Race Of Destiny, 5-8-61



By   Dr. Wesley A. Swift -  5-8-61

We are speaking to you on a subject which is vitally important to each and everyone of you. It is important to everyone in the world, for there exists today a great breakdown in truthful teaching. This is to be found in many facets of influence upon public opinion. I might say that the heaviest responsibility lies at the door of the church, and is to be found entrenched deep in educational systems, and supported by all the enemies of your civilization, your society, and most directly by the enemies of your Faith. This is the attempt to destroy your Racial self-respect.

The design is to wipe out, destroy the separateness of the white race from the other races of the world. The design is not one merely to bring about social progress, the design is one to destroy the nation and the race which today is the leading civilization. There can be no question of the fact that the white race, and the nations which make up the white race, today are without question as far as the accumulated masses of knowledge are concerned, masters of the intellectual field.

As we look out over the world today we hear much about the inferiority of the American, British, or German technique. We are told that science is making greater progress among our enemies. We are being told that we are on the way to the discard. And that there exists no greater properties among the white race than any other people on the face of the earth. And that Asia is equal in ability, and equal for obtaining Mastery in the earth. Or it might be evolving out of a quickening nationalizing inside of Africa. We are told that we are becoming soft and decadent, and therefore we are weakening, and that we do not have enough austerity in the concepts of education. That we have lost the leadership and are in decline. We hear this coming from our enemy, from the United Nations, and from the Soviet Union, and out of the Red Satellites. And while they are making this declaration and denouncing us for the lack of leadership, or on our declining..this is all built on the very doctrine they are sowing into our midst, and praising as the program of progress, for the Western World. I do not feel that there is any inferiority in the ability of American scientists. There is no inferiority today in the technical ability of American technicians. Nor is there any inferiority in the possibility of crafts of American labor...which they can produce, or craftsmen to produce these crafts. There is a decline today in the development of our technology and to some extent we seem to see our scientists bound by strange forces restricting them from reaching the maximum of their production. Today almost every secret your enemy uses in the field of science has been stolen from you and he has picked your brain. Almost every attempt to destroy the Western World has had to depend for its mechanics upon the secrets which spies have stolen out of your society. And in most of these instances these spies which delivered our nuclear secrets to the enemy have not been Christian, and have not been true members of the white race. Then having obtained these secrets it is rather interesting to note that during the hours of these developments, always members of Anti-Christian groups, and not members of your race, stood by in the laboratories or looked over the shoulders of great white technicians and stole their secrets. If they had possessed within themselves the initiative to do this without engaging in this kind of espionage they would have developed these inventions and weapons without this spy system. They would not have needed to have looked over your shoulders....not at all.

I want you to know that the real secret of this does not lie in the inferiority of American scientists or their mental ability, nor in the ability of the scientists of Germany, or Britain, or Scandinavia, which made these achievements possible. The retarding influence comes from inside of your nation, from unassimilatable people, many of whom are not of your race, nor of your Faith. And they have been interfering in your way of life, by teaching through your churches and schools, that you have to accept their influences. That you have to agree to this debasing, and downgrading, destroying process. I charge that if it had not been for this 5th column moving into the high echelon of government in the days of Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower that America would have been out in space first. America was restrained by a very carefully designed plan of restraint, and had it not been for this 5th column in your society being given unlimited influence and opportunity for spying during these administrations, there would not be today any nuclear achievements by the Soviet Union. Nor would you have anything to worry about in the Nomadic hoards moving back and forth across the Steppes of Asia. When we talk to you tonight as citizens of this great nation, and of the white race, we are not just talking to a people who have in their blood the blood of all the people of the races of the world. For some of our students are being taught today in our universities and colleges that everybody is a by-product of evolution, and everybody has in their veins the blood of peoples of many races. They would like for you to believe that so that you would see no point or value of segregation pertaining to a program of the maintenance of racial purity. I am going to tell you tonight that you cannot serve God and you cannot serve your country faithfully, and you cannot serve your race, or your family...unless you dedicate yourself to a program of racial self respect, and to a program of racial purity, and development of its spiritual and technological attainment to its greatest possibility. This you can only do when you follow the instructions of the Most High God, which is also New Testament, not just Old Testament..in which He said:...'come out of her and be ye segregated, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean things, so that I can receive ye, and be a Father to you for you are my sons and my daughters...saith the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.'

