Reaping The Whirlwind, 1-28-65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-28-65

The reaping of the Whirlwind is of course one of the results of having sown to the wind. In having permitted our enemy to come into our land and sow his evil. But we a great nation of the Household of the Most High have come a long way even carrying the weight of the enemy. But one thing about America, and the people who have made this nation great is that the people came from the nations of Europe, for all of the nations of Europe have contributed to the structure of the Household of your nation. When Isaiah said:..'Woe to the nation of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle'..18:1., he was talking about the destiny of this nation under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the eagle. He knew we would be a powerful nation, and that we would carry the destiny of the House of Manasseh. That it would be established, and that we had moved out of the House of Joseph, out of Anglo Saxondom. That our language and our background had come from inside of Britain, but yet we were to enclose many, many people of the whole House of Israel. And that these would come from Europe, the same people that had made Europe strong, who were also of the Nations of Israel. But here would be a prophetic destiny fulfilled, for here in one place would be a gathering together of these people of Israel. They had a great common denominator in that they were of one race, and they were Christian. There was no nation of Europe which was not Christian, from whence these people came. There was nothing in the way of development of the society which God had ordained, that this nation would provide. From the days of our founding fathers as they came for freedom of religion, and for the opportunity to expand and to develop a great nation, they came with the realization that although this was a wilderness, that they were to come, and that God would guide their destiny.

Thus we can look back and watch the development of this great nation. And when in 1492 a man came from the white nations of the world, and would touch his foot in the West Indies, then on up to America, we saw the colonization of a great society. But this wasn't the first time white men had come here, for the Norsemen had come, and strong colonization of Norsemen had settled along the Great Lakes and then moved on into this nation. Of course they were beset upon by savage Indians who were here at the time, who swooped down upon them and tried to surround them. And in the course of this situation they gave up their cities, and they gave up their foundries, and the area of the land where they had mined their iron for weapons, and they moved south in tribal living, thinking they might escape from the Indian harassment. In the course of time many became known as white Indians because they had to move, and they moved in groups and so they were considered tribal. They became known as the Delawares, the Mohican, and the Senecas and so forth, and many of them were with blue eyes and blond hair, tall blond men who were Scandinavians and had left a long trail of their in this country of America. Still today we find that their great Viking ships which they sank in the Great Lakes with stones to hold them down so as to preserve them until they were ready to go back from whence they came. And some of these boats have been raised even in your time and found to be still in good condition. But the fact remains that this land, in destiny, was to be the white man's land, and you nation finally came into being as the white man's land. But not before a vast assembly of people came from the nations of Europe, they came, Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Lombardics, Germanic, and Basque, but they came to this nation to form a nation led by the symbol of the outstretched wings of Manasseh...but representing Israel.

When we were still colonies, it was noted by some that your people could plow and plant and raise the tremendous vegetable and staples for food, and that the raw materials of the land were also great. And whatsoever a man set himself to establish, whether a shop or a farm, it was generally a success. Because they were guided by God, and the Word of God. Because the Word of God was the most powerful force of decision from one end of your nation to the other. This was a great nation in formation, a nation which God had planted and prepared, to become one of the greatest of nations of His Household.

We note also at that time that the enemy..the strangers..the sons of darkness were moving in their control over Europe, and as they noticed the structure of this nation, and its bartering system, and its trading, and its capacity to produce, and its great and tremendous resources, they decided to come into this land. In fact the power of the House of Rothchild which was formed about 1760 officially as the House of Rothchild, having such weight and control inside of England, also had its eye upon your society. Earlier before they had decided to send many of their traders inside your country, they were to notice that your country was Christian, from one end to the other...Christian. And there was no non-Christian society within this nation, for there existed no Asiatics and no Negroes in this land, and it was a country moving with a destiny, moving ahead, under the guidance of the MOST HIGH GOD. In fact in the earlier days of its colonial strength, long before the nation became established by the Declaration of Independence as they fought back against the House of Rothchild, the City of New York...New Amsterdam, had many Dutch settlers in it. Peter Stuyvesant was the man in charge, and governor Peter Stuyvesant was a devout Christian, a strong and a firm man, and well liked by all the people who lived in the colony of New York. And when he saw the Jews coming to this land he was disturbed.

