Seed Of The Dragon, 10-1-61


The Seed of the Dragon

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-1-61

The scripture has not left us in darkness as to the seed of the Dragon. It has not left us not knowing who they are. And this message tonight, is not designed to particularly please anyone at all. Especially are we not desiring to please our enemy. For the enemy in the earth today is the seed of the Satanic powers who are waging war against us.

If you will turn to the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, you will soon find the key to the hour in which we live. But in no way are the facts contained in this discussion to cause us fear, but to bring us to a complete realization as to what is taking place. Here in the book of Revelation we read the words that in the ante-deluvian times, there was a great struggle in space.

But first we are told that one of the great wonders of the heavens was the symbol of the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. This is a part of the Revelation given to John when he was called into the timeless dimensions when he was told to ‘Come in hither.’ It was as tho a door opened in space and John walked into that dimension and traveled with the conscious knowledge of those times, backwards and forward over the patterns and courses of history. He saw and he visualized. And he heard and he experienced things which had not come to pass in his day, but which are coming to fulfillment in ours. During that period of time, and the day in which we live, many have been fulfilled prophecy.

When we talk about the Woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet,---it is clothed with Glory,---this is your race, the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. The reason why? It says that upon her head was a crown of twelve stars, each one of these are illuminated with light and Glory. Each one of these is a symbol of the twelve tribes of the Children of Israel. The crown upon the head of the Woman is your White Christian civilization. And this is the crown of the twelve tribes of Israel. BUT--IT IS NOT TALKING ABOUT THE JEWS. There is not a Jew in the world today, who belongs to this Woman who God refers to as His bride and as in this organic body by which His children are born into the world. And as they pass thru the door of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, they make up the order of the ages and the New Jerusalem and the sovereign plan of God’s Kingdom.

We point out to you, that there stood a Great Dragon, a Red Dragon with seven heads and ten horns. And upon his head were seven crowns. His tail (tale) drew one third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the Dragon stood before the Woman---your race---ready to devour her child as soon as it was born. This is a symbolic message. The Woman is faced with the Dragon and the Dragon seeks to wage war against your race. It seeks to swallow up her child as soon as it is born. But you are not left in this book of Revelation to guess as to who this is, or what this represents. You say, ‘How could the Dragon draw one third of the stars of heaven?’ This is symbolic of the control of Lucifer over one third of the Milky Way in this Universe of which you are a part. And over these planets and these solar systems, he influenced these people who dwelt upon them, because he was an Archangel and they were under his control. Therefore, when he rebelled, one third of the forces of space whom he controlled, rebelled with him and were defeated by Michael the Archangel. And they were cast into the earth. These evil influences have dwelt upon the earth from that day to this. And this is one of the reasons why there is a powerful and evil force. And the scriptures denote this.

You may say, ‘How do we know whom this Dragon represents?’ Well, when we turn to the scripture, we read these words, ‘and the Great Dragon was cast out of the heavens because there was a war in the heavens.’ This is found in Rev. 12:7. There was a war fought in the heavens and Michael, one of the Great Archangels, before the throne of God, the commander of the legions of God, of those great space craft legions---those of the thousands times ten thousands---that staggering multi-million program of the ships of space, were under the command of Michael. And Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon. And the Dragon fought with his Angels, but he prevailed not. Neither was there any place found for him in the heavens. And the Dragon was cast out. And that old Serpent that you call the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world, was cast into the earth, and his Angels were cast out with him.

So if you want to know who the Dragon is, then he is Lucifer, once an Archangel. And he became Satan and the devil. And he was defeated and his Angelic hosts were cast out with him. And a great number of the dwellers upon the planets at that time, went with Lucifer. This is why Zachariah tells you that ‘wickedness’ came to earth. And the ‘flying rolls’ of Zachariah were the great space craft on which these people came to earth. The ancient Summerian Dynasties which pre-existed before the Adamic race, had the records concerning this. And they tell you how among the great ships that came at that time, after being defeated by Michael the Archangel. They speak of Lucifer as the Chaos monster. And they refer to the hoards with him, and they say that for the first time, they beheld the ‘black faces and the dark and curly heads. You go back to the periods of ancient China and its writings, and the great writings discover that they also talk of the ‘black and curly heads.’ And of course that fits in with Anthropology.

We have many books on Anthropology, such as that brought out by Ivor Lissner---‘God, Man, and Magic.’---he being one of the greatest of the anthropologists which has been brought out in the last few years. And we have Ivor Sanderson, whose concepts of science in many fields, we disagree with, but it stands out as accurate reporting in the findings of fossil structures. And Ivor Sanderson has to admit that there are five sub-races in the wold. And he tells about their origin. And these sub-races are those which relate to the White Christian man. And whether he knows it or not, as he writes about the sub-races and the sub-cultures and the strange monsters, including the Abominable Snowman, such as these creatures which showed up in the woods of Northern California, and found also in various parts of the earth. He is caught with the facts that related to the Nephilim, are also these unassimilatable monsters of ancient times. But in this, he has stated that few men can gainsay. Because he is one of the most important naturalists in the world today. And he said that the Negro race is a sub-race. And his sudden ejections into things of earth, is one of the amazing factors of archaeological research. So they were not born here, but came in----in the days of Lucifer’s rebellion. They are not the children of Lucifer, but they are a race which he ruled over, and were a part of his combat legions, and were defeated by Michael the Archangel. And they were cast into earth along with Lucifer.

