Sign Of The Sun, Moon And Stars, 5-30-65



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift- 5-30-65

It is only fitting that we upon this memorial day, as Christian Americans, recognize that this great Nation, under God, has a Great Destiny, and was planned and purposed to do a Mighty Work...from the foundation of the world. That in the days of the writing of the prophecies in the Book of Isaiah, it was made known unto Isaiah and recorded in his Book that this Great Nation would have the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle...Isaiah 19. That it would be a Nation powerful from its beginning. From this time onward it would be a Nation blessed with the many rivers which would divide it. A land which was to expand thru out the courses of time into a mighty commitment unto God. The Prophecies made concerning this Nation was that it would be a leader among the Nations of God's Kingdom. And during the hours of great trial and struggle it would stand out as one of the great forces, as a geo-political center for the Kingdom of God.

So, we have the privilege of being citizens of such a Nation. And this Nation would not be here if it wasn't for the dedicated effort upon the part of those who had dedicated their lives, even all that was involved in their living, and the complete structure of their destiny, for the preservation of their society. They dedicated their lives and their fortunes, and their sacred honor, for this purpose. It is only fitting that there is a memorial day in a Nation like this, because as we have this memory of what we call our Soldier Dead, there is something which transpires in our consciousness that transcends this, for...there is no death. It is just the destruction temporarily of the body of flesh. But we who are the Eternal Children know that these are Eternal children also. That they possess Eternal Life and shall never perish. Like the words of the Apostle Paul:...'To be absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.' Out of the deep philosophy of the Christian Faith we understand that we are dwellers in two planes. Begotten in the heavens with Celestial bodies of Light, we have also been begotten in the flesh, in the physical body of molecular electronic masses of substance. And thus like we pulsed with Light in Celestial realms, these physical bodies pulse with Light, and men live within them in earth, occupying them with spiritual capacity, and soul consciousness which depends upon the testimony of the senses. But in this we see a people...spirit, soul, and body in the image of the MOST HIGH GOD. No wonder..that it is..that He had ordained that His Kingdom would rise, in the midst of an age old creation. We do not have to compress time to meet some narrow theology, for the evidence of science can tell us that our earth has existed for millions of years. Even the measures which today come out of the Anthropological investigations of men in Dr. Leekie..they give us again 1,600,000 years wherein we know that men have walked upon the face of the earth. And as we go into history of anthropology, and discover the background of all the peoples who come between that time and now, we know there were races of early creations and people of these races who existed in earth. We have a Biblical pattern of history which is involved in the understanding of the Scriptures and sacred writings, and we know there were great struggles which existed in the heavens against the God of the Heavens and His being the children of the MOST HIGH. And in these periods of antiquity, Lucifer the Dragon or Satan as referred to in the 12th., chapter of Revelation was able to gather 1/3 of the Hosts of Heaven, of the sidereal forces and seek to upset the equilibrium of the Universe. In this of course he was doomed to failure. Conquered by the powers of righteousness, defeated, and driven to earth he became god of this world. Here he upset the antiquity of Ancient Civilizations, in fact the catastrophes which came from knowledge and wisdom that had run rampant now under control of darkness, we see that the world was swept with catastrophe, nuclear wars were fought on earth, continents sank beneath the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific, small islands remain above here and there tracing the pattern of an Ancient past. Moving, migrating people find their histories traced back as they do in India and in the Steppes of Asia, and as they do in China, and that which remains of portions of Lemuria, such as Japan, in which they find the remnants of their land where they live a part of their past. In their history we find the supporting testimony and records of these facts in the Scripture concerning these days.

If there is, today, an ecclesiastical ignorance of the realms of yesterday it comes out of their refusal to know and to understand. No wonder the Apostle Peter illuminated by the Spirit and having been instructed by Jesus Himself, writes:...'There are those who are willingly ignorant of the things which the Scripture contains. They say that the heavens are of old, there has been no change, nothing has taken place, all things continue as they were since the days of our fathers.' The whole Universe is in motion and the earth is in solution even tho they see it not. Its civilizations, its societies and its cultures flow with the patterns of motion, and are backed by the pattern of the power of Spirit and such energy as energizes it. We who are citizens of this Great Nation, a preponderant majority are of the Adamic race, we have been begotten of the Spirit in the heavens. We have emerged out of the highest Nations of the Adamic race in this time when we have been chosen to live. Our names have been recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world, and we were known as the Spiritual Children of the Father. In fact as He points out to you thru the lips as such as the Apostle Paul, He foreknew you before the world was framed. He wrote your names down in His Divine Record before He rolled forth this area mentioning this in considering our part in the patterns of Divine Destiny, that another denomination under the hierarchies of Liberalism virtually departs from the Christian Faith. The Presbyterians in the last two weeks have thrown out one of the basic cardinal doctrines of their church, which was one of the foundation stones in the days when Knox formed that church. And that is the SOVEREIGNTY of God, the OMNISCIENCE of His Wisdom, the ABSOLUTENESS of His foreknowledge, and His ABILITY to pre-destine the effectual development of the History of His people as individuals or as numbers. So it is that we point out that as you cast aside the Sovereignty of God, and turn your back upon His Word, you have nothing left but a World Order. A church is not built on this...a church is built of LIVING STONES.

