Race That Produces - God's Kingdom, 5-31-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-31-65

This subject--the race that produces Gods Kingdom, is an important and vital subject, and it should be taught and understood by christians everywhere, through out the nations of Gods Kingdom.

There is no doubt that one of the most important issues in the nation tonight is the race issue. This is not only a vital issue, but this is very important for every white man on the face of the earth. Never has their been a period in the lifetime of your race, when there has been such a complete and desperate attempt by the forces of darkness and Anti-Christ, to subordinate every concept of racial self respect. Especially has this been directed at the nations of Gods Kingdom. You have never had a period in your own history when this has been occurred. You never thought 50 or 60 years ago that the day would come when--the attempt would be made and partially succeed to bring a guilt complex upon the white race because of their superiority, their inituitive, their color.

Also never would you have dreamed that it would be possible to take a great nation like these United States and for them to be able to have the congress of the United States----pass laws----that would start the processes to intregrate our society. Had this plan been proposed to you 40 or 50 years ago the people would have said this thing cannot happen.

Well the congress is attempting this in the legislation passed. The constitutionality of this attempt is in question, but there has not been a test as yet on this matter. In many areas---of education and ecclesiastical education and responsibility they are trying to sell us an absorption policy, or an equality policy with all the peoples of the world.

The reason we are talking on this subject is because we would like to see the white race, suddenly become alive and on fire for the preservation of their society. I understand that a great many people are in total ignorance as to racial responsibility, for they have had a lot of ignorant preachers to teach them. They are the blind leading the blind and they all fall in the ditch.

In the declaration of the Apostle Pauls message---listen to these words. The Apostle Paul stood on Mars Hill and he talked to the people of Greece----and see how significant and important was the message that he gave. Also remember that as he stoood on Mars Hill he knew exactly who he was talking to---for as you turn to the message of the Apostle Paul, and remember this message was to the people of Greece and the people of Corinth.

Paul said: All our fathers came thru the same waters---all our fathers ate of the same manna, and he identified the people of Greece as The Children of Israel, and as the people of Gods Kingdom.

We are vitally concerned about everything in the message the Apostle Paul was bringing and all it relates to. In this instance--Acts 17---as he stood on Mars Hill---Paul said: I see that you are a little bit superstitious, because in the course of your wanderings and in the things that have transpired, there are lots of things that you forgot. There is one thing however that you do remember---you have an Altar out here to an unknown God. This is of course the results of your contact, of enviroment thru your migration back thru your history. But there is one thing I point out to you---in your Altar to the unknown God.---This is the God I'm talking about for HE is not Unknown, and HE is not lost to HIS people.

YAHWEH that made the world, and all things therein--seeing he is the Lord of Heaven and earth---HE dwelleth--not in temples made with mens hands, neither is he worshiped with mens hands, as tho he needeth anything---seeing that HE gives to all---life---and breath and all things.

Now; listen to what the Apostal said in this declaration. "He hath made of one--genral--(Jen'er-al)--all nations of men, or all Adamites that dwell on the face of the earth.

(Look up the word general--Jen'er-al) in the dictionary---race--- one generation etc.)

Therefore He hath determined the times before appointed, for their history and their development and the bounds or limitations of their habitation. Vs. 28---In HIM--we live--we move and have our being, as certain of your poets have said---we are HIS offsprings.

Here Paul is quoting the Greek poet--Plato--for if you read Plato you read that He said: The invisible God--the great and mighty one---In Him we live and breathe and have our being.

The Apostle Paul didn't even change Platos words--He quoted them direct so the people would understand.---And the Apostle Paul also knew who he was talking to as he quoted these lines---from verse 29.

For as much then as we are the offspring of YAHWEH--we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold or silver, or stone, graven by art and by man's device.

Now; the Apostle Paul was charging them with all these graven images that stood about, but the Apostle Paul then made this statement. In so much then as we are the offspring of YAHWEH. The Greek word here used for offspring is Genose---meaning---We are the offspring---generations---children of YAHWEH.

He is talking about a specific people---he is not talking about the Hittites, the Hivites, the Edomites, the Canaananites, or Chineseites, or the negroites.

Now some of you will say---Dr. Swift don't talk that way---well we should have talked this was 20 years ago.

Therefore the Apostle Paul has just declared---we are the offspring of God, and he says it twice. ---- he says it first---"Therefore we are also HIS Offspring."-----And then in Vs. 29----he says Since we are, and because we are--the offspring--generations---race of God--then we shouldn't think the Godhead is made out of anything which is tangable Material.

The most important thing we can understand is that as a divine race and a divine household--we must understand that this has a significant meaning.

The word generation comes from the Greek word---Genos---and it means---offspring race.---Then if you have a scoffield bible in your hands---drop down to the footnote on this very page and you find, the owrds---offspring and race---you are the generations of the offsprings of YAHWEH.

