Removing The Staff Of Life, 7-6-66


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-6-66

There is no doubt that the World Order has moved in and caused great problems in the nations of God’s Kingdom. The strategies that are involved in the Scriptures, were one of keeping the people strong and powerful and keeping the people Blessed of God, alert and free. In order to do this they had to dwell alone and stay with their own kind of people.

Matthew 15:13...”Ye are the salt of the earth, and if the salt hath lost its savor, where then will be saltiness? It is good for nothing, then but to be cast out and trodden under the foot of men. Ye are the light of the world and a city that sits on a hill cannot be hid. Neither does a man light a candle and put it under a bushel, but he puts the light where it can be seen, and gives light unto the whole house.”


There is a direct relationship of this passage to the processes of that time, for the gathering of salt was big business in Palestine at the time of the Christ. In fact, they set out even to cross the Sahara in search of salt, and Sahara means ‘salt sea’, which is actually the great sea of sand where camels were ships carrying salt over the great desert to areas on the other side where salt was quite priceless. So here in Palestine they began to mix the salt with phosphate or Benzinite or with plain earth, and the salt thus wouldn’t be as salty, or...lose its savor. Now the Jew’s were here in Palestine at the time of Jesus and they instituted this mixing of earth with the salt until there was not much savor left in it.

Jesus said:...”Ye are the salt of the earth, ye are My household, My sons and My daughters, My Kingdom.” But remember, if the salt is mixed with earth, then you will lose your savor, and this is the fundamental approach to the procedures of God’s Kingdom, for today you are the nations of God’s Kingdom, the House of God and we are in an earth which is fully filled with the power of darkness and the forces of evil, because the nations of earth in pre-Adamic times succumbed to Lucifer who proclaimed he was God and they fell for the false patterns of worship and the doctrines of his evil children. And of course we know that the mongrelization of fallen Angel’s who did not keep their first estate and the intermingling of these fallen forces with the people of earth, produced the unassimilatable descendants of the House of Lucifer, and thus it is that we have them all over the world. They are the enemies of God, the enemies of His people, and the enemies of His Kingdom, and the enemies of His Church.

So it is that we find these forces seek to enslave the world and to carry out this project of the destruction of God’s Kingdom. First they must capture the world then throw it against the program of God’s Kingdom. Within sight of this then we recognize that the nations of the white race are the nations of God’s Kingdom. They emerged out of Adam, and through the guiding hand of God have been brought to the almost completed area of prophecy. And as God has has come to pass. When God gave His Law to Israel through Moses, He promised to Bless His people as they fulfilled His Law. And the normal reaction to the breaking of that Law would bring trouble upon them, and catastrophe would fall upon the people of Israel, though God had 430 years before...made an unconditional covenant with Abraham.

He said to Abraham:...I will be a God unto you and thy seed after you in all their generations, and I will make of thee a great nation, and a company of nations, and thy seed as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, and this I do as an everlasting and unconditional covenant. Now; there is no question of the fact that God has maintained His covenant and fulfilled the areas of His prophecy, for the Law came 430 years after the covenant with Abraham, and could not disallow that covenant. God had made this same declaration to Enoch and to Seth...”Thou art My Israel...thou art My people ruling with me in the earth, and I have ordained that you shall arise.”

We have the declarations from the Books of Enoch before we emerge with the declarations found in Isaiah, and Jeremiah’s Books...that My people shall extend from one end of the earth to the other, and they shall rule over the world until every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim...that I am Yahweh.”

Then again we find the same truths as we move with the Apostle Paul into Ephesians, and Galatians as he declares...We the triumphant people of the Most High God shall extend the worship of the true God from one end of the earth to the other, and we shall do this without joining the world, and without taking them into our nations and our lands.

