Resisting Unto Blood, 4-9-67


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-9-67

Open up to the Book of Hebrews, and in the passage where the Apostle Paul expresses . . . “Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin." This may seem like a strange and peculiar statement of the Apostle Paul, but he was speaking unto Christians and onto those members of the church. And he was confronted by a operation which was existing in to the church. And I think that it even existed more specially, strenuously, even today. That is the vast numbers within the structure of the church which sought always an easy way out through pacifism and peace. That they never at any time considered that there would be any operation of violence that they would have to become involved in. Of course, we can understand that, when Jesus was talking about the end of the age, that there would be a lot of things that would transpire. One of the things that He talked about was in the Gospel of Luke, when He told the disciples and those that were round about Him, that there would be great earthquakes in diverse places and that there would be famine, pestilence, and sights and great sounds, and that they would see signs from the heavens. Before all these things, however, 'they will try to lay hands on you, and persecute you, they will deliver you up to their synagogue and then put you in their prisons. They will bring you up before the kings and rulers . . . For My Names sake.'

In the Book of Matthew it tells you that . . . 'They will cast you in jail, bring you before the magistrate and into their synagogue's as they fight against the children of the Kingdom. Now, this was one of the things that Jesus talked about and that was there was a continuous opposition from the program of the Antichrist . . . these children who would be the offspring of Lucifer. He cited as they were against Him that they would be against His church. He also made it rather clear that if a servant wouldn't fair any better than his master that . . . ‘If they hate Me, then they will hate you.' So He told this to His disciples. And He also made it rather clear that as the program of God's whole Kingdom moved into the climax, that there would be decisive issue's and great battles that would be fought. Now, of course, there are a great number of people today, inside of the generally known commonwealth of churches which we refer to as the National Council of Church's and the World Council of Church’s, who roll their hands with great despair when they think that there is any conflict coming. In fact the NCC cites that the church is to be utterly removed from anything that looks like hostility or violence or trouble, and that they should lend all their influence to try to end an wars. That they can embrace all things, and accept all things . . . but they don't want to fight anybody.

Someone might say that this is a exemplary operation . . . they’ll seek peace. But it's not, my friends, a peace of God. The peace of God that can pass all understanding is fixed on the sons and daughters of God because their hearts and minds are fixed steadfastly upon Him. But He said . . . ‘I’ll not give you peace like the world gives you peace’ . . . the world will give you a false area of peace, but . . . ‘I’ll give you peace of soul. But you are not going to have peace in this world until it is conquered, and subordinated and brought to submission before My throne.' So therefore one of the things that we see is that when Jesus was talking to His disciples that He told them how that . . . ‘He that hath no sword,’ now this is in the Gospel of Luke, too, ‘He that hath no sword, let him sell his cloak and buy a sword.' The disciples said . . . ‘We have two swords now,' and Jesus said 'that is enough for now but when I send you forth next time you will take your script and your purse, and you better sell your garment and buy a sword.' After all, Jesus said, 'I send you forth like lambs among wolves'.

He didn't call for His disciples and He didn't call for the powers of them to go forth as pacifists when the enemy was going to destroy them and persecute them and was going to hound them and lead them into all areas of catastrophe and trouble. In fact, the organized Jewry, during the periods and after the ascension of Christ, waged war on the church, they put to death Christians by the thousands. They used their economic power in their areas of chicanery to influence the Roman Empire to destroy Christians even though they gave them quite a wide latitude of religious development under the empire. Jewry finally had the Roman Empire persecuting Christians and seeking to put them to death. And Jesus had said all of these things.

It is true that the Apostles, the Apostle Paul and the disciples and so forth all talked about this. And many of the disciples were martyr's because they had no choice. And the powers against them outnumbered them and they were seized and were taken as prisoners, or put to death. Though they were very valiant in their declaration that Jesus was the Christ and nothing that would be said could convince them in any other direction, they having witnessed the power and resurrection of Christ. And every one of them died as martyr's except John. But this was, again, in the very early age of church, and the church was spreading out, was covering the nations of western Europe, and was spreading out over the white Christian nations, which later became the white Christian Nations of the world. So the more they persecuted the church then the faster it spread. But at the same time it was a war and a battle. And when they were not in numbers sufficient to carry out an armed resistance, they were defeated, and many died a martyr while at the same time Christianity and the church was growing.

