Revival Of The Elijah Ministry, 5-21-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-21-63

Tonight we are talking about the return of the Elijah ministry as being a very specific purpose in God's plan. I think it is essential tonight that you realize and know that you have reached one of the most significant periods in human history. In other words, some of the great problems that we face today are also prophetic, for there is a famine in the land. Not a famine of food, but a famine of the hearing of the word of God. Someone then will say, ‘but how can we have a famine of the word of God when we have so many churches in the land?’ More than we have ever had before. And we are building churches at great length. There are churches all over these United States and over the Christian nations of the world. So how can there be a famine for the hearing of the Word of God? Well you would be surprised at how many texts are quoted and then they depart straight away from the divine revelation. And there is a cunning strategy as we have cited before, that had been devised by the enemies of Christian civilization and by the opponents of God's Kingdom in the earth, to penetrate the areas of communication where it would be most effective, to think to influence the thinking of the people of your race. Probably, there is no more important battlefield than the battlefield for the mind. Probably, there is nothing that you can see and all that you can look upon outside of your own physical being and your own creation from the Most High, such as the birds and the flowers. Outside of everything you see from the buildings and the clothes that you wear, are the images of the thoughts of your mind which you have put into substances as you remolded the earth to conform to your vision. And when you behold it, whether it be your sky scrappers or your suspension bridges, or the engineering of your super-highways or the building pattern of all of your technology, these are the implements of your mind . . . these are the things which you have visioned and put into form. You may melt and mold them into these forms in earth. You may transform them into these things. But everything you behold and everything that you see is the image of the mind, thus placed in these patterns of perspectives. So we tell you that this is also true in all of the related patterns of development. The creation and the development of governments are still the vision of the mind of the people who give their authority to those governments. For government today can only be a government when the authority delegated to it is delegated by the people, or when it has had sufficient force to seize these elements of government and force its will upon the people. So nothing is more important then that men think right and catch a proper vision. No area then of the invasion of human society is more important to the Kingdom of God than to capture the minds of the people of the Most High.

If you could move out against these people whom God moved from heaven to earth and hold them in sort of a mental prison, then it would be easy to maintain and control God's Kingdom in earth.

Now I want to make it clear to you as a premise upon which we will produce these words tonight. Namely, this. That the White race, or the Adamic race, has a definite responsibility. And that is to build God's Kingdom in the earth. And we pray for this continually. 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as in heaven.'

Now there may be some other races who are praying this prayer, for they were taught to pray it. But as they pray --"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as in heaven," then they are praying for this administration of earth to pass under this society of heaven, under the administration of this household of heaven and God, who are HIS family and HIS heirs for the administration of earth. I want to point out also that the Kingdom is by inheritance, by Sonship, in God's purpose and pattern for the earth . . . the administration of righteousness over the earth and the conquest of evil and the utter breaking of the power of evil where this becomes necessary.

Now as we have cited before, the Kingdom of God was transplanted from heaven to earth by the miracle of God transplanting the Celestial spirit of HIS Household out of HIS own presence, into earth by the establishing of this Adamic race. And the Adamic race provides the physical bodies in which the children reside as we have cited before and with a measurable amount of truth. In fact there is probably no more supporting evidence that one could have than the antiquities of anthropology and of people and beings. But the evidence of the scriptures themselves, concerning the responsibility of the Adamic race and their purpose in the earth is clear that races existing in earth . . . some of them here in the days of creation, others who were brought into earth in the days of the Luciferian struggle for the universe, which he wrought when he was cast to earth . . . all of these people, came and fell under the leadership of the Luciferian revolt. When an Archangel tried to take over a portion of the heavens, and was defeated by another Archangel by the name bf Michael, in the 12th chapter of Revelation, it tells us here that Lucifer was defeated. And Lucifer and his hosts became earth bound. Here his evil of mongrolization and its catastrophe for the earth make up his prehistoric story of upheaval and sinking continents and the rolling over of great masses of earth and great catastrophes which swept the earth before your race was ever sent here for its mission.

I can show you page after page of the scriptures where as God brought back to the cognition of men whom HE had in earth, the things which they saw when in the spirit. And they looked down and witnessed these things in history. In fact, the writings of Isaiah and the work of the Psalmists talks about the overthrow of whole civilizations. And all that was left was places in the wilderness. And no longer were there traces of great societies visible. And the jungle had replaced what was once great cities. It is referred to by the Psalmist and referred to by Isaiah, and is referred to by Jeremiah, who tells what happened in between the first and second verses of Genesis. He tells how the earth is without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep, and all had changed. The cities were gone. Catastrophes had voided it, and he tells why. The 4th chapter of Jeremiah writes this page in history which is found only in this one spot, except for the artifacts of ancient civilizations which have been swept away because of their violations of Divine Law and their patterns of mutations . . . the astronomical effects which had taken place when God moved in, by special timing, the chastisement. The judgments had fallen. For if there was one thing which was determined, it was that the destiny of earth and the course of history is not going to be in processes of divine law, and mongrelization, and race mixing. And Satanic service and pagan religion is not going to control the earth. God has ordained that this is not to be.

Now we point out to you, that the Adamic race was sent into the world to build a Kingdom. As we have identified clearly for you, in the 3rd chapter of Luke, in the last verse, even the identity of Christ is here classified in genealogy which is traced back the house of Seth on down to Adam, who was the son of God. Thus we understand clearly that the Adamic race was God's Household and God's Offspring. Of course the opposition has another story today. Out of the strange and twisted mind of the Negro, Baldwin, comes the book 'Next Time, the Fire.’ And in this volume, he tells you that God loves the Negroes and that the Negroes are going to take the earth. And in this instance, he says that the White man is a devil, and the God which they serve is the devil, and that their Negro god wants them to take the earth back. The fact remains that the Negroes were here many thousands of years before you were. For 73,000 years before Adam, they were burying Negroes in the caves in Kilimanjaro in Africa, 73,000 years ago. And they never produced a great civilization in all of that time. My friends, today it is not a matter of equality. It is a matter of capacity. I point out to you today, that legislation does not make equality. It is what is in the container that marks the equality by ability, initiative, and by understanding. I point out that while Asiatics were in the earth for way over one million years . . . for the reaching back now of anthropology is reaching back to periods of the longest periods of time concerning man. New volumes have been produced in the last few weeks of the findings in the Ovail Gorge in Africa as to the antiquity of man. I am not so concerned with how long the Asiatics were here and of their trek across the world. That is a subject for another time. This great anthropological record was put together by men like Dr. Lissner, and Dr. Coon. For they tell of the antiquity of men and of the species which walked upright upon the earth. And as we go back into this strategy, we discover where they came from. And it is a vitally interesting subject. And while it may not be too important, there were no Negroes in the earth until the Luciferian rebellion. They came in with Lucifer from out of the Milky Way from whence he gathered his craftsmen, his swordsmen, and his warriors and trained them in the oracles of war. And then sought with them to overthrow God's Kingdom. They were not introduced into earth until they were earth bound with the hosts of Lucifer. These things are a matter of antiquity and ancient history. And you can find it out of the traditions of other races besides yours and of other nations out of Asia, the coming of the Negroes to earth. You will find records of it in the ancient Summerian documents. And it talks abut the dark and curly headed ones, and how they came with one whom we identify as Lucifer, Satan, the devil, according to the 12th chapter of Revelation. So it is quite obvious that maybe, Mr. Baldwin did discover something in his book ‘Next Time the Fire.’ For the god they serve and follow, is the god you call the devil, while he calls your Father, the Creator of the Universe, the devil and says that you are all children of the devil. So tonight it just matters as to which side you are on. If you are on the side of the revolution that is embracing the devil as god, then, my friends, he is going to be opposed to the true God who is your Father and who says that you are the children of God. Make no mistake about it. Even out of the mouth of our enemies. They admit that they are the children of their father.

