Scope Of God's Grace, 11-3-61



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-3-61

We are talking about a subject that is related to the whole philosophy and thinking of Christendom. We are talking about the Grace of God to His Kingdom. We will talk about the subject of Grace--one of the most unusual words in all the English language. The word Grace particularly related to the nature of our Father. There is no knowledge that you can know, more important, than to know and to understand the nature of our FATHER.

In the whole course of such thinking and understanding, we are effected in part by things which we have learned. And the major source of the teaching of things which pertain to God has come out of the institution of the physical organized church. Each of you are a member of HIS church. And that church is not only a visible institution but basically it is an invisible institution. It is the spiritual center of all the conscious worshiping children of the MOST HIGH who are identified by Faith and by name with the Messiah in the earth. That is why it is referred to as the church of Jesus Christ --- a Christian church. This is the reason why Christ refers to His Holy Church. There is also no question about the fact that the teachings of the Church in the church physical has not always been the exact things which God has declared or brought forth from the lips of the Holy Prophets, or Apostles. In many instances their concepts have been effected by teachers who came in for purposes of their own. And from the inside have taught those things which came originally from the scriptures but then they translated the scriptures to suit themselves. In this instance we have some of the texts of the New Testament, and some of the ideas and philosophies of the Grace of God. On the other hand there would be those who would not understand what the values of Grace might be and they set aside or ignore the vastness of what God's Covenant to them actually contained. Thus it is that we have many divergent concepts inside of theology. We virtually divide Protestant theology down the middle and it is classified as those who believe in Grace and those who do not believe in Grace. This includes all of Christendom which contains all of Catholic concepts of thought, for we have what is known as the Armenian teaching, and the Grace teaching. One is sometimes classified as the teaching of Paul and the other as the teaching of the Monk Armenian whose philosophy today still governs much of Christian teaching and thinking. In fact the Armenian concept is based upon certain things which the Monk Armenian saw contained in the scriptures concerning law, its judgments, its chastisements, and then he added to it things he had been taught in his church which were brought in by Babylonians who came in to place in that church the power over the people which the Priests wished to use for their own ends. Under these instances then a great number of people have been raised in the knowledge that :---- "Our Father which art in Heaven" is a loving heavenly Father, but in order to instill obedience in His children he has become a virtual ogre. The concept of the relationship of HE to his people has become the most stupid of all concepts. In fact with terrible tortures and tremendous promises of ages of punishment and judgment they seek then to force the children of God to obey --- especially obey their Priestcraft and orders of their administration. But after years of such things and translations slanted to establish its purposes still there are those who are even coming out from under the teachings of such things. Under the spirit guidance given unto them, these ideas have been changed in part. That is why today in the Methodist church and others if they remain orthodox to their original creed, and the interpretation of it in their church, they still believe that the world around about them is open to the message they have to preach. But upon their teaching depends whether or not men will be reconciled with God, or whether men will spend the endless ages in terrible tortures and pain, all of which God was supposed to have put together and composed for the tremendous number of people who supposedly disobeyed HIM. That this obedience or disobedience was all a part of their duty to know or not to know, for this is where their theology hinges in much of their teaching. The people therefore must do certain things, go thru certain processes, or their destiny of destruction is before them. They hinge their thinking upon the words, upon the thinking of their leaders, as to how the scripture has been translated, and upon the background of the Episcopacy, and here they set.

There are other things in the church today especially this is to be noted in the areas which concerns the teaching of Grace. This includes of course Baptist churches, and others who have been raised within the same structure of the same translation which still contain some of the same dreadful tortures and like aspects, because they were there, but they have ignored part of them in favor of some things they could not get around. That was that God was not taking anything away from them today. That one who had supposedly received the gift of Eternal Life from God --- it would not be taken from them. And there would then e many aspects of theology developed around these two points. But as to the Kingdom of God, great numbers of the churches did not know what the Kingdom of God was, or what it was composed of. They have thought that the church itself was the full embodiment of the Kingdom. Therefore they face the fact which is included in their theology that since the Church was all that they understood, they did not seek to develop a Biblical kingdom in accordance with all the facts related to it. They did not make the necessary distinction with all the facts related to it. They did not make the necessary distinction between the capacity of races, their various responsibilities in this Issue. And all of them had just two destinies --- Christ by acceptance of the churches teachings, or terrible destructions and damnation thru out all ages by torture. Both the "Grace" and the "non-Grace" churches brewed terrible tortures and inevitable destruction to every individual who did not accept the administrations of their message. There was then not another alternative for the people of the world --- Just Christ or Eternal destruction. But the program of the church was supposedly to --- proclaim the glad tidings of Great Joy unto all people. And this Glad tiding of Great Joy was not this terrible story that some people had supposed. This was to threaten men into the acceptance of Christ --- but actually the church's mission was to make known who Christ was, why he came and what He came to do, what work he accomplished. The work of the literal kingdom is to bring reality into this physical world of the administration of God --- what is designed to be accomplished. He didn't have to take anyone else approval into consideration when He determined to do it. For what transpired ages before you arrived, for what you as spectators watched in the dimension of spirit --- this kingdom of God which is today those of your race, and the spiritual center of His Household before the world was framed.

Having been spectators to these things it must be remembered that the spirit is incorruptible. That in your existence with the Father before the world was framed you were children of His spirit and were thus of incorruptible spirit. And being born of such a spirit --- were incorruptible seed in Celestial realms--- Children of the Eternal spirit capable of seeing everything as only being right. You were thus unable to believe or were not touched by error other than to look on with amazement as to there being anything which existed that was in opposition to your father. Being children of His spirit you lived in spiritual form but you had exact form, you were a being, ans entity of spirit. Still utterly removed from the areas of creation, from the physical arms of a physical world.

