Sign Of The Son Of God In The Heavens, 12-31-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-31-63

As we turn tonight to look at the year ahead, there have never been so many factors involved, so many measures. In fact, as we have been making calculations and looking at the measures, we realize that this was one of the hardest years because of the size and the numbers and the factors to be measured which relates to this year. There are a lot of things of deep importance. And I think it is important that we understand that the scriptures identify you as the children of light, not the children of darkness. You are not to be taken unawares about the things taking place upon the face of the earth, unless you are out of adjustment with the patterns of revelation and the areas of wisdom. You have been told that the LORD does nothing unless HE reveals it unto HIS ministers and HIS prophets. HE has set up the pattern of knowledge and understanding so that we might be guided, and we might be prepared for the things which are coming to pass. We have been told several things concerning the processes of God and the pattern which HE uses. And one of those things is the direct word of prophecy by declaring the things which shall come to pass and by revealing it unto the prophets and holy men moved by the spirit recorded these things. Thus, we have in the Bible, the sure word of prophecy. We have the continuing guidance and intuition that God gives to HIS household to whom HE has given the gift of prophecy and the gift of this particular type of intuition which is very vital to understanding. We are told, in the writings of Peter, something that is rather significant. And we call your attention to that in the first chapter of II Peter 19th verse. It says we have also a more sure word of prophecy. “Where unto you would do well to take heed as unto a Light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the day star arises in your heart.”

Significantly, there are these measures of prophecy. There are the delineation of the events which come under the guidance of the spirit. There are patterns of measure given unto us. The Bible is filled with these cycles of time. Also, we note that these were given to such men as Enoch, who had been taken into the very presence of God and taught and shown many things of importance; who carried these events back to earth and reported them in the "Secrets of Enoch.” Who joined with Job in building the great City of On and erected the great Pyramid of Giza. This pyramid was built as a measuring system---as an astrolabe of measure, an instrument, according to the inspiration received, a measurement of events which would happen over many millenniums of earth. And altho those factors started their initial revelation 5000 years before Christ, and the consummation of that building was to consummate the forces and events of measure that would come to pass at a later time. The students of Biblical prophecy were also aware of these measures which Enoch and Job placed in the Pyramid as a dual witness to the patterns of measure. Then there is a third measure referred to as the Gospel message of the sky . . . the great purpose which God unveils in the 19th chapter of the Psalms. Here we read these words. "The heavens declare the Glory of God, the firmament showeth HIS handiwork. Day by Day they utter speech and night by night they showeth knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out to the ends of the earth and their knowledge to the ends of the world. In them hath HE set a tabernacle for the sun as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber as a strong man to run a race. His going forth, and his circuit to the ends of it; and there is nothing hid from the heat of the measure thereof, and the Law of the LORD is perfect.”

There are two or three witnesses who can be compared for the pattern of events. And we have never had an opportunity as we have in this hour to watch and speak of the culmination of the measures which God has placed in the heavens, and placed in the stone, and in the pattern of the inspired word, and continues to unveil to HIS ministers who seek HIS voice and HIS guidance. So as we look out over the period that we are in, we realize that we have come thru important histories and patterns of Divine measure. As we have cited unto you before, this year we are in and are about to leave, has been one of the most important years in the history of our race. For since our race has been upon the earth and Divine prophecies have been given and Divine purposes set in place, the Birth of Christ was a significant measure. Our race had the key and they carried it with them for almost 5000 years. And then seeing it fulled as they arrived at the manger and recognized that this was the Christ, this was the incarnate Deity. This was the visitation of God. And it is well with a people to recognize this visitation.

In the second area of prophecy and that which extended to the Father, was the prophecy given to Enoch that concerned the climactic events in our time. One of the most important events was the 'sign of the son of man' in the heavens. There is no question that if you understand the purposes of God and the plan of HIS kingdom. There is nothing as important in events in this climactic time which is ahead which is the reentry of the power of God in HIS personal presence and all that this involves in human affairs. There is nothing given unto the church, the spiritual center of God's kingdom, more important than that which relates to that situation. Also, the sign of the son of man in the heavens is referred to by Jesus the Christ. For after the disciples had asked HIM what was going to be the signs of the end of the age and HIS reentrance into human affairs. They were told that there would be this 'sign of the son of man' in the heavens and the fear which would descend upon the heathen of the earth. That the heathen would weep and mourn when they saw the 'sign of the son of man in the heavens.'

