Sheep Of His Pasture, 4-21-63


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-21-63

In these turbulent times in which we live then there is nothing of greater value that you can possess than Peace of Mind, and Peace of Soul.

There is in the structure of these events the great turbulence that faces the world, and there is a general trend of great fear. In fact we are told that fear is one of the signs of the age, and we are told that mens hearts are failing them for fear as they look upon those things that are coming upon the earth.

Even this type of complex becomes an area of excuse, for in the area of administration in our government, they excuse their treachery on the grounds of great feat that if they did the things which were right then we would be evolved in a nuclear war with our enemies. Always there is an excuse, and we are told that is because of fear.

Now we want you to know that if there is one area that does not belong to the children of God’s Kingdom, it is an area of fear. For this Kingdom is based on a relationship that exists with God, and that the Scriptures make so very clear. The Scriptures make it so touching that God looks upon you as His Household, as His people and His children. Then sets it in the Symbolism of a Shepherd and His Sheep.

If there is any area of Human Conduct it is that the Shepherd is responsible for the security of his sheep and that the Scriptures sets you in the area of this relationship. Yahweh assumes responsibility of the Shepherd, and in this area assured you that He will bring to conclusion everything that is of the best interest of the sheep, because He is the good Shepherd.

I point out to you that very early in the history of our race that the Adamic race was identified very definitely by the pagans who saw the white race, even in the earliest days, as a race of people more advanced in wisdom, knowledge, and technology, than any other race of people on the face of the earth. They referred to the Adamites as the Sheep, and they acknowledged the fact that you were identified with the Great God who was the Shepherd of the earth. In the patterns of the Ancient Star Bible they referred to God as the Shepherd, and you, His people, and His Sheep. The white race has long been identified with Enoch, the Adamic race and the Household of Noah.

Now; symbolically when the Great White Shepherd’s went down into Egypt in the days of Enoch and Job, these were not just Shepherd’s, but these were people who came into Egypt with technology and wisdom and knowledge of Science, and they built the great city of On as a Seat of Knowledge. This great city of ON was the seat of the areas of wisdom and technology and culture of that time in which the Great Pyramid was built. The Egyptians referred to these white people as “Sheep People” who had a Shepherd, not alone because they kept sheep as a race, but because they were identified as the Sheep of the Eternal Ra...and were called the Children of the Lord of Life and Resurrection. Thus you were referred to in the writings of the Ancient Egyptians as they wrote of these white people, that they were the Sheep of the Great Shepherd Ra....or the Great God of Space, and of the Sky.

Now; pagan forces of religion may have effected Egypt, but they did not, and they could not change this peculiar identity, that was one of the great working areas of Philosophy, in the thinking of such men as Enoch, for Enoch’s vast writing and great contributions to the Ancient literature of our race under the inspiration and direction of God continually pointed out in his areas of persuasion the dangers and the course of these dangers as God’s Kingdom would travel to the front in its establishment. He always would turn to the fact that God was the Shepherd and we are the be led.

I point out to you that since the Book of Enoch is not included in the Old Testament, since the days of the Council of Nicaea, 325 A.D., however, it was one of the basis of knowledge and understanding in the days of the early church.

Turn to the Book of Ezekiel because this Book demonstrates how throughly throughout the Old Testament that great and important truth, that we are God’s people ...existed. In the 34th., chapter of Ezekiel then God is promising the growth, the life, and the spreading of His Kingdom. How it would never be consumed by darkness and evil, and how it would never be ashamed and how it would be an astonishment to the Pagan, and Heathen, when it comes to its fullness.

Now we read these words in the 34th., chapter in the 29th., verse; and He said: “I will raise up for them a plant of renown, (a kingdom) and they shall be no more hungry in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore.” In the 30th., verse He says: “Thus they shall know that I, Yahweh, their God, am with them, and that they, the house of Israel, are My people.” “Ye are the sheep of my pasture...and I am YAHWEH thy God.”