Lucifers rebellion was now deep seated having been thrown out of Celestial realms of power, having been driven out of the Celestial except for certain courses of the Milky Way thru which he came to earth. And Our Father in HIS design, and according to the whole commission as to what was to transpire, which was to bring a complete understanding not only to His household but eventually to all the portions of HIS Universe, of the essentialness of doing things right, thinking right, performing right. And the sovereignty of our Father, and the infinite unlimitedness of HIS Grace, we might say the very nature of God was bound up in this. God's nature as the Master, author, creator is so righteous, so bright that we cannot foresee with words how to frame it the description. With all the Glory of HIS spirit and Celestial being with all the heart and center of HIS Creative mind which holds the universe together, the purpose of the Father for everything HE ever made, for everything which had life because He existed --- was good for there was nothing made that was not good. The fact that in the course of time, by the process of commission, and the inclusion of thought which was beyond that of the average finite mind to evaluate --- the catastrophe of Lucifers rebellion was to become the educating force which God had released so that those of His Universe would definitely know what righteousness really it.

We use words and they are words of semantics to indicate pinnacles of condition. Righteousness is one of those words, for it is the very nature of everything right which comes from the MOST HIGH GOD. But there is a factor which relates to Gods won nature, and that is his love toward HIS household, HIS children. That same emanating force which we classify as love out of the nature of spirit is the force which is beyond the non-belief of emotion. And Emotion as we know it is in the physical world where the senses have to develop it, and nerves carry it thru out the structure of the human being. But in the dimension of spirit there is still light and spiritual warmth and this does not fall in the classification of raw emotion of a physical world but it is the sheer good element which moves out of YAHWEH, out of HIS very nature with which he puts everything together. And out of the majesty of that Light and Glory which was revealed in The Christ on the mount of Transfiguration was that Celestial Light and emanating Glory which was YAHWEH'S being.

We would point out that the Eternal Father had a purpose, and a plan, and when HE does what HE wants to do, then a great amount of the things which HE is carrying out, and that which HE has promised to do for you is utterly dependent upon HE as God without any condition, without any decision upon your part, without any ability on your part to stop it.

We would site that this is something all theology must embrace and what God's Kingdom must learn to understand. Were as the Kingdom is an administration in earth headed by YAHWEH'S children. The Apostle Peter tells us that they are a Holy Priesthood, a royal generation, a chosen society, a chosen generation. In fact to read what Peter has to say is to reveal this mystery, to reveal part of HIS purposes in the earth as they are in you. He Says:----"Ye are a Royal generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a special people that ye shall show forth the praises of HIM who called you out of darkness in His Glorious Light. You are His household, His children, His people in the earth, and as such the work of building His kingdom was to be delivered unto His own Household because this was to be the Kingdom of God in earth. Not the kingdom of races of earth, but the Kingdom of God In Earth over all human being, and over all created beings and over all species. Hu-men are spirit men --- spirit of his spirit --- Hu means Spirit, and spirit men thus are men of His own Spirit. Created beings were created as races of people and his work toward them is also filled with love.

Now, there are many things we must understand. We look out over a world torn by strife and we see the struggle, the war between the powers of righteousness, and the powers of darkness. And all of these things have been known unto God, and the powers of darkness. And all of these things have been known unto God from the beginning. But Righteousness is going to triumph, but that does not separate you from the struggles you are in, and the experiences thru which you pass. Remember there is no condition which can come near you, no temptation, no pressure or strife, nor all the forces of darkness hurled against you that God does not know about, and has not made you able to bear. In all of these situations he has made an escape for you and eventually triumph for His Kingdom. The Omniscience which He possesses understands and knows all these things. HE knows them as you know them and feels them as you fell them having Himself taken a body of flesh just like you have, so as to be like unto His Kinsmen. He thus can feel and know all things as you felt and know them, and then was to triumph as the Eternal son, the Second Adam without transgression --- the Lamb without spot or blemish.

Let us then point out to you that God knew all these patterns. And we want you to know that what God has promised to do with you as it relates to restoring back to you in the earth which is the great salvation for His children--- is this Glory you had with HIM before the world was framed. The Glory you came into the world enveloped with as you emerged as Adamic children. And the great salvation which is for your race --- this great salvation which requires a restoration to your physical being now embodied in earth with all the Glory of Celestial children---- this is something which you cannot earn.

Now, I think this is important to learn about Grace, because Grace is all the things God bestows upon you because "Ye are Gods", but you didn't have anything to do with this as far as determining whether you receive it or not. When you understand that fact then you understand that God is sovereign and HE does as HE pleases, and He pleases to do good. Grace is absolutely unmerited LOVE, unmerited favor.

Some say:---- the blessings of God come because of my obedience to HIM, and my keeping of the works of the law. Absolutely not ---- none of the salvation given to you as far as the restoring of Glory and the promises of the Father come to you because of how you kept the works of the law. If that was the way you received all the things God will bestow upon you, then you could say:--- "I earned it." But from that standpoint you haven't earned anything, for these are just things which you get by fulfilling the law. There is covenants and there is a covenant of the Law. This covenant of the law was not given to China, it was not given to Africa, it was only given to your race. And that was the covenant for the way you were to live in earth to establish Gods Kingdom. This was the laws of administration and they ruled from Moses unto Christ. And the Apostle Paul tells us that the law ruled from Moses to Christ.

