Slaying The Dragon In The Sea, 4-29-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-29-62

A great number of people might wonder what this statement ‘Slaying the Dragon in the Sea’ really means and from whence it comes. But if we could take you for one moment into the book of Isaiah where in the 27th chapter of Isaiah the Eternal speaks, ‘In the day YAHWEH, with HIS great and strong sword, shall punish Leviathan the piercing serpent, even Leviathan, that crooked serpent; and HE shall slay the dragon in the sea.’ Strange as it might seem, the ancient wisdom known to your forbearers from the time of the revelations given to Enoch of the unveiling of the symbols of the constellations of the heavens, and incorporated into all the schools of wisdom of your race, were things which were in mystery and in symbol, and the mystery of the Dragon, and this Dragon out of the sea was known unto them.

And as where it might seem a strange thing, but to those who have traveled thru the long course of Masonic rituals, and its background, will remember also that one of the elements in the pattern of victory was over the Dragon out of the Sea, the symbol of the Dragon, the symbol of this transplanting of the Dragon to earth. And then the earth, the great battle field between the Dragon and the Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD, was declared in symbolism and so understood by our forefathers that it was incorporated into their sacred literature. It was incorporated into their mysteries, but it was one of the things that they thoroughly understood. There was never any disillusion on their part, but that they were to take part in this objective. Very, very clearly, this naming of the Dragon and the identification of it was known.

Back in the days when the temple On was built in the land of Egypt, there was given unto the people of your race, under the leadership of Enoch and Job, an understanding of these measures. In fact, Job, himself, talks about Leviathan in the Sea---talks about the conquest of the crooked serpent. Of course, this was the great master of the law of the Fulcrum and the very beginning of what we know as ancient Masonry. In the midst of the Wisdom School, in the mystery of the Wisdom Pillars, which was granted to your race, Enoch also was informed of the fact that spiritual power was intrusted and given unto the people of your race. This spiritual quality could be stirred by the abiding presence and the outpouring of Divine energy from the Creator of the Universe, Himself. And with undulating waves of spiritual energy pulsing forth from HIS own presence, a great quickening would take place in the consciousness of your race. And with it, would come more free exploits and the raising of Divine standards and the erasing of evil, and the waging of war against the powers of darkness. In fact, to men like Enoch, these symbols were also marked with the man of God, as the Water Man of the Heavens pouring out HIS spirit like in the sign of Aquarius, upon HIS sons and upon HIS daughters. In fact, you have known that in the spring of this year, which was marked by the ancients as the sign in which God would pour out HIS energy and HIS spirit marked by planets alignment and then marked by the prophecy of Enoch, existing so many thousands of years before Christ.

The symbol of the Dragon is one that we must all understand. If all the people of earth in your race understood the symbol of the seed of the Dragon and what this meant when it talks about him in the sea and rising out of the sea. And their obligations as the sons of the MOST HIGH---that the Kingdom of God was to wage a relentless war against the Dragon and his forces of evil. We would have no problems in these United States if they had not been perpetrated by Dragon seed. In fact, we have been told that in all times, the surging seas of humanity, the consciousness of men which form the surging seas, and of course the seas are a part of all of the people who exist upon it---and they are referred to as the ‘sea.’ And the Dragon that arises out of the sea is a symbol of that same old Dragon who moves out upon the earth, and upon the nations and upon its kingdoms of earth---always to accomplish his purposes. We would not try to simplify this completely by saying that the Dragon is just one. The Dragon has great power and has existed for a long period of time. But as long as you have been in earth, you have had the power of the Dragon arrayed against you. This is something unveiled all thru the writings of the Old Testament. And this was understood in every Wisdom School of your race. In fact, you will remember that when Jesus gave the book of Revelation to John, that one of the things which HE talked about is the symbol of this power.

In the book of Revelation, it talks about a great beast. And it refers to this beast as having seven heads and ten horns. Let me pause for one moment, in this book of Revelation to call your attention to the 12th chapter of Revelation, where it talks about the heavenly signs and the measures, and the symbol of Dragonis, or the dragon in the sky, and the symbol of his power being around all the history of your race, against your race and against the embodiment of God which emerged out of your race as the one you call Jesus or YAHSHUA. We then point out this referred to as this great Dragon in the heavens and he has seven heads and ten horns. And there are seven crowns upon his head, and his tail (tale) drew one third of the stars of the heavens (in the area that he controlled), and cast them into the earth. And now the Dragon stands before the woman at the hours of the birth of her child in order to devour him at the moment of birth. This was, of course, prophetically attempted when Herod the king of the Jews, sought to kill the babes of Bethlehem, thinking to destroy the Christ in the hour of HIS birth.

Of course, this was not permitted. But even in the hours when Joseph and Mary went down into Egypt, so as to fulfill that prophecy, ‘that out of Egypt have I called My son,’ it was quite evident again, of the symbol of this passage.

When Jesus unveiled to John in the book of Revelation the story of the Dragon, and the seven heads, and ten horns, what HE unveiled to him then is that these seven heads were seven great kingdoms or empires that the Dragon utilized his influence upon. And the Dragon therefore, had these seven empires or kingdoms and in the first predominant attempt to really wipe out your race in one of these kingdoms was preeminently the use of ancient Egypt, and then the ancient Assyrian and then the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, and then the use of Greece and of Rome. And Jesus said that five are fallen and one is, which was the sixth. And this was their manipulation and power over Rome. The seventh which had not yet come, would be the great hoards which would sweep out of Asia. This power of the masses of the ancient Turanians and the people of the Mongols with Genghis Khan. Remember that Genghis Khan’s invasion of Europe was precipitated by the children of the Dragon and was a part of the Dragon conspiracy. And it was directed against your race. Actually, the hoards of Genghis Khan were gathered together by the Chinese Jew, Chepe Naayon, who was working for the hoards of International Jewry which then existed in ancient Venice, from the days of their earliest established power after moving to the island of Pergamos from Babylon. And when Jesus talked about this, HE said, ‘I know your problems, for you (the islanders of Pergamos) are dwelling where Satan’s seat is located.’ Why did HE call it Satan’s seat? Because at this time it was the head of an International program of the great world Cahella of world Jewry, whose design was reaching deeply into every religious system in the earth, dominating and controlling its priesthood, working for ascendancy and utilizing the three areas of their power. Their political power was backed by the power of manipulation, and bought with their gold and silver with which they sought to buy the world. Their control over false religions with their false philosophies, as they sought to control all religions and false religious systems. And then claimed by usurpation, that they represented a true sense of religion, while they took over these things which were not a part of it. And then, of course, their super bureaucracy by which they established a people and a group that were above government, above regulations and above rules. Thus this becomes the inner core which was against God and against HIS creation----Luciferian identified, and Luciferian begotten. And thus, identified with their father. I think this is a rather significant thing for as we called to your attention last Friday night, there has been the admission as we told you, against the use of Prayer, and these other most important and responsible experiences which are essential to the development of your youth, and your nation.

