Redeeming The Time, 12-29-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-29-63

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to the patterns of events that surround us at the climax of the year. And as we move into a new year, we think of the words of Ecclesiastics where the prophet tells us that there is a time for everything. Under this pattern, we note that the MOST HIGH GOD, with initiative and vision, has made a declaration thru the prophets--- “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” There is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up. There is even a time to kill and a time to heal, a time for love and a time for hate, a time for war and a time for Peace. And the MOST HIGH GOD MAKING THESE DECLARATIONS IS NOT JUST SPEAKING TO MAKE ALL INCLUSIVE TO MAKE ALL PATTERNS OF OPERATIONS. BUT HE IS TALKING OF THE REALIZATION THAT IN PATTERNS AND IN MEASURES, THAT THERE IS A REASON FOR THESE THINGS. AND THUS, THERE IS ALWAYS A TIME FOUND FOR IT. And in the measures of time, we are talking about the areas in which events happen. It is not exactly a substance, but it is a dimension of events. And when we talk about four dimensions, then one of those dimensions is a pattern of time as well. People waste a lot of time. And in this manner, they do not accomplish a lot of objectives that they should in the period of time allotted to them in the period of time in which they live. At other times, it does not take a lot of time to redeem a lot of time that has been wasted.

When we talk about the passage of time, when we approach a new year, then people always approach it with a lot of expectations. And people start telling us about the resolutions that they are making and they say very little about the ones they did not keep last year. But they talk about the new ones. But there are important ones that should be made by every intelligent American this year. And that is that we make 1964 a Christian victory for a retaking of the United States. Turning to the book of Colossians, we have the Apostle Paul telling you to walk in wisdom and to redeem the times. Then in the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul, concerning this same matter, says that there are a lot of things which are made manifest by the light. This sometimes can be spiritual perception, and sometimes this can be the illuminations which come out of the heavenlies. For a lot of things will take place in the dark that will not take place in the daytime, for they are illuminated. This is important when you illuminate your environment and the security of your nation. So that which is dangerous in the darkness, is then repudiated and corrected. So we read these words:---ALL THINGS THAT ARE APPROVED ARE MADE MANIFEST BY THE LIGHT. For whatsoever is made manifest is light. And then we read:---Awake now thee who sleepeth; awake now from the pattern of the dead and Christ shall give thee light, and see that ye lose not circumspect not as fools, but as the wise. Redeeming the times because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not only wise, but understanding. And know what the will of God is. There is far more instruction in that book of Ephesians than many people recognize. For the MOST HIGH GOD calls upon the people of the kingdom to not only look upon these areas that are approved, but to look upon the functions of the darkness which are destructive. And you are told to consider these things as you walk with wisdom and understanding. And that everything which exposes the forces of darkness is Light. We are in a great battle of semantics right now . . . the whole structure of your Christian society, the patriots and all those who love America. This battle of semantics is the twisting of word, in which they try to make those who would oppose the evil, to make them look like they are evil and destructive. We see this especially as they use the word right. For they say the ‘extreme right.’ But everyone knows that you cannot be too far ‘right’ even over to the other end where you went. So they make it look as tho it is very deadly to be ‘extreme right,’ just as we say that ‘extreme left’ if wrong. There is no question that there is no margin that a man should go. There is no marker. But you should go as far right as it is possible to go for there is no excuse for not being just as ‘right’ as it is possible to be. Under this pattern then semantics is trying to play this out. I have been making some notations this Christmas season, as I have listened to some bee-bee brains speaking over television and radio as to how to develop a better year. And they tell us that we must learn to walk in the middle. That we must learn to be not an extreme on the right or on the left, but to walk in the middle. Because this is the way it must be. This is the way of coexistence and to lose your liberty, and to find yourself a slave. Because the extreme left will never walk in the middle. But they want the extreme right to leave their position and walk in the middle until their hands are bound.