There were no Jews on the ships of Columbus, and no Jews with the Puritans as they came, remember that. There were no Jews with the Dutch who came and settled New Amsterdam. There were no Jews in Maryland, or in Florida either at that time. In fact it was about 60 years after the colonies were set up before the Jews started to come over to show their wares and to trade. They had left their destruction in Venice, and Paris before they started to come over here. When they came over to New York, then Peter Stuyvesant said:...these Jews hate our God, and they deny our Christ, Anti-Christ will never be permitted into New York City. friends, if you do not think this is what he said then you just go into the Jewish publications and see what they think of Peter Stuyvesant, then you go into the Jewish Encyclopedia, and there they talk about Peter Stuyvesant as being one of the most anti-Semitic men of all times. About how he would not let any Jews come into New York, and through money manipulation they put pressure on them and said:...If you do not put pressure on Peter Stuyvesant to let us come into New York to trade in the day time, we will bankrupt you, we will cross the river in the day time and show our wares, and then go out at night, but if you do not do this we will bankrupt you. So these men in trouble went to Peter and told him their troubles, and how their business houses would become bankrupt unless the Jews were allowed to come in just in the daytime, so it was discussed by the council and decided that they would let the Jews come in from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 in the evening, and now the Jews had their foot in the door. And they moved in to trade, mostly along the market place where the great sailing vessels came in, and where the markets were set up, and then taken down and moved inside at night.

But now the Jews had their foot in the door, and they soon started their lending of gold and silver. But they held back on their strategies which had so well prepared..for the buying of land, for they knew this would not be a good strategy while Peter Stuyvesant was Governor. But it was not long before they had control over most of the gold and silver outside of the golden crowns that came in from Britain, or coins from other countries, but they had much of the solid money in their control. And they would loan this gold at enormous interest rates, in fact 24% we are told was this rate in New Amsterdam. So no wonder Peter Stuyvesant said:...keep out these strangers. In fact my friends, before Peter Stuyvesant completed his administration there were so many men in hock to the Jews, and they were so worried about the threat of bankruptcy that the Jews secured permission to stay until 6 o'clock at night before they had to leave. But no Jews were allowed to stay at night in New York City, for Peter Stuyvesant said:..we will not dishonor our beds by allowing any Jews to remain in New York over night. Just think how that city has fallen, for if you go to New York now you see Jews, and Negroes, and if you see a white man you say:...David Livingston, I presume??? Anyhow it is a strange situation. When Peter Stuyvesant called together his last tribunal he said:...Jews are Anti-Christ and this state shall be governed by the laws of God. Why should we admit into this house any that deny that Jesus is the Christ? These are the words of the great Christian Governor, and the Jews have these words printed in their book, where they attacked him. Where they say he is an evil man for he said:... we will not curse our land by having Jews in New York City over night. Thus it was not until Peter Stuyvesant died that the Jews were allowed to come in.

In fact it is a strange thing but as we go back into the writings of the minutes of the House of Rothchild, who had established themselves well in England just before you as colonies revolted, established themselves by the process of getting control over the King of England, as he needed money for his army in Egypt. They demanded that he raise the taxes, so the King could have areas of collateral, and borrow more money. They said, if the colonies revolt on these taxes, we will finance you so that you can hold them, and all we want is that we will have control of all banking in America. And if you lose the war we demand the right to take over the Bank of England, and we will finance and handle your economy for you.

Well! King George was foolish enough to accept this offer, never realizing that he would not be able to defeat these colonies in this new land, for the King represented the rising British Empire, and it was unthinkable to him that this would transpire. But he didn't like the taxes, and he opposed them because the Jews wanted them so high. They actually wanted to get taxes as high as the loaning of the money they were putting into America which was 24%.

