Signs In The Heavens And Weather, 3-12-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-12-61

The topic tonight is on a subject which is striking quite close to home for people all over our nation. But it has prophetic significance in the events which are taking place especially in the way it effects our weather. A great many people think that the forces of nature just run rampage without any direction. But I want you to know that this is not true. A student of the scripture not only understands that the Almighty not only controls all the earth, but under the direction of His spirit, the very winds of heaven blow. The conditions that effect the earth, effect the rain and effect all of the strategies which are in the balance of the heavens, we are told, are balanced by the Holy Spirit. We are told effecting the lows and the high pressures of the earth and the great moving, shifting air masses effect the capacities by which the rain is shifted from one part of the earth to the other. The Holy Scriptures tell us that God sends the snow and He sends the rain. And that He holds or withholds it for a purpose. And that there is nothing which happens upon the face of the earth which is not known to Him.

As we have established this afternoon, all the divine power throughout the Universe, and the effects of this power thru the areas of earth that He might bring to pass that which He wants, I think, it is quite easy for us to see that weather has a large part to play in this matter.

There are certain things which Jesus told us concerning the end of the age, when the disciples said, ‘Tell us about the end of the age, when will this be?’ It is translated as the end of the world, and it is the end of the World Order and the coming in of a New World Order---the Kingdom of God. But they were asking about the end of the era which would bring about or when they would see the fulfillment of prophecy and look for great events to take place. We find that this is discussed in the writings of Matthew as well as in Luke. And one of the things we read here in the 24th chapter of Luke, as Jesus answers them and says, ‘Take heed that no man deceive you. There will be many coming declaring that they are Christs and Messiahs with their false claims of deity. But know that there are wars and rumors of wars, and all of this must come to pass as nation rises against nation and kingdom against kingdom.’ Then He says something which can be very real to us. He said there shall be famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places.

Now, I do not believe that there has been any period in time when the meteorologists have been more concerned by what they are seeing coming to pass. We turn here in this declaration and He tells us we shall see these signs. The Gospel of Luke adds to these declarations. There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And on earth there shall be great distress and there shall be great disturbance among the nations, and much complexity. And there shall be a great impact upon the meteorological conditions of the earth and upon the oceans. It says the sea and the waves shall roar and great tidal waves and earthquakes shall effect the earth. And men’s hearts shall actually fail them for fear of things which are coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens are being shaken.

These are words from the lips of Jesus concerning the climactic age. This is the age the scripture tells us that is going to be well marked by a great chain of events. The gathering powers of darkness and the forces of evil will be seeking to take over the world when this period comes by both military and political persuasion. It tells us that the enemies of Jesus Christ will be the enemies of civilization which He will have produced by the power of His spirit. The same power will be gathering the pagans by the power of His spirit and gathering them from behind the great cities of Moscow and Tobubal, and the land of Magog which is identified by all students today as Russia. That these hoards will be turned against God’s Kingdom in the climactic hours of the latter days, and we will see this also as signs in the heavens, the sun, moon, and the stars. A strange upset among men and among nations, especially in this great nation of God’s Kingdom. And we are watching this situation take place.

Now, you say, ‘Why should this happen?’ Well, in the first place a great number of people are finally becoming aware that there were certain commitments that God made to His people. And these are found in the book of Leviticus and in Exodus. There were also demands made as to their conduct and their relationship to Him. It is stated very carefully here concerning this that there were certain things they were to do and certain things that they were not to do. And in making this declaration, God Almighty warned them that if they disobeyed Him, He said, ‘If you will not keep My commandments and My statutes to walk in them---if you will not do this, I will take away the rain from off of your land. If you walk in My statutes and keep them, I will give you rain in due season. And the land shall yield her increase and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Your threshing shall reach unto the vintage and the vintage unto the sowing time. Ye shall eat your bread to the full and you shall dwell in your land safely. And I shall give peace to your land and none shall make you afraid. I shall remove the evil beasts out of your land and neither shall the sword go over your land. I shall chasten your enemies and they shall fall before you by the sword. If you will keep My commandments, and My statutes.’ (This is in the 26th chapter of Leviticus)

We also turn to the book of Deuteronomy because it also contains a statement which is most significant in this matter. Here again we are told by the Most High:--’Now again it shall come to pass that if ye will diligently harken to My commandments, and My ordinances, and to love the LORD thy God, and serve Him with all your heart and your soul, then I will give you the rain in due season. The first rain, and the latter rain, that not only mayest thou gather in thy corn, thy wine, and thy oil, but I will send grass upon thy fields for thy cattle, and thou mayest eat and be full. But take heed to yourselves that your heart not be deceived, for if you turn aside and ye worship the stranger or the strangers god, and ye seek after these strange gods, then shall I show My anger against you and I shall shut up heaven and there shall be no rain. And the land shall not yield its fruit. And you will discover that you shall perish off the land which the LORD giveth you with the source of its substance and its supply. But I also warn them that if they take into their land those you cannot assimilate, the strangers with strange gods, the Amorites, the Hivites, the Cainaanites, and all those other groups named here who were all pagans, speaking of their background, if you make marriage with them, if you join yourselves with these strangers, then the judgements of God for not keeping His commandments will come. And I will shut the heavens above and I will make the pastures without grass. And there shall descend upon you as a people great droughts, and there shall be no rain.’

