Revelation Of God's Spirit To The Church, 7-21-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-21-63

A most significant thing is that there is not a period of time in which there is not a direct revelation or a continued message for the household of God. The church has a very unique responsibility because it is God's Oracle. As an institution, it was to be a spiritual assembly in the house of God's Kingdom. There has not been any period of time when God has left HIS Church without the pattern of revelation. There does not exist in the mind of God a multitude of churches. There exists only one great and united Church. There exists today a great multitude of denominations, and there exists within them a great number of Christians, and these Christians make up the church. But I point out to you this afternoon, that the church as far as God is concerned, is not Methodist or Baptist, for God is not a Methodist and HE is not a Baptist. And HE does not belong to the Presbyterian Church. There is no denomination with which HE particularly identifies with this afternoon. Tho we have no war within the spiritual incite and development, which may have taken place under the leadership of a lot of these denominational leaders in the times past. It is also a significant thing that when God brings a Revelation unto men, HE has to have a procedure by which to communicate. It has been thru this procedure that HE spoke unto HIS Patriarchal leaders and unto HIS prophets. HE speaks unto those that believe that HE is, and unveils HIS wisdom unto those who seek it. More than that, HIS course of action has been thru HIS own ministry, HIS own embodiment. HE has addressed Himself to HIS apostles and HE has raised up a ministry. And of course, in the instance of the history of the church since its founding as such, God has spoken unto HIS people thru the instruments of the patterns of revelations. God speaks unto HIS ministers who seek to know what it is that HE would unveil.

Now when God makes communication, God is Spirit. And because HE is Spirit, HE is Eternal. HE is an Eternal being before all things and before all things were put together. We must recognize that the dimensions of spirit are the areas of energy and form by which all of the Universe is held together . . . by the electronic world and all of the material world substances are classified and has its form and is held together in its positions. There are many things which we can behold. Everything which you and I have a capacity to see, everything which we visualize except the plans of withdrawal and the natural patterns of the forest, and everything which you put your eyes on are the result of thought and form. In this room there is nothing . . . except the people in it are not a matter of thought and form which has passed thru your hands as a race and a people to form. And you yourselves, have originated in the thought forms of the MOST HIGH GOD. You existed in HIS foreknowledge. And as such, your existence and your timing of Celestial birth and your physical entrance into a physical world was known unto HIM even before the conscious pattern of your existence was formulated. Therefore, we may say that the world and all that is in it, is all that there is. And all of the Universe which you see has existed in form or in pattern and thought. Even out of the opposition patterns of error, even the forces of darkness which wage war against God's Kingdom, everything which they symbolize, has existed in their patterns of thought and in their form of consciousness. So we are very much concerned today with the areas of thinking and with the processes of shape and of form, all of the areas of environment and all areas thru which we pass. I think it most significant then that we know and understand that God communicates with HIS people thru the area of their conscious pattern of perception and thru the areas of spiritual understanding. Since you are children of spirit and there exists in this physical body the essence of a son or daughter of God, then God can communicate with the spirit within that is seeking to know. You have a pattern of remembrance, a deep soul consciousness that is the living ego that is you. It is by this process that you read and develop this pattern of understanding, and store and reserve the experiences which are yours. You are the sum total of these experiences. You are the sum total of the processes of all which you are a part of or of all that you have been thru. In this same process, we understand also that the soul consciousness draws out of the senses, and that in the essence of God's purpose, the very structure of the body which we dwell in, is very wonderfully contrived. For in the creative patterns of the MOST HIGH, the body which you possess is exactly like God's body when HE possesses one. HE is Spirit, Soul and body. And HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. It did not require improvement, for it was perfect in the day when it was formed. Thus, we the children of the MOST HIGH, are resident in a very delicate balance. And in the areas of this instrument, this body which we dwell in, is one of the greatest scientific marvels of all times. The patterns of the spirit and the point between emotions, and the pattern of the senses clearly delineates the brain and the process of its function and has become an astounding study for more medical understanding in our times. But of all of these patterns, we bring this to your attention, that the areas in which God has brought communication unto HIS people thru out all times is thru HIS Spirit, and unto those who have the capacity to receive it.

We are well aware of this. God has spoken thru HIS prophets and thru HIS leaders and thru HIS ministry. One of the great problems we have today in the great denominational churches of America and thru out the world, is that we have too few Clergy who know how to seek the knowledge of God. We have too few clergy today who have had the experience which John possesses, which starts in the book of Revelation. For he was on the Isle of Patmos for the name of the LORD. Of course, we well understand today why so few ministers have been exiled for the name of the LORD. Whereas John withstood Jewry, today too many Clergy are trying to get along with Jewry. I can assure you this afternoon, that you cannot get along with Jewry and with God at the same time. The Apostle Paul made this quite clear as he said these people were against God and contrary to all men.