We point out to you in this day that the general trend of our time has been prophesied in the Scriptures. We were told that in the Latter Days would come a falling away first. And this falling away has been taking place. This is a falling away of ecclesiastical structure and institutions that should have continued as the Oracle of God. It is not as it relates to the Sonship of the MOST HIGH GOD, or the offspring that the MOST HIGH POSSESSES. For those who are His children are children whether in knowledge or ignorance. They are His children because children do not come by any kind of philosophical gymnastics mental strains excepted. A child is a child by one procedure, one only and that is...Birth. I assure you that it was not a matter of mental decision, but a matter of Divine Destiny that determined that the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, by Birth, would reside in this earth to accomplish the program of their Father. This whole Bible is full of one subject...The Gospel of the Kingdom. "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven." There is no other goal, there is no other purpose, and I have no other purpose or reason for being here. As children of the Kingdom, as white men, upon the face of the earth than to build the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD..there is no other purpose. And to build that Kingdom we do not find ourselves following the directions and the blueprints of the World Order. I do not say that there are not those selected representatives which you have in high places, in positions of power, who are not tonight surrounded by the enemies of your Faith and race. Many who surrounded leaders seek to guide them into building what they call a great Democratic World. But let me point out to you that what they interpret as a Democratic World is a Luciferian world, which is...denounced in the Bible, and pointed out in both Old and New Testaments as not your way of life. It is a program of Socialism, and collectivism, which ultimately leads to a loss of ownership of property, and all areas of enterprise and initiative. It would reduce the children of God to an extreme minority in the midst of the earth and then destroy them by the overwhelming masses in control..out of Africa and out of Asia.

I point out to you again as we consider the things before us in measure, that never has it been more important for us to understand than now..if there are those bleeding hearts who worry about the minorities in earth, then it is time for them to start thinking about the white race. You are but 1/6th., of the worlds population. We do not speak out of fear, and you do not need to worry about this 1/6th of the worlds to their survival, because I look back on the Biblical background of the offspring of the Most High in the 7th., day, when HE said:..'There is no Adamite to till the soil..and then we were but one man's family. And we had animosity all around us. In the oldest records of today we discover that among the Ancient Assyrians, there were records of this...'One Man's Family'. In the records of the Ancient Cainanites these records continue on down. The Luciferians and those he influenced couldn't stand Adam and Eve, even when only 'One Man's Family' was on the face of the earth. They said: ..'The Light' and their Glory, and some strange knowledge they seem to possess causes us to feel insecure in their presence.'

Let me tell you something:..One of these days the world is going to witness...'Light and Glory' which it has never witnessed before. And there will be many people feeling insecure in the presence of such Light and Glory, who ill cry to the rocks and the mountains to fall on them.

Let me point out to you that you have risen in a course of occupying history, and as a people embodied in the flesh, dwelling here on the earth..from one man's family..into the Great Nations of the Western World.... Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Germanic, Lombardic, Basque...these are the Household of THE MOST HIGH GOD. They are identified with HIM by Faith and by race. And the MOST HIGH GOD HAS MARKED very carefully this beginning, and the genealogy of this people can be traced back to Seth, and to Adam, who was the 'Son of God'. This is why I point this out to you, for it becomes important that you realize that genealogy like this is important to you, and is not in vain. For Jesus, Himself, had the background of His genealogy traced all the way back to HIS Household...back thru the Scriptures to Seth who was the son of Adam, who was The Son of God. Thus God completes the cycle, for HE was born among men, and He lifts up the standard when He gives statements concerning His Kingdom. Thus there isn't any doubt about the Kingdom of God, as to being tangible and it is very real. It is made of men, of people dwelling in the earth, and today it is comprised of Nations...for this hour. The great prophecies by which God inspired Jacob and other Patriarchs to give, even on his death Jacob gave unto his sons, was prophecy as to a people, an Issue ruling with HIM in the midst of the earth...His Israel, if you can understand His term... was an Issue ruling with HIM. A people who were of His household, who would definitely be Nations, great Nations, and companies of Nations in the earth.

We continue to point out to you that this has been an eventful week among the Nations of God's Kingdom. For even tho we have watched the long history of these growing cities, into states, and eventually into the rising Nations of the Western World we point out to you that always there has been hostility seeking to destroy the Nations of God's Kingdom.

The powers of darkness which like to rule out of darkness and superstition did not like the tremendous Faith, the new dynamics which had been given unto your race, by the Messiahship of Christ, and the demonstrated power of His Resurrection. The descending force and aura of His Holy Spirit had moved out over the children of the Kingdom, and the resulting situation is that a rising sign was developed by inspiration, knowledge, and vision. You may translate God's flowing Holy Spirit into men's minds, as ideas and instruments of picture and vision. There can be no doubt that such knowledge is know how and understanding. A people who worship the right God shall be given such challenge, and such vision. We can point today that we can turn to the testimony of the counsels of earth, and they will acknowledge that you are the 'Have' nations of the world, that you possess the creative genius, that you mold the substances of earth, that you harness its machines which you created. That you erected its bridges with your architecture. But you have left a stamp of creating, molding strength upon the face of the earth. But you also possess something more vital tonight than any of the things which your hands have made, which is an acknowledged, determined, spirit which moves thru your race, and which says:..we shall be FREE. And within this declaration God has given creative vision, that with knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes freedom. By this declaration we have heard these words:...'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.'