Hear this: That makes a very special and significant thing for you to understand. We are the generation of the race of YAHWEH.----No wonder that in the 82nd. Psalm, God spake then: "Ye are Elohim, and all of you are Children of the Most High." Elohim is translated Gods---plural---and of course YAHWEH is the name of the Eternal God---the father----and that is the way it reads in Hebrew.

This has to be understood, that this is a divine race and a divine household, and it is Gods Kingdom, and the people of Gods Kingdom emerge out of this race, it has it's origin, it's start, and there is divine purpose, here with this race.

Not only did YAHWEH, father a race in which he was proud and in which he had determined to show his love and his pride. He said---I set you above all the people on the face of the earth and they are all mine, and I have selected you and You are My issue---then the Most High God makes it very very clear that he wanted to preserve that race and carefully preserve their capacities as that race dwelt in these physical bodies.

Let us go to the book of Genesis for if you want to go to the beginning then go to Genesis.---of course Genesis in the Bible doesn't contain all the historyu of everything that has happened on the earth, but it starts out with one simple statement.

In the beginning---God created the Heaven and the Earth.

Then it jumps up to the story it intended to write about. But there is a lot that happened between the first and second book of Genesis. Other books of the Bible talk about things between the first and second chapters of Genesis, and therefore we can establish for you that there were nations and races of people on the face of the earth for thousnads upon thousands of years, before you get to the second verse of Genesis.

In the declaration of the book of Genesis we read certain things concerning the Adamic race. This is rather important, for it is clearly thus marked. When ever you find a declaration like this in the book of Genesis. We see here the re-creation of God, the developing in the cycles, and the ages the adoluvian world.

Then we come to the second chapter of Genesis---and we see here with all the work of creation finished, and God supposadly resting after putting all things together, in the creative pattern.

Now; there are two words in the Hebrew-----____________(Barah) and __________(Asche) one means to make and to form and one means to begat issue.

God made and formed every thing that exists in the world. Then here in the second chapter of Genesis:

Therefor these are the generations of the heavens and the earth, they were created in the day when YAHWEH---God made the earth and the heavens and the plants of the fields of the earth and of all the things that God caused upon earth, and there was not a--- man---to till the ground. (knowlegeable)

Now there were Chinese here on earth, there were Negroes here on earth, and Egyptians, and had been for thousands of years, so when God said there was no man to till the groung---the word was---Adam, and that is what it shoud be called. There was no Adamite to till the ground.

We are interested in the Adamic race because that is who we are and that is the racxe from which we come. ---- Just because some person says we all came from Adam, just chalk it up as something he doesn't understand, since he doesn't understand the content of this book.

Therefore YAHWEH---God formed Adam out of the elements of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the very breath of life and Adam became a living soul.------The word here in Hebrew bears identity and became synonymous with---the soul of God.

More than his therefore---this is the man that God put in Eden---the garden of God. And there were people all around Eden, and God warned Adam that of all these people around him---he was not to intermingle with any of them.

God told Adam that of all the trees of the garden, you may eat but of all racial trees, those of the knowledge of good amd evil, in the garden, thou shall not partake. --- So God put Adam in the Garden and warned him about comingling with other race trees.

Now; if you don't believe that go to the book of Ezekiel Chapter 36---where God tells you that the Assyrian was a great tree and his Empire was all over the world---and the Egyptian was a great tree and he had a mighty Empire in the days of Eden.

But Adam was not to mingle with the Egyptian or the Assyrian for he was of a different specie---or race.

So The Most High gave Adam the responisbility in his semantics of naming all the animals and all the creatures round about. But among all these people including the Enosh----now the word here called beast of the field---is after he has named all the animals then comnes the word Enosh----and Enosh is the word used thru out the old testament in Hebrew for those not Adamites, the other races.

Therefore God spake and made this declaration:

Adam has named all the cattle, the fowls of the air, and to the Enosh, but there is not a help mate for Adam. So God put Adam to sleep and he seperated a portion from Adam, closed the flesh and brought forth woman.

Prior to this God said, that there was no Adamites to till the soil, so he brought forth his own issue, he had fulfilled what he said in the celestial realm--what he said to you---in your celistrial realm, --- in your background, when he said---We shall produce Adam in our own image.

Our Physical bodies will be the image of the Spiritual bodies, and the image of the man Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible YAHWEH.

Now;---Chinamen are not Gods, they are people placed upon the earth in the early creations,---Negroes are not Gods---they are degenerates of a sub society, they rebelled with Lucifer and ended up on the earth----out of the pattern of that rebellion. The only place where they have made progress is where they have dwelt with white people who have sought to train and educate them---but they have their limitations.