Now if ever a statement in the mouth of a prophet was ever significant then that statement in the mouth of His prophet told us of His purpose, and of His Kingdom. It told us that His Kingdom was to be built in the earth and that it would be in the midst of Empires of the earth, and in the midst of people who are against all concepts of that Kingdom. Those Pagan concepts, guide them in their opposition to God’s Kingdom.

One of the great problems that we face today is that a great number of people, some of them great patriots, are against the areas of evil in our times, would like to place the Kingdom of God, far removed from earth, ..way out in areas of Spirit, and they continually refer to the fact that the Kingdom of God is not temporal, has no physical place in a physical world. Thus the only responsibility of the followers of the Christ is to some how get back into the dimension of Spirit, from which he came.

I think the Book of Hebrews makes it very clear to us as the Apostle Paul received these instructions in his heavenly experiences when he was taken into the very presence of The Most High, and when he also said....whether in the body, he could not tell. Also God explained to Paul the Mysteries which are found in the beautiful Apocrypha of Paul, and we find so much of this excluded from the Scriptures.....these evidence of wisdom and knowledge which God brought back to Paul’s remembrance. Again to the Apostle Paul He said:...”These are strangers, these who constitute His own people, the people of His pasture, these of the Old Testament, these so well referred to by Enoch and David and Ezekiel, name a few. Also He said.....therefore you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth and this forgetfulness I have brought on you is necessary, or you would go right back to where you come from.”

I want this to be clear, that God only intended to build a Kingdom in the earth so the objective is not to get you back to where you came from, for that is no problem, the Spirit would immediately go back to your father, and to be absent from this body would mean present with The Father, but the intention is for you to live in this earth body until the Plan of your Father is fulfilled. For He has not only begotten you with incorruptible spirit and seed, that lives and abides forever, but every problem and error that we have had has been in this physical plane and dimension.

I want you to know that the white race, which is the Adamic race, was God’s great and mighty Grace to the earth. Now; forces were already in the Universe and had already upset the course of Earth’s destiny, and corrupted earth’s Ancient people before the coming of the Adamic race. The planting of the Adamic race in the earth was the transplanting from heaven to earth God’s people, for the building of His Kingdom. He was sending forth a Divine Household, a Spiritual seed, embodying them in earth in order that they would accomplish His purpose. You never heard of earth body...before. This is the only body of this form that you ever had. The Spirit within you is an Eternal Spirit begotten of the Father, and has existed in the dimension of God’s Spirit since the beginning of your Household, and you coming into Spiritual existence.

You are the children of His own Household. In this earth you still have this relationship as the Sheep of His Pasture, and as His Household symbolized as His Kingdom. He is all the magnitude of His Eternal Magnificence, the Eternal ALL MIGHTY OMNIPOTENCE, the ALL wise God who looks down on you and says....Ye are men and I am your God.

In this instance, with our being in earth then the fulness of Divine Power, the effectiveness of unseen power, continues to rain down on His children in unseen influence and unseen areas of guidance. Even tho our race, by violence of Divine Law, fell, God in His foreknowledge told us that this would happen, even before the foundations of the world were lain. But even tho we fell from our destiny in earth then we did not fall from the foreknowledge of Our Father. We did not fall out of the reach of our Shepherd, nor did we limit the Power of God.

Let me point out to you that in every area of relationship between you and the Father, that God remains the Sovereign and the Supreme. He gives areas of Permission, and He permits you like Sheep to go astray. He permits you to move into new areas of experience and conditions of environments. But He retains that sovereignty that says....If I have one lost Sheep outside the fold, and the pastures of blessing, I will search for that Sheep until I have found him.

Now there is no chance that God cannot find His Sheep, or that He does not know where they are. These words in the mind of the Apostle Paul...Where would I go that You would not find me, and where under any condition, is there any possibility that you could not find me. No power, no principality, no condition can separate a child of God from HIS FATHER. Or a sheep from the Shepherd and beyond the ability of the Shepherd to bring the Sheep into the fold. I point out to you these words of Ezekiel...”Ye are my people, thus saith Yahweh, and Ye are the flocks of my pasture, and I am your God.” Go back to the Psalmist David to the 95th., Psalm and the 7th., verse...”for He is our God, we are the people of the pasture, and the Sheep of His hand.” And in the 100th., Psalm, verse 3...”Know ye that Yahweh, He is God. It is He that has begotten us, not we of ourselves. We are His people, the Sheep of His pasture.”