The people of ancient Asia, the people who lived in earth long before this, these Empires like the Summerian Empire, reached from the Steppes of Mongolia to portions of Southern Africa,---they are the people of ancient Summeria, long since, plunged beneath the waters of the Atlantic, whose ancient civilization reached from the reaches of the high Andes, to Easter Island, and to the mainland of China, of which there is still parts of high positions, lands and mountains sticking up out of the ocean, such as Ya-Pan, and the ancient Sumari which reached back into the antiquities even before the fall of Lucifer and before the transplanting in the earth of this Negro race which did not exist in earth---before that time. What a strange place to put the children of God. But your Father’s plan reached out beyond this. Your Father’s plan would not permit even in this earth where a defeated enemy had finally come with his legions and his fleets, where in that day God said to Michael the Archangel, ‘---now, not one railing against Lucifer. You defeated him, and you have put him on the earth and we have him earthbound. Then He says---you just set back and watch My plan.’ Do you know what that plan was? It was for God to put His own spiritual children in earth in physical bodies to conquer the powers of darkness, to overthrow Lucifer, and eventually cast his power out of the earth, as Michael cast it out of the Heavens. That is your Destiny. Thus you have a conflict in earth constantly with the forces of evil. And there is nothing more evil in the earth than the seed of the Dragon. It is quite obvious that the Dragon left his mark. He left his mark all over the physical world wherever he stretched his power. And being the first to fall under the influence of Lucifer and adopt the unassimilatable fallen Angelic hosts, to make strange and grotesque gods and violate Divine law and mutate their specie and also the species of earth, was the Negro race.

The fallen Angels intermingled with the children of earth. And we are told in the book of Judges, that they did ‘not keep their first estate.’ And the results were strange monsters, evil and grotesque. That is why today in China and among the people of Asia, are these strange and Gargoyle type gods, evil by products of violation of Divine Law. We are also to understand that out of this attempt was the sowing of the offspring seed into every race. Now I want you to know that there are a people in the world today who are the final leveling out of the final offspring of Lucifer. They are actually Satanic seed. They exist among every race. And they are black, they are yellow, they are brown and they are white. But in all instances, the seed of Lucifer, the seed of the Dragon. They are his descendants. They are his unassimilatable offspring. They seek to rule the world and they hold all the world in captivity. And they have penetrated in their warfare, the great nations of the White civilization where they wage warfare against you continually.

Now, the scripture tells us that this seed of the Dragon has power over the people of earth outside of your race, and it swallows them up. One of the symbols of scriptures of masses of people is ‘water.’ This ‘water’ is the symbol of masses of people, while the children of God are symbolized as the Stream of the Waters of Life, which comes out of the Throne of God from heaven to earth. Therefore, you are a heavenly stream, the race line of God’s Kingdom. But there is also upon the earth, the ‘waters’ of earth. And we find this in the book of Ezekiel in the 31st chapter as he talks about the ‘waters’ of Asia being so great that the Summerian Empire reached out with its Empire almost all over the earth, because of the strength of its racial stream. We point out to you that the ‘waters’ of earth are the people of Africa and Asia. And we are told that the seed of the Dragon, that the Dragon swallowed up these ‘waters’ until he enclosed with his power, all of these races. And now he goes to make war against you. He sought to devour the man child and the woman. The greatest Man Child of your race, was when God was born out of a body of your race. And the man Christ Jesus becomes identified with His Kinsmen, while He is the fullness of God dwelling bodily.

As the king of the Jews, Herod sought to destroy Christ at the hour of His birth. This was fulfilling the prophecy that ‘the Dragon stands before the woman to devour this child as soon as it was born. And the seed of the Dragon then goes to make war against you. And suddenly the climactic picture in Revelation concerning this, is that the Dragon pours out of his mouth like a flood, the seed of the Dragon to try to swallow you up. This water of the Dragon is all of the people under the Dragon program. Out of ancient Asia, we see multi-millions of people who are under the Dragon program. They worship the doctrine of demons and devils. They are involved in pagan concepts and in pagan superstitions. They fall readily for the politics of ‘hell’ itself. And they become embroiled in Communism. And they raised the ‘hammer and sickle,’ the symbol of Satanic power in the earth, against you with the desire to destroy you and the Kingdom of God from the face of the earth. And in the 15th verse of the 12th chapter of Revelation, it tells us that the Dragon poured out of his mouth this ‘water’ as a flood to try to swallow you up with this flood.

