Separate Vessels, 4-27-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-27-63

Tonight we are talking about separate vessels, we think this is an important subject because there is many conditions and environments with different people, and it seems to be affecting the lives of different people, and people follow leadership sometimes that they do not understand. The question arises in the mind sometimes of the uninformed Christian---how long will God put up with this kind of betrayal that great Christian nations are receiving from people in positions of authority. Or of leadership that acts like a Judas goat leading the people of God's kingdom in many instances down the road to betrayal. The answer is very clearly outlined inside the scripture. For there is nothing taking place upon the earth that is not known to our father. He is not only the Eternal God and possesses these capacities of Omniscience but he knows the strategy and the patterns of the enemy, and he also knows the areas in which they carry out their function. In trying to gain those whom they use for a front for their programs. Lucifer has always been a super deceiver. And on the world horizon he operated as a deceiver. He even thought to introduce himself as having more power and more wisdom than God. With the seduction of Eve it was never what did God say it was never mind that this is what I say. But in these instances he had to be persuasive for he had to introduce the first areas of the fall which affected our race.

Now; as far as the plans of God were concerned, Lucifer has never been able to affect the plans of God. Thus nothing ever happened that God did not know about, and we have one of the most vivid of records of this and it is called prophecy. In fact the gifts of prophecy, the records of prophecy, and the declaration upon the part of God of events that would take place, long before they would happen demonstrate how accurate and omniscience the mind of the Eternal really is. After all the infancy of the Universe and how it was put together reports quite accurately the mind of our father, and his ability to supply every necessary condition in our environment, to bring about all of the victories that he has assured us he will bring to pass.

However in the course of human experiences there are a lot of strange things which transpire. Some times we wonder how some men can be so easily influenced. But these are turbulent years in these United States, and this is one reason today that the enemy does not like those that they consider the ministers on the right. Last week when the Attorney General of the state of California was in this union Convention and they were addressing what they called extremism and he was attacking Christians on the ‘right.’ He was attacking the fundamentalists, and the patriots, and the 'right wing' on the basis of the fact that they had a devil theory, and they blamed communism as a devil conspiracy, a devil philosophy and distributed by a devil's people. Well, this is absolutely correct. Not only do a devils people distribute and further the cause of Communism but so directly are they the devils people for Christ said; --"Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do" He said;--he is your papa and you are not going to be any different. In fact if I was professor Matt the least thing I would stir up would be Jewishness. However in the course of this matter we point out to you that Communism continues to be a devils philosophy and a devil’s program. And as such therefore the secrets which some people do not understand is that these instincts seek to gain control. And in many instances of those not identified with them by race or by background so that they will be harder to locate and put your finger while they do the task of the powers which have captivated their minds. We do not always know of the genetic background of some of these people, for I am a firm believer in kind producing like kind. And I am also a believer in genetic and hieratic law. I understand why God wanted to preserve in your race a holy seed. I understand why it was that from the days of Adam he warned you not to intermingle with those represented by this tree of knowledge of good and of evil. It was the seduction of Eve with this race of the tree of good and of evil that lost for your race this aura of Glory. For the light of the spirit and the light on the outside of this your race could not cohabit with the darkness rand keep this glory. And I well understand why God would not accept as the proper line of posterity of still this line of our race, until Seth was born, who was acceptable unto God and accepted these patterns of cleansing with its impact upon the race. This is why Adam said that now I have begotten a man in my own image, and after my own likeness.

These instruction with which God guides and instructs the people for the preservation of a society was to build his kingdom and carry out the purposes of that kingdom. As we have cited to you this afternoon ----unto you it is given to know the Gospel of the kingdom and to them it is not given. And the Apostle Paul also classifies this by saying;--we have not received the spirit of the world order, but the spirit of God This not only searches out the deep things of God but makes us capable of understanding it. And then those words of The Christ which we referred to in the 14th., chapter of John which is;--I send upon you this spirit, this Paraclete which is understanding which the world cannot receive, but you can receive it. All based in the background of a spiritual seed, in a physical body to carry out the program of God's Kingdom.

In discussing this pattern there has never been a conspiracy so deep rooted as the plan of Lucifer to mongrelize and destroy your race. But that race can be polluted and mongrelized in spots but its rise to control the world is permanently guaranteed. Thus, this is Lucifers major design. He knows also that certain affidavits have been made as to how God will bring in his kingdom, and how he would introduce it thus making it essential for the preservation of your race as the carrying out of the program for your race is the divine ideal.

Now; if people would destroy that race and make it unusable at least he would postpone the coming of the kingdom, and thus break his power. We are told in the scriptures that even Lucifer knows that his time is short Thus he is working with great speed to try to accomplish a victory, and prolong that period of time.

Now; I have some news for Luciferian forces, for their time is not long at all. It is very short, for not only Lucifer. But all of the forces, and all of the powers will be swept away from these areas of power which he controls.