I want you to understand that not one person in this room had anything to do with his Celestial origin. Not one individual in this room had anything to do with the fact that he is a child of His Father. This is the results of the begatting of the Spirit of the Father. No child that you beget has anything to do with his origin, it start’s , my friend, back in the great purpose of The Father to begat a Family, who claims He wrote down the names of the “Lamb’s of Light” before the foundation of the world. He made this declaration concerning this...that these are His sheep and He speaks of this in His Shepherd identity when He says “I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish.”

Yet if there has been a catastrophe that has effected the Christian Faith then it has been the infiltration into the Christian nations these forces of evil. This is not only true here and in Europe, or where ever the white man lives, but almost all the problems of our Society come from these forces that we in violation of Divine Law sometimes permit to gain undue influence inside the nations of God’s Kingdom.

We find that these forces dwell and expand their power in areas of violation of Divine Law. These areas we can call evil transgression or the unliked word ‘Sin’, for by these processes they think to gain conquest over you practically every problem that faces you in a physical world comes out of areas of violation of Divine Law, introduced by these strangers trying to gain control over you. They manipulate your economy to bring you to economic slavery and they seek to manipulate areas of entrance into you society, when under the structure of God’s Kingdom they never should have become citizens inside that Kingdom. Never in the areas of Administration in the center of God’s people.

It is also clear that by these processes that these strangers who come to dwell among you are even elevated today to positions of authority inside our Government. Until we stand somewhat ashamed of Christian America. For the overwhelming majority of the advisors around the President today are Jew’s...who hate the name of Jesus..THE CHRIST. They can hardly wait for what they hope to complete...’The Socialist One World Government’ that will lead us all down the avenue to destruction.

Well; I point out to you that the speed with which we are watching and the strange degeneration and deteriation into the avenues of this apparent descent into Socialism and eventually into world communism.

One would become frustrated were it not for that serenity of Spirit that God quickens with abiding Faith...which causes me to know that the Shepherd of the Sheep is not going to abandon the Sheep to the false Shepherd and the forces of darkness. That He still has the final authority and the final word.

There are areas of commission and symbolism within the Scriptures, to challenge you to find your responsibility. Areas that place greater responsibilities upon you than other types and symbols that God has unveiled. In the area of the Sheep it was intended to give you this abiding Faith in the purpose of The Most High...That the Shepherd holds the responsibility of bringing the Sheep, to that place which is to their best interest, and also his best interest, because He is that Shepherd.

Now; there are instances in which Christ brings about His two-fold nature, the Magnitude of His Eternal Existence as the Eternal Yahweh. The impact of His physical embodiment as Yahweh dwelling among men, even as a man. Turn to John 10:1....”Verily, verily I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” Now; in this instance this is the beginning of a Symbolism that relates to the people of God, to a race, to a household. Any individual that does not come out of this household, is not identified either with God or with the Sheep of His pasture and has no proper capacity for that entrance.

There is only one entrance into the Household of God and that comes out of the Divine quality of Celestial seed, Spiritual seed, that is out of Yahweh. More than that, when identifying Himself as the Door...this is very, very clear. No one gets into that Sheepfold as far as Sheep are concerned, unless they are His issue. For this cause all the Sheep in His Sheepfold are His Issue. No Shepherd of the Sheep is taken out of the Sheep. Here by Symbolism is one of the great Mysteries of the Kingdom. So no Shepherd, unless he is identified with Christ and recognized as the Deity of Christ and recognized as a proper Kinsman or relative of this household, can be a Shepherd of the Sheep. Thus we have false Shepherds and true Shepherds.