I point out to you that within the last 50 years, we have watched great deterioration in these United States. We have watched this thru out the entire world as far as the Christian administration of society to carry out the processes of Divine will and to carry the program of God's kingdom to the ends of the earth. We have been emerging in this planet ever since being placed here for quite a considerable piece of time. For 5400 years up to the time of the birth of Christ and from then on, your race has been expanding and developing from ‘one man's family’ until you are now a great nation and a company of nations in the world today. Thru out the course of time, we have had the most curious and tremendous experiences which could come to any people. Having been transplanted from heaven to earth, as the children of God in the spirit, our date and our birth into the Adamic race being known to the MOST HIGH from before the foundation of the world, our names having been written in HIS “LAMB"S BOOK OF LIFE” because of HIS purpose. And because we were HIS children, we have had experiences that no others have had. We were sent into the world to bring it back into order, into its proper relationship to God. We were sent into the world to defeat a fallen Archangel who now had earth as his headquarters. We were sent here to bring all nations into the proper relationship of worship of the only ONE TRUE GOD, to overthrow every power of darkness, and to put down every power of evil, and to eliminate every foreign god. For this purpose you were placed in the earth. For you were the sons and daughters of God and for this purpose HE not only acknowledged you, but had a great plan and purpose for you.

God has never changed HIS plan, nor, my friends, has anything which has taken place taken God by surprise. Your area of understanding is quite as important as our understanding of Omniscience. This is the all knowledge of the Eternal Father, by which all things are held together by HIS power, and by such knowledge and such purpose. Omnipotence involves all power, but Omniscience involves all knowledge. And when you possess all wisdom and all power, then there is no reason that anything which you want to do is not accomplished. Therefore, God says that “I do all of my pleasure and no one can hinder and no one can change it because I am God.”

If your God is not that big this afternoon, then, leave him and join us. For we have a God, who knows all about it, knows all about everything that has happened. There has not been one little thing of conspiracy which HE did not know about before it happened. There is not one little thing which Khrushchev, or Mao of China has been putting together this afternoon that our Father does not know everything about it. There has not been one plan or strategy that the enemy is working on that the Father does not know about. And in you is all of the knowledge involved in the strategy against the kingdom. HE still gives us a complete picture, for we read the Book and see that we have a complete victory. So with this pattern of foreknowledge, God has planned a counteracting force, a spiritual developing force for HIS family, HIS household. HE has also gaged the dimensions of the physical world for HIS house. And this is called ‘birth’ as they come into the physical world. Many do not realize that their part in this physical world as they come into this at birth, is a Divine plan and is set on a Divine timetable. And so this is referred to as the exactness of their coming in. And as they leave the physical world, this is referred to as their going out. Thus, the scripture says that their 'coming in' and their 'going out' was known unto the LORD. More than this, the pattern that relates to a man's life span and his knowledge, was understood in the writings of the early Greek. And when the Apostle Paul wrote in Greek, as he did in many instances in his Epistles, he refers to this, and he uses the Greek word Ethusia. And actually, the timing and preparing for birth, the parents participating in this is the Greek word Ethusia. But when God does the planning as to the time of your birth, that, my friends, is sovereign destiny. And that is because God loves HIS kingdom.

If you think that anyone has arrived on the world scene in the kingdom of God by accident, I want you to know that there was no accident involved in their leaving the Father, and which was known in the exactness of time and was known unto the Father from the beginning. Someone said, “Well, I do not like something quite as absolute as that for it affects the pattern of destiny.” I want it absolutely in the hands of my Father. I don't find anything else I want to trust.

Now all of the patterns of Divine sovereignty, all of the patterns of predetermined destiny that we know of, God does not, by this process, relieve you of the responsibility of being yourself which by HIS foreknowledge, HE knows that you are going to fulfill. This does not eliminate the fact that you were sent into the world to accomplish certain things . . . and accomplish it you will. We have watched thru the course of time the impact of the kingdom of God upon the people of earth, and have caught its operation, its thinking and its processes, its impact upon civilization . . . if we wish to call this developing of all this life and living and technology . . . civilization. Well, all of its channel has been effected by your race and has never been affected so strongly as since the fall of Lucifer. We point out that you have a reason for being here, a time for being here And that is why that Ecclesiastes said that there was a time to be born and a time to die. And I tell you that God has something more in store for you and it is a time to live forever and it has arrived. I am going to tell you that a great majority of the people of the kingdom of God are going to be here when Jesus comes and that is not as far removed as you think. Yes, I believe in that. I believe HE can come with the same accuracy as HE appeared the first time. And when I look back on the patterns of measure and that it did happen on time, and on schedule, and with all of the preparations for the birth of Christ which period we have been in and continue to celebrate this time of year . . . there can be no question upon the ability of time measures to be fulfilled. Nor is there any doubt that the enemies of Christ do not want us to realize just how accurately that Christ did fulfill those time measures.

