Should We Serve God Or Man?, 4-11-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-11-65

In this great nation under God we have watched the fulfillment in the last 175 years of some of the greatest of God's truition and promises upon a people. To those who are the children of this Book, it is impossible for a people and a nation like ours of this western civilization and culture of which we are a part, to develop in the earth without having the attention of prophecy, or the proclamations which relate to its destiny, by the Most High God.

We have before us, in our possession the holy scriptures. And the holy scriptures contain all of the books written by the prophets by inspiration. All of the holy scriptures however are not found in the book which we call the Bible. But the Bible contains 64 books of holy scriptures and two books that by probable permission, are there which are not inspired at all. However, we mention this because they are the book of Solomon and the one of Esther. But generally speaking the other books contain the name of God in areas of inspiration, and those two do not contain the name of God.

There are a great number of books which contain the mighty revelations and the truths of the most High, and these were called scroll scriptures. So we possess within them a code as to what God intended for our household and our race to know. As we clearly discover, the genealogy of this book is important unto God. We are vitally interested tonight in genealogy. It is important for a people to know from whence they have come and how pure they have maintained the vision and the revelation that God has bestowed upon them. We are cautioned in the scripture to pay no attention to vain genealogy. And vain genealogy does not interest us. We do not care how far back they try to trace their ancestry. There is nothing the Negro can produce in genealogy tonight that is significant or of importance to us at all. We are not interested in the potentates of Asia, or the antiquities of the background of any of ancient Asia. These are vain genealogies. But the genealogies which preserve the structure back to ancient Adam, and then points out in all of the areas of responsible connections, that it has sought to maintain the purity’s that God has sought to maintain. This is not a vain genealogy. This is a most important genealogy. This is the reason we have in the book of Matthew and in the book of Luke, the genealogy of Jesus the Christ. And we point out to you that it was important to you that we point out that this was important to you that all of the genealogy of His

household was traced back to Adam. Who is declared in that genealogy is the son of God. We are interested tonight in the Adamic race because we are citizens of the Adamic race, as people who are apart of the White society that God established in the earth. And it is vitally important unto us that there be no mutation and that there be a preservation of this genealogy. The vessels that God has provided for the carrying forward of the holy seed was that Adamic household.

We point out to you that all thru the books of the scriptures whether they are brought together with that peculiar affinity where they drop into place like the Mosaics . . . for you can fit together all that is inspired by the holy spirit. But you cannot put together, or fit into place anything that is not out of the word of God. This is one of the reasons why we have such a hard time today among the ecclesiastical systems of Christianity to make all of the positions of the church fit. Because the physical order of the church today is this trying to put together all of the things which are not of God. And many are but the commandments of men, and they are bringing catastrophe today upon the physical structure of the outer church. We point out to you that today the most important things which we can consider are the first things, that are the foundations upon which God's word exists. The things in which His kingdom will find its destiny have been arrayed in the purposes of the most High. There is no doubt in our mind tonight that whatsoever God said, He said it forever.

Now nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken from it. Because HE does this forever. And being God, HE has the power to do this. And because you are the children of God, you are the heirs of God. And as heirs of God, you are capable of thinking His thoughts. And building with the blueprint which is spirit by inspiration from HIM, you can produce civilizations and cultures that surpass anything which has existed in the earth. And you have given evidence of this given your great spiritual dynamics, by the mighty power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We point out to you that Christian civilization stands head and shoulders above everything that has been produced in earth. It is as high above all of the worlds systems as the heavens are above the earth. And we cite to you that the most important commission given to you is to preserve this which has been handed to you by the will of the Father. And there is a perfect stewardship which God requires out of His household and continues to pass on in this civilization which shall continue to occupy the earth thru all of the ages to come. We tell you that we are in conflict for survival. We are in a struggle against the powers of darkness. And today we have every satanic deception designed by the forces of Lucifer to try to destroy this culture, this race, and the kingdom of the Most High God. It is with this knowledge then that we discover that the world order has carefully and skillfully designed thru out all periods of time, to mongrelize the race with seduction, with bestiality, and with fallen Angelic orders, with the design to mutate human society. And they have brought upon the earth, catastrophes, one upon the other.

In the antiquities of yesterday by violations of divine law, by the elements of witchcraft and by struggles, and by Witchcraft, the whole world has been wracked by vibratory levels. Catastrophes have transpired and civilizations have gone down beneath the oceans. There have been continents lost with only a few islands left to mark the patterns of once great land masses which stood above the waters. Going back over the stories of antiquity, we discover that hidden away in the jungles, whether it be in Africa or the Mattagrossa of South America, civilizations were wiped out. Cultures are gone because of violations of divine law as they lived their hour with Lucifer and served the darkness, and worshiped the beast.

I tell you tonight that we also, as the household of God are under instructions to obey his words. And among the nations of the world even in this hour also the edict still goes out that there are certain laws that God will not tolerate the breaking of. For the violations of these laws are designed to destroy God's kingdom, and this will bring catastrophe upon the powers of darkness even as great as it has been in the past, upon those force which resist His Word.

