Races And The Flood, 2-3-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swif - 2-3-63

Tonight we are speaking on the subject --'The Races and the flood' This is a most vital subject and it must be understood by every bible student. In fact never has it been as important as it is today in these United States that every individual in positions of political leadership, that the governor of every state, and the Congressmen and Senators of every state, understand and know these basic Bible truths. It is important that all of those who represent these various districts of these United States, in areas of legislation as well as well as in the responsibility of leadership, should and must know for the salvation of our society the difference between truth and error. We today are fighting a psychological warfare, which is directed against the nations of God's kingdom a warfare in which the weapons are ERRORS skillfully and cunningly woven together ERROR which is intended to subordinate your society to the mongrelization which they have planned for your race. Which intends to also superimpose over this great nation of God's kingdom a program of integration until the white nations of the Western civilization have been subordinated inside of the United Nations where an overpowering and outnumbering force which would place all of the yellow and black race over you and all of the powers of the Communist world over, the Christian nations.

So as we talk to you tonight about the flood, this is not going back into a period or a stage of history which is no longer important to you, because it is very important to you. In fact it is so important that when properly understood, one does not have to wrest with the scriptures in order to find the right position as it relates to the race problem, as it relates today to your nation in this drive to mongrelize all of the people of this land thru the process of integration. And when we tell you that the program of those who would integrate you is mongrelization and this mixing of the races, we are taking no license from the various authorities that the Supreme Court quoted. Mirdal of Swedish Communism and Dubois the Negro Communist who they have quote, in their own opinions as they have expressed their opinions and made their decisions. These very men admit that the program of integration is to bring about the great step of amalgamation of our nation. And that out of a mixture of races will come the solution to the world's problems. Thus it is that the socialist from Sweden, and the Jewish, Negro combination in Dubois, a member of the Communist party is, quoted by Earl Warren and other justices. These men clearly site in the books quoted by those on the Supreme Court that their goal for integration is mongrelization and amalgamation. If the Supreme Court Justices in their procedure on integration did not mean that they intended ultimately the mongrelizations of races, then they should not have quoted from these books in their decisions. If they did mean the mongrelizations of our nation, then they should be removed from their offices, they should he impeached and new justices placed upon the high court of these United States.

This is not a principal of hatred, it is a principal of common sense. In our discussion last week upon the antiquity of mankind and the people upon the face of the earth, in which we used the reservoir of anthropological evidence we showed you that there had been intelligent people walking on earth with weapons and possessing a culture a million and a half years ago. That we have without any question 600,000 years of Turanian history which we can follow and trace. In which the anthropology joining with the artifacts and the archaeological evidence is established. We can go back 400,000 years with the ancient Sumerians. And we have 243,000 years of unbroken Sumeria history, in the records which transpose inside of the British Museum, on those tablets of clay.

We can point out to you that the archaeologists have been doing an excellent job and so are the anthropologists as they have been screening the earth and collecting more evidence of antiquity. And this does not conflict with the scriptures altho it may with some old theology. For a great number of theologians today have a very limited field of knowledge concerning these subjects they should be well informed in, such as anthropology and ancient history, and archaeology. I want you to know that some of their archaic ideas were that they tried to put all these things together in 6000 years, and the whole universe together in 6 days, and they had 6000 years from that time to this. Of course we have already cast aside this premise as we have previously discussed this with you proving that there were millions of years in this as to what God has been doing. This considered the catastrophes in first and second Genesis, the recreations and finally this seventh day creation of which you are a part, as the Adamic race and the final household into earth. The other races as we have established were before you and, there were Turanians upon the earth and the livestock of the Asiatic people that extended all over Asia and its steppes, and extended down into Africa and even into the Islands of the sea, and even unto the lands now down under the sea, beneath the waters of both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Areas such as Easter Island stand out as evidence of such a civilization whose great walls like the walls of China run down under the waters of the Pacific ocean, where great buildings and citadels are now beneath the waters of the Pacific. The lands which were once ancient Atlantas located somewhere between the Western Hemisphere and that of Africa and Europe, which were so important to the ancient Egyptians, and were so well known that even Plate wrote about it. The story and the history of a people who migrated from sinking continents as their land was shaken by earthquakes, as the waters rushed into the subterranean fires it blew the lids off of their mountains. All of this the story from ancient Horus as he tells of the migration of the ancient Egyptians as their land plunged beneath the sea, as the earthquakes and water shattered ancient lands and created ancient catastrophes. All of this is talking about lands that slid beneath the ocean and which happened in an ancient world.

Now; we can no longer say that it did not happen for modern archaeology has been unearthing the evidence of it. And even the evidence found as we study the Ocean floor takes on new meaning as we uncover the evidence of ancient cities. As we go down to the Azores, we discover that these volcanic areas show that at one time high above the waters, on a great flat continent that is now beneath the Atlantic that these volcanoes were once high above the ocean surface. We know this because the flow of lava does not take place for miles below water. When the volcano is below the water the lava just piles up until it finally sticks above the water of the ocean. Lava will not run for miles under water. So these long lava scarfs we find out here on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, proves that all of that great lava scarf of 15 or 20 miles was once above the surface of the ocean. And that this great ocean floor once provided a great part of a great continent in the archives of the ancients.

