Races Of The Earth And Their Differences, 7-16-61



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-16-61

We are again speaking on this subject which relates to races of men, and their relationship to the earth. We spoke last Sunday night on 'The Racial streams and their Biblical Destinies', and we would make this quick synopsis for those who were not there.

The concept that Adam was the first man to walk upon the earth, and which some believe to be Biblically supported requires the knowledge of who Adam was, and what the word Adam means. for in the Hebrew foundation from which our Old Testament is obtained, the language which refers to Adam points out that Adam is a white man, the first white man in earths history. The Enosh, or beings, or races make up the world orders and have nothing to do with Adam. Altho both words are translated..man..in the King James Version, they are in other versions and manuscripts and by all Scholars known to be separated, and thus taught to those who are the students. We have stated to you before that the antiquity of man upon the earth far precedes the coming of the Adamic race. And that we have evidence from the Archaeological records, the Ancient King lists of the oldest of the Sumerian Dynasties. We have quoted from Princeton Universities Press, their publication of 'Life out of the Ancient Past' by (?) Phinnegan, as well as other volumes out of a library filled with Archaeology from earliest Archaeology, from books printed in the days of Queen Victoria, to the research findings of the last few years. We find the ever accumulating fact that the Sumerian Dynasties reached into an ageless yesterday which is almost trackless. And they themselves give their King list of Dynasties which reach back almost a quarter of a million years...241,000 years.

We sited to you that the Adamic Race by Biblical History, and by accurate chronology goes back to 5500 B.C. with the period of time for their leaving the Garden area as 5400 B.C. And the begatting of the Adamic race largely following that with Adam living almost 800 years after that. The fact remains that the white race is identified with earth by the history of men and of nations. And a period which starts some 5500 years before Christ places the Adamic race about 7500 years upon the face of the earth. The Ancient Sumerians who had a basic Asiatic background, and much of their vocabulary and records and words tie them in with similarity to Asiatic philosophies, ideas, places, some of it being basically Ancient to the present Turkey before the Present Turks. Existing in Ancient Asia, and down into Mesopotamia, and even finding its Ancient roots in Ancient Ur, and in the areas around the plains of Shinar. The Ancient Sumerian Dynasties reach back further than any Dynasties that are found anywhere in earths history.

In a period of time when a great number of those were seeking to mongrelize our race, and to overthrow the structure of our racial respect, and seeking to bring about a One World Order by mixing the races, which is sheer mongrelization with integration being a basic step, it is important that men know something about races and from whence they have come. This is why we supported last week, and call on you to remember in this promise that in the thirty-first chapter of Ezekiel, the Bible firmly teaches that he was to talk to the Pharaoh of Egypt and tell him that altho he was a part of an Ancient Empire which was a great Empire in the days of Eden, that the Assyrian Empire was at that time all over the world. The Assyrian Empire had racial streams that had made it so great that the trees of its Empires, and the might of the mother Empire...the Assyrian Empire was all over the earth. And the people of every race, and every known society and culture, and even the fowls of the air, and every creature of earth was under the Administration of the Assyrian Empire in the days of Eden. Now:..once you get this Biblical statement clear in your mind that the Assyrian Empire was so back in Antiquity that when Eden...which was the time of beginnings...and the Eden of Genesis which relates to the placing of Adam in the earth...that this Empire was over all the earth, it then becomes impossible in your thinking to suppose by any stretch of the imagination that Adam fathered this Empire which was already over the earth, or had anything to do with the racial stream that was already existent here.

We have advocated, and the Scripture supports from one end unto the other, the spiritual seed begotten in the heavens of the MOST HIGH, in the Spirit, and then placed in the Adamic race, to come generation after generation into the fulfillment of a developing society to build God's Kingdom as the identity of your race.

But ages before God sent the Adamic race into the world, and in the periods of time which go way back to the time when HE was blessing you according to Paul..'With all spiritual blessings, in heavenly places'...this earth had people all over it. We have shown you that in the structure of the Bible that there are numbers of people who are not from the Adamic race. And as such we brought to your attention that when God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas which city was then being reigned over by Nimrod, who was a white man and a descendent several generations from Ham, that God called Abraham to leave this land where his father was Prime Minister, so that the white race in its purest seed, and with its highest spiritual vision would not be mongrelized and destroyed. For this would destroy the purposes which God had in earth, of establishing a Kingdom which had been begotten in the heavens...then placed in the earth for this very purpose. Abraham believed God and obeyed HIM, and thus this strain of the white race was preserved. Down in Egypt this same strain of the white race like Enoch and Job which was existent down in Ancient Egypt in the city of ON, were continuing with prophetic fulfillment, to carry out a Destiny which God had ordained. Do not forget that Abraham who came out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeas was a white man, the father of Isaac, and Jacob, and yes today all of the peoples of the white race which you have in the Western nations of Christian civilization today. These are Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic people and have descended from these children of Jacob.

You will remember in going back into these periods of this experience that the captivity of these ten tribes of Israel by the Assyrians in the days of Sennacherib to the release in the days of Shalmaneser started the migration of these white men into Western Europe. There had only preceded this immigration, that of the tribe of Dan when they made their migrations and settled portions of Western Europe. There had been in a very, very early period of time in history when Sethites had also settled in portions of Ireland, and who date way back to the Patriarchs. But they were true Sethites of the white of the white race strain as well. This we will cover in another message which relates to the background of your own race in its earliest migrations.

