Scoffers - The Hippies - In The Latter Days, 2-12-64

SCOFFERS--The HIPPIES--in The Latter Days

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift  - 2-12-64

In the areas of the scriptures in 2Peter, he tells us that quite a discovery is taking place upon the face of the earth. For knowing that there shall come in the latter days, scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And they shall also say, ‘where is the promise of HIS coming.’

Strangely, the people who believe in the Second Coming are largely Christians and church goes, tho this promise is known thru out the length and breadth of our race.

But we have had a strange experience over the last twenty-five to thirty-five years. For there have been many unqualified to preach the Gospel, standing in the pulpits of the Christian Churches. In fact, many of these people in their seminaries never had it brought to their attention that the return of Christ would be in the pattern of things. And in this hour, we are discovering that some of the strangest things are developing throughout the length and the breadth of our land. Every part of this great nation where we have had great and individual and personal freedom, and where we have known the greatness of God’s blessings, we discovered are not great areas of disturbance, and riots are sweeping over some of the youth of our land. They are dressing as part clown and they are acting in all areas of operation--like some strange monstrosity. They wear their hair long and in strange hair styles. And boys and girls can hardly be told apart, as they walk the streets.

Now this is a minority, but it is a vocal minority that seems to be totally in rebellion against the area of society from which they draw their support. And we see the rebellion on the Sunset Strip and on the streets of our city. And violence is being incurred and activated by these that are behind it.

Now actually, most of this area of rebellion is being secretly sponsored by the Communist Party, by the forces of darkness and by the people of evil. But they play upon the emotional irresponsibility of these youth. And they tell them that their rights are being violated when they seek to enforce the areas of curfew or when the law is being enforced. I want to point out to you what was happening last night on the Sunset Strip. Scores were arrested as police tried to quell the protest on the Strip. Baton waving officers and deputy sheriffs moved in to clear youthful demonstrators out of West Hollywood the third consecutive weekend of disorderly mass protests held there. An estimated 2000 youths had congregated in front of the night clubs which cater to the younger set, and the youths were using a resistance policy while the sheriffs were using a get tough policy. So unlawful assembly arrests were made at 11 P.M. when officers starting to lose, used that ruling in riot control.

Now there night spots cater to these emotional and immature youth. But along with these youthful demonstrators, it was noted, were sympathizers. And these sympathizers included clergymen.

I want to point out to you that these are only called clergyman. They are actually agents of the Communist Party, using pulpits to spread their doctrine and programs. Others were Negroes, and the marchers from the W.D. Dubois Club which is an openly known Communist organization. And the Rev. George Cole who identified himself as a member of the Presbyterian Urban Department, said more than twenty clergymen were on the street passing out hand bills, supporting the young peoples grievances and their protests. So these twenty clergyman are members of the Communist Party whether they will admit it or not. And they are encouraging violence and upheaval.

So we are watching the whole pattern of a nation with disorders arising in cities, with violence being in the forefront, with the smashing of busses, and an area of destruction of property.

But at the same time, the whole thing is fallacious. One man told me the other night, how his car windshield was smashed as a great rock was thrown at the windshield breaking it and then it feel back on the hood of his car and his car was ruined. He didn’t know that he had an enemy. And then another man tells me of how large rocks were thrown thru the picture window of his home, knocking over a lamp and just missed him and his wife as they sat reading. This was an area far removed from the Sunset Strip. They can’t figure out what is happening.

The pattern is total evil. It is an upset of the status of our society. And at the same time, these clergymen are actually not clergymen at all. They are only holding the areas of ministerial authority given to them by the theological seminaries and denominations who require no evidence of the calling of a man for the ministry. But at the same time they are doing the work of the Communist. And without question, they are creating the problems of our time.