We point out to you that a great number of people are intimidated today by the size and the numbers, and by what we refer to as the power of the world order. This world order is a power that exists now in this which we call the Cosmos. Actually the old Greek word did not just mean the Creation. It meant the world powers that ruled the world. These are the words we find on the lips of Jesus when HE said at that time, when HE said to Pontius Pilate, "My kingdom is not of this Cosmos." Or this world order. “If My kingdom were of this world order and of this hour, then My servants would fight and My kingdom would not be given to the Jews.” I think this is a very important passage when Jesus said this to Pontius Pilate, because HE established that the world order, the evil order, and the Jewish order, were one and the same. I also point out that the early church fathers understood and observed these facts. And Jesus also, made this statement when HE was seized in the garden. And HE said, “My kingdom is not in this hour to be fulfilled. But the days shall come when My servants shall fight and the kingdom shall not be occupied by the Jews.” I point out also that Jesus said in the book of Matthew, that from the days of John the Baptist, that the kingdom of heaven and earth had suffered violence and violence has taken it by storm.

But the hours are coming when the Saints of the Most High God are going to take the kingdom and they are going to possess the kingdom, forever and forever. This is the prophecy given unto Daniel. Then by the definition of the prophecy of the 18th chapter of Revelation, he talks about the world order and its systems. Mystery Babylon the Great and this city (Babylon) with violence shall be cast down, to rise no more. Thus, the scriptures bear full prophecy of the defeat of the forces of darkness and the powers of evil. They talk about the rise of God's Kingdom. And the secrets from Genesis to Revelation is the secret of a people and of a household. Of a growing society and a civilization and of the increase of this kingdom there shall be no end.

I point out to you tonight, that in the face of these facets of design, that always the mutation of God’s word is the basis of strategy to get people to dispute the laws and orders of God. And by so doing, weaken their strength. There is no doubt that Lucifer understands the source of your greatness. Questions are often raised as to what a Christian should do, or what our position is in the world at the present time. There are many things we see transpiring in this nation, and round about in the nations of our civilization, which seem to be diametrically opposed to the things in God's word. I have had many say here in the United States, that we should keep this Faith to ourselves while we pray for a better day. Do you think we should make any resistance against these things when they apparently become patterns of law?

I point out to you that there are certain things in this book, in which you are commanded to perform and in which you should obey. There are some things which we must recognize concerning our race. When at any time when we are not under captivity and being held in bondage by powers, which are holding us, our faith and our race and our society under their control. We are responsible inside of our nation as long as we have a balance of power and can exert it. We will not be passed off lightly, if our people of this civilization and culture permit a downward trend, minority developed, to put out the light of a great nation like this. You are responsible in stewardship to this which God had permitted us and forbearers to create. And if it has been created by vision, by sacrifice and by courage, then is to be dissipated by those in a generation not showing sufficient courage and sacrifice, by those in their stewardship. Then they answer in their account for the chastisement and judgment that descends upon their society.

I point out to you tonight that the laws of God have never been changed. These laws are not only to be found in the commandments that were issued upon Mount Sinai, but in the laws and the ordinances that related to the various facets this is development. There are ordinances which are the handwritings that were nailed to the cross of Christ. It does not place us under individual condemnation, or separate us from the purposes of the laws of God. But there are whole areas of divine wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon a people that the disobedience of these areas of instruction will bring upon your race, unprecedented catastrophes in the areas of those violations. It is also well clarified in the writings of the Old Testament as well as the New, that men who are the household of God do not listen to the voice of God, and do not respond to HIS direction, then they reach the areas of catastrophe that the ignoring of His advice will produce. We point out to you that in these United States tonight, we are in a very serious condition. This nation started out with the Declaration of Independence, and was blessed of God, in that God was raising up a great new nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle as the 18th chapter of Isaiah denotes. It was noted that we were a powerful nation from our beginning and onward, because we were a nation in the earliest days to proclaim an identity with God. That would declare from its pulpits that we were a people as was Israel, and identifying themselves with Israel in many instances in the background of their history. They held up the identity of Christ in every one of the colonies before they were even states. This was one of the self-evident patterns of our history. We were a nation that believed and worshiped the Most High God. We have never had a history where educators and brainwashers of our time wanted to so down grade the spiritual heritage of our society. They wanted to laugh off those of our elders, saying that their morals were bad, our faith is of no account. That they were Atheist and agnostics and are the scum of the earth. But I want to tell you that the people who are trying to destroy your nation today are the scum of the earth.

It took men of faith and men of vision carving this nation out of the wilderness and in the face of hostility, praying and worshiping as they went, building their churches as well as their homes in their communities. And in almost every community, in every frontier, the church was the center of their society. Its inspiration and its background in the building of this nation became self-evident in the days when we became a nation. And it was done with prayer. And when we produced a Constitution after they had meditated upon this, and even took time out from their discussions to prepare the background of the guidance of God in this matter.

Now when we survey the beginning of this nation, we find that the bodies were opened with the recognition of God. We opened congressional sessions and Senatorial sessions with prayer. We opened every avenue of our state sessions with prayer. Never was there even a civil activity unless the name of God was invoked. All of these activities recognized Jesus the Christ. So outstanding have been these identifications of our nation, that the Supreme Court on numerous occasions has ruled that the United States is a Christian nation.