The God I serve is a segregationalist. He is discriminating, He is Omniscient, and knows all about what He is doing. He is not cruel, He is not unmerciful, but in the vastness of His Wisdom and in the greatness of His Mercy, and in the vastness of His plan He has placed in this world the best and the greatest and the highest human that ever walked upon this earth. And He..to do this..transplanted the children of His Spirit into physical earth, for the raising, the elevating, the lifting, and the civilizing of the world. These people are..the white race, who have descended from the loins of Adam, who was the offspring of the Most High.

I want you to know that any Christian minister who will not advocate segregation and discrimination on the part of God, is a traitor to the Gospel and to God Himself. Someone said:..what should happen to ministers like that? They should be given a good opportunity to learn the truth, the facts should be presented and laid before them, and then my friends, the time should come when we should treat an individual who carries the kinds of poison to mens minds that destroys our race...treat them as we would an individual carrying a contagious disease..and isolate them.

Now:..I see that there is one or two who don't agree with this, but it is good for you once in a while to hear something you don't agree with, especially something such as this. Because there are two things that we do in our society, we don't permit someone to go around spreading a contagious disease...we isolate them. And I tell you that the lies of today which are seeking to destroy your race, and you nation, is one of the most deadly viruses which has been turned loose on our society. And we let them loose in our Colleges, in our Universities, and in our High Schools all over the nation, and then we turned them loose in a lot of our pulpits.

Now:...someone said that isn't a thread of scientific evidence to support this. The person that made this statement was supposed to be an Anthropologist. In the course of everything he has in his own library, one of which he ascribes to, has to support everything we have told you here tonight. There isn't any question that you are a race of great destiny. The coming of the Adamic race into the world was to have a great impact against superstition, and darkness. In the very first of the Book of Genesis, the Adamic race was given by the direction of the Most High God, the authority and dominion over the earth. It was God's purpose that you should take over this world locked in superstition, and you were to regulate it by law, and government. It was his determined position that the Kingdom of God was going to abolish darkness, and superstition. It was going to carry the people of the world forward with Light and with Knowledge. But it was not to intermingle with the world, or inter-marry with them, and it wasn't going to try to absorb them. For in this great violation of law, your first parents lost great areas of power, and God had to reestablish that power by personal intervention.

I want you to know that from the birth of Seth, who was the son of Adam ....then Adam could say that this child was in his own image, in which God had certified the cleansing of the womb, and thus certifying that Adam and Eve were now capable of begetting a man, not only in the image of Adam, but in HIS own image. And the House of Seth was to brought down in racial purity, and has continued to be brought down in racial purity, and any contamination to that race line has been excluded by the Most High God, from the Administration of His Kingdom.

Now:...we talked this afternoon about the Graciousness of God, and how His Salvation goes out to the ends of the earth. How it reaches all peoples and nations, and kindreds, and all tongues. But that hasn't anything to do with the place God has elevated your race to, because you were His offspring, other than that you were a part of His salvation to the world, in that as you bring it righteous government, administration and law, and knowledge, you are lifting the world and blessing it, and saving it in its error, and bringing it into adjustment with HIM. But I want to start you off in the very beginning on a selecting, choosing, segregating, determining God who said of your race....'thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH, thy God, and YAHWEH thy God hath chosen you to be a special people unto Himself.' AND HATH PLACE YOU ABOVE ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Did you hear that? He has placed YOU above all the people on the face of the earth, and thank God, and you better wake up to that fact and stay there or else the people of earth will try to put you under their feet.

Now:...if the Most High, who is my Father, and yours, has chosen us to be a special people on the face of the earth, then I am going to do everything in my power to keep this race where God chose it to be placed. I am going to tell you that the enemies of God's Kingdom would like to destroy your race, by the use of the sword, or the guided missile, or germ warfare or the sudden rise of the assassin in your midst, this is not outside of the perimeter of their strategies. I am aware that the enemies of our race would like to enslave us or exterminate us. Their colossal designs are thus as they teach it even in the communist centers among racial minorities, with our nation, and within our nation is so that they might turn these shock troops against you. And these minorities are being told that they shall rise up, and for service to the world order of the Anti-Christ, and to Socialism, and Communism that the black revolutionists of east Los Angeles, and Watts, shall have our women. Then they will take over our possessions, and that they will execute every male who will not submit and emasculate everyone who will live in slavery. Mohammed X...is just another symptom of our time. He is a black Negro jail-bird who now happens to be out of jail, but is guided by masters who are not apparent. There isn't any Negro who is smart enough to think up some of the words that are put into his mouth. This harnessing and gathering and appealing to the bestial qualities, and the eminent hatred which is just below the skin level keeps smoldering in these people in your midst, and he is promised that they are going to rise and take over in America. Every racial revolution which is being stirred around the world against the white man and against his colonies, his government, against his administration, his civilization, is being spurred on by Communists behind the scene and by a great many dupes who don't know they are serving the Communist system, and the Communist design, and who are a part of the movement being stirred up. And when I say it is being stirred up by Communism, it is being stirred up by Jewry which runs Communism around the world.