At all times and thru all ages we have had pointed out to us..our enemies, as to who would conspire to destroy our society. Those who would gather their hoards from the far flung outposts to conquer our Nations. Or would come in with subversion to try to destroy the strength of our State. It is by such declarations then that we have had the powers of darkness from the days of Cainanites on down to their present abiding structure.... Pointed out to us. We have found that in the days of Jesus that they were also aware that this was the Messiah. They decided they must crush and kill Him before His Kingdom grew and His people were challenged and enlightened.

The OGPU who controlled the Temple in the days of Jesus said concerning Jesus The Christ:...if we do not kill Him He will gather together the children of God who are scattered abroad, and we will lose control over this Nation. I point out to you that the power of Gods Spirit will conform to this design which He in His Will ordained from the beginning. That He will gather His sons and daughters, will call His sheep by name, and lead them out. Then build such a Kingdom such as the world has never beheld before. So we stand in a very climactic period of History. We will not go back and review those concepts of history so familiar to you, such as the days of the revolution unto our time. We will not have to review all the patterns of struggle and trouble as the powers of darkness started to destroy our nation, or to stimulate what some thought was Patriotism and Statesmanship, and others little understood, as to the economic manipulations behind it, which threw this great Nation into Civil War. Or tried to crowd it when that war was over by subordinating its society into the acceptance of leadership and administration which had neither the mental capacities, or the intellectual abilities to cope with it. For they sought to swallow us up in the days of the 'Carpet Bagging' destruction. But again we find that vision, determination and courage brought us out thru this period of time. We have come down thru that great struggle and others, but have watched the development of our land is spite of all this. There was development going on in all the Nations of Gods Kingdom. And carefully and skillfully the powers of darkness sought the destruction of the geo-political heart centers of Christianity. They created conditions of crisis, they manipulated areas of economy and sought to thrust Christian Nation against Christian Nation. One of the great catastrophes in our civilization was when we engaged in W.W.I., in a great struggle in which Germany and Britain and the U.S. and all the great white Nations of the world were embroiled. Then came W.W.II., and then it wasn't long before other facets were involved...struggles that involved Palestine, and went to the ends of the earth, until all the world was involved. And when out of that struggle, as we are told in the Book of Revelation when speaking of the Riders of Revelation...then came the World Peace movements, eventually to try, by massive disarmament, to control the ends of the earth. To set up conditions which were again to permit the powers of darkness to move into Central Europe gave birth to the conditions and also facets of unfulfilled commitment of the treaty of Versailles..which led to W.W.II. Here again the enemies of our Christian Faith with their economic manipulations, with their design to rule the world were to hurl us into struggles, until again we would find all the great nations of Christendom in the struggle. We find the great two Branches of Western Civilization with their Nordic Aryan backgrounds locked in Satanic war. The world is involved but behind it stands the manipulators who as we are told in the Book of James, is this manipulator, this evil economic conspirator, who had made his fortune out of times of trouble and war. Who seeks the crushing of God's Kingdom and the lifting of the standards of the Hammer and Sickle all over the world.

We point out to you that we emerged out of that conflict, and the geo-political heart center of Central Europe was crushed and broken. Our bombs had swept away cities while we had suffered a loss of life throughout the world, and they set back in glee and thought they had dismembered and destroyed the Germanic House of Judah...for all times. For I tell you that the Judah of the Scriptures, the great Nordic background which goes back to the House of the measure of your race, with all the other Aryan areas of its society..this House of Judah, the Goths, and the Vis-Goths were all a part of it, and made up the Kingdom of Judah, a part also of the Issue (Israel) of God...ruling with HIM.

Now:..we turn to the House of Joseph which is in the 'Stick of Ephraim', and thus the Great House of Joseph is the Anglo-Saxon people, and Britain is the place where the throne was transplanted to, back in the days of Zedekiah..transplanted to Ireland, Scotland and to Wales. It is a significant thing that in the 19th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel it says:... 'Who is thy mother...a Lioness, and all the young lions thereof?' Every white Christian in White Western Europe had a ruler out of the throne line of the House of David. I am not talking about the Jews, for they have not part not lot in this matter. I am talking about the great throne line of your FAITH, and your RACE. The Jews don't even like the word Aryan, and they don't like to have you use the word YAHWEH, because they have tried to steal your God. But they don't worship Him, they have given the attributes of Lucifer and they worship Lucifer, just as they did in the days of Jesus. I point out that at this moment there is nothing they hate any more than 'Free' nations, standing together, Christian societies standing in the gap against the hoards of communism. I have in my hands for instance newspapers from them in their society. And for instance one of the major attacks they have is that the John Birch Society jumped in membership from 60,00 in 1963., to 80,000 today (1965). What are they worried about? This organization seems to be growing politically as well as all other right-wing organizations. That it is made up of right-wing political extremists who are designing not only the creation of a political party, but they are planning on taking over the government.

Now:..let me tell you something. If you are an agent you don't have to clap because we know you are here. So clap if you want to, or don't clap, it doesn't make any difference to us.

Now; the thing I want to point out is this:..they are crying in this newspaper, in this report prepared for Dr. Slawson...and don't be carried away by these names because this man is head of an American Jewish Committee. They call themselves Smith, and Jones, but what we want to know is what was his name before it was Slawson? Now..he said, the thing which is the trouble with this John Birch Society, and every extreme right-wing organization is that they want to undermine the confidence of the peoples of this Nation in the great Democratic and World Democratic institutions and government.

