Ring That Shall Never Close, 5-24-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-24-64

The enemy has designs all over the earth and we are now talking about this design to close the circle that they are talking about. They would encircle the kingdom of God with a final crushing absorption. They intend to accomplish this with a multiple program. It involves military assault against Christian nations from the outside, but principally, against your nation. It calls for a ‘fifth column’ influence on the inside to alleviate any Aryan influence on the inside. It calls for the betrayal of all of your sovereignty and your independence that is Constitutionally assured. And mostly it involves some things which many do not realize that are already in motion.

I think it is a very significant thing that they have set up a strategy to create so much racial upheaval this coming summer that open warfare and violence will be in keeping with Washington’s vision and this will be a part of their basic strategy. Even Drew Pearson let one of the rats out of the bag, and it is not the cats at this time. For this past week he said that the Negroes had captured 20,000 disease laden rats, and they have them caged up down in Harlem. They are going to turn them loose in New York City. I think that people should grab their shotguns and go to shooting rats and those who turn them loose. There is no doubt that we have reached one of the periods of bloodshed. And Dick Gregory who is being quoted here, says that the bloodshed is coming, the war is coming, the violence is coming. And they have just put more bullets in peoples guns. Who designed this?--The anti-Christ. Who stirred up this racial trouble? This anti-Christ. What is his strategy? The suppression of Christianity, the suppression of White Christian nations, tragedy and turmoil, to cover up the design to take over this nation of God's kingdom. All of your trouble comes from the anti-Christ. Someone said, “Who is he?” It is he and they . . . the anti-Christ, makes us the sum forces that are against Christ in the world today. It is made up especially of Satan's own children. It is made up of world Jewry. And especially as Jewry is filtered into your society. It is made up of those who are responsible for the world revolution. And it ‘fifth columns’ the Christian nations of the world. Today it manipulates the economy. And you now know that there is a lot of manipulation on an international scale. They are going to try to gather the international nations into a big tent. They want to establish a world bank over every nation. They want to make their final plans for you and put everything in the hands of high Jewish bankers. In closing this ring they are waging war upon your economy. They are waging war on every level tonight and be advised that this is a very deadly battle. It will be a shaky period for agriculture and for all industry. And in every area where wealth and affluence develops out of production, all of this moves, thru these areas of economic production. We look at this great nation under God which our forefathers were moved to come here from Europe, having one great common denominator, and that being Christian, and they were White. It became the most volatile society upon the face of the earth. But in these latter days as we have watched the growing strength of this anti-Christian society, we watched the basic strategy to gain control of our economic life and we saw these areas of economic life grown into areas of political bondage and social. Of course this is one of the old areas of Satanic entrapment in the days when Lucifer rebelled against the MOST HIGH GO, and vowed to set his throne above that of the MOST HIGH GOD. And he covered himself with diamonds and gold and silver and all of the false shimmering beauty instead of the Glory which belonged to an Archangel. Thus, he changed the symbols of an Archangel for the symbols of an enriched false economic power. After all, those things are only worth what you value them to be. I do not think that there was anything more foolish than for an Archangel in control of 1/4 of the Universe, under God, and for the doubtful declaration that he was greater than God, and for the shimmering babbles that he hung upon himself to have chosen this route.

I point out to you tonight that in this great basic strategy, the control of economics was a part of their encirclement. For they designed to draw the economy out from under the control of the kingdom and put into place complete economic chaos, thinking they would reduce the kingdom to an area of subjection and appeasement, and make you plea for the substance of the movement of goods.

Now when I tell you that they are about to close the ring, this is one of the great historic years, 1964. The prophecies being fulfilled mark this clearly. Within the area of this strategy, this design is not only marked in every way, but let me point out something to you. For as you have subsidized more than any other nation, this anti-Christ strategy is because you have been fooled and your ministers have been blind. And your politicians have been encircled. We spoke to you this afternoon on discipleship. And we told you that in the days of the disciples, the disciples were to follow HIM and not be ashamed of HIM, even if it meant death. For they who would seek to save their life would lose it and they who lost their life would find it. This in a day when all of the disciples, except John, would know and taste of death by the animosity of the anti-Christ. But empowered by the spirit were still going to sweep thru the nations of God's kingdom and gather the sheep out. We are not at the beginning of the church age. We are at the climax of that age. And we stand on the edge of the empowered kingdom which shall overthrow all of the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And you shall triumph.

Someone said the other day that these people who believe in the kingdom of God are materialistic. They should have their eyes on heaven.