Every facet of the Communist Party, the Dubois Clubs, and all the Communist Party outlets are involved in these situations. It’s a trying time for the police and for the society at large, and for the city councilmen, as some will stand up for right and some say we don’t want to put too much pressure on this for we don’t want to get a riot going. But 2000 youths are close to a major area of riot, and of course, we are finding these situations all over.

We have the experience on the Berkeley Campus of the filthy language and filthy and obscene posters, and to a virtual revolt of youth inside that campus. But do not think that the Berkeley Campus is filled with kooks. It is not. But a minority is overwhelming taking up more of their share of publicity with their exploits. They have been putting on demonstrations and protests against the Vietnam War, the war against Communism. They have been sending medical supplies to the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. In fact, some soldiers have told how they found whole areas of medical supplies in the hands of the Viet Cong, that came from Berkeley University.

This shows up the mixed up mess in this nation of ours. While at the same time, the areas of stable theology are always looked down on. We are in perilous times and many of the clergy who should know better are scoffers. And they are saying, ‘Where is the promise of HIS coming. People talk about the return of Christ, and the signs of the end of the age, also prophetic fulfillment. This is all foolishness. It is all tales of those who imagine these things.’ And so they taught and they discount the areas of the scripture, and they do not believe in the pattern of its inspiration. And so their religion becomes something they make up themselves to cover up their areas of irresponsibility and guilt. And so they say where is the promises of HIS coming, for ever since the fathers have passed away, all things have continued the same, way back to the Creation.’

This they are willingly ignorant of---by the Word of God. And the heavens were as of old and the earth standing out of the water, and in the water. Those statements they are willingly ignorant of. And then these words also-----the earth became void---because God passed a judgement on it. Because whole nations had gone into integration and mongrelization. And they followed the instructions of Lucifer and thus caused wars and great catastrophe and sought to engulf all the whole earth in their great evil. And then God wiped out whole areas of the earth. In fact, where we look out on our West Coast to our shore line, it wasn’t the shore line at one time. Did you know that?

From the area from South Central America up to the Aleutian Islands, there was a great continent there known as Lemuria. And this continent was connected to the West Coast of the U.S. And in that catastrophe that transpired in the world of that day, then in scriptures we find--there was some standing in the water and some out of the water. There were some seas and islands, but off this West coast, at one time was a great continent. And also in the Atlantic Ocean, there was also at one time a great continent. In fact the Azores are a testimony to that today. But people are willingly ignorant of the fact that much of the world of that time was destroyed because the ocean swallowed up this land. In fact, Easter Island and Japan and some of the islands of the sea, are just the tips of high mountain plateaus that are still above water and all that is left of this great continent. You can go out to the shore of Easter Island and note that there is a great wall on Easter Island. And it goes right down into the ocean and goes for miles under the water. It was at one time, like the Great Wall of China. And this was a part of a great city also, that is not beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and has been there since the time of this great catastrophe.

Well, again, they are willfully ignorant that the earth is not the same and God does bring judgement upon the earth. And when HE gives the signs of the times to HIS Disciples, HE means exactly what HE said, including the pattern that there would be earthquakes in diverse places.

So they are wilfully ignorant of the Word of God that said, ‘The earth is standing in the water and out of it----and that the world order at that time perished. And here today, our world is going to be under areas of judgement, or areas where the World Order is established, is under judgement. For the World Order is going to be thrown down again. Make no mistake about that. In fact, the throwing down of the World Order is going to be the destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great.

We have the areas of the Bible telling us of the pattern of Mystery Babylon. For Mystery Babylon was once a rule out of ancient Babylon. But today old Babylon is nothing much. Even the Arabs hesitate to pitch their tents where once this great city stood.