Now; the reason why the enemy does not like the 'right wing' of today is because we have a blueprint, we have a plan which God has unveiled, and we believe it and we are going to help carry it out. And we are never going to stop until it is finished. When the Attorney General pointed out the fact that these extremists will never go along with coexistence or never approve of any plan which would work out a deal with the Russians because they want nothing but victory. Well I am glad that he understands us, for we do not want coexistence. And we will never be satisfied until the hammer and sickle is gone from any place upon the face of the earth. And the dangerous thing is--the Attorney General said,--is that these ‘right wingers’ oppose any leadership that tries to get along with the Russians, or tries to make a deal, or tries to work it out. He is right we will never support anyone who advocates deals with the Russians, and we will never trust anyone who has made such a deal in the past. One of the great mysteries is as to how the infiltration of the powers of darkness was carried out in America, so skillfully and successfully that they could be appointed to high Cabinet offices, or that they could gain so much influence in these United States. Since the fateful days of the Roosevelt Regime to this time we have been going steadily down hill. And this has been introduced into America basically under the control of Left Wing Liberals, the majority of them Jews, who made up the 'Brain Trusters' of the pre-Roosevelt days, who rolled into power with Mr. Roosevelt who they dominated and controlled. Whereas we see the tremendous damage which was done by the house of Roosevelt, even Mr. Roosevelt was naivete compared to some who followed him, or were around him. And there were some redeemable factors even in his administration. He lashed out many times at this Jewish power, when he thought that it was becoming too great or too dangerous. And eventually when he did not conform to his designs, they directed for his assassination. We point out to you that altho it is not listed as such, the death of Roosevelt was by assassination. We point out that the world Communist organization was deeply involved in these patterns, and behind this whole situation and increasing strength was this design. We look back on the days of Mr. Truman, and then forward into the days of Mr. Eisenhower and there was no progress made as far as the elimination of the forces of evil, and of world communism in positions of authority, this was never carried out.

It is a rather significant thing that eternal security had long lists of investigations, that pointed out and identified leaders in the areas of Communism and conspiracy which were deeply entrenched inside of our government. Was there any attempt on the part of the Executive branch of government from Roosevelt’s day to our times to eliminate these powers entrenched in our government, to sort of break them out of their areas of our government?---No. In fact, this increased until under Mr. Eisenhower, we had more of Stalin evil work done than in any other previous period. There can be no doubt of the fact that we have watched the control of a great number of these people. Thus we say that if we were to go back into the background of these selected people we would find a deep affinity between these people and the ones who selected those who were more prepared to be his FRONTS.

There is certain things about divine sovereignty that I want you to understand. And this is that God is not fooled, nor is he mocked. But he has in the pattern of his own determination not permitted certain areas of Satanic influence. Other times when he has permitted the captivity of these certain individuals who carry out the objectives of Lucifer, it is probably and act of his Grace not to have permitted some better material to have been used in this perimeter which he was preparing. Also there were vessels that were prepared as such.

The scripture refers to the fact that your body is the temple of the holy spirit If you happen to be of the household of God and of the race of the Most High, and an Adamite who has come down from the uncontaminated line. Then the spirit in you is the issue of God's own life and line. The body that it resides in is your physical house. Your soul consciousness is the ego that bridges the gap between the spirit and the human consciousness.

Now; in this pattern you are referred to not only as the house of God, but you are also referred to as those in different containers from those who are not in God's Household. God defines the spirit which is in you and the consciousness which is in you as different and apart from the spirit which is in the world, and the consciousness which is in the Beast order, and especially as it relates to the consciousness of Lucifer's own descendants.

Now; the attitude of the scripture today is not acceptable to a lot of our people of this time because basically they do not want ---"Thus saith the LORD,” to become the guiding influence in men's lives. They would like to make it apparent today that those who have faith in God are to be considered sub level in the intellectual world. But this is not easily established on the basis of the fact for even Mr. Mott when talking about the extreme right, in their devil theory and their faith in prophecy, he said that this makes up Protestant Christianity and it is made up of a great number of businessmen and industrialists. Well I would hardly think that these business men and industrialists in financing the 'right wing' and such areas of development would not be considered intellectual enough to be on his level. I point out today that if the enemy believed that the 'right wing' had it then they would not fight it. It is also a fact that they understand that with speed and strength that God is awakening his people. He is stirring their consciousness in these areas of responsibility.

Now; I want to point out to you that the scripture refers to the individual as not all being the same on the inside, any more than they are all the same on the outside. There is difference in races and a difference in capacities, a difference in origin, a difference in spiritual wave length. All of these are built into the background of both their origin and their history.

Now; we are continually standing in opposition to those who only go half way. We are for everybody against communism and going in the direction of saving America from a communist Conspiracy which is an anti-Christ program. But we feel that a great number of people have destroyed their effectiveness in this field, in part, by covering up for Satan's own children trying to give them a good report.

Now; let me also point out to you that God is without question the finality in the pattern of righteousness, and utmost in the processes of Love, and in the areas of understanding. For God not only loves his creation but he has a far more reaching responsibility toward his creation than anyone else in the Universe. And even as to the elements of darkness, he not only declares that he is going to wipe out the darkness, by putting them in situations until they will recognize God and eventually bow the knee. And some of those things reach out into the ages to come, but God never asked you to do something which is set for three or four thousands years in the future, he did not ask you to do it today. This is something which you are to understand, you are to live in the relationship of the plan which you are in. And right now the Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to fight the devil and his children just as hard as we can fight them. This is for our training, and this is good training. Someone said but wouldn't you like to see all of the Jews become Christians, wouldn't you like to see them all changed? If they had the capacity, --yes.--But my bible tells me that they do not have the capacity and I would rather see them leave. Someone said;--but Dr. Swift there are a lot of anticommunist who do not think this way. No, that is true and they are giving the enemy a place to hide.

