Secret Key To Victory, 10-2-61


The Secret Key to Victory

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-2-61

Never has there been a period in the thinking of you and I than this period and the adjusting of our thinking around the nations of the Kingdom in our world than to know, the actual key to survival and victory is for each one of us. We have been speaking to you on your origin and about your spiritual capacity and the things which are most significant for you to know. Thus we turn to the words of the Apostle Paul based on the deep range of experiences that he had. He had experiences most different than other people because he had existed in the earth, he had passed into the dimension of spirit, and then returned to the physical world. And he knew that he had been in the plains of spirit, but he did not know whether he had been in his body or out of his body. Thus he said, ‘Whether in the spirit or in the body, I cannot tell, but God knows.’ But in this experience he had, it was brought to his consciousness and his remembrance, things which he had known in the plains of spirit before the world was framed. Things which God wanted him to remember and to tell His Household and His children. So within this instance, He had made him a special offer. ‘I will change thy name from Saul to Paul, and altho you have been with Me from before the world was framed, and now you have seen them going from all over the Universe and know that I brought you here so that you might remember, and I have brought you here so that you might tell My children, My household, My purpose for the earth. For what I have determined and I have ordained, I shall bring to pass. For the Kingdom which I have established shall rule from one end of the earth to the other. And the nations of My household which are thy kinsmen, shall stand with thee, for I shall put you in the earth again.

And then He told the Apostle Paul that he had been brought into the heavenlies so that he might understand these mysteries. He was told that the things which were brought unto his remembrance were things which were necessary for the people of God’s Kingdom to know. Thus again we bring to your attention these words which come out of the book of Ephesians. And altho we have mentioned this to you before, we think it is essential that you know this. It is essential that every White man understand it. That every true child come to this realization. For it is significant that we know this. For whosoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory which overcomes the world.----“Whosoever is born of God overcomes the world.” There are a lot of people who have been looking at this situation and they see the World Order rising to grater and greater power. They see lots of strange things in this development of this World Government and in the United Nations as they are extending the power against God’s people. As they watch, they see the enemies of God’s Kingdom, these unassimilatable people of Lucifer, as they ‘5th Column’ their way into every nation. And they have reached the point where 75 out of 115 in high positions of Government under the misguided Administration in our own land and they say that the powers of darkness are on the increase. So how long will it be before the whole light goes out? But this is the Victory which overcomes the world. Not only is the World Order going to be swept from power, but this is going to happen in every corner of the earth. You must know that the most powerful force in the world today, is your ability which is the living application of the thoughts and mind of God, and the things He made known to you before the foundation of the world are what will put these things into operation. These are the things He has revealed to you that will all be defeated on the basis of His promises.

There are some things we need to know. They were made known to the Apostle Paul. And he made them known to you thru his Epistles and also in the book of Colossians. The Apostle Paul says in Colossians:--’I am a minister according to the dispensations of God which was given to me for you to fulfill the word of God.’ (Vs. 25) Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to all of His Saints (believing offspring) and is now made manifest in His believing offspring.’ Then YAHWEH will make known the mystery of His Glory, the mystery among the nations. It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory. Therefore the Apostle Paul makes such a declaration.

I want you, for one moment, to think in terms of the opening of this 1st chapter of the book of Colossians, as this Apostle Paul, an Apostle of YAHSHUA, the MESSIAH, by the very will of all deity, makes this declaration to all deity, and all the faithful brethren in Christ. And as he speaks, he says that ye might be strengthened with all might according to His glorious power, unto all patience, and long suffering, but with completer joyfulness because you know and believe everything He is going to do. And give thanks to the Father which has made meet to be partakers in these physical bodies of the inheritance of the Saints---or of His believing offspring---IN THE LIGHT. This passage is sadly mistranslated. But the fact remains that it is still there for the student with spiritual vision and understanding. When it says that you might be strengthened with all might according to His Glorious power, unto all patience and long suffering and even to accepting joyfully, it is talking about you in your physical body and being strengthened in that physical body, and being thankful to the Father that He has made you aware of the inheritance which belongs to your spiritual nature which belongs to God, and which dwells in the light---the Saints in the Light. Some would have you think that this is just the light of your understanding, but it is the effulgent light of your Divine nature.

