Racial River Of God, 2-24-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-24-63

In the midst of the course of events through which we are passing, and in which we are also participants, there is nothing more important in the seat of your consciousness and mine, than to know both our relationship to our Father and His plan for the Universe.

We have discussed this from many angles, and it cannot be over emphasized as to the majesty of God’s sovereignty and the greatness of HIS purpose, nor of HIS intent to establish HIS Kingdom in the earth forever. Nor that this Kingdom is HIS purpose, HIS blueprint and HIS outline. And that we are a part of that Kingdom as HIS children and HIS heirs. As such this is our Kingdom by inheritance as the Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Ephesians chapter 1. ‘Which by the very acts of God, in His own nature, He has insured unto us that this inheritance shall be preserved. We are not heirs of the Kingdom of God as strangers to whom it has been willed, but heirs to this Kingdom as His sons by whom we are the rightful heirs, because we are His offspring.

There is nothing so important for us to realize than that the critical periods thru which we are passing, this great challenge unto our nation and to each one of us as individuals, is that the actual time and prophecy has arrived, and thus we are participants. We are not merely bystanders watching a great tableau, nor are we looking at the painting of a picture. We are looking at the scene of such events in which each one of us are not merely observers, but participants. And as such, we are the main actors in this scene in this picture. For what we are now witnessing in the earth, has become virtually the theater of the Universe. In the great struggle for the earth which we are well aware of today, is the design of Lucifer and the forces of darkness to permanently dominate the earth and all that relates to it. And to eventually overthrow the powers of righteousness which has been developed in earth since the days of the coming of the Adamic race. And this struggle has intensified since God’s Covenant race has grown to its position of power it now holds and tries to maintain in the earth today. There will never be a ceasing of hostilities, or of action upon the world scene. Nor will there be a cessation of the powers of darkness and the powers of Righteousness with their patterns of vibrations, being in conflict in the earth, until Righteousness has triumphed. And until the powers of Righteousness have conquered the powers of darkness, and the Kingdom of YAHWEH God has come to it full pattern.

There is nothing which has happened from the creation of the earth until our time, that has been a surprise to our Father. There si nothing which has taken Him by surprise in the pattern of these events. But there are a lot of things connected with living in these times which require evaluation. A lot of people would like to live thru a perfectly peaceful and tranquil period. They want to see the whole world at peace and everybody getting along. In fact, they don’t want to be disturbed by doing anything about the conditions of their environment. But I can assure you that irrespective of how much tranquility, or how much peace you may want, and how you do not want to get involved as an individual in what is taking place in the world today, still you can no more eliminate yourself as an individual of God’s household from these circumstances, than you can effect the course of nature or the rotation of the earth, or of the coming and going of the day. Because you are a part and parcel of God’s purpose. You are not only a member of His household, children of His Kingdom, but you are a part of His Divine Family.

We pause from time to time to think as to how many times the scriptures make these identifications for us. We think of these words in the book of Ephesians chapter 3, verse 15, which says, ‘Of whom’ referring to the Eternal YAHSHUA (Jesus)----YAHWEH the embodied God---’Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.’ And the most important area is that He shall grant unto you, ‘The riches of His Glory,’ that you might be strengthened with the might of His Spirit, in the inner man. Why? So that you might accomplish the purpose for which you have been sent here as sons and daughters, to occupy the earth and to consummate the building of His Kingdom.

As we talk about the building of His Kingdom, we are well aware that this talk is perfectly acceptable to the opposition as long as this Kingdom is somewhere in the area of spiritual ideas that never come to anything but a concept of something in other dimensions outside the earth. And as we say this, remember that spiritual ideas are good ideas, and spiritual ideas are true ideas. For all ideas that are true, move from God thru the Spirit to the seat of consciousness. But many people as they refer to spiritual ideas are talking about something far away and never translated into a physical world. And thus is no real challenge to the occupation of the earth by the powers of darkness.

I want you to realize that the only area in which you may separate the spiritual and the physical is in the dimension of the formation of the elements which comprise it. The physical creation, the physical Universe is also an electronic Universe, and is stabilized by patterns of intelligence and law. This is the dimension in which these things solid appear. In which this very body that you dwell in, finds its substance where it can be touched or handled, or where its senses function and operate. This is material. But beyond that, this is as far as we may refer to the fact that the ideas and materials involved in it are material.

The opposition to God’s Kingdom comes from a World Order without spiritual capacity. It comes from a world order aligned with darkness which designs to control the physical Universe and all the physical dimensions within a physical Universe which is visible or can be seen with the senses. Those of the World Order think as a natural man thinks. And the Apostle Paul said that the natural man cannot understand the wisdom and the mysteries of God’s purpose. For he is not endowed with spiritual power and he does not understand spiritual things.