For instance, the struggle going on now is this trying to take every use of prayer and every recognition of God, everything which relates to spiritual, out of your schools from one end of the country, to the other. In fact, in some areas, problems have arisen as to whether they would deny the school systems the right to pray or have any recognition whatsoever of the Bible and its teachings and of Christ. Some have been told that this is an area in which the schools cannot participate and some very foolishly have believed this. But from the very days of your founding fathers on down, the schools did teach historical, hereditarily, and other important truths. And among them was the recognition of God. And the opening of your school season and your school week and your school day, from assembly rooms to class rooms, was opened with prayer as a part of the heritage of your race. And just as important was the heritage of your race. And driven deep into the child as he grew up, was his responsibility to God, and to HIS laws.

At the present time, form one end of your nation to the other, organized Jewry, together with atheistic organizations, and led by the B’nai B’rith, are waging a relentless war against you trying to stamp out of this nation, every phase of knowledge of the relationship of God with HIS standards and with HIS laws. And to give lip service to you, wherever you may be, that there is a common bond of brotherhood between the children of the Dragon and the Children of GOD. They identify themselves with that, and they use the word blandly and then say we are the children of a ‘common father.’

Now, we mentioned this before. They were holding the hearing down in Dade County as to whether they could pray down in that county and as to the use of prayer and so forth, or have any recognition of God. And there war one testimony and the Jews brought in a 17 year old Jewess and she would be deeply shocked if any reference was made to any Christian God. Any of this would cause her an aversion if anything like this occurred. So they put this Jewish girl on the stand and she said, ‘I want you to know that anytime I have to listen to anyone address a Christian God, it is repugnant to me. I want you to know that our god is different than the Christian God. I have been taught ever since I was in the Synagogue that we have different gods.’

Well, that had a lot of impact on the court, even to the attorneys, who were interested in the preservation of our Christian culture. This ended this phoney story about us having a common father, because of the very youth of the enemy telling us that there is a different set of gods, and a different religion. And that they did not like any prayer to our God.

Of course, if you are acquainted with the Bible in the hands of its creators, as they so strongly declare---as they say that what is truth is what the Rabbi declares it to be. Of course, in the modern day Mishnah, they tell us that in all difficult things, that God has to consult with the Rabbis. For having transferred the law to earth, it is now in their hands. So now they determine what is best for the earth, and God Himself, has to consult their opinions and has to now abide by the opinions of the Rabbi. But when they talk about God it is a very significant thing. For they point out in their own Talmud, that this ONE we recognize as YAHWEH EMBODIED AS YAHSHUA, is in their books, none other than Lucifer or Satan. And they worship the Real Lucifer who they say is the eternal god. They say that this one is not YAHWEH, but the eternal god. They do not use the word YAHWEH. And they are frightened of it, and well they should be. For they have no relationship to this one who they say is their father. But anytime one does not have a relationship with his father, just proves that there is something wrong.

In this instance, we point this out to you that they have identified themselves with serving another god. And this other god that they serve according to your Bible, which you identify with, if the symbol of the Dragon, and they are the offspring of the Dragon sowed among the people of earth, and they come out of that one third of the hosts of heaven, who in the struggle with the MOST HIGH GOD, were gathered out of the Milky Way. And in the lost battles with the powers of the MOST HIGH GOD, have taken this solar system and of course, the earth, in their struggle to try to regain the Universe.

Now, they never had it. But they were at one time influential over all of the Milky Way system, because Lucifer was one of the Archangels. In this instance, we point out to you that the Dragon is real. There is one great mistake today among the churches throughout the nation, who have not all known of the significant symbols found in their Bibles. I think what a minister should taught as the first thing, is what the Bible contains. I think that is the most important think he can learn. I think he should not only know the content of the Bible, but he should be taught to understand its mysteries and its symbols. He should have respect for the process of revelation, and be familiar with the great and tremendous background of material that has been delivered to our race since the days of Adam, in the times of Seth, and the hours of Enoch up to our time.

There has not been existent throughout the last 1900 years, a period when there was no available pattern of scripture. The fact remains, that all of these ancient documents, all of the writings of your race, and all of the things of God revealed to the Prophets was available, had they sought after it. And it was suppressed by a Ecclesiastical design, and was designed by the very design of the conspirator, who silenced the truth lest that truth unveil to you and he lose control of his power. There has been an attempt to destroy the great truths that the scripture has contained by the very design of the conspirator who silenced the truth. There have been attempts to gain control of all the Ecclesiastical institutions of Christendom, until some of the advisors said we should not pass on this until we find an expert on these matters. And then, my friends, Lucifer comes in with a top hat to be the ‘expert.’

Strangely enough, with these things contained in the scripture, is the one concerning the revelation of the enemy and concerning his strategy. I want to point out that in this hour when we are being told more and more to embrace. That unless we do this, that the powers of darkness will wipe us off the face of the earth. Or the world will be destroyed in a mighty holocaust. Even a great number of people awakening to their responsibilities in the church are told that it must be important for us to find an area of agreement with our enemy, because if we do not do this, then inevitable we will be destroyed by it. We are continually told how much bigger and more powerful he is than we are, but how willing he is to make an agreement with us to include us in this program he had developed.