Every once in a while I hear someone say:...we must never discuss the Jewish question. Well there is no answer to any question unless you do discuss the Jewish question, for there would be no spreading of Communism without them. Let me tell you tonight that you are not only a race of destiny, but God put you in the world to conquer evil, which had been here thousands upon thousands of years before your race arrived. That hasn't eliminated the fact that evil has penetrated into some facets of your society, and concepts of error has captured some of the minds of your society, and we have had casualties in our own race and some of these casualties even get elected to high office, if they really win the election. I am not convinced that some of the leaders of our time have really won this election. I just think they have muscled in by some of the good old tricks of politics as practiced by the enemy.

But at this moment we are well aware that every attempt is being mustered to mongrelize your society. That every attempt is being made to stir up the Negroes. They even have their evangelists of mongrelization. The NAACP and other organizations which are supposed to be interested in the advancement of colored people are insinuating that they are at a different and lower level than the white race, because in order to advance the colored man they want to mix him with the white race. If they believed they were your equals they wouldn't think it necessary to mix them with you to make an advancement. But because they recognize their in-equality they want to mix with the white race for advancement which it would be....advancement ...for the Negro, but for the white race it would be degeneration.

So lets be smart enough not to permit it to happen. These beast-like minds can absorb only so much culture as by repetition, and by your guiding influence they catch, and absorb because they catch to some degree the wave length of your thinking, the impulse of it by being surrounded by the aura of your race. But separate them and turn them back among their own and they degenerate with great speed. The scientific factors involved in this would be too long tonight to discuss to accomplish all we would wish to mention. But by no stretch of the imagination are Asiatics and Negroids of the same background or the same structure. Any man of science can examine the head of an Asiatic, a Negroid, or a white man and divide them into different categories if he only had the skull. Anyone can measure the thickness of a white man's skull and a Negroes skull and see the difference. Even to the super orbital ridges on the Negroes skull, and to the depression behind them large enough to hold water. They are different in the white man and the Negro as well as the entrance of the spinal column into the skull. This entrance into the skull is different on the many tribes of Africa and does not find the exact same point of balance as the white man. The length of the arms of the Negro is generally much longer for height than the white man, and drops like the great anthropoid of a much lower level. But the Negro is not an ape; he did not come from one; but some of them have by bestiality have degenerated their society in times past, until they are pretty close to it. Bestiality, degeneration, and mutation has lowered their race.

We are being told that they are in an evolution at this time. I listened to a minister on T.V. and he said we must realize that in this evolution of the black man that he is rising to great heights and we should not hinder him. But My Friends, he is not making this rise on his own issue, he is not making this rise on his own initiative. He is making it by the design of forcing you to absorb him, or on your guaranteeing him rights he cannot guarantee for himself.

There are certain things under which according to Divine Law that you cannot under any organization of concept supply. You cannot establish equality where it does not exist. You can say that we are one nation under God, and we guarantee that all men are created equal, but you cannot guarantee that all men are created equal because they are not. Besides most of us were born into this world and there is no equality in cultural background, racial wave, and environment.

I think it is quite evident as you look at people of the world that there is no equality of the races, or vision, or initiative. If you were to stretch all the avenues of research that you might tackle you would have a hard time bringing to me any areas of great achievement on the part of the Negroes. You come out with about 20 names, and I will bet that those 20 Negroes will be about the only one you ever heard of out of the whole race. Then you go into his background and you will discover that these 20 Negroes are mongrels, including Mr. Carver. Everyone always wants to talk about Mr. Carver, and then they tell us what he did with peanuts. This is alright for peanuts are a good thing, but did you ever hear of a great Negro astronaut or astronomer, or mathematician? Do you think Mr. Carver would have done anything with those peanuts if he hadn't had a whole staff of white scientists? If he hadn't been trained in a school taught by white scientists, taught almost everything he knew. He never set the world on fire anyhow. Do you want to talk about all those Negro colleges in the south, many of which are communist dominated? They were doing lots better before the days of Mrs. Roosevelt because they degenerated after that. I think one visit from Eleanor would degenerate anyone.

