Raging Waves Of The Sea, 5-15-66


By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 5-15-66

We turn tonight to the book of Ephesians and find these words: “Thy Father of Glory may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and the revelation of knowledge of Him. That the eyes of your understanding being enlightened, ye may know what is the hope of His Calling, and what is the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the Saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of his power unto us who believe according to the working of his mighty power.” Thus we have an area of Spiritual enlightening, a Spiritual understanding that goes unto the household of God, unto the Children of his calling.

We have cited to you before that God had made it very clear concerning his calling and his revelations, and we read here again that God reveals them unto us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches out all the thing of God. Yeah, the deep things of God. For what a man knoweth of the things of man saith the Spirit which is in him, even of the things of God knoweth no man but by the Spirit. We have not received the spirit which is of the world. We have received the spirit which is of God. This is important because the world since it cannot understand the mysteries of the things of God, is being led today by the Spirit of the offspring of Lucifer for a final assault upon the Kingdom of God.

We can turn to the words of God to discover whose these powers of God are. The word of God tells you in very direct words who these powers are. We find this under the direction of these words: Which things we speak unto you, not in words of men’s wisdom but the Holy Spirit teaches Spiritual things by the Spirit. The natural man receiveth not the things of God, for they are foolishness unto him. Neither can he know them because they are Spiritually discerned. But he that is Spiritual judgeth all things. Who hath known the mind of the Lord? We have the mind of Christ.

Significantly, when God established His Kingdom in earth, and did this by establishing his posterity by transplanting them from Heaven to earth, he intended for it to culminate the areas of Satanic power. More than this, he unveils in the scriptures the policy and the plan of the fall of the Adamic race who were his children and his household. The scriptures reveal his love for them, his redemption of them, and his declaration concerning their nature and their makeup, and his ability to make them aware by the calling of his spirit concerning the things that he wanted and his ability to maintain his household. He declared that his children would not depart from him or his word for one thousand generations. For this to be true, then, this family would have to be maintained by the Spirit of the Living God.

He also made it quite true that in the seat of the consciousness was the third eye, only it lacked the area of the eye to see, but as it looked out it beheld and saw the things which God wanted the individual to see and understand, and he made the individual aware of this truth within him.

As we turn into the area of the Spirit, we turn into the area of communion with God, which has related to us the fact that the world has not received this Spirit of his consciousness and his wisdom. But we who are the children of his Kingdom do receive this Spirit.

John 14 says “The Spirit of truth that the world cannot receive.” Now we have areas of understanding as it concerns God and His Kingdom, and we ave watched as God has fulfilled his covenants and his promises with his nations, as he brought froth through their captives, and in the areas when their captivity was necessary so that they might awaken to the areas of their responsibilities. He led them through these periods carefully and wisely.

We discover that the areas of Western Europe today are filled with the Children of the Most High, we tell them by their nations and by their race. They became Christina as they accepted the revelation of the Messiah. They accepted the Messiah because they were looking for his coming, they knew that he was the revelation of God unto them. They accepted this because they knew they were the children of his Spirit, and they became with that acceptance --- Christian nations.

No doubt, upon the face of the earth today there is a no more complete and unanimous acceptance of the Gospel of Christ than you find in the white western world.

We watch the development of the forces of darkness and evil as they moved out with power to take control over those nations, but as the same time they have not been able to secure complete control over them because of the vitality of God’s word and the power of his Spirit as he made known to his people what they were to do.

Now in considering all areas of the development that occurred with the people who were of the household of God and with whom he made his covenant, still he said: “I shall make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah after those days, not like the covenant that I made with their fathers or like the one I made with them through Moses, but a new covenant will I make with them.”

And He made a new covenant. And through this new covenant they would accept the messiah and they would be transformed in their inner consciousness and He would speak to them and he would guide them and instruct them. Of course, in the areas of the New Testament as we find the instructions of behavior and conduct, we see that all these are good, and they were important -- Until we arrived at this period of time in which we find ourselves today.