The Apostle Paul who told us in the book of Corinthians that there is a physical body and a Celestial body, and that one body fits in another body with its radiance and its light. Therefore, the Apostle Paul was told in the heavens just what God had purposed to do. How He had sent His own children out of the heavens to do this, and that they were going to do that task if He had to send them back to finish it, if He had to resurrect them to do that task. The Apostle Paul understood that, and said because of this, he realized that not being clothed with all the Glory and with all of the light which belonged to the Children of God, they were not measuring up to the full power which was their capacity. Having been back and forth in the spirit, then the Apostle Paul makes this declaration. He said, ‘I know that if this body or this tabernacle which I am living in were dissolved that I have a house totally in the heavens not made with hands. This was not a mansion put together by carpenters or masons or jewel setters anywhere in space. This is not because it could not be done. For all throughout the Universe there are all kinds of structures and buildings. This was not what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he said that it was not made with hands. He was talking about the Celestial body being like the physical one. That the Celestial one was made out of energy and light and spirit and begotten of God. He knew that there was a connection between that Celestial body and the consciousness of his soul. He also knew this at one time, but God had showed it to him again---this race of Adam and Eve---that race from whence you had come---enveloped in that light. And as long as you were enveloped in that light, then no sickness, no disease, could touch them and death could never descend upon them. Their violation of Divine Law, the seduction of Eve by Lucifer in an effort to destroy that race in the hours of their beginning, had caused them to lose that light which surrounded and gave those physical bodies immunity. But it did not separate that light, for it was connected with your inner being. And its ability is still there to cover with Glory.

This is the understanding of the Apostle Paul. And he said there is coming such a day, when I shall be clothed upon my Celestial house. And he said, ‘I don’t want to die.’ But some people misunderstand. What he was saying is that he could hardly wait, for he wanted to be clothed with his Celestial house. In otherwords, he was talking about his physical body and he wanted it to be clothed in Light. If this physical body falls apart, then my conscious body is instantly in the Celestial being, a Celestial body, a body of light. But don’t think that just because he wanted to be covered with that light, that he wanted to die. So he said that he prayed for strength and power and that all of the children of God would also pray for this strength and for their inheritance which they had in the Celestial realm and the light which it involved. And we know that the Apostle Paul understood this for he also said, ‘Know that the body of the man Christ Jesus was the image of His invisible person for the fullness of God dwelt bodily in Him.’ Thus the body of the man Christ Jesus was only the physical manifestation of the invisible God, of which it was the image. So also your physical body, this embodied house that you dwell in, is to be charged with light and glory. Dwelling inside of this physical body is a begotten child of God. Thus every man of the White race is an offspring of the MOST HIGH, spiritually begotten, but dwelling in this physical house. And we are in the climax of an age when it is to be empowered with light and with Glory and with majesty. And the Apostle Paul wants you to know some things which are most significant. The most powerful force in the world today is God’s Kingdom, and the center of it is His Church. To enter into that church is a matter of birth. You did not come into that church by joining an organization. We have a lot of things told to us today. Churches all over have many things and ways by which you can enter their organizations.

Now, we are not against churches. They are the outward symbol of a much great power, much greater than they represent. In most instances they have formulas for the entrances, and some even think they can eject you out of it. But the great spiritual center of God’s Kingdom, the great Church of the Living God, is made up of all of His sons begotten of the Spirit, conscious of that in the physical world. The difference between children of His nations and Church itself, is that the churches are conscious of their Sonship. There is a great pattern today which says that all you have to do is say that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, and then you follow thru a formula and then you are baptised in the water, and your name is written on the church book and now you are a Christian.