I am not interested in any great world Democratic government. I am interested in only one thing:...'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.' It is considered a practical thing by the Liberals of the World Order that we accept the program of a World Order. That we accept the program of the United Nations for a Super World government, that this is also Democratic. That we embrace all gods and religions and that this is also Democratic. That we guarantee all religious practices and religions in that society, that this is also Democratic. Or that we re-disperse a given income to everybody in the world whether they produce anything or not. And then enslave the producers, the creators in order that this might be done, this is also supposed to be Democratic. In fact the whole Socialist Policy operates with this area of confiscation, this idea of re-distribution, and this grinding down of those with creative vision.

Yes, I am not interested, strangely enough, even in what some people call Democracy. I am interested tho in Theocracy, and I am interested in American Liberty. And by the way as we find that Ba’hi B'rith messenger attacking the John Birch Society, then the John Birch Society better wake up and clear the Schmoos out of their organization. Someone said:..are you just against the John Birch Society? I am not against anybody going our way.

We told you this afternoon that when God told Ezekiel to give the command that these bones in this valley should live, that this was your race, this was your nation and all the Whole House of Israel. And HE said: ...I can bring it together, bone to bone, sinew to sinew, and put breath in it. Let me tell you something:..the great right-wing stirring from one end of America to another, and throughout all the nations of the white world, is this bone to bone coming together for the Great New Day.

Now:...we have had a lot of developments but while they cry out against those who are patriots, and people who are a part of God's Kingdom, this week we saw Israeli..twice..attack Jordan. Twice they have invaded Jordan with aggressive actions, for they want to confiscate. And Ben Gurien who is now making his pitch to come back as Premier of Israeli laid out a blueprint, and we have a copy of it. A total blueprint and map which shows that he wants Israeli to take over all of Egypt, all territory as far out as Ancient Babylon, the Tigris, and Euphrates, and eventually all the Mediterranean area as well. And then my friends Mr. Ben Gurien said in his own way:...'Tomorrow the world.' But if someone else says tomorrow the how they cry. But I point out to you that I have a commitment in this Book (Bible) for you, and for your race, for your Father said:... these are my children, tomorrow the world...every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that Christ is YAHWEH-God.

There is no doubt that in the midst of all the turmoil and upheaval that we have survived, we have battled, but this was still a historic week, and it cannot be repeated to much to suit me. The Germanic houses of Central Europe which is the House of Judah and her companions, extends on the East side from Issachar (Ancient Finland) on South into Zebulon the white Slavic people of Romania and Hungary. This is the East side of the Israel encampment of today. Now..what does that mean? What does the MOST HIGH GOD say? HE says one of the things I am going to do as I awaken my people, as I cause this great stirring among them, I am going to cause the great stick or government of Judah and his companions, and the stick or government of the House of Joseph, in the land of Ephraim, and all Israel his companions to be welded together into a great and mighty governmental force in MY HANDS. And they shall be one stick, for Christendom shall know that the House of Judah now unites with the House of Joseph for the great struggle of Armageddon.

You say:...Dr. Swift, you wouldn't suggest that Great Britain, Germany and the United States surrender their sovereignty and become one country? Oh no, but I say it is high time we stand shoulder to shoulder, and not permit the world to trample upon the nations of the Kingdom, because we stand for Liberty and Freedom.

So we remember this prophecy for this great and crucial year of history. We say this is a crucial year because it is a part of a few years which will have tremendous impact, for they shall change the world. The measures have been written across the sky for those who can read them. For God, Himself, placed them...the wanderers in the sky, and ordained their motion in the symbol of the Constellations which is the great Gospel lesson of the Heavens. I tell you that you are approaching the great Zero hours of all times and history, when events will move off like clockwork in fulfillment of prophecy. In fact you can look back on what has happened as to what God said would happen and you discover that you don't have to take a back seat to anyone because you believe the Scriptures. Because so far nothing has transpired on the face of the earth that has not been laid out in blueprint in the Holy Scriptures. I tell you that in the instance of these things as we the Book of Micah..we are told that as these climactic days, as the struggle comes, when the hoards of Africa and Asia be turned loose on the Nation's of God's Kingdom...when the emblems of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle...the Unicorn, and the Double Eagle will stand high before the world as the symbols of God's Kingdom...He that day, and on the throne of David in the land of Ephraim of the House of Joseph.. ..Israel..there shall be a woman on the throne, a daughter of Jerusalem. And shall make her strong, also and her armies shall stand to help turn the armies of Satan when they come.

As I turn to the Book of Micah and urge you to read of this day, of when the Nation's of God's Kingdom are the greatest Nations on the face of the earth, then you will find that the United States of America, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, and Germany will be called by the United Nations the 'Have Nations' in the earth...for they will be the great nations of the Western World.

Alright:...behind the manipulators are the pagan powers in opposition, from the hosts of Africa and Asia, and out across the Steppes of the Russians. These are forces of revolution, gathered at this moment in a conclave...of an emanate design for your destruction. While we assemble here they are probably starting tomorrows morning sessions over in India at the Afro-Asian conference of the United Nations, which is now in session. What is this Afro-Asian conference a part of? They are a part of the Antichrist United Nations. No wonder then that they are enemies and trying to sell the United Nations program. No wonder they hate the church of Jesus Christ, and every other institution which is against World Government and its super imposition over the sovereignty of Christian nations. No wonder they want to force us to bypass the truth, or that they want to silence all Christian Churches that wants to proclaim the truth.