Turn to the 5th. chapter of Genesis: This is the book of the generations of Adam---You will note that Adam is the natural head of the race---but what race????---The Adamic racaae. You will find in any commentary and in any bible footnote that he is listed as head of the race.

In that day---God brought him forth as issue---and into the likeness of God, begat him.

And Adam lived 130 years and then begat a son in his own image and called him Seth.

Now;---uou say but I thought that the first Adamites were Cain and Abel. NO---Cain was a Luciferian and Abel was a contaminated seed---because of the Luciferian and because of the seduction of Eve, and it was not until Seth was born that the womb was cleansed and the race had it's start.

And Seth lived a hundred and 5 years and begat Enos, and thus we have the long record of who begat whom, and we have the starting of the Adamic race, a divine race---in the earth---The offspring of yahweh--Elohim---A Holy Seed.

Deut: 7,6 For thou art a Holy people unto Yahweh thy God. And Yahweh hath chosen thee to be a special people above all people upon the face of the earth.---Thou art an Holy Seed.

Turn to the book of Ezra: This is the prophet who was raised up to stop intregration---the mixing of the races, thru marriage and mongrelization.---We would wish for some one like Ezra today to stop this process in our land.-----Ezra spoke to the people and told them to stop all this mixing and mongrlizing for this practice would cause the Holy seed to be lost as it mingles with people of other races.

So you see---God has a Holy seed and he does not want it inter-mingled with other races.

You say Dr. Swift I don't agree with you? Well it's unimportant whether you agree or disagree with me, bgut what i'm telling you is---In the Bible and you are going to have to agree with that----for you are a Holy seed and because of that you are of the race of the household that God has in established---himself.

We follow this household of Seth---we find them living in the high Steppes of the far mountains of Asia, and we find them beginning their migrations and ocming down from the heights, and they are known at that time for they are White men, and they carry the Glory of God.

(The Glory of God--The shine of their ocuntenance when they follow the pathlayed out by their Father)

These people of the lineage of Seth are called by the inhabitants of the land they are entering---(Manu ) the word is old and it means ' The tall white ones.'----They came into India along the Ganges and Indus River. Here they came to the land of a mingled people.----But their own declaration was to---YAH---the cry like that of the Persians---and they said---We are the children of YAH---and they talked about YAHWEH---and the name given them was Aryans--the sons of YAH.

Do you know why the Jews hate the name Aryan?---Because they are not he sons of YAH ---they are the sons of Lucifer----and Jesus The Christ told you---and them---that fact.---They don't like YAH'S sons.

Some of you say---but Dr. Swift, why can't we just pass that up? We are in a battle for survival and God has to awaken you to racial respect.

Therefore in the migration of the Sons of Seth we see, that they lifted up the standard of YAHWEH----they proclaimed themselves son's of YAHWEH.

Deut:32,17-18. Moses said----you ask their fathers and they will tell you of the rock that Begat thee.

So our rock or God is not like theirs, for the God who begat us says that I will be a father unto thee---thru all Generations-----Now Why?? Because you are MY offspring----I am your father---and I am proud of that.

l sometimes look around and wonder how he can be proud of us---but he knows how he can utalize the Holy seed and how he can restore His people----he knows his recreative power, and it is this great regenerative power that is the vitality of the tru Chruch.----The Christian Church.

In all the patterns of time and History there was the spreading of this race thru out the earth. When we go back to Seth, we note that one of the things about Seth was that he was carrying the image of Adam and Adam was carrying theimage of YAHWEH.

Then Adam said---I have now begotten aman in my own image and my own likeness.----We are going to prove---that you will realize that you are in the image of God

Luke 3:37-38. Which was the son of Mathusala, which was the son of Enoch, which was the son of Jared, which was the son of Maleleel, which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Adam---which was the son of YAHWEH.---God.

So the Gospel of the New Testament proclaims that Adam was the Son of God---The Adamic race carried a Holy seed. and when they migrated out upon the erth, they not only testified to their God but they reputed idolatry and they reputed pagans.

Now; we realize that in the upper Tarim Basin where your race started their multiplication, the Luciferian forces mixed and forced their way int some of that race, and thus great giants were born, as a result of the violation of the Divine law, and the seizure of white women in that area caused mongrelization of the white race, in that place. So because of the results of th fallen rebellion, God caused a flood in the upper Turim Basin of those high mountains and wiped out the offspring of that inter-mingled people of that country---The word is Arrat---meaning that country---that place. The flood did cover that area---that place, and Noah and his three son's and their wives, and the animals in the ark survived that flood---but the flood didn't bother Egypt or any other place.

But in this instance---we see God preserving the purest of the household of the Adamic line---in that place ---and this line was Noah and his son's. One of the great areas of the direction of the Most High God---goes back into the day of Enoch---long before the flood, for we find there that Enoch was translated into heaven and never knew death----And Noah went thru the flood and was taken out of the flood bdy the protection of God---in the ark.