Let me tell you that there is not development in the program of merging with your enemy of today, in this political system of the Beast system and the eventual extinction of your race. There is not one area where they give any quarter. In the design right out of the Rabbinical plans for the world, there is a plan to end every race upon the face of the earth except their own bureaucracy, finally ending up with a metropolitan mob wherein you never again would be able to tell if this one is a White man or a Negro, but out of the great mass which they intend to move together they shall rule. At the present time, they would tell the people of the world that they are their saviors. And that they would bring the world to the acceptance of their superior position. They are very busy right now, right here in your colleges in these United States trying to educate a select group who will function for them. These are the supposed superiors, these are the managers, these a re those who are designed as the experts in this field.

The other day we were talking to some people very vitally interested in the formation of the corporation of an area which would become a new city in the State of California. And I asked what system they would adopt in administration for this area and they said oh, they would adopt a city manager system. And the one person I asked as to where did they get their idea, and they of course replied, that they would get it from this international organization for City Managers. And of course, when they got thru with this, whether they knew it or not, they were moving right into a Metro Government, right into World Communism, a part of World Socialism and Communism. So I asked, ‘what makes you think that this city manager is going to know more about how to handle the business of this community than the business men of this community, whom you could select from, and who have lived here for 25 years? And they said, ‘Oh, that is quite easy, for these people have been especially trained in business administration, for City Managers and thru special courses in the various colleges which prepare these people for just such tasks.

Well, my friends, who prepared these people and where does this sudden knowledge come from concerning how to run your community, and who are these people to answer to? This is how we move right back into this Master Scheme of the Dragon.

I tell you tonight, my friends, without fear and it is without a pattern of hysteria, and this is the thing that they would like to accuse people of, but this is the problem. I want you to know that a Machiavellian plan, which is a hard thing for the finite mind to conceive if at all, because it is the master plan by an Archangel who has a terrific range of thinking. He not only has a limited pattern of cunning, but who has scattered more sons across the face of the world than the Roosevelt clan and the Kennedys. The problem is that this is a reality. And these who are unassimilatable in our society, because of this pattern of origin, would seek to infiltrate every branch of it and then throw you off guard, by claiming a pattern of common relationship with you.

You know---Jesus made it quite clear as to this pattern of the Dragon. That this Dragon was in the earth for one purpose. As I point this out to you again in the 12th chapter of Revelation, the Dragon is here to make war with your race. This is what it says---the dragon is none other than that individual who lost his glory, is now know as the dragon, and the serpent. He seeks to deceive the whole world order in the earth, and now with the mighty hosts of his seed, this flood out of his mouth, he goes to make war with your race.

Every once in a while, someone comes along and wants to extract the racial question out of all discussions. But, my friends, how can you remove the racial question out of all discussions when the enemy is working against you and specifically knows that your race is its major obstacle. More than that, he knows that the great nations of the Western world, are the strong and mighty powers where this freedom has had its greatest attack. And here again, this freedom of speech and freedom of Religion, have had an important part to play in your nation. Thus they look upon you and these United States as their chief obstacle. This is why you have been today, skyrocketed to the position of one of the greatest nations of the world, because you are also in a position of great leadership. Every once in a while I hear someone talking about the terrible responsibility on the shoulders of President Kennedy, and of Khrushchev because all of the decisions of the world are hanging upon the leadership of these two men. And we are being told that they should be encouraged to get together quickly. There is nothing more fantastic than this design. In fact, I would mention to you the strange group of advisors that have swarmed into this country. We are a great nation in spite of Mr. Kennedy. Do not forget that. Even in the past week, you can see the perfidy of these master designers. The whole pagan world is directed against you. The whole pagan world is being prepared to oppose you. The whole pagan world has one master dream, which is the subordination of the White race, the master race. Make no mistake about this, for they have no design except for your subordination unless it is absorption since you are in the position of being outnumbered by them. Every design is to have you to surrender your independence, put yourself under their power, and by some process, they gain more and more control.

They have come into your nation with one idea. They have come into your house strangers to your philosophy, and your way of life, to subvert you, to divide and conquer, and to take you over on the inside by dividing you from every strength of your society, tearing up the principals of your Constitution, taking over every facet of your society. And then taking over Christianity and go so far as to try to tell you what is Christian and what is not Christian. They plan the absorption of your race. They want to see the mongrelization of your society. And they want you to surrender your independence. And now they even want to control your church as we told you this afternoon, thru this new governmental agency called the ‘Director of Religious Affairs.’ Now appointed with authority, and under the Department of Defense, so that they can now use military force to make churches comply. (So here in 1995---this old law was used at Waco?) This is what can happen when you let Jews into these United States, or any other unassimilatable force which they can control. And now to be frank, it is too late not to call every shot. If this is embarrassing to you, then you can cool off when you get home.

I tell you that Jesus very carefully explained to us the strategy. If you were to turn over to the book of Mark, you will note these words. Jesus said concerning the design upon the strength of a strong man’s house. Thus Jesus said that you cannot take over a strong man’s house unless you first bind the strong man. That is exactly what you and I are experiencing in our time. These forces of darkness have moved in and they are trying to bind the strong man. But you cannot take over this strong man’s house unless you first bind the strong man. They have moved in to conquer and to bind you, and to take away your right to resist. The strange thing which is always such an unusual problem is that this nation which has created more and produced more than any other part of the earth has at any other time, whose scientists, and educators are unsurpassed in their ability----and I have talked to some of these people as I did recently as I spoke to them in their technological fields---and I said, ‘Explain to me, who are these people with these super brains, who are suddenly coming into our society--they who are telling us that they know more about how to manage government and to manage our affairs? Here when we have become so involved, so righteous, and so powerful a nation, and we have so many businesses and so many enterprises, and we are hiring so many people that it has now been to complicated for us to understand? Since we have become so complicated that we don’t know how to run things anymore, then who educated these people so that they come in here and tell us how to run the things that we have built? Where did they come from?’