Let me tell you that the minister who will not proclaim the truth, if he knows it, in this vital hour as a messenger to his people, is no Oracle of God. Thus in this cry which makes up the opposition, the enemy seeks to give us a guilt complex for being Christian and being an American. So in this very hour they are planning on overthrowing your immigration laws and bringing in 70 million Asiatics into these United States, and throw them into the Western States of Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. They talked about it at the last congress as a part of the agenda, and they are talking about it at the Afro-Asian conference now. They are talking about the re-distribution of the wealth of the Western Nations, and giving them minimum standards equivalent of $5,000.00 of American money per year. Oh, you say, but that is fantastic? Sure, just as fantastic as you had your own welfare board in your own state wanted to do that here in the State of California. And then everybody in the country would come to California. If you guaranteed that kind of a living to everybody, to supplement their earnings whether they work or not, to take from those who make more than this, to give it to those who don't work, to see that all get to this level...if that isn't socialism you explain to me what Karl Marx's program was?

Now: under this instance let me point this out:..we stand in this historic hour, and this very week we saw the impossible happen. God said: ..I am going to take the Germanic people and the Anglo-Saxon people and start to weld them together.

Now: there isn't any question of the fact that even your foreign service has been a mystery to the people of our country. They seems like with in a few years after W.W.II., we couldn't do enough to rebuild Germany, and that Germany had the will to come back and sinews came upon them. What a strange alliance, this is our strongest ally now on the continent of Europe. It was because Destiny and Prophecy were at work my friends. And at this moment the British Empire also understand this thing. And where you might have thought that you had allies, you watched an infiltration, a mongrelization, and socialism destroy some great ally such as the one you had in France.

Let me point this this past week the Queen of Israel (Britain) visited Germany, and when she was there she said:..we want the people of Germany to know that of my lineage and of my dynasty 14 Princesses have married Princes of Germany, and 5 Princesses of Germany have married Princes of Britain. Yes...all the ruling houses of Europe have been from the seed of the House of David. This is...thy mother...a lioness.

I point out to you that when the hoards of Asia were turned back by the Princes of Germany and the Knighthood of Europe pushed back the scourge of Asia in the days when they swept in from the place called the Russia's, that the Princes placed on the throne were Germanic Prince's and of the union of those households, by the time you reached the period of W.W.I., that King George, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Czar Nicholas were first cousins. No wonder then that tonight we find this an important week, and I site to you that the hearts in Germany were stirred at this visit of the Queen. They cried 'Hail to the Queen', they cried out with great joy, as tears ran down their faces. You can look at the news shots of the people crying, shouting, and waving, and the speeches made them happy for they were saying:...our two great peoples, come together at last as we have a genealogy and a lineage, now a Nordic standard against the darkness.

Oh, you say:...that can't happen? But it has happened, the commitment pledges of this visit was but a sign of the day in which you and I live. For God said:...I will start to bring the two sticks together, because these are the forces which will turn the hoards of the Antichrist and the Russians into conspiratorial invasions.

I tell you that you are almost there. You see when we come to the climax of an age, we can point to the Book of Luke, and there read these words:... 'And there shall be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars, and upon the earth distress of nations, and perplexities among people. And the sea and the waves will be roaring.' These are prophetic measures, for you. Some people say:..we don't go for anything like that. Well, it doesn't matter whether you do nor not, but remember that God said this. Jesus the Christ the embodiment of God, said there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And I have to turn to a lot of illiterate clergy who don't even know the signs and the lore in which they should be sharp, and have them say they don't believe it? That is alright because I don't believe a lot of these men will be preaching to much longer either. There are a lot of people who didn't believe Noah, but he just went on building that ship way up there on that great plain. But the important things is that his posterity are still here, that is what counts. In fact every white man in this room is a descendent of Shem, and can look back into this Great Patriarch ancestry of Noah and say:...I am sure glad Noah took the cue. The signs were across the sky, the measures were there, and Noah knew how to read them, and the Gospel message of the stars were given to him...and we are here tonight. Now:..Jesus said: there shall be signs in the sun, moon, and the stars, so you are supposed to read them as well. In the Book of Matthew as Jesus speaks and Matthew records, He said:...There shall be the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens'...'Then shall all the tribes of earth mourn, as they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.' This is the fulfillment of what the sign indicates. But the tribes of earth will mourn when they see the sign. You say, when is it going to happen? It already happened in Feb.4, 1962. It happened in a chain of measures which had been prescribed. And the alignment of the planets in that configuration, at that time, is the first time this had happened in thousands and thousands of years back before the last manavera of earth shaking importance. And over 7000 years before any white man was on the face of the earth. That was the last time the wanderers were in that position and not even quite in the total scale that they were in 1962. And there in the sign which was given was the outpouring, or the pouring out by the waterman in the heavens...there in that sign in the heavens were all the planets lined out. This is the sign which says:...I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and daughters at the end of an age. I give a great dynamic hour for a new era, for the old age is passing and a new order is coming in. And for this our nation was dedicated:...Novus Ordo Seclorum... the New Order of the Ages. This is what George Washington fought for, this is friends...that our soldier dead gave their lives for, that this nation might continue to emerge and bring to completion...Novus Ordo Seclorum. the course of this measure all of the pagans also knew because in their background of astrology they also worried about the sign of Aquarius. About this tremendous sign of all these wanderers which were now appearing. And they had in the newspapers of Calcutta, and in China, and even in the areas of Ancient Persia such as Baghdad.....the sign of the end has come, the sign of catastrophe is upon us, and all the world therein shall be destroyed. But they didn't know what it was all about. I have copies of newspapers from all over, and people have sent them to me from various parts of the nations where we had representatives. And the significant thing is that the heathen, the pagans cried when they saw the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens. What does it mean? It means just as much to we who understand this, as it did in the days when the Magi, our wise forbearers, a part of our race in the days of Christ, coming from their great observatories from different parts of the earth. They came from areas extending from the Steppes of Asia to Persia, from the British Isles, from the Pyramid of Egypt, to their final destination in the city of David. And here as we look out over these savant measures we know they saw the sign... given...for the birth of the Son of Man, the Embodiment of God. They knew this was His sign and they said:...we have seen His sign in the East and we have come to worship HIM. With the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, with the imposition of triumph as the ascendancy moved out of Jupiter, marked that they would come together three times in a given year. The sign came out of Aquila and crossed into Virgo, and these savants...wisemen had witnessed this, and they knew the sign which had been declared by the great patriarch Enoch. And seeing the sign they traveled to the spot where HE would be born. That is the reason the wisemen were eventually to reach Bethlehem of Judea, for they were following the sky measure, and had been led by a great light which went before them, which was a marker of the Hosts of Heaven, who stand by at all times around God's Kingdom.