Now; it tells me over here in the book of Romans something about the sovereignty of the Most High God and his knowledge concerning these things are absolute. But it has this to say;---'If God is willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, he has endured for long these vessels of wrath which are fitted for destruction.

Now; here is a passage which tells me that God is willing to let his anger be known, and his power against evil has however permitted some of these who do great evil in the kingdom of God to stay alive. He has permitted them to carry out their objectives and spring to their own destruction.

Now; we are not talking about anything which relates to the holy spirit, we are not talking about the pattern that God has for them in the endless ages, what we are talking about is that the sowing and reaping has to exist in the area in which the sowing is made. There are a lot of people bringing about their own destruction and those associated with them whether they understand it or not.

Now; God talks about these people as being vessels of wrath, and they are preparing their own destruction. So he says that he shall make his power known for he is long suffering. These are the vessels of wrath which are fitted for destruction. Thus they are a part of the world order and their destruction is ordained.

Now; he says;--That he might make known the riches of his Glory, the brilliant majesty of his own divine nature on the vessels of divine mercy which he hath prepared unto Glory. So don't you worry about anything God has prepared beforehand. When we talk about these vessels, we are talking about the physical embodiment of beings in the earth, and God says about your race, that the preponderance of your race, are people he has known from the beginning and that they are the Elect by his foreknowledge, from before the foundation of the world, and they are the vessels of his Mercy and his Grace which he, aforehand has prepared unto this Glory and destiny. God talks about specific vessels which he calls out. Sometimes it is hard for men to understand, sometimes vessels are captured by environment, and then when suddenly they are filled with the Grace of God they fulfill the destiny of what God has ordained, to come out of that. I point to the Apostle Paul who as Saul was completely under the brain washed control of the evil power of Satan's own children altho he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but actually dominated by Jewish thoughts. Anyone who is a captive to Jewish thought is on the wrong side and in a bad spot.

Now; God stopped this man's evil because of his ignorance and God was determined that he was going to use him. He was well educated in actual philosophy and historical import, and this individual Saul was desiring to do the great work of God, but he had been captured by error, filled with error and he was doing the work of error. Then God stopped him on the road to Damascus, and then afterwards this is what he said;--YAHWEH makes this declaration---he said; go thy way for this man is a chosen vessel unto me for he is to bear my name unto the nations and the kings of Israel --'He is a chosen vessel unto me. To bear my name unto the nations and unto the Kings and unto the children of Israel. And God raises up chosen leadership and chosen vessels to expose the enemy, and chosen vessels will say---"Thus saith the LORD.” These are special vessels unto the household of his vessels which carry his spirit.

Now; at the same time the enemy has all kinds of people doing his work and God looked on the embodied Luciferian hosts as the vessel seed for his destruction. You do not have to worry about their destruction you just have to worry about their destiny, for when they sow it they reap it. I would turn one moment over to the writings of Peter who was writing concerning these people, but I want you to note how very bluntly the spirit inspires Peter to write in this matter. He talks about these evil people who despise true government presumptions and self-willed, they prove that they have descended from the fallen angelic house, because the scripture says that even Angels who were greater in power than they could not bring a railing accusation against them before the LORD. But who are these evil people. ? Who are these evil powers thus embodied? Fallen Angelic hosts unassimilatable offspring, these people whom Jesus pointed out saying;-'Ye are of your father the devil.’ Do you know what the scripture says about them? Do you know what Peter said?---

The other day, someone was talking to me and he pointed out what we have been talking about, but he said that now we should embrace all religions and all philosophies to bring about Peace in a world community. That we should embrace the United Nations, and the world police force. Altho the Vatican does not intend to embrace it for they are a little higher, but the instance is that they suggest that we embrace it.

Now in this instance this person said --now you will have to admit that the position of the church is for love and understanding I said but that is not what Peter said. This man was contending with me that Peter was the first pontiff of his church, the first Bishop of Rome. I said I am not even going to argue with you, I am just going to say that this was a God selected man, and if he was Bishop then what he said must be true. Well, he said --I will agree with you. All right fine --for Peter said these people are natural Brute beasts to be taken and destroyed because they speak evil of things they do not understand, and they should perish in their own corruption. Therefore Peter did not say that we should love them he said that we should irradiate them. But just like king lines and dynasties I guess the Bishops just get weaker as time goes on.

Anyhow Peter was very, very close to the source of inspiration in the ministry of Christ and he well understood as he worked in this areas as to whence came all of the trouble arrayed against Christ and the Christian civilization of the kingdom. So Peter said--of these unassimilatable Jews --they are Brute Beasts made to be taken and destroyed.