Now, these are just some of the things that God has said that He would do, not because He does not like you, for He loves you. But sometimes the only way to bring the people of God to their senses, is to feel the impact of violating His law and cause them to eventually wonder why. We have now gone thru one of the strangest cycles in our history. One of the foremost meteorologists of our time, has cited with each coming year, that we may have certain dry spells. But they have always anticipated more rain than we have received. They have anticipated much wave areas of pressure over our coast areas, and our inner coastal valleys. But something always comes along, the pressure builds up, the low areas are out to sea, and instead of getting on shore winds laden with moisture, we discover that we are getting winds that are off shore and are blowing out to sea. And when we come into an area where there is no moisture, where the clouds are there, but the on shore winds have no rain with them, this is the history of unusual events. It has happened in California, and for seven, eight years. In fact, we have come now to almost twelve years of this rainless condition with just the bare minimum and now we talk about our average in a much lower status than we used to. And not only here, but up in Maine, they have had severe conditions until they feared forest fires up in the great North Woods. There had not been enough rain for the ferns and other forest foliage. And it is also true in the other areas of the earth. I talked to some folks up in Idaho and they have not had the normal pattern of rain in the last few years. In the past few years in those areas which are considered rain forests, they have received very little rain. They do not understand, for the clouds came but they did not put out the rain as they have in the past. There is no lack of moisture, there is just as much as there has ever been. But the rain just does not come.

With this lack of rain there is now a decline in our water tables. And now there is something else involved in this and this also is a violation of Divine Law. We have been told how to reap our fields and cut our forests and leave part of it standing, to leave some of it fallow. And we are not to denude our forests, to denude our land, without restoration under Divine Law, and disease has not always been controlled. Actually it is estimated today that we have one-fifth less timber than we had when the colonies were set up in the New England states.

Just remember that when you have just one-fifth of your timber lest that this has some effect upon your rainfall. In fact, in the last twelve years, we have reforested many areas, thus it is not all because of the results of the lack of timber, but it is because of the sudden action of the Most High in direct and absolute prophetic fulfillment.

This is a Christian nation. It was founded by men of God who came to this land and established a land of religious freedom. Coming out of the White nations of Western Europe with the least common denominator of Jesus Christ, here was the bringing together of God’s household into one great nation. The fact is that our nation was founded by men of Christian faith. And when they established this nation in the hour of our independence and established our Constitution, we recognized the blessings of God upon us as aforetime. We set up a Constitution that marked the fulfillment of prophecy. We would have judges of our brethren as aforetime. And we recognized that our founding fathers wrote those great documents believing that we had been given by God, certain inalienable rights which God had ordained as belonging to us. That these were God given rights and it was our responsibility to protect and to preserve them.

I want to establish that when we established this government of America, we did not expect it to give us rights. But we ordained that this Constitution would determine the power of this government. And this government would secure unto us these rights. That is what the Constitution is supposed to do. You are supposed to---with that Constitution,---see that the government stays within its framework of authority and protects and secures the God given rights which He has given you to keep. Under these circumstances, this great nation has developed and spread out under these Divine blessings.

Then we observed that there were certain unassimilatable people who hated our God, who had come into the country. If we had followed the advice of Benjamin Franklin, we would have deported them with great speed and never permitted them to have citizenship. But we let some of them stay. And because of this, we have been suffering from their ever gaining of the manipulating control of our economy, and forever siding against our God. We disobeyed even the disciple John. And we have been told not to let them into our land, or into your house. And don’t permit them to gain leadership over you. If they do not recognize Jesus as the Christ, you are given this instruction concerning this. If you say ‘God bless you, anyhow’ come on in and share in our blessings, they will soon be in control of your country with their evil design. And before long you will discover that your reward is that you have let them steal the things that you have wrought because you have violated Divine Law.

The prophet Joel speaks out and says that there are a class of people in the world who he terms as parasites. I think that is a good term for them. He calls them lots of things such as ‘Palmer worms’ and ‘Canker worms’ and caterpillars and locus. And he says that these parasites come in and they devour all your blessings. And when they devour your blessings, you find these conditions which come upon you. And God says I am going to have mercy on you because you are My children, and one of the things I am going to do in the latter reign,---at the climax of this age, I am going to drive these parasites out of your land and I will give you back everything that the parasites have stolen. But the scripture tells us that this would come to pass. And it has come to pass. And altho we are one of the greatest nations of God’s Kingdom, still today we are plagued with parasites here in the Kingdom of God. They bore right into the body politics and they sow the political philosophy of the anti-Christ. They move right in upon the forestry, the green leaves of the tree, as a devouring caterpillar for the life that produces this photosynthesis which is the light of life. They know this, so they try to take away the truth of our God. They try to sell us superstition and fear. This is a part of their strategy. They also bore straight into the roots of the tree, try to de-sap it at the center and destroy the whole foundation of your government, the whole structure of your civilization.

