Riders Of Revelation, 5-23-65



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-23-65

In our subject we are reading from Revelation 6:------And John saw----and behold a White Horse:---- and he that sat on him had a bow:---and a crown was given unto him:---and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

When you go into the facts of Bible symbolism, then go into the minds of the prophets since Daniel and Ezekiel, and on down to the revelations by Jesus, as he revealed things to his disciples, and then on down to Revelations, you discover the symbolism of the old and the new testament, and you find that the rider on a white horse is always a symbol of a program fronting as a Peace movement. The white horse is always the emblem and symbol of peace. It was also an institution that was trading on the power to do Peace, and if it had a bow----and showed no quiver of arrows, it was essentially operating as a Peace movement to accomplish other objectives.

Now:---we find that the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords is according to the Apostle Paul---YAHSHUA THE CHRIST, and he is not only King of Kings but he is----THE PRINCE OF PEACE. But YAHSHUA arrives at his Peace in an entirely different procedure than the so called peace movements of the world. For his Peace is a two fold peace----a Peace for the souls of his household, and for those who will recognize Him for what he is. For having accomplished for them so great an atonement, and for sending them great areas of spiritual Grace, he gives them in their minds and in their hearts Peace that passes all understanding. This Peace creates within them a loss of fear, and opens a new avenue of trust and communication with the Eternal Father.

The Christ if Prince of Peace---King of Salem and he carries the full Melchizedek Priesthood, and thus the strategy of, brings such Peace comes thru victory, and not by negotiations. It does not come thru surrender to the darkness, but it comes thru breaking the powers of darkness, and the overthrowing of evil, and the crushing of their power to rule, and out of this type of victory emerged Peace. When you know the plan and strategy of your enemy, you don't talk Peace with him, you just plan how to knock him out quickly.

When we talk about this white horse conqueror it doesn't belong to The Christ so it is a part of the beast system. And this is a latter day sign, in fact all these riders are climatic latter day struggles, for they move in the last half of the century at the end of an age. This movement starts with a world Peace movement, and a great number of statesmen get taken in with this plan. If you go back to the beginning of this plan you find that Mr. Rothchild's Illuminati was being formed in Europe, and one of the things planned by the Illuminati was to embrace all the things that sound good to the Christian man, and then destroy him with those very words. And these words include---fraternity, and brotherhood, and extensive use of the word Equality, because these words are a part of semantics, and of revolution and new birth, but along with this strategy was to go this trapping of men by---Peace---so that they wouldn't resist the buildup which would be created for this organization that would eventually rule over all the nations of the world. When you check the record you will find that this is all in the documents and records of the Illuminati.

I can take you back in the days of George Washington, and show you that he understood this procedure. I have volumes and you can get the same things out of the Library of Congress, and then read Nesta Websters books on secret orders and subversive societies, which go back to the 1700's and it tells all about the Illuminati, and how it eventually spread into the secret processes of setting up the Soviet Union.

When World War I was over, socialism was entrenched in Germany, the enemies of Christian civilization were firmly entrenched in Germany, even tho you were the first nation to come to grips with the hosts of the Soviet Union. I have the photographs and records concerning that first expedition of your against communism. We point out then a program that even President Wilson jumped into, under the advice of one of the most ignoble people of all times---Colonel House. This Col.House had used his influence to help set up the Federal Reserve system in the areas of finance, and Jacob Schiff, and Kuhn Loeb and Co., and others thanked him for serving his mothers people, and turning the finances of America into their hands. I have the secret papers of Col.House, and that is one of the most important series of documents on this matter. I have other secret documents, and Jewish documents and publications where they praised Col.House for turning American finance into their hands. Then to honor Col.House they gave him a blank check, for the rest of his life, and he could go any place in the world, and buy anything, and a Jewish bank would honor his purchases. I can show you a copy of this---in a bound volume, and I can project it on a screen, and then I can also go to the Library of Congress and pull it out and show you where it is even on record. I can show you the writing of Senators that tell you that this was one of the most duping periods of our history.