Now; we will come back to this in a little while for there is biblical evidence concerning these things. And there is a world of patterns in these ancient semantics. For in this period of what we call the pre-flood world there is a lot of history which is of great importance. We have established for you that the Adamic race was the last race placed upon the face of the earth. The Adamic race is the last race placed upon the earth, this race is the household of Almighty God transplanted from heaven to earth according to scripture. That they were celestial beings now embodied in the offspring of Adam were also the offspring of God. That Adam was a race, in the flesh and Adam was the father in this household and that is why for 500 and some odd times the word Adam is used all thru the old Testament when talking about the race from whence you came. Adamites --they were the white man--the divine race, they were the race of Seth and the race from which Abraham came. They are the race today from which every white western nation has emerged, and we can trace with accuracy the history of these people, as we also will do in another message. But it is important for us to know that we have biological evidence showing that there existed before Adam the Asiatic, and the Negroids in the earth. As we have told you --the use of Carbon 14, and now the use of Carbon 40, has established clearly that the antiquity of these various races. And their age groups can be identified by their fossils, by their stratus and by their campfires, by the age of their fossils and their bones, and we can do it with accuracy. We know that 73,000 years ago, they were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilmanjaro. And that in Peking Hill or Dragon bone hill in China, they were burying people, and Chicken bone hill not far from this Chinese Capital. And we know that about 7400 years ago Adam left the areas of Eden--this would be 5400 years before the Christ. We know that we have this history of the white race, and we can establish no recollection of the White race before this period of some 5400 B.C. We also know that the movement of the sons of Adam were recorded by the ancient Asiatic. We can establish that unusual conditions existed in Asia proceeding the catastrophe of this flood.

Last week as we talked to you about the antiquity of the people in Asia, we can show that the Turanians go back about 600,000 years, and their civilization was highly developed back as far as 14,000 years ago. There was a continual degeneration in Asia and in all Asiatic cultures as they left the patterns of Monotheism under the Luciferian influence and began the worship of gods of darkness, many of them inassimilable offsprings of the violations of divine law, according to biblical record. Thus it is that these demon forces became the gods of ancient Asia. But whenever they dealt with your race they called you the children of ONE God. And in ancient India, in the background of their thinking, they said that the great God Indra was the mighty God of creation, from outer space, and his Vedic white children were called Manu--the tall white ones were the embodiment in earth of his family.

Another word used was Aryan, coming out of ancient Persia, meaning the white sons of the Eternal God of the heavens. Another area of the archaeology and philosophy of Ancient India talks about the ultimate destiny of Indra the Mighty ONE, and that he would come embodied in earth to save his people, and thru them he would redeem the earth and establish a new pattern, as he came as Redeemer. And the word for that which was used was Christna ---referring to this God from outer space who would be locked in conflict with their own pagan gods--Bramah, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. And thus their writings were attributed to the white Vedic forefather whose writings were of the height of culture. And produced and joined with India's Aryan culture produced the heights of India's ancient history. It was the Aryans then in ancient Persia which produced this. And you can go down in Indian history to the man who built the Taj Mahal and you have a look at all of the leadership that India ever had.

We go into the history of India and of China and they are talking about these tall white ones, these Manu--the sons of the Eternal who lived in the high places of the mountain lands, and who set up great monuments of measurements high in the mountain country, high behind the high mountain wall as they called it which was the Himalayas. And then in Tibet where you established those great Do-rings of stone almost exactly as those set in Stonehenge and other places similar.

We point out to you that your race was known in the beginning as it was witnessed in earth, and by those with whom it came in contact as a people with One God, monotheistic, endowed with a great knowledge of the stars of the heavens, a people who understood astronomy and a written language, and the understanding of the Fulcrum, and the science of mechanics essential to the conquest of the earth, and they surpassed anything that they had ever known. If you go down into ancient Egypt and discuss the coming of your race, and the timing of it is exactly as the history in the bible.

Now; the reason why we tell you this is important, there is a teaching which extends in a large part to all denominations of Christendom which they received when they went to Bible school, and bible college. This had been set up of course by a sort of passing reading and supposed understanding of the scriptures, in which they sited that the descendants of Adam lived on the earth until the days of Noah and that there came a flood upon the earth and drowned everybody but Noah and his family. And after the flood, then Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives were all that were alive on the earth, and then they started to repopulate the earth. And the time will vary for the time of this flood from 2,400 B.C. unto the extreme that they are willing to place this back in time to 2,900 years before The Christ.

Now; they are willing then to place this time----giving all the latitude for all denominations to 3,400 years before Christ to 2,400 years B.C. and this is when they will tell you that the flood took place. Then from the basis of the timing of this flood they will tell you that from the sons of Noah ---Ham, Shem, and Japhet --and their wives came all of the people upon the face of the earth. And they think they are correct when they tell us that Ham, Shem, and Japhet fathered all of the people on the face of the earth today. They tell us that because of Disobedience that Ham was cursed and turned into a Negro. So the Negroes came from Ham, and the Asiatic came from Japhet, who had gone over into Asia to settle, and that the white people came from Shem. So they would like for us to believe that Ham, Shem, and Japhet thus fathered the three different races upon the face of the earth. That this was the origin of races and by these men came all of the people upon the face of the earth. So they would tell us today, even in the south where they would like to be known as Bible believing Christians and they tell us that all of these races thus emerged from Noah, and God wanted them to be separate, and God did not want them to absorb the evil of Ham so they were not to intermingle with Negroes, but they had a common origin in the house of Noah. Therefore they have everybody on the face of the earth coming from Adam, then everybody re-descending from Noah and his family. And here is where the propaganda experts of mongrelization, and integration come along and say---if everybody came out of the family, then there is nothing wrong with them all going back together and reform again into one family.

