Right Or Wrong, 8-11-64



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-11-64

Turning to our subject tonight of this title ---'Right or wrong' --recognizing that this is a very vital issue in our time because there are many ways which these things are being said and expressed, we find today that if you stand for America and you love your nation, and if you stand for Christ and you love Christianity, and you are a White man and love your mother and father, and want your great-grandchildren to look like your children, that you are on the “extreme right.” If you want to see the preservation of this great nation, of these United States, and do not want to see it absorbed or co-mingled with all of the areas of darkness and superstition, and taken into an area of world government in which the powers of darkness and the forces of evil can outmaneuver you and sap your strength and your greatness and your technology, and deprive you and enslave you, then you are on the EXTREME RIGHT. But if you believe today that a world can be improved by amalgamation, by combining 5/6 of the error with 1/6th of the truth, by subordinating great nations and Christian nations to the powers of darkness with everything from Buddhism to Hinduism, to the Witch doctor and Kenyetta's Mau Mau, if you believe in that, then, my friends, you are a liberal. And we refer to these liberals if they identify with the Communist party as being EXTREME LEFT. Because this is about the apex of the catalyst of evil.

Now I note that there are a lot of people who encourage themselves by thinking that what we need to do in this day is to walk down the middle of the road. Get just as close as you can get, then you will neither be on the ‘extreme right’ or the ‘extreme left’, and everybody will slap you on the back and say "Hail fellow, well met.” Everybody but God. But I point out that you cannot evade issues in the world. For this whole struggle is based on issues. And in this instance, the MOST HIGH GOD tells about this church age, the age in which you are living, this climactic age, here at the end of time, in which a great and powerful force representing the ecclesiastical orders of earth, called the church age of Laodicea which advises its people to take the middle of the road. Whether it is done with the late Bishop Pike or with the late Rev. Oxman or carried out by the Blakes. Or whether it is followed thru by a brainwashed Cardinal, it is all the same. Take the middle of the road, put up no opposition to anybody or anything, and everybody will like you, everybody but God.

HE said, “I know you have a state brotherhood, and you are taking the middle of the road, and you are for everything that MY CHURCH is against. And I know that you call for the ‘middle of the road’ position, don't be against anything, be for everything.” Then HE says, “I wish thee were cold or hot, but since you are neither cold or hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.”

I point out to you tonight that there is no position that the Church of Jesus Christ Christian can take that is in the middle of the road. I point out that there is no attempt from the book of Genesis to Revelation that would have you select a middle position. All issues are being evaluated as being RIGHT OR WRONG . . . this idea today that is even trying to make mental implications to the individual that some are EXTREME Right . . . that you are as far over on the Right as you can get, and if you are that far over then you must be crazy. Let me assure you of something. That it is better to say instead of Left and Right, then say Right or Wrong. And then if you try to be as wrong as you can get then you totally identify yourself with the politics of hell and the Godlessness of hell and the worship of evil. If you want to get as RIGHT as you can get, then get on God's side and accept HIS briefing and HIS Word, and HIS purposes and whatsoever that HE has declared.

Now I realize that we are living in turbulent times. I realize that for the areas of communication, and I am not in any way exaggerating when I tell you that a majority of the areas of communication are tonight in the hands of the enemy here in Christian America. I tell you that the majority of the communications channels tonight are in the hands of liberals who would sell you out for a world government. They would subordinate you to pagan nations and all things which are a violation of divine law. I am going to tell you that God Almighty is going to introduce, and is already getting ready to bless and move the service of HIS people in the areas of communication, wherein you do not have to go thru the press, or the radio or the T.V. to get the message out. And I want you to know that when all of these avenues are turned loose upon the people, it was to keep them subdued and in a constant pattern of hypnosis. The strategy being that the people embrace what they often hear repeated. The same old pattern of sorcery which was used while men slept by whispering things in their ear, they think that you will become so accustomed to it that you finally absorb it. They are trying to tell you today that if you are in the areas of what the Bible calls ‘right’ that you are wrong. They are trying to tell you that good is evil and that evil is good. Or at least to neutralize you by getting you to walk down the center so that you can be a friend to everybody.

Does the scripture tell you that you should be a friend to the world? It tells me in my Bible that friendship with the world is at enmity with God. For God said that if you can get along with all of the institutions and orders that are against me and against my kingdom, if you can get along tonight with subordinating my people into a world government, and rule over them with the darkness, if you can subordinate my church with all of the institutions of the world, if you can coordinate MY instructions to the world’s structure, then you are at enmity with ME.