Now; do not go out of here and say that Dr. Swift advocates that we destroy all of those who are Brute beasts. But I do advocate that we followed up every communist and locked up every enemy of America that seeks to overthrow us to a foreign power. And when we move into these areas of the final results of Armageddon, altho the pattern of that is too big a subject to enter in tonight, we will talk about Armageddon next week. But there are facets in the intervals that we see in which we see struggles that relate to America. Relate to Christian struggles everywhere As these troubles start there is battling in the streets, and in doing these things we see that they are done by these evil patterns of darkness, and these vessels of evil that stir this up. I think it is time for every Christian, Protestant and Catholics everywhere to recognize that strange powers and influences are at work today. And we must recognize right now that there are vessels in this country and thru out the world, who are selected vessels of destruction. But God has some vessels of Victory as well. And these forces which bring about their own catastrophe all over the world do this because they are reaping what they sow and their society is reaping what they sow and along with this has been their design to overthrow your society. But they have no spiritual capacity and they function as Peter said as brute Beasts made to be taken and destroyed. These are the vessels which God outlined are the vessels of wrath and judgment And their hand has been known for a long time, so the scripture says, and Grace and Mercy has tempered with long suffering the final judgment upon these areas of darkness.

Go back to Washington's vision, and you know it was rather hard for the Kennedys or the Motts, to come out and say, oh, you cannot say this, you cannot talk about this because it is pretty hard to disallow George Washington’s vision for it is in the Library of Congress, on file and on record, George Washington said this is what God showed me. And they can come to it and say there is nothing to it, for it is just a piece of propaganda, and after all he belonged to the extreme right, but a good place to start with the Extreme Right in America --with George Washington. He had no plans back at that time for coexistence with evil. He saw the hoards coming under a Red Flag. He saw the hoards under this red flag seeking to overthrow America. He saw the patterns of unassimilatable people, he saw the dark cloud of Negro revolution and he saw the battling in the city from the east coast to the west George Washington saw this. And George Washington saw every Christian battling the reds and the blacks. George Washington was praying in the midst of this vision and he saw the battles and he saw the things which affected America. He saw even the impact of the Civil war--battling over the issues stirred up by the enemy within. And in the process of this he saw that America survives this and then saw the final assault by the red hoards and the blacks against this country. He saw the battling in the streets, and he saw the smoke and then he heard the cry and he saw the great spiritual forces move in, and he saw the light move over the cities and he saw the clouds begin to rise, and he saw that the American flag still flies, and he saw the symbol of Christianity, and the bible was still in the air and he heard the words "Son of the Republic look and live."

This kingdom this nation cannot be destroyed, but George Washington saw white men in America become great Christians and strong, and he saw this as the final conflict for America, and you will find that this record is in the Library of Congress as George Washington’s Vision.

Now; if a man today advocated that we were going to have a conflict in America, in which the Whites and the blacks were going to tussle for America, and the whites were going to be triumphant, and all of the reds who stirred up the Negroes, that their power would be broken and they would be deported from our shores, to Africa and to the ends of the world, and we would not be trouble with this anymore, today they would say that George Washington was antisocial and a Fascist and a menace. So you see how times do change. But I will tell you something that they have not been able to do, that same voice and those same words, and those same truths involved would have reception in over 1/3 of America. The enemy has been unable to understand how to cope with a race like this.

Now; the Most High God tells us very clearly that these things are going to come to pass. That we are in this period known as 'Jacob's trouble' but we are not to be disturbed for we are to trust in HIM. That in this period when the weapons of destruction are being prepared for you, he said;--just take my hand for not one single weapon that they find to use against you is going to prosper. They are not going to destroy America they are just going to try. And then in the background comes these assurances found in the book of Esdrath (Ezra) that upon their own land will come the weapons to reduce their cities to powder and dust, in the days they move against us. But do you know where I think the most dangerous fight for America is situated? I think it is in hand controlled Leadership. I think it is in the areas of the representatives of our nation who are seeking to confiscate the areas of our representative authority. Today the Congress of the united States is legislating and passing bills while virtually being dictated to. In the areas where they have sought to put on restraint, the Executive branch of government has sought to establish by Decree I and put under the existing decrees, laws that are not laws at all never have been created by the congress, and have been written and revised by the Executive branch, and is nothing but Executive Tyranny.

A man said to me--Dr. Swift I am disturbed about being under the dictatorship of the Kennedys. I said; well if you only knew it you are not under the dictatorship of the Kennedys, you are under the dictatorship of the Jews. For the Kennedys are but instruments and Pawns in the hands of the enemy.

I want you to realize that there is a definite pattern going on underground in America, a definite program which the enemy directs, to create problem, and to create emergencies, so that their directive can come along and take over areas of the government. I want you to know that the Kennedys want trouble in Alabama. They not only want this trouble but they will push this situation until by emergency action, they will with Executive order take over and violate what is Constitutional rights.

I tell you that they may discover more trouble than they anticipated for this has spread all over America, this violation of Constitutional law which they attempt by decision and decree to rule over these United States. I hope that in the process and seeking to find the way to true Peace that Christianity will come out of its sleep with great speed and understanding that it must put first things first. There can be no peace until we have been victorious over the enemy. There can be no peace until the powers of darkness have been broken. There can be no Peace anywhere while Christians anywhere are under the bondage of his evil.