If you want to go back over one of the strangest records in history it is a wonder they haven't accused the John Birch Society of starting the stories about that. But no one that I know of in America in high office such as a wife of a president of the United States ever covered for more communists, ever used her influence to protect them while she was in the White House...than Eleanor Roosevelt and she used the Administration to move communists (Bolsheviks) into favored positions. No one went to bat for convicted spies and traitors of the U.S., no one tried to intervene in the behalf of those trying to betray our nation more completely than did Mrs. Roosevelt.

I am thoroughly convinced that the important thing for us to recognize, and to realize, is that the majority of people in your nation used to be proud of the fact that they were white men and Christians. They came from all the nations of Western Europe and became one Great Nation here, but it never came upon their thinking and it never entered their consciousness to have any other idea than that as we talked about America and her colonies and about people in government, that they were talking about white men. They never even considered these other people around here. Do you want to talk about grass roots Americans? Let me tell you this...they never considered that any Negro in all these United States in the colonial days of our greatness, had anything to say about it, or was supposed to have anything to say about it.

Someone said: Oh!, we set them free. But we never said anything about them having anything to say about our nation. We should have put every last one of them on a ship and sent them back to Africa. Do you know that every one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was a slave owner...but one? Did you know that all the signers of the Constitution was a slave owner, and that their families had owned slaves...all but one?

Now: this is in no way in support of slavery, but I just wanted you to know that when the Constitution of the U.S. was signed, that when the Declaration of the new nation was signed, that the people who made this great nation were speaking in terms of their race, and their Faith, and their Destiny, and they were not including the fact that Negroes were going to help build it. Nobody can take the Constitution as it was framed and say that it intended to grant all rights, privileges, and equality to Negroes, this was not true. There was not even anything written there concerning their lot. I am only pointing this out because when Judges interpret that Constitution, they must interpret that Constitution in the light of the facts. When educators start teaching your nation about Thomas Jefferson they always like quote him. They always like to use him as a great liberal, but he had more slaves on his plantation than most southern growers employ as labor. It doesn't mean that it was a matter of oppression or that they were treated cruelly, it just means that when these farmers of our nation talked about equality, they talked about equality of all Men.... but they were not talking about Negroes. I only bring this out because in an hour of threat to our racial self-respect, and to our survival. I believe that the Supreme Court has implemented into our way of life the great crisis of this hour, and had helped to stir up what we call racial strife, and upheaval, and the Communist Party is making the most of it today.

After the Emancipation Proclamation and then end of the Civil War, in the days of the carpet batters, and everything else that was imposed upon the south, IN VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW...we find that they murdered Abraham Lincoln before he could bring his plan into play. By the way, Abraham Lincoln was murdered as a part of a Jewish economic plot. I have in my library shelves..facts that pertain to the background of that plot, and the money changers of New York City. They tried to come out with a T.V. version of that last week, lying, and trying to keep that all bottled up as to what really happened.

The reason I like to quote from Abraham Lincoln is because they like to attack us for what I say to you tonight, so let them attack me for what Abraham Lincoln said...'When I proposed that all men should be free, and no condition of servitude should exist, in these United States, it was not with the concept that the white man and the Negroes were equal, nor was it with a concept that we were to mix Negroes into our society, or place them in positions of authority over white men. Nor do I believe that these two races can live side by side on the same continent without friction emerging for demigod will stir the Negroes to actions against their benefactors.' Lincoln also said...'When I survey the Negroes throughout the world I feel that even those who have lived in slavery in the U.S. have had a better lot than those who lived in the jungle's never knowing when they would be devoured or given a fate worse than slavery in America, at the hands of their own countrymen.'

Abraham Lincoln said:...'One of the first things I propose that we do is co-exist in the establishment of a colony in Africa for the Negroes who have been in America, and that we help establish them there, and from such advancement as they have received under the influence, and after such close contact with the white man they should soon be able to start achieving for themselves great progress, in Africa, if they have this capacity within them.'