These are some of the Marxist figures. They go right into the seed itself. And when they go into the seed, the Palmer worm goes right into the seed itself. And it wants not only to canker the whole tree, but also wants to make it impossible for the seed of God’s Kingdom to increase. And your nation is a part of this tree. To do this they want to mongrelize the seed and destroy the very heart of it. All these are violations of Divine Law.

One of the things which you will note is that God Almighty said that one of the most terrible discrepancies which was a violation of Divine Law and which Amos the prophet said was ---the mingling of the Holy Seed. And this mingling or mongrelizing of the Holy Seed will bring great catastrophe and judgement upon God’s people.

Now, let’s take a look at our land for a moment. Here in California, we have gone thru years and years of insufficient rain fall. Water tables are dropping and one of the great problems of our times for the expanding population of our cities is where are we going to get enough water. In years gone by, they knew in this great city, that they would have to have lots of water. And so by political chicanery, they watched the city reach out and steal all the water from Owens Valley. And they fought wars over that. And they dried up the paradise of Owens Valley to bring the water down. Their aqueduct would bring the water down from the High Sierras, from the snows and the rains. And there was more water than was needed in our reservoirs for the city. But the city was growing and they started bringing water from other areas and even from as far away as Boulder Dam and other areas of Southern California. And as we look at this strategy of pure water, we discover that one of the great needs of the land is water.

Now, normal rainfall upon your western seaboard and upon the western half of our nation, would raise the water tables and probably we would have enough water. But the springs in our forests are drying up. The streams which used to run in the Sierra Madra and in the Tehachape mountains are dried up. You can go along most of the Sierra Madra watershed and most of the water one time was running on top of the ground. But now virtually all of it is gone, absorbed into the sands and not now coming out of the mountains. You say, ‘Why is this?’ Well, my friends, this is not a matter of coincidence. This is a matter of the Divine hand resting on you. You can turn that water on if you will keep My statutes and My commandments and do the things I have told you to do. You can get the water turned on and see it rain again.

About ten years ago, we were asked to speak in Elsenanor. And that used to be a very beautiful little town. And I remember about twenty years ago when that was one of the finest Christian villages in California. It had a beautiful little lake, and a find Christian balance of power. And with its churches, and its beautiful setting, it was one of the beauty places in California. In fact, the people who controlled the whole community were of your race and of your faith, from the Mayor on down. And it was a great place to live. But there was a great threat coming into this little town. For it seemed about ten years ago, that the Cainaanites wanted to come in. They wanted to buy a site adjacent to the park. And they wanted to put up a great Synagogue and start an assembly. And they wanted to make of this city a great resort where all of the people from the Bronx could come out here. They were going to make a Coney Island out of this little area. And when they did that then you knew what was going to happen.

We were invited by the city officials to come up and discuss this matter. And the community gathered together and it was predominately Christian. Now, I know of the temptation on some of your real estate men. And I know what they think of a quick profit. And that there must be a reason for them to divide this land and sell at a much higher price. But let me assure you that is the modern Cainaanites come into your city and settle down, there are certain things which are going to happen. They will curse your blessings and the rains will fall off here as well. And in the second place, the underground springs which feed your lake are going to stop. You say, ‘How do you know?’ Well, God witnessed to me that if the Cainaanites came in, the lake would dry up. And that Christians who sold out for a price, were going to suffer. So we told them that by no means should you sell your control of this Christian community. We not only pointed this out but we had a clear vision that this would come to pass. So we warned them that it would happen this way. But some of them sold out. And then some more sold out, thinking they could stay in the community and buy some less expensive property.

I will tell you what happened. From the first synagogue that went up and the first community center went up for these people along came a gangster element from Chicago and New York. And the OGPU moved in and they began to take over the community. They bought little shops all along the main street. And then they started to put things on the market cheaper than a normal merchant could compete with. And it wasn’t long before they almost squeezed out all the business men. And the obnoxious loitering around the community had changed the whole Christian village to a Marxist band.

And I will tell you something else that started up within exactly two years from the time that the Cainaanites came into Elsenanor. The summer saw the springs dry up for the first time in history. And for the first time, fish were lying dead on the bottom of their lake and the odor coming up from that dry lake was just what God said would happen. For He said:--’I will cut off the rain, and I will even cause your dwelling places to stink.’ One of the first things which happened, I got a call saying, ‘Dr. Swift, come up and turn this off.’ I said, ‘I did not order it. I just told you what would happen.’ And not only did God dry it up, but the stink came. And since then, they have been trying to put that lake back. But it is gone. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘they got a little water in the great rains.’ But there is no water there to speak of and this is gone again.