Now I would be happy to be at enmity with a whole lot of powers which they think they have. For they will not have it very long, than to have the friendship of these institutions and a lot of power exerted in government today, that soon is not going to have any power. For I am going to tell you this. For you can read the end of the story too. You know there is a difference in literature. I have enjoyed lots of times the patterns and plans we find in literature. But a lot of times you don't have time to read the whole book, and you want to know how did this thing end up. So go to the back of the book and read it. Well, you can say that the author had something to do with this. He had something to do with how it would come out. Especially is this true if you are not talking about history. For sometimes when I look at the text books, then I see that the author did determine how history turns out. For about 70% of the history being taught to our school children today is an author’s lie and it was propaganda prepared to give a wrong slant to our students on their own origins and of their own nation.

But there is one thing about this Book, the Bible, which I am holding in my hands. And there is in here a combination of a multiple of books. The authorship is by men who wrote under inspiration and holy men were moved by the spirit of God. And yes, then God wrote the book as it related to the past and as it related to the present, and as prophecy as it related to the future. And HE told what would come to pass, and HE wrote the end of the story. And the only difference between this and a lot of other stories and other authors, is that this person, this author can make it come to pass. For whatsoever HE has ordained comes to pass. So I advise you if you are hurried for time, --read the end of the story. In fact, the end is so good, then you will want to know what goes on in between.

Someone always says, “But what is the end of the story?” You know one of the amazing things is that if I tell you the truth, then God's enemies don't like it. We don't care if God's enemies don't like it, for we do

not invite them here anyhow. The only people who are invited here are Christians, or men of the Adamic race, who are not insulted by the truth. If someone else comes in here, it is his own fault. And if he does not want to hear this, then it is time to go. Because it is impossible for me to uphold the content of this Book and not be in opposition to the conspiracies of the sons of darkness. Of all of the false pictures that have been given to the world concerning God and concerning HIS own embodiment as HE walked the earth as the man Christ Jesus or the church today under the Laodacean age, in order to get to this middle of the road individual, as they are trying to make Christians today, have to misrepresent God and sell the world on a bad concept.

Now I will tell you something . . . that they are trying to sell Christians on. They are trying to sell you on what they think, that God is so overflowing with emotion, not knowing what true love is, that HE wants everyone to get along, and whether it is truth or error, whether it is good for HIS family or not, but HE wants just for all to get together and get along. They picture God just walking alone trying to get everyone just to get along. The fact is, that their picture of Christ, if it was anything like the true picture of Christ, then they would have a hard time to explain why the Jews crucified HIM. Because even tho the Pope now says that they didn't, I am going to still tell you that they did. My Bible tells me who did it. (The Jews didn’t actually do the dirty work themselves---they got the Romans to do that . . . ) And 16 other Popes found out who did it before this man came along. Well, now we are not angry at the Pope. There is an order to assassinate him when he goes down to Israeli, so he will be a martyr for his church. And they will blame it on the Arabs and try to get a world upheaval going on. They have warned the Vatican that this is a plot to assassinate the Pope. The Los Angeles newspapers carried a report of the Secret Service pattern. But then this is normal to Jewry.

Let’s turn over to the book of Hebrews for a moment. Then remember however, before we go on, that when the United Nations were planning on taking over the world, they took some pretty good idealistic men who thought that there was a way to mediate all of these problems. And one of these men was Count Bernadotte. Remember him? And he went down to observe the right and the wrong of this creation of this abortive state. And do you remember what they did to him? They shot him, then they hung little metals around the neck of the Urgin that did this. But that was when they were the majority for a moment. I turn to the book of Hebrews and I listen to this word. And the MOST HIGH SAID, “Being made better than the Angels, talking about the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus. To whom have I ever said, 'Thou art my son, I have begotten thee'. HE also talked to your race using some of these same words. And HE said, “I shall be a Father unto you, and you shall be as a son to me.” And then speaking of HIS embodiment, HE said, “Thy throne oh, God, is forever a scepter of righteousness, is a scepter of thy kingdom.”

Now we are getting right down to talking about Jesus. And if you want to see something about Jesus, then see what God said about Jesus as HE Himself walked the earth, embodied. Do you think HE was a middle of the road man? Do you think HE was working out a deal with Lucifer's children to avoid the cross? Do you think HE was trying to set up co-existence with Magog?