Finally there came a time when Constantine, whom you remember challenged the corrupt government at Rome, and became a Christian said . . . ‘By this sign we Conquer', wrote it and conquered Rome. From the time that he had conquered Rome and emancipated the church, then the church history took a great turn. From this time on the Emperor was a friend of the church and no one therefore prosecuted the church for some time. Though the Jews quickly joined the church and did their best to contest the doctrines, finally stirred up wars in Catholicism and Protestantism between these two areas of the church. But at the same time Jewry was behind it all. But for a long period of time, Jewry was able to persecute and bring destruction on the church. Then this failing they joined the church and tried to contaminate doctrines from the inside. And they became nothing but heretics on the outside, and agnostics on the inside seeking to destroy the church.

But as far as the church was concerned, it was the words of Jesus that spoke out concerning the patterns of hostility that would he directed against the church by the children of Antichrist. Not only did He say that the children of Antichrist therefore would bring havoc against the church, but Jesus also cited that the church was to resist when they were waylaid on the highway, or when members of His disciples were waylaid they were to utilize the best they could their armament against the enemy. Now Jesus also said . . . that in His discussion with Pilate, Pontius Pilate wanted to release Christ, and the Jews were screaming 'crucify Him.' So Pontius Pilate turns to Jesus and says: 'what am I going to do with you . . . your own nation turned you over to me, I don’t find any fault in you.' And then Jesus said, 'I want you to understand this. My Kingdom is not of this hour. If My Kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight and the kingdom would not be bestowed or given to the Jews.’

Now . . . as we listen to these words we think of what Jesus said . . . 'that if my kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight. And when the hour comes that I am about to bring in My Kingdom my servants are going to fight and the kingdom is not going to be given to the Jews.

As we approach the Day of the Lord, and we are approaching the Day of the Lord, we are approaching the day when Christ's Kingdom shall he established upon the face of the earth. We are all well aware that 1/6 of the world's population are white-Christian nations. We are all well aware that the church is established in these Christian nations. The church is established in our nation. Of course this nation is predominantly and overwhelmingly Christian. At the same time the strategy of the enemy has changed greatly, from a direct frontal assault to the strategies of moving in and getting control of the nations economically. And then utilize even this power to bribe and control the men in power and to seek skillfully control through them. I want to point out this. That when we speak of this subject that the Apostle Paul said:.. 'Have ye resisted yet unto blood, striving against these forces of evil, and this power of organized transgression.’ Have ye resisted unto blood'?? There can be no doubt of the fact that organized powers of darkness, the children of Lucifer, the Satanic powers against the church, are still waging war against the church. And they design to destroy the church . . . if that be possible.

And so we have this word of Jesus where He speaks out concerning this, and He said . . . In this hour my servants are going to fight. They are out going to take it tying down and they don't have to. Although they are 1/6 of the world's population, they are one of the best armed in all the nations in the earth. The majority of people that are Christian, so far, they still all are Christian, and they are going to carry the battle against the hoards of Antichrist, the powers of darkness, as is being brought against them on the outside and on the inside of the nation. Now we can well understand that Christians at large are told by their church that they have nothing to worry about, and there is no problem inside of your nation, you don't have any trouble. But they do not understand that the children of the Antichrist have been going inside of your nation gaining areas of power and control and are about to seek to crack down on true Christians everywhere. They feel that they have enough authority and power.

The Scripture tells us that . . . ‘My servants are going to fight.' That this is one battle that Jewry is not going to win. And they are not going to gain any areas of influence that will be successful. Though in this latter day war, as they have during the periods of the peace system, there have been Christians that have been martyred. There have been Christians that have been captured behind the Iron Curtain, and we discover that powers of Antichrist have control in this matter. This creation of a Beast System on the face of the earth is a political system that operates according to the children of Lucifer, and has been well headlined under the programs of the Communism, from the lies of Communism to this hour. It has been financed by the children of Lucifer, it has been directed and spread by them, and they continue to spread throughout the areas of the world. During this time of the spreading behind the Iron Curtain, and across the eastern portion of Europe, which was Christian largely come under the bondage of Luciferian force. They have made war against the Saint's of the Most High God. And as the Book of Revelation says . . . 'They have been able to make war and even overcome them'. But they are not going to be climatic and they are not going to be sufficient to accomplish this area of their strategy.

