Shaking Earth, 4-14-69



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-14-69

We will take a bit of time and consider the things in the news and how they relate to Biblical prophecy.  I want to point out a few things that have happened.  About a year and two weeks ago, we had an assassination in these United States.   Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Now I want to point out several factors about this man.

He was not only investigated by the Un-American Activities Committee and found to be active in Communist activities, which planned to overthrow the United States Government with force and violence, but also to deliver your society in to the hands of a minority group and into the Negro society.  And he was aided and abetted and financed by powerful Jewish interests in these United States.  More than that, the F.B.I. was following this man and they watched him delivering secret government information to the Communist and watched him flying that information out of the country.  Now the F.B.I. watched King at the airports, but they didn’t pick him up because they had instructions to only see how far he would go.

Alright, we know that King had a Red record.  We know that he was agitating as he moved from city to city just prior to their great disturbances.  And we know that we have been fighting Communism ever since W.W. II---in Korea and in Greece, and then in Vietnam.  And we have lost thousands of our young men battling Communism on foreign soil.  And we recognize that the conspiracy of Communism is anti-Christ---anti-Christian.  It is a pattern of the anti-Christian society designed by the powers of Satan which they hope to use to replace the plan of God’s Kingdom.  We know that when Communism originated, and started, it was financed and ruled by Jews.

We turn in the scriptures to the book of John and we learn that these that deny that Jesus the Christ is come in the flesh are ‘Anti-Christ.’  Well, I have just told you the background of Martin Luther King, and there is much more to tell you.  But, here was a man and he worked for the forces that are against the spiritual church of Jesus the Christ, and we have been at war with anti-Christ forces even since Communism came into being.  Remember that 17 million Christians were put to death in the first twenty years of Communism and now today, we can say that over 30 million people have been put to death because they were Christian.  They were put to death by anti-Christian philosophy.

No, there is no rhyme nor reason for any great Christian country such as the United States to make any type of peace with Communist forces as long as it exists.  In fact, Jesus the Christ came in the world as HE said, to overthrow all the works of the devil. And HE established HIS Kingdom to use it to overthrow the works of the devil, this Satanic design of these children of Lucifer whom Jesus identified as of their father the devil.  Jesus made this definite when HE spoke to the Jews and HE said, ‘You cannot believe me because ye are not My Sheep.’

So the program of Christendom is against Communism.  And yet, here we have a Communist under observation by committees of Congress and under observation by the FBI and suddenly, he is assassinated.  Now, we know that Mr. Ray did not do this, but they coaxed him into admitting it. And apparently, there was a pay off there that didn’t pay off and now, Mr. Ray is trying to get out of that trap.  Now, I don’t think that Martin Luther King was assassinated by Mr. Ray.  I think the Communist Party is deeply involved in this and Dr. King has served his usefulness and they thought that by the strange operation of making a hero of him, they could get more use out of him than they would by letting him be exposed and removed from his place of influence.

Now, while our men are fighting and dying against so-called Communist, they never know---a Communist here is allowed to run rough-shod over America.  He advocated shooting police and firemen and making war on our cities.  One of the biggest lies ever put over on America was the myth that Martin Luther King was a passivist and that he wanted everyone to get along in brotherhood and live in peace in this country and that he loved everybody.  That was and is a lie.

Now, since King is dead, then everyone talks about how wonderful he was.  And now Congress is moving to have a National Holiday declared honoring his name.  A man who has been used to try to overthrow the government of the United States and replace it with a Soviet type system.

Now, let’s turn to another situation which points out again the fact that as soon as you die, you are made into a hero.------

we have had some great Generals in our time in history.  One of them was General MacArthur, and he was one of the finest executives that America ever produced.  He fought the Pacific War with great brilliance.  After the war, we gave General MacArthur to Japan and we took Truman in this country.   That was a bad exchange.  Anyway, MacArthur dealt with firmness and fairness, and we stand high in the eyes of Japan, because even tho they were a conquered power, MacArthur moved in fairness.  So, he wasn’t considered a hero.

But let’s look at what happened in Europe between World War I and up thru World War II.  Here a conspiratorial design was brought into play.  The Polish Corridor was set up by the Treaty of Versailles.  And in that treaty, it said that in twenty years that Polish Corridor was to set up election s and the people would vote on whether they wanted to return to Germany and the city of Warsaw was supposed to be permitted to return to Germany.  Well, at the end of the twenty years, those in power refused to grant such a plebiscite and they agitated inside the Polish Corridor and they assassinated hundreds of people who were Germans inside that corridor just before Christmas.  Then before W.W. II started, they assassinated more of the Germans.   So finally, Germany said if this didn’t stop, she would go to war with Poland.  Poland answered:--Attack and be damned.