I point out therefore, that in the facets of Divine purpose, that Revelation is continually open to the house of God concerning their relationship to Divine purpose and how you would have them before. John says that this was on the Isle of Patmos, and it was on the LORD'S Day, but whether in the spirit. But he as on the Isle of Patmos, for he had been exiled there for the name of the LORD, of course, by the power of Jewry. And it says that he was in the spirit on the LORD'S Day. Of course, one reason why we do not find a pattern of Revelation coming across every pulpit across the nation is that there are very few Clergy who are in the spirit on any day, let alone on the LORD'S Day. In the instance of this they do not know what John is talking about. They have no idea as to what he is talking about. They have the idea that he must have gotten out of his body or something like that, or something within this nature. But to be in the spirit on the LORD'S Day is to be in adjustment with the receptive patterns of God's mind, until the illuminated picture in the seat of the human consciousness is erected before the awareness of the individual. It is like a panorama of an event, or like the panorama of an unfolding thought, until John was able to see the things which were in the mind of Divine purpose, in the relationship to himself and to the churches. So in this instance, he hears and sees and catches the revelations from the majesty of God. He hears a voice, and this voice says that HE is The LORD God Almighty. And he then finds out that the LORD God Almighty is YAHSHUA . . . that he knew as Jesus the Christ. I point out to you that there were a lot of people who did not behold Christ in the flesh, but will behold Christ in the flesh in the days which are to come. They will behold HIM transformed, and illuminated and enveloped, being like those who saw HIM after HIS Resurrection. For HE said, ‘Come here and touch this body, for it is not spirit, it is flesh and bone and you can touch and handle it.’ If you do not think that the glorified and resurrected Christ had a body, then that is something that you should know about. The disciples knew about this. And HE had a body and always will have one. For the physical Universe is as much a part of God's Universe as is the Celestial plains in form. The most significant thing is that God continues to speak and to unveil HIS purpose to this household, unto this HIS people. This is of special importance because the church has a special responsibility here in 1963, than in any other time in history, because we are coming up to a tremendous climax. Forces involved are vibrating on every plain of their capacity in existence. The forces are now clearly outlined as the forces which are of God's Kingdom and the forces which are against God's Kingdom. There is no middle road. There are no people who can say we are neither for nor against God's Kingdom. We are just standing by to watch what takes place. Because if you are absolutely neutral, you are surely helping the enemy. And you are an obstructionist and in the way. And in this instance, this program as to what is destroying the world is coming out to its conclusion. When the matter of the weeks and months of events which have been foretold of the ages will be taking place. And you will be a participant in this channel of events.

Now this is not a declaration of doomsday. As we have cited to you, there have been all kinds of prophets of doomsday and they have existed in all ages and in all times. And they keep telling you as to when the world is about to end. They thought it would be profitable to persuade someone else that the world was about to come to an end. We have had a great number of them within our own nation, and they have been in practically every branch of the Christian faith. They have moved in practically every denomination. And some even formed a denomination of their own. Each would tell us about some great catastrophe that would wipe out the earth and that the end of the world had come, so therefore, get ready to fly off into space, or find some safe place to protect us from a world about ready to be destroyed.

As I point these things out, we are not talking about our environment or the things which surround us as doomsday. There is no doomsday for the creation of God. There is no doomsday for the earth, and there is certainly no doomsday for the Kingdom of God. But there is a day which is known as 'The day of the LORD,’ and some of the prophets foresaw some of the tremendous energies that were involved. They were swept with fear and awe at the power they saw in their vision. And under the illuminance pattern of their vision many of them looked upon the terribleness of the hours which were ahead and they thought to reprimand people by telling them about the tremendous forces involved.

Now of course, there is within the patterns of fear, and within the patterns of descriptions sometimes, that which affects the behavior of people. But the program of God's Kingdom today, is not to frighten people into being good. It is not, my friends, an attempt by the fear of things which are ahead, to cause people to take on an aspect of fear as they look at God and wish to postpone what is coming, in these patterns of events. Whenever there is an interpretation of the panorama to God's people thru the words of the prophet or thru anything which God has demonstrated and would cause HIS people to be frightened of God rather than to draw unto HIM as HIS family, there is now a human element that has invaded understanding. And as such, is not accomplishing what truth and Revelation was to provide.

I point out that we are living in a climactic hour. That the message which God gave to the churches involves all of the periods in which the church, in mentality of revelation, would pass. It also spoke of the climactic hours that you and I are living in. And of the challenges before us. It spoke of the attitude of the hours of organized religion that identified itself with Christianity in the days in which you and I are now living in.