Listen. It says”--'Thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity.' Oh, just a moment. Jesus hated? You mean that Jesus hated? Well, then, I must be in a hatemonger class. HE must be a ‘right winger.’ Let’s see what HE hated. HE hated iniquity, "HE LOVED RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HATED INIQUITY." HE accepted the RIGHT and repudiated the WRONG. Therefore, the Eternal spirit which is the fullness of God hath been an oracle of gladness above all of my people. Do you know that I would rather get that anointment and that symbol of God's spirit for being on the RIGHT side and hating iniquity, than to get all of the approbation of all of these Jew and Christian fraternities on the face of the earth? We are just tired of listening to them attack the people on the right, attack the Church, and attacking people who say that they hate the evil, when God Himself said if you do not hate the evil, you won't get any more blessings from me. In fact, if they keep it up, they are going to make some first class haters. You say, “what does that man?” That means that you can march into battle after the enemies of God with the sword of wrath on thy lips, so the scripture says. Oh, you say, “we don't want to bring the scriptures into this.” The best thing that could happen to America would be if we could drive all of the devils out of America and off the face of the earth.

Oh, you say, “watch out, Dr. Swift, they will be having a hearing.” I think it is time they had a hearing and see what the Bible says. They may not like our Christianity, but at least they will find out what it really is and they will find out what the Bible says. They may not like what God had to say, but they will have to admit that this is what HE said.

Now this is the book of Hebrews. And it is written to us for we are the descendants of Heber. And there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who is a Hebrew. Thank God for that. Then if they say that this is their book, then they are stuck with the fact that God said that HE hates iniquity. And for this, they killed HIM. Therefore, this declaration establishes a divine purpose. And we mention, that last Friday afternoon this holy seed of God that HE transplanted thru the Adamic race and then came out of it as the Man Christ Jesus, and then planted the genealogy thru the lips of HIS Apostle Mark, and then Luke, thus down thru the seed of Seth and then to Adam. And when Lucifer came into the picture and tried to mongrelize your race, and the seduction of Eve produced Cain, and the catastrophe that followed, then God came into the picture and HE selected the posterity of Seth so as to carry on the race. The seventh gestation of the womb and then the womb was once more clean. And then God said, “This is what I am going to do. I am going to put enmity between thee (Satan and his posterity) and the Seed of the woman." (Eve-Israel) Between the Serpent race and MY household, thy seed out of which I have come.” And you go get the dictionary and you find that enmity means hatred.

Now we have never taken much time to hate people by race or by seed any more than we hate dogs or cats. We don't hate them, we like good dogs and dislike bad ones. But I am going to point out to you that as far as the process of evil is concerned, always it is that they are displaying on what we are opposing them on, and their design plus to destroy God's kingdom and to ruin our nation. And we hate that design and the perpetrator while he does it. A gentleman tried to keep everybody peaceful the other day, and they used a psychologist on the radio. And I was riding along with this nimble brain. He said, “everybody must stop right now, this hating everybody, for it will shorten their breath and kill them.” And he started telling why we should get along with everybody and not be disturbed by anything and not oppose anything, and then you will live longer. The other day I picked up a newspaper that the Jews have some influence in, and they said that we just hate, hate, hate. So they would have to stop us. If that be the case, it should have killed us a long time ago.

Let me tell you something. If you are against evil, then you are in tune with God. If you hate the evil, you are not only in tune with God and instead of getting weaker you get stronger. Instead of destroying you, my friends, you are empowered. I find that these people were against everybody that God raised up. They were against Moses, against Elijah. And they hated Elijah so badly that they put a price on his head. But the power of God descended to fulfill the responsibility, and God answered with the sign of a miracle in the hands of Elijah. And Elijah went out and beheaded the enemy, 450 of them at one time.

Someone said, “but you don't advocate that, do you Dr. Swift?” I just advocate anything that God wants against the enemy. There are several sessions coming one of these days, and I am just waiting for God to come in and take charge of it. Because this is HIS area of responsibility. None of us want to cut God out of HIS own Day. Do you know that you can push and prod just long enough that they can get it? They can hear the words that they have been waiting to hear.

Now we very seldom have a meeting anymore, but what some OGPU is not here to take it down. So take it down. --We wait for the day when evil shall be liquidated in these United States. So take the message back. We wait for the day when every Anti-Christian force finds this an unhealthy place to live. When every dope peddler and every swindler and every Anti-christian leader of these Antichrist forces of darkness are driven from American shores. I do not see any Constitutional right to destroy everything that is right and uphold everything that is dark.

One newspaper said that we hated Negroes and we hated Jews. But you don't hate Negroes any more than you hate elephants. But you do not have room for elephants in your back yard. We don't hate skunks, but there is something about them that I do not want in the house. There is an analogy there. Every time you find someone who doesn't like something, then you must be a real bad hater. Do not confuse dislike or the desire not to associate within areas of divine law, with hate. If you want to get the record straight, everything that would destroy God's kingdom or overthrow HIS word or deny that Jesus is the Christ, then hate it with all of your might.

