Racial Streams And Their Biblical Destinies, 7-10-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-10-61

Tonight, we are speaking on a subject which is sometimes considered taboo, because we are living in a day when men want to keep the knowledge of men and races somewhat obscured. We have an evil philosophy which is being developed in our nation saying that we must accept the opinion of certain educators, who declare that they know everything there is worth knowing. All if we do not agree with them and accept their thinking as to the political and economic life, then we are peasants and not to be recognized.

There is then something for you to know and that is as to who you are and from whence you came, because if you do not know who you are and where you came from, then how do you know where you are going. There are a lot of people who think they know where they are going, and they are busy telling us where we are going. But the most important thing for you to know is from whence you came, and what God has planned, what He has in store for you. I think it is important then, that we understand the origin of races and the Biblical relationship of racial streams, the Waters of Life and now the Streams that are upon the face of the earth. The church has taught many things, much has come out of religion effected by religious hierarchy. And very little of it has had its basis actually in what God has said.

Today among Christians both Protestant and Catholic, the general idea is that everyone who walks upright, some wearing clothes and some who don’t, are all kinsmen. They would have us all as kinsmen out of the idea that God just started our race out of some red mud, shaped it, breathed on it and it started to walk. And under this tradition, they tell us that thru the course of time, that men wandered from one end of the earth to the other and under the heat of the sun of Africa and its conditions, that in time the density of the sun darkened some men’s skins and then some were more black and some were lighter than others.

Some time ago, I picked up a book by a gentleman who thought he knew the Gospel of the Kingdom, and I read his African page. He said that the reason why some Africans come light and some dark, is because they were descended from Ham and they were ‘cursed’ and they went down into Africa and if they lived in some of Africa it as temperate, and if they lived in the area where the sun was more intense, then that is the reason why some are darker than others. There is just as much propaganda in that statement as there is in the writings of those who do not know the Gospel of the Kingdom. You can move Negroes from one end of the earth to the other, or put them in the Arctic and they will still be black. They will not bleach out because their father moved from equatorial Africa. Some of the blackest Negroes live right here in the United States. And they came from the areas of Africa where they were dark and they are still dark. But if this had ben the results of the sun upon their skin, then they should have bleached out after a while.

You can send a White man to equatorial Africa and his skin will tan and his face become bronze, but take the shirt off of his back, and he is just as white as you and I. Take him back to America or England and let him live thru one of our eastern winters, and the tan will come off and he will be just as white as any of his English or German brothers. The reason is to the pigment of his skin, even to the marked pattern of its coloring. It is a part of the racial identity which goes along with the other phases of the physiognomy of men. In the patterns of these differences today, the chronologists can look at the skulls and an anatomist who has studied the skull structure and is acquainted with the differences between Caucasian and Asiatic and Africans, can look at the skeleton and even if there is no flesh upon it or skin to check the color and still tell what race this belonged to. They not only can do this, but now, when we go back to the age of Archaeological records, we discover that the latest work of the archaeologist in the last fifteen years, has been more important than that for 150 years. Way back in the days of Belshazzar, when he was the Emperor of Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom, his own sister was an archaeologist, and was probing into the depth of ancient antiquity and was going out and digging up things. She even had her own museum.

Thus when you think of Archaeology, then this was not something which started in your time. For as long as you have the history of the people of the earth, they were always probing around and trying to find out what was before them. As long as there has been a White man on the face of the earth, he has always had a certain amount of knowledge as to what has gone before him. And he went out to prove it by excavations. When we say as long as there has been a White man on the face of the earth, this always causes a confusion in the peoples minds. Because everyone thinks that everyone started out with Adam and it has just been a matter of some type of motivation by migration, and some type of evolution that they have turned out white, yellow, brown, and black. This, my friends, is just a part of a superstition that we repudiate tonight as being un-Biblical and not in accordance with our Father who as a great creator has created races. And He also has created many species throughout the Universe and the earth. And He has a principal in law, a biological law which He has set down in the scriptures for you and I to remember. That ‘kind shall begat like kind,’ seed having life in itself.’ And He established the biological process of self-division and mitosis, and set up the hereditary laws of mitosis and determination. And being the Almighty, He establishes the laws and thereby it continues and is governed by the laws of life, by these mysterious processes which God has put into earth for His purposes.

The strange distinction in the multiplication of creatures by their species and by their kind, but deep down in all of the Kingdom animals as well as those who fall into the category of man, being Enosh, or Adamites, is the process of mitosis inside the Chromosomes and the genes. And inside the chromosome and genes, each time you are getting into a smaller break down of energy particles made up of energy that the Almighty put together and determined every characteristic of the creature which not only determined his general shape and structure down to the smallest particle of his being, it has all been engaged by energy organized and is electronic, and has a pattern of electronic memory which is erected in your consciousness so as to remember yesterday. So in the creations of God’s creative law, ‘Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.’ Until every process of the radiating spindle fibers of mitosis splitting the chromosomes and genes, and the chromosome pulling them into spindle fiber corners until the new cells out of the part of the old cell shows that part of the electric memory. In this biological process of mitosis, something starts to change and measure. And different fibers fall and different things change until not just the sameness of protoplasm and division, but organic structures of life and birth take place. And the medical scientists is amazed at this miracle when he considers it, and the Biochemists is also amazed at it. And the student of the processes of strictly an animated factor realizes that in all the processes of multiplication there is a mighty brain element here and that norm and that form is the very essence of the secret of life itself. And it must preclude in the mind of every individual observer that there is a master mind, wholly shaping and molding to carry out the process of His law which He has hidden in His substances that ‘kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.’

