Seal Of God, 9-22-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swif - 9-22-63

As we turn to our subject this afternoon, never has it been so important that we understand the secret forces and sacred laws of the Divine nature in God's kingdom. Those that notice that the scriptures talk about 'The mark of the beast' will notice that the scriptures divide the nations of the world and the people of the world into two categories. The nations of God's kingdom on one side and on the other hand, the Beast system. The Beast system is made up of all of those forces which object to the reign of God, to the establishment of God's kingdom in the earth. If we are to recognize our position in earth, we must realize that this struggle for the earth is an old and ancient one. That since Lucifer’s rebellion, the earth has been under his control. And since this was a part of the Universe, which he once ruled, it was not taken away from him. But the direction that the whole world under Lucifer shall be brought into subjection is a part of prophecy and of destiny. In God's plan, HE transferred to earth, here where a people of earth were trapped by Lucifer's rebellion, God’s own household. And in transferring HIS household into earth, HE established the Adamic race. In the establishment of the Adamic race then we have a history of a people whose relationship is found in this book we call the Bible. For this Bible belongs to your race and to your race alone.

Now this is hard for some people to understand because the ecclesiastical background of many denominations have not taught these things. There were many, many volumes that could have been added to these 66 and made even a larger Bible of inspiration of God speaking to the leaders of HIS people, or to the apostles. The Bible is a book in which God has instructed certain men to tell you, as a race, what was the experiences of Kings and leaders that you find in Kings and Chronicles, or in the testimony of the writings of a great number of the prophets, which dealt with history past and present. When we move into the New Testament, we are still talking about the same God and the same covenant made with the same God, and the New Covenant is with the same God of the Old Testament. For HE said, “I shall make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah.”

I think it is most significant that we point out that this Adamic race carries a very special relationship with God. It has been known as Israel before even God placed this name upon the grandson of Abraham. For Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. But Israel was God's offspring ruling with HIM, God's Household, God's people.

Now there are things which we must know about this pattern. There is a mysterious lore---a mysterious source which operates in this race. It has a direct link to its origin, its capacities and its functions. When we talk about the powers of darkness today, we talk about the sum total of all of the earth under the control of Lucifer. We talk about the strategies and the processes by which he carries out his activities. And we find that in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation, it talks about some of this process. It talks about the Beast system and the power of the Beast and this evil force which symbolizes the program of anti-Christ. And now in setting out his final phases for coming against the kingdom of God and all that goes along with the kingdom of God, he seeks to identify his own, and to direct his own by certain processes. And it tells us in the book of Revelation, that they are sealed in their forehead and in their hands. A mark is placed in their hands and in their forehead. And we read here in the 13th book of Revelation, that it causes them, rich and poor, small and great, to receive a mark in their right hand and on their forehead. And under control of the Beast system which is social, political and economic, no man can buy or sell unless he has the mark of the Beast or the number of the name. Here is wisdom. ---Count the number of the Beast for the number of this man is 666.

Many who have read this have anticipated that some day they would see men walking down the street with this mark on their forehead, and that they would raise their hand for a pass word and you would see the number 666. But this a matter of translation and understanding. For the number of the Beast is the number of man devoid of spirit. This is humanism without the spirit because they are Enosh people and not the begotten people of God.

Now in the trilogy of this being their celestial consciousness or what we would refer to as spirit realm, is not the offspring of God. It is now deluded by the error of the Beast . . . the error of the Beast in their thinking, in their soul consciousness and in their physical body. Therefore, their trilogy is 666. The household of the MOST HIGH GOD is a higher trilogy, for it is 777. This is a perfect number in Chronology, spirit, soul, and body. For you are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. You are spirit of HIS spirit, you are flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone.

Now talking about the mark, then the mark is that in the thinking of the darkness. All of their strategy, all of their teaching is contrary to God. All the processes of Satanic ambitions was to control the earth and

all that was in it, bring them only darkness and error. Its political activity was to bring them in this area to submission. So we point out to you that in this strategy, that the darkness teaches many things which are not true. The darkness sows this early into the minds of its youth, so as to capture the youth. One of the problems which we have today is that the enemy has moved into the area of education. And here in the areas of education the process is to sow areas of error into the minds of the youth.

We talked to a great scientist this past week who understands this and he is working with scientists all over the earth to set new curriculums in our Universities and to operate under a spiritual and scientific principal of selling truth to contradict error sown early into the minds of our youth, so that they will know who they are, where they are going and what they are here for. And nothing will ever come along and take this away.