Therefore since there is a distinction here, I point out also according to the content of the scripture, that there can be no distinct brotherhood with different fathers. Let us make this clear tonight. There is no responsible apathy of an accepted pattern of absolute integration of the intermingling of men and of races based upon any position that could be extended today, when there is a difference in beginnings and patterns of origin and different basis for identity.

I point out to you that inside of the Jewish Talmud, also, and especially the one they are using called the 'bible in the hands of its creators,' you will note, that very clearly there it refers to a whole lot of discussion concerning Jesus the Christ. And inside of this Babylonian production, they come out to say, that Jesus Christ was a Greek-Roman and not a Jew. And I am glad that they clarified that, for we knew that HE was not a Jew all of the time.

Now if your face gets red enough, you have just identified the fact that you are not in harmony with the truth. But you are getting exposed to it anyhow. We have pointed out to you in the past, that all Jesus had to do in the past was to point out the OGPU among HIS disciples. And after that, HE had to go down to Galilee, for HE could not walk among Jewry, for the Jews sought to kill HIM. And the Jews sought to challenge HIM. And they said to Nicodemus, ‘Are you also a Galilean?’ (John 6, last verse). If you will turn to this verse, you will find that Jesus had just introduced Judas of Iscariot. And HE said, 'I have chosen you 12, and one of you is a devil.' The reason why Jesus marked quite clearly at that time, that the Jews were devils, and makes it quite clear in HIS allegation that this be clear that the Jews were the unassimilatable offspring of the Luciferian house. Then Jesus ties it right back to Cain during the Adamic entry into earth, when HE says, 'Your father was a murderer from the beginning.’ I point out today that almost all of the racial confusion we have in the earth today, and the problems which beset us, come out of the Luciferian house in their design to take over the world. For to do this, they try to subordinate the thinking of the people of your race. And they seek to bring a mental warfare in order to bring about their process of servitude. The areas we are facing today in this process to take over the earth, has been over-simplified sometimes by dividing the fight between the Communist and the anti-Communist.

Make no mistake. We are thoroughly anti-Communist. And we ask and give no quarter when it comes to the communists, for we feel that they should be broken and quickly, and without hands. I tell you tonight that we are not interested in coexistence either. We are only interested in Victory and the sweeping of Communism from the face of the earth. And I want you to understand tonight, that there will be no assurance of Peace until you have conquered, not coexisted with agreement, with the powers of darkness. I can point out to you, it is very understandable why the powers of darkness do not like God's Kingdom. And do not think that they misinterpreted what the Bible says. For they have discovered a lot more about that than a lot of sleeping Christians. They have discovered that advocacy the Bible teaches, is that your race, the children of the Most High God, are to overthrow the darkness and to rule the world. That the design of the Bible advocates that the Saints of the Most High shall take the Kingdom, possess the Kingdom, and rule it with Divine Law. They shall put the processes of Divine Law into operation and that they shall not permit men to live under the patterns of darkness and superstition, because they will expose us to the Light. They are not going to permit the cruelty and tyranny to rule. And there will be no worry that you are under the threat of Cannibalism, for they will outlaw it and then see that this is enforced. And everywhere that the Kingdom goes, it not only brings progress, but it brings administration and authority. There are those who today tell you that the 'Right Wing' is dangerous because it is authoritarianism. But where this authoritarianism is considered dangerous is where they see that the Kingdom of God shall implement this in the earth and see that men obey it.

Now we are told today, that the greatest of ages has descended upon mankind in all time and history. The world order is trying to tell us this. They say that we have reached the point where in they have educated the people away from things which make them think differently and therefore they call this bias or prejudice. I want to create in your minds that equation of bias and prejudice, especially as it relates to races and people their advocacies and their designs. For a man to be prejudice, it is to face his opinions without foundation. Thus not having any facts on which to base his opinions, he is therefore making a judgment without evidence. And this is called prejudicial.

Now I want you to know tonight, that an individual who does not want to integrated his race, and lower his capacity, wants to keep his status quo. He does not want to intermarry the Negro with the White race, and he does not want to unite it with the Asiatics. This man is not prejudice. He understands the facts, and conditions of his race. This man is making his decisions on the basis of facts after he has evaluated them. Thus, the word prejudice is the wrong word to apply to this decision tonight, when educated people say they do not want integration, mongrelization, or the mixing of their society. When one talks about a bias, when one individual understands, and therefore builds into the mortar and the framework of his thinking, and in the application of his instructions these facts, this gives him a preferential attitude toward the race of which he is apart. This man is not taking a course which is unnatural or unreal. He is taking one in which the proper one which the Spirit of God would give him. I am convinced tonight, and I believe whole heartedly, that the most important thing which can happen to the world, is to come under the complete administration of the Kingdom of God. I believe tonight, without reservation, that the powers of darkness who plan to absorb or mongrolize us, integrate us, or some way destroy us, have given us little chance to make any other decision tonight, to resist or to be swept from the face of the earth. There are some who say, ‘But co-existence is also an option.’ But co-existence is also liquidation . . . and a massacre.

I point out tonight, that we are not trying to sell anyone on a soft ride. We are not trying to sell anyone saying that the road of HIS Kingdom is the road of peace. It is not. It is the road which first finds victory. And then Peace thru victory. Whereas, Christ is referred to as the Prince of Peace, whose Peace is without end. For HIS Peace has been accomplished by victory tho the blood flows to the horses bit to achieve it.

Someone says, ‘Why do you say that?’ Christ makes this declaration Himself in the book of Revelation. As to the outcome of some of these events thru which you are passing, in which HE will join you, this race of which you are a part, HIS sons and daughters . . . and this involves warfare in the earth to achieve this victory.

So let us be realists tonight. Let us recognize who we are and where we are. Let us recognize that the process to take peace from the earth has infiltrated these United States to fight a war for the mind of the people of our nation. They have also used certain areas and facets of their power which they would never have been able to use if we had obeyed the laws of God and had we continued to obey them in the whole structure of our society. Instead of throwing these doors open to all integrations, we should have closed these doors right after the signing of the original contract and limited the immigration to White Christians of the world completely. I point this out to you because you have as much light as any nation has to determine the conduct of any society by determining to a large part what that society consists of. The majority of these United States is White and Christian. They have not carried hostilities to other races on the basis of their birth or the pattern of their origin. But today they are being propagandized to accept a guilt complex for those built-in capacities which have resisted mongrolization and absorption. At this very moment, we are witnessing one of the strange areas of this attack. Thru out the course of our nation, we have found that violation of Divine Law has permitted those who hate our God and our laws to come into our nation. And following that strange peculiarity that they possess, getting control of our money.