Now, the scripture also tells us that the seed of the woman---a great civilization---the great Israel people of God---this White race is given the two wings of the Great Eagle in this climactic time. The most powerful leadership in the end of the age. You say, ‘When will this be?’ It will be at the period of time in which you are living, when the seed of the Dragon and all of his forces go to make war against you. And they send forth their mongrel hoards, their races in earth, against God’s children in the earth. They operate with all the politics of conspiracy. They operate with all the strategy of the Beast system with their political chaff to try to swallow up God’s Kingdom. This is the United Nations with the power of the Dragon which hopes to tie your hands so as to destroy you in a political and military way.

Then we are told about two things. The earth upon which you live is going to open up her mouth and it is going to swallow this flood out of the Dragon’s mouth. For the whole earth is going to know of the catastrophe and devastation. Whole masses of your enemies will be swept from this earth with earthquakes and volcanoes, fire and storms. And now you say, ‘But how do you know?’ Because God, Himself, assured this. And every word which comes out of the mouth of God is true. And the Dragon is angry with you and angry with all the White race. And it goes to make war with everyone who remains of the seed of the Woman. For these are the ones who hold the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ.

If you want to know who Israel is in the world today, they are Christian people. They are the people of the nations of God’s Kingdom. And the Dragon goes to make war with everyone of the true Israel people. It goes to destroy and to wipe out. And you are told to make war with the remnant of your seed which has the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Yes, this is the Dragon seed. I want you to know that Asia is not itself Dragon sed, but Asia is ruled by Dragon seed. Its Priesthood and its evil temples are Dragon seed. The most powerful force in Asia today is the Russias’ of Magog. This Asiatic, mongrolized Jew controlled society is the enemy of Christian society all over the world. And so today, the most powerful of all of the nations of Asia is the Soviet Union. And they admit that they are an Asiatic power. And the demarcation line between Europe and Asia marks them as an Asiatic power. And the rulers of it are the seed of the Dragon. I want you to know that here in the United States, we have two million of the seed of the Dragon. They are in your cities. And they are in your politics. The Seed of the Dragon are in Washington, and they surround Mr. Kennedy with bad advice. And he has picked seventy-five of the Dragon’s seed to sit in positions of power in these United States of America.

I have just read to you this passage in which Jesus reveals to John that this fallen Archangel, when defeated in space, was thrown out of heaven into the earth. And he is the one whom you call Satan and the devil, and who is also the Dragon. Thus this is the Great Dragon, and his offspring are the Dragon seed.

Now, let us go to the words of Jesus to find the purpose of the Dragon seed. And Jesus said to the Jews standing before Him, ‘Therefore you do not hear My speech because you do not understand My words. Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father, ye will do. He was a murderer in the beginning and abode not in the truth, for he is a liar and the father of it.’ Therefore, Jesus identifies the Jews in Jerusalem as Dragon seed. They were the children of the Devil.

Now, I am going into the book of Matthew, to clinch this while we are on the subject, because I think it is very important for you to understand it. Jesus had told the disciples a parable and He had told them about the struggle for the earth. But the struggle for the earth tonight, is between the political powers and Lucifer’s kingdom. And in this instance, Jesus also said that the field was the world, and the sower in the field was the Eternal God. I am reading this out of the 13th chapter of Matthew. And the seed that He sowed were His children of the Kingdom. They were His seed sowed in the earth---and the evil one sowed his seed and God calls them the ‘tares’ of the wicked one. And then Jesus comes along and identifies them as the children of the wicked one, as the ‘tares’ sowed in the field, as the great curse and scourge in the earth.

Now, we are not under any bond to keep the truth in the way like some clergy are who cannot preach it. For we want you to know that the Jews are the seed of the evil one. That they are the offspring of Lucifer, and that is why there are black ones, red ones, yellow ones, and white ones, for this mongrel seed has been sown into every race. If you were to go down to Israeli today, you would discover that there is a little disharmony today, because they have a racial clash down there. Because even tho their father is the devil, each one of them wants to rule. And the most evil ones are the Cainanite ones from the seduction of Eve, or this evil among the white Jews is the most cunning of all.

Now, we tell you that basically, the Jews are Asiatic. Why? Because the majority seed are sown in Asia. And out of it comes the unassimilatable Ashkenazim into our land. The Ashkenazim are the round headed Jews, the strange countenance and high ears having been by all chronologists everywhere been a strict specie. The Ashkenazim is known as an Ashkenazim among other Jews. And the Sephardim Jew is of a certain branch which the scripture identifies with the Cainanites. And Jesus identified these Sephardin Jews as ‘Ye are of your father the devil.’ And as He talked to them about their mass murders, He said that they were guilty of all the mass murders from righteous Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar. But the Ashkenazim Jew is an Asiatic Jew who is an offspring of Lucifer, and he moves against you. And it seems like this blood which is poured out to swallow you, is concentrating on trying to swallow up the United States of America. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘But there are 180 million people here and 140 million of us are White and Christian, surely all the unassimilatable people like the Negroes and the Asiatics, and the unassimilatable Jews could never swallow us up.’ But they are the directors of the great flood which comes out of the Dragon’s mouth.