Now at that time, Britain didn’t want to go to war and here in America, Mr. Roosevelt was President.  And Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Morganthal told Mr. Roosevelt that Jewry demanded that America get into the war with Germany and that we should force Britain to declare war with Germany.  Now Britain knew that Poland had been the aggressor in this situation.  And so did Mr. Roosevelt.   For they had watched Poland seize--a few days earlier--the little countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  Later, Russian forces took these away from Poland.  But here in Poland, at that time with the Jews in control, these three countries had been seized.

In the meantime, there were hundreds of thousands of people who were trying to escape out of Russia into Central and Western Europe.   In fact, 1 and one half million White Russians escaped out of Russia into Germany and Western Europe and in to Finland.

When Germany was thinking of attacking Poland for her treatment of German people, she signed a non-aggression pact with Russia and this pact said that Germany would not attack any part of Asia when this was going on and Russia signed, saying she would not attack any part of Western Europe.  Well, before the ink was dry, Russia was invading little Finland which was a part of Western Europe.

Now, remember, Mr. Roosevelt said, ‘Red Russia will never change her spots, let’s hope little Finland comes out of this, and we will see that little Finland has war material.’

Alright, one and one-half million people escaped from Russia into Western Europe, and they went to work in war factories.  And they could find work everywhere.  These were anti-Communist people who were happy that they had escaped form the tyranny that was killing their families and had as its goal to wipe out White Christianity.

Now came something strange.  Eisenhower who never should have been higher than a Major, according to General MacArthur, was made General and Chief of the Army.  And according to General MacArthur’s diary, this was done because Eisenhower never knew how to say ‘No’ to anyone.  So then we see that General Eisenhower then began to work closely with the Soviet Union. So closely, that at the end of the war, the Russians gave him the Medal of Lenin Cross.  And embedded in that cross of Lenin was a stone worth $25,000.00.  This, they said was for service rendered beyond all call of duty---to the Soviet Union.

Well, remember that one of the greatest of mechanized infantrymen to use troops was General Patton.  And he had moved into a position only 12 miles from Berlin, and General Eisenhower moved him back to the present line which divides Germany from East and West.  And then let the Russians enter Berlin.  Then we had a free Berlin 125 miles behind the East German lines.  Here was another setup like the Polish Corridor.  Mr. Eisenhower said we promised that Russia could have Berlin.  Well, who promised that?

Later when the Russians said to turn over the gold and silver and all the wealth of West Germany, Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill said ‘No.’  But the Russians said, ‘you promised us that at Yalta.’  Mr. Roosevelt said, ‘If we promised, that it mus have been in small print and was never shown to us.  We dealt with you face to face and we know nothing of this promise.’  So the Russians said, ‘We will expose you.’  To his credit, Mr. Roosevelt said, ‘Go right ahead.’

Now the climax of that is-------the painters who were--we were told--painting Mr. Roosevelt’s picture in Warm Springs, Georgia,--really assassinated Mr. Roosevelt.  They blew his head off and that is why they never opened his casket so even his children could see his body.  Then the story was suppressed in high places because they didn’t want to excite the American people and get them angry at the Russians who were our allies.

These are just some of the facts that have been covered up from the American people.  But I want to point out to you that General Eisenhower had his people to round up those one and one-half million people who had escaped out of Russia before and during W.W. II, and he gave the orders and those people were rounded up and sent back to Russia.  And they met a fate worse than death.  These, my friends, were White Christian people.

So I tell you that General and later President Eisenhower was used to do this dastardly deed and he seemed to feel good doing it.  He is a hero today. 

Now, another strange situation that you should know about----This was of the city of Stuttgart, Germany.   After the city was captured by the American Army, someone gave the order and they rounded up the women from age 13 to 45 years and they put them in the subways of Stuttgart and then they turned loose 6000 Congolese Negroes in American uniforms into the subways and they raped and carried out wild sex orgies with these women until their screams and cries for help brought the American soldiers and they put a stop to this situation.  But, my friends, this went on with the knowledge of General Eisenhower because it seemed to satisfy the Jews.

If that isn’t enough, I will tell you that we have had all the Cold Wars because of the positions we placed ourselves in inside of Europe in the period of time from W.W. I to W.W. II and shortly thereafter.