The book of II John, told us not to let these strangers into our house if they denied Jesus the Christ. In fact, my friends, if we had been as smart as Ben Franklin and George Washington, there would not have been a Jew who would ever have stayed. If you do not think that is Christian, then you just argue with Jesus and John about it. For John tells us not to let them in your house, in your schools and in your businesses. And in any of these areas don't you let anybody who denies that Jesus is the Christ. And don't say ‘God bless you anyhow’ or God says that HE will make you receive the responsibility for those words. HE says if you say ‘God bless you,’ then you will be partakers of their evil deeds. And you are going to lose all of the things that you have built and wrought. I tell you that by those invisible forces tonight, by their invasion and by their cunning strategies, who have been working in our nation, we shall rise from this. The economic problems they have worked in our nation arise from this. The economic problems the catastrophes, the unbalance, the cry of the laborer for his hire, and the proper award for the investor and the process of wealth by the construction of all of this activity . . . all of our trouble comes from this inassimilable force which has transpired to take a hold of these areas of your life. And they would not hold that power tonight if they had not been allowed to come in and assume those areas of authority. It is --"Thus saith the LORD." And the strength of God's Kingdom needs to recognize the strength of Divine Law. I point out to you tonight, that the greatest prophecies in this book concerning these areas, is outlined by the prophet Ezra. The first transgression which lost for your race the aura of light which used to surround it, was the mutation of your specie to this degree, that when you violated the Divine Law and mingled with the other trees, which were racial trees, God warned you of this. And Lucifer's seduction of Eve produced Cain and lost for you your Light and left you with a curse that has been in earth ever since. In fact, God walked and talked with Adam and Eve and promised them restoration. But would not accept any of their posterity to carry on the race line until Seth was born. God accepted Seth. And then Adam said, 'I have now begotten a man in my own image and in my own likeness.’ And when we trace the genealogy of Christ, it is traced down thru the race line, back to Seth, and then to Adam, the son of God.

I point out to you that you also trace your genealogy back down to Seth. And during the course of time, the catastrophes which enveloped the line up to Seth, it practically eliminated them all up to Seth. And this left only the Cainanite line on the face of the earth. I point out to you this that the program of God's Kingdom is clear. And because of their spiritual capacities, they were not to be mutated. For God wanted the preservation of the capacities of your race to be guided by HIS Spirit and by HIS vision . . . to have the complete erection in their mental capacities of the ideas and the purposes which HE declared. This is the work of the spirit. And this is why it is given unto you to know and to understand. For Jesus said to them, ‘It is not given for you to understand.’ They do not have the capacity to understand. To the enemies of God's Kingdom, even to the Jews themselves, Jesus said, ‘you do not understand my speech because you do not hear my words. These words do not erect in your consciousness the same image because ye are of your father the devil, and the devil has no capacity to understand the thoughts of God.’ So he is in continual revolt against the thoughts of God. BUT CHRIST DID NOT SAY, . . . ‘that because of this, that you acquiesce or surrender to it.’ HE calls upon HIS household, HIS children, to resist the powers of darkness, to establish the Kingdom, and that the conquest of Lucifer is one of the major objectives.

Now I point out to you that we have had this ‘fifth column’ and this situation. And we have watched in the past 35 years some of the most unprecedented conditions which have been creating the areas of ‘Jacob's Trouble.’ In the past 35 years, we have watched the stepping up of the inassimilable forces. And during the dynasty of FDR, which comes the closest to that of Ahab and Jezebel, with anything in the patterns of history, we have watched coming into these United States, forces which are dedicated to our destruction. We watched under the influence of Mrs. Roosevelt, the bringing in and the equating of area of responsibility, those whose lacked the ability and the capacity, who were actually dedicated to the principals of Socialism and Communism and race mixing. I point out to you that this was not a blessing for America. A lot of people have been weeping about Mrs. Roosevelt. But I stopped weeping when she left. Tonight, we are faced with this area of this strange strategy. The controlled areas of the church is one of these which we faced very quickly. The program of World Government is the program of the Anti-Christ. Understand this tonight. There is no program for World Government to take over all of the nations of the world of all of the races and pour them together that has the approval of God. More than this, HE outlines this for you in the book of Revelations thru John, that this conspiracy was the program of Anti-Christ. HE warns the Christian nations and the children of HIS Kingdom to come out from such a union and not be associated with it, unless we be the partakers of her transgressions and her evils and receive her chastisements and judgments. This economic program which is siphoning so much out of your nation, and accomplishing no great good has been denounced by God for the evil of which it is. And I am going to tell you this tonight, that all of the Kennedys and their advisors from Harvard . . . all of the socialists in the world who have succumbed to this strategy, and the influence of their government, cannot stop God from destroying every last vestige of this United Nations One World Program. Oh, you say, ‘This will never be accomplished.’ But it shall be. And you are going to be a party to this accomplishment. In fact, every time America sees the rape of a new country like Katanga Province and the utilization of our economy and our strength by the forces with these patterns of evil in the name of the United Nations and Peace . . . the people become just a little bit more disgusted. One day they watch the down grading of Communism and their support in the areas of Communism, the people who understand this turn away. When we discover that the United Nations has contributed nothing to Peace, trouble and war, that we would have won the Korean war, and we would have smashed Red China and reduced this threat under General Douglas MacArthur, . . . if it had not been for the control of the United Nations over our officers and our men, who would not permit us to bomb the enemy and destroy the area from which our trouble came. All of these are the evidence we have of this pattern of great evil. Even tho we had announced to Hungary that we were with them in their revolt against Communism, and that we abhorred the fact that W.W.II had left Hungary under Communism, and if they would rise up, we would give them assistance, and we brought out their patriots and we let them be liquidated because the United Nations was in power and control. And they used this power to fight the anti-communist instead of liquidating the true Communists. I want you to know that this United Nations program is the house of Baal in the United States today. This Luciferian power under the Babylonian system is the great Baal system in the U.S. today. And it has been established in our time. And here in the United States there is a house and a tower to Baal in which one of our citizens dedicated the land, acceptable to the nation to make it now foreign power for the anti-Christ to have his tower and his headquarters. In fact, I live to see the day when the United Nations has been pulverized into atomic dust.

I point out that in the purposes of the Most High, that the establishment of an authority to be accepted by all people under the brainwashing thru Press, radio and television, is to get you to not to resist and that you have to accept their authority, which is controlled by 5/6 of the world which is pagan idol worshipers or atheists. That you, as a Christian, and no other Christian nation, has the right to stay within it. Strangely enough, this supporting power which makes possible for this machinery to run is the economy and life blood of this institution which has been siphoned out of your pocket. The reason why this White world and this Christian society has been chosen as the target is for this very reason. The White Christian nations of the world are the 'Have nations' of the world. They are the producing nations. And therefore are the tax supporting areas for this great evil.