One of the things Baron Rothchild saw as he noted how everything that Americans put their hands to seemed to progress, even tho the Jews had stirred up much trouble for the colonists from the Indians, but he saw that there was only one religion in America and that was the Christian religion, and no one considered the different denominations as anything different, only what they were...the divisions of Christianity. The colonists considered the Jewish religion as paganism. They never considered any of the religious hoisted on you today. They never considered Buddhism as anything, or Hinduism either or the Mohammed religion. They didn't realize that the country would be flooded with Negroes in the latter days who would profess to be Mohammedans in their religion. The fact remains that they talked about Christ and Christianity in the structure of your nation. But Baron Rothchild we have brought down Portugal so will we bring down America, and you remember that Portugal was reduced to a mongrelized society. Altho you had a white High Class inside of Portugal which had not been contaminated, and although many of the farmers would not mongrelize, still the cities would see people come into all races, and they became mongrelized. The forces who had tried to mongrelize Spain, and not been to successful, had moved into Portugal to do their work there, and Baron Rothchild we have brought down Portugal, by mixing and sowing in the seed of the other races of the world...therefore let us bring upon America a similar condition. Let us so mix and contaminate America with the races of the world who we will bring in and retain control of, that we reduce America's strength so that she shall fall a ripe prey to us. Baron Rothchild my friends.

In fact if you were to go into early colonial life, although some had brought servants with them from Europe, still it was the salve-traders in New York and in the South who were organized Jewry who started bringing in the slaves. In the Book 'Marranos' published by the Jewish American Publications, tells the whole story of how they were trying to sell these Negroes in hopes that the absorption and mongrelizing, and integration would lose for America its capacity to be a White Nation. The only thing which was hindering this desire of theirs was this feeling of their disgust of mongrelization, for deep inside of these early Americans they remembered that God had said:...I have served you from the other people of the earth, for you are a Holy people unto Yahweh thy God. He meant this for the White race was an abhorrence of the concepts of Mongrelization.

We used to hear people say:...this man is a discriminating man, this mans family may be poor but this is a discriminating family. They select their young peoples associate, so you don't have to worry about any mixed blood here, because this is a discriminating family. In fact when you were young you used to hear talk about how the ability to be able to discriminate between good and evil was a sign of character. Today if you say you discriminate you are looked down upon because in the areas of our education and in various areas of the structure of our nation in the general line of thought, have so degenerated, and been so filled with propaganda and darkness that a discriminating person doesn't have any Democracy in his soul... you are told...and you are not a good American. Let me tell you something, Democracy and Integration go together, and the whole thing is a plot of organized Jewry against you.

Now it wasn't long before Amschel Meyer who was of the House of Rothchild inside of New York, was buying and selling mens souls as he would loan them money, and then use the pressure of money manipulation to influence men. In fact it wasn't long before he was buying and selling positions in the courts, and in the structure of politics in New York, even before the signing of the Declaration of Independence...even before you became independent. So everywhere you have Jewry you have them devouring your spoil.

In the Book of Hosea (8:7) God speaks and He says that Israel sows to the whirlwind and the strangers will swallow up what belongs to you. The fact is that our nation still continued to grow, and the races still stayed separate in spite of all the propaganda put out, but integration was not working in America. Thus they tried bringing in more and more of the strangers. But corporations would not hire Jews, so Jews had to hire Jews, and it was their concern which had to absorb the areas of Jewry.