Now, some today say there is no Babylon anymore. But that is wrong. For the descendants of old Babylon are still with us today. And thus, locate Mystery Babylon by locating the people who are the descendants of the old evil political, economic, and religious practices of ole Babylon. For wherever they have the power, they control the lives of the people in any nation where they reside. They are working the powers of darkness, and they are the evil demons that the scriptures tell us about. In fact, in Revelation, chapter 17 and 18, Babylon the Great is the habitation of every evil devil and hateful and unclean bird. In other words, when it calls them devils we know pretty well who is referred to here. For Jesus said HE had chosen twelve Disciples and one was a devil. And after this, HE had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill HIM in Judea. HE had one Jew in HIS group of Disciples. So HE had to stay out of the way of the Jews, as they sought to kill HIM.

So when we talk about this being a hold, Mystery Babylon is the administration and world culture and design of World Jewry, which has established its design and its course to destroy Christian civilization, to envelope it into the facets of conspiracy thru the United Nations of its programs of world government and world Socialism. So this is the factor we have here.

More than this, it is the dwelling place of every foul spirit, every past fallen Angelic spirit, everything disembodied and everything that is evil is also joined with this people.

Thus, it is as God has spoken, that the people who fall for this propaganda, or are wrapped up in this program are referred to as unclean birds. So we now have the Mystery Babylon, that great city, extending into Great Britain and into Scandinavia, and into Germany or wherever the occupants of Mystery Babylon live. And it also extends into these United States. In fact, I’m going to say that where their influence may be in Russia, or Israeli, yet two of the most powerful centers of Great Babylon are New York and Los Angeles. For these two cities have more of these dwellers of Great Babylon than even Palestine.

In the periods of time the scriptures have pointed out to HIS ministers that God will unveil the things which HE intends to do. In fact, the prophet Joel says:-----

In the latter days, I wll pour out my Spirit upon all My flesh and your sons and daughrers shall prophesy, your men shall dream dreams, and the yound men shall see visions. And upon My servants and upon My hand maidens of those days, I will pour out My Spirit. I will show them the signs that will mark the end of the age. There shall be the great pillars of fire and smoke that open up into the heavens.’

So as we moved into the nuclear age, we have had these things in our view. And also, we are to look for the manifested patterns of truth. Now of course, the scriptures are quite clear. For God says, I will send visions upon My young men. I will send information upon My ministry. In fact, God says, He does absolutely nothing except HE show it to HIS ministers and HIS prophets and then show it to HIS people.

So we can look for areas of revelations and areas of HIS ministry, discovering what it is that God intends to do.

Now, let me point out to you inside the areas of the scripture and the book of Revelation, in particular. For we have quite a few places where earthquakes are mentioned. There are going to be many areas of earthquakes at the coming of Christ. And here in Revelation, it talks about these areas of earthquakes. In fact, it clearly tells us that this is one of these situations when the unclean spirits which are like frogs out of the mouth of the Dragon and out of the mouth of the Beast, when they start to gather men together for that great day of battle. And they are gathering together to fight that Kingdom of God, the Christian nations. They hope to bring about their subordination and to wipe them out. They hope to bring on world rule, world mongrelization out of their system of chaos. And the spirits of evil which come out of the mouth of the dragon, and the beast and the false prophet, which are the areas of the Babylonian system, as they move into operation to gather men for the day of the great day of God Almighty---the great battle of Armageddon. They don’t think it’s going to be Armageddon. They think it is going to be the destruction of God’s Kingdom. And at this time, while all these things are going on, there is going to come a great voice out of the temple of God from heaven. For with these voices of thundering and lightening, there is going to come a great earth quake. And such a one as has not been since men were upon the face of the earth. A mighty earthquake. And one so much greater than the world has ever felt. Because God has not only declared it once, but thru out the Old and New Testaments---it is foretold that there is coming a great earthquake at the time of the great day of the LORD, which is during the period when they are gathering their great armies and hosts. And in this hour, that great city which is divided into the three parts, political, economical, and religions, or social Babylon, will come into the remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of HIS wrath. For islands will flee away and mountains will not ever be found because of the size of this earthquake. And because of this earthquake, it tells us here that one-third of the population of Babylon will be carried away, totally absorbed by a tremendous area of earthquakes.