Yes that was an important sign, the whole nativity story, and the background of all the historical events that founded Christianity was locked, and linked to the events of that night. And a new era for your Race with a new victory and a new challenge was announced. Well, tonight is as important to us as was that measure also is the sign of the Son of Man in Fed. 4, 1962. For it was promised also and promised in 42 months., is to come the measure of when the judgement would start to fall upon the enemies of God's Kingdom. And the powers of the heavens would be shaken.

Now:..the powers of the heavens does not necessarily mean disorganization of the sidereal system, or its Constellations. But the Hosts of Heaven are those who had sought to overthrow the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD, and are those who would be involved in the Luciferian revolt. And Lucifer thus was cast out of the sky as stars falling to earth. Thus in the last prophecies concerning this in the Book of Isaiah it says:...And the Hosts of Heaven are shaken, and the stars...symbolic of their fall means that the powers of darkness defeated by Michael the Archangel warring in earth shall be broken. And these fallen Hosts of Heaven shall fall before the flesh born sons of God, who have been planted for this earth. So you see you are in a measure of Eternal Time.

Let me take you back again to the Book of Matthew to support what I have said:...therefore these shall appear...the sign of the Son of Man in the Heavens, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken, and the tribes of earth shall mourn when they see this sign in the sky. We are not the tribes of the earth order, we are the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD, who pray.... 'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' The tribes of earth under the domination of Lucifer have mourned the loss of what they thought would be a great destruction. They didn't cry out thru all these newspapers for Jesus Christ...they just talked about the end of the world. This is the portent of the sign, and out of their superstitions and lack of knowledge they saw the sign which to us marked a new day and a new era, but to them it meant lost power. It happened that is has already taken place. But the forty and two months which start with a literal measure, and are to end with the beginning of the judgment upon the enemies of God's Kingdom take you up to Sept. of 1965. So this is a good year to be alive. But under this configuration we have had many measures, and even today is a historic measure. You see we had a total eclipse of the sun today. 90 degrees in dimming, and with this we had Uranus always the symbol of economic or monetary power transverse America's house...the sign of Virgo, but also going transversed across our house and in opposition or squaring you had Mars, and Saturn, thus it for an economic upheaval. say: I don't think that has anything to do with it. Well, all you have to do is be able to tell 'time'. Those stars don't make things happen, they just tell you the time when something is going to happen. God can tell you the time just like you do with a watch. He just tells you what will be the sign, and what is to happen when the sign comes and believe me will come.

Do you realize that in this month as well as all of this year you have been in an economic crisis, and you are bolstering your whole area of economy with a false system of deficit financing, irresponsible monetary pattern. I also point out that the only reason why we haven't taken a major nose dive is because the administration has been falsely supporting the status of our economy by just priming the pump. Someone said: what do you think we should do? I think it is alright to prime the pump since the whole thing is going to collapse anyhow. But I am going to tell you something, it is about time we think about the Divine way of Life with a monetary system which provides a dollar to buy every dollars worth of goods that are produced. I think it is about time to take the monetary system out of the hands of the Schmoos and put it back in the hands of the congress of the United States. I think the time has come when in the issue of our national validity, as far as our economy, and our building to consume, and distribute the goods we is time we should move into an interest free society backed up by production for wealth. And then my friends let the money changers go to Israeli where they belong.

Now: you can report that back to the A.D.L., but it is much easier to get a tape. You know, we are in a very important period in this climatic pattern. You see for a long time they have been trying to sell us Peace, and to disarm us at every level, and then move against us suddenly with surprise. They systematically tried to sell us on a split between Red China and Russia, but in these latter days we see that Russia and China irrespective of what they may say are pouring strength to any of their allies carrying out the struggle against us.

On this fateful May 30, 1965., in which we see the sign of Mars and Saturn squaring Uranus in our house, we also find Jupiter coming into the picture and conjoining (conjunction) with Uranus which shows that the strength of the Divine Order is now on the edge of open conflict, in full scale conflict with the hoards of evil. Go back and look at the charts of W.W.I., and look my friends at every struggle we have been in since the days of Sanacherib and you will discover that like it or not, things happen in a certain measure of time.