Abraham Lincoln's plan was to deport every Negro from these United States shortly after the Civil War. Someone said: you can't do that because they have as much right here as anyone else. That my friends is a matter for God to decide. The fact is that where they were living in the south, there would have been no problem, if that situation had not been stirred up by the demigods. These same forces who today are trying to force upon you.. ..racial absorption.

When I told you that God had selected you as a race, and placed you upon the earth, and above every people upon the face of the earth, a chosen and selected people...then I support the New Testament. For this is what He meant when He said....come out and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing. And He called for you to be separate from every other people, and every other race, from all the idol worshipers and all the evil philosophers. I can show you 27 separate instructions in these Scriptures for segregation. And I can show you thus...'Thou shalt not.'

When a civilization and society can prove by instruments of their own research laboratories, the speed of the mentoid waves of creative impulse in your race, and then measure the electrodes of every other society, when they can measure the electronics of mind and know that all memory is electronic, and then measure the speed of the electronic memory, and it capacity, there is a difference in people that can be established. They can measure the speed of thought and it is not only 30% faster than some but it is 60% faster than the Negroid, then you can establish this. When it comes to the range of mentoid ability, to the kinds of thought which moves across the meter in miliamps of energy as it relates to creative problems, and to things which must be envisioned, but not yet experienced...you do not only surpass to such a vast degree the ability of any other race in this field, to perceive or think, but the Negro is way down at the bottom and has very little mentoid ability. He can remember, he can experience, but he cannot record...but this is not his fault. We aren't going to say that a negroe and a horse are in the same category. I want you to know that these are facts which have been brought out. I have facts in my briefcase now, and in my library much supplemental material, and I am going to keep it there, some of it under lock and key. I have the U.S. Army records and reports of the intelligence level of the soldiers in the U.S. Army. I am going to give you the facts that Generals, Colonel's, Captains and Lieutenants who have had these men behind them in battle, and under their command have reported. I have stacks of these reports on the superiority and capacity of the white man over any of the men they have to lead in battle. Surely God Almighty knew what He put together when He placed your race here to build His Kingdom and to lift the world with culture and civilization and law. He said...DON'T MONGRELIZE and MIX YOUR BLOOD...but ADMINISTER OVER THE EARTH. Did you know the greatest segregationalist was Jesus The Christ? He said:...I not only separate you from all the races of the world but I separate the Sheep Nations from the Goat Nations. The Sheep Nations being the white Christian Nations of the House of His Kingdom from the Old Testament to the New. The Goat Nations are the nations of the other races. He said:...I separate the Sheep Nations from the Goat Nations, and I give the Administration...the Kingdom, and the enforcement of law over to the Sheep Nations, to rule over the Goat Nations with a law...INFLEXIBLE. Now that is not cruel, it is authority.

I want to go on record here tonight to say that a great way to preserve our civilization and way of life would be to deport out of the U.S. anybody who is engaged in a program of duel allegiance. But I would require that a citizen of these United States would be required to put the U.S. of America above every other country on the face of the earth. And that if he is voting in elections of another country, and is financing and supporting the government operations of another country...unless it is a bonofied investment through proper agencies, approved by our own government, that this individual of dual allegiance should be deported to this land of his preference.

So you say....that would be Anti-Semitic. I am glad you are conversant of this situation so as to realize that these organizations engaged in dual allegiance have been taking millions out of America to develop Israeli at the expense of America. They have been playing the Soviet advance in the Middle-East for the benefit of the Red Revolution. When I talk to you about a Nation of Destiny, and a Race of Destiny, I want to support tonight that the greatest and most significant measure for the destruction of your society that exists in the strategy of the enemy is to change the face of America. You are tonight 180 million people and ethnic students have computed that you are 137 million white men, and the rest are Negroes, Jews, and Asiatics. Is the Jew a white man? NO! I have across my library shelves, shelf after shelf of writings by Jewish Historians like the Wexels and others such as Markes James, Lilienthal, and Maurice Samuel, and I can show you where place after place they pride themselves on being able to fool even white men. Where they admit that they do not belong to the Caucasian race, and they admit there is a biological difference between them and the white race. They admit they have infiltrated the white race and every other race and that you could prove that by a trip to Israeli...although that is no place to go for a vacation. There are red Jews, black Jews, yellow Jews, and if you read the Book of Zechariah as to what God is going to do to that bunch of rascals down there, you will find there is going to be just one kind. I am not going to enlarge on that, but you just read what God says.