Then the Apostle Paul tells us that the spirit which we received as we came into earth as the household of God, is not the spirit which besets the natural man. Because you are no part of earth, altho you are her in natural bodies. What do I mean by that? I mean that you are children of the Eternal Kingdom. You are the children of Light and Life, Children of God. And we are not as those who received the spirit of the world, for we have received the spirit of God. We have not only received the spirit which thinks in the wavelength of God’s thoughts, but as offspring, as children of His household. We are spirit of His Spirit, and life of His Life.

If we were to go into the most ancient writings of our race, you would discover that among the earliest of these records and traditions, it was known to such patriarchs as Enoch and Job. And was known also to Moses in the days of his study, as to the things which had gone before. And then inspired of God, Moses was to write of these things. And he realized that there was a very important purpose for this Adamic race, that there was something special and set apart about this race. He realized that they had capacities and understanding which was not in the possession of other people and of other races in the earth at that time. I think it is most significant that we find out from the writings of Enoch, this declaration of the fact that God who put the Universe together, and from whose presence moves all Light, and all energy and power, that from HIM also in His Grace, goes forth His area of Restitution for all the areas of His creation. And even the earth where Lucifer has challenged His power. Enoch was to say, ‘He sent forth as a river, His Household.’ And we find that Enoch talks about the household of YAHWEH (God) coming to earth in a continual stream, starting with the revelation of Adam and coming on down to our time. This was to be a Great River of Life, and significantly it was for a Divine purpose. And God has revealed that purpose to His children.

The Apostle Paul in his ‘Apocalypse’ catches this vast panorama of the tremendous scale of God’s plans for this earth. The Apostle Paul was writing in his ‘Apocalypse’ of things shown to him of God as he stood in HIS presence. And then Paul says that there were thousands and millions of people who were coming and going throughout the Universe from the throne of YAHWEH. And that they were like ‘Rivers of Light’ coming and going from the presence of the Eternal Father. And when asked about them, the Father said, ‘These art thy brethren. They are my children and my offspring. I have sent this STREAM OF LIFE into the earth to build My Kingdom, so that a ‘TREE OF LIFE MIGHT EXTEND OVER THE EARTH. And by My Kingdom will come Righteousness and the healing of the nations.’

I think this becomes more clear as we read in the 22nd chapter of Revelation, as John catches the vision. John said, ‘The Angel showed him a PURE RIVER OF LIFE, clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of the ETERNAL YAHWEH.’ And in this picture which John was seeing, is the symbol of His complete Atonement (the Lamb). So what is John talking about as he writes of this RIVER OF LIFE? He is talking about the RACE STREAM of the MOST HIGH GOD. If you will go clear thru the structure of the Old Testament, you will note that the scriptures refer constantly to the Racial Stream.

We find people today talking about racial streams, but they do not seem to realize that there are different streams. For they want to bring them all together and adulterate them. The old word was not adultery as we use it today. It was the mixing or co-habiting of the racial streams. And the old word was where we get our word of adultery which is used today. But when we go into the pattern of Divine Revelation, unveiled both to Enoch and the Apostle Paul, then this great Stream of Divine Light directed to this particular planet is a RACE STREAM.

When God talks about this Assyrian Empire, in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, He talks about how great this mighty tree of the Empire of Assyria became because of the size of its Race Stream and because of the mighty waters of his race.

As we look at all the people of Asia, and if they would start to pass before you, it would look like a mighty continual flowing river of people. This Race Stream is large because of the numbers of them and because of their antiquity. After all, they have been here a good many hundreds or thousands of years longer than you have. And thus today are a mighty stream. There have been catastrophes which have overwhelmed them, and they violated Divine Law and this upset the balance. And even the vibratory force of the Universe has been upset by the activities of the ‘darkness’ which has shaken the Universe. There have been struggles and there have been principles used in violation of the law which has produced catastrophes. The world rocked under nuclear holocausts in the ages of yesterday. And all of these things have effected the numbers of the masses of their people as their streams have been re-inhabitated and increased. But we do find Race Streams in the earth today. The Bible is however, concerned mainly with ONE RACE STREAM. And first is concerned with its attainment of its purpose and with the carrying forth its objective.