Now: I tell you this tonight, that in these United States we see the powers of darkness have been involved. This date line is an internal date because this squaring of Mars and Saturn is definitely effecting the internal pattern of our national house. Now are a part of a communist revolution already at work against your race in these United States. Let me tell you this...whether the President's Bee Bee Brain can understand this or not, this Negro revolution is a communist spawned plot to crush your race, and to take you over. The Martin Luther Kings, and the Williams and the Farmers and all of this lot have either been communist trained or they work secretly from communist echelons and talk Peace, but work for violence. They are as phoney as Mahatma Ghandi for some people think he was a pacifist. But he wasn't a pacifist he was one of the most skillful manipulators in the areas of violence and revolution that Asia ever produced.

Listen:..I am reading a periodical report..every since Sept. of 1963., the communist echelon in the Western Hemisphere under Castro, had appointed Williams who happens to be of course one of the most deadly figures in the Negro revolution. Richard Franklin Williams is the voice of the American Negro...called 'The Free voice to Dixie'..and broadcasts 3 times a week, and these broadcasts which last for hours are from a powerful 50,000 watt station in Cuba, to the Negroes of Dixie. The Federal Government has discovered that Castro has been running fully automated weapons and arms and some of them have been caught trying to land them in Florida and in other places along the Gulf Coast for the arming of the Negroes for a violent revolution. That this man Williams has met and closeted with all the leaders of the Negro revolution in the United States at this time. And they are planning on using them for bloodshed and violence, so essential to them for their revolution. And you happen to be in the year for this, and it is warm and going to become a very warm summer. Someone says:..but you shouldn't speak this way, you stir up people. friends, we just want to awaken the people as to what the enemy plans to do. If you stand back and shut your eyes until you feel the razor at your throat its to late. So we have this voice which comes out of Cuba to the south. It is a rather significant thing that we can tell you of what the broadcast involves, not only was the call for Negroes to rise up with arms and liquidate all opposition with mass assassinations and with an attack upon your race, and its leadership, but just remember that this is the radio broadcast called 'Radio Free Dixie', but it is communist, a communist operation, and one of their published hate sheets is the 'Crusader'.

It is one of the interesting things that the arming of these Negroes and the editors of these various books which are sent out throughout the entire south, are a part of the supporters of what was called 'The fair play for Cuba committee,' before this revolution broke out. Remember that was the group out of which Oswald came, the man who assassinated the President of the United States. Don't you ever forget this, don't let these liberals forget it either, for when we had an assassination in our times it was done by the hands of a communist. I think it is time for us to eliminate communist influence from America, in our schools, in our areas of publication, and in our national and public lives. I think it is time for us to make sure that we can protect ourselves from these people who forfeit all rights in the United States by serving in the armed forces of a secret revolution of a foreign power.

There is no doubt in the course of the measures of our time, that congress outlawed the communist party. There is no question of the fact that in a number of states, including this one, that we outlawed its operation, and we passed legislation to take every communist off of our civil service pay rolls. Do you know why we have communists in our schools even tho this passed our legislature? It is because we have men on the Supreme Court who serve the Soviet Union more effectively than they have served America. And they have taken away from you your right to protect yourself from this evil invasion.

There are those who say:..what shall we do about it? The mild thing would be to impeach them if they will not uphold our constitution and protect our society. this hour then we turn and the call to the south is to take a spoil, and the seething revolution is now on. And this summer, and the holidays of this year are to be picked from the fourth of July on as unprecedented signals for trouble in the United States. So here we have the story...all this strife, all this struggle, this turmoil in the south, all this seething civil rights just a facet of the Red Revolution and you should understand that. It is not hatred, it is not hostility toward any individual because of the condition of his birth that we mention this. But it is intelligent recognition that they who are not of our household or our race, are planning something they shall not accomplish. They are not going to dominate us, and we are not going to disturb them, and they are not going to determine the Destiny of America for the next 1000 years.

Someone said:..Dr. Swift, what do you propose as to what is about to happen? Well, since this measure and configuration effects economic and political patterns as well, I am not going to tell you what is going to happen. But I will tell you what God said is going to happen:...He said, I am going to bring these bones together, this race is going to stand upon their feet, and I am going to give them spiritual stirring with my Holy Spirit. I am going to restore standards of righteousness and purity and give them back their Racial self respect.

When K.L.A.C. with their scurvy Jew ownership, just a week ago spent 1 1/2 hours trying to repeat things in their attack on us, they cut out portions of one tape and from another tape and then pasted them together, and said the evidence of our being Anti-Negro was the fact that we pointed out in our messages, the attacks on Rochester, New York, and Philadelphia. Well, if Negroes don't want to be associated with the attacks on those places then they better stop those things. Because if Negroes in these attacks can rob the stores in two big cities, can create terror thru out Brooklyn, on the subways and on the streets, and can create the greatest areas of crime in our nation with all types of violence, and utilize a psychological excuse that they are disturbed over their civil rights then we can talk about it.