I want to point out to you that where this may be partially true, the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation tells us, concerning the children of Lucifer, the Antichrist and the dragon. It tells us that the dragon is the old serpent, known as the devil and Satan. It also tells us in the 17th verse of this 12th chapter that the dragon is angry with the woman. And it is going to make war with all that remain and receive, and they have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. The dragon is angry with the woman. The dragon is angry with Christian civilization and makes war with Christian nations and all that have the testimony of Jesus Christ and the commandments of God.

By no stretch of the imagination then can someone come and take the church out of the area of battle and say that the church is not to battle against the Antichrist, and that it is not to be concerned about the program of Antichrist and the world. Because the church is going to be transmitted into the sky anyhow and is not going to be involved in this matter. And the Scripture tells us that the powers of the dragon are going to be battling against the church and Armageddon is going to be against God's Kingdom. The most powerful force inside of God’s Kingdom is going to be the church.

Now the strange thing is, is that there is a strange policy among whole areas of some so called fundamentalists that want to translate the church out of the world. Actually, if the church were taken out of the world there wouldn't be any single force left in the nations to battle the forces of Antichrist. So we are again to see that in the Day of the Lord, Jesus says . . . My servants are going to fight and the Kingdom is not going to be given to the Jews.

As we want to turn, for a moment, over into the Book of Revelation, and we discover that the scriptures are quite clear on this matter. And it tells us the strategy of the enemy. I want to call your attention therefore to this operation where . . . I beheld the beast coming up out of the earth . . . and what does it say? It says that in this area of power, the beast which causes both small and great, and rich and poor, to receive the mark of the beast in their right hand and in their forehead. But he doesn't make the church do this. While the declaration here is that he opens his mouth up with blasphemy, and it is given unto him, power, to make war with the Saints, and he overcomes some of them. Power is given to him over kindreds and tongues and the nations, but all that dwell in the earth worship him EXCEPT those people whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Which of course constitutes the House of Israel and the Church of the Most High God. All that dwell upon the earth worship him except those people whose names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Therefore by the Will of God and the knowledge of God, He wrote their names down in the Book of Life. . . . When? Before the foundation of world. How secure is your salvation? How secure are you? How secure is the Church of Jesus Christ? They are as secure as it is possible to be. For God wrote your names down before the foundation of the world in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Now. We move over to the declaration of the strategies of evil and we see here again the policies that have emerged in this hour. It says . . . 'I looked, and behold a white cloud and in that cloud was one that looked like the embodiment of the person of Jesus Christ, the son of man. And He had upon His head a golden crown and He had in His hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came up out of the temple of God crying with a loud voice to Him that sat upon the white cloud . . . and it is again with the symbols of clouds which are the craft's of the Most High, and the armies of the Most High. ‘And the angel cried out of the temple with a loud voice to Him, that sat upon the white cloud, thrust in thy sickle and reap. For the time has come for thee to reap and the harvest of the earth is ripe.' So therefore He that sat upon the cloud thrust the sickle in the earth, and the earth was reaped. Not the children of the Kingdom, not the Household of the Most High God were involved in this, but this was God taking a direct hand in a battle that is going to spread out over the earth. It is well spreading out from the areas of Asia and is moving into America. The Communist Union which is now ready to spring a vast trap and to start the areas of the Middle East in the Holocaust, is re-allied with the Soviet Union and is going to squeeze Arab nations, who are probably drawing their support from the Soviet Union, are suddenly going to be left in the lurch. The Soviet Union moves in to grab up the oil of Yemen, and to move in on Syria and these countries while Israel allies are stretching their hands towards Jordan and trying to take the Masque of Omar. Well as these battles move on, then note how that the whole world is going into an holocaust. And so therefore we see that another angel came out of Heaven, and this angel that came out from the altar had power over the fire, and cried with a loud voice . . . 'to him that hath the sharp sickle, thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, and her grapes are fully ripe. And the angel thrust in his sickle in the earth and he gathered the vine of the earth and he cast it into the great winepress of the judgement of the Most High God. And the winepress was trodden without the city.