My friends, I have. But the way Christ told me to pray for it is:... “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven." I do not have to pray for heaven. It is in good shape. I am not worried about what will happen to me. I know I will go back to where I came from. The only people who should worry are those that know where they came from and know that they did not come out of heaven. I point out to you that our whole family is in heaven and in earth. Their whole family is in earth and down in the Netherworld. That, my friends, is more than the ADL can say. Do you know that all of the Evangelizing in earth never got a Jew into heaven? Someone said, “But they are not a race. They are a religion.” Yes, but that religion was not born in heaven. They are an unassimilable mongrel society that has no part nor lot with you in this matter. They are the children out of the household of Lucifer and I do not care whether you find them yellow or black, or find them coming out of the Cainanites from the seduction of Eve and classified as White, altho they are not. They may not be a race in some people’s understanding, but they sure are to their father. They have a mark on their nose, or on their ears, and they have it in their hearts. There is no doubt that some of them you cannot distinguish. But they all ought to have to wear the arm band like Martin Luther said, don't make any mistake. I am all for Martin Luther.

We would point out that "LOOK" magazine blames all of the troubles of the Jews on the early Church fathers, and then on Martin Luther. But the early church fathers had just been endowed with the empowering of the Holy Spirit to start the church age off with great enthusiasm and power. And I would rather accept the vision of the early church fathers, than adopt the position of anything that came out of the dark ages and had been tampered with by ecclesiasticism.

I point out to you tonight here in 1964, that you have arrived at the end of the age where the major program in discipleship is to resist the enemy and now to occupy the kingdom, and no longer let the Jews have it. And to cleanse our Christian nation, to defeat the anti-Christ, and to have help, if we need it. And this we are going to need. Thus, we say “LORD JESUS, come quickly,” and then be glad to see the heavenly legions that you are going to need.

Now if I was given my alternative right now, of stepping into a chariot and taking off for heaven and never coming back, or for just fighting this enemy until all of them who are fighting Christ are taken out of the world first, then I would stay an watch this deliverance. I may not remember what the spirit could bring to my remembrance of things of Celestial plains that were promised and bestowed, but we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. We have been told this in the book of Ephesians. But we have been sent into the world to occupy. And as sons and daughters of God in this climactic hour, as the kingdom is about to come in, to follow Christ in Discipleship, means that we are ready to resist the enemy, to cleanse the nation, and to lift up the standards of God. And do it without fear. Let me clarify this. This God Almighty became embodied in earth and fulfilled HIS promises, and over all of the conspiracy of the enemy, who crucified HIM, but HE permitted this with foreknowledge and by HIS acceptance of your transgressions let that execution be the consummation of judgment against your race. And when HE resurrected, HE lifted with mighty power, all fear, and gave you a new life. I want you to know that since HE resurrected, the household of God is justified by HIS Grace. And without fear, and we give 100% acknowledgment that the atoning work of Christ and the acceptance of HIS blood has set free for all times, the children of the Kingdom. And because this is true, we not only have no fear, but this portion of history is now past. And we are a free people. Lucifer has no bondage over the kingdom. And it is time for us to bind the darkness and to cleanse the kingdom on earth. For this is a divine purpose. God is not calling here in 1964, for the martyrship of children of the kingdom who are going to die under Jewish persecution of the cross. HE has called you, my friends, to consider the enemy with visions of victory and assurance of spiritual power, and achievement. If there are any casualties along this route, it will not be long before they are joined with us again. But I am going to tell you that in the midst of this battle, when it reaches its height, when we are battling the hoards that encircle the kingdom and the hoards of darkness seek the destruction of God's kingdom, there will not be any casualties on our side, and their weapons will not destroy us. This will be the most discouraging thing that any army ever faced. This trying to destroy an Army that just does not die will be quite a shock. Someone said, “But it is silly to believe that.” My friends, I believe every word that came out of the mouth of God. And so far, HE has demonstrated that HE is able to do anything that HE has promised to do.

More than that, do you know who will be the most deadly people on the face of the earth toward the powers of darkness? This will be the Children of God who face them with no fear. Someone said, “But for our children's sake, we should get together with the devil so that we can live.” No . . . we ask for no quarter, and we will not give any when we move. And I believe we have arrived at this time. I believe they have started to close the ring. I think they have started to pull the lever and I believe that they are pulling in the strings. For instance, at this moment this great nation has been engaged in an economic war with Communism. For Communism is threatening to conquer the world and it has been expanding its air power while we have been depleting our power. And it boasts of its superior system, but takes all of the money it can get from us to bolster its economy. It told us that it would bury us politically and militarily, and it would bury us economically. And I am going to tell you that the economic strength that you had, your ability to produce and move goods, or even your military power, has not been built upon your leadership. It has been built upon the vanity of a divine people with a divine covenant. Because if we had had to depend upon the excellence of our leadership, we would have gone down in the time of Roosevelt. The other day I was reading some of the liberalism of Mr. Roosevelt. And as I looked at his record then, he stands out just like a Barry Goldwater compared to what we have now. Did you ever stop to thing about that? The liberalism of four administrations is far ahead of Conservatism of this hour. But I point out that the strategy that reaches far back into Wilsons days and before, had been a trick to get us to accept the economic administration of the darkness, or of Lucifer's children. And we remember the great patriot of Antioch quoted by Look Magazine, this week, saying, “Any time Christians get connected with Jews they have been connected with savage beasts who are Satan's children, the synagogue of Satan. Any time this happens, you are in trouble.” I think that 'LOOK' will be in trouble for printing this. But the early church was guided by the spirit. And the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to increase the vision of the church here in the latter rain. And in this time of the Latter Rain we will move with great power, and you will see a Christian Administration and a Christian economy. And all of the dupes of Jewry say, “don't say that word.” Just say ‘Christian.’ Everybody to his own fear, we just removed ours. We are the Adamic Household. We are the race the MOST HIGH placed in the earth and we are the people that HE has called. We are a part of HIS progeny and we are the great White throne.