When they sent those great chariots down for Enoch and took him out into the presence of the MOST HIGH, the MOST HIGH then gave him the instruction that God wanted him to have to take back to his kin IN THE EARTH, the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. He was to tell them they would be given to remember certain things. It is remembered that Enoch was told that there would be signs that would accompany the birth of Christ. When God would emerge from among people and be walking with them and talking with them, and carrying out HIS objective of restoring them to this empowering position lifting them from their Jew-complex and fear that binds them . . . so that they might carry out their instructions. So in this instance, this was the Almighty God visiting with HIS people and walking among them . . . fulfilling the words that the Apostle Paul talks about in Hebrews. HE was recognizing the children who were now in bodies of flesh and HE took upon Himself such a body of flesh so that HE could be just like HIS children and not ashamed to call you brethren. If that is repetitious, then that is the best repetition that you can think upon. For you are the kinsmen of God. And God was not ashamed to call you HIS kinsmen and HE proclaimed it to the world. In this instance, it is again therefore this same passage that a ‘Virgin would conceive and bear a son.’ This was the declaration to Isaiah. But it was also know unto Enoch. The measures were right and the conjunctions were given unto him. And altho the words Jupiter and Saturn were not used in the book of Enoch, they used words in what we call ‘Coptic Aramaic,’ that they gave to these two wanderers. But when translated into Hebrew and into Greek, they used the names then existing for these planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter was always represented in the patterns of the ancients as the MOST HIGH GOD. And Saturn, since the rebellion, has always been know as the symbol of Lucifer. Thus, from the very time of Christ's birth, there was a symbol of opposition and a struggle between right and wrong . . . between the powers of darkness and the kingdom of God. The program was to destroy the Messiah at HIS birth. And this was headed up by Herod the king of the Jews. But this was the ministry of God calling for the administration of HIS kingdom. So the prophecies we find carried out and measured so clearly from the twelfth chapter of Revelation, go back to the Virgin who conceived and bare a son. And here in the City of Los Angeles, the Jews were so disturbed that the signs came on time. And up here in Griffith Park, they showed that story in the sky. And if you went up there to that planetarium and saw that beautiful portrayal of the heavens at the time of Christ's birth which fulfilled conclusively all of the prophecies given to Enoch. And the Jews could not take that. So they put all of the pressure on, they could on this community so they would turn off that Christmas representation of the sky at the time of Christ's birth. But it will be there next year, you can be sure of that . . . by the same measure and by the same token.

In the course of the revelations given to the prophet Enoch, it was given unto him also as to what measures and what signs, what indicators would be of the 'Son of man in the heavens.’ And this, my friends, was beyond anybodies ability to dispute. And he knew how many wanderers would be in the sign of the ‘Waterman in the heavens.’ And they called this Waterman ‘Aquarius the outpouring of spirit.’ And under the instances of those prophecies, there was in the interval, of this prophecy for our time, almost seven thousand years. And there had been previously almost 4000 years when these signs had not taken place in this matter.