Now . . . this is a pattern of victory which comes of course at the climax of the defeat of the powers of darkness, the forces of evil, and the children of the darkness. We are told also that in this hour as the forces of darkness gather and that Mystery Babylon is the hold of every foul and evil spirit. It is the hold of the children of darkness, the offspring of Lucifer, organized Jewry at its best. And it cites here that they wage war against the children of the Most High God. And God calls for His sons and His daughters to stand out from all of this and to oppose the powers of darkness. In fact when He cries out with a loud voice, then we see here that Babylon the Great will fall. And it tells you in the Book of Revelation in several places that Babylon the Great shall fall. And when Babylon shall fall then the children of the Most High will rejoice for judgment shall be given unto the hand of the Most High against Babylon the Great. We are told also that while the forces of darkness, the powers of evil, cry because their economic control is broken because their evil strategies of conquering the world has suddenly awry and they are going to cry, ALAS! ALAS! ALAS! For that great Babylon has fallen. But there comes another voice which is the cry of the Most High God to His people . . . Rejoice thou O Heaven, and all the holy Apostles, and all the holy prophets for thy God is now avenging you.

And a mighty angel will take the great millstone of God and will cast it into the city of violence. Not peacefully, not the end of a pack or a mission, there is not going to be a peace develop between them and God, but with violence will Babylon be brought down. Because the Day of the Lord has fully come and Babylon has been made drunk with the wine of all of the Saints and of the martyr's of the Most High. And this is found in this Mystery Babylon the Great, and this power of Antichrist, operated by the children of Lucifer . . . The blood of all of the prophet's and the blood of the offspring of God that has been slain upon the earth.

Now we have arrived at 1/6 of the world's population and we are still the most powerful force in the world. Make no mistake about it that the armies of the Antichrist may have more men, and more technique, but there is more on the side of the Kingdom God then there is on the side of the Antichrist. God is with you and certainly the technological advantage is with you and is far superior than that of the enemy.

Therefore in this hour we are told that we are not only going to battling outside, but we are going to be battling on the inside, because they will think to rise up then and with their framing operations they will seek to the delivery of the city of God, and to the justices and to the court's. But at the same lime the children of God's Kingdom are going to be alert.

We want to point out to you that God speaks concerning these people, and in the book of Isaiah in the 3rd chapter 19 vs., it says:... 'The shew of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.'

Now; Sodom was the city of the fallen angels that intermingled with the human race and produced these people that we call Jews from one end of the world to the other. Remember Jesus said, . . . 'ye are of your father the devil and the lust of your father ye will do.' And these people today are your enemy. They are the children of Antichrist who wage war against you and even their countenance bearing witness against them. And they will declare their sin as the sin as Sodom and hide it not. And the Most High declares that in the Day of the Lord that He shall bring down with greatness the powers of darkness. 'Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in all My holy mountains, saith the Most High God.'

Now this is chapter 2 of the Book of Ezekiel. When we discover therefore that we are the church, we are the Kingdom of God, we are the House of God in the Latter Days. Not only are we God's House, we are God's children, but we are the people that the Most High railed His offspring, or His Saint's. Now what did He declare? He said . . . ‘I shall sound the alarm in my holy mountain. All the inhabitants of the land, shall know that the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand. The Lord shall utter His voice before His army, for His anger is very great. And He, the Most High, is strong in His word, and the Day of the Lord shall be great, and shall be powerful and the enemy shall not be able to abide in it.'

So again God doesn't talk about peace, He talks about ending this period of time that you and I are in with BATTLE and with WAR And yet God promises you that a thousand can fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, no harm will come nigh you . . . that's if you are engaged in the struggle against the powers of darkness.

I was talking with a minister concerning the dangers of this LSD and I was quite angry about it and discussing it with him. He said:... 'Oh, but we have just got to get our minds on the things of God. We must not get our minds on any of these things. We must not be disturbed.' All right, this man was as silly and as foolish as anyone can be. Here we have his own young people at his own church scattered throughout the nations who are subject to this holocaust, this dope addiction, which is spread by Jewry and he says that we must get our minds off of these things. We must just think on the things which are good and the things which are fine. And if we think on these things then we are going to be all right. Why, this man, my friends, is as totally irresponsible as anybody ever could be, and he is not fit to be a clergyman in the House of God.