It is time that we told our representatives that we would have no more tax money going to support this institution until we have reduced it to something practical and constitutional. To attack the American citizens and force them to support a foreign power, or a power outside of these powers of the United States and our Flag, is not constitutional. And it is not American. And it is time we revolted against that evil.

Now I point out to you that America has been a freedom loving people and has spoken out against things like this ever since we became a nation. In fact the way we have been brainwashed today is thru the one institution in which men might have thought responsible for truth. And this is the church in its ecclesiastical structure. Tonight there is no institution that we love in a realistic manner more than the True Church. As the spiritual center and the oracle of God in the midst of God's Kingdom, it has a most vital work to play and will continue to play in this program ‘world without end.’ In the hierarchies of religion today, there has been built up a great program in which a great number of them, who are not called of God, but who are inserted into these areas of influence by the world order inside of the publication houses of the religious denominations, even in the pulpit, as professional clergy are denouncing 'Thus saith the Lord' and advocating the very policies in the name of the church which will be destructive. I point out therefore, that what we are witnessing in America are the houses of Baal. I point out to you, that these harlot houses of Baal are carrying out one of the most destructive programs in the area of the people.

Now the average White Christian has that built-in radar which we refer to as ‘discernment. There are things which he does not like and things which he does not want to be a part of. And then his church tries to give him a quilt complex if he does not surrender this resistance against this thing which is wrong and they tell him he is not showing enough brotherly love, that he is not following Christ . . . and to follow Christ, he has to turn against the instruction of God for the good of his society and the preservation of his order. In fact, we are being told today that if we do not want to embrace the United Nations, that we are being anti-social and that we should pass over the independence which our flag stands for and pass over the destiny of our nation and posterity into the hands of the enemy of our Faith and of our race.

I point out tonight that we have a realization of what consists of this Mystery Babylon of the great conspiracy. The enemy of God's Kingdom today is largely made up of Satan's children. And I tell you that just as World Communism was made up of World Jewry, so tonight the control over Christianity and the control over all false religions has fallen into that category. In the areas of the church today, they have what appears to be those who have been brainwashed and controlled in the areas of seminaries and Biblical colleges by them, until these individuals have become the mouth piece of our enemies and they think they are directing the thoughts of new and accepted concepts in the areas of ecclesiastical and theological concepts.

I picked up a bulletin which is a part of the work of the National Council of Churches which states that we have reached now one of the greatest areas of human experience in the areas of religion in all human history. All religions are now thinking together of all the great contributions they all make. And they are willing to flow together. All churches are willing to come together and accept common authority common vision and common objectivity. And then they tell us what this vision is. That all men in all of the world might live together as brothers. That all men might lose all concepts of racial barriers, that they might flow their bloodstream together, that they might flow their religions together and emerge one great happy household as the children of God. But don't get this thought in your head. For if you are an offspring of God, then you will have to have been begotten by HIM. Therefore, the work of the church today is instructed by false patterns of instructions. And today I point out that whereas resistance occurs to these positions of the hierarchy and positions, today that is being swept aside. Some are, today, heralding that the construction of the ‘One Church’ will be the greatest achievement of our time. But this must be the ‘True Church of the LORD Jesus the Christ.’ It cannot be the church which has accepted the teaching of the religious hierarchies. For ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ It does not matter whether they will try to head that in Rome or in England, or to head that here. I tell you today that any hierarchy of clergy who try to control that church and then send that ‘True Church’ down the road to accepting the anti-Christ, his world government and his mongrolized program, is not saying . . . "Thus saith the LORD" . . . but is a prophet of Baal.

Now in the instance of this, we are told that in this time of ‘ Jacob's Trouble’ that this would come. I point out that at the present time their program is to drive by fear and by their false presentation of the Gospel to intimidate by fear, and to give a guilt complex to the people that proves that ecclesiastical institutions by false doctrines will give assent to the areas of disaster.

Now I tell you that if America accepted integration, if America permits Negro integration into a White society, that mongrelization or intermarriage as one of its advocates follows. I tell you that it would not be long before the mutation of your race or your blood, the loss of your spiritual vision, would reduce us to a fifth or sixth class power. I tell you that the judgment which would fall upon your society, well earned, by the Most High God, would eliminate almost all of your nation. I point out that the Most High has warned you of this. And Ezra points out that the mixing of the blood, the confusion of face, the marriage outside the household of your race, this Household of God, out into this other society, is the most cursed of all transgressions . . . and lost the first time entered into, the Glory and Light of immortality, so that your body was not perfectly balanced by the light of spirit. The restoration to you is this promised restoring of this glory which requires the purification of your blood, and the absolute elimination of all policies of contamination.

Now let me point out this. That we are in the climactic point of the end of the age. We have watched the fulfillment of many things on the international horizon which produces this effect. And with this, we find that there are certain prophecies inside of the scripture. There are two things which are going to happen, and the Bible tells us so. In the book of Malachi, which is the last book of the Old Testament, it says:---‘Behold I am going to send unto you, Elijah the prophet, before that coming great and terrible day of the LORD. And he is going to turn again the hearts of the children to the Father, and the hearts of the fathers to the children, lest I come and smite the whole earth with a curse.’ Thus it is that Malachi has prophesied that HE is going to send the spirit of Elijah, and the ministry of Elijah, to be restored to the earth, to make HIS people come back to a position of racial self-respect, and make them pay attention to their fathers, and their fathers pay attention to their posterity for the honor of God. Also, it says that God is going to awaken in HIS land, the knowledged as to what this conspiracy is all about. They are going to understand what this is all about. And they will understand what the Cainanites are going to do. What this anti-Christian conspiracy means, the book of Zachariah says that in that day therefore there is going to be a tremendous reaction. It says that in that day there is going to be such an anger rise up in the countenance of God's people that they will seethe. And there will not be a Cainanite left in the house of God.

So how do you think God is going to make you angry enough so that you will seethe and then there will not be a Cainanite in the house of God? I can tell you right now we should get on with this program to transplant every Negro into Africa. And we will have to establish a rapport here that we have a right to stay in our own country. We have talked to you in the past about the race war which has already started. This last week, Negroes roaming the streets in Cambridge Maryland, were shooting White men with high powered rifles. Then White men angered. White men started shooting Negroes. So we had a night of warfare just last week. And I say that this must be laid at the feet of Jews. For I told you before, that Kuhn Loeb and Co. gave $850,000.00 to help step up this Negro revolution. Let us remember, one of these days, that when the White man's blood flows thru the streets, that the Cainanites paid for it. Thus, the Cainanites must go. I think it a rather unique thing that these people who boast that they have stirred us all up. For the Negroes said they did not have enough money to get more people stirred up to do the job, to pull this off before an awakening America knows that the Jews contributed to this. So they will get the rest of the Jews. So they put more money into the conspiracy than ever. Just think of the other night, when out here in Beverly Hills when they had that meeting with those Beverly Hills idiots. These Jews got up and spoke. And it is even in your newspapers, for I have the filed copies of what was said. And they urged the Negroes, saying they had contributed to their cause and would continue to contribute to their cause. Then asked them under this contribution, that ‘since we have contributed heavily to your 'cause,’ will you therefore expand your actions, and gain your equality? And please--do not integrate us out here in Beverly Hills.’ So the Negro organization proved the hypocrisy of their blackmail saying, that they appreciate the fact that the Jews in Beverly Hills have contributed more money unto their cause than any single area in the nation. Therefore we promise you we are not going to integrate you and effect your property values in your homes. We will not come into your neighborhood.’ ----No, but we may. If this all out war that they have pledged for us here in Los Angeles ever materializes, and we as Christian Americans have to defend ourselves from roaming Cannibals, we are not only going to remember the Cannibals, but also their financiers.