As we talk about the matters of these histories we discuss with you how we discussed with some of the Clergy who thought that everyone had to descend from Adam. We discussed with them some of the origins, and the Antiquities of these people who proceeded Adam. And those who thought that everyone had to come from Ham, Shem and Jacob because the flood drowned everybody in the earth, found that they were also mistaken because the flood covered all...that place. The word in Hebrew is eratz, or eret... meaning all that place. It was translated..the whole earth, erroneously. It is quite obvious that the flood did not drown everybody, and did not cover the entire earth because the Egyptian Dynasties go back to the sinking of a continent in the Atlantic Ocean area which was named Atlantis, and which the Greeks continued to refer to in the days when Plato received his education in Egypt, and which the Atlantic Ocean is named after. The Egyptians migrated out of that area, and their earliest old fifth dynasty, the earliest dynasties which go way back to the days of Horus, and the first Kufu which is simply a title for Pharaoh, and not a mans name, goes back My friends, to the days which precedes the establishment of Adam in Eden. And also precedes according to the thirty-first chapter of Ezekiel, the Adamic race in Eden, because it was an old Empire like the Assyrians. Now:..if you think the flood covered all the earth then remember the Egyptians were in Egypt, and they built monuments and tombs. Then Enoch and Job came into Egypt and they built the tremendous Pyramid of Giza, and the Temple of that Ancient city of ON..long before the flood. Remember that long after the flood when Abraham's descendants went into Egypt, then later Jacob and his sons following Joseph found that the Egyptians were still in Egypt. And there also Joseph would marry the daughter of Potipherah, the Priest of ON...a Sethite. And Joseph's two sons..Ephraim and Manasseh would become the fathers of all Anglo-Saxon's in time and history and covenant. In fact the remarkable thing which surrounds this truth is that there was never any catastrophe or flood which wiped out the peoples of Egypt who only by rumor and tradition had heard that there was a flood to the north of them. The great areas of Mesopotamia where the flood waters subsiding had wiped out portions of the Ancient city of Ur, we find it well established that this was probably the flood of the Biblical account which swept down out of the upper basin after the catastrophe when the fountains of the deep were discovered, and the fountains of the heavens were opened. Great earthquakes cracked open that Tarim bowl, then water washed down into the areas of Ur, and history and geology bears testimony of it. There have been many great floods in the earth, but this was the flood of middle-eastern history, and also ties in with the Shemitic story. The word..eret..means all that country, and when translated..all the earth..it is then error. This is done also in the King James Version as it talks about how Cain was driven out from the land, from the household of Adam after the murder of Abel. And it says right here in the Book of Genesis..Cain speaking: 'My punishment is greater than I can bear, because I have been driven off of the face of the earth.' (Genesis 4:13-14)

Now:..you know that this was not the face of the earth because not only did Cain go east of Eden, into the land of the Akkads, but he married into the branch of the Ancient Sumerian Akkad line, and begat for himself a whole posterity of unassimilatable people. In the days of Jesus a large part of the Jews of Jerusalem had not descended from Abraham (thru Esau) but had come down from these Cainanites, and Jesus identified them as the Offspring of Lucifer, and as the descendants of Cain who was the first murderer in the category in which Christ challenged them. And HE said this was their lineage because they were responsible for all of the blood of the righteous slain upon the earth, from Abel, killed by Cain, to Zacharias killed between the horns of the Altar, by Jews (Yehudin) of that day. Now:..Once we have established that the flood didn't drown the Egyptians, and it didn't touch the Mayas whose Calendar was not effected, never washed away the majority of China, we are well aware that it was a localized affair which God directed for the destruction of an area that was seeking to destroy as history tells us..the people of the Household of Seth which descended on down to Noah and his just Household.

Now:..we have set aside this idea that a curse was set on Ham, and that he turned Black, and that the Negroes came from Ham, because this was a preposterous foundation as well. We have two fine ways of telling today as to..time..and antiquity, about things which relate to anything which was once alive, and we would call these to your attention. One is Carbon 14., in which every living thing either east something, east grass or growing herbs, or eats the meat which comes from eating the grass, or eats the objects directly and thus there is deposited in everything that lives this Radio Carbon. It does not matter how long it has lived, that radio carbon has to be dissipated, and it dissipates just like clock work. It just ticks away, and modern scientific instruments can measure the antiquity of any object by how much carbon has been dispelled. Coupled with this also is fluorine deposits which are picked according to the concentration of fluorine by chemical analyses in the earth, and it takes so many years. We can determine back to 100,000 years with an approximate + or - of a very few or small percentages of time element of bones or of living substances by the amount of fluorine replacement picked up out of the dirt therein. And we can determine with an accuracy of + or - just a few years back to 25,000 years of Radio Carbon dissipation. And using both of these we can make a very accurate check as to what has been established time and again with radio carbon charts for some 73,00 years between this and the fluorine basis. We had two scientists who worked on this. It was professor Libby who broke the world into a new and accurate dating with Radio Carbon, and the ticking measure with which it dissipates itself was discovered, and does it with accuracy. In fact it was a great opening to a great new vista because there were a lot of people in the Biblical world who thought the Bible taught something which it did not. They staked a lot of their thinking and diverted a whole lot of the intelligence of the world because they advocated that every race on the face of the earth started with Adam. And then they started Adam at 4000 B.C., instead of 5500 B.C. Therefore they didn't have any human beings walking anywhere in the world before that time. And with this strange philosophy they evolved every race, color and creed out of Adam.

Now this we said was biologically impossible because the Bible teaches.. 'Kind begats kind, seed having life in itself.' This teaching overthrew Biblical law, for inside the genes, the chromogen inside the Chromosome by the process we have discussed with you as..mitosis, there has been a continuing cell division in mammals and a Divine knowledge factor which determines the exact form of the developing embryo. So we have had no change in biological law, and it would be impossible for Adam and Eve to have become father and mother of Asiatics, Negroes, and white men at the same time. This is a biological impossibility. More than that it is impossible to say that out of Ham came Negroes when generations after Ham came Nimrod who was a white man ruling over Ur of the Chaldeas. And when we can establish that Negroes lived in Africa 43,000 years ago. And Radio Carbon and fluorine deposits prove that on the shores of Tanzaykka, and in the caves of Killimanjaro that these bones buried there were those of Negroes. And we can prove the great antiquity which is involved here. In fact the coming of the Negroes ties into the Ancient Mythology of the Sumerians. They talk about battles and struggles in the sky, and how Negroes came in as workers and warriors of the god called the Battle god of the heavens, or Lucifer as you know him in your theology. And in the theology of the Chinese he was referred to as the Dragon god.