We look at the ends of World War I, and we find families tired of war, and nations of white men had been fighting one another, and the blood of white men was flowing into the common gutter of death---why?--to satisfy the common manipulators of death. They laughed at us and they planned not only the down fall of all Europe, but they had also planned the Soviet Revolution. The league of Nations was formed and World War II was designed in the Peace that this league of nations produced. The world economic manipulators that had produced World Was I, and had been at work ever since the days of Napoleon were still at work. For the days that the French had taken the areas that they named Alsace Loraine, out of Rheinland, they had sowed a area of discord that would be simulated and worked upon, until a crisis was created both economical and political.

This is all a matter of record, and you can go to the archives of the U.S. government and obtain all these documents that are now outdated, and thus citizenry can now study them, and you can learn how these forces were at work, was back there, manipulating the forces that brought about the results that occurred. Lots of reports by the correspondence to our representatives and senators are there, laying out the whole pattern. As W.W.I became a reality, then the League of Nations was being prepared to handle the situation, and to determine the conduct of nations, and the decision of nations concerning the things to come.

The League of Nations was the beginning of the issue of the symbol or emblem of the Rider on the White Horse. This was the political Peace movement that they were going to bring to manipulate the world, and bring on World Government. This was the program that The Christ called Anti-Christ, because before it was over the Christian Nations would be out-numbered, and the Socialist World system would take it's place. With the Treaty of Versailles, you remember, they divided up and partitioned Europe, and they gave vast areas of Germany to Poland, but left the city of Danzigt and the corridor to it a free city, but it had once been a German city. So the fact remains that the League of Nations laid the ground-work for the foundation for W.W.II. Now: it was promised that at the end of 20 years that a vote would be taken and if the people voted to return to Germany, their mother country, this would be permitted, and free trade avenues would be opened to the free city of Danzigt, and that city would also be allowed to vote, and that the citizens of Germany would have freedom, if they continued to live in this area.

The reason I point this out is that this is only one area of about a dozen where there was manipulation, but this was one of the areas that helped produce the crisis that brought on W.W.II. The League of Nations was a string pulling organization, and it had no military power, but it utilized areas of influence. The only power it had was the member nations and they would not move. The political design was to have them not move until they were ready to bring forth another crisis some where in the world.

Now:----who were these manipulators behind the scenes, these financial manipulators who wanted to rule the world?----Unless you think I can be wrong then consider this---Here in the book of Revelations explaining to John, then Jesus said that this was the manipulations of a false World Wide Peace front, a string pulling organization of power and influence that went forth, conquering and to conquer, but it possessed no weapons of it's own. Then the 20 years were up and none of these countries were allowed their plebiscite, thus pressure was increased and patterns of war began to appear. Remember that Poland gave an ultimatum to Estonia, Lapvia, and Lithuania just before W.W.II started, telling them that they should become---rather that they had become the property of Poland. And Remember also that Poland was in alliance with the Soviet Union. Then remember the time of those committed waves of atrocities against the citizens of Central Europe, as these people refused this ultimatum and they said in that historic telegram:----"Attack and be Damned."

We make no justification for the facets of war, but I tell you that W.W.II was sowed in the League of Nations, and then W.W.II gave birth to the United Nations. And any time you extend the so called Peacemaking organizations, and surrender the sovereignty of your country to that organizations, then you have surrendered a part of your liberty.

You have been skillfully warned by the spirit, in the book of Revelation not to join them, instead you are to come out from among them and, "Be ye Separate". You have been told in the book of Ezekiel, and Isaiah, and Jeremiah as well, that you are to make no Peace and no confederacy, and to enter into no union with other countries, other nations that are not of your race, and who deny your God.

