Sign Of The Son Of Man, 1-3-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-3-62

We are facing one of the most significant years in all history, one which al astronomical observers have looked forward to. What will transpire has never happened the life time of any scientist, astronomer, or astrologer on the face of the earth. In fact, the exactness of the condition which is appearing in the heavens will take place in February of this year, and has great significance regarding prophetic measure and has not happened with exactness in the last 100,000 years. And it has been 23,000 years when as many planets in configuration have been in opposition or in the save sign together and make the same pattern as they are now making, even if we were to remove the exact position to which they are now assembling. The most significant thing is that the last time as many as 5 of these planets were in like and similar positions, took place 4 years before the flood that destroyed the enemies of Noah and preserved the highest and finest strain of the White race under the judgements of God in the days of Noah. That was one of the last times in the ancient pattern of prophecy that 5 of them appeared in similar configuration. But not in the same sign just before the development of the climax of World War II and 4 years before we broke the nuclear bomb over Japan. Again, we had a 5 planet configuration.

Now, we are faced with the fact that we have reached a year which back in the antiquity of prophecy, may have been the thing referred to by God when with a special ministry, HE took Enoch into HIS own presence and told him of many mysteries. Enoch is one of the most righteous White men that ever walked the earth. Enoch walked with God and he never knew death because God sent for him and took him into the dimension of Spirit after he had accomplished the great ministry, written his marvelous books and left his record for our race, and for the live Patriarchs of our race guided by it from the earliest Patriarch down to the days of Moses and down to the history of all the wise and brainy students and scientists and savants for the Kingdom of God.

Now we note that one of the things that God had unveiled to Enoch would be that the sign of Messiah coming to reign, not HIS coming at birth, but the sign of Messiah coming as King to reign would come when all the wanderers came together in the sign of HIS blessing.

Now this is a significant thing because we are soon to move out of the sign in the sky under which we have been traveling for many thousands of years, known as Pisces, the sign of the fish, which also was the sign of the early church under which the early church carried out their early ministry and the sign when they greeted one another in the days when they were harassed by organized Jewry, as well as the power of Rome was the sign of the fish. We have been in the sign of Pisces during all of the Christian era.

Now we are coming into what is known as the sign of Aquarius in the month of February. It is in Aquarius that this great configuration in the heavens takes place which was spoken of by God to Enoch when HE told him that it would be in the sign of HIS blessing. Aquarius is the waterman, pouring out the water of the heavens and that has been the symbol of the prophecy which God gave to Joel. I am going to pour out My Spirit upon all My sons and daughters, My young and their old men. Aquarius is the sign of the outpouring of the Spirit, of vision, and power and a new day. And of course, the sign of Aquarius is going to be the sign we are going to be under for many thousands of years to come.

We are now under the new sign in the heavens. You say you are not interested in astrology or in those signs? I am not interested whether you are or not. I am telling you what the signs are. And from a Biblical aspect, this is what the Bible has to say. So whether you are influenced by the signs or not, this is what the Patriarch whom God spoke to had to say and you are keeping God’s time table and the events that are happening are new signs as the whole universe moves like clock work with great precision. You must remember that one of the things the Palmist tells us about is that God has built the earth and the universe in proper relationship. In Psalms 19, he says that ‘the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth HIS handiwork and day unto day, and night unto night, showeth knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. The line of their message has gone out to all the earth and their word to the end of the world, and in them hath HE set a tabernacle for the sun.’ This is the Zodiacal track of the earth as it runs its orbit. And we are told that the sun is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber and rejoices as a strong man to run a race, and he goeth forth form one end of the heavens and his circuit to the end of it, and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.’

So the law of the MOST HIGH is talking about signs that will be put in the heavens which they were to read. And HE told such men as Enoch who lived thousands of years before Christ, what the signs would be, not of HIS coming only, which the wise men told at HIS Birth, but also the signs that would mark the great day of Christ in human events. And this, of course, is the one thing we look forward to and the one thing which we recognize and understand. Because the Kingdoms of this world are to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and of HIS Christ.