Let me tell you this. They have been having all sorts of problems. And actually a Communist that had come from the New England states, was now running their village as an underground. They committed a lot of foolish atrocities against themselves to try to make a big stir. And the ADL and the Jewish gangs thought they were going to stir something up and they had it on television. And they made a great disturbance over Elsenanor. And they called it the city of hate. Isn’t that a strange thing? That little Christian city, even Amie Simple McPherson had one of the most beautiful homes up there. In fact, Christians made a resort area out of it. They used to have Methodist conferences and groups up there and Christian Endeavor and other movements used to go. But now, my friends, it has become a Jewish controlled city and even television has to call it the city of hate. Do you want to know where the hate started? It started with the hateful forces of Cain who moved in. And then God did exactly what He said He would do. I have talked to men from up there and they say that their businesses are virtually at a standstill. We are not making any money and now people have heard about the hateful community and they don’t come anymore. But some of the Christians who live up there said that one thing that did happen, is that if anyone comes in to the village, they come to trade with us instead of this new type that has come in.

Now, I want to call your attention to the fact that this is not out of context with time and history. I want you to go back into the 17th chapter of 1st Kings. Israel was as important as we were in 1932, because just as a Roosevelt became the ‘crown prince’ of America, and took over, backed by an unseen and invisible army, so also King Ahab as kin had married Jezebel. And they had moved in and assumed control of Israel. And of course when we talk about Israel, we are not talking about the Jews. We are talking about White people. But they had the same misfortune to have a man of the same caliber as we had in the White House and a wife that was probably the same. I can’t think of anyone who matches with Jezebel as much as Mrs. Roosevelt. And everytime I see her face on a magazine cover or somewhere else, that is the first thing that comes to mind. I keep remembering however, and it gives me some comfort, of how Jezebel ended. I turn here to this 17th chapter, to verse 1, and see that God Almighty had a prophet named Elijah. And I want you to know that the spirit of God will come back upon the ministers of God for the climax of this hour.

Now this minister of God, this prophet Elijah, went down to King Ahab and he sees what this Jezebel women had done. For she had brought in all her own kind of people. Some 450 of the ministers of Baal were all these strange hooked nose type of people who served Baal. And they brought them in from other countries. They were refugees, you know. And they came in and they set up the temple of Baal inside of Israel where YAHWEH, Himself, had the right to be served. For He was the lone God of Israel.

Now, we discover that the wife of Ahab had a special hill built for her and a special temple built for Baal. And she apparently had as much influence as the ADL has over your politicians. More than that, maybe even a little more. For they were going to try Elijah because he told the truth about this matter. So God said to Elijah, ‘you go down and tell Ahab that I am going to turn the rain off just as long as these refugees come in and start to invade My people, and turn these people from worshiping Me, I am just going to turn the rain off.’ And He did. And seven years of drought and there was not too much food left in the land. In fact, it says here that one of the things that Ahab said, ‘I am going to send people out to all the cisterns and wells to see if we cannot find enough water to water the mules or we will not have any of them left.’ God had told Ahab, but he had listened to Jezebel and evil stayed and the rain was turned off. You remember the story in the scriptures. But the main thing was that it had stopped raining.

Now, for one moment let’s turn over to the book of Amos. For this book of Amos is not only a story of a prophet with great vision as to the things that came to pass in the earth, but it seems that in the vision of things which would come to pass, and he saw the great and tremendous problems falling upon the people of Israel. And because of these problems, he looked out to see why there had been this drought and this disturbance among the people. And then when there were no crops to raise, it just poured out rain in tremendous cloud bursts that people were almost washed away in the streets. And they were suffering from this overpowering rain. Ezra says, ‘I went thru the assembly and I looked over the land and I saw something which was the cause of this situation.’ He said, ‘I saw that the people of this nation, even some of the priests and Levites, had not separated themselves from the people of other lands according to my command. And they had committed abominations with the Hittites, the Cainaanites, the Havites, Jebusites, and Amorites, all of these other people. For they took their daughters for themselves and their sons. And the Holy Seed was being mingled with the peoples of these lands. Yea, the hands of the priests and the rulers were all mixed in this matter.’

Again, we get back to the facts of the matter. The moment you start mongrelizing your seed, the moment you start mixing your seed of this Adamic race, this White race which God has sent to build His Kingdom, there descends upon your race, a lot of calamity and catastrophe. And this caused the prophet to lament and to pull his hair and to ask for God for deliverance and for God’s mercy upon His people. And he went out to the people and he told them that the weather, the catastrophe and the upset conditions had all come because they had violated the laws of God in this matter. More than that, even tho it was the ninth month and the people did not want it, but great rain came pouring out on them and they sat in the city outside the temples virtually in the water. Then the people said, ‘we will do what God wants us to do. We will send the strange women and their children beck to the lands from whence they came. We will mover the mongrel seed out and cleanse again our household.’ And they asked God to have mercy on them and promised to obey.