Now: there are some things which I think are important for people to know. It taxes some people mentally to think, but it is important that there are some things that they should know. I call this to your attention: the Scripture clearly indicates that in periods of time in the past that there were great catastrophes which swept the earth. And when you read in the Book of Genesis:...'God created the heavens and the earth', it doesn't put a time element on that creation. The second verse of Genesis says: 'The earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.' Void means aftermath of destruction. Webster calls it the aftermath of destruction by Divine hands. Early theology recognized that there had been an early creation which had been destroyed, or had passed into catastrophe, and was re-altered even before the Genesis story of recreation, and the account of God preparing the earth for Adam-man.

As you note:..'The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.' If you turn to the fourth chapter of Jeremiah you see the operation of God's Holy Spirit being able to activate in the inner consciousness of a white man, a descendent of the Adamic race and one of God's children, a remembrance which was stored up in his Celestial mind, and made this aware to his consciousness by the spirit until Jeremiah the prophet could do what God was instructing him to do which was to describe what happened on the earth when it became without form and void. I will tell you this secret altho most of you don't know what you have locked up in your cranium, or what is deep down inside the spiritual being which is within you. But I want you to know that all the light and the knowledge which accompanies the Spirit of God is inside of you. Even the Glory which appeared on the face of Jesus...for we are told that we have this treasure in earthen vessels, a heavenly treasure in earthen vessels. I want you to know that the Spirit of God can bring back to your remembrance a complete, historic vision, picture of everything which has happened in this Universe from the beginning.

Now:..we turn to Jeremiah 4:23-., and this is quite an interesting discussion on the part of Jeremiah:..'Behold..I beheld the earth, and lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens were without light. I beheld the mountains, and lo, man was dispersed. And all the birds of the heavens fled. I beheld, and lo, the fruitful place became a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down by the presence of YAHWEH, and by His anger. For thus saith YAHWEH, the whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end. For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black; because I have spoken it. I have purposed it, and will not repent neither will I turn back from it. The whole city shall flee for the noise of the horsemen and the bowmen; they shall go into the thickets, and climb upon the rocks, for every city will be forsaken and not a man left there. And when thou art spoiled what will thou do? For I heard a voice as of a woman in travail.' Now: listen..Jeremiah said:..I beheld all these things. In fact these things which he describes are also something the Psalmist sees when he tells of the rebellion of Lucifer, and the impact of violence which came upon the earth. When whole portions of the earth were turned upside down. And we are told that great earthquakes sank mountains, and the waters of the oceans swept over masses of land. A mighty and tremendous catastrophe had transpired in the past. In fact there was one astronomical phenomena which also came, and the Scripture allows it was as Divine Judgment, when an astronomical body came by, and the lash of the tail of this vast comet caught the earth and spun it end for end until the poles were reversed. The catastrophe of slipping mountains and the rocking water, and great upheaval so great until Isaiah said:..'I beheld the earth and it was turned clear upside down.' Then he describes the geological conditions which happened upon such an earth., 'As it was with the master so it was with the maid', in otherwords no one was spared, and it was a fact that great upheavals had taken place. And when did this happen? It happened ages before there was ever a white man on the face of the earth. For since white men have been on the earth, the earth has never been caught by an astronomical body, and the resulting factor was that you added five and one quarter days to your year. From then onward you have a 365 1/4 day year, instead of a 360 day year, thus accounting for the changes between your calendar, the Maya calendar and the original calendar the Mayas had, and the original Chinese calendar. But never did you have a catastrophe since white men have been upon the earth that equated the ones which came before you were placed here.

I think it rather significant that you understand some things concerning this, for the antiquity of man, and the search for his origin is one of the oldest searches in all human history. This search involves a number of anthropologists and these men have been searching earnestly. These men have been filled with strange and insupportable theories which they thought originated out of Darwin's concept of Evolution. And they have moved and worked so hard trying to prove these evolution theories that they worked night and day trying to dig up every fossil, every bone, and every rampant they could find on the face of the earth. But when they read their findings they read into them the things they wanted to believe, but the things they found did support it. However the things they do find support the things you need to know tonight.

With every Biblical support of the patterns of antiquity we have discussed the fact that even in the days of Abraham when he went out of Ur of the Chaldeas, and after the battle of Chedorlaomer, that the kings which were in that battle like, tidal King of the nations, and Amraphel of Shinar, neither of these kings descended from the sons of Noah. Their race lines went back into the areas which went down in the waters of the sweeping flood when the ocean covered Atlantis. Tidal was King of the land which went beneath the waters, and the people who followed him were known as the descendants from that Ancient period. Amraphel was identified by the Book of Enoch, and the generations of Amraphel were referred to as Sumerians. This was a line of fallen Angelic descendants of those who intermingled with the peoples of the earth. And in that Ancient catastrophe which goes back some 14,000 years ago, and to the rebellion of Lucifer in the heavens and there was no doubt that one of the final waves of the Luciferian revolt that effected the heavens and the earth in that struggle was about 14,000 years ago.

You say, but how do you know that? Well, we can tie that in with Asiatic history which proves in a few minutes that this is true. Because in the days of this fall it is known that the process of disintegration for a society is mongrelization. The sixth chapter of Genesis tells you of a later attempt at this same process, and the Book of Jude tells you of the same thing. Tells us that these Angels who were a part of Lucifers administration over 1/3 of the Universe. This is described in the twelfth chapter of Revelation, which refers to the hosts that were with Lucifer when he tried to take over the Milky Way. This struggle actually happened in space long before you were born in earth. And if you think the heavens are all filled with peace, my friends, they did not have peace ages ago. They had no peace after Lucifer started his rebellion until they threw him out of the heavens. But they threw him out of the heavens, and confined him to earths solar system, and he has been breeding his offspring ever since, and no one has had any peace here on earth since he came.