There were many under condemnation because of disobedience to the law. No man kept the law to perfection for the Apostle Paul also tells us that "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God." That includes the people who did not possess the law, but they had no knowledge of sin until they gained a knowledge of the law. For with knowledge of the law they had knowledge of transgression. People don't like the word sin but we might as well use it because it is the most simple word to describe transgression of the law. It is violation of all the principals of morality, of ethics, of the laws of sciences as well as the laws of conscious existence. When we deal with morality and ethics we deal with conscious existence. And when we deal with agricultural law, the chemical law of the things we digest, and the things we take into our bodies, these are the laws of things as God created them. They are fixed laws, laws of facts, and when God gave the laws HE said it was good.

But when we deal with Grace--- then the Grace that God extends to you is not because of something you have done. I want you to know that out of the fullness of the heart comes a deep appreciation and more praise unto the Father for what he has done for you, and this you did not earn, but HE did it for you because of His own nature, and the full appreciation of all HE has done will come when that is understood. For is we were to look upon the fact of what we received and what God is about to do with us as something earned then we would fall far below the standard of what HE has purposed for you.

Now, we well understand that in the discussion of these things, we do not realize the measure of Grace. But this "Is" what God wanted to do because He just wanted to do it. There are some words spoken of in the book of Jude that points this out. "Now unto HIM that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His own Glory, with exceeding joy". In other words HE determined to do all these things --- to present you faultless, to do this in the presence of His own glory, with great and exceeding joy --- for Himself. God's Joy, His desire is your elevation to the restored level of the Glory of your Sonship in the spirit, and the majesty of your work in the earth. God says this is what HE is going to do.

I want to call your attention to this as I talk about salvation, for it is important for us to understand that it is not conditions and judgments, and Hells, and imaginative tortures which came out of medieval superstition and which descended out of false religions of a pagan Satanic world. This is not what you are to be saved from. It is a condition of being short of power, short of life, short of Glory and short of accomplishing our destiny that is the Salvation for which we wait. It is being saved from transgression and error, turned to doing the things which are right and constructive. These are the important things. He came to save HIS people from their sins not from Himself or from the imaginations of man concerning his preferences. There is different types of salvation and there is salvation which reaches out to the ends of the earth. And we can show you that there is a race upon the face of the earth which God's salvation doesn't reach out to, or that He will not adjust. He will reconcile all things to Himself but this does not change their status of being. He does not mean that they should marry and cross races, that you should join all races together and say that everyone is the same, for they are not all the same.

The reality of God's Grace to His Kingdom is one of the most important things we can understand. If you were to turn to the book of John these words become more valuable predicated upon previous statements Jesus has made. He said:--- "I have come --- Incarnate God, I have come as a shepherd would come, as a Father I come into the world and now I am in a body of physical flesh. The book of Hebrews tells us He came thus.

"In a body of flesh like unto his children" --- who were down here in bodies of flesh. And while here HE said;--- "I have come for the Lost Sheep of Israel"--- The lost sheep of the House of Israel, and this takes on significance because the ministry of Christ's first coming was predicted upon the re-adjustment, the restoration, and the redemption of the children of Israel. To be redeemed He had to posses them before---thus HE possessed them before the fall of the Adamic race. And He redeemed them unto Himself by the price of HIS own work. And HE paid the price of redemption under the legality of the law by which their minds were bound. Therefore the Eternal said:--- "I have come for the Lost Sheep of the Hose of Israel" not because they were obedient and kept the law which He gave to us, not because of anything but the fact that they were His children, this was HIS business because they had nothing to do with their birth. This is something big which a child of God has to acknowledge. This is that they had nothing to do with their arrival either in the heavens or earth. The Father said:----these are my children and I come to empower, so that they might have power in earth. And in the Book of the Gospel of John HE tells you that they are HIS children, not by the will of man, not by the will of the flesh, but by the will of God who begat them to begin with. And the Father then makes this statement and it is so important that we must understand as to who we are. Jesus thus walked on Solomon’s porch and he said:---"Therefore my sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.----"I give them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." I think this is very significant as well as absolute authority, for this was God walking among men.-----"I call my sheep by name, I give them Eternal Life"--- You didn't earn it or it wouldn't be a gift. It wasn't something that you did because he gave it to you. It was because you are His sons--- His own children. It was because of who you are---because this is HIS own purpose, HIS own choice. HIS own establishment of destiny. By HIS own nature HE did this. He came int to earth to assume all transgressing so HE could do this.

In the place where it may be a little plainer we read:---- "HE was appointed unto this death. He was destined as this Lamb before the foundation of the world. I can show you in the book of Revelation that HE was this Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. You will find if you go into the writings of Isaiah, that this prophet also refers to The Christ as the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world---for the transgressions of the world.

Thus HE said unto HIS sheep----- "I Give them Eternal Life, they shall never perish" HE makes the same classification for this set of statements and I only for this moment bring them in to show you that there are people also who are not in this classification of sheep, who do not come in this category. For He turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said:--- "Ye believe not because Ye are not my sheep" as I have said unto you. But I call my sheep by name I lead them out-----I Give them Eternal Life.

Thus the Grace of God to His sheep was the giving to them of Eternal Life because, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." I think this is very significant as well as absolute authority, for this was God walking among men.---- "I call my sheep by name, I give them Eternal Life"---- You didn't earn it or it wouldn't be a gift. It wasn't something that you did because he gave it to you. It was because this is HIS own purpose, HIS own choice. His own establishment of destiny. By HIS own nature HE did this. HE came int earth to assume all transgressing so HE could do this.