Now a strange thing shows up about Jews, you would think that Jews would stick together, and Jew hire Jew, but they only hire Jews when they both work on those they term...Gentiles. Because the Jewish concerns didn't want to hire Jews to make money for themselves, because they couldn't trust them. And tho this was another thing which hurt the immigration of Jews into the U.S., still this was true. Many Jews had come into the U.S. and worked their way up unto the heads of companies and then they didn't want to hire Jews, because they realized that there is no honor among thieves, and Jews..rob one another. So there was not a vast immigration of Jews into the country at that time. Then when the course of the enterprising success of the South came forth and they were producing cotton and tobacco, and many other products that were produced in the south, and the farmers in the north were expanding their farms, and moving farther to the west, the Jews..not being successful in changing America tried a new tactic. They backed the French who were to use the Indians in this French Canada, and all the way down the Mississippi area to the Gulf of Mexico. They sought to buy and control the Indians to stop the expansion of this American nation to the west, but it didn't work. Again you were successful in conquering the savage that held out against you. And now we have people saying:..we feel real sorry for these Indians, for after all, they were pushed out. In this instance there is only one thing for you to do, and that is to remember that you are a white man with a mission, and if you are not a white man..then the door is right back there. If you are a white man then remember that the Most High God said:...that He would keep the savages on the land to hold back the wild animals until you were able to conquer the whole thing, and then He would give to you...the whole land. Because the savages had turned against His worship and His declarations, and against His name, and besides it was HIS land. These savages had come out of Asia and from other areas into this land, and even tho they were holding the land, they were battling one another. You know that when they talk about you pushing back the Indians... I am going to tell you, that the white man didn't start pushing back the Indians until they declared war on the white man.

Now don't think these Asiatic Indians were a tolerant people. Before you came here, for 100 years, before you came here, their chief occupation was to kill one another. They came all the way from the land of the Apache in Arizona to battle the Iroquois, and the Delawares of the east. They actually fought clear to the Appalachian Mountains.

Now let me point this out to you...the Indians always battling finally formed into the 4 nations, and then into the 7 great nations, but they were always battling one another for want of something to do. But when you came into this country you started to advance, and advance, and when you were through the Indians were on reservations. So lets not cry about it, for this was just the Destiny of time. For God said He was going to give this nation to the House of the nations of Israel.

Now we are talking about the real Israel, not the Jews who only came to destroy and to take over. In fact when the Revolution was over, and England had lost, the Jews took over the Bank of England, which was handling the Kings currency, and it became the Bank of the notes and gold of the House of Rothchild.

When the Civil war came along, this again was the work of the careful design of organized Jewry, and they had actually tricked the government of the U.S. into positions in which the Jews thought would further the crushing of the South, and thus they would gain control of the South. Jewish Banks had sprung up in the south and even tho they were 'well off' in the south, they were secretly working to bring all the states of the south under the control of organized Jewry.

More than this they thought they could use the Negro to crush down upon the white man a program of absorption, and bring about an integrated society. Even Abraham Lincoln was duped, and although we should say that the Jews like to quote Lincoln, still Lincoln was well worth quoting and we will continue to quote full. Because Abraham Lincoln said, that to consider the white race, and the Negro race, one superior and the one inferior, and consider that they can dwell side by side in Peace, is really preposterous. Or to consider that an inferior race will ever achieve equality with a superior race, when it lacks the mental capacity and the spiritual capacity, and the technological ingenuity is impossible. Therefore Abraham Lincoln said:..we must send the Negro back to Nigeria or some other place in Africa where he has no one to compete with but himself. Nor, shall we just consider this but we shall send them said Abraham Lincoln.

In otherwords:..a superior race would dispose of an inferior race even if it cast them money, and $500,000.00 was raised to start this project. This was Abraham Lincoln, and he was working out a project to send all the Negroes to Nigeria and resettle them there. This was the project that Lincoln was working on when he was assassinated. Remember when he was assassinated by Booth...that this was still the strangers trying to gain control of your country, because...Booth was only a name. In fact one of the Booth families owned one of the largest Banks in all of the south.