I want you to understand this. It is impossible to build the Kingdom of God and to bring that Kingdom into existence without people. It is impossible to establish the administration of the Kingdom without heirs and without people. Therefore, the history of this Book has been the history of YAHWEH, out of the magnitude of His Grace, transplanting to this upset portion of His Universe, this GREAT STREAM OF LIFE, which comes forth out of His throne and moves into earth. It is important for us to realize as we deal with this Race Stream of God, that we are dealing with a stream of spiritual life and power. That this is different form any other stream upon the face of the earth. The other stream lines of various races, are all of the areas of natural understanding and natural posterity passed on from generation to generation. They have behind them the Luciferian fall and the influence of his darkness. They have the superstitions and the processes of evil. They have the continual promises of gain for the serving of the ‘darkness.’ But throughout the course of following Lucifer, powerful forces of the darkness have taken control of men’s minds. But they never pour out on them any benefits. If you go into the background of antiquity of these people, you find that they worship their yesterdays as being greater than their todays. Their processes are continual struggle and turmoil. But their attainment is also limited and their vision is gone. Today the world order is getting a disintegrating vision as far as the capacities for developing anything creative and constructive is concerned.

You may be taken in and fooled sometimes by the plans of the World Order for a great kingdom to rule the world, and in fact, some times it is a great idea when they first hear about it. They hear how the kingdom is going to reach out over all races and disallow all nationalities, and how it is going to have the superstructure of Satan’s own ministers transformed as Angels of light. And from this great area of mastery, they will seed to direct the affairs of the world. And of course this is for the well being of everyone. Oh, there is not a selfish thought in the whole lot of them. But if you go into the background of what is transpiring today, you see the design for the creation of a tyrannical bureaucracy which does not intend to set me free. Instead it intends to enslave and coordinate and rule all over the earth. And to enshrine Lucifer and his forces in complete power. And in carrying out this objective, they seek to sell it to you on the basis of the things they promise to do for you. In fact, the promise is one which is never fulfilled in the areas of where they are gathering their man power. But the promise if to you that when you come in and throw your shoulder to the wheel, then you become subservient to their design and everything will be wonderful.

One of the men around President Kennedy who is in charge of the massive program of disarmament, said that we must remember that all of us have been working since 1945 on a grand design. And we recognize that since we have nuclear weapons that now we must work together in integrating the political and social economy of Africa and Asia, and all the Western world,---bring all together. But we are also aware that there is a segment of our society which is reactionary. And they are called the Right Wing and they are selfish nationalists, and are against our policy. They want to carry out only their own national objectives and to resist all the things they disagree with, instead of agreeing quickly with their adversaries. Then he said, these forces have the potential in their hands to divide the world and keep us divided. They have no potential to obstruct and maybe destroy by their own err, this Grand Design of our program. The associates of these men around the President, are also thinking in terms of this so called ‘Grand Design for Humanity.’ But I call it ‘world government.’ They say they want to help everybody and to see that everyone shares in the bounty of the earth. They want to see an abolishment of war. They want peace---peace. Then they say that this force (the Right Wing) which is refusing to socialize, and to help develop this ‘Grand Design’ does have this potential which would be good if they would work for the ‘World Design.’ But if they do not, then they must be destroyed. Otherwise the whole world will go up in smoke because Russia and her associates will not stand for the destruction of this Great World Order design. So you see---without a single battle, we can turn the whole world over to the devil. And believe it or not, there are some of our people who believe that would be a tremendous thing.

We have told you before, that the world is waging a struggle today for the minds of men, especially for the minds of men of your race. They are trying to make us think that if you stand for righteousness and for Patriotism, and for the separation of your nation from this World Conspiracy, then you are selfish, you are anti-social. And they want to give you a guilt complex. And they have planned how to do this very thing. They have moved thru the Church to accomplish this. And we find some Churches today advertising the whole program of destruction or peace, move in with the world, then we can survive. This is the story. Give in and have peace, or stand up and resist, and invite destruction. This is the way the world order thinks. This is the way ‘the mind is captured’ by the natural mind, because Lucifer has set this program up for this purpose.

Now, there is something different in this picture. For in the first place, we are Children of Spirit. And as Children of Spirit, we are a Stream of Life which has been entering the earth thru the vehicle of the Adamic race. This race starts with Adam. For if you understand the Biblical pattern, this Adam---offspring of God---was established in earth. And then God separated off of this, His offspring---that which became Eve, and they are of one flesh---spirit of His Spirit, and life of His Life. And they were told from the beginning as this RACIAL STREAM WAS PLACED IN THE EARTH, THAT THEY HAD A DIVINE DESTINY. They were told that of all the fruit trees around about them--they could eat. But of this ‘Tree of Good and Evil’, which was these kingdoms of earth, and especially this Luciferian house of rebellion---they were not to associate or intermingle with them. The Mystery which is unveiled in the writings of Enoch, and also in the ‘Apocalypse of Paul,’ is challenging. For God called the Adamic House the ‘LIFE TREE OF HIS KINGDOM.’ And the significant thing was that this ‘LIFE TREE KINGDOM’ was to rule over the whole earth, and never would be left to other people.