We point out to you that one of the great problems that we have today is that a great many people are trying to get access to the sheep. We are told that they come today with the voices of a lot of prophets and spokesmen, and religious leaders of all ages and from all nations. Let me tell you....they have no access to the Sheep of His pasture, and He is not a God who shares His Sheep or His offspring with Hinduism or Buddhism or any other religion on the face of the earth.

We may look out with compassion over paganism, which has never had the opportunity that you and I have had to possess, and to know the things of God based on our Origin. We may look out over the races who lack the Spiritual capacity and the inspiration and technological capability that sets our race high above them, as the sun and the moon is above the earth, but I point out to you that in these instances the great area of God’s Grace is not a purpose of destruction, not a purpose of condemnation, not a purpose of Eternal torture and revenge, as some of the strange prophets of Theology have outlined.

His purpose is the building of a Great Kingdom...the transition of all the world into a position of understanding, the pushing back of the darkness, the subordination of even fallen Archangel’s, and in all of these things, you are kept separate and apart as a special race and a special people in the instance of His Ministry.

You cannot gather the people of China or Africa. You cannot take the people of Asia, or the Negro of Africa and say they are all the same as the white race, these Children of God. Then say they all have the same capacity, the same level of intelligence as the people of God.

It is this evil today that has created this great catastrophe in American life. For there is a difference in their Creations and Origins, as there is a difference in the multitude of Species of the Earth. Tho they were made in the image of similitude capacity of the actual species of God, who He identifies as the Sheep of His pasture. Still they are remarkably different.

This is the reason why you have the intellectual and spiritual capacity and superiority of your race. The imagery at the seat of your consciousness, of the areas of inspiration is an image that is in touch with the knowledge of God. The only hindering influences lie in the areas of the flesh and in the continual patterns of error that do have some effect on your Soul Consciousness, only the Spirit can make the correction here.

Eventually the energies of Divine Power, which is part of His Ministry to the Sheep of His pasture, will so effect the thinking consciousness of His people, that the washing waves of His consciousness will make you think as He wants you to think and act as He wants you to act, and there will be no error in your ability to carry out these objectives, and for this purpose the greatest error for the earth is to block the purification of your race, and the spiritual empowering of its understanding, and the magnitude of its achievement, and the growth of its society.

Far apart from the white race and it’s destiny, the world has nothing before it but bleakness and darkness, because this is God’s pattern and His Greatness and His Plan. You may say that there is a great majestic pattern in which Salvation is extended unto the ends of the earth...which is true. Well! WHAT IS SALVATION???

Salvation is taking people out of the Catastrophe of their errors in the violation of the principals of Divine Law, and the pouring out upon them the understanding of Divine Grace, that causes them to move out of these areas of destruction, catastrophe, and unbalance. Then places them in sequence with the Eternal God. Salvation is the relation or connection to all the destinies that reach out into the endless tomorrows, because the individual in His adjustment to God becomes in a perfect alignment with God. It doesn’t make any difference whether he is here or whether he is out in the dimension of the Spirit, or whether he is afar off on another system.

The fact is that the person who is in alignment with God possesses not only His nature and His makeup, and the joy of experience of His existence, but he has passed out of an area of darkness and superstition and dwells in Yahweh’s field.

Is it possible to combat the enemies of God’s Kingdom? Is it possible to oppose them even to the point of war and not be totally taken over with fear and apprehension? Yes, my friends, it is possible to carry out all the responsibilities of occupation which involves the overthrow of the powers of darkness, and the driving from areas of Power in the earth, these great powers of evil. Many of them do not belong in the earth at all. For they have come out of their dimension, in their areas of rebellion, and they have not kept their first condition, and thus are not in their original estate as the Book of Jude tells you, concerning these people. So we have embodied in the earth these powers and forces of darkness that have been sowed among race after race.

Now; Jesus, the Christ, repudiated this and identified these forces and people and told you from whence they came, and charged these fallen Luciferian forces for their evil. There is a design today, therefore to make all people insecure, and also to deny to the Children of God their position as His offspring, and as His Sheep, and also to deny the Spirit that leads His people. Even to deny the Spiritual origin of His coming, or the relationship of Him and His people, and out of that denial comes this pattern of fear.