The reason why we lay this foundation is because the events of one year sometimes establish the things which occur in the years which immediately follow and are a part of that era. More than this, when you see the 'sign of the son of man in the heavens,' you have entered the sign of climax. This is the era of the final victory; of the final overthrow of the forces of darkness. As we have said before, this is the end of the time allowed to the powers of darkness to be arrayed against God's kingdom. This is the beginning of the climax and the powers of righteousness and the personal victory of God over all of the forces of darkness, and over the race of HIS people for the power of the enemy. This is called 'The day of the LORD,' a climactic period and an important one. And as Enoch, in the presence of the MOST HIGH, as surely as he was given the conjunctions to be in place at the time of the birth of Christ, as sure as he was given the pattern of the Star which would move to the head of Virgo, just as surely, he was told of the sign of the son of man in the heavens. This would signal the second entry of God into a physical world. This time, not by the process of birth as you entered into the world, but this time, coming with the mighty hosts of heaven. Coming in a great manifestation of power, majesty and glory. And Enoch was given the assurance that there would be such a Time. It would be in the time of the significant symbol of the ‘Outpouring.’ And therefore, there was given unto Enoch, names for every one of the groupings of the constellations that we find when we take our solar track in the sky. We are acquainted with the signs of the Zodiac. These signs are a part of the 'Star bible.’ The names given to Enoch were out of the background of the Aramaic and similar names were given to them by the Greeks and the Romans as they also measured the sky. The Mayan and the Chinese people from one end of the earth to the other have fulfilled the prophecy of the 19th Psalm, concerning the fact that their speech and their line has gone out to the ends of the earth, and there is not a place where this star message with its pictorial message cannot be found. But to Enoch was given the key. And to Enoch, also was given the measures as to what to anticipate. One of the things that we know about this majestic Star Bible, was that Virgo of the heavens meant that the seed of the woman (Israel) would become the head of the nation. That God Himself, would enter human affairs by this process. And that prophecy we have discovered in Isaiah, and which we have just been commemorating at Christmas time:-- “Unto us a son is born, unto us a child is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders. He shall be called wonderful, councillor, the Almighty God and the everlasting father, and the prince of Peace,” was sealed up in the significant measure of Virgo. And in that universal pattern of yesterday, the emblem of Virgo with her feet upon the world crushing the head of the serpent was that symbol of enmity between the 'seed of the woman' and the seed of the serpent, whose seed plagues you today from the surrounding influences of the White House, all of the way across with the false pattern of Israeli. It is the control behind the Red Revolution and against everything Christian and good. Thus, always then there continues the battle between the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent. Symbolically, these patterns of measure are found all thru the scriptures measures such as we see in the 12th chapter of Revelation, as the Dragon stands before the woman to devour her child as soon as HE is born. Symbolically again a pattern of measures.

Thus, Enoch understood these measures, each and every one of them a symbolic design, having a part in the Star Gospel. In the vastness of those things written in the Secrets of Enoch, was that Aquarius was the symbol of the ‘Waterman in the heavens’ pouring out. When we talk about spiritual forces and showers of blessings, and as Joel in his prophecies, talks about the great outpouring in the time of the latter rain, so would be one of the great climactic events which would be the outpouring of energy and power upon the kingdom, upon the race and the household transplanted from heaven to earth, which today makes up the Adamic race, the White race of the Western world.

Within a part of this measure would be the day when you would see the 'sign of the son of man' in the heavens. When this would occur, then we would find that all of the major planets, called wanders by Enoch, as they changed their positions in the sky, would be lined up in the sign of Aquarius. This would take place with the opposition of the other two planets which he talked about, but which modern scientists did not know about until we hit the 1930's. Before this, they did not know that they existed. But he talked about them being in opposition, being across from the other side of the sign in the Zodiac. And more than that, he was told, as this sign was given, that in that day and at that sign of 'the son of man in the heavens,' there would come an eclipse of the sun. And this happened Feb. 4, 1962. It had not happened for 20,000 years and did not happen for 5000 years before Christ was born. And it had not happened before this hour. I do not think there would be any way to get to such an important time and measure than by this process.

God thus, unveiled this sign in the heavens. And HE had told HIS people that when they saw this sign that they had entered the era which would start with many events and would end in victory. And they were told that when they saw the sign of 'the son of man in the heavens,' that the darkness had almost passed. And that the morning was going to come. Know this, that the mighty forces of the kingdom would rise and cleanse the nations of God's kingdom. Know this that the power of the Hammer and Sickle are soon going to die, doomed unto failure. The forces of evil will come to their completeness. And Jesus said to HIS disciples, ‘when you see this sign,’ even as HE had unveiled it to Enoch 5000 years before, ‘when you see this sign, the pagans are going to mourn and the heathens are going to be fearful.

On February 4th, 1962, you entered into the era of the start of the climax which ends in victory. You have already set this. But accompanying this sign and around it, were also many other signs of the approaching power and the completeness of God's kingdom. Already the mighty ships and structures of heaven are taking a mighty interest in earth, influences and forces surround the earth. And you are not alone. In the vastness of space and in the solar system surrounding you are the mighty hosts of God. And the hour is fast approaching when the challenge will be complete as it relates to the forces of darkness. And, yes, if you have any newspapers which you saved from around Feb.4th, of 1962, you will note that in India, Tibet and the far off areas of Asia and down among the Witchdoctors of Africa, the heathen were worried about this configuration. They knew this was coming up. And their priests and their prophets said, ‘look out for this.’ And everywhere the heathens mourned.

Now why did they mourn? It was because they were afraid of that sign of 'the son of man in the heavens.’ They knew even as the ancient Veda had left this story in ancient India. They knew even as the story of the measures in the sky had been left in the star messages that Enoch had set up. The story in the temple of Zendera built in Egypt and the copy from the high steppes reserved in China . . . all of them were copies of the knowledge and the wisdom proclaimed. And they knew of the symbol of the mighty God of the heavens, the challenger of the Dragon and the Serpent, that HIS sign would come out of Aquarius. And when they saw the sign, they thought that the climax had come. They thought the end of the world had come for them. Some others, moved in great terror, sold their property and prepared for the end of the world. And every great newspaper in America, after that day in 1962, carried the story of the great fear of the heathens.