So I point out this to you tonight, that whereas we have been told that we are in a cold war, that we are trying to bolster certain nations of Western Europe to starve out the Soviet economy. We have been taxes, and we have had our money given away and distributed to extend the areas of economic encirclement. And all of the time, we have had Satan's children in there siphoning off our taxes and supporting an area of the Red network pouring money into Poland and into Yugoslavia, telling us that this would help them and shake them up by the success they were going to have. And now after we have sacrificed millions and spent billions on areas of our defense, this encircling ‘fifth column’ has advised our society, and a blinded congress has voted and created divisions of our government for arms control. While we deal with programs of peace for the world on the dubious promise of the anti-Christ, who has never kept his word during anytime in our history, and now I listen to a judge in the United States saying,-- “we must cross the last bridge of freedom. We must now end this barrier that separates us from this barrier to Eastern Europe and the communist world.” And the newspapers carry this story this morning that we are going to open barriers and trade with the Reds’ orbit and make them all happy with the business we will be doing. You have already listened to the United Nations suggestions and you are doing away with your tariffs. And the United Nations as an organization calls for ‘GATT’ to reach out for all of the movement of your goods, and you are already making a treaty with the Devil. And under the dispersement of its pressure and the economic pressure and under the guidance you have of imbeciles of leaders under the anti-Christ influence, their master design is to try to crush this great nation’s great ability to produce and to distribute and to carry out its functions economically. A people have to eat and a people must remain occupied. A people must produce the goods they need and their salaries must continue to flow. For a laborer is worthy of his hire. But mass assassinations have been set to destroy you. If you were a student of economic treaties, you would know how these sons of Satan have so falsely advised and set up images until we started buying from the ends of the earth to strengthen their economy. And we pay high prices for the things that we buy since the government subsidizes the buyer and does the purchasing. Then brings these goods back into this country and then sells them for much less than they pay for them, unless we could produce by Babylonian standards for our modern living.

In the last few weeks, we have watched the rug pulled out from under the cattle industry. Very vital in the production of beef and a balance in our society, as our government pledges to buy from Argentina and Australia, great amounts of beef. And to distribute them at every level until America is almost forced out of the cattle business. Nobody can raise cattle for profit now. Some will try to hold out producing with only grass and then they will take their loss when the steers become of age and are ready to sell. But there is no chance for a profitable market. They are trying to put us out today of all areas of our own production. At this very moment, they are bringing in food stuff that America produces and then subsidizing it. But the economy will know that the plan of the anti-Christ will work on you. Our President gets up and he tells the story that he has been told to use. He says, “I am going to fight poverty here and thru out the world. And I pledge you that I am going to have a war on poverty.” Well, my friends, the way to have a war on poverty would be to take the economy out of the hands of the anti-Christ and restore it to Christian gentlemen. The way to wage war on poverty is to block the import of goods that we produce here, and put Americans to work first.

The other day I answered an anti-Christian man on the basis of Christian doctrine and he thought he had me trapped. He said, “Dr. Swift, if you advocate ‘buy American first,’ then you are not very Christian and you are selfish. For you do not want to share with these outside people.” Oh, I said, the basis of this principal is quite simple. You see, we are a family here in this nation and this is our Father’s household. And the families economy comes first. It is not how much we make and how much we have and how much we need. And therefore it is first that we have this ability to sustain ourselves. And if we can produce all of the beef we need and more, then we don't need any from Argentina or from Australia. Someone said, “What are they going to do with their surplus?” Well, if they have so much, then they will not need to worry. For they will never go hungry. This idea that we have to produce so much so we can ship it somewhere is a fallacy.

This is the mystery of Babylon and the economy of the anti-Christ. Just as long as the enemy can sell you this idea that paper with numbers on it is wealth instead of the things which you can produce, you are going to be held in bondage to his system.

But the design now is something real clear and frank and right before you. And this is economic chaos. The President speaks of Peace, the President talks of prosperity. And while he is talking of prosperity, he is talking about taking your money and dispersing it all over the world. We are going to lift these people from worked out mines, and we are going to subsidize. But while we are waiting for something to do, we will raise their standard of living by giving it to them. I don't thing he really cares too much. I think he is just trying to buy votes, so he is a demagogue. And I don't care what he does. For this is not the area that concerns me. For if you want prosperity that you can depend on, don't close down your defense factories when you are dependent upon their output, and turn millions of dollars away from the necessary side of our society, when we need the product. When they close the ring on you, they will have you repudiate the areas of your defense, because they want you to be unable to defend yourself, not having sufficient weapons. And they want to upset your economy.