Now we have spoken before about the Beast, which is economic power. We saw the Beast move in and gain economic power over all the world order, and he is doing this also today. The world order is the nations that do not make up God’s Kingdom. For instance, Chile and Russia and the other areas of non-Christian nations. The white Christian nations are the nations that walk and talk with God, they are Spirit of His Spirit and in the areas of advancement by instruction and initiative, the Spirit of God can unveil unto the consciousness of your race what they need to know. You have been a people with the ‘green thumb’, for with the Adamites came the advancements in Agriculture as...the Adamite was the man ‘ to till the soil’, and also your race emerged with a written language, with a science and you planted a garden wherever you went in the course of your coming and going.

Now; God has kept His covenants with you, but we are told that in these areas, in the end of the age, that this Beast would arise and the mark of the Beast would be instituted, and no man could buy or sell unless he had this mark. This is an economic program that controls the patterns of economics, until by its control no man can buy or sell very clearly...because they would withdraw the areas of currency and the areas of money and enhance it to their own gain, but they would never permit a man to control or operate under it. And they do this in the world order on the outside of God’s Kingdom nations and they are fast moving in to get their complete hold on you.

As we have said of the pattern of economic’s, the simplest procedure is to receive goods and services, and put out the least amount of material and energy to get them, but their pattern is that the areas of economics are reduced to the man working for what he gains, or he must work in the areas of agriculture or technology or mining...and these are the only areas of the production of goods. So the man either works in this plan or he steals and the world order steals from one another.

Now; the Kingdom of God rises with soundness and vision. We have all the areas that are necessary for mankind, then we have God telling us of all His blessings of crops, and fields, are My people, and of course we have always been a people blessed in this manner, but we also have an area of grave danger, and that danger is that the powers of darkness and forces of evil are seeking to enamor the concept of men and rulers of great nations by their promises of great wealth of Silver and Gold, and they amass great quantities of it, but they never deliver it, they just take it out of their countries.

We have a great nation here in these United States, and we had a great nation when our forefathers came to settle upon this land, that God had given to us. This land beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia, far to the westward, this land when David was crowned in Palestine, he said again...far to the westward is that land that I shall give to you. It will be a land where you shall be moved no more. Well, we have arrived and we can look back on our backgrounds and know that we are a nation founded and builded by the Most High God.

Now; it is a strange and troublesome time, this time of ‘Jacob’s Troubles’ in which we live, for while our nation grew and the other nations of our race also, we were advancing across the face of the earth. We were colonizing the far off distant places, and we put the fields to crops and we taught the people of these countries about our Good, and we put into practice the policies of the Kingdom of God, but then came the propaganda that was Anti-Colonial, and Communism and Socialism cried out against the Kingdom and called its policies ‘Imperialism’ and they extended their programs that enslaved people and held them down and tonight you have vast lands under the control of the ‘Hammer and Sickle.’

In the past 40 years we have watched in this ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’, as we turned the control of our lands over to our enemy, we turned the gateways to the sea to them also. However, God had clearly outlined in the 18th., chapter of Isaiah, that He is cleaning the deck for action, and that in this course of we are pruning the vine, we are getting ready for the final contest against the programs of Anti-Christ, and the powers of great conspiratorial evil. Now of course within this design we were well informed that we should not mix with other people. We should not integrate our society or allow the world order to move in, because if we did...we would follow their courses of immorality, pagan gods, and patterns of their degeneration.

In the past 20 years we have seen the biggest immigration in our history. We were told by Benjamin Franklin, very early in our history, that the Jew’s should never be allowed as citizens in our country, but we have been engaged in a sad policy of immigration. Franklin also said, that if we allowed the Jew’s to become citizens...then they would be in the counting houses and your children would curse you in your graves because they would be working in the fields. This has come true, because the power of the Beast is in the hands of the Jew’s and they have used that power to accomplish many things.