When the Dragon pours this flood out of his mouth, this flood comes out of Africa and Asia. And his political chicanery now gathers up these hoards to try to swallow up your race, mongrelize your society, and overthrow you as a people. You go home and mark the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew and you read what is declared by Jesus in the 8th chapter of the book of John, and you will know that the people of Satan are those that we call Jews today. And by no stretch of the imagination are they of the House of Israel or a part of God’s Kingdom. Therefore, if you want to be a realist, then the enemy of America today is organized World Jewry. I want you to know that whether politicians like it or not,---do you know that we have a lot of sad-sack politicians? These fellows call themselves Statesmen, but they are not Statesmen. They have let the powers of Lucifer’s children take over their souls. The Jews seem to possess a strange Luciferian power to control the jewels and the gold. They seem able to gather up gold and silver and jewels and with it they try to buy the souls of men.

Unfortunately, instead of making our leadership strong and firm with Christian men and women, who are dedicated to God’s Kingdom, who are dedicated to preserving our racial respect, who are dedicated to holding the line of civilization, we find that we have left politics up to the children of Satan. And these children of Satan then buy and sell Statesmen whose souls are shriveled and elevate them to power and they become instruments and tools of Satan’s own children. This is the great scourge of our time. And that is one of the reasons why God has promised a great Awakening. And as that awakening comes, the people of this great nation of God’s Kingdom are going to throw out of power everyone influenced by Satan’s hoards, and put men and women with vision in positions of power. And the light will shine and the Kingdom of God shall be on the way to great power. There is no question that you have approached close to this hour.

Now, we are also told this about the seed of the Dragon. The seed of the Dragon intends to make war with us. The seed of the Dragon has stolen our Nuclear secrets. He has stolen also much of the wisdom which belongs to your race. He is holding captive scientists. And at the price of their families and their lives, he is extricating from them the technology to arm himself. The powers of darkness plan on a devastating war against you. However, there are some things I want you to think about tonight. In the first place, we are in a titanic struggle. Inside the United Nations last week and also this week, serious struggles have been going on. We told you last Sunday night that as a nation of God’s Kingdom, that you were to get out of the United Nations. God has warned you. He said, ‘Come our of her oh my people.’ You must get out of the United Nations, because you are joined there with a Satanic power and you are captive of the Dragon. And behind it is the manipulation of the children of the Dragon. Every branch of the United Nations is under Soviet control and Jewish leadership.

I also want you to know this. In the last few days we have watched this struggle and we have listened to the President of these United States. I do not believe that the President of the United States knows what he is doing or how to do it. I think that he talks a good fight but he does not know how to win. I think he is surrounded by devils and their influence is not good for him. I think that you better pray to get the devils out, or pray for leadership which will not be guided by them.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, do you have any plans against the Civil Rights or Civil Liberties of the Jews?’ My friends, in the Kingdom that I am a part of, am a citizen of, and in which you have your citizenship, the Jews do not have any civil rights or liberties. You say what do I mean? I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God. And this nation is one of the great nations of God’s Kingdom. And I hope the day will come when this will be completely legislated as it has been declared by the Supreme Court as a Christian nation. So when we talk about the rights and privileges of the citizens, they must be Christians in that day. I realize that someone will say that this is not democratic. But I am not interested in Democracy. I am interested in Theocracy. And this nation is a Theocracy, for we are one nation under God. But I think that you ought to be informed. For every Jewish agency, the ADL. The B’nai B’rith, and all of the pagan, Communist agencies in America, are now trying to take an appeal to the Supreme Court to take ‘In God we trust’ off our money. And to take out of our national Pledge of Allegiance ‘One nation under God’, even tho Congress put it in there. I think it is time that we said ‘Away with these people’ and deported every Communist from these United States. Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, maybe that is un-American.’ No, my friends, that is the most Pro-American thing that you can do. Because this is God’s country. And we are God’s people. Someone then said, ‘How can it be done?’ By Legislation. I am going to tell you how we are going to do it. And that attack is not far away. When the enemy attacks America, then you will have to lock up America. And when you lock of the Communists, it will look like a Jewish Ghetto. In fact, one of the major things they will cry out for before this is all over is ‘Deport us.’ And they deserve this. For here in America, they have dual allegiance. They play and they finance the intrigue of the world.

I talked to a brainwashed clergy with little knowledge the other day. And this man said, ‘Is not the United Nations the world’s last great hope? Don’t you think that with this great institution of hope that if we cannot accomplish the objective of peace we are not going to get anywhere?’ I said to this clergyman, ‘How can you accomplish the objectives of peace when you do not have the morality to take great issues because you are joined with the devil? As long as you are joined with the devil, and can’t take great stands on great principals, but must subordinate them to the powers of appeasement, then you have no instrument to do anything good in the world, because you cannot appease joined with evil and accomplish good. You cannot join evil and good and accomplish anything. And as God calls for you for the coming out of the United Nations, He calls for you to wake up concerning your enemy and says that in the last days the wrath is going to rise in your countenance and you will talk about the separating of America from the evil which is in it. And the Cainanites will see what you mean and there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God.