We are coming up to what is know in the Scripture as the day of the Lord. This is the day of the triumph over the forces of evil. We have a very compounded description in the Scriptures of the latter days. We are told that we would have a time called Jacob’s trouble, and at that time would come upon the nations that came from Jacob, a very great and serious trouble. At this time an unassimilatable force of darkness would move in on these of God’s Kingdom and seek to control their nations and their lives. They would see by manipulation to take control of their silver and their old and their precious jewels, and to gain control by raising the forces to destroy there nations out of Jacob. By these same policies, we are told that this time would be a serious time because there would be great problems inside the nations of God’s Kingdom. We are told through the areas of Scripture and though the back ground there are other Judgements would fall upon nations. That a 7 times 520 year period was the key to mark for the judgement upon Israel. In fact, it was 2520 years from the day Manasseh was carried into captivity by Assyria until we became a nation in 1776. So we came into a Nation on an exact date and exact time table.

We see how God blessed these people who helped set up our nation, and how under his Spirit he made aware to them their creative ideas and inventions, and under his guidance they went forward to build a great and might nation. Now, while we are but a part of the Kingdom of God, nevertheless we are a great and mighty nation that God raised up in this latter day to do a great and mighty work for god’s Kingdom. So under these instances, we grew and developed and we watched the expansion of our land as it grew into a Nation that eventually spread from ocean to ocean. A nation in god’s Kingdom.

We have watched in this past 55 years the movement and the powers of darkness and the forces of evil move over our land. We have seen these people come in and somehow gain control of the areas of our wealth and they have knocked out our gold and our silver, and now we have watched as the banks under their control seek to knock out the last pillars under our economy. We find that we have only Federal Reserve notes in our pockets and the value of them is questionable.

We have come into a period of unusual development. We had a vast number of people come into this country and in the last 10 or 15 years we found we watched the extension of our land in the growth pattern of our nation and eventually we were extended from Ocean to Ocean, and became this nation, this great nation, of God’s Kingdom.

We have watched in this past 55 years the movement and the powers of darkness and the forces of evil move over our land. We have seen these people come in and some how gain control of the areas of our wealth. They have knocked out our gold and silver, and now we see the banks under their control seek to kick out the last pillars under our economy. We find in our pockets only Federal Reserve notes and the value of those is questionable and each passing day makes them more and more questionable. We have come to a period of unusual development. We have has a vast number of people come into this country and in the last 10 or 15 years we found we have had a tremendous increase in our population. A great number of these people came because of the fact that some of their people were already in the country and told them to come. Others have come in as exchange students and professors and through that process we have brought into this country a vast number of these people who cannot be assimilated into our society. These people through the Educational system and the Theology seminaries have been instrumental in destroying every thing good in our economy, our educational system and the theology seminaries.

We are in the area of the time of the day of the Lord, and the scriptures tell us that we should learn who these people are and their purposes pertaining to our life and our nation.

These same forces that have come into our nation have already created the areas of the beast. They who gave power to the beast who was nigh unto death.

When Genghis Kahn was dying and his hoards were broken into smaller unite, that being the wound night unto death then the Christian Civilization had a respite in that area of time. Martin Luther and others were still fighting the remnants of this once powerful beast but his power was broken.

However, at the Climax of this age...The beast who gave power to this first beast system is again giving power to the one who’s wound was healed. So out of the Steppes of Asia, came the hoards of communism and the forces that are making war on you. In fact there is not an area of political history today that will not recognize that communism wants to crush and destroy the Christian civilization, and also they will admit that it was financed, and aided and established by Kuhn Loeb and Co., and by the house of Rothchild and the operations of these Jewish Bankers.

So it is a rather significant factor that it is again spreading its areas of strategy to build up tremendous war chest and military power to move against you and the Christian world. This is the sigh of Jacobs trouble.