So when Christ came to earth, the great embodiment in earth, the great question is that HE hated iniquity. There are a lot of people today who are fulfilling this Laodicean pattern. And this is why the church and the Clergy have let down so many people in their organization. Inside the book of the Apostle John, there is nobody who is hated like the Apostle John. The B’nai B’rith and the ADL hate the Apostle John like they never hated any other apostle. In fact, they have some of our theological seminaries which are dominated by them, talking about the anti-Semitism of John, and they want to take the Gospel of John out of the Bible and completely renovate it.

I can understand why they want to renovate it, for they do not want to let Christians read the Gospel of John. But they will never get away with destroying the Book of John.

I am going to tell you something. The day that they say that the Gospel of John cannot be read by you, then everyone in the United States will try to get a copy of it. Then every American will wake up in a hurry. It is just like that strange Kraut who sent out a criticism against Mr. Oviate who sent out a flier saying he wanted all Christians to trade with him because he knew that Christians don't like to trade with Jews who don't like Christ and Christmas anyhow. And then this little Kraut said, “just because we say that Christ and Christmas and even prayer in schools offends us, then this terrible bigot came out and doesn't want the Christians to trade with us.” But everybody who read this, saw who had tried to stop Christmas in Los Angeles.

Now I am reading out of the Epistle of I John l:5--- “This then is the message, which we have heard of HIM, and declare unto you. That God is light, and in HIM there is no darkness at all.” This is an extreme position. This is light, no error. So then we declare that in God who is light, there is no darkness at all. And if we have fellowship in HIM, and then walk in the darkness, then we lie and do not tell the truth. All of these people who have one arm around some Rabbi and the other around some Christian church, and say we walk in the Light, then are lying. For they are walking with darkness. You do no have fellowship with God while you have your arm around the devil’s children. You cannot be an acquiescer of this Peace kick and an upholder of God's kingdom at the same time.

Listen.--If we say that we have fellowship with HIM, and then walk in darkness, then we lie, for we do not know the truth. If we walk in the LIGHT, then we have fellowship with Christians. That is the only important fellowship. To walk with HIM. Then walk with True Christians, and you have fellowship in Jesus the Christ. HIS blood was sufficient in HIS atonement FOR US.

Now turn on in the writings of John and he makes this declaration. And he talks about the fact that when Christ came into the world that what was HIS purpose, was it to divide the world with the devil or to form a united Devil-Christian assembly? Had HE decided to take a Christian majority and join it with the devil and make this a Judeao Christian program? All I hear about is my Christian Judeao heritage. Thank God, I do not have any Jew heritage. If there is anything we have in background from them, we are ready to give it back exactly in measures they painted.

Listen. He said that the Son of God was manifest so that HE could destroy the works of the devil. Oh, no, we do not want to destroy anything---we are suppose to love it, aren't we? Yet the man Christ Jesus said that we were to hate iniquity, not love it.

You know, some of these people have been talking about loving iniquity, and now I believe them. You say, “what do you mean?” I believe they have been loving the devil so bad, for they have been loving evil and loving communism and the Jew so hard, until they are a part of the thing which they love. Someone said, “but this is not freedom.” But I tell you that this is a Christian nation. It was founded by Christian men and it was founded by the very seed of HIS kingdom under a covenant. It was founded for the perpetuity of our people, not for the melting pot of the world. Let Mr. Brown go to Israeli if he wants a melting pot. For America was not conceived to be a melting pot. It was conceived as the great nation with the outstretched wings of the Eagle under God. If there is anything cemented together here, it is that out of the great nations of God's kingdom, one great people were being produced. Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, Germanic, one great race, one great people of God, one great and powerful nation. But don't go beyond that and try to fuse anything in or the Judgments of God will come upon you.

Now let’s get this clear. Know every spirit. Be sure of this now. Try every spirit, know every spirit. The church says today that they just take everybody at face value and don't know anything about them at all. It does not make any difference who they are or where they came from, just let them in. So we just let in ten thousand Chinamen. What do we know about them? --Nothing. --They just came into Shanghai and into Hong Kong, and they poured in over the Chinese lines until there was not room for them in that colony. So we just took in 10,000 of them as refugees. And most of them came from Red China. So now we don't know how many Reds we have let in here. Oh, you say, “that is all right, they are hungry.” Well, I hope every one of them is hungry until the day they throw the system over. I am not interested in feeding God's enemy. The quicker they starve, the quicker the kingdom comes in. I am not interested in sending wheat to the Soviet Union, or in sending wheat any where in the world. If you want to get your blessings hurt, then this is the way to do it. If you start giving the blessings that God has poured out on you to God's enemies, then see what happens. Don't come up with that old story--love thine enemies. For this is only applied in your own household, within your own race. This is when they have spitefully used you, and this is because you can appeal to a sense of honor, which is within them and challenge them with Grace. But you are not told to treat God's enemies like this or go out to the pagans and the Hindu and turn your head or back, for they will cut off your head and do it quickly.