Now there is one thing about the scripture and about revelation. There is no limit on time as to what God understands and there is no area where HE limits the pattern of revelation. For instance, HE unveiled to John who wrote the book of Revelation, several thousand years of history which was ahead, and then into the ends of the panorama of time which was far, far ahead. HE also unveiled unto John, the channels of events which happened before this creation and things which took place in the Universe even before the world was framed. HE unveiled unto John, the panorama of history which reached back over thousands and thousands of pre-Adamic history, and rolled sometimes, the whole sequence of things that John had rolled up into a single scroll of a given chapter. This is exactly why it was named Revelation. This is exactly what Jesus the Christ gave unto John to unveil unto the church. Why? Because the church was to be a dynamic force inside the nations of God's Kingdom. Our problem today in understanding the things of God has been a denominational problem. There have been the creations of doctrines and creeds. And basically it all related to one great responsibility. This was to try to save someone’s soul and get them into heaven. That is a very admiral design if there was any question as to whether or not their Celestial consciousness was going to get there, and nothing happened to them. Of course, the attitude of the scripture is very clear: ... ‘He that saves the soul is wise.’ It covers up a multitude of errors and transgressions of sins. But the process of saving the soul was for the benefit of the soul and for the elimination of the areas of error. Because Salvation is a working application of Divine power to take people out of trouble all of the time, not when they die, but when they live. You do not need salvation to take care of you when you die. You need salvation from the areas of transgression and error while you live. This is the reason why when it refers to the areas of the ministry of God in the earth . . . ‘HE came to bring a great salvation, HE did not come to condemn or destroy. HE came to bring life so that they might have it more abundantly. HE came to save them from their transgressions. HE did not come to save them from Himself. HE did not come to place them in some kind of fear for HIS own person or HIS own nature. HE did make it clear to those that serve the powers of darkness that were the offspring of Lucifer, who HE thoroughly understood with the knowledge which was possessed by him, had no capacity to understand the areas of spiritual Truth. Jesus made it quite clear to the Jews who were HIS antagonists that HE was not one of them, but identified them clearly in their day, that HE was a Galilean and of a different pattern than they were, even in their attitudes among themselves. So in this instance, HE spoke to them and HE said, ‘You cannot understand my speech and you cannot understand my words, and I understand that, and I do not expect you to be any different than your father; so I am going to outline you as being just like your father.’ He made it no secret they were just like their father and that was where they came from.

Now in these areas as we talk about what God wants the church to know, it is quite obvious as to what Jesus said that HE wanted them to know. More than that, HE told HIS apostles that these things were to be told; that they were to be passed on thru out the ages to come; and blessed were those who had not seen these things and yet believed them.

Now as this related to the nature of God, HE outlined the fact that HE was and did possess all power. Even told HIS adversaries that the day would come that these HIS very adversaries would be surprised to find that HE would be coming out of the heavens with great power and glory. In other instances, HE referred to HIS tremendous power and control of the Universe. And HE said, ‘I can gather my Household from the four corners of the heavens. I can bring in great and mighty fleets out of the heavens. And one of these days I am going to use these mighty hosts in the earth. I am going to gather out everything which would injure or hurt, and take every plant that the spirit has not planted. I will pluck it up by the roots and put it where it belongs.’ There are a lot of things which God says he is going to do and which people don't want to see happen. They do not want to see this happen for they have been opposing the patterns of God. They have been serving a fallen Archangel. And this fallen Archangel is no longer and Archangel in his fallen condition, he is just a devil. If the Father makes an Archangel out of him again, they won't like that either at the present time. But don't you worry about God doing what HE said HE was going to do. HE said HE was going to see this happen. Every knee is going to bend and every tongue is going to declare that HE is God. Even the devil is going to do that. In pointing this out, HE said as HE spoke to all of HIS holy prophets since the world began, and we have this revelation in the book of Acts, and HE said that HE is going to make a restitution of ALL THINGS. And HE has declared this to all of the holy prophets since the world began. Sometimes however, this is reaching into the infinite patterns of Divine Grace. And some people are just not set up to receive infinite truth and they have to work on a finite level. And some have to learn line upon line and precept upon precept. But as far as the Grace of God is concerned, the Grace of God is one of those overwhelming patterns of Divine revelation because of all of these things. HE said, ‘I SHALL LOSE NOTHING.’ As to the people who have dwelt in earth, and in the processes of physical error, many of them have been out of races which are distinctly different than yours, with different spiritual capacities . . . but they still dwelt in the flesh. There have been Angels who did not keep their first estate, and they mongrelized and produced inassimilable people in the world. This is a Bible understanding of racial trash and crisis, facing you which you must know. But to the Father, each and every one of these areas shall be subordinated to HIS control. In the patterns of all of these situations in the patterns of all of these who have dwelt in the flesh, of everything which has dwelt in a physical dimension HE says that eventually ALL FLESH SHALL BE SAVED. Not some . . . but all.