Oh, you say, “But nothing happened. They are all still here.” My friends, the sign and the measure took place. There was not a still moment in 1962, and there has not been one in 1963. The 'sign of the son of man' happened. That which Jesus said would come, has taken place. And it took place last year. It does not always follow that all of the signs in that measure take place within that year. But the foundation has been laid, and the events of this year and the measures of that year, are also very much tied to the conditions of that date, the tremendous things taking place in the heavens, the guiding forces until Christ, Himself, reaches back into human affairs.

There are a number of things which add to the significance of this measure. But we point this out. That the 'sign of the son of man' was in the heavens. This has also been an unusual year and the potentials have been quite clear. We have watched a lot of things that you and I are not necessarily proud of, take place. But the great awakening of America is going on. And as the prophet Joel expressed:--- “I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and upon my daughters.” And then the call which is referred to in Romans, as God calls for HIS people to awake out of their sleep and stand up and put on the armor of light and resist the forces of darkness. This sign of Aquarius of last year, was to be the sign of a great awakening of God's people, a moving over to the standards of righteousness and the positions of God. And not to positions of darkness. This last year, we saw an increase in what we call the right-wing in the United States. And also an awakening in all Christian nations as to what the enemy is concerned about. But they point out, it is the LIGHT. In fact, the forces of darkness made a semantics in the United States. They talk about the ‘EXTREME RIGHT AND THE EXTREME LEFT.’ But let it be clear tonight that you can never be too far to the ‘right.’ What is RIGHT is right. And you cannot be too far to the RIGHT, for the person of Christ is to be as far to the right as a person can go. I point out to you that during this year, we have gained from 14% to 45%. For the New York Times says that 35% of the American people are now influenced by the areas of the ‘extreme Right.’ In fact, the extreme ‘liberals’ say that unless they can curb the influence of the ‘Extreme Right’ then all of the work of the New Frontier will go shipwrecked upon this new monstrous danger which they refer to as the ‘Extreme right.’ whenever I see an ‘extreme left’ newspaper call the ‘right’ the 'rocks of danger,' I turn to the fact that you are living stones. And the ‘chief cornerstone’---Upon this Rock--the powers of darkness will destroy themselves like a ship being beaten upon the rocks. Oh, yes you are the ship wreck for evil. You are the ship wreck for all of the things in your society which does not want to get in alignment with the things of God. Yes, you have seen the 'right wing' arise this year, another portent of the great Aquarius sign. Before you pass another year, you will have reached 51%, and the Right Wing of America will again control its destiny.

There are a number of things which are indicated by the situation. I want to point out to you that the Gospel message in the sky . . . that the measures have been known to the savants of our race as well as Biblical prophecies and patterns of measure. We have today many technological sciences which have been proven by contact and by test tubes. There are a great number of people who have a pattern of sophistication which overlooks super-scientists and supernatural patterns of revelation. They sometimes take a dim view of anything they cannot establish in a test tube, or anything which they cannot lay their hand upon. But I want you to know that the spiritual guidance of Divine measure of things in heaven and the supernatural pattern of revelations has not changed. Nor has the great supernatural force of Divine revelation that shall descend upon men and women who properly worship the MOST HIGH GOD. The supernatural aspect of a religion is something that you cannot measure in a test tube. For they have created a culture. They have established a race. They have made America what it is in its greatness. I point out to you then, that the best way to see how these things are going, is to follow the instructions of the scripture such as prophecy and see if these things come to pass. I point out to you that we are living in the structure of such a measure. God looks upon you as the Apostle Paul said in the book of Thessalonians, 'Ye are the children of LIGHT, not the children of darkness. And these things are not to take you unawares.’ You are to know the times and the seasons. You may not know the day and the hour for some event, but you shall know the times and the seasons.

We point out to you that one of the significant times of these events is that God uses the astronomical patterns of prophecy in the sky. HE gives indications of when certain things will transpire. Do not go out and say that the stars in their positions made you do anything. But we cite to you that the major patterns of Divine history have by the omniscience of God, always been declared as to when certain things will happen. And this is the great clock that tells us when we have arrived at that point. More than that, God possesses the quality of Omnipotence which is the knowledge of all power, Omniscience which is all wisdom and the capacity to put these two things together and come up with the foreknowledge of events and then the completion of the event when the event comes to pass. However, it would be very foolish to say that there is no relationship between the substance which forms the matter of your body and the pattern of the smaller meconic and molecular solar system that makes you up, and the vastness of God's Universe, all held together by the pattern of HIS law. There are very few physicist of today and very few neurologists who do not recognize that there is a definite relationship between man and the earth he lives on, and the solar system and every light vibration which does exist. This is why the Apostle Paul tells us that our Eternal Father is the Father of all light and vibration . . . who begat us out of the very light and synthesis of HIS own being. I tell you therefore, that you cannot dwell inside of a physical earth, inside of a physical body, which is composed of a vibratory body and operates on electronic impulses where the electrons move around the nucleus and the light waves affect you in the vibratory race of them. There is no doubt that these patterns some times are referred to as radiation and at other times that these factors have a great synthesis and relate to you in every object that exists in all of the world. Modern scientists now know that the sun’s light is what produces the chlorophyll and binds the great carbon story in the plants which you eat. The fact is that other planets in our solar system definitely contribute to the polarization that effect the orange in the orange and the purple in the grape. All of these are the contributing factors which come out of the light vibrations out of stars and suns in our own solar system. The fact remains that this is not only known but experiments have been conducted concerning this. Also, this is the breaking down of the prisms of the light bands and the types of light bans which we receive from the various planets. So if it affects fruit, if it affects color, it also affects the things which live. One of the great mysteries concerning this was the gestation period for your race, because you were a Celestial household, the sons of God, the Adamic household, and had the life and breath of God. As the Apostle Paul said, ‘flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone; breath of HIS breath and life of HIS life.’ Therefore, your gestation period would have been the normal solar cycle. But the violation of Divine law which took place with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, of a lesser society under the fall, dropped your gestation period to 9 months . . . and nine is the numerical number of Judgment. And is also the number of the Beast system of Enosh. So with this policy, you discover that each and every man who starts from the embryo to gestation, his consummation is nine months. Leaving every individual with just three months of incompletion. This is the reason why in science and in some instances pseudo--which might have value, and related, to these certain principals of fact, but there is a prenatal difference set up as the timing of conception and the development of birth between every individual which precisely emerges in life and liberty at the same time. That the various combinations of light and energy in the Universe helps to influence the various embryos in the developing child to be different in each and every person. This is a result of your fall, your racial fall.