The people were most sorry for what they had done. And they said we will take all of the integrationist out of power if you will just come along and give us our weather back. You see, the floods were coming and the people were standing in the flood. And they could not work, because of all that water. But now, let the rulers of the congregations stand. And let the elders of the cities recognize the fierce wrath of God because of this condition they had helped create.

Thus, they again put back God’s laws of segregation and they began once more to obey His laws. And as they did this, the floods abated and weather came back into balance. Look at this. Here you have this situation on the West Coast where you need water, then look at the East Coast of our land, and remember the blizzard of 1882, which everyone heard about. And remember the stories of how people came out of the second story windows and slid down the crusted snow drifts in the New England states. I was raised having heard about how that great blizzard came. But people say, ‘But things have changed. We don’t get those kind of snows anymore.’ Let me tell you that weather is most unsettled and you have had a bigger blizzard than at anytime since the White man settled this country. New York has spent millions and millions of dollars trying to remove the snow this spring. The New England states have been digging out all winter form this scourge of winter weather, one of the worst our nation has ever known. Then in the South, after a winter of drought, then all of a sudden came the rain. And it came in floods. And I have a cable form different cities of the South and they tell of the floods. At one time, they had ten feet of rain, and at times six to seven feet in an hour, and thus floods. Meteorologists tell us that this is an impossibility because clouds cannot hold this much rain at one time. But it is happening. Now they are beginning to agree that as we moved thru space we have picked up masses of water that must have been picked up and moved into the skies. They now believe that the pull of astronomical bodies has plucked into space, a whole raft of debris and water. And that we in our orbit, run back into them, and they are melted by the heat as they come into our atmosphere. And this would be where we have great block of ice dropping out of the sky, which happened not so long ago. Some weighing 100 pounds, fell in the streets of Long Beach. While out in Ohio, whole chunks of ice fell in an area. And they did not come from any airplane, for they do not carry ice in those size of chunks.

You say, ‘where did it come from?’ Meteorologists say that the earth has run across material that was taken out into space and now is falling to earth. Signs of the last days. We have moved into orbits where masses have been picked up in ancient days and now are returning to earth. Perhaps they are coming from pre-Adamic times in the hours when tragedy in the pre-Adamic earth described by Isaiah and Jeremiah, referred to in the scriptures of both.

Thus again, cycles of strange events have brought back some of the measures from ancient periods. There has never been a period in our history where it was more important for us to understand our relationship to these events. The prophet Amos was a very truthful prophet with great vision and this is what he said, ‘I want you to know that the people of God, instead of giving their sacrifices to the MOST HIGH, and worshiping the right God, they are more interested in the gathering of property and in the gathering of personal things. And they have not paid any attention to who was manipulating their society. And their economy was being controlled by the pagans. And the strangers who were not to rule over you, had come in and the laws of God were being violated. And we were discovering that they were moving into our schools, to our churches, to our body politic, and to the treasury department, and into all areas of our government.

I think today that you and I as Christians, look at Washington, D.C. and we find more enemies of Jesus Christ in the Cabinet of this nation than at any time in history.

Now, what is to happen? I want you to follow this closely. For these signs not only hit here, but they hit all over the earth. ‘For I havebeen withholding rain from you.’ This is a message for the climactic days as well.---’Behold, I have been withholding rain from you.’ ‘When there were but three months from harvest and I caused it to rain upon one city and I caused it to rain upon another, and when there was no harvest, then I sent rain upon one city which needed no rain, and sent not rain upon a city which needed it.’ Doesn’t that sound like your nation also? The rain did not come in the farming area, but it poured down on cities that did not need it.

Then God says, ‘because of what you have done, there has come this pestilence and this blight upon your vineyards and your fruit trees, until now you have to spent one-third of your profit spraying them. And you are going thru abnormal processes which you would not have to go thru if you had been following the laws of God.’ Let me tell you something. If a man of God will stay in the orbit of God, then he will protect your vineyard and the light and glory of that man will move out upon the land and he won’t have to use all these chemicals they have to use today. Then you get sick form absorbing all these chemicals and you are paying the price. For instead of following God’s law and trusting in Him and all His Holy Angels, you are trusting in chemicals for your protection.

Now, God says that is what will happen. For you have let this pestilence come in. And I think that is a good word for it---pestilence. For they have been manipulating our economy and trying to turn our children away from the worship of God and trying to change this whole great society from this free institution whose government has power delegated to it by the states. They have tried to create a super bureaucracy of socialism and take away from us many of our powers and then say that is we have the right, they will give it to us.

Alright, God says, because of this, your young men will go out and be slain by the sword. Have we that pestilence upon us? We belong to an organization today which can gather them up and send them anywhere in the world. And they can send them down to the Congo or into a war where you are never meant to win and you just lose your men and end up at the 38th parallel or down where you started from. All of these things, your participation in the United Nations with pagan nations, or the joining yourselves to the World Order of the Beast System, all of them are the violations of God’s law, against His statutes and His commandments. And you are going to feel it in the weather and in the way your live.