Rut this is error, for I am telling you that this flood at this time of Noah did not cover all of the earth, and if it had of then it would have been six miles deep over Los Angeles. I am going to tell you that the waters of this flood did not cover all of the lands and all of the people of earth for most portions of the earth never had a flood at that time. And this is Biblical. I can point out to you and by no stretch of the imagination can it be laid to the charge of Noah and his three sons when the Negroes were being buried in the caves of Kilmanjaro, 73,000 years before Christ, this was before Adam. And by no stretch of the imagination did the Asiatics come from Japhet because they were on earth one and 1/2 million years before there was any sign of the Adamic race. As we point out these 600,000 years for man, we have some line of accuracy of migration, and we have good records 243,000 years before Adam as we trace the Asiatics back into antiquity.

Now; Adam was a white man and at no time did Adam cause any Negro or Asiatic to come out of his race. God is the creator of the Universe, but he is the father of the white race, for they are his own posterity transferred from heaven to earth to build his kingdom. This is his prerogative, this is his way of doing it, this is the way he is developing the mercy of his Grace to provide leadership, to provide eventually an achievement known as "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven"

Now; let me point out some things which I think are of great significance, in this matter. Going back into records that preceded the flood, you will note in the Egyptian records, that there had migrated into Egypt in a period of time which long preceded the flood the coming listed as o-honuc, or the one you know as Enoch. Later when writing about him the Egyptians changed his name to Hermes, which is a Greek interpretation of Po-Honuc, known in ancient Egypt as Enoch and who was the builder of the City of ON and one of the architects who built the Great Pyramid. You will note that the man who came with Enoch was Jo-bab or Job who wrote the book of Job under inspiration, and is a part of the scriptures. Thus Job and Enoch were the two great white men who came into the land of the Egyptians, with 144,000 people. And not only conquered their land without the use of the sword, while they applied themselves to the building of this ancient city. At the time when they came they were referred to as the children of Osiris the Ka of Ra, and this Pa was the mighty God of light and the creator of the Universe, and these were the children of the sun, but they did not mean a literal sun. They meant a God of light, and knowledge of the world. The Temple priests of Egypt worshiped Set and Soth the pagan gods of darkness. Strangely enough there were a group of Egyptians who remembered their ancient past, and quoting from the book of Horus, and the writings identified with the first Khufu which is the title of ancient Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. There is not no just one Khufu, this is an error upon the part of those who call themselves Egyptologists. Khufu was the leader and the Emperor of Egypt when the people with their priest Horus migrated into the ancient land of Egypt, and in antiquity 11,000 years ago. When they crossed the upper part of the northern continent, this was not desert land as it now is. It was covered with deep grasses up to their waists, and there were grazing numbers of cattle and other wild animals. And they crossed a bridge which extended out from this land which was now crumbling under the judgment of violation which came with the Satanic interference with the earth, and the attempted mongrelization of its people. As you read the great book of Horus you will find that they had left the worship of the Great God of the heavens --YAHWEH-Putah and Satan was setting up temples of mongrelization and they wanted everyone to worship the fallen arch angel. The doctrines of Sette and the worship of Set and Soth and the symbols of thee dark gods from Voodoos the god over Africa, the father of voodooism, this is all a part of Egyptian lore as from whence they came. And how they migrated from land, which was plunging beneath the waters. And an ancient king of Mesopotamia had also emerged out of this land, and had been known as the king of peoples beneath the waters ---Tidal king of the nations.

Now; The great pyramid was built before the flood. The time of the building of the Pyramid is attributed as being between 5,000 and 4,000 B.C. The construction of the beginning of the Pyramid is estimated according to Egyptian history as having taken place about 4,800 B.C. by accurate chronology, not Ussher’s chronology which is in error. If you have a Scofield bible and you turn back into the chronology, and it will tell you that Ussher’s chronology which is 4,004 B.C. for Adam is not necessarily accurately, but is convenient because of the arranging of events. It tells you at the same time that the Alexandrian chronology which places Adam in earth B.C. And 5400 B.C. as his exodus out of Eden is more nearly right, and there are others like Hale's chronology which are far more accurate than Ussher’s. They tell you accurately in the Scofields edition of the bible, in the back that Ussher's chronology is 1400 years shorter than the others, and the others are thus probably more accurate.

Now; we know that the Jews changed the king line 1400 years so as to throw off the ancient prophecies of Seth and the writings in the book of Adam and Eve, and they did this to throw off the time table of the coming of Messiah. I was prophesied that as Adam left the Garden that it would be 5400 years before the coming of Messiah into earth. And they wanted to change and make the prophecy which related to Christ of none effect. So after his birth and his ascension the Jews interfered with the text and they changed the chronology 1400 years placing the embodiment of The Christ some 500 and some odd years ago and this was their design to show that The Christ was not the Messiah.

This is known by theologians but for some reason they do not discuss this, outside of seminaries and among their people. They say that chronology is not important, but it is important that you have the truth, and have accuracy than it is the arrangement of dates. We point out to you that the migrations of the Adamic race have much importance on the whole story One of the earliest birthplaces of the Adamic race, and their, spreading out upon the earth, identified by the Asiatics is way up in the mountains of what we might call eastern Turkestan. And now what if seen is the Tarium valley and once was known as the Tarium plateau. This valley was rimmed by mountains but not high above the plateau, altho the whole area was up very high. But underneath this great plateau was an underground sea of great size. This area was quite protected from the other areas, altho is was high in the mountains and in this country lived the Adamic race after having been driven out of the garden which was to the eastward in Eden. But also it was from this area that migration came for the earliest of your race. They came down into northern India and then on to the Persian sea and then down into ancient Palestine.


This first invasion involved them with their Shepherd Kings and their scientists, and the things which were taught to them which go back to before the days of Noah, and then of Seth.