As a child of the Eternal, you may well look over the Universe with curiosity and interest. You will be interested in everything which exists in the earth and everything which moves around about. And there will be some who will go to the patterns of nature and they will study the smallest patterns of life and of form, while others will take to the map of the heavens and try to study the great sidereal systems of space. No matter how slow you go or how fast you go, still you come to the great planner of the whole thing, the Master planner who is in you, and for you, who are His children. And I want to qualify that statement. When I say that you are the children of God, the essence of His Spirit, Holy Seed, I am only speaking to the Children of Adam. I think it is important for us to establish that once the Creator of all things, made all things, that thru Him and by Him all things exist, that there are other factors beyond that creation which placed within this earth this race. And throughout the sidereal systems of heaven are the race which God placed here.

All races are not the same, that is quite obvious. And I do not have to prove that point. Because you can tell a Chinaman from a Negro lest you are blind. Thus do not say that all races are the same. And don’t say that God made them all the same. Also do not say that the Adamic race, this White race from whence you have come, is a by-product which has emerged out of these other races. I can establish for you that in the last fifteen years, we have made more advances in time measurement of races than were made in all the archaeological patterns of yesterday. Because of the use of Uranium and Carbon 14, we have been able to measure accurately the time limit for some things backward for 73,000 years. Maybe we will discover an atomic law that will go further, but radiation of living substances irrespective of how long they lived, have all dissipated by the time you reach 73,000 years of measure. So we can determine this, that trees lived, living plants grew, and men who walked upright were living 73,000 years ago. This we can now prove,------because we have radio carbon which runs out in antiquity showing how distant some of the findings are made in the archaeological fields.

When we tell you that the average individual and the Uranium and the Carbon outlet will end at a certain period of time, and will take a carbon measure of his body and bones, and he will end in three score years, or in four, and we can examine a grave yard in America and it will come somewhere between now and our colonial beginnings, and you can measure it out. And the Carbon will determine exactly its measure of how long and how far back it was. We can tell by the remains as to this. But when you exhume a human being of a physical structure of a man, then turn your carbon dating on him and there is no longer any carbon 14 coming out, then you know that it is over 3000 years old.

Why do I introduce this statistics?--Because I think it is important for you to understand tonight, that if we have reached a point where we find men who are over 3000 years old, then no one by any stretch of the imagination are going to say that they descended form Adam. For Adam’s chronology in the earth extends back to somewhere around 5400 B.C. So go back to the King James Version of the Bible, and go back to Adam and see what the date is up there at the top of the page. We guess Ussher did as good a job as he knew how and he started this at 4000 B.C. Actually, he said 4004 B.C. because he wanted to come out right with the Birth of Christ, which was 4 B.C. But you know that is wrong and so do I. For Christ could not be born four years before Himself. So they started Adam out at 4004 B.C. But they have no authority for this, only the desire to prove something is right.

Do you know what we are up against? People are so wishing to support their theology, that they will twist all the facts to support their theology and if the theology is in error, then, my friends, all the facts that they support are in error. And when they get thru, they have made a mockery out of the Bible, out of tradition, out of history, and out of science. That is why we have people who say they have no faith in religion. I do not have any faith in religion, because I can prove that something is wrong with it. There is something wrong with a lot of things that have been taught, but there is nothing wrong with God. There is nothing wrong with the things that He created and said that they were good. And there is nothing wrong with you knowing the truth and proclaiming it, because the Gospel of the Kingdom is based on knowledge and it is based on truth.

You know---beyond the patterns of time and the catastrophes that enveloped men, the racial streams become somewhat covered up as to the authenticity and the patterns of their traditions. In fact, today most people don’t know who they are or where they came form . In fact, some of the prophets in the scriptures tell us some of these things. Haggai tells us this. In fact, the scripture tells us that in that place where you thought you were goyim and Gentile, it is going to be revealed that you are the children of God, and as many as the sands of the seashores and the stars of the heavens, the house of Israel, God’s own Seed, and you are finding it out today. And history is now supporting it and now is proving it. And you are finding out this fact, that the people which the church calls Israel are not Israel. They did not descend from Israel, and did not have any part nor lot in this matter. They did not descend from Israel. If they would have caught what Jesus said, they would have known this long ago and now had their victory. But you were told that this was one of the things which would happen in the last days, that the people in the last days who thought they were Gentiles, would discover that they were the children of the Living God and these people who told you that you were goyim and Gentiles were in fact the goyim and gentiles.