In the place where it may be a little plainer we read:---"HE was appointed unto this death. He was destined as this Lamb before the foundation of the world. I can show you in the book of Revelation that HE was this Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. You will find if you go into the writings of Isaiah, that this prophet also refers to The Christ as the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world---for the transgressions of the world.

Thus He said unto His Sheep:--'I give them Eternal Life. They shall never perish.' HE make the same classification for this set of statements and I only for this moment, bring them in to show you that there are people also who are not in the classification of sheep, who do not come in this category. For He turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said:--'Ye believe not, because ye are not My sheep' as I have said unto you. But I call My sheep by name--I lead them out--I give them Eternal Life.'

Thus the Grace of God to His Sheep was the giving to them of Eternal Life because the violation of the principles of life He had given them had brought them death of the physical body. Whether you like to accept this fact or not, there was something that descended upon the nature of your race, upon the physical bodies and their physical nature which then passed on to all the descendants of Adam, and continues to this day, that has worked within the members of the bodies of Adam's family which is called transgression. It is a factor which exists within you, a certain condition that makes you leap toward the positive which does all things right. We are told that with this transgression, then both sin and death passed on to the sons of Adam and it existed down to the time of Christ. These two existed before the law and after the law. I want you to know that even in the midst of the close proximity to that Divine structure that God the Father comes down and talks to Adam. And HE promises Adam that HE is going to lift him out of the condition he has put himself in. HE promises He is going to restore---to give unto Adam the Glory which belongs to him. That HE is going to crush the head of the serpent. This is destiny. And HE promises restoration which is God's business.

Now, we have come thru the processes of what the Apostle Paul says are some of the most significant things men can know. In fact, in the understanding of some of these deep hidden clues is the secret of God's covenant purpose. We have the House of Israel origination with the covenants God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob when changing their name to 'Israel', but still coming out of the Adamic race which are HIS spiritual children now in bodies of flesh. HE has a covenant with them which reached from Adam down to Abraham. And the covenant made with Abraham concerning Israel, was before the giving of the law to Moses. Then as He is talking to Israel, we read these words:--'This is my covenant with them---when I shall take away their sins.'---'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' There shall come out of Zion (the Kingdom) a deliverer who shall take away the ungodliness from Jacob. Thus we do not go along with the theological confusion which exists today as churches outline their doctrines in error. One great Bible school in this city tells us that there are three classes of people in the world---the Jews, gentiles, and the church. But they do not understand the fact of what they are discussing because the scripture is not talking about the Jews when it talks about Israel. I think you should understand that because Jesus said:--'I have come for the Lost Sheep of Israel'. Then turning to the Jews, He said:--'Ye are not my sheep.' Thus, there are many classes of people in the world. And unfortunately there are Jews in the world. But there are also Israelites as well. God doesn't just have two classes of people, for there are the Adamic race, and the great Covenant House of Israel which has come forth out of that race. There are people in the world today who did not come thru the covenant house of Israel. But today they are still of the household, still of the white race and they still respond to truth. However, they are not the major nations today of Christendom. Then there are people in the world today who have accepted the truths of the Gospel as far as they can understand, with the capacity they possess and they have joined themselves to the functions of the church. But that does not make them, just because they joined the physical church--just because they responded to the right God-----it does not make them your kinsmen. Nor do they comply to the full measure of being a part of a phase of that church which is 'One' with the kinsmanship of The Christ. There are pagans in the world today who are descended from races who were created here and who fell under Lucifer's rebellion. They have a salvation which God has envisioned and planned for. He tells us thru the lips of Isaiah, that 'All flesh shall be saved'. That this message can be proclaimed to the ends of the earth, to the people of the earth. This message is:--'LOOK unto ME, all ye ends of the earth and be saved.' We find this discussion of God's purpose as He makes this declaration:---'All flesh can be saved', and another factor is that 'all flesh shall be saved'. But we will look at this another time. In this 45th chapter of Isaiah, you read:--'In YAHWEH, or the Eternal shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory.' Then the Apostle Paul was to say that 'all Israel shall be saved, as it is written'. Why? Because the Father willed to do this, not because they did something or because they obeyed, or because they earned it, but because the Father established Grace and said this is the instrument. This is the process which I created to put the world in the confidence of MY WILL.

There is no doubt that it is important for to get away from fears and superstitions, and found our Faith and our concepts upon the Will of God and what He has said.