Now let’s be realists tonight. The economy of the United States of America is a war economy. You say, “that is a bad economy?” No, my friends. It would be a bad economy in the millennium, but we are not there yet. But it is not a bad economy the day before Armageddon and our production as it relates to the necessities of life. In the areas of cotton and in the areas of food, it is unlimited, if we give our families the first pick of the season. Someone said, “But you cannot be isolationist.” But, my friends, we are being isolated every day, more and more by the enemy. So I point out to you that we are shutting down factories and closing down areas of defense. And every basic industry will confirm this from the tool maker on. A great cutback occurs in our aerial space project. This does not assure that the aero space companies will be operating either. Someone said, “but we don't need the aerial space project.” You need them if the enemy is going to use them. You thought that you needed them a little while ago. Then suddenly as they become an area of major business, the enemy says they are going to turn them off in America. I point out at this very moment, that you are on the edge of a world planned socialist economy which is the final program of the anti-Christ. And only as you awaken and say ‘no’ and back out of the hands of those who are using the authority to confiscate it, will you stop this program. I point out to you that at this very moment, the Soviet Union and Red China are bolstering areas of military power. Never mind the letter writing experts in news magazines who try to tell you that “Khrushev is desperately fighting to hold things together. He is rather tired now. It got hot down in Egypt and he is going home. But he is a great diplomat and statesman just trying to get along.” No, . . . he is planning the conquest of the world. “Do not be disturbed by the fact that Red China's, Mao, is at odds with the Soviet Union.” He really is not. It is just a little battle of personalities. In these last two weeks, the Red hoards have poured across the plains in Laos to step up in Laos, the war you thought you had settled with neutralization. The equipment is from Moscow and Red China. All over the world now another ring is being pulled for a war operation in the midst of the talk of Peace. A war operation in the midst of being told that we are going to do business with our enemy. But now they are dividing it and saying, “we are going to be friendly with European communism, but not with Red Chinese communism.” And they are laughing as they feed us this line. We have had enough treason over the last 25 years in the areas of Asia. We watched powerful representatives sell out Chiang Kai Shek and betray French Indo-China. And now we are fighting parts of that war in which was left to us as an inheritance of evil. We lost in Laos when we neutralized it. And we lost in Vietnam when we drove out the Christian regime that the anti-Christ wanted knocked out. And now under the sabotage of neutralization coming out of our own State Department. Mr. Rusk said, “Now if the Reds will only stay within the perimeter of their own country, we will accept the neutralization of this one area, that is one solution. The other solution is to just withdraw and let them have it, and another solution is for America to fight a war.”

The great design of Wendell Clark who is one of the liberal socialists, brought this to the attention of the President out of one of the foundations. And after Senator Joseph Clark brought this to attention, then it was circulated to every member of Congress and to every legislator. And this is what it said:... “The world is now tired of war. And the only way to overcome this situation is to form a world order of government by a leading stake of our master planners. So we must recognize the status of world law, for all sensible people know that only a world governed by law . . . and that order stands for every nation . . . can we be successful.” So they appealed to Christians saying this is for Christians. Out of the National Council of Churches then comes bulletins. And these bulletins are trying to impress on all ministers who don't know the difference, as to how they should be advised. They are saying that they must work for peace and talk for peace and persuade their people as to their selfishness of remaining a nation by entity instead of being a part of the world in Peace.

I watched the Commie ‘5th column’ which always gives away their political strategies inside of the church. Do you want to know why this is? We are told by the Apostle Paul in the writings of Timothy, that in these perilous times that these people who have a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof, are doing the work of Satan. As Satan's ministers are transformed as ministers of light, they try to sell his Satanic program. Instead of speaking the gospel of Christ, and instead of upholding the standards of HIS kingdom and speaking of conquering anti-Christ, instead of talking about setting a world free under the standards of the Cross, they talk about a super world society and give all authority to this Super World Society. They make no recognition of the true God nor of HIS Commands, nor the preservation of their race, their culture or their specie. And they would mutate this holy seed that is planted within your race until it has no influence in the earth. And I see that the National Council of Churches thinks the same way and embraces this program.

Let me point out to you some of its facets. The acceptance of the world law, enforceable by a super world state . . . It is now accepted by the intelligent of the earth.

All of the illiterate . . .

No. 1.

This calls for Complete and total disarmament universally of all nations and all men.

No. 2.

It calls for a world police force to be established during this massive disarmament program, to be ruled and administered by 300,000 policemen.

No. 3.

Calls for a world court to rule over it with impartial justice. But to control all of the tribunals of the-world.

No. 4.

It calls for a world legislative executive agency, to control all people, but to work out the programs which control all people on the face of the earth.