We have had a vast no of people who have come into this country and under this instance we are hearing that our country is turning from God, and that the nation is turning away from acknowledging the blessings and great truths of God as they touch upon this nation. Now I want you to recognize that this is not necessarily the truth, instead godless forces have become into this country in great numbers and they are very vocal. The L.S. Times quoted a gallop poll stating that the overwhelming majority of people in the United States used to believe in God, but there has been a marked decrease in Faith in the past 14 years. Well think of the unassimilatable people that have come in.

This gallop poll said, “In 1952, 99% of the people polled express Faith in God. In 1966, only 97% expressed faith in god. The most significant shift took place in the confidence with which people expressed their faith. In 1952, 87% were absolutely certain there was a God and 10% fairly certain. In 1066, 81% absolutely sure, 12% possibly there was and the others...no. Adding those that were fairly sure to the absolutely sure, it appears that 93% of the people were reasonably sure there was a God.

Now it also depended on who the poll takers talked to, but remember that we have had a great number come into this country that don’t believe as you and I do. Remember also the break in the denomination found in this same poll. The Roman Catholics and Baptists were the most certain of the Faith they carried. The Jews in 1952 were certain there must be some kind of Deity but in 1966, the Jews polled came out this way: 38% didn’t believe in any God, and 31% of the others didn’t believe in a personal God. So Gallop said that showed that we have a high percentage of people in these United States who don’t believe in God.

Well what it actually shows is that the Jew don’t believe in God, and those that do believe in God don’t believe in your God, the Christ. When we discuss the Jews we see People get all excited, and they say we don’t want a Gospel that is full of hate. We want love to all people in all positions.

We just showed you over in Ephesians that God said, “I am going to show you, I am going to enlighten you, for I want you to know what My inheritance is, and who My Saints are, and what they are going to do. I want you to understand so you will do those things I have purposed for you to do wherefore you will deliver your souls.

So under this declaration of purpose it is important that we understand that it is not a matter of hate unless we are classified today as having to turn on an area of emotion for some given factor. I am sure that the President of the U. S. Would not say that we hate the communist of the Viet-cong or the Red Chinese, even tho we are opposed to everything they believe in. We are busy shooting down planes and killing people and will soon be against the communist, thus to their way of thinking we hate the communist. Now Mr. Gulbrite or Mr. Norris or Mr. Manfield might call this hate but most intelligent people can’t call it hate just because you move against your enemy and prevent him from destroying you.

If you point out that the Jew of today are an unassimilatable society and that they have taken over the areas of conspiracy which has brought this nation into a dangerous situation, and you talk about opposing Education you are considered as though you hate them.

Well if that be the case let it be...For God said, “I will hate those who do evil...” And he also said, “I will pour my blessings out upon those who see my face and seek to do good, but I will hat those who do evil.”

God has pointed out that he will enlighten our understanding. So what is his inheritance, and what are the responsibilities of the Saints? We look out over our nation and we find ourselves in great turmoil. The whole nation finds itself in an economic pressure squeeze. They tell us that the fluctuation of the stock market, under manipulation, is a good thing as it will steady the market. All over the country we see that Organized labor because of their demands has removed us from the markets of the world. No longer can we produce goods which can be priced to sell in other markets. So our exports are falling and we are seeing our factories moved out to other countries and there goes the jobs of our people. Gradually America is coming to a stand still as our government subsidizes all areas of our operations. It retires areas of labor at healthy salaries, and unemployed salaries continue to provide a bases of existence, while our dept goes higher and higher. Oh they aren’t worried about this for with each war on poverty we move one step closer to an integrated society which can only be accomplished by massive federal spending.

So in this instance and under this area what are the saints to do? What is the area of our understanding? Why are these people out to destroy America? Why do they make us responsible for the end of the earth? Why have we now exposed the areas of American production to the weight standards of the world...?

The reason of all this is because god raised up a nation which is now in the midst of Jacob’s trouble. We were to be foremost in the world of manufacturing, and we put men to work and we achieved that goal, then along came these people who came into our country, and they down grade our way of life and our economy, and they have told us we are prejudice to the Negro and the other minorities. So to correct this attitude we must mongrelize all races. We must produce one race, we must end the structure of our society. They have moved into all the nations of God’s Kingdom in these days of Jacob’s trouble and everywhere they are saying and doing the same things... For instance, the world must become...one race...once religion...one world government.