The other day we had a person who was posing as an expert on this subject, and we knew that he was a Jew even tho he posed as a professor, and he said:----you can discount all the facets of the New Testament, because we are not going to accept any of the testimony of Jesus in this matter. Alright I said:----Now, you claim to be an Israelite, but you are not---but anyway turn to the book of Ezekiel, or to Isaiah, and Jeremiah, and you find that they say don't enter into this kind of confederacy, and don't do this thing, or God's judgment will fall on you. Keep yourself separate, and never enter into a confederacy with those who deny your God and your Faith.-----That closed the argument, but I want you to see how they are tied up with their own lips, either they have to throw out any claim to the Eternal Yahweh, or they have to acknowledge that HIS was is best. So under this situation, the United Nations was formed, and we find that Europe was divided in half. As a result of the outcome of W.W.II then 1/2 of the European countries came under the control of the Soviet Union. We now know the deadliness of Potsdam and Yalta. We know that our nation entered into agreements, and made an ally of an enemy of our Faith, and our race. We had far more reason to back Europe to stand up and turn against communism in Russia than we did to join with the Russians to crush ourselves.

I mean to have no briefs for facets of political philosophies that are foreign to our thinking, and to our political activities in our own country, but I know that if Jewry had not created the situations, that spread communism and socialistic evil that tried to crush the people of central Europe, and the real tribes of Judah---the Germanic people, then they would have never elected Hitler, and he would never have risen to power. They can cry out all they want to , but Jewish oppression of Central Europe caused, and created Nazism. The enemy knows something that most of our race fail to see, but the people will take just so much and then they explode.

Thus as we ended W.W.II the prophetic pattern of world government was moving one, and now again we discover an institution supposedly dedicated to Peace, but which instead makes was thru out various parts of the world, thru the utilization of nations, but never has any power to do anything that is good.

The United Nations thus betrayed us to the Russian during the Korean war. They betrayed all Christian Civilization by controlling the Military authority, and the military functions of all situations, for the Military commander of the United Nations is always a high ranking Russian Officer. Thus every bit of information that went out to our allies was relayed thru Russia, to the North Koreans, and they knew the plans, the man power, and material,---why?---because we had an enemy at our council table. But God says:---"Come out of Her oh my people". But we didn't come out, instead we became involved in Africa and in Asia, because the nation that became Uncle Sap at this time, and in this matter was the United States of America, for we paid the majority of the bills in the United Nations, and now there are those in our society who would even have us pay the Russians bills in this so called Peace Organization---so that Russia can stay in the organization and vote against us.

The WHITE HORSE OF the Apocalypse-----would by negotiations---by disarmament conferences would disarm the great nations of God's Kingdom, and would have them to go out to conquer with only string in their bows.

THEN I HEAD THE SECOND BEAST SAY: COME AND SEE:----------And i saw a RED HORSE, and power was given to him to take peace to the earth, and to kill one another, and there was given to him a big red sword. This of course is the red horse of World Communism and it moves with vast speed out over the nations of the world. And from the day of the Red Revolution 1917, to this day in 1965 it has gained control of one third of the land surface of the earth. When Communism came to Russia there was still so much to conquer in the Soviet Union, for there was skirmishes on the roof of the world and moving out over the areas of the heart land of Europe. Communism gained in W.W.II, and had doubled it's territory since the time of W.W.II up until now. So this is the red horse----Communism----World Jewry in control----that Jesus gave a warning about in the book of Revelations concerning this Empire in this Satanic conspiracy, which would gain control, and wage war against the Kingdom, and even tho all peoples now in that Empire did not constitute a part of this Beast system. In other words Eastern Europe would go behind the iron curtain of communism, and that part of Israel was now in captivity. Now; the scriptures talks about the great system of the Beast with it's 7 heads and 10 horns, and then explains that 7 heads are 7 empires, 5 of which have already fallen, at this time when Revelation was given to John, and one is, and one is yet to come, and the 8th., is out of the 7th., . From History we know that these Empires were:-------1. Egypt, 2. Syria, 3. Babylon, 4. Medo-Persia, 5. Greece and 6. Rome is and the 7. was to be the hoards of Asia and Genghis Kahn.