Now there is that work that is consummated by the Father. He wrote your names down in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Said HE would intervene on your behalf, and HE would also add back that which you had lost. HE would restore to you that which you had lost. Therefore, that lost quarter of the vibrations and energy of birth is to be consummated and restored to you by the abiding presence of the Living Spirit of Christ. Thus, HE becomes the corner stone of HIS own Holy Temple, all of you to be stones fitly framed together grown into a Holy Temple unto God. The only individual who is free from this lack in the solar cycle is the individual adjusted in his life with God and his life becomes a completer. We point out that in the temple of Zendera that was built by the hand of Enoch in Egypt, and in the measures still found in the temple in the upper Peking, if the communists have not destroyed it since the days of former Emperors . . . there are 612 major illuminaries that filled the sky. This means that of the first 612 of magnitude, that there are 612 great suns that are visible to your eye. These 612 have nothing to do with the wanderers like Jupiter and Saturn, but are major stars. But if you break this in 5 different places, you can break the cycle of the heavens. But you come out with the 612 stars and dividing them off into quarters, there is always 153 illuminaries. And 153 is the major illuminaries in everyone’s life that must be consummated by Christ who is the son of righteousness and the light of the world, and the light that lighteth every man who comes into the world. More than this, we will point out the mysterious value of that number. The displacement factor which was set by the architectural design of the disasters of the Great Pyramid, after Enoch and Job, with the 153 inches, marked the displacement factor with the same measure. And again, this number of 153 of incompletion is again brought out to you in parable. For when Jesus approached the shore, HE told HIS disciples to put the net down in the other side of the ship. And when they pulled in the net, HE said, ‘Count the number of fish in the net.’ And when they counted, there were 153 fish in the net, just 1/4 of the 612 illuminaries of the sky. In this measure also, in the words of the Aramaic text as used by Mark when he was pastor of the church in Alexandria, was that this is the symbol of completion. And Christ is the completer, to restore unto you that which you lost when you fell. Significantly, I point out to you that we do have a symbol for men and for nations in this pattern. We do not intend to tell you how far or how strained these influences may be. But there are certain things that we do know. We do know that if you go back over history that certain things happened under certain signs in history, and in certain signs in relationship with one another, they may not have any entailing forces, but they were sure measuring forces concerning this factor. We have never entered a war which did not involve a conjunction or opposition. With America’s rising sun on July of 1776---Mercury had the opposition or the alignment of Mars. We can well tell when these transpired since the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and the trouble we had in Cuba in World War I, and the Persian factors, and the chasing of Poncho Villa . . . all of these tie into a certain thing. We always knew about a certain ‘clock of time.’ And by the patterns of history, I can show you from the tracks in my library, that these tie into every great movement. Even the movements of Napoleon and away back down to the time when Sennacherib attacked Israel in the earliest of the invasions. And those who are wise could have measured these signs. If there is dismay among the wise men of our nations, it is because we have forsaken the laws of God and we have forgotten the secrets of HIS measure. So we tell you that more important than knowing how to do the computation, is to know 'Thus saith the LORD’ in the period in which you dwell. I want to point out that since October of 1962, we have had Mars as one of the planets in the great configuration of 'the son of man in the heavens.' And suddenly it appeared that Mars was going backward . . . going retrograde. Then remember that in the hour when she went retrograde, is the hour when we threw a blockade around Cuba and made an announcement of these events. You say, “This is coincident.” Well, maybe it is. But it has become rather a symbolic one, because the measure works. I point out to you, that as you look into the sky, it looks like Mars is going backward. It is because her orbit is on an angle to some of the other planets and it makes it look somewhat different. As far as Jupiter and Saturn are concerned, they go racing thru the sky somewhat parallel. And Mars and Saturn look as tho they are paralleling them. But that is why Mars is looking smaller as it moves out on the ecliptic. As the angle of the ecliptic increases, we find that Saturn passes it up and Mars is passed up by Venus and then by Mercury. And each time they pass up, they make a pattern of alignment. And that alignment is related to the earth. As that alignment lines up, it is subject to earths pressure. But meteorologists learned the secret. We have talked to you about this for many years. The measure of earthquakes and the cycles of great turbulence and the upheavals in the earth are due to the retro-magnetic flows of force and the relationship from planet to planet and their relationship to our solar system with the rise and fall of earth’s pressures from these positions. We also point out that these may have more influence on the nervous system of the human race than you realize. They are all adapted to so many pounds to the square inch. And the whole nervous system as it relates to the skin, is somewhat respondent to the pressures and factors from one factor to another thru out the world. There are days when you feel that there is something about to happen. There is an expectation of events. What is bothering these patterns? It is because your synchronization as a living being in this universe, that your Father created by the pattern of HIS mind . . . and it effected that mind in the holding of all things together with all of the opposition arrayed against HIM and under this tent, you also have a sense of this. And this is sometimes called the gift of discernment. And this is prophecy. For it is tied into that measure. So we point out to you that since the 22nd or 23rd of October 1962, that Mars has been going backward against the configuration of the 'sign of the son of man.' And continued to do so until you were past the 11th of June, this year. Every time she gets in line with or in opposition with those planets, there is a measure of events that shall transpire. More than that, its impact will be felt, as it is now being felt, as it relates to the transit of both Uranus and Neptune and the squaring of Jupiter and Pluto, at the very beginning of the year in January of this year. As they moved into that cycle, the pressure belt, and produced the cold days, the mighty storms . . . these are a part of this measure. Those who have looked at the prophecy in 1962, will remember that we outlined the climax of events which would move this winter. The tremendous storms and the significant military crisis that would arise in October and the dangers involved in this. This, my friends, did not take anything but a recognition of the measure and an awareness also of the relationship of Divine purpose.