No. 5.

It calls for a world development authority to develop all areas of the earth, to be financed out of the common center of finance, a world bank.

No. 6.

It calls for an effective world taxation system to supply the revenue for the maintenance of the world police force and for this institution which is to distribute the wealth all over the world. It calls for such a super tribunal to be established and set up in all nations at once.

Oh, you say, “President Johnson wouldn't go for this?”--He is gone. You say, “The Congress would not go for this for they are on a payroll?” Well, someone told them they would keep them on this payroll. They are already gone. So I point out that what they are setting their trap for, and what they are putting in their bulletins, is that we must take out, now, the opposition that opposes this plan. Under the structure to bring on world impartiality and world law, the conventions of the United Nations is to be adopted. This calls for the enforcement of the 'Human Rights Bill’ and the convention of law that is not encumbered upon every citizen. This breaks down and ends all areas of integration restrictions upon any part of the world by any member of society, which will no longer be allowed to exist as a separate part.

No. 7. This calls for the end of all discrimination in any area of life that men pursue. It denies for you at all times, racial self respect, the right to colonize, or get together with people of your own race, to raise your children after your vision and your faith. And the power of education shall be determined by the Super-State and not determined by you. No longer shall you determine what your children shall be taught.

This your Father has forbidden. HE has told you that you are not to subject your children to the teaching of foreign gods or the powers of the darkness. You are to be very careful in these instructions and assume responsibility of a good stewardship with the Father, to raise the posterity of the kingdom of HIS household and by HIS word. This super plan of the United Nations that they are trying to fold in this year and next. This is the very words of the anti-Christ program. And we shall resist this in all of its amassinations and with the word of God, and all that we can muster.

I read carefully concerning the areas of such strategy. I see unfolding this situation that John talks about in the book of Revelation about this beast system. And I know why the mark had to go on the forehead, because they had to control the intellect of men. I know what they mean by the mark in their hands, when they set their hands to build his kind of an order. They have been promised and given area of security and all kinds of benefits which come without essential labor. Satan is a liar and the father of liars. And people fall for the promises.

I point out that under this measure, it is so designed to force the mongrelization of people and religions. And in a fifth column of the churches, I see this attempt. In Vietnam last week in order to implement this program of all religions, we see that the Catholic Church has bowed and now it will take in all religions as long as they recognize the church and do not question the authority of the Pope. Buddhist, Hindus, and Jews, all shall be embraced. Do you know what that is? I will tell you just what that is.---Anti-Christ instructions.

Someone said, “Now we are turning against Christians.” No, we are not turning against Christians. We are turning against anti-Christ captured minds. For that matter, I think the Pope is just as good a man as Mr. Kennedy, and as good as the leaders of the Baptist, or the Methodist or Presbyterians. But I think he is a brainwashed captive of Satan's lies in the strategy which they are going along with now to work it out in your society, even in the guise of 'civil rights' legislation. I do not think that Mr. Johnson gives one whit about civil rights, or Mrs. Johnson either. And she doesn't care about poverty. And neither does he or she would not own that situation down there in poor land as she does now. That is her potatoes farm. I’ll tell you what I think. They are victims of the anti-Christ society.

Oh, you say, “But you can't talk like this.” But we can talk like this until Jesus comes. You just wait and see. It is quite clear that the strategy is designed to fuse your blood and use the anti-Christ type of war in these United States, to cram this thing down your throat and in your businesses, and to take away your freedom, to take away your control to fulfill God's instructions. And I charge you tonight, whether it be right to obey God or man . . . this is what they planned in Burma and in Moscow; what they plan, my friends, where Jewry moves. The rings of the savages will move tonight to create violence and bloodshed. Let me tell you what they have got. You think, my friends, that we have problems? Right now, the military plans of our government, tho modified as the may be, are engaged in over-running three states even tho they are outside of their perimeter. And they have United Nations troops involved there. There are Negroes in our California streets in uniform who cannot talk English, right now. And their passports are from other countries. We also have in the signs on our deserts, the signs in Polish, and Russian, and Yugoslavian, I think we should deport out of these United States. And I do not think the military forces of any of these countries should be in these United States. I do not think that any of the military forces from Ghana, or Equatorial Africa or any part of Africa should be in these United States. I point out that behind this is the idea to use the power of the United Nations troops to be sent in and under the same kind of law that they use down in Katanga, against you, if you do not accept this vast conspiracy, or disagree with it in any way.