But all thru history of your race, God's instructions were that we are not to touch, to mix with the trees that had the knowledge of good and of evil---and we were not to join our selves thru marriage to the Enosh.

It wasn't long after the flood until the Ham lineage made some mistakes, and violated divine law---but

the Japheth line made the most, for they tried to absorb the Asiatic, and eventually Japhets seed was absorbed in Asia. And we recognize some of the names of these offspring, who thru violation of the divine law, stand out thru prophecy as rebels and enemies of God, and not any longer counted as the issue of Japheth.---for realize this---as soon as the seed is mingled with pagan races, the seed is no longer counted.

You say why does it say---not all the seed of Israel---are Israel.??? Out of the Seed of Jacob Israel who was out of Isaac---came forth the son's of Isreael--- Then Juda married a hill country canaanite, woman and his seed thru that woman are not counted.----But Judah had other children----2 son's by his daughter-in-law, and Israelite, and thus we have the Germanic people of today----for those people of Austria and Germany are the people of Judah today. no longer are they counted and must go with the other races---they are no longer counted in the household of God.

Now; you say I don't like that---Godloves all races exactly alike:---Well God knew exactly what he was doing, and he was selectively developing and preserving a culture----a race----to preserve a spiritual seed, and God was calling for a selected breed in his house of God.

We can have no greater evidence of the intelligence and the onminescient of God than the work to preserve the Holy seed and not let it be mongrelized. This intelligence you respect in breeding your cattle, your race horses, your dogs, --- why is it so different with the human race??---When it comes to our children we consider mongrelization and inter-breeding and try to say --- that mongrelizing is the orders of the most High God. ---Some of the people that go along with this theory for their children would explode when the same method would be suggested for their prize bull or their horses.

God Almighty tells you that anytime you inter-mingle the seed of Israel with other people---that you are mingling that seed with flesh, counted by God not any higher than the flesh of horses and the offspring thereof are as asses and dung.

Some of you say--what do you mean by that?---I mean that God says anytime you mongrelize the race---the ofspring is just like a donkey as far as he is concerned. That is why some of them are so mulish--I guess.

Some of you will say---Dr. Swift that isn't acceptable---Christians would not accept that----Well they better buy it---cause I am telling you just what the Bible says--not what some brain washed Liberal advisor to the president says.---So you will say---But where is the love of God?---Well the love of God ---is your race down here to begin with---He put them here to build a Kingdom and to lift the rest of the people out of superstition and darkness and back under God.----And the Grace of God s that he translated these Celesial children of His down here into a physical world--thru the medium of The Adamic race and that My Friends is Grace and Love.

If the people of the world want to wage war against you--then My Friends they are going to have to accept the judgment of their own actions---for their plans are to destroy you.

There isn't any question about the magnitude of Gods covenant and purpose. The Shem Line descended down from high country after the flood---also Ham---and what do we know about Ham?---We know that Ham had son's and some of them were mighty warriers. Nimrod was a son of Ham. Now some or rather a lot of Bible students think the negroes came from Ham---but Ham was a white man.---The negroes came in with Lucifer in the days of the rebellion. They were here before Adam----The negroes participated in the downfall of

Lemuri and Atlantas--so don't let anyone tell you the negroes came from Ham.---Nimrod was a white man but he allowed himself to be influenced by the powers of darkness.---Remember that Terah the father of Abraham was Prime Minister under Nimrod. And he came directly down the lineage from Shem. The bible contains the Shemite descendency of Terah. You cna trace it back to Seth and to Adam.---You can trace the geneology of Jesus back to Abraham, to Shem, and on back to Adam.

The purest strain of the white race were the Shemites. The covenants that God bestowed on Abraham were because he selected the purest line of the white race to carry on HIS lineage.

Oh---Yes God discriminatged---He selects the best.---There were other white people on earth at that time, but he selected the best.---HE preserved the seed----for HIS purpose. God has a Kingdom in the earth---HE selected and he guided the building of that Kingdom---thru your race.

In Genesis---when Abraham was 99 years old---The Almighty YAHWEH---said to Abraham---"Walk thou before ME and be perfect---And I will make MY covenant with thee, and I will multiply thee exceedingly." Abraham fell on his face before YAHWEH---and heard YAHWEH---say to him--"Ye shall be the father of many nations."

Or nations are to come out of your race---and note Abraham was 99 years of age at this time---and he had a son---Ishmel---from a bond woman in Egypt.---This bond woman was one of the highest Ehyptian casts and she was tied back into the lineage of the White Shepherds, but she was of Sarah---and his son would be a Holy seed and the seed from whence the Kingdom would come.

So even tho Ishmel had been born---Genesis 24:12---God said to Abraham, after this son was born to Sarah---"In Isaac shall thy seed be called."----What seed?---The seed from which Gods Kingdom was to emerge develope and grow.