There are theologies today that are really incomplete...thus false. They have men slipping from one area of catastrophe to another, never knowing whether he is finally going to arrive under the eternal destiny and security of the Grace of God. Always wondering whether this conduct or that conduct may not cast him outside the area of ultimate alignment with God.

I want you to know that all theology, which does not leave God with the positive picture, where He restores all false. In fact it is an attack on God’s nature.

When you find the ultimate Truth you will then find that which makes God all powerful, and that which gives you a sense of well being in your Faith, and you can commit your consciousness and your Spirit into His hands without fear.

Now we can see the difference in people who live in fear and those who live in peace (Understanding). For those who live in peace, because of their understanding of the magnitude of the Divine Presence, can move out in greater physical courage because they have no mental reservations about His Eternal Destiny being in the Hands of a God with Divine Power who says:...”I am your father, and you are the sheep of my pasture.” And as far as you are concerned He said: “I will restore, rebuild, and not one of my sheep will be lost.” I turn to David and to Ezekiel where He said: “All Israel shall be saved”...and is repeated again by Paul in the Book of Romans.

This concept of Salvation that has God competing with Lucifer to see how many souls he can get, and how many that Lucifer can snatch away from Him to put into some torture chamber, and to stay there throughout eternity, this concept belongs in Africa or with the Chinese Devil gods, but not with the white race, with the intelligence and ingenuity, guided by God which has produced the culture of the Western World.

There are those today who are afraid to accept truth, because some one will say you are a heretic. Or say it disagrees with a passage here or there. Well then lets look at these passages when you hear about these disagreements.

I can tell you that the revelation of God is most clearly identified when it builds up the Reverence of His nature, the magnitude of His Omnipotence, and demonstrates His Omniscient. The all wise Yahweh in order to lose anything, to ever be fooled, or outwitted by the devil is not accepted in Absolute theology.

Turn again to that chapter once more which says: “Verily, verily I say to you, he that enters in not by this door”...There is no other identification than this which He has made for Himself thru the course of time. Also...”A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel”...meaning ‘God with us.’

No other Messiah can approach this field of the pattern of a Shepherd of His sheep, except He who comes by this route....and there could be no other Elohim, fulfilling this time, this nature, this destiny.

The exact date of the birth of The Christ was set thousands of years ago, measured in stone, and nobody else could come along and fulfill that, for there is no other door, no other entrance. He that enters that door is the Shepherd. Jesus the Christ makes this statement, “I am the good Shepherd, and the good Shepherd gives his life for his Sheep.” And then demonstrated with His life as He paid the whole bill.

Now some will say that this isn’t fair. That it isn’t fair that God should eventually restore all the sons and daughters, all the people of our race regardless of all the errors that have been made. It is not fair for God to restore them to wisdom and power and glory as His sons and daughters. It is not fair that God should take this Household and build His Kingdom and put them over all the people of the earth when they don’t have the same religious systems and backgrounds.

Let me tell you something. The Great God who runs this Universe, who put it all together, He doesn’t have to ask you or I or anyone else what’s fair. He put it all together and He is the World’s Righteousness.

Now if you want to see a pattern of selfishness then watch it show up when someone doesn’t want to see another get as much as he is going to get, what that one does not put out as much effort to get it. Let me ask you then....what difference does it make? As long as God restores and gives unto you the magnitude and the glory of the Spirit that we shared before the world was made, and envelopes you with the power that He demonstrated while He was in the earth, and raises your great Nation to a position of power and authority in the earth for civilization and culture throughout the ages, then what difference does it make to you having received all God promised you?

I’d a whole lot rather live in God’s promised Household in perfect Administration and in perfect power than to cast an eye around and write of these in the sub-level of God’s Kingdom. The only sub-level’s are outside of God’s Kingdom, and this is because of the capacity of makeup, and the patterns of origin, and the levels of Divine Purpose. So don’t criticize that or you will next be questioning why God made Elephants and Monkeys.