Now, that does not mean that God is taking it out on you who look for His word and His standards of righteousness. For He is going to restore. But God has been shaking you. He said if the strangers come in, He is going to devour your substance and destroy your blessings. And you have watched this happen in your own nation. And now what happens? Well, people begin to wake up and an electron comes and people are saying if you don’t wake up and run this country as you should, then there will be an election and two-thirds will be on this other side and you will be one-third on the opposition and in time they will hunt for a new country.

I am not going to discuss tonight the earthquake pattern, but this pattern is stepping up. And we can tell you exactly where it is going to fall. And it has been falling in that way. They have been falling in exactly the places where the alignments have said that they would hit. There are reports that all the faults of the earth are increasing in vibration and they are getting ready for a great earthquake. And meteorologists are citing that accompanying these strange alignments, are pressure areas that change from fast to slow and then back again quickly and these alignments seem to follow this pattern. And a great shaking then takes place somewhere.

Alright, we are seeing that God’s words are being fulfilled. The stranger is a pestilence in your land. There is more and more evidence of this. And never have we had a condition like we have today. I mentioned something the other night and people have wanted to know what was said. I mentioned that the enemy has turned loose a great propaganda campaign upon this nation of God’s Kingdom, to divide this nation so it will not stand together against the Communist hoards. We have enough problems with the Administration we have without having the will of your people divided. God has promised that He is going to take the stick of Judah, and his companions and they are going to be joined with the stick of Joseph and his companions---all the house of Israel. And they will become one great and militant force against the hoards of world Communism and the hoards of darkness. And that stick in the hand of Judah are all the Germanic people of Central Europe who are also Christian nations just as you are. For out of them started this great stick of Protestantism, that great spiritual movement--the Anglo-Saxon people, the strongest nation now the United States, altho the throne still exists in Britain. This is the house of the stick of Joseph and they are the power that opposes the forces of World Communism. All the rest of the House of Israel, the Scandinavians, the Lombard, the Basque, all are a part of the house of Israel. But Britain and the United States make up the strongest portion of it. The house of Joseph and the house of Judah have the strength to resist World Communism. Your enemy wants to divide and he wants to conquer. I can tell you actually that they are putting on a great propaganda play and they are saying, concerning this Eichman matter,--that we are working too closely with Germany. And they are again portraying the terrible atrocities committed by Germany. And this whole fake message was to educate our youth and get them to hate Germany and drive us apart. And they admitted this on T.V. And therefore, a lot of silly Christian Americans saying--Amen--who do not know the strategy and don’t know the background of the story.

They do not seem to care that those from Israeli went down into Argentina and they kidnaped this man, Eichman. And they took him to Israeli and they put him under strong lights and they used every method trying to break his mind. And they used every weapon you would expect from the OGPU of Moscow. And after all the things that they used on him, even a lobotomy, he came forth with a confession that he had killed six million Jews.

Now, I want to tell you something. This man and all of Germany never killed six million lies. This is just a lie to get you mad today and split us from our allies. In the first place, there were not six million Jews in Germany when the war broke out. There were only 600,000 Jews in all of Germany. More than that, when the war ended, the world population of Jews showed a higher number than when the war started. If you want to know where they are today, they are walking the streets of these United States and Latin America. This is propaganda and they are trying to stir this thing up. But I want you to remember this. They tell us that they are going to try this man and the whole world will know of these great atrocities.

There is no justification of crime. Nor do you claim one crime will correct another. When the state of Israeli violated the sovereignty of Argentina, and went in and kidnaped a man and took him out of that state for trial, they violated all the laws among the nations. The only way to take a man from one nation to another is when you have extradition treaties. And if you have the proper jurisdiction. Then the man is handed over to you, by the agreement between nations. But the state of Israeli had no jurisdiction over any nation before it came into existence and it was not in existence when the war with Germany was going on.

When Israeli came into existence it was aligned with International Bankers, with Jewish Zionism. And when they came into the area of Israel, they rode rough shod over all the people there. They raped and murdered Christian teachers and nuns and stuffed their bodies down in the wells of Jerusalem. They murdered Arab Christians and they produced the bloodiest rampage that the world ever watched in such a small area. They killed the United Nations man who went to see what was going on. Count Bernadott was killed as they sought to stop the reports of this atrocity going out. But the white paper came out and the world finally knew what was going on.

Now, with this Eichman case, why do not the lawyers guild and all the lawyers speak up saying this is a great travesty of justice? Why did they not protest as Argentina called upon Israeli to return this man? But all the nations looked away and no one said take that man beck to Argentina for you have no right to do this. You have not gone thru the legal channels.

I want you to remember, that along with this situation, that in the rest of the story was the Borman case, which we have told you about before. The violation of law in a foreign country, and the disposing of the body by these international people, shows that the modern Canaanites are getting away with murder.