Understand this. YOUR RACE WAS A STREAM OF LIFE. And has been multiplying since the days of Adam and has increased in earth. We have watched places where this stream was narrowed down because of the assault against you of the enemy. But from Abraham on, an undisputed continuous channel of ‘Life’ comes down, until today you stand as one-sixth of the world’s population.

The Apostle Paul explains that this STREAM OF LIFE, AND LIGHT which has been coming out of the throne of God and into earth, is a very distinctive Stream. And one of the things that HE had explained to him as he watched people coming and going in the vast ships of God, from the throne of God, was that there were dimensions and plains which were no less real which men could pass thru, but which he could not quite understand. He knew there was movement in various dimensions and that there were great areas upon these planets in these great areas of creation where things were solid and real. And that there were dimensions of heaven where there wer spheres of creation upon spheres of creation, and that there were people visible to him in each and every sphere, but not necessarily visible to one another. The Apostle Paul wrote of these things in his ‘Apocalypse.’ And one of the things he declared concerning this experience was that he was told (it was actually pointed out to him) that people dwelt in various parts of the Milky Way, this system of the stars. And he was told that many of these were also like people of the earth, God’s creation. And then he saw Angels coming and going from the throne. And the Apostle Paul saw some Angels with wings and some that did not have wings. And he saw Seraphims, and Teraphims, and Great Archangels as well. He stood in the presence of Archangels and was told that Lucifer was once an Archangel. And in all of this as the Apostle Paul recorded all he saw and heard, then God said to him, ‘Paul these are thy kinsmen that you see, from the far parts of the Universe. And some like you have dwelt in earth. And therefore I have brought you into My presence so that you might go back to thy kinsmen and tell them of the things which I will bring back to them, by My Spirit, when I stimulate them to remember, thus they may know that I placed them in earth to occupy the earth. And I have kept these things out of their remembrance, lest they know the way of RETURN. For if they had known they would have forsaken earth a long time ago.’ The Apostle Paul was told that many of these people that he saw, were his kinsmen. And in these instances, then Angels served the kinsmen. Then the Apostle heard the Eternal Father saying, ‘Paul, know that thee and thy kinsmen are above Angels, for have I ever said that Angels are My offspring or My sons?’ The Apostle Paul was so impressed that he spent a lot of time in the Apocalypse of Paul, talking about the tremendous demonstrations of the purpose of THE FATHER in a wavelength of light, and the understanding of creative intelligence that flowed thru His children, throughout the Universe. And especially of the status of the sons thinking in coordination of the Father, who were high than all the Angelic hosts.

No wonder then that as the Apostle Paul was writing in the book of Hebrews, that he says that when God, Himself came to earth, He took upon Himself a body of flesh like unto you, so that He might be like His kinsmen, His brethren (family). For He did not take upon Himself the form of an Angel, for ‘to which the Angels did He ever say, ‘Thou art My son?’ This is just a reflection of the experience which Paul had. The Angels are not God’s offspring. But sometimes in the wrongly translated King James Version of the scripture, the word Administering spirits is used and is translated as Angels, when it does refer to offspring. But the Angels were a separate and distinct creation and never did He refer to them as ‘My sons.’ Nor did God look down on Africa or Asia and say of these people, ‘Thou art My offspring.’ They were children of creation. And as such, this is the ONE Sovereign YAHWEH in all the Universe. A God of such greatness and such Majesty that HIS LOVE AND HIS MERCY, and HIS great determining purpose reached out to the corners of the Universe, and He has determined and willed that He will develop and make Universe to prosper. He will expand the areas of His creation out of the greatness of His goodness. And His Grace is absolutely sufficient, for He can save to the uttermost. And that His Salvation includes the re-balancing of any part of His Universe which is out of orbit. He will add to the ingredients of their environment any necessary kind of energy to bring them thru re-balancing.

There is something you need to know today, which is that you are the children of God and are still in bodies of flesh. But that STREAM OF CELESTIAL LIFE which is in you, marks the difference in you and the other races. That you build Kingdoms in the earth such as Britain did, or America, or South Africa, but still all the nations of the white Western world stand together as God’s Great and Mighty Empire TREE. And it does not matter if you don’t likd Imperialism, still, our Father rules the Universe. And His Empire is known as ‘THE KINGDOM OF GOD.’ And I don’t like anything else.