Now in this instance, the enemy sows these things into the minds of the youth, well realizing that under proper instruction and correct instruction until they reach the age of 12, that no power can ever come along after that and get them away. Rome well understood that in the application of the instruction of its youth. This was to be inside of the church. And if a child became 12 years old, then they would never lose that child. The system which relates to the Beast system and the Communist world is to start very, very early. Even now they are changing and mutating text books so that children growing up today in our system of education across most of the states in these United States, have been taught fundamentally processes of error. They sought to penetrate churches so as to sow into the religious activities of churches whole areas of Sunday School literature that are not based on 'thus saith the LORD' but are based on error. They would make them think as they attended Sunday School that all people of all colors and all races and all creeds had a common origin. And that their basic responsibility is to bring them all together again. They seek to teach this from the time of little children until they reach the age of maturity. They started this with singing many years ago, saying all of them are so many jewels but all fit into the same crown. But the strategy was to get away from "Thus saith the LORD” and to introduce a strategy which they hoped would ultimately work out. Today they are teaching in High Schools and in Colleges that we have a world responsibility to produce a ‘One World Government,’ an integrated society. And they start with the very young.

Now we point this out to you that this is the strategy of starting early to plant ideas into the thinking of their people. Thus it is that the thinking of the Beast system starts from the earliest theological approach, coming down thru all of the patterns of economic and political design, to train and control the minds of their people. From the earliest days of the Red Revolution which took place inside of Russia, world Communism spawned by the enemies of the Christ and those who constitute the Beast system, laid hold upon unknown territories of the Russias and of the earth. Here after taking control and overthrowing this government so that it might have the foundation and the shock troops in carrying out its objectives, the Beast system, this system of anti-Christ, started to transform nations in areas of its instructions seeking to create the complete captivity of the mind. Today we look back over 40 some odd years of progressive development of the conspiratorial communist system design and you will discover that the processes of Socialism and materialism can be found all over the world as they have captured minds and sown error by this path of instruction. And today when you would not have anticipated this in great Christian nations, we find that a lot of people inside of these nations who already have their ideas of the Beast system in place inside of their foreheads, this is the mark of their intellect. When you talk about the mark in the hands, it means that men put their hands to doing what the thinking in their head directs them to do. So the Mark of the Beast today is inside of the minds of men and in the work that they set their hands to do. After accepting some of the areas of the Beast system, they will set their hands to accomplish it thinking they will gain some areas of prosperity, or they will gain leadership or they will gain positions higher up today. Thus, no man today under the order of the Beast system advances unless he follows these directives. So the mark of the Beast today is actually the support of Satan’s design.

The best way to tell what this is the old adage-- ‘if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.’ Thus, is they give ascent to the political patterns of the darkness and give advocacy to the mongrelization, and put all society into the hands of the anti-Christ. You have the Beast system operating in their foreheads and the work of their hands.

Now as you come to the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, you have something entirely different. And because of this, I marked this out . . . that in the household of God, we have a race transpired from heaven to earth. We have a spiritual seed line from heaven to earth. In other words, God transferred from heaven to earth a household. It is a story of spiritual force and power. This being spiritual seed born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. And under this process referred to as regeneration, the mystery of the church, it is again a Christ-born pattern of the same life pattern of born in heaven and now born in earth, the reactivation of their spiritual consciousness called by the scripture as regeneration. But it is the same uncorrupted seed being give a revitalizing.

Now under this instance, you will note that the scripture talks about who and what it is that God is going to seal. I think it is a rather significant thing that if you turn over to the book of Revelation to the seventh chapter, that says: ... “and I heard the angel say ‘hurt not the earth nor the sea, nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.’ So what is this sealing of the servants of our God? It is the spiritual consummation of bringing to them areas of responsibility into their intelligence and bringing unto them what will be their salvation in the earth. And I want you to know that those who receive the sealing of our God in their foreheads number 144,000 of all of the tribes of Israel. This is a multiple of the square of 12 carried out to the thousands. This is not limited to 144,000, but is carried out to the thousands, and it includes all of the tribes of Israel. So you hear the number, so many out the tribe of Judah, and the same number 12,000, out of each of the tribes of Israel. But the important thing I want you to understand this afternoon, is that when God seals HIS servants who were the people HE sealed, none other than the House of Israel.