As you know it was February 1962, when the sign of the Son of Man came in the Heavens . . . the first time this had happened in 11,000 years. And all of the enemies of Christ cannot say that we do not have the measure for the climactic day of the LORD, which day we are now in. The significant pattern is that any time we see the accuracy of these measures coming out, as they were known to the prophet and to the teachers of Israel, and as they were known to the wise men of our race redeeming the time, has been your responsibility and mine . . . for the time now is very short. Much shorter than when the Apostle Paul said that the time was short. The time was getting short for him and the church which was in martyrdom. And they had to move into action at great speed. Now the time is short because the ‘Day of the LORD’ is at hand. And therefore, we are instructed to ‘Redeem the time,’ having looked at these things which have been revealed by the ‘Light,’ as to the working of the darkness. Thus, to redeem the ‘Time,’ we must restore the conditions that measure up to Divine approval. A lot of people say you cannot clean up the world. But you can clean up America if there is enough of us. It sometimes disturbs some to recognize that we are battling for America this afternoon, and we are battling for Christian civilization with absolute faith that we are going to win. It is pretty hard to call people out to a known defeat. But it should not be hard to call Christians out to a song “Onward Christian soldiers” and to march unto victory. And this we are going to do.

We continually hear people talk about the dangers involved. Well, there have been dangers involved in everything that is worth investing . . . life, liberty, and faith. I am going to tell you that we are in a most unusual period. And we will have much to say about this as we give you the measures and the prophetic picture in 1964. But I tell you that if you look back over the last year since a year ago February, you will see that events have been stepping up and coming to their full. In fact, the measures and the indications that God has given have been completely fulfilled as far as the passage of the years have been concerned. And it is unto you who has the capacity to know and to understand, to 'redeem the times.’ So in this instance, the prophet would talk about things which would come to pass. And he did this with assurance because God had unveiled unto him the picture of events unto his consciousness, and then gave him the understanding as to when it would take place. Jesus refers to the ‘sign of the times.’ We discover that all thru the scriptures there is concern according to these great measures. Without any question, we have arrived at the end of an age. The ‘abomination of the desolator’ is down in Palestine and is just waiting to grab over into Jordan, the last site of what was Solomon’s temple site, where the Mosque of Omar sits. Not because he thinks he has a right to this, but because he wants to include this. This is the ‘abomination of the desolator.’ And he does not recognize the true God. He hates Jesus Christ and is at war with Christianity. There will be much turbulence in the Middle East, and we will have more to say about that. But at this very moment, the colors that fly in the Middle East inside of Palestine, are symbols of the enemies. The same ones who sought the blood of Jesus Christ and who want to destroy and break down every area of the ministry of the Messiah . . . and still wants you to believe in the prophetic measures . . . claiming it for themselves. If you do not believe that, then this very week the chief Rabbi of Israeli has been hammering away at the Pope representing the supposedly Christian church is going down to Palestine. And that is creating such a fuss that the whole force of Ecclesiastical power in Palestine is trying to make sure that they do not give him any reception.

I point out to you that the animosity of these people against Christianity is a byproduct of their origin and their nature. They are warring today against Christianity. There is no way that you can 'Redeem the time' unless you use this amount of time left unto you to put your house back in order. This is the way 'the redeeming of the times’ finds its fulfillment. I think it is rather significant that as we survey the things which have transpired and recognize that the major design of Lucifer is to take over totally the whole earth. He wishes to control all of its economy and all of its governments. He wishes to stifle the recognition of the One and Only True God. He wants to crush Christian civilization and to enslave Christians. He wants to break the power of the household of God in the earth by mongrelizing their seed, fusing them into the control of the pagans who outnumber them.

I tell you this afternoon, there is no greater evidence that we have reached the climax of the age, than to see this house of Lucifer built up into this institution known as the United Nations, which has the curse of God against it, and requires all awakened Christians to rise up and seek to break its power over your nation. We point out to you that in these last few years, the design has been to take over all economy and to destroy and suppress everything Christian. At the same time, the design is to swallow up the race on the home front, as well as to swallow up the identity of God's kingdom internationally and among the nations. This design is diametrically opposed by God's kingdom. But you were told that it would come to pass. This stand which God proclaims is definitely a racial stand. Don't let anyone come and tell you that God is not talking about people and races, when HE says, “You come out from among them and be ye separate.” When HE said that their bodies are the temples of Devils, and yours is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, they are the house of idols and Satanic worship, this is talking about people. When HE said, you are not to touch the unclean things. HE is talking about the difference in people, and is talking about the household and HIS kingdom . . . that you take a stand for God and accept not the world order of darkness. The church is very derelict indeed, if it does not proclaim this message.