There is a little passage over here that has a bit of significance. Over here in the book of Isaiah, concerning this period of time and this resulting condition. In the 25th chapter of Isaiah, this is talking of the last days, in the time of the nuclear weapons. This is in a period of time when we asked for strength and we ask for God to glorify the city, and to be the defense. And we say, ‘Oh, LORD, thou are YAHWEH---I praise thy name for the wonderful things which thou has done, for thy counsels of old and thy faithfulness, and thy truth. For thou has made of a city a heap and the defended city a palace of strangers.’---So you see, there are some strange things that are going to happen. This palace of strangers is this United Nations set up in New York City. This whole ‘One World Government’ which tries to roll us all into one mass, mongrelize us, destroy our religion, is the program of the Anti-Christ. It is a palace of strangers which God warned you never to let come into your nation, or get ascendency over you or rule your destiny.

Therefore, we also note in this climactic age, that there is going to be a great storm and there is going to be a shadow from the heat of this terrible blast from the terrible ones---when the storm comes against the wall of untempered mortar which Ezekiel talks about which men are trying to build into a one world government, with one race form a common origin. It says that you are going to bring down the noise of these strangers and you will never hear the words, ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ never again.

It says that you are to bring down the noise of the strangers. And when the catastrophe falls upon the strangers, it shall be like heat from a shadowy place, even the heat which comes out of a shadowing cloud. I think you know what that is. They are worrying about it all the time. But you do not have to worry about it. It is only to destroy the branches of the terrible ones in the earth.

Now, the interesting thing about it is this. God said, ‘therefore, in that day, while in this mountain of the Kingdom of the LORD of Hosts, He shall make a great feast unto the people of His Kingdom and He shall bless them with all of the things of the earth, find foods, and the best of all things. And in that day, God is going to destroy the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil which is spread over all nations, and everybody is going to know who they are, what is their origin and where they came from. That, my friends, is already upon the children of God who have had the word and the guidance. And the spirit has caused them to be led thru remembrance to the knowledge of all truth. God is to destroy the covering cast over all people and the veil spread over all nations. And of course, that will be the day when all nations will know who you are and that God has loved you.

I think it is significant that we point out again, that since we have established science with its accurate measure, because it just takes so long for the energy absorbed by a tree, a plant, or a man to dissipate. It just take so long, no matter if that individual lived ten years or twenty years, he absorbs to much and it just takes so long to dissipate it. We can tell how long he lived by how much of that energy still exists in his remains.

Now, the strange factor is that the scriptures talk about Racial streams and the Bible is filled with wisdom and knowledge concerning men, and people upon the face of the earth. The idea that everybody on the face of the earth came from Noah and his descendants, Ham, Shem and Japhet, after the flood of that time is false and unrealistic. It is essential that you understand that because the flood did not cover North America, and it did not effect the Matagrossa. The only area effected by the flood was around the Tarium Basin and the High Himalayas. And the water also came down the Wang Ho River and ran into the sea and then out the other end of the Basin and down into the land of Mesopotamia. Violent storms as well as the breaking of the great ‘table land’ of that Basin to be broken up and the fountains of the deep were exposed in the days when Noah and his family were living in the Upper Tarium Basin. It is also important for you to know that while Noah and his family were living there in the Upper Tarium Basin, that the descendants of Seth were living in Egypt, and they were not Egyptians.

Down in Egypt where the great city of On was built later called the city of Heliopolis by the great descendants of Seth, who had descended as the son of Adam who was the son of God. Seth descended from Adam just as did Noah and Shem and these great Patriarchal Priests, and builders had dwelt formerly in areas of ancient Palestine. And their Savants had gone down into Egypt to build this city getting ready for a great event. Job and Enoch built the city of On and the Temples of Egypt, and the Egyptians record this and look on with wonder at these White men with their knowledge. The reason I point this out to you is because the Sethites who came from Adam in the seventh gestation---showing the cleansing of the womb and the acceptance of Seth in Adam’s own image. Adam said I have begotten a man in my own image and that started the great white line from whence ye have come. Noah came from Seth and so did Enoch and Job. Their migrations had taken them to different places. They were of different branches out of Seth from whence they had come. Some say that the Egyptians came from Ham, but the Egyptians were down in Egypt when the descendants of Seth came in. If you take up the chronology of the flood in your Bible, you will discover that the old third and forth dynasties of Egypt and way back in the days of Horus, when those dynasties were set in place, there were people in Egypt many thousands of years before the flood. You will find the blueprints when he (Horus) writes concerning Egypt. Way up to the cataracts of the Nile, the water flowed down into the Nile crescent. And where that water came from, men in that civilization could live. And he wrote that anyone south of the Cataracts, or lived in the land of Nile was called Egyptians. That is just about as sensible as a lot of evaluations of people as to who they were. You could be a Japanese, or a Negro here in the U.S. but they would still call you an American, but you could not call them Anglo-Saxon. You could not call them Caucasian just because they dwelt here. When we talk about the Egyptians, we are generally speaking of the people known as Egyptians in the ancient days. And you know that is one of the places where most peoples series of races breaks up.

We are told by archaeological experts that, and the findings of the Universities, who have spent much time in this research, that two of the oldest races which they have traces of are the Summarian or the Assyrian Empire and the Egyptian. Alright, they all know that the Egyptians existed, for they had migrated there form the land which went down beneath the waters, according to the ancient writings of Horus. And the records and traditions of this is a matter of history. And they migrated to the land now known as Egypt ages before the Chronology of your race.