My friends, the design has been shown to you clearly, if you have read that ancient document ‘The Protocols.’ You know those Protocols of those Learned men of Zion, were no part of the Zion of God at all. For if there is anything Lucifer is good at, it is to take the things that belong to God---names and semantics, and to attach it to his own people. Even to taking the theology and reforming and inserting himself within it. And then making proclamations of identities that do not belong to them, or using these terms---’the Learned Elders of Zion.’ They are not of Zion. But they are Zionists in your time. And they actually plan to take over every field in every profession so that they can accomplish the complete removal of their enemy. They are going to make themselves brothers, and undertakers as well, because one can destroy and the other can bury. And the more quickly they do this the faster they eliminate the things which they have to do. More than this, they intend to see that they have plenty of judges and coroners on their side. And they are going to kill by plan and assassination and by mass poisoning of your race of any that stood in their way. They have talked about this, but someone said, ‘This plan is a forgery.’ That is very interesting, for in my library I have a book on the origin of the doctrine known as the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’ and the Jewish author says there is not doubt that this is a forgery. We have gone to the bottom of it, for we have in our hands every document from which this was formed. Well, do you know what a forgery is? It is an exact copy of the real thing. So they introduced the plan to the preachers and to their own assemblies and their master plan of relaying it is thus. Someone put all of these pieces together and makes it look like some master plot. Thus these are the things which they have planned to master the world, and to arrive at the type of world which they have no power to build.

Alright, I know that someone has brought this out as the master plan and design to use to rule the world. Marston and others then translated it into English so that our world could understand it. And I have in my library, copies of this document which was published in Germany, and I have a copy of the first one published in Italy given to us by the lady from Italy as she visited our congregation down town. She said, ‘I am amazed and happy that some of our people are waking up as to this force that is out to destroy Christendom and has been from the beginning.’

Do you know what the problem is? Our enemy has been very clever for he has put Christian nation against Christian nation, until in this struggle he has extended this plan to the ends of the earth, and has in the past successfully caused us to dived instead of unite. Thus he uses this strength of division to try to destroy our race. I wish to God that every White man who had died in the war of W.W.I and II, was alive and in formation now. You say, ‘how has this happened?’ The LORD speaks out in Jeremiah and in Isaiah, and they tell us how the wrath of heaven would descend upon us because of the violation of Divine Law. With minds closed by the powers of darkness, we have let the oracles of Truth disappear into utter destruction while they waxed fatter upon the spoils.

This is why James the brother of Jesus, in writing his Epistles, talks about the tremendous fortunes made by these rich men, made in the times of war. He is not talking about the war industry, which made the weapons for our survival. But he is talking about the real money masters who made their great profits out of wars. And they are still making a profit selling the goods left over. The fact still remains that these are the people who have secretly held back the hire that belongs to the people of earth and have by their parasite processes according to the scripture, have been living off of Christians because they are not producers but destroyers.

Do not think that this is a too wide position to take when I listen to the world of the Prophet Joel who literally refers to them as the insects who are the parasites upon the vine of God’s Kingdom. He talks about them as worms that bore into the roots. Talks about them as the pattern of the caterpillar and the locust that goes out to remove all of the leaves. And he talks about the cankerworm which goes into the seed and mutates the ability of the seed to reproduce. And then God speaks to Ezekiel and says these are the parasites. He says, ‘These parasites have not only spoiled My Kingdom, they have taken away with their shenanigans in finance, and they have been a burden upon My people.’ And then one of the things God said HE would do in the last days, is to take away this scourge of the Parasites.

You know God knew the semantics way back in the days when the prophets were being told this. I point out to you from the book of Isaiah as we continue in the position which God has just declared that ‘I am going to slay this Dragon which is among the sea of humanity.’ God talks about the great treachery which transpired, and HE said----even when HE heard songs from the uttermost parts of the earth---song to the righteous---but I say, saith YAHWEH, thy God--- ‘Behold My leanness. Woe unto thee for the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously.---Yea, the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously.’ Thus God speaks out about these dealers and how they have dealt treacherously with the Kingdom of God. How their parasite activities have sought to disperse the wealth of the people of God all over the world, for the enhancement of their own increasing power, to be used as a part of the enslaving rather than the liberating of the people of earth. God looks down upon a great nation like this and HE calls this ‘Leanness.’ And HE says, ‘Woe, these are the treacherous dealers.’ I do not care whether they are the New Dealers, or the New Frontier, or anything else. But when they conspire to confiscate your wealth, whether they call it taxation, or really refer to it as emergency measures, they are still confiscating your wealth and scattering it all over the world, not intending that you get anything out of it, but using their power they get their percentage and disperse it all over the earth and then they go after you.

I point out that in this instance, God Almighty says HE is against them because they have sought to have you make a covenant with your enemies. This may seem strange to you, but I tell you that you already made a covenant with your enemies in W.W. II. For you made a covenant with your deadliest enemy in battling that war. When you made a covenant with the Soviet Union, you violated every condition as outlined in the Old Testament. In the first place, you were helping a more dangerous force than you had any idea of. You had experience with a Godless system, Russia’s Communism. You had watched her relentless war against Christianity, and you had watched her propaganda war against your society. She never gave one quarter. And at all times you just acquiesced, because in that period, you were not under leadership which was anti-Communist so as to save you. And now under the activities of Mr. Roosevelt, or Mr. Truman, or the activities of Mr. Eisenhower, there has been no design to save you or it would have moved out to Washington where it was most dangerous.