I point out to you therefore that He said: “the door openeth, to the Shepherd,” and in this instance we point out the ‘self importance’ of the individual possessed this capacity, of unleashing in the seat of consciousness a witness in the Spirit, a surety of understanding that this or that which is spoken, is of God. You can determine it. Well, does it make God greater, or does it belittle Him? So we point out these words:.....

“He said concerning His Sheep, I go before them, the sheep follow the Shepherd, they hear His voice. He says He calls His Sheep by Name, He leads them out.” This is the way He leads you out. This is the way He calls you by Name.

So any capacity and perception you have has to be in the patterns of your consciousness. No one else’s perception becomes yours or has any effect upon you. You are not liberated until you understand this, because all men are bound by the way they think. The only place the Satanic power can bind where they think. This is the one thing that God said He is going to do. When He restores you then the renewing of your mind begins. He urges you not to be conformed to this world, but to be ye transformed with the renewing of your mind.

Now in the course of this measure the stranger does not have this capacity, to bear witness to the inner Spirit, and so the Sheep will not follow the stranger permanently. Even tho they might be for a moment persuaded, or even tho an attempted deception took place, Jesus the Christ said:...”I am the door.” And He mentioned this clearly, that if any man find an adjustment with God, he has to find it, by the realization of the Identity of this Divine Shepherd.

That He is a Divine Shepherd, that He was the author, that He was the Creator, that He was the begetter of all the areas of the earth. That He created people and begat His own Household and then transferred them into the earth. That the first Adam was the offspring of God, is born witness the embodying of the man...CHRIST JESUS...who is referred to as the Second Adam. We turn to these words...”I am the Good Shepherd who gives his life for his sheep.

Now; there are Hirelings, who are not good shepherds. They see the wolf coming and they flee, and the wolf catches and scatters the sheep. This is the marked difference between the world and the program of God’s Kingdom. There in that Kingdom there is no leaving of the sheep, there is no changing of the purpose because “God does not abandon His Sheep. False Shepherd’s move out today and they can be well identified by their irresponsibility and no longer identified by sheep, leaving the sheep to wander away without protection of a Shepherd.

He said...”I am the good Shepherd, and I know My Sheep, and I am known of Mine.” “And therefore I am The Spirit, the creative Spirit, that created the heavens and the earth. It is in me, it knows me, I am in it.” This is a known Revelation.

And so as The Christ stood in Jerusalem talking to the people of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin, who were His sheep, He then said: “Other Sheep have I”, so there were others than these two Tribes. Well, where were they? They were in Britain and throughout Europe, scattered all over in the known world of that day. He said: “Other sheep have I, that I will bring to the sheepfold.”

How do we know that He was talking about these sheep? All you had to do was wait and see who became followers of The Christ, who heard His voice, and who became Christian. What nations today are the Christian nations? Thee were the other sheep He was going to bring into the fold that were not present in Jerusalem. He wasn’t talking about Africa and Asia. They are creations, not sheep. They are creations that must return to worship the right God, when His Kingdom comes to its fulness.

LISTEN. “Other sheep have I.” they are not of this fold of the people in the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin. “Other sheep I must bring.” Let me say case someone does not know who Judah and Benjamin are today. The people of Judah and Benjamin today have no relationship to the people called ‘Jews.’ The Jews of our times are Hittites, Malakites, Kazars, and others who have nothing to do with the House of Abraham.

The Jews in the time of The Christ were not Israelites, for Jesus said “Ye are of your father, the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do.” They identified themselves clearly as not being of Abraham’s seed thru Isaac, Jacob-Israel. They said to Jesus...”We have never been in bondage at any time.” So they could not have been from the ten Northern Tribes and they couldn’t have been of the two Tribes of Judah and all of these had been in bondage.

We point out then these words....”Other sheep have I, not of this fold, them also I must bring,....there shall be one fold and one Shepherd.” So the purpose of God is that all the great nations of God’s Kingdom are going to stand together. I’m going to tell you that all people have some surprises ahead. The World Government plan is trying to destroy God’s Kingdom. They want to take you over and fold you into the U.N. with all of its evil. Then replace your natural boundaries, replace your immigration laws, replace all the areas of your Government that was meant to keep you apart and great.