Now; the white race----The Adamites have something to be proud of---for their geneology is tied into this seed of Israel---the same seed and genology as Jesus---THE CHRIST.

Now; you are going to say--that is vain--for I can't claim Kinship with YAHWEH?? Oh ! yes I can claim Kinship with YAHWEH---for HE claimed kindship with My race, and claimed kindship with me.---Read the book of Hebrews. Now; He didn't come from an African or a Chinaman, and there is no negro blood in Jesus---Billy Graham not withstanding.---I can's say as much for Billy but I hope not. ---But I do know that Jesus was thelamb of God without spot or blemish.

Not only did God say---In Isaac shall thy seed be called-but he re-confirmes his purpose with Jacob, For he not only tells Abraham that he is going to multiply his seed, and bless him, but he said---Nations would come from that seed.---He tells Jacob that from him to come is Nations and people like the sand of the seashore and the stars of the heavens.

When Abraham was looking for a bride for Isaac--notice how God had trained him and his forebears had taught him properly, and how the things he had learned as a boy, for Noah were also vital.---Read the book of Jasher, For the spirit spake to Abraham and he gave his orders to his servant---don't go to the Canaanite people, or any of these other races, but get a bride for My son Isaac, from among our own people---God had commanded that.

Now you say---suppose our boys marry Japanese wives? Send them home for they cannot breed children for the Kingdom.---The curse of God rests on every inter-racisl marriage.

God has called upon the prophets to disolve it. Gods blessing will only rest upon a people who obey the pattern,---Some of you say but they are Human beings---Hu-Man---No they are not Human beings. Hu-Man bengs have to be children of YAH. And Hu-man had to be Spirit Adamites, and those people are not Spirit Adamites, and they cannot cohabit with Adamites and produce Adamites.

Deut: 7----God said--I command you to be Ye Seperate.---And God said--when I send you into the earth to possess it--drive out those nations, of the Hittites, the Canaanites, etc, as they are mightier than you are---you are not ot join yourself to these people.

Did you know that the white race came down out of the hight country and settled in the land, that later became known as Canaan land and then Palestine. They came from the high Steppes and settled in that land before Enoch was born. Enoch and Job were raised in the settlements of Palestine, and in the cities that were then the cities of the Eternal God. ----Did you know that YAHWEH called for Enoch and Job to go out of this particular land and go down to Egypt and build the pillars, and the altar4s and set up the great symbols of wisdom and knowledgte. And did you know that after they left with 144,000 of your race to go down to Egypt to doas YAHWEH had told them to do, that the Canaanites, The Hittites and the other people of those races, swarmed into these settlements and they murdered your race dwelling there in peace, and then the name was changed---to Canaan land.---Well we always heard that the land was called Canaan land because it was a lond of milk and honey---but the name cane from the Canaanites---not quite milk and honey was it??

God said to Moses---My people are to take this land, and drive out these people and destroy them, because this land was owned and built by your race. The enemy that destroyed your race were a mongrel group of Satan worshippers, and God said---when you move in--you are not to marry with them---so destroy their idols, and groves and all the graven images---for you are a Holy people and this you are to do. One of the greatest mistakes we have made over the years, is --- when we conquor a lnad we left these devil gods there. When we went into Peking years ago, to rescue the white men, we left all the idols there. Remember the Boxer Rebellion.---Some one said--we could never have destroyed all the idols there but hyou would be surprised at what you could do if you marched as God told you to.

The Declaration is this: That YAHWEH---God is faithful to you, HE keeps his covenants with you,--and those that keep his commandment for 1000 generations. HE had promised to bless you and bless the fruit of the womb, and give you everything you need. And when HE brings you against a people and orders you to battle against a people---Then HE declared ! Thou shall consume all the people that YAHWEH --- Thy God shall deliver unto you.---Thine eye shall no have pity on them, neither shall thou serve their gods for that will be a snare unto you.

Now ; you are going to ask---Do you mean that we are to destroy the people off theland?---Well the one thing your God didn't want your race tod o--is after you conquor them --then marry them. This has caused the downfall of every great race, and every great people.---This system of kill the warriors --- spare the women and then breed that race down hill.---So when you are on top and win don't lower your race by absorbing the defeated.

Your race has been warned, time after time, not to marry any other race, on the face of the earth.

So the declaration said: Befoe you--God shall break up the power of the nations, and consume then, lest the Enosh of the field, increase upon thee.--Put out those that are before thee---little by little---If you take on some of all earth at once it would be to much for you. See how God has your race preservation in mind.--clean one area at a time--don't take on the whole earth at the same time.