Where is Mystery Babylon? Well, the city of Mystery Babylon is right here in Los Angeles, or in New York. It lies in great cities of the world. For wherever the devils are in a company, there also is Mystery Babylon.

Now there are some significant things concerning the great earthquake, and they are talked about thru out the scriptures.

Twenty-five years ago, we were holding some meetings in Watsonville. I was a young minister then, and a strange thing occurred to me. During the night, I was suddenly awakened---wide awake. And I saw coming on this area, tho it was not something that was pending at the moment, but I saw a great sweeping catastrophe that hit everything from Monterey to Watsonville, and all the way back to San Juan Bautista. I saw this whole land swallowed up by water. As I beheld this thing, a voice spoke out and said, ‘And so shall this be in the coming of the day of the LORD.’ For this area shall be wiped out.

Now, I was sitting wide awake and I saw this. And the next Sunday night, I told the people what I saw and---how strange---and yet I saw this even tho I was wide awake--then the vision cleared up. This was twenty-five years ago. But I am going to tell you that sometime this area is going under water.

We found out later as we started studying this area, and the earthquake faults,---we learned that the San Andreas Fault goes back of San Juan Bautista. We discovered that this whole area from Monterey up to Watsonville has a very thin crust of super-structure, and beneath it miles of water.

In fact, Monterey Bay happens to be one of the deepest spots in the ocean--almost seven miles of water out there in Monterey Bay. But only 200 feet or 300 feet--and at the most 1000 feet of super-shale of earth. And then under that, miles of water. In fact, in World War II, they had thought of making a great submarine base under there, and bring them up by elevators, and have a bit submarine base here. But they decided against it because of the danger of earthquakes. And because the solid footing was on the San Andreas Fault. This whole area has a few ribs in under it, but you can go way back under it to San Juan Bautista---all the way under this area of the coast line, for this was the coast line that was once a part of ancient Lemuria when it cracked off and sank. And tho you will find beaches along Monterey, still if you go out a mile or so, it drops off suddenly and then you can go back under the land. But I did not know that--at the time of the vision.

But I want to point out to you that we are in a period of great uniqueness. For several years ago, again, we had a vision like this and we awoke to behold a great catastrophe taking the Los Angeles basin. Now we have never mentioned this to many, but we saw the whole plateau from Riverside to Oceanside, then all the way up to Malibu with a series of earthquakes hitting the San Andreas Fault and the whole area of land dropping out of sight. We saw the whole area from Fairfax to Malibu dropping out of sight, with nothing there but ocean. We saw the City Hall of Los Angeles with only the two upper stories sticking out of the water. Now again, we thought this was not a dream because we were wide awake. And it was about three nights later, when again, we saw the same thing. We watched as whole areas just dropped out of sight. There were fires and catastrophes with a great earthquake. And when the quake subsided, where today you see land, we saw nothing but water. Today, we are seeing the warnings of scientists as they tell of great catastrophes to come.

They are warning as they did the schools of Santa Anna and Riverside. They said you will have to close down the gym and the swimming pool. You can’t use this auditorium, for something is wrong in this area. There can be a great earthquake at anytime.

There are areas under this land where you can put a submarine all the way back to San Bernardino mountains, because of the under water tunnels. There are stanchions that are holding up this vast shelf, or edge of what was once a part of ancient Lemuria. But we know that the west end of the San Andreas Fault is moving three or four inches a year, and some places five inches a year, to the north. And as these strains have gone on year after year, whole areas of these supports are shifting. In fact, when we have an earthquake, whole areas are weakened as we move out into the areas such as Inglewood and Bell. Because most of these areas are on a vast shelf. Some places the shelf is two or three thousand feet thick and other places 800 feet thick.