Now listen! The plan of God is not going to permit this to happen, your nation is going to survive. The British Empire is going to see its greatest rebirth of power in all its history. The Nordic people, the Scandinavian people, the people of Germany and the rest of the people of Europe, in their natural strength are going to stand up. But they are going to stand up shoulder to shoulder with one great Symbol...their Christian Civilization, their mighty Christian Culture, with Almighty God identified with them. One mighty Shepherd. One mighty flock.

And The Christ said on that day....Other sheep have I. Those not in Palestine at that time. He knew where they were. He had been to Britain. He had been on the ships of His earthly Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. He said concerning them, “there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”

There were some Jews standing there and they said....”He has a devil.” When we talk today about white supremacy, Christian Civilization, Western Culture, and going back to our Heritage, they say...”You have a devil.” There has been no change there. It may amaze some of you but it doesn’t make any difference to me what all the Jews in the world think about me, or about what I think. It isn’t going to be long before they are going to transfer them way out in the Universe and we won’t be plagued by them anymore.

I turn to these words in John, chapter 10., where Jesus had just finished His discourse on the sheep. He goes down to what was called Solomon’s Porch looking over this great Temple of Herod and the Jews came up around Him to try to trap Him. As Jesus walked on this Porch the Jews then said: “Why don’t you tell us if you are the Messiah, or if you are the embodiment of God. Why don’t you tell us?” All they wanted was an excuse to stone Him, for they had tried that before. So they were trying to trap Jesus into admitting something, they didn’t have any faith in any how, and they proved it....being Sadducees. So they then said: “If you be the embodiment of God, why don’t you tell us?”

Now; listen to these words: Jesus said...”Ye believe not, because Ye are not of My Sheep.” I want every Christian to hear these words today. The words that Jesus said to the Jews. “Ye believe not...because Ye are not of My Sheep, as I said unto you.” All of the preachers of this world can’t make Sheep out of them. They want to make goats out of you. Well, goats are goats and sheep are sheep.

And Jesus said...”My sheep hear My voice, I know them, they hear my voice, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.” And who is responsible for them? The Shepherd, and He is the Shepherd. Jesus says: “Even in my human embodiment, as the Messiah, no one can pluck them out of my hand. No man.” For the Spirit is greater than the flesh, and no man can pluck them out of the dimension of the Spirit.

Having identified Himself then Jesus said: “I and the Father, Yahweh, are one.” Here Jesus was talking to those of Judah and Benjamin or any of the Israelites visiting there, but the Jews were waiting for something like the Jews took up stones to stone Him. They were just waiting and asking questions, watching for any excuse to kill Him.

Read the Book of John very carefully, and especially the tenth chapter, and you will find that they ask the question...”Are you the MESSIAH?, are you the embodiment of God? And when He answered the Great Truth...that’s what the Jews were waiting for, so they took up stones to kill Him. I want you to remember this significant pattern of this message of the Shepherd, this story of the sheep, and that this Shepherd...”I Yahweh Elohim, is His declaration, I am your Shepherd and you are the sheep of my pasture. I am your God and you are my people. I am God and you are men.”

The Lord inspired David to write: “Ye are Elohim, and all the children of Yahweh, so ye are God’s down here in the flesh, but I am still the Almighty God. And I will prove that I am a kinsman, I will take a body like you have and I will identify myself with my kinsmen. That I might lift My Kinsmen out of all bondage, and out of all fear, into the fullness of light and life.” And He brought forth all the captives....and led his many sons to Glory. We pointed out to you in our message of Resurrection, last Sunday, that when He brought His many sons into Glory, He keeps His appointment, by time, by Omniscient (by knowing everything), and by Power.

Now I am going to tell you that Yahweh is going to keep His word to this Great Nation of His Kingdom, with its Outstretched Wing’s of the Eagle. He is going to keep His word with the Throne of David. He is going to keep His word with the British Empire, with the House of Judah, and the Germanic people, with the Scandanavian people, with the Christian people from one end of the earth to the other. He is going to keep His word because it never entered His mind to do anything but be your God, who carried out these promises. For He said:.....