Now I point out to you that every attempt to change this is taking place. We tonight have in these United States an unprecedented amount of people that we cannot absorb or assimilate who do not fit into the theme and the background of our nation. The reason being, that these people have come over to live as parasites upon you and to take over your society. And with their minority, they speak with chicanery and cunning to rule in this nation. Tonight, we do not look at America as in 1776, or in any previous period prior to the 20th Century. We must look at America tonight, as in the middle of the greatest upheaval of all times. We must consider this nation and the things within it as those that have transpired in the last generation. And we must recognize that we are responsible for the meaning of our society and turn to the laws of God for the solution. I point out to you that we are being denied in this nation now by edict. Some say by law. But I refuse now and at any time for a custom that has been in effect in the entire history of our nation . . . in a Christian nation . . . which says that no portion of our constitution can be violated today, because the imbeciles have so stated. When they say that we cannot pray in our schools or in our assemblies, or that instruction in moral responsibility in an ethical concept and a historical relationship with God is no longer subject matters to be taught in our schools because it is of a religious nature. When they say this, they are therefore setting aside the laws of God for the training of our youth and for paying respect unto God. They maintain that we have churches for this matter and Sunday Schools for carrying out this matters. But this does not change the fact that we must have in our educational system, across this nation, proper respect and correlation between their service and respect for God between His guidance and inspiration, and between the edict of HIS word and the creating of their culture. You remove this out of America and you get defeatism which is ruining the juvenile level of our society. The more you take God out of the picture, the more Luciferianism is put in place.

Now the question is being asked, as in Michigan, they are being asked the question of some controversy. And this is also true in Minnesota and other communities. For school after school has continued to open their assemblies with prayer and they continue to read the bible. And now orders are being given that they must quit this. The local school boards have met and they find that the people who make up their local communities and school districts and voting area have instructed their teachers that you shall continue to pray and you shall continue to use the bible when necessary. You shall continue to open this day with prayer and with Bible reading. This pressure has been brought on by the ACLU and you can never tell where it will be for it is managed by left wingers and 'pinkos.’ They take advantage of many 'right' situations and general try to swing them to the 'left.' They have the Libertarians which is no religion at all. And they have the Jews who are against Christianity. And they say they represent that constituency and they represent them in the court. And they say that in these eastern states, in any communities of them, they SHALL NOT PRAY. They say we have people who are offended by prayer. Well we could do well without these people who are offended by prayer. They say it is an insult to their Jewishness to hear mention of Jesus Christ. Well fine. Then let them go to Jewish schools.

Someone said, ‘this is a Democracy.’ But it is not. It is a Republic. We point out to you that we have from the beginning given this official recognition. And official recognition without heart recognition is not as important as you might think. There is no doubt that when you tell the people of these United States that you can't do something that God has willed and permitted and asked for thru out all periods of time, that you are in trouble. But in the last few weeks, they have been stepping up their instructions. In fact, among the Lutherans and the Angelicas that are formed, these people have taken a firm stand. Other churches, including the Baptist, are joining with them. And now they are instructing the school boards, ‘we pray here, for we pay the taxes here, and you work for us, and in these schools we shall pray.’ Attorneys are asking for federal intervention to put these things down. They are asking for people to quit resisting until this is settled. Oh, there are a few people on the outside who are crying, that we cannot be insurrectionists, we cannot go against the law. But this is not the law.

Now I point this out to you. That in this nation we can make no law in the establishment of religion. Nor, my friends, can we deny them the freedom of speech or of worship. Nor can we deny them the responsibilities of carrying out that worship. Nor can we remove the influence of the parents over their children. Nor, my friends, can we take away from our children these things in which they may have been trained up in the way of the LORD. This shall not be taken from them.

So I point out to you that in this hour, this has become a great issue. So while we are watching the suppression of divine law and while we are watching the actual violation of the rights of States, and we are even listing the chief executives to call for the violation of the Constitution itself, they are also marching troops into the South to support their errors. They are now faced with civil disobedience in the States in the Central and northern parts of these United States. The question was asked, and by telephone, but it was a trick question. And I think for entrapment. For they asked, ‘would you now advise these people to obey the law, or disobey it?’ The entrapment is to try to get you to tell people to disobey the law. I do not tell you to disobey the law. But I tell you that this is not the law of God.

Someone says that the opinions of the court make it the law. No. But these opinions of this court just make them subject to impeachment.

Let us turn then to our area of Christian responsibility. Men chosen for HIS disciples were men trained in their own line of work, but not necessarily trained in theology. HE chose Peter, James, and John, three fishermen, unlearned men from the standpoint of ecclesiastical knowledge. Tho they had within them the patterns of faith and hope. He chose Matthew who was seated in the seat of the Customs, and HE stopped at Luke's office and called him to leave his position as a beloved physician, a good doctor. He called these men from the various walks of life, and they followed Him.

Now I would not say that anyone had a better preparation for the ministry than people who had walked with God for three years. This would have been an experience that would have adjusted these men to a vast comprehension to the things of God, which the average Clergy of our times has not had. We point out that it was the mighty working of the Holy Spirit that descended with cognition upon these men, whose mouths were filled with knowledge and wisdom. These were the startling things about these disciples.

Let us then consider Peter, James and John. For we have a definite record of the fact, that under the power of the spirit, and their experience as they walked with God, and all that was now being brought to their remembrance, made them a well foundation as apostles for the work they were to do as Clergy and ministers of this time. So as they were proclaiming to the people of Palestine the work and the identity of Christ, we discover that suddenly they were seized. And we would point out here that as they preached, people marveled at Peter and John. And they marveled at the fact that these might have been unlearned men. Still they wondered at their eloquence, their knowledge, their vision, their understanding.

I want to tell you this. Never classify as ignorant or unlearned those whom the spirit of God moves to develop wisdom and understanding and truth. For I can tell you tonight that I lay charge that we have an unlearned ministry across this land in the things of God which is their most important requisite. I charge that in this instance, you may send our Clergy to University after University, and seminary after seminary to be taught, my friends, a composition of rules and regulations and church doctrine. But if they do not understand and perceive the program of the kingdom, and do not know their identity, or the things of God, they become like an empty trumpet with no voice.