Three years after the Federal Reserve System had been installed, and we had been tricked out of the handling of our economy, then President Wilson said...’This Federal Reserve was a most terrible thing, and I can see that they are buying men and controlling everything and moving the whole great Government of the People into schikenery and evil, such as never been upon the face of the earth,’ and these men he was talking about were mostly Jew’s. So that was the words of President Wilson, but after this he didn’t live very long. Not much longer than President Roosevelt after he found out that we, the white race, are Israel and the Arabs were Ishmael. This was another speedy removal.

We were just pointing out the structure of this peculiar pattern with which they have engulfed our land. They have sought by these procedures to gain more control over the land. In this great Nation we had lots of land and as we expanded from coast to coast we had lots of wealth even tho they gathered their Usuary, by policies which are spoken against by the Law’s of God. But the areas of our wealth and our industries and our land was so great that we were expanding and growing in spite of their Usuary.

But the Beast was at work, he was looking out over the land and he wanted to make difficult the procedures of this society. Civilization is based on its soil. Now this is something that civilization has to learn...but the experts know that civilization cannot do is that it cannot become stronger or wiser than its nutrition or the soundness of its food production. Also its ability to provide food in adequate amounts. It is because such nations as India that have gone the way of the Beast, that the people are always hungry. Look at Africa, starvation is rampant, in those countries that follow they way of the Beast. In those conditions the people sit and beg, they do not try to help themselves.

Look at the Pagan Islands. In Africa, until the white man came, they did not have enough to eat, and now thru the policies of the United Nations programs of the Beast they are fast sliding back into that state, for when the white man goes they slide into starvation. The Beast system operates on the process of starvation. It seeks to increase the burden upon the farmer who produces the food for the civilization. This is one of the strangest situations, for as a great Nation we here in the U.S. had lots of nutrition than do large farmers, and I will tell you why this is.....The small farmers rotate their ground, they care for the soil, their fields and their orchards and they keep the Law of God as they used natural fertilizers on their land. Now when we move farming into patterns of large farms and collective patterns with big corporations using the land...then they do not care for the food value of the crops produced or for the land. Rather, they are more interested in meeting the interest payments on their mortgages and thus they need a large volume of production. So farmers in America, in England, in Australia have realized or are realizing that the time has arrived when the value of their production does not meet the cost of that production. That their indebtedness in machinery and fertilizer has risen until they are finding no profit in their work. As the farmers find they are slipping behind in their payments, they overgraze their land and they fail to fallow the land, and we remember that we were told to do that, but unconsciously they move out into an area of strangeness to their inherited tendencies. As we watch the money changers, we see them crowd out the little farmer and replacing him with the big farmer, and the big Co-op farmers who are usually a number of money changers...,many Jew’s who do not even live in the United States but who are using the vastness of our wheat growing facilities and our land, and they are not rotating the land or caring for the land, and they are not putting back into the soil the things they are taking out of it.

You know God spoke of this? He said:..when you disobey my law’s you are going to get into trouble. You will be seriously in trouble when you disobey my law’s, and thus in that way the Law will have its effect on you. As you move out as a nation, you are not to take on all these pagans and parasites, or they will abuse you and cause you to forget my law’s. If you let these people take over your economy and your farms, then the judgments will be on you.

Now; this may seem strange to you but this is what God says...and He also says the judgments will be on you until you remove these people from your land. For He says...I do not want you to walk after the nature of these people that I created, for they have committed things that I despise, they are against the structure of My Kingdom, so I have driven them out and I have given unto you a land which flows with milk and honey, and ye shall inherit this land, for I am Yahweh your God, and I have separated you from other people, but if you let these people stay, or if you bring these strangers into your land and let them pollute your land, then judgments are going to fall on you. This is the Law’s of God whether a person likes it or not.

Turn to Leviticus chapter 26, verses 25-26., There God is pointing out the areas of judgment and He says...I will bring a sword upon you and I will avenge the quarrel of My covenant, and if necessary I will send a pestilence on you, for I will not permit it to happen, for I have BROKEN THE STAFF OF YOUR BREAD. Ten women shall bake bread in a great oven and they shall deliver you the bread by weight and ye shall eat, but ye shall not be satisfied.