Again we call your attention to this:...if those leaders who stir the Negro people to their greatest violence did them their most harm, for the best interest of all Negroes is the desire of all white western Christian culture...and this is to educate, and to eliminate all areas of ignorance, for the abilities to survive, and for them to produce their own needs. The testimony of Africa tonight is that the white man in Africa was just helping the Negro to learn how to produce for himself. Giving him leadership, and investing in the raw materials of their country, and they never had such development in all their history in Africa, then they had with white leadership, with this creative genius, with this leading ability which God bestows upon his sons and his daughters. You can't help who you are or what you are like, you can't stand still, for there is a drive in you that says you have to go. You can't stand darkness nor superstition, or filth, or disease and sickness. You have to do something because you are the light of the world. You are not to be put under a bushel, you are not to be absorbed by the blacks until the light has gone out. Now:..this is My Fathers World, and since His program for it is the best, I don't have to consult with Witchdoctors to see if they like it. There isn't any reason for us to go sit down because the Buddhist are unhappy because we are trying to stop communism. We aren't just stopping communism for them, we are stopping it from sweeping the world. And if we are doing a bad job of it then it is because we aren't letting the military handle it. Instead we are letting the Politicians slow it down, or step it up just to see if they want to talk Peace, or not.

Men like General Douglas McArthur or General Patton had more concepts of how to talk Peace than the present administration, for they thought that the way you get them to talk Peace, is to lick them until they cry for help.

I will also say this:..I think Senator Russell had the right idea. Why did we develop these weapons if we aren't going to use them. Lets put this fire out once and for all.

But we are told that we have to be afraid. And then the State Department can sleep tonight because it will be 10 years before the great danger comes, but 10 years from now the Red Chinese will have such a stock pile of weapons that they can blow up our cities and attack the United States. So we should start preparing a defense system against these weapons before that time comes. Do you know what we need? We need new leadership in America which has better vision than this. You say, what should we do? We should blow up their reactors, smash their power before they attack us. I tell you that Soviet Russia will disappear the day she launches an attack on the Kingdom of God.

Now:..I point out to you that when we march we don't enslave, we set men free. In fact we have to be careful that our politicians don't go too far and will want to support all of them. Nobody can say that the United States took away the freedom of men unless it was that their freedom as some might determine it, was to destroy the rights of others in the world. So I point out that those who have marched down the corridors of this Nation did not die in vain.

Someone said:..but was just brings war after war, and the fights were in vain. friends, because as we fulfill the prophecies of our Destiny we are emerging into an hour when a quickened awakening society can stand for truth, and triumphantly plant the standards of Christ and Nation on top of the world.

Signs in the sun..that is right..gathering sun spots will form strange measures, will effect atmospheric patterns, and electronic equipment and will effect the movements of air currents, and deliver tornadoes in unprecedented numbers. This year with low atmospheric pressures, with electronic impulses coming from the sun, with all patterns which make up tornadoes, you watch this scourge of tornadoes and great storms sweep the earth. You have watched high seas, and low atmospheric pressures creating the areas of earthquakes. And in the last year have shown a major performance, nor than you have had in any other period for the last 20 years of your history. Let me point out this to you:...the other day 5000 people died in the Bay of Bengal as the tidal wave moved along the coast of Pakistan, and the areas where never anyone anticipated its happening along a fault so long silent. All over we see this pattern of violence. No wonder the Scripture says:...that we would see this perplexity transpiring among men and nations, and the sea and waves would be roaring.

I also tell you that there is something in great measure...the sun, the moon, and the stars...of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. For as HE is the LIGHT of the world, so also the symbol of your civilization and culture reflects that LIGHT. And all the offspring of THAT LIGHT are mark's as the stars of the sky, and shall be numbered as the stars of heaven and the sands of the sea shore.

There is no doubt then of the fact that the Book of Revelation tells us that in these latter days there is going to be a great roaring of the Sea and the Waves, and in that great roaring cry, as the masses of humanity are stirred by the events transpiring,....then Mystery Babylon like a great millstone shall be dropped into the Sea, and swallowed up to be seen no more.

I am going to tell you that the Kingdom of God is not only going to be locked in struggle against the forces of evil, but as they triumph over Babylon the masses of earth shall be liberated for the first time in their history, throughout millenniums...Liberated from the powers of darkness and the hosts of evil. Yes, you are in a sign of great transfiguration as you move in toward September of this year (1965), and you will discover that the signs of measure are very, very important. That is the time when the Judgment starts to move in on our enemies.

There is another thing, but I am not going to go into that tonight, will save it for another message, because it is important that we understand that the Death Angel can move into National Houses. Key men and high leaders can leave. It has happened in the past, and will happen in the future, and has effected the measures even in our own nation. I am going to tell you that the Death Angel is going to march. He can be a member of your race, an Anglo-Saxon or a German and if he is working hand and glove with the enemies of the Kingdom, he will be partaker of the judgment, and be taken out of the way, like an abominable branch...taken out for the salvation of the Nation.

Yes...Jesus said: Signs in the Sun, Moon, and the Stars,....and for some reason tho our Astronauts have observed crafts moving thru the sky, they have been told they must not report this. When some of them have made some slips and let it out they were called in to a special session and told they were not to say anything about it.

What do I mean...crafts moving thru the skies? Crafts, my friends, that do not belong to the Soviet Union or to you, but crafts traveling in space around the earth. In the past 10 years we have had more and more sightings of foreign objects, of ships moving at great speed. Our army bases with special lights and instruments have observed and measured the tremendous speed of these crafts which had moved thru the sky. But this is another story for another time.

(End of Message)