Now turn for one moment back to the book of Ephesians for it contains much of the mystery unveiled to the Apostle Paul during this time when God was unveiling the mysteries, and he came back and he wrote to the various churches his Epistles. And he writes concerning the blessedness of the ETERNAL GOD. And he tells us that HE has already blessed us with spiritual blessings in heavenly places. In other words each one of you have already been blessed in heavenly places.

Now you are in earth, but HE hath chosen you before the foundation of the world. Thus, you were not only foreknown but your names were written down in Divine records. And your time and your measurements, your positioning as light into the earth was known unto HIM from the beginning.

Now then, having positioned us as children by Christ Jesus according to the good pleasure of HIS will, and having made known unto us the good pleasure of HIS will, HE purposed to do this because HE is God. And I can tell you this . . . that anything God purposes to do because HE is God, HE will carry out. And nothing, my friends, of human failure will make it go array. For God will finish any task HE purposes to do.

Now HE says this . . . that in the fullness of time, HE intends to gather into one all things which are in Christ, in heaven, and also in earth. And in all of this, we have an inheritance according to HIM who worked out all things according to the counsel of HIS will. So now you are in earth. And here you are, the children of the kingdom, the seed of the Eternal. So what does it say concerning you . . . from the hour when you first heard the word, the word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation? So this is to save you from sin, from errors. And it works to the height of your ability to attain. Thus, after you have again heard this, you are again sealed with what?--The Holy Seal of Promise. This seal is symbolic and we understand this. But we also understand that this is the reapplying of Divine energy into your inner consciousness, and sealed you with this understanding, because now it is in your forehead or your brain. And to be sealed, then it is finished. All of the way thru the old records when a thing is finished, it is sealed. Whether this was a transference of property or whether a symbol of purpose, the seal means that as far as the household of God is concerned, this is finished. It is sealed. And HE, giving unto you of the earth, meant the security of inheritance. That the functioning operation of the spirit of God inside of you after you come to the realizations that Jesus is the Christ, is a reactivation of the spirit of which you were born in the heavens before the world was framed. And because of this, it is to give you a blueprint of God's purposes and God's promises, HIS prophecy and HIS function . . . and the operating knowledge of the kingdom of God as reality. You have this, and even before the restoration of all things which belong to you, for your race lost something when they violated Divine law. They lost something in the days of the first coming in the days of Adam and Eve. They lost immortality. But one thing promised to your race is the restoration of immortality. Even the body will ceased to die. They shall be enveloped in light and shall put on immortality. That is the final finish to a personal redemption. The redemption to wit of our body. We exist already with Celestial seed that can never be destroyed. For incorruptibility can never die. We have a soul consciousness that is energized by the cognition of Christ and HIS purpose which is God's Will. No man does this on his own. For HE says, “I call my sheep by name. I lead them out. I give them Eternal Life.” But with this comes a cognition of the soul. So in this instance, we possess a seal every one of the household of God. Every one of your race that knows that Jesus is the Christ have already been sealed by HIS spirit that gave power to the resurrection. We point out to you that from the very beginning of time, from the very hour that they were sent into the world, they were sealed also by an area of spiritual destiny. And it was God by HIS own covenant that promised total restoration and salvation of this entire race irrespective of the course that they had traveled.

I call to your attention another passage which is of great significance. And we find this in the writings of Timothy. We see here how God talks about this knowledge and understanding of the sealed. HE cites that HE knows HIS own people. And in II Timothy, in this Epistle, I want you to understand this. --We have this foundation. (II Tim. 2:19) ‘The foundation of God standeth pure having this seal the LORD knoweth them that are HIS.’ God therefore knows HIS own. And in this instance, HE said, “I call my sheep by name.” HE said, “All that the Father (spirit) giveth me shall come.” Why? Because they were HIS in the heavens and they belong to HIM as Christ in the earth. And under this, the seal is the great spiritual force of cognition which God places upon HIS household which demonstrates that they are HIS own. They are sealed with a spiritual assurance of a finished destiny upon the part of the MOST HIGH God.

Now turn to the book of Romans. “All Israel shall be saved as it is written.” (Romans 11:26) Where it says this, then there is no condition hung on this. This is the prophecy which Isaiah gave concerning the mighty prophecy of God to seal HIS own and to redeem HIS own and to finish the things that HE has promised. Then in this instance, we point this out. “There shall come out of Zion, a deliverer, and he shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob for this is my covenant with them. I shall take away their sins. I shall take them out of the processes of transgression and error which has taken over the nations in this world, for this is my covenant with them.”