We are to battle against these forces of darkness in the Kingdom of God. We are to battle against it as they move into the Board of education as they begin to take over the volumes of books and changing them for the children today to be taught out of. Why, one book has just been passed by them here in the State of California, a book that is going to be used in our schools and it is totally fallacious. It pokes fun at George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, and it says that they didn't do well. It even tells how their business was not good. They say that George Washington was an old drunk. And this goes on and on running down the greatest of these men who began by the inspiration of God to begin the building of this country. It is a totally spurious book. At the same time this book talks about the greatness of our age, and it talks about the 'voice’ the communists, and said that this man had great philosophies and mighty ideas and was one of the great leaders of America. It talks about Martin Luther King as the great deliverer of all time. This is going to be a text book in your school. Then they talk about how the Negroes created and shared in this civilization, how they fought from Bunker Hill to the settling of the west, and were in the front of our inventions. When you get through with this book you will get the idea the Negroes created most of the inventions that we possess, and they have produced our greatest doctors that have been on the frontiers of discovery. Why you would think that you were an idiot, while they were leading you. 'This kind of a book is being pushed out into your schools along with the policies of integration. And they cite that integration is very successful in this country.

Are you supposed to fight against these things? Yes, you are supposed to come against these lies. Mr. Lafferty said that this was a great book. Then later said he hadn't read it yet. You, as Christians, should come against this book and say that it is not to be used in your schools. After all this is another one of those fantastic things. So we have this peculiar operation and it doesn't matter what the strategy is. In areas of your money then the program of Antichrist knows that there is great power in silver and gold, and he has been heaping it up unto himself. He wants you to surrender yourself unto the world program of socialism and communism, and the United Nations, which is his baby. As he does this then he says . . . we don't need gold or silver anymore, we will handle the money by checks and receipts, and the banks will handle the checks and receipts and everything will level off. The program of Antichrist is out to get you economically and educationally. He is out to destroy the minds of the youth through his patterns of LSD and other drugs, while at the same time placing in their minds the concept of revolution.

This, my friends, is what it means . . . 'have ye yet resisted unto blood?' The people who dare to resist against these forces are going to be triumphant just the same. He says that the one who loses his life for My names sake, the same shall find it. One of the strange things is that the Apostle Paul is a pattern too. Paul says: ... 'after the manner of man I have had to fight the beast by going into the ring of the Gladiators. I was captured, I was persecuted. But I knew that if I fought then I would win.' You might say . . . my, that is bad. That is worse than prize fighting. But the Apostle Paul said . . . I was resisting unto blood. When it came to the question of the Jews then the Apostle Paul speaks out in Thessalonians, you know. And he told some of the Christians that were followers of God in Judea, and he said . . . Now some of you may have suffered some of these things from this pressure, but I want you to know about the Jews here.' He said: ...they not only killed the Lord Jesus, but they persecuted us, they pleased not God, and they absolutely are contrary to all men.' So the Apostle Paul had his experiences. He would go out from city to city and the Jews would stir up everybody and they would throw stones at Paul, and throw stones at Barnabas. And when Paul would come in they would go to the Magistrate and they would charge him with sedition, and they would charge him with every foul thing. And if he had a proper Roman court then he could get some justice.

But they were fighting constantly the structure of the Christian church. So the Apostle Paul speaks out against this and he says:... ‘these are the children of Lucifer.' As a matter of fact one of them was a sorcerer that came against them and the Apostle Paul said . . . ‘ye don't have any part in this matter.’ Paul bound him, and of course this was one of the facet's of the holy church problem. He had discovered that under this whole operation that God speaks and says:... 'My day shall arrive when I shall sound My voice before My armies and My nations, and I shall utter My voice before the enemy. The Lord shall therefore be powerful in this day.

We turn again to the 3rd chapter of the Book of Joel . . . 'Behold, in those days the Lord is going to gather together the nations.' And at this time He is going to say to prepare them for war. 'Let all ye come down and beat your plough-shears into swords, your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weak say that I am strong. Assemble yourselves and come together, saith the Most High. Then will come My mighty ones, saith Yahweh thy Most High God. For He shall roar out of Zion, and His voice shall be heard, the heavens and the earth shall shake. The Lord shall be the hope of His people, He shall become the strength of the children of Israel.' Yet, He says that . . . ‘I want you to come forth and go to battle.'