So we turn again to the purposes of the Most High: Behold I create a new order in the heavens and the earth, and a new heaven and a new earth----ALL MY JERUSALEMS shall rejoice, and her people shall be filled with joy and joy shall be upon MY people---there shall be no more events and imputant days, nor an old man who hath not filled his days--a child would die at 100 years,--a sinner being 100 years, would seem a curse.

What is he talking about ? He is talking about the fact that the development of His Kingdom, and the new age is going to be blessed until the last enemy to be conquored is death.

Even the Millineum which is ahead---will see people who are dwelling in the earth, under the blessings of this Kingdom and they will find the longevity that God will have restored.----Now listen----When God talked about a new heaven and a new earth and the new order in the earth, He also talked about the Great city--of the Peace of God--which is by righteousness and rule.--(Peace means understanding)---And it says Jerusalem shall live and rejoice ?--- Alright---what Jerusalem ?--- The New Jerusalem of course--- for he isn't talking about that Jerusalem over there in Palestine---for it's been filled by the abominations of the desolator, spoken of by all the prophets----Even in this day of the Lord, it is the abominationof the desolator, that is standing in the Holy place.

Now listen--the most high makes HIS declaration---to his race, to HIS people and to the new order.

He says:---Come and I will show you this new order----And I saw this new Holy order, or civilization, and culture coming down out of God out of theheavens---prepared like a bride for her husband. And I heard the voice say---Come in and I'll show you this race, this culture, this Holy civilization, which is the bride of God. And HE carried me away in the Spirit and I saw this Great and High Kingdom, this Holy mountain---this great civilization, I saw this living Holy Jerusalem, and I saw it descend out of the heavens from God to earth, and then I beheld the gates of this great city, and the names on the gates---were the names of the twelve tribers of the children of Israel.

So the culture, the race of God, the race that has to produce HIS nations is these children of Israel.--HE made special covenants and he has related some of them, in his blessings thru the lips of Jacob, when Jacob blessed his son's. A great nation and a company of nations out of the House of Joseph.

Emblems and Signs---Eagles wings and Unicorns---blessings that were to identify and mark a people.---Lions and Lions whelps, all the marks that God declared .----Eagles and Eagles wings----The heraldry of His race, and what God said about this nation and that nation---and all these signs and heraldry came out of this prophecy to enable us to find each one of them today.

If we went down thru the pattern of the Ethnic history and the migration of the peoples of the house of Abraham and traced them, after they came out of their captivities and after they were under Babylon who conquored the last of Juda and Benjamine, and then trace the 10 northern tribes in the days of their Assyrian capture, then you would be surprised tofind that today---some white nation is a representative of one of those lost tribes.---Among the camps as God laid out their camping and moving orders in ancient times we find?

On the East:

Judah-----today the Germanic people.

Issachar-----today the Finish People.

Zebulun----today the Slavic group.

On the North:

Dan---Dans land--Denmark.

Asher--the people of Sweeden.


On the South:

Reuben-----Gad-----Siemeon.----Tho we know that Reuben finally migrated up to the netherland and settled in Holland---and thus they sang:--Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking---they carried this emblem and this mark and this pattern---The House of Orange. The tribe of Gad, makes up the Lombards, and they became the true civilizing power inside Ancient Rome. Simeon----They became the Spanish people, of power and became great explorers----The true Cattillians---Basque.

On the West:

We find the Benjaminites and the Great House of Joseph, from Ephriam and Manasseh--fulfilling their measure. The people of the United States, Britian and the Normans in their migrations.

Now as Judah and "Benjamine came into their patterns of wanderings, it is easy to trace them, back even from the time of Titus and the Romans, for they became the Goths and the Visgoth, as they came into Europe.

In the prophecies which God has made concerning his people---He said---They are a Holy seed---this is my race, all the white nations of the world today---are the issue of God. They are the Christian Nations---Jeremiah speaking for YAHWEH says: I shall make a new covnant in those days--with the house of Judah and with the house of Israel. I not only will put my Spirit in their hearts but---I will write my laws on teir herts--they are going to be MY people. HE said, I am going to make a new covenant with the house of Judah and the house of Israel, and they are going to accept---Messiah---they are going to be identified with---THE CHRIST.

Revelations 12: Here it talks about the end of the age and the battle of the world order against the Kingdom. Where they go to make war against---the owman---(Israel) She had the commandments of God and the testimony of JESUS THE CHRIST. She was---the Israel of God.

Now I'm not tlaking of the Jews----for they don't have the testimony of JESUS THE CHRIST ---they are the force that has brewed the revolution of the Soviet Union---since the days of it's first beginning, and then as now they have plotted their design for the overthrow of our Western Christian civilized world. We can prove without a doubt that the communist revolution was a Jewish conspiracy.