Now the strategy was that they would assassinate Abraham Lincoln at the time when he would turn down the use of their extended loans to finance the Civil war. Now the Civil war was over and these Jews said:..we must liquidate this debt, and we will do it at quite a low interest rate. We will do this at 8% interest, but we demand the right to decline to take anything but interest in those years we do not need the capital of our investment. Well of course they could decline and decline and the debt at 8% would double and redouble. But Lincoln said:..gentlemen this is a great country and we have a great vision and great capacity for production, so why should we pay interest on these notes you would lend us when I can issue notes and call them United States notes, and we can use them to pay the debt with. The Jews said:..what is going to be behind these notes that you will offer? And Abraham Lincoln said:...this is a great creative society with an increasing production, thus the wealth of the United States of America will be behind these notes. The Jews can't do that. Lincoln said... I can't?? And then in two weeks they were printing the United States note.

Up until about a year ago, you still had some of these United States notes, those $5.00 bills that you had were some of these notes. Did you know that? But when they pulled in these U.S. notes, it was so that they could take all the real money away from you, just like they took away the silver certificates. In fact that was the last real money you had that was worth anything, outside of your silver coins, and they are even gobbling those up. In fact by this June they say if you have not turned in all these U.S. notes that they won't redeem them any more. But who are these strangers who have come in and taken over our economy? Who are these strangers who are gobbling everything up, who are they anyhow?? And now they even like to talk about Abraham Lincoln, and say he stood for equality and that he stood for the absorption of race through integration, but he never said one word about integration. Instead Lincoln stood for separation, segregation, and deportation, because they were an inferior people.

In the days of Lincoln, if you would have expected to see an explosion, it would have been the bringing in of a report like the commission brought to the nation the other night. In the days of Lincoln they would have all been put in an insane asylum. Yes, the strangers were here alright, and by the time that W.W.I., came about then 2300 Jews came into this country on a special permit bill, because they were escaping from war zones of Europe. Also by this time the major banking houses such as the House of Rothchild in Europe, and Jacob Schiff and Co., here were handling your money, but it was still your money, and they had to put up the money when its backing was called for. But they had a design which they were planning to sell to the U.S. Government, and they met in New York for the final planning of this program, in which they would then distribute most of the money in the United States. And America would have their good money taken from them and do most of her business with money which had no real value at all. Because they said:..if we say we will back up this money, and we have the gold and silver that we can show, as far as the country knows we will then cite that it will be much easier if we handle this money rather then the government print this money and put it out to many private Banks, for all these banks would have to come together someway. But our basic banks are larger, and if we were to place all the banks under this system we will call 'The Federal Reserve System', then we will have 80% of all the banks in America under our control. Thus the government will print notes and give them to us, and then we will print 10 times that amount given to us, and retire 10 times the original amount but give back to the government only the original amount each year that they give us. This is how many times we can turn money over, if we do not loan out over the 10 times limitation. We will ask the government to print this original amount of notes, and we will guarantee this amount, and back this amount. But we will probably handle only 12% of the total currency each month, but as we put back ten times this amount we will always have a 'back log', to do otherwise with. So the Jews came and presented this program to the U.S. government, and at the same time they brought an unusual figure into the picture for this was the Col. House. He was one of the strangers of course, and his mother was a Jewess, and she was related to Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and Co. But this Col. House had a strange hold over President Wilson.

Now of course times have changed a lot since President Wilson's day, for then people didn't talk about things which were immoral or rotten as open as they do today. Therefore President Wilson didn't have to much said about his strange friendship with Col. House. But Col. House was a lot like Mr. Jenkins (Johnson's administration), and the connection between President Wilson and Col. House was one of those sad and strange affairs. And Col. House went to President Wilson and wooed him into acceptance of the Federal Reserve System. The man in total opposition to this was Senator Carter Glass., and so Col. House went to him and he wined and dined him until Senator Glass also led the Senate and they passed the bill for the Federal Reserve System. But when they did this the government turned your monetary system into a tremendous hoax. Of course even then there was still a tremendous amount of real money available, for each time you went to the bank with a $100.00 gold certificate, and if you wanted it, they would give you $100.00 worth of gold or 55 ounces. Of if you wanted silver you could get silver for 79 cents per ounce, because there was also lots of silver, and you did have plenty of hard money. And more than this no one was afraid of the money.