Now, I think it is rather significant---and because of this I have brought the book known as ‘Right Out of the Ancient Past’ and it is written by Finnigan, and published by Princeton University Press. This book was written fourteen years ago, and Archaeology has learned more since then, but in this book they had an accumulation of archaeological accumulation and some existing for 150 years of exploration. And it talks about the ancient King lines for the total King line of 241,000 years of Assyrians of which we have in the British Museum in historical records out of places having been excavated, showing how long Assyrians have been living in the earth. The Assyrians were much like the Asiatics much like the eastern Russians or should we say, the citizens of the Soviet Empire.

Now, we have another civilization called the Akkod civilization and they say this has a dating of 400,000 years, but they say this must be an exaggeration. They had a king line alright, and it must be long. But it is too many years. Let me tell you something. Over in the walls of the Grand Canyon, you can sit there and look at a measure of over 245,000 years in one set of steps of seed time and harvest, some time when it was an uplift and was deposited by water flowing down this uplift from a higher point. If you go down the many steps there I can show you three million years of history in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Now, I am not going to say how long the world existed as a factor, but it has been billions of years, all in the probability of measures of time. After all, there has been no beginning for God who has been making and making throughout all the ages, and everyone of you in this room tonight---I believe---your spirit was with the Father when He rolled this ball out of the solar system which He made it from, and you saw it happen. Don’t tell me how old you are, for in comparison with this amount of time, even if you are three score and ten, you can’t be old. If you stop thinking about age, then you will stop aging. You would be surprised how far reaching that factor is because inside of you is a secret. For the law of God has a process of reversing that. But I just pause for one moment---for after looking at the Sharapot and Egyptian dynasties, which we have been looking at for a long time, I then turn to see what they say about China and India, and for the life of them, they do not know where the Chinaman came from. They do not know how old he is because he is older than HISTORY. They thought history started about 6,000 years ago and now they find all these numbers and length of time. But they are ashamed to admit it. Streams of Light---yes---streams of Light. I believe that the original people on this earth were the Asiatic. I know that the Negroes did not originate on this earth. Because back in the history of the Assyrians, who we run back almost a quarter of a million years, they tell about a great battle in the heavens and they tell about the Dynasties which came from heaven to earth. And that is when Lucifer’s fall brought dynasties of fallen Angels that intermingled with their people and produced the first set of Kikes the world ever saw. And you can prove this by the Assyrian history. I have in my library a whole library of Assyrian plates dealing with the coming to earth of heavenly dynasties, right in their history, right in their tradition, and right in their king line.

It is rather an interesting fact that when we talk about this situation, they tell about the coming of the soldiers and slaves of these king makers who were dark and curly headed. Black of face and curly of head---hasn’t changed all that time. If you were to go back and study the ancient plates of art you would discover that Egyptians were White compared to the people who worked for them as slaves and servants. You discover that they had Nubian slaves and Negro workers on the oldest pottery and friezes and in documents in ancient Egypt. I have in my library, accurately produced and ordered by Queen Victoria, and created in her time, and colored as actual reproductions as they found them in the tombs by the order of Queen Victoria, from the findings, and with the color and the facts here is no question of the fact that here with the Asiatic race, and that the people who were their workers and slaves were Negroes, the same as the Africans are today.

I listened to some silly doctor the other day. And they thought he knew more than anyone with me, and he was trying to tell us that all the world started out Black. And he was trying to say that they were the first doctors, the first surgeons, the first embalmers. But let me tell you something. The Negroes never gave anything to the world even to this day. Anytime anyone tries to tell you that the great civilization of ancient Egypt came from the Negroes, let me set you straight. The ancient wisdom of ancient Egypt came from the White men who settled down there and built that city of On and those great monuments. If you will go back to the oldest of the writings of Horus, you will find that these ancient people in Egypt, were saying that they were waiting for the coming of the sons of YAHWEH---the Ka of Ra the soul of the Universe to come to earth and teach them as they had done at an earlier time in their history. That is the reason there was not resistance from these Egyptians for they knew that you were a heaven sent race and were sent to rule in earth. Some said, ‘but where did these ancient people of Asia come from?’ The people of Asia were there ages ago when the Gobi Desert was a Teakwood park. Go out today and did in the Gobi Desert and deep in the sands you will find the remnants of Teakwood stumps. And you will discover that much of the Teakwood which was cut down is still in use in various areas of Asia. And the land of the forest has now become powder and dust, because in that strange upset balance, when the Luciferian hosts were in control of an early world. You will discover that they cut down so many trees that they made an utter wasteland out of the Gobi Desert.

In some of the excavations that were made---back in the days of Roy Chapandrews and others, if these were followed thru, they would find that there are cities buried in the sands of the Gobi Desert. And these people have agreed that these tree stumps when excavated were 24,000 years old. So that meant that whoever cut those trees down had to be alive 24,000 years ago or he could not have cut them down. But you don’t get anything but stumpage, my friends, from anything but someone cutting down a tree. And the cities found in connection with the excavations existed ages and ages ago. And we run out of radio carbon in establishing the elements of antiquity of that area. There had been teak wood furniture that belonged to the temples and dynasties of China and these are older than Carbon 14 can trace. So that is pretty old wood and pretty hard wood in that furniture. You say, ‘I don’t believe furniture could last that long.’ You don’t? You get the ancient volumes of Africa and you find that there were rafts made out of trees ages ago, and men dwelt on them on the shore of the great Lake Tanganyika. And this lake had receded today, until it is not as big as it was in former days. But out there in the muck and the slime, are the rafts that their cities were built on. Now, hold you hat--for this is how long wood can last. Radio Carbon proves that the trunks of those trees which were used to make those rafts were 43,000 years old. 43,000 years there in the mud and the termites haven’t eaten them up. In fact, I think that if your gargantuan Red Woods were covered with dirt, you could dig them up 43,000 years from now and find them intact. Because the bugs won’t eat it and the fire won’t burn it and it does not decay under proper conditions.