Well, it may be true that if you believe this, and go thru this ritual, that you are a Christian. But you did not, my friends, become a Christian or by any measure become a member of the Church of the Living God by that process. You were begotten by God’s Spirit. And His Spirit quickens your consciousness and your responsibility. And thus you are a functioning center of God’s Kingdom. I want you to know that every individual who was begotten of God, before the ages of this earth, is of the Household of God and is therefore a Spiritual Son.

Now, you are in trouble every once in a while. You are in trouble because of the error which you committed. You are in trouble because your thoughts are not always synchronized with the thoughts of God. But I am going to tell you something about this Celestial being that is within you. This child which is of the Spirit of the MOST HIGH, this Celestial body you had before the world was framed, it is with you. It is close to you. It is tied by the spiritual light in the seat of your consciousness. That spiritual being and that spiritual mind has never sinned. That spiritual body is not under condemnation of any kind. For that spirit is incorruptible, just as it was the day when it was begotten. You cannot corrupt something that is incorruptible, for you have been born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. This is why John makes this statement which is a mystery of your thinking, and with it comes a realization of victory. In the 3rd chapter of I John, he says, ‘Who so ever is born of God, does not commit sin for His seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God.’

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘I happen to know Christians and they make mistakes and they transgress and they violate principals and laws. And I know that I see something every once in a while that is a sin.’ Well, let me tell you something. You cannot seen that which is born of God. All that you can see is the physical house that it lives in. I am going to tell you that the spirit has never transgressed. The spirit has Eternal Life, and you should be pretty happy about that. For there is nothing which can happen to you that will not leave a secret place for your consciousness to dwell, because your Father prepared it that way. Thus he that is born of God, is a Celestial child. And the word Saint is believing offspring. He cannot sin. And you cannot take it away. You cannot drive it away. No one can steal it. And no one can pluck it out of the Father’s hands. This is an Eternal process. And when you know that, then you know that you are a part of the process of Eternity.

Now, we know that there is trouble in the world. And one of the most important things in the world today in our thinking seems to be down cast. You know somehow I cannot seem to be down cast by the troubles in the world because I know the end from the beginning. And I believe God. I want you to think in the terms of your nature, of your origin, and say, ‘I am the son of the MOST HIGH. I know that I was with Him before the world was framed. I know as it says over here in Ephesians that He has already blessed me with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. Since He knew me before the world was framed, do you think I am going to be cast down in a world my Father has given us, with all of my relatives to take over? Do you think I should be down cast at the temporary power of the Beast?

It tells me in the 15th chapter of the book of Revelation, ‘I saw a sea of glass mingled with fire.’ (And this meant a great shimmering platform of light which was almost like glass translucent with Glory.) ‘And I saw thereon a great number of people who had already gotten victory over the BEAST, and over his image, and over his mark and over the number of his name. And they stood upon this great sea of effulgent glory. And they were filled with joy and they were playing upon their harps of God the glorious songs of victory.”

Now, this is what John saw. As he say you, he also saw the race that you are a part of. He saw the Household of the MOST HIGH and they had victory over the Beast (World Order). And they had victory over his mar, and victory over his name and victory over his conspiracy. Therefore, I look out over this temporary silence and I am not going to be cast down. But I am going to synchronize my thinking with that of the MOST HIGH. And now I am going to tell you where your strength is. Deep inside of you is a Celestial consciousness which feeds into your Celestial being. And this transpires and it moves your soul consciousness. And your soul consciousness will look for it. You see--you are not to permit just the things that you read or see on the television to hold and complete your thinking. Don’t let the things that look like victory for the enemy or the process of his temporary periods of rise and power, do not let them control your soul consciousness or you will be cast down. But start to draw and think in the forms where you meet God in the Temple which He calls your body. For your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which means therefore, the spirit which resides in you and the spirit that is in that tabernacle, which is begotten of God and that is your real dwelling. Therefore you are a Child of God and all of the Children of God make a Holy Temple unto the LORD thy God, living stones fitly framed together. And therefore, inside of your being, spirit, soul, and body, which is not only a mighty Temple of God, but it is also a Holy of Holies where your Celestial consciousness and your mind is synchronized with the mind of the Father and knows all things. Your soul consciousness can draw out of it as much inspiration as your soul consciousness is willing to find. The outer court must be evaluated with a knowledge of spirit that transpired out of acceptance of what some people think as the voice of the World Order finality.