There is no question tonight, that the investigation going on in your nation, of the Un-American Activities Committee, the Federal Bureau of Investigation,----all of them knew of this master conspiracy. And in the United Nations, also, this investigation shows that every department in this organization was under the control of Communists subversives and spies. And with Russian Generals in command, and with wars never even recognized as such, there is a generous call for all of this to fall upon your backs. No intelligent nation when it see the fallacy of it would have stayed in this process were it not that the leaders did not want out. But most of the people who are waking up to this danger, want to get out of the U.N. and to get out quickly. But the enemy continues their program as they move into the churches and try to persuade them to destroy the solution to the world by the strengthening of the Beast System which the scripture tells us is a One World program in which you are outnumbered, out voted, and in which your Christian civilization will become subordinate forever. There is no way to get out, my friends, when the enemy becomes more powerful with their weapons, and the fact that you are outnumbered in the ruling faction six to one.

The documents sent out to the State Department to propagandize you with states that in this World Police Force which is to be formed, there would be so many hundred thousands of police stationed all over the world in the areas involved and they eventually would have all of the world in this. And eventually divide America up in to five different provinces with a World Police Force, and you outnumbered six to one.

Now, you do not have to wait to be a nation. For you have arrived. What you need to do is to take a hold of this leadership and throw off every yoke of the Dragon which exists in your society, every if you have to drive every Dragon seed out of the United States to do this. I have been rebuked at times because of all of this material I get from this secret Dragon agency, telling us who are the puppets and who pulls the strings, but you would be surprised at the mighty power of the world situation and their moves to accomplish it. They set up special councils to handle all foreign affairs. We have as you know, the Council of Foreign Affairs with about five subdivisions in it. And these organizations, some of them related to the foundation, have within their part of the organization, those individuals who are dedicated to the ending of your independence and the creation of this fantastic World State. Strangely enough, there has been a vast accumulation of material in the last few months. Much work has been done in the accumulation of these records by Dan Smoots. I wish you could have read all of the reports by Dan Smoots on the Council of Foreign Affairs----all of the material that he published during the year of 1961, because it was a very vital report. And I have such reports from other branches of investigation, and ex-officers, and CIA men in the U.S., concerning the gathering and setting in place of this plan. In fact, so far does this go, that in talking to our foreign service, we find that these political planners have more power than the officers inside of the State Department. And they outline the directions concerning the functions of what we must do and what course we must take, and then give instructions to our foreign service, who has been trained in the diplomatic corps for years.

I tell you tonight, with out the time to review the whole course of this plan, that a small handful of the seed of the Dragon, is dominating the whole design of your foreign service. And while they cover up this utopian design for the capture of the world, they are actually trying to take away the control of your nation and your wealth forever. One of the men in the Foreign Service said, ‘Dr. Swift, these men are experts in knowing what to do in all foreign affairs.’ I said, ‘Where did they get their experience? We never heard of them before.’ He replied, ‘They are especially trained. They are sent to special training centers thru out the world until they know this and know what to do.’ So I asked, ‘Well, who paid for that training? Where did the money come from?’ Nobody had the answer. But that answer is in this BOOK. This, my friends, is the expensive design for control of your mind. This is a part of the battle of anti-Christ to try to get you to give ascent to the experts who are specially trained to lead you into the program of slavery.

Thus, I point out to you tonight, that the Dragon is in the Sea, and God has a solution. The things which God has to say is not considered in the best taste by people who talk constantly about Peace. For we are told today that we must ‘get along.’ We must develop a strategy for ‘brotherhood.’ I know of clergymen who have been taken over by this strategy which has been respected in their churches. Some of them constantly write of the responsibility of Christians in this design. I have seen the text books these men are provided with under this strange and demonic influence of the Socialist mind. I remember a clergyman when I was a boy. And he was deeply moved into carrying the message to India. And when he returned to America, then India had converted him, by way of Gandhi, to Socialism. And he started to write about ‘the Indian road’ and ‘every road’ and ‘the American road.’ And one of the developments he talks about was this great development in the future. And this was quoted again, the other day, by a Liberal to try to show us our Christian responsibility to bring about a world of co-existence. And this is some of what he said:-- “We must remember that there is good in collectivism as there is good in individual activity. Thus, let’s come up to the fact that all that the Russian world needs is the first Commandment that ‘thou shall love the LORD thy God with all thy heart.’ That is the important thing. And the second thing it the thing that they can teach us. For they can teach us to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Now, these are the two great principles. We know how to love the world, and they know how to collectively work and to love their neighbors as themselves. They would divide everything and carry out the program of the fulfillment of Socialism in meeting all human needs. And we must in turn teach them to Love the LORD their God, for they have not yet learned to love.

Now, this, my friends, is the foolishness of an individual who has been hypnotized and brainwashed by these masters of deceit. You say how do I know? In the first place, Communist will not love the LORD our God, because it has no spiritual capacity to do this. It is foreign to their program of wiping out all faith and all activity before the LORD our God. Second, they cannot teach us anything about loving our neighbors, because there is no love in Communism. There is no respect to their national neighbors. There is no respect to anything but the use of force. And when we look into the process of those who designed this, there is no sharing on their part. Thus, when these brainwashed leaders try to tell us we must share in the development of a great beautiful world in which we bring all of these people together, it is this strategy of the Dragon of the Sea who is continuing to exert his influence as the Scriptures tell us. No wonder the book of Revelation talks about their manipulation of the economy. It was only last year that the final preparations were put in place which created the World Bank. And this has sway over practically every banking house and over every substance of wealth in the world. The U.N. Bank has the power to confiscate any reserve of gold, or silver or any resources which are pooled anywhere in the world. Did you know that at the present time, there is given ascent by the United Nations that is can immediately level out all notes among many nations? Did you know that any group of people or any set of financiers can come before the World Bank and lay down its notes and demand that these be liquidated, and that this shall be brought to a solution--and that the ownership of these assets which these call for shall be delivered by name to them?

Have you ever stopped to think right now, that because of the expenditures of your government, that almost every business in these United States, and almost every home is in hock right now to a group of International money changers, who have never given you anything or ever loaned you a dime? But at this very moment, they hold an interest bearing note against your assets. You say, ‘How did this happen?’ Because the International masters of the Dragon referred here in the Scriptures, have been invading great Christian nations and when they are here, they say, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it, you don’t know anything about money, so we will handle it for you. We have experts who are especially trained in special schools so that they know all about money.’