Now listen. There is one thing the scripture tells me. And that is altho Peter, James, and John were unlearned men, and were fishermen before they were called, they were no longer this way. And the people perceived this because they had been with Jesus. Let me tell you this. For your race, and for your nation, there is nothing more important for the consciousness of man than to be acknowledgeable since being with Jesus. They were thinking the thoughts of what Jesus had said, and they were thinking the thought that Jesus had stressed to them. They had a blueprint in their mind of a kingdom and a culture not before understood. And the people perceived that they had been with Jesus. But as people passed by, they said, ‘we perceive that they have been with Jesus.’ But they did not like Peter and John. But who was this? But the Jews, the Sadducees and the chief Priests of the temple. They did not like the name of Jesus and they were more worried about Jesus after his resurrection than they were before. They were more worried about the disciples and their speaking which was gathering the people. For the spirit of God, we are told here in the second chapter of Acts, was adding to the church daily such as should be saved. You say, ‘weren't they all to be saved?’ No. God does not waist any time gathering up Jews.

Now let’s take a look at this picture. And it says that they seized Peter and John. And one thing that was very disturbing about these two men, Peter and John, was that in the instances of their ministry, they had performed the works of God. A lame man who had not walked since birth, as Peter preached, was restored to a vitality that he had never known in his life span. And he was given the ability to walk. And he shouted and thanked God for this. And this was the most sorry incident for the Jews. They wanted to suppress Peter and John. They knew that

a miracle had taken place to do with it. And many people had witnessed this miracle, but they did not know what to do with it. So they sent them out of the council so they could discuss this and they said, ‘what shall we do?’ Because they have done a miracle and those that dwell in Jerusalem had observed it.

So they said, ‘Now let us threaten them that they speak no more in the name of Jesus.’ So next the order came from the authorities that they could not speak in the name of Jesus. And then they said, ‘let us threaten them that henceforth no man can speak in the name of Jesus.’ Then came the order from the authorities to the apostles that they could not speak any more in the name of Jesus. So they called in Peter and John and commanded them that they no longer speak in the name of YAHSHUA. So then Peter and John answered them in this historic statement as to whether it would be right in the name of YAHWEH God, whether it would be right to harken unto them or unto YAHWEH-Jesus? Judge ye this.

Thus the situation for the Christian today is whether we should harken unto God's laws or unto those edicts that are being created by those who have no consciousness or perception of the Most High showing by the course that they take. Are we to take this archaic law and obey it in defiance of God, or are we to take the laws of God and not respect these unconstitutional measures? There are those that say that this should never be discussed in the church. The time has come when we better discuss it and set America in flame. There is this in the ecclesiastical order. They do not dare as yet to come out and say, ‘disobey God,’ other than that they do not have any authority. Even the President of the United States would be on a spot if he tried to tell you to disobey God. And he would not want to debate with you as to whether it was the will of God that he served, because that would be too easy to establish, what the word of God said, if he had to listen to all of the passages in this Bible on what the word of God said, and what it says about preservation of kind, and segregation and the laws of God as to our culture and our race. He would be so swamped with Bible truth that he would not dare raise his voice against the people who are Christians in this nation.

I turn back to these men, Peter, an John. Even tho the authorities threatened them, the authorities had to let them go. Because they were afraid to challenge them, because of the people. And their message had been "Thus saith the LORD." And because it was right, they were getting results, because they were challenging the people to think. So they threatened them, but they let them go. Because if they threatened them too much, they were afraid of what the people would do. This was a dangerous thing and they admit this. Do you know that one of the best defenses you have in America today is "Thus saith the LORD?" And the more you repeat it and the more that you spread it, the safer you are. For you wake up America and 'woe unto them that put their hands on those who saith --"Thus saith the Lord," for they also have to deal with the people. The best defense today is the positive approach on the side of the darkness. But 'woe unto tho those' who start to evaluate in dollars and cents as the price to pay in whether you will serve God. Or to those who think to save their possessions in this turbulent hour by marching in conformity with the patterns of law that are in violations of the law of God, and not speaking out against it. For I can assure you that they who seek to save their possessions, like their lives, will lose it, and those who would expend them for MY sake shall find it. And the restoration that God shall make that are his servants and upon their households, shall be as it was in the time of Job.

The old adage that whatever is in authority you must obey is also a fallacy, and has not been ordained or taught of God. Let us go back into the book of Daniel in the third chapter of Daniel. And this is the same message that you heard as children. This was in the days when Daniel was one of the advisors to Nebuchadnezzar, and he was a very wise man. And yet, there was always some who would bring him down as the savant of God and of your race. And there were three individual men who worked in government with Daniel and shared responsibilities. But they were raised with the background of inheritance in the culture of your race, and they served only one God, the Almighty YAHWEH. So Lucifer came along and said, ‘we will do this rather skillfully.’ And so his children advised Nebuchadnezzar that all honors should be given to him. The judges, the councillors, and even the sheriffs, it says here. So they had sheriffs in those days. And they put them all together and they said that they would have an image of the king, and at a given command, all men should fall down and worship the king. So they were given a decree. But three men, Mesheck, Shadrach and Abednego refused to do this. But here a law had been passed and they were to bow down to the image, but they would not bow down. You say, ‘well thank goodness that they have not told us to do this in America.’ But they have. They want you to bow down to the Antichrist, forfeit this to pay your taxes in goods, and they are asking you to give ascent to this surrender of your faith in one God. And they are asking you to give a recognition to all religions. But the three men of our race said, ‘we shall not fall down and worship the image of Nebuchadnezzar.’ And it was reported right back to the king that these three would not bow down.