Now: I see a few people frown a little, but I have been very frank with you, for that is the reason you have troubles in the earth. And there has been trouble ever since Satan was cast unto earth after being defeated in the heavens by the hosts of heaven, and Michael the Archangel. And God thought you were up to the task when he sent your race down here to finish the job of defeating Lucifer, and making him to get down and acknowledge.. ..THE FATHER..and once more surrender. It is going to happen whether you realize it or not. The day is going to come when every evil force of the Universe is going to be conquered, and brought into relationship of worship..before your FATHER. This does not fit some peoples theology because they still have a feudalistic concept of a torture chamber which lasts for ever and ever, but My Friends...Victory is much better than torture. There is something more significant here about the background of the earth. We have inside the Bible an identity of Lucifer. And you will note that at that time he is referred to as the Dragon. This symbol of the Dragon is one of the emblems of Lucifer, and was even described by the Sumerians as well as the Ancient Chinese as accompanying the great heavenly boat of the Dragon god. So you see they had vehicles which came in from space with symbols painted on them, and they were identified with these symbols. Let me site to you this:..where as the Bible talks about Antiquity, and God tells Job to tighten up his belt and answer him:...'Where was he when HE laid the foundations of the earth? Where was he when HE brought forth the measuring line? Job said that he didn't know because he wasn't born as yet. But God said:...Oh, yes you know for you existed ages before this. He was referring to the fact that Job was in the spirit, as one of the sons of God, when the Morning Stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.

So in this instance Job was taught things about antiquity, and God brought back to Job's memory the ice ages he described when the cold and the frost out of space came in to freeze the oceans, and to bring down the great inundations of snow and ice which were to sweep over the world. There are many of these Ancient things which Job discusses when his spiritual mind was released to remember the things which had happened before he ever served as an Adamic man in earth.

Now:...let me go back to some things which you should know about the earth. The Great Pacific Ocean whose waves toss against the shores of California, and reaches out to the many strange ports in far off Asia, as well as the Islands of the sea is surging over areas where once a vast continent stood. A continent with mountains and cities and civilizations that stretched from the raised up mountains of South America known as the Andes all the way to the lands of Asia, and the mountains of the Himalayas. These Himalayas are referred to as Him-Malys by the people of Asia, and are one of the oldest of mountain chains. But the largest part of their uplift came some 14,000 years ago, the exact time that the High Sierras made their major upward lurch. Altho the major and final uplift of the High Sierras to the Northward took place exactly 11,000 years ago, the Southern part went up earlier. You say how do you know?...Because when this occurred, it went over what was known as the Alabama mountain range, and caused that Ancient range to make its final subsidence. There were a great number of fossils and bones and material from remnants of Ancient camp fires and antediluvian man had been there, and those artifacts were covered by debris. When they were dug out and given the proper tests using Carbon dating then it was discovered that this last uplift, and what transpired at that time took place 11,000 years ago. The uplift 14,000 years ago reshaped the whole area we now know as California and our west coast mountain ranges. And the great subsidence which took place ended the last of the continent of MU (or Lemuria) except for Easter Island, Japan, Java, Borneo, Sumatra and a few of these Islands which stick up out of the Pacific, and are not to far from the main land of Asia. Actually they are remnants of that old Asian territory.

In going back into the history of the peoples of China, we have told you before that there are volumes and volumes of Assyrianology on the history and translation from these tremendous groups of records in the British Museum today concerning Sumerian Dynasties. When you go to prove these things, and reach out into the background of China it reaches back into an almost obscure past. There is not the great volumes of archaeology, or none of the countries which refer to the existence of China in their early Dynasty records...none of them tell anything about her, or her origin. And the people of India particularly tie in also to the Ancient antiquity of people to in the earliest records of the Sumerian Dynasties, and with China. Go probing into the history of China, into her artifacts and records, and you come upon some amazing things. Out of the records of what their archaeologists have unearthed from their earliest cities comes their oldest traditions. And they talk about their being the children of the Dragon, and how the Dragon god came. They tell of the change which came upon the people of Asia...after the Dragon god came. They talk about Ancient Deities, and the change of Deities. They talk about a great catastrophe and mighty struggles, and how part of the earth plunged beneath the waters. When they talk about how the earth plunged beneath the waters they are talking about how Ancient MU, and the Ancient wicked continent of Pan slipped beneath the waters of the Pacific. Strangely this is to be found in records, and Ancient maps traced into stone which reaches into the high mountains...the Andes..where the people that were the actual creators and constructors of some of the Ancient Inca civilizations far out in surpassing the Indians who occupied it later...these people talked about this high civilization, and they had maps which related to roads and vast extensive lands that were far to the west of them. By the scale of their maps would have extended across most of the Pacific Ocean.

The strange thing is that emblems which relate to worship of the Dragon gods, and these maps are found in the high mountains of the Andes, and tie right in with symbols of worship found in Asia, in India, and found also in the Islands of the sea. For on Borneo, Sumatra, and Java we have remnants, and artifacts which show that Ancient civilizations flourished there. Roads which cross the Islands then disappear into the waters of the sea, and these roads are amazing for their architecture and their antiquity. In fact out on what is known as Easter Island, and about which many books have been written, there are carved out heads of monster deities and gods. Here is the remnant of a civilization which existed before the continent of MU sank. And whose cities and whose walls like the walls of China extend out into the water..in both directions. And the waters along the outskirts of this Island also contain the remnants of this Ancient civilization which is now beneath the waters of the Pacific.

Do you think you know it all today...when some say that the earth was created just in a period of time of 6 days before Adam was put on the earth, and then God rested? And that was only 6000 years ago? I have already told you that I can show you a course of millions of years...of year after year in layer after layer of seed time and harvest, and of the normal runs and flows, and sedimentation in the Grand Canyon area alone. YAHWEH doesn't have to hurry anything up..HE is the Eternal GOD, HE was before all things, and by HIM was all things made. Time to HIM is of no importance. There is already one hundred twenty six suns times ten in your Milky Way alone, with their own solar systems. And if you could get out to the furtherest perimeter, beyond all things which you can now measure with your electronic telescope, you would discover how long your Father has been in business because you could never see the perimeter wheel of the things HE has made.