We think that it is most significant that when God talks about Cainanites, that He means white Jew. You say how do I know that? Because Jesus turned to these white Jews who were Cainanites and He said, ‘You are guilty of the blood of everyone slain on the face of the earth from Abel.’ And therefore to be guilty of the blood of Abel, they would have to be Cainanites. And Cain was the son of the ‘evil one’ the progeny of the devil, Dragon seed. Someone says, ‘Dr. Swift, as a Christian minister, you have to embrace all of these people with love.’ I do not have to love the enemies of my God. I do not have to love the enemies of my race. Someone said, ‘Love your enemies.’ But Jesus was talking about the laws which govern the Kingdom and the citizens of the Kingdom. I am not supposed to treat them as children of God which they are, even when they do not understand it. But that is not the direction that God give me concerning the seed of the Dragon and their strategy. We are not to deal with the seed of the Dragon anymore than we should deal with the aphids or locust in the field. I would just get out a spray can and a flit gun. And when I got thru, there would not be any locust or aphids or Dragon seed.

Someone says, ‘We have no right to talk this way.’ But yes, we do. For this is the plan of the Kingdom. There is not anything that will destroy light. All that you can do is remove your enemy. The Soviet Union of today, has built up a terrific arsenal of weapons, but it has discovered that you have one too. It has the man power of the hoards like a flood. But it wants to send them against you with all the odds on their side. So one of the strategies of today is to bring about a massive disarmament program wherein the arms of the White nations would be utterly destroyed. But we do not have the Statesmanship to see this outside of your military leaders. At this moment, the Dragon does not only intend to wage war against you, but he intends to blow you from the face of the earth.

Now, do not think as I say these things, that we are trying to intimidate you. For we are not. Because I know who is going to be blown off the face of the earth. And it is not going to be the Kingdom of God. But that is their plan for you. Mr. Khrushchev has promised it and Mr. Gromyko has promised it. All this week, Mr. Rush has been trying to talk to Mr. Khrushchev and he is first this way and then that. And I know that Mr. Kennedy does not want to lose face. He does not want the Irish Dynasty of the Kennedys to be swept out of office on the first term. He knows that if he lets the White race down, or lets America down, that God will sweep him out of office. So now he is not going to back down on Berlin.

You say, ‘But we have a kind and loving God.’ And we do and He loves you most of all. But God’s great creative love also reaches out to the ends of the Universe. But there are a lot of people today who are better out of the world than in it. If they rule their hour with the Beast and march with the anti-Christ, then they have to be swept from the earth.

The Kingdom of God is in opposition with the kingdom of the Dragon. The Kingdom of God will bring Peace to the earth. The Kingdom of God will bring righteousness to the earth. The Kingdom of God has the authority and the power to accomplish this. But until the enemy is conquered, this will not be.

Now, I am going to give you two quick pictures of theology. Among that great church of Jesus Christ, we have it divided into many denominations among two-thirds of the Christians today. They had a terrible picture just ahead of them. They see evil conquering all the world and God has to take His children away before they are swallowed up. This is all of the vision they have. So they cannot go about helping the earth, because they have no vision for this. They see a picture in which the enemy wins. They see the picture in which tribulation descends and Russia bombs the cities of America, bombs the cities of Europe and wipes out the White race.

Now, it does tell us about great tribulation. And you have been living in great tribulation with a battle between the powers of darkness. And half of the nations of White Europe tonight, are in bondage, in the hands of the enemy. And many Christians have been liquidated and shot. Today, one-half of Judah is intimidated by Communist Jews. And they have been executing (it is murder---it is bloodshed.) Don’t talk to me about the great tribulation, for it is here. You say, ‘Why are we so stirred up?’ It is because God has promised to bless you and preserve you and you have not been outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy. You better keep the enemy out, or lower your expectations for what you can do. God has something better for you. He plans that you are going to rise and overthrow the flood. You are going to be victorious.

So in this instance, you look up. In the book of Isaiah, then God tells you that He is on your side. And Isaiah says, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, I am going to praise you for this is what you promised to do. You have promised to make the cities of the enemies and the city of evil a heap.---just a pile of ashes. He says, ‘Father you have promised to make the defended cities of our enemies ruins. Father you have promised that you will take that palace of strangers, that whole United Nations building and destroy it and everything with it. He says more than that. They will never be able to build it again. You promised, Father, that all of the cities of evil and nations of evil---all of them are going to fear Thee.’

But I want you to go back to this passage---when it comes, the mighty battles which perhaps are just weeks from now---but it is that shadow of that great cloud which rises into the sky. And He says, ‘I will protect you from that shadow, and I will protect you from the heat. I will protect you when the blast comes from the evil forces and from Moscow, as a storm which beats against the wall of My Kingdom. And I will bring down this house of the ‘strangers.’ No more of this crying---’Oie, Oie, Oie.’ None of this curse in our society. None of this whining, pleading double-cross. But---’I am going to protect you from the heat of the stranger, which is like the heat in a dry place, even the heat which comes out of the shadow of that nuclear cloud. For I will protect this great branch of My Kingdom.’ You can turn over to the book of Zachariah and you find that this great branch is the House of Joseph. This is the United States and the British Empire and the House of Judah joined to them---Germany. This is My branch and I am going to take this great and powerful branch of the Kingdom and----God makes this declaration---I am going to take My great Kingdom, My Holy Mountain, and here I will bless and I will destroy here the things that are evil, even FEAR AND THE POWER OF DEATH.

