and he started out. But it was only when he looked down and lost his concentration on what he had that he slipped down into the water. As long as he walked by the power of the spirit, he had no trouble walking on the water.

Remember the day when Jesus was walking down the street in a little town and a funeral procession came down that street and Jesus said ‘Stop’. And the people were weeping. They were filled with grief. Jesus looked at that young man and He said--’Arise’. And He quickened every atom of his body and the young man stood upon his feet. Do you know what makes that important?--It is because in Rome, they have a record of this in the Vatican. And the Sanhedrin which was made up of the people who the Jews wanted to give the Kingdom to, were so angry about this work of Jesus that they complained to the Emperor. They said that Jesus was using witchcraft and raising the dead and this threatened their whole government, even there in Rome. But we find this record of the Sanhedrin complaining to Rome because of this resurrection of that boy from that funeral procession. I want you to realize that the testimony of what happened to that boy is more important than what the disciples said. Because HE was not just testifying, HE just did it. So they were angry and they said He did it for we saw it. ---The enemy is more angry over this quickening power than anything you can think of.

Remember when Jesus went to Bethany, and Mary and Martha said:--’If you had been here our brother would not have died.’? Jesus said:--’I am here.’ And then He said:--’He that believeth on Me tho he be dead, he shall live.’ He asked if she believed this, and she said that she knew that He is the resurrection and the life---and that she believed that the bodies would be raised in the last days. But that is not what Jesus wanted them to believe---that they knew that the dead would be raised in the last days. He wanted them to realize that He was here now and He was the second Adam with the Quickening Spirit. And it was His job to quicken every spirit of the Father. This is why He turned to the Jews and told them that they could not be quickened. They had to have the wave length before they could start anything moving. You have to have the wave length before anything can start to revolve---before you can speed them up. And He said:--’You cannot understand My speech because you cannot hear My words.’--you are on the wrong wavelength. Oh, you may hear the words, but you can’t make anything out of them. If I brought a Chinaman in here and he spoke to you, oh, you could hear him, but you would not understand his words. They would make no picture in your mind. You would hear the noise but it would make no picture in your mind because of your culture and your background, your conscious remembrance, and your memory. And your background and spirit have nothing in common with him. And you would not get one single image.

Since you are the sons of the Father, He said:--’I have come to gather up My own. I will gather them that have My Spirit, and when I call them, they will hear.’ And He said to the Jews---there is no sense in My trying to tell you anything because you can’t hear Me. You don’t get one spiritual picture out of what I am saying, because you cannot understand. I come to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. But you believe not because you are not My Sheep.

Now, there is no anger here. Just the realization here that the Devil’s children were not on the same wave length. The MOST HIGH had just declared something. He said--’you can’t hear for you do not receive.’

Now, they came down there and they watched what Jesus was doing. And Jesus had just made this declaration. And then He said as He stood in front of the tomb of Lazarus,--’Come on out Lazarus’ and He quickened every element in His body. The book of Nicodemus tells us how the devils could not hold the body of Lazarus. Said he just shook himself and came out of the grave. So Lazarus left the Nethermost realms, and when he came out, he knew that this was something that he could not explain. But remember this. It tells me in the book of John, how the Jews who were standing around plotted how they might put Lazarus to death again. This quickening spirit had brought Lazarus out of the Nethermost and they plotted how they might put him back in there again. Thus they warred against this Quickening Spirit that they could not understand. Jesus could walk the earth and heal the blind and bring people back from the dead. And they were afraid of that power, so they wanted to get rid of Him who had that power.