I just wanted to establish for you that a race God planted in the earth who were the Adamites, who are the Hu-man race--Hu-man meaning spirit man, that people in physical bodies, being life of His Life, and Hu meaning spirit, are spirit man, and that man is Adam. Let me forever implant in your mind that Adam means Man---White man, whereas Enosh means beings, created men of other races. All thru the history of nations and people, I find these two words interwoven in the scriptures. The interweaving meaning the difference between men who are spirit men begotten of God sent to earth to build His Kingdom, and the created races here upon the earth, and the races that came in during the Luciferian upset out of the Universe.

Now, I am going to tell you what is going to happen. Every plant that my Father did not plant in the earth, is going to be plucked up by its roots and put back where they belong. You say, ‘how do you know?’ Every racial plane, in otherwords, like Negroes who do not belong here and the Jews who are the offspring of Lucifer, are going to be taken out of the world and put where they belong. How do I know? Jesus said so. By what authority do I say this? ‘Every plant that my Father did not plant is to be plucked up by its roots.’ And then God goes further telling what He is going to do and He says He will take the vast fleets of space at the command of His Archangels, and His Holy Ones and send them to earth and gather out of earth everything which is out of his proper place. He said, ‘Everyone of the ‘tares’ I am going to gather out.’ And that is one good think about the harvest time. The ‘tares’ are going to go. Before you are all gathered into the barn, my friends, the ‘tares’ are going to go.

Listen, men must recognize the size of his historical development that you are going thru by the portions of the Universe and the time elements involved here and this history in the making. We do not look down on or despise anything God is making because it is different, nor do we intend to let that which is inferior upset the status of our Father because they are in the process of a revolt that fallen Angels directed either. I don’t even bother to hate the devil. Someone said, ‘why?’ Well, because he is a devil and I know it. I do not expect him to do any more that act like one. I am going to fight him and fight his seed, and I hate all the work that they are about. And there would be nothing which would disturb me about destroying anything which would disturb God’s Kingdom in the earth, by any process necessary. It would not disturb my prayer meeting one bit. Because my Father has used the forces of nature, the violence of the storm, the shaking of the earth, and the openings in structure. He has sent the tornado and sent the meteorite from space so that they have already moved out of areas where they would hurt the Kingdom of His love and His choice. Do not talk to me about righteousness and unrighteousness, for it begins and ends with my Father. And whatsoever He does is good.

Thus I point out to you that there are racial streams in the earth of different origins. That is why one of the oldest words in the scripture is Eden. And Eden means beginning. But it does not always have to be your beginning. There was in the days of the beginning, a certain number of rivers. And these rivers came out of Eden. And I can show you that some of these rivers run all over the earth. You will understand that no river could run all over the earth for oceans and continents would make that impossible. So what did it mean when it talked of the rivers which run out of Eden---the beginning---by which the whole world was divided? It is talking about Racial streams, in the days of their beginning.

It now becomes important to review the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, for you---in part---God said to Ezekiel--you go down and talk to thy greatness. And now we are dealing with the Egyptians and they are so old that they do not really know where they began. And old Assyria was a ‘tall Cedar’, a great tree. He had great branches and he was higher than all the other trees. The waters, the racial stream--which made him great was so deep, they ran all around the earth, and all around the young plant, where his minions, his smaller kingdoms were placed. That all the other trees in the field---and Jesus also speaks of this in His parables---looked at the height and the age of the Assyrian and said, ‘my, this is the oldest tree, the strongest Empire in the earth.’ And that means a lot of Biblical scholars playing with their lips for they do not know what they are talking about. They are saying, ‘how could all these trees be Empires back here in the days of Eden? They say where did all these Empires come from in the days of Eden? I had a minister say the other day, ‘Dr. Swift, what is all this foolishness of today saying that all people did not come from Adam?’ I said, ‘It is very obvious that all the people in the world did not come from Adam because there were obviously these great Empires in the days of Eden. And all of the people look at the antiquity of the world and the racial streams and they marveled it, at its strength and its power. And I said, ‘You don’t suppose that all the people of earth which it says here that were dwelling under the branches of this Empire, all the different races---dwelling here ---you don’t suppose that Adam then came along and said ‘I fathered it?’ I said to the minister, ‘Are you going to tell me that Adam fathered the ancient Dynasties of Egyptians? If so then he was 432,000 years old before he begat Abel.

Listen. Then God said unto Ezekiel---’the height of was above all other Empires, and his strength came from the amount of the size of his racial stream, the tremendous amount of its waters. And God said, ‘all the other cedars even in the Garden of God could not hide him. God said, ‘all the branches of the trees are full, and every one of the trees in the Garden of God envied him.