We point out to you that 'redeeming the times' means that you take concern for your posterity and for the survival of your society. The purpose of God was for those of HIS kingdom to grow and increase and eventually control the entirety of the earth, bringing all ages of people into the worship of the proper God. And in all instances, told you that you were not to integrate them into your society. This would be the structure. In this instance, then we see that every attempt is being made to stifle and crush Christianity. To redeem the time, we must lift up Christianity and push it forward as fast as we can and retake America. We continually find ourselves indebted to the enemy for his research . . . as we cited to you the attempt to redistribute wealth on the socialist system and tax every tax to accomplish this. And this distributed to the people of the world described as the 'have nots'. Supported by President Johnson’s address, as he addressed the United Nations in his first address to this group, he said that America would pledge its support and its energies, its money and its service to wipe out poverty, illiteracy and disease . . . all of which sounds very constructive. But the policies to do this have already been laid by the anti-Christ. And it calls for all of these things not necessarily in the declaration, but in the process. For if you look at the earth where they worship doctrines of demons, where they worship the forces of evil, and they worship pagan gods . . . you take a good look at the world today . . . and those parts where they worship the witch doctor or pagan gods . . . they are the part of the world that needs help. They have disease, poverty, and sickness. They have everything that goes along with this way of Life.

Now don't think that with Satan’s plan that you will alleviate this, for all you will do is bring your nation down to their level. They work at this night and day. Someone said, “But is this not a Christian’s responsibility?” It is your responsibility to wake up and 'Redeem the times.’ In the instance of this, we say that we are indebted to the enemy for this. Because he is talking about the very low income people of the world. Why? Because they do not produce anything. They do not think. They do not understand. They do not know how. And if you show them how, they do not like it. But why should they, as long as they can make you support them? Under this instance, again they say that these nations . . . and they name the nations of the Western European culture . . . they name the nations of the western culture and Australia as well, and South Africa . . . and they call these the 'have nations.’ And they say it is imperative that we find a way to distribute this production and the creative abilities of this area to the underprivileged people of the 'have not' nations. Then they come along and tell you that this is your responsibility to absorb all of these 'have not' nations, because everyone is equal. But they have already lost their own argument by their own count and their own plan.

I listened to a Clergyman talk about the great opportunity we have to win the world this year by binding up all of the wounds of the world by going out reaching these people without great supplies of food and our medical doctors and with our various areas of healing. We can go out into the entire world, we can feed them and doctor them and build homes for them, and show them that we care. I do not know who conned the President into this idea, but it was not God. No, this is not Christian. It is one thing to lead the world as America thinks, but it is another thing to support the devil. Did it ever occur to you that if God wanted these areas of the earth to be prosperous that HE would pour out 'know how' on them? That HE would somehow develop their understanding and their consciousness? That HE could accomplish this if HE so desired? Did it ever occur to you that the whole Universe which is put together out of the sheer energy of HIS ‘Will,’ this field of electronic particles, and this field of illumination, is held together by the sovereignty of that will . . . spirit of life and of power? You are spirit of HIS spirit and life of HIS life. In the evidence of this, we again see that the creative ability of this even in this dimension which you are in, with this show of faith, shows that you are the offspring of the Most High, the creative people. In the instance of this, God could pour out upon them the bounty of the essentials necessary in their fields of all of the essentials for them to eat if HE wanted to do this. But, my friends, there is no position in which you can support idolatry and give any support to a people by making them wealthy in their error. God, at no time, has increased the wealth of the pagan while he worships Satan. And I want you to know that your nation is not increasing its wealth as it follows in the footprints of such leadership.