Now the responsibilities and what God intends to do . . . and you are going to coexist with HIM. And what God intends to do in the days to come is not to eliminate your responsibilities, for the time in which you are existing and for the time which takes you into these processes. There are a lot of people, because God has unveiled HIS Grace and HIS mercy the ultimate pattern in which HE treats the human consciousness, and the events HE brings before HIM, a surrender, and brings this to past no matter into how many dimensions this is carried. And in the earth eventually, to demonstration this manifestation. The fact remains that because God ultimately intends to do these things and is carrying them out, there is no shortening of HIS purpose, there is not slowing down of the process, everything is going along on a Divine plan. And then they say since God is going to do this, we just as well sit back and let HIM run it. We will just sit back and not participate. We will just get in the middle of the road and then we will not be disturbed. Well, my friends, I want you to know that you have never been relieved of being my Father’s son or daughter. You have never been relieve of carrying out this responsibility of the reason you were sent into the world. And remember that you are here in a life span of God's foreknowledge. Remember that not only did HE foreknow us, but HE positioned us in the earth in this very life span that you are living in. In the day of your birth, in the life span of God's purpose, you were selected for this hour. You do not have any responsibilities for the hours of yesterday. You have no responsibility and no account measure for those things which occurred before your time. But you are a part of those experiences for you inherited those things and it patterned your culture and the sheer magnitude of accumulated pattern of human understanding. These patterns of experience are yours also. Neurologists understand this and psychiatrists are still amazed, and the ability to pass from generation to generation by the chromotin, these areas of remembrance. And these patterns of experience have given you a great cultural wave, a great affinity to your responsibility as you, by progression, step in to take up that torch which was passed to you by your forbearers. In this instance, it is along this great pattern of God's great design and identity that HE has called for the maintenance and the preservation of the areas of species. HE has called for the preservation of your race. And HE has called you and commanded you, and given you a Divine law to never accept integration . . . mongrelization of your blood stream. You a member of God's Household if you accept this Bible as a set of inspired pattern of revelation . . . and not all revelation is in here. But there is quite a lot of it in here. And in this Bible it says that you are to maintain and preserve your spiritual and racial integrity. You mutate this physical body and you mutate the avenues of perception. And you are violating Divine Law and cannot put forward a progeny out of a mutated species that is of the image of the father, unto which the father can be a father because of what it contains. This is the reason why the Apostle Paul, and thru the church, and unto the nations, told them that they were not to permit this mongrelization, not to join themselves to the bodies of these other races. And he said this is because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, because HIS spirit abides in YOU. And ‘their’ bodies are the temples of idols. For the consciousness in them worships gods that are no gods, and behind them is a culture of paganism and evil.

Now you cannot please God by trying to please a world order which has decided to do everything which it can to mutate God's law. And they would think to give it a new image, or to make it appear that if you support the laws of God, and you demand the maintenance of certain areas of Divine status, that you are backward, that you are a part of a reactionary age. And because of this, you are no longer in step and you are an impairment to progress. There is an attempt upon the part of the college of darkness to create a false image, and to give an image of reactionary resistance, and to make it appear as tho it was evil and inhumane. So you see they are attempting to make evil appear good, and to make good appear evil. Thus, people have become concerned as to the attitude of the world order as it relates to them.

I want you to know this afternoon, that as sons and daughters of God you must once more recognize that you are a superior society and have a superior origin. You must know that you have a superior experience, that you are spirit of HIS Spirit and life of HIS Life, even as HE said that you are flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone. And as such there is a higher responsibility upon you as sons and daughters of God than their is on your opposition. I also point out that we have long been instructed that the friendship of the world order is the enmity of God. So you cannot serve God and please the world order. It does not make any difference if you think you are doing good, you cannot serve the world order and please God. And even when you do what the world order asks you to do, they do not thank you for it. For instance you have been seeking thru your economic strength and your ingenuity, your by-product of vision and initiative, you have been subsidizing the world, trying to enhance the world and carry out a policy which increases their strength and in all of this policies. Do they like you any better? No. They take everything that they can get. And when they get thru, they demand more and then they turn and join your enemy.

I think we have had ample opportunity to see this in the last few weeks. We have also had an opportunity to see that everybody who says LORD, LORD, is not led by the spirit of God. There are many people today in the evangelistic world who say LORD, LORD, and then try to serve the World Order at the same time. For instance, let’s take a look at where the Colonial instincts of God's children have lifted up the standards, and the identity of a true and proper God. They have lifted up the standards of Christ and repudiated the Witch Doctors, and because it was in power and in force as to what it could do. They not only enforced the things that when the people violated the laws of God, and they operated under the evil and brutality of the Witch Doctor then British law says you cannot do that. We have soldiers here to see that you obey. You cannot eat one another. You cannot do all of these practices of the past, so you must stop. Of course, this was for their benefit. But they did not have the intelligence to understand that. There were some of those who even embrace the areas of spiritual unveiling as far as their soul consciousness was capable. There were those who started to become a part of advancing civilization. We have had a chance to see that. But we also have had a chance to see that the World Order was building a super World State. It was fulfilling that which Jesus had unveiled unto John. This was the building of the Beast System, a big political order which wanted to bring in all nations and rule the world. And continually in the guise of economic and political operation would step into suppress the program of God's Kingdom. In your day, you have watched this. And you have in your day, passing up previous instructions, entered into something which God told you not to enter into.

Now I do not care if there are agents here or who they represent, or if they represent different branches of the government. When America entered into the United Nations, they violated Divine Law and they violated the areas of blessings. They subjected America to a great chastisement. And we are participating in this chastisement today. I want you to know that according to the laws of God, we are not only to get out of this area of evil, but the spirit showed John the pattern and then called for the children of God to come out of her ‘oh, my people.’