Listen. Try every spirit. Don't take them at their face value. You do a little discernment. And if you get a little hunch, then stay away from them. Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus has come in the flesh is of the spirit of Antichrist, whereas ye have heard that will come, and even now is already in the world.

Now just remember this. You do not have to join them or put up with them just to survive, because there is more of them. FOR GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU, THAN HE THAT IS THE POWER THAT IS BEHIND THOSE THAT ARE IN THE WORLD. WHO SO EVER BELIEVETH THAT HE IS THE CHRIST, EVERYONE THAT LOVETH HIM. For this we know when we love the children of God, then we know that we love God. Then keep HIS commandments. I point out to you that he that hath not this truth, this vision, hath no light and has no part in this story whatsoever. We have been told by the Jews that Jesus is the same as the Antichrist. But there is not any middle of the road here. You are either Right or Wrong. You are either lined up with God or you are lined up with the devil.

Now let’s take another look at this picture. I turn over here in the book of Matthew, and we know that the life blood of the Satanic system is the economy of Babylon. It is the manipulation of its economic affluence. It is the satanic power misapplied in the economy known as mammon.

Now I know a lot of people who want to be identified as Christians if they do not have to do anything about it. They do not want anything that might jar the calmness of their economic life. Jobs and position are more important than principal. Their trust is not in God, but it is in supporting the system . . . and whatever system would give them the most economically. But they are fools. You say, “what do you mean?” I mean that God already has a string of covenants that bless them, that carry out HIS program and resist the darkness. And no amount of money can stop God from lifting up and blessing anyone with a spiritual motive, carrying out the will of the Father and taking a stand.

Let me show you something. Jesus makes this clear, that you cannot be in the middle of the road. For you better get all of the way over on the right. For no man can serve two masters. You either hate the one and love the other, or else you uphold the one and despise the other. You can't serve God and serve the Jew money system at the same time. For that is what mammon is.

Let’s go a little further. And someone says, “Dr. Swift, we shouldn't talk about that, for one has to protect themselves.” You have not been protecting yourself. The enemy has been taking it out of your pocket and giving it to all of the pagans in the world. And until you set the standard for God in this world, they will keep on siphoning it out and giving it away in foreign aide.

Someone said, “but we are supposed to love the world, so we should give them everything that they want.” No, my friends. If God wanted the people of Africa and Asia to have great bounty, HE would give them the technology and the knowhow. HE is punishing these people for worshiping the darkness and for having their own economy. I think people who worship witchdoctors shouldn't get enough to eat. People who want to bow down before the sanctuary of Buddha, never have had brains enough to use the plows that you have given them.

Let me point out to you something to you. There is no coordination between evil and good. Something goes wrong inside of the brain of those not in affinity with God. They do not have to be HIS children by route of birth, but they can accept HIM as the God, their creator. And there will be no vision, no blessing, economically for the world until they line up with YAHWEH (GOD). But Satan just has a substitutionary program. And in this, he tries to get all men to serve the darkness and hope that this is the route. But he never produces. And always we see the areas of poverty and filth and darkness in the areas in which he moves. But listen. We are being told that a world government for tonight, is the United Nations, that you are an extremist, that you are wrong.

Now either a thing is right or it is wrong. Either God wants you and the Hottentots to make one nation, either HE wants you and all of the pagans of Haiti to be one people, or HE wants you separate . . . one of the two. I can take you there into Deuteronomy, where HE told you not to dwell with these strangers. I can show you in the Bible where HE condemns and warns you against marrying Jews, Negroes, Asiatics, or anyone outside of your race.

I have one mayor jumping up and down. We had to use some pressure to get an auditorium last Friday night in San Jose, because a bunch of Jews called him. He says that this preacher believes in White supremacy and he wants to put all of the Jews in the gas oven. They stole that line from Welch. Since we never advocated the gas oven, that must be something on Welch’s mind. Someone always wants to put something in someone’s mouth that they have been thinking about. I have not been thinking about that. This is such a slow process to settle the problems of the world, when God has such a better and faster way. So I would not even think of that. You know what? You stop thinking of failures and stop trying to build a plan on failure, and then wait for something new to occur, then we are going to get ahead.

Listen. Does God want you joined up with all of these pagans? Listen to what HE said in the 8th chapter of Isaiah: “Listen, my people, the reason why you are in trouble, you let the foreign visitors come along, and you let these Jew advisors tell you, and they have tried to integrate you with all of these people. And because of this, you are not only in trouble, but you are not going to be able to stand before the Assyrian army.