And this is a rather significant thing --what a strange week. -American heroes here in the United States, who have served their country and received metals of honor, while on duty on an American Post, while in defense of their lives, shoots a Communist revolutionists in Cuba. And then because they know so well the pattern of government and the repercussions which will come upon them for doing their duty, they have to hide the body for fear of what will happen to them. This is a tragedy and shows us the strange situation into which we have descended. I have no respect for Commander Shoots or this other officer who has threatened to break other officers will, and that he is casting these men out of the service for what they had done. I tell you that these men who shot that Communist spy are worth a dozen General Shoots. What we need in America are more men like General Patton, General Van Fleet and others. There is no doubt that an attempt is being made by strange perverted forces, to make even the training inside of the United States army an ordeal. Instead of developing the ability to make themselves able to defend themselves, and to use weapons, sometimes they go to virtual areas of brutality to beat men, and to beat down their spirits. We need the spirit of our fighting men raised not lowered, lifted and not degraded, and we think there are a lot of 24 wonders today that are doing a very definite task for the enemy by their actions toward our enlisted men. And I tell you that this is a part of the strategy as well. We have no fear about the quality of American manhood, not the ability of any branch of our armed forces to respond to their responsibility. But we do feel that the enemy has infiltrated with the desire to weaken our armed forces and it is time that every American should awaken and eliminate from the forces every enemy of this great Christian nation from positions of authority. I am not sure that when this last Submarine went down that it was a defect in the ship, or in the Command of the ship. I am more prone to believe that this was an act of a Russian torpedo. It was sabotage and the leadership in Washington does not have the courage to admit it. Ship after ship has been shot down at sea, and there has been missing vessels in our merchant marines, and all are passed off as some unexplained incident. Altho we have been at warfare all of this time with the Soviet Union only we don't do any of the fighting and they do. What a strange situation, we can take up the vow to save Laos but we can't save the Cubans in our own backyard. What a strange situation when we can send Mr. Harriman over to grovel at the feet of Mr. Khrushev, and then come back and say that he has agreed to go with us and to keep Peace in Laos. And while we are doing that, we have military missions in Laos. But the world Communist pressure is increasing, and they tell us that they will never surrender until they accomplish their major objectives and we find ourselves pleading with them. All to many Clergy and all to may leaders are by acquiescence by appeasement are accepting their request to help find Peace. I tell you that the program of God's kingdom is diametrically opposed to this, and points out that only victory in which we break the power of world Communism, and the forces of evil will produce any lasting and final Peace. I think it a rather significant thing that in almost every area of defection that this attempt to socialize America was under the hands of these children of destruction. The Design in the Roosevelt regime was the design of Jews in that regime. And one of the most deadly of times in the history of America was when Mr. Frankfruiter was on the Supreme court bench. Who put in the Harry Dexter, allies White, and Algers Hiss in men in authority? Men who helped develop and put the blueprint of Communism --socialism in operation, in these United States. And in this instance great heroes of the war like Senator Me Carthy could be brought thru hounding and persecution to a premature martyrs death. While great patriots like Forrestal saw the deadliness of the Jew conspiracy and was put to death by assassination inside a naval hospital.

When one goes into the background of these patterns of conspiracy, recognizing how far the patterns of manipulation and war go, one wonders how long it will be before Christian Patriots will try to cover up for these vessels of destruction which Peter has so well named. I read a letter a few minutes ago that came from a Communist crusading Clergyman and this person said that they wanted everyone to know that they did not believe that the Jews were behind communism in these United States. This crusader who is speaking to many Americans said that he does not agree with John Beaty's 'Iron curtain over America' John Beaty who was the head of G2 in World War II was the best informed man on Communism in the United States. He was the head of G2 in Washington and knew and proved and his text book also proves that Communism was Jewish controlled and directed, and operated all over the world. So this Clergyman said;--I think there are as many Protestant and Catholic communists as there are Jewish communists. This is the statement on literature of a basic crusader.

Now; they say that they are very happy to proclaim that they do not have any part to do with anything which suggests the Jews are in Communism. And they are happy that this is not mentioned in the John Birch Society. And they say;--we have given a lot to this fight and we still do not believe that the Jews have anything to do with Communism.

Now; I want to tell you something, this man may have given up a lot to carry on this crusade, while he rose to fame and fortune to become a Communist crusader No one had ever heard of him before. I have watched a lot of Patriots rise for which I am happy. I have watched a lot of people move into this fight against Communism. Let me tell you something--Gerald L K Smith in these United States has declared, proved and established more on Communism than all of these writers put together. And has established clearly that Communism is Jewish and Zionistic and has often pointed out that the twin catastrophes of our time are Communism and political Zionism, and possibly he has been battling Communism the longest of any individual in these United States. Someone said the other day but Dr. Swift that is smeared leadership--well who smeared it. ? Let me tell you something. The people who tried to smear Gerald K. Smith because he was right, tried to smear Jesus Christ when he walked the earth, and said he was an illegitimate son of a Roman soldier, but they turned to cite that he was a traditionists, that he was vicious, that he was immoral and corrupt and they sought to put him to death. And finally with their own false witnesses and their own clamor their evil work.

Now; listen if it was not for the Resurrection there would be no meeting here tonight. If it wasn't for the fact that the Jews do not have the last word there would be no lights on in this building tonight, in a church assembly. But I just want to point this out, I want it clear. Do not ever try to push us away from naming the Jews, because someone smeared them, because of when the ones who smeared them were the enemies of Jesus Christ. I would rather have the animosity of every Jew in America than have the praise of one.