Significantly I call your attention to this:...in the search for the Antiquity of man, scientists went out and probed into these areas of the oldest high points which are left...I mention again for your understanding that Ja-Pan, or Ya-Pan is a part of Ancient Mu, and is actually the subcontinent or the last of the continent of MU to sink...and that last part was called Pan. It was considered even by the Ancients to be one of the most wicked of the continents because of the things involved in its worship and in its morality. The continent of Pan was the last of two great continents to sink. But as it sank it left portions of the mountain ranges, and the perimeter of Pan out of the water. This was once a much higher mountain range with tremendous peaks before the sinking of this continent. That is one of the reasons why the word we have in the English language today... Summit...is of antiquity. For the word SUMMIT came from the Latin word... Sumas, meaning on top, which came from the Ancient continent of MU or Sumu which meant the highest point of Ancient MU. It is one of those international words which you find moving thru Asia, thru China, and eventually makes its way because of the contact with people, into Rome, into Latin, and then into English. Today we recognize that Mu, one of the oldest of Ancient lands, and Sumu being the highest of Mu or the Summit was part of an Ancient continent. And when everything went down then the high spots like Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Japan were referred to as SuMu. And the men who lived on Ancient Japan were descended from the Ancient warrior people, the Ancient dwellers of the land who were true Asiatics of a high caste warrior breed who went...way back...into ancient times and were called Su-Marias. This is where the Sumari warriors came from.

The oldest word for Deity in the world is YAH, and the word Ya-Pan means the god Pan. And this god Pan was a monstrous demon like mutation of Divine law half-man and half-goat. A violation of immoral depravity from Lucifer's direction, and with it went an evil pattern of religion. And the hill of the Minitar, or the hill of the Satyr referred to in the Scriptures were even Esau went to worship was a group of these half-man, half-goat monstrosities...violations of Divine law. Later in the Book of Leviticus they were told that if anything like this transpired they were to kill the offspring, and to destroy the individual who violated the Divine law, by cohabiting with goats or sheep, or anything of this nature. But under Satanic and fallen religions such monstrosities were preserved and worshiped. And it was a part of the panorama of Ancient Pan. And the story and tradition in mythology of today of the pipes of Pan, and of everybody following this half-goat half-man reaches back into the antiquity of the Ancient doctrine.

In fact along with these Ancient people of Japan called Sumaria were another people called Annu and these were supposedly white people. If you were to look at them...I have man photographs in my collection which relates to anthropology of these people known as the Annu, and they are short, almost squatty but very much a white type of person. Their heads are not necessarily Asiatic but are more as tho belonging to the Caucasian type. But the people known as the Annu did not originate on the Isle of Japan. These came later and are the descendants of Lots Nephew who were known as the Ammonites. These children of Ammon who in the course of time were driven forth because of their violations of Divine law, and their unassimilatable relationship with the pure seed of the white race..uncontaminated. They made their way over into the areas of China.

But nobody defeats China, and if they don't want to absorb you they just oust you. So the Chinese of that day captured the descendants of Ammon, and the chronology of this event is accurate with the Biblical chronology of the Ancient records of Chinese Dynasties, and they exiled this whole bunch of Ammonites out to the Isles of what is now Japan. And the Chinese then said:...they sent the white apes out where the Sumaria warriors and criminals they had sent out from time to time were already residing. You talk to any intellectual Chinese today and if they have studied the history of their race, or are acquainted with the Ancient traditions and records, and ask him about the Japanese and he will say:..well there are several kinds. Some of them actually mixed with the great white Apes, some were descendants from people exiled out there years ago and others were some of the criminal elements mixed up with the whole mess, and others were a high cast of Sumaria. When you reach the high cast of the most brilliant of the Japanese you are dealing with a Sumaria people, or an Annu people who descended from the Lot factor. But the intermixing of these gave them their oriental cast. Remember the earliest race upon the face of the earth was those you might call the Asiatic people of earth.

Now:...this world belongs to your Father, it is HIS creation but the people who were originally upon it were Asiatics. The world still belongs to your Father...and He gave it to you for an inheritance. He told your race to come...take it over, civilize it, and rule it, and bring it into proper relationship with Him, but He never told you to marry with the worlds people, or to intermingle with the world, or surrender to its philosophies or its religions.

Back in the days preceding World War I., there was much experimentation going on and one Dutch scientist by the name of Dr. DuBois had gone out into Java because there had come some reports from natives from a community in Java that there they were finding human bones. They were washing out from under the tundra and lava 300 foot think from the volcanoes which had helped to create much of the land of Ancient Java. Remember these were the high points which had not gone down, thus their rich volcanic soil, and their high cones, and this hills were still a part of the last remaining areas above the waters. When one recognizes that the Chinese in their Ancient history talk about there having come from Mu, the mother land, and even high up in the high Himalayas the records of the Ancients who keep the age old libraries and research all the patterns of Asia's religions, and were once masters who were known to Tibet as well as the religious systems of Asia, tied to Ancient Gotmaism as the greatest recorders of Asiatic history. And this did not mean that they had any spiritual power, they were not my friends, like some people empty minded in their philosophy, these masters of the East did not belong in the realm of gods, they were just a bunch of Asiatics who were students, scientists, and experts, and who had a lot of knowledge. And in this recorded knowledge they talk about the continent which went down. We have to leave it to a lot of romantic minded, American, taken over by Eastern religions, and others who go over and are filled by a great long propaganda story, and then come home to talk about new gods and new religions. And they try to work it all over, and put forth Asiatic philosophies into our beliefs. I am interested only historically in philosophy of Asia. I am interested in the records of their Archaeology, the geology of their continent and their Ancient past. I am not about to accept their deities or their philosophies. There is nothing Higher than my Father, and there is no greater wisdom that HIS Spirit produces for your race.