Now we tell you some things concerning this coming year. There are so many factors involved in this, that we will not give you a full run of this measure. But we will tell you what is in store for this coming year from the amalgamation of these patterns. And we will add to this in the message ‘The Measure of Destiny.’ We will give you explicit measure and you can pin them down to the times of the month. But the impossibility of covering so much of this subject tonight, we want you to realize that the patterns of Divine purpose are clear. First the overall perspective of why you are here and for what purpose can be summed up in just this purpose. For HE transferred HIS family from heaven to earth for just such a purpose. You enter by the process of birth and you are a specific people with a special covenant and a special destiny. You have a special revelation called this Bible. And you are the people of this Book. The destiny is to transfer the kingdom to earth. And the administration of righteousness of men and of nations is to establish the recognition of the laws of God. And eventually to extend it with HIS power to the recognition that HE has. This destiny will be consummated in the fullness of this era in which you are living, with every knee bowing and every tongue professing that Christ is LORD. We will consummate with all of the nations of this world recognizing that Jesus is the Christ and that words come forth out of the book of Revelation. And this is the revelation:.... “THAT THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD SHALL BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD AND HIS CHRIST.”

But where are you in this last period of time? You have been engaged in periods of tribulation and you have been engaged in struggles against the powers of darkness as a race and among many nations. The forces of evil stem from God's enemies and are called forces of darkness. They are the offspring of Lucifer and from International Jewry. They brought forth Communism and all of the forces involved in it. And they sought to use it to crush Christianity. They followed the very patterns we have referred to as the measures of the hour. These great kingdoms are dominated by force and this political influence, and they waged war against Christ and HIS kingdom. They waged war against that race before the coming of Messiah, and thus carried on afterwards. We have talked about this great dragon of Revelation with the seven heads and the ten horns. And he is listed in the 12th chapter of Revelation. And we use this as we go into the final events of the 18th chapter of Revelation.

Now let me tell you this. The seven heads were the seven Empires. And make no excuse for them. For they came against your race. They were turned at some turning point by the dark Priesthoods and they came against you. Egypt was the economic bondage and one of the first crisis of your society. Then came the Summerian Empire of Assyria, then Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. Each one of these Empires became dominated by these forces. This did not mean that all of the people in these Empires were dominated by this influence if they were not associated with the forces of darkness. The Greeks were Sythians and a part of your race. The Romans were also of your race. I am talking about the forces which controlled, and the strange influences which took over. Of this, Jesus said:... ‘of this seven heads, that five had fallen and one was.’ This was Rome under the power of organized Jewry at that time, with the persecution directed against HIS kingdom and eventually the church.

Now following Rome, came the hoards of Asia under Genghis Khan. This was the seventh. The bringing of the hoards of Asia against Christendom was actually planned in Venice and carried it out from there. They sought, after being sure that they no longer controlled the church after losing their influence under the reign of Constantine, and they sought to raise the hoards of the Great Khan and to throw all of the powers of Asia against Christendom. They alone were wearing their yellow arm bands showing they had immunity. They supplied cunning guides to Genghis Khan, like the Chinese Jew who became his prime minister. And they gathered the hoards across the Steppes of Asia and sought to hurl them against western Christendom. But Christianity survived. And Christianity with the Knighthood of Germans, survived with the Knighthood from Britain and from Rome. Even Martin Luther called for a peace between Rome and the theology of Germany as long as this threat existed. He said so that they might beat the hoards of anti-Christ. And he called for Christianity to close ranks. The fact remains, that the forces from the Steppes were turned back by God striking Genghis Khan --dead. The conjunction was high in the sky. And Jupiter opposed Saturn. And the ruler won and Genghis Khan died. And after that, it took a year to select a new leadership. The hoards never regained their power. Jewry then turned their attention to building a political and economic philosophy. They would invade the economic control of nations, hoping to give support to the great hoards of Asia to once more rise against Christendom. But finally came the breaking up of the hoards. And even under ‘Sula the Magnificent,’ the power of Turkey was the climax of the hoards. But have you every stopped to think that Karl Marx and the forces surrounding him, were the same forces that gave vital life to Asia once again? That the Communist doctrines and the forces supporting these Communist hoards have taken place under their management until today, the threat to the western world is this whole area of Communism? The Asiatic forces and the racial backgrounds involved of almost all of the Russias and the great manpower being in Asia, the Red Chinese and their Communist Republic? Thus, it is that Communism in Russia and in China controls more manpower than any other block of nations together.