Then about three weeks later, came the story. Unfortunately, we must still look for Borman. They had killed the wrong man. But let me tell you this. Whenever we have this pestilence of the nations moving around the world, and they kidnap people, they execute them, they murder them, then we have a super Satanic force operating in the world and it is time we stamped it out. Getting away with this they will now be brave anywhere to do as they please.

The other night, a young man spoke out in his college and he pointed out some of these things. And when he got back to his dwelling, he was met by a group who called him a fascist and a Nazi. And they beat him up and left him unconscious. And he had only been fighting Communism in the colleges and was on a T.V. show to explain this. Let me tell you that this is an evil, diabolical force which we have allowed to come into our nation and because of them, our ground is dried up and our rains cease and we are in big trouble. Let me tell you this. We are seeing the attempt to divide the House of Judah and the House of Joseph as they stand against the Beast System. It is a propaganda move. And something is going on all over the world.

Upon mine enemies also in these last days there will be signs such as earthquakes in their mountains. And I am going to send upon them a great drought and I will dry up their land. And I will give them a great famine. Let me tell you there are famines in the world today greater than you have ever had. Oh, here in the United States, you have so much food that you don’t know what to do with it. But then God did not say that He was going to give you a famine. For in your land, it would not be a famine for food, or a famine for a drink of water. But it would be a famine for the WORD OF GOD. Whether you realize it or not, today a great famine had hit Red China, one of your enemies. And Red China is now faced with the judgement of God. A destruction has descended upon them because they have turned away from His instructions to them thru His people.

Remember this is an ancient land that fell under Lucifer’s seduction. Remember, that Christian missionaries went to that land and tried to bring them help with a civilization that would teach them how to raise enough food and have everything that they wanted. But they were removed by their witch doctors and their devil worshiping priests. And they turned from worshiping God and they embraced Communism. And the threat today is of this massive man power which they can bring forth to join with Russia and Africa and throw against you. Your greatest threat today is thus Red China.

Now, there is no question. There are wars and rumors of wars and the world is in trouble. But I have the assurance within this book which God has bestowed upon us, that He who sent upon us in our beginning a great blessing that He will also in this climactic hour send upon us, He will not only send the spiritual power as He sent upon us to build our culture and our nation, but the great outpouring of spiritual power is also promised in the climactic hour of our great struggle, until you are going to wake up and drive out the Cainaanite and the powers of darkness. You are going to take him out of power. You are going to cut off his monetary control and you are going to get the blessings back in your fields and in your counting houses. You are going to end up with Christians in control of this nation. And not one Cainaanite will be in power in this nation.

He says, ‘I am going to pour out spiritual power upon you and you are going to stand against your enemy and you will anticipate victory and you will have the hosts of heaven on your side.’ This, my friends, is the outcome of this matter. God said, ‘I am going to send the rain without measure.’ We will get a revival in this land. And the people are turning back to the Kingdom of God. Do you know that one of the great patriotic rallies of all time is sweeping your land? There are speakers rising up and ministers speaking out. And people are writing about it. And they are calling for a revival in this land. But don’t be surprised for God said that He was going to quicken you. And this thing is going to increase. And I am sure that God will bring us thru this situation. And don’t fret about the weather for it may take some more things to happen to wake people up. When we hear some of the fantastic things being asked by leaders of the country today, we realize that they do not have any answers and they do not have any answers and they do not know what they are doing. When they take gangsters out of New York City and send them to Washington and tell the Congress that the reason we have juvenile delinquency today is because we did not give them houses to live in and money to spend, then we realize that no one knows what to do. If in this war on poverty we would take the money and the houses from those that have and give to these people, then you would not have any bad boys at all. So if we have trouble with the scum of the earth, it is your fault because you did not give them what you have and raise them up to your level. I don’t think Mr. Kennedy has thought things thru. I don’t think he knows Marxism or Socialism when it comes out of Mr. Schlessinger’s mouth. They try to tell us that if we spend all that money, we will have destroyed juvenile delinquency and let these people have all the blessings which will come when you divide up all those things that you possess. Then to keep America happy then they want to stretch this give away all over the United States and then take the arms away from the people. These laws come right out of New York City. And they would take the arms away from the people and give them to those who would not keep the laws any way. They want to take all the police organizations and put them under one organization and then they have got you just like they have behind the Iron Curtain.

Yes, my friends, the strangers in your midst have ideas about how to accomplish this. They are for controls over your education and over your school systems, and want to stress mongrelization. But instead of wanting to send the stranger away, they want to bring him in and synthesize him into your society. That is why you have signs in the sun, and there are sun spots and strange signs of disturbance even there. And we also have strange light showing on the moon. And we see odd formations of something moving across the moon. It is recognized that something is going on. And even in the sky about us there is something moving. There are phenomena astronomically and phenomena instrumentally in the sky. And in this time, your enemy as well as you are trying to put some phenomena in the sky. But these, my friends, are not the greatest areas which you have to move into for your greatest blessings. You have to return to the law of God. And when you serve the law of God with all of your whole heart, you will see a nation smile again. You will discover that God will not curse your blessings. He will restore them to you. And there will be food on the earth for you and water for your cattle. And there will not be cities without water. But the first thing that you are going to have to do and that is to go back to the story of Elijah.