When you look out over these White Christian nations, you know that you can go back thru their background and know who they are, For everywhere these offspring of God moved, they carried their patterns and traditions, and the Apostle Paul identified them as having come out of the Exodus. We think of the concepts and theology of Israell, and how God had proclaimed that they were Celestial people who came out of the heavens to earth.----That the prophecies had also proclaimed that the day would come when they would be liberated from the bondage, that could hold their conciousness imprisoned---consamated it. But that tradition was understood and they expected to be liberated. They waited for the conquorer from the sky to come to earth.

Move out among your people and watch the evangelizing of the white race, and you look back into their background and you discover that there were several intermarriages of the House of Israel and the throne line of the Kingship. And then among the Danes, the Sweeds and Norwegians there were great leaders, and they knew that they were the son's of YAHWEH.- And when these leaders passed away in Warrior defence of their society or other offices of their people, they were revered as great leaders, who had proclaimed the coming of the eventual emancipation over all powers of darkness. This is why when the great storms cane and the ships at sea were in danger, they called sometimes on their warrior forebearers to interceed, and bring in the powers of heaven, for they were eternal. The Great Leader who helped defeat the hoards of Genghis Kahn was never forgotten and at times they cried for his help.

Odin----Odin---Son of God---light the sky.

No wonder that when the message came that YAHWEH had come as YAHSHUA THE CHRIST that they recieved themessage with gladness, and the story with joy for they believed in Eternal LIfe. Germanic forbearers also---caught sometines in the patterns of their conflicts with society, and their enviroment still knew that there Spirit Son's -- who passed on -- were to ride thru the Skies----in heavenly days----until the restoration of the Kingdom. They were the warriors of the Kingdom---called Valkyiie---that rode in the Spirit world--who would some day some back embodied in the earth----so they were ready and willing for the recognition that YAHWEH had come as YAHSHUA.

Among our Druid forebearers, were these that knew that we were the tree of life, and that the tree oflife was---the Spirit, Soul and Body----the triad emblem of the embodyment of God i a people and a race. Whose priests had been selected bny YAHWEH, who served as a living tree of Gods Kingdom---a green tree, and a tall tree.---Then YAHWEH said: I will cause the green tree to dry up and the tall tree to flourish---So HE made the Kingdom to flourish in the House of Joseph---took it out of the tribe of Judah and transplanted the throne in the days of Jeremiah from Ireland to Scotland, and then to Wales, where symbolically the Davidic thron still exists. They knew they were the tree of Gods Kingdom---They had their life in his being, and so their whole doctrine of the seperation of Spirit, Soul and Body in the image of YAHWEH.

They waited for the witness---after they were seperated from the Holy place, and we find that the Witness went there quickly. In the days when Jesus walked the earth, eht ships of Joseph of Arimathea carried Jesus to the British Isles, and there YAHSHUA THE CHRIST, spoke to the wise men of the Druid University, and there he built the Wattle Church, at Glastenbury. Thus he set up the oldest House of YAHWEH, in all Christendom, and instantly after they had heard the message of the coming of CHIRST---they acknowledged that they had had a visitation of YAHWEH.

Yet some say they were {agans. Even in the days of Good King Arthur as he was called----you will note that the wisest of his advisors, was proclaiming the program of the Kingdom. The identity of THE CHRIST, and the value of the Holy Grail. Thuys this was a race of people, who knew that they were of the children of God, they never doubted it, and they accepted the work of YAHWEH, and HIS atonement. And YAHWEH said: I will pour out my Spirit upon MY sons and MY daughters --- upon all Israel and they will be identified with me, and they will carry MY name.

When I ask you where the Christian nations are---you don't start hunting for them in Asia, You don't start hunting for them in Africa, except where a white nation does exist under white leadership. Why are the white nations Christian ?? Because the Spirit speaks, and activates their conciousness and His Spirit bears witness with out Spirit---that we--are--the children of YAHWEH.

The prophecies of God concerning these latter days---of a great nation and a company of nations---has

been fulfilled. There has never been in the History of mankind a greater nation that the United States of America. And there never has been a nation so vitally used by God for the preservation of America,----And their never has beena target000where all the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, and the communist and tehir followers want to destroy as badly as they want to destroy these United lStates. If they can destroy America----the world is theirs.

So I want to point out to you that this also a fulfillment of prophecy. You are of a race that has built pyramids---that developed every thing thought of by the use of technology, and has brought knowledge and wisdom to the ends of the earth. You are a people who has blessed all the people of the world, with your generosity, by moving to their assistance in their hours of need. You of this nation have been one of the nations of Gods Kingdom, and you carry the great and mighty emblem of the outstretched wings of the Eagle.

This emblem of the Eagle is a great emblem of destiny---especially in this last day, and in this vital hour. And the Most High has identified you as his people, his household and his race.