Of course we have arrived at this point. You know of the great ovens, and the tremendous advertising campaigns that go out about this wonder bread and that wonder bread. But you don’t stop to think of this pattern. Sure there are more than 10 women or men working in some of the great bakeries, but the bread is weighed out and you can eat it but you are not nourished, and if you tried to live on it you would starve. That’s our ‘Staff of Life” I’m talking about.

The only reason you are not starving is because you have an abundance of food, and are one of the best fed nations on the face of the earth, but I’m going to point out to you that even now they are plotting and planning a famine for you, and they will try to make it come to pass. So let’s look at what they have done. They have moved in and purchased the technological areas of your production, and so you realize that most of the large milling companies are owned by Jew’s.

When you were a land of small farmers you took your own wheat down to the local mill, and had it ground into flour and you backed your own bread. The miller took part of your wheat for grinding the flour and the farmer sold the rest of his wheat and people had a ‘staff of life.’ Then the great millstones replaced the little millstones and they still ground the wheat and you had your ‘staff of life’, then these merchants of Venice came and have taken over your mills, they put in fine steel mills and the finest thing you could get was fine white flour milled so fine that the golden grain is removed, and they took out the wheat germ and then sold it back to you for 15 times what they paid for your wheat. The results of this was a denaturalized product. The white flour was supposed to be the’s bleached better.

Now in the past 10 years the demand has been growing for bread, and for stone ground flour-bread and you can find the whole wheat and in some places even the stone ground flour, but most people carry out the white loaves of bread.

This may seem a strange pattern to preach about but I want to point out to you that God said:....that if you do not drive out these strangers who are coming into your land then He is going to chastise you and one way that He would do it is...”I will break your staff of life.” He said...ten women can be employed in the baking of that bread, but you will starve eating it, all nourishment will be removed from it. This has come to pass. In fact they not only changed the method of milling the wheat but here are some of the chemicals that go into the bleaching of the flour for bread..........



Benzoic Peroxide

Nitric Acid

Nitrohydrochloric acid

.....and all this becomes an area of unassimilatable poison in the body. In 80% of the bread in England and America you find these substances.

Did you know that you can bake bread with the white flour and then you can feed it to guinea pigs and rats in controlled environment where that is their source of food and all of them will die within 3 months? And do the Jew’s eat this white bread? You will discover that they eat rye bread or so called black bread, and they say only the Goyim eat the white bread. Also you cannot attack this area of white one will pay attention, they control the magazines, the T.V., and all sources of advertising. You can’t even tell them to get rid of the Jew’s so you can have a better land. Ha.

They weren’t even going to let Ivan Saudi come to dinner in New York because he was an enemy of Israeli. It was just as well that he didn’t come for he would have had to have the Mayor taste everything to see if it was poisoned.

So the Jew’s have robbed you of your food nutrition in the bread and they have discovered that when there is malnutrition in a country there is a breakdown in body behavior and cancer sets in. This is important, for you must realize that they have broken the ‘staff of life.’ Now; realize this....they sell you back the wheat germ from the wheat, to people who do not know any other method of restoring the ‘staff of life,’ and many people do not even know that. You say why is this? It is because you have permitted these people to remain in your land,....saith the Lord God. You say...we can’t very well talk about this Dr. Swift, for this is America and all people are free here. We can’t run them out of the land so you just don’t talk about it. Well, I am going to talk about it, in fact I am thinking day and night about it and about how we can run them out.

With their strange strategies and their dual allegiances, and their procedures which are in violation of God’s Law, and which unless we succumb to the U.N. laws and procedures then we can remove them for their dual allegiances. One of these days we will remove them, for the treachery they have used, and the programs they sought to sow within our nation.