Now; one of the descendants of Seth as you will note is Enoch and he is the builder of the great city of On and the great pyramid, in ancient Egypt. That Enoch was a man of great righteousness and he came from the Seth lineage. This is the household from Adam and Eve thru Seth long after the violation of divine law had been rectified in the mind of God. So we find Seth the acceptable seed from the likes of Adam, and from Seth then came Enoch, and here was a man of great knowledge and wisdom. And scripture will tell you that he learned so much of knowledge and wisdom that God took him into the heavens, and then into the far areas of the Universe and he never knew death. We have the "Treasures of Enoch"---"The book of Enoch" and "the Treasures of Enoch.” In this we learned about the Patriarchal experience as God ushered him into this presence As he traveled in great crafts across great areas of space he tells us about the number of planets in our solar system, and all of the things which were shown to him plus all of the instructions which he received of God. And the building of the great monument for a witness to the Most High God. Of the city he was to build in the land of Egypt. And we go back into ancient history and we find that Job and Enoch had also built the ancient city of Ur-Oruselem in the land of Palestine. Later it was from this area that they migrated with their flocks taking 1,444,000 savants, and leaving the rest of the people in old Ur-Oruselem, they migrated down to Egypt.

Again those of ancient Egypt would have waged war against those ancient wise men coming into their land. And they not only came with their flocks but it is recorded that they carried the symbol of the Eternal. And this was the great disc, the great reflecting golden disc which they carried in front of them. They had concaved this like a great lens. And in the instance of this the armies of the pharaoh came charging out at them under the influence of the dark Priests, against this great white race intrusion as they might have called it, into the land of Egypt. But the Adamites turned this great golden disc reflecting the light of the sun into the eyes of the Egyptians, and they fell back in fear blinded by the light of the great disc, and the intense heat radiating from it. And it is recorded that surely this people have conquered with the eye of God. Later they would site that they were the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, and that this was a household of prophecy. And when later they prophesied that this was the race of YAHWEH-PUTAH, the God of the heavens and they came into their land and built another great pyramid, like they had in ancient Atlantas. And then they built a great city for knowledge and wisdom, and taught them the identity of the Eternal God and His law. This is why there is incorporated into Egyptian theology so many things which relate to your race.

The reason why I point this out was that the Pyramid was built before the flood. And while they were existing from the days of Enoch and Job, which according to Biblical records and the theologians, this was way back before the flood. They had built this city of ON, the home of the White Priesthood, the Patriarchal Priesthood, and then long after the flood, one of the descendants of Shem, this one branch of the Adamic race not absorbed by other people. The descendants of Shem were Hebrews. And Heber was the father of all of the Hebrews, all of the white race who carry his name. And Abraham descended out of this household and Terah was his father.

The reason we tell you this is that when Abraham went down into Egypt, the pyramid and all those things were still there. And when Isaac, came, then Jacob and the sons of Jacob came into the story. When Jacob and his sons went down into Egypt, the Egyptians were still there. So the Egyptians were in Egypt before the flood and this Priesthood of the white race, which had come on down from the Tien Shin mountains and that high plateau, in the days of the first migrations; in the days of Enoch and job who were some of the children of the first migrators, and they then would go down into Egypt to perform their heavenly mission. Then when Joseph was sold into Egypt then the temple of On was still there, and Joseph was raised to the position of advisor to the king of Egypt. He had been selected to this position because of his divine knowledge, and wisdom which God had bestowed upon him. This is a matter of Egyptian history unto this day. I have in my library a Scarab that came out of King Tut’s tomb, and this is the seal of the house of Joseph showing the Emperor as he stamped this and used it as an indicator of his authority. And I have one of the original of those as it existed so many thousands of years ago. No question about the fact that Joseph went down into Egypt. No question that he went down to the Temple in the city of ON, to these great compatriots of his race. And he married Aseneth the daughter of Pontipher the High Priest of the Temple in ON. He did not marry an Egyptian. He married a white woman, the daughter of a priest from the great temple where they worshiped the true God this base of wisdom and understanding in the land of Egypt.

Oh, you say but is this important?--Yes--because this white race descendants of Seth had been resident down in Egypt when the flood came in the high Tarium basin and they were there long after the flood, so the flood never touched Egypt at all. If the flood had touched Egypt, there would have been no one left at the temple of On, or of this white Priesthood, and there would have been no Egyptians down there either. Where do you think the Egyptians would have come from in that short time from the time of Noah to the days of Abraham, in such great numbers? How could that king line have been carried out from the days when their land went down beneath the Atlantic, up unto the days of Abraham? The student of ancient history is forced to know that with archaeological evidence and the records that we have, that the people of Egypt had descended down from the people who existed before the flood of Noah's time.

Now; the word for flood which was to cover the whole earth is the Eratz--a Hebrew word-- this word means all that country. We point out to you that in the days when Cain killed Abel, he was driven out of that area where Adam and Eve lived in the upper Tarium basis, in those high mountains, and he said; --'My punishment is greater than I can bear. I have been driven off the face of the earth. The word is again Eratz. But we know that he was not driven off the face of the earth, because we know that he went eastward into the land of Nod and there married a Sumerian woman of the Tourog line and established the Akkod Kingdom and his son, Sargon I, was one of the rulers if Cain himself did not establish the name of Sargon among the ancient Sumerian king lines and showing their existence. So we know that when Cain said he was driven off the face of the earth that this meant Out of that country.' Thus it is the waters of that flood covered all of that Country. This then is where the flood took place. What country? That area where the Adamic race existed, and where a great move to destroy them was taking place.