It is a strange policy we see in so many people as we move into this hour. But they just don't want anyone to know what they believe. They don't say anything about it and maybe they hide out at home, but they are going to stay. Who wants to escape a battle that you are going to win? Who wants to escape the areas of testing when God says that a thousand are going to fall at your left hand, and ten thousand at thy right hand, and no harm is going to come neigh thee. Actually today, the quicker we cleanse the society of God's Kingdom of the enemies of His Kingdom the better off we are going to be. This will be done with legislation, it will be done with every legal means. And as they move into the various products of their race and seek to destroy you, seek to frame you, and seek to crush you, they are going to bring such a reaction in the nation that the nations will rise up like the Sword of the Lord and there will not remain one single Canaanite in the House of the Lord.

So God speaks with His voice and He utters His word, and the word of God will stand sure and sound. There can be little question about the fact that God has called on the church to resist the darkness and to be willing to fight and defend itself in this Latter Day, and to carry an unrelenting law against every policy and every strategy of the children of Antichrist that exists in the world. So as we see this army growing and establishing with its strength the program of the Most High, we read here again in Daniel and he said:... ’Therefore, I would know the truth of the powers of the fourth beast, and I would know what he had in mind. There were ten horns upon his head. And he said . . . I looked upon him and I saw that it was more than his fellows. I beheld that this horn made war with the Saints in the Latter Days.' This horn, out of the beast system made war with the Saints and prevailed against them. And the Ancient of Days, and the judgement that was given unto the believing offspring of the Most High, said the time has come and the Saints shall possess the Kingdom.’ Therefore they went to war. And it tells us here that the Saints of the Most High God are going to take and possess the Kingdom forever, and forever, and forever. For as this man spoke out great things against the Most High God, that had the power of the darkness, as the hoards of world Communism began to spread conspiracies. Spreading out from the hands of this beast that is referred to as such, and the beast is a man speaking powerful forces against the Kingdom of the Most High His armies are made out of beast peoples who are children of Lucifer. So the Most High will work a great judgment against him, and He is going to take away his dominion. He will consume and destroy it as the end of Daniel's prophecies are made quite clear.

Now therefore, it is because of this that Daniel says:.. 'I saw the end of the matter, and I saw the battle of the Saints of the Most High, and the coming of the Most High with His army from Heaven and that they defeated the whole of Antichrist in the Day of the Lord.'

So now we are moving into a period of time that is known as 'The Day of the Lord.' It is a combination of the conditions sweeping across the world. When you turn over to the Book of Zechariah then it tells us about one of the things that God is going to have to do is to save the tents of Judah first; the Germanic people are on the edge of onslaught by the Soviet Union and from eastern Europe then you’ll have to save the tents of Judah first because God said . . . ‘l am going to sound forth my alarm, I am going to battle for them as I battled for them in the days of old. You are going to save the tents of Judah first and then you are going to battle for Zion, for my people Israel.’ And He said that we are going to battle against all of the whole hosts of earth. God speaks about the technological things of the battle such as the gas which is used will dry out the eyes of the sockets, and leave them as holes in their heads, when they come against My people.

He also talks about the powers of disintegration that will come from the Atomic bomb. When Peter talks about this, he said . . . the elements are going to dissolve with fervent heat and the whole pattern of the earth order is going to pass away. The Kingdom of God is going to stand back amazed as they carry on their battle as the weapons of the heavenly fleets are turned loose on these cities of Asia.

You are again told in the Book of Esdras that these cities will turn to powder and dust. But I want you to see again that this whole strategy of the Scripture, from one end to the other, from the Old to the New Testament, that every portion of it is the resistance of God's Kingdom against the powers of Darkness. There was maybe not the possibility of successful resistance in the day when Christ was crucified, but Jesus told Pilate that . . . "The hour will come, and the Kingdom is at hand when My servants are going to fight."

Our Kingdom is not going to be given over the Jews, or the children of Lucifer, the sons of Satan. So with this theory and this Strategy so well functioning we can well say again that we are on God's side, we are on the winning side and the House of the Most High will be successful.