These hoards of Genghis Kahn were financed by the manipulators of Venice, for the seat of Satan had been moved from where Jesus said it was----in Pergamos. Over the years it had changed from it's island seat of Pergamos to Venice, and for almost a thousand years the head quarters of International Jewry remained in this city. The amazing thing about this plan was that they promised to give the world to Genghis Kahn if he would deliver to them the citadels of Christianity. And here for the first time we heard of the yellow arm bands, for they showed up as the mark of the traitors, as the Jews of the cities opened up the gates of the fortified cities to the Mongol hoards.

Then Jesus said whoa---to the Beast system of the 7th., try to wipe out Christianity---God's Kingdom people, as the leader of the 7th.,----Genghis Kahn died and was taken home for burial. For your facts on the history of that age, read the works of the great historian whose name if Harold Lamb.

Then we are told that the 8th., will come out of the 7th.,---?---Out of the philosophy of Karl Marx, and out of Kuhn Loeb and Co., and out of Jacob Schiff, and their financing and spreading of the revolution------out of these same manipulators of finance came again the great scourge of the 8th., beast----coming out of the same area as the 7th., came---and now it threatens the world, as it is given the power of Luciferian anti-christ progeny.

The fact remains that words of prophecy have been correct, for no threat to your race, or to it's race since the day of old Rome have been like the hoards of the Kahn, and now this last sweep of communism----World Communism. 7 million people were put to death in the first two years of communist revolution in Russia, because they wouldn't give up their faith in Jesus The Christ, and I want you to know that Christians were driven out of their homes, they were murdered, and they suffered agony, but no other facet of faith was bothered in Russia under the Jewish communist leaders. One of the biggest lies sold to the world today is That Soviet Russia is Anti-Semitic. One of the major Jewish publications said this from inside Russia:-----Don't let this area of propaganda influence your own thinking, and it gives the names of people who hold responsible jobs in the Soviet economy, and in the areas of the Military, and in the areas of Political activities. And this paper went on to say----The Jews are happy there. And outside of a few phony show churches under control of fifth column priests in Moscow, there are no Christians happy in Russia for they have made it a Godless and pagan society which they hurl against the Christian world, and which they are suddenly planning to make a complete conquest of.------Now: They say: communism has changed it wants Peace---but this is only to put people to sleep while they win the time to crush those opposed to them.-----This Red Horse that goes forth to conquer has created crisis situations in Africa, and here in the United States as well. We have Williams----and Martin Luther King, and others being used as a tool of the communist revolution to pit race against race here in the United States.----This is only a part of the revolution taking place, and it tells us that there can be no---peace---between Christianity and communism, and I think that it is time for the Christian Churches to ascribe to this. Also don't separate the political hoards of communism in their design----from the other facets of the philosophy of the Anti-Christ.

AND I OPENED THE 3rd., SEAL:------"And low and behold a black horse, and he who sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand."

Now:----you must go back to the symbolism of your race, and you will see that the black horse and it's area of manipulation and control is over finance----This is economic control over the Kingdom of God, and Socialism is the economic rider of destruction. Those same internationalists behind the scene want to gain control of the most valuable resources of the earth. The areas where they can control more men or influence more people are the areas of wheat (food), oil for transportation, and industry, and of course the Liquor interests to befuddle mens, minds. Remember that the Black horse had a rider with a pair of balances in his hand, and he said:----a measure of wheat for a penny, and 3 measures of barley for a penny, and see that you hurt not the oil and the wine.