We become a little bit disturbed sometimes when people do not know the difference in vessels. I do not know how they go to the grocery store to buy their groceries. No telling what they get as they open up a can, could be peas, or tomatoes, or corn, they just do not look at the label they just open the can, because it must be the same it is in a can. That is the way people are taking people round about, they must be the same under the skin. They are not all the same under the skin, it is the content of the can when it is broken that counts. Only God made it a little more simple, for they could not bleach out the hair or dye out the countenance and not also change the pattern of the individual. You cannot change and Asiatic or a Negro by just dying him out somewhere for he still has characteristics to let you know what he was before that peculiar change. I see more changes in this funny looking wool every day as I look at these people. And when I see red hair or blond on a Negro then you know that someone is trying to change the label. But I want you to get this straight, when you see a Jew, no matter what they say they have done to the label, don't you trust him. Note its content for it is a vessel of destruction. Someone said I saw one who called himself a Methodist the other day, yes I have seen them calling themselves every denomination on the face of the earth, but do you know what is on the inside --J E W.

Now; I was asked as to what we said last Friday night concerning a great patriotic movement. And had we turn against this leader? No, we are not distrusting the man behind the scene. No this man has built a great patriotic movement. He has gathered people by the thousands, and this is the most fertile area to spread truth in these United States, so I am not against anyone who is going our way. But the leadership that this man provides is limited to his understanding of truth. If he would affirm more truth and less error, he would be more influential. So I listened to these words, and I am reading out of one of the largest patriotic publication in the United States. Their patriotism may be fervent but their understanding of the problem may be more limited than they perceive. Therefore, this individual said;--I do not want to be called anti-Semitic. But I have been called anti Semitic by people on the extreme right, by Elizabeth Dilling in her bulletin. Even my committees have been filled with bunches of Jews and Jew kisses. Isn't it funny that the newspapers or any where in the east they would call me anti Semitic? I think it is rather strange but any time that you fight communism, even if you bend over backward for the Jews, they know that you are their enemy, for communism is their baby, and they will try to get you with that snipe any how.

Now; listen;--with all of my experience in the manufacturing business I have had a large percentage of Jewish customers. This always explains why some people don’t want to hurt their business. For over 35 years I sold them goods, traveled with them and drank coffee with them, stayed in their kitchens of night and went to formal dinners with them as equals and with equal pleasure I borrowed money from them when I was broke. So this explains again why this man cannot fill the top position of his leadership role. When I was a young man, I was in about one or two Jewish homes and that was enough for me. And anyone who has been in thousands of them must enjoy it but it puts a different quirk on his leadership. If you don't think so then you just have not been around them. He said;---I take pride in the fact that I have more friends among the Jews than any Christian in America. Well this sets us straight for we see that a lot of these fellows does not know what it is all about. Or they have an ulterior motive in their profession. He said;---There are literally thousands of them and they are still my good friends. Someone has sold you a bill of goods. For I am going to remain their friend in spite of any propaganda or politics that you swallow. So anyone who says they will keep these Jews for friends whether they are communist or not, then we need to watch them. And he said;--if anyone can find one line, no matter how little that I have written which can be construed that is against the Jews please tell me. And going on just a little farther he said;----If someone has found in our society that I am anti Semitic then remember there is nothing to it. And this organization while they are stressing Christianity, and they say that no matter what organization it is if there is some good being stressed they are for it and this includes the Jews, and they are welcome. But he is not speaking for me or my group.

Now you can go to that patriotic organization meeting and you might do some good, but I tell you that in this organization all religions, are not welcome. And in the Church of Jesus Christ, any patriotic work is Christian and nothing else, it is not Hindu, or Buddhism, it is just Christian. This man said that it is a shame to blame the Jews for Communism, for Communism is not compatible with their religion. And the Jews when they become Communist stop being Jews. What do you think happened to Karl Marx, did he stop being a Jew when he became a communist? If you could change Karl Marx when he became a communist then you could change the nature of a man when they change political philosophies. And that would make communism more powerful than Christianity. But you can't make nothing out of a Jew but a Jew so Christianity will not rub off on a Jew. Jesus took one for a disciple and for three years, and he was subject to the same power of light and life and the same miracles as the other eleven. And then at the end he sold God for 30 pieces of silver.

Now; who among you think that you have a philosophy or a bill of persuasion that will make one of these individuals perform in a better manner than the presence of God would do?

Listen;--I want to site among these final words --I want you to know that irrespective of what happens, I want you to know that I and my society are with you, and we will remain your friends and I hope that You will remain mine. These are the final words of this Evangelist.