Now, saith the LORD, ‘I know that thou hast lifted thyself up in height, and shot up to the top of the thick boughs. And then God warns Pharaoh as to how old He is, but also how quick He can bring him down. Just as He brought down the Assyrian power. There is nothing here about Adam because Adam did not father this Empire which was all over the earth. There is not student of antiquity today who does not know that when God planted a garden in Eden for Adam, and the Old text said, ‘Eastward in Eden---in Eden. So there had to have been other plantings before this. And when God placed Adam in this garden, there was also an Empire going in China. And when Adam started to grow up in the earth, there were still a remnant of people in the valley of the Indus, and dwelling in the caves of Kilimanjaro. That is the reason, my Father said to my forefather Adam here in the earth now have dominion over it,---over the Enosh, and all the beasts of the field. The earth was more populated than it is now, and I want you to repopulate it---with White people. This was said to Adam. He would not tell him to repopulate it if there was no one here, or never had been. Yes, these are racial streams.

For one moment, I would go back to the book of Genesis. And I come down to the days after the flood in the Tarium Basin. And Ham, Shem, and Japhet---Noah’s three white sons come out upon the face of the earth after their experience in the Ark. And one of them will heed Divine instructions and two of them will disobey. The one who followed Divine instructions was not to mongrelize that racial stream. Don’t mongrelize the Holy Seed and do not pollute the Holy City. The Shemetic race carried this out. But Japhet pitched his tent toward Asia, China and India. They did not mongrelize in their first generations, but by the time of three or four generations, this was becoming plain. Shem and his descendents made their way southward toward Mesopotamia, and some of them would also join their Sethite relatives in Egypt for a very special responsibility of ancient wisdom and Masonic rites,---which we will not take time to discuss tonight. Ham also went down into the area of Mesopotamia, and you can take the genealogy of Ham and Japhet’s descendants and run them all down. They are right here in the Bible.

Don’t tell me that Ham did something and God cursed him and turned him Black. He did something, that is true. He violated a principal of law, and because of this, his seed would never make the inheritance in God’s Kingdom. Didn’t change his color, but they could never, because of this particular transgression committed by Ham, participate in the development of this race seed. But they were told still to observe the law.

Now I can prove to you very quickly, that in the next generations, that Ham was still White. You have all heard about ancient Babal and you have heard about Nimrod, and about Ur of the Chaleas. Well, Nimrod was a descendant of Ham and he was a White man. The ancient Zohar tells us this. The ancient records that are contemporary with that time, prove this to be the truth.

Now, remember that Abraham, who descended from Shem, who God called as Abram---and went out to become Abraham, the father of many nations, his father Terah was Prime Minister to Nimrod. This was a White administration over a mongrelized cosmopolitan city, and that is why God said to Abraham---you get out of here for I want you to continue to be the father of My race. I want you to keep the racial stream pure, so you get out of this cosmopolitan city, or there will not be a Kingdom. He said to Abraham---you get out of here and I am going to bless you and I will make My covenant with you and thy seed after thee in all generations. And you will have an Everlasting Covenant between thee and ME.

When Abraham went out of Ur of the Chaldeas, he carried the seed of the selected race which God had transplanted back in the days of spirit, into the Adamic bodies of earth, and that is why you are here. I want you to come for a moment over into the book of Genesis, for here we find the fact that Abraham, after he migrated out of the land of Ur of the Chadeas with his household,----and it came to pass that he moved his household to the plains of Hebron, and there he built an altar unto YAHWEH. And God had said, ‘I will make thy seed as the sands of the seashore, thus they would be hard to number. He said to Abraham, look and arise and walk thru this land for I am going to give it to you. And this was going on in the days of Amraphel. So why are we interested in this 14th chapter of Genesis?---Well, if you are wanting to know what is in this Bible, then you have to understand this 14th chapter of Genesis. And you can then face anyone on this subject. For Amraphel was of the king line out of the Assyrian household, from the fall of Lucifer, and was a fallen Angel offspring.

I can take you into the book of Enoch and show you the dynasties of the fallen Angels set up in the earth and Amraphel was one of those kings.

Now, I am going to show you something else. If your Biblical friends think they understand all the facts of the scriptures, and think that everyone descended from Ham, Shem and Japhet, then you just go back here to the descendants of Ham, Shem, and Japhet and find Amraphel and see where he came from. For everyone else listed here except these two who existed before the days of Adam, who came from pre-Adamic races, are all here and can be identified.