Now listen to what HE said:-- “Associate yourselves, oh, ye people, and you will be broken to pieces. Join yourselves up with all of these other countries which are my enemies and think this is what you should do, and you are going to get defeated.” HE says, “if you give ear all of ye far countries, and gird yourselves, you will be broken to pieces.” That will happen if you join up with these pagans. The LORD spake to me thus, with a strong hand, and HE instructed me that I should not walk the way of these people. Saying unto them, are ye not a confederacy or a union, or a united nations? All of them that shall say a confederacy, tell them, no confederacy. You do not have to fear them. Neither be afraid, for you do not have to be afraid. You just set apart the instructions of YAHWEH of Hosts. Let HIM be your power, and love HIM and let HIS laws be your power, and you will have no trouble.”

Someone said, “what do you think we ought to do?” I think we should come out of the United Nations, and set aside a mighty day of salutation and praise unto our God. We ought to fire Salanger, Schlessinger, and take McNamara out of the Pentagon, call in all of our military leaders, and say, “Protect America and get ready for battle.”

Now one of these OGPU's is going to run right back and say, “Dr. Swift is advocating immediate war.” Well, I will tell you what the liberals are advocating. Maybe not as far over as the extreme left, from the middle out. They are saying that to utterly save ourselves from being destroyed, we have to scrap our weapons, disarm our nation, trust the enemy and join them. The difference between what they advocate and what I advocate is what God said. And God is always on the Right side and HE is all Right. And HE said for us to beat our pruning hooks into spears, and get ready to stand off these Communists from the north. But oh, they say, “that is so bloody.” Well, there is nothing so bloody as a surprise attack. There is nothing more deadly than a Pearl Harbor. I point out to you tonight, that you are being set up for the kill by the world order, which calls itself ‘peaceful and liberal.’ Someone says, “is this going to happen?” NO--God is going to use the voices of truth. God is going to awaken HIS people and they will throw out the evil out of this nation, and they will not notice just how it happened.

Let me point out to you that if you were to move out tonight to attack the evil in the nation, you would be attacking a minority in the United States. And under their design and plan, they would try to crucify you. You are disturbing their peace of mind. You are building a demagogue. They would want to try you in the United Nations court and shut you up because you persecute a minority. But when these conspiratorial voices, using their unlimited power and influence, and protest your remaining a part of your government, and attack and call your people radicals or haters because you love God, and whenever they seek to deny you the use of an auditorium, and you protect, then they say that you are crazy and they need to put you in a mental hospital, for you are paranoid.

Now let me tell you something. It does not make a snap of my finger difference tonight, whether the devils gang wants to say I am crazy or not. It does not make any difference whether they agree or disagree with me. The only thing which matters to me is this position. Am I in agreement with God’s position? And that, my friends, is enough to behead the enemy. I know what they have planned for you. I am not under an illusion tonight that all of the boiling pots of oil, in which the early Leninists boiled Christians. All of the scenes of Christians torn apart by yokes of oxen while Khrushev and Stalin in their youth stood by, in their younger days. I have looked at photographs that came out of Russia as millions were being put to death when the Ghetto Jew masters took over a society, and destroyed Christianity. Don't be under any illusions here tonight that they love you better here, or have any different blueprint for you. If they are to succeed, then your enslavement and your death is the answer.

Someone said, “then we live in fear.” But we are not living in any fear at all. We go to sleep right away. And when we go to sleep, someone else takes over and goes on guard, and HE never slumbers or sleeps.

Let me point this out to you tonight. When God Almighty warns you about this conspiracy in Isaiah, and warns you about it thru the lips of Ezekiel, HE told you about this false status and the areas of defeat. And then God tells you with a clear blueprint in Ezekiel, just how they will come with suddenness. They come with air power and guided missiles. And each is an area in which they try to destroy God's kingdom. My friends, you are not only going to defeat this and you may cry your eyes out, but all of the strange philosophies today of ignorance, and every city of Asia that rules its hour with the Antichrist and tries to destroy God's kingdom, is going to be reduced unto powder and dust.

Someone said, “oh how long will it take?” Not too long. In fact, I read in the book of Matthew, this afternoon, where the LORD said that HE was going to shorten the time or there would be none left on earth. If you are worrying about the day when the missiles fly, it will be just like someone was up there with a butterfly net catching them and throwing them back. Someone said, “But I do not believe that.” Well, then just wait and see. For there is no weapon formed against you that shall prosper.

Listen. I turn to the 139th Psalm. -- “O God, surely thou will slay the wicked? Depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. For they speak against YAHWEH wickedly, and thy enemies are taking God's name in vain. Do I not hate them that hate thee, O YAHWEH, and am I not grieved with them that rise up against thee? I hate them with a perfect hatred, said David, the Psalmist. I count thy enemies my enemies. Now gird me with strength and let’s go.”