But the Jews had their eyes on your money, and shortly after W.W.I., was over the Federal Reserve System was starting to flood the country with F.R. notes. And even tho the other money was still in circulation, they were gathering as much as they could of it, and holding it in the Federal Reserve Banks.

And thus it was that they continued with this system, for the strangers were getting ready to pull off a depression. The strangers were getting ready to devour your substance, for now most of the people were doing business at the banks. Prior to this the banking system was never as large as it became under the Federal Reserve System, even though men went down to the bank and stored their money at the bank, or drew it out of the bank, but...they never stored their payrolls of the companies at the bank...up to now. But here they began to go to the banks and get their payrolls made out and as they got the profits off their goods every 30 days, they would go and deposit them in the banks and then gave authority for the banks to draw up the payrolls and keep a percentage for so doing. But this was a vast pattern of credit which was moving in, and was being forced by the Federal Reserve.

Then one day they said:..we don't have the payrolls for you today, for we just don't have the money to lend. So the Federal Reserve System under the hands of Organized Jewry started to plunge into depression. For without the money at this moment companies had to close down for a few days, and then came the stock market manipulation, as Jews had bought up tremendous amounts of stocks and then thrown them on the market at a loss. And then people went into buy, but then sold, for something was wrong with the market. But this was the results of the fraud of the Federal Reserve System. And before this was over, the Jews owned the stocks and you were in a depression, for there was no money for payrolls and this brought about a tying up of all your industry, and an exchange took place.

So again God sow to the wind and you will reap a whirlwind, and strangers are devouring all you have produced.

Then came the depression, and no payrolls and more and more factories closed and more and more men were out of work, because of no payrolls. I want to point out to you that the cause of this was because 60% of your money was in Federal Reserve notes, and there was no gold or silver to speak of behind it. In fact never has anyone come out and called on the Federal Reserve System to come up with backing for the money they print. When you suggest it they just laugh up their sleeves. But they just deal with checks, and they loan money with checks, and they put money in the banks with checks, and it...the whole Federal Reserve System has been a system of loaning money on nothing. So they have been taking your hard money and giving us Federal Reserve notes, and shipping our money out of the country.

Then they reached a point where they only needed one man to say that the American citizens could not own any gold, and then they could take the last of it and put it over in their Jew Banks, and they even accomplished that. And in Tel Aviv today in their great vaults, they have a large amount of the world gold. But they suddenly put over the idea to F.D.R. that we had a Federal debt, and...did you know at one time that we only had a Federal debt of only 4 million dollars? My wasn't that terrible, because today if they don't spend 4 million dollars every few minutes they aren't keeping up with the times. But now Roosevelt was elected to the Presidency of the United States and he was ghosted into that position by the strangers..those whom you sowed to the wind with, but in fact in his days they even called themselves 'Brain Trusters'. And Dr. Wertz as he made his report to Congress said:...these people called themselves 'Brain Trusters'. He said he had attended one of their meetings wherein they said they were going to establish 'Brain Trusters' over the Congress, and over the society. But then Mr. Roosevelt came into office and he called for a Bank Moratorium, and he said that he would take America off the gold standard. And now with gold priced at $20.00 per ounce F.D.R. took America off the gold standard. And now the House of Rothchild was exerting itself, and now through the Federal Reserve System, the price of gold was raised to $35.00 per ounce and the regulations went out that made an American citizen a criminal if he owed any gold. Isn't it a strange thing how God talks about the House of Israel being so sleepy that they don't know that the strangers are devouring their strength, but the children of the Kingdom don't know it? The strangers were devouring their strength, but the people of America went out saying:...'Hail to Roosevelt', while he was taking away their rights to own gold, and setting up a Jewish conspiracy to take most of the gold in the world. For when you demonetized gold, it should be like peas and beans, and anyone can buy it or sell it who has the money. But when they say any peon in the world can have it if they can put up a dollar for the balance of exchange,...but you can't have it, then that is a strange situation for your nation.