Well that is not what God through the Scriptures has told his people to do. Instead what he told them to do is just the opposite. He called upon his people to build His Kingdom, to extend it over the world and make the ends of the world obey, and the laws of God to go out.

This is not a matter of hate, as we identify the enemy. It is a matter of identifying in out thinking with the processes of God. Now God speaks out in the book of Jude. This book of Jude is just one chapter long though it is a very important chapter as it deals with the situation and the things which are happening to us today. Largely it is speaking of the latter day, and the coming day of the Lord.

In the book of Jude it says, “Beloved when I gave diligence to write to you, it was to exhort you that Ye should earnestly contend for the Faith that was once delivered unto the saints. There are certain men who have crept in unawares.” Of course they crept in unawares, they came in under every type of grant and every process through which they could come...”They were ungodly men and they turned the very Grace of God into Lasciviousness. I will therefore bring this to your remembrance even though Ye once knew this, how the Lord having saved the people out of the land of Egypt then afterward destroyed them that believed not.”

Now there was a mixed multitude in those who came out of Egypt. There were those that believed not, and He destroyed them or took them out of Israel. In the days of the rebellion of Lucifer, there were Angels who kept not their first estate, or they came out of their rightful orbit. The world had been recreated and the Tungest men were moving across the Steppes of Asia into Africa and into the areas of the continent that was between the eastern seaboard of the U. S. And the areas of Africa and on into areas of the continent of earth came Lucifer and the fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate. They took instead bodies like the men of earth. Their bodies looked like men of earth about 5 !/2 to 6 feet tall, but their spirits were Spirits like in their Celestial state, or bodies and were 23 to 24 ft., tall. So therefore as they seized women of the earth races and bred them the results were monsters in the land. This situation was still going on when the white race came into earth, and the same thing happened to some of the whit race and monsters were bred through this combination into the land of earth.

We are told here in the book of Jude:

Angels which kept not their first estate ...but left their own habitation...whose he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the Great Day.” So therefore they became earthbound and thus subject to death and when they died or were wiped out with floods in certain areas then God dealt with them. But remember that they left descendants.

Now the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were cities of darkness as descendants of these fallen and they were cities of absolute evil. They had no possibilities of good for their every thought was of evil. Not understanding this Lot moved in and settled there. After settling there Lot found these were a degenerate people and he found that even his own daughters were forced into this kind of slavery and servitude. Sodom and Gomorrah were very similar cities, each given over to fornication and going after strange flesh or flesh of other races and these cities are set forth here as an example as cities and people suffering or reserved for judgment. These cities or the people of which they are an example are filthy dreamers who defile the flesh, despise dominion and speak evil of dignitaries.

Jude here is also talking about the people who are behind or who are stirring up trouble in this time of the end known as Jacob’s trouble. Jude tells us then that Michael the Archangel was contending with the devil, and disputed about the body of Moses, then the Lord did rebuke him and said, “Michael would have to wait until the end time to move in and destroy Lucifer.” For these people speak evil of those things which they know not, naturally but what they know naturally they speak as brute beasts in those things and they corrupt themselves.

Now listen to this...God says these stranger who come into our land are brute beasts...they have no spiritual discernment...no spirit as such and they are called brute beasts. The word Enosh in Hebrew is used and the word in Greek is for beasts or 4 legged creatures.

“Jude says, “Woe unto them for they have gone the way of Cain.”

Cain was the results when Lucifer seduced Eve in the original fall of our own race. Cain was set aside in the lineage of Adam and 7 gestations was required before Seth became the carrier of the seed of the Adamites, Seth being the Son of Adam in his own image.

“Now these are the spots in your feasts of Charity, when they feast with you.”