Now there is one thing that you can be sure of. And that is that the Almighty shall bring to completion every purpose and plan He has ordained from the beginning. The Celestial seed possesses spiritual capacities. And the physical body has with it all the pattens which the physical senses may produce for all people. But you of this Celestial seed have more than any other people upon the face of the earth. And this is NUTRITION OF HEAVEN. For there flows out upon the earth, the continual transference of Celestial posterity to earth of children begotten before the world was framed.

YAHWEH SENDS FORTH AN EMANATION OF LIGHT ENERGY SUBSTANCE LIKE A STREAM. And the Almighty YAHWEH is referred to as the source of that stream. He then is the bearer of THE STREAM OF LIFE and this is what Enoch saw as he said, ‘LIGHT WAS MOVING OUT OF THE THRONE OF YAHWEH in every direction. He said that this was the energy of THE LIGHT OF LIFE. Therefore, this stream of THE LIGHT OF LIFE is energy particles which move from the presence of God and wavelengths of this power descends upon areas of His creation, for a purpose. Now especially, is He pouring out upon the earth a wavelength of His Spirit. And as it mover upon earth, and is defused around earth itself, then it is those who are His sons and daughters who can receive this energy. They can be empowered by it for it is a nourishment of energy to their spirit, to the enlightenment of their full consciousness so that the resident soul can draw out of this area of spiritual nourishment, wisdom and energy and synthesizing thoughts of God, and the vision of God and activating it in the physical body so as to carry it out.

I tell you that this is what is meant when it is referred to as the former rain and the latter rain. This is not the blessings of the rain for the harvest, so as to have an abundance of food. But when He talks about this ‘Latter Rain,’ He is talking about a wave of spiritual energy and power, which descends out of the throne of God to direct activities at the beginning of what we call the ‘Church Age,’ and then was to become much more intense as ‘The Latter Rain.’

At the beginning of the ‘church age’ the Apostles were now endowed with the capability of receiving the thinking presence of God’s own mind. And it endowed them with such great wisdom and such tremendous dynamic power, that it charged them with a force which was to move out and to spread throughout all the nations which made up God’s Kingdom, until the day Christendom had a tremendous impute with the sudden alerting of the soul consciousness of man by the spiritual energies. And this force so activated the Celestial Consciousness that an outpouring of His Holy Spirit,--so to speak--upon the Race which had the capacity to receive it was possible. This power was never poured out on Africa, or Asia. How do I know? Turn to the words of Jesus in the 14th chapter of John, as He said, ‘I shall pour out My Spirit and ye shall receive this Spirit,---this spirit which the world cannot receive.’

This is a significant thing. For as we discuss this wave of spiritual power, then one of the prophecies we remember is that in the ‘Latter Rain’ we are told:--’I will pour out My spirit upon all My sons and daughters, upon My young men, and upon My old men.’ And---they shall dream great dreams of understanding, but will see visions with initiative and creative abilities being brought before them. As God continues to send forth the wave length of spiritual consciousness upon His children where there is this constant link, then HIS Omnipresence is actually the fact that His Spirit and their spirit is of a common essence because He has begotten them. There is a link in the intelligence and the consciousness of God and the mind of everyone of the children of Spirit. I want you to know that the spirit in you has never ceased to be in connection with God at anytime. That this spirit is not only a continuous connection, but it knows what you have need of even when you do not.

Someone says, ‘You mean I can have a spirit, and I won’t know what it is thinking?’ There are a lot of people who are not aware of the spirit. They know that they dwell in this body, and when they think then they think as an entity, and this is their soul consciousness. And every good move and every spiritual force which descends upon them they allude to as consciousness reaction. But the conscious is not some part of this physical brain. It is not, my friends, just a mechanical process. It is a discerning force of the spirit moving upon the soul consciousness and this is what God can do with you. He can by His own decision, by the increase of spiritual energy, He can activate the spirit of every man until that spirit makes the soul consciousness so aware of what God wants, that it is virtually miserable until it comes to its awareness.