I think it is most significant that the household of God demonstrate therefore, a seal in the areas of their consciousness, in the areas of their understanding. Which we also find referred to over here in the book of Philippians, as well as several other places in the scripture. This is being renewed in the spirit of the mind to the knowledge of God, and to the plan of God. This afternoon, that seal is the mark upon HIS household and has been from the beginning.

So you say what constitutes the kingdom of God and God’s plan? We have been told by forces in this world that have tried to cover this that we have nothing in this world to look forward to but to try to get to heaven. They have been told that they are not to pay any attention to the political economic or social problems of the world. They should not participate in any area . . . just get to heaven. Therefore, this only requires the saying of a few words and the acceptance by lip service to a principal. And then you have a passport to heaven because of the atonement of the MOST HIGH GOD. This atonement which God made with HIS people was to bring them once again to HIM. This atonement was to cast aside the dividing factors which the atonement would remove and illuminate them once again with the spirit. It was not to get them back to heaven. There was no other place where a child of God could go if his physical body died and he entered into the Celestial realm. There was only one place it could go, and that was right back where it came from. This was into the wavelength from whence it came. But the pattern of the MOST HIGH was establishing something more than this. Having atoned for transgressions to set HIS people free, HE could now empower the glory and the power upon them, even bringing them to complete fruition by bringing them unto HIS own image. This is why HE tells us that we are destined to conform to HIS own image while here in the earth, and we have been destined to reign with HIM in the earth.

If you will go back to the writings in the book of Samuel, you will find one of the promises concerning this. HE said this to David, “I shall set thy seed after thee which shall proceed out of thee and I shall establish the kingdom. He shall build a house for my name and I shall establish his throne forever.” Then HE says, “I shall be as his father and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquities, I will chasten him and I will do it with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men. My mercy shall not depart from him.” And HE said, “Thine house and thine kingdom and its throne shall be established forever.” This is God's covenant with David of an Eternal throne in the earth. This is the throne which is identified with Christ who shall sit upon the throne of HIS father David.

One of the most amazing things about the promise of God's grace is HIS promise to identify Himself with HIS household. That we would become the sons of God, that HE as the minister of light and would take away the transgressions of HIS people completely. And eventually having identified Himself with HIS own people, rule upon the throne of HIS own destiny of inheritance. This is a great mystery. How is it that David could refer eventually to that which is his seed and call him his God? This is a mystery because God Himself, out of the household, had determined that out of the house of David, that HE would emerge. And the mystery was how HE could project HIS being into the household of David and emerge out of this household of HIS own children. The children of HIS spirit in the heavens now existed in the earth as the Adamic race. Their redemption would be one required in embodied form of a son of Adam. Thus it is that God Himself, joined Himself to this race and was born out of the household of the race. And then said that HE was not ashamed to say that HE was our kinsmen. And now, since you were in bodies of flesh, you are still HIS kinsmen, still HIS children, but now in bodies of flesh.

One of the most significant things which we can know this afternoon, is that God has sealed us to a destiny. And then HIS Spirit, as we come into the cognition that Jesus is the Christ, again is quickened by a renewing of the mind and the process of cognition in every area of our being. And then we are sealed to another redemption, to wit, of the body. We point out to you that in this hour the important thing that men may know is as to who God is and that HE did fulfill HIS covenant and was embodied. The program of anti-Christ today, denies every spiritual foundation that your destiny is kingship. The powers of darkness, the forces of evil, the destroying of the church, deny that Jesus is the Christ or that God was embodied. They try to tell us today, that Jesus was just a man, or HE was a teacher, or a philosopher. But if you want to find the anti-Christ today, then you find those who deny that Jesus is the Christ and you have the foundation of anti-Christ. For those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are anti-Christ. If you want to find a people who are sealed, then you find a people who believe that Jesus is the Christ. Because this is the mark of the sealing and the fulfillment of all that has been promised. I tell you today, that those who deny HIM also fought HIM in HIS time, and sought to call HIM a devil. The same courses today, fight the church and deny that Jesus is the Christ. They are the power behind the political force of the Beast system. They are not satisfied with the full operation over the Beast system. They want the full cooperation of man in the fulness of their demand. We point out to you, that the most significant thing for you today is this spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD which functions in you in an area of cognition. As far as the occupation of the earth is concerned, it is a very vital one. As far as your race is concerned, it is God's purpose to build a kingdom here in earth. And it was in earth, and according to the book of Revelation, we are to rule here in the earth. And we are to rule over all of the nations of the world and over all of the people of the earth. This is a part of God's basic program for HIS kingdom. This is the story of the kingdom. This is God overthrowing Lucifer, setting nations free from his bondage, and ruling free from Lucifer’s errors and empowering HIS family with HIS light and glory. And in time, the light from that Divine majesty shall be seen upon them and they will thus be seen by all men as the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD.