I would point to the words of Jesus who made the statement in Matt. 24:30, that there is going to appear the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens. And then shall all the nations of the earth mourn when they see the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and with glory. You know it is going to be a happy day for the White Christian nations when all the Khrushchev tribes, and the China tribes and the Pagan tribes, the Congo tribes start to mourn because they have suddenly seen the sign and the configuration of the Son of Man in the heavens.

Now, there are signs in the sun, the moon, and stars, Jesus told us. You may say, we are interested in seeing the world situation in prophecy. But how can the astronomical conjunctions have anything to do with this? Alright, on February 4th of this year, we are going to have an eclipse of the sun that will take place at 4:10 P.M. It will be in perfect alignment with Southern California at 4:10 P.M. You are going to look into the darkened sky. You are going to see a total eclipse of the sun. It is going to be 15 degrees and 44 minutes at Aquarius. And when that takes place, you will look into the sky and you will see Saturn and you are going to see Mars in perfect alignment. You are going to see to the left of the spectacle, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury----and then remember that the moon is eclipsing the sun and all 7 planets are in one small segment in the one sign of the heavens, Aquarius, which of course, is the sign of God’s great new age and spiritual outpouring. Directly on the other side of the earth in to the darkness beyond, is the sign of Leo wearing the sign of Aquarius with Uranus. Uranus also is the ruler of Aquarius, symbolic of astronomical measure.

Now this shows that 7 planets, plus an 8th one that is directly opposite on the other side of the earth, are in perfect alignment in one sigh which has not happened as we know, in 23,000 years and never with this alignment in 100,000 years. And God said unto Enoch, ‘When you see the 7 wanderers in the sign of the outpouring, which is Aquarius, then look for the sign of Messiah coming for HIS Kingdom.’ Enoch wrote and Jude wrote that the LORD shall come with 10,000 of HIS ruling Saints or Rulers. That is not the total number, but these are the Masters of the Host of the Legion which will come. And in that day they are going to join with the children of the Kingdom, and they are going to put the world in order. So we have a significant thing. Almost everywhere those who observe the sign note that it is a symbol of tremendous events that will also affect various geographical balances in the earth, which also is going to be a symbol that involves the alignment of Mars and Saturn. That means War---opposition to it. But in the same pattern, sign and conjunction, you have Jupiter, Venus and Mercury which was rising on the 4th of July in 1776, and is the national planet of the United States of America on God’s side.

Now 1962 is not going to be a year of peace. And it is not going to be a year in which the faint hearted are going to take a lot of hope. But it is the day and it is the hour that marks the great climatic beginning of the end this present order. It is one of the great signs of the Son of Man coming in the heavens as God hath declared unto us by HIS own Holy Word. And so when we see these signs come to pass, lift up your eyes and you will discover that this is the time for hope for God’s people. Never have we had a period like this before. Just remember that we have nothing but the threat of Khrushchev. We have the year when China is going to start with nuclear weapons.

Now we are coming to a great apex and climax. This is not the time to fear, because when you are faced with nations that are more powerful and evil, don’t say that they are more powerful then we are, because there is nothing more powerful than God’s Kingdom when God is on our side, when time is right and all the forces of the powers of heaven and earth are drawn together. That is why we pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

When heaven and earth bend together to build the Eternal Kingdom, to overthrow evil, I can assure you that the Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our LORD and HIS CHRIST.

This is a great year ahead. We have not the time to go into the full discussion of the things that are marked by this event, but we will have more to say about that in further broadcasts. Just remember that we must look forward on the 4th of February to that eclipse which we will see so complete here in the State of California. And for the first time, you will see the grouping of 5 planets clearly visible with the moving of the sun from the earth, and you will see them in close alignment. This will be the first time that it has ever been beheld by men of earth in the whole history of your race. This is also the sign of God’s deliverance prophesied to Enoch and fulfilled in 1962. This is a great time to be alive. And with Faith, we will see the climax of the age and the victory of God’s Kingdom.

(End of sermon)