I want you to know that one of the things God said He was going to do was to stir your age and the people of your age until His people remember their fathers. He said:--’I will turn the thinking of the children of the fathers, and the fathers to the children, and I am going to give them back a consciousness of their responsibilities to the earth.’ (Joel 2:28) This is necessary because the World Order has been trying to negate your consciousness as a ‘Race’ and your relationship with God does not mean that God cannot turn around your thinking. The World Order has been trying to negate even the spiritual truths which mark your race. There is a spiritual veracity of complete monotheism which governs the Faith of the Adamic household. We know ONE SUPREME SOVEREIGN IN THE UNIVERSE, and none of these little lesser gods even count. We don’t have a theology of many gods. We know of other declared gods as entities, and we well recognize fallen disembodied spirits. And in other cases perverted individuals who declare themselves as deity. And we know that pagans all over the world worship different gods. But to us there is ONE SUPREME DEITY. We also know that we are being told in general sociological opinion that all religions are good, just because they are something apart from man to which he gives service and respect, and therefore all religions are supposed to be unbuilding. But that, my friends, depends on the field of thought and its consciousness. For all religion is not upgrading when it builds away from YAHWEH (God) who alone is about all. I tell you today, I have neither sympathy nor appreciation, nor do I accept knowledge of one single declared deity anywhere in the Universe, or in any land, or from any country no matter how they carved or characterized him, or how much they believe in him. For I recognize none of them as authority. I have no compunction about eliminating all idols, all pagan gods, all temples, and thus LIFT UP ONE STANDARD OF YAHWEH IN THE EARTH. Yes, I know that when one makes a statement like that you are considered anti-social by the world order and the society of the world. But I am only interested in the Kingdom of YAHWEH in the world. And that is the objective I have and for no other purpose am I here.

This great outpouring of spirit is definitely for our day and age. And it is going to help crystallize as people become aware of the opposition which is trying to destroy this Kingdom of God. But the power and the spiritual force in this Stream out of God’s Household is going to so stimulate the sons and daughters of God---in this time---that they will be ready for every event which is now transpiring in our environment. When we talk to you about God’s race, we are talking about the people who carry the Holy Seed which is the Old Testament and thru the writings of the prophet Ezra, is referred to as ‘THE LIFE WHICH CAME OUT OF HIM.’

We also are talking about your race and your responsibility in earth, to that race. As such, therefore all the progress which I think is self-evident over the past centuries has been moving out of the White Christian Civilization. All the degeneration and disintegration, the collapse all over the world of righteous governments, has come from following the World Order and those programs to destroy the Kingdom of God in earth. There are some today who are quite frustrated in their feelings. And they are not quite oriented in their relation to God’s great plan and they think they are meeting defeat, and that we are being overpowered. They think that the forces of righteousness are being destroyed. But I can tell you that we are not being defeated, only stimulated. We are being quickened as a Race, and we are coming back to life. We did go into a conditional sleep. We did go into a period where the enemy were brainwashing and influencing so many of our society. But they started this systematic plan both in the schools and in the churches to plant false information. And thus it has required a spiritual development which God has ordained and it will come.

Again we remind you that we pointed out to you last year in February, what was the symbol for this outpouring. For it was the configuration which occurred in the symbol of Aquarius. And it was in the symbol of Divine thinking. How did this happen? Did you ever stop to think that if you could wake up America to the truth, that you would have 140 million people---ON THE RIGHT? God starts to wake up people. He brings all kinds of forces to play to bring ideas into proper focus. Whenever your nation starts to think ‘right’, it will act ‘right.’ And then, my friends, we will no longer be ruled by the enemies of YAHWEH (God.)

Today everyone who has moved in under the umbrella of the ‘Right Wing’ does not understand the whole picture. But one of these days when people do understand, then the victories are going to be overwhelming. We have told you many times that the objective of Red China and Russia are both the same. For both want to move in and overpower the Western Christian nations. They would of course like to knock out this great nation which is under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, first. Because they see this nation as a center of resistance to their plans. Their design is to use political chicanery and trickery as well as military conquest. And then eventually ruling over you, force you down to slavery. Thus today we are the major object of their wrath. And those two great powers vie with each other as to who will throw the last spade full of dirt on us. This is how the world order thinks. But I can see their power and read their blueprint, and then go to sleep and never worry, because I have another blueprint which they do not have. I am thinking in the range of another covenant. And I am watching an irresistible force start to move in YAHWEH’S Kingdom. I happen to know that all the reinforcements necessary will be here on time. And the quickening force is beginning and the elimination of the forces of darkness is going to follow. Because the STREAM OF LIFE IS AWAKENING.

Remember that there must be a time of conflict because there has to be an overthrow of evil, before there can be a rule of righteousness. There is no substitute. There must be an overthrow of evil before there can be a rule of righteousness by the Kingdom of God.