I am holding up a book by a right wing leader, it is black book, this is Mr. Welch's book called " the politician." And some of you may remember that some time ago in a meeting that a columnist in a meeting was sent down to represent that group on television and we came also. And then when on Television they tried to downgrade our type of patriotism and it was looked upon with destain because we would not accept some of the patriotism and its leadership. So we called to the columnist that night--don't you talk a lot about Communism, and being on the wrong side of our identity of Jewry in these papers. The organization you belong to and you support goes far more extreme than I have tonight. He said; what do you mean? I said --the John Birch Society, and he said I would not mention it with the same name as yours. So I showed him what was in the black book which exposes the communist connection, and even the obedience of Mr. Eisenhower who all of the way worked with the Reds. And he denied it saying it is not true. But I introduced the material that night on his broadcast. And great fear was sweeping the nation, and then all of a sudden all of it just disappeared. There must have been a lot of persuasion in the areas of Mr. Welch because he brought the black book out again in 1963---and here is this printing, here is the black book. It may have a few pages deleted but I want to point out that it still shows that the elevation of Mr. Eisenhower to supreme commander had the approval of Joseph Stalin. That he took the orders and followed the orders as to what Joe wanted, and notorious communists worked with him and even wrote his memoirs. And in this black books it talks about how behind Mr. Eisenhower was the guiding influence of Mr. Henry Morganthal. So in this courageous piece of writing I wonder if this writer knows what is the genealogy of Mr. Morganthal is. For he names about 17 names here of top directors of communism and every one of them is a Jew, which just help prove that Communism is Jewish. So they write in this little black book about the Morganthal plan for Europe. Never was their a more diabolical plan made to wipe out the white race and Christianity in Central Europe, and in Austria and Germany, and it would make nothing but a path out of Germany so there would be no opposition for the communists forces coming in. Some will deny that President Eisenhower ever saw a Morganthal plan, for it was never printed. But I have two copies in my library--bound and listed as the Morganthal Plan for Central Europe. The most evil and obnoxious design.

Don't talk to me about the plan never being printed, and don't talk to me about the word Genocide, for the Jews coined the word, and this word they say will be used to convict people of any race and any people who commit it. If you criticize any race or any organization under the United nations, then it is called genocide. If they could get this implemented over your laws, then if you would criticize anyone because of their race or belief then they could try you in a foreign court for even having discussed the Jewish question. Well so anything about any race, color or people is genocide, and Mr. Morganthal has a plan for the extermination of the German people, and the House of Judah. But of course there are no people who practice genocide more than does organized Jewry. I point out to you that thee background of this volume just goes to show you what we have pointed out before, that Mr. Stalin had enough of the representatives who carried out his activities to get his way. Many, many thousands of people came into Europe and fought on the side of American and British soldiers, thru out the areas of Greece and Rome and up into Europe, and when Mr. Stalin had climaxed his arrangements with Mr. Eisenhower, he asked for the return of every refugee who had escaped from Communism to be delivered back into his hands. And do you know that Mr. Eisenhower’s orders delivered back into his hands 2 1/2 million people and Mr. Stalin had them shot. Some of them had fought heroically on the side of the allies, and thought they had earned a place in the west which would be a safe haven for them, after being soldiers in arms with our forces. Is there any doubt then that patriotism is being courageous when in a country, as this so influenced by the powers of darkness, that they point these things out? In fact it was Chairman Walters who called the executive order of Mr. Eisenhower incredibly stupid, the only way a good Democrat could explain these directives which came from high officials of his party, before Mr. Eisenhower became a Republican. I just want you to know that this also was a vessel, known in foreknowledge, and the pattern of it was for the enemy to bring to completion these periods of events. As we say that Mr. Eisenhower was such and such before he became a Republican, it is well known that Mr. Eisenhower did not join the Republican party until his name was in nomination. Isn't that unique? All I want to mention is that if you have never read Robert Welch's book 'The Politician.' This is a good book to try to buy. They get $8.00 for it but it is a good one to buy and put in your collection. I say that there is more evidence in this book of the treasons, and complicity and the conspiracy than any book you can buy. And anybody who loved America should never try to tell America that no one has every taken any opposition against the Jewish people.

Now; this is not an attack. The reason why I mention this is because a lot of literature and mail has gone out from here and there, and in the midst of this task of reaching people with truth, it crosses almost every segment of American life.

One of the things we are noticing today is that many of these patriotic groups are criticizing us because we make no place for all of the good Jews that are in America, and that we think that Communism is Jewish. So two of them Clergy and one a political leader has cited that you should look out for this.

Now; I am not in opposition to these men in their work, but I just want to point this out that we will never bring together or consummate the deliverance of America by patriotic forces until they are not only willing to name the enemy, and recognize the ammassinations of his plan and work for a Christian victory. I want you to know that a number of the prelates of Rome expressed their anger that the world should surrender to a United Nations world police force. I want you to know that this happened on all sides in this country as well, thus all of the Clergy are not brainwashed in any denomination or movement. I want you to know that today America is awakening to the knowledge that there is something very seriously and deadly wrong. I do not care what newspaper you pick up, any of them will have an article about the EXTREME position of truth. You find it in the columns here and there, and they are pointing out the Socialism and the communism, and the areas of attacks and in the areas of manipulation. If you are trying to find 50 more articles to whitewash it, then you will find it there. Pick up a copy of the U.S. News and World report and it is filled with news and documentation. I happen to know that 80% of the material in this book can be documented, with the last eight to 10 years using the U. S. News.