Oh he said, ‘I hadn't thought about them, but we will give them another chance.’ So they went to the three men and they said, ‘we are giving you another chance. So if you will bow down and worship the king, we will let you live. If not, you are going to die.’

There is one answer in here that I like. And it should fill the heart of every individual. These three said, ‘Oh, Nebuchadnezzar, we are most careful to answer thee in this matter. Our God, whom we serve, is able to deliver us from the fiery furnace, and HE will deliver us out of thy hands.’

Oh, how I wish there were citizens in America who were not careful to answer the Antichrist. There is nothing quite as disgusting as people trying to find a careful answer today. We don't need careful men today. We need men who will bind the darkness and curse the evil. We need men today who will tell them from the President on down, that we are tired of Martin Luther Kings’, and we are tired of all of the communists and all of the filth with which they are trying to destroy America with today. We are not careful to answer in this matter if it be so that you are going to put us to death. Our God, whom we serve, shall be able to deliver us from the fiery furnace. And He shall deliver us out of thy hand oh, king. And let it be known unto thee, oh, king, that we shalt not serve thy god or worship this golden image which thou hast set up.’ They had refused to obey the law. So they made the furnace hot and stroked it until it was hotter than even normal. And it became so hot that those that approached the furnace were burned as they threw the three men in, and were destroyed by the flames. I like this pattern for the support of God. For this kind of courage. Then Nebuchadnezzar also approached to look in the furnace and he heard them say, ‘there is something different here now, for there is a fourth man in the furnace. And he said, ‘lo, I see four men walking in the midst of the fire. They have no hurt and the fourth one is like unto the 'Son of God' among them.’ And they could not destroy these men. And then they called for the men to come forth from the furnace. And men discovered that not a single singed place was on their garments. And men were amazed. But they had the courage to stand for the cause of their God, and to know that they would not worship other gods. They said, ‘we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.’

I am going to tell you that our faith is the eventual elevating work of tomorrow. It is a substance of spiritual energy that God sends upon a people and can be demonstrated. And the time has come for Christians all over to stop trying to appease and apologize for their faith, and try to modify it down so that it pleases the strangers who do not like it. I would not stop praying to Jesus Christ, or lifting up His name, for all of the Jews in the world, let alone the Jews in Harlem. But I will tell you what will happen. If these scurvy sons of Satan keep trying to destroy the kingdom and bring down the Gospel, they will make the children of the kingdom so angry that when they wake up there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God. If you will stop thinking like a minority that is beaten down, and start thinking like the majority whose forefathers built this nation, then you will take possession of your land and the laws of God will be restored.

There exists no violation of constitutional law when you support the laws of God. For the laws of the constitution are built upon the law of God. There may be an amendment in which there would be a disagreement, but there are illegal amendments that have not been properly ratified. Like the 14th and the 15th Amendments. This country will not ratify something vital to the law of God. They will not ratify this abridgment, because the spirit of God will not allow this to move in sufficient strength to bring it about. We point out to you that it be more important that you obey the laws of God. We have gotten in trouble when we did not limit immigration. But our forefathers were smart enough to put up walls against this. And now we are being asked by the executives and their followers, and those round about to flood our civilization with inassimilable people out of Africa and out of Asia, which our forefathers were smart enough to exclude. For those who were making the immigration laws thought that they should not be permitted to come into our society. The laws of God have been established thru out millenniums in this matter. And no nation acquires its greatness until it preserves its culture. And for this cause we create immigration laws. We have the empty words of brainwashed Clergy out of pulpits that it is our Christian responsibility to share this land with everybody. And the Father has ordained that ye shall not share the heritage which I give you with anyone but your posterity. The laws of inheritance are clear.

We are the light of the world. We send out our wisdom and our knowledge to the ends of the world. And we have born testimony to the ends of the earth that Christ is God Almighty. We will give assistance to people who will abide by the laws of God, and who will abide by the laws with intelligence. And we will give them assistance that they need, and we have demonstrated this. And it is sufficient. But in our day, we are not only being asked to help the world, but are being asked to absorb the world and end our own identity. We are asked to cast aside our immigration laws and destroy our society, with the unassimilatable of the violations of divine law.

I tell you that to let our nation be absorbed by the inassimilable of the world is a violation of divine law and we should do everything in our power to see that it does not transpire. Let it be known that this trying to violate every law of God to destroy this land, then every Christian should pray 'God sent the reaping Angel and take them out of the way.’

Thus, is it right that we pray for God to help us and take them out of the way or shall we stand back and let the evil persist and let the judgment fall upon the nation? Within the same areas of our problems, especially the economic areas of our problems which are clearly expounded in prophecy, we have permitted Satan’s children with their manipulation and cunning to run this nation and seek to take over this nation with the laws of usuary and with principals in violation of divine law. It is time for the people of this nation to fulfill their responsibility and call upon their congress to set up a just system of weights and measures. To stop this finagling with the finance of this nation, and not follow the course of darkness. The time has come, my friends, to establish the economic laws of righteousness according to the laws of God. Then we will not have any more depressions and we will not have any more problems. And you will take out of the hands of the money changers, their manipulations whereas they live as parasites upon you. We suffer many crisis because of the violation of divine law. If you want to know why whole areas of the earth do not produce enough food for themselves, it is because they have violated whole areas of divine law. Even the agriculture laws which were given to you. And they do not understand them. But this brings upon them catastrophe.