You hear a lot about great Charity drives...about such things as a great Cancer drive to wipe cancer off the face of the earth. You will see a great publicity and advertising campaign through T. V. Radio and the Press. Oh my we have to raise a great deal of money and they dance and they sing and they talk about the feast of charity and how you must put your money into the cause. They hove moved into the areas of entertainment and they are feeding on you through this area as they become spokesmen of good..will.

“They feed themselves on you without fear...They are clouds without water...carried about by the winds...trees whose fruit withered, without fruit...twice dead...plucked up by the roots.”

Even as Christ condemned the fig tree because it had no fruit then cursed it and it died. They have been dead since they fell out of heaven...they are unassimilatable because they are the offspring of angels who kept not their first estate or their rightful habitation. They are twice dead because they are plucked up by their roots. Or their roots are gone so no going back, to that root system.

“They are the raging waves of the Sea, foaming out their own shame. They are the wandering stars.”

Remember that when Lucifer fell, he drew with him 1/3rd of the stars of heaven so these are the offspring of the wandering stars. They are referred to as the stars that did not keep their first estate, or did not stay in their orbit and the blackness of darkness for them is forever.

Now Enoch also the 7th from Adam prophesied of these who did not stay in their proper orbit. Enoch said: “Behold the Lord cometh with 10 thousands of his saints, his breathing offsprings to execute judgement upon these who came out of their own orbit.

When we read these writing of Jude, we find that there are murmurers and complainers walking after their own lusts, here in these days and their mouths are speaking great words. They have men in high positions, they are in the treasuries and other various positions in your government and in your society and they are speaking out and increasing their numbers.

Now lets face it, they are increasing. Look at the police department. They have moved in as detectives and even into the top jobs of the departments. And you will find out that they have moved into the F.B.I. and as they moved into all areas as such they corrupt because they move after their own lusts and cannot think in the areas of truth.

You say, can this really happen? How can it be? Oh Lord, how long?

I cannot tell you how long, but I can tell you that they have moved into these areas. And thus the procedure of law that you have in this country has a hard time protecting you because you have these evil forces on the inside. And they are murmurers, and complainers, so watch out for them, for you are told that they ouwld come in the last days and walk after thier own lust.

We turn to the writings of Peter and he tells us that htere are false propets and faslse teachers who will bring in their false and damnable hericies, and thye will deny the God that brought them.

Now remember that God did buy the whole world, in oreder to redeem his people Israel. But under this declaration the judgement, now of a long time, lingereth not, nor damnation slumber.

God didn’t spare the Angels which kept not their first estate, but hath captured and cast them down into perdition and delivered thme unto the chains of darkness, to be reserved unto the judgement. He didn’t spare in the thime of Noah, that portion of the world where Noah lived. He only saved 8 people out of that whole area as he sent water as floods upon that whole areas, and brought it to desturciton. Also, in Sodom and Gomorrah, I whan you to knt that Peter tells you the same thing as Jude does, but in these two cities, he truned them into ashes and he showed these twho cities as an example to those who would live in that fashiion. He delivered Lot fomr amoung these people, for that righteous man wa dwelling amount htem and seeing and heraring them was having an effect on his righteousness, as he saw and heard of the unlawful deeds.

Now God knoweth hw to deliver the Goldy out of temptation and to deliver the ungodly to judegment. And chiefly those who walk after the lust of flesh and depise Government. They speak unwisely as they seek to make themselves great amdn mighty figures of dignatiries. And they seem to say, Look, we are like the Green Bay Tree, we will do as we will and we eill walk where we will. They are all puffed out like a green bay tree.

How you despise them as you see them everywhere, as they play ollsely with the courts and with the laws, and alsways they look at you as though to so say, we are going to soon possess your land so we don’t care about you. We are not disturbed with you for pretty soon you will be on the outside looking in.

God says therefore: That angels which were even greated in power may not bring a railing accusation against these fallen angels, but sice these fallen are now natrual burte beasts they are made to be taken and destroyed because they speak evil of things they do not understand, and they shall perish in their own corruption. God’s own words are that they are natural brute beasts, but angels could not move in and destory them before God’s time.