So we point out that the same power that Jesus said would give the Beast its power was wounded nigh unto to death . . . was again in operation. And modern Jewry which brought Genghis Khan against the west, now has brought Communism against Christianity and is responsible for it unto this day.

Now this is something that relates to this hour. We point out to you that as we roll into this hour that we roll into it with the governing influence which portends no peace. But the scripture say 'woe unto them who say Peace when there is no Peace. They try to comfort my people, because my people would like to look at peace, but there is no Peace.’ And when you hear a minister saying that we are moving into an area of Peace, then know this . . . for this is a false prophecy. For there is not any Peace. When they try to get you to strengthen the United Nations and to disarm yourselves in order to produce Peace, know that this is the force of the anti-Christ and the forces of darkness. For in this instance, there is no Peace. There will come no Peace by joining God's Kingdom and the powers of darkness.

One of the most important activities that an American can participate in 1963, is to try to get America out of the United Nations. We point out to you that as we move into a new year, there are many more values than people recognize. You think that because you have watched an ascendency of America's Mercury. You have watched, at least by words, of the missiles by the Soviet Union. Many people say that we are on a new course. There are those with a false pattern of strategy try to tell us that a Peace loving mood has come down over the Soviet Union. This again is the word of the false prophet. For there is no Peace here. There is no change of heart upon the part of Mr. Khrushev. There is no peace based on a change in the Soviet Union. But there is a realization as far as faith is concerned, while apparently loosing face in the mind of Mr. Khrushev, he anticipates that he will regain authority as he takes you unawares. Thus it is, that we look out over this year. This is a Saturn year. And Saturn is the symbol of something complete and absolute stubbornness.

Now this is something you will find in the new year. And it may work to your benefit. Because it means that this stubbornness will be in effect thru out the year. Just as the Kennedys thought that they won a great victory in the last election. They actually won a deep shame. And America has discovered how from the greatness of our height we have fallen in the last aspects of this year. Here was a nation which paid no tribute. Would give no tribute, whether it was pirates of Sicily or great Empires threatening us with destruction. Always, we fought thru to a great victory. And now to see this great nation capitulate to a communist leader of the Soviet Union in Cuba. It took 70 million dollars that we blackmailed out of our drug companies to get back the 1400 prisoners that our own President had sold into slavery. I point out that for this we are ashamed. I point out that apparently we treated Russia as ascendency. We also pointed out that the same influences around the President, who guided him, also demonstrated that we had not taken the Divine route. The scripture told us that we were never to acknowledge any power greater than ours when we stood in the positions of righteousness. If it had not been for the duplicity and the treasonous functions of the President of the United States there would have been complete victory in the Cuban affair. And free Cuba would be our ally tonight.

I think the L.A. Times had a very valuable illustration tonight. Here was a group of these refugees coming back who had been prisoners in Cuba and one of them was in torn rags with the echelon of Colonel on his shoulder. And as he came into the area of the immigration authorities who were checking out each one of them, he went over to the phone and called the Pentagon and said, “Where was that air cover you promised?” The thing which disgusted me was hearing about the wonderful statesmanship that brought these men back. I could not forget the betrayal which held them prisoner to begin with. For with the support of the U.S. Air Force these men who fought for freedom in their own land, we could have once more had the Cuban flag flying in victory. Or if that would not have possible, the Stars and Stripes. And no one would have dared to touch it.

Let us point out again that in the climactic events which folded out last year, we could see also things which would reach over into the new ones. The influence of political maneuvers which would gain such strength for Mr. Kennedy. You know the 87th Congress was not generally a victory for Mr. Kennedy. You will remember that it turned down plan after plan. It opposed his education program and many things. But it did surrender one area of its responsibility which is most dangerous. For the first time they were taken in and they surrendered their control over our tariffs. They had surrendered in 1962, the power to the Kennedy family which would make them dictators over American life. It means that the power of the President in striking down barriers and going in with cooperation of the European market would put American industry and American labor at the lowest cost of production. Lower than the wage scales of Europe. Also this will destroy American industry which has no way to compete in this kind of a situation. This is understood by the masterminds who wage war against us. And they had added a Rider to this Bill, knowing that there should be an adjustment. This was the right to reach into the U.S. Treasury and reimburse factories and men who would go out of work, as this thing occurred.

Any time a man can approach such things with such a great vigor, it is a strange thing. When you would take in this great nation the move to close our factories and put men out of work, and then have to call on the treasury to reimburse them, that is putting the whole program of government on the wrong track.

Now I do not know how tired Congressmen can get, but they must have been awful tired that day. With capitulation like this we won't need any Congress. And there will not be any jobs for them either, because we will have passed from a Republic to a Dictatorship completely.