And here Elijah said you have had all these years without rain, and Ahab said, I am looking for some way to rectify this. And Elijah said, ‘I have come down to bargain with you. You get your wife’s priests out on the hillside and I will come out there and we will have a couple of bulls for sacrifice. And we will see who has the power. We will prepare the sacrifice and when God sends down the fire for the sacrifice, then we will know who is more powerful. And those that lose, take them down by the brook and cut their heads off. And I will stand for the same thing. There is not going to be any rain until you do this.’ So they prepared the sacrifices, and all Israel gathered around Mount Carmel. The priests of Baal came out with their symbols and they started parading around calling for fire. Everyone had their eyes on them and they couldn’t slip up there and pull one of these slight of hand tricks. All day they cut themselves with knives and they were pulling out their hair. And as the day was coming to an end, then Elijah just looked at them and Elijah said, ‘Well, maybe your god is dead or maybe he doesn’t know what you are doing? Why don’t you yell a little louder. What is the matter with your god?’ And the more that Elijah said this, the more they said--’that is anti-Semitic.’

So all day long they played their part but God would not permit any phenomena of evil to capture this day. Then Elijah said, ‘Alright, now it’s my turn.’ And he ordered them to build a trench around the sacrifice and fill it with water. For he expected fire and remember, there had been no rain for a long time. They fetched barrels of water and poured it all over the sacrifice and filled the trench. And then they did it for the third time and everything was soaked.

Then Elijah said, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, hear thy son.’ And God Almighty had all the clashes of lightening in the atmosphere come down on that sacrifice and it licked up the sacrifice and the water. And yet was so hot that the very stones were consumed and broken down.

Do you know what happened after that? Elijah, a man after God’s own heart, grabbed that bunch of unassimilatible kikes and took them down by the brook and cut their heads off. Four hundred fifty of them. My, wouldn’t they have liked to have tried Elijah. But about the time that the fire came down and consumed all of the sacrifice, and the men of Israel had grabbed all of these rascals, a great cloud came over the land and it started to rain in that country where it had not rained for seven years.

My friends, after Elijah had called and the sacrifice had been destroyed, and then the rain came, nobody better touch Elijah now. Someone says, ‘my what a terrible thing.’ But God said this is a man after My own heart. And when his time on earth was finished, He sent a space ship down, for He did not let Elijah die. God took him right up to heaven and said, ‘this is My boy.’

I want you to know that once God told David not to spare a one of these, for if he did they would breed up and cause Israel trouble. And some of our trouble today comes from the fact that David had a heart that was too kind and he wanted to spare some of them.

You say, ‘what am I advocating?’ I am saying that anyone who likes some place better than this, and ships all the gold out to Israel should be sent out of our land. Anyone who hates our God and hates our race, then there is plenty of places to send them to. And I am telling you that in time we will turn on so much Light that the children of darkness will not like to stay here. This, my friends, will restore unto us the balance in our weather. I believe that if you get the population of this nation to turn back to God, and serve Him, that He will restore this nation. And the blessings will descend again. This is a disturbed time. There are snow storms in the summer time and earthquakes are rocking the earth. But you are not releasing much Light. But you are being shaken so that you will observe your troubles. The burdens of the Cainaanite are upon you. And this great nation and its flag that the founding fathers bestowed upon you is in trouble. But know, my friends, that when you have aligned yourselves, that the blessings will come again because God has promised to restore and restore. You are going to fulfill the destiny which is your responsibility and again you will lead the nations of Christian civilization and the free world to a great victory over the powers of darkness.

Some of these days even the president will see who is in charge. And since most every cabinet post is in the hands of the Jews, and if he does not do something about it he is to blame.

Your Father has had to bring this to your attention. He is not doing this because He no longer loves you. He does not bring a famine on the land because He is mad at you. In fact, He still blesses your country until you have surpluses of food. But I want you to know that you are going to have to take a stand for truth. And you are going to have to take a stand and turn off the darkness in your land. And you are going to have to drive the enemies of your God from your land. You the White Christians are the majority in this land and all you have to do is wake up and vote all of these out of power because you are the majority. Anytime you let the minority take over your country, it is because you have been too lazy to defend your liberty. You say, ‘but they are guaranteed by the Constitution.’ But no, they are not. The Constitution just authorized the government with limited power to secure your rights. But if you want those rights, then take the advice of George Washington, and stand on guard always.

And we look for what was told to the disciples. And we will see the mighty fleets of the heavens. And the power of the spirit will bring Christ to His Kingdom and He will elevate His children to their place in His program. The Almighty YAHWEH says that you are the Elohim, His children and you will receive His mighty Kingdom which He has prepared for you.

(End of message)