Now let me tell you something. These Jews do not have any part nor lot with David. And if they go for you for quoting David, then they have to eschew David.

The other day I talked to a brainwashed Clergyman and he is not all together to blame for this, for they never taught him any better in the Seminary in which he grew up in. And he wanted to be a little critical of the Jewish position. But he had already been contaminated with the Jews lies. So I said to him, I am going to prove to you that my stand is out of the Old Testament, that my stand is with Moses, Elijah, and David.

Now who are these men? If they were God's men, then you do not have anything to say. But if the Jews try to claim them, then they must say that they have to advocate this position, thus, curse themselves at their own iniquity. I can't think of anything that would stir up the ashes and bones of David more quickly than for Christendom to think he was a Jew. I don't find any road that says that you can support both the right and the wrong. We are told today that all these things that are happening are being done by the right. When the Communist assassinated the President of the United States, all too quickly from the Chief Justice down thru all communications, they said, this murder is committed by the Right Wing. And when they found out that a Red with a Jew conspiracy background had done this thing, they still haven't given up. And now their twisted brain said that we, ‘the right wing,’ stirred them up because we were against them. They don't seem to understand and wake up. For America is going to start hating Communists real bad. We hate Communism in all of its forms, because of the evil which it represents. And we recognize that there is no security in any anti-Communist America, except if God provide it unless the Secret Service and the FBI and the CIA, could not protect the President that day in Dallas. They were so busy looking for the 'right wing' to do something wrong that they could not see the error of Satan while he operated.

Now if tonight I am not willing to surrender the blueprint of God's kingdom for the amalgamation of it, we are challenged because of some danger, and we are told that the Extreme Right must be removed. I have some 20 clippings this week and editorials still coming in from all over the nation. New ones, programs on T.V., startling strategies of smear. You know . . . these fellows build up this forum complex and then they put a lot of rats on there. I want you to know that the average interviewer who conducts these forums is a Kike. And every last Kike interviewer I found is slanted. Every last one of them. And every time they slant it, they try to make it look like---this is the peoples position that we are taking. And we understand that one of them has started in on the 'right wing' again. One of our Hollywood Jew broadcasters said, “It is quite obvious that now the 'right wing' does not have to take on a guilt complex because it is quite obvious that they did not have anything to do with the assassination of the President, and they have not had anything to do with anyone’s assassination since Medgar Evers was assassinated down in the south.” Well, the 'right wing' did not kill Evers any more than they blew up Churches. Commies, and OGPU's, and some even operating out of areas of the government . . . and I have no question in my mind . . . that these are tied in closer to this Administration than you realize . . . they blow up churches and they create crisis so that they have the excuse to come in and investigate, harass and condemn. And I tell you that we have ever increasing evidence that power, which is in the middle and to the left in these United States, is a deadly thing for God's kingdom. And the 'right' better wake up fast. And from the top to the bottom in ever area of power, we better get in Christian Right. If you are opposed to the mongrelization of your blood, then you are termed the Extreme right. But so also was God. You cannot be a Christian today and support integration of race, or religion, or of nationality, as far as the race of God's kingdom and the people of the outside are concerned.

Over here in the book of Deuteronomy, God tells you very clearly--“NO,” and HE says, “If you do this, I will be angry and I will pour out judgments and things will happen.” Don't you mix your blood which is my blood, and don't you let these things live with you and don't you join yourselves to them.”

Someone said, “oh, my, that is not the Gospel that is going to win the world.” No.--But this is the Gospel that is going to win IN the world. This is the kingdom which is going to come in with glory, until every knee shall bow. This is the kingdom which shall bring righteousness and justice.

Someone said, “how are they going to grow close to HIM when they hold this position?” They will draw close when they are educated and clean. A lot of people today, I don't want to draw close to me, not very close.

We are not going into all of the passages of the message of Paul, but that one “come out from among them and be ye separate and segregated,” still stands out as a great classic Christian instruction. Don't you touch the unclean thing, the declaration is clear. And in the Old Testament it is the same thing. I point out that God calls on you as a people, as the temple of the Holy Spirit, this spirit which dwells in you. And refers to these others as temples of idols and unclean things. And HE says,--You be separate and segregated, so that I can be a Father unto you and yours in all generations.

Now there are some people who tell us that they have a blueprint for building a better world. They think that they can build a better one than God. But the route they are taking would destroy us.