But when God wakes up those that are his Saints and his offspring, thye shall move out to do the work that even Angels feared to do. “Because thou art my sons and daughters, you will do these things for which I have placed you in the earth. To whichi og the angels did I ever say, Thou are my sons?”

You find the above decaltion in Hebrews.

So the areas of this are quite clear. He says they are natural burte beasets, they have no spiritual acapacity. They have no spritirual truth. They have many areas of the Talmud in which they talk about god and then when you search them, you find that thier god is your devil. You find that in the Talmud as they talk about christ, he is a devil or lucifer. The devil of the christians is their god. They admit this: to the jews, lucifer is their god and jesus is satan or the devil.

No wonder that they have no power of discernment. Irrespective of how sorry you are for these people, or how you yearn to convert them, you are going to come to a realization that they are brute beasts and you are going to have to destroy this evil.

I point out to you, they are natural brute beasts and they are to be taken and destroyed for they speak evil of things that they cannot understand. And they are to perish in their own corruption.

In the areas of the manipulation of your markets, people are going to become more alert and they are going to turn on them. Labor is going to rise and turn on them and the nations of the world are going to turn on these children of the darkness, when God puts this in their heats for them to do.

Now they shall receive the reward of their pleasure, and they count it a pleasure to riot in the day time. They call this thing, a thing to do, and they stir up the Negroes who are also a natural brute beast as they did during the Watts riots. To the Negro, it was also a natural thing to do.

So they are causing the areas of rioting. Very few of them have a consciousness concerning this matter. They are telling this nation, that unless you give us what we want and demand then we are going to loot and burn and riot. The leadership of this situation is the B’nai B’rith. They are the spots in your feasts alright. Their eyes are on idolatry and they cannot see Sin, they are beguiling you with the LSD and they are telling the students in colleges and high schools that a better spiritual experience can be obtained with the high drugs and when they get into the drugs with their additions then comes hallucinations and sex orgies and their results. They are even testifying in your courts trying to bring the legalization of these drugs. These people are unstable in their heats, because they deny the Very God of the Universe. They exercise these practices to gain control of your children. They would like to have you renounce all areas of restraint. They want total teaching of inter racial sex in your high schools and colleges. They want to introduce a complete overthrow of the restraint of the Gospel.

They speak out against the gospel, and in fast, the B’nai B’rith and the Jewish newspapers talk about the fat that to them, the Bible is filled with Anti-Semitism. They say that Jesus the Christ is the most leading of Anti-Semitics of all time.

So if they say that Jesus the Christ is the most leading anti-Semite then they would have to admit that the followers of The Christ who know that he is God should also be as anti-Semitic as their leader and their God.

Really, they are giving a license to Anti=Semitism and by the way, the B’nai B’rith has found out just this year that Anti-Semitism is on a dangerous upswing in this country. They tell us that also in Austria that the people are on a dangerous up swing in Anti-Semitism and the people are talking as they did 15 or 20 years ago. And the Jews are disturbed at this. Well, its about time that they get disturbed. For they have spoken out against Christ, and they have spoken against his followers, the descendants of Jacob, those that make up His Kingdom.


Jesus told them, Ye fill up the measures of your father. But they answered, if we had lived in our fathers time, we would not have killed the prophets. But Jesus said, Ye generation of the Serpent, How can ye escape the judgements of perdition. Upon you shall come all the righteous blood that has been shed upon the earth, to Zacharias whom you slew between the hors of the altar. And verily, I say all these things shall come upon this generation as well. And so they were guilty of the blood of every single one of the house hold of God. In face, back during the days of Moses, we find the mixed multitude who were with Israel, with their priest were calling for Baal worship and calling for darkness. They spoke against Moses and they were always trouble makers even in that day. Then again in the days of Rehoboam they were the ones who brought down the sons of Israel and then again with Zedekiah and his son, they delivered them for their liquidation. By no stretch of the imagination can these people be called good.