Actually in our nation today we have people asking us to embrace all of the pagan religions of the world. They are asking us to absorb all of the people of the world and defy Divine Will. And we are not getting any more wealthy at this process, for we are going deeper in debt all of the time. In fact, if you were to say the evaluation of debt today that this great Christian nation in ‘Monetary Babylon,’ that we have never before been in debt this way. But today everything that belongs to America is in hock. Why? Because instead of serving God, we have permitted our leadership in guiding us to using our blessings into supporting Lucifer. In fact, our Secretary of State, who I think belongs in a mental institution, got up the other day and asked our nation to support the Soviet Union and to help take them out of economic troubles in order to strengthen the Soviet Union. And this will make us some more friends? According to this, we ought to help the devil get a new air fleet out in space. But you know we are not for this. The Scripture tells us that he was defeated out there and run out of the heavens by Michael. And I would just as soon let him be defeated. When they tell us, ‘look how much business we are going to do,’ I see the enemy who wants to conquer us and enslave us. If the Soviet Union was built up to the capacity of doing such business, you wouldn't have any business. She would talk your over.

The U.S. News says that ‘the President and the Secretary of State look out over the world, and never has there been such an atmosphere of hope because we see not a solid foundation of actually not trusting the Soviet Union, but of helping to build her up and putting her into an area where she has to trade with us in order to be prosperous. And this way we will defeat this situation all over the world.’ I never heard such a discussion and the lack of understanding as to what this is all about. This is a struggle. It is the kingdom of God against the powers of Darkness. Therefore in redeeming the times, there are certain things that the scriptures tell us. There are times of refreshing, and there are times when we are in conflict when we are in trouble. There is a time when in victory there is the restitution of all things. But it has not arrived as of yet. And at this time, it is your responsibility to hold the kingdom, to occupy the kingdom, and to break the power of darkness in the kingdom of God. You are not going to take over the rest of the world until you win Armageddon. But win it, you are going to.

And I tell you this afternoon that those who would delete the testimony of the Birth of Christ given to the ancient prophet, that their animosity against America is constantly continued. I consider today the greatest danger which America faces is this penetration into the church organizations of the doctrines of the enemy. By this very process, we have today, by ecclesiastical leadership that sits in the place of authority in many denominations, actually advocating diametrically opposition of the program of God. While in their hearts there are millions of Christians who identify themselves with Christianity that would not be seen worshiping in a pagan temple. And yet, they are listening to the talk of bringing all religions together.

In fact, to show you the trend we have, I have in my hands a piece out of the newspaper of today in which one of the developments is in one of the churches here in the Hollywood area. It even has a Methodist minister. And now it is called the 'New Church of all Religions.’ They tell us that this is the church of all faiths. It is not very big 'thank God.' They only have 27 members as of today. But they say they are going to be big. Jews and Christians will worship together while they keep their own religions, while they develop the church of all religions. This is a Methodist minister at the head of this thing. And it says across the top of this article, ‘This congregation seems inconsequential to this great surge of the south land religions, but is only a foretaste of the future. They have five Jews and a certain number of Christians in their congregation. And the pastor says that they will have Hindu's and Buddhists in the church before another year is past. So they have celebrated Christmas and they have been celebrating Jewish holidays. And they will celebrate Hindu and Buddhist holidays.’ Jesus, looking down on this, said spit on this. But the Newspaper editors said this is wonderful. This is the new trend. But Jesus said, “I spew this out of my mouth.” Then along comes Methodist leadership and says this may be one of the greatest of developments. Well, God save us from the people who think that is one of the greatest of developments.

I notice also that here in the records of National Church leadership such as the National Council of Churches and a great number of the other churches which have come together. They have now under the official status of the National Council of Churches and under these denominations, here in these United States, that they are opposing the putting back of Bible reading in the schools as well as prayer back in our schools. In fact, I read here that a Methodist minister says there is no reason to put Bible reading and prayer back in the public schools, and they will oppose it in their adult quarterly for November. The operation shows here in several other newspapers, one a Baptist crusader, says that they are opposed to the openly reading of scriptures in the schools. We look at the Baptist committee on public affairs and it is playing down the opposition to the Supreme Court decision by saying that there is no reason for anyone to pray in the schools.