You are watching a pattern developing in your midst which seeks a silence the voices of truth. They would like to keep people from waking up, from learning what is transpiring. But this is impossible because God is catalyzing all the avenues of reaching people. And people are responding to this all over the world. The enemy has reached the point whereas he is trying to scare us with terror. But we think in terms of other revelations and about the content of things which brings us to Armageddon, and about problems, about battles, and about wars. We have been told about security, and about the tremendous power of the ETERNAL YAHWEH-YAHSHUA to maintain this---LIFE STREAM, thru which He is empowering HIS household.

Now, the Kingdom of God is a ‘GREAT TREE’. And this ‘Tree’ which has been growing up in the midst of the earth is not going to be destroyed, even tho it gets pruned. Some of the limbs and branches may be pruned a bit, but the tree is going to come forth with all the impact of the newness of life. If you go thru the background of the Old Testament, it talks about all the ‘Trees’ of the field (world), and then it talks about the ‘KINGDOM TREE.’ In fact, God even goes so far as to identify Himself as the Life of that ‘TREE.’ He is the real root and the offspring of David.’ (Rev 22:16) Jesus even compounded a riddle for some of them:--’How say ye that the Messiah shall be the son of David, and then David calls Him Father?’ (Matthew 22:42-46) How can the Messiah be the offspring of David and yet David call Him Father? Again those who were asking did not understand what He was talking about. But God’s purpose and plan for the earth is in no way altered or changed because of man’s ability not to understand.

The National Council of Churches was very much disturbed this month and they came forth with a great pronouncement, that the greatest danger facing Christianity today is ‘Racism.’ And in the explanation of what is meant by this word ‘racism’, they cite in this great new wave inside the Christian Faith, actually anticipates that a White Christian Race should rule the world. Therefore the National Council of Churches cites that they would destroy all the great objectives and all the progress the Christian Church is making, unless they can stamp out these people carrying this new doctrine which is sweeping America with great speed. But this is quite obviously in accord with the Scripture for this is God’s time when the whole family in heaven and in earth which are named in HIS NAME might recognize their responsibility and their destiny.

Do you realize why the enemy wants to stifle something out of your nation? Because Lucifer has an understanding that the people over whom he rules are of a sub-level compared to the intelligence and the leadership capacity of God’s sons and daughters growing up here in the midst of the earth. If Lucifer and his children thought they were your equal, they wouldn’t be so interested in this process of trying to drag you down, or absorb your with other races. Therefore, they are admitting the difference in your Race, and the second class pattern of society which is controlled by Lucifer. And they are demanding that this be changed, that this be changed in your nation even tho to change would be a violation of God’s Law.

Someone said, ‘But how are we going to change this situation?’ Well, there is going to be a revival of the hearing of ‘the Word of the LORD.’ And, my friends, this is not an appeal for people to come down to the altar and cry out so they won’t go to some kind of perdition when they die. This hearing of ‘the Word of the Lord’ is a reaffirmation of what God has taught your race thru HIS Word as to what you are here to do. So don’t worry about what happens after you die, just know what you are doing here. But this is the design the ‘Hearing of the Word of the LORD.’ And if you challenge every White man, as to what God has said to do about this problem, about what He has ordained for the progress of the earth, then you will lift up the Standards of the Kingdom and His blueprint for the earth. And as you do, you will immediately discover that there are a lot of brainwashed Clergy who will throw up opposition to it. But if they will sit down with their Bibles, they will soon find out they do not know as much about ‘the BOOK’ as they thought that they did. And soon they will be joining you. It is a reasonable think that God should place the highest capacity of leadership over His creation and thus He has provided for the earth by sending His own family like a ‘Racial Stream’ to develop and take over. We may talk of opposition and hostility to us in our work, but that is to be expected for we are a part of this ‘Racial Stream.’ And this is also a sign prophesied for the last days---that they will take you before their synagogues or their magistrates and then throw you in jail, and even frame you to do this. And this was done last week. But Christians soon had these ministers out on bail. But it just shows you to what length the enemy will go to stop the spread of these truths which relate to the responsibilities of the children of God, to their race, and to their purpose here in earth.

Someone said, ‘My, that is a terrible thing--for a minister to go to jail.’ Oh, I don’t think so. For almost all the good ones in the days of Jesus made it to jail. They locked up Paul and Peter and John. And they even had Jesus in jail. But in this instance, it just means that if you cross the right people, and they think they have a particular advantage, or can get away with it, they will try it.