If we had an Attorney General who is worth his salt, he would recognize that when it comes to murder, those who finance it are as guilty as those who do it. But somehow the Attorney General just cannot see it as murder when committed by a Negro. They put up a hue and cry and send out agents to try to find who is the assassins of a Negro who was a violent revolutionists, who dedicated his own child when he was born to Kenyatta, the murderer of White women. There have been 17 Negroes put to death by gunfire. And I have not heard a great hue and cry around that situation.

Now we have no program of violence tonight. But we maintain that all of this trouble has been stirred up by the program of anti-Christ. But America should be at white heat tonight. America should see White men marching in bands. For every thousand Negroes they put in the streets than one hundred thousand White men ought to march. Why do they not do this? Why is it? I tell you that Babylon’s Baal priests have been put into the pulpits of the Christian churches, and even into the popery of Rome.

Now . . . when Ahab married, he married a Queen named Jezebel. I do not know which synagogue he went to when he found her because he had to go outside of his country. But Jezebel was a Cainanite of the worse order. Jezebel was not only one of evil, but Jezebel was most unhappy that Ahab's country worshiped YAHWEH. And this was the God who had made HIS Covenant with HIS people and was going to establish HIS Kingdom, establish HIS race, and who called out the Adamic people, and said, ‘I have established you above all of the people of earth.’ Saying, ‘I have given you the administration of the earth, and I have established that this race of yours forever.’ God says, ‘My Covenant is with you and your children after you for one thousand generations.’ HE tells the house of Abraham that HE will be a God to him and all his generations after him for all generations.

Now listen. Jezebel said that there is only one way to defeat these people and that is to change their thinking. So she puts pressure on until they build in the headquarters of their Kingdom a new temple. And they found a high hill and they put the temple on it where everyone could see it. And this temple was the Temple of Baal. And Baal is the embodiment of Lucifer and over all the false religions that he controls. Then she went out and brought in 150 of the Priests of Baal. And every one of these fellows, those hook nosed priests, were from the temples of Baalie and the synagogues of earth. And these Priests of Baal put on great feasts and tremendous shows of color and display. And they downgraded the true God and said this is the real god, and this god is different he will let you do as you please. So therefore righteousness became evil and the liberal attitude toward real truth was the result. The throwing aside of morality, the casting aside of the standard of ethics of God's Kingdom, everything which would meet with depravity, and all of these things was the practice of Baal.

The influence of Jezebel over Ahab was strong. And so he gave an order saying his wife liked the Priests of Baal so everyone must come down and listen to Baal. Then one day they gathered up all of the priests and prophets of Israel that they could find and they took them out and slew them. Only a small number of these priests were saved and they were hidden in a cave from the Baal Priests and Jezebel. But the conspiracy was to capture the people, and this they did. So God took one of these prophets, a young man . . . and he went forth before the king --Ahab --and he said, ‘Now I am going to tell you, if these people do not desist in following Baal, if they follow you in this great evil that you have brought upon this land, if they turn to these things and these philosophies which are against God, then God will turn the rain off. It will not rain in this land.’ But Ahab pursued the prophet and the rain stopped. They had a long drought. And all of the time Elijah was out there telling Israel that they would have to throw out these priests of Baal before it would rain. You will have to throw out the Baal religion and turn to the Right God. You will have to stop this advocacy of bringing in these Cainanites and these people of other races. You will have to return to ---"Thus saith the LORD"--or there will be a great catastrophe and it will not rain until you do. The conditions of drought were making the tempers run even shorter. And there was a great price upon the head of Elijah. But God was telling Elijah what to do. So one day God said to Elijah, ‘You go down and meet Ahab, and then you just suddenly challenge him, for after all, Ahab is a White man, and he has the capacity to meet this challenge. So you make this challenge. You tell him that the drought will continue because of his backing of these evil powers.’

I would like to see Elijah meet with Kennedy one of these days, and tell him about these men from Harvard. So under this condition, then one day, Ahab was marching with his army, and his scouts were out ahead, and Elijah went down and talked to one of these men. And he told him to tell Ahab that Elijah would meet him this day. This man said, ‘Oh, do not put this responsibility upon me so that I would be responsible for your death if they ever capture you.’ But Elijah said, ‘you just tell him.’ So on the morning as Ahab was walking, then Elijah stepped out in front of him and said, ‘hello, Ahab.’ And Ahab said, ‘oh, are you the man who stirs up Israel?’

Today anyone on the ‘right side’ is said to be breaking the peace. Anyone who opposes evil is being challenged as stirring up the nation. You are being called the ‘rabble rousers.’ And anything which is truth is condemned. But let me tell you that in this day when Elijah met Ahab, he said, ‘you are the one tearing apart Israel. You were the one who brought in all of these Priests of Baal. And you built this temple unto Baal. You are thus the one ruining this nation.’

Now Elijah said, ‘Why don't you bring this to a test and see just how the people want to worship? Why don't you meet me on Mount Carmel and bring the priests of Baal, and we will see just who is God. Let’s make it clear if Baal be god, or if YAHWEH be God.’ Well this was sort of a sporting proposition and Ahab accepted this. So the Prophets of Baal with Ahab, met Elijah upon Mount Carmel. And Elijah knew some things about Mount Carmel. But anyhow, he had to meet Ahab there. And then he said, ‘This is what I propose to do. Let’s lay out an altar. Let’s lay bulls upon it for a sacrifice. Then let’s see if God has power enough to ignite this altar. If the sacrifice can be ignited by Baal then let Baal be God. If it be ignited by God, then let us serve him. But if YAHWEH be God, then we will destroy the priests of Baal.

Well, this is quite a proposition. And the priests of Baal probably thought that they could use their trickery and win. So they laid out the sacrifice. And they gathered around in their colorful robes and they set up a throne upon the hill for Jezebel and Ahab, and all of the people gathered round. And the priests of Baal called on Baal to light the fire. Sometimes the devil hypnotizes himself into believing that something will work. But the prophet of Israel was praying all of this time that this would not work. So they worked all day praying and going thru their ritual, and still no fire upon this altar. Then they thought they had to do more, so they got out their knives and began to cut themselves crying, ‘Baal hear us--light the altar.’ Yet the altar was not lit. And it was getting on toward the end of the day. And finally Elijah said they have had time enough, so now it is my time. So he reset the altar and they laid chips around the altar and then Elijah said, ‘I want you to bring me four barrels of water and pour it over this sacrifice.’ And they did this, and he said, ‘do it again. And they did this again, pouring this water over the sacrifice. And then they poured the water on a third time until the sacrifice was completely soaked.