The Apostle Paul was to tell us that the Glory, and the power and the effulgence of majesty which shall spread over you, is deep down in you, just waiting to rise and come up and cover you for an hour of victory.

Now, I want to turn back to something that the Psalmist shares with David when he was overwhelmed. When the Holy Spirit of God activated the Celestial spirit within him, he started to see and talk and speak the words of God. And it says in the 91st Psalm, ‘He that dwelleth in the secret place of the MOST HIGH (this is where your Celestial consciousness dwells that Holy of Holy where God’s mind is synchronized with your spirit.)

Now, therefore, as you reach in for the guidance of such inspiration, you are beginning to dwell in the secret place of the MOST HIGH. Everywhere God dwells, is a promise of security. He has promised to give you this security. This is absolute and final. Therefore, I will take my rest in YAHWEH, for He is my fortress and my refuge----this, my friends, for your consciousness and to your soul. Someone said, ‘We don’t need any armies, and we don’t need any weapons. All we need to do is dwell here.’ God wants your consciousness to dwell in the security of your spirit and this power which is to be bestowed upon you and this glory which is to be even bestowed upon your body. And He wants you to occupy and build armies and organize a world which will profit the Kingdom. Because you came to earth to occupy, and you came to earth to overthrow evil. And I can assure you that this decade is not going to pass away until His Saints are going to put on Glory. Until the people of God’s Kingdom have destroyed the powers of darkness. And there will not be one of the sons of Satan or one source of evil which will dominate this nation, or any nations of God’s Kingdom anywhere upon the face of the earth.

You may think that has no relationship to this, but it is of the mystery and the power which comes out of the secret place which is going to be great and powerful. And it is the secret place of the throne. But as Jeremiah says, ‘The secret place of the Lion’---let me tell you that you are the children of the Most High, thus no wonder that God cam make this declaration that He is going to deliver you from the snare and the power of evil and the pestilence. And there is nothing more worrisome than this pestilence which has invaded our country with its power of darkness. He is not only going to protect you, but you can trust His Truth. For it shall be thy shield and buckler. That is knowledge that is wisdom out of the mind of God. You need not be afraid of the terror by night or of the arrow which flieth by day. There are no rockets, no missiles, no Jets that can destroy. In the pestilence and the germ warfare that they can use against you, it will have no poser against you. And no destruction shall effect you if you are dwelling in this Secret Place. If you are aware that you are a son, and if you are claiming your promises, then you are utilizing a mighty catalyst of power that comes from God’s Kingdom.

Now, a thousand can fall at thy right side and ten thousands can fall at thy right hand. But no harm shall come nigh thee. They may try to hurt you, but you are going to behold with thine eyes these evil powers. Because thou hast made YAHWEH thy refuge and a most Divine habitation there shall no evil befall you. Neither shall the curse come nigh thy dwelling. And He shall give Angels charge over thee and the world for thy Kingdom. If they were to see the Angels, it would be an eye opener to people. But if you want to know you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. You are surrounded by Archangels and Angels of every status. Intelligent beings with unusual powers, powers bestowed upon them for the strength of God’s Kingdom.

In the 15th verse, He says, ‘He shall call upon Me and I shall answer him. I will deliver him in trouble. I will honor him.’ ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘We have God’s promise, but they will attack us. And they will come against us.’ But these things shall fail for God has ordained it.

Now, you can dwell in the midst of these things because you live with the promise of prophecy. You live in the terms of vision, and you live in expectancy waiting for certain things to come to pass. The scriptures unveiled will come to pass. And we will make war against them with spiritual weapons, with truth with power, with technology and armies as well. However, once in a while, some Christian gets away from the power of God and he doesn’t think that the Kingdom of God, of their nations and peoples will use armies. Well, he better read his Bible again. Because some of the cities of the enemies of God’s Kingdom will turn to powder and dust. And when you say, ‘oh, but this is a spiritual victory,’---let me tell you that when you transfer the power of God to earth, it is a spiritual victory in a physical world.