We turn again in the Book of Romans to read these words:.."The law was given to Israel"..the law was codified, the law was good, make no mistake we believe that the law was good. We believe that the keeping of the law is not something you do as a condition for receiving salvation. We don't want you to leave here and think you receive salvation, which is the spiritual restoration of Glory, the entrance into the dimensions of spirit, and all God intends to do for you as He makes you conform to His own image...not one part of that is conditional upon the law. The law was given you as a mighty handbook of Divine Will. Only in that hour in order to show the significance of the terribleness of error, and give an understanding of the destructive forces of sin which were contained in its judgments. You are living in 1961 and since Christ's resurrection all the hand writing of every ordinance against you with its condemnations was taken off you and nailed to His cross. That still does not mean that a fire doesn't burn or the laws of gravity do not work, all it means is that all these are laws. Nor does it mean, my friends, that if you violate social laws that you will not get social repercussions. It does not mean that if you do it ethically that you will not get ethical explosions of discord in your society. It does not mean that if you do not have integrity in government and in administration, and in personal relationships one with another that you do not have trouble. It does not mean that you don't plant your food with agriculture soundness and rotate the crop land that you won't have trouble. If you don't permit it to rebuild you bleach out all the life from the ground, and that ground will not become useless, turn into a dust bowl. It does not mean that if you violate the mathematical laws of progression or do not understand God's laws which require no usury, that you use just sets of weights and measures, if you don't do that you get depression, famine, catastrophe, unbalance, all kinds of situations with an economic result. Because the mathematical laws of precession do not change. It means that all these factors which relate to instruction of how to do things right will still have their repercussions on you by every natural process if you disobey them, for God gave them to you because children of His spirit synchronize with the capacity to think and to know, it is intended that the law should move thru you. Eventually the whole world is to be governed by the children of God and His Kingdom, with Christ Himself making this institution work, and you will live by the authority of the law of God from one end of the earth to the other. That doesn't get into Heaven or out of heaven, it doesn't effect the fact that we are living in the earth. It just means that you want to see..."Thy kingdom come, thy will be done", and you want to see people live in earth as tho in heaven. Then you will see people who live right, who live in adjustment with the LORD GOD who made all things.

When we talk about the processes of the law then remember that God bestowed upon you Grace, and as we turn to the declaration of vastness of that Grace we understand from what the Apostle Paul who makes this very clear...after it was explained to him... that the whole plan of God's purpose for those who were His saint's, His believing offspring, those of His household, by His own plan, this purpose falling in the category of predestination, sovereignty, that this is what God determined to do. He said:.."therefore we know that all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. For he who he did foreknow he did predestinate to conform to the image of the son so that he might be the First born among many brethren, moreover he did predestinate them he called, and those he called he justified, and those he justified he glorified." He has already settled that, in the heavens before the world was framed.

Now, you have nothing to do with what God said:.."I am going to do"..for He predestinated things to be done, and you just receive it and function within it. He wrote your name down in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. He predestinated you to fulfill the patterns of the image of His own Glory before you were ever born into this world. These are facts, these are things God said. Grace is a part of the structure of God's program, a part of the facts of the Christian Faith. The great purposes of God are thus here unveiled and some of them are Mysteries.

Back in the days of Moses they were writing and adding to the things revealed. There was a great Book called the 'Zohar', and this contained the philosophies of Israel. They knew that the white race which was in the earth were Celestial children of God now in physical bodies...they knew that. They knew also that God was doing a lot of things for them that they didn't deserve. They did not have the word...Grace...but they had a word for 'unearned favor' which had a Hebrew origin. They also knew that the law was given unto them and that it contained harsh judgments for disobedience, but the whole catastrophe to the society might also be great, so they justified the judgment to what happened to the society when they didn't fulfill the law given. But in all their writings they did not nor could not that moment, the vastness of the Mystery which the Apostle Paul was to say had been hidden from the foundation of the world, but was not being made known unto you. That this Light and spiritual story which had been hidden away which God is going to the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory. This is also the hope of the entire world, for it is in you and by you that God intends to fulfill His purpose.

Someone said:...But Christ is the hope of the world....Yes, and He is also the creator, the master, the Eternal Father. He is the Light of Life in you. That is the hope of Glory and Majesty which was on the face of Christ that is in you, the Apostle Paul said this is a Mystery. I want you to see that within the circumstance of God's purpose He said:.."I predestinated you." If my Father purposed something while holding all the sidereal systems together, when everything depends upon Him, then He is going to bring it to pass.

Someone said:...but how do I know that it work's? Well! You are here aren't you? Oh, some are not here in this assembly or any other but God will reach them before He is thru. It doesn't matter what means He uses to reach them but He is going to do it.

I ran into a Clergyman the other day who thought some people had not accomplished some things he thought they should have accomplished if they had been doing what they were sent to do. I shouldn't worry about them any more for they are right back in the best laboratory to put them where you think they ought to be. They have moved back into the dimension where there is no error. They went back from whence they came into the Shekinah aura of the Father. In the purpose of His plan they were to accomplish something which He sent them here for, because He knew all the about it before He sent them. Knew all about it from the beginning and more than that He not only predestinated it, but when He called them He had already justified them. He has already glorified them in His purpose in the ages to come.

Sometimes we say there is some merit to obedience, and obedience does bring certain rewards. But there is no question of the fact that there are a great many things in the Bible that if you obey them there is a reward, but there is no Grace attached to that, you earned that pattern. But the Grace of God bestows on you things whether you earn them or not. Things you did not earn but because God purposed will have to admit that the knowledge of the thing by which you came to the process of working out the reward was Grace.

You remember this man Abraham, he was one of our great ancestors of destiny, as well as being marked, positioned in the scripture for timing, and God told him all about what He was going to do with the Race. Told him that He was going to multiply them, increase them until they were all over the earth and that the increase of this seed would be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. Told him by what process He was going to do it, for out of Isaac, the promised child, He would bring this development. Abraham was a man of substance, a man whose family had power. His father was Prime Minister and he had been raised in a house of Nimrod's Court in Ur of the Chaldeas. When he went out of that city God blessed him, increased his supplies, in all the natural things that he might need. When God told Abraham to get out of that city, to turn his back on the prestige of being the son of the Prime Minister of the most powerful city on the face of the earth at that time, He told him what He was going to do with him. He didn't make any condition rest upon this, He just said.....Get out of this land and do these things, for I am going to do certain things with you and your seed after you. These are the situations, and Abraham believed God. But that measure of Faith Abraham had...God put in him. It is given to man a measure of Faith, but without it you couldn't please God.