And I will be a God to you and your seed, in all generations, even forever.” “The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want.”

We do not worry about provisions and security, for He will carry us thru, we do not have to worry about Spiritual vision, and inspiration because He is even going to anoint our heads with oil. And grant unto us, this which the Oil symbolizes, the Great Wisdom and Understanding of the Holy Spirit.

I want you to know that God has continued in earth and in all planes of dimension to unfold the great Wisdom of His Omniscience, and as He thinks and knows, has assured you that you shall think and know. In all...the Shepherd has made this assurance concerning the great climatic events of His Majestic being reestablished in the earth. I want you to know with all the Kindred, Kindred, Kindred, and Kindred in the WORD in the Book of Revelation, that He has gathered out all His seed out of the Kindred.

Don’t you believe it:...What He was saying was that He was gathering all His offspring out of the Kindred, no matter which language they speak, whether Spanish, English, Greek, German, or what ever kind. He says.....and I will make them My Kindred, My Offspring, King’s and Priests, unto God and they shall reign on earth.

Now you know I wouldn’t involve you one minute in earth, if you didn’t have something to do with it. If I thought we were all going to go somewhere else. I wouldn’t care if Communism took over all the earth. We weren’t sent down here to go somewhere else when the going here got tough, for My Father says,...I took away the ray of reentrance to get back to where you came from, I removed it from your consciousness, so you would stay until the job is done. Now I’m not fact I can’t conceive of leaving until the job is done.

(In fact Dr. Swift didn’t go on until the Organization was in shape to carry on in his place.)

Churchill said on the air...he couldn’t wait until he got out there and saw heaven and all the things out in space. Well...with all the time of endless eternity, for that purpose, lets get this place in order and complete our task here. Another group I heard was singing ‘This world is not my home...’, well, if they believe that then they are shirking their relationship to the Kingdom. I want you to know that we are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, but the Father gave it to us for an Inheritance, forever and ever. I’ll tell you what we are going to do. We are going to lift up His Standards of civilization and culture. We are going to cleanse out land. The Sheep of Pasture are not only going to be empowered, but they are going to come forth in every avenue of their revelation.

I will tell you what you are going to do.....

You are going to see the day in this Great Nation and the other Great Nation’s of this Kingdom of God, when they are going to be bright and shinning as the sun. And when they are awake then these people of God that you are going to see in these nation’s will be purified again by a great Exodus, a great separation, and a great removal of all the unassimilated forces. You are going to rise and lead these other societies until they rise from the rubble of their civilizations into their responsibilities of the White God. You are going to cast out their fears and superstitions, and they are going to acknowledge Thy God...THY YAHWEH ELOHIM..and they are going to bow the knee. Then you shall know This word...which John was given in Revelation: “In that day every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim, that Christ is Lord.”

That day will only be brought to pass in the fulfillment of that Divine measure, when energy, spirit, and drive is poured out on the people of God, then you will finish the task that you have been given to do. Now, fortunately God is to shorten the time, and you are going to step into this activity in a greater way than ever before. I want you to know that this is so great a Salvation.

How can you escape all the problems of heavy taxes? How can you escape all the problems of socialism and communism? How can you escape all the miseries of wars and catastrophes that sweep the world every generation, if you neglect so great a Salvation? As the Law of God, the House of God, the Grace of God, and the Destiny of the Sons and Daughters of God,...which are you for?

Now the hour has come, when the course shall be realigned, for God says “I am going to bring this into completion. I am going to call My Sheep by name, I am going to finish the task.” This is what He told you in the Book of Acts as He talks of ‘restitution of all things’ spoken by all the Holy Prophets since the world began. So we are not out of step when we tell you that the Shepherd will have all His Sheep. He will bring everything to fruition. And in the magnitude of His Holy nature will bring Victory throughout His Universe.


(Here in 1963., they had a radio program every day there in So. California)