Now, we have here also another king. And he was from the land which went down, Tidal, kind of the nations. Where did he come from? Tidal means water washed lands. And Tidal was the Emperor of the water washed lands, for under his dominion the land of the Atlantic had gone down, and sunk a whole continent. This was why as the people of ancient Greece sent their sons down into Egypt to study at ancient On, when they changed the name to Heliopolis. They learned there at the seat of those White race savants, as they were seeking their descendants of this race. On Mars Hill, in Corinth, Paul said to all of them, ‘All of our fathers came from the same waters, our forefathers ate of the same bread and the same manna, drank the same watere from the rock.’ So these your kinsmen Greeks who were producing your great Western Civilization were to be known as the great Corinthian culture from which your mathematic and philosophy and your concepts of history, even the principals of a Republic, had been wrought by inspiration and they had learned it form Enoch masters. And the thing of great significance here is that when they went down into Egypt to study, they heard of that great continent which went down. And one of the oldest words was one that Plato heard. And it was that the continent which went down was called Atlantas. Someone says, ‘But I don’t believe that story.’ Well, it does not make any difference for that is what they taught to Plato in Egypt and he came home to Greece and wrote of this. You may not believe it, but you have been calling it the Atlantic Ocean ever since. You named the ocean after the continent. And do you know what Egyptian history said? The people who survived that sinking of that continent, many of them roamed the earth, and went into North Africa. And sometimes they made their way to the hearth of many people who were war like. The scriptures then tells us that Tidal was king of the nations, and Tidal did not come from Noah. The reason why I bring this to your attention is if there was a king over Sodom and a king over Gomorrah, then these two kings did not descend from Adam or from Abraham, then he did not come from the Adamic race. But if you want to know the history of these kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, then you get the history from the book of Enoch. And you get the history that these were the offspring of fallen Angels who intermingled and the Biblical word for it is Nephilim. And if you go to the 6th chapter of Genesis, you will find out about another stream in the earth. These are an unassimilatable people and it says that the Nephilim took the daughters of men and there were giants in the earth after those days, and they began to devour men. They were Cannibals, Priests of Baal and they ate human flesh. And that is where you get the word Cannibal and put it on the Negro, who also ate human flesh.

I think it is significant for you to understand tonight, that this unassimilatable seed of which Cain was one, and Eve was the victim, when God cleansed His own nation for His one name and honor. Cain was of the evil one. It tells me in the Epistle of John, and Cain as Jesus identified as Lucifer’s own son, when He turned to the Jews and said, ‘Your father was a murderer, and ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.’ That is just a little history as to the racial stream of Jewry. So you see it was sown into the mixture of other races, and the mystery of Satanic downfall, has produced more blends than just the African and the Asiatics. One of the most wicked spots on the face of the earth since the downfall of Lucifer, and has come under his direction, was a part of the continent of ‘Pan’, which was a sub-continent of the large ancient continent of Mu. And Yay-Pan or the god Pan, ruled over as a monstrosity of great evil, thus the Pan god, the offspring of Lucifer. And this isle of Pan was that part of that continent which stood up out our the sea when the continent of Mu went down. And I can show you all thru the history of China as they talk about the land which went down, and the terrible evil which beset the continent of Mu and Pan.

Do you want to know where the Japanese came from? They came from the island of Ya-Pan which was the last of a sunken continent. The oldest people upon it were Sumari, ancient Sumu people from the last of that high mountain of the continent of Mu which sank. They were a part of an Asiatic stream of people who existed in a Pre-Adamic world. And among them are a people known as the Anu, and the Anu were exiled to the island of Japan in the days when the nephew of Lot and his violation of Divine law produced Ammon. The Ammonites set out for a new land and they marched over into the area of China, wherein then China picked them up and exiled them to the Isle of Ya-pan. These Ammonites were still mostly white people and they were called Anu, by the Sumari. The Chinese had a bunch of outlaws and they put them out there on that island. And then there was also some white apes who existed, and some of the smaller remnants of them still exist. And under the brutality of Lucifer’s fallen system, there was some intermingling. And today, there are three castes of Japanese. And some of the Japanese have a small tail and it showed up in the last war. There are some of the High Sumari who are of a tall and ancient race who were originally in earth, and they can be brought back to worship the right God. They have great ingenuity and are of the high caste in Japan. There are the Anu as some have retained some of their white background and have retained some of the traditions which were known to the stock of the race of the Sethites before Ammon was driven away.

Some people try to tell us that Manasseh is over there. But no, Manasseh is not over there. And the only time he ever went over there is when he went over to tell them of our God. The racial stream of Japan has its origin tied back into three areas of time all mixed together. The ancient land of India which reaches back ages before your race, is also a part of the origin of the Mu-pan time element reaching back thru great antiquity. Its race streams are a part of the plant under the ancient Assyrian Empire. For the ancient Assyrian Empire talks about the lands of Mokasee and Couse Rivers, the land of the Indus. They all report the coming of the White man and they sought his cycle as being about 5000 years before Christ, or a bit earlier. They talk of the White man who came in with ‘one God’ and the knowledge and wisdom of the MOST HIGH. And they tell about the battle in the sky, and how the White man came from the area where the ancient battle was fought in the sky and how the dragon was thrown out of the heavens, and then came into earth. The Chinese know that the dragon was defeated out there, but became their God here. And they have much of the Luciferian tradition in their theology. Of course, Lucifer established that theology and saw that they continued to worship him. This is also true in India, unassimilatable people of an inferior background tied in with the ancient ‘Snake’ religion, empowered by Lucifer and offspring of him who became masters of the ancient temples of India, where once dedicated to patterns of antiquity, with the worship of the true God had become now the worship of the ‘Snake and crude practices under Lucifer’s rebellion. Unassimilatable people, but still priests of this pagan religion set up the temple of Kali the Assassin Goddess, and Kali’s people are the kind of people who today run your ‘Hock shops’ and your Synagogues.’