Maybe that, my friends, is what happened in the days of President Wilson, in his friendship with Col. House, whose Jewish mother had helped encourage his development into one of the money changers servants. For Jacob Schiff said of this man, ‘You can write a check for any amount, anywhere in the world, and we will honor it, if you can help influence the President of the United States and members of the Senate to transfer the control of America’s money making power and its distribution to us.’ That is when the Federal Reserve System came into being. And the great struggle on the floor of a new Senate, which was actually managed from behind the scene by this mysterious Col. House. Oh, you say, ‘We are not to talk about the Federal Reserve System.’ Well, we will talk about any system by which these seed of the Dragon enhance their power.

A great nation like yours prints money with printing presses, and then gets a guarantee that it value will be backed up by outside individuals who never put up any collateral to prove this, but had the right to loan this money back to you and many times the amount that was printed, and by the time they add their percentage to it, they multiply it by ten, then put it in circulation, and then redeem it, and then put it back into circulation,----they have received 40% of the original amount by their 6% which they have charged as interest. And when it is all collected, they have 60% out of every hundred dollars that your nation ever printed.

I have talked to lots of Congressmen on this subject. I know some of these men whose minds are the best in money matters in these United States. I am thinking of one of them and he happens to be a Democrat. And he said to me, ‘I have never been able to understand this. And I cannot get over it. Why, if we are to issue the currency, then why do we have to ask any people, International or otherwise, to guarantee this is good so that we can use it?’ He said, ‘The only thing which made it good was the goods its produced and the things that it made.’

And I ask you, then why could not this money be produced and used without the hands of the Dragon, to begin with? Why did we ever go under this usury system that made these people our masters? This was a strategy, for they said that we did not know anything about money, and they knew all about it. Well, we didn’t. But we better learn.

So in this instance, we have watched this operation. Thru out the period of W.W. II, we had great bond drives and we permitted the guarantee of the bonds to be levied against the eventual tax retirement of these bonds. And the very people who bought them had to be taxed to pay for them and the interest they got for them. And this interest had to be paid to the International Bankers.

This is what the spirit of God denounces as it talks about this mystery power of Mystery Babylon, and the power or this Dragon which must be slain in the Sea. At the present time, there is a tremendous force stirring in America---a great awakening. And the reason why the Dragon is worried, is because he does not want the people to wake up. He does not want them to associate all of this transferred power into their hands. He does not want them to wake up and recognize that White Christians are the only ones who can make the kind of society that God ordained that White Christians should build. He is also aware that he has stirred up Africa and he has stirred up Asia. He has stirred up Africa in America and he is stirring up Asia thru out the world. If you don’t think that Africa is being stirred up, then let me tell you this. The only place where Africa has progressed so much is here these United States. And they have made these seed of the Dragon most unhappy. Let me tell you that world Communism has made its most strides in this program where they have tried to overwhelm and wipe out the Christian patriots in their nations. That is their plan. I can assure you that World Communism is using the whole program of racial strife to bring about a condition in which an emergency could be declared and more hoards thrown in by United Nations directives to wipe out the Christian Patriots in Christian countries.

As we told you before, you are only two days away from the festival of Jubel Island. We told you that ‘Jubel Isle’ was being built up by the Dragon and his unassimilatable see. In fact, he has stirred up this racial hoard and created problems until 1/3 of the Negroes in America are under the direction of organizations of the Communist Party. I want you to know that in such a crisis and when trouble comes because of the infinity of race, and things of their patterns of witch doctor ties, they will move together in mass, even those who are not under that influence when the trouble starts. Yesterday you saw the fulfillment of something that you discussed last Friday night, when the police of your city stopped the Negro move from their warfare against you for the extermination of the White race. There is no mystery in this. You can buy their paper on the street and it tells of this plan to attack and destroy the White race. They say they will rape the women and liquidate your homes, and kill the men, and be masters to your State and of your nation within two years. That means they have to move fast.

Now, these people were not spoiling for trouble and a couple of officers stopped to ask why they were selling clothes out of the back of a car along the street. And this was a natural thing for the officers to do, because generally if Negroes were selling something out of the back seat of a car, then the general rule was that it was stolen. So the officers stopped to investigate. And one of the Negroes seized the weapon out of the policeman’s holster and as one officer called for help, then a policeman was shot and then a Negro was shot. This all happened on your city streets. Thus something like this can explode at a moments notice.

I happen to know that they plan on trouble in June. And they plan on great demonstrations on Memorial Day in Chicago and other parts of the nation. Then again in June. Someone said, ‘What does this tell you?’ Just one thing. That your enemy is planning on taking you on from within and without. He would like to use parliamentary procedure to get you not to resist and without the firing of a shot.

I think I should add this statement and maybe you saw it in the Los Angeles Times on Monday or Tuesday of this week. It said we are going to put in a phone line to join Mr. Kennedy with Mr. Khrushchev in Soviet Russia. They said this is essential when two people have as much power as these two people do. In fact, it si vital when these two people have as much power as they do. In fact, it is vital that the world does not go up in smoke and fire. And therefore, if by some chance a missile comes floating over and destroys the Hawaiian Islands, then Mr. Kennedy can take down him phone and make a direct call to Mr. Khrushchev and say, ‘Hello, old boy, was that an accident? Did you mean that? I do not want to push the button until I know that was not an accident.’ Then of course, with all of the ‘honesty and integrity’ of which the Russians are famous, then Mr. Khrushchev is going to say, ‘Well, yes, that was an accident and you should know that.’ Or he is going to say---do you suppose---that it was not an accident?? For you know that if it was not an accident then retaliation flies thru the air. But if he claims that it is an accident, then he can send the next wave over and wipe you out before the retaliation takes place.