I told you last week that it was quite evident that the people of China also had some great monsters in their area. There were men there who were one and 1/2 times the size of men of the human race And I read to you Mr. Coons writings out his records and some other peoples as well, and then out of some modern writings which says; --even as the bible states there were Giants in the land in those days. Why? Because scientists from Germany, scientists from America, and scientists from Holland, had found and dug up the fossil bones of giants, twice the size of normal men that lived in the steppes of Asia and in the areas of China.

Now; we point out to you what the bible says about these areas before the flood. Remembering that before the time that the bible was here to be studied that Enoch and Job had migrated to Egypt and built great cities and they are living down there.

Now; the rest of the white race was living in the upper Tarium basin except for some of them who had migrated down by the Persian sea, and some in old Palestine in Oruselem. We read as to what caused the flood in the 6th chapter of Genesis and it says here that the Adamites were beginning to multiply on the face of the earth and there were daughters born unto them. And the word in Hebrew in the second chapter, and I want to correct any other record that you may have. But the translation here is for the Nephilin (Angels who did not keep their first estate) who saw the daughters of the Adamites, the sons of God. And they saw that these daughters were fair and they took them for their wives. Thus these are not the sons of YAHWEH but the sons of the Nephilin, and if you go back into the Hebrew you will find that these are offspring of Angels who did not keep their first estate. In your Christian bible if you will go into thee records of Jude you will find they were angelic hosts. They were beings who inhabited God's vast domain. And embodied in earth, they did not keep their first estate but intermingled with the people of earth. And thus, produced an inassimilable people. Among them were a great number of giants. We will not go into the cause of this tonight, because it would take to much time, altho it is related to the pattern of heredity, and the heritage involved in Mitosis and the actual original side of the energy field and the energy remembrance, of the particular species involved. It tells you right here inside of the book of Genesis that these Nephilin were talking wives of all whom they chose of the men or the Adamites.

Now; therefore this was a part of the conspiracy, to mongrelize your race and absorb it. God warned Noah about this and the Zohar and the other ancient records show this. Thus, YAHWEH said;--to preserve your race, he was going to destroy those who would mix or mongrelize it. Thus the instructions for the building of the Ark given to Noah was for the preservation of Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives. For God with Omniscience knew that this curse would contaminate all most all of the Adamic race living in that high mountain chain.

Now; the scripture says that there were giants in the land in those days, after the Nephilin took the daughters of the Adamites and bore children unto them, and there were then mighty men in the land, and some of them were renown. The scripture also says that the wickedness of these giants, these people was so great, that every imagination of their heart was evil continually. It tells us that they sought to mongrelize and destroy, they would kill with violence and they were Canna Bail or the word which we get today is cannibal and this starts from the Priests of Bail ---and these monsters that were eating human flesh. So when the flood came then Noah and his family were the only ones who had sought to please God, here in this high mountain paradise so far and so high from the Persian sea. Today I have a great number of volumes in my library which deal with the geology and the physical patterns of the terrain there in that high mountain plateau. The reports of eminent geologists who have found this area and photographed it are included in these volumes. Today this upper Tarium basin where once this great Tarium plateau was located, is no more. It seems that under that area was a subterranean sea of great depth. We also know that this area involved there in the Tien Shin mountains was of a great area and length. And here once existed this beginning of this story concerning the Adamic race. Here in this area existed these three ancient cities of the Tien Shin mountains, they were listed as the golden cities of Asia. And these cities were probably providing a great hoard of these Nephilin who were trying to mongrelize your race.

Now; I want to call your attention to what God says;---He told Noah the size of the Ark to build. He also told him what to do. He instructed him as to how to build it and to fashion it so that he could save all of the fauna of the land. So that they would not be destroyed from off the land. He told Noah to take seven males and seven females of all the clean or eatable species. Then he told him to take a male and a female of all of the other species which existed in that land. And they would be amply housed in this Ark which he was told to build. Someone says; do you believe that? Yes, I believe that. But I am also going to prove to you that the length of the Ark was 300 Cubits, the breadth of the Ark 50 cubits, and the height of it 30 cubits. And by no stretch of the imagination did this apply to all of the earth or all of the animals upon it. Just imagine this monumental task of getting them all into the Ark. I want you to know that one man and his three sons to help him, could not have gathered seven males and seven females of the clean species on the face of the earth of all of the eatable species and two of every thing else. I want you to know that no ship the length of which Noah built could have handled all of these animals. Think of all of the deer, the wild beasts, the elephants and the giraffes all of the animals that were involved. In fact today modern zoology has correlated the facts that there are 3 million species in the earth. And besides these three million species there are the water species. There is over 2100 species in the mammal varieties, and three million species to be found in thee subspecies that would have existed before the days of Adam and were still in existence upon the earth in the days of the flood. Thus, they would have had more than 2 million of these to take into the Ark. But this would only be if they had taken one of each. But they were to take male and female so they would have had to have taken over four million species, and then with seven male and seven female of the clean ones or the ones for food there would have been somewhere between 14 and 15 million animals inside of the Ark.

Now; they would have had to had a fleet of ships larger than the merchant marines, and the combined navy put together, and all of the navies of the western world to supply food for them and house some of the animals, would not have been able to take care of such a menagerie that Noah had on the Ark.

Now; it tells me here that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. And I am told that it was the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, and in the second month, that same day that the fountains of the deep were broken up. And the windows of heaven were opened up. The fountains of the deep was caused by an earthquake which cause the whole shelf floor of this high plateau to break into particles and sink and as this happened then the waters of the subterranean sea was floating the Ark almost instantaneously. The earth quake had been the results of a low atmospheric pressure area, also coming with this breaking up of the deep came the water from above. We are told that for 40 days that it rained, and this was the six hundredth day of Noah's life, and the second month and the 17th day.