Now we point to one of the nations which is an instance of this. We point to the nation of Ghana which is a powerful new nation in Africa. It was created by Internationalists, One Worlders of the United States who worked with the United Nations to put their pressure on to separate this state from the British Empire. So--what do we know about Ghana this afternoon? Well, we know that their leader was a powerful force from the Witch Doctors and from the family of Encuma. We also know that because he was a powerful influence, and was advised by the Witch Doctors, he knew how to put a good picture up in front of people. He knew a little more about Witch Doctor psychiatry than some of the others. In fact, we have watched the creation of this state, and we have watched a lot of things happen since then. A man of report, a man who should have had vision from God, visited Mr. Encuma. Missionaries had been there. But this man then said, ‘My, what a wonderful man this Encuma was. He is the greatest Christian I have ever met.’ Then just a few months after that he ate his mother-in-law. So what do I think about that? Well, I think this Evangelist did not have a lot of vision. He just had a lot of talk. I don't think that someone who would eat his mother-in-law would have been classified by me as being the ‘greatest Christian that ever lived.’ I would have know to begin with that this person lacked the spiritual capacity and that it would be marked by his way of life and his capacity to understand, and marked by the things which he did.

Now I am going to tell you that you cannot make the greatest Christian that ever lived out of someone who in their background has no spiritual capacity and only understands the witch doctors. Well, we watch the turning of time, and Ghana becomes a nation, and Mr. Encuma becomes Mr. Kennedy's guest, even tho some of the little restaurants along the way did not have him for breakfast. The President had him in the White House. And then a year ago Billy Graham went down to see him a second time. And Mr. Graham said of him, ‘this is one of the greatest leaders, one of the finest Christians I ever met.’ And he still had some of his mother-in-law in him. The strange things about this is that about eight months ago in a decision that he did not like, this great ruler liquidated all of the all of the officials in their parliament who did not agree with him. This was just a democratic procedure, you know. But we are paying millions of dollars for this evidence of culture. Then last week, I think, we had the whole thing, the toppings of the whole thing transpire. For again you see the ministers who were speaking out of the mind of the World Order, and not out of the blueprint of God's Kingdom, were still talking about this magnificent man . . . this Christian. And last week, Ghana became one of the Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union. So you just spent 37 billion dollars to build someone into the camp of your enemy, while you were being told that this was spiritual and a great achievement. And these people were magnificent and they were better Christians than they found over here. No wonder the scripture says they say . . . ‘LORD, LORD’ and HE says, ‘I do not know who you are.’ You do not have the same plan, the same program.

I point out to you this afternoon, that in these problems that beset our society, the blueprint like this that has the acceptance of the world order but is in opposition to God's pattern and purpose, and here we are in the very organization which created this monstrosity even at this time.

Now significantly, when we talk about the revelation of God for this pattern, the revelation of God and what the spirit was to unveil was quite clear. John was seeing the proper sequence of what was to happen,

and Joel was the prophet for your day. Some will say that he lived way back there in a time before the time of Christ, about 800 B.C. Well, but he was the prophet for your race and for this day. He spoke about things which were way ahead. And he talked about things which were so far ahead that they did not affect his time. But he had the revelation and he put it down. And we still have it for this day.

Now when I point this out again, we are not talking about Doomsday. We are talking about the struggle, the forces, the reactions, the balance and unbalance of laws and things that are going to happen historically. But we are also talking about what is to transpire, as the Father put HIS Universe together. You want it to hold together and HE knows how to empower you to achieve great victories over the powers of darkness in this day. So about 2700 years ago, HE told a man something about this day. And this man could amply describe this day. This does not cause me to lay this aside, but to have profound respect for his great vision and realization of what he is talking about.

Now let me make this very clear. Many people are fighting from what has prophetically been unveiled because they have been told by so many that this is to happen and that is to happen. And then it never happens. Well, there is always one rule. If the thing comes to pass, you know that it was true, and if it does not come to pass, you know that it was created and not inspired. But the issue that is being used today to turn men from foreknowledge is to try to point out the areas of human failure in which people imagine things. And maybe it was a case of indigestion instead of spiritual revelation. I can assure you that we do not take a lot of stock in all kinds of dreams and visions. But we are aware that we are living in an age when God can unveil to the human consciousness by dream or vision by this process which John refers to as he said he was in the spirit on the ‘LORD's Day.’ He can set up this sequence of events and make this known unto HIS ministers. If this capacity of illuminating the seat of the individual is no more in existence no more then there is no area and no possibility of spiritual and supernatural influences in your faith. If the living force of Christianity is no more the great force for your culture and for your race, and has supernatural power, then, my friends, it is all over for you. Some say, ‘what is supernatural power?’ This is just power greater than is generated by the physical body. They are above natural forces. And I can assure you that they are above natural forces. And if you are not aware of that then you are an impoverished people. I can think of no person today who is an area of intellectual or impoverishment more than an agnostic who does not receive the directed power of an Eternal God who not only directs personality and vision but can direct that power over HIS sons, who, they as receivers, can participate. There are a lot of people who can participate in a lot of things which they are not aware of, but they do not participate because they are not aware and they have never applied them.