It is important therefore, that we obey the laws of God. You know one reason we have trouble in this country is because we permit state craft to violate the constitution and tell the farmers what they can grow and what they are to raise. When we permit a strategy to destroy food, because we have produce too much, while there are people who require food but don't have it. Some of the great areas of massive production where it is considered that this is more than you need to produce, has not been produced by your race, and your people anyhow. It has been produced by the unassimilatables that have come into this country. By these economic manipulators, and Jewish conspirators who have taken whole areas of your western land, and they have killed it and you are paid not to raise it. But you pay the taxes to pay them not to raise it. And if you did not have these people in the land you wouldn't have to pay them not to raise something on land that you could not raise a good crop on anyhow. And then there are whole areas put in production and then the government will have to pay them to store it, for we have more than is needed.

Again, we go back to the syndicates that are behind this. And you capture the same pattern of this unassimilatable Cainanite that should never have been here to begin with. And now we look out on the crisis of this hour. And I tell you that one of the crisis of this hour is this world organization known as the United Nations. And we know that persecution from high levels has even reached out to Clergy who have denounced the United Nations. And who have pointed out that God has warned us that we should not be equally yoked together with pagan powers and idolaters, these forces of evil and darkness. God calls for his kingdom, and for these nations of his kingdom to come to their fullness. And HE has warned you about this joining with the pagans and the forces of evil.

I can take you into Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, and show you the condemnation of God for entering into an alliance with people that do not worship your God. I am going to tell you that you do not have any business in any alliance that denies your God. You have no business joining yourselves with pagans, or permitting those who are the enemies of your God from having any influence over you. Yes, you are the minority in the world, being 1/6th of the population of the world. But you are the predominate technological society in the earth. You are the 'have nations' of the world because you have this wavelength, this vision, this guidance that gives you creative initiative. And what they are seeking to do is to absorb that. They are seeking to take from you the authority of what you have created. The very lands which you have helped to develop, and the things which you have produced. In fact, so far does this go that we take the word of a pagan Chinaman and Asiatic who moves around as tho he were a supreme potentate. Never should any Christian take anything from Mr. Uthant, from anywhere in the world. No Communist society should be permitted any influence over the United States. You should do nothing to build up their economy.

One of the greatest curses that rests on our society, is that we have subsidized the Communist society with your tax money.

I want to warn as to bringing in the pagans into your country as showing them what you possess. Showing them your treasury, and the secrets of your armament. This was the mistake made in the past by your race when they learned their lesson that the enemy planned on confiscation. One of the greatest catastrophes ever committed was in Mr. Eisenhour’s administration where this President received into these United States, Mr. Khrushev, the symbol of Antichrist. He threatened us while here, and thus gave strength and power to Communism all over the world. And we have been going down that road. I hold in my hands further evidence of this. For today in Washington, President Johnson announced that he has appointed a special committee of 12 men to study and promote trade relations with Eastern Europe. So we look over this committee and it names the various men whom he has appointed. One is named Daniel Goldfingers. But as I look over this, now these 12 will prepare our system of trade with the communist countries. And by the laws of God you are not supposed to trade with your enemies to strengthen their economy.

Someone said, ‘we are just trying to get their friendship.’ But friendship with the devil is a catastrophe. Every American should do everything in his power to totally block and oppose any area of doing business with a Communist state. Millions and millions of Christians have been put to death by communist societies. And we are at the edge of Armageddon which shall be fought with the Christian nations against the Communist nations of the world.

The insidious control of Communism by Jewry is more and more being self-evident. Their animosity against Christianity continues to demonstrate itself. Their cry at the recognition of Christ, or their being against the praying or reading of the scriptures in the school becomes self-evident. They would like to remove Chaplains from our service men and recognition of God from our Congress and end prayer from all civic activities. America could do well without these people.

Someone said, ‘you would remove all of our bankers.’ But you would then keep all of our money. I cannot think of anything better than seeing all of these bankers doing business with one another down in Israeli.

Now we turn to the words of the Most High and HE said,---'Come out of her, oh, my people, have not association with this.’ We have been warned by the Prophet Joel that in these latter days, that the hordes are going to come against the kingdom of God. WE have been told that the Communists will gather Africa and Asia and attack our Christian nation. We have been warned that these secret evil forces will seek to destroy us within. And we have the knowledge as Christians that there is an occupation and an army already in our midst. WE have been told that they who do not defend their own household are worse than an infidel. The prophet Joel says that it is time to beat your plowshares into spears and your pruning hooks into swords. The time has now come for battle. I want to tell you this. We are being invited continually into the spiders parlor. We are being asked to surrender our armor nationally, and with every avenue suggesting that you as citizens, should give up your right to bear arms for your own protection. And the right to protect your own family is being elevated into the area of denial. The design is to try to disarm you as a citizens and to take away from you, this heritage. Your right to own and bear arms by the constitution shall not be abridged.

Now I point this out to you. This is one of your rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This attempt to take them away is not the will of God, but it is the will of the world order. And is not the law of the Constitution of the United States. You have to make up your own mind on this as to what to do. But let me tell you that the judgment of God is going to fall so swiftly upon the enemies of God, that they will not be able to bring to pass the things that they intend to accomplish over you. Thus, whether it is right to serve God in this matter or to serve man, is the question.