You say, ‘But we are in America, we are not under the Roman Empire. We have freedom.’ But the Roman Empire had quite a lot of principals which would protect a citizen. But let me tell you this. You do not have anything in the United States today that you don’t have the power to demand or to make. You may have documents and you may have guarantees. But you are the guarantees, not the enemy, not the forces of darkness or the forces of evil. We tell you that George Washington in his farewell address to the nation, wanted us to remember this. ‘What we have---we have only if we insure it and guarantee it ourselves.’

We have made many mistakes in this nation under the symbol of the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.’ I do not believe in slavery which was one of our mistakes. For if you have these people in your midst, you have problems. And if they were not here, there would be no problem of the type. Thus we have broken Divine Law in many, many ways as we moved under the influence of the enemies of God’s Kingdom. But we have reached the time when God, thru His Spirit, is restoring back upon His children, the things we lost by violations of Divine Law. Your race is not to toil night and day by the sweat of your brow to get enough to eat, or to produce the things we want. He will bring back upon us the lost vision, initiative and creative ability we once had. We have harnessed the great rivers and created great dams. We have produced great power and are harnessing all kinds of energy and are applying it I all areas of manufacturing ability, until today, we can grow more food than we can consume and produce it in less time than ever before. When you can do all that, my friends, there is no reason for any one to be in slavery.

But let’s cross over the hump of the problems of today into the serenity of tomorrow. For tomorrow is where White man’s administration will be over Africa and Asia and over this continent. Where is will be the guiding light and be instructing. While they by their energies will be creating and working, and a New Day will be born. And in the period of that day, the great spiritual forces which will be moving out of you with the knowledge of the particular gifts to which you have an affinity, as God has balanced you, as He timed your birth, and brought you into this scheme of things, will be---this great and mighty Kingdom of God ruling over this earth from one end to the other. The very symbol of this Kingdom rule is ---THE LIGHT OF LIFE--which is like the photosynthesis producing chlorophyll--that green coloring matter, the stored energy carbon in the leaves of the trees. And God makes this statement which concerns you:--’There will be twelve manners of fruit upon the trees, and the leaves of the Tree will be for the healing of the nations.’(Rev. 22:2) The LIFE, the vitality, and the synthesis of Divine Energy, the Media, the GREAT TREES of God’s Kingdom for Life and Food is revealed here.

As the articles of war were given in the book of Deuteronomy, one thing we have been told not to do was---do not cut down ‘THE TREE’ for this was man’s food. I am going to say that the ‘Tree’ of God’s Kingdom is the only LIFE FOOD that can bring any sense into the world today.

We do not have time to discuss the great areas of catastrophe today, but look at Indonesia, New Guinea, Katanga, and Angola, to mention a few. For these are all areas of human catastrophe. All of these areas are where the powers of darkness have moved by their cunning and they are determined to remove Christianity. They moved out the Kingdom of God and civilization. These could not rise to the level of the Christians of your nations which have spiritual capacity, but they were much better off under the influence of truth and under the leadership of the children of God.

In the days ahead, you will see tremendous miracles in the development of God’s purpose. But these things will not come to pass until the Kingdom comes in. And the Kingdom will not come in until the powers of darkness are cast down. But, my friends, the powers of darkness will be cast down as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA joins His family for this mighty victory hour. We are not disturbed by the crest of the enemy wave. We are just encouraged by the fact that in spite of all their design to suppress it, this great wave of Spiritual force is quickening the consciousness of the sons and daughters of God. And out of this, you are going to see that the inner desire of the people everywhere is going to be met by the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.

We have pointed out that this race of YAHWEH (God) transplanted from heaven to earth, is growing up into a mighty Empire in the midst of earth. And it will be made great by this ‘STREAM OF LIFE.’ And will be empowered by the invisible outpouring of God’s Spiritual energies. We stand on the threshold of this great day. And I do not think that there has even been a period when it was more necessary for us to wake up than NOW.

Remember that this will be a might victory even tho the odds seem so great. For there will be a mighty spiritual outpouring, a quick quickening of consciousness and you will find that the affinity you have with your friends, because they are the same background, even tho not awake---will be closer than you and your blood relatives of the Adamic Race. For this spiritual affinity of knowing the purpose and the dedications of bringing in God’s Kingdom will produce a brotherhood so close and so compact, that even the relationship of relatives will not compare with it. And it is out of this great new sealed union of sons and daughters of YAHWEH, who move forward with the realization that upon them and upon their shoulders, moving in the purposes of their Father, is to come the shouldering of the responsibilities to awaken their nation and to lift up its standards. It is by and thru such people that YAHWEH will raise up HIS MIGHTY SONS AND DAUGHTERS AND SET THIS NATION FREE.

(End of message)