Now, in the instance of this there are some who say that Faith is not Grace, but it was the Grace of God which imputed it to Abraham, it was not anything which Abraham did by the keeping of the law, it was not anything he had out of Patriarchial backgrounds of law, it was just that he believed God. So it was imputed to him for righteousness. You and I are the children of Abraham and if you believe God, you please God, for without faith it is impossible to please him, but we have not in any way forestalled HIS purpose.

The Apostle Paul said:--- since He hath predestinated these things, HE has called you, and justified and glorified you so what shall we say:--- "If God be for us then who can be against us." For HE did not spare his own embodied Life, but delivered himself up for us, so that He would be able to freely give us all things. He paid the price because the price of sin was death. I think this is significant because we should remember the facts surrounding this price. "The wages of sin is death" but "The gift of God is Eternal Life"

In this instance he declares that since He has accomplished this for us, since he did not spare himself then who can lay any charge against you. Who can lay any charge against you after he has chosen you and justified you by His Grace, who can lay any charge against His elect? And remember the Elect are the descendants of the Father who came out of the heavens, who were with HIM before the world was framed, the elect HE did foreknow. We are told that if any one condemns it will be Christ who died then rose again, and is He condemning-----no!

In all these things we are more than conquerors and I am persuaded that neither death or life, nor Angels or principalities, nor powers nor things present nor things to come, neither heights nor depth nor any creature can separate us from the love of God, which has already been manifested in His own embodiment as Christ Jesus, and he becomes Our Eternal One and there is none who can take this away.

Now, there is a mystery that is involved here----when Peter was writing his epistle one of the things he was to say was concerning your origin, and your being here as the elect of the Most High God, and as such he makes the statement:----"Ye are the Elect according to the fore-knowledge of God the father who set us apart by his spirit. He predestinated us under the obedience of the sprinkling of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, Grace be unto you and Peace be unto you when you understand this because this is the purpose of the Eternal. Then Peter goes on to talk about the blessed is the knowledge of this of the Eternal father who purposed all these things in Himself.

In the writings of the Apostle Paul he makes it very clear as to what we have and what God is doing for us by HIS grace----"Not works, lest any man should boast." You say that upsets the pattern of law---no it does not. I want you to know that Eternal Destiny, the final development into the Glory of God---the great and tremendous purposes of what God has in store for you, are not something my friends that you earned: but are things God bestows out of His Grace and out of his love for you. This has not separated you from the fact that He has written the laws in you heart. And one of the spiritual transitions of a new era was to take the people who had the law before them as a pattern and put it within them until they would understand, by the spirit, and they would want to do the thing which is right. Not thru fear, not just to earn a reward but because it is a part of their nature to do that which is right. God would never be satisfied with service thru fear. He would never build a kingdom upon that foundation. There is a law more powerful than the law of fear and that secret and great power, is "the law of the spirit of Life in Jesus Christ which hath made me free from the law of sin and death." It is within this significance that we are told of the mighty conquest to the climax of this age, in which the sons of God thru manifestations are going to show forth Light and Life. And the vibrations felt by all the creatures of creation are waiting with expectations for a better day. They are going to behold the manifestations of the sons of God, as Gods Grace descends upon them and charges them with Light and Life of Life when death is overthrown, laid aside, we know that there is coming a great and tremendous hour which ushers in the greatest wave of kingdom development, in the twinkling of an eye, when Christ Himself shall rejoin His household, his family and the Kingdom shall swing into place with tremendous power and there shall be no more death. As far as the kingdom is concerned that is the Climax, and in that hour we are going to find that each of HIS children are going to think as He thinks and know as He knows. And while waiting for that time I want you to understand your relationship with HIM. God gave you the job of building His Kingdom. He hasn't changed that. He put the church in the heart of the kingdom and it was not to set the kingdom aside, but to give power and life to the work of the kingdom, for the kingdom to do its work. the Life of the kingdom is God's spirit, nothing else. The secret is that the spirit of Celestial children here in physical world----this spirit here in the nations of the kingdom shall accomplish God's purposes. The reason why, therefore---is that you are the children of His Grace, and have already been changed by HIS mercy. It is not conditional. HE is not taking back what he has promised. He is not going to throw aside His redemption because that is His possession and He redeemed it. But He has given you an understanding, He has written the laws in your heart, that in the fulfillment of the laws you will create the conditions which are the keeping of a Holy Law, and the Holy Commandment brings about. The law is holy, the commandment is holy, but men my friends do not have their Sonship and their Glory by obedience to that law which is Holy---It is by the Grace of the Father who is holy and who gives it to you that brings HIS sons and daughters their lost Glory.

The thing I want you to know is that you don't serve in fear. That you don't go out and work in this nation as a son and daughter of God---unchurched----with the idea that if I didn't do this I wouldn't be a son, if I don't do this, if I fail in this there rests upon me judgment and condemnation. NO ! ----- but when you of intelligence become aware of the Majesty and Grace of your father who is praying for the earth and for you then you become determined to carry out HIS program. You do it not with fear but security.

Someone said:----Do you believe in Eternal security?---Well there is no other kind of security when you are dealing with this question. The Eternal Father said:----"I have given you Eternal Life and you shall never perish.---When you understand and know this part of the covenant and the atonement then you have no fear.