They have drilled oil wells in this area and some of them have suddenly run out of soil and lost their drill in the water. Now some of the early wells had oil in them and then suddenly salt water rushed in. Now there are some areas out near the coast line that are more solid than further inland. And scientists today recognize that we have whole areas of huge caverns systems that go back under the land. So what happens if those supports shift? 5000 feet of water moves over the land.

Some of you say, ‘Oh, that will never happen.’ But I tell you first, we saw it happen in my vision, and then it just fulfills the scriptures. Now we realized at that time, that it wasn’t to happen for sometime---somewhere in the future. But we fell that it is all in the pattern of events as we see the conditions of the world in Palestine and elsewhere. For the Bible says that there is going to be such an earthquake as the world has never known. And when this quake comes, this fault system is going to move.

Now we want to point out to you that Mystery Babylon is going to be hit. A lot of people try to close their eyes to this and they say the earth never changes. But there have been lots of changes. God can flex HIS muscles with the forces of nature in tremendous ways.

For instance, the Po River has overflowed for the first time in 2000 years. No one has seen floods in Italy for 2000 years. They said from the time of Julius Caesar to this time, there has never been a flood on the Po River. But not only did floods hit, but as the water came down the river, putting thousands out of their homes, then it began to rain and the barricades to the Adriatic Sea were washed out and that let the flood waters into Venice. Now this has not happened from the time of Julius Caesar to now.

You remember that Venice was built in a shallow basin and they had to build barricades to keep out the water. But with the flood walls broken then the city of Venice was flooded. Venice is the city of canals and gondolas. No speed boats can be used there. And to the west side of the river in Venice, is the place where the Jews have lived for centuries. Well, this is where the waters spread out and wiped out their homes and made them refugees in their own city. Last week, the Jewish Voice--one of the largest Jewish newspapers on the West Coast, was appealing for donations to relieve the catastrophe that hit the Jews of Venice at the mouth of the Po River. Now this city from the beginning, has had the Jews as the largest group of inhabitants. It was from this city of Venice, their headquarters thru the years, that they moved out to control areas of the world. Form here, they moved to control good institutions like early Masonry. Venice was the city they used as you had to go to Venice to get a 33rd degree in Masonry. In fact, you had to go to Venice to get the highest degree of Rosicrucian, which was once the great Mystery Schools of your race. It was from the city of Venice, that they laid their plot to use Genghis Khan, and they sent their emissaries out and they worked with the Chinese Jews and the Asiatic Jews. And the great leader Genghis Khan, Chepe Noyon, who was hired by the Jews and the leaders of World Jewry, were at that time in Venice.

Now the Mongol hoards that poured in with the descendants of Genghis Khan, and who were still attacking some parts of Europe even up to the time of Martin Luther, were always aided by the Jews. And their capital at that time, Venice, was the seat of world Jewry.

Now Venice is not now the capital of World Jewry, but this is one of the areas where judgement has been poured out on. God said, ‘I am going to pour out my judgement on great Babylon and great will be her fall.’ And I am going to tell you, whether you like it or not, that one of the things God is going to do, is bring on great catastrophes and one-third of Mystery Babylon is to be swallowed up.

Now all thru history, floods have been used and earthquakes have been used for judgement. And by the way, again, this week, the rains have started once more in the Po Valley. So it looks as tho their troubles are not over. Think---nothing like this for 2000 years.

Now, the areas of catastrophe that has been in the Soviet Union, are in areas where they have their nuclear weapons and missiles located in the Mongolian mountains, and in the south where they have had their war industries situated behind the Ural Mountains. Now great earthquakes have hit those areas, and mountains have come down and buried whole cities. In fact, over the past three years, we had four of the most tremendous areas of their manufacture of weapons that could be used against your Western Christian nations, totally buried by hundreds of feet of earth. Earth movers have been moved in and while they worked, more earthquakes came and reburied all.

(Now, I never knew this. But I remember how the Ford Motor Company moved a whole factory to Russia to make trucks for them.)