I want you to turn for one moment to the 25th chapter of Isaiah---in the thinking----’Oh, LORD MY GOD---OH, YAHWEH, THOU ART THE ETERNAL, I will exalt thee and I will praise thy name, for thou hast done wonderful things. Thy counsel is of old, thy faithfulness and thy truth. Thou has made of a city a heap and a defended city a ruin, a palace of strangers to be no city, as shall never be rebuilt.’

I am bringing this out especially because the United Nations is a palace of strangers in your land. It is the power of evil and of the anti-Christ. This very week, they have been discussing in some of their departments, how they are going to be redistributing some of the people all over the world. They have been talking about Montana and Idaho and other parts of the nation, just as tho they had a right to divide up your nation and send people into your household anywhere. No, this was not on the agenda of the General Assembly, but in committees this week, they were talking about this. And it generated enough interest to be carried in some papers. There are preachers today who have been taken in and they think they preach the Gospel and they say, ‘We must share, we must bring in, we must enfold and make everybody happy.’ And their plan is to bring 50 million unassimilatable people into your land. That is what the palace of the strangers is saying. But those people would not be any better off after they arrived here. And you wouldn’t either. There would be destruction. The same kind of ground is over here that is over there. And the same rain comes down on it and they wouldn’t know how to grow any more groceries in those states of yours than they know how to grow where they come from. They do not have the initiative and the vision. They serve idols and they serve devils, and they worship gods that are not gods. And there is no blessing which comes upon them. This is why God has ordained and warned you that you are not to permit such a thing as this to happen. In fact, as Russia was making their threat this week, then Red China said she would condescend to co-exist with us. This is what they are telling the U.N. right now. But we don’t need people who don’t have the intelligence to feed themselves, or who worship devils, or no gods at all. Because there is nothing, my friends, that they can bestow upon us but trouble.

This is just another of the programs of this palace of strangers. They say they will go easy on the White men who dwell in Berlin if we will go easy on the program of letting the Red Chinese in---if we will deal with the devil. My friends, the great victory which you possess is not fearing the enemy, but also not going along with the enemy, nor knuckling under his pressure, but in the fulfilling of the destiny which is in your mind, and fulfilling the vision which God gives you, which makes no deals, no arrangement with the enemy. ‘Oh,’ they say, ‘there will be a holocaust. They will bomb us, they will destroy us, they will capture us.’ But that is only if they do not know like you know that you are dwelling in the secret place of the MOST HIGH. For my Father, the Eternal, not only said, ‘I will not only give you strength, but I am going to give you power, and your flying sword will bring destruction upon the enemy. But I will send in spiritual power and spiritual forces. And I, the Eternal God, using you who make up my body in the world, I am going to make the defended cities of your enemies heaps of ruins, and this palace of strangers set up in your country, I will smash and destroy. And it shall never be built again. I am going to make a strong people glorify thee, and this city of the terrible nations will fear thee.’ Then He says since you have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, and a refuge in a storm, then listen to this for it is one of the great secret keys to victory---deep in your consciousness. ‘I am going to be like a shadow from the heat and from the blast of the terrible ones, when the storm comes against thee wall.’

Hear that. ‘I will be a shadow to protect you from the blast.’ And more than that, He said, ‘from the blast from the terrible ones.’ From the terrific heat when that storm comes against the wall. You and I are the children of God’s Kingdom. We are the wall against evil. We are the power which shelters. And when they hurl their nuclear missiles and hurl their weapons against us, then the Almighty said, ‘I will be a shadow in that day, and I will be a shadow from that heat.’ And I can assure you that if this days comes, then all hell will break loose. And there will be space fleets which can divide and turn the power of the enemy and drop his weapons back upon him. I am absolutely convinced that we are on the edge of the greatest miracles, and the greatest miracles of Divine power that the world has ever witnessed. And at the start of this there will come a recognition upon you, the children of God. And you will know what your power is. And the light of Faith is going to shine on you, brighter than the sun. I am going to tell you that the enemies of God’s people are going to be afraid to dwell in the midst of the land where the people carry the Light of God. And every Jew is going to leave America who is capable of it. And every enemy of God’s Kingdom is going to leave.