Now I want to point out the great avenue of this revolution. I have a list of 27 Sociologists who are supporting this revolution and they are trying to teach evolution..to find a common denominator, for a doctrine of racial mongrelization, and amalgamation. Their text on Sociology is quoted by the Supreme Court, and they use this in making decisions whereas the Constitution was formally used by more intelligent Justices. Many times the Supreme Court decided on an issue...decides on it 7 times, and another Court comes along and set aside these decisions. I want to tell you that there is no machinery in all the Jurist Prudence in all these United States, for one Supreme Court to set aside the decision of a previous one. They just have to say...we are smarter than all the other Judges who preceded them, and if you repudiate that, there is no way for them to prove it. I think they have already proved that they are inferior to all Supreme Courts we have had, and their decisions would destroy America.

Now listen:...the major facets of the plot to destroy America tonight is for us to surrender to the sovereignty of a super imposed government, greater than ours...by submission...and made up of a majority of people who are not of our race. The design is to infiltrate churches and schools and vehicles of public opinion to sell this every day. And there is just one important door for you to keep locked, that is the IMMIGRATION LAW. I want to tell you something about that. You belong to a great discriminating government, for from the days when it was formed, on down to our time..and in the days of the great late Senator Pat McCarron, and now Congressman Walter's who is still in there and fighting...the President of the U.S. and all the pressure and powers around him couldn't upset the will of the people in the matter of the immigration laws. Do you know that immigration laws are discriminatory laws of segregation..lets get that clear. Whether you realize that or not, immigration laws are discriminating against masses of people from other countries to prevent them from flooding into our nation, and overpowering your society, and eliminating your way of life. What do you think would happen if you just said:...we will have no more immigration laws? Anyone could come in if they wanted to, what do you think would happen then? Every country in the world including Red China and Red India would dump their people on your shores, and here in California Governor Brown would set up the greatest relief program you ever saw, dividing up everything you have, trying to feed them. That's right...you couldn't let them starve....you know.

I am going to show you something...I believe today that the majority of these 138 million Christians, if they would speak for themselves would not approve of some of the things that are happening. One third of the American Christians are Roman Catholic and two thirds are Protestant. Now I am more ashamed of the collective leadership of the N.C.C.'s of Christ in America which is Protestant, than I am even of the Catholics. And I am ashamed of some of the decisions made by their Ecclestical leaders concerned because of their stand for forced mongrelization as...a Christian doctrine...when it is not. Let me show you something:...30 denominations drew up 13 principals upon which Peace should be established in the world, and they submitted this by committee to a high Wesleyan University, which in meeting then passed the recommendations from the original 75 members to 375..... now appointed representatives of these 30 denominations in the National Council of Churches and they approved and adopted this program, and sent it to Washington which said....'this is what we must do, this is what Christianity is going to support in the United States'........You listen carefully for the Communist Party could not have found 375 representatives, and then another 75 more suited to their purpose. I can agree with Robert Welch on this one.

Robert Welch also has been accused of saying that President Eisenhower was a Communist, but....he said that President Eisenhower served the Communist cause by his acts better than any card carrying Communist could. He didn't say that he was a Communist. You can serve them and not be one of them, which is worse. Now listen to what this says:....The adopted program says that ultimately a world government of delegated power must be created and America including the United States must abandon all isolationism. We must completely abandon any limitation on the surrender of our National Sovereignty into such a world instrument of government. So all these churches came out and said, we must surrender the U.S. Government Sovereignty, and enter a world government. But Jesus The Christ said for Christian nations to surrender their sovereignty into the hands of a world government where most of them are Anti-Christ, pagans, and atheist, was joining the Anti-Christ. And He not only said that but He gave a whole prophecy to John in the Book of Revelations as to the kind of day you are now living in, and He said:...you come out of her my people, and don't you participate in this.

You know if we could call up one man out of the past and put him in every pulpit in the country and get him before every legislature in the country, we would just like to get George Washington to come back and travel around and give his farewell address, to every single one of the governmental assembly, and in every church in America.