Last Sunday there was a picture in the Los Angeles Times, and there was Hyman Rickover and others in the picture. And they wanted to establish an Elite Corps established by the Government, that would be an authority to direct Congress in the areas of legislation and to limit and control all of the thinking, all of the technology, and all of the legislation of America, so we would never get in trouble, so we would have nothing to worry about. An Intellectual elite. But they were sure digging deep to find it. Every one they were for, God, in HIS embodiment as Jesus Christ, was against. They want thought control and brain control. This was the design. All right, as we said this afternoon, there is an Elect of God, before the foundation of the world, and that is you. And in that election, HE said, “I am going to send my ministering spirits from the four corners of heaven to the four corners of earth.” And then we will go into the election. So what is to happen? HE said, “I am going to overthrow the powers of darkness, and then I am going to give you the keys to the kingdom of this world. And you are going to rule over them and you will rule over them with righteousness and a law of iron, which is the law of righteousness.” And then will emerge the great utopian millennium.

And yet, tonight, all of the Clergy are advocating the acceptance of darkness, of taking the neutralist position. But all of the people who advocate this and want to mix in with the same institutions as the Buddhists and the Jews with the Christians, all of these people have no program for God.

So program for the preservation of their nation. And they may have a little influence now, and may walk around with their hands folded, and make sure that their collar is on backwards, or that the robes are draped just right.

Let me tell you something. They are just having their hour for a moment. For my Bible says that their own mothers and fathers are going to say,-- “behold, our sons were no ministers, no preachers; and their days were about over.”

I am going to point out to you that God is lifting up a standard of truth for a great New day. There is only one position for Christ and HIS kingdom, and that is RIGHT. There is no other place to go. We will soon have more evidence of this policy. For actually, one mayor has called on one District Attorney to see if they cannot try to stop the preaching of the Gospel in the San Francisco area.

Now not all gospels, only the gospel that proclaims truth. Someone said, “what is going to happen?” Oh, this will spread real fast and more and more people will be coming out and ---"ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Jesus showed compassion and love for the sheep of HIS pasture, and HE spake as never a man spake before. When HE knotted up that cord and drove the money changers from the steps of the temple, HE said, “Ye have made My Father’s house a den of thieves, liars, and murders,” as HE ran the Jew priests from the Temple steps. I want you to catch this picture. For it happened twice in the ministry of Christ. HE charged up those steps and overthrew their money changing tables and threw the Jew priests from off the steps as HE told them who they were and what they are. And we never go beyond this, for we just tell them who they are, and this is just what we tell you. What they hate us for tonight is for declaring what Jesus said. Just remember that. For they hated HIM before this. And the servant is not to fare better than his master, is the evaluation.

But God built a wall of fire around you and HE said you do not have to be crucified. You just wake up and resist.

We are at the end of the age. Every prophetic student knows this and anyone who knows the measure of the sky knows this. And therefore this is our time to resist. This coming year is going to be one of the greatest areas of Christian resistance that the world has ever seen. Christian defense chapters will be organized in every community in these United States. All of the contributions from people by the thousands in every state will see the greatest Christian kitty every raised in defense of the kingdom. In the instance of things before you, every avenue for the defense of Christianity will be carried out by the Christian more than this nation has ever seen.

Let me tell you something. All of the organizations that you ever heard of . . . Patriotic, 'right wing' and what have you . . . have potential to spread this truth, for it is just calling on White Christians to wake up. For HE has 145 million of us out there and this spreading of truth, we are equipped to do.

Someone said, “they will never let you get off the ground.” My friends, they are too late. You watch this coming year and you see if it is not true. Every individual who listens to this voice over tape tonight, across this nation as this message goes out, and then it will only be but a few days until they will be faced with the strongest opposition to this conspiracy against our Christian society, you ever heard of.

We point out that the time is NOW. Either make up your mind that the time is right, or get out of our way. Because that is the way, God has ordained HIS kingdom to come in, Victorious, not moving to the right or the left but going right down the line Right, Right, Right. You do not break ranks. You just keep going right down the line. There is no doubt that the time is now. The time of indecision as America rocks to and fro, and thru economic depressions, and all they could do was threaten peoples jobs and give them something to worry about at Christmas time. I know when the motion picture industry used to lay everybody off just a few weeks before Christmas just to give them a bad Christmas. Jews do this in New York. They do this in every city they control. This is why the day must come when Christians do not have to work for anyone but Christians.

We do not have the time tonight to go into all of the areas of discussion. But there are some things that we must know. Every position that God has taken has been against evil, against iniquity, and against Satan, his descendants, and his power. Every declaration from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation is ‘woe against evil’ and for the kingdom of God, blessings and security, if you take this stand and march. If it looks like it can't be done, then march with faith and HE will do it. So we prepare to lift the standards. It is the symbol of the Kingdom. And this is the cross of Christ and the seal of faith. And we challenge you to join us. And in this next coming year, then let’s move with victory on the right and against the wrong. (1965 would see the Negro revolution in high gear).


End of message.