I want to turn tonight, to an interesting evaluation. I think it is time while they are trying to frighten us into pacifism, and some silly Methodists and other denominations are falling for it. Do you know that sometimes we quote the devil too much? The devil quotes it and then the people start this and then they try to rationalize their words, their evil and their treason. The most devastating evil or hindrance to his faith that a child of God can possess is cowardess. If there is anything I loath in the world it is a coward. But I want you to know that we have some of them even in high places. And they spread this cowards venom and it says, ‘better Red than dead.’ But let me tell you that even if I did not know the power of God, I would say, ‘Better dead than Red’ anytime. I want you to know that this evil is being quoted in Methodist pulpits, in Quaker pulpits.---‘Better Red than dead. Better to make accommodations with the devil and live, than stand for your God.’ He knew that your redemption and restoration was the empowering of the earth. But I am going to tell you that God knows it is better for Him to strike in the earth and remove the evil powers which dominate Africa and Asia, and to destroy their war making power which takes peace from the earth. It is better to destroy it than to let it live and work its evil in every generation.

And that gracious God, that majestic Christ, that One which is the personification of every Christian principle that we can understand, that at the head of the greatest space fleet of all times is going to come sweeping back into a physical world. ‘Oh,’ someone said, ‘He is going to come back as He went. He went away in a cloud.’ No, He want away in a vessel which was in the cloud. But when He comes back in the same kind of vessel that He left in, the same one in which two men stepped out of in that cloud, and talked to the disciples on the hill---but when He comes back, He is not coming alone. He is not going to come the same way that He left, altho He will use the same vehicles of transportation. But He is going to come back with every man of your race who ever lived. He is going to come back with the armies of heaven. And do you know that He is not squeamish? He says---where is My military sickle. We will take that hammer and sickle and break it because the blood is going to flow to the horses bits from the enemies of the Kingdom. That is Christ the fullness of God’s Grace. It is His grace which will remove this evil from the world so don’t go squeamish on me.

Some one said, ‘But a Christian should not talk this way.’ But the best thing for a Christian do to is to follow Jesus. I do not want to miss one moment of the victory of God’s Kingdom. Do you know we have some very squeamish people? They didn’t even want some wild beast shot because they had developed some humane society. They probably don’t want us to spray our fields for aphids because it is cruel to some form of life. If you want to carry this far enough, you would not destroy bacteria because you are destroying life which can destroy your body. But let me tell you something. You can wage war anytime against evil, sickness, and disease and evil power. And when it comes to the enemies of God’s Kingdom and the Dragon seed, I have no more compassion in my heart for Dragon seed than I have for a virus.

I want you to know this that we have nothing against the spirits that dwell in the bodies of our enemies. But we know that they are influenced in our society by the evil which begat them. And only another restoring power in another dimension at the hand of God can ever make them useful any more. Therefore Dragon seed plans to come against us and they are trying to teach me to quiver. And I will not tremble. For I know that God has already given us enough knowledge to blast them off the face of the earth.

The greatest danger you can get yourself into with this battle with the Dragon seed is to permit yourself to surrender. Last week you created a Disarmament Committee and this is the most despicable thing this Nation was even trapped into doing. A program to disarm in a day when God tells you to beat your plow shears into swords, and they say disarm. This just goes to show that the Kennedys are not led by God. They are led by the Devil. Someone says, ‘You should not talk that way about the President.’ Well, the President is a prisoner, so let’s set him free. And if not, let’s find a man to lead us.

We are having an attack against some Christian leadership in our nation. The army is up in arms and they want to know why they should be left overseas to fight when one of our great Generals--General Walker---because he told his soldier boys about the dangers of Communism. I tell you, I am weary of the Jewish power in the Pentagon and in the Administration. It is injuring America’s prestige and its awareness in its armies. I do not trust any Jew in such a position of power in our nation, whether he wears the uniform of the U.S. Army or whether he wears the skull cap of Satan from the synagogue of hell. And I would trust least of all, a General who would put a skull cap on his head and lead in a Jewish service anywhere. I want you to know that we had one General and he came first into Berlin, and he read the service first from a Jewish Synagogue. I would not trust him then and I would not trust him in Germany today. Oh, I pray that the Christian society shall wake up concerning Dragon seed. The Chinese are captured by it, the Africans are captured by it, and a great number of people are captured by its golden money system in America. But the Dragon seed is your enemy. Never forget it and never let anyone tell you this is not true.

You know they are trying to wage war against Patriots and against Christians. The Jews even have influence over J. Edgar Hoover, you know. He could not even publish his book until he wrote a chapter which he must know is a lie about the ADL and the B’nai B’rith. He said that anyone who opposes the Jews is working for the Communist. And he knows that is a lie. I tell you this. He wants to warn you that you cannot be overly suspicious of the Communists. Otherwise, why is he saying this and slapping at the John Birch Society? Why is he then slapping at the Patriot organizations? Did you know that in one period of thirty-five years one after another of the White Christian organizations have been down graded and some even listed as subversive by the enemy?