Don't talk to me about these Negroes as tho they are just black Christians and have just been abused. I think the Negro has made the greatest advancement here in these United States than he has anywhere in the world. There may be men who have abused the Negro from time to time, but there are lots of records of Negroes abusing the Whites all of the time. There are some people who abuse their mules and horses also. But we know how to take care of that. But I am going to tell you what they plan for you. This is Drew Pearson's column. So don't say I am prejudice. Remember I told you this before, that the Negroes have 20,000 diseased rats to turn loose in New York City in the White communities this summer to create disease and a nuisance, when the war starts. Think it over. I am not going to pull out a long list of clippings from this week. But it is murder and rape all the way from California to Florida, from the state of Washington all of the way across to Maine. Violence stirred up, threatening a blood war. And in time here you will see a Negro revolution, Communist led and Jew inspired right here in our streets. They will be protected, but turned loose on you. There is one thing that is discouraging about this kind of warfare. This is that the Jewish leaders are not found leading their Negro troops. When they threatened the city of Los Angeles with bloodshed last week there was a Jew by the name of Silvers at the head of this army. But when the bloodshed starts, Mr. Silvers will be hiding back in the ADL building. The whole revolution within the Democratic Party became disturbed. They issued a news item out to the press saying they will now push immediately for the passage of the 'civil rights' laws even if they have to water them down just a little to get it thru.

But the fact is, that now behind the Wallace vote, they plan for there to be civil disobedience but only in the South. They do not as yet have the power to stage it outside of the South. So the President is going to call out Federal troops, since he has no other alternative, and use armed force to enforce every phase of the 'civil rights' law.

Now it says here that opposition to this will come from all over, not only in the South. Thus the government has no alternative but to put down all opposition to the 'civil rights' bill with law enforcement from the Federal Government. Whereas there were enough people in the days of Prohibition to speak out against it until it was repealed. The design now is to crush that opposition with federal authority and United Nations troops. I have seen some of these troops this past week, and it looks like they are over half Negroes. There is 280,000 men involved in this desert strike and it looks like most of them are Negroes. There may be more of some other color inside the perimeter, but a lot of them running around are too many Negroes.

I can tell you something else. The White officers do not like the way they have these Negro officers shoved over them. And they do not like the way they are treated. Some of them are about to explode. And some of them have been indoctrinated into a communist force. And they don't like it. When they try to use these troops against the patriots and the citizens of this nation, then they have violated a federal law. And we the people, under God, shall have to learn how to reclaim our heritage.

Someone said, “This is all material stuff. A Christian should not be worrying about this world. He should have his eyes on heaven.” But I have told you that Jesus taught you to pray:---'Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' And HE sent you down here to build a kingdom. HE sent you down here to take this kingdom and to possess this kingdom forever and forever. I am going to tell you, people that just want to go to heaven, just get out of the way.

Let me point out to you then, that we have the evidence that they are setting up something to enforce this design and it is not quite clear as to how it is to work. But let’s take a look at it. All of your legislators and other governments of the world have been given this piece of evidence that now we must make every effort to stop the opposition, and stop all vocal opposition and teach that people are unbalanced or unsound, that they are either illiterate or insane if they do not go along with our great plan for Peace in the world . . . this World government.

Now anyone that would pull down our flag and accept in its place the spider web, has proven that he is deranged by evil. Then I read that they must look out so as not to suppress these people who would raise issues like this against their own people. For this is a civil war, brother against brother.

Now let me tell you something here. The only brothers I have here are my Father’s sons. And I see some of them right now working for the enemies of God's kingdom and I understand exactly what it is speaking about in the 38rd and 39th chapters of Ezekiel, where it tells us of these hoards out of Asia and out of China and out of the Russias ascending and coming down out of the north. And when they try to bring their attack from submarine fleets, when their 5th column tries to strike on the inside, it says that in that time, “I will raise up a standard in my people Israel.” And where in some instances, there will be brother against brother. When we get thru with this program of the anti-Christ, they are going to be totally destroyed. And it will take seven months for the bulldozers to bury the dead alone. I can understand why there may be a few casualties among our own race who become proselytes by the enemy. Someone said, “But we might get hurt.” My friends, you are hurting and don't know it. I saw a cartoon the other day showing Khrushev holding the whole Democratic Party up by its ears. He said, “it don't hurt.”

I want you to know that tonight they are fooling also the Reds. I want you to know that they are setting in place tonight plans that show that maybe Russia is backing off and will not be involved in this. And that Castro will also be involved as the patriots try to recapture their homeland. Of course the involvement can become immediate. We are not suggesting that you reverse the course. But we should have followed it a long time ago. But we are telling you that you are on the edge of the great danger of war, and how much has been deleted from your great arsenal to make this possible today.

Now if you are holding back first class equipment from our boys who are fighting in Vietnam and you have better equipment out here in these war games, then shame on the nation. First . . . all I hear is ‘equality.’ One time President Eisenhower made a clear affidavit which I have in my files . . . that one thing that he would always oppose was integration in the U.S. Army. That this would destroy its effectiveness and efficiency. And he would never hamper White troops with Negro troops. He would never admit that today. But we have the evidence. As I look out over these troops then I would say that we should give them total equality to defend us then I would send them over to Vietnam and see how this works. Since America has been defended and fought for over all of her history, by the preponderance of White troops running into the millions, I think we should stand still now and let the Negroes catch up with their share of glory. I think your racial problems could be quickly settled. For if they want to get out of this draft, they can go to Africa.