One of the most important areas today for the people of God, is to bear witness to the truth . . . to see that truth is planted deep in the minds of their household. This is why I tell you that education is one of the basic areas of responsibility as Christians. We should be concerned about education and what they are teaching our children and our neighbor's children. This is the strategy . . . to take control of their minds and take them into the Beast system. This is the strategy by which the powers of darkness have been trying to capture and take away the thinking of men. Probably today, the drive is to see how many minds are captured in the social, religious, and political areas by this continual design to set in place this type of program. Today it is important for you to see that every child who is able to understand conversation, is told that he belongs to a race which is the household of God. He needs to be taught from the smallest level right on up to maturity, as to where he came from and for what purpose. He must know that his race is here to build a kingdom and this kingdom is to rule. That the program of God is to bring in righteousness and it is to cover every phase of human life.

I talked to these scientists who are working on courses, and they are already going into some nations. This course delves into the background of why men think and how they think. This man said, “The reason why we have made contact with you is because we have heard some of the tapes. And as we heard these tapes it brought to mind some things which we had overlooked as we approached this problem scientifically. The things we were overlooking were the patterns of divine force. And we now can see why the MOST HIGH GOD said that you were not to marry outside of your race and you were to maintain your racial purity, for this race pattern is an inherited pattern.” This man referred to the psychiatrists whom they had now brought closely into corporation with them, Christians who thought they would rise and control because of their patterns of thinking. And now they plan instructions thru out the world. They well understood that the Jews perceived this. That the Jews grabbed hold of the Mosaic tradition and warped it into their false tradition, and then transferred the covenants and promises to your race over to their Satanic posterity. They then started to teach this warped philosophy from the earliest point of its design.

Thus, after several generations, they had adopted this philosophy and were calling Lucifer god, and they had adopted some of the promises made to your race. They were raised in this until this was their way of life. But I tell you today, that these Yehudin that Jesus identified as being of their father who was the devil, but they have been so trained and systemized in these processes that they now believe in these processes. And they now want to destroy your race, by mongrelization, by mutating this thinking vessel . . . the brain, until it cannot behold and cannot set up the proper image of thought. And they want to sow in the error into your youth. And they do this thru the areas of education. And I charge that the one area of warfare in which the enemy is working the hardest to accomplish their victory, is the entire educational field, to blackout truth and make it impossible for a rising generation to know. This sets the greatest challenge for you. For you must get it across to your offspring, your youth, your kinsmen, neighbors, as to who they are, where they came from, and what they are here for. And when people hear this, it gives them an entirely different perspective.

Thus, we are watching God's awakening in this great nation. I tell you that HE is doing this thru out the kingdom. And the major area is in communication. But the things which demonstrates the power of God especially as truth reaches those HE sealed from the beginning, and whose consciousness must be re-quickened, great numbers of Christians who believe that Jesus is the Christ, don't know what they are being redeemed from. Whole areas of them do not know what the responsibility of God's program is. Except they have a teacher, except this be brought to their cognition, how will they understand? We are watching as the tapes go across the country and are multiplied, and then multiplies again. We got a call very early this morning from the east coast, and they told us about 12,000 Clansmen, in one meeting and 7,000 in another, and the whole state of Florida, is just sweeping back into the state of euphoria. But these events of the last few weeks have helped stir them up until lawyers, and judges and professional people are listening. This clergyman who called me said, “Dr. Swift, everyone is playing tapes and they must know, and they are reaching out.” And then he gave us an address as to where to send more tapes to help spread the message.