Your say: This is such a dangerous time, we have an enemy out here who might kill us. But they have been killing the people of the kingdom of God all thru the ages and still the kingdom and our Father triumphs. We have moved int an age where a greater demonstration of power is soon going to be made. We are not my friends going to back up thru fear, nor are we going to worry about the abilities of an enemy for there is greater power for you than all the forces of darkness which gather around the horizon of the Christian nations of this time.

I am aware that they who seek to save their lives will lost it, and they who can see themselves expendable for God's Kingdom----find it.

I am also well aware that all the powers which have kept men from accomplishing good and sought to do this by fear, because the theology they embraced hasn't given them a clear vision of Times. Of the absolute security of this individual, in the scope of God's purposes as His child.

The background of fears, of oppression, of condemnation which rested upon men, and the guilt complex which Christ lifted as He became transgressor for you, and won atonement----He assumed it all the condemnation, all the transgressions that had been committed. He took it all upon Himself and left you free.

If you understand grace---you will accept all that Christ has done. And you don't have any self-condemnation, self-judgement resting on you. And you no more say:--I am not worthy. I can't have it for it is not for me.' This is not hinged upon the thought of men. This is hinged upon the promises of the Father which is always good, --the work of the Father which is always good. I still proclaim to you that whether some men understand it or not, the great moving force in a physical creation, the whole physical Universe hangs on what happened. Every individual Christian, everyone of your race, hangs on what happened in that one great event---in Christ's crucifixion and resurrection---in that atonement---blood atonement---which bought the freedom of everyone of the Adamic race--everyone of the children of God. For He took your place and you are free by that work which He wrought. Not by anything that you have earned.

It is the responsibility of the people of the Kingdom of God, with the knowledge they possess, not because they are seeking to obtain that which is already obtained, but because it pleased the Father to build that which HE wants built. Because they are a part of the very heritage that He is building. And that you are free by that work which He wrought, not by anything which you have earned. But it is the responsibility of the Kingdom of God thru the knowledge they possess--to obtain that which has already been obtained. Because they want to please the Father, and they want thus, to build what HE wants built. Because you are a part of it and it is your inheritance. You are the one receiving it. And it is your field of life and living that you are developing. Therefore, let me point out to you that in this great nation of God's Kingdom, we have a very conscious responsibility to our children to the family which exists in the earth, to our household, to the fact that we are the children of the Father, and this is our inheritance, that we are a Kingdom of priests, that we are the progeny. And as such, therefore, we want our nation to be occupied with people who are our kinsmen. This may seem to some who do not understand, the distinction between the world order and the kingdom and its nation and its people, this race of destiny, this should be the message which the church proclaims as the truth of God to the ends of the earth. Where as I want all men to come to the knowledge of God, and someday all men will, when every knee will bow, and we want every man to get into proper adjustment with HIM, but I don't design to violate the principal of the holy law which you say is holy by a system of mental gymnastics to try to transplant a new position on those who God created by intermingling them with our race, by mongrelizing our society, and violating the intent and principals of Gods economic laws by letting strangers who hate Jesus Christ decide our economic destiny.

There is no responsibility resting upon a Christian because God in His Grace and His mercy has not only reached the bounds to deliver him by the great acts of Calvary, having promised redemption to all creatures of earth, by taking upon Himself the sins of the whole world, but has not any instruction taken a new position between the things which are right and the administration of His Kingdom in the plans of God. The Kingdom was sent here to do the very things you are going to do.

`Every once in a while some clergyman so hide bound with interpretations would deny God His own right to be God. He will say I don't want my people to hear that kind of a Gospel. He would like to see his people still in the throes of Babylon thru out the years to come. He wouldn't understand why it is that a great nation, where more people worship then in any other nation on the face of the earth, why you can be taxed with a great burden to help people who hate your God, and you more than any other place on the face of the earth, he would never correct that.

Considering how blind we have been in our destiny, and concerning the laws of God still He had dealt with us with Grace and is protecting us in this hour.

You see---having maintained the principals of the law in its fullness we would never have permitted strangers to come in here to begin with and settle. We never would have let them gain control of our economy. We would never have permitted them to teach in our schools. If there was depravity and degeneration, if there is immorality and disrespect for parents it is being sown into your race, and into your schools, and colleges by the strangers who came in. By these people who God told you not to let come in.

Now, God isn't punishing you because he is displeased, you punish yourself by violating the wisdom He gave you. He by HIS Grace has kept His spirit poured out upon you to keep you alive until a great percentage of the children don't believe the people that teach them because the spirit in them is guiding them further than the instructor. A mother told me the other day about her sub-teenage child who came home from school--our or this 8 or 9 year old class, and told his mother that the teacher said:--'I don't believe in God'. Imagine. Teaching us that???? Even at 8 or 9 years of age there is something in them that can sense untruth. This comes back into the responsibility of the parents, of the household where they keep the children in contact with the true church with the spiritual law, and with spiritual truth until something develops which is like a wall against evil. A lot of people think they have no responsibility to assemble or associate themselves with spiritual things, or to raise their children completely outside of spiritual veil protection which would descend upon them to develop naturally. Oh, not beyond the Grace of God to deal, but because they have not grown up with proper nourishment or this portion for their soul life development wherein even as a youth, they will know error when it comes from an adult.

Unfortunately, we have today, the catastrophe which exists in some fields of theology where they can be sent to church and not be instructed properly. But this is also a part of the prophecy of our day, in the falling away first which has taken place. We are thus close to the restoration where the great and mighty purposes of God are going to be demonstrated thru His awakening sons and His charged and powerful children.