You say, ‘Dr. Swift, you should not talk that way.’ Well, we better talk that way because we are standing between heaven and the devil down stairs. You may not know it, but down stairs is the ‘Bah-Ha’ movement. And it is half full of Negroes and pagans who worship every demon god on the face of the earth. But we stand between them and heaven right now, and we call for God to wipe it out as an institution. You say, ‘But you should not talk that way.’ But from time to time, we curse that which is below and worships every false god and every idol, and every institution which makes its covenant with it. For this is the hour, my friends, when this shall be swept from your nation and your land. Let me tell you, my friends, this is a new day, and we better be planning on the occupation which God has promised.

More than that, He not only said, ‘I shall bring down the noise of the strangers. And upon them shall come the heat in a dry place.’ As soon as they turn on you with their weapons, we will destroy them, even the heat which shall come out of the shadow of the cloud which you shall send. And in that day, the branch of the terrible one of evil shall be brought low all over the world. And in this nation of YAHWEH of Host, all things necessary for their health and for their happiness and for their job shall be found. And YAHWEH shall destroy in His Kingdom, the face of the covering that is cast over all people and the veil which spreads over all nations. Do you know what that means? That veil is the shadow of death. That veil is the fear of destruction, of the unknown. And He said, ‘In my Kingdom, in all of the White nations of the Western world, everywhere your race shall dwell, in all of My Kingdom---I will destroy this face of the covering cast over the people---the veil of death---and this shall be swallowed up in victory. And YAHWEH thy God will wipe all of the tears from all of your faces, and He will rebuke all of the people, and take away from all of the ‘earth’ the judgement for YAHWEH hath spoken it.’

‘And it shall be said in that day, This is YAHWEH, we have waited for Him. This is our God and we have waited for Him. He will save us. This is YAHWEH, and we shall be glad in His Salvation.’ I want you to know that this is the Key to Victory. But when you look at the U.N. then you look at it like Isaiah saw it. And I see it utterly defeated and destroyed. I see every power of darkness in this nation driven out. I see the strangers fleeing and the threatening of bombs to no avail. I see the missiles turned back upon them. I see your clouds, blasting and destroying the forces of the evil ones. And I cannot fear. For there is a Key here---to Victory.

Someone said, ‘How do you know?’ Every vision which God hath given to His prophets and reformed in the mind of your race has come to pass. And is still coming to pass and will continue to do so. We are living in a new day, a new hour, a greater day, and greater hour than we have ever had before us.

There are many things of which as we look out over the troubled world, we can well see that they have been wrought by the palace of strangers, who have moved to a house of evil. It is the will of God that we not only get out, but get out with great speed, for it is now His will that you bind and destroy every evil thing. Why are you going to do that? Because you are the children of the MOST HIGH, spirit of His Spirit, and light of His Light. And you have dormant within you, the power of Celestial life. And it is the Christ dwelling in you, this Divine nature dwelling in you, which is going to be the Hope of Glory to every atom of your being and to the whole body. And it is going to rise and shine upon you. And you will know what Isaiah is saying as he says, ‘Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH hath risen upon thee.’ The world can be in darkness, and gross darkness can cover the earth. But the Kingdom of God shall move forward in Glory.