Now Elijah was a lot smarter than they were. This was a pretty big mountain of iron ore. And remember this was a hot day and without rain. And there was not a cloud in sight. Then Elijah stood up and said, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of Israel, SHOW THE PEOPLE WHO IS GOD.’ This is the challenge we need right now across America ---’CHOOSE WHOM YOU WILL SERVE.’ Either YAHWEH is God and we are going to follow HIS directions to build HIS Kingdom, or all of these philosophies rolled into one --one or the other. Well in this instance, the lightening rolled and popped. And suddenly the lightening popped and made a bolt and came down and hit this sacrifice. And there was a great crack and the sacrifice went up in smoke. After all, God gives knowledge and intelligence to HIS sons. Some said that Elijah was a phoney for leading them up on that mountain. But no. He just led the people he had challenged up on the mountain where he knew the lightening bolt would come down. When it was all over ---I like that part of it,---for now all of the people had seen the miracle, saw the consummation of the sacrifice. This was an electronic bolt also, and the stones even broke up under the sacrifice. And when the people saw this, they fell on their faces and they said, ‘YAHWEH IS GOD.’ So Elijah said, ‘Hurry and gather these priests of Baal and bind them up.’ And the searching crowd then gathered up these 150 Priests of Baal. And Elijah then said, ‘Bring them down here by the brook Keyshon.’ And they brought them down, and they cut their throats. 150 Priests of Baal died by the calling of Elijah for the destruction of God's enemy. And Jezebel roared, ‘You have killed my priests.’

Let me tell you something. Elijah never stopped calling on YAHWEH to be God. And he never stopped until all was liquidated concerning Baal in all of Israel. Let me tell you this also. This was bringing to an end, the Baal rule in Israel. Then God said to Elijah, ‘Look, Elijah, I am going to send a Chariot for you. It will come rolling in and you will not have to die, Elijah, for you are going home in a chariot, for you are a man after my own heart.’ And when God says a man is a man after HIS own heart, and HE comes down and picks him up in this whirling saucer out of the sky, and he never tastes of death, and it was ages before death was known by Elijah.

And we read over here in the book of Kings how Elisha was the understudy of Elijah. And he heard that Elijah was to go to a certain spot across the Jordan and there God was going to pick him up---so he followed him. And Elijah wanted to send him home but he would not go. He wanted the mantle of his power. And you remember that after they had waded over the river, then suddenly the great whirling chariot of the Most High came in. A whirling thing, they tell us, swept down out of the sky and Elijah climbed onboard and Elisha reached up and grabbed his mantle as he stepped on board. And then this gleaming, great ship, this mighty chariot of God, swept into the sky. And God received Elijah unto Himself. But Elijah did come back in one form however, just before the ministry of Christ. For at the time of the conception of the Virgin Mary, her cousin Elisabeth, also had a child. And this child who preceded the birth of Christ by six months, was John the Baptist. This was one of the miracles which Jesus said never was there a man born of woman who had been greater up to this time than John the Baptist. Because, as Jesus said, ‘This is Elijah who was to come.’ And when the Babe was born, he started prophesying. But this was the messenger. And the book of Malachi said:---Behold! I will send the messenger to prepare the way of the LORD.’ And John the Baptist was that messenger. This was now the spirit of Elijah now embodied in John the Baptist to carry forward his task, according to the teachings of Christ.

However, there was still a prophecy to be fulfilled at the climax at the end of the age, when the powers of darkness was to wage war against God's Kingdom seeking to overthrow it and destroy it. At that time when the children of God were asleep, then God said HE was going to awaken you out of your sleep. HE said, 'I am going to raise up ministers and principal men. And I am going to do one thing.’ In Malachi, God said, ‘Now I am going to pour out the spirit of Elijah. I am going to send again this ministry of Elijah upon my people to wake them up, to turn their hearts back to their fathers, and the responsibility of the fathers to their children, for a great national spiritual awakening by the Elijah ministry.’

So--what is this Elijah ministry?---I will tell you what it is. It is to challenge these powers of darkness these false clergy, and their standards of 'Thus saith the LORD,' with the Satanic conspiracy. And then, my friends, it is to challenge all of the forces of evil. And if you fulfill the Elijah ministry, then one of these days you are going to liquidate all this evil. I am going to tell you that now is a good time for all of the pagans and false prophets to leave America.

Now is a good time for the Martin Luther King’s and the Roy Wilkins’s and all of their ilks to go to Africa. Now is a good time for Mr. Kennedy and his brother to go get a ranch in Ireland and stay there. I will tell you why. Because as this primeval wave rises to challenge the sons of God, there will be a great spiritual challenge. And the ministry of today which challenges this evil will be performing an Elijah ministry. And God intends to awaken HIS people and they will stand against this evil. And the racial war which has just started. The White man is going to finish. It may lead to areas of Armageddon, because these are the strategies of the enemy. But God wins Armageddon as well. But it tells me here, that this Elijah ministry is going to return. Then as this challenge goes out, then people are going to seethe and there will not be a Cainanite left in the house of God. Some say, ‘But shouldn't you take the course of least resistance for Peace, even if you are martyrs?’ Well, God does not ask for Martyrs today. HE is asking for warriors. You are not calling for someone to go out into the field as a farmer, you are calling for some to leave the fields and come as warriors. The scripture says ‘beat your plowshares back into swords and your pruning hooks into spears, and be willing to stand off this northern Communist army with its ‘fifth column’ on the inside. I point out to you that God does not ask for pacifism in this hour. HE said that the hour would come and HIS Kingdom would fight and the Kingdom would not be given to the Jews. Well, the Jews have had it up to now. So this must be the new day.

I am going to make this statement tonight, and you can go home and evaluate it. I do not think that the Jews have been persecuted anywhere in the world. I think that any place where they were caught up with, they were receiving Judgment for what they did and what they sowed. Of course, I do not believe the false propaganda number of six million Jews dying in Germany, for most of them are walking the streets of New York and Mexico City. There was not six million Jews over there to begin with and they ended the war with six million more than they started with. So they bred and grew fast.

Tonight we are in one of the most critical periods of our existence. And the Elijah ministry is the ministry which God called for this hour. An Evangelist is coming to this country and is putting out little notices, saying, ‘do not forget this date.’ But, my friends, when this date comes nobody should go. Why is that?----I will tell you why.----Billy Graham is planning one of the biggest integrated meetings ever held. He is going to pack it with Negroes and everyone else. And White men who go there are sillier than they look. Someone said, ‘They go down there to get saved.’ But saved from what? You go down there and get saved as the Kingdom of God is transferred over into the people of the Anti-Christ. There are going to be a lot of clergy, one of these days, who will say:--’LORD, LORD, I did all of this in your name, and HE is going to say, ‘Depart from me, for I never knew you.’ Instead of saying ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ and then doing what I said, you have gone diametrically opposite of what I have said. And then have tried to cover this up with the acceptance of the world.