Do you know that they would call him Anti-Semitic? One of these terrible Patriots. They would call him a Nationalist. That farewell address of George Washington should be followed by every American citizen, and that quickly.

So the N.C.C. called for the strong and immediate limitation on our National Sovereignty. But can you imagine anything more foolish and insane than to talk of strong limitations on Americans National Sovereignty? Talk about limiting our sovereignty and putting us into the hands of an organization which can't even pay it's own bill, in which we have to pay for them. And now they not only want to continue to tax your pocketbook, but they want to continue to tax and control everything which effects you. They want international control over all the armies, and navies of the world, and then they want a universal system of money through the world monetary system, and World Bank which means turning over to the International Bankers every bit of money in the world and making everybody an economic slave.

Now:...this silly bunch of representatives said:...autonomy for all subject and colonial people, including better treatment for all Negroes in the United States. So all these preachers indicated that the Negroes weren't getting good treatment here so they wanted to turn everybody over to the world government...make them free, and give them absolute autonomy where ever they are. I want you to know that we have today white civilizations that have been in administrative positions for almost a century in areas of Africa, but now world government has upset that. And we are taking a bunch of cannibals who just because they got them to finally take a bath, and put stripped trousers on them, and a cut away, and a silk hat, and gave them a cadillac which you paid for...but now they come..sit down, in a session of the U.N. and don't bite anyone while the session is on, and now they are ready for equality...for administration in government, and every Negroes in the jungle who doesn't even have a silk hat, is supposed to vote in the next election. We have watched what has happened to a nation when you surrender your sovereignty to the United Nations. We watched as a government has carried forth law and order...is forced out, and you turn these people loose,...the world government says they are equal...and the Belgiums said we don't believe it, but here is the government...run it. And then what happened?? These Negroes started eating white men, and burning down the buildings and destroying the factories, and here in the Congo they started the greatest rape, and pillage, and villainy which has happened anywhere since the beginning of the white Men's experience with the colored races of the world. And they turned everything good in the Congo into upheaval and evil. And then this silly secretary we have in the United Nations...A. Stevenson gets up and votes with all these newcomer black tribes..votes against the white nations and their interests, and against Portugal as well, and the very next day taking that for a sign the Red Congo agents assisted the Negroes revolutionists in Angola, and they rose up and started to massacre...and now there it is even surpassing the pillage of the Congo.

Right now 1000 white women and their children have been raped and murdered, and in fighting a war of defense the white men have had to cut down with machine guns 8000 Negroes who were attacking them, in an area where they were having no trouble...until...sovereignty was surrendered into the hands of world government interference..and trouble in Kenya, in Nigeria, black- mailed by witchdoctoring Mau Mau's stirred up by Communist agitation and then the next thing you know, they are received in the White House as honored guests.

Either the President doesn't know as much as you do and I do or else he should be taken out of office by impeachment. For he has a lot of avenues of information and should know what not to do. We haven't put him in office to be president of the world. We have only elected him for just one thing, which is to protect the self-interest of the peoples of the United States, and we are not going to let the U.N. decide when to help anyone. We are willing to fly food to anyone having famine, and we are the first ones to bring relief to the ends of the earth when there is an earthquake, famine or flood, but the time is coming when...if you don't start defending your Faith and the preservation of your race, they are going to take over what you have. You aren't going to say when it goes out, for you aren't going to have much left to send.

Let me show you this:...these church men representing 30 denominations went on to say that they wanted a world wide freedom of immigration unhampered by any immigration laws. This is what the churches want you to do in this nation....Lets pause a moment...I have mentioned this illustration before and I will repeat it.......

The institution of Christian Society is based on the home and the individual. The Bible supports with its laws, and its prohibitions, and its blessings that a man has a right by thrift, and by the application of his energies, and by his work, and energy to create things for himself. He has a right to own what he produces, he has a right to his home, and a right to the perimeter of the possessions which are his. He has a right to those things which are his...by his thrift and his energy as they obtain for him. The Bible says that the people who take it from him...steal it. He is responsible by good stewardship to support the service of God and the charity of the needs of his neighbors and those who live around him. That is not compelled...that is just supposed to be the spiritual response of his nature for the good fortune which is his.

Let me tell you that the Bible and Christian civilization recognizes property rights. The U.N. does not recognize property rights because the majority of those nations in that organization do not have that right in the Constitutions of their nations.