Now:..in delving into these facts we find that they talk about the high mountains that were still left of that land. And when Dr. DuBois went over to Java he naturally went to the place which was one of the oldest on the earth according to the tradition of China, which must have been so old that even the Sumerians didn't know where they came from. You would also be surprised how many archaeologists do not talk about China because they don't know anything about it. But over in Java, near this city of Trinol where the Solo river had cut down thru the scarfs, and thru the ashes of the volcanic debris, then bones and things were being found occasionally. And Dr. DuBois went over there and did some remarkable work, and he was followed by Dr. Von Koenigswald who was one of the great German Anthropologists. And one of the interesting things to me was that they found not one, but many skulls. But the first skull that they found and the first evidence that they had found human remains was found under a volcanic tuffa which they estimated in their earlier estimations as 50,000 years old. In fact in some text books they put it as 100,000 years old. They didn't have any way of telling how old anything was at that time, and this they understood. It has only been in the last 15 years that we have learned that we can tell by fluorine deposits and radio activity, and radio carbon, we have however now reached a precise science that will not miss with more than 30 years the periods and objects buried 25,000 years or more. And with fluorine measures to substitute perimeters, when Radio Carbon is no longer active we can go back almost 100,00 years and have a scale which is very accurate for the measurement of anything which has been alive. Of course if your theology is still operating around something which is not true, and you think it is Biblical when it is not true, then we cannot support it. But we can support the antiquity of man and people upon the earth.

Now:...the one thing wrong with the Evolutionists is that they establish that man came from monkeys, so he is always looking for something which looks like a monkey. And if he doesn't find something that looks like a monkey then he isn't very happy. But I am going to tell you that these men made what was known as 'Pithecanthropus Erectus', or the Ape-man who walked upright..on Java. Dr. DuBois, Dr. Koenigswald, and others carried on their remarkable exploits. If fact they were doing this until the Japanese started to conquer the pacific. And it was remarkable how they hid what they found, and how they managed to get out the many things they had discovered, as did our archaeologists in China. The fact is that they found a jaw bone, they found a skull, and the skull was bigger than any belonging to the major races of the earth today. They found a skull as big as that of the biggest Gorilla, but the jaw bone was not square like a Gorilla with great canine teeth. It was completely oval in the front like every true mans jaw. The 'Pithecanthropus Erectus' was not an ape it was a man, but it was also a giant.

You say:..what does that mean? It just means that there were giants in the land in those days. It means that the same thing which happened in the sixth chapter of Genesis had also happened in that Ancient land of Mu before God sank it beneath the waters of the Pacific. Fallen Angelic hosts who fit into the patterns of the gods who came and intermingled with men, and the Dragon gods, and their offspring who became a part of their mythology in the history of Ancient China are all in that picture. And whenever they intermingle these minions and servants of these rebellious ones of the MOST HIGH with peoples of earths races then they produced monstrosities. There were individuals who as their cells divided reached that minimum norm between the bodies of their parents. That is between the size of those Angelic hosts, many of them 26 feet high, and that of the human race of general P.... 5 to 6 feet in height. As a result..there were giants. And this same thing happened and is recorded in the sixth chapter of Genesis where the word Nephilin, wrongly translated as Sons of God. It says:..When the sons of God saw the daughters of men who were fair, they took wives of those whom they chose, and the progeny of this violation of Divine Law...is that there were giants in the land in those days, and everything they thought and did was evil. This is why the flood came in the Upper Tarim Basin. There were giants in the Upper Tarim Basin, and there were giants in the Ancient city of Petra which was a result of those same violations of Divine law. And I can tell you that there is more Biblical facts that there were ...ages of Giants that were monstrosities, and obviously these were the offspring of Lucifer and Satanic powers, and the Ancient races. I think that if they ever find the so called...but not as fictional as you might think..the abominal snowman..that you will find the offspring of a mutation of Divine law who still roams the High Himalayas in those vast mountains of that area.

I am much interested in the Java man, and I have looked at him in the text books of a great number of volumes of evolution from the days when i was in high school and college. And I have looked at them every since, and they have not taken the time to correct the errors found in those publications, even tho they now know that the age of this catastrophe has by actual measure of these things been measured so that those bones go back about 20,000 years. You say why? Because there is various ages of bones here, and they haven't found a full skeleton. They have a head here, and a jaw bone there, and if they come up with the backbone of a monkey, or a hip bone of a horse, it just means they were all buried in the same catastrophe. It does not mean that a man used to have a hip bone of a horse, or the backbone of a monkey. The fact is that the skull is the right shape as any chronologist knows, and the other pattern and conformation of the jaw shows that there were giants in the land. And in the same masses of tuffa, and in the same areas...to the disappointment of the visiting scientists they found also skulls of the type which men have today, the same size as the people of your race, even tho these were not of your race for they were Asiatics. Thus these were the type of skulls found in Ancient tuffa of Java, and found also as well in Sumatra.

Again we have a lot of interesting things which follow in this chain. I think that significant with this is that we find in Sumatra another man and this was called the Wajack skulls. The reason for this is that they were found also in Sumatra, and they were found under tuffa and in lime, and when we measure them then they go back 11,000 or 12,000 years depending on when they were buried, or what wiped them away. And it again was the result ...as the records show of a great catastrophe which put a lot of dirt over a lot of people at the same time, and it put changes and upheavals in the midst of the earth.

Back in the early periods of spreading anthropology, you will remember that I mentioned Roy Chapman Andrews who did his extensive work in the Gobi Desert. And then over in China, in Asia Dr. James Anderson around the time of 1914-17 and up until 1927...and in these periods of time this emanate Swedish geologist was discovering something most interesting. the Chinese people have long had some strange ideas about medicine, in fact it goes back thousands of years in their tradition. One of these things is that they grind up as one of the medicines which they think are vital for human beings...they grind up fossil bones. And among the most valuable of these are what they call Dragon teeth. And because of this it has been a business for thousands of years in China, to excavate out of the hills and mountains these bones and remnants that they find that are old, so old they are fossilized. When you go to China even today, and if you have enough money then go to an expensive drug store, or maybe you can find an herbologist here, but if you find a full pledged and wealthy Chinese doctor he will have a bottle of Dragon teeth he can bring out, and they cost a fortune, for they are old. In fact some of them are twelve to fourteen thousand years old, and that is pretty old tooth.