The Secret Key is for you to recognize that you have a Divine nature that you are dwelling in a tabernacle of the MOST HIGH---that you must reach in to this secret place in your meditation and fill the soul consciousness of your being with every great and powerful thing which God intends to do, until it so fills you that you live in victory and no power can touch you. How do I know this? There is no greater power than the mind and thoughts of God. This is what holds every atom together. It is the mentoid moving thru space which forms new atoms tomorrow. It is the thought power which makes all things work according to His purpose. And you are the ‘body of God in the world’ and His Divine spiritual power, thought power transferred to your soul consciousness. This is the way every vision is properly built. And as that power arises in light and strength, and as the children of God move into a new day of immortality and spiritual force, then the light and the Glory of God is going to cast down every design of the enemy in our nation.

I want you to know that we have fallen into great depths of despair in the past. There was a day when Elijah and only 7000 people of your whole race had not bowed the knee to Baal under the pressure of tyrants, whose names were not in those day---Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt---they were Ahab and Jezebel. But in that day, the spirit of God moved on Elijah. And Elijah did great exploits even tho he trembled in his flesh. One day, he defeated them all at Mount Carmel. Then a few days later, he was hiding, but the spirit of God moved on Elijah and before God got thru with him, he had eradicated the evil. As the instrument of God from the Kingdom of Israel, he so triumphantly moved forward with the vision that he discovered in that Secret place. He let the mind of God take over and he knew he would not die. What do we mean? They could not kill him. In fact, he would have been here yet if a chariot from outer space had not come and took him out of here until a later period. The horses of the Kingdom, the mighty ships of space carried Elijah into the Cosmos and yet, he has been back and forth several times. He was there with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, as we declared to you before, as Christ was talking to him and to Moses. James and John stood by to see this. And today, the spirit of Elijah is hovering over God’s people. It is moving behind the altar, and it is going to stand as a striking power between the people and the enemy as the voice of God moves out of the pulpits of this nation and the people of God’s Kingdom rally to the leadership of the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.’ You are an Eagle people. That is a part of your defense. And this is why you who are abiding in the Secret place of the MOST HIGH are also abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. He shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings ye shall find truth.

Let me tell you this. This is but a symbol of the mighty outstretched wings of the Great Eagle, to the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH whose emblems or power and triumph bring in a victorious day for the Eagle. The Lion marks the grave, but it will be the Eagle which destroys the enemy, flips the ‘snake’ high into the sky and then drops him for his destruction. I am going to tell you that this is what you must remember---and this is what you must think. You must see America---not the polygraph mass that they would make it, you must see America as the people here in the auditorium beneath us. You must see America filled with the sons and daughters of God filled with His light and glory. You must see this nation cleansed and victorious. You must see every political office in your nation filled with Christians who will stand for your race and for your God. You must see this. You must vision it. And you must participate in it. And you must put your hand to make it so.

Now, I am going to tell you this. You are in a happy place. You are a majority in America. 140 million out of 180 million people are White Christians. But someone has you mesmerized, hypnotized, and mentally bound---if you let this 40 million control America. I am going to tell you that the day is about over, a new day is dawning. And I want you to know the great secret Key to Victory. But the victory has to be in your soul. You have heard this all of your life---but victory in your soul is where you think, that is where you live. If you have victory in your soul, and then more White men get victory in their souls, then pretty soon a third of your race or a fourth of your race get victory in their souls, then the light and power which is going to move out is going to be un-undefeated. I tell you tonight, that this is an hour of great significance to our race. We are standing at the midnight hour and we know that we shall triumph over the Beast. I just want to say this concerning that victory which God has promised us. John already saw it. Remember that John was a man just like you. He heard a voice saying, ‘come in hither’ and he saw a hole opening in the atmosphere and it was as tho that door merged into sort of a plastic nothingness with a door in it. He heard the voice say, ‘Come in hither.’ And John walked right in. He was in the spirit on the LORD’S day, but whether he went in with or without the body, is a question. But he went in. And he traveled up and down the tracks of time, of experience. He ate, he talked and he visualized. And he saw tomorrow. He saw you, your race, his kinsmen saying, ‘We have the victory over the Beast. We have a victory over his mark, we have a victory over Africa and over Asia, and over the Jews, and everybody else. And we are singing praises unto our Father from whence come our victories.’ This, my friends, is the victory which overcomes the world. This is the victory by which you possess yourself.