So again we watched the strangers at work in your nation, and now we saw that 40% of all the national debt could be written off, because you just raised the price of gold. In fact when you went off the silver standard about 3 years ago, it was again a shocking situation, because now most of your money which was silver longer has any backing. I want you to know that now..just last week, they took all the backing out from under you money, and now all you have in your pocket is a piece of worthless paper.

Now someone says:..Look out Dr. Swift, you are not allowed to talk this way because they say the U.S. government is going to honor this money. It tells me that this is a Federal Reserve Note, and the government has no legal tender left...nothing but Federal Reserve notes. Because there is no gold behind your dollar anymore. There was a 25% gold backing of your dollar, but now this is even to go out in a few months in trade. It doesn't say your money is backed by production, or by goods, there is nothing said about backing..they are just letting you do business with it until you quit, and of course they took away your coinage too. The people of the U.S. should have raised such a hue and cry because the representatives were becoming a tool of the International Bankers, instead of the servants of the people, and it was time we got new representatives and impeached this bunch of charlatans. But instead in this strange situation, since you had too much silver in your quarter, they removed that and put 1 and 1/2 pennies worth of silver painting on it. And the dime is now worth about a penny, and the 1/2 dollar (50 cents) has about 11 cents worth of silver wash on it. So you do not have any money at all but a penny and a nickel...why?? because the strangers moved in to devour your land. But in this period of time when you have had them buying and selling, they have also been buying and selling politicians and starting the process of integration. And when you turn to see who they have saying this, you find that the money changers have so elected and appointed, and raised an area of presage around these Jewish officials, until today the cabinet posts, and the un-elected posts, and all the appointed jobs are in the hands of the Jews and they are working the program of communism. Because you re- member, that these International money changers are those who put over the communist revolution. They killed the Czar and his family, and killed 17 million Christians in the first few years of the communist revolution. I think it is high time that Christian American woke up. This is a Christian society, a Christian Nation, and one of the most important things we are opposed to is communism, for it is a Jew designed conspiracy. We have to learn that we must find a way to get the strangers out of our nation. You can say all you want to about how this is not an important thing, but I want you to know that the design of integration is the mongrelization of your society. they are no longer satisfied with the policy of free and equal education. They already had that, but they didn't have enforced confinement of Negroes and the same schools. They thus forced their way in this on the south, and then as we said:..this is for mongrelization, even though they at first say they are not interested in mixing the races. But the first thing the controlled Supreme Court did was to say that no state could have a law which said:..a black could not marry a white. But 17 states had those laws on the statue books, because they didn't believe in animals and white men mixing. They believed in the law of God, and they didn't believe in the marrying of HU-man and sub-humans. They didn't believe in the degeneration of a race. And I tell you that states which had these laws thought they were necessary and they are necessary under the laws of God. There is not one single iota of authority under the Constitution of the U.S. that would permit the Supreme Court to do this. The Supreme Court has no authority to say that the states cannot keep these laws on marriage. In fact anything that is not specifically spelled out in the Constitution, still belongs to the states, and marriage is not a subject of the Constitution of the U.S., anymore than education was. They have no more authority for this than the authority they took to move in on the coinage of the states. For states had the rights...before the Federal Reserve System, to have any coinage they deemed necessary, just so just weights and measures were used. But the Federal Government has even turned this aside, and now...they even draft your sons by the expansions of war, and they of course want to draft the best ones and send them overseas. They put you in wars which under the United Nations you are not allowed to win. And under the United Nations which the International Bankers virtually control, they reduce your society under the program of Anti-Christ, and have never let you have a victory in any war fought under the guidance of the U.N.