The War Crimes Trials for Germans were a Jewish conspiracy to eliminate the last of their enemies in that area.  This followed the organizational plans of Morganthal to liquidate most of Germany.  This was the Morganthal Plan and since at least 70% of the men in command of these trials were Jews then most of the evidence was prepared by the Jews and 80% of that evidence was pure prefabrication.

I happened to be Pat McCarran’s guest when they held the war crimes hearings in Washington.  This was the hearing on the Katyn massacre.  There were about 125 officers of high rank in the German Army and many of lesser rank.  And these Germans had been executed for this so-called Katyn massacre.  Now this massacre was supposed to have been the situation where the Poles who were fighting the Germans and were captured, were forced to dig their own graves and then were shot and thrown in these graves.  The evidence for this trial was prepared by the Jews.  And these officers were sentenced to die.  Just one week before the carrying out of this sentence for the killing of these German officers, the Secret Police came to now President Eisenhower, and said, ‘we want you to commute the sentence of these men for we have evidence that they were not within 100 miles of this area when this crime was committed.  We also have evidence that it was the Russians who shot the Poles and buried them in the grave, they had been forced to dig.  And we also know that these Russians will never quit until they have liquidated not only Germany, but us as well.

Well, President Eisenhower said, ‘Let me think this over.’  Then this was his reply to these men and I sat and listened as the Secret Service men reported this to Pat McCarran’s committee.  ‘President Eisenhower said, ‘If we save these men now by this new evidence, then the American people will find this out and they will see that there is some falseness in these war crimes trials, and they will begin to doubt the whole process of the War Crimes Trials and that will throw contempt on the great War Crimes Trial prosecutor, Judge advocacy.  Besides all of this the anti-Communist in the United States will cry out against the Soviet Union.  So it is better to let these men die than to disturb this relationship with the Soviet Union with something we really don’t know anything about.’

So some of the cream of the German Army were put to death for a crime they never committed.  Now, people knew about this in this country.  And just last week, I see where Stanford University was doing research on the War and they asked for documentation on the Katyn Massacre and the return of those one and one-half million people to the Soviet Union.  Well, the judge said they could not have the documents on those happenings, for they might prepare a report that would tarnish the memory of a wonderful General named Eisenhower, and the American people would not like this.

All you need to do today, in this hour, is try to ruin your country and then die and they will make a hero of you.

I noticed as soon as he was dead, that all these men who knew of these crimes forgot about them and started to make a hero of General Eisenhower.

Now at this time, I was working with Senator McCarthy and Senator Jenner and Senator Eastland and others.  And we were working to try to remove Communist from government.  Now Senator Nixon who became Vice President Nixon, would come into these hearings and he was backing us in this.  And he realized that Senator Joe McCarthy was a great Senator.  And he said that we needed to get all the Communist out of our government especially the State Department.  And Mr. Nixon said, ‘If I ever get into a place where I can help you, heads will roll.’  He said don’t forget that I will be misquoted but you will know that I am hoping you get this job done.  And he said that Joe McCarthy was one of the greatest Senators America even produced.

Now if you read the April issue of the Readers Digest, this year, it was written in the month before, and of course, President Eisenhower didn’t know that he was going to die the next month.  In that article, Eisenhower said, ‘The trouble with America comes from the Right Wingers.  They keep the country stirred up by their attacks against Communism, but the real leader of this Right Wing group was always Joe McCarthy.  Well, President Nixon probably had to eulogize over the ex-President, but maybe he also thinks that it is a good thing that he is buried.  I don’t know whether he knows or not, but the Grandmother of Ex-President Eisenhower was Lizzy Stover and she was a Mulatto.  So you figure that out. It means that you may get a throw-back at any time.

Now the great Generals of our country included General Douglas MacArthur and General Patton.  But they weren’t heroes.  We in the Right Wing had a victory in some areas with the coming of President Nixon.  At least we slowed down the Liberal trend. But after the elections for different reasons, President Nixon has virtually turned away from the people who elected him.  In the trend of the war, we can see virtually no difference than before. He is either tied hand and foot by the situation in Washington, or he is beginning to go their way.  We are taking a beating in Vietnam because of the fact that our side cannot bomb where it would hurt the enemy.  Now the Nixon Cabinet was a pretty good one, but then the advisors to the President moved in and Mr. Nixon’s talks began to change and he was holding out hope for a peace agreement which will only mean that we back out with nothing.