I had some of these little frightened people. Do you know the most frightened person is someone who has just discovered the truth? He would like to do this, but he will go to hell if he does. And he has a superstitious idea that God is going to torture everybody who does anything. And even tho he likes God and is a Christian, he is afraid he is going to end up in Hell. So this frightened little person says to me, ‘Now Dr. Swift, if we follow thru on this program and we resist, and we stir up people, and we go along with this,---but suppose we are wrong and we go to hell?’ I listened to this little person and then I said, ‘Well, why do you come and listen? Don't you believe that this is right?’ He said, ‘I would like to because it sounds good to me. But I am scared.’

All right then, I will tell you how to find out if you are on God's side or not, or whether what we are proclaiming as truth tonight is true, and the program of the Kingdom is outlining truth or not. If the advocacy of integration and the mongrelization program, if the world religious programs and amalgamation program was of God's Kingdom, then all of the world would be against you. If the United Nations program and the National Council of Churches support tonight was the program of God then all of the enemies of God's Kingdom would be against them. But if the ministry of the church as to what God said, and is opposed to the One World Order, but opposed by the mongrels and all of the other races, then you must be on the right side. Besides this, there are more Christians in hell right now and don't know it, because they are worried and afraid. And they are not even sure that they can trust their Father. Do you want to know who is in trouble and who wants to be saved? It is the man who walks thru life in fear, when God says stand up like a man so that I can help you. Do you know who survives the heat of the battle? The man who moves thru fearlessly and strikes hard. Samson proved this. And there is no question that David proved it. And it has happened over and over again with the warriors of your race.

Now I tell you this tonight. We are asking no quarter, and we are giving none. Oh, someone said, ‘But we have to be merciful.’ No, not to the enemies of our God. As I have talked to you on the subject "Obedience is better than sacrifice" . . . we personally dealt with an issue like this back in the book of Samuel in the 13th chapter, when Saul was the King of Israel, when the children of Amalak and their king was making war on Israel. If you want to find these Amalakites today, they are running ‘hock shops’ in L.A. and going to Harvard and traveling around with Kennedy. If you are looking for Akad today, I am not sure whether he is Barney Baruch or some other kike around the world. But Akad and the Amalakites are the same. If you want to look at the armies of the Amalakites, look at the hordes of the Red Revolution, and the ‘fifth column’ of this conspiracy. So powerful is this insidious force that it heads the departments of investigation, whose records are filled with the deceit and the conspiracy of these enemies. And they try to write books on it. And they have to write in the books that the actual enemy is immune. I have one book on Communism and everyone says that everyone should read this, but I am not so sure whether this is true or not. There is one chapter in this book that gives a clear bill of health to the B’nai B’rith' and its co-conspirator. And when it gives them this clear bill of health, this is a known lie out of sheer fear. Because I happen to know that the records of intelligence are clear and complete that Communism is Jewish and that the Jews are out to wage war on our Kingdom.

We spoke last week about the influence of these people in your land of how they put pressure on our legislature and on our courts. And this has reached the point where you can no longer pray in church or read the scriptures in church or you have reached the point of agnosticism. But you can advocate the most filthy literature in your schools and libraries. I am going to call this up again for those who may not have been with us on Friday. We happened to get into our hands this copy of the Dictionary of the American Slang. I do not think that there was ever a more obscene cesspool of literature ever put together. I do not think there was ever anything more evil than this text book. Because in its explanation and in the course of its content, it was spreading the most vicious of immorality and corruption patterns of evil. Its definitions of the most vicious and rottenness of words, was all of the areas of perversion and evil that exists---but opposed by squares. So anytime something was real rotten and real immoral of course, it is looked down on and opposed by these 'squares'. These are the old fashioned and those who will not accept progress . . . and that is a definition of a 'square'. You will find out that if you are intelligent enough to love the God of your father, and all of the things that make America Christian and descent, then you are a 'square.’ Therefore this dictionary of rotten and perversion, and all of the evil which has been incorporated by the most vulgar of terms is opposed by people who belong in another age. Do not let this cloud your mind. This is a pattern of the American slang. I tell you that anyone who would advocate this book remaining in our libraries and our school libraries is a moral leopard who should be repudiated by moral society. You may have picked up the writings of some who said that if the 'Right wing' extremist had not picked up on this book, no one would have known it was there. Now everyone is paying attention to it. So now let’s burn it and see how hot the fire becomes.

Someone said, ‘We are not afraid of other peoples views, are we? Well, we do not want the views of our nation dragged thru all of the viciousness of almost a complete record of all perversions and evil ever put together. I will tell you why there has not been more anger. Because most people do not know what is in it. Most people think it is just a common use of words which we call slang, that most people are incensed about it. But it is a text book on depravity with a whole vocabulary of corruption and evil. And its design is to make this acceptable in our language and living. To make this acceptable as processes of human conduct that people may be different in their conduct. But it is only the 'squares' who oppose it.

One of these days, the world is going to see a Kingdom foursquare. And they will understand that the Kingdom of God is a square Kingdom and that it is Eternal. This is the day for the Elijah ministry to speak out. I see just last week, that a Bishop of the Episcopal Church approved of this book demonstrating how far that church has gone as ministers of the Gospel. I hold in my hands, a copy of the National Observer. This is Dal Jones's paper ---headlines --’Soldiers of the church march in racial wars.’ Here we find that the National Council of Churches gave a special hearing to Martin Luther King’s crowd. And they had James Baldwin and Harry Belafonte. And then the church stretched themselves to call for the blood of the American citizens who are White. They pledged to help the Negroes reach their objectives of complete Integration. And they said, ‘if you do not let us have what, we want we will kill you all.’ Then asked for equality, when they are saying if you do not accept our black God then we will kill every White man.

All right now, let’s get the record of the church. Last week the United Church of Christ joined with the United Presbyterian Church, and a whole group of these various churches joined 100% into the Negro revolution. Here is a whole list of these churches saying we are suddenly faced with the fact that these oppressed people are challenging us and they do not 'want to hear any more of our Gospel, until we join them in their stand for freedom.’ So an army of Clergymen walked in Baltimore on the Fourth of July with the army which was shooting and killing White men just last week. They said that this parade looked like 'who’s who' in American Clergy. Catholic Priests and Jewish Rabbi's and captive White Clergy marched with these Negroes. And they ended up in jail. And they all belonged there. People that break the law belong in jail.

Now the instance here, is that they intend to use the communications between the White and Negro clergy to dramatize these events . . . to bring about 41 thousand Protestant denomination to join with the Negroes to bring about abolition of all regulations and laws of segregation of our society. They want to abolish laws against marriage and everything else. Let me tell you this tonight. It is time for 41 million people to come out of the arms of Babylon, for the judgments of God are going to move. I want you to know that if there was ever a time for White men to stand up and be counted it is now. It is time that we supported such courageous men as Governor Barnett, who testified before the Commerce Committee this week and warned the President of the United States and this Committee that if they passed this evil legislation because of the threat of 4 or 5 thousand Negroes marching on WASHINGTON, D.C., that a hundred million White men would march on Washington. And they would discover what pressure and fear really was. God says, ‘I will raise up Clergy and I will raise up principal men.’ This testimony continued. And we all remember the courage and vision of one who wanted to bring this thing before the public was Senator Strom Thurmon. He would be one of the finest pieces of timber for President of these United States.