But God said:...yes, this is the results of the strangers coming into your midst. Yes, you have sown to the wind and now you are to reap the whirlwind. What does the Scripture say about Israel? Well, Israel is being devoured by the strangers, and they don't even know it. They are getting grey hairs and don't even know that, they see the strangers devouring their strength and taking away their goods, and they don't even seem to under- stand that. They say:...just so we can eat 3 meals per day, and watch T.V. then we must be OK. But the Jews are even putting the T.V. programs together so that you see just what they want you to see, and thus they mould your minds. But God says:...I am going to pour my spirit out on my people, and I am going to raise them up, and they are going to come up angry. In fact the Scripture says:...In the hour that God starts to stir His people.. ..the wrath is going to rise up in their countenances. And when they get moving, when they awaken to what is going on...when the sons of God get angry there will not be one single Cainanite in the House of the LORD. No, Not One.

Now someone always says:...of course we can't do that? Well, why can't we do that? We are a Christian Nation and we have the control if we wake up and use our heads, for we are a majority and still have control in this country. They can say all they want to about a Democracy, but they aren't going to get away with it. But I can tell you that when True Christians stand together we can elect the people to rule over America. But this is the situation we see, so God speaks out to His people about this. Because we have a Christ denying..Christ hating people in power in a Christian society. Rostow is on the hot line to Moscow, and Fortes is on the Supreme Court, and because of this is one of the most important advisors to the President. Goldberg is in the United Nations playing his programs of give-aways, and so it goes on. We have already given away the Panama Canal and other areas of our strength. And in all these situations we find that the Jews are running America. Make no mistake about it, the Jews are truly ruining America. Even running Everett Dirkson now, who runs around like a silly slob. But finally God says:...this is enough. He says: America has reaped the whirlwind, and this has happened. Just one week ago, this also happened, and now we find there is nothing... absolutely nothing behind your money, and they have all your gold and now your silver. This is where America can raise a hue and cry, and demand its gold, and refuse to abide by decisions which are illegal and unconstitutional. If you haven't a Supreme Court which will back up the Constitution, then my friends you can say....away with them. If you can't impeach them then you can form a New Nation in exile, a parallel government and then emerge again in a decent hour and take back the government of the United States.

We are in a very strange and unique situation for we are reaping the whirlwind. People do we stop reaping this whirlwind? God says:... I am going to keep pouring it on, until the wrath rises up into your countenance, and there will not be left one Cainanite in the House of God.

I think we have had the most asinine decision of all times out of this committee which was studying the cause of riots, for they came out to say that the white man caused all the riots. Because he didn't absorb the Negro and didn't treat the Negro right. Thus the Negro revolted and he rioted and he burned his houses. He burned down Detroit, and he burned down Newark, and he burned down Watts. But he did this because he wasn't treated right. The white man is going to have to change his thinking. He is going to have to change his will, this is what the Los Angeles times said this morning.

I am going to tell you that it is not our mind, and will which is going to be changed. There is just going to be a lot of minds that are not going to be working, one of these days. Because the nations of God's people are going to find out that God said:...I have separated you from all the people on the face of the earth..and you are mine. I have severed you from all these people, and once more I will demonstrate that I have chosen you before all the people of the earth. The white race will rise again, for too long they have let strangers control their society. They are reaping the whirlwind, but the Most High said that you do not have to do this, you can start plowing a straight furrow. You can start calling attention of the nation, to these things God warned you about. You don't like to go like the nation of Portugal into mongrelization, and all you have to do is call for separation, segregation, and the Destiny of God, then arise and elect your own kind of people. In fact one of these days there will not be a Negro in any job in the U.S. and there won't be a Jew left alive here either.

God says in Hosea:...that he will yet be turned to by the House of Israel, and these strangers who have devoured their strength, even tho Israel knows it not, but in that hour they will turn back to God and call HIM...'Ishi', instead of and they will call Him by His right name. And then He will be a God unto them. He says:...I am about to establish my Kingdom, and overthrow the force of world communism and the source from whence it is derived...the sowing of the wild seed in his land. And then He said:...when I get through, it will be as tho I had trimmed all the trees and bushes, because this great nation under the program of the Most High is going to bring the Mighty Presence of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and that is the program of leadership, and the the Household of Israel, and the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD.

(End of this Message)