Last evening Connie Lynch spoke to about 7.000 Clansmen in one meeting alone in Florida. So don't think that there is not something going on all over. You can't pick up your newspaper and find out what is going on from one state to another because they isolate this by news control. Not only in Florida, but in Georgia and in Alabama, a great awakening and they say they expect to see two million clansmen soon, because the movement is unprecedented. And they cannot do anything about this for this is just as American as the flag, for it has been here from the beginning. What can they say about it, they cannot hang it on another country and blame it on another society. This is America waking up again with a great white-robed company. They say they are going out to work to set up a slate of electors. They will put them behind candidates they have confidence in. But the thing which is amazing, is the speed in which the last two weeks this has moved. They say that since last Sunday, they have not witnesses such a cry for unity and for strength, among White Christians. They said the most important thing is to get people to understand the whole program. And tape is the answer. That is just one answer. It is getting truth into their hands that is important. The important thing is to awaken people and quicken their consciousness and bring them to their areas of responsibility. The enemy only lets out what he wants to be known. You would think that the South was surrendering and pulling down the flag, that they were about to let the forces of darkness integrate the whole society. But it is not that way. The violence of the enemy, his rottenness and viciousness is then understandable.

As we came back this week after talking to law enforcement officers in San Francisco and in Oakland, and witnessing the parading of thousands and thousands of Negroes and a few misguided Whites down the streets in San Francisco demanding the integration of the high schools if they had to haul them in there by busses. We talked to parents, and we talked to students. And the most rotten, immoral force of evil is coming now out of the Negroes who have been hauled in by buses and put in White schools. And violence walks the streets of San Francisco. But they don't tell you this down here in Los Angeles, because the power of the Beast system is getting ready for a showdown. It is getting ready for war. It is getting to move into violence if necessary. These small groups of Negroes are roaming the streets, and as soon as a Police Car would get by, they would turn to attack the first White woman or man they saw . . . one hundred twenty-three cases in one evening. But never any apprehension. Because whenever the Police car comes by, everyone is moving as they are supposed to. And some were set upon in the dark. But they could not identify the Negroes in the dark. This is just a part of the conspiracy.

Let me tell you that the program of God's kingdom calls for a rule of righteousness, and it calls for these people to obey the law. There is nothing in the Bible which says they are to rule over you. And there is nothing in the church that says that they are co-equal with you, either.

Now let’s come over to the book of Romans, and here we read concerning the household of the MOST HIGH, and concerning God's covenants and God's plan. And we read here concerning Abraham, that the covenants were made to Abraham and to his seed. Thus, the whole program of development, the Apostle Paul says, since we are the children of Abraham, then it behooves us that we follow the patterns of divine instructions, and that we recognize that by faith also it bears witness with us that we are this household, this offspring, for we would not have this faith unless we were. The Apostle Paul says that we are all the children of Abraham, and so who was he talking to? He was talking to the seed. For he pins it right down to the seed of Abraham.

The design to destroy the household of God is to try to fuse the enemy into the household of your race. The church is the spiritual center of the nations of God's kingdom. And in the midst of this, they are trying to fuse the very enemy right into the midst of that program.

Now God knows who you are, but a lot of God's children don't seem to know who they are today. For they are permitting the coming into the areas of their worship, those who are not of God's household. Back in the days of Job, there were some of these Negroes working out in the field. And when the time came for people to be harassing Job, then some of the Negroes were doing that also. So finally, Job speaks out in the 30th chapter of the book of Job. And he says here, “They are younger than I, and they are holding me in derision whose fathers I detained to set with my dog.” I can understand that, for I have known a lot of real fine dogs. And he said, “Where I might have used their labor to prosper me in my old age, now they can perish. For I no longer will have them working in my fields. (Read the rest of that scripture) Then --“they are the children of fools, ye the children of base men, ye the violence of the earth.” Job, who had a lot of wisdom, knew that they were not equal, that their parents were not as good as his dogs. They came in during Lucifer’s rebellion.

You say, you know a lot of good Negroes? Well then, they are those who have learned a few things from the White man. But this evil design to mongrelize your race is from the Beast system. And it is programed to destroy your race with integration, thus destroying your spiritual capacity. Their lust and their emotions are different from yours and there is always the potential here for trouble. Thus, they are to be catalogued just as Job did . . . base and violent.

I am going to cite to you that I have yet to meet the Negro who I want to be placed in positions of authority over the children of God's kingdom. They are not of HIS seed, and they are not of HIS household. They are those whom we were sent to liberate and to rule.