Now there is one thing you can do. God on Him and He will deliver you in that day. In fact, we are past ‘tare time.’ for tare time is the day when the tares are to be removed from the wheat. The tare’s are the children of the evil one, and they were sowed in the field to choke out the weeds. But the wheat is the majority and God I am not going to pull out the tares now, or some of the wheat might be pulled out, so I will just wait until the tares turn red, at the end of the age and then we can pull them out. Now you can pretty well tell the tares for they have turned red today, and God said...we will take out the tares, and already we see some of them disappear...a few at a time but God says...they will all go with a great sweep at the proper time, and the beauty of it is that you and I can talk about it and we can advocate it but God is going to do it. He is going to send in His administering Spirits, His Holy Angel’s, He is going to send in a mighty Host and He is going to remove the tares.....first.

Today we have an apathetic people, the land is being asked to produce more and more, but in that process they are not doing what God’s Law says they should. They have stopped the practice of fallowing the ground in many places....they are not rotating the crops, then they take the food from this country and send it all over the world, and they want grain....not white flour. Some of the grain we send to Russia, the plant a percentage of it back into the ground and still with that process they can’t grow the wheat to feed themselves.

Today we are putting hard chemicals into the soil for fertilizer, so we can produce more. The people in the country thru their gardens have an opportunity to secure better food, but those in the cities don’t find that opportunity. So the doctors say that in some areas that people must supplement their diet with vitamin’s and mineral’s. You used to get them from your food, but we are wearing out the soil and not replacing what we are taking out of it.

We are even stripping out forests and we are paying our money as interest into the Federal Reserve System so they will loan us enough money to operate with. America is beginning to wake up a bit but they still haven’t gotten down to the root of the problem. They still don’t recognize the people who have been demanding that we move beyond the areas that are good for us...we still do not recognize the unassimilatable people who have come into our society and thru their economic control have ruined our society.

We have the patterns of the Most High God, and He speaks out against the practice of Usuary, and we see that their cries of protection for their investments have moved us out to devitalize the soil...we are beyond the areas of God’s Law’s and we have judgments coming for the breaking of that Law.

Well, are they satisfied with the devitalizing of your food?? I say that they are even trying to poison you through your drinking water. They recommend and push for putting fluoride in the drinking water of the cities. Now let’s be practical. You don’t suppose that all the Dentists in this country want you to have perfect teeth do you? This push to put fluoride in the water is part of the Communist’s Jewish program for fluoride in the water is a trace of poison, it builds up and it takes a few years, then it moves into the frontal lobes of your mind and starts to dull your perception and makes you no longer willing to resist the forces of darkness. In fact if you are on fluoride long enough you become a listless, lazy person. Do you remember Princess Arlena of Rumania, who after she was able to escape from that country wrote a book telling how they used fluoride as an experiment in Rumania, after they took over that country. In Rumania they started in by putting a small amount of fluoride in the water supply and then they increased it until they had approached the 500/1000 mark and they found that they were stupefying the people, so they backed up from that mark and found that the people of the cities did as they were told, they went to work and performed their jobs, but they were slowly slowing down and their output in goods and services dropped, so the people had to work longer and longer hours for their basic needs in life. Now in this country we have seen even the doctors and dentists finally say that fluoride was O.K. No need to worry about it, and they have passed up available knowledge on the results of this practice and gone along with the advisors. I want you to know that too much fluoride dims the Spirit of the Father in His sons and daughters, they can destroy them and they don’t even realize they are being destroyed.

Down in St. Petersburg, Florida, they had an experience in this matter. The Left Wing was able to sweep out all opposition and install the program of Fluoridation, but in that city was a businessman who made his living by selling clean spring water in bottles. He noticed in two or three weeks after they started the program of Fluoridation that his business was very much increased, so he began checking on the new customers and he found that they were Jew’s, the Jewish dentists and doctors were in the group that had advocated that the water be Fluoridated. So this businessman went to the Newspaper and took out a big ad and he said in this ad....Isn’t it strange that the very people who were for treating the water of the city are the very ones who now are buying my bottled water in great quantities. They thought it fine for the rest of you however. Well, a great crowd of residents gathered at City Hall and they demanded that the practice of fluoridation be stopped and to stop a race riot, the demand was met.