You have been going thru some unusual and prophetic incidents which many people don't even realize. But God made this very clear that there is only one set of weights and measures and just standards. He made it very clear that we are not to evaluate the life and the blessings and the creative wealth He has bestowed upon us by the standards of Babylon. The economic and degenerate philosophy of the powers of darkness symbolized by that term Babylon has sought to maneuver you and draw all men into the 'love of money' which is the 'root of all evil'. They therefore have tried to make money a commodity. They use this. And God knew they would use this method and He warned you that this is their strategy.

I want to tell you something which is a matter of fact. When you formed this constitutional nation, when with the articles of confederation you lent to the states now accepting the constitution those same powers, you laid out the laws to govern your society and you established the power of the Congress to coin money and fix its value,--it was with one set of weights and measures. But from the very beginning the enemy was trying to worm their way in and get hold of your economy and your nation. He did get that hold and still holds it to this day.

One of the great mistakes was in the time of President Wilson, when in that Administration, Col. House, a ½ Jew helped sell the Senate to turn over our monetary system to the Federal Reserve System. Jacob Schiff then told Col. House:--'you have done a great service to your mother's people. You have turned over to us the control of the American economy. You can write a blank check all over the world because of this.'

From that time on, America has had more and more Babylonians manipulation, more usury, and seizing control of 60% of production. Babylon continued to emerge in the days of F.D.R. And remember the day when suddenly he said we are going to take America off her present monetary standard and he took over the gold? He raised the price of an ounce of gold from $20 to $35. Then he said:--'you Americans can't have any of it.'

Everyone else in the world could have it but Americans. And your gold was confiscated. We had reached the point where we were not a free people, for Babylon controlled our economy. All because of the strangers you let come in.

Then they put you on the silver standard but that was fixed at 91 ½ cents per ounce. the content of your dollar was fixed as you went to the silver dollar because you didn't protest and change it.

Did you know that this past week the President (Kennedy) if he can get the authority of congress is taking you off silver. Babylon is going to fall, but it first took your gold and now is taking your silver, and it will inflate your dollar and take away your purchasing power. Gold and silver will jump in their value per ounce but you can't have it. You will be on F.R. paper, but you can't get the gold or the silver. This is just a sign of the control of Babylon.

Now I am not going to discuss now the full significance of the impact of this thing, will do that later. That is where the big news has been this week, not in the headlines but back on the financial page. But I want you to know that in this manipulation man has been trying to gather masses of metal whether gold or silver and no one ever ate any of it in their whole life. If you have a whole sack of it at home in the closet it won't do you any good. You could make some film out of the silver but you wouldn't know what to do with the gold. God tells you that it is not to important anyway because we are going to pave streets with it anyhow.

Lets get this thing clear, gold or silver has no value except as a coin, and that value is only what men impute to it. But the great strength of God's blessings, in the things men produce, with standards which readjust, must be able to exchange thru out the times to come, when you have economic trouble. These are laws, the things that govern this are all tied up in the laws of the Universe. All these depressions and economic problems, all this strife and your lack of accomplishment is because you let the children of Satan in violation of the principals of law, move in on your society and leave these burdens on you. Oh, you say what has this to do with the Grace of God and the Kingdom? Well, you should be thankful that God has given you intelligence, initiate as well as other things. That he has given you the bounty of the land which he delivered into your hands, that you have been developing with such a vastness of resources that you still have been able to give more to yourselves, produce more for yourselves under His bounty, than anyone else on the face of the earth, even while the parasites were taking more from you than from anyone else.

Now, I want you to understand that this is not the restoration of Your Glory, this is not the manifestation of His sons with Great power---supposedly a miracle. This is the operation of the kingdom which has to operate on the basis of truth. And his dedicated sons and daughters are going to bring it back. You are going to see in the proper time how the Grace of God changes his sons for their own benefit, for the work of the kingdom.

One of these days there will be no strangers in our nation except those who come to visit. There will be no Cainanites in the house of God. There is going to be no depressions. You won't have to worry about your sons being marched off to war, to battles which bring only benefit to the enemy. You are going to see the earth ruled over by righteousness. And Righteousness will move out of His innermost being. I want you to know this afternoon that you don't have to hinge your eternal life, the constant eternal salvation of good, or developing glory, of the purpose which the Father has had for you from the endless ages, on anything now that you are going to do or not do --- it is fixed in the 'finished' work of Calvary. No one can add to or take away for it was finished in the plan of the Father before the foundation of the world. When that even was consummated in His intent purpose as it took place.

No one can say to you that the Gospel of the Kingdom does not believe in Calvary. We believe more full in Calvary than those round bout who criticize the kingdom, for we know that it is absolute. We know that with it there is no loss, and we know its climax. But that does not eliminate us from our responsibility, from our racial self respect. It has not separated us from the destiny which God has decreed, and for the kingdom we are going to build. From one end of the earth to the other, and never let go of it again. That is your destiny, and under that flag and behind that cross which gives it vital life, and under the promises of Gods covenant----for the world there is nothing but good. The processes of evil will be chastised if obstructive, and eliminated if they would destroy, but not beyond the Grace of God to deal with each in their own sphere. So if there is anything we can rejoice in this afternoon it is that---what the spirit does for you, because 'His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.'

When we look up into His face we can say---Our Father. If Yahshua----Jesus was to walk into this auditorium every one of you could stand and look Him in the Face. It would not please him if you could not, because as you look Him in the face you can say:--'Father I am justified by your works.'

With that in mind let us do the things which God has ordained for our development. Which is:---In earth establish HIS Kingdom.

(end of message)