Someone came to my door the other day and they said that I better read these books, for if I accepted their content, then I could be one of the 144,000. So I asked this person, “Is that all there is going to be?” “Yes, that’s right.” And I said, “So what does this mean to you?”---This means that they will live again, that they will resurrect. ----- “144,000 that is all?” “Yes, that is right.” “And you say, if I buy these books and I believe this then I will get in?” “That's right.” So I said, “Now just a minute”--I went in and got a World Almanac and I showed them that they already had about 4 1/2 million Jehovah Witnesses.

Now I said, “It looks like you are going to back up from the deal you gave the rest of them. So since you already have many more times than that, so who is to get hurt here? Me or they?” And I said, “I think this is rather significant. For are you an Israelite.” And they said, “No.” So I said, “Well, you can't get in anyhow.” They held up their little paper and started to tell me what it had to say about it. And I said, “Just a minute. It says over here in my Bible that every one of these 144,000 is sealed out of the tribes of Israel. And the LORD knows his own. You said that you are not an Israelite, so how are you going to get in this sealing?” They said, “We will have to go back and ask our pastor.” I said, “I will save you a little time. You are probably already in and don’t know it.” I said, “Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ?” “Yes.” “Do you believe that HIS atonement had any value?” And they said, “Yes.” So I said, "You are in.” He said, “But I am kind of mixed up with this numbers bit.” I said, “That is all right, because you are just an Israelite and don't know it.” I said the difference in your faith and mine is that I am inviting everybody in and you are keeping some out.

I am going to tell you this. If Christianity wants to preach the truth, it better preach that the kingdom of God consists of the White nations of the world and this race of Adamites. And the Jehovah Witnesses better close up shop, for they have already completed their number.

Some people said that not all of their people in their church had receive the holy spirit, so they were trying to get them to receive the holy spirit. I said, “You mean the power of the Holy Spirit?” And they said, “No, just the holy spirit.” And I said, “The only thing which they can get if they are already in your church, is the power of the holy spirit. For if they have not been baptized by the holy spirit of Christ, they are not HIS anyhow.” There is only one LORD, one spirit and one baptism. So wake up. I want you to know today that the most precious knowledge you can take out of here today is to know that you are sealed by your Father.

So what are you doing in here? If you are not reaching out for truth, you would not be here. This process which acknowledged Christ and reaches out to HIS kingdom is the by-product of this spiritual wave which God is pouring out upon you and will continue to pour out upon HIS children until you finish the work HE said HE and you were going to do.

A man said to me, “I don't have to keep the law anymore, for I have Eternal life.” I said, “Yes, you have Eternal life, and if you want to always be sick and you want to die, then don’t keep it. But if you are justified by Grace and are aware that you are a son of God, then you should want to obey your Father. HIS law is the highest way of life. “And blessed is the man who teaches my law--to obey it.”

I think the most silly thing is for the minister to run around saying you don't have to keep God's law. You don't have to do anything, you can be sick, you can let the Jews run America, all of these silly things that violate God's law and then suffer the consequences.

But as HE quickens the mind of HIS people, they start adjusting themselves with the thinking of the Divine mind. For this spirit in them thinks in the same pattern. The soul and the mind in this physical body starts to move in the same syncopation, and we strive to do the Will of God. We will then cleanse our nation and fulfill the patterns of Divine law and we will watch HIS blessings fall. And we watch the spiritual strength that descends on the people of God, and we move forward with health, vitality and with vision. In the fullness of this hour, I want you to know that God is quickening the consciousness of HIS people like HE never has before. HE will bring back upon them, this pride of racial respect. And HE is outlining all of this trouble they are in, because they have let those, the enemies of God, those sealed by the Beast, into the areas of God's kingdom. I tell you today that many who have the mark of the Beast are standing by advising our President. I would like to see a president who believes in the scriptures and who does not want to make peace with the anti-Christ.

I am going to tell you that before you have gone thru many more months, you will discover that there is no Peace when you do business with the devil. If all of the Christians of America were to turn on their light, this would be a different world. But this is just what God is doing right now. And HE is also giving you a lesson in the process. When HE has awakened them and things are brought back to their cognition, they will be ready to move. Until that time, hurt not the earth, the trees and so forth. Hurt nothing until we finish the sealing of the servants of our God. So tell it, tell it, so that this thing might be finished.


End of message.