You know . . . we have some Strange things going on and it would be an interesting thing if we knew all of the strategies that the Pentagon and the areas of officialdom are undertaking in our nation. In fact I think that one of the things that Christians ought to do is find out a little bit more about these things and then remove these men from power. We ought to impeach them, we ought to remove them and elect Christians to every job over the United States of America. This is the majority for the operation for success.

Did you know that Defense Secretary Robert MacNamara has invoked full power of National Emergency Censorship? Why? He wants to prevent the American people from knowing that a powerful radio transmitter which is located in Red China is jamming the giant United States Naval Communications Center at the NW cape in western Australia, and virtually all of our Pacific areas for sending secret messages. And total control of the war effort in the Asiatic sphere is being jammed by radio signals right now in China. Why is MacNamara covering it up? Because the Red Chinese purchased electronic components for their jamming transmitter from the Sony Factory in Tokyo, and the Japanese manufacturers of electronic equipment were released from the United States to start trading with Red China. And they were told that they could sell them anything. We wanted them to build up their trade with Red China. We wanted them to gain areas of finance from China. This is the shortest sighted operation that your nation ever undertook and it was done by the sympathizers of the Soviet Union.

Now. So the Japanese manufacturers built the electronic units to make the United States Military specifications including the anti-jam-link. And the moment that the Chinese engineers got the United States Military advanced integrated circuitry that employed this general spectrum, and the spread-spectrum band, and to preserve its communications integrity, all they had to do was to unscramble it, and they created the interference radio transmission. And now the Pentagon must make a reappraisal of all of its communication systems in the Pacific, and they have to do it right now and are running under great pressure. And as they attempt to do this, they are the ones that told Japan . . . ' we want you to trade with Red China, and we want you to supply them and build up your business.' So now we have our total area of security transmission, and our Naval security transmission . . . and secrets are now wide open to the enemy, and the enemy can jam all of your transmissions. It is no secret then that Japan is carrying on trade with Red China and at the same time working on defense department contract's to supply all our war machines. And the American techniques have been utilized with advanced Chinese and military hardware, and Red China is no longer dependent on the Soviet Union for the weapons of war because it has developed a high and technical set of manufacturers that are putting out small arms, large tanks. They are putting out missiles and equipment. And some of them are well back beyond the mountains. Once again Red China is independent of the Soviet Union and is becoming a very powerful force. It is interesting that the one thing that has never been shut down is the powerful manufacturers of Red China as they produce these war machines. These plants are ran night and day.

We are definitely approaching the days of the Hour of the Lord and the areas of trouble. We are wanting to show you that the areas of our nations administration are the most foolhardy that we have ever had in the United States. They say that we are not battling Communism, but the political strategy of the beast system with its programs of world communism and socialism to drive a defense deep into the heart of your nation. This is the hour when your nation is going to wake up. Surrealism is going to become, . . . not the great and tremendous operation that it now is with all the boom-dog of administration, but it is going to become one of the most despised systems in the history of your nation. And the people are going to wake up with suddenness to throw out the hands which have perpetrated the areas of your surrender and your design. We are going to see the greatest periods of all human history just ahead of you as God awakens His society and calls . . . He says: 'I will sound My alarm in Zion. I am going to raise up My mighty army. They are going to stand, and they are not going to break rank.’ He says. . . . ‘I am going to wake them up and cause them to stand.’ This is already happening in America, from one end of the country to the other. Then God says. . . . ‘I am going to turn this army against all these that have come into My society, and into My land that have spoken falsely and done falsely to My people. I am going to cleanse My land, from one end to the other.’ Now. . . . That’s a good start.

I think that the church is going to speak out against all the policies of darkness, all of the programs of evil, and it is going to lift up the Name of Christ, and they are going to recognize that the children of Antichrist must be identified. We will stay with the old Scriptures to do this, and it is going to be hard for anyone to pass legislation that will refuse the right to use the Holy Scriptures in this great Christian Nation.

Now; we are going to speak to you next week on the development of world events. Our subject is going to be ‘The Offspring of God.’ The Apostle Paul has some things to say about this. The Book of Acts talks about this and we are going to discuss this subject concerning the Offspring of God. Then we will also read about . . . ‘Ye have heaped Treasure together for the last days.’ This is an amazing prediction and we are going to discuss how these people have heaped their treasure and how they plan on using it, and what's happening to it, and what is going to happen to it.

(End of this message)