Some used to say that it was only in the last century that this would take place, but it is only at the end of the age, when this takes place. The great problems in the Mid-east are centered around the control of oil, and eventually control of the mineral wealth of the dead sea. You remember that Jesus told us that in the latter days that the people who would enter into Palestine, and try to take it over would be the abominators of the desolator. And when you see the armies around Jerusalem then you understand why he said that. The first part of this measure began to come 9-24-1917, when the city of Jerusalem was released from the control of the Turks and passed into the hands of Great Britain. The date 9-24-1917 brought the surrender of the city to General Allenby, and thus began the prophetic time of measure for the city, and Britains administration of that city until the end of W.W.II when the bloody revolution came as the Jews from all over went into that land and killed Christians and Arabs, and pushed those they didn't kill out into the desert to starve. Of all the atrocities ever performed in the world----the worst record was produced in Palestine by the Jews and their armies.

If you don't believe that then read the United Nations white paper, and the account of Count Bernadott who they murdered to try to stop his report to the United Nations. After they had killed him they found that he had sent his report the day before, and they only had his brief case with duplicate copies.

There is no doubt that control of resources and finance is a part of the conspiracy. And when we talk about the black horse we talk about the balances and the leveler----well----then who owns the Liquor industry?----Who owns the liquor industry of the United States, and then go to France and who owns the largest section of the wineries on the face of the earth? Then go to Italy and see who controls the majority of large international banking houses that are controlling the liquor industry of the world.

Our forefathers talked about private enterprise, and about sovereignty, and the constitution of the United States, and how only the congress of the United States shall have the power to coin money, and establish the value there of----but then what happened---?----Look up the facts of the Federal Reserve system, and you will see what has happened. All of this was an economic manipulation to lead up to the Anti-Christ control. To bring on destruction to our society and our faith, the enemy has changed the rules and we no longer issue money on the basis of production so there will always be one dollar for every dollars worth of goods produced. After all that is the Old Testament plan for God's Kingdom, so the enemy would be expected to get rid of it and substitute their world plan of manipulation.

Now:---the 4th., Horse:---"And I looked and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed after him. And power was given unto him over 1/4th. part of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with hunger and with death, and with beasts of the earth."

Now:---the emblem of the Pale rider in ancient times was identifies with Ancient Assyria----with the hoards of Asia and the Steppes of China, and now today they control 1/4th. of the earth, and this ancient utilization of beasts in the field of battle identifies this area of the earth. It also identifies, and demonstrates by massive hoards stirred up by the phony peace fronts, added by the expanse of riding masses of world communism, in their military stance, and political objectives. It's economic growth thru the socialists manipulation of all kinds of things, leads you to see that they are seeking to control the economy of this great nation of ours. They talk Socialism----nationalizing of industries, a guaranteed wage for every adult whether he works or not, and thus they move out to take from those who work---to give to those who do not work. But the manpower they plan to turn loose on you for this end of the age comes from the hoards of Asia. And the prophet Ezekiel tells you that the hoards of Asia join with Ethiopia which means Africa and they come against you. So power was given the Pale horse rider over 1/4th. of the earth to destroy, with hunger and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. (Think about this prophecy, and look around and see what came out of the Steppes of Asia to work to turn those of Africa against you).

Will we survive this end of the age which brought forth this prophecy? Yes----And I will assure you of this:----YAHWEH has given you one of the best geophysical positions on the face of the earth, for you are the heart center of the Western World.

Then also, I would point out to you that in the destiny of prophecy of this nation, under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, and under the symbol of the Cross of Christ----we are not only going to survive, but The Kingdom of God is going to be triumphant to the end. For we are told in the book of Zachariah that anger is going to rise up in your countenance, and there isn't going to be a Canaanite left in the house of God.

Then Revelation tells us that the world governments with all their political systems will see the vast hosts and fleets of The Christ coming with reinforcements----in the sky----and then the enemy will turn their rockets and their missiles, and their weapons of war----against----YAHSHUA THE CHRIST and His hosts, as they come to take HIS side, and the side of HIS KINGDOM AND HIS NATION. (race)

Never has there been a period of time for you as Christian American, so vital for you to realized, that these prophecies and symbols were not empty, but that they had a purpose, and they were placed there by The Christ, for you to understand. But as far as a solution to the worlds problems-----the only solution is CHRIST and HIS KINGDOM.