Do you know that back in those years when the educators were trying to introduce a public school system . . . do you know why they wanted this public school system? They wanted to set up education for a specific purpose. They said it is most important that all people be liberated, that they be able to express themselves, and compute with honesty and accuracy. They said that the method of mathematics must be understood so that they could be able to compare accurately between God and man. It was essential that all should be able to read the Holy scripture and find their responsibility before their God. One of the statements of Horus Mann was that one of the things which must be done is to make sure that every child growing up in America, can read the Holy Bible. And in the New England States, it was so that learning to read meant that you could read the Holy Bible. They never held assemblies for 165 years in the New England states, that they did not open it with prayer and with the reading of the scriptures. Yet, in a short period of a few years, we have watched this swept away by men who are moved by the area of error and moved by Satanic delusion. Because of this, I tell you that the time is very short and you better be redeeming the time. And I know one thing that must be done. The word of God must be put back in the schools of America . . . the knowledge of God, the worship of God. And I was rather impressed with their seeking to block this. They said there would be no hearing on anything related to the Bible reading and putting it back in the schools. And this opposition comes from Emmanuel Ceilers, a left-wing Jew who sits on the Judiciary Committee in the House. I think it is significant that the entire pressure against this has been coming from Jews, infidels and atheists. But this is a part of your responsibility when we talk about 'Redeeming the time."

Do not think that there is not a program to crush out Christianity and invade your area. And if there is anything which is important this afternoon, it is to preserve our society, to develop and build a Christian society with Christian leadership. And we should plan for this. I was very much interested and was glad, that they printed this article in the L.A. Times this past week. On page nine, it says that all of the utility firms here are accused of an anti-Semantic policy by the emerging Jewish committee. And this big Jew, who is head of this, is charging that all of the nations utility firms is anti-Semantic. He said that they discriminate against Jews and other minority groups. He said that very few utility groups that sell electricity, water, or gas, in fact . . . almost all utility agencies . . . maintain a climate that seeks discouragement to any Jew who seeks employment or advancement. He said they come out and say, ‘we do not discriminate against any man on the basis of his religion or his race,’ but they just do not hire them. He said that there seems to be, in all of these firms among the hiring personnel, a built-in discriminatory system.’ That is true, my friends. It is built way down inside. That is what you hire a personnel man for, since he is supposed to be a pretty good judge of character. And he is supposed to have the ability during that interview to determine whether this man can do the job.

Now in this instance, there is also an accusation hurled at almost all of these institutions that they discourage the hiring of a Jew and never hire a Negro. Now I want to tell you something. I think any of the big institutions would hire anyone they thought would make money for them. If they do not hire a Negro, it is because they do not think he will make any money for them. And he has the tendency to steal. So why take that risk? I want to make this clear. These financial institutions do not want to trust the Jew with money, either. And one of the statements put out concerning this hiring policy, was that there is nothing in the Jewish religion that forbids them to steal from a non-Jew. And since this is the word, then no financial institution wants to take a chance on hiring any of them. But that is real good sense.

Now listen. They have come out now and they have attacked the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York Consolidated, and Pacific Gas and Electric. Right on down the line. I will not read all of these various companies. But they say that these people will never have an opening for that particular person if he happens to be a Jew. So they are demanding that these firms be forced to hire Jews and all of the minority groups. Thus, today in the L.A. Times, they tell the story. And they say that these companies do not hire Jews and minorities. They turn them down with a sort of built in radar system. And that is what it really is, for God gave you what we call intuition. And it is also called discernment. But if you follow this which comes from the scriptures and from the Holy Spirit, you will not get in as much trouble. So follow that and not the commentators on the T.V. You know some people build up a background of discernment on the basis of what some commentator has been talking about. But if you are attuned to the pattern of the world order, then discernment does not work so well. This is why some people who seek God have discernment and other people do not seem to have it. But there is still a little bit of this left in everybody and God has made this for your protection.

We cite unto you that firms which are intelligent enough . . . the remarkable thing being that the largest area of the constituency of the people of the United States serve Christians, because there are 135 million White Christians in these United States. And that, my friends, far outnumbers all of the minority groups such as Negroes and Jews put together. With this factor for truth, why should not the control of companies and the control in areas where they wish it to be . . . why shouldn't it be in the hands of Christians? Isn't it right for us to advocate Christian economy while Jews plan on destroying it? If Jews can take a policy of forcing the hiring of Jews and the development of the areas of Jewish administration, then it is time for the Christian to join the Christian Defense League and work for a Christian Economy and the re-salvaging of America. Thru all of the course of our history, we have never had anything as challenging as we see at this hour.