We have been asked to help develop a world society and to help to develop a position of all religions. And to respect all men's religions. I order you in the name of God to defy all religions, except the religion of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. And I also tell you that there is no power in Washington, that can make you respect evil. We can sweep this nation quickly with truth and challenge them with the design and the catastrophe they can repudiate men who think this way, and take them out of office. The laws of God have forbidden intermarriage with other races. The laws of other States have forbidden this. The derelict of the Supreme Court have been asked to rescind this. But we have been told of God to check those we associate with, and those who share our way of life and are in contact with. We are told as to what we should do concerning our fields. And you are being ordered by the state to integrate the people we do not wish to bring into these factories. And they are seeing to take away from us, as to whom we should employ and as to whom should occupy our dwellings. This is in the area where our stewardship is directly involved.

Now we look upon a matter that is very important. We have been ordered by the laws of God not to give substance to the enemies of our God, to those that worship other gods. We are not, my friends, to give away our substance to the enemies of our way of life. Today, we continually elect men who devise ways to capture our production. And today our tax money is being given to Yugoslavia and to Poland, and to areas of Asia. It is poured into the Communist coiffeurs. The U.S. offered a billion dollars to Red Asia if they will just stop fighting us and write out a ticket for our support.

Now the ultimate numbers of lands goes into staggering number in this measure. But let me point this out to you. That under this design in which we declared our independence, it is well stated here. This being because we were being taxed without representation. And I tell you tonight that you are still being taxed without representation when they can confiscate your money and scattered it among your enemies or give it away to the ends of the earth. They would have you supporting the world just as they have had you supporting the responsibilities of the United Nations, which God told you to get out of.

Someone says, ‘but this is a wonderful plan.’ My friends, this is a design to end your Republic and to subordinate you as an absorbed society. And if you do not understand it, then God says, ‘I will do the thinking, so get out of it anyhow.’ For God has forbidden you as his children, to participate in this area of evil.

Very, very soon you will see that you are in W.W.III, or Armageddon. You have been battling with Russian Migs over the Chinese mainland this week. In fact, one day you were battling you did not know who. You were just battling them anyhow. But if they want to battle this is what you have to do. The sad thing is that it is a sad day when our own missiles shoot our own ships down because we cannot identify the enemy. But the fact remains that we are battling Communism in Asia, while enhancing their economy by trading with them. We are losing men to a people whom we have promised that if they will stop fighting, we will support them. It is time that the people of the United States told the President that we will not support the communist anywhere, at any time.

There are those who say you cannot stop this. But I believe that if you can get the word out to Americans all over, that they would resist the turning in any money with their tax returns until they were sure the money would be spent here as Constitutionally designed. And the moment that you turn the money off, you would have these fellows on their knees.

They say they will use the armies on you. Well, they may have had an idea like that. Herod had an idea like that at one time. Others have thought that they could turn the armies against you. But I am going to tell you something. These armies come from the homes of this nation. And if a whole nation exploded, I do not think, my friends, that the army would put them down. We are not talking about revolution and we are not talking about violence. We are talking about the right of a people to call for a constitutional right of a people, under God, to say that God has forbidden us to support those who are our enemies and the enemies of our God.

We have reached the hour when you must tell it, tell it, tell it. Where your strength lies, you have power to bear witness to the truth. There are those who may think that we are outnumbered. But I do not believe this. I believe that there are more people who think like you do. More people that think that our society, under God, accomplishes this achievement. And we are tired of their using our taxes to support the ends of the earth.

I have talked to hard shell Democrats who do not want to give our money away anymore. In fact, I have not found any of them who gladly empty their pockets and want to throw their money to the ends of the earth. Yes, but not to Lucifer. We are not to build up the strength of the witch doctor. You know, we are spending millions of dollars on Ghana. And who runs Ghana is of course, none other than Kenyatta. And Kenyatta is a Mau Mau, a witch doctor. And he went to school in Oxford, England. And he produced a prodigious by which he got a scholarship. Some people do not know this. They talk about his degree. All right. You can go down here in the library and look at Kenyatta’s volume on witchcraft. He believes in it. And he worships the devil. And he called for all kinds of use for his secret art to heap evil upon the people of your race. And he has inflamed his own people until their blood lust has produced the greatest atrocities in Africa against White men and against those of his own kind. You helping Ghana or Kenya while Kenyatta is in power--Wow.-- In Ghana we have forces there who are supporting the Communist government and joining their destiny with the Soviet plan.

No. When taking about missionary activities? When talking about missionary activities, I can tell you that these hostile forces killed our missionaries. They were eating White people down in the Congo. I do not think that you should invest one cent anywhere that does not restore order . . . and right under the law of White overseers.

Yes, you will find that there is something built into your race that brings the natural revulsion of someone violating the laws of God as it relates to your posterity. There is lust, violence and evil. And they produce the situation of Sodom and Gomorrah. And as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah, so is it in this latter day, in this entire world order pitched to this level of evil. The law of the Most High God calls on you to denounce it, to separate yourself from it and lift up a right standard.