Now I find that it was some time before Noah could get off that Ark. It says that in the six hundred and first year, and the first month. So he went on the Ark in the six hundredth year. So he was on that Ark eleven months. Thus if you had tried to save that many million creatures for eleven months you would have had to had three times as big of a fleet to just carry the feed for them. I am not sure that Noah and his sons could have fed that whole bunch. But the reason I point this out to you is because I wanted to show you that it is mathematically impossible, and biological unfeasible that in an Ark the size that Noah built that he could have brought about the housing of all of the animals on the face of the earth.

So let’s take a look at the upper Tarium plateau. There were a few species that were clean like the Ox, the Siberian tiger --if there had been a collection of all of the fauna that existed in that land there would have been no problem for Noah to have housed them and carried enough feed to feed them and his family for eleven months. I think that there is an accuracy with which Moses wrote and using common sense you must agree that the flood covered all of that country and not the whole earth at that time. And Noah was not required to gather up the number of creatures some preachers have contributed to the story of Noah. We wonder sometimes, why some people think that science and the bible disagree. There is no disagreement between true science and the bible, the disagreement comes when people who do not know the bible try to explain it, and have science operating on theories that have not as yet been established.

I point out to you therefore that the sudden catastrophe which descended upon that area, of people mongrelized, and whose seed was contaminated, and whose violence and evil was now spreading, that the preservation of this branch and thee house of Noah, but when Noah prophesied as to what was coming, and offered them entrance into the Ark they laughed at him. When finally God told Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives to go into the Ark, they went in. And then we are told God shut the door. And do you know why God shut the door? ----Because we are a silly bunch of people and the first time someone cried to let them in you would have opened the door and the waters would have rushed in. Not only that, but they would have filled the craft with inassimilable mongrels. Oh you say, you don't believe that God drowned all of those people? ---Yes I believe it. And he did it because so many of them were misplaced and unassimilatable and were descendants of Angelic hosts who had not kept their first estate, and they moved in a demon work as the Nephilin. They were now Asiatics. And they were those who had been destroying your race and killing and absorbing continually. But this wasn't all of the white race, for down in Egypt were the HYSKOS of Job and Enoch. And down in Persia were some of the white seed who had migrated down there in the time earlier, and they were of the line from which Job and Enoch came, they were your kinsmen. They had already built some of the high marks of measure and in the time of Enoch they were doing this as well.

Now; let me point this out, that after the flood we have the record of what transpired. And again we are reminded that Ham, Shem and Japhet were the three sons of Noah. And we are told that these are the generations of the Sons of Noah. We are told this in the 10th chapter of Genesis:...and unto Shem, Ham and Japhet, there were six sons born unto them after the flood. This flood which reached the mountain tops of that upper Tarium basis until it overflowed, and when the final earthquake came in this 11 month period it opened up the end of the basin and let the waters flow out. And on the east end it went dawn into China into the Whang-ho river. And the Chinese have a record of the year of Noah and when the flood came down the Chinese rivers. And it did not drown anyone except maybe those who dwelt along the river. But they do record the splitting of the mountains and the water gushing out. Also, back in the history of Ur of the Chaldeas they tell how the other end of the earthquake dumped water out and how that water came down thru Turkestan and down into Mesopotamia and into the waters of the Euphrates and the and the Tigris river. How water was 70 feet deep in the river and buildings were inundated at the city of Ur, which were close to the water edge. And if you go dawn to the land of Ur where Dr. Wooley did such remarkable work you will find the flood waters mark as when the waters came out of that great mountain pass and headed for the sea. But it had never bothered Egypt at all, because Egypt was not in the path of that dispersal of the waters.

Now; if the waters had covered all of the earth, the waters would have been over the high Sierras, and 6 miles deep over Los Angeles. And it tells us how the waters receded off the face of the earth. So we discover that the waters decreased until the tenth month. But the waters had gone off the earth for 150 days and after that it was somewhat abated. And by the tenth month the waters had decreased until the tops of the mountains in that area were seen.

Now; where do you think this water would have run off to if it had been six miles deep If the water was over everything there would have been no place for it to run to, and it would have taken a great many years for it to have evaporated and then there is a saturation point for atmosphere, and you would still have this water in a misty bath surrounding this world today. And I can assure you that every meteorologists will tell you today that there was not that much water to have covered the city of L.A. six miles deep. Thus we know that the bible is accurate and we know that it was in that land where this occurred. We know also that there came descendants from Noah's three sons and therefore I point out to you what the scripture has to say about Noah and his three sons.

It says;---these are the generations of the sons of Noah, and it tells us as to how the lands were divided as they went out upon the earth. And it tells of sons being born to these three sons after the flood, and to Japhet was born Gomer, Magog, Javan, Tubal, Meshek, and Tiras. And then is listed the sons of Gomer---Ashknaz, Riphath, and Togarmah. And by these sons were the lands and the various nations and the isles divided --and these children went out among these races and their tongues, to raise their families in the earth.

Now; If you have a Ferrah Fenton version of the bible which is a very accurate translation, it tells you that by the sons of Noah were the peoples of the earth divided up in their lands, and in their islands divided up, because the sons and daughters of Noah settled down among them. And altho they had their own language they settled down among people of many languages and many tongues. In other words they also settled down all along the coasts of the earth. Who was this, --but the house of Japhet. And they settled among Asiatic people. They went out among the Torouge and eventually were absorbed among them.

Now; the sons of Ham were Put, Gush and Canaan and Mizraim----and from Cush eventually we get Nimrod. And he was a mighty power, a great hunter, a builder of a great kingdom in the earth.