Revelation 12:-- ‘God said, ‘I will use the very earth to fight for you. I will cause to be swallowed up the seed of the dragon.

Also in the earthquake line I want to point out that they have had some quakes on Manhattan Island. They have had some come from the fault area of the Hudson River and move out into the New York Bay.

The Fault runs from Manhattan Island to Coney Island as well as move up the river to Yonkers and to Hells Gate. But this area near Spriten Divel is a very active fault. Of course, the fault follows the Hudson River and swings back in to parts of the Catskill Mountains. They have had in the past three years, three quakes. And they were rather solid quakes. The last one was more decisive than the others, and it is showing movements in this fault.

In New York people thought a Jet exploded over the city for the earth shook. But the scientists said a quake hit and shook the earth from Spriten Divel down to the Bowery and out to where East and North River come together. Now, this was a sharp quake. But when a great quake comes, we will discover that much of that area of the coastal regions could be hurt, but that part of the regions containing the City of the Nations (U.N.) shall be swallowed up. It shall drop out of sight in this great catastrophe.

This will also hold true for areas of the West coast as we have pointed out to you before this. Some of the land will be left where the stanchions hold and some will drop into the ocean and disappear.

This will occur when the great earthquake, such as the world has never known finally occurs. This is part of the prophecy that will be fulfilled.

Another area is up by Eureka and Crescent City, and this land is also in great danger, as a spot there has water for many miles back under it. From Southern California, all the way up the San Andreas Fault, moves out and goes up into the Aleutian Islands and then part of it heads for Japan.

We can only cite to you the patterns of the earthquake alignment. We can tell you when they may go and we have been quite accurate in these alignments in the past years. But we want to point out to you that God Almighty said, ‘I am going to destroy Babylon in your land.’ And not only will HE take out the tares, but HE is going to destroy Mystery Babylon the Great. And as far as I am concerned, my friends, I wouldn’t live in one of the Jewish ghettos that have been marked for destruction. No indeed. In fact, you notice I am on the other side of the fault line and I have stayed on the other side of the fault. But God says they are willingly ignorant of this.

When will this happen? In the Day of the LORD, in the hour of HIS coming. Long before this proceeds, as they are gathering men for the battle of Armageddon, as the host of earth carry out their strategy, as they are doing to day in the areas of Red China and the quietness of the Soviet Union, as they move into the Middle East, and the crisis they are causing in areas of Jerusalem---all these happenings are setting the stage for the gathering in of all the nations. And they want you and I to be involved in this also. In fact, we discover tonight, that the news says our 6th Fleet is rushing in toward Palestine and the Suez Canal. And some say we are going in to protect Palestine.

Let us hope we never fight a battle for the Jews. Especially after denouncing them for their area of aggression against Jordan. But the Russian fleet is moving in also, into the south end of the Red Sea and the northern end of the Suez Canal. They are a mechanized unite that use nuclear power. The entire Russian Navy is being nuclearized and being rushed to both ends of the Red Sea. France is also moving her Navy into the entrance of the Red Sea, and down thru the mouth of Constantinople, the Red ships are coming. So you see, as all this movement is going on, we are getting into a period when anything can happen. And this is also a time when we can see God’s judgement very, very quick.

God says just before they pull their treachery, HE is going to wipe out with a Great Earthquake. Mountains will be swept away and islands will disappear. And at the same time as well, this has been going on, we see other things happening.

Other areas of the earth are rising. Go out in to the Atlantic and you find that the Azores are rising. Now the Azores are what is left of a great continent. Divers have gone under water there and discovered that the Azores were volcanoes that erupted and at one time the lava flowed for many and many of miles on the surface. Thus, proving that when this lava flowed, this land was all above water---every bit of it. For when you have a volcano erupt under the ocean, it piles up and up. But it does not run. It just piles up until it gets above the ocean. For only above the water, does the lave run. So this area was a vast continent in its day. Then as the area sunk, we can see that there has been no volcanic eruptions that have run lava. In some areas, we can tell that this area of continental mass is rising. And the navigation authorities have had to put out buoys at different places as mountain tops have risen enough until they are dangerous to shipping. And some promontories have risen until they come and go from view in high and low tides. So from the Azores to the east they have had to be marked.