When the people rise up and say they will not stand for this then the Jew’s back away. I tell you that this practice is a conspiracy from one end of this country to the other to reduce your fighting power, making you more succeptable to socialism. They are fighting you by devitalizing your food and making you a weaker people by the food you eat and the water you drink.

So we have a little of the measure of their operations. In San Francisco you can see the results of that practice. Their resistance is dying down, and it is hard to stir people in that city who were once ready to stand and fight. If they can make this program work they can put a man in charge of the water system in every city and let him practice medicine using you as guinea pigs.

I think it is time to make this pattern of malnutrition and chemicals and drugs being forced on the people of the U.S. all supposedly for their own good...make clear to the people who is doing this and explain to them why the Jew’s abstain from this pattern. They eat their Rye bread and non fluoridated water and then say....we are going to dance at your funeral.

We see some awakening setting in the past 5 years, and as we began to see other bread showing up in different stores. In fact you now see stone ground bread. Now some people say...yes, but it is a little bit more expensive. But in some stores now 45% of the bread is now good bread, so we are waking up.

You say...but God shouldn’t let this happen. Well, God said..I will let it happen if you disobey my Law’s. Then I will bring you to your senses and you will seek me and I will deliver you and you will then support me in your deliverance, and you will then stand behind me as I bring this to pass. In this nation where we have been so exploited, the enemy will be shown little mercy when the hour comes for the cleansing of the nation.

So we point out to you another area of great danger, for they are planning to bring a famine on you if they can accomplish that. Dan Smoot brought out a bulletin June 20th and he said...Americans live on a continent of the earth that was never visited by famine. And superficial reasoning sometimes gives the reason for this as....the wide range of climate, and the type of soil and the tremendous amount of land which could not be consumed as quickly as in Europe. Then the economists and ecologists must seek an explanation of the thrift and determination of the people who settled our eastern sea board, and later mile by mile pushed their civilization westward to the Pacific. Now as we enjoy the rich heritage left by these pioneers, they start to talk about the patterns of persecutions that are starting to descend. They talk about the significance of the pattern in which there is no immunity. About the Great Society which is a part of Mr. Johnston’s dream. Now they are calling for the Emergency Farm Act. They called for it in 1961, again in 1962, and 1963. Now it has become an emergency program and under the guise of planning, and surplus food supplies then this program is going to control all the food production in the U.S. and the areas of the farms will be under strict control, Even the areas of what a farmer can raise and how much he can sell.

(In 1966-1968 this program was put into practice as far as they were able to get it though Congress. Under that program wheat sold for $1.50 per bushel, but the prices of other things kept going up.)

Under this program the small farmer was crowded out of the picture, for he could not even feed what he grew to his own livestock without taking it out of his quota. The surplus food began moving to India, China, and Russia under the Food For Peace Program. (No wonder they hated Nixon for upsetting the apple-cart. For now that the farmer has had a taste of free market, he will be a little harder to knock back under that setup.) This program was called a system of planned economy, and the planners say that America must learn to be more economical with her food, so put them on rationing for we cannot keep producing as we have in the past, so put the whole areas out of production. (Well this didn’t work either, because that made the farmer more efficient and he grew the same amount on a smaller acreage, and also in the process we were fallowing the ground as God told us to do.)

This plan of the Great Society is to reduce America’s food supply and put the people on a rationing plan. For a hungry people are supposed to be easier to manage. Now those mug womps in Washington think you can’t understand their plan. They think the farmer doesn’t know what is good for himself but they in Washington know. Then the U.N. comes in with its treaty that says the U.N. must set up a food economy amount of storage all over the world, and then they are to evaluate the people of the world and see that all people have the same amount of food. The people of India and China must have as much as you get in this country, for that is right and that is Christian and also that is because the Great Society is going to feed everyone and it is going to also clothe everyone, even if they have to put them all in burlap sacks.