Can you imagine anything so infantile, or such a sick mind, as the idea that we are going to hook up a line between the President and the enemy of our civilization. At no time in the history of our civilization has such an idea come forth from civilized men. At no time were we to have direct communication with our enemy, for we should know that the enemy cannot be trusted in anything he says. But yes, Mr. Khrushchev, you just blew up the Hawaiian Islands, or just blew up one of the New England States.---did you mean that?----

Let me tell you that time is the essence of survival. We should have intercepted that missile before it arrived. But this would give the Russians the first shot. It would give them one free shot. It would give them the opportunity to fire one devastating shot. And they could say, ‘Now see what is going to happen. Surrender now before the whole world goes up.’

I point out to you that they had to go to school to learn that. And they had to try to threaten patriotic Christians, Statesmen of America, people in our nation who were aware of our problems. Telling you that if you did not go along with this One World business, surrender your sovereignty and use your ability to help them take you over, then you must be mentally unsound. And then see that you are committed to a mental hospital so that they can give you a lobotomy so as to ease up your troubled mind and make you completely willing to go along with all of the things that they suggest. Therefore, you would have little to say about this. And the enemy would do this, swear out a warrant to commit you and if you were in there for 24 hours, no one would know if they had given you a lobotomy, removing your ability to reject. I tell you that you better die on your steps rather than be committed to a mental hospital today.

So in this instance, there are some people who need mental help. But again, I say unto you, that in the face of things which we have watched and the things which we have heard and the suggestions which have come out of the New Frontier, and more about the advisors to Mr. Eisenhower, and the things that Mr. Eisenhower, himself helped to perpetrate, I have come to the conclusion that they all need mental help and ask that they be committed for their own good. If you want to get the wolves off of your back, there are three of us to every one of them, here in the United States. So if they are going to start committing people because they are speaking the truth, and they can’t blame us anyhow, because they do not think that we are wise. In this mad world, mad because the things of darkness have put their hands into every affair, but God has never extended to the world the blueprint that some preachers think is about to happen. HE never said that a great revival is about to happen and they are all going to go to Sunday School.

HE said there is a great revival going on, but it will be the awakening of MY people, and they will see all of these things like I have told them.’ Peace? Yes, there will be Peace. For God is going to slay the Dragon in the Sea. I can remember that in all of the wheel of Elijah, that those evil Baal priests had to be removed from his faith and his race. But God moves mightily, and gave the power of the Miracle of Mt. Carmel and then they liquidated those enemy priests and put them back in the dimensions that they belonged in. Then God looked down on Elijah and said there is a man after MY own heart. And whether you are aware of it or not, the spotlight of God is going to show in America on those who would destroy. And the discussion of this is going to be heard from one end of America to the other.

Let me tell you something tonight that some of you might not know. There is now hardly a county in these United States where people are not getting together and discussing these things and talking about the world situation. How do we know? Because we hear from them. The truth is going out and people are hearing about these things. You say, ‘But this is too general.’ But it would take too much time to fill in all of the names of these rascals who make this attempt to overthrow your society.

I know that we would not have any problems as to who was in Berlin if Mr. Eisenhower did not help the Russians march in. I know tonight, that the Russians would not have marched in if General Patton was allowed to have his way. I know the man who directed the program for Christian Europe to Communism was Mr. Morganthal. I know that he was the only mentor that Mr. Eisenhower acknowledged. I know about the rape of women in subways by Negroes that Mr. Eisenhower permitted, while he was Commander. I know that when our American soldiers could not stand it anymore, they went into the subways and rescued those women from those Negroes in American uniforms. I know that this was permitted for the revenge of Jewry, I know that also. And I know that under General Eisenhower that escapees into Europe who were bitter anti-Communists were rounded up and sent back to die in the Soviet Union. At one time, one and one-half million were sent back to face certain death. The average American does not know this and if he knew, he would explode. But when God speeds this time up, you are going to find out who was behind the death of your own sons who died on battlefields fighting sons of your own race. And when that flame becomes alive in the minds of your people, then those who were associated with this will be trying to leave America by every means available, by boat, by every plane, and some will even start swimming.

But you will say, ‘Dr. Swift, aren’t we to love everyone?’ We are supposed to love our God with all of our heart and all of our soul. We are supposed to love the Father’s children--everyone who is my brother. But my Bible tells me that I am not to love the enemies of my God. I am to hold them in a clear, cold, animosity that will remove them from power and liberate the earth. Someone says, ‘But what will happen to their souls?’ Well, they will go back into the dimension that they belong and that is the most important thing that I can suggest. There is no injustice in God’s Universe. In fact, HE has the most merciful hands that I know of. The day is going to come when every knee is going to bow in heaven, in earth and beneath the earth down to the Netherworld. The day is going to come when in this hour we have no hope for them. But they will have every error purged out of them by the Shekinah Glory and the tremendous power of our God. But until that time, we will fight them in every area where God told us to do that job.

Now, let me point out to you, how the scripture has been quite clear as to how this whole evil is to be cast into the Sea. It is the symbol of God’s Kingdom not in Peace, but in war defeating the enemy. For God said, ‘You, My people are My battle axe and weapons of war.’ And you do not have to be afraid of their weapons for God said that there is not a single weapon they can make that will work against you. In ancient times, the Masons knew all about this struggle. Enoch knew how this final struggle would end, and wrote book after book about this final struggle. There is so much in these writings of Enoch about this struggle that James, the brother of Jesus, wrote in his Epistle how the end of these evil powers would come and how Christ, Himself, would finally enter into human affairs. And tens of thousands of the masters of the legions of space would be joined with HIM. And you are told that in the book of James in your own Bible.

The other day I talked to a young man who said that the days of advancement in this world are over. And he wished he could have been born in the days when the horizons were just ahead and he could have helped build this country. And he did not think there were any avenues where anything was new, and there was nothing left of any historical review, of any great adventure. And he did not think there was too much ahead for us. Of course, he did admit that it was an adventure being launched into space and coming back, or maybe not. I said to this young man, ‘I have just one thing to tell you. For you have never heard of the history which is going to be made in your lifetime. You never saw or read of any historic development in your time that will be as great as the hosts of all of your kinsmen in space and the great fleets of space and the very presence of God, Himself, leading these forces, joining you for the subjection of all evil, and the establishing of Peace in the Universe by defeating your enemies. The greatest shakeup in human history is going to take place right here on this planet. For I tell you this. Events have moved under the time table and the wheels turned, and this is happening in our time. And because of this, we must not be defeated in this objective which God has outlined for our victory.