Now; I point out this to you tonight that every where Christian Americans spread truth as fast as they can, in every area where in it can be received. Every Patriotic organization should have the truth spread inside of it by the Patriots that know it. Every patriot who is following any leadership which does not proclaim the truth should have the truth explained to him. For I am going to tell you that except we know our enemy we are walking in Darkness. There is tonight the realization that we are climaxing more and more with each passing year. These great events, that cross the configuration in the sky, crossing measures set up almost 7400 years ago are measures which have seen star adjustments and planetary adjustments, and we know that we are reaching climactic hours since we crossed that meridian a year ago, but we point out to you now that God Almighty has not set back the time table. He has not determined to abandon you as a people, and he has put his protection around those who will proclaim the truth. You do not have to back off of the truth because you have to do this for security reasons. They that seek to save their lives will lose it and they who lose it for my sake shall find it.

Let me tell you something, I do not believe all of the powers of hell can stop a man until his work is done. The other day I was told that the army, navy and marines were told not to read any of the Robert Welsh literature. Now; this is as unconstitutional as it can be, for any citizen should have the right to read anything he wants to. But the fact that certain forces are trying to keep from the forces that defend America the truth, then this demonstrates that they are afraid of the truth demonstrated here in the black book. I discover that whole area of right wing literature is to be considered off bounds by the soldiers this discussion is being undertaken by educational authorities, and they are also trying to ban any literature from the Right from any College Campus in America. The order went out right here at UCLA, as the head of their regency board said that any fraternity who has any discrimination on any race, color or creed or national origin shall be barred from the state of California especially UCLA. And they say if they do not discontinue this area of separation and separatism they shall be expelled from the school. And if this fraternity in any other state does not resign from this practice they shall be similarly treated. This just gave me an idea. I wonder what they are going to do with the Hello clubs out here on the campus of UCLA and other Universities. The Hello club is one of the most vicious and Jew dominated fraternities in the United States. No one can get in but a Jew, but then I don't think anyone would want to. But how could you have a Jewish fraternity if it was not judged on the base of creed, color or religion. ? I think it is better to let them have their own fraternity and get them all over into one body. In fact I think they should have a big yellow arm band with an H on it so everybody knows who they are. I see a little disturbance and a few frowns but if you do not believe this then go home and read Martin Luther, after his great historical experience as a great leader of the church. Knowing the part these people played in betraying the continent of Europe to the hoards of the Asiatic, who were still attacking the continent of Europe in his time, in the hoards of Genghis Khan --as he said;--every one of them should be made to wear a yellow arm band and never should they be allowed in the Christian church Martin Luther cited this.

Now; let me site to you that the love of God is more far reaching than many people understand. The fact that God does not exterminate and destroy utterly these people is based on a law, and this law is that God cannot be conquered---that the Grace and the love of God cannot be defeated. That no power in his creation can get away from HIM because of one action of it. And yet in the Majesty of God's purpose Lucifer will no longer be known as Satan and will bow at his feet and acknowledge HIM, and then he will have to put in order everything in between these points. If there is any weight upon the shoulders of those who fight the darkness today, throw this weight off upon the shoulders of the Creator for he said he would take care of this thing in due time. You just occupy until I get back, and this occupy means to extend the kingdom, to built the kingdom and to work for its leadership.

There has been waves of atrocities and violence committed in this country by Negroes, and it is being fanned by the white hot hatred of the powers of darkness who seek to create trouble. The expanding crime and violence in our cities becomes a problem. We are in the hours of the terror of the last days, but deep down in our hearts we know that we are closer to victory, the hours are shorter, and the time is about to be made manifest, when righteousness and truth shall flood this world. We are not going down we are going to expand in the greatest day of American history. I want you to know that every one of you in this room are a vessel unto God to carry out a life purpose. And that life purpose is in relationship to your origin, to your spirit, your perception, and it is coordinated to help make this final wave of light and truth that God is going to use in this country. And I want you to know also that there are vessels who by their advocacy and their practice are fitted for destruction, and there are some people seven times as bad for they are proselytes of the darkness and they have turned against their own race. Just think what it will be like for these people when they have to live with those they have become associated with and they are put in outer darkness, for a period of time. I think that as they come back they will know a lot of things which they do not know today. I think these people who want to embrace the enemies of Jesus Christ should spend lots of time with them thru out the ages to come.

I want you to know tonight that the Grace and Love of God is not going to let this go on forever. If God did not intervene, if he did not lead his people to victory, then thru out the ages there would be wars and catastrophes, and depressions, and whenever the enemy wished to impoverish you, and he would be able to foreclose on your homes and your houses and make a mockery out of you. He would still engulf your children in the patterns of vice. And whenever you would run out he would precipitate a war between you and another part of your race, so as to get rich manufacturing the goods by which you kill one another with. And then after he made you prosperous and you went out and built new homes and other things then he would put in another depression so that he could take it away from you and live by doing nothing. This is the Parasite which Satan begat in earth, and this is what many people want to embrace. And they do not want to run them out of the kingdom of God.

I tell you tonight that it is the love of God which says we are going to stop this now, we have had the last cycle, we are moving into the climax and we are going to liberate the world from this kind of bondage, and we will even liberate these people from themselves. So we tell you tonight that the program of God's kingdom is one of love and it is one of Grace, and it is one in which judgments have been created by the operation of the individual, and its rectification can only take place by the act of God.

End of message.