I point out to you that in this hour, when I talk about closing the circle, I believe that they are going to try to involve you militarily in a war. I believe that their is unprecedented power among these officials that they will call off an election if they are not sure of it. I believe that they can follow now this next instruction; that under the essentialness of the enforcement of international law, that all areas of equality and all areas of administration of all of the facilities that men may use their housing. Do you know that under this United Nations law that you do not own anything? This involves all of the facilities that you may use. And if you become a part of the U.N. government, then you will not own anything. You only own something as long as you stay within these United States and your Constitution recognizes your property rights. The very moment that you seek to be a free and independent country, a United Nations country, you are out voted by Negroes and Asiatics. Under Jew control, they can confiscate your property or bring anyone that they want into your home and haul you off to prison if you disagree with it. Of course they have to have a crisis to disarm you.

Do you know that in the past two weeks all civilian defense has passed under the military? The bigger the operation, it is now under the military. And now it becomes a full military operation recognizable by international law. And any civilian armed within a military zone from now on is a spy or will be envisioned as a spy. Now your country is not going to recognize these laws. Do you know what is good about Switzerland? Every citizen is pledged to defend it. And I think everyone should be in the army here, capable of defending your house.

You say, “That would put 149 thousand warriors on one side?” And if the other 140 million don't want to march with us, then they better not march at all. The almighty God said that the thought will come to the enemy saying, “the time is now,” and try to put us in under an administration of relief and supply. That to accept the total program of the redistribution of wealth and of power, and maintain just as much industry as they can control. ----You say, “What is going to happen?” America is not going to buy it.

Let me tell you that they may try to move a depression on us. Then every Christian must let every other Christian know that the Jews aim to finish this job. Don't let anyone forget who has been handling the money. I see the Jew who has been handling the Department of Revenue is getting out of that and going back to business. I would like to see the Jews get out of everything, especially money in these United States.

God gave us a blueprint. HE gave us laws and HE gave us a pattern. HE knew that you were a heavenly people begotten into a physical world into a physical body. And that HE gave us connection between the spirit and the soul, and transferred you to earth by the fulfillment of these laws. And every knucklehead who does not think that God put everyone down here to do something, that HE does not want you to transfer this into reality, doesn't want you to build HIS kingdom, does not understand this Book. Every once in a while, I hear the enemy stir up someone to say that those who believe in the kingdom do not believe in heavenly values, and they don’t believe in the atonement; they do not believe in the power of spiritual regeneration; they do not believe in anything. These are those who did not believe in anything a long time ago. But the thing which seems strange to me is when men deny that Jesus is the Christ, and deny every area of Christian doctrine then come out to advise Christians across the country. You better look into this area of your advisors from whence this message comes.

Now lift up your heads in this year. The measures of God's judgment are going to start falling heavily. And then more heavier upon the enemy who dwells carelessly in your midst. I want you to know that when we talk about heavenly hosts, and when we hear the commandments of the MOST HIGH concerning the laws of HIS kingdom and what HE will do concerning their destruction as they try to mutate and destroy your society, when we hear about the numbers that are coming against you, and how the hand of God is going to intervene from above. I listened to one of these individuals and they said that one of the weakest points of these Christians in their expectations, is that they expect God to come in and do something. I heard Huxley up in San Francisco the other day speaking on the radio and he said, “There is one thing . . . God is not going to do anything, because HE isn't.”

There are some people heading for a big surprise. He said we must evolve into a great evolution of common understanding, in common development and universal absorption. He has a book called 'Essay of Humanism' and they are trying to push this thing. Do you know why he is not a humanist? Do you know what the word ‘Hu-man’ means? It comes from Hu or nu, ‘spirit man’ and there is no hu-man there, just someone who is mentally unbalanced Oh, you say, “But I cannot say any man is unbalanced?” Well, any man who does not recognize the great personality of God has a mental vacuum inside of his cranium and he is mentally unbalanced. We have the evidence to support this. For even those who support these evidence of change, say that it is totally impossible for any creature to be overly adapted to his environment. And there is 149 million of us adapted to the recognition of God, Jesus Christ. And this is totally impossible if HE is not in our environment.

Lucifer is then deranged. And the design is that we must be treated mentally. We must have our property taken from us. And they must have armies to disarm us before they can accomplish this so they can build their great brave New World.

Someone said, “What do you think the Christian ought to do? I think the Christian ought to learn how to pray. I think he should learn how to get guidance from the Father. I think he should learn how to read the blue prints and work with all Christians for total victory. And I would help to bring into operation any plan that God has inspired to eliminate out of America, from this nation, all of the anti-Christ, out of these United States.

You say, “Why will this ring not close?” They will close it from the Asiatic side and move in from the north. And they will try to use their ‘fifth column’ on the inside. And now the communist on the leadership side are trying to eliminate the kingdom on the inside. So why will they not close this ring? Because they cannot close it from above. You can come from the north, the east, and the west. And, yes, from the south. But you cannot stop Christ and HIS army from coming DOWN.