In this instance, the prophet Joel looked ahead to your time. And we know that he caught a technological vision, because long before the technology arrived in the states, and the prophet Joel looked out to see what transpired down here in the New Mexico desert, when we started to experiment. The things that happened at El Marge, the things that happened in the world in a quick sequence of events, from the time that we started to take apart and unwrap the atom, and we started to release these small amounts of stored substances in these molecular small amounts. In fact, as the atom was disrupted and tremendous heat and explosion took place, Joel saw this. He saw the great explosions. He saw the great pillar of fire and the umbrella of smoke. And he saw that it was in this area when this pillar of fire and umbrella of smoke took place. He saw that it was in this area that these prophecies given to him would take place in the earth. In this instance, to show you what he is talking about, he said these things would take place in the earth when we would see these tremendous pillars of fire and smoke, as the sun would be darkened and the moon would give forth no light, or would appear as blood. In fact, I think that the last great nuclear test in the Pacific made such a strange scene over the Hawaiian Islands, that it turned the sun to darkness and the moon to blood and whole areas of the day. And it frightened the residents of the day who did not know what had been upset. But you are living in one of these strange periods.

Now listen to what the prophet Joel has to say: --- ‘The people are going to say---what a strange day---but remember that YAHWEH’S manifestation is about to be revealed.’ And he tells us that something has happened. And in parts of the earth, this will be most demonstrated--the seed is rotted in the clod and does not seem to come out to bring the springtime harvest. What is the matter with it? Something has gone wrong. Something has affected the life structure of even the seed planted in the garden. The scripture says that some of our meat has been cut off before our eyes. The seed is rotten in the clod, the gardens lay desolate. And even the barns have been broken down by the strange forces and the corn is withered. The beasts of the field, these the animals the beef or cattle, are groaning and are perplexed. Why? Because there is no grain coming up. There is no grass growing. Something has happened and animals are even perplexed. They say, ‘Behold, where has our pasture gone?’ And they are whimpering in the night. He is talking about the cattle being disturbed and the sheep in their strange whimper which moves upon them because, ‘behold there is no grass growing.’ The prophet Joel then says that the fire has destroyed a large part of the pasture and even destroyed a large part of the wilderness. In the mighty wilderness where there are no cities, also feel this effect. This strange development has not only devoured the grass, but it has also affected the growth of the plants. And the beasts and the animals dependent upon it are having a time to find enough to eat. And it says, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, where do I turn for the fire is now devouring the wilderness and the flame has burned all of the trees of the field. Waters of streams have dried up. Even some of the great river of waters. And the fire has devoured pastures that were in the wilderness.’ This is talking about nuclear warfare in your time. But it is in this day when God calls for HIS mighty army. HE calls for HIS people HE raises up HIS force because you are going to battle against this mighty force.

Now let me point out something here that is quite clear . . . that these forces coming down out of the north, the communist forces that are involved. But the prophet Joel is talking about what God is going to do. He says in this day, in the time of these conditions, HE is going to do some things. HE is going to send special developments that will affect you. And it will end up destroying all of the parasites and the plagues. God is going to pour out onto you all that is necessary to give unto you the great wealth of production of the areas of your agriculture and your food. God is going to turn this situation around. And more than this, HE said, 'I am going to pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters, upon my young men and my old men. And they are going to dream dreams and see visions, and they are going to know, in these days of the Nuclear bomb, with these great pillars of fire and of smoke. For they are going to know in that day, that there is going to be a deliverance unto them---all of them of thy Household, and all who call upon the name of the LORD.’

Now we are talking about a revelation given here by the spirit. And it was directed down unto your day. We have unusual events transpiring and climactic events which relate to the children of God's Kingdom. At times, HE puts just a little bit of this discussion done and then cites that HE will not tell them any more at this time, for they will not understand it. The Epistles that Paul writes, are not complete for our days. There was more in the 'Apocalypse of Paul' which they have kept from us. But in the Epistles, he writes that ‘I cannot tell you anymore now because you would not understand it.’

Now Paul was not trying to play coy with spiritual revelation. He was just putting out as much as he thought they could take at that time and would understand. But I point out to you something of importance. You, today, are following a strange course. For the powers of darkness in your nation have surrounded the areas of influence. They stand in the churches, and they stand as advisors around presidents. I had a special message delivered to me this morning from Strom Thurman. It came from an associate and friend who had been in Washington talking unto him. And he had brought about a group of 200 people together and he sent them back to certain people. He tried to get in touch with churches in certain areas, and he said, ‘I want you to know that I am in possession of the facts that this Administration is going all-out to get a ban on nuclear weapons, all out to bring about disarmament. And has offered complete capitulation, and is working as hard as it can to bring this about.’ And he said, ‘I want you to know that the catastrophe which lies ahead for America is that this administration is willing to surrender all resistance to Russia for the promise that she will not use nuclear weapons.’ He said, ‘Unless you can get this unto your church and every church then rises up and disperses this fantasy that they have against resistance or any opposition, unless they awaken everyone, then we are in trouble, and there is no organization that is as strong as the church.’ He said, ‘Unless the church has the power to stop this, then some of these rascals will give us all away.’

Of course, we do not have to work with this, for God Almighty has all of this reservoir. And his sons have the power to call it down too. If the enemy does not believe this, all they have to do is try us. If the enemy does not believe that there is going to be signs in the sky and fire down out of the heavens, then all he has to do is keep on pushing. And I can tell you this . . . that you are in this unusual period of time when God has promised that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And HE has promised that HE is going to knock down whole areas of the fallacy formed against you. But in doing this, HE tells you how HE is going to pour out HIS Spirit on HIS sons and HIS daughters---all Israel.