Now; let me tell you something about Nimrod. The sons of Noah who came on down to the Persian Gulf started marching under the banner of Cush's Nimrod on down to the plain of Shinar. And Nimrod was very angry for he thought that the catastrophe of the flood had been caused by the work of the ancient Sumarias. In fact that the ancient Asiatics under the influence of Lucifer had brought about the conditions which caused the flood to transpire. And Nimrod marched down to the cities where he knew some of them existed and his intent was to conquer them. And we can show you this in the ancient records that follow your race, as carried out in the records of the Zohar as to these peoples dealing with God. Thus we read here in the scripture that Nimrod went down into this land where the plain of Shinar lays and he conquered Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh in the land of Shinar.

Now; I want you to do some thinking. Here comes the great grandson of Noah, marches down into the plain of Shinar, which is one quarter of the way around the world, and he conquered four kingdoms whose Empires reached into the period before the flood. Proving that the flood never reached those people either.

Now; there are some Clergy who think they are doing God a favor trying to hold something together which was not to be held together in the first place, and they say;---yes all of the Negroes came from Ham. And if that had been true, then Nimrod would have been a Negro and there has never been a Negro intelligent enough to have put together four kingdoms and then built an Empire like ancient Ur of the Chaldeas.

Now; I can assure you that you can look at the plates of ancient Sumeria and look at the records as to the people who dwelt in ancient Ur of the Chaldeas, and I can assure you that those people were not Negroes. It is true, that the mistake made by Nimrod was that he took people of India and of Asia into his kingdom and as advisors. And eventually as they flattered him and tried to elevate him into a sense of false deity, he tried to include all of these people into a Metropolitan city called Ur of the Chaldeas. I want you to know that the Prime Minster of Nimrod’s kingdom was the father of Abraham and Terah had descended from Shem the son of Noah. And in the genealogy of the house of Shem we have Shem as the father of the children of Heber ---and Heber is the word from which the word Hebrew comes. Every white man today that we know is virtually descended from the house of Shem. This because the household of Japhet after a few generations had been absorbed by the Asiatics with whom they settled and their seed could no longer be counted in the kingdom. No mongrolized seed can share in the inheritance pattern, and actually some of the names of these offspring who had settled in Asia were to become the names of whole areas inside of Asia at a later time.

Now; as far as Shem was concerned, his race line was in relative racial purity. Remember this now--Terah, who was the father of Abraham, was a descendant of Shem. But there was no hostility between the descendants of Shem and Ham. For here was Nimrod, the Emperor of Ur, and Terah, the Prime Minister, was the father of Abraham. And I also know that if you can find the book of Jasher, you learn that Abram who was the child of Terah, was sent until he was 12 years of age was sent to the caves where Noah was now residing having come down into a neighboring country. Thus Abram was educated in the caves where Noah was residing. This was showing the close proximity between Noah and his relative who became the Great Abraham of the Bible. And from this background has emerged the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, and Germanic people in the earth. Therefore when I tell you that all of the white race descended out of the household of Seth, the Enoch and Job lines were already down in Egypt. And some of them still left from their migrations into ancient Palestine, still in Oruselem. And then this ancient city was destroyed by Sumerian Cainanites. And I also point out to you that the other branch, survivors of the flood of the Sethite House had already migrated on, and even built Stonehenge in ancient Britain. And they were calling these people Phoenicians. And they identified them as the descendants from this now world renown man who had traveled out to God and came back. Thus the word Phoenician came from the greatest traveler of them all -Pho-hanoc --or Enoch. These were the people who were the white race, the masters of the knowledge of the heavens and of the skies, the children of YAHWEH the mighty God of the heavens the Ra of space, the children of Osiris, the LORD of light and resurrection. The Christ of the scriptures, the Christna of ancient India, the embodiment of YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ and you the children of God identified again as the children of God, who was your Messiah.

And I point out to you that it is important again that we establish

This with another set of measures in the bible. If you come over to the 31 chapter of Ezekiel to this portion, which we have called your attention to before, this portion we want to include in this message tonight. For it tells us here that God spake to Ezekiel and told him the exact day--the eleventh year and the third month and the first day of that month--and Ezekiel said that God told him to ---'Speak unto pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and tell him that the waters of the Assyrians was a great and tall Empire, like the great gargantua Red Wood tree of Lebanon, and along your pacific coast. You tell him that Empires which are symbolized as trees and racial streams as waters and rivers, that because of the numbers its people these mighty waters, went out all over the earth. There were many branches to this Empire like the giant Red Wood tree. That the Assyrians in those days stretched all over the earth, and it tells us that virtually all of the people of earth were under the branches of this Tree of Assyria. That this was also in the days of Eden when this mighty tree existed. Thus, this Summerian-Asiatic Empire was most powerful all over the earth in the days of Eden.

Now; what this means is that in those days when Adam was placed in earth, then the ancient Asiatics ruled over most of the earth, as a Mighty Empire. Then tell your preacher that by no stretch of the imagination could Adam have fathered all of these people who resided over the earth --in the days when Adam was placed in Eden.

Listen:----Now; you also mighty Egypt you also are a great power, a great tree altho not as great as the Assyrians--but as I have brought down that ancient Sumerian empire and broken it in the earth, so can I bring down you ‘Oh Egypt’, thus said YAHWEH, the mighty God of the heavens. I have sent them down into the Netherworld with their leaders and their teachers, and I can bring you down there also.