Also in the Pacific, there are bottom changes. And while they were experimenting in the investigation of the great trough, the deepest spot in the ocean, they discovered that on either side of this the areas had been shoved upward since they started their studies. So the earthquakes on the bottom of the ocean are lifting parts of ancient Lemuria.

So we say again, people can shake their heads and say the earth never changes, all things continue as they have always been.

But that is not true. Whole valleys are gone inside the Soviet Union. Whole areas have been wiped out in your time by earthquakes. There have been changes made in the coast of Alaska. They can be minute changes, but they are many. There have been quakes in the Aleutian Islands and they have brought up several small islands.

But remember, that God says, there will be an earthquake so great such as never has been since the Adamites were put on the earth. And it is designed according to the book of Revelation.

Now, some are saying, ‘Dr. Swift, you are getting carried away with your predictions.’ Well, I want to tell you that I have just reported to you two things. The first vision and its repeated confirmation which was about twenty-five years ago, and the third one I received about three or four years ago. These visions are Biblically supported. And it is quite well supported for God said the areas of destruction will be the place where the dwellers of Mystery Babylon live. The city that existed thru out all the ages--Mystery Babylon--simply where those who do the work of their father live, and they have been fighting everywhere against the Kingdom.

Now, the one area that I saw the most clearly, was from Fairfax to Malibu. Sometimes you take a census of that area. Take a look at the homes and apartments, and so-called sanitoriums. And I want you to tell me who is dwelling there.

Some say there may be good people living there. Well, maybe they will float out on a raft. But I’m just telling you that this is the pattern as we saw it.

Now, just lately, there was another minister in this area and he also had a vision. And he had never had a vision. He was startled and he typed his vision and sent me a copy. Now I had never told this man what I saw, but this is the vision this minister had.-----------

‘It was as tho I was caught out of the earth atmosphere and the earth turned in its orbit. And I could view many parts being hit by earthquakes and with fire and with water. I saw an earthquake that brought a great judgement on San Jacine Valley. And I saw many people destitute and hungry as the results of this earthquake. Then I was standing on the coastline of California and looking down a great distance, and I could see that there were some people on the surface of the angry water, and wreckage of all kinds was everywhere. Airports, coastal defenses, had ceased to exist. I said, ‘Lord, how can it be?’ But in this vision the range of mountains nearest to L.A. had gone down, and only the tops were sticking out of the water. I was taken in the spirit above the United States and I saw that the coast line had broken off. And before my very eyes, I saw a tidal wave that followed that great quake, and that tidal wave effected the Gulf of Mexico as well as the mouth of every river of the United States, as well as the West Coast where the tidal wave was causing much flooding and loss of life. I saw San Bernardino as the water covered up that city. And looking down into Imperial Valley, I saw that the water was coming up from Imperial Valley as the mouth of the Colorado River had its great mass of sand washed away and the tidal wave was coming in from that direction.’

Now, this minister also made this statement. ‘There were three earth quakes in all. And each one made more damage. And two of three were only a few days apart---and this whole shelf was effected and sank in different places.’

Then this minister began to pay more attention to what he had seen in the vision and he learned that the scientists have been telling us that the San Andreas Fault is moving to the northwest. The fault extends from lower California--Oceanside--out to Palm Springs. And from there to Palmdale, and then to San Francisco Bay and to Point Arena. The west side of the fault is on the move, and in a great earthquake, masses of it could break off and slide into the sea. And masses of it could find new levels. Now scientists have been telling this, but people pay little attention to this warning.

(End of tape.)