There are other reasons why the enemies of God’s Kingdom can never destroy the Kingdom. Why he cannot ever stop what God is doing is because the children of God live in a plain that the enemy cannot reach. This is something which some people cannot understand. They say, ‘but he can shoot at you.’ Yes, but he cannot ever reach you. Because your consciousness is growing in a plain that he cannot reach. You say there had been a lot of Martyrs. But this is the day for victories. This is a new age. And we strike at the enemy in the age he lives in, but he cannot reach us where we live. Thus we will be victoriously triumphant where we do live. And I am going to tell you that the spirit in you can be like a shield of spiritual light and energy around you. It is like a wall of fire round about you. It is time that you found the dwelling of the MOST HIGH. You listen for it, but it is not in the storm. Unlike Isaiah, and others like Jeremiah, they had to find it in the same way. It is not, my friends, in the rushing of or in the shaking earth, or a spewing volcano. These are just bubbling factors of energy. But you are looking for a voice. And finally after you have gone from one end of the earth to the other, sometimes men knock at strange temples and tabernacles. Sometimes they listen to strange speakers. And they go form one end of the earth to the other, and they say, ‘I have been everywhere, I have done everything, I have looked at every catastrophe. And I have looked at every creation and I have not heard it.’ But they did to go into the temple. You can go into many temples but never go into your own.

But when you reach your meeting place with God you will have discovered that you have reached your consciousness, in the Holy of Holies of your own being. And you believe every word that came out of the mouth of God and it has illuminated you and filled you with Glory which cannot ever be taken and you behold---not just your reflection now, but you are transferred into the face of Christ, as your light rises and it fills your soul. And then you realize that you are being changed from glory to glory into that same glorious image. Not the same features of the countenance but the same emanating glory, that marks a son of God, a triumphant soul. We have come to earth to conquer, and so we shall. We are a Master Race by God’s own begatting and we shall triumph.

And I will tell you this. The binding is just beginning as it is given unto you, first the surging in this direction and then in that direction. I tell you that you can start binding the darkness. And each time you bind it the hand falls. Each time you start binding it the death Angel moves against the Egyptians (the World Order). And each time you bind it, the enemy feels it. The attack on Dag Hamarskjold was a judgement of God upon the United Nations. And unless we fulfill the right purposes, and unless our leaders take us out of it, God’s judgement shall fall. But we shall cleanse this nation even if God has to send the death agent to do it. And we shall rise to protect it as God inspires this society to fulfill His will. But we know how to fulfill His will. We know how to contact our Father. And we know how to put on Glory because He has told us how. And we know that in one last moment, in the twinkling of an eye, every last one of the children of the MOST HIGH will want to put on His Glory. They are gong to think as He thinks. And they who remain and are alive unto that day are not going to hinder every Celestial son of Glory from redeeming his physical body and turning it into an indestructible body. But we are to be changed in the very atoms of our being. This is what God is talking about thru the lips of the Apostle Paul in Philippians and in Corinthians and in this book.

Thus we tell you this afternoon, that one of the great keys to victory, is your faith. For this faith is the living function. For you are living as a knowledgeable child of God concerning His covenant, His power and your heritage. And I want you to know that it is a fearful thing for the powers that are against your God to fall under the wrath of the MOST HIGH. I want you to know that wisdom that you yield is more powerful than the weapons in the technological field which God has given to your scientists to create. It is the mighty power of the spirit. And this spirit is in you for you to command. It is a catalyzing force. I tell you that it can give life and it can stop breath. I can tell you that it may envelop the world with blessings or destroy that which is evil. There is no greater power than the power of the spirit in a conscious world than that for it holds the Universe together. I want you to know that you are children of Eternity. You should know who you are and from whence you come, and have a knowledge of the power which is within.

We want you to know that never has there been a period more important as to what is going on. If you want to defend America and you are a Patriot of many societies, and you are wanting to expose Communism, they will brand you as telling a big lie and you are a conspiracy against the government.

(End of sermon)