Thus Dr. Anderson became quite interested in the fossils, and outside of Peking, this great center, was a hill called 'Chicken bone hill'. And the reason they called it 'Chicken bone hill' was because the Chinese called all the bones in the hill chicken bones. But there were other bones in there as well, for even Rhinoceros bones were in there, and one whole Rhinoceros was later taken out of the hill. But here we have the Anderson find and it was called 'chicken hill'. But he brought in some human teeth from the hill, and they were very old, they were fossilized. And the whole geological world was interested in his find. He went out and started to excavate Chicken Hill, and a bunch of old Chinese women got in the way and they said he could not dig there. He must not disturb the spirits of the gods and the ancestors and devils. But he was of the opinion that they wanted to save all these fossils to sell to the Chinese Doctors. But it wasn't a popular thing at this time to stir up trouble, so he went over on the other side of Peking, in the other direction, and dug unto what was known as Dragon Bone Hill. Now these hills contained fossil remains, of people and animal remains of civilizations which reached back in earth time fourteen and fifteen thousand years.

You say:..Dr. Swift are you sure of that? Yes, Radio Carbon is not in error of 30 years over this entire span.

This brought some intelligent research and it wasn't long after this until Dr. Weidenreich whom I consider one of the best of German Anthropologists, and he joined the group. Of course again we have Koensignwald and others also vitally interested, and before we were thru Roy Chapman Andrews and men from the natural History Museum were also involved in that find. We had British, Americans, Swedes, and Germans interested in the finds. In fact all you had to do was get on the track of Ancient man and every scientist from all our nations were over there to see what they had found. When they started to dig in Dragon Bone Hill they started to come up with skulls, and whole bodies, and they found men there like this 'Pithecanthropus Erectus' and other skulls of the Wajack man that were actually 1500 and 60 centimeters of brain capacity. Now remember an Ape only holds about 300 to 600 centimeters of brain capacity. And modern man will hold according to the areas in which he lives, and not counting Negroes who are low in the 1400's to the white mans 1490's to the 1510-12's. And there was in these Ancient men with their bigger skulls 1550 centimeters of brain capacity. Now: the unearthed out of this hill what they called Dragon Teeth, and they laid them all out in piles. I can show you photographs of these teeth in books which I have on anthropology and others, of these so called Dragon teeth. They of course didn't come from Dragons they came from men, but that was the medicine name for them...'Dragon Teeth'. Now here were human teeth of normal men of like today, even tho they were Chinese teeth, and here were the teeth of men twice as large, just showing that there were giants in China, as well as other places. And they found portions of skulls which were twice as large as a regular skull. And also in the same mountain they found some remnants of Ancient apes and orangutans. But they also found remains of Rhinoceros to as well as some other animals which shows how they were scattered out on the face of the earth at that time. But while examining this they found the true shape of the Ape with the square jaw, and there wasn't anything in between it and man, by any way. When ever someone comes along and tells you that they found a man with canine teeth, or that the Neanderthal man looked like that this is foolish because all the jaw of the Neanderthal man is made out of it...Plaster of Paris and imagination. I want you to know that where ever these scientists and anthropologists have unearthed remnants, and remains, I am most interested in their finds. Instead of covering up what is investigated lets give it the Radio Carbon test and see what they have, and that is of course what is happening now. So what have we found? We can prove to you tonight that the people of Asia even those around Peking China were dwelling there even 15,000 years ago. There were chineman just like they are today. And also some monstrous ones ...men with big heads and big jaws were also living there but they were not Apes. In fact they hunted and they had bronze as well as iron and stone spear heads. So we don't have the stone age either at that particular time. And it would be hard to reckon that after realizing that these people came from areas and territories which are now beneath the waters of the Pacific. In Sumatra, in Borneo, in Java as well as in Japan itself anthropology will show great antiquity. If we had gone down carrying great artifacts and records we would find how far this antiquity goes.

Someone said:...why did the Chinese call this hill...'Dragon Bone Hill?', and these teeth Dragon Teeth? The Chinese said that these great big teeth came from the Dragon god who came in, and some of his sons in order to show that they wanted to reign on earth had taken on human bodies. And when they died they left these great bodies with these monstrous heads, and these dragon teeth. In otherwords because they were big men and had big teeth they are one of the most valuable of medicines in all of China. They grind them up into powder, and they believe that if you take this you will have Dragon power from fallen Lucifer and his fallen angels. You see, they know that these are devil gods.

You say:...but this is a strange thing. I just want you to see this:... you are not a kinsmen to any Chinaman on the face of the earth. I want you to know that the Chinaman erred, rebelled, lost their Ancient culture, worshipped their ancestors, fell for doctrines of devils and demons, and into the worship of many pagan gods, and philosophies of evil because of the Luciferian impact.

This same impact is shown...such as Easter Island..in its relationship to what existed in Ancient South America in the days of the catastrophe that helped sink the continent in between, and helped push up the Andes as well as the high Sierras...all of these things took place.

I have told you before, and I want to fit this into this narrative so that you will realize because of its Biblical relationship that when the Andes mountains went up into the air, that at the same time the continent sank, great pressures caused this geological uplift. When you look at the mountains you say:..but the mountains have been here forever. Don't you believe it, because the mountains have not been here forever. This is the same thing some people think today..about things which exist..that they will be here forever. But the world can change and only the sons and daughters of God are here forever.

Let me tell you what happened in South America. There was a great city in the Northern end of the Andes Mountains, and when the Andes went up it sheared the city if half. When the war was on Aviators flying reconnaissance flights over the northern part of South America were over the Andes in an area where there were no roads, and not supposed to be any civilization or people, and they saw stone buildings. They saw remnants of an ancient city, and they came back and reported this. After the war was over they ran an expeditionary trip into South America, and there they found that one half of this city was on top of the mountain and the other half at the bottom of the mountain at the base of a sheer cliff. When that mountain had gone up it had sheered the city in half. Part of it went up and part of it was buried under the debris, and the trees tested by Radio Carbon factors show that these trees buried there had been buried 11,000 years ago. There is nobody living on top, there is no one living underneath but that city was destroyed when the Andes went up so that city was older than the Andes mountains, and there were people living on the earth before the Andes mountains went up. In fact if you want to read something about that and some other mysteries which involve geology and history in South America, then Professor Wilkens has much to say in his book..'Ancient and Mysterious cities of South America.7 They are a part of their antiquity and geology as well as the anthropology of Ancient history. They are correlated today with a multitude of facts, and this fact is one of them.