The other day I heard that the enemy has resorted to this. They said,”We have to suppress this area of public opinion, because Christians get so built up with this that, they move with a force that is almost irresistible, and they might accomplish whole areas of battle that they disagree with because of their enthusiasm for supposed Divine Assistance.” Well, anytime that you can get that much energy up, then I know that it is ‘Divine Assistance.’

The Universe is hung together with the Divine assistance of God. Every atom in it is moving in its orbit by the sheer will of God. The molecular masses and the sidereal systems move by the power of that mind. And that mind is also in you and catalyzed by HIS Spirit, it can change the world. And I tell you that there is something, as my Father delays HIS coming, HE is not delaying the empowering of HIS children. And this coming is much nearer than you think. Thus, I point out to you tonight that the reason they cannot close the ring around you is because they can't keep Christ out. Oh, you say, “But they will make war with you.” And, yes, Jesus said that they would. And that they would even turn their weapons against the Celestial hosts. But I want you to know that HE comes in and out all of the time. And they never see HIM. And HE visits HIS children with power. And HE has determined such with HIS abiding power.

I tell you that the kingdom of God must come to this understanding. We must do what God told us to do inside of our kingdom. And if it can be done by legislative process, then we better get on with it. We better get in touch with our representatives and elect millions of Christians irrespective if the enemy likes this or not. Make this the code of your life. ‘No one but Christians over any area of authority over our people, over our substance, and over our land.’ If they do not like it, they can go. But we will fight for this as long as we live. And Christians do not let someone come along and say ‘this is not Christian.’ For this is just True Christians to the anti-Christ. This is deliverance. Then with the guidance of God call for statesmen with courage and take back your own economic system. But don't let it surprise you. For as long as you can produce the food, you can learn to protect it, and you can learn to distribute it. I think in this era that we make a mistake if we retreat from the areas of our production just because the government is not following the interest of the people. I think it is time we made the government obey and follow the interest of the people.

So in this instance, we tell you this. Support every area of the invasion of your faith and vacuum the structure of the heart of your society. Go inside this fallacious business of the separation of church and state. The Methodist resigned this week from the Faith as they called on Congress to keep the prayers out of schools. They say that they want to abide by the Constitution that separates church and state. Any man who says that the Constitution says that there is a separation of church and state does not know how to read. Not one word about separation of church and state . . . “Our forefathers, church guided, and spiritually endowed with the influence of the spirit of God, were guided in their integrity and in their statesmanship.” Then the Baptist said, “Keep out the prayers.” And the Presbyterians said the same thing. Plus, they elected a Negro as one of their chief moderators out of a church in the Bronx which has had interracial marriages performed, making this a bestial society. I think that if you are a Presbyterian and your church goes along with this, then you ought to get out of it and find a church that lifts up God's standards. If you are a Baptist and you are a part of these conventions and any part of your church condones this, then get out of it.

I listened to a Methodist preacher and a Baptist preaching real hard trying to get Catholics to leave the Catholic church. And now it is their turn. For they better leave their churches to when the stand is for Babylon. We make no war on Christianity, because of the division or the doctrine which previously they identified with the kingdom of Christ. But we make total war on all denominations and all religions that deny that Jesus IS THE CHRIST. HE said,-- “FOLLOW ME.” Do you know what you will be doing if you follow Christ to the end of this dispensation? You will be behind HIS army while HE lifts up the great cycle and wields HIS great sword, while the blood of your enemy flows to the edge of the horses bits.

Now don't get sentimental and squeamish. For some of these people have to be handled in another dimension. God knows all about this. Do you realize how many devils walk the earth tonight? By their own testimony, they admit that they have 17 or 19 million that do not belong on the earth. Not one of the unassimilible offspring of Lucifer belong on this earth. And I can show you the scriptures where he left his estate and came down unto the earth and mongrelized the society, and transplanted these evil sons.

LORD JESUS come quickly, gather out the tares with the armies of Michael and eliminate their influence. For you have promised to liberate the earth.

And we urge you to tell it, tell it. And help us to reach people all over these United States; to reach people with the message of the kingdom of God. In recognition of the fact that herein lies your strength, the more of it there is that is awakened, the harder it is to suppress it. And Wallace made a great statement when he said there are just to many of them to suppress as he was shown how many of them there are. These tapes go out unto almost every continent. But we do not know of any going to Asia. But that does not disturb us. For remember the Apostle Paul was forbidden to go there anyhow. But our tapes go to Africa where White men live and they go to Australia and all over the western hemisphere and into Europe as well as all over the United States. You say some of these things are not approved to some of these nations? But the same hands are working there with the same strategy. So we urge you to pledge your devotion as you have your hearts and your minds to Christ and HIS leadership. So we need help with your tithes and offerings, so as to reach people with tapes in this vital hour. There is not a more vital time in investing in the Kingdom.

End of message.