Now:..you have property rights, you have possessions, you bought them or earned them or they were given to you and they are yours. You have walls around your house, and a perimeter around your yard. Now you aren't against a friend coming to your house and knocking on your door and being invited in, even though some might be disturbing if they walk right in without ringing the bell...but because you are kind, still this is the sanctity of your home and there is a perimeter. Suppose this perimeter suddenly is taken away, the walls are down and your possessions are just piled on your lot? You are now a nomad with no walls, do you think you can go to work and just leave those things piled up there on that lot? Everything might not be there when you come home, everyone passing might help themselves to what you have. The reason you have anything is because you have a perimeter around it...walls...a house, and a system for provisions. The only reason you have a nation is because around the boundaries of this continent is an unseen wall. It is made up of idealists, on paper, supported by your Congress, which says we have a regulation. It says we won't let just everyone rush in here, we will only permit a few under quota to come in, and we reserve the right to bar that. Most of your states...now hear this...most of your states, 37 of them, have a law which says a white man cannot marry one of another race. It wasn't until the mongrelizers began sending your boys far away and leaving them in Asia, and other spots, and used intervention to try to set aside that law, and they set it aside because the state legislatures were set to work on that so they could intermingle and mongrelize your race. You see your founding fathers, and all your government up until the last few years...are now considered foolish because they said you couldn't marry into other races.

Well they were following God's word and through that your greatness came. Right now your degeneration has come because you don't follow those concepts. Now:...the Congress said, we aren't going to let very many of those other races come in because if we do there will soon be more Asiatics and more Negroes than white men, and this won't be a Christian Nation anymore. There will be Hindus, and Buddhists, and so forth and they will out vote all the white people. Pretty soon you will find your whole standard of Christian life changed, and even if you accept what these National Council of Churches members advocate, and surrender your sovereignty to the world government, you will then be out voted by five-sixth of the world and you won't have any property rights. You will only use your property if you follow their blueprints. They will only allow this as long as you serve their organization, and they can take it away from you, and divide it up at their will, and you will be just like the man with no walls around his house.

If you follow this strategy of unlimited immigration, then America will cease to be a Great Nation. It would no longer be a white Christian nation, but would become a nation of mongrelized, racial catastrophe. Someone said it is a very sad thing when a nation brings forth racial laws...no it is not. Any nation which is intelligent enough to preserve its race and its society, and has immigration laws in force, is obeying DIVINE LAW. In fact I will say that the time will come when a great spiritual awakening will take place in our nation, and when these factors involving our battle against Communism comes forth, and that racial conspiracy on the inside at the hands of those demigods among the Negroes, when these things come to full force and America rises up to protect herself...then when it is all over we are going to deport every one who is not of our race, out of these United States. You say that will never come? There are Americans across this country by the millions who are rising to defend themselves, and when this uprising starts, they will defend. Don't be misled because this is coming. When I talk to you about the fact that you are a Race of Destiny, it is predicated on the fact that God ordained the destiny and he has ordained the Awakening. If you had been sharp, and had stayed awake, and never allowed these people to muddle up your society then you wouldn't have the problems that you now have. But you have a few trials and ordeals to go through to bring you to fruition, and to get you to do the right thing.

We are not against progress for people, we would assist anyone any where in the world, but we are not about to surrender America or our race to this problem. We are not blasting any people into a place of terrible perdition and we have told you before that the Grace of God will reach out until eventually every single consciousness is brought into adjustment with HIM. The power of Light and the Spirit of Glory is not going to lose any individual. There is no place they can go to in the heavens above or the nethermost world beneath, that He cannot find them.

In the course of tomorrow God is going to see that every knee shall bow and tongue proclaim His Diety. This in the heavens above and on the earth, and down underneath, but this doesn't change the fact that the government of the earth is still going to be in the hands of My race, My sons and daughters, whom I have chosen.

When the last hammer and sickle has gone down, the stars and stripes will still be flying, and the Cross of Jesus Christ is still going to be the symbol of the world's religion when all other religions have ceased to exist.

There are lots of things we might talk to you about tonight but there is not time, but I want you to know that the Destiny of your Race is very important for you to know. I want to leave this in your mind tonight, that the collective society does not value a man, but Christian Civilization is built on the principal that the value of one man is as great in the concept of a nation as the value of a lot of men. Because upon the value of a man ...upon this spiritual law...your society is built. (End of this message)