Now:..all I wish to make you realize tonight is that Asia had its Ancient past, then degenerated into the worship of pagan gods, idol temples, and empty philosophies. That India has in its anthropology secrets which are hidden even into the mountain canyons of the Himalayas, and the Ancient burial grounds of people..who existed in the earth over 14,000 years ago by measure.

Now:..there is no doubt in my mind that the Ancient Sumerian Empire reaches back for almost a quarter million years of history. And as we have sited to you in the past..down in pre-Cambrian uplifts they brought up artifacts of human civilization and culture from a period when scientists tell us there were no people upon the face of the earth. So I will then interject this, that when out of oil well cores..when artifacts that reach back into Pre-Cambrian periods are brought up in what they term to be the geological history of the earth, and you find that men walked on the earth, men hunted on the earth, men painted pottery on the earth, men worked with metal at that time then scientists need to reassess their facts. We have pieces of metal, we have metal gears which were brought up in borings in Montana, we have ceramic pottery brought up in oil well cores in the area of New Mexico's..four corners. And we have had, down in Texas, pottery brought up from periods before men were supposed to have been upon the earth. and in the great cataclysm period of geological times when the great catastrophe rolled over great masses of earths top soil, it buried under pressure these great masses of trees and animals from whence you get the Carbon for your coal, and the material masses of oil.

If you are a student today of mineralogy and of oil geology then you know that whole masses of the oil are made up of the animals pressed and crushed in the catastrophes of yesterday. If you are acquainted with the facts... we can get out of the LaBria Pits, remnants of Saber tooth tigers, and other animals right here in the asphalt based oil of our own city. I have been in coal mines where there are veins of coal twenty-seven or thirty foot think that have fern fonds which are fifteen or twenty feet long laying sideways pressed into the coal. This shows that in the ages before this catastrophic period which caused this catastrophe, that ferns were growing, and now these tremendous fern leaves are there in the coal. But in that coal is something else..in an age long before the mammals from which man was supposed to have evolved from, they are finding spear heads, artifacts and pieces of pottery. So I am going to tell you that if the pottery, the arrow heads, and the weapons came before the man then scientists are going to have to redo their thinking as to how things came to pass. What does it mean? It just means what the Scripture says:..that catastrophes and upheavals came, but God did not destroy all, for some survived. I want you to know that in this hour you are the children of God's Kingdom, out of the Mercy and Grace of God, and HE intends to bring a perfect balance in all of His Universe. You say:..what happened to all these people? Well, spirits are never destroyed, and soul consciousness of created beings are all existent. The God who put them together could resurrect everyone of them. The God who put them together could reactivate any phase of His Creation. HE can capture any spirit and bring it before HIM. And the day is going to come when every fallen Angel is going to get down on his knees before the MOST HIGH GOD. Right now you happen to be caught in this period of history which is a part of the generations of the sons of God in physical bodies upon the face of the earth, in which they have now developed and followed their prophecy and history into great nations, the greatest of which...among the white race..are these United States, Great Briton, Germany, Scandinavia, and the other kindred nations around us. We the offspring of the MOST HIGH, we the children of the Adamic race, we are fulfilling a Destiny which our Father has Willed, and we are on the edge of a great conflict with these remnant hoards of Asia and Africa led by the fallen offspring of Lucifer many of whom are known today as the Jews. And these people are gathering together for a war against your civilization and culture.


But don't let that disturb you for there was war in heaven and we won that one, and there is going to be war on earth and we are going to win that one. For this is your Destiny, for you the children of the MOST HIGH are co-creators. And after it is over we will make things again, and after it is all over we are to put out healing power, light, creative force, knowledge, and know how. Instead of supporting the world we are going to make them go to work and support themselves. And that will be a great switch will it not?

We haven't the time to finish this subject, but as you know they found the Peking man, and some text books tried to make him a factor of evolution but he was but a rather small bodied Asiatic. His delicate Asiatic features and thin skull proves that altho he goes back 14,000 years still he was still a Chinaman.

The fact remains that on December 5, 1941 because of rumors already out, the theologists and anthropologists working there got in touch with the United States representatives and the Marines carefully took away the Peking man. Took all the bones, the dragon teeth from Dragon Bone Hill and brought them to the United States, just two days before Pearl Harbor, so they would not fall into Japanese hands.

There are none of these evidences of the antiquity of man which are true relics of Ancient man, that do not show that beings..Enosh tho they were.. lived on the earth.

All I want to establish for you is a foundation of truth backed by Biblical Scripture. And evidence to prove to you that you..the Adamites of this Book have a 7400 to 7500 years of history. But the earth you came to rule over, to save, to carry out the WILL of the Father is an old earth, and people have been on it a long time. And I want this conclusion to go out with you, that you do not have to inter-marry, inter-breed, or integrate with, or make a society out of these of the Ancient past, these people who lived here long before you came. They are not your family and your Father has warned you against violation of law. And once you understand these facts it doesn't place in your heart a hatred for things that happened ages ago, it doesn't make you anti-Negro, or anti-Chinaman, but it does make you intelligently determined that these pre-historic peoples are not going to take over the civilization which came down out of heaven from God which is now being developed until the earth will be...LIKE IT IS IN HEAVEN. As Jesus taught you to pray:...'Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.' This is what you pray for, this is what is going to come to pass. And for this cause the true Christian Church and all the Christian nations of God's Kingdom work and carry forward to that end. I realize that thousands of your Christian friends are just being as good as they can up in their heads, to just get to heaven. But that is not my major objective. My major objective is to stay here and bring the Kingdom of YAHWEH-God into earth. Well..This is your day also, and this is a part of your story, and never has it been more important for us to understand this.


End of Message.