(Well, finally, Nixon did get tough and he brought the men out of the prison camps and he must have been desperate at that time to try to do something for this country for he knew what had been going on for a long time.  Then at the last, he tried for a better relations with the Arabs.  But if he couldn’t change things in Washington, then we can’t either---until YAHWEH does it, and men act as YAHWEH moves them.)

Now, the Kennedy men were a strange situation also.  John Kennedy let Castro get by with murder and then he tried to even the score.  But John Kennedy was assassinated by a commie.  And then Bobby Kennedy was assassinated by an Arab because he promised airplanes to the Jew????  Well, remember when Bobby Kennedy went to South America and he said that he didn’t hate Communism.  In fact, he wanted to help make this a world--in one--and he wanted to be President of the World.  Bobby Kennedy knew a lot of what went on in Washington. He even had Martin Luther King’s phone tapped.  But he and his brother used King in their plans.  Did an Arab kill Bobby???  There is one Kennedy left and he is still a menace to the American scene.

Now, you have heard lately that the earth is shaking.  And the people are wondering if there is an earthquake coming.  Well, if you want to see how much the earth is shaking, then go up to Griffith Park and look at the seismograph and there you can see how it is moving all the time.  It is never still.  So California is moving all the time.  Also, in Athens, Greece, this morning they had a heavy quake.  Last week the quake shook in Turkey and 72 people were killed.  It shook in Iran and hundreds were killed.  It shook heavily in Israeli and it caused much damage in Tel Aviv.  It shook the Mount of Olives last week.  We just point these out to you.  This week the earth is shaking in the Panama Canal Zone.

(Then came the great quake in the high mountains of Peru and Mrs. Nixon took a plane load of supplies there.  And now the big quake in Guatemala.  A lady wrote from Hawaii and she said the air is bad in Hawaii as their volcano is smoking all the time and the ashes are in the air.  They reported that in Guatemala, that volcano was smoking.  Then the day before the quake, it stopped smoking.  Then Mt. Baker and some of the other volcanoes in Oregon and Washington have been smoking this past year.  Haven’t read anything about them lately.)

I want to point out that this is a shaking earth.  There are several situations that are recognized by scientists of which they think can be dangerous situations.   One of these things-----for thousands of years, the Colorado River ran out of the Grand Canyon and down thru Arizona, then emptied out thru the Bay of Baja.  All these years this river was carrying silt down to the ocean or Bay.  And it gradually built up the land behind this deposit of silt.  And the land behind this natural dam dried out and all the area thru the Saltan Sea is now 200 feet below sea level and behind this great natural silt dam.

Now what transpired, is that we built Hoover Dam and then Parker Dam.  And we stopped the silt from coming down.  Well, the San Andreas Fault runs right under this great silt barrier and up thru Indio and into the San Bernardino mountains, then to the coast line and on up the coast to San Luis Obispo and on north.

Down in Baja, last week, there was an earthquake, and the Mexicans came out of their homes.  The intensity of it was 5.7.  And if that area had been in industrial area, then we would have seen a lot of damage, as it was a great many of the Mexican homes made of adobe fell in.  Now one of the strange results of this is that clear back to Indio, north of the Saltan Sea, salt water was trying to come up in that area.  And engineers were trying to stop it for it would ruin the ground of that irrigated area.  The Saltan Sea was formed one time long ago when the Colorado River flooded that sunken area.  Now the engineers have looked over this situation and they reported that if a heavy quake occurred in the area of that great silt dam, then it would crack open and let a wall of water 200 feet high come into that area and there are 800,000 people in tat sunken area from Baja to the north end of the Saltan Sea. 

Now, you will say that this is just imagination.  But I would like for you to read the engineers report as it says that Southern California is sitting on a time bomb.

Now, remember, we have had a lot of constrained situations from a shaking earth.  For instance, at one time in history, there was a continent that stretched out to the west of us for 1000 miles. The last of this shearing off from our west coast occurred about 11 to 13 thousands years ago for some parts of it.  The water off the coast of California is one mile deep in most places and 1 1/2 miles in others.  At Monterey Bay, there is 1 1/2 miles deep right off their coast and submarines can go back under the coast a long way.  At San Luis Obispo where the natural fault runs, there is about 800 to 1000 feet of earth over that fault which is full of water.  So no support under that land. At one time, the government thought of making a submarine base there, but while considering it, small pieces of the ceiling fell off, so they gave up the idea as too dangerous.  Not only is everything from north of Watsonville all the way to Monterey, on a shelf which is a portion of what was once that continent to the west, but there are areas like this up and down the coast, starting at Malibu and all the way over to Inglewood, is over a vast piece of pie that comes in here to Los Enica.  And this piece of pie has no supports under it whatsoever.  When they drilled oil wells in this area, they used tools that dropped down thousands of feet thru sea water under this unsupported land.  The 1932 quake cracked two sides of this area, so there is no firm support except on one side.  If that side cracks, my friends, there will be cries rising to the sky.