Significantly, let me point out this. There is a process that is at work now. It is affecting people who know and people who do not know. God is pouring out waves of light energy which are moving across the states at this time. The MOST HIGH is not only sending this wave of energy, but it is in the dimension of a light field. This is the plain of spirit and HE is Light and the Father of it. And ye are the children of Light. Remember that your race was begotten of incorruptible seed before the foundation of the world. It surrendered its aura and its light vitality when it violated Divine Law. This was the race law and it brought about the extreme conditions of the fall. The atonement covered the areas of the mistake. And one of the tremendous patterns was that God did not withhold HIS own life and HIS own blood. But poured it out as an Eternal sacrifice which was acceptable to HIM as Eternal God. But HE has restored and promised a restoration to you of everything which you ever lost. Your race lost a source of immortality, and also lost a source of power, but not complete did they lose the essence of it. For HE decided that each one of you possesses a spiritual seed and a hidden light quality hidden down inside of you. There was a ball of light which existed at the center of your being and had existed in all times. That light was in you and that spirit was in you. So I point out something of great significance to you, or this purpose which God unveiled. This is that now as these light particles move, it is like an ionization process. It is attracted to the substance which is the same. You are spirit of HIS Spirit and life of HIS Life. And because that quality is in you, HIS light may go all over the world like showers out of the heavens, but it only gathers and forms around you, and processes inside of you this energy factor which is related to it . . . like an ionization of substance which happens all of the time. Even modern science is watching this and is watching this great phenomena. Great nodules of material have been found down in the bottom of the ocean. Some are metallic and some are phosphorous, and some are nodules of metals, of certain kinds. And they say, ‘but how are they formed? Are they like the processes of ionization and all they had to have, was a tiny little nugget of it? They are growing and getting bigger like an electronic process, or gold plates, or like silver plated. But in the sea great new nodules are being discovered as they search and study the ocean floor. And they are growing and forming by this process. But let me tell you that there is a field of light vision that is understood by advanced science in which light particles are a part of the ‘aura illumination.’ It is like illuminous gases in their formation in space. But what I want you to understand is that because you are the light of the world and you are the light of the spirit, there is a gradual descent of energy that is forming and increasing, and from the light center within to the aura development on the outside with your physical body in the middle. And what is transpiring is that there is a gradual transition even now which is coming down upon your race, whether you know it or not. And this outpouring of light and physical energy will eventually envelope you with light and glory, and it shall catalyze you and surround you with a radiance. This is not only a physical and spiritual principal, but a scientific principal, for the MOST HIGH GOD has ordained this thing. And at the climactic pattern of events which some men are fearing, the greatest manifestation of Divine Glory and the elevation of HIS sons and daughters is going to be made known. This is why Isaiah said, ‘ARISE AND SHINE FOR THY LIGHT HAS COME AND THE Glory of God has risen upon thee.’

This is why we discover in the book of Corinthians, that the Apostle Paul talked about the fact that we are going to be transformed. And if we were to look in a looking glass, you would behold the glory of YAHWEH. And we would find that we were being changed into that same image from glory to glory, by the spirit of THE LORD, the Spirit and the very essence of descent, as HE says, ‘I am going to send the Latter Rain, not like the former rain which set off the impact of spiritual phenomena unveiled again to the consciousness of your race things which you had forgotten while existent in the earth. For the Father said that, ‘I am going to bring all things to your remembrance, bring you to the knowledge of all truth.’ But more than that the latter rain is going to be the overwhelming spiritualization, the reforming of the Aura, the emancipation of your race, the setting up of HIS sons with greater power and greater capacities than they have ever had before.

More than that, I can point this out as Divine purpose. For HE said, ‘This I am going to do.’ This is not speculative. We are not worrying about doomsday. We are just waiting for empowerment, for the thing HE said HE came to do was to empower HIS many sons. This is a part of the message of the very first part of the book of John. Thus, we point out to you this afternoon, that God is going to do big things with HIS people. And the one plan that you can recognize, that is not going to fail is that of the program of God establishing HIS Kingdom.

I noticed a very interesting volume that was being put out today by a group of psychiatrist who were trying to take over all preachers. They are trying to make the preachers assignment the psychological adjustment of people. But in so doing, they do not want them to define any pattern of conduct. They want them to give approbation to all kinds of conduct and only seek to give men mental ease, irrespective of whether they have a guilt complex for what they did or not.

Now I point out to you that God lifted all guilt complexes when you passed from condemnation to light. When you understand the Grace of God, you do not serve HIM thru fear. You serve HIM, because intelligently you know it is better for you. But in the processes of which this design was made the one thing which we have to do is to eliminate out of the thinking of the church, that they have the only true faith. We have to come to the point of sharing other religions and other gods and other philosophies. And until they do that, then they will never grow up and take their place in the world. But we are not interested in the church taking its place in the world. We are interested in the world taking its place under the Church. We are not interested today, my friends, in growing up to the world orders thinking. We are interested in superimposing the glory and the power of Divine Administration over the earth. This will be the best thing which ever happened to it.