Listen. The scripture tells us that the whole kingdom of darkness is going to be defeated by the mighty light of the Life of God. This is a brightness that rises with healing in its wings. We tell you tonight, that the process is there. The energy is there. I want you to get this thought tonight, that what makes you immortal is not coming---IT IS HERE. One night I listened to a great man of God, who had one knowledge which he was able to impart. And this is what he said:--’Everything that belongs to a child of God--then God has given this to him. Because he has the capacity to believe HIM.’ This thought went out like lightening, like a flash of electricity, and people were healed, they moved, they were filled with joy under the pressure of that man’s message. And this man was not any different than any of us. There was not anything mysterious about him. He did not look any different than any of us. He liked to go fishing and so forth. But he had a message that touched the people.

But the moment He started to bring you the program of God, he was a transformed human being. Some said it is spiritual power. But there was one thing, and one thing alone. The moment he started to say ‘Thus saith the LORD’, he was a transformed vessel with spiritual power. I believe this. He said one thing, and one thing alone---’This is the Word, and the Word has Life.’

I want you to turn once again with me back to this word in the book of Romans:--’Therefore, if the spirit of He who raised up Christ from the dead dwells in you’----and I believe that spirit dwells in me or I would not be here tonight, but if that spirit dwells in you, it shall quicken that mortal body which you are living in, by that spirit which dwells in you, by your command. When you get up out of here and say to that body, come on, we are going home, then you are in command. When you get up tomorrow morning, don’t ask the body how it feels, you just tell it how it feels. You are in command. You say--but it won’t work. Yes, it will. You don’t have to run down and get a shot, you just tell it that you are okay, and that is from the word of God. The Word had Life and power.

You can say--no one is going to take over my country and say it is going down, because that is not the word of God. It is your job right now to bind the entire Supreme Court, not to let they take you down, but for God to take them out of the way until we have men and women on that court to represent this nation as the last nation of God. That is your job right now. It is not important how it is done. The LORD has taken people out of the way before this. I believe that someday every Negro will be taken to Africa and out of this nation of the Kingdom of God. The Communist Party tells us that before Labor Day is over there will be race riots in this nation. If it takes that kind of pressure then that is alright, but before it is over there will not be a Negro here in these United States. There will be none of these unassimilable houses left in this Kingdom of God.

Remember this. Start binding these things and start claiming victory right now. You live above any reaching of judgement against you as a child of God. We are living in a cycle. And we have to bring down this house of evil which is against you. But don’t worry about it, for it will be done. There is nothing which will prevail against you. And it doesn’t matter whether you understand this or not. There will be a great earthquake and you will survive that. But there will be another one which will make that one seem like a little tremor. This one is just judgement to make the Cainanites move out of your midst. Judgement that sweeps the world.

Now, let me tell you this. The more I see of the Washington, D.C. statesmanship, the more I rejoice that I put my trust in God’s army. I know that when that invasion, that striking power comes, that you, my friends, will be immortal. Those that do not believe it may die. But those that believe it will go right thru this holocaust. For Life is the power you will release in that hour. And those who are looking for the victory thru Michael, and Jesus and the Kingdom are going to see it. And those who are claiming it will walk thru. I watched young people go thru this last war with this Faith. And the LORD surrounded them with a wall of fire. They were not necessarily of such a great conduct, but they were protected with the simplicity of Faith that they are the children, and they survived all this. They went thru situations that traditionally would have destroyed many, but they survived.

I believe that this spirit that abides in you, here in 1957, will quicken this mortal body at the right time. And you will do what you have to do. You will save all these remembrances and you will add to them. So by this spirit, which is in you, refuse to let disintegration work in this physical body. Refuse to permit this judgement to effect you which is coming upon the world. Refuse to live by any law but the law of Life, by this spirit in you which will cause an acceleration in your body. We have not time to complete this message. But I can tell you that there are already people who can feel this acceleration and they have never felt so much vitality, so much life before. And there will be testimony out of your Congress that they are beginning to feel this acceleration in their being, that they are feeling victorious.

You don’t become depressed because you don’t have room for it. I am furious with I pick up a newspaper and suddenly I am commanding that the enemy receive the judgement by the power which is there. God wants you to do this. And it can only be accomplished by the Spirit which is in YOU. (end of message)