We have pointed out to you that we have moved into the measure of the 'sign of man in the heavens.' We have moved into the climactic prelude of the last ‘Day of the LORD.’ There are a few things yet that remain to transpire, and they can move with great rapidity. And as these developments take place, it is into your hands that many things have been committed. And as these things develop, you will see that we are moving into the last events before 'The Day of the LORD.’ Not only because you are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD, but HE has given you vision and technology, land and territory, and achievement. And you, with good stewardship, are responsible for all of the things which God has put into your hands.

With the same firmness with which John talks to the ‘Elect Lady’ and her children, effecting all Christendom, and the Elect lady being all Israel from whom all of the children of God, and talking to the White nations and Christians . . . and said there is one thing to remember. And that is you had one responsibility and this was that you were not to let anyone into your land. And if you do, then don't let them have anything to do with anything unless they have this testimony of Jesus Christ. Don't bless them, and don't say, ‘we will help you,’ for then the scripture says, that then you will be the partaker of their evil. It says that if they come in then do not say ‘your will as a Christian is to tolerate it.’ This is not Christian. This is the work of Lucifer and his program. If you permit them to come into your nation, into your government and into your church, and into your schools, you end up like we are today. So we are in trouble. They have taken God out of your schools. They have developed a false pattern of your history. And they are seeking to cover up the historic development of your race and trying to make it look like the solution comes from the other part of the world.

I have been reading what is supposed to work for geography today, and is now Social Studies. By the time I got thru reading about the Chinese, the Negroes, and the Jews, I could not find anything left that the White man had made but a poor god. That is what is being used in the text book for the fourth and fifth grades right here in California. Do you know what happens? You lose control in government and in your schools. And this because you let them come in and then you did not pay much attention. And they gained power because you said, ‘God bless you, do as you please.’ And this is just what they chose to do. Someone said, “It is not tolerance to turn and suppress these people.” I am not interested in power, I am interested in Victory. The worst example of this misguided power is Israeli. I know what to expect if you would go down there, and that is a place where I am not going. If the Pope gets back, he will know more than he does today.

I want you to know that today in all of these instances, the things transpiring today---is that Light makes manifest. And anything that is bad, you are not supposed to just try to redeem it, you are supposed to 'Redeem the time.’ And that is to eliminate the situation. I am going to tell you that it is your responsibility as a Christian not only not to give no cooperation, but to continue to give constant opposition to any plan that taxes free people to support the anti-Christ government or any plan which feeds your money into the world government or the world's programs, or participate in any process of coordination with the world's nations. You are to come out from among them and be ye separate. You are to repudiate this. God says, ‘listen, Jacob, come along and let me take you by the hand. We will walk right thru these processes.’ The Christian nations of the world may be 1/6 of the worlds population, but we do not need any other ally than the MOST HIGH GOD. In the extension of the brotherhood programs the other day, watching a revised editorial (it was actually an Opera) and I had seen this before . . . but this time, my friends, they had changed the character. They had changed even the dialogue. They had even changed the color of their skin and were embracing at Christmas time, a chain with many gods and many colors. In the instance of these declarations, everything was being done in order to enhance the mongrelization and multicolored integration program and to make Christians accept this as tho this were the will of God. And now the real thing, which the enemy attempts, is to put words in God's mouth. They continually quote the things that God said, supposedly by tradition. But HE never said it at all. But I find one thing about the pattern of God's purpose. If God has told something to a great patriot or an ancient prophet, HE has in similar ways unveiled it to others at a later time. They may not be as specific as the direct sentences, but the subject matter is there. Today we are seeing many of these same things. And you say, “that is for our day.” But Israel has always been under this attack in every generation, and by the same people. Thus, you would think that events sometimes are just a replay.

Let me tell you something. We are coming into the time of the last days. In fact, we may be there and these are the events that lead up to the 'Day of the LORD.’ And the time is ripe for "Redeeming the Times.”

End of message (bad tape . . . voice fades)