Someone said to me, ‘Dr. Swift, isn’t Judaism a Jewish religion?’ I said, ‘There is no Jewish religion as such. Jews, as they tried to move in on the White race ages ago, adopted Judaism and then perverted it. And they took the worship of Judah which they called Judaism and made of it Judaism of today which is not Biblical. They went into China and they perverted Buddhism, especially after the rise of the man Buddha who they took as a man out of prison and made him a god. But before this they had perverted the ancient Gotma religion of Asia.

We go back to the original concept that the Gotma religion was the fact that the Gotma---sons of God in the earth had brought wisdom and knowledge who worshiped the Great God of the Heavens. Then along came this fallen Angel and turned this into the worship of the devil, bu reducing it down to the worship of things rather than God. Racial streams---yes, but you don’t pour all these racial streams, black, brown, red and white and yellow, out of the same people. It is quite obvious that you cannot pour all of these colors out of the same pitcher. There is a stream which flows out of the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. It shows you this in the book of Revelation. This is a pure stream which is the water of life. This is the stream of God’s household and it builds the stream of God’s Kingdom. And the leaves on this tree, and the fruit of this tree, are all manners of fruit for the healing of the nations. These are the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD.

I tell you tonight, that if you want to look over the history of the nations of the world, you would discover a tie up of every theology of every fallen religion of virtually every background, with the same errors. The only thing which marks their difference is their power, their authority, their numbers and their king line history. But your Adamic race only dates back some 5400 years before Christ with just a plus of just a few more years, and you are now somewhere around the 7400 to 7600th year since your race was placed in the earth. From the time that God started giving you measures and chronology, as points for prophetic measure things have ben falling out with chronology for you. And God calls you the children of the Holy Seed, saying I am the Father who begat you. And He said that you are not like other people who worship other gods. For they themselves can testify to it, and their rock is not as our Rock. Their foundation is not like our Foundation. Their god if not like your God. And their face is not like your Face. And God then said, ‘Don’t let them destroy and corrupt My people.’ He also says that the mark of their countenance is not like the mark of the countenance of God’s children.

This is why as you get over into the prophets that you are warned against polluting the Holy Seed, and getting confusion of face. There is one thing inevitable. We have had throughout the last decade a discussion about a ‘new order.’ What sparked the White man to talk about a ‘New order?’ The Bible talks about how there is to be a ‘new order’ when all the anti-faith, anti-Christs, in the world are no longer going to rule. That this world is going to be ruled by the children of God, the White race with divine blessing, with kindness, with wisdom, and firmness and spiritual understanding. And it will be Kingdom of Light not superstition. But a blessing and not a cursing. This is all in the great spiritual unveiling of this in the book of Revelation. And it says, ‘AND I SAW THIS NEW HEAVEN AND THIS NEW EARTH, I SAW THIS NEW ORDER----ECCLESIASTICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, IN THE EARTH. This has been descending from the very beginning, from GOD and coming down unto earth.------a people out of God, a city, a Holy city. ‘And I heard the voice of the Eternal YAHWEH say, ‘BEHOLD THE TABERNACLE OF GOD IS WITH MEN---and I saw this New Order of the Ages, this New Jerusalem which came down out of God, out of the Heavens to earth. And I heard this voice saying, ‘BEHOLD! THE TABERNACLE OF GOD IS WITH MEN, AND HE SHALL DWELL WITH THEM AND HE SHALL BE OUR GOD.’ And He said, ‘Behold, I am going to make all things new.’ And I saw this city which had descended out of the heavens and moved throughout the earth, and on the gates of this city was written the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. And this was an administration all over the earth with those 12 signs of Israel, the purest strain of the Holy Seed.

I would not go home tonight, with your Bible, if you do now want to believe this. This Holy City a part of the New Order is the Kingdom of our LORD and His Christ. And it is going to last forever and forever and you are going to reign with HIM on the earth, the children of God, forever and forever here upon the earth. And the supremacy of the Children of God and the righteousness of that rule will bring the earth its greatest day. And all of the streams of the men in the earth are going to know the power of your God.

Many will be transplanted back where they belong in His universe when He is thru with His plan. There are some in earth who for historical reasons will bear their testimony. But I want you to know that in the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD, you the children of Light will write your name in a stream of light for He placed you here----to establish His Kingdom, and to put this wayward planet back in its place in His Universe. You are the people of that destiny who are to do that, for He placed this Adamic race here, and it is different from every other stream. And the best thing which ever happened to this earth is when God placed Israel here in earth.

So I will tell you this tonight, all these people who would try to roll all these streams of people down into one is saying that God does not know how to run His Universe, and cannot solve its problems in our life time. And he who believes this theology that all of these races come out of the same kind of seed, should never have a family, for he is taking a great chance. You would not know whether the child would be a Chinaman, or a Negro. Now they really don’t believe that, and will say, ‘but that stopped back there somewhere.’ Well, why did it stop if it started?

No, He says, I want you to know that I have chosen you and have set you above all the people on the face of the earth.’ And you turn and say, ‘Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name’----and then say with Jesus, ‘I am of my Father and you are of your father.’

(End of message)