Now we point out to you that this measure has called for a tremendous amount of time. And they are aware now that this was a great error and a grave mistake. Many of them recognize this. The man that heads the monetary policies is a very brilliant man. And he sees a great danger in the program that the Bells and the Schlessengers are supporting. For this is the surrendering of all of the remaining gold which we have into a world bank depository . . . the handing of all of our money into the hands of a World Bank. Then their ability to take everyone’s gold in the United Nations and issue you gold and silver certificates to operate on as long as you are a good nation, a 'good boy,' and obey the world program. They can devaluate your money. They can bankrupt your society and control your will unless you surrender that flag and take the spider-web in its place. This, my friends, must not be allowed to happen. And there are those who understand this. You may not know it, but as you move into this next year there will be some upheaval and unrest. The planet Uranus has always marked this since the great depression we were in, being the patterns of measure which affects our gold supply, and now this portent of the surrender of gold. When the Congress moves in on the 15th of January, it will have just followed the eclipse of the sun. And this takes place on the 9th. This pattern of alignment touches very little of Europe, but very heavily on Africa which again will be in the forefront of the news. It also effects in its measure, a great part of the United States. It reaches from Wisconsin to Oklahoma City, and affects the great farm-belt in America. And it also shows that it is economic. The Saturn year demonstrates that the Congress will be very tough. And the Congress of the U.S. will resist every move of the administration right thru the year. Then the Congress of the U.S. will do all it can to protect American business and industry. It is going to try to put blocks in the way of the ‘Trade Expansion Act’ where it will hurt our industry and put such a drain upon our treasury. Don’t be surprised if they try to rescind this Trade Expansion Act and restore this power to the Congress of the U.S.

Thus, I point out to you that the first six months of 1963, saw an unstable peace. There may be a little brush war here and there. And there was no measure indicating anything would take place before that time. Our only trouble is this trying to satisfy the hoard of evil inside of Katanga in Africa and in the United Nations, giving world Jewry the control over the mineral assets of the province of Katanga. This is a great conspiracy. And every American should be ashamed, telling our President and the Sec. of State to repudiate this idea. Leave that portion of the Congo free. Do not force it into the ‘Red Orbit’ of the ‘Red’ areas of the Congo. All of our old allies--Britain, France--are crying out to America to reverse this policy. To be a party to this attack on the 26th day of December, under this phase of the moon. We have moved in on Katanga, We have captured its cities and are destroying its economy. Katanga is fighting back saying they will never give up their freedom. ‘For we are White men. We have made this country great. And we will fight if we have to use spears and bows from the jungle.’ Here was America taking this leadership under the influence of Asiatics who do not respect your God and want you to bow to the decisions of Uthant. And you are participating in that which all of the Christian world is against. This, my friends, is what you must extricate yourself from, or you also will know some of the chastisement that descends upon a people who----‘As they sow, thus they reap.’ So we point out that we must extricate ourselves from evil. And this year is going to be an explosive year as the 'right wing' is going to be just as determined as the President is determined, to carry out his objective. But the more determined he is, the more obnoxious he will become. The more the people support the ‘right wing’ of liberty, the more the 'right wing' will grow until the people will know that this is their champion.

We point out that within these same measures, that we are watching the strange opposition of Jupiter and Pluto. This opposition starts very early and even the meteorologists understand that this is a weather factor. Being that the balance of the winter, the cold and storms, will be intense. It also demonstrates that the patterns of alignment will go high. They will move back and forth with great rapidity from one end of the western world to the other, with storms and their intensity. And so it will effect the islands of the sea.

In this instance, we point out that the Soviet Union is not preparing for Peace. A lot of expenditures this year is in the areas of rocketry and missiles. She intends to produce the greatest catch of missiles on the face of the earth.

Now she does not operate on the same principle that you do. America also had the highest military budget in 1963, in all of our history. We are spending over 53 million dollars on defense and attack missiles.

Now this is something significant. America does not build missiles to take over another country unless we are involved in war. And the Soviet Union knows that these missies and weapons will be used against her when she gets out of line. But the Soviet Union also knows that she need not build a stockpile of weapons to defend herself from us if she behaves herself. So the Soviet Union, while engaged in talking Peace, is so involved in her own problems and attempting to whip and get everything in line while building the largest war machine in history, tells us that Russia does not have Peace on her mind. She only wants to keep you still until she is ready to move. You are being told that these factors do not relate to any great problems as far as war is concerned. But I tell you that the alignments of January will not bear fruit until you reach over into September of 1963. But they were war makers. I point out to you that the areas of Red China are also definitely effected. In July came the eclipse of the sun. And clear over in India they observed this. And in September comes the alinement as Asia and India, all of the Asian world, became subject to the developing crisis. Some time between September and October of this year, this measure will complete itself.

You are being told that there is a great break between the Soviet Union and Red China. But this is not true. For there is no break between those two. And Mr. Khrushev says, ‘we will not give up this objective until the shrimp are whistling on the mountain tops.’ So don't be taken in. Do not think that you can appease the Communist world and win them to your side. The return to Moscow of Mr. Tito, should establish this.

Let me cite to you about the fears that involve Russia and the people of China that Russia is worried about China, and is about to break with China. Let me tell you concerning this measure. Red China and Russia are both Communists, and both are dying to conquer the world. However, there is this much friction. For Mr. Khrushev wants to remain the man in power. But there is every reason to believe that his power will fade before this year is over. He thinks that by being very laid back that he can then move with suddenness and rule over whole areas of the United States. He said, ‘in the long run, America is going more Socialists every day and they will both soon arrive at the same point.’ If I was to depend upon the Schlessengers for leadership, I would be afraid that this is true.