Again when Judah and Benjamin came back to rebuild Jerusalem these same people came in and by their illegal tactics and by their handling of things on the Isle of Pergamos, they became on that Isle, the place where Satan’s’s seat was, and they moved out form there as they gained control and through that area they gained control of the temple at Jerusalem.

Now God allowed them to do this so he could gain control of their Nether world and triumph thru his redemption over their areas of folly.

All right these people have sough to cover up their evil ways, but Ho, my how they are aware that they haven’t covered well enough. They moved into the Catholic Church to try to change the thinking that they had crucified Christ, then the Pope as he preached an Easter sermon told the truth and Oh, my! How the Jews cried out.

The Jews say that the churches must modify the King James version of the Bible and take out the passages those things that accuse them of the Crucifixion. We shall take mo world of God out of our Bible. In the instances of this they have declared their own shame.

Now turn to Timothy and here again we discover that the Apostle Paul says that the Spirit speaks especially in the latter times, and some would depart from the Faith because of seducing Spirits and the doctrine of Devils.

Jesus made it quite clear that the doctrine of devils comes from devils. He identified Judas Iscariot as a devil, a Jew, and thus Jews sought to kill Jesus because he had exposed the areas of the strategy. Jesus said: Ye are of your father, the devil, and you would not understand my world because you think like your father. Then Christ established who the devils were, the are the Unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer, sown into the world among men and nations. They built Hinduism and Buddhism and they built the areas of all false religions, over the whole world. They have sought to blind and confuse and hide the knowledge of who Israel is.

But in this day, God has brought forth who Israel is. Blindness in part happened to Israel until the fullness of the times be brought in. They were not blind concerning who God is or blind to his ways. The people of our race know who God is but many of them have not known who they are. They were told through the years, that for some strange reason these sons of Satan are God’s chosen people and God is in heaven wringing his hands because he couldn’t do anything with them, but someday maybe he could make great Christians out of them, and that would rectify things in the latter day.

What a complete folly to teach such as a Gospel The world would not depart out of the heart of Israel’s seed form generation to generation. Out of the heart of Jewery has com communism and the curses of the earth.

So the forces out of Asia and out of Africa are going to build up and come against us. (They already have in a great sense) We are going to have wars and problems. For these are the areas of their programs.

In the declaration of this we are told in the book of Timothy that these evil people move out to do the will of their father. Therefore, we have perilous times and we have men who are lovers of themselves, men who are boasters, who are treaty breakers, who are unthankful, who are traitors. And men who are false accusers, who have a form of Godliness but they deny the power thereof.

From such they turn away.

This has been given to us in a long period of historical evaluation. In fact we find today in the hierarchies of Protestantism as well as in council of churches and the National leadership do not think it necessary think it is necessary for you to accept the old testament so tay are even setting that aside so then you will be in line with what they want you to believe. So they are taking out of the teaching of Jesus everything but what they want you to believe and through render you to passivists and then you will surrender to their way of thinking.

Alright, they are evil men, they are seducers and there will was worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

But remember, that all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and the end of all this is going to be with suddenness.

We turn to the book of Daniel and it tells us: I beheld the thrones that were cast down. I beheld the ancient of Days who did sit upon the throne and his thing was like a fiery flame and his wheels that went out before him were like flames of fire. The fiery stream issued and came froth from him and thousands upon thousands of 10 thousand times tem thousands ministered before him and the area of the books were opened and the judgement was set. So Daniel had seen and saw given to him a dominion and glory and a Kingdom and all the peoples of all the nations and of all languages would have to serve him. His dominion is as everlasting dominion and shall never pass away and His Kingdom shall not be destroyed.

How is all that to come to pass?

Well, it says the t

Saints of the Most High God, His breathing offspring shall help accomplish this. Now you know that right now you are chomping at the bit. You say, when is God going to do this? You know how you would like for this to happen so you say, When?

You may rest assured that God is going to do it, and that it will be with suddenness, and also, you are going to know it because you are going to participate.