When I looked at the U.S. and world news this week, I was angry.----For it says, the next step is the inter-marriage of the races-----which will bring true equality, it will end hostility, it will envelope the world and build a great new world societ. Let me tell you something----they arn't going to be born as fast as they will die. When you try to mongrelize this race, when you try to seperate children from the structure of their parents, or raise them up under areas of influence, where you can start mongrelizing and intregrating----where you start penalizing parents for teaching the laws of YAHWEH or you seperate any teacher from schools who will not advocate this process---then My friends the judgment of YAHWEH is going to fall fast.

We now know what the negro has been taught to want, awith all the lust and passions stirred up by their devil gods---they want to mongrelize your race---to crawl into bed with the white race. The U.S. news proves it for they say that all laws to prevent inter-racial marriages will have to be abolished.

Eisenhour said he thought the solution to the race question was the inter-marriage of the racxes until the oclor comes out a rich olive tan. Well he doesn't know his numbers for there are more Asians and Africans and the color wouldn't come out so light. I don't think he wanted it for his children or his grandchildren. This is the way with all the cheap hyprocritical politicians of our time---they support the program of the devil and the world, for everyone else---but they don't want it for themselves or their family.

God said---thou art a Holy Seed---so send away all these strangers, so I can bless you---Oh: you say, thats old testament, it doesn't count. Well---New Testament then-----I want to be a father unto Ye and your children after you, you, thru all generations, and I can only do that if ye come out and be ye seperate. Don't marry with these other bodies---Your bodies are the Holy Ghost----their bodies the temples of idols.

God said----I am going to continue to be a segregationist, I am going to continue to seperate and and select----and you better believe that he is going t have his own way---don't make any mistake about that.

If your race was absorbed by the rest of the world---the light would go out. God said: I am not going to let this happen. You are the race from whence Gods nations have come---Aryan---Ma nu---Adamite---this is who you are. HIS feet ---His seed---and the life and the breath---and the Kinsmen of YAHWEH.

Is there anything tonight, more important to you---than to hold the ramparts of the civilization of heaven---transplanted to earth thru these celestial children, emboyded from heaven to earth, thru birth.

Some one said---yes there is something more important to do---we must rush out and save souls. Well that is a good way to get started, for the souls in bondage are bringing death upon a race---your race---you say I know lots of people who believe in Jesus and they also believe in inter-marriage of the races---that's right because their minister didn't tell them the truth. They don't realize that it is these practices that increased their taxes, increased their burdens, defiled the laws of the Kingdom. When you return to the laws of God then the blessings of God return. For God looked down on this race and he said---I'm going to cleanse the blood of this race.

Now you will say this is prejudice, and we shouldn't say that for God isn't prejudiced. Well this isn't prejudicial, just because we don't want black to marry white, or don't want negro neighbors---that isn't prejudice----I just want every man to live under his own vine and his own fig tree.

The design to destroy your race by mongrelization, is a violation of divine law. And is a sign of this day

----God Almighty calls on you to resist it---to oppose it---and to proclaim this in the name of YAHWEH.

When YAHWEH re-enters human affairs, the first thing he will do will be to start segregating. He is going to establish white supremecy in the earth. He is going to seperate the sheep from the goats and put the sheep in charge. He will say--come on My sheep---My little flock---recieve the Kingdom prepared for you before the foundartion of the world. God said I ordained this from the begnning---and this is the process that will bring light and knowledge, and with which the powers of darkness will be broken. HE says---I ordained this---I lead you out---I call you by name---I predestinated you for this destiny.

The master strategy of the devil was t get us all into one nation and then he was going to rule it. The U.N. was part of that plan, but it is breakign up---although they just celebrated their anniversary as a great peace keeping organization. I was there and all they were crying about was the terrible war---the president said---Oh help us stop it---and the Russians stood up and slapped him in the face with the remark--you started it. We should say get out U.N. we are not going to sign any more checks for you, so you are thru. So they told us off in our palace of the wind.

Don't send the finest of our land---the best of our youth, and the best of the breeding stock out there to die---for that will weaken your strain. Use the instruments that God has given you and fight with weapons not men, for no weapon formed against you will prosper.

So I cite to you that it is your responsibility to lift up the standards of your race---it is your responsibility to lift up the standards of God, and call for the preservation of your race, your kind and your culture.

You are a race that came down from heaven to earth, a race that started with Adam and the Apostle Paul tells us of the second Adam who came to impart new life. So remember HE is talking about you.

All Israel---MY issue---MY people shall be saved. Then eventually all flesh will be saved---each in his own place---because he is a great and loving Almighty YAHWEH. So I urge you to make a constant opposition against this process to swallow you up. The Anthropologists know that the races are differnet, as they can cite to you all the facts they have discovered.

And I want you to know that this is also the message of the Bible. You are a Holy seed---a Holy race ----you are sent---not to die but to occupy--------------Stand and occupy----------declare the Kingdom----

and live.

end of sermon