Now; think this over, this declaration which God makes, this declaration of antiquity of the Assyrian Empire before the days of Adam, which was all over the world and Eden where also Egypt existed --and I have already told you as to how Enoch and Job came in to build the Temple of On and the Great pyramid and other things in Egypt, and how the ancient Egyptians had migrated from the sinking lands of Atlantas about 11,000 years ago as the last of that continent went down. So the book of Ezekiel proves that there were Empires all over the earth in the days of Eden.

Now; I would take you back in this message about pre-flood and post-flood period, to another passage which is very important in the book of Genesis. It deals with the period when God told Abram to get out of that land of the Chaldeas because this city was becoming a mongrelized city. The racial seed and the purity of God's kingdom had to be preserved. There could be no mixture no mongrelization, this had to be a pure seed, and God Said to Abram---you get out of this land of the Chaldeas, leave all of your friends and relatives and get out of here for I am going to preserve racial purity here. So Abram left the land of the Chaldeas and his father left his position of Prime Minister to go with him. And now I want you to understand how Abram in this experience comes to this time when Amaraphael the King of Shinar, and Chedorlamer the King of Elam, and Tidal, King of the nations with those other kings were there in the vale of Siddim fighting.

Now; if you will start with the genealogy in the book of Genesis which reads like a telephone directory of the descendants of Adam, you will not find any descendants of Adam named Amaraphael, or Tidal, and you do not find here the king of Sodom, because these king lines were existent from the pre-Adamic world. But one of the most outstanding identifications here is this...Tidal, king of the nations. The early translations says;--'Tidal, King of the lands beneath the waters. And the word Tidal means a water swept land. Thus, Tidal was king of the lands beneath the waters. And Abraham when he moves out runs into this great battlefield where all over these kings are fighting and it tells about all of these kings, even the king of Bela which is Zoar, and they were battling for the gold of Ophir, the treasures they had taken out of caravans and the gold they had taken out of ancient Ghana, and stored in this mine in Ophir. So rich was the gold of ancient Ghana that here you had these kings fighting on the plains of Shinar for this ancient treasure. Then here comes your race, now embodied in this man Abraham and his household, so outnumbered but divinely protected. And it tells us about these different kings and how they are fighting. The reason I am reading this is not that I am interested in the battle, in this message. I am interested in the fact that here were kings that had come from lines before Adam, but here they were on earth in the days of Abraham, and after the flood. I want you to know that here was a king who had been king of the nations which had gone down under the Atlantic Ocean and was written about by Plate and became a part of our ancient history. I just want to confirm for you that all of the people of the races of earth did not come from Adam, and you are under no divine law to mix with all of these people. Rather, the law of God tells you to come out from among them and be ye separate. Be segregated and do not intermingle with them. More than that, you have been taught to preserve the holy seed and go back into the Adamic era which has been pointed out in the book of genesis when God said; ---'Of all of these trees that I have placed in the garden, there are herb trees and fruit trees I have given you to eat, you can eat of all of these trees. But of his racial tree, this tree of Knowledge and of good and of evil, thou shalt not eat. Thou shalt not mix with the Empires and the races of these other people upon the face of the earth, or of this Luciferian household which was in power. Thus you cannot mix with Jews, with Asiatic or with Negroes. Especially do not mix with this Luciferian household. You must carry forward your destiny and preserve this seed.' So in the writings of Ezekiel then God proves that these trees were racial trees and their streams were racial streams, and they were Empires according to their size. Yes, the Adamic household had a very historic mission. This book is not the story of Asia, nor of Africa, this book is the story of the Adamic race. It is the story of a divine planted household from heaven to earth out of which God promised to send waves of initiative out of which would come the great technological era of your time. Here would come the race with the pronouncement of the True and Living God --Monotheism---One God, we, his children who pray as he taught us to pray --"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven."There is no room to finish such a subject in one night, but God does not want you to intermingle with Negroes other than the fact that these are a different specie, and a different order, and they cannot measure up to your capacities, and they would pollute the seed and destroy your race. And they did not come from Ham. For there were Negroes in the earth by the millions before Ham, and before Adam and there still are.

Now; as to Asia, you have no permission to mingle with Asia, and the Asiatics did not come from Japhet, but Asia absorbed the descendants of Japhet. But of the Shem line even in battles and wars this race line has been preserved. There has been contamination in it in our day. We have watched some of these boys who have moved out onto far flung battle fields, because their churches did not tell them better, and their nation did not make it clear and they brought back Asiatics and they brought back Koreans into our land, but they are a very small minority, and they are not socially accepted in our land. And if the churches held to their responsibilities they would advise that these marriages be dissolved and foreign women and their children be set back to the land from whence they came. This is not only the order of God, but this is the Grace of God for the development of KIND in the earth. And one thing which we should do is eradicate any mongrel seed from these United States. This is the part of the scourge of this race mixing policy In the days of your youth you remember how one who had a selective background selected his companions, and the last thing to be thought about in the yesterdays was the intermixing of the races. Those who did it would not have been acceptable in the social order. This is as it should be and intuitive, inbuilt law which God preserved as racial self-respect in your society. Now note. Every biblical outpouring, every revisal of the old and the new testament restores racial self respect, and it pledges the fathers to preserve racial respect and the background of their posterity is to be brought into alignment. The book of Malachi says that the sons shall remember their fathers and the fathers shall remember their children. And God says;---'Yes, I will cleanse again the blood of my people'

Sometimes we wonder why we have some of the chastening experiences that we have, and some of the battles, and I want you to know that we sometimes sow some of these things which we reap. But for the purpose of God I want you to know that 'this kingdom come' is purposely and divinely ordained. The triumph again of our Christian society the strength again of the Western nations, we in the world when communism has been swept from the earth. When the mongrelizers do not surround a President, and when Presidents are wiser than they are now this, we will see.

(End of message.)