Someone said, ‘What is the work of the church right now?’ The purpose of the church is to turn the attention of the people to the program of God's Kingdom and to help bring it in. The work of the church right now is 'Thus saith the LORD'. To bring people to the knowledge of who they are. You say, ‘What is my job?’ Well, your job is to go out and tell it, tell it. Get as many people as you can and tell them who they are and what the scripture says. Show them who Christ is and show them about HIS enemies. Let them know who the Jews are and what the conspiracy is. Let them know that what is behind Communism, is the program to crush the Christian world. Let them know who it is that controls the President of the United States. You might even tell them where Mr. Kennedy was last week when it was rumored that he was down in Rome. He was in Milan, Italy, and a great aircraft came in from the Soviet Union and landed. Where was Mr. Khrushev when he was missing? In Milan? What are they talking about? Summer conferences, sell out, appeasement.

The areas of Cuba are getting stronger. And this week an intelligent family escaped. And they tell us how more Soviets soldiers are coming into to Cuba as well as more missiles. The caves are full of them . . . and how the military strength of the Soviets in Cuba is expanding. And our government is lying to us if it says they are removed. For it is not. The President knows this, and the Secret Service knows this.

I tell you that the only way you are going to save America is to testify to the truth. The only way you are going to bring to fruition your great destiny is to tell it, tell it. --'For you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’--- It is time for the White men to demonstrate a great and solid army. It is time for the people of God's Kingdom to let themselves be known. It is time for people to come out of every one of these areas of false theology, which is selling us out to the world order. Pull the finance out from under them and watch them collapse. I tell you tonight, that they are going to do the things which will make you angry. For HE says, ‘I am going to stir up this anger until you liquidate the enemy.’ Then HE says that in the midst of your trouble when the hoards come in to assist the trouble on the inside, I will bring in reinforcements from outside and we will pick up the stick and join you, and then see how much catastrophe befalls the enemy. Then when the forces of evil have been destroyed and the powers of darkness removed, and authority is restored, there will be peace in the world for one thousand years. Someone said, ‘How do you know there will be peace for 1000 years?’ Because we will see that there is. There is not going to be anything to take it away. There is not going to be any power to upset it. This is 'Thus saith the LORD.’

Now you Christians tackle this phoney preacher and make him get his Bible out and show you God's plan for the end of the age. Do not let him go back to Pentecost when all of the Evangelists were going out to all of the White nations to tell them who Christ is. You tell him that this was 2000 years ago. And all of the White nations know who Christ is. Now let’s get on with the Kingdom. I do not want a 2000 year old message. I want to know what the Bible says about tonight. I want the solution for America's problems now. I tell you that one of the solutions is to get Christians who know the solution is to follow this course, have them for your national leaders. For you are the government and you will determine this thing. And you must do it with that majority which you alone possess --White and Christian, 145 million of you, now awake. Someone said, ‘This is suppression of the minorities.’ Well it is about time someone suppressed the evil. And if they do not like it, they can leave. Two brainwashed people went out of here the other night. Went out into the parking lot. They said, ‘This is terrible. This should be stopped and suppressed.’ But they were brainwashed. But on the outside they were giving ascent to the minority program.

Now let’s see who is God and who represents God's Household and how many of them we have. Let’s put this thing to a test. It is time that all against God's Kingdom be classified one side and let all of God's Kingdom be on the other side, and let them choose who is going to rule America. Let’s do it at the ballot box. And if they cry for a revolution, then let’s do it with gun fire.

Now don't go out of here tonight and say that we advocate gun fire. For we advocate law. But when the law breaks down and the enemy massacre and riots in the streets . . . when the protection of Christian White men fails in our Nation . . . then ‘look ye to the defense of your own household, for he who does not look after his own house is worse than an infidel.’ Let me challenge you tonight, that it is the responsibility of Christian Patriotism, for patriots to get together, and select leadership in their midst, and organize the solid fence of fighting men for the Kingdom of God. It should not be the responsibility of the Clergy to "Thus saith the LORD" and then have to do all of these other things too. But if it has to be, then so might it be. But I am going to tell you that America is going to be set on fire like in fields of grain. For the Holy Spirit can light that kind of fire deep down in the consciousness of every one of HIS sons. And HE says, ‘When I call these sheep by name, they are going to come out. They will say that is not the voice of a stranger and we will not follow a stranger. Do you know that Baal had 150 priests speaking and one of God, and some silly people said then God's man must be wrong for there were 150 against him?

Well, we are not that bad off tonight. But I want you to know that the leadership of these denominations are going along with error. And the true disciples of God are not wrong, because they are out numbered. And you will see that the people of God will leave this larger group who are following the course of error and will come back to following the program of God. I talked to one young man and he said, ‘you know I quit going to church. For when I go there, I don't hear anything.’ He said, ‘when I get down there, they tell me some silly thing which does not seem right.’ He said, ‘they start talking about the duty I have for staying alive and then don't do anything to keep me alive.’ He said, ‘now that I have been coming here to church, I realize that now I am a part of my religion and I can start doing something.’ So I challenge you tonight that God is sending forth the spirit of Elijah and is calling on you to take a stand. Calling for you to resist the darkness, and calling on you to get ready for Armageddon. For the day of the LORD when you shall stand on God's side against the powers of darkness is not way out there. It is arising. Scrimmages have been on the streets of Baltimore and on the streets of Los Angeles. The armies marched in Corinth and they put enough pressure on one man. He stood almost by himself. And finally, he permitted one of those Negroes to come in and buy one of those houses under the pressure of the evil in this hour. And they are not satisfied yet. For the Cainanites are still marching.

They say they are going to break down every institution of the White man, every institution of their privacy, everything which is your right as a citizen of this country to sustain yourself. And we must stand with men like Senator Dirkson who said, ‘if the right to sell your property, or live on your property is gone, then there is nothing left in your constitution if you have lost these sovereign rights which belong to you.’ Yes, here in California, we cannot pray. But Atheism can be taught in our schools. And even in the areas of our schools, they support infamy and viciousness and smut. In the area where the White man is limited and the violent cannibal is told they can get away with anything. And now in this great country of ours where the White man is limited as to what he can do, the Negro is an assassinator. And when he does these things, then these are emotional responses for racial repression. And if a White man takes a stand, then he is rioting and is found out of order. Let me tell you there are 145 million of us and 140 million may be asleep. But I think that 5 million of us are going to wake up. I want you to know tonight, that the popularity pole of the Kennedys is below 50% tonight. And I would hate to admit that we do not have statesmen. It is time we find them and let the world know where we stand.

All right, just remember that you are in this hour of the return of the Elijah ministry. That you are to stand and oppose the enemy, work for deliverance. Believe God and move forward with confidence, and finish this task that God put in your hand to do.

End of message.