Even this very week, our own committees in the representative in Sacramento in the judiciary, and the bill calls for the fact that if two or more people were engaged in target practice, or if they were engaged in telling someone how to use a firearm, or if someone there could be considered an associate of a paramilitary group, that if arrested, they could spend a year in jail and $1,000.00 fine. The law so states that the only people who would not be subject to this, showing that if any two people were engaged in target practice, or in the discharge of a firearm, or in a home instructing someone how to use it, that they could be given a year in prison and one thousand-dollar fine. And if only the governor has given special permission, could all of these special groups, or veterans groups, with special permission to some group who intended to use their authority under the direction of the State, that this would hold true. This means that they are not just concerned with paramilitary groups, or the other groups would not have to get their permission from the governor.

Now we are not sitting how to influence legislation in which supposedly, is not the responsibility of the church. But the church has a right to make anything clear that effects the rights of their parishioners. But when this very committee sent this invitation for us to be up there Monday night to speak of this before this committee, we then use this same invitation to tell you what we think about it. We think that this type of Bill would be criminal in its design and would be criminaltoral against the citizens of the State of California. I think this is just a design to pick up all of the Christians that they can and to harass them. Every patriot who is against Communism, and every conservative is an extremist . . . they have declared. And every individual who loves God and would fight communism and would defend their homes, would therefore, be considered suspect. We consider a military group because they stand together against communism, as those "Onward Christian Soldiers." Would they be against your society?-- No. And how about the John Birch Society? Are they considered a military group?

Now I am going to tell you something else. Under the laws of the land there is no law against the Militia. And even the Attorney General of the United States had to say that the 'Minutemen' were entirely legal.

I say, ‘thank God,’ tonight that we have patriots who are willing to defend America, from this Communist revolution, if it starts up. How do you know if the third party at your target practice might be a 'minuteman?' And then they would throw you in jail. I cite these are all of the emblems of dictatorship of the Antichrist. But this is the proposed legislation. This is what they want to know. What do you think about it? I think you should get a letter in to the chairman of the judiciary! Get an air mail in or a telegram in and tell them what you think about it.

Now I can tell you this. God did not raise a bunch of pacifists. Oh, you say, ‘those who take up the sword shall die by it?’ The intent of the word, is those who take up the sword against the righteous. Jesus said, ‘if you do not have a sword, then you better sell your coat and buy one. Because I am sending you out as lambs among wolves.’ You can get along being a little chilly, but they will cut your head off if you can't defend yourself. After all, nobody knew those Jews in Palestine better than Jesus did. And thus, he said, ‘if you do not have a sword, then sell your coat and buy one.’ And I tell you tonight, that if there is anything that every Christian American should have, it’s the weapons that he should have to defend himself against the Antichrist.

Throughout the days that are ahead that the enemies speed of plans, upsets even the best laid plans of conspiracy. America will soon be engaged in the full depth of Armageddon. You may already note that all of the alignments are moving in fast progression the speed of the seismic earthquakes in many places. And we told you that the tornadoes would come early. That they would whip in March and April. And that you would have tornadoes when they said that there would be no tornadoes. The alignment showed this. And the tornadoes are right now ripping thru the country. They came thru in last month, also.

The other day, in Noam, an intelligent man, engaged in a vast area of industry, said, ‘you know when I heard your tape when you talked about tornadoes in March, ripping thru the country doing great damage, I said, well, he is going to miss on this one, for it’s to early.’ But, my friends, the measures are still there. We told you that this past winter would be the longest one you had had in a long time. And when spring came along, you were still in winter. And you are having this unprecedented pattern. So do you know why? All areas of this atmospheric pressures that are bringing in this area of weather, are those that come so close together, that I told you it was hard to determine where the influence of one starts and the other ends in every month. This is why there are little tremors here and little tremors there, and earthquakes all over the world. And you are getting this tremendous wave of water downpour and then snow. It is a measure of the 'time.' You are going to see a lot of changed patterns because the alignments are already set up for them.

I am going to tell you also, that God has a lot of plans set in place for the swallowing of the Serpent seed and the Dragon seed which pours out of their mouths. I am going to tell you that the kingdom of God will survive because the program of God calls for this. There will be those who will try to read into what we have said, in reference as to what we have not stated. But we point out to you clearly.--Obey first and foremost the law of God and you will be closer to Constitutional position than has been taken by the destroyers who have been trying to set aside the Constitution.

Again we point out to you the First Amendment of the Constitution. For the first part of it gives the authority to determine the qualifications of electors to the individual states. Not only for their own electors, but for federal electors as well. And any law which discriminates against any state, or orders them to follow any process of qualifying electors which is to take place, this Article of the Constitution would have to be repealed by three-quarters of the legislatures of the United States.

What the President is asking for, what the governor is asking for, is a violation of the constitution of the United States.

I believe in the equality of God's children, who say,--"Our Father which art in heaven," for they are a holy seed in vessels prepared for us. I believe in the righteousness of God. And in the end every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is God, to the eternal Glory of the Eternal Father. There can be no question about this. In this final week of Lent, we think about the promises of God, and His promises to us to justify us by HIS GRACE and to crown us with HIS GLORY.

So as we think upon these things, just remember that this is the crux of the Christian faith. The Jews cried out because the Pope forgot what he said earlier in the year. And when the Pope went into his sermon in Rome last Sunday, he told the people how the Jews hated Jesus. How they crucified HIM, and said that they did it. And all of this week, all of the Jews in the world have been crying out against the Pope because they thought they had him under their thumb when last year he said that they didn't do it. But when he went to preach, he had to use the scriptures and he did not have anything else to work with. So he said that they did it. And I tell you tonight that they did do it.


End of message.