Now I tell you that the Red World has a plan and they think that all will be ready to attack you in 1964. And then they can conquer the world. And Red Chinese troops have been training in Mexico for this so-called coming Red revolution. We are not disturbed about this matter, for we know that the Stars and Strips will still be flying when Jesus comes. But don't be alarmed or amazed when I tell you that they have already started on this program. Red China would like to cross the Bering Straits. Would like to attack Alaska. And then the United States, living off the land and then moving on, confiscating and taking the things which they have hoped for. Mao said not a month ago, that it will not be long before the hoards of the Asiatic people have campfires burning like those of Genghis Khan.

Remember the prophecy of Nostradamus, as he talked about the end of the age and the hoards of Armageddon? He said that the campfires of Genghis Khan shall burn again. He said that the forces which drive the Beast will try to bring them against us and those sources will face the consequences. This man also had a knowledge of spiritual measures and was definitely guided in much of his forecasts. So Red China is getting ready to march. But Russia is not too happy about Red China attacking the United States. Because if Russia lets these hoards cross Russia, she is not too sure these Red hoards will not take Russia on the way. If you go back to the old days when Genghis Khan marched, they took Sammerkan. And we may see some of this old area again involved.

Now back to Nostradamus.---He said that in those day and in that hour which proceeds the coming of the great ONE in the sky, the fires of Asia will burn again. All right now, see what Russia fears? She fears that she could be overrun and carried along by the hoards of the Khan. When Genghis Khan moved, he took everything in the way to the right and the left. Everything up to ancient Moscow. Then Shoggy Khan became the Czar Khan of the Russias. They came into Finland and they came down upon Germany and on south upon the Slavic nations. And they attacked Hungary, and they moved from Budapest to Vienna. And before them was the scorched earth policy. Thus, nothing was saved. So Russia remembers and does not want to be absorbed while participating in this event. Russia would like for the Red Chinese to be involved in Asia, in Korea, in the most expensive war we have ever fought in. But when Mr. Kennedy was President, then he said, ‘we could not move anywhere in Asia without the permission of Mr. Uthant and the United Nations.’ So if we go anywhere in that area, it has to be with the permission of the United Nations and under the command of a Soviet General. You know, I think a hanging bee would be good in these United States here at the end of 1963. I think we should hang every Red Agent who is in this country trying to betray us. Someone said that I should be careful for what I say, or they will arrest me. No, the Supreme Court says they can't arrest you until you do it. Do not be surprised that if the Soviet Union tries to move to the west that they will be absorbed by the power of the dragon as they move to the west. And so we watch these measures.

This is the year of the fox in Asia. The reign of Genghis Khan started in the year of the pig. And he moved into Europe in the year of the fox. Is this to be a duplication of the cycle? As long as the Jews have anything to do with it, then it will always be the year of the pig.

As we move into July of this coming year, then the storm cycles of the alignment will be giving the storms such as hurricanes, a great boost. They will start moving in July. In the areas of finance you will start the struggle in this areas. And every attempt will be made to get more money for the United Nations. But the Congress will be contrary and it will be hard for them to be taken over. Mr. Smith is a very important man in the congress. A few yeas ago, the Kennedys realized that they had lots of opposition from the Senators from the South. The 'right wingers' are those terrible people who do not want to go along with such a wonderful world plan. So they wanted to get a lot of bills thru so they moved to set up procedures for the Rules Committee in the Congress so that they could better manipulate the vote. In January, Mr. Kennedy had Mars in opposition, and it did not look good for Mr. Kennedy. And he did not get hardly anything thru that he had anticipated. In fact, we thought that the more the administration tried the more the opposition would grow. And now we see what has happened to Mr. Kennedy. The most evil thing they had accomplished was the carrying forward of that evil plan to disarm America. We are told that this is to achieve world peace. But the way to achieve that is to only have one power, and that is the communist power and in control. This guarantees peace because then you cannot fight. The President of the United States signed over control of our arm forces to the United Nations. This all took place within the last 18 months.

In the next year, they hope to consummate this. And this is the reason why the newspapers are talking about this great disarmament program. Every silly preacher who is in the pulpit at this time, and thinks he caught a vision, when he should be out plowing corn instead of preaching, has forgotten that he is supposed to preach Christ.

The thing that they are talking about is anything to produce Peace. I listened to one of these men talking about the fact that Christ wanted us to turn the other cheek, and the way to do that was to disarm and show the world that we trust mankind. Wouldn't you hate to trust the devil for your salvation? The great strength of an awakening patriot is America, whether they belong to the John Birch Society, the KKK, or the Christian Defense League, or any other movement in America. God bless every 'right wing' movement and bring them to solid strength.

Let us remember that in these processes as we preserve our armament, we are preserving our strength. Now one year beyond the sign of the 'son of man' and we are to build up our defenses. Let us close the ranks and eliminate from our ranks those who would destroy. Impeachment was one of the measures. But removal by Divine removal may have been even stronger. The President did not come in under a good sign. Every man before him died in office before he completed his second term. I am only citing that in this situation the sovereign master is still the Sovereign Master. And don't you forget it. And you are HIS children. And HE has determined that you are going to survive, even if you don’t deserve it.


End of message.