Now we have lots of areas like this that I could tell you more about.  But we do not have the time tonight.  I just want you to know that God has been giving warnings of these catastrophes thru HIS clergymen.  HE has been giving warnings they their visions and dreams for 25 to 30 years.  These are ministers from every denomination.  Ministers of old line denominations, such as the Methodist and Baptist.  And then the Pentecostal ministers and Orthodox ministers.  And he had given them visions of whole areas of L.A. and Bellflower, sinking into the waters and now even at Long Beach parts of that area are already sinking.  And clear back to Riverside, areas are sinking and water has been coming over the land in other places.  Places like Burbank and Riverside have had areas sink and fill with water.  In fact, at Burbank, the City Hall sank until just a little of it is sticking out of the  water.

Now, not only have ministers had the opportunity to see these visions, but we have had three visions on this situation ourselves.  Now you can laugh, but the scripture says that all this does not happen until God has revealed it thru HIS ministers.  Now HE didn’t say when this would happen, but HE has given us a system of measures.  We can study the earthquake by measures of alignments and today the seismologists are recognizing this and recognizing the dangers of this.  We tell you that if earthquakes come in April, they will hit on the 5th, or between the 15-24, of the month.  This is just a period that they could transpire.

In the scriptures it talks about how the Luciferian forces who were thrown out of the heavens by Michael will make war against the woman who is Israel--MY Issue--ruling with ME.  And how this evil force will send a flood to swallow up the woman is possible.  Well, God says, ‘I am going to make the earth suddenly swallow up all this seed out of the dragons mouth.’  He says, ‘I am going to fight for this woman who has the testimony of Jesus the Christ and the commandments of God.’  The scriptures say in Revelation, that there will be a great earthquake such as there has never been before since man has been upon the earth.  We are told that 1/3 of the people who live along the coasts of the earth will be destroyed by this earthquake.  There are great areas in danger along the China Coast, for God also says that the earth will open up and swallow the seed of the dragon that is making war on you.  Thousands can fall by thy side and ten thousands more and no harm will come to you.  Back in the 16th chapter of Numbers, God said this will happen and HE stood by Moses and the earth opened and swallowed Korah and those rebelling with him.  So God said, ‘I am going to deliver My Kingdom.’ 

I want you to know that the greatest conspiracy of all times in history moved out against your race.  The concept of evil is in your land.  California is the home of the motion picture industry where once it was a center of culture and travel and history and amusement.   And not, my friends, it has become the center of rottenness and vice.  Their pictures have become corrupt and immoral.  They are sent out to deprave a generation of society.  They set those pictures to a tempo of music with a strange and peculiar rhythm.  Jews are behind the scenes controlling this industry.  And God is warning that HE is about to bring judgment on Southern California, make no mistake about it either.  Whether it comes this month or next year, or after that.  Remember God is going to wipe out the seed of the dragon which is trying to destroy HIS race by corrupting its children.

Just the day before yesterday, the Board of Education under strange influence, voted for the total patterns of sex education to be started in the Kindergarten and to run thru the High Schools. I listened to those doctors and psychiatrists who said, ‘this is a pornographic design to destroy the morals of the children, separate them from the Church and the family, and tell them all they need is to satisfy their own selves---satisfy beastly work.  And that God has nothing to do with it.  The Church has nothing to do with it---only your own desires.  Jewry is bringing in this material to crush your society.

Well, here in April, which is good earthquake time, the world order is making merry and rejoicing and they are talking and making fun of ll the prophets of doom.  But let me tell you this.  God says they are going to fall and L.A. is becoming a mighty headquarters for organized Jewry.  So it will have to fall.  Now God didn’t say HE was going to wipe out HIS Kingdom, rather, HE said the enemies of God’s Kingdom are going to get a taste of Judgment.   And don’t forget, my friends, that God is going to fight for the people of HIS Kingdom.  And the followers of Lucifer are not going to gain control of HIS Kingdom.   

(End of sermon)