Sometimes the strange forerunners of such moves move thru your race separately and in various parts of the world. Some times some move prematurely while the rest of the world does not understand. I am going to tell you that you are on time and on schedule. And you are waking up as God has ordained you shall and the battle is going to come. A great number of people do not know as to who the Kingdom of God consists of, and they don’t know who this woman of Israel is in the 12th chapter of Revelation with the great outstretched wings of the Eagle as the scripture tells you. You will not find her down in Palestine. This tells you how the Dragon is going to bring the hoards out of Asia and Africa, symbolized by water like a flood. He is going to bring all of the power that he has and hurl it against your civilization. It says that the Dragon is angry with your race. And he is going to make war with every one of the White man’s seed that is still in the earth. And he makes war with all of the White man’s seed who have the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus the Christ. So you do not need to give Palestine any other consideration, for if there is one thing those Jews do not have, it is this Testimony of Jesus Christ.

You say, ‘What is going to be the result of this?’ Well, it is clearly outlined here in the book of Revelation. The casting of this system down is not going to be done with a revival, except it will be an awakening, or renewing of your people. That demonstration in the streets the other day, of those Negroes, is just one evidence of a vast pattern. For they intend violence and trouble. And God says this. With violence shall this Mystery Babylon of evil be thrown down. With violence shall this pattern of international Jewry be thrown down. With violence shall this power of the Red Revolution be thrown down. And with violence shall all of these forces be driven out of all of these seats of power. We are told that with VIOLENCE SHALL THIS BE THROWN DOWN AND NO MORE FOUND AGAIN.

You say, ‘But how do you know who this is talking about?’ Listen to this passage. ‘IN HER WAS FOUND ALL OF THE BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS, AND OF ALL OF THE SAINTS WHO HAVE BEEN SLAIN UPON THE EARTH.’ Is that clear enough? Jesus turned to this kingdom of Jewry there in Jerusalem and said, ‘Ye who are the descendants of Cain, you who killed Abel, you are guilty of all of the righteous slain, and all the righteous who shall be slain upon the face of the earth.’ Is that identity now clear enough? If you are theologically honest, it is.

Now, there is no doubt that we have advanced beyond the thinking of no return at least for some. So instead of returning to what was, we are going to go on to what will be. Someone said, ‘How can we ever revert all of there processes?’ We are going to over throw all of these processes, and reestablish not only a greater foundation of our faith in the freedom guaranteed by our Constitution, and we well deliver a working society without Socialism, and without, my friends, confiscatory taxation.

I have not the time to tell you tonight, but I know this. In this city and in this nation, are men inspired of God who know how to get rid of this system of usury, how to emancipate every man and woman in the world from this system of usury, and the manipulation of money. And instead of being scarce, there will be a dollar to buy every bit of goods in the world. I want you to know this. The Dragon seed will move out of America when he sees a threat to his economic power when he discovers there is not profit in staying here, when he suddenly discovers that you know the story, know every facet of it. Because the Dragon in the Sea has not only been spiritually identified by Christ, but they have identified themselves with their own Dragon, and their own design.

Suppose I ask you a question? Are the Jews about to name a Messiah? Are they about to turn and say, look at this new leader, a god man to rule the world? You may not know it, but I happen to know that they have a design to pull one out and make this announcement within a matter of a month. I happen to know that the Rabbinical powers are not only about to declare him, but to make him known throughout the world. But this man will be as false as the devil who is his father. But behind this is the hand of Moses el-Gabor, the master of the Rabbinical order and the known Mishnah writer known as the Talmud creator. And his ambassador, David Horowitzt, who used his power and bound the mind of Mr. Truman until he recognized Israeli without even consulting the State Department or the other Christian nations. He just suddenly recognized Israeli on command of this David Horowitzt, the apostle of this supposedly incarnate god, who told Mr. Truman, ‘Now if you want to be reelected, then you recognize Israeli over in Palestine.’ And they frightened him into doing it. They told Mr. Truman---do you want to be reelected, or do you want to die? For remember the scripture says, ‘I will bless them that bless them, and I will curse them that curse them.’ And Mr. Truman’s minister had told him that the Jews were the Israel of God. So when Mr. Horowitzt said, ‘we are the people that this is talking about, and if you do not do this, then the curses of God will fall on you and you will not even live thru the remainder of your term. But if you do this, we will not only help reelect you, but we will put money in the campaign and the curse will not come to you.’ And when this little haberdasher who had become President went down to talk to his preacher about this, then he didn’t know any more than the Jew. He said, ‘yes, that’s the chosen people.’ So Truman said then ‘I better do it.’

Now, I have the story, published by a local newspaper, as to how the Jews were laughing up their sleeves, telling how David Horowitzt had come from Israeli and conned the President into doing this. And they boasted of it. I tell you that it is time that not another Christian American ever bow again to this shrine that the Jews are the Chosen People. For they have no part nor lot in the matter of HIS Kingdom. This is an instrument of subtlety in the battle for the brain of your race.

Do to be discouraged tonight, for God does not have to have a million or five million of you to win. HE does not want to have a specified or particular number to be successful. I want you to know that HE has already determined that. And it will not be a few, but a lot. The great awakening of Spirit is going to be so fast over your Nation, in the hour of the advent of the power of the MOST HIGH. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, everyone is going to see as God sees and know just as HE knows. What a revelation that is going to be. There is going to be more startled preachers in America than you have any idea of .

Alright, thus we say THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Every Democrat and every Republican better wake up. They better find out who is handling America’s affairs. Find out who is smarter than everyone else, and who educated these people. For they never produced anything until they came here to destroy us.

(End of sermon)