Now let me point out to you that if you permit the world order psychiatrist to replace --'Thus saith the LORD,' you are not helping the building of good relations. You are only building catastrophe. Under this instance then, they seek to interpret to us what God wants. They are trying to tell us today that God wants one race and wants all religions folded together. This last week, we have had something rather significant transpire. The United Nations in its assembly, has had two resolutions. One of them that literally bars any area of segregation and makes a United Nations pattern of order. Complete integration of all people, of all races, and of all things. Then will empower nations to carry out this process and then will see that these processes take place. They have a new ban, and this will erase any race opposition, or, they say, intolerance toward other religions. It also calls for any recrimination being placed against any assembly, against any religion or any religious process with which anyone disagrees. In other words, it would be against the law if they can make you embrace it, for us to say that we are for Christ and do not believe in any other god. Because it is all a fallacy and all a devils lie, because there is only ONE GOD AND THAT is THE ONLY ONE WE WILL ACCEPT. There is no true Hinduism, just devils. And this is true of all of the rest of them. But they would then try us for this, for we have just made a statement against another religion because this might injure or disturb some Buddhist's feelings. So if you are a Buddhist, you are in the wrong place. For we do not want to disturb your feelings. If you are a Buddhist and by this time have not found out who is the True God, then you belong in a Buddhist Temple. We have no intention of trying to make a Buddhist happy by not preaching the word because they do not like the thing. This is the thing that is finer than a two-edged sword. This preaching of 'Thus saith the LORD' is the preaching of the two-edged sword. And this separates the men from the boys, in a hurry. This is the method to separate the soul from the body. But the spirit of the LORD separates the thinking of the individual as to whether it is from 'Thus saith the LORD' or out of Revelation.

As I read this book by the psychiatrists, let me tell you what it contains and what they are teaching in the theological seminaries. They are teaching there in Chicago and all of these other areas of ‘Pastor psychiatry.’ They are working on the preacher and telling him how he should work on the public. Some of these silly fellows are trying to get high marks in this stuff, so they are writing down the wrong answers and sitting there and absorbing the wrong attitude. In this attitude, they give them a guilt complex if they are not for every pagan god on the face of the earth, if they do not have a good word to say for them. Everyone wants to be loved and respected and so do all of these religious people. And that is all you have to do to have a good friendly day. But we are not here to have a picnic with all of the pagans on the face of the earth. We are here to establish a Kingdom. We came for this purpose. Oh, how they denounce YAHWEH of the Old Testament. They say of course, these religions have to be smart enough to realize that men create their god. But in this instance, they are creating a better image of YAHWEH. But they said, ‘we remember the times when Israel taught this way and then would go out and destroy. And when Saul didn't do it, then Samuel finally cut Agag all up in pieces.’ Well, I wish we had a lot of Samuels today, for there is a lot of them that need cutting up into pieces. If you want to know who Agag was, then he was the commander of the devils forces. He might have looked a little like Kruschev and he might have looked a little like Stalin in his time also. And I do not expect Mr. Kennedy to perform any better than Saul. But I can assure you that God has Samuel's and Elijah's that will perform as HE wants them to perform.

Isn't it a unique thing that when the government fails to do its job, the church takes over? And when the church takes over in the midst of some of God's greatest revivals, the church eliminates the enemy? They are trying to put the church in a new cast a new mold. They try to tell you that all the church has to do is be disturbed about people who have mental guilt complexes. But we can haul that away at once. For any intelligent Christian for the individual, this person was consummated, and are not under condemnation. If you are smart enough to whip the things which are giving you the guilt complex, you won't feel so bad. This idea that you just give them an adjustment every week then just keep right on violating Divine Law, then you are still in trouble. If you keep on doing the things that you are doing, they will fill this place of America with Jews and there will not be any place for the rest of us to live. This is the same pattern. But God said this is the hour and this is the day and things are going to take place. And they are going to be consummated. And it is for your awakening, your empowerment, your stimulation inside the nation, which God is counting on that is going to change the order of events. God already has this all figured out. This is what we call Omniscience. HE knows just how much power to apply. Let me tell you that you are going to shine with the radiance and vision, and with glory and with power. And you are going to accomplish the job. And just because you are enveloped with the light of HIS Glory does not relieve you of the responsibility of occupying.

Probably, there is no greater beauty than that of Jesus as HE said, ‘I am Alpha and Omega,’ shimmering with light like the sun. And when John saw it, he was thrilled like the disciples were on the Mount of Transfiguration, the majesty of Christ. And in the last chapter of Revelation, it is ‘I am Alpha and Omega, and I come quickly and I bring my reward with me.’

So I will just tell you this. That this does not separate the fact that all of the light and glory shining as the sun that HE came in as the happy warrior. HE comes in to liberate the earth and put everything where it belongs and does everything that HE said HE is going to do. Such as everything which my Father did not plant here, I am going to pluck it out. I am going to put it back where it belongs in its own hot house.’ Some people misinterpret and call that doom. But that is not doom. That is a rebirth, an activity, the reorganization of the earth. Yes, a new creation, a renovation of the earth. But not a destruction of it.

End of message.