Now I don’t care if they like this or not, but the Bible says they are natural brute beasts and they are to be taken and destroyed. And we are told that the Saints of the most High God are going to take back the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever. In the process of taking back the Kingdom, we are going to destroy these natural brute beasts who with their evil have brought corruption upon this nation.

The symbol, of World Communism and World Jewery is ... And He (The beast) shall speak great worlds against the Most High. My how they move around and like to pose in these joint meetings of Jews and Christians. But all the time they hate and despise us and work for our destruction through their programs of integration and mongrelization, as at the same time they loot our nation.

Now, since the gold and silver is gone, the Nation may call for a quick judgement.

It tells us that the Saints of the most High have had great things spoken against them by the communist and the forces of darkness. Now the more alert people become the more they will follow the direction of Christ. The more they understand who their enemies are, the more they turn to Christ.

Then if you are against your enemies, the more they cry out saying, what a hateful Gospel you preach.

So the enemies of the Saints of the Most High shall think to change times and the laws, but the judgement shall come and it shall take away the dominion from the darkness, and take and consume and destroy them unto the end, and the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom unto the whole of Heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High. It shall be given to them as they shall triumph over the forces of darkness and over evil and bring this to pass.

Now we are aware that they are out to tea down and to destroy this nation, and they shall move to accomplish that goal, until the time when YAHWEH shall say, Enough!.

Then the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom shall be delivered to the peoples of the Saints of the Most High. Then all dominions are going to serve and obey him as his saints rule upon the earth and they will reform as it has been ordained.

When god talked about His Kingdom, he made it out of Special Material He said, I have put My Spirit in their hearts. I have guided them by my Spirit. And He said, I want you , with my Spirit, to know that My inheritance is and who my Saints are. Also, who my Mighty Warriors are. And He also said: I am going to reveal who these people are, and they shall be those who the world will obey.

The world is going to obey the Children of the Kingdom, and the Laws of God shall go forth in their midst. Thus we have these instruction for this evidence of time and they foam about us as Raging waves of the Sea. They are like the White caps as they move, right or left, and on top of each other. They are like the raging waves as the foam out their own apostasy, and their own shame, as they denounce the things that are good. In the same declaration, their perverseness shall descend upon them in that hour of judgement.

God says, I want you to know and to understand your enemy, those who are fighting the Kingdom. I want you to wait the time out, then move out against the children of darkness the natural Brute bests that are made to be taken and destroyed.

We do not spare the enemy on the outside of our nation and one of these times we will not spare the enemy inside our nation and we will move and we will cleanse our nation, for all times.


When Faith declines, it only declines in those trapped in unbelief, because they have not had a full revelation of God. And they are shaken by these things they hear. Students may be shaken by some things that professors who should not be there have told them, but in the majority of cases in our land they will be challenged to search and to seek for our God.

Our God, a God of Righteousness, a God of truth., a God which those of the Darkness repudiated. The God who, as they repudiate him, they find that they must try to change the whole chapter of John in the Word. They also find they must change all the worlds of Jesus except a few from the Sermon on the Mount and which were just for us to be guided by and were not for them in the first place.

Now the Word of God will remain...and the Christ...as he had timed his re-entry will bring upon them these areas of judgment.

As far as you are concerned, we may talk and we may cry because we don’t have the liberty we once had...for we had a great liberty in this country and in the world. We could go anywhere in the world and no one would put their hands on an American citizen for our government would step in, and the power of our nation was behind us.

Well, lets stop and take a look at us now:

We still aren’t to bad off. We still have a roof over our heads and clothing and food. In the times when the forces of darkness were moving against the Christ...we are told that the foxes had holes, but the Son of Man had no place to lay his head. Now the Master should fare better than his servants but he has protected you better than he protected himself.

Today in our land we are being pushed by the invaders who have no right being here for he belongs to the hoards of Lucifer.

We can see today that God still preserves us. We still have plenty of food and clothing and places to live, but these things are unimportant, as according to the major objective of bringing in the administration of the Kingdom and seeing The Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our Lord and HIS Christ.

We are of the group of Happy Warriors waiting and watching for the fulfillment of all these things.