Let me tell you this. The day is going to come when America is not only going to be back in the hands of a White Majority in every part of its life, but the great White Throne group shall march from one end of this nation to the other. It is going to be a great army, the White robed army of God, a white robed company. And they will not need to be hooded, for no one is going to stand up in their way.

I want to tell you tonight, that the Dragon seed plan on swallowing you up, but God says, ‘we are going to burn him out. We will swallow him up. And he is going to be no more. Then turn back to the book of Isaiah and God says that in that hour we will bring down the noise of these strangers. They are making a noise in your Parent Teachers Association. They are making a noise in your city council and they are trying to tear apart your own city and rebuild it for their own use. They are behind Metro-government. They are behind Urban Renewal. They are behind the socialization of your society. They are behind the poisoning of your water while they drink pure spring water. They are behind everything evil in America. They have upset the economy of the world and have created the economic crisis in the earth. This is the work that God says is done by Mystery Babylon and it is going to fall in one hour. And that cannot happen too quickly for every alert child of God.

I saw something in California politics. I saw a young man come back from the army and he rose to political power on the coat tails of a powerful Congressman here in our State. His name was Dick Nixon. And then I saw it commence. They said he is going to be a powerful man in politics, and he is strong, anti-Communist. And then they said if we can’t lick him, we will join him. And they gave him a little six pointed star to hang around his neck and they got on his campaign committee, and they heaped praises on him. And from then on, Nixon would say very little about anyone who the Jews said ‘leave alone.’ In Washington for a little while, we could get to Mr. Nixon. And then when he became Vice President, we could not reach him at all anymore. For he forgot people that he had written personal letters to, when he wanted their assistance.

Now, he told friends of mine, ‘I still want to slay Communism, and if I ever get in power, I am going to do this and I am going to do that.’ But he still continued to take the advice of the Jews. Now, it is true that I think that we are in a troublesome period. The Republican Party has been told that Mr. Nixon is their titular leader. But he renounced that the other day, saying he is not in the field for that leadership in 1964. He said that should delight the heart of Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller. I want to go on record as saying this tonight.

Let me tell you this. The enemy has already declared that they will wipe us out with nuclear weapons but God has promised to intervene. And there are forces which will protect you. But how about the brains and the ingenuity he has given you already? You have been spending billions on the army so what do you have right now? Well, this is something that Mr. Khrushchev has to worry about. For the U.S. News and World Report this week says that the United States has thirty-fife to forty thousand nuclear warheads and bomb in our nuclear stockpile. We have 1700 B52's, and others ready to carry nuclear heads. We have many bombers right on the Soviet border. And I won’t go into all that we have, but Mr. Khrushchev better think again before he moves. Because in the first few hours of an attack, the United States could pull the trigger on sixteen billion tons of the equivalent power of TNT. That, my friends, adds up to the fact that in the face of all the enemy, you are the mightiest power on the face of the earth.

Now, listen. If the U.S. would have to strike first, then all major cities of Russia would be devastated. And at least two million people would die. Thirty-five percent of the Soviet industry would be wiped out. The chance is that 90% of all Russia would be affected. If the U.S. only used one-third of her nuclear power, think of the devastation this would cause. Thus this means that you should start pleading and saying, ‘Better Red than Dead?’ I have to be careful what I say. The last time that I made a report on the strength of the U.S., the Federal FBI came by to see where I got the secrets. They thought that we had tapped the Pentagon and were giving away U.S. secrets. But, my friends, when it comes out in the U.S. News and World Report, it is no longer secret. If the FBI wants to do something good, they better keep their eyes on the enemy and let the Patriots alone.

We believe we should have an FBI and it will do a good job if you have a good Administration. But if you have a bad Administration, it will do an evil one. We believe this one is an OGPU. Someone said, ‘You should not talk like that because one of them is seated right here.’ But I don’t think we ever make a talk without someone is seated right there. And they take a record back to see whether or not we overstepped ourselves.

Let me tell you something. We can proclaim, ‘Thus saith the LORD’ here in these United States and there is no one who has the power to stop it. In the first wave against the seed of the Dragon, the U.S. from our overseas bases could hurl 1700 bombers with H bombs and hound dog missiles in the very first blow. From dozens of bases on the Russian border, nearly one-third of our nuclear bombers are already there with nuclear payloads. From England and from Italy, we could destroy the major cities of Russia. And from Navy Carriers at sea, one half of their planes could strike at the heart of Russia. And under the sea, we also carry a threat and are on duty at all times. And from other ships and bases, we have the power to reach across the Soviet borders. And that is only the first wave. But in the second wave, we could wipe Russia from the earth.