There is little question about the pattern of this operation, in fact if we don’t repeal Public Law #480 in its entirety, this law then will have distributed the diminishing food supply over the entire earth and you will be given food ration cards to buy food that will hardly be enough to exist on. You are also supposed to like this, as you see the select few roll along with all your surprises.

God said....well you let them come in and now Ten Women can’t bake enough for you to eat, even though I gave you great blessings. So we should refuse all control over our farms. We should also refuse all control over our money, and we should demand a U.S. Dollar for every dollar’s worth of goods that we produce in this nation, and we need a Board of Equators that would establish the areas of value which would be used on 1/2 of 1% for their charge of operation. As it is you are paying from 6% to 30% to the Federal Reserve System for them to loan you money for Gold and Silver that they didn’t have in the first place. They extract out of you as interest your Gold and Silver and then haul it to Tel Aviv and lock it in a vault. So you have the have 1966 as the turning point in America. People are beginning to speak out, they are calling for U.S. money, U.S. Banks, and an end to the Federal Reserve System and the World Monetary Fund. (Now in 1971 Nixon went around the power of the W.M.F. and that diminished its power, but the F.R.S. is still there.)

I am going to tell you that your industry is going to get less in the U.S. for the big companies are moving into Japan and other countries because big labor has been tricked into pricing itself out of the market. Of course they are going to give you free health care and free places to live for your society is going to be given by The Great Society, conditions that will put you out of work. Now; the best way to handle poverty is to work, and the best way to relieve America of her troubles is to send out of this country the unassimilatable people who sneaked in by special legislation promoted by the Roosevelt Administration and those that followed after. As we in this great nation look out over this land we then see that the big majority of people are still Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Basque, and Germanic people, and they will stand up.

We talked to some farmers who moved to the city and are working in the air craft factories, and they said they couldn’t farm anymore so their land was added to the land controlled by the big farmers. It is time that the Christian American’s restore the Law’s of God, and that we pray for the Law’s of God, for remember these things also happened in Rome before Rome fell. You say....but I don’t see how we can do this, we can’t exterminate the Jew’s. Well, maybe not, but you can pray to Yahweh for Him to remove this curse from your soil. You can get on your knees and ask for forgiveness, for letting things get this bad. Then He has promised He will deliver you.

Under this area we are seeing the impact of the bringing into this country those whom God said you were not to mix with. God must be a separate people, but I claim that if the Negro is as smart as they claim he is , then he would be better off in Africa and there let them build a great civilization.

Now I am not under any illusion, for the great civilization for Africa will come from the white man when they come to their senses. So the revolution moves on and we are building up our power also. We are building Air Power, but we aren’t putting any engines in the planes. It has come to my attention that we have thousands of planes which come off the assembly lines and we have crews assigned to them, but they don’t have any engines in them. We have a great Air Force...with no engines. In fact Pat Whitney and others who have been working on these designs and construction for the Jet engines, have been told to destroy all the plans and the material they have for we are not going to build any more Jet Air Craft engines for these planes.

Now when we are removing the enemy from our midst, I think that we should remove a few others also as I think America would be better off as soon as Mr. MacNamara joins his ancestors. Let’s put him out to pasture and don’t make the pasture too good either. (Well Mr. Johnston appointed him to the World Bank and now the World Bank is in bad shape.)

We are in an hour of grave danger, but God says....I am going to wake you out of your sleep, so you can count on that. You say....we are all well fed? Yes you are. You are enlightened also, and you have been careful in buying and have been supplementing your food, but think of the people who don’t know any better. Think how many people are using pain killers, and tranquilizers, and don’t realize what they are doing. They become a sluggish people, because they want to reduce America down to the level of the lesser nations, and into a don’t care attitude of non resistance.

We must become the nation that does care....for God’s Kingdom must come in.

(End of this message)