Someone said, ‘What do you think we should do?’ I think that tomorrow morning we should give Russian one quick ultimatum to get out of the U.N. with all their influence, out completely. Start getting out of every Christian country and stop threatening us. Stop telling us how to run the world, get out and leave us alone. We are going to arrest the Communist. We are going to deport the Dragon seed. And if you make one overt move, we are going to blast you from the earth. And if they do not get out, then we push the lever, count down tomorrow morning.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, that is not Christian.’ Not Christian?? Let me tell you something. God Almighty came to earth one day and dwelt in the body of a man called Jesus. He was my relative and yours. And He had more wisdom than anyone on the face of the earth because all the brains of God were in His head, because this was the fullness of Divine power dwelling bodily. Because this was the personification of love, and that love sometimes chastises, sometimes punishes, sometimes remolds for good. But He knew that the one race empowered to do the things in earth was your race, a master race of spiritual children in physical bodies.

Half a Dragon seed is just 50% too wrong to ever lead America. Barry Goldwater is half Dragon seed. Never should we have a President who is half devil. He is a Zionist and a Metro Government man. Don’t forget that he is one-half Jew and that is all Jew in this Book. I will tell you just what God said. He said if just one-tenth of your blood belongs to the Jew, you can never lead God’s Kingdom. If one-tenth of your blood is outside of this race, this means that you cannot be a leader or a part of the Administration of this Kingdom. And Barry Goldwater was willing to be a running mate with Rockefeller--both outside of the Kingdom. Barry Goldwater was pushing for Dick Nixon to take Rockefeller for a running mate if he decided to run. Never forget that when they are thru with a person they have promoted, then they destroy them. I think Dick Nixon is destroying himself when he threw himself into the Governors race in California. First, I do not trust the fellows around him to run his campaign. I think that deals are being made and this will not be good. I heard Mr. Nixon then say, ‘I do not want to support any man who will support the John Birch Society.’ So they have gotten to him and for political gain, what is he willing to do? Dragon seed is smearing the John Birch Society just like it smeared the KKK. And they smeared the Christian Americans and the Patriots. And what we were getting fifteen years ago, the John Birch Society is getting today.

Now, remember this. Any American worth his salt, who would not want the support of a good Christian organization, then his salt is not good for America.

Anytime you try to tell the truth about an operation, the Dragon seed tells you it is a lie. Governor Brown is also Dragon seed. And I have not heard him attacking the Communist party altho he attacks the John Birch Society. I have not heard him attacking the working evil that attacks the masses of California. I haven’t heard him calling Harry Bridges or any of his crowd conspirators, but that is what he calls this Christian organization. I haven’t heard him call any of those that tie up your docks and shipping a conspiracy.

How do I analyze this situation? I think America must wake up. And one of the greatest responsibilities we have today, is to put every Christian to working on his own behalf for God’s Kingdom. That means we must take over from the office of the President on down thru his Cabinet and down to our Governors as well. We have to work at it, plan it and think on it and make this a project for every Christian American. I think it is time we all have a gentleman’s agreement that we will never vote, nor buy or sell to Dragon seed.

I talked to a commentator and he said he was called and informed that they would put him off the air if he gave any recognition to Colonel Gale who is also running for Governor. He could talk about Knight, or Nixon, but he could not talk about Col. Gale. For they did not want the country to hear about him. They did not want the country to know about him or about his platform. And this commentator, who belongs to this congregation said he would tell what he wished. So we know that this is a man. And we pray and work on our level and we see this struggle now even on our level against Dragon seed.

I have visions of a day when you can put your hand to accomplish it, and we have men like General Walker and Colonel Gale as Governors of such States as California and Texas. These are not dreams. They are visions. Listen, my friends,------’And I saw the water come out of the Dragon’s mouth like a flood and I saw the judgements of God swallowing up the flood, and I saw the judgements fall upon the Dragon seed, and I heard the words, ‘Salvation unto the children of our God.’ This will be a new day. I do not want you to go out of here worrying about the terror by night. Read again the 91st Psalm, for it is a good thing to read every day. I want you to know that the story which I read here is an awakening, a cleansing of evil, the leadership of all nations of God’s Kingdom standing on their feet, a military crush and blow against the enemies of God’s Kingdom. And everybody awakened or in ignorance is going to be free from one end of the earth to the other. And the Glory of our God is going to cover the earth like the waters that cover the sea. I would not surrender living in this time and history. I am thrilled by what is going on in space, in the fields of great new wisdom, in the promises of my Father, and in the knowledge that we are on the edge of greater mortality.

So we say ‘Thy will be done.’ But know this, know who Dragon seed are and tell it, tell it, tell it. For the day will come when there will be no Dragon seed in this Christian nation. One of the most evil things that Dragon seed does is to try to poison one White Christian against another. We have another evil---filthy film just coming out now. It is called the ‘Judgement at Nuremberg.’ And this is another one of these propaganda programs.

Let me tell you something. Today on radio and T.V. they are trying to turn every Anglo-Saxon against every German, or against Scandinavia, or against Holland, or someone else. Every where the devil is trying to stir everyone up. He is getting ready to pounce on Egypt or destroy the Arab nations. He set up the turbulence in the Middle East. We have told you that things will get worse, for we have the measures of this cycle. And we tell you tonight, that the world is in a caldron and this is the crucible. But the Kingdom of God is made of enduring substance. So do not